Prevention of Bridge Progress in Corporate Scientology

The upshot of “Golden Age of Tech”, “Golden Age of Tech for OTs”, and what has become the standard operating procedure OT VII every six month “fixation on pt life rudiments intensives” is the prevention of auditing and progress up the Bridge toward spiritual freedom.  These practices have implanted a super fixidity in auditors upon pt behaviors of pre Clears and pre OTs.  And it gives pre Clears and pre OTs  ARC breaks and Present Time Problems they did not have before engaging in such expensive “auditing.” It is a violation of the CONTRACT entered into by every pre Clear and every pre OT with the church at the start of his or her journey.  The EP of Miscavige-tech super fixation on rudiments – whether it be actual rudiments (at the start of each session) or effective rudiments (repeated and endless sec checking) is OUT RUDIMENTS.  Where did I get such a blasphemous idea?  From auditing dozens of refugee Corporate Scientology folk in the manner L. Ron Hubbard suggested they be audited and from L. Ron Hubbard himself stating it as a TECHNICAL FACT:

Well, the first obersvation we can make, that rudiments go out to the degree that auditing doesn’t get done.  That’s a direct ratio. Rudiments go out to the degree that auditing does not get done.

Now, this poses you a problem. If you are using no session to put rudiments in, if you use no time at all to put rudiments in, of course, you’re apparently around the bend as far as handling the pc, because the rudiments are out. You see, here’s a puzzle that we face  at once.  If you’re not spending any time putting the rudiments in, of course, the rudiments are going to go out. But the more time you spend putting the rudiments in, the more rudiments you’ve got to put in. Have you got that?

So, somewhere here there’s an optimum amount of rudiments putting-in and it’s not very much. It’s on the order of five minutes. You know, five minutes and the rudiments are in; the pc will bear with that,  and not much more.  And when it goes to a half an hour, his present time problem is actually, basically, the fundamental problem of getting auditing.

Now, he’ll say the present time problem is something else, is something else, is something else, is something else; but his basic problem: is he going to get any auditing?  And after he’s had half to three-quarters of the session thrown away on a bunch of things that he didn’t care about, why, of course now, he has a new present time problem called “getting auditing.”  In the next session, he comes in with this new present time problem: “Am I ever going to get audited?” because he doesn’t consider any of these other things auditing…

The endless handling of rudiments is a limiting factor in auditing, because it produces eventually the ARC break of obtaining no auditing. (emphasis supplied)  So, the decision is, audit.  You’ll have less ARC breaks the more auditing you do. And of course, if your auditing is flawless from a standpoint of Model Session, and if some of these other things I’m bringing up are also present smoothly in the session, your days of having ARC breaky pcs ends as soon as you recognize that point — that he is there to be audited, and his basic contract is the basic contract to be audited.  And the more you audit him on the things his attention is fixedly on — I mean fixedly on, on the long track basis, you see – and the more attention you give to that and the more you handle that, the more he knows he’s being audited, the less ARC breaks you’re going to get.

It’s amazing what a pc will put up with to get auditing, quite amazing what they wil put up with to get auditing. Why make them put up with anything, but at the same time go on and audit.  So the best, hottest message I can give you on that exact subject is audit! Don’t fool with it; audit! See?

— L. Ron Hubbard, Basics of Auditing – St Hill Special Briefing Course 29 August 1961 

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  1. Beautiful – wonderful reference, and so, so true. And every time you promise auditing but deliver sec-checking or other endless rudiments it is, from a pc viewpoint, soul destroying. A complete violation of trust. On staff I believe this situation is far worse. There are very few staff who get auditing beyond sec-checks. (Whatever happened to the Universe Corps???)

  2. Yep – awesome reference Marty. All ARC breaks are caused by NO AUDITING. This is one of the landmark tapes on the BC – truly awesome.

  3. Perfect reference Marty.

    Of course, the DMbot “auditors” that have no 2wc, can’t read a meter and don’t know what an FN looks like turn this fixation into a nightmare.

  4. OT VII is just a “money gleaning” activity. How many times have I heard a OT on VII say to me; “crap, I gotta go to Flag for my 6-month checkup. Minimum its going to cost me $10,000, and I can’t afford the time off of work.” So not only do they have to go into debt to get there, they have to lose money from work/production in order to go.

    I can feel the beefup of these people on VII getting ready to go. They really are protesting on going. But if they bring up the protest in session while at Flag, they are in ethics afterwards. I know a gal who lost her job because she was at Flag for 3 weeks instead of the “1 week” she was told. She was pissed too because it was all for nothing, but she didn’t want to say that while at Flag and was hesitant on telling me.

    I would be way too PTP’d with the cost and the time away from production to do VII at FSO.

    ML Tom

  5. Marty, it’s just to simple for dmcob. Or maybe he does get it and knows how to stir up the pc and get more money. He has a really a short sighted suppressive viewpoint. Imagine the results of really applying this datum from LRH! Full HGC’s with pcs lined up down the block. To bad dmcob was not willing to be handled a long time ago, he would be a true hero of Scientology by now, not a pretender to a throne and detested by all excep the cool-aid drinkers.

  6. “Whatever happened to the Universe Corps???”

    Good point Martin … when I was helping the Universe Corp out, I was surprised to find that staff had received little or no auditing since LRH was on the line. The staff folders I looked at were comprised of a mish-mash of touch assists, locationals, word-clearing & sec-checks. Even in the couple of cases I *did* find actual auditing, it was the final EP process for a Grade to help out a student on course pass his quals. A sad scene it was.

    As for this article – excellent!

    Ruds were simply a precursor to getting your PC into the BODY of the session – not the nightmare that is currently being applied.

  7. Any OTVII who puts up with these sec checks is in a sorry state indeed. Its nothing but a church control mechanism exerted over the flock borne from a fear of loosing control. And they are even made to PAY for it. Shiver.
    Thanks for the perfect LRH quote to blow the tactic out of the water.

  8. “So the best, hottest message I can give you on that exact subject is audit! Don’t fool with it; audit! See?”

    I LOVE IT! Thanks for posting this one.

  9. This handled me. Thanks Marty.

  10. This ARC break extends to the public at large.

  11. one of those who see

    Only part way through reading your post today Marty and Blowing Charge!!!! Will continue in a few. Wow!

  12. Friend of Ron

    I know of one person who has been auditing on OT 7, “religiously” and practically daily, since 1985. Another one since 1986 and a 3rd since at least early 90s!!! They have high 6 figure incomes but that was not enough to keeep them on their level and they had to max their credit out on top of that which now makes it a lot harder to keep going.

    One of them is afraid to finish as he knows he will get a lot of clearance sec checks for OT 8 — the sec clearance are done twie BTW. One set when you finish at Flag and are readied to go to the ship. Once on the ship they act as the Falg clearances were never done and then you have to start allover again.

    The BIGGEST WIN, and BIGGEST RELIEF, in my view, which these “OTS” experience when they finish is that they FINISHED! They probably mistake the relief of finishing and the regained ability to go home and just work now full time to pay off credit cards as the EP to OT8.

    Just my 2 cents — but what do I know.

  13. Same thing goes for training! attention on being “perfect” stops training from happening. Auditing PC’s better means auditing PC’s period!
    DM has managed to STOP all forward motion. Wake up people!!!!

  14. Friend of Ron

    Mike — email me back so we can work out getting together.

  15. In other words: You want auditing? You can’t have it, ’cause you have to do something else that I want you to do instead. And you have to pay for the privilege. And you must agree to be forced into lower conditions at work and in life. And you must pretend to like it. And you will live in the fear and certainty this will all be done to you again in six short months.

    The correct response is NOT: Gee, thank you sir. May I have some more?

    The correct response is: (Insert your own correct response here.)

  16. Tony Dephillips

    If it were only that they were handling ruds it would be bad enough. They actively destroy life through all the money grubbing and suppressive “ethics” tech.
    I know a guy who went to Flag to do an L. They told him after the L that he didn’t have “c/s ok” to leave and coerced him to stay for two more Ls. He said he didn’t get much out of the other two Ls because he was so ptp’d with work.
    How is that for standard tech? The mecca of squirrel tech.

  17. Very well described Mark .Marthy Thank you again.

  18. Felicitas Foster

    Awesome quote!!! And to the point.
    Thanks Marty.
    People come in to get auditing and they really do a lot to get it: donate more money than is good for their finances, separate from their family members, accept wrong ethic condition assignments, study courses they did not choose etc. ect. – just to be eligible for auditing …

  19. Can you give us Wogs examples of “rudiments”. I presume they are some kind of pesky preliminaries that are done before the actual auditing starts, but please elaborate.
    There’s a lot of people reading this blog who are not Scientologists. The statistics of this blog are incredible and there is always a huge ratio or readers only to active posters.
    As much as possible, please expand most acronyms and give us a little more to go by with so most people can understand.
    For example as far as “rudiments”, if you pay for one hour of auditing and you’re spending 45 minutes filling out irrelevant forms, could that be a cause to ask for refund of inadequate services, particularly if this time waste was is known to be intentional?

  20. Wow, wow. Too bad nobody in the church seems to know that reference. I think I spent more time on rudiments than auditing in all my sessions. I hated, I mean HATED rudiments – they never actually HANDLED anything! It came to be that my favorite part of every session was the three words “end of session”. I can’t believe I put up with it for so long, but it was that carrot dangling overhead – the next session or action or level will handle whatever was supposed to get handled…..

    This isn’t even referring to all those “phony” rudiments (sec checks, etc.) chasing rudiments “crimes” that weren’t even there. I got to experience that as well, and it is what drove me nearly out of my mind, then out of the church.

  21. Watching Eyes

    Marty, what you wrote about the contract being violated between the PC & cult (my paraphrase) is so true. Anyone can guess my next thought. A contract violation means………you may want to get your money back. So, once again in it’s updated & revised form, here’s the info:
    Trying to get a Refund / Repayment?
    For the IAS here’s one to use in CA.
    Plug in their EIN number, just above the “search” button to get the exact name they go by. It’s very hard to find the name otherwise.
    EIN number: 521840679
    This complaint has to be printed out & mailed via the US Mail. Do it.
    Note: If you were regged in Florida for IAS monies, I’d suggest you write to the two agencies below and skip Calif. Make sure you let them know that IAS doesn’t appear to be registered in FL despite raking in millions from their offices within the state.

    For Flag or the Ship there are two agencies you can write to. Both are in Florida.
    1. This one is under the State Attorney Gen’s office, Dept of Consumer Services, Bureau of MEDIATION & ENFORCEMENT.
    Under Consumer Complaint Form click on “online form”. With this one you can submit it online and attach any docs.
    Note: when you fill in this form, under each question, every time you add in another line of info it shrinks the print. By the time you’re done anyone reading it will need a magnifying glass. The best thing is to do is write on the form referring them to your attached complaint.
    Also, the form asks when you paid. If it’s a real old date, the form might not take it. Put today’s date and explain in your attachment.

    2. The other one is the Pinellas County Consumer Affairs agency.
    This is a good agency and is in the same county as Flag and the ship office.

    Don’t worry about invoices that you may no longer have. The cult has the records and will send you copies as your cycle moves along. If you find unauthorized debits, you’ll request that money be given back to you.

    Know this, you will get your repayment although sometimes they drag their heels. If no response from the cult after 3 – 4 weeks, file a complaint with the agencies above. The cult HATES being on the radar of a gov agency. The key thing here is to get these requests into a gov file which is why you need to file with one of the above two agencies.

    When writing to the gov agencies don’t write volumes. That will only confuse the gov worker who is really trying to help you. The last thing you want is to give them the problem of trying to figure out what you’re saying. Persist. Stay light. Have fun.

  22. Great post Marty, and an excellent reference from LRH. Very true. My 10 years on OTVII at Flag had some good moments but mostly it was Hell. Six month checks, inval and eval from C/S’s and MAAs, health issues, money problems up the kazoo, endless regging for more and more dough for one cause or another, etc, etc.

    The good news is I’ve been able to run out all that entheta with my solo auditing since I left, and now I’m doing better than ever. LRH and standard tech is where it’s at, and that will NOT be found in Idle halls of Miscavige-land.

  23. How can someone in charge of the Church of Scientology expect to succeed at PLANETARY clearning when it takes almost a multi-million dollar investment just to get through VII, not to mention the rest?

    There are over 8 Billion meat bodies on earth, and more coming. How many OT’VII’s and VIII’s are being made a year in the church? About 100, if that? And the average Church member goes inactive to a large degree in about 7 years after running out of financial ability to continue.

    Then you factor in what Marty wrote above. Anyone who thinks DM is offering a Bridge to Total Freedom, is mad. He has adjusted that “bridge” to see that as many people as possible drop off the edges along the way after extracting maximum financial rewards.

    And at that task, he is an upstat.


  24. Felicitas Foster

    From the technical dictionary:
    RUDIMENTS, 1. setting the case up for the session action. This includes ARC breaks, PTPs, W/Hs, GF or O/R listing or any prepared list. (HCOB 23 Aug 71) 2 . the rudiments apply to present time and this universe now. They are a nowness series of processes. (SH Spec 31, 6205C13) 3 . a rudiment is that which is used to get the pc in shape to be audited that session. (SH Spec 147, 6205C17) 4 . the reason you use and clean rudiments is to get the pc in session so you can have the pc (1) in communication with the auditor and (2) interested in own case. The purpose of rudiments is to set up a case to run, not to run a case.
    (HCOB 19 May 61)

  25. I know a guy who worked so hard to earn money to get to Flag that he had arthritis in his hands and could not hold onto the cans.

  26. Felicitas Foster

    Hi WE,
    Trying to get a Refund / Repayment?
    had a good laugh on your TR3!!! Thanks.

  27. Religious Technology Center
    Office of COB

    Technical Directive


    Part I: Golden Age of Speed

    As a means of streamlining the Solo NOTS six-month check line the following overts and withholds are now exempt from concern during the New Golden Age of Speed sec checks for upstats and will no longer be addressed:

    Forgery (unless a check to the Church)
    Embezzlement (unless it involves the Church)
    Blackmail (unless it involves RTC reps)
    Lying (unless to a Reg)
    Masturbation or sex acts of any kind (unless an RTC rep is involved)
    Check Kiting
    Battery (unless to a Reg)
    Attempted murder (unless Reg-related)
    Failure to apply study tech
    Falsifying worksheets
    Failure to pay loans
    Corrupt business practices
    Human trafficking
    Violations of the Mann Act

    However, the following WILL be addressed unreasonably and ruthlessly as an ongoing measure to ensure all those on OT VII stay on the closely taped path:

    Failure to pay a Reg when asked
    Hiding money from Reges
    Lying about money to Reges
    Failure to apply the tech as commanded by COB
    Bad thoughts about COB
    Failure to think good thoughts about COB
    Failure to pay a Reg before being asked
    Cheap birthday or Christmas gifts to COB
    Failure to buy any new release immediately
    Looking at any entheta sites on the internet
    Thinking about looking at any entheta sites on the internet
    Listening to anyone talk about any entheta sites on the internet
    Reading, watching or listening to anything derogatory about COB
    Reading, watching or listening to anything derogatory about Tom Cruise
    Failure to attend COB event
    Thinking about not attending COB event
    Failure to chastise others and put their ethics in if they SAY they are thinking about not attending COB event
    Failure to vigorously clap and cheer at COB events
    Failure to scowl at others with proper stink-eye for their failure to vigorously clap and cheer at COB events
    Failure to see all Tom Cruise movies within 72 hours of release
    Interfering with Sea Org recruitment of your children
    Harboring ideas about leaving the Church
    Speaking about leaving the Church
    Failure to answer the phone if called by a Reg or anyone from any org at any time
    Failure to answer the door if visited by a Reg or anyone from any org at any time
    Pretending to have no money
    Having no money
    Running out of credit cards
    Depleting list of lenders
    Thinking, insinuating or stating you are done with OT VII
    Dev-Ting a Reg
    Keeping SPs on your Facebook friends list
    Failure to disconnect from SPs on your own determinism
    Failure to destroy discontinued books
    Using a discontinued book as a reference
    Any action which detracts from increasing your IAS status
    Failure to present an up-tone countenance when approached by RTC

    This new Golden Age of Speed Streamlined Six-Month Check Service is available for a limited time only at a special price. For a premium of an additional 50% of the price of a regular intensive of Solo NOTS HGC auditing, you will wind up saving a bundle by bypassing the usual matters of less importance and you will be THAT much closer to ultimately finishing the level.

    Act now before this special pricing expires! Be one of the first 500 Pre-OTs to sign up for this service and receive a special red embossed RTC arm-band for use when you come to Flag so you’ll be easily noticed, whisked through the lines ahead of everyone else with lightning speed and fired back home MUCH faster than ever before!

    This is the first in a series of special Golden Age of Speed services we will be making available to all those currently on OT VII and who are in compliance with all membership statuses.

    Much Love,

    Captain David Miscavige
    COB, RTC
    Special Golden Age of Speed I/C, RTC

  28. Rudiments handle the things that might be hanging up your attention that would distract your from getting into your auditing, like the time is running out on your parking meter or you happen to be sitting on a thumb tack or your boss just reamed you out. It’s like having a sliver in your mind and you need to get that out of the way before you get down to business.

  29. Watching Eyes

    Just my 2 cents — but what do I know.

    You know a lot! Your observations are very true.

  30. one of those who see

    Thanks so much for posting this Marty!!!!! For me, this is one of the most important posts ever on this blog. My ARC for LRH is out the roof from reading this. I feel like I just got Case Cracking!!
    All you wonderful Independent Scientologists out there-Love you.
    And love you too, Sir.
    Wish I could bake you a cake, Marty. Mosey, please give him a hug for me.

  31. one of those who see


  32. Hey Anon – here’s a quick overview:

    In order to get benefit from auditing, the preclear (the person being audited) must be interested in his own case (situation, world, mind, whatever) and willing to talk to the auditor (person helping the preclear). That is called “In Session”.

    IF the preclear has his attention somewhere else – say he had a fight with his girlfriend (upset – a break in affinity, reality, and/or communication), then he is distracted by that, and will not have attention on the session.

    IF the preclear has a problem (something that must be addressed at work, like a deadline or whatever, or mom is coming in town, and the house is a mess, etc.), his attention is on that, and not on the session.

