More On Fed Probe into Miscavige

The St Petersburg Times has published a story based on the interviews of several folks who met with the FBI agents looking into Miscavige and co.

Mike Rinder pointed out yesterday the absurdity of the Sgt Shultz response of Tommy Davis (read David Miscavige) that “I see nothing, I hear nothing” when it comes to the FBI investigation.  Well, there is a very good reason (from Dave’s perspective) for that “see no evil” response.  The church has known about the FBI investigation for more than a year.   They also have a roster of each and every witness the FBI has interviewed.  Every time they sent their mosquitoes after myself, Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee, Jeff Hawkins, et al for the purposes of intimidation in the past year they knowingly committed a couple of fresh, new Federal crimes:  Obstruction of Justice and Federal Witness Tampering.   We have documentation for about six dozen counts for Miscavige’s indictment.

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  1. Impartial English Girl

    When the wind blows, the cradle will fall… These are interesting times.

    One thing is for CERTAIN; DM and TC cannot claim they weren’t warned.

    IEG xx

  2. Looks like the shoe fits.

  3. I went to speak to the FBI four times. To my knowledge I didn’t get followed. That’s not fair!

  4. Marty and Mike –

    I was told by others that you had been in contact with law enforcement about what you knew. But you, Marty, had openly said that the FBI were “punks” and that they would just “screwed things up”.

    This law enforcement issue was the central reason I could not trust you – if you were not willing to use “wog law” to help prosecute actual crimes, then you would just perpetuate them as a Scientologist.

    Now that I know you have been to the FBI, and that you have been working with law enforcement, I can trust you again.

    Yes, many people have told me you have been doing this. But you have to understand: after Scientology, and after all that you and Mike had done in OSA on so many people for so many years, I *could not* trust you.

    Thank you for any help you have given to law enforcement to end the criminal abuse in Scientology.

    Allen Stanfield

  5. I sincerely hope that the FBI has the power to freeze at least IAS accounts/assets so that people with legitimate refund claims will actually get their money back.

  6. Watching Eyes

    Keep it comin’. Hey dwarf, remember the Power Formula? Remember the part about violating the condition? The game has changed.

    To anyone outside the US wondering about “Sgt Schultz”-

  7. The St. Pete Times just won’t stop. Try as scientology might, they are like the energizer bunny — they just keep comin’



  8. Well, Well, guess who violated the Power formula? You were warned and paid no attention. It is time to listen up DM. Those of you supporting this need to step up.

  9. BTW — if you google scientology – you’ll see the Paul Haggis story as the top article AND there are now 95 related articles.

    Yesterday Sinar (I think) reported that there were 50 related articles.

    EVERYONE is picking up this story — adding a bit of their own stuff so that people click on THEIR sites.

    And if you read them/click on them it keeps the articles high in the search engines.


  10. martyrathbun09

    Alanzo, I wouldn’t trust me if I were you.

  11. Each time I hear about this stuff, either from the St. Pete’s Times piece, the or this new piece from the New Yorker, I can’t help but feel for you all. It’s all so much to deal with, and many of you guys had to carry this stuff for so long – some as kids even. I don’t know how the hell you did it. To be victimized by the very entity that is supposed to give you spiritual fulfillment, I seriously cannot imagine. How you mustered the courage to get out and rebuild is nothing short of miraculous. No bullshit, complete honesty: I’m in awe of it.

    Marty – you run this blog, out in the open, as an obvious target, and you do it anyway. You’ve got chutzpah and spunk and moxie and guts and balls all rolled into one.

  12. Watching Eyes


  13. martyrathbun09

    I know them better than they know themselves, so the danger is minimal to me. The folks who spoke out, who had never been in Ops Centrale, are the ones who deserve the props.

  14. Me either….

  15. I, for one, am getting tired of dishonesty in the Tommy Davis responses. It does not take anything but access to the internet to verify and support much of the abuse that is written about. The St Pete article has comments already from OSA bots to make less of it. One is that the “religious exemption” fits therefore no abuse. This is their excuse for the “court case win” argument against the FBI investigation.

    I can assure you that when I was presented with an SO contract it had to do with putting in ethics on this planet and this sector of the universe. There was no disclosure of razor fences, husband and wife separation, or giving up my passport and no access to outside communication (phones, internet, etc.)

    If you want to see proof just do a google search of “razor fence + int base” and you will get the following:

    You can see the base and the razor fences, motion detectors, etc to catch those attempting to leave. I think you will be as disgusted as I when I saw that. Most of us reading here have NEVER agreed to be the group who treats its dedicated members that way. Sea Org members are dedicated to see the application of LRH spiritual technology and helping mankind to be more free. NONE of us dedicated ourselves to supporting a prison camp! Don’t try and tell me I joined a religious group of my own free will and therefore your abuse of me, my friends, and un-named Sea Org members, is all part of our religious vows. Bullshit!

    Heber stood for religious freedom. Freedom to be, to do, to have and to think with tolerance. Heber NEVER stood for this barbaric treatment. You will attempt to keep Heber until you break him. What if that never happens. Now you have the problem of keeping him inside the camp until he is 100 or what? Why don’t you do the ethical thing. Thank him for his contribution and let him go – no strings, no debt and no disconnection. Make that offer to every person in the “hole” or on any RPF in the world. See how many vote with their feet.

    If you question whether or not you can actually do that and continue as a group then you have answered the question as to your purpose of your actions. This has been done to force members to your wishes and has nothing to do with the purpose and results of the application of LRH and his wishes for the peoples of earth.

    You are making a mockery of everything built since 1950. The wins and gains denied millions because you have altered the technology, altered its teaching and application and shifted the purpose from helping people to money for buildings. A large empty building does not make Clears or trained auditors. You are simply building another Hadrian’s wall.

    “Hadrian’s Wall was likely planned before Roman Emperor Hadrian’s visit to Britain in AD 122. According to restored sandstone fragments found in Jarrow that date from 118 or 119, it was Hadrian’s wish to keep “intact the empire,” which had been imposed upon him by “divine instruction.”[4] The fragments then announce the building of the wall. It is entirely possible that, on his arrival in Britain in 122, one of the stops on his itinerary was the northern frontier and an inspection of the progress of the wall as it was being built.”

    That is not the better bridge LRH intended for all of us!

  16. Well, I give you all tons of credit for doing what you did, because you did it to help yourselves and others. That’s more than many other people would even think to do.

    Question: do you think, if this probe is successful in securing any charges, that the church could lose their tax exempt status? Personally, I think tax exemption is horribly mismanaged and frequently taken advantage of, not just in this case. But I think it is terrible that money ‘donated’ by parishioners/members goes to support a lavish life for Miscavige and such. It’s elitism and hypocrisy at its worst.

  17. It is a sobering fact for many anons and critics to learn that Mr. Rinder indeed spoke to the FBI, isn’t it, Alanzo?

    I never bought the “Rinder&Rathbun should just pass on all of their doxx to the FBI and a magical unicorn will come down from the heavens on Miscavige and take him and his criminal organisation out” because it just doesn’t work that way. We have a saying here, maybe it exists in the English language as well: “The mills of justice grind slowly.”

  18. The Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (commonly referred to as RICO Act or RICO.

    When the U.S. Attorney decides to indict someone under RICO, he or she has the option of seeking a pre-trial restraining order or injunction to temporarily seize a defendant’s assets and prevent the transfer of potentially forfeitable property.

  19. Actually, below is a strong indication, if not outright proof, that the Co$ knew of an FBI investigation and were going to great lengths to follow federal witnesses — Marty and Mike. At

    Just Me 🙂

  20. It looks like the die is cast. Federal witness tampering, documented. It looks like Monique the lawyer is not a wartime consigliere. Wheres Tom Hagen when you need him. Its over.
    I hope any good guys in OSA dont get burnt along with the bad hats. Hopefully they can escape it somehow. They are just dedicated staff like most of us where at one time. But they are in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  21. Funny thing JM, we didnt go to either the IRS or the FBI on that trip!!! There were other interesting people to talk to in Washington DC. And while they followed us with several cars from the airport, the sheer coincidence of a broken transmission on a Hertz rental car and a subsequent police escort nursing our broken car to the airport at 10mph kept the PIs away without any normal tail-shaking. They still don’t know who we saw there. But, to your point, again their own statements damn them. You are right, this is pretty good evidence they knew the FBI was investigating (they followed me to my interview at the FBI office in downtown Clearwater… and to the FBI offices when they moved to a new building on Drew St.) It’s a really weak response to say “we didnt know.”

  22. Yvonne Schick

    Sapere Aude, thank you for so eloquently expressing the outrage I feel and can hardly confront.