    IF the preclear committed some transgression, like speeding on the way to work, and someone almost found out about it (say a cop with a speedgun – but the cop did not waive him over – and now he is worried he may get a ticket in the mail) – his attention is on THAT and not on the session at hand.

    So, the purpose of “flying rudiments” is to ensure that the preclear does not have attention on ARC breaks/upsets, problems, or missed with holds, and if so, address them so that the actual SESSION can start.

    Flying rudiments consists of the auditor asking the preclear about each of these types of attention-grabbers. No forms involved. The auditor asks “Do you have an ARC Break?” The preclear will know what this means, as the auditor educates preclears before auditing them.

    The session is metered, so we can see “charge” on the subject by the reaction of the needle. Believe me, if the preclear has attention on an upset, you will see an appropriate reaction on the meter. If something is there, there is a technique to address it. Same with problems and Missed Withholds. Well-run rudiments that are needed by the PC are fun for the PC. The result is the person is relieved and no longer has attention on the issue. Laughter is common.

    The point though is to do just enough to get the preclear’s attention on his own case, interested in his case, and willing to talk to the auditor. It can take anywhere from zero time to maybe 1/2 hour – but that is long. Usually a few minutes if at all, and then on to the real auditing.

    Actual auditing sessions work with the fundamental aspects of your life, not momentary and temporary upsets and problems.

    Rudiments are vital to be in place, but only when they are needed.

  33. Sorry to hear that, RenegadeX – Real auditing is fun. There can be tough and trying things to work through – but really, I can’t imagine ever thinking that “End of Session” would be the highlight of my day. “Start of Session” usually was!

  34. Correction: detested by all, period. Kool-Aiders just don’t dare to say so or think about it in session as that’ll cost another 10 grant.

  35. Kathy Braceland

    Spot on Marty. Rudiments are only necessary to get the pc in session…i.e., interested in own case and willing to talk to the auditor. Long ago when auditing was actually done, a normal C/S would be:

    1) Fly 3
    2) Continue Grade O (or whatever bridge action the pc was on)

    If you ran a 2 & 1/2 hour session on a pc, 2 hours and 25 minutes was actually meat and potatoes, fast and furious, mind blowing case gain. Wonderful stuff.

    Greg Wilhere really dropped the ball as Keeper of Tech but Marty, you’re sure doing a bang up job!

    Try as you may Miscavige, it is impossible to destroy truth. We know LRH standard tech, we apply it every single day and we’re making Clears and OT’s despite what you do or say. How do you like them apples?

  36. So true Quicksilver.
    One of the last times I saw all my folders together in one stack was before OT levels. I stretched up on my tip toes and could just touch the top folder in the stack, a good 7′ or so. This was after almost 15 years on staff/SO. Those folders contained mostly TA’s, word clearing, ruds, endless repair lists, etc. No major grade chart action beyond some Method One, Dianetics and a couple Purifs.

  37. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, and “1)” would more routinely be “Fly a rud if no F/N”

  38. So Miscavige seems to have poured through about a zillion LRH ref’s and reversed them all.

    Today I was reading from a book written by a former Green Beret. He describes a coward as somebody who hides or ignores his own mistakes. He describes courage as owning up to and learning from one’s own mistakes.

    The first of these, obviously, describes DM. He’s a coward. We know this.

    But what of the average upper OT still inside the church? What condition is that thetan in as a living entity? As a living being? Apparantly, that person is blind, fearful, stuck in their ways, knows everything there is to know already, and is easily trapped, utterly relying on others to do his thinking and living for him. Not to mention completely bound by the status quo.

    A wretched condition to be in, to be sure.

    God, the wake-up calls these individuals will suffer upon realizing the full spectrum of their horrendous operating basis for life is going to be brutal.

    Toss in the fact of all the whistle blowers they tossed under the bus, sometimes after decades of “friendship”, and you might have some suicides on your hands.


  39. martyrathbun09

    Great sum up, thanks.

  40. As FF explains rudiments are some questions the auditor asks the pc before he starts the main part of the session to get the full attention of the pc. It’s a bit tricky because you can’t do the main part if rudiments aren’t done but both are done in the time of the session so they both count as auditing time for which you have to pay.

    Now, a pc can have had 2 hours of session time without being audited. So he pays for 2 hours but didn’t get any auditing because the auditor spend that time on doping off, cleaning cleans or, Davey’s favorite hobby horse, trying to handle a problem while at the same time creating it.

    This never ending but self perpetuating problem is the classic help-is-betrayal proposition that just about any SP explores to control his flock. Davey has not only learned a lot from his buddies but he even added a lot to their ideology.

    Psychs are very good at it and tell healthy kids they’ll help them prevent ADHD by putting them on Ritalin (not anymore in my country) and discovering to their surprise that it didn’t bite and so they up the dose, etc.

    The military industrial complex is very good at it as well and helps Afghanistan fight the bad Taliban, only to find out it didn’t work and that the problem got worse and more Afghans got killed, so they send more troops, etc.

    The Fed uses the same tactics and helps the country by printing $ to fight the crisis. Of course they find out that the problem increases due to the increased interests and so they issue some more $, etc.

  41. It’s more than just running out of financial ability. If I am at all typical, those 7 years did more than run me out of money, I was burnt out spiritually as well, de-motivated, a burn out as far as earning power, and just plain tired. It didn’t take long after my 7 year involvement to wind up out on the street.


  42. Enough Already

    Fantastic reference, Marty! I vaguely remember that tape from my Sec Checker Course at Saint Hill in the mid 80s, but sure didn’t remember any of the details.

    I’d like to respectfully disagree with one point made by Virgil Samms:

    “OT 7 is just a money-gleaning activity.”

    While I have no doubt that this is part of Miscavige’s purpose for his never-ending 6-month sec checks, I think a far bigger part of his purpose is to control and introvert OTs. I have found this to be a common misunderstanding among some Scientologists about SPs in general. Whether it’s bankers, pharmaceutical drug-pushers, or any of the others, their greed for unlimited money, horrible as it is, doesn’t even hold a candle to their far greater purpose: to make beings smaller.

    (I love Virgil’s posts in general, but did want to mention this.)

    Also, on the point of endless ruds, I highly recommend

    In their section called “Rudiments”, they did a terrific job of amassing some of the key references on what happens when you overdo the ruds at the beginning of session. Their sections “Overruns” and “HCO Confessionals” also tie right in to the OT 7/ 6-month sec checks we’re discussing.

    Thanks, Marty, for another superb post!

  43. Very true, Tom. A friend mentioned it was on the order of about $50K for him and his wife, both have been on for many years. He had to open two more stores to handle which was rough considering the economy slump. Aside from the checks there is of course the gauntlet of regges – IAS, SP building, Libraries, FSO etc. each FCCI has to go through.

  44. AnonO- simply put, if I may be so bold and from my recall, making sure rudiments are in or getting them in is done “on the meter” if it’s to be a metered session and are essentially checking to see ( and fixing) if the person being audited is hungry or tired, upset with someone or about something, worried about anything they have going on or in their environment, have some problem they feel they should be taking care of instead of being there, if they did something they are upset with themselves about and then not willing to tell the auditor about. Any of these sort of things need to be dealt with first so the person can really “be” there and willing to address the issues being audited.

  45. martyrathbun09

    OTDT, hilarious as usual – but only a slight exaggeration of current sop.

  46. I know what you mean. Even more than a decade ago, when I was auditing for Flag, it was already in use. I refused to give my pc’s R/S rudiments and additionally programmed sec check questions when the C/S didn’t like my results (VGI pc’s and no overts other than those committed by management).

    Needless to say pc’s were taken away from me and I was taken out of the chair. I thought: they can take away my Bridge but they can’t take my integrity.

  47. This says it better than anything else save for the fact that these sec checks are done to ensure that the preOT is not doing anything out-ethics and is not involved with the ex-Scn field that has been expanding at a rapid clip since 1982. This pure LRH reference shows how blatantly the likes of Wilhere, Mithoff and company actually betrayed the Old Man and sold their own soul in the process. DM you would expect it of. I don’t think any of us have yet grasped the full import of how aberrated Scientology has become. For the most part, the subject went down the drain when the Church did. Anything OT or case gain that occurred was purely incidental. Auditing is being there and listening. There is that datum “complexity is directly proportional to the degree of non-confront.” The neglect of real auditing taking place on a 3rd dynamic basis has created a monumental labyrinth of complexity. As it is confronted and delivered, there are no limites as to what might occur. This planet has been under a lot of restim!

  48. The New World Corp and the Universe Corp were totally unmocked after they handed all of us Non-SO tech staff our burn notice.

    That’s where most of the SO auditors, C/Ses and Course Supervisors came from who replaced all of us.

    There’s been various efforts to resurrect U corp but since the attrition rate of tech staff at SO service orgs is so high these days the unit is usually unmocked to handle service demands.

    In other words they’ve been “Quicksilvered” out of existence.

    Speaking of Quick Silver.

    I can pretty much confirm what he’s written.

    Though I handled mostly public. I did have an opportunity to work on the Exec 40 line and I can tell you for a fact that most staff received very little auditing including candidates for Int and FEBC.

    Damn pathetic.

    Most of these guys hadn’t even been run on objectives yet they were being transferred up lines because they had a clean slate (meaning they hadn’t taken LSD or Angel Dust, no questionable connections to police or intel organizations and a slight or no ethics history etc.)

    Yeah these kids were clean alright because they had no experience in life.

    Anyway they were pushed over to Int or onto the FEBC with very little auditing.

    Call it a calamity in the making.


    I’m sure you get the picture or experienced the “new breed” of Scientology exec.

    Think SS or Hitler Youth wearing a Sea Org uniform.

    Anyway more germane to the topic.

    This overdone rudiments thing isn’t just being done at the highest levels but at the lowest levels as well.

    I’ve seen 3 hr ruds sessions fer christ sakes!

    You can thank the Golden Age of Tech for this anomaly since most of the “drills” deal with handling rudiments.

    Back in the ol’ days when a rud wouldn’t fly with suppress or false then the auditor would do a GF like it says in C/S Series 1.

    Not any more!

    These days they chase down dirty needles (you know the needle phenomenon usually caused by the auditors out TRs and code breaks not just Withholds but the way the “drills” are written they never imply the other two options and heavily suggest the last) or do a frickin’ 20 button prep check on the rud (using every right and left hand button known to man or beast which amounts to the same thing) and harass the PC with what they call “emeter steering” by asserting the PC must have something there (thus compounding the felony of taking up a false read with forcing the PC to mock up something to run) and then they demand a withhold that has to be an overt (not all withholds are overts see the Laudable Withholds Pl and the data on “Session MHWs”) so they can run justifications which is in fact an *Additive* to rudiments procedure and a violation of various HCOBs on Flying Ruds since “Justifications” is a *process* and therefore running it as part also violates C/S Series 115 and the section on the “Integrity” in the HCOB on the Introspection RD making rudiments an ordeal that can last for several hours.

    Not to mention the fact that with the F/N being redefined the way it has that most auditors will ignore the fleeting F/N SOS and attempt to “fly” rudiments usually ending up with a nice wide persistent ARCX “F/N” to start the major process on.

    Needless to say leading to further complications in the “auditing” of the case.

    Yeah I used to get smacked by the C/S for whipping out a GF when a rud wouldn’t fly after putting in suppress or false (C/S Series 1 notwithstanding) and even for doing a 53 when the TA was high (go figure on that one) because I was “overrepairing” the poor PC.

    Oh please.

    It took me about 5 minutes 20 minutes max to handle the “something else” that was causing the rud to act like a gander with a load of buck shot in it with the GF.

    Maybe I spent an hour max on bringing the TA into range with the 53.

    Yet I was being chopped by the “C/S” for “overrepairing” the case while other “auditors” were sucking up intensives on other PCs on just flying ruds and getting a pat on the head by the same “C/S”.

    Yet this is what they expect with the Golden Age of Tech.

    Audit the PC in front of you.



    Now you understand why there are more auditors and C/S who have left the Church than there are in the Brave New World of any Scientology org.

    Not only are PCs and Pre OTs *not* being audited but auditors are not being allowed to audit.

  49. Wow, RX. Your dislike of rudiments really took me aback – ya know I did all of my Bridge auditing pre 1980 and I have to tell you that I loved the Ruds part of auditing, so much so that I quit worrying about anything upsetting my day because I knew I’d get to take it up and easily straighten it out with laughter and relief even before digging into the session. The short Ruds handlings were never grinding grueling things until “getting back on the cans” in 2006.

    Thanks for sitting my memories of ruds the good way. Thanks for the rehab!

  50. martyrathbun09

    Good sum up of GAT in practice.

  51. Unfortunately, the addiction to Kool Aid frequently causes those addicts to keep in line and not recognize Source in terms of true LRH tech and source of their problems in life – Dear Leader and reverse Tech. This of course accumulates charge and it’s a matter of time perhaps – tick, tock, tick, tock!

  52. Thanks Marty, for explaining that; no way I could have known!

  53. New Golden Age of Tech Rudiments:

    1. Do you have an ARC break that is preventing you from paying?
    2. Do you have a Present Time Problem that is preventing you from paying?
    3. Has a Withhold been missed about paying?

  54. Kathy Braceland

    You beat me to it Marty. I was going to do a P.S. — or 1) fly one if no F/N.

  55. Marty
    beautifull post! Is exactly what has happened for all of us OT VIII’s and OT VII and the question remains:
    David Miscavige:
    “Where are the OT LEVELS!!!!”
    Claudio Lugli

  56. Tony ~~
    You nailed it. The Mecca of Squirrel Tech and the Golden Age of Technical Bullshit.

    How incredible that the one layer of protection of the Tech ~~ RTC ~~ turn out to be the biggest SQUIRRELS and ABUSERS of all time.

    Take the EST type Seminars done up lines, where they scream at each other call each other names and beat and punch and ridicule each other while demanding

    Even Lunatic Asylums do not scream at inmates for their CRIMES as was done to

    Heber Jentzsch
    Debbie Cook
    Janet Light

    and a host of others……

    DM created a virtual Mental Asylum of horror ~~ A “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest” walking distance from his palace and slaves at INT BASE

    The thing about the INTERNET is that these whistleblowing accounts do not go away. Revelations of the inner insanities only INCREASE in time.

  57. Yes indeed, spot on indication.
    I lasted just over 2 years on Solo NOTS and just the thought of another 6 mths check made me actually physical ill. It’s a confusing testament to those who lasted decades just how tough and persistant a thetan is to get what they believe is auditing. But boy what a booby trap that level turned ou to be.
    On the other side of the coin, it also had me angry as an auditor the never ending supply of CSs for endless reviews and sec checks. Hey guys, there’s Bridge there! Why not try that?
    ‘Standard’ oh what a wonderful word.

  58. This is hysterical OTDT, you’ve done it again! It is funny because it’s so true! ML,LM

  59. For a long time I used wonder WHY members of the church were such disagreeable people all the time. I used to sort of “personally sec-check” my self and wind up thinking “It must be ME, not THEM. That is why they are so out of it all the time.”.

    No. Look at the things in this article posted to this BLOG that the church does. These acts speak for themselves. I no longer invalidate myself. I know now, for a fact, that church members miss their own W/H’s themselves on themselves every day by practicing these kind of brutalities against people. That is what I now know to be the truth of why they are so disagreeable all the time. They ARCx themselves before anyone can beat them to it.

  60. I laughed until I was choking and blue in the face, on that one! Almost fell out of my chair. It’s too funny because it’s too true. Ask Silvia Kusada, or read her reports on her website!
    ML, LM

  61. As I remember it.

    When the Ol’man was around these 6 month checks lasted about 20 minutes and were mainly done to see if the Pre OT had completed Solo NOTs.

    Sometimes he used to drop by the FLB himself in Bluebird to C/S the folders and determine if the Pre OT was done on NOTs.

    In fact I think a lot of the original OT 7s were personally C/Sed by Ron.

    Anyway I don’t remember when all of this changed.

    But it seemed there was some point in the 90’s when the 6 month check was in some cases taking 6 months to do.

    I mean it was getting to be a ridiculous squirrel cage with no end in sight.

    I don’t know how many Pre OTs are on Church lines who have totally overrun the level but I’m sure there are quite a few.

    I knew two who started NOTs in ’78 and are still on it!

    Which totally violates the following HCOB:

    (Begin Fair Use)

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
    Sea Org
    You can correct a pc or Pre OT half to death.
    For instance the practice of rehabbing up to Grade II if it has been a week or two or more since the pc made Grade II in order to run III is a bit bonkers and serves as an Invalidation. You’re going to get any upset anyway in the rudiments so why the rehab?

    At SH lower grades are rehabbed before Power only when the pc had the lower grades elsewhere as the grades aren’t to be trusted and that’s for Power only. And only when there’s no good report available.

    Doing a Green Form “every day” on a pc or Pre OT may shove up Qual stats but it’s actually an overrun of Green Forms. They go to F/N on the Green Form and to do another WITHOUT ANY REAL TROUBLE having occurred is asking for it.

    Sec Checks can be overrun and overdone. By-passing 2 or 3 Floating Needles on a Sec Check is bad business.

    Doing Disagreements Checks and S & Ds wholesale on pcs and Pre OTs eventually winds them up in a ball.

    Outnesses can usually be spotted by folder inspection by a good Case Supervisor.

    When Remedy Bs and S & Ds are done by auditors who haven’t got the Laws of Listing recent HCOB down by heart and use it will generally mess up more pcs than they will help.

    Qual corrects. But it can get into over-correction and then invalidate the pc’s or Pre OT’s levels, fill his folder with bad lists, etc.
    If any organization, any Qual, at this writing had its folders fully gone over by a competent Case Supervisor who KNEW his Laws of Listing, knew his auditing, I guarantee that Org’s stats would soar, not just Qual’s. And having for once and all straightened out the folder then cease to correct things that would better be handled by the next Grade or
    When over-correction has been present YOU STRAIGHTEN OUT THE
    BLUNDERS IN THE FOLDER not just maul the pc around some more. And when you have the folder straight you mark it up to that point as remedied and after that only handle the pc when there’s something really gone wrong with him.

    At the present writing I am organizing the Class VIII Course to make Class VIII auditors. These are essentially Case Supervisors and crack standard tech people who can straighten out folders and pcs and Pre OTs. Looking over old Qual case folders I see they
    are desperately needed.

    But keep the fact in view, don’t correct a pc who needs no correction. Don’t rehab and Remedy him to death. Get him onto the next level or section and let him have his wins.

    Copyright © 1968
    by L. Ron Hubbard

  62. Thanks for that memory, Kathy. That’s the kind of auditing I mostly received. Simple. Straightforward. Workable. It was about the auditing, not ruds or regging. It’s just pitiful what has happened to auditing inside the Co$. Just pitiful.

  63. Good call Sinar – Kool Aid is addictive! That’s what it is!

    ML Tom

  64. OTDT,

    You should add the Golden Age of Tech key repetitive process.

    “Give me all your money.”

    (Run repetitively until PC is broke)

  65. Marty,

    Spot on!

    When I was getting audited at St Hill, I seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time on rudiments and looking for W/Hs. I expect others here have some reality on looking for W/Hs that weren’t there, but it was a nightmare for me. I’d often spend up to half an hour frantically searching for this mysterious thing that I had done or not communicated. And, when I eventually found ‘something’ that the auditor accepted, I didn’t feel any better for it, mostly I just felt resentful for having been humiliated and wasting my time.

    And one time, I spent over an hour on the rudiments, before I lost patience and made the auditor end the session. Laughably, the examiner indicated an F/N at exams!

    Tellingly, these nightmarish experiences were all with GAT-trained auditors. The two best auditors that I ever had, had all been auditing BEFORE the GAT and I never had any trouble with rudiments or W/Hs in session with them. Co-incidence?

    Of course, those still in the cult will probably describe me as a NCG or summat, but I had over 420 (yes, four hundred and twenty) hours of HGC auditing at St Hill and this took me from (redoing a few) Objectives, Grade 0, Grade I and part-way through Grade II.

    Took me a while I know (like twenty years), but I finally realised that I was never going to get where I wanted to go. When I realised that, there was no reason to stay.


  66. Exaggeration Marty?

    I think OTDT elegantly understated it.

    BTW you should add Drug Dealing and Gun Running to the list of “non” overts.

  67. I don’t want to be disagreeable but I think the “style of auditing” which is now practised in the Cof$ is valid in a sense.
    Example: I knew this rancher who when a horse had a belly ache he would slice an onion up and stick it up the horse’s butt.
    No kidding.
    He swore it fixed them but I think it just made the horse’s ass hurt so bad he forgot about the belly ache.

    Auditor R Factor: “We’re not going to worry ourselves about some old incident or hangup–we can make you feel like sh*t right here in PT!

    This is the session.

    What have YOU done?”

  68. Jeeeeezzzz RJ

    Nicely said! What a picture you paint – and the sad part is, it’s TRUE.

    Lord, what a mess …

    Thankfully some good indications (like maybe ‘it wasn’t my freekin’ item in the 1st place’) once some of these PCs & OTs leave the circus masquerading as a ‘church’ will handle this stuff in short order.

    As for their auditors & C/Ses … what can ya say … route out or walk away, give yourself a quick kick in the arse for buying this stuff, get a quick cleanup to drill out the crap you’ve been fed, and then, let’s get some REAL auditing on the go.

    There IS such a thing as ‘Rightness of the Being’ – goofs happen and we all screw up royally sometimes. It only sticks when one does nothing about it. So DO something.

    (I can see DM now, “Sorry folks, the concept of ‘rightness of the being’ has been totally misundertood – auditors are waiting at the back of the hall to start you on the NEW Grade lV RXX Rundown … Yes! 150 new processes …. bbbbrrrrrraaaaappppp” ….. well, you get the picture)

    RJ: Thanks ! I love it when you calls it as ya sees it!

  69. Hey let’s not forget 1) 2wc to F/N which was one of my favs.

    Even better 1) assess Int Buttons and continue Int RD or End of Int Repair.

  70. Floating Needle

    Awesome reference… thanks Marty. Also thank you Watching Eyes, good data and I will keep you updated once I file.

  71. martyrathbun09


  72. Thats interesting. One of the reasons I am not in Scientology anymore, is the lack of auditing I received. Having entered Scientology an illegal PC for possessing a govt. security clearance, I had to undertake some sec checking to clear that up, and then I joined staff and had to endure more sec checking(at my own expense, since I was only a part timer at that time). When I eventually joined the Sea Org, I thought I would start getting bridge actions, after 2 years in the sea org I never even got into the purif, since post actions were the greatest good (to credit my immediate seniors they actually disagreed with that, and really wanted me go up the bridge, but they were really helpless, since the pressure was coming from above them). So after 5 years of mainly being a staffer, with no auditing(I did get a couple book 1 sessions), I really never had much of a reach for Scientology after I routed out. And focused my attention on finding other means of spiritual enlightenment. Am I chasing butterflies now? Probably, but I am much happier than I was in the COS.

  73. Thanks Marty! Great Reference! 1 SP

  74. LOL!!

    Man … busted a gut on that one Hahahahahaa

  75. LMAO! Thanks for the unique handling for colic!

  76. The dwarf dictator alterising policy again and again and again:

  77. I have 13 folders. At a guess, O/W write-ups comprise about 10 of them. Why are O/W write-ups in my pc folder? Your guess is as good as mine.

  78. This handled me, too. Thanks Marty! H

  79. Hey Kris,

    When I read a story like yours, it makes me mad. What a waste of someone who really wanted to make it go right and help. What makes me madder is that you’re not the only one. There’s LOTS more just like you.

    At least out here no-one will pressure you into doing what you really don’t want to do, or deny you what you do want. What you will find (and I think you know this already), is lots of people who will listen.

    Best of luck with whatever you’ve chosen to do with your life, and don’t be a stranger round here.


  80. plainoldthetan

    Both Marty and RJ hit the nail on the head. The Golden Age of Krap has resulted in NO AUDITING.

    This is one of the key reasons that FSMs don’t FSM anymore. (Real FSMs, not the administrative FSMs paraded out during New Years’ Events.) An honest FSM brings his friends and family in for service because he got good service and good gains and honestly wants his friends and family to have the same.

    If an FSM is honest, he *DOESN’T* bring his friends or family in any more. He can’t stand to think that the trust his friends and family have placed in him will be betrayed by the reges and IAS reps. He’s already found out that he’s “handling” the upsets created by the org(s) in his selectees and is JFPT of it all. (Just Friggin’ Plain Tired)

    I know a woman who was on OT7 for 7 years. She just couldn’t complete, couldn’t complete, couldn’t complete. She called me from Flag in tears one night to ask why she used to be able to F/N on correction lists and confessional questions but couldn’t anymore.

    We went over the fact that F/Ns are *prevented* by withholds, ARC breaks, problems, etc. and that if she wasn’t F/Ning, there was something preventing it. I advised her to speak her mind fully and completely and get off every shred of thought or consideration that might be hampering the F/N.

    She called me two days later to tell me she’d comp’d OT7 and wouldn’t have done it without my advice.


    Which is an ideal way to keep a person on a level *way* past the EP.

    RJ: I don’t remember C/Sing you when I was on the base, but since I don’t have a button on auditors “overrepairing” pcs, I doubt I’m the C/S you are referring to.

    I do remember one intern I had in the HGC who seemed always to run two or three C/S 53s every session. I used the look-in to try and see what was happening and couldn’t. The TA was flying up and wouldn’t come down, so the auditor would (correctly) do a 53. Hmmmm. So one night, I decided to take the pc in for an interview to try to find out what was happening. About three minutes into the interview, the TA flew up (to 5.5) and wouldn’t come down. So I LOOKED UNDER THE TABLE. The pc, a professional ballet dancer, was poised with her feet pointed, balancing on her toes. I asked her to put her feet flat and the TA crashed down to 2.3. I R-factored the pc to keep her feet flat in session as it was adversely affecting the meter when she went up on her tiptoes.

    She did, and finished her lower Bridge in record time.

    Easy as pie.

    And the intern (and C/S) learned a valuable lesson.

  81. I think theres something else common to all these alterations and arbitraries Miscavige has introduced and you touched on it a bit.
    It’s something I brought up a few times to CS’s, auditors and an EO.
    I’m not sure what to call it. Maybe “FN because you’re done”.
    The action, program, CS, step or whatever was not needed, went on too long, was not right, etc, and now you are glad you are done. You have a withhold (like your friend) because you can’t talk about it. You can’t afford it, you feel that it would take you further in the wrong direction (more sec checks etc) and you know thats what would happen.
    If you said anything the auditor would pull out a list and you are in for another intensive of bypassed FN’s and prior reads. Essentially- more no auditing .

    I would say the last ten cycles I did were like that. I actually did originate it, or try to a few times and with the help of other terminals (a CS, an auditor and an EO) we were unable to figure it out and came to different conclusions in each case. I really wasnt sure what it was.

    So I guess on one side you have this over the top, multi million dollar polished and enforced, foreceful viewpoint of RTC/COB being the source and protectors of Scientology and that Scientology is infallible and “always works”. And on the other side you have a feeling in your gut that what you are doing is not working, even though you may have had wins in the past, the thing that you are doing now is not working and you want to be done with it.

    This leaves you with a withhold. Theres something wrong with you that isnt wrong with others. Maybe you’re NCG, O/W’s, evil purposes, etc.
    But that doesnt really indicate so you are just left in a confusion.

    But the good news is you can still donate even if you are not moving up the Bridge. It’s your responsibility as a Scientologist.

  82. Oh man, I think you just got some BIG reads on me.
    I bet everyone in the church (public anyway) would have big reads on that.

  83. Actually they are supposed to be part of the folder per HCOBs Auditing Folders Omission in Completeness and Illegal Auditing.

    The out point is that they had you do so many O/W write ups.

  84. Tony DePhillips

    There was sort of a joke going around covertly while I was on Solo Nots:

    What is the sweetest sound you hear at the end of your “refresher”?
    The sound of your seat belt clicking together as you get on the plane to leave!!

  85. I think his intent was to gather more data to hold over people. Isnt that what an SP would do with ethics files and confessional data?


    “Look at that wallet.”
    “Walk over to that wallet.”
    “Pick it up.”

    Run repetitively.

  87. Tony DePhillips

    Brilliant post DFB!!
    I feel this is rampant at Flag. This happened to me numerous times. I would virtually “will” myself to f/n so I could escape the maddness that I “couldn’t” talk to them about, because that would lead to more madness.
    It really is more than just “no auditing”. After all the evidence is in, one would have to conclude that it is a complex and contiual effort to destroy. Both the tech and the thetan.

  88. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Great explanation, Grasshopper!

    Like any technology, there are terms or nomenclature that corresponds to it. These terms used and others in auditing and other things being done, are necessary to have people understand mutually in order to benefit from that technology.

    If you want to walk the walk, then you gotta talk the talk. 🙂

  89. CSW to Grantor of Indulgences, RTC for additional exemptions.

  90. A quick story about the Universe Corps: I was at ITD in Mexico City when they won the Birthday Game. These wonderful people (the UC) commandeered a large part of the 7th floor. Installed locks, made huge renovations at the org’s expense, reged monies and generally bullied the staff and public around so that they could “do what they came to do”. I finished my auditing and went home. When I returned 2 years later and asked how the staff did with thier auditing. Well, the BI’s I got were staggering to say the least. Evidently, the *Org* had *failed* to get its staff up to clear. An since it was the UC’s job to get them to OT they simply up and left after spending all that money, time and dev-T to the staff, they just left, after all it wasnt thier job to put in the lower grades. Pretty nice if you ask me. I am not kidding in the least about any of this.


  91. 3a. Has a refused donation been missed?
    3b. Has a credit card application been thrown away?
    3c. Have you had thoughts that you’d rather save your money?

  92. Very good. GAK = Golden Age of Krap. Then, GAT = Golden Age of Trap.

  93. Tony DePhillips

    Your’e right Karen!
    They call Marty a squirrel and that is the best example of the criminal mind at work acusing others of what they themselves are guilty of.
    You were very smart and WAY ahead of the curve to have gotten out of the Sea Org when you did!! VWD!!

  94. Tony DePhillips

    Maybe Renegade didn’t like the “Ruds” because maybe they were not out? I never liked taking up things that I didn’t have attention on and wasting valuable auditing time.
    I am with you though, I loved handling a real out-rud when I had one. Problem is at Flag they would CREATE never ending stream of out-ruds and they could never really be handled. Flag could take an out rud and make it a full blown ethics situation of out-finances. Then they would act like “if you have out finances then you have out-ethics!!” WTF!!?

  95. Good handling on that ballet dancer’s TA.

  96. PJ:

    I decided to “violate my Code of Ethics” just this one time and just listen in a new unit of time to anything DM has to say regardless of whether it was said today, yesterday, last year or in this case this video you posted.

    My end result:’Well wasn’t that thoughtful of him to issue a general amnesty this way for everything except suppressive acts. 98% Of all declares contain at least 1 high crime so I imagine that this amnesty applied to about 0.006% of church members”.

    Actions such as this without Comm Ev’s are sure to clear the planet! 🙂

  97. Tony DePhillips

    LOL!! Correct target.
    How about this?
    What overt do you have that is preventing you from turning over your life savings?
    Tell us what you don’t like about your Flag experience?
    then, What overt have we missed on you? What have you done to us? Have we missed a withhold on you?? done until the person caves in and donates all of his money or as much as possible without him having a psychotic break. Sometimes they miss on that part and they do have psychotic breaks, but, oh well, all in the name of “the greatest good for the greatest number!” Gag!!

  98. POT,

    I did a short time at ASHO then shifted to AOLA and audited in the Case Cracking Unit.

    My main C/S was Sandy Wilhere the Senior C/S who was an excellent C/S at the time and occasionally Ken Rose who was the HGC C/S then.

    That all changed when Joyce Issacson took over.

    What a bitch!

    She was the one who stuck in that arbitrary line that an auditor had to go to cramming on any C/S Query.

    Also audited for John Booth and Max Harvy who were also really good C/Ses.

    BTW one C/S I couldn’t stand was James Marchant who would constantly order sec checking when I did my time at ASHO.

    Though I liked Barb Rubio and Ellen Prager.

    And loved dearly departed Harold Leiberg who was mainly my student C/S on the BC with the occasionally harras….er….I mean C/Sing of Maggie Butterworth.

    Actually the first time I’d ever seen “New Yorker” listed as a case phenomenon was when I audited for Harold 🙂

    Anyway the time I was referring to was post GAT and the C/S was Sherry …god I can’t think of her last’ll probably come to me after I run the engram of auditing under the GAT regime of constant video surveillance.

    I never had any problem with the look in system at AO.

    But after GAT you had to video practically 24/7.

    Worse you had someone usually “viewing” it who couldn’t tell an instant read or F/N from a frickin’ car wreck.

    It was brutal!

    Anyway POT you can get in touch with me at archangel88(AT)hushmail(DOT)com if you wanna chat ’bout old times.

  99. Tony DePhillips

    Sorry to hear that Pete.
    I hear you though.
    My six years on SN was pure hell. I too had some wins, mostly at first before golden age of crap. Then it really got bad. Spiritual burnout indicates.
    I have been thinking alot about the term -decompression lately. It really indicates to me that we have been thoroughly COMPRESSED. I mean we have had our anchor points pushed in REAL GOOD AND HARD. It actually takes some time to decompress from that, just as it takes a diver time to decompress after a deep dive so he doesn’t get the bends.
    Marty provides a nice decompression chamber here.
    Thanks Marty!!

  100. Yeah I know.

    Sorta like dropping an anvil on your foot to “cure” that headache.

  101. Thanks QS,

    However I suggest they run not walk to the nearest exit.

    Speaking of Dave.

    You could probably cull every word that comes outta the lil’ squirrel’s mouth and run it on R3SCA.

    Can you imagine the TAA on “straight up and vertical” or “further more” or “as if to suggest” or “it was the transcribers” etc…..

    The guy’s a prime candidate for the Ser Fac RD.

  102. Freedom Fighter

    OMG!!!! What a GREAT reference!! It’s like LRH has been sitting in on every one of my sessions watching me spiral under as a result of the end of endless ruds and correction lists and then came up with this reference. Wow!! A perfect start to the weekend! Thanks, Marty.

  103. Tony DePhillips

    That was friggin off the hook funny!!
    That list could be run on a person and get extreme relief using a prefix:
    Have you ever been made wrong for:____________?
    It is like they are trying to create a new moral code for Scientologists. An enforced Moral code. We here are the ones saying that you trying to force onto us this new moral code can just FUCK OFF!!!

  104. ΘTater/GaryLerner


    “What have YOU done?”

    “I farted today.” F/N

    “Was that a break in farting today?” F/N
    “Was that a break in affinity?” F/N “Reality?” F/N “Communication?” F/N “Understanding? F/N

    “Earlier similar farting?” F/N

    “Ok, enough lying!” “You have an overt on farting!” F/N

    “I’m routing you to the MAA, your out-ethics!” F/N

    “End of Session” F/N

    brrraaaapppppp F/N VGI’s 🙂

  105. Freedom Fighter

    Marta, it sounds like your ruds were done the standard way. I can remember doing all I could to make it go right to get in session only to have the majority of it spent on flying ruds. Many sessions, that’s all we did and I can remember experiencing exactly what LRH describes in the above reference — the PTP of no auditing. Got to the point where I just said to hell with it and quit going in session.

  106. I remember my first pink sheet on HSDC auditing was that the C/S said “Fly 3 ruds/continue DRD”. The PC’s needle was floating, so I didn’t do the ruds. The problem was that this PC hadn’t been in session for a few weeks (or longer), and the reference was that you check rudiments regardless when the PC is coming off a hiatus. I think I skipped it twice before the C/S shoved my nose in the HCOB. Forget which one it was…

    (My first cram, BTW, was running objectives as per the Grade 1 BTB, not the HCOB, PAB, and other LRH references. I think it may have been Karen who flunked me – it was at CC when it was on La Brea. Cost me some $ that I did not have. Never forgot that lesson! That is why I never took a GAT course. To me, that is one long BTB. (BTB = Board Technical Bulletin – not written by Ron).