    If you are reading this and share the heartbreak of knowing that these dedicated Sea Org members who want nothing but to help their fellow man are not just being betrayed but are being brutalized, please do the most powerful thing you can do to stop it – join Paul Haggis and the others who are willing to publicly let it be known and that you will not support these actions with your silence.

    About 100 OT’s announcing that they will no longer be silent would be the most wonderful 100th birthday gift for LRH.

    You have nothing to fear. You will actually free yourself with the truth.

    Much love, Yvonne

  23. Marty, I will accept your humble response, but still want to thoroughly acknowledge all those characteristics described by Gina. If you and Mike had not done what you have done to adroitly steer dm into the blind canyon of his own making, there would have been little hope for change in our lifetimes in this group which is primarily composed of good folks. Thanks Friend.
    In case it was missed with the randomity in the last blog, there is a major announcement of identity by an IAS Freedom Medal Winner- Bunny Dubin.

  24. Mike, thanks for posting Bunny’s response. Bunny your words ring true. Congratulations for speaking out. Best to you.

  25. Funny, the godfather did not consider Tom Hagen a wartime consigliere either but made his retired father consigliere 🙂

  26. Thanks for the reference. I needed that. 🙂

  27. Dr. Faust. For the record, Vito Corleone said to Tom Hagen, “I didnt think you were a bad Consigleire, I thought Sonny was a bad Don, RIP” or words to that effect.
    But your right that Michael did say to Tom “your not a wartime consigliere”.
    But tot he point at hand, do you think either godfather would stay with Monique at this point. I never found loyalty to be in vogue in the church, even in the best of times.

  28. There will be a classic roll-up by the FBI, where they turn lower-level members of an organization from suspects into witnesses by confronting those suspects with evidence of their own wrongdoing. For those inside the Co$ right now, who may have participating in human trafficking, false imprisonment or other crimes, you need to understand that the FBI doesn’t have an infinite need for witnesses. If you want a shot at immunity in exchange for information, the odds of getting that immunity decrease exponentially over time. If I were you, I would contact the FBI immediately if you have any material information. The longer you wait, the more likely that one of your partners-in-crime will do it first. The unpleasant alternative, if you were complicit in illegal acts, is spending a lot of time in the Hole, Fed style. Whether that is more or less awful than the Hole in Hemet, I do not know. But I do know it can’t be good.

  29. As I mentioned earlier on this blog, I feel the LRH hating, copper grabbing despot is not long for his post. And once he is indicted, watch for his own former underlings to turn on him, convene a comm ev and distance themselves from him to save their own skins.

    Yea, I know, quite fanciful.

    But, then again, if in 1955 someone told you that a highschool dropout with no tech training and no appreciable executive posting was going to take over for Ron once he passed on, would you have believed that?

    Let’s see how this plays out. Whatever happens, I am fine as long as we have access to the tech and unrestricted application of it for all who want to use it.

    Sic Semper Tyrannis


  30. SA, thanks for this expression of righteous anger. Eloquent and powerful.

  31. “Good judgement comes from experience and alotta that comes from bad experience.”
    David Miscavige, you are about to get an education.

  32. ditto what Alanzo said for me, except replace “trust” with the word “respect” cuz i still dont trust ya 😉

    Also – add alot more emphasis on the “THANK YOU” portion many times over, as well as mention that i’m glad i gave you the benefit of the doubt to let your actions speak louder than your words.

    Methinks “Indictment” is beautiful word, tastes sweet on the lips and leaves a pleasant aroma lingering in its wake.

  33. This is good point to question. Wasnt the IAS incorporated in the UK? Erego, unlike the mother church corporations – it’s assets might be out of reach when ban hammer freeze bomb drops?

  34. Tony DePhillips

    The fact that there are apparantly many Freedom Award winners who have shrank back from the church is HUGE!!
    If Bunny and possibly others could come out publicly on this blog with picture this could be promoted to the rest of the kool aid drinkers and help them wake up and take action.
    I really feel that this is the time to TAKE ACTION.
    We have some momentum now and if you were thinking about going public , now would be a great time…

  35. Welcome Ms. Bunny! 😀

  36. Yup, a real piece of legislative shock and awe. If they execute proceedings against him, they’ll use it.

  37. Thanks to all who took action here!

    Any ideas on how long it will take for the wheels of justice to fully paralyze DM (and his minions), from committing further destructive acts?

    As in……..will DM be free to continue screwing everybody for many months or even years to come before he ever sees the inside of a courtroom, let alone being removed from power or seeing a prison cell?

  38. Alonzo tell Zinjifar the dawn of him eating his shorts is upon him.


  39. SA,

    Thanks for the link, hadn’t seen that. The “razor wire” is actually called Ultra Barrier –

    It seems that from very recent photos, the ultra barrier has now been removed as well as the fence shakers (fence motion sensors). Perhaps that only applies to the fence sections visible from the road. Perhaps the adverse PR on the subject is impinging. So much for the Golden Wall!

    It’s interesting that the New Yorker reported 800 staff on the base and the link reports: “About 500 staff members live and work at the base, and another 100 or so non-Scientologists are employed there.”
    But, with numbers it’s just a strange aberration of figures of 8 million instead of 25,000 given out, as if lies are just a matter of course in PR utterances.

  40. So perfectly said!

  41. Al,
    As far as your trust goes, the check is in the mail…

    You know the rest.


  42. Tommy D,
    “Lying becomes Alter-is-ness, becomes Stupidity.”

  43. Communication IS the universal solvent!

  44. Marty, Mike,
    I hope you can answer this. Where is GRETA VAN SUSTEREN in all this? She is in with every major Washington political player and highly respected. Bill O’Reilly has had some critical comments about CoS here and there. I believe they have been tempered out of his respect for her. But how can she and Fox News allow her to be silent. She displays righteous indignation about injustice and human rights abuses in every single matter except this one where HER SILENCE IS DEAFENING.

  45. Right on Cowboy! Finally getting educated. In fact, he’s going to go to the “Harvard” of life.

    ML Tom

  46. martyrathbun09

    Miscavige has invested heavily into the far right – and by this time probably considers Rupert Murdoch (who cut his teeth on attacking LRH by the way) as his personal ally.

  47. martyrathbun09

    Z isn’t who you all think he is. I’m leaving him be, as he has been a great source of intelligence.

  48. Yes, I understand the Feds have several “secure institutions” of higher learning.
    I’ve heard night school with Professor Bubba is not an elective class either.

  49. Agreed,

    The fact the FBI has been sitting on their thumbs for a year and a half tells me that the ‘wheels’ are grinding too slowly. People are being HURT consistently and continually all this time!

    Besides, Davey has the funds to swat down, evade, prevaricate…for a long, long time. While people continue to be duped, fraudulently extorted and hurt.

    The good news is: RPF’ers are likely to see an immediate improvement in their lot…for PR reason of course.

    But what is needed more than anything else is for people to go public. Now!

    THAT is what will bring an immediate end to the little shit’s reign.

  50. Epitath for Diminutive Dave

    Hello everyone, it’s Super Dave!
    Alone on stage I love to wave!

    I have to do everything myself
    Just me and my little Dan Sherman elf

    Running a church, its a lot of work
    Don’t ever let me see you smirk!

    It’s hard to find good help these days
    They can’t be trusted anyways

    Only I can raise the stats
    It’s hard when wearing all the hats!

    I make them run around a pole
    and then I stick them in the hole

    The Federal Bureau of Investigation
    Is believing their stories of privation

    Don’t they know I’m Super Dave?
    Bow before me, you’re my slave

    Can’t they see I’m Super Dave?
    Alone in prison, see me wave!

  51. It’s actually “The millstones of the gods grind slowly but exceedingly fine”. It applies so well in the milieu we’re living through, such as our implacable will to discover and reveal the truth. It may take us awhile but the truth WILL be revealed.

  52. “Federal crimes: Obstruction of Justice and Federal Witness Tampering. We have documentation for about six dozen counts for Miscavige’s indictment.”

    Full of awesome!

  53. Thank you for your efforts

  54. ” Probably the most neglected friend you have is you.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  55. Tony is absolutely right!

    Please, if the rest of the Indies who are not public come out now it will overwhelm OSA and DM once and for all and the snowball will grow exponentially. The declares would cease and disconnections would be a thing of the past. After all Big Brother is watching now and OSA is going to be careful not to make anymore mistakes. Not with The Man watching.

    Please, throw down your masks and come out. There is nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    Tom Martiniano

  56. In yesterday’s column, someone wrote about a Hawaiian process that went, “I’m sorry, I love you…..” Well, I tried it this morning on a body part that I did not like and the appearance changed before my very eyes! I was amazed and appreciative.

    But more than this, it felt like the old days when Ron was discovering so many things and trying out the merit of everything. We are now free to discover instead of pooh-poohing everything because the MAA will “stick our nose in it,” if they find out. (That phrase is what you supposedly do to a puppy who makes a poo-pile on the floor, though I doubt it works any better than the MAA telling you what a sh-t you are.)