  107. Karen #1, EST does not scream, call anyone names, or beat and punch and ridicule. Did someone at Scientology tell you that? Of course they did because they don’t want you spending your money there. Yes there is lively discussion, but no one is touched. You also come out of a Forum seminar feeling positive about yourself, not full of fear and frustration.

    They are a little weird about the bathroom breaks though.

  108. I was on staff at SFO with Max Harvey. Max was laid back cool. Loved the guy.

  109. Reading these horrible experiences on this blog just makes me glad … that I left Co$ many years ago !

    It’s really hard to face that this insanity is actually happening – and that it is being called “auditing” …

  110. RJ, Great summary and spot on follow up to a brilliant post from Marty.


    “Do you secretly intend to keep money for food?”
    “Have you refused to sell your blood?”
    “Are you withholding money which you plan to give to a different Reg?”
    “Do you have any gold fillings you’ve failed to cash in?”
    “Does anyone in your family have marketable kidneys?”
    “Are you a beneficiary on a life insurance policy from a relative who is about to die?”
    “Do you have any wog morals that are preventing you from getting more money?”
    “Do you have any animals you could sell?”

  112. Scott Campbell


    Your killin’ me , man.

    Now that’s a gut punch commentary on the state of delivery within the C of S.

  113. Scott Campbell

    So you can do that too, eh?

  114. Scott Campbell

    Just kidding Tony. I could only do that when my “necessity level” was high enough.

    Just (I suspect) like you.

  115. Cindi~~

    There is a DIFFERENCE between EST and Landmark Forum.
    Which one did you do ?

    Landmark Forum Read ~~

    The old EST as run by Werner Erhard , was famously full of screaming, yelling, and the constant invalidation of people by the trainers.

    The reason I did a comparison is that a normal Old School Scientology setting consists of one auditor and one pc.


    Miscavige is a natural born EST trainer.

  116. Thank you for all the great responses. Think of those responses in terms of refunds. If you paid for 12.5 hours of AUDITING and you really only got 2 hours or auditing and 10.5 of rudiments then maybe, a partial refund applies to money spent. If a group of you can get together with receipts and notes about each session, you may have a case.
    Some people have been successful at getting money that’s “on-account”, but now you may be able to get money that’s been spent. It all depends how the invoice is written. If it says “auditing”, with no mention of “rudiments”, then I’d say you’re owed money back, probably a lot of money. BTW does the invoice say “donation” or “payment for services”? Do you even get an invoice?

  117. Scott Campbell


    Here’s some free association for ya’.


  118. Scott Campbell


    You hit the nail on the head with that one!

    I could just see the C/s now, “Give him a case of ‘Onion Ass’ he’ll never forget. Rout to Reg after exam.”


    “Do you have an ARC break?”
    “Yes, I’m upset that I didn’t jump up on stage at the last event and choke COB ’til his eyes popped out.”
    “OK, your needle’s floating.”
    “Do you have a present time problem?”
    “Yes, I’m a little worried that I won’t be able to make it past security at the next event so I can jump up on stage and choke COB ’til his eyes pop out.”
    “Very good, your needle’s floating.”
    “Has a withhold been missed?”
    “Yes, at the last event I was poised in jumping stance in front of the stage, ready to choke COB ’til his eyes popped out but some high-roller gave me the stink-eye scowl and totally missed my withhold.”
    “Thank you, your needle’s floating.”

  120. prevent ADHD, Lol you cant “prevent” it. It is either there or it is not.

    I agree upping the dose when it doesn’t bite is wrong indeed.

    Dïets indeed help and clean living. But some dïets are so rigid that if I were a child again I would choose Ritalin over such a rigid Dïet anytime.

    But in any case, It is good for everybody to think about food and the chemicals that go in there.

  121. Scott Campbell

    Great reference Marty. Thanks for posting this. It truly communicates the idea of what Rudiments and Auditing SHOULD be.

    If anyone is not experiencing what LRH is talking about in the reference Marty posted above entitled: “Basics of Auditing” – St Hill Special Briefing Course 29 August 1961, then I suggest you get yourself to a professional Independent Scientology Auditor ASAP.

    Auditing works, and one can rediscover that. Easily.


  122. “Masturbation or sex acts of any kind (unless an RTC rep is involved)”

    You have put this in the wrong List !

  123. Scott Campbell

    “There is no question that there were some SPs who deliberately tried to stop us. If they had their way, we would have lost everything. We know who they are, and we will get to them last.”

    Seems to me that Ol’ Davey boy is referring to himselves here.

    Just Sayin’


  124. Tony DePhillips

    Ellen Prager was my Solo Nots C/S for awhile. She was very cool. I know that she left the Sea Org and I hope she found her way out of the whole trap.

  125. Mike, how right you are. I experienced it only once and when spotted put the cans on the table and walked out and never looked back.

  126. Marty, great post. To those of you out there still lurking, waiting, watching…..get up and get out. Any threat being put into your heads about your eternity,truly is nothing more than a last ditch effort to make you wrong. Anyone who has ever trained knows better.

    Think about it, who wants pay to go free only to be controlled…freedom …not.

  127. RJ — LRH was at LaQunta when NOTs was released. He was not at the FLB. He certainly wasnt there when Solo NOTs was released later. He had nothing to do with any 6 month checks on Solo NOTs.

  128. Tony DePhillips

    Just had to think of that seat belt clickin…

  129. Thanks Marty, What a great referrence. When I was student auditing Grade 0 in the courseroom in ’09 I had the problem that when checking a question for a read before running it, and then not getting one, checking the Pc’s interest in running it, I would often not get a 3 swing f/n even though she said not interested, so would have to check the rudiments next, which were generally in, so this also wasted time and caused periods of no auditing. Although I did get her through the Grade with big wins and abilities it took nearly a year!!! Yikes. It’s so refreshing to have gotten that out-tech corrected and be training and auditing in the freezone. Thanks Pat and Ray Krenik!

  130. Tony DePhillips


  131. Tony DePhillips


  132. Wow. This is quite a reference. And your introductory comments really resonated with me, Marty.

    I experienced firsthand having my ruds constantly put out with six month checks, and watched others go through the same. I had adopted a way to get through that I can only describe as “mental toughness.”

    Having gone Clear and done my Ls prior to GAT, I had the full benefits of Ron’s brand of tech. Amazing, life-transforming wins. Worth every minute and every dime.

    Getting through 7 after GAT was a dichotomy — gains in perception, intention and ability from actual solo-ing vs. overcoming the barriers of endless sec-checking, problems created by extraordinary demands on my finances and time, overrun and trying to ignore the ever-present recognition that something was awfully wrong.

    I’m very happy with my gains, but I’m also a trained auditor from ’81, which helped tremendously. Trying to do that same route today would be near-impossible, I believe.

    Sad to consider how many people could have been helped had the church kept the tech pure, delivered it, not diverted onto money grubbing and harassment of people who leave and treated staff like the gold they are.

    Instead of Scientology being known as an incredible technology, the word has become an embarrassment. Some of the most amazing and caring people I’ve ever met are the Sea Org members whose only intent is to help others. They overlook the craziness to fulfill that purpose.

  133. No, not for the elite members of the Golden Age of Speed Sec Check Line.

  134. Tony DePhillips

    But what of the average upper OT still inside the church? What condition is that thetan in as a living entity? As a living being? Apparantly, that person is blind, fearful, stuck in their ways, knows everything there is to know already, and is easily trapped, utterly relying on others to do his thinking and living for him. Not to mention completely bound by the status quo.

    And WHO wouldn’t want to be in a state like that Mr.??
    It sounds like you are getting a little reasonable?? Now get back to your O/W write-up!!

  135. Hi Marty, incredible post as usual. I’ve handled 15 butchered cases from Flag now. Every single one had tons of BPC from bypassed F/Ns and bypassed release points and grossly overdone ruds.
    Those boys have so little ARC and KRC for standard tech. What they apparantly believe is that they can force people up to freedom (aka-obedience) by gloriously donating to whatever obscene cause der leader deems wondrous.
    The Church of Miscavology. Wadda bad dream.

    Hey, RJ! I wonder if we knew eachother back then? I was the DCO ASHO D most of 85.

    I loved Barbara Rubio at the time. Did Ellen Prager leave the SO? She was a pretty reliable terminal for me. As for Ms. Butterworth….aaaargh!

  136. RJ: “Sometimes he used to drop by the FLB himself in Bluebird to C/S the folders and determine if the Pre OT was done on NOTs.” ???
    Did you see this happen? How was this possible?

  137. I second your motion for getting hooked up with an independent auditor. This was a great post in that it indicated the right item for so many who went “up” the bridge and ran the sec check gauntlet and for those who simply never got auditing.

    It was a bit crushing to read how many people were affected by this “no auditing”. Auditing gains are so phenomenal when one gets standard auditing and I would like nothing more than to see everyone here on this blog, including lurkers to be able to experience the true auditor/pc relationship. Auditors are the heroes of this universe, the best we can do is to let them audit.

  138. Those words are SO true. Hell the PC doesnt care what a pain in the butt his day was, if he’s gonna get some auditing. A thetan loves to feel like he’s moving ahead on the game.
    I can just about remember back that far… before the massive PTP’s and STOPs brought on in the attempt to get some auditing.
    Ron always kept the point simple enough, and the “banks” just kept complicating it. You could take that one simple rule right there and do plenty of good.
    I am glad to see those words here:)

  139. Scott Campbell


    F/N VGI’s!

  140. That’s what a friend a mine toll me when he worked in AC admin at Flag.

    From what he said.

    He used to take the NOTs folder to an RV parked at Flag.

    Now who else would be in a fuckin’ big ass RV named “Blue Bird” parked near Flag sometime round the mid 80’s ?

  141. martyrathbun09

    It is not possible. Its dub in.

  142. When I was at FSO doing my L’s, one L’s session was three hours long and we hadn’t gotten past the rudiments stage. The next time this happened, it was five hours long. This was with a Class XII who was a Class XII before GAT.

    I was not allowed to finish an auditing program that I had already started on; a new very large action was needing to be done, so I opted to do that at home rather than at FSO (so much for LRH’s admonition on not mixing major rundowns). I supposedly had to be sec checked before leaving FSO to make sure that I was OK. I already was OK; the sec check was a major cleaning a clean, but of course, like a good Scientologist, I went with the C/S’s C/S. Every F/N was perhaps an ARCX F/N as I felt I was just wasting time and wanted to get home. The sec check to make sure I wasn’t ARCX’d was ARCXing me. The sec check never bit and was absolutely worthless and I never got anything out of that sec check. The only tears I wept were because of the trap I was in, not because of any incident or overt discovered in the sec check. I remember weeping those tears, and the auditor calling the F/N.

    When my marriage and business was falling apart, rudiments were run to the point where I could be “in session,” or I could not-is what was going on in my life. My head was in the grinder on a couple of levels, but no one really asked me “how are you doing?”

    “It’s amazing what a pc will put up with to get auditing, quite amazing what they will put up with to get auditing.” LRH was so right. A pc will put up with quite a bit of no auditing to get auditing. A pc will put up with quite a bit of no results to get auditing. A pc will work his fingers and his mind to the bone and put his other dreams on hold to get auditing.

    Thank you for this reference, Marty. I’m just so awed at how much love LRH had for people, how much he wanted them to get gains, and I’m awed at everyone in this forum who have gone through the FSO gauntlet and persisted and persisted yet weren’t winning. You thetans could show the physical universe what persistence is all about.

  143. LOL Tony you are hot tonight!

  144. AnonO, Rudiments are definitely part of “auditing”, as far as the 12.5 hr block goes. However, something like a sec-check (security check), where they literally say “I’m not auditing you” before the session … now there might be a case there. Not sure how strong a case, but it would likely have more weight than trying to split the ruds from the auditing.

  145. I’d say that is very likely. I always remember thinking that I don’t have an ARC break, don’t have a PTP (I wouldn’t have come to session if I did), and I don’t have a missed withold! But, it didn’t matter what I thought, because the meter never lies…

  146. Thanks, Marty.

    This ruds business reminds me of a shift that occurred over a period of years at the Gold/Int base, and spread to other Sea Org units. At some point it became a matter of great interest to RTC and other meter checkers and sec checkers what KIND of sex you had had with your spouse, whether you had masturbated, whether you had had perverted thoughts, whether you had said or done or thought anything remotely flirty, and so on. Attention on this ended up being particularly heavy on RPFs. My observation (on several flows) was that rather than freeing people up, it resulted in more and more introversion, introspection, super-carefulness, worry, suspicion, accusation, recrimination, denigration, stern “ethics” handlings, wrong-targeting and the like. F-I-X-A-T-I-O-N. In the case of RPFs, between this and other perversions of tech, policy and ethics, it’s no wonder the rapid RPF pgm LRH envisioned mutated into a half-your-billion-year-contract proposition.

    Back to the subject of masturbation, MAAs began “educating” people using two or three brief mentions of the subject in LRH materials. By “brief” I’m talking about a sentence or two. These LRH remarks were meant to “show” the person that he or she had better NOT masturbate, or they’d stir up their case, prevent case gain and so on. By contrast, I believe there are about the same number of brief LRH mentions of the subject, where he says or implies we’re NOT especially interested in whether the pc has masturbated. I don’t have it to hand, but I think one such reference is the lecture “Craftsmanship: Fundamentals.”

    Along the same line, compare this masturbatory concentration by mostly-well-meaning MAAs, C/Ses and Sec Checkers to this: In working with LRH and Ray Mithoff on the compilation of the original False Purpose Rundown Series HCOBs, I had occasion to gather up and study every published sec check or confessional form LRH was known to have written or approved. If I recall correctly, there wasn’t a single question in all those many forms that asked specifically for masturbation as an overt. There were certainly questions for which the pc might offer up an incident of masturbation as an answer – where the pc considered it an overt or withhold, and where it was charged. But nowhere was it asked for directly.

    Of course, Dave’s response to that little anecdote would be along the lines that Russ, the slimy [bleep], had so many overts of masturbation himself, that of COURSE he didn’t notice any such questions. Blinded by his own [bleep bleep bleep-bleeping] overts, the stupid [bleeping bleep]. And yes, I do freely admit that I have masturbated. But just once. And it was a long time ago!!

    Anyway, the point is not that 2D might not be a hot subject for a pc – it’s certainly an area of abundant aberration, and cleaning it up can bring a lot of relief and freedom. It’s also true that 2D fixation and unethical 2D activity HAS ruined countless organizations. LRH covers all that in a number of places, in particular his HCOB, Pain and Sex. But like any other aberration, it turns up and is handled in the course of standard case handling.

    Okay. I don’t need to beat this any further.

    Thanks again for another great post.

  147. For the benefit of Anon and others who don’t know what rudiments are, I have had rudiments that were wonderful. Sitting in a tiny closet because there were no student rooms available elsewhere, running the Problem rudiment, came up with a problem on money, five minutes of auditing and it blew and I had no problem with money for decades. “Only a rudiment” yes, but some of them are real life-changers.

    Here’s a sample session beginning:
    1) Aud: Do you have an ARC break? (This is, a break in Affinity, Reality, Communication or Understanding.)
    PC (Preclear): Yes, I’m upset with my brother-in-law–he called me a nerd.
    The auditor then helps the PC spot what kind of a break it was and sometimes they have to find an earlier one of a similar nature and do the same, until the PC brightens up and is happy or unconcerned about the situation.
    2) Auditor: Do you have a Present time Problem (this means a problem that so fixes the PC’s attention that he cannot put his attention on the session.)
    If yes, he gets the PC to talk about it and go earlier if necessary until PC’s no longer concerned over it.
    3) Has a Withhold been missed? (something you didn’t want to talk about but weren’t sure if somebody found out.) The auditor asks questions to get all of the data and they go earlier as necessary until the PC’s happy about this.

    All of the above are only so the PC can have his attention on the session. After all, if you are going to talk about the time your hair caught on fire you need all your attention free for that.

    Hope this was of help. M6

  148. I’ve had my share of this and this article and LRH reference indicates.

    It is as if the powers that be do not want you to have real auditing or training, and thus real gains.

    The amount of executive C/Sed sec-checks, O/W write ups, ethics interviews, study orders, false data stripping, word clearing, conditions, PTS handlings etc. minuscules the amount of actual auditing or training received.

    BTW: There is nothing wrong with the above mentioned actions when actually needed by the person and programmed by a C/S or Qual terminal. Sec-checks or “Metered Ethics Interviews” as run by the church these days IMO really mess people up instead of helping them.

  149. theystolemychurch

    This only happened to me at FLAG…. last session… FLB 2002… before that the Class V orgs (or at least my Auditor) didn’t do this!

    I stopped complaining and they let me go with my pretend VGIs…. pretty disgusting since I had been regging money for flag for over 30 years, both as a staff member and a public person…. the mecca and all that.

  150. Tony DePhillips

    I recall a reference where LRH talks of the ethics officer as sort of the auditor of the group. I don’t recall where it came from and I may have it all wrong. The ethics officers hat was to protect the group and put in ethics/justice. Find the real bad hats and with correct justice give right indications to the group so that they could flourish and prosper.
    Besides Marty auditing people he is very adept at giving correct indications to us and blowing charge. This all contributes to the de-PTSing actions of the group.
    Marty is doing his job. He is attacked and fought endlessly for him doing the right thing.

    Think about it.

    Think about how you might help him?
    Why is your neck so precious when his apparently isn’t?

  151. Complete fabrication. I arrived as Sea Org staff in 1977 and LRH was already gone. NOTS did not yet exist. Sometime in ’78-’79 New Era Dianetics was piloted and THEN NOTS came out.

    LRH was “over the rainbow” by 1977.

    I was amongst the first on SOLO NOTS and that wasn’t until sometime in the early 80’s — LRH wasn’t anywhere in sight of CW.

    Your friend has a vivid imagination. And a serious wishful thinking syndrome.


  152. theystolemychurch

    I just love you!

    Got my money back from one org (big check and we are happy) and now the California org is dragging their heels…. should I warn them that I am reporting them? Or just report it and continue to TR3 them? Thanks for your advice. It does work!

  153. ‘Course we know each other Les.

    Known you since when you were Dist Sec at Vancouver Org.