    I’M SO GLAD I’M OUT!!!

  57. I feel for you. But LOL too.

  58. Terry McMahon has lost control of his flock! I wonder if he is still on the ship working as the handler for all freedom medal winners?

  59. Fellow Traveller

    Tommy D: “Huh? Uh, what? You talkin’ to me? Whadya say agin?”

  60. ROFLMAO!!!!

  61. Expelled 4 Life

    Fox news story on FBI investigation here

  62. Dave – Yes, this is also my concern — for every day that passes with no action taken, so many people are being hurt and deprived of their basic human rights.

    I will continue to help in any way possible and keep exposing what I know until something effective is finally done about it.

  63. The sobering truth following the aftermarth of open conflict grows closer. I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed but as I see it the decisive battle to end the abuses and regain the Tech for All must be fought & won on US soil.
    DM in an American court room will be “the day of days”.
    Best of luck Marty in doing what you do & providing pivitol support, I sense it’s no longer sabre rattling now… battle lines are forming or in different words – the animal is being cornered.

  64. You went to speak to the F.B.I. 4 times? That is commendable and it is not a waste of time, depending upon what you went to see them about.

    The F.B.I. has special agents and departments that speak to people, and sometimes speak to people about cults suspected of being dangerous. The Church of Scientology can defitnitely be classified as “cult-like”.

    At first you may think that the F.B.I. did not take your claim seriously, but don’t be fooled. They get a report from one person, another person, another person over here and one over there and eventually 2 of the dots connect…

    I know for CERTAIN, 100% there are embezzlers and money launderers in the church.

    Enough said.

  65. Expelled 4 Life

    NPR: The Church of Scientology, Fact-Checked. Link here. Audio for this story from Fresh Air from WHYY will be available at approx. 5:00 p.m. ET. 

    “Wright tells Fresh Air‘s Terry Gross about the detailed fact-checking process his article went through — The New Yorker assigned five fact checkers to the story and sent the Church of Scientology 971 fact-checking queries before publication.”

  66. Vito Corleone said to Tom Hagen, “I didnt think you were a bad Consigleire, I thought Sonny was a bad Don, RIP” or words to that effect.

    Yes, that’s exactly right! One of the better quotes from that movie.

    “But to the point at hand, do you think either godfather would stay with Monique at this point.”

    I didn’t realize Ms. Yingling was some kind of a consigliere to Miscavige. From the descriptions I’ve read about her so far she only struck me as someone who would bust Miscavige out of trouble for money. I also don’t think Miscavige could afford making an enemy of her. She’d have too much dirty laundry to make public.

  67. Oh .. and where we’re talking about the Godfather: whatever happened to Tom Hagen in the third instalment?

  68. Yeah, I’ll click a few times to get other media not wanna be left out and report their own version. Oh, all that heavy work that has to be done to get a little attention….

  69. I wouldn’t trust anyone who trusted me.
    I mean, how could I trust someone so foolish?

  70. NPR National Public Radio interviewed Larry Wright @ 12:00 this afternoon. The audio will be available around 5:00pm today.

  71. Ha ha. Good show.
    Probably the only comedy about Nazi Germany.

  72. At that time anyway.

  73. It’s actually “The millstones of the gods grind slowly but exceedingly fine”

    I didn’t know that, thank you!

  74. Tony DePhillips

    Well done on putting pressure on the FBI to get busy. I don’t know if they will act, but your constant vigilance does not go unnoticed. You and Matt make a great team!

  75. Please Tommy, keep lying. You’re doing us great favors, excellent PR, please go Tommy, go!

  76. You two are so very serious … 😉

  77. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    -Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

    Article 4.
    -No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.

    Article 5.
    -No one shall be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhumane or degrading treatment or punishmant.

    Article 9.
    -No one shall be subjected to arbitrary arrest, detention or exile.

  78. Amy, I think it might prove effective to go to the feds and report a missing person or two, like Shelly or Heber. There’s reasonable cause for crimes as we haven’t seen them alive for quite some time now. Those that say they have seen them, should be suspected of those crimes. As with all human trafficking, emotional and/or physical black mail should be anticipated and the missing people, once found, should be thoroughly interviewed individually in a safe environment as they’re potential crown witnesses/victims of those (and other) crimes. The environment could be made safe f.i. by showing them Upper Brigde wins in the Indy and Freezone fields.

  79. He’s stuck, JLo. Trapped between what he falsely considers to be the “greatest good” – the survival of the CoS, with MissCabbage enthroned – and what he knows to be the truth.

    I think we were all at this crossroad; the trick is confronting what is actually there.

    To borrow from Morpheus in The Matrix:
    “You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill – you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit-hole goes. ”

    The rabbit-hole goes deep …

  80. Bunny, you just set a fine example and that makes you one of the few that actually deserve their medal because I haven’t heard any other winner yet. By being silent and allowing the abuse to continue they forfeit the medal they got for speaking out against suppression.

  81. And how IS the right going to ‘splain an FBI investigation into human trafficking John Coale (Greta Van Susteren’s husband) will have some fancy dancing to do if he’s going to get his gal (Sarah P.) into office per his plan.

    And no doubt the plan of others unnamed here but you can guess, of course.


  82. Ouch, he’s in for cold shower from that corner as well, dropped like a hot potato.

  83. 40 Yr Scientologist

    Wonderful news. Among all the stories on line, which are going viral now, this one had me ROTFLMAO:
    from The Spoof

    Its a bit unkind to Katie Holmes and Suri, but it references so many points in the current brouhahahahaha, I just had to pass it on. Maybe it will inspire OTDT to come up with more of his gems.

  84. +1 Amy!

    The breaking story yesterday has now been carried over the major media wires & numbers over 100 stories. What is interesting is that one ABC site reposted a video of you, Marty, Bruce Hines etc. which makes it possible for those who missed it to see Nightline with the Paul Haggis news.

  85. “John Brosseau, a 30-year member who has left the church, said he met with Miscavige and Cruise in 2005 at a secretive church enclave in the Southern California desert.

    Cruise, an outspoken apostle of Scientology, was admiring a motorcycle Brosseau had customized for Miscavige.

    “Cruise asked me, ‘God, could you paint my bike like that?’ I looked at Miscavige, and Miscavige agreed,” Brosseau told the magazine.”

  86. CP, That’s a picture I covet, actually.

    ML Tom

  87. We onley need the IRS to join the party

  88. Trust me Huckleberry they are dead serious and by the way you might be interested in this bridge that crosses the Hudson…..;)

  89. Congratulations to all concerned re FBI.

    Even though we nail the FBI for being as slow as turtles, please realize that FEDERAL PROSECUTORS are involved.

    The PROSECUTORS can drag their feet and “want more” and “want more”.
    No Prosecutor wants to dive in to uncertainty of winning especially when they mask and cloud “RELIGION” “First Amendment” to hide behind.

    Not to mention the High Powered attorneys$$$$$$ DM will use with usual thuggery to HIDE his CRIMES under any condition. They have the budget.


    Federal Prosecutors know this.
    But criminal acts day in and day out, month in and month out cannot be ignored in the long run.

    Even the Gambino family that does 5 billion a year was just taken down 100 of the top head honchos arrested ~~ only days ago.

    RICO is valid. DM’s cult is a RICO criminal enterprise.

  90. Doesn’t matter since the organization has 501 c iii status here that they’ve been claiming for over 14 years possibly under false pretenses.

    Also you can bet your sweet bippy none of the funds have been transferred to the UK since Inland Revenue there doesn’t acknowledge them as exempt.

    As far as I’m concerned the IAS is merely a shell corp.

    In other words follow the money and you’ll find most of it right here in the good ol’ USA.

  91. Miscavige doesn’t know what the power formula is.

    He thinks that power comes from people listening to him.

    Yeah we’ve been listening to him to years and many of us have come to the conclusion that the highest condition the rabid squirrel is in is probably *treason*.

  92. Lying is not a bad thing in the Church of $, they are saving the world so anything is allowed. They feel they have the right to kill, and that is the creepy thing… they have fully justified everything to get to their goals…

    They are becoming a dangerous group to be associated to and soon the government will start separating….
    hugs Marty

  93. WOW, that is really terrific news.
    Are you still with Dennis and does he share your views ?

  94. Thanks Marty. Not sure about the ‘leave him be’, but, I’m still Joe Lynn 🙂


  95. That’s hysterical!!!!

    Seriously though rumor was that Dave was planning on making Suri his assistant.

    Now with the on going investigation those plans have been tabled.

  96. Do you honestly believe that Miscavige won’t throw Yingling and Moxon under the buss when the time comes?

  97. Haven’t noticed anybody else linking to this yet–a follow-up article on New Yorkee piece in today’s LA Times entertainment section. (Now no Hollywood celebrities can claim to be unaware of this story!)


    John in Austin

  98. Well, they’re pretty slippery… kind of hard to get a grip on. But he will fire them when he thinks they can no longer help protect him.

  99. Yeah, he’s still Joe Lynn, but now he’s Joe Lynn eating his shorts.

  100. impertinent question.

  101. You are right about that Karen. Federal prosecutors have selective prosecution which means they don’t have to prosecute any crime-no matter how evident. The cases they do prosecute, for the most part, are cut and dry and have a high probability of conviction. Only the criminal defendant that has little or nothing to lose, is extremely naive, delusional, or pathologically arrogant is willing to risk a trial in the face of overwhelming evidence of guilt against an opponent with unlimited resources (federal government). The CoS certainly fits the bill of delusional and pathologically arrogant; that, coupled with the resources to match the government dollar for dollar, the case presents a challenge to any prosecutor. The DOJ does not exactly have the best record of going after religious cults; I certainly hope they are as thorough as I know they can be.

    In many ways, Hubbard’s insight into the legal system was brilliant; it is however, outdated. The idea of systematically destroying the credibility of witness with the use of “confessionals” and other admissions of wrongdoings, affidavits for the same accepting blame, etc. present an obstacle to any lawsuits. However, the rules of evidence have changed; Hubbard’s mandates have not. Convictions are handed down by jurors with evidence from convicted felons, co-conspirators. In 1965, if a witness recanted his earlier testimony, in most cases, it would be impossible to obtain a conviction. Today, that is not the case. In fact, in many cases, the recanted testimony is helpful to the prosecution.

    I always laugh when Tommy Davis glibly proclaims how the church will annihilate the credibility of its attackers. He just doesn’t get it.

  102. Why is the church of Scientology ( Church of Miscavige ) doomed to fail?

    What made them strong in the past when LRH was running things was their dedicating to the truth.

    The truth was on their side and it is what gave them their strength.

    They don’t seem to have that protection anymore.

  103. What lunamoth said.

  104. Mike, there is an author in your area who would like to talk to you about one of the more bizarre episodes in Scientology history. He is considering a book. Talk to Marty about it.

  105. They didn’t institutionalize you either, so consider yourself ahead in the game.

  106. I believe Dennis passed a few years ago. Great guy. Very engaged and active and a great supporter of the arts.


  107. Up to 162 news stories now with the lead story headlining the entertainment section of the LA Times.

    Oh my 🙂


  108. The interview with Larry Wright on NPR highlights the exact reason Tommy is such a dangerous “PR”.

    This is what Larry says:

    “In one very interesting moment, Davis said, ‘Of course, if it’s true that Mr. Hubbard was never injured during the war, then he never did heal himself using Dianetics principles, then Dianetics is based on a lie, and then Scientology is based on a lie. The truth is that Mr. Hubbard was a war hero.’ And the way he phrased that, that everything depended on whether Hubbard had sustained these injuries and healed himself was like a wager on the table.”

    And with that, Tommy the wiseass threw LRH under the bus. Problem is Tommy doesnt know anything and when confronted by someone who will take the time to research, he is totally out of his league. An idiotic assertion like the above is like throwing a carcass in the habitat of a Great White. And there was absolutely NO need to do it. And though no Scientologist will read this story on pain of stoning (or something), if they did, they should be insulted by his statement and amazing lack of intelligence. How stupid can you be? Apparently stupidity has no limits in the Vampire Empire.

    Anyone want to take bets on whether they were high fiving that statement affter it was reported “Really put that asshole reporter in his place” just like they were high fiving after the Stepford Wives (and Husbands) appeared on Anderson Cooper. That KoolAid sure is strong!

  109. Thank you for reposting this Mike, I had missed it and it would have been a shame to let this go unacknowledged.

    Bunny, glad that you’re here and speaking up. Love to here more about your cycle when you feel like talking about it. I hope that you write something up for Marty to post as an individual blog. Your coming out should impinge on many still lurking or in quiet doubt.

  110. I didn’t say that. I said I believe he will just be very careful not to make these two enemies while there’s no immediate need to do so.

    Do I think he will throw them under the bus as soon as his ass is on the line in court? Of course I do.

  111. What a confused bunch of people. No wonder the rest of the people at the party event were just walking around enjoying themselves ignoring this bunch or whatever the guests were supposed to be doing at the party.

    I do not get involved with critics of the church all that intimately, communication wise yes, but that is it, because here are some church critics and some actual church members “duking it out” in this video. It boils down to them yelling at each other “I’m calling the police on you” or “No, I’m calling the police on you” or “I’ve already called the police” or “I called the police a second time”.

    Is that fun? Is that living? Is that life? Why didn’t that guy with the hippie hair and glasses just go home? What was his point? So, Dan Garvin is OT VIII. Big deal. So are hundreds of other people. They didn’t reach that level alone you know.

  112. I wouldn’t join an organization that would have me as a member.

  113. Are u sure on that 501c status? If so – which state is the non profit entity registered in? It doesnt show up in California like i expected:

    Also, unlike all the other business entities in the executive strata – there’s been scant few public records found for the index in the critical library on the IAS:

    Thus i’m asking the question due to lack of readily available info… exactly where in the US is the IAS registered? Inquiring minds wish to know.

  114. 😆 Good one! 😆

  115. International Liers Association


    For outstanding consistency and courage in lying, TOMMY DAVIS,
    Spokesperson for the Church of Scientology International, is hereby awarded the honorary title of WORST LIER OF THE YEAR.

    Examples of Exemplary Exaggerations:

    “These fake documents are not fake.”

    “Cruise doesn’t remember the first PC he audited.”

    “The Church is not anti-gay.”

    “There isn’t any such policy as disconnection.”

    “Travolta definitely doesn’t recall giving Marlon Brando a touch assist.”

    “That never happened.”

    “They’re all liars.”

    “There’s no blow drill.”

    “Anyone can leave at any time.”

    “Miscavige never attended that event he attended.”

    “Hubbard never said those things he said.”

    “Cruise never said that.”

    “The Church erroneously took an anti-gay stance.”

    “OT III is unfamiliar to me.”

    “Miscavige doesn’t tell me what to say.”

    “The Church is not political.”

    “Marty was not telling the truth when he said he was lying.”

    “The Musical Chairs incident did occur but it was all for fun at a party.”

    “That’s all nuts.”

    “That’s all hoo-ha.”

    “No one ever saluted Miscavige’s dog.”

    “Hawkins wasn’t mistreated”

    “That incident that never happened never happened.”

    “No change fell out of Hawkins pockets after Miscavige didn’t hit him.”

    “Hawkins never had any pockets.”

    “Hawkins never had any change in the pockets he didn’t have when he wasn’t hit by Miscavige who was never there.”

    “Hawkins never had any buttons on his shirt.”

    “It’s a lie that we’re lying about Scobee lying.”

    “The Church doesn’t use Confessional material to smear anyone, ever.”

    “The Freeloader bills are not real.”

    “It’s a lie I borrowed and paid back a hundred dollars.”

    “We never become livid and irrational.”

    “Martin Luther King’s name never came up.”

    “We don’t know about any FBI investigation.”

    “The RPF is voluntary.”

    “Cruise doesn’t recall meeting that person he met.”

    “No Church funds are spent for the benefit of Miscavige.”

    “No one is ever forced to donate for Miscavige’s personal gifts.”

    “I never went with 19 other people to not track down JB that time I never went to try to bring him back.”

    “No bars were installed on the windows of the Hole that no one is in that doesn’t exist.”

    “The motorcycles that Cruise never brought in were never painted by Sea Org workers who never worked on them.”

    “JB’s account never happened.”

    “The Church never worked on Cruise’s hangar that was never worked on that he didn’t benefit from.”

    “There are NOT more Rastafarians than Scientologists.”

    “I never met with Wright when I met with him.”

    “I never had trouble with a girlfriend.”

    “I never blew to Vegas that time I blew.”

    “I never scrubbed that dumpster with a toothbrush that time I scrubbed the dumpster with a toothbrush.”

    “I never purposely goaded John Sweeney.”

    “I never mysteriously disappeared in 2007 that time I didn’t.”

    “I never liked the sec checking by Jessica Feshbach so much I married her that time I got the sec checking from her and married her.”

    “Jessica never anxiously twirled her hair.”

    “I have nothing else to say–here’s 48 more binders of what I don’t have to say.”

    “Armstrong forged those Hubbard documents that we knew were real and paid him to shut up about.”

    “I haven’t suborned perjury.”

    “I haven’t lied.”

    “See, Armstrong is trying to crush the actual world while naked.”

    “Miscavige never had any of those ‘inexplicable violent outbursts’ he never had that we have actual documentation of by people who were actually never there.”