    Also as DCO ASHO Day.

    Remember Dastardly Danny Dial Wide Locke?

    Tech Sec ASHO Day.

    As far as I know he’s out.

    But Ellen…..

    Last time I seed her was at Flag back in 89 when she’d moved up to Qual Exec Int.

    No word ’bout her or her husband Allan since.

    One fine C/S.

    So was Barb.

    Anyway good to see ya posting here.



  154. Give me a friggen break.

    What you guys at Int think you knew where the Ol’man was all the time.

    Did you slap a GPS module on his RV?

    Track by an NSA Spy Satellite or something?

    Friend (I won’t say his name ’cause I don’t know if he’s out or not) of mine was the NOTs AC Admin at Flag and he says he took folders over to Bluebird parked at Flag and to have them C/Sed.

    I consider him a pretty reliable source and not one predisposed to “dub in”.

    Did you also know that he used to come to LA quite a few times?

  155. Yeah Ellen was a really good C/S.

    Really cared about the PC and made sure they were happy with their auditing.

  156. “This overdone rudiments thing isn’t just being done at the highest levels but at the lowest levels as well. I’ve seen 3 hr ruds sessions fer christ sakes!”

    Hell yes; been there, done that! Hello London Org! Big waste of my time and £££. My auditor, bless her, is up there as one of the loveliest, most theta beings I have ever met. It’s such a shame that her tools are so shoddy. And as for the off-policy prices being charged for such crummy squirrel tech – sorry Dave, you can shove your Bridge up your a-hole. Give me LRH any day.

  157. theo Sismanides

    Karen # 1, you have a way to say things the way they are. They surely are ugly things and you present them the way they are, no compromise there. Thanks a lot for that!

  158. Mike,

    Why don’t you read what I posted.

    First I never wrote that he was at Flag when NOTs was released in 78,

    In fact I know he was being audited by David Mayo at the time and was just recovering from a stroke.

    Secondly I did not write that he was at Flag when Solo Nots was released.

    Again he was at La Quinta and was working on the development of the Mark VI meter as he had found that the Mark V was unresponsive at that level.

    In fact a friend of mine helped him with the development of the Meter.

    The late Don Breeding.

    What I wrote was that Ron according to another friend of mine who will remain nameless for used to carry folders to Ron’s Bluebird which was parked near the FLB.

    Around the time when the first NOTs *completions* were being made.

    Which is several years after you say he was at La Quinta.

    Regarding 6 months checks.

    They were originally initiated when Solo NOTs was released to the public and they basically consisted of a D of P *to determine if the Pre OT had completed the level*.

    So the Pre OT wouldn’t overrun the level or if needed to correct the Solo Auditor if he or she was running it incorrectly or to repair the Solo Auditor if needed.

    This was the original reason for the 6 month check.


    And yes the Ol’man was the one who *did* originate the 6 Months check.

    He was the one who wrote the frickin’ FBO that has since been totally altered by the Reverse Technology Center.

    Also what’s up with this total eval/inval bull shit?!

    You starting to read like a frickin’ Exec giving me an SRA for my alleged “dub in”.

    Thanks but no fuckin’ thanks.

  159. theo Sismanides

    OTDT is talented and should be one of the Independents new comic/satire authors, I guess. We could have a whole book of those lists per subject of discussion. Not to mention other ways to promote to Cool-Aid drinkers with humor what the hell is going on!!! Big DePTSing Tech you got there OTDT, humor is definitely a speedy DePTSer!!!

  160. You’re so right Karen.

    I audited a PC who was in EST and what you say is basically what it consisted of.

    Total Eval, Inval, Screaming, Yelling, Enforced confinement for several hours.

    Much like an SRA or a Golden Age of Tech “auditing” session 😉

    To whole purpose of an Erhart “Seminar” was to “deconstruct” the individual and then remake him in some new image.

    They called this “getting it”.

    The Intel Community loved it!

    Needless to say.

    Since it aligned with their mind control agenda.

  161. Thanks Thoughtful Steve.

    It’s good to read your posts again.

    Where ya been?

    Missed you.



  162. DFB & Tony, thanks for this. What you have described is very, very real to me. It totally rips the heart right out of KSW.

  163. OTDT,

    You should go back and amend that tailored to include:

    “Have you failed to sell your children into slavery?”

    “Have you failed to consider prostitution as a valid profession?”

    “Do you have anything against selling drugs to wogs?”

    “Have you failed to rob a bank” etc……

  164. theystolemychurch

    A142, don’t feel bad.

    I was on staff as a reg, very productive and received 1. sec check and 2. life repair…. that was because I sold lots of training and no auditing. So, I was audited… to get me to sell audinting, so I sold 50 hours with every training package.

    I left staff at 21 years old. I sold whole bridges and flag services, all before I was 20 years old. I think I “came back”. But have been told … not true.

    The whole de-dingininginging thing was going on in the field round about 1981 and I avoided that like the plague. I knew it was squirrel.

    Years later at 31 I got cleaned up and very standard grades from a Class VI (whom I absolutely love today) and had the biggest case gain. At Grade IV I was as OT as any OT I had ever met.

    I went to Flag and was sooo disappointed. This was the “mecca” I had regged for (for many years) and had sent people there….. I got a LOT of ruds and few wins. And I was given Auditors in training, that had accents that were so strong I could not understand the “auditing question”… can I tell you about frustration? How can you be “in session” when you can not understand the auditor?

    All this on a CCRD cycle… and then NED. omg I can’t even comment on that.

    I am going to go find Marty and get cleaned up and bring my husband and son with me…

    btw no disconnection in our family! We all agreed to leave that scumbag church at the same time.

    Unfortunately my daughters and son really never did get the real deal and only my son is willing to get audited and trained… still working on my daughters, but they saw a lot on staff…. and it was UGLY.

    In our family we all know bullshit when we step in it and we all call it out!

    Good wishes to you and remember ~ keep you chin up and keep on trying.

  165. OMG!


    How did you know?????

    For sure.

    My needle is floating!!!!

    Now I’m line charging….


  166. theo Sismanides

    Thanks Marty, now we are talking!!! I have not gotten much auditing to anything, when in the SO I was not going around to befriend auditors so that I could get up the Bridge. If you didn’t do that you wouldn’t progress much. I was not 1st dynamic oriented at all, which of course was not good either. But many staff would be in good terms with auditors to get auditing. This is also true.

    So this ref is awesome as it puts there the dividing line between too much of Rudiments and too little of Rudiments. Of course it takes judgement too and nowadays there is no such a thing in the church. Just orders and illegal ones.

    Marty on a daily basis exemplifies one thing: He is an auditor and knows his Tech. How can one run a whole Scientology organization without knowing the Tech or at least leaving it up to the Tech Experts (C/Ses, Auditors, Qual terminals) to run the Tech part of this whole thing?

    How come Miscavige is into everything on the Tech when we never even heard of him auditing anyone? Who has he audited? To what wins? What is this? LRH could and did audit, he was not a theoretician.

    Hey, to the OTs who still are looking at this. We don’t need theoreticians in Scientology. We want refs and apply those refs. And here is a nice ref about your 6months check. You don’t have anything to worry about, just get out from the dark and stand up and say: here is a reference! What the hell is going on! The worst that can be done is that your neck will be cut. So, what? Ours has been cut and we are still alive! And kicking, as you may have seen!!

    To the OTs! You don’t need your neck, because you don’t need your “programmed” mind. The hell with it!!!!! GO OUT and do something decent you will remember Life after Life! Stop being “good boys and girls”! This ain’t why you came into Scientology. Be the “bad hats” now and we will make it. This is Danger Condition. BYPASS THE HABIT AND ROUTINE OF BEING “GOOD” TOWARDS MISCAVIGE!!! and help handle the Danger.

  167. theystolemychurch

    lol lol lol

  168. I’m glad you see the illogic used to get our kids hooked. Up until recently it was even professed that ADHD was incurable ($$$$) but all our mainstream newspapers now tell quite a different story:

    Every 2 out of 3 kids are successfully treated by a diet of several weeks with strong and consistent results; why would you prefer an everlasting and worsening addiction that never cures nothing?

  169. What Max is from NoCa????

    And he seemed like such a nice guy 😉

    Just kiddin’

    Max was cool and I also forgot to mention Bob Kosal another cool C/S I worked with at CCHR and also Mick McFarland over at the ITO.

  170. SOP 8 Grand.

    “Spot some money.”

    “Give it to me”

    “Spot some more money”

    Run until PC gives you every cent he has self determinedly

  171. Same thing with LAO and OC.

    Very few staff got any auditing cause they weren’t set up (as if they couldn’t set up a case) no lower grades…waffle waffle…justify justify…etc.

    The only place I saw the UC actually do any work was at ASHO and AOLA since many of the staff were already OT all they had to do was run ’em through “New” OT VI which is basically the Solo Auditors course *again* and take over the C/Sing on VII.

    However none of the staff that were below that point ever got auditing.

    Typical of the “furry age of management”.

    So much for the vaunted UC.

    Though they got to parade around in really cool uniforms.

    I guess that’s something????

  172. GH,

    Imagine the worst BTB ever written multiplied by 1000.

    To me that was the Golden Age of Tech.

    There were times I wondered if those packs were flammable.

  173. Wow that must be a very Elite club than because DM is sex-crazed.

  174. Forum and EST are not the same.

    Forum is a watered down version of EST for corporate consumption.

    It’s like saying the Foundation and the Process Church are the same thing.

  175. “Not sure how strong a case…”

    Watertight case. Look, if you paid for auditing and every session begins with the words “I’m not auditing you”, have you had auditing? Hell NO!!! This is EXACTLY what happened to me and thousands of others. Promised auditing, got something else.

    “The statement ‘I am not auditing you’ only occurs when a Confessional is done for justice reasons… (By ‘justice reasons’ is meant when a person is refusing to come clean on a Comm Ev, B of I, etc., or as part of a specific HCO investigation when the person is withholding data or evidence from such HCO personnel).”
    HCOB 30 November 78R
    Confessional Procedure

  176. Barb Rubio! Mmmmm … as an auditor I loved her C/Sing. Talk about simplicity. Now there’s a C/S who trusted the tech. Have great stories I could tell. The things we did.

  177. I would like to be non mystic right now but as I understood it auditing can change the life of the PC to the better. It is not only a feel better process but auditing can have a wider effect than feelings. Thus if the auditing is done right it can (maybe I should say should) happen that the environment of the PC changes. Could be meeting an old friend or suddenly getting a job opportunity for his dream job or anything on any dynamic. If he is mid rundown some TA action in life might happen. Sometimes things can worsen in between session and his life rudiments can drop out. Fixing attention on that and sending the PC finally to ethics might seem reasonable but the correct action would be to run the action to EP. Then if this situation still persists he can be sent to ethics anyway. If a PC mid rundown is suddenly having troubles in life and interrupting that rundown to handle this situation is similar to sending the PC back track and as he is near the core of that charge ending the session. You do not only „break the neck“ of the PC but worsen the PCs environment and make that stick. Then you sec check the hell out of that PC (and now it seems to be very reasonable as this PC is now in real trouble).
    In order to handle the situation you could just leave the things as they are right now and continue the flubbed session or rundown to EP.

  178. I remember an incident in 2006. There was a big meeting in Stuttgart Germany to work out dissem activities during the soccer world championship.
    Walter Kotric on stage held a speech. And believe me, word by word he indicated to all attendees: ” NO MONEY = PTS”.

  179. AnonOrange – Auditing addresses your long-term aberrations while rudiments address your present time concerns. Auditing addresses your “ruin”, which is the thing you want to ultimately handle with your auditing, e.g. “I can’t get a date” or “I hate my father” or “I have panic attacks while driving my car”. Rudiments are designed to help you put all your attention on the current auditing session, so in that way they are subordinate to the auditing itself. Rudiments aren’t really considered auditing in that they are not a level or new state all by themselves, though they are done by an auditor in an auditing room with an E-meter. No Scientologist pays money just to get rudiments because they don’t usually result in any long-term improvement, though one can feel a huge relief after telling the auditor about something like a big withhold (secret). Here’s an example:

    Rudiment question: “Do you have a present time problem?”

    Auditing question: “Have you ever blown up a planet?” (As you probably know, Scientologists believe in past lives.)

    Hope this helps.

  180. The Way I see it these Sec Checks have always been classic Miscavige pocketlooting operations. (Pretty much right up there with Idle Orgs, IAS and other such no-exchange nonsense.) Merry-Go-Around GI cycling without really delivering any real Service, and by continuously creating a paranoid environment, you can sell again over and over. And HCO is right there threatening your Bridge if you don’t buy. Very nice Racket.

    Guy goes comes home, eats, sleeps, works, RTC brownie-points himself around the local org, and does his Solo. What the hell could he be sucking up 3 intensive in Sec Checks for aside from surfing the Internet? Just another shell game of the Merchant of Chaos. No wonder CO$ has been on the dive for 25 years — Caution 1.1(s) behind the Wheel.

  181. There is too much truth in in it to be really funny 🙂
    I know a pc in a local org who was ordered to receive an HCO sec check for a big crime: having not enough money. Yes, this is a fact!

  182. Nice recognition, RenegadeX! [I always remember thinking that I don’t have an ARC break, don’t have a PTP (I wouldn’t have come to session if I did), and I don’t have a missed withold!]

    Yes, it does matter what you think; I personally wonder if the meter was reading on “no.” Perhaps one of our tech folks could locate and quote that LRH reference?

    There’s also a reference about just because there’s a meter read, the auditor now needs to sort out what the meter is reading on.

    Fortunately, this kind of thing can now be sorted out. Hallelujah!

  183. The last time I went to Flag was ~’02. Had been off the bridge for several years. I got the usual A-J and was fine. Routed to HGC and got my auditor and went in session. The auditor said, “I’m not auditing you”. I said, “I’m not paying , I only pay for auditing.” I explained that I would only do a sec check if I was being investigated by Dept.3 and if so, the MAA can show me in writing the KR’s that prompted said investigation. The auditor argued for a few minutes (told me there was no HCO invest) and then brought me back to the HGC. I spoke to the D0fP and told him that either I get in session or I was heading back to the airport as I didn’t come to waste my time off from work and this was NOT negotiable. I went in session that day and finished the intensive in a few days. Results were lackluster. I went to route out and was put on the “Run the IAS & other Dono’s Gauntlet leaving R/F. I quickly scribbled in made up initials on all that & just went to the regular org terminals (forged CO’s initials at end though) and went my way. Never went back.

  184. What a betrayal.

  185. LogicHammer — What a great comment! Thanks for sharing your personal experiences on the topic at hand. Beyond that, thank you for acknowledging LRH, Marty and the forum thetans!! Your conclusion is so, so, true … Hallelujah!

  186. Sinar,
    You are correct. Colic is the correct term for the malady.
    They need a little “off gassing” and can’t do it.
    Much like today’s PCs!!

  187. I wouldn’t lump every single OT VII into the same category as being in a sorry state indeed for staying in. Did you do OT VII?

  188. This would make such great bullbait material. You’d be getting the buttons and blowing off charge by the bucketful!

  189. “Give him a case of ‘Onion Ass’ he’ll never forget. Rout to Reg after exam.”


  190. Simply Revolting

    Auditing is the name of the game.
    Hence, anyone that stops/severely inhibits that, must surely be a list one R/Ser – n’est pas?

  191. Great post, isn’t the tech just amazing!

    OUCH, on your FSO cycle, probably all done at the L’s rate too.

    I hope that you have availed yourself to one of the Independents and gotten a good helping of that real auditing that Ron refers to in the paragraph you referenced and that your dynamics are smoothing out a bit.

    Maybe get in a bit of fishing, if your lucky. 😉

  192. Joe Pendleton

    The real issue here in my opinion is that almost all of us at one time agreed that we needed an “ok to leave.”!!!!!! That’s one of the great things about leaving the CofS. I can think about and apply Scientology per MY reality. I don’t have to agree with Miscavige about anything and I don’t have to agree with Ron about everything. I can observe life myself and conclude and create my own certainties.

  193. TroubleShooter

    My .02 worth is that it’s been as easy to phase out the UC as cob has had in phasing out the decades long game of “going St Hill Size”. I was shot some charged looks from the reg team sent from the highly elevated Int LANDLORD office when they were sucking money up from every corner of our field when I used the term “going St Hill Size”. I was corrected into using the Ideal Org project any building an Ideal Org.

    Last I checked (within the last year) there were NO UC teams in any of the “Ideal orgs” in the US who allegedly went “St Hill Size”. There is a pretend UC for Tampa but it’s really just the Flag auditor resources who are used as their lineups aren’t full so some of the Tampa staff have gotten to go in session. “UC” now stands for “Unmocked Corps” thanks to the ‘let’s-make-a-steal’ org strategy.

    btw cob’s Isteal Org strategy succeeded in overextending our field with the purchase of building that has now sat empty for many I repeat many years now.

  194. martyrathbun09

    You are so right. It is important datum Gaters drill off the pages of LRH tech:
    HCOB 10 Sept 1968, “Standard” Tech Data:
    “In ruds, all you know when you see a read is that the meter read and the question you asked. The meter read is not uniformly what you asked and can be a protest or a REPEATING FALSE READ. Usually one goes right along auditing but when pc shows any sign of protest or bafflement on a rud read, you routinely trace it for an earlier false read, find and clean it.”

  195. martyrathbun09

    Mike simply pointed out a potential false datum about LRH, in a fashion I thought was pretty diplomatic. And Mike was right.

  196. martyrathbun09

    Maybe Alan Walters had a Bluebird then. Or maybe David Mayo. Or maybe Ziggy Stardust.


    “Look around and find some money I could have.”