    “No one is afraid of Miscavige’s anger.”

    “Miscavige has no anger.”

    “Miscavige is not angry that it’s being said he gets angry.”

    “My eternity is not threatened if I don’t handle this correctly.”

    “Of course the Heinlein biography doesn’t confirm Hubbard being sent into the black magic society by Naval Intelligence, off-book. That’s why it’s called off-book.”

    “The Church didn’t change any of the Hubbard materials that we changed.”

    “It was the Transcribers.”

    “The materials are 100% Hubbard’s, except for the stuff that’s different that we definitely did not change.”

    “I have no idea who ordered the material in the books changed.”

    “Neither Hubbard nor the Church has any opinion of one’s sexual orientation.”

    The stuff about sexual orientation and perversion that’s still in the books now, after the non-excising that we didn’t do, is definitely not in there, unless someone snuck in afterwards unbeknownst to us and printed it in there against our will. Probably the Secret Bigot Transcribers…again.”

    Congratulations Tommy Davis! You now stand in the same aura as the rest of the world’s most renowned liers: Dick Cheney, Bill Clinton, David Miscavige, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Richard Nixon, Lyndon Johnson, King Henry VIII, Judas, Fraser Patrick McInnon, Milli Vanilli, Baron Munchhausen, Benedict Arnold, Victor Lustig, Han van Meegeren, Frank Abagnale, Charles Ponz, Rosie Ruiz, Janet Cooke, and Bernie Madoff.

    You are entitled to all the status and benefits becoming of the title:


    Lucifer Bealzeebub Satan

  116. High fives and ass pats for DM TC and TD…….the idiots.

  117. Skydog.

    Thank you for this ~~excellent post.
    I agree that LRH policy on attacking the enemy and the ways to go about are completely utterly outdated. LRH did not visualize the Digital Age, the lightening speed of transmission, at the time he wrote such stuff there was no such phrase as “It went Viral.”
    Information SuperHighway was an unknown concept.

    The whole of Egypt went upside down (as cited) from TWITTER and FACEBOOK . A 2000+ year civilization can be thus impacted from the Internet. Such is the Power of the Web.

    The fact that OSA thinks they can hire nefarious PIs to make salacious and OUTRAGEOUS allegations ANONYMOUSLY to Law Enforcement shows just how stupid they are and how very much they do not understand the INTERNET and its fallout.

    They also do not understand how to STOP making ENEMIES.
    They throw gasoline on the fire with their salacious TABLOID hate sites and fictitious SP declares.

    It is one thing to pull that kind of stuff on a relative newbie. in the CULT.

    But when they try to pull this on those who worked for $10 a week for decades of their life and on on rice and beans to boot, it is ludicrous to think there will be no blowback.

  118. SA and Yvonne,
    Nicely said.
    The time to speak out and END the abuses is NOW. If you don’t want to do it for Heber or your friends then do it for yourself!
    “… One cannot simply vanish in life, one cannot just become a nothingness. And the wrong way to handle suppression is to be low key and hope one isn’t noticed. That is simply agreement with the suppressive person or society.
    Attempts at suppression are totally defeated in the long run simply by Flourishing and Prospering!
    The ammunition in such a battle is effective beingness and for us, effective promotion books, excellent results and satisfied people. Use what you have. The very best way to flourish and prosper is to sell and get out the good products.
    Now, while reading this if it has occurred to you that if you did, the suppressives would simply attack harder or that you had better be careful, then I could point out that people who have that reservation are a bit or a great deal under suppression. And they need to locate and handle it with what is called “PTS Tech” available in any org. It is a certain indicator that if one has reservations about being able to Flourish and Prosper he needs to unsuppress himself!…”
    L. Ron Hubbard Founder (HCOPL 1 December 1979 FLOURISH AND PROSPER)

  119. atcause,

    Most of us have had our personal Qual division out to some degree IMO.

    But as you see in these developments that has really changed.

  120. Hi Mike. Sorry about Tommy Davis. I know how you feel about LRH and hate to see his lifes work gambled by an inept PR.
    Tommy Davis needs to know when to fold his cards. He is betting the house with only a jack high, not even a pair of deuces. And the house isnt his to bet. What a shame something like this has to be viewed with mixed emotions.

  121. Murdoch’s paper, the New York Post, carried a full page article today on the FBI investigation and the New Yorker article, with 2 big color photos of DM and TC.

  122. Kathy Braceland

    I don’t know a heckuva lot about the inner workings of the FBI or other law enforcement agencies. But I think the FBI would be doing their due diligence to gather enough information so they know, without a doubt, that they can win their case. It may be a year and a half that they’ve been working on it but maybe they’re close to being finished; maybe they have finished.

    They didn’t bring down the Gambino family with only a few months of research. There is strategy in play here. I sure wouldn’t want to jump the gun and blow it on some legal technicality because I was missing some valuable data or terminals. I can imagine the strings they would have to pull and the data they have to go through — just think of all the corporations the church has and how they’re intertwined — but not intertwined; or the legal protection that’s been set up by the church. They’ve got to sort through all that and follow the trails, in addition to getting data from who knows how many terminals?

    I feel for the staff members that are going through hell and back every day. I have for a long time and I look forward to the day it’s over for them. Marty and Mike have hastened the process. Look at how far we’ve come because they’ve been gradiently exposing what’s really been going on in the church. And in what? Less than 2 years?

    This week has been a humdinger. It’s not a flash in the pan news story. It’s a no holds barred, do it or die trump card. It’s not going away, it will only get worse for the church. Hang in there. We are getting what we want. We’re winning.

  123. I trust you both.
    Funny story that goes along with that:
    The day I decided to ‘take the big step’ and come and meet you both in London I knew I was ‘crossing the line’ but I was ready.
    The instant I met you both I recognized kindred spirits and knew I could trust not only you, but my own certainty. It was a magical moment.
    The following morning there was a message for me on my answer machine from the MAA at Saint Hill (boy that was fast! I was impressed! – hadn’t spotted anyone tailing me).
    The message began:
    “You have 24 hours to report to Saint Hill. You have been found guilty of yet another suppressive act!…”
    Uh oh! I thought to myself. Busted!
    The message continued
    “…I have a report, infront of me, that you gave an entheta book to a Scientologist in good standing!”
    Ha ha ha! 😀
    Meeting you both was an incredible turning point in my life and once again (as many times before) my deepest gratitude to you both.
    But I gotta say the MAA at Saint Hill really put the icing on the cake of enjoyment.

  124. PS
    Sorry about writing the word ‘both’ like a million times in that post. It’s way past my bedtime here in England 🙂

  125. They eat their own.

  126. Expelled 4 Life

    I think Tommy has been studying this video for his PR hatting:

  127. DM: “Behold ’tis I the commander
    Whose grip controls you all
    Resist me not, surrender
    I’ll no compassion call”

    (tyrant) capture of humanity
    (tyrant) conqueror of all
    (tyrant) hideous destructor
    (tyrant) every man(org) shall fall

    “Your very lives are held within my fingers
    I snap them and you cower down in fear
    You spineless things who belly down to slither
    To the end of the world you follow to be near”

    (tyrant) capture of humanity
    (tyrant) conqueror of all
    (tyrant) hideous destructor
    (tyrant) every man shall fall

    Sea Org Members: “Mourn for us oppressed in fear
    Chained and shackled we are bound
    Freedom choked in dread we live
    Since tyrant was enthroned”

    DM: “I listen not to sympathy
    Whilst ruler of this land(church)
    Withdraw your feeble aches and moans
    Or suffer smite from this my hand”

    (tyrant) capture of humanity
    (tyrant) conqueror of all
    (tyrant) hideous destructor
    (tyrant) every man shall fall

    DM: “My legions(OSA) faithful unto death
    I’ll summon to my court
    And as you perish each of you
    Shall scream as you are sought”

    RPF Captives: “Mourn for us oppressed in fear
    Chained and shackled we are bound
    Freedom choked in dread we live
    Since tyrant was enthroned”

    –Lyrics by Judas Priest, with a little creative contribution from myself

  128. martyrathbun09

    I adopt that resolution for myself too – thanks.

  129. Expelled 4 Life

    The Murdoch financed “The Daily” designed exclusively for iPad is carrying the story. It’s titled “Scientology Under Siege” and has a large photo of an angry DM.

  130. Impartial English Girl

    DM is going to be VERY popular in those communal showers… 😉

  131. I have new teeth nowdays, and, there’s a story behind the video (how could it be otherwise) but, embarassing as it is, I’m happy it was published. If anyone cares to hear the ‘rest of the story’ they’re welcome to contact me.