  198. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for sharing this accurate history. And recognize it was (is) done in the face of this from LRH – which has always been a part of Academy, HSSC, and SHSBC training since day one:
    We don’t want antisocial acts, particularly, like “I picked my nose”, you know, just because this is seamier – the seamier side of life, you see? An auditor can actually start specializing in just the seemier side of life. And they have nothing to do with anybody, didn’t do anything to anybody, don’t you see, and specialize in picking up weird and peculiar instances on the part of the PC. He didn’t do anything to anybody, you understand, he just had a weird and peculiar practice, you know? It doesn’t mean shucks! Heh! Worthless. For instance, you could take some of the Book One subjects, like masturbation, something like that. Oh, this is embarrassing. Yes, it shows up as something of the sort; it’s the human race, you see? And it’s not really doing anything to anybody, unless it is doing something to somebody. You get the idea? A lot of auditor specialize in embarrassing things, see, as the very thing you must pick up. To hell with them! You know? Well, pick them up, but thathathabooh! No, we’re interested in things people have done to people. See? We’re interested in overts. We is not interested in a withhold because it is simply seamy. Do you get the difference here?

  199. “Have you purosely withheld yourself as a pimp?”

    “Does your grandmother’s body have any salvageable parts?”

    “Did you allow your children to keep their Tooth Fairy money?

    “Have you failed to turn your mother in for tax evasion so you could collect the reward?”

    “Have you purposely missed an opportunity to kidnap and sell a white child?”

    “Have you neglected burglarizing your neighbors’ homes?”

    “Have you avoided extorting school children’s lunch money?”

  200. Yes, he will adapt for money.

  201. Actually, there is an LRH quote somewhere in policy that says, “The only real crime in society is to be broke.” Probably the Finance Series. Looks like your local org takes policy pretty literally.

  202. Late 90’s there were two key alterations done from Flag.
    Auditors training there, as well as on staff at Flag were forced to accept Miscavige’s interpretation of an FN (Three back and forth movements). I believe Org CS’s were called back to Flag to get this new definition implanted. Around the same time, the definition of an instant read was somehow verbally altered. Supervisors at Flag at that time were making sure you understood that an instant read had to be within the last part of the major thought. I think this enforced idea came from above (COB?). Also, the Tech films EM9/9A are apparently messed up by Miscavige to show prior reads instead of instant. Marty confirmed something to this effect.

    I got some good auditing and Scientology at my org prior to 2000.
    I would say after that it was too squirrel to work.

  203. Wow, usually only the members of the Golden Age of Speed Elite Club are privileged enough to navigate Gauntlet Row with such swiftness and efficiency. Well done.

    Here’s another strategy that works when trying to escape the incredible vacuum force of Hoover Highway:

    1. Walk confidently out of building with routing form in hand
    2. Look for nearest trash can
    3. File routing form appropriately
    4. Run

  204. Marty’s neck broke the teeth off a carbide steel buzz-saw.

  205. There is also the reference


    In doing Green Forms or Analysis Lists on any Clears (but not in nulling) or doing them on most cases above 5 and some cases below it, there are 2 different E-Meter needle phenomena which have to be given attention:
    1. As a Clear’s postulates read as a surge, usually fairly long (over 1″), “No” can read if the pc says it to himself as an answer to a question asked.

    A read, therefore, does not mean invariably “yes” or that the question is charged. All it means is that the Meter has read.

    The Auditor must now find out what the read was before determining he should do something about that portion of the Green Form or List. One doesn’t just assume the read was “yes”.

    One asks about the read as a general rule, not assuming at once the thing asked was charged.
    Auditor: “Do you have a missed withhold?” Meter surges.
    Auditor: “What was that?”
    Pre OT: “I thought No I don’t.”
    Auditor: “Ok. Do you have a missed withhold?”
    Pre OT: “No.”-Meter didn’t read.
    Auditor: “Anything suppressed-asserted-protested-invalidated. Ok that’s clean.”

    Ticks ( 1 / 8 inch) often mean something is there. A Pre OT’s postulates have greater length when they surge.
    It is not important how you handle this phenomena of postulate or to-oneself comment by a high level case.

    It is important that the Auditor does not hang the case with a wrong adjudication of what’s wrong by thinking every surge means “yes”, or that the question is charged because it surges. A question is charged only if it won’t clean up with buttons until the action itself is taken.
    A Pre OT, unlike pcs below Grades I or II, usually recognizes what is wrong as soon as it is mentioned. He or she is more aware.

    2. A response like a brief dirty needle on a Pre OT means “No” always. So there is a certain and trustworthy negative to be had on a Pre OT.
    A real dirty needle is constant and continues. The same small jerky needle action on a person Grade 5 or above means “No!” or that the question is negative.
    On pcs below 5 it means a withhold or an ARC break or almost anything and is of course continuous.

  206. ‘What part of your assets have I failed to find out about?’

  207. A yes money comes first

  208. Ahh … Mick McFarland

    There’s a name from the past – great guy – good laughs!

  209. Scott Campbell

    Absolutely correct, Tony. I know that helping Marty establish Independent Scientology is one of the most effective things that I can do to help free the beings on this planet.

    Might I also say that I loved your C of S “decompression” analogy to SCUBA Diving decompression in an earlier comment. It really is an accurate parallel. If you dive too deep for too long, you need to make decompression stops on your way up, otherwise you’ll get “the bends” (also known as “Decompression Sickness). If you surface without decompressing, you’ll need to get “recompression therapy” (a thorough cleanup).

    Reading Marty’s blog, as well as other Pro-Independent Scientology websites on the internet, helps one to decompress on the correct gradient so as not to get “decompression sickness”.

    And if I may say so, once you have successfully “decompressed” – the next step is to come out publicly and openly with your real name. Using Tony’s diving analogy, I like to think of this as the “surface interval” (the amount of time you must remain above the surface of the water between dives). Once you have spent enough time on the “surface” (out in the open), you are then able to safely make another dive.

    Let’s face it, most of us here were in over our heads way too deep for way too long, but the only way to master the manifold waters of life and help the ocean of souls that fills this planet is to explore those depths again.

    Thanks Bro,


  210. We differ in view. Why enslave a child on a stringent dïet. And NOTHING is cured. just handled. Either by a dïet or ritalin. I am all for the dïet thing untill it becomes a fanatical punishing method. I don’t advocate the abolishment of ritalin totaly.

    My personal. expierience with ritalin that it is not addictive I told you before I tended to forget to take it.

    I am not taking it now and I hope you remember how you were all sorry for little old me that I can’t get auditing having been on “psych”drugs. As you remember that view was soon disproved.
    I am extremely happy with the dïet results but I will not be extreem about it as I am not extreem in my view on ritalin. Use what works. Remember our country is built on Pragmatism.

    And thank you for the article I am beyond myself with guarded enthousiasm.


  211. N-I-C-E handling Old School. It honestly didn’t occur to me at the time, but makes perfect sense: “I paid for auditing – that’s what I’ll have and nothing else.” CofM must be the only outfit in the world where, after you’ve paid for one thing and get something else completely that you neither needed nor wanted, you are yet expected to cheerfully accept it and go on your way, after paying even more of course. Imagine paying for a new kitchen and getting a shoddy 3rd rate bathroom instead. The boss says “Well hey, the surveyor noticed you need a bathroom. Get over it. And by the way, you now need to pay me for a new bedroom. You should be happy you’ve got a bathroom, you ungrateful shit.”

    In fact imagine buying a parrot and finding there was something a little wrong with it…

  212. Theo and RJ,

    Thanks for your input.
    These abhorrent “GANG BANG SEC CHECKS” multiple people against one to OVERWHELM is a Hallmark of Miscavige Era.

    There is not one single reference to support the conduct of lock up at INT Base, SP Hall, Gang Bang Sec Checks, Kidnap, Held against will.

    Some years ago Heber was summoned up lines.,
    No one heard from him for 4 years straight.

    Alexander Jentzsch his son, was cut off as in disconnection.
    Jane Jentzsch, his wife was disconnected from. When Jane’s Aunt died, Heber was not permitted to attend the funeral.
    Jane Jentzsch had enough. She walked out. Being that she was an OSA auditor, they treated her with kid gloves so she would not start posting on the web.
    Heber was under lockdown and had 4 years of sadistic abusive treatment.

    Miscavige HATES Heber.
    The thuggery and abusiveness and madness of the Reptilian Predator is hard to conceive.

    Head of a religion ?

    DM is possessed by a demonic entity.

  213. plainoldthetan

    “I don’t need to beat this any further. ” After a posting dealing with masturbation! Were you intentionally being punny?

  214. I’ve had super reach for auditing, but even before I became (fully) aware that a degraded being was running CoS, I had no reach for VII. I knew how that cycle was going to go and I just didn’t want the ARCX, PTPs and the Dev-T. Oh wait, that’s OUT-RUDS … yeah, nice li’l theta trap MissCabbage

  215. I got this data before, I think on a lecture?
    I believe this is literally lost tech now in the Church.

  216. WH,
    Totally agreed.

  217. PTS to the IAS Reg?

  218. The first time I sent to Flag as a public in 1987 they gave me a room in the Fort Harrison Hotel with a dirty unmade bed that had an actual pubic hair in it. I went downstairs to the front desk and complained.

    In response to my complaint, the unkempt front desk clerk replied sarcastically, “What do you think this is, a hotel?”

    I had to hoist my jaw up off the floor with a rope and pulley.

  219. In b4 Scott or Marty … Old School, you the man!

  220. Friend of Ron

    Thanks…Watching Eyes……;)

  221. Friend of Ron


    In the lecture “The Descent of Man” LHR states that the two biggest crimes in this universe are to BE THERE and TO COMMUNICATE.

    In the CoM this has been taken a step further. There it is a CRIME to BE THERE AND TO COMMUNICATE as well as it is a crime NOT TO BE THERE AND NOT TO COMMUNICATE.

    just my two cents — but what do I know..;)

  222. Tony Dephillips

    I agree.

  223. Friend of Ron


    It was good talking to you. Glad I could share some insights .
    As I said, you stand up for LRH’s legacy which is Heber’s legacy as well — the Heber we all knew and loved before he went to the Konzentration Camp.

    Will talk more soon.

  224. I hate to see internecine quarrels here. Especially amongst those I most admire for the clarity of their posts & the historical clarifications they bring to guys like me who were for the most part ignorant of what went on in the upper levels of management during and after LRH’s time.

    Perhaps there is someone out there – Sarge, Dan? – who can resolve this very interesting question about whether LRH was ever at/near FSO early-mid 80’s. Surely someone at Int or Creston would have been aware of the Bluebird making a cross-country trip!

    I recall hearing numerous stories during those years about his being spotted at the Complex & even at a supermarket in LA. Granted, some of these had about the same ring of authenticity as an Elvis sighting, but there were some that rang true.

    RJ’s story is worth digging into a bit more. Historical trivia perhaps, but fascinating if true.

  225. Friend of Ron


    The charge I blow reading your stuff is more than I did in 10 years of GAT sec checks. God, I needed that comic relief !!

    Do I have permission to use your materials for broad distribution?

  226. martyrathbun09

    If keeping this blog as truthful as possible – something that distinguishes it from others in helping people to move up a little higher as asserted time and again by those who do – seems to you an “internecine quarrel”, then…well…never mind. RJ is mocking stuff up – which I have no quarrel with, except when it goes to the point of tampering with the time track of truth this forum is establishing to help people as-is. LRH was not in Clearwater in the period RJ mocks up that he might have been. I know, Mike knows. RJ’s “story” does not even rise to the level of “historical trivia”, and is an utter diversion.

  227. Friend of Ron

    Did you really end up on the STREET? Do you still live on the STREET?
    If so I can help.

  228. Fact is that JB and Sarge worked on the BB (Bluebird) to customize it and remove allergens after it was gotten. Fact is that Sarge set up the RV hook ups at Creston and knows where it was parked for years (83-86).

  229. Friend of Ron

    First time I ever read this. Great reference, sure blew a lot for me — having to endure some 10 years of mostly getting sec checked.

  230. Bluebird is a company that makes motor homes/busses.

    Therefore, there is more than one “Bluebird” vehicle.

    Maybe the church owned or had for it’s use more than one.

    Someone else could have used one at Flag and folders could have been taken to it.

    Someone could have assumed that it was LRH.

    Perhaps Mike and RJ have some history together that is a bit charged?

  231. I’ll give you gratis publishing rights for this galaxy. Beyond that, you’ll have to have to contact my Inter-Galactic Agent.

  232. OTDT,

    Was the complaint more along the lines that the girl that owned hair didn’t come with it?

  233. Pete,

    Yes, I can totally believe that, and have seen it happen in others. The amount of people who are suffering in silence but manage to paint a smile on their face and go to the orgs is quite high by my obsevation. It is just an overwhelm that slowly destroys peoples lives. They think that they have no choice but to accept the fact that they have to be crushed financially to go free. DM has done a great job selling people on that operating basis. Sorry to hear you had to live on the street. I totally understand why. I hope conditions are better for you now.


  234. Punny? You mean like pully right? Being pully. Once.

    I was of the impression that being pully made you blind. Those who wear glasses stopped in time. Any body out there to confirm this? How about reading glasses? Do they count? Not as in 1,2,3,4 but are they valid for an ‘indicator’?

  235. Craftsmanship Fundamentals.

    Good lecture.

  236. Russ,
    Me too, once, and with my opposite hand, so it was like somebody else and ‘OK’. Whew! Glad that got off…I mean glad I got that off…or something.

  237. I didn’t write that my friend said he was there in the early ’80’s.

    He says this was around the Mid 80’s when the first NOTs completions where completing.

    Like for example Betty Filisky.

  238. martyrathbun09

    Edited to remove juvenile and antagonistic attacks. RJ, please get a grip. If you want to lace the board with specific allegations concerning LRH please provide your source.

  239. This reference on auditing regarding OT 7 and any other kind of auditing should be sent to EVERY OT and pre-clear via email or regular mail currently auditing so they get wind of the unnecessary time and money they are spending let alone the frustration they are experiencing.

    Does anyone know how to reach those people? The unnecessary steps and the over-regging that is occurring today is revolting and all should catch wid of the alteration of LRH tech.

    We should send the info via the Kool-Aid Express Courier, maybe it will get there and get thru their thick headed skulls.

  240. It might have been a funny come back if you actually read my post and read when then was.

    So do you know exactly where Ron was when the first NOT Comp (by this I mean both Audited and Solo NOTs) was?

    As I remember it was mid 85 when Betty was announced at ASHO and they played a tape she made.

    Or do you align with the critics that say that Broeker and Dink were holding him down feeding him Vistaril?

  241. martyrathbun09

    More like, perhaps RJ THINKS he has some “history together that is a bit charged” with more folks here than only Mike.

  242. martyrathbun09

    Man – you seem to be fighting people on several fronts. Two close friends of mine – both of whom go way out of their ways routinely to put TRUTH (facts known to them) on this board so as to help others as-is – in one day. Dude, you ought to get out and burn some energy and hopefully release some endorphins.

  243. Barney Rubble


    My god you’ve brought some names from the past. You’ll be happy to know that James Marchant is long gone. He was a nut, used to compulsively pull his hair out.

  244. Very important post.

    The ruds problem is Standard Operating Procedure in the Cof M.

    I went from F/Ning to Dirty Needle to Rock Slamming.

    🙂 –> :0 –> 😦

    EPed Reverse Scientology by Blowing and talking the family with me.


  245. If Sarge says it was parked at Creston between 83-86 then it must be so.

    Since he was there.

    But as I wrote this guy is very reliable and would have no reason to lie.

    So there is contrary facts here to say the least.

    Also Marty Mike was trying to “correct” me on a period of the track that I didn’t even mention in my original post.

    I wasn’t even discussing the late 70’s to early 80’s period when he was developing NOTs.

    My friends assertion was that the Ol’man was side checking folders around early 1985 about the time when the first NOTs completion was made.

    What he told me was that he would take a folders out to an RV parked at flag.

    Now if I was misinformed about this.


    However I do not like being accused of having “dubbed it in” or “mocking it up” or being “corrected” on points I was never in error of due to the fact the person didn’t read my original post to begin with.

    And really I have no problem with Mike or anyone else until they start getting didactic.

  246. Marty,

    Really love your tech postings with references.

    They are so very helpfully.

    More please!?


  247. RJ — To answer your question, yes, I do know where LRH was at that time. It was nowhere near Florida, I can assure. He left Florida when he went to DC with Claire and David Rossouw and never returned.

    Man, as I say to our 4 year old — take a chill pill. Your manhood hasnt been destroyed. You havent been sent to the RPF. You thetanship hasnt been withdrawn. You got some false information and put it on the blog as if it were true. It’s been corrected. Big deal… You should be happy to get the facts.


  248. I agree too. OTDT, you make a good point. Its not good to paint with too broad a brush. Everyone has a different circumstance and stability of case state. And I will not become defensive or attack you for pointing that out. My level of self-importance and pride have long since been lowered down into an acceptable range. Places I have been, things I have done and people I have known mean pretty much nothing except to help me steer my own ship. And to answer your question, I have not done OTVII.

  249. Well okay big Mike.

    Still is a mystery to me why this guy would give me a bum steer.

    He’s not the type who reports UFOs or sees Elvis in shopping Malls.

    (According to the board I’m usually that type 😉 )

    Personally I thought it was kinda strange since according to the Intel I had back then Ron pretty much stayed near the Obispo area.

    Venturing down to LA occasionally.

    But hell I musta figured back then that Ron was pretty OT and maybe he was two places at once.

    Sorry for the unnecessary weiny roast.

    I’ll put the flame thrower away now.

    And put that Data in an X-file.


  250. Friend of Ron


    Thanks — that is all I need for now. Will be in touch when I used up the rights……..:)

  251. I’m glad you personally do not feel Ritalin is addictive, but I have worked with thousands of people who have become addicted to it or have had family members become addicted to that drug as well as Adderall. It’s still an amphetamine and is addictive. Doesn’t mean that everyone will get addicted to it. Plenty of people took different drugs that are largely addictive but didn’t become addicted themselves. These drugs cause more harm than good, by a mile.

  252. No surprise there Barney.

    Me and him never seemed to hit it off.

    Did you know he busted me for missing a fricking withhold on a PC while I was auditing an Int Repair.

    I remember my sentiments exactly:


    Anyway my sentiments didn’t save me from “Sec Checkers School” but that’s another story.

  253. Tony DePhillips

    LOL!! You are insane!! LOL!!

  254. Tony DePhillips

    You got my laughter line charge all grooved in. I was at the post office when I read this and couldn’t conrol my laughter. People were looking at me like ” what’s up with him??”. If they only knew that I was blowing down laughing at all the funny shit related to the miscabbage cult they wouldn’t get it. It’s a cult thang and you wouldn’t understand…
    Marty does have a pretty tough neck but come on…have a heart..