    But, my embarassment pales in comparison to the objective, so, if Marty knows who I really am, maybe he can find some of the old Zinjifar Files there in his Big Box of OSA Ops 🙂

    After all, since I’m not OTVIII, how could I possibly know who I ‘really’ am. Maybe *he* does 🙂

    Joe Lynn

  132. shouldn’t laugh…
    😀 too late.
    Bad Sam!

  133. “that guy with the hippie hair and glasses”

    Lol geuss who that is

  134. Dan Garvin ? That is Dan Murman is it not ?

  135. Cat Daddy:

    That’s how it’s done in America. In other words “Call in the revenuers”.

    Lil” psycho, the sociopathotic runt, aka DM, will be shortly (pun intended) introduced to his cell-mate, a fellow sociopath. May the best {fill in the blank} psycho win.

    I think the significance of a 100th birthday party for LRH is more stellar when kept in the context of DM’s self-imposed take-down and it’s close to date occurrence.

    Buh bye Dave.


    Just a snippet of infowith thanks to AnonMary

    “Foundation International Membership Services Administrations, Inc.”
    IRS pub 78 ” US I. A. S. Members Trust Los Angeles CA USA — A public charity with a 50% deductibility limitation.
    US I. A. S. Members Trust not listed at CA AJ California Dept. of Justice – Office of the Attorney General
    Number: C1967046 Date Filed: 4/23/1996 Status: surrender
    BOX 3335
    Agent for Service of Process
    6300 CANOGA AVE STE 315
    The information displayed here is current as of “SEP 04, 2009” and is updated weekly. It is not a complete or certified record of the Corporation. —–

  137. OTDT:

    Has to be your greatest hit. Thanks!

  138. Tony DePhillips

    Great post Kathy!

  139. Had lunch with Dennis and Bunny at the Sand Castle mid-90’s or so. Great folks. I was so sorry to hear that Dennis passed away. He’s one big being. He’ll be back.

    Tom Gallagher

  140. Lawrence Wright and the New Yorker were very smart in their fact checking and what was included in the article. For example it discusses the whole musical chairs that was played at int base. Tommy Davis had already confirmed that months earlier with the SPT that this happened. They were very careful to stay very matter of fact. On the NPR interview I thought Lawrence had such a calm, high TR’s presence that clearly his position is one of non-emotion and sticking to the facts at hand, not on the attack like the church position is always. He could have attacked Tommy Davis and really went to town on being stood up, but he didn’t. He gave the facts as they unfolded and kept his opinion out of the article and interview. I also like how they mention that the church is known to be litigious. That in itself is crazy that this is what you are known for. It doesn’t necessarily scare off reporters, it just makes them dig harder into research and really verify their facts. Clearly the COS has a really long road ahead of them if they think they are going to discredit Lawrence wright and the New Yorker magazine.

  141. Scott Campbell

    Hi Bunny,

    Long time no email. To tell you the truth, I stopped communicating with you because I couldn’t face keeping in comm with you and knowing what I know.

    But now that I know you’re out, hoooray!

    Feel free to get in comm whenever you like.

    L, Scott

  142. Maybe just maybe Miss Cabbage will be successfully prosecuted so he spends some quality time in a cell with a guy named Bubba.
    This was supposed to be Miss Cabbage’s biggest fear but knowing him he is problably going to enjoy it..

  143. Scott Campbell



  144. Scott Campbell


  145. Just for the record: What’s dm’s condition assignment?

  146. Scott Campbell

    Go Nanook!

  147. Ah yes the return of Sherman Lenske.

    You know the same guy who can fit a whole library into a POB:

    And other feats of magic.


    _ 1. Bullet-proof SUV freshly waxed with Friction-Ease for faster get-away.
    _ 2. GPS pre-programmed for rendezvous with Silver Screen in secret pre-arranged parking lot
    _ 3. Quick-Slap false moustache kit
    _ 4. Baseball hat with built-in Rastafarian Dreads
    _ 5. Insta-Spray Skin Coloring Kit
    _ 6. Super-traction running shoes
    _ 7. Tom Cruise DVD Box Set with iPod Back-Up
    _ 8. Fast-Hitch trailer with Triple Motorcycle rack, side-car hoist and separate trailer for personal gold stash
    _ 9. 30 day supply of monogrammed black thongs
    _ 10. Entourage follow-car filled with decoy-DM look-alikes
    _ 11. Extra-large Scotch-tank under floorboards
    _ 12. Solar-powered tanning bed roof
    _ 13. Collection of COB Directives digitized on USB key-fob
    _ 14. Forge-a-Port passport forgery kit
    _ 15. Tire wells of all vehicles lined with dehydrated cash
    _ 16. In-Dash iPad 2 Beta with dedicated proprietary TC Skype channel
    _ 17. Up-the-Sleeve Grounding Rods built into special jacket for cool-night grounding sessions
    _ 18. Blow-up Shelly rubber-doll look-a-like
    _ 19. Toy FBI badge
    _ 20. Letter from TC introducing DM as his BFF
    _ 21. Marty’s phone number
    _ 22. Extensive list of his junior’s crimes
    _ 23. Phone number of police chief in Bulgravia
    _ 24. Blackmail on Norm Starkey & other erstwhile enemies
    _ 25. Copy of ‘How to Survive in Prison’ by Gordon Liddy

  149. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  150. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Mike,
    You are so right!!
    This was a major foot nuke.
    I still feel that no matter what, Scientology will carry forward. But with idiotic statements like this, td could set us back a few years on the recovery step.
    I think it is fair to say that LRH possibly lied or stretched the truth in some cases. This to me does not discredit the tech and the benefits of it. Truth is truth. Let us validate the good and cast aside the bad. That is after all one of the fundamental truths that I got from Scientology. Knowing how to know. Knowledge is certainty.

  151. Tony DePhillips

    Wow, what a fertile mind..
    Amazing how you can create so easily.
    I can alnost believe that he has such a list.
    You’re not channleing him are you?

  152. OTDT, respect!

  153. I agree, great post Kathy.

  154. Tony — 100% agreed.

  155. … sputter, sputter … Milli Vanilli??

    Not real??

    Whaaaaaa ……. 😦

    You boist my little bubble 🙂

  156. I can’t help but think of Gerry Armstrong through all this. His side of the story has been on line for some time. I’d like to hear from others who were there at the time and who are aware of all the hardships he was put through. Or has this been addressed already and I missed it?

  157. I just got some footage in from Gilman Hot Springs. This was filmed today.

    ML Tom

  158. Tony DePhillips

    +1 Sam. Very well said.

  159. Good on the teeth. It’s a better look. Whoever you are.

  160. I can talk to anyone about anything. Does that make me a grade 0 release?


  161. OMG! That is so friggin’ funny!!!

  162. Tony DePhillips

    Woody Allens version of Groucho Marx’s line.

  163. Tony DePhillips

    The sad part was that it looks like the New Yorker then went on to prove that the records were false. Or so it seems…

  164. For what it’s worth, I agree.
    That tone level doesnt appeal to me at all.
    Is that Mark Bunker?

  165. I just googled scientology (7pm PT) and there were 178 related articles in the news section. I’d say this thing has legs. 🙂

    I also just got a call from a friend who said “Hey, did you hear the news? They’re investigating Tom Cruise.” Apparently, the news is now reporting the Tom Cruise angle on the whole thing as well.

  166. He (dm) is a coward. The Chart of Human Evaluation points this out. The question is: Will he go Jim Jones or Idi Amin? Or Poppy Doc for that matter? Is the deranged runt’s newest BBF a relocation expert specialized in US non-extradition treaty type arrangements? Patagonia? Chili? Columbia? London?

    I was just wondering…….

  167. Your humble servant


    Thank you for re-posting this. I met bunny in San Francisco around 1999, and she is truly a lovely person. Also, very memorable. How many people do you meet who are named Bunny? I was very happy to read her communication.

  168. David Lebeau, are you listening? You are in the cross-hairs of the FBI — probably target number one.

    Time to turn state’s evidence. You are literally on video tampering with federal witnesses and, if you don’t tell all you know to the FBI, you will also be charged with obstructing justice.

    Now is not the time to do nothing.

  169. Hi John in Austin. Did you post hear earlier as AustinJohn? Could you get in touch with me at If you are who I think you are, we have a lot to talk about. Saw your ex a couple of times lately.
    ML, Catherine in Austin

  170. Mike,
    Frankly, you are too kind to Tom Davis.

    I read the above statement, once. Tommy Davis/David Miscavige – unparalleled seething idiots. This one from Davis, with due incredulity, TOPS the earlier similars of ‘no disconnection’, ‘annihilate their credibility’ and the host of utter inanity that smarms from his unguent face.