  255. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Scott.
    I like what you did with that analogy to complete it. Totally real to me!!
    Now get back to your vodka tonic…

  256. Tony DePhillips


  257. JM,

    Yes Barb had class.

    I had the pleasure of working directly with her for a while on the WUS Flub Catch Line.

    Great C/S.

  258. I finished old OT VII in 1978 and had 20 pc folders, which I thought were a lot. I got into the Sea Org right after that. Now I have 215 pc folders and my grade chart accomplishments since 1978 are New OT IV and FPRD forms on all 8 dynamics. That’s it. Think my universe may be a little quirky? I’m guessing 4,000 hours of sec checks and FPRD and a lot of Int Handling (lemme the fuck outta here!!)

    ML Tom

  259. An Ack is a full stop.

    ML Tom

  260. Theo,
    Good points. I actually wonder when the last time was or if anyone such as a Qual examiner has asked David Miscavige, the Dear leader, and vulture emperor the key question on a meter: “would you want others to have similar gains?” and noted the read.

  261. Friend of Ron,

    Truly, it was such FUN to connect. I was so very happy to re-connect with you. Old alliances run deep.

    You, like me did your share of contribution and see what it morphed into.

    Next time you are in Los Angeles, dinner is on me in the finest 5 star restaurant we can find. Nothing like old friends who shared time track of old bygone times.
    It is quite something to COMPARE how it was then to HOW IT IS NOW.


  262. You caught me.

  263. Hi Marty,
    Thanks for the wonderful post…
    For the first time in many years I received auditing.
    It was a little odd, to be sitting in the chair, across from someones telling me “this is the session”
    Honestly, I thought I would never hear those words again!
    My auditor was fantastic, had great ARC, duplication and granting of beingness.
    Items were taken up, masses and the source of charge spotted and blown, lots of smiles, laughs and more than a few tears of joy were a part of every session.
    The result is knowing myself better, being more “me” and less others, feeling bigger, stronger, more certain and having more hope for a better future.
    Receiving standard auditing under a well trained C/S is such a joy. To feel truly duplicated, with no worries about being judged or anxiety about communicating exactly what I really feel is priceless.
    I was more than a little tentative at first but as the auditing progressed I regained confidence in the process itself and things went faster, it became easier to look and find what I was looking for, I became more certain and the masses blew off at a wonderful rate!
    It was clear that the auditing was done for me. Just me. To help me become a free being. It wasn’t done to correct me, to get me to be “good” or compliant, The auditing and c/sing were simply done with my best interests, as a spiritual being, in mind.
    Of course it must be very clear by now that the auditing I recently received was not through the Official Church of Scientology, but out in the Independent field.
    One of the items taken up was the question: “were you audited while under stress?” or some variant of this.
    It took me a while to as-is the myriad of masses I had stuck to that!!!
    Pretty much all of the auditing I had received for the the last 21 years I was “in the church” had been while I was under stress!
    The “stress” I was under was a palpable mass hanging over me. A hunted feeling. Worried. I felt myself in the emotional tone of propitiation many times, either in the sessions them selves, or when I was visiting with the Ethics officer afterward.
    Financial stress: how will I pay this money back?
    Time stress: I need to get back on post!
    Fear of getting into trouble stress: What will happen to me when they hear this!
    I even had the stress of: Will they let me continue to work and help people after hearing what I did?
    And the “crimes” I did have to confess were all stupid. The “moral code” that I was being judged by was itself insane.
    Part of the stress was a result of the fact that I couldn’t SAY what I really thought. Any thoughts I had did not follow the “company line” needed to be censored. Things that I could directly see that were wrong could not be discussed. Insanities and stupidities about management, the lack of expansion, the complete lack of any effective dissemination program, the total shit PR of the church, these were things I had seen and experienced over and over. But I dared not communicate them!
    Instead I “understood” that these observations were somehow a reflection of my own ineptitude’s. The more I thought there was something wrong, the more clear it became that I must be really a bad person.
    When you cant communicate and you feel you cant leave yet at the same time want to help, you’re trapped, suppressed.
    Was I “audited while under stress?”
    Was there a time when I wasn’t???
    Well, now things are different.
    It took me a while, but I’m waking up slow!

  264. Similar experience Tom.

    Only it was just after the Ol’man departed in ’86.

    I attested to completing the Briefing Course and after that the fat lady sang on any grade chart progress.

    It was weird.

    After that I found myself in some kinda endless squirrel cage.

    Only I didn’t realize it was a squirrel cage at the time.

  265. Tony Dephillips

    : )

  266. martyrathbun09

    Nanook, Good on ya!

  267. I think I’ve said this a couple times here. It’s a mistake to assume emotions or tone from written communication such as this blog, emails, etc.

    People do it all the time and I think it’s related to that data about when a thetan doesn’t receive wanted communication he looks to the bank for answers (I’m badly paraphrasing).

    There is missing communication here. There’s no facial expressions, theta emanations, visual and other sensory indicators of tone etc.

    So it’s possible for someone to write something that is received, and emotional content is “dubbed in” (sorry) from the bank.

    Thats why “emoticons” 🙂 were invented. But emoticons are gay and if you are a man you feel wrong using them 😦 and only resort to them as a last resort before it comes to fisticuffs. 😡

    A guys boss send an email that says “Is the project done?” without the usual please and thank you’s (he only had a minute to type it). You receive it and assume he’s being curt and is upset with you. You think you must be taking too long or that you’ve screwed up. These are assumptions and in this example are not true.

  268. True that Ritalin doesn’t cure but only suppresses temporarily. However, diet has strong and consistent results, so there is a big difference. The diet may look like punishment at first but kids are pretty happy with it in the end and then know which items not to take as that will make them feel or act bad.

    Ritalin is a gateway drug to get kids hooked early on in life so they will be a cash cow for Big Pharma the rest of it, needing Risperdal, Adderal, Prozac, etc. They may hate those pills so much that instead they’ll get their cravings fulfilled by cannabis or other milder substances.

    I still feel sorry for you as well as for the millions of kids that have been unnecessarily put on mind altering drugs. Even though Robin has no problem with it, I must say I’ve audited an LSD case and it’s not something I’ll easily do again. But it was during GAT so maybe one day I’ll even get handled on that one.

    Advocating the abolishment of Ritalin at once is indeed stupid as that’d leave millions who can’t handle it. But introducing alternatives (many available) without side effects nor addiction risks is a better and more responsible way to go about it.

    If 2/3rd of the patients are highly successful with a diet, the other 1/3rd can do f.i. exercises so risky pills can fade out (as well as their nasty side effects).

  269. Congratulations, Nanook.

  270. RJ, I need to appologize for jumping in so late on this. From what I know personally JB and I finished getting the Bluebird motorhome ready for LRH I beleive in late 81 or early 82 after LRH and Annie left Newport Beach. I know LRH and Annie spent some time in the Sierra Nevada mountain of northern California. I doubt seriously if they went to Florida. In May of 83 LRH arrived at Creston and except for a few little trips to Paso Robles early 83 he never left the Creston ranch until he dropped his body. I’m sure the person who told you about him C/S folders in CW thought it must be LRH but it wasn’t. It’s not your dub in it’s his.
    About 15 years ago I saw a Bluebird that looked just like LRH’s pull out of a hotel parking lot in Saint Joseph, Michigan. It had Florida plates and the guy driving it looked like Pat Broeker. It wasn’t. Love

  271. Well done Nanook.

  272. Tony DePhillips

    Anyone else notice that the OSA bots from the prior thread vanished?
    I think maybe Marty audited them out. They finally got their ruds flown and blew!! Ack. F/N VGIs…

  273. Marty, It’s possible that LRHs Bluebird was at CW. In 86 after LRH dropped his body the Bluebird disappeared. I remember asking Pat Broeker what happened to it and I beleive he said it was taken to Florida. It’s possible Ray Mithoff or some NOTs C/S may have used it as an ‘Ivory Tower’ at CW. Maybe, maybe not. It could explain the confusion. Love

  274. Okay now that we’ve finished with trivia pursuit on Ron’s whereabouts in early ’85.

    I want to post the original HCOB I posted earlier prior to napalm hitting the screen.

    Because I feel it’s important and is actually relevant to Marty’s original post.

    Fair use please:

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
    Sea Org
    You can correct a pc or Pre OT half to death.
    For instance the practice of rehabbing up to Grade II if it has been a week or two or more since the pc made Grade II in order to run III is a bit bonkers and serves as an Invalidation. You’re going to get any upset anyway in the rudiments so why the rehab?

    At SH lower grades are rehabbed before Power only when the pc had the lower grades elsewhere as the grades aren’t to be trusted and that’s for Power only. And only when there’s no good report available.

    Doing a Green Form “every day” on a pc or Pre OT may shove up Qual stats but it’s actually an overrun of Green Forms. They go to F/N on the Green Form and to do another WITHOUT ANY REAL TROUBLE having occurred is asking for it.

    Sec Checks can be overrun and overdone. By-passing 2 or 3 Floating Needles on a Sec Check is bad business.

    Doing Disagreements Checks and S & Ds wholesale on pcs and Pre OTs eventually winds them up in a ball.

    Outnesses can usually be spotted by folder inspection by a good Case Supervisor.

    When Remedy Bs and S & Ds are done by auditors who haven’t got the Laws of Listing recent HCOB down by heart and use it will generally mess up more pcs than they will help.

    Qual corrects. But it can get into over-correction and then invalidate the pc’s or Pre OT’s levels, fill his folder with bad lists, etc.

    If any organization, any Qual, at this writing had its folders fully gone over by a competent Case Supervisor who KNEW his Laws of Listing, knew his auditing, I guarantee that Org’s stats would soar, not just Qual’s. And having for once and all straightened out the folder then cease to correct things that would better be handled by the next Grade or Section.

    When over-correction has been present YOU STRAIGHTEN OUT THE BLUNDERS IN THE FOLDER not just maul the pc around some more. And when you have the folder straight you mark it up to that point as remedied and after that only handle the pc when there’s something really gone wrong with him.

    At the present writing I am organizing the Class VIII Course to make Class VIII auditors. These are essentially Case Supervisors and crack standard tech people who can straighten out folders and pcs and Pre OTs. Looking over old Qual case folders I see they are desperately needed.

    But keep the fact in view, don’t correct a pc who needs no correction. Don’t rehab and Remedy him to death. Get him onto the next level or section and let him have his wins.

    Copyright © 1968
    by L. Ron Hubbard

    End Fair use Quotes:

  275. I think……

  276. Thanks for the back up Sarg.

    I appreciate it.

    Good to see you posting again.

    Missed ya.



  277. Tony DePhillips

    On the question,” Do you secretly intend to keep money for food?, has anything been suppressed?”, has anything been invalidated??
    I did sec checks where they were putting buttons in on the buttons they were using on the sec check question!! It was ludicrous and torturous.

  278. Tony DePhillips

    Way to go Nanook!!

  279. On the subject of masturbation, the old “Handbook for Preclears” mentioned that doing it “breaks up facsimiles” and I believe this was in reference to headaches. There was no discouragement of it. I have read where LRH had a lot of guilt inflicted upon him as a youth on the subject of masturbation. He eventually recognized this as an aberrated target. While I’m on the subject, the 8th Degree of the OTO is about masturbation (while postulating) directed at the creation of a Moonchild. Some like to compare Scientology with the OTO. While Scn works towards exteriorization and rising tone, OTO aspires (supposedly) to create a Moonchild/Messiah. Big difference.

  280. one of those who see

    This is just great!! Well done to you and your auditor and C/S!! Thanks so much for posting your wins!

    Hey! someone is getting Auditing. Real Auditing!! And so, the world is that much brighter.

  281. Scott Campbell

    Excellent post Nanook. Good job on taking the initiative to get in session and truly take responsibility for your own condition.

    As you point out, in the Church of Overwhelmology, it is impossible to avoid being audited under stress.

    Thank god for the independence of Independents!

  282. Russ,
    Thanks for the post and another subject where LRH’s viewpoint and considerations on the subject has been altered to suit Dear Leader’s and his aberrations, derailing what MAAs are supposed to handle (no pun intended).

  283. Scott Campbell

    Hey! I was out getting some auditing! The real thing! How do ya like them apples!

  284. Scott Campbell

    Got kind of carried away with the exclamation points there…

  285. Scott Campbell

    Bah! Stinking anemic potato juice. Bring me something stronger! Battery acid will do…

  286. Scott Campbell

    Jim is the only guy I know that keeps a picture of his hand in his wallet!

  287. HCOPL 20 Jul 70 CASES AND MORALE OF STAFF, “Any and all trouble occurring in orgs during a long period of heavy enemy attack on them was traced not to the enemy BUT TO THE LOSS OF TECH MATERIALS, REDUCTION OF THE USE OF TECH (as in quickie grades) AND IGNORING STAFF CASES.”

    FYI the OC/LAD UC that was actually getting products was wiped out by Miscaviage (1997) due to 1 auditor’s mistake, no cramming/ethics gradients, nothing, just wiped them all out! The UC SNR CS was RPF’d w/ 2 small children and died of cancer on the RPF. You don’t get to see your kids on the RPF, per LRH cancer stems from 2D losses. Have no doubt that this was a direct Miscaviage operation. OC has never recovered to its prior glory.

  288. Marty, please know that I deeply appreciate your commitment and efforts to keep your blog as truthful as possible. That is precisely why I read this blog and few others. Actually it was with truth in mind that I put out the hope that someone would come forward to verify or refute RJ’s assertion.

  289. Scott Campbell

    “He said he didn’t get much out of the other two Ls because he was so ptp’d with work.”

    Conversely, I just met someone who blew a terminal illness while getting audited on the Ls in the Independent field!

  290. Got me there!

    The one about lunch money was frickin’ brilliant

  291. Watching Eyes

    Wonderful news!! Now, about your question, remember this:
    Forewarned is forearmed. Say nothing, just file your report BUT go ahead and cc the cult’s attorney, Helena Kobrin aka The Kobra. Really not scary, just get the idea of a junkyard dog guarding the junk.
    Here’s her address:
    Helena Kobrin
    Moxon & Kobrin
    3055 Wilshire Blvd.
    Suite 900
    Los Angeles, CA 90010

    After you file your report with the Calif atty gen’s office, wait about 2 weeks and if you don’t hear back, phone them. Someone will have your file and you’ll get that person on the phone. If you don’t like what he/she says, ask for their supervisor.

    Once you file your report with the gov agency, from that point on, you’re done with the org as you’ve now bypassed them. Further comm will be with the gov agency and perhaps Kobrin. At some point you may get a “routing form” to fill out in order to get your check. On any points you don’t want to go into the org to do you’ll write “no” or “declined” or “refused”, sign & date, KEEP A COPY and send it back.

    Keep me posted. The info helps me to keep my refund/repayment post updated. 🙂

  292. Barney Rubble

    Email me.

  293. martyrathbun09

    As Is. Association of Scientologists, Independent and Strong. God, I miss Seattle.

  294. Scott, seriously? Now, you the man!

  295. Nanook – Yahoo!!!

  296. Freedom Fighter

    This just in:
    DM to star in his own Super Bowl commercial . . .

  297. ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!

  298. Thanks CR,

    That was intel I never had.

    Now that I think about it.

    There were some insidious 3P actions going on at the time.

    That LAO/OC UC was screwing the pooch may have been one of them.

    No surprise there with the “Man Behind Scientology” (actually an appropiate title if there ever was one) being what he is.

    Never mind his “friends”.

    Us Non-SO suffered from a similar Op.

    Word was starting to get around among that we were a bunch of money grubbing mercs.

    I kid you not!

    Even though there were many times we audited for half pay and even had several weeks without.

    Not to mention the vicious one about Mary Sue being a criminal.

    Thanks for putting me straight on that.

  299. Interesting Data Sargio.

    Maybe my friend Rick just had the dates wrong.

    Is possible.

    I tend to be a decade or two out as a matter of course 🙂

  300. “(A)ssertions”

    Oh please Publicus.

    You read like some clown from CISCOP reporting for Skeptic Mag.

    Why don’t you take you’re gas can somewhere else and find some other fire to pour it on?

    This one’s pretty much out.

    Does the term “cleaning a clean” mean anything to you?

  301. Will do Barney.

    What’s your email address?

  302. Very correct according to the C/S series and HCOB “recognition of the rightness of the being”.

  303. Totally understandable Scott baby.

    That’s awesomely good news.

    Nanook same to you to brudder.

  304. You’ve put out a lot of valuable information over the various posts you’ve made. Data like the above gets buried easily. Perhaps a website is in order that collates it all, FAQs and all that.

  305. Ha! Limited room service, you know, so they didn’t offer the rest of the body to find out the gender.

  306. Thanks DFB,

    Very interesting post.

    The altered “instant read” shows up on their latest Tech Films.

    All the reads look like an instant *rudiment* read.

    That is they occur just before the *end* of the major thought expressed.

    Just like the three swing F/N this is more sabotage on Tech Lines.

    Personally I think it *is intentional sabotage*.

  307. Yeah, interesting how they swooped in, hung around and then split like visiting alien spacecraft.

  308. Friend of Ron

    Love you!

  309. I’d walk from Florida to Seattle barefoot for a Brahaus Americano on Capital Hill.

  310. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Too bad Captain Blackheart O’Davey doesn’t use his own GAT Tech to go into session and differentiate himselves between his I and his we. Ooooo… to be a fly on the wall…

  311. You shoulda had the concierge ask who this pubic hair belonged to and if some babe came to the counter to claim it.

    Offered to replace it 🙂

  312. “prevent ADHD, Lol you cant “prevent” it. It is either there or it is not.”

    It cannot, nor can it ever be, “there”. The term “ADHD” is exactly that, a term. It is not a “disease” or “disorder”. It is simply a label used to categorise a number of personality/behavioural traits the psychopharmaceutical industry considers to be “abnormal” (aka “socially acceptable”), as well as another means of getting paid. “Diagnosis” is achieved from subjective judgments based on an ideal of “proper conduct” as perceived by others.