  171. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Greetings Sam,
    I was impressed too at the messages from Flag the morning after we arrived home from visiting Marty. …but nothing after we met with Mike?!? Guess they’d given up on us by then. The game gets more and more interesting, eh?
    Now, all I want to know is where are we all going to meet for the big party when all the REAL Scientologists and True Friends and our families get together!
    Love ya Sam AKA True Friend 🙂

  172. Sorry I don’t consider St. “all we gotta do is allege” Jerry as any kind of patron saint.

    Yeah it must have been a real “hardship” to blow 800 grand.

    As far as I’m concerned Jerry’s the other side of the coin of the whole Psywar by Forgery op of the throw Ron under the bus fraternity.

    In other words Jerry and Dave are really brothers.

  173. OTDT
    You forgot the phone call to the Prime Minister of Venezuela to let the Freewinds dock off the coast in “non-extradition” waters.
    You forgot the phone call to Monique Yingling to cut the IAS check to the Prime Minister of Venezuela for the new IAS project: Freewinds lease of coastal waters for Dave going on one of his underwater diving expeditions.
    You forgot the e-mail to Tommy Davis to put this out as the new “shore story” for the Freewinds in the current edition of Freedom Mag.
    Also, the inclusion in the e-mail for Tommy Davis to arrange photo op in wet suit!
    Also, the memo to OT Ambassador I/C that next Maiden Voyage to be done in said Venzuelan coastal waters, with new FSM contest: the winningest OT Ambassadors with the most IAS donations get to go scuba diving with slippery Dave in his wetsuit. Diving knives will not be allowed.

  174. Mike,
    I went for a smoke and to spit, and spit, and spit at TomDavis/David Miscavige and the egregious gibberish the flows from the pustulating boils that sit atop those shoulders.

    The inanity of this comment that Dianetics and Scientology, as applied technologies turn on whether LRH was a ‘war hero’ is beyond any pale.

    The difficulty reading this stuff that oozes from their festering faces is to understand it you have to be THAT STUPID for a time. It’s painful. It’s…it’s…well it’s just…I mean…Christ, somebody, somewhere throw some moldy bread on that thing at least. The infection has taken over the whole head.

  175. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Ditto on that acknowledgement to Marty and Mike. I have been so impressed by your courage and persistence to expose the lies and make the truth known despite the dangers and consequences. What a drama we get to experience! A little acting experience helps =)

  176. Friend of Ron

    Honey……….you forgot that my computer was hacked into 2 hours after we met with Christie and Mike.

    They won’t let Mike off that easy…….sorry Mike.

  177. Tony,
    Neither one has the ‘truth’ from any ‘records’. That’s what is so goofus about this interchange between them. On T. Davis’ part, the absurdity is he’s actually FORWARDING the gibberish and doesn’t see THAT is EXACTLY WHAT DM WANTS.

    Throw LRH under the bus is DM’s daily Battle Plan. Do that, and he hopes to see an end to the practice of Scientology which is his real aim.

    Here’s one from William James on the idiocy of this ‘PR’ nit-wit Davis:
    ““In the natural sciences and industrial arts it never occurs to any one to try and refute opinions by showing up their author’s neurotic constitution. Opinions here are invariably tested by logic and experiment, no matter what may be their author’s neurological type. It should be no otherwise with religious opinions.”pp 17,18 William James, from his work, The Varieties of Religious Experience.

    LRH’s life, acts, doings, not-doings, toiletry, hair, lunch, car, cigarettes, girlfriends, Friday nights hangin’ with his homies, books, war stories, peccadillos, pimples, stinky flatulence from that cheeseburger, or any other aspect of that human existence has absolutely NOTHING to do with the fundamental principles of the Factors, Axioms, Qs or the body of technology developed from them that are the applied subjects of Dianetics and Scientology any more than Isaac Newton’s Masonic rituals or alchemistrical magic chants have anything to do with mechanics or the calculus.

    Wankin fartmouths that’s what TD and DM are.

  178. Tory Christman

    Yes, it’s Mark Bunker with the camera, who you hear asking many of the questions. Zinjifar (Joe Lynn) is the guy with the long hair…a critic of $cientology for many years. He was never “in”, and apparently, per his previous post, now has new teeth. Congrats.
    Dan Garvin is not in this. Dan Murnan is, who is the guy with the beard, telling Mark to “Go home”. He and I both used to “Volunteer” for OSA, although my way of talking with people was different than his, I was often sent out to try to “handle” people picketing C of $. I don’t believe he was OT 8 then, and I still don’t think he is now. Last I heard he’d joined staff at LA Org.
    Many people may see this as “not fun”, as mentioned by Raul….but the critics helped create many educational web sites with facts that have helped numerous people “in” see the FACTS, and get OUT. Also, more than one person has been helped by people picketing.

    A young staff person some months ago called her Mom and said: “I’m done. I’m watching these people picket, having fun, and realized I could be out there. Please come get me”.
    Her Mother called to tell me that, and I cannot tell you the joy she felt, but it was certainly great and thankful for all who were out there picketing that day. 🙂

    We all have our own ways of educating the public, and celebrating our own freedoms. Hopefully Dan Murnan wakes up and gets OUT soon. Best, TLC

  179. Murdoch is the original Citizen Kane. He has no loyalties other than to power and profit. He even sold out his eldest son. Literally, the man has no loyalties, no real friends, just his empire.

  180. Robin,
    “Jerry and Dave are really brothers.”

    Precisely – two parts of the same GPM. Locked in mortal combat. Christ Almighty, THAT’S what a large part of this nonsense we’re seeing actually is. DM’s stuck like glue to Gerry and the ‘who or what does that represent?’ is sitting there as plain as could be.

  181. Tory Christman

    Hi Bunny,
    I’m so sorry to hear about Dennis passing away.
    The list of younger people who have passed away far too
    young is truly too much. I’m so sorry to hear this news.
    I’m happy you’re here.
    Be well 🙂

  182. Tory Christman

    PS: I meant to say people who passed away far too young,
    and wrote “younger people”—so it doesn’t sound quite right. Sorry.

  183. OTDT,
    One more thing: Transport I/C to call ahead to Tom Cruise airport Hangar to make sure Sea Org members assigned to hangar, have TC private jet “ready” for departure to Aruba. TC and DM passports to be aboard. Also wet suits. Private rental car (hard to trace) ready in Aruba to take TC and DM to Freewinds docked in Curacao. (Now it’s own county, no longer part of the Netherlands Antilles.) Extradition laws of new constitution of Curacao to be checked. If no extradition, cancel trip to Venezuaela. If extradition, Freewinds Captain Mike Napier ready for trip to Venezuelan coastline, all systems go. CPT Sharon Webber to order all IAS regges to 24/7 duty to handle stiff targets for more IAS contributions. All registrars not meeting quotas will sleep under their desks until quotas met. Also, registrars not meeting quotas revert back to 2 minute showers. (Old Apollo shower policy). All Freewinds staff not running the ship, (engine room only) are now assigned to the IAS, same stiff targets, same penalties until further notice. Rice and beans and water only, until stats are up!

  184. Tony DePhillips

    I agree.

  185. plainoldthetan

    I wrote a DM Treason assignment over a year ago.
    Others have written others, going back into the 80s.

  186. Oh, and OTDT, one more thing:
    If the the new country of Curacoa has no extradition, get Monique Yingling to start negotiations for the purchase of the uninhabited island next to Curacao, called Klein Curacao, (Little Curacao). Get Tommy Davis to offer Tom Devocht 10 million dollars to come back to the Sea Org and start construction of the New Freewinds Land Base with the new 20 story IAS IDEAL ORG building, to which all existing Sea Org members in the world are now assigned. Be sure to require Tommy Davis to certify that he is NOT LYING on this one! Also, while that is under construction, Tom Devocht is to start the construction of twin matching palaces, complete with Italian marble, for DM and TC, so that they can live happily ever after!

    The End . . . . of the Fairy Tail. Oh, excuse me, that was misspelled, I meant Fairy Tale.

  187. Larry Wright’s mention of human trafficking in CoS being investigated by the FBI has eclipsed Paul Haggis, the central subject of the story. This was a canny bit of strategy on Larry and Paul’s part for it blends celebrity with an expose on human trafficking in the Cult. This combo strategy is great for any celebrities who wish to depart CoS in the future: Tie your public departure to a major human rights abuse inside of CoS. There are so many flagrant human rights abuses inside the Cult that a celebrity could pick from dozens of examples. There is every good reason for all celebrities to leave CoS immediately as Larry Wright has done. I do not know why any celebrity stays in CoS given that DM’s reputation is a radioactive slagheap. I do not know why any public members choose to remain in CoS in 2011 given its unconscionable behavior and endless lies.

    That Marty mentioned Obstruction of Justice and Federal Witness Tampering is of significant interest. OSA can have smart lawyers supervising PI’s, but at some point they all might cross the line into Conspiracy and other crimes.