    There are any number of reasons why an individual may have difficulties with attention/distraction or activity. Instead of looking at specific issues Psychiatry ignores them, inventing a one-size-fits-all “disorder” that usually requires “medication”. That is why there is no, nor can there ever be, valid scientific proof to confirm it’s existence as an actual biological/neurological condition.

  313. Soz, should be “(aka “socially UNacceptable”)”

  314. Jack,

    I’m with you on this ADDH thing.

    It is nothing but a creation of the DSM by a bunch of psyches with too much time on their hands at the urging of greedy big pharma.

  315. Scott Campbell

    Just Me,

    Yes, I actually was. It was a totally cool session too. I’m back on the Bridge again baby!

  316. Oh, I dunno … I think I see ADHD behaviors exhibited quite often on high-traffic blogs and message boards, for instance.

  317. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    I heard he keeps it in a locket around his neck.

    Yes! I’m F/Ning now! : )

  318. Barney Rubble

    Sorry not for public Notification. But Mart, Mike Rinder, Carol Kramer, Virgil Sams know the address. Love to hear from you.

  319. Barney Rubble


    I have to say I really appreciate your comments from the RTRC viewpoint on this blog- as a CL IX auditor that had several issues after GAT, Thank you. Nice indeed.

  320. Barney Rubble


    Slow down……..

  321. RJ, you rake! Love it!

  322. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Just for the record, THAT’s not me!


  323. “That is why there is no, nor can there ever be, valid scientific proof to confirm it’s existence as an actual biological/neurological condition.”


  324. Well since Scientologists love first account stories above second hand:

    Parents of ADHD Children Message Board

  325. I do not know what you mean exactly but that might be just egotistical grandstanding and not wanting to listen to others.

  326. I agree that judgement on behaviouer is wrong indeed. However where a “condition”‘clearly stands in the way of participating in life as a whole (work, school, social) and becomes a blockage for let’s say “survival” in a scientology sense of the word than is is pragmatic to seek out what works of you.

    Judging somebody who takes Ritalin with the distinction one is taking it as prescribed to go through life smoother is just as wrong or a “make wrong”as you will as judging the parkison or MS patïent for smoking Canabis.

  327. Thank you for your excellent reference link. I do enjoy reading them

    “I still feel sorry for you as well as for the millions of kids that have been unnecessarily put on mind altering drugs.”

    OMFG please get a life,

  328. Barney,

    Here I’ll give you mine.


    Love to hear from ya.

  329. Hmmmmm… that a subtle hint JM?????

  330. Those people getting addicted shouldn’t have been prescribed Ritalin in the first place I think.

    It could be a culture thing. Dutch healthcare puts on the breaks when things as pills are costing ammounts it isn’t willing to pay. Techniques that are costly and ineffective are phased out quickly.

    I have not seen any child in the school enviroment I worked in that begot ritalin as a prescribed drug that did not benefitted. from it.

    Happy, confident, able to be cause over their schoolwork.

  331. My apoligies Erwin, must be my ADHD or reactive mind or something 😉

    But feeling sorry for somebody and telling him that directly isn’t that a form of arrogance ?

    Is there a Scientology reference about that ?


  332. For practical reasons I view society as thoroughly drowned in mental diseases “knowing” they’re very real and cause very real suffering. Davey adopted a strategy of complete denial of the reality of society at large. That was promoted heavily to increase the controversy and make Scientologists look like radicals.

    The ensuing problems justified greater donations demands form Davey as well as greater government grant demands from psychs. Thus the problem was fed from both sides, ending up with half the population on drugs. No way they could have done it without Davey.

    The trick of subjective diagnosis and invented labels to never be proven, guaranteed prolongation of the scam. People that have been labeled have a real problem (at least due to the labeling) and are interested in acceptable solutions, not in hearing that their disease didn’t exist to begin with (COB SOP) from some radicals that have no Phd, experience nor media presence.

    With a gun on your head it’s not smart to just tell the shooter he is wrong. The solution starts of course with public education on an acceptable gradient by mainstream media and opinion leaders in a way that can be understood, not unlike any other dePTSing.

    In the course of the process the pc will find the truth and who had been suppressing him on his own selfdeterminism.

  333. Thanks for the suggestion, but unfortunately it doesn’t work this way. When you being “prepped” for surgery, e.g. having your leg shaved for a hernia operation, you don’t sue just because you paid for time spent shaving your leg as opposed to fixing the hernia. Of course, these days legally Scientology tries to cover it ass by getting the preclear (the person in counseling) to sign documents which say they have no expectation of fixing any mental or physical condition. But, wink wink, nudge nudge, the “registrar” has just promised you things “off the record” in which you feel sure that so-and-so is going to get handled. To understand this further, you should read books on cults and mind control. As ex-Scientologist Jason Beghe once said, “even the best built mouse trap needs cheese”.

  334. I never pay too much attention to RussW until he pulls his hand outta his pants and puts them around my throat and says, “Listen.”

    The above was one of those moments.

    Thanks Russki!

  335. One of the GAT final drills, using the simulator, is “cleaning” up a problem rud, and it is my belief that THIS drill PUTS the idea into auditor trainees’ heads that even flying a rud can GO ON AND ON. As the drill walks the trainee into all variations of how “complicated” it gets to fly the PTP rud.

    Whoever proposed the ruds drills for GAT, THOSE people, I bet Dan Koon knows who they were, but the Rudiment flying drills on the final GAT drills, ARE part of the ingrained problem.

    There are other GAT drills, the final drill with the simulator and coach, running the trainee through the steps, to “perfection” THAT is absolutely what has institutionalized Rudiment flying into the “main course”.

    And also the floating needle fiasco.

    RJ, on the ES 40 quals fiasco, I was in Snr HCO Int through the 80s (84-87), and you’re absolutely on the mark on what you say.

    The only positive action I saw in the mid 80s was the push by RTC for “Boards of Review” but that fell flat because of no trust that the people incorrectly declared would get a fair shake, and too many thought “going back” was a losing proposition since the people like DM and those under DM’s spell, were NOT a group the exiled wanted anything to do with. So there was a lack of people asking for Boards of Review. Why rejoin a Scientology that was dumb and evil at the top, with brute brash ignornant leaders running around beating up and threatening as their style.

    The wreckage the last 3 decades, maybe the Isaac Hayes “Why TRs” film, is the model of going forward.

    But if I had the power, I’d:

    – Amnesty first.

    – Boards of Review for anyone asking to get their punishment SP declares righted.

    – Use the ED Int LRH advice, suspend the “quals” that prevent rebuilding WDC and Exec Strata, and rebuild WDC and Exec Strata, let them wear their hats, give them 10 years or 20 years (let them do ALL the additional training that the Staff Training policy allows), and let Exec Strata research out fully and fix all the major controversies and problems to the whole movement’s benefit.

    The one advice to ED Int from LRH, says ED Int has the power to suspend qualifications for hiring staff if those qualifications act as an arbitrary. It’s LRH’s direct intention that ED Int have that degree of power.

    The people who really want to make the movement work, should be NOT prevented from moving up and doing that.

    Great comments RJ.

    What a turned around scene.

    But you tech people seem to have the moral high ground, since in the end of the day, Scientology is the tech.

    Whatever you tech guys think, I think WILL be the future.

    Another bad historical set of factors, is HOW DM got his pats on the back from LRH, back when DM was COB at ASI, and ASI was selling the “prints” of scenes from the LRH fiction books, and ASI was producing all sorts of “LRH properties” and stat pushing like you would not believe.

    DM’s production “wins” are pushing MEST.

    DM’s not a tech guy. DM’s a “building” (as in four walls and a roof) guy.
    He’s an Int Landlord on steroids guy.

    The leader of Scientology has to be a tech person.

  336. I N C R E D I B L E wins! Thanks for posting … Hallelujah!!

  337. This is a very important thread.

    1) DM moved aside somehow

    2) International Amnesty

    3) Boards of Review for all who want.

    4) ED Int’s power (given in the LRH advice to ED Int in 1982) to suspend arbitrary “quals” to hiring staff (use this authority to rebuild Exec Strata), implement that advice regarding finding those willing and wanting to rebuild WDC and Exec Strata. (There are probably dozens of OT 7s and 8s who are willing to go study ALL that LRH wrote about running the movement, but who are “out qualed” or they are hesitant to join the top ranks only due to the bad management style they’ve witnessed the last couple decades.)

    5) Ensure the top deciders are Case Supervisors or minimally crackerjack auditor quality (Class 8s at least).

    6) Exec Strata study the freezone’s best examples these last 35 or so years, as “pilot” results, and implement the freezone’s best results in the official movement. (Scientologists applying Scientology freely amongst themselves for decades now, is such a condemnation and such an obvious issue that official Scientology has to learn from.) The new Exec Strata solve the big problems.

    7) Always allow people to be splinter Scientologists, if that’s what they want.
    The splinterers will always be the “pilot” group automatically.

    8) Lose the Office of Special Affairs, fire all the PIs and unnecessary lawyers, use the money saved on TWTH pamphlet printing.

  338. meta, sex/porn/masturbation has, from what I can tell, been frequently used on the track to aberrate. It’s somewhere in the “bodies” range on the tone scale, and as such I seriously doubt LRH had any advices on the case gain through masturbation.

    It’s possible headaches could go away because you are after all going from being out of PT and stuck in one set of pictures to out of PT and stuck in another set.

  339. Isn’t Davey the walking proof that mentall Illness exists ?

  340. Please follow up those kids of your schools over 3 years, just like the few rare researches that weren’t paid by Big Pharma.

  341. “On the invalidation of the suppression of the not-ised withheld item that was enforced, has anything been protested?”

  342. Right, Davey has gone mental and our prisons are inhabited by idiots who think they get away with murder but that’s not the issue. There’s a big difference between behavior and disease. Behavior that might be good or self determined by the individual could be frowned upon by his environment that then labels it on no other basis than that it’s not the way they think is right (Hitler, Mussolini, Davey, etc.).

    Diagnosis based on subjective behavioral observations can’t be proven scientifically (attempts to do so have failed) and thus everybody can be put on drugs. If someone gets addicted, it was the wrong diagnosis. If someone goes mental, it was the wrong pill. If someone starts to use coke or speed, he is self medicating, etc.

    It’s a complexity drummed up by snake oil salesmen to control populations which happens to be my original comment. When a condition can’t be proven it’s very easy to take a healthy kid, pretend it’s sick, give it an amphetamine substance that than create the problems it was prescribed to cure and no one can proof what caused it.

    Truth to be told, it’s rare that they go type III without alcohol or drugs; the big mental problems come after mind altering substances are used. Without proof every problem can be blamed on the patient, illness or diagnosis, a free ticket for Big Pharma to keep recruiting every man, woman and child on the planet.

    This is the great marketing trick that makes whole populations unwitting repeat customers, some of which pay for their habit by selling it or promoting it on internet forums, snowballing acceptance; the contagion of aberration. This is the way to keep dominating and suppressing nations that object to you doing so with guns.

  343. I am in complete agreement with you on that one. I have not laughed so hard in I don’t know how long. Blew down many divs.

  344. Nanook good for you! I know exactly what you mean because I too just got some auditing in the independent field and it was AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!>
    Hell, I was VGI’s after the D of P interview.
    Great to be an Independent!

  345. That was too funny!

  346. Thanks Chuck,

    I was just thinking of the tech film “Why TRs” a couple days ago and how it would apply to the current scene.

    I guess great minds do think alike 🙂

    Your assessment of the final drill on problems was brilliant.

    A very astute observation from a supervisor perspective.

    I never thought of how Course Supervisors like you and others were boxed in and confined by the Golden Age of Tech but it certainly violated ‘Course Supervisor Stable Datum’.

    Especially this arbitrary that the student had to drill this drill to “perfection” before they could audit.

    Thanks for the ack on the whole ES 40 fiasco.

    Making a Scientology Exec without even the fundamentals of Control and Communication as covered in the objectives just didn’t sit right with many of us on the project.

    Of course we were assured that the candidate would get all the auditing that they needed as per the Exec Series Program at the base or in ITO.

    As you know Chuck this never happened.

    We never knew or suspected that there was probably some underlying intention from above for the whole program to fail as a prelude to NEM or the “New Era of Management” or more accurately the New Era of Mismanagement and Micromanagement as an unusual solution to FEBC grads falling on their heads due to the lack of case handling and actual experience.

    Think of making a “Class VIII” without making him OT III first and with no reality of the capability of the Tech.


    Thank you for the kind words Chuck and as always it is a pleasure and very educational to read your posts.



    Cl VI OT III

  347. I don’t know why you say: “Truth to be told, it’s rare that they go type III without alcohol or drugs”
    I saw two pretty young people go Type III in the SO – no drugs or , no alcohol ever, not even aspirin.
    Some psych based (not all) emphasize the brain and physical cases of “mental illness” and some Scn based (not all) emphasize the spritual approach.
    Physical and spiritual are RELATED, in my view. Even LRH when doing research on undercuts (like for the purif etc) mentioned the wwork of nutritionist Adele Davis (Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit, and other words). I think it is in her book that mentions you can create “psychosis” by lack of certain B vitamins. PHYSICAL causes.
    Probably you can create “psychosis” also like dmcob does. But don’t forget part of handling Type III is physical remedies like rest, good diet, calm environment, and if I am not mistaken, therapy of a “mild” nature.

  348. Yes, this is why the new promo keeps talking about SUPERPOWER being the way to clear the planet. It is not clear exactly what that means or how that will happen except to say that you NEED TO GIVE MONEY FOR THE SUPERPOWER BUILDING, and then I guess you will find out soon how it all fits together.
    I believe there are two definitions of planetary clearing. The old way, when LRH was around was like a society where majority people were clear or above and making a safe place for people. The new definition looks like dmcob will declare the planet clear when the CofS has most of the money and control. You are supposed to, in perfect blind obedience, give and get more to give until dmcob tells you it is time to stop. (when do you think that will be…)

  349. Had to google screwing the pooch. Stats are stats and no OTs were made thereafter of staff. If they were screwing the pooch, then why not correct them? But no DM had his own vendetta of wiping out the UC’s, he didn’t want staff to go OT. You don’t take long term veteran OT highly trained tech terminals and wipe them off of the face of the planet with no correction without having some evil vendetta. More to the story …. some day….but just look at the stats, forget the rumors and everything else…stats tell the tale.

  350. “MRI-scans”.

    CD, MRI scans do not prove the existence of “ADHD”. Neuroimaging research has been repeatedly criticised for failing to exercise appropriate control over the variable of prior medication in test subjects. What current data may be suggesting, some argue, is how use of “medication” can actually cause neurological defects. See Cohen, D. & Leo, J. 2004. An Update on ADHD Neuroimaging Research. The Journal of Mind and Behaviour. Vol. 25, No. 2, pp. 161-166. (pdf)

  351. “Judging somebody who takes Ritalin with the distinction one is taking it as prescribed…”

    CD, my beef is not with the user (what one chooses to put into one’s body is entirely up to them), but with a severely flawed system that has sold out to profit-driven drug giants and a faith-based psychiatry. A system where Big Pharma has it’s dirty, greedy fingers in every pie (public and private psychiatrists, university faculty, clinical research, non-profit front groups and government entities); a system that actively suppresses research into effective, non-drug solutions; a system where sexy Drug Co. reps whore their products to GPs on the front lines; a system that allows Drug Co. salesmen to ghostwrite medical texts before paying psychs to sign them off to ensure wide-spread publication)… jeez, the list goes on and on…

    If you haven’t already, read some of the works on this subject by peeps such as Marcia Angell, M.D. and Robert Whitaker. Oooh it’s enough to make your blood boil. 🙂

  352. I agree. Same goes for Valium and the other shipload of drugs that are over the counter in the states but prescription drugs in my country.

    Ugly Greed is Ugly, It destroys lives.

  353. It was a little jest, but I have to reply. Isn’t it obvious that slapping a pre-clear at age 12 is somehow a first indication ? Althoiugh I do not know how little Davey’s pre-clear was acting.

    I will slap a label on him wether you like it or not:

    Davey is a megolomanic narcissist

  354. I had the same thought..*ggggg

  355. I used type III as the big problem used by psychs to scare government into ever increasing funds to save society from a tsunami of violence. But violence (and just about any other crime) is about 1000% higher in cases where people had been drunk or under influence.

    These are not directly the stats of all Type III cases but can be used as guideline. In institutions just about all Type III cases are drug related as that’s standard treatment.

    If you read my entries above you’ll know that our government is already implementing the food solution. They kicked out Big Pharma and send the mentally challenged to farms for rest and contact with nature.

    They’ve closed about 2/3rd of all our (cannabis) coffee shops and put in legislation against under age alcohol sales.

    They wouldn’t take all those actions if there was no solid evidence of chemical induced harm. Unlike many other governments they base their conclusions on research instead of opinion.

    BTW, our prisons subsequently ran empty and we had to import criminals from our neighbors to keep the warden jobs.

    So yes, Type III can come about by insane SO management and auditor failure but that’s negligible compared to all cases. (Scientologist make up less than 0,002% of the world population). The vast majority is chemical based.

  356. Pingback: Prevention of Bridge Progress in Corporate Scientology (via Moving On Up a Little Higher) « My LRH

  357. Presactly! A total clusterfuk. You communicated it so well!

  358. I think it has mostly to do with how long you will go on hoping…

  359. 😆 😆 😆

  360. O M G rolling around in glee over here!

  361. Just being “away” from it doesn’t resolve it completely. Decompressing involves finding truth and this blog sure does provide truth!

  362. Bwhahahahaha! For Reals! 😆

  363. Awesome!!!

  364. Thanks for sharing your incredible wins!!! 😀

  365. No, I ‘m pretty certain it says “pulls in facsimiles” not “breaks up”. Big difference. Someone have a book handy….?

  366. 5th edition, 1968. The Thirteenth Act, pg 137:

    “The facsimiles of an individual can become considerably scrambled by masturbation. Practically all the ape family and Man masturbates. Masturbation is a prohibition result. It couldn’t drive anyone crazy. But it can make the individual pull old sex facsimiles into present time for self-stimulation and opens the door for him to desire facsimiles to be in present time. After awhile he will be pulling pain facsimiles into present time.”

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