    Sooner or later, someone will make a mistake and then all of the rats will jump from MV Scotchwinds. Dave will be cast adrift in his thong, helpless as the Coast Guard moves in to fish him out of the water and throw him in the brig!

    DM is definitely worried about current events:
    (J and D image removed by Marty)


  188. OTDT,
    I laughed out loud!!! Do you really think he can handle a Gordon Liddy book. Liddy is the real deal and one tough SOB for sure. Maybe a subscription to a monthly comic book would work instead.

  189. “Hopefully Dan Murnan wakes up and gets OUT soon. Best, TLC”

    I hope so too, something died inside the man.

  190. That happens when both are trying”to put their anchors”out. When Marty and Mike were in front of the Harrison simular exchanges happened.

    The object was to show that the Church took the street as their property deciding who can go on it and who not. Nowadays they build some tarp corals.

  191. The Mission Holder’s Conference in December of 1981 at the Flag Land Base assigned the Sea Org (with DM there and in it) a Condition of Confusion. This is the same conference where DM bragged about busting Mary Sue Hubbard off of the Guardian’s Office/Comptroller Post. This is the same conference where the then Executive Director of Scientology Bill Franks said he was held at gunpoint and Annie Taskett from the newly formed Watch Dog Committee was flown in the next day and she verified that this had occurred. This is the same conference where Norman Starkey bragged about how much progress the Mission All Clear Unit was making to clear LRH of all lawsuits and threats so that he could get back on the lines and get out of having to be Fabian.
    This is the same conference where many of the mission holders and public there, signed the petition that got passed around that assigned the Sea Org the Condition of Confusion. I signed that conditions order. Our only problem was we failed to enforce it. Thirty years later, we are finally enforcing the condition. LRH says you get the condition that you fail to assign and enforce. And he was so right. Look at what we have been through because we didn’t take care of the bastard thirty years ago. Well, DM, you are finally getting yours! Having fun yet?
    Catherine von Ach

  192. Modern Shaman

    Hi Marty , I am sure, if someone else told you this story you would have dismissed it as STUPID joke to undermine the accuracy and objectivity of your blog, but believe me what I am going to tell you is true but unbelievable.

    Let me give you some thing much more bigger just merely spending Church resources of painting of bus and motor bike of celebrities, its HUGE, in million of dollar.

    February 2010 History Channel (which is well known for Church of Scientology sympathizer) announced a $30-million series “ The Kennedys” ,the channel’s first scripted program, which the help of a Canadian production house. But in January 2011, just fews days ahead of its scheduled premier, the channel suddenly dropped it from its schedule; amid suggestions Kennedy family members and supporters were unhappy with the project

    But the question is who has funded the mini series, which is supported by Scientologist like Katie Holmes, Tom Wilkinson and I believe Barry Pepper ,because of the starring role in Battlefield Earth. Thought I never heard anything about Kinnear but he does seem tied to 3 or 4 previous movies involving scientologist celebrities like Kelly Preston.

    It just jumped out as Scientology funded all around based on the cast. I didn’t knew if that means anything about the material or just a chance to fund some acting careers. But according to my sources it all started in summer of 2009 , when a South Asian guy entered the Toronto Org for touch assist , blaming it on “watching of Ted Kennedy’s funeral” on television. The guy was UNKNOWN to the local scientology community and as per Church records , he did STCC in 2001. That was the last day he was seen in the Church , however, OSA become interested and the Miscavage clan decided with in six months , with out any Auditing or any physical contact or communication with the GUY that he is the re-incarnation of JFK. In Feb 2010, the project was announced which was completed with jet speed in just 10 months.

    Now here is the best part, the GUY is not even a Scientologist, he is a Muslim, and several Scientologist came from various parts of North America, to get the glimpse of that GUY, witnessed him in Muslim attire and performing Muslim prayer in summer of 2010. At present the where about of this GUY is unknown, but Scientology community at large taking it as new method of enforcing some sort of MISCAVGE AGENDA—may be more funds in the name to save the “Reincarnated (Muslim) US President”

    How on earth this project was undertaken ? what was the criteria ? who was the final authority on siphoning of Church funds for that project ? Is it as per the agreement with IRS?

    p.s. if its too much to get it on your blog, then at least forward it to Mike Rinder and other senior scientologists , may be they get it validated from their sources

  193. theo Sismanides

    Ι read the St. Petersburg Times article and noting the following:

    Re the Headley’s suits it states the following:

    “The Headleys filed separate suits in January, 2009, alleging they were victims of forced labor. Claire Headley’s suit also alleged she had two abortions under pressure from the church, lest she lose her standing in the Sea Org, which discourages members from having children. The church denied pressuring her and said the abortions were Headley’s decision.

    In dismissing their suits, a judge ruled that the Headleys performed religious duties and that the Sea Org, as a religious order, falls within the “ministerial exception” commonly granted to religious groups in employment cases. The exception prevents the court from digging into internal church workings to explore the Headleys’ claims, the judge said.”

    That “ministerial exception” is an obstacle that has to be overcome.

    Those involved in that investigations with the FBI should also stress the FRAUD part of the church. That is, we are promised LRH tech application and get something different. Here there is no “ministerial exception”, here is a case of FRAUD and that is different.

    A second thing that struck me was what is reported by St. Petersburg Times about the FBI agent telling Amy Scobee that the FBI might be compromised. Here is what is reported in this article:

    “While in the Clearwater FBI office for her interview, Scobee said, Whitehill cautioned her not to speak with other employees in the office. She said Whitehill indicated the office might be compromised when it came to Scientology.”

    In any case it is interesting to see how things are. Any more info you guys can provide on this, will be very helpful.

    I think we should stress the FRAUD approach because this is SO huge and it does not fall under any protection since that is why people go into Scientology: that Tech and LRH’s writings.

  194. Munich org did get 2 police – raid type investigations. One in 76 and one in 80ies (forgot the exact date). Both times I had been there that day. First in 76 they had questions for me like if I am there at free will and can leave if I want. Second raid they had no questions at all but gathered documents only. One should know that the german state considers Scn as a group that wants to infiltrate and finally gets rid of current constitution. Thus we had been considered as state enemies.
    But what did actually happen? Nothing.
    I also see the trouble your FBI might have. Investigation on the Sea Org is like investigating a church religious order. In case they do a sloppy work there and sue the ones running the Sea Org then other religious orders would have to be treated the same. And as in the US religious freedem is one of the highest goods the US has this would do much harm to the US society.
    And DM and his law office might know that and play this card.
    By the way, in an earlier comment on this blog I had an answer that „SPs have no power of their own“. That is a datum I never had a closer look at and never evaluated myself. Till yesterday.
    Hitler, Stalin had been in a very powerful position. They ordered to kill millions. How can it be possible that a being with ZERO power can achieve such a position? They either had not been SP or the datum is evidently false. Or: they used power of different sources. Ideas, words, symbols or other beings, present or past.

  195. Seems do seem to be hotting up for the less attractive uses and abuses of LRH powerful technology, some things can be used for the pursuit of Good or Bad, it is down to the character of those with the knowledge!!
    Has anybody read Jon atacks paper “hubbard and the Occult”?
    Link below

  196. The internet was the catalyst that brought so much of this abuse into the public light. Anonymous sealed their fate. If you envision an army of thousands of people, all anonymous, slowly approaching a small but firmly entrenched and well defended army. When one is killed, there are hundreds behind him to fill the void-and they keep coming. The church went to great lengths to identify the members of anonymous. Each time they did and exposed their crimes, hundreds more came out of the woodwork.

    People’s attitudes have changed as well. Most people recognize the imperfections of the human species and are far more tolerant of the foibles of their neighbors. Few people care if one is a homosexual or has committed adultery. Few people care if you expose the fact that they have smoked marijuana or taken other illegal drugs. Personally, I am more embarrassed by my prior affiliation with the CoS than anything else I have done in my life. I have no doubt others feel the same way as evidenced by the abject failure of many current members to even admit their affiliation to this organization.

    More importantly, the legal landscape has changed as well. The church lawyers are aware of this as most of their cases are settled prior to trial-those that they try, they usually lose. The Headley case is not going away. The case in Atlanta, Georgia is about zoning, more specifically parking, not religious freedom. Their chances of winning there are slim. They have not paid the taxes in New Haven, CT and that property is being foreclosed. Their chances there are slim to none. Narcenon is taking a beating in the courts. As Larry Flynt (publisher of Hustler) told his lawyer “I am the perfect client, lots of money and always in trouble”. The same is true with the CoS. They provide job security for lawyers paid for by the sweat and blood of “religious volunteers”.

    If Tommy Davis or David Miscavige is reading this, they might want to check out this story. It is about a psychopath who thought he was above the law. There are hundreds of stories just like this one and hopefully theirs will soon be another:,0,1634202.storygallery

  197. martyrathbun09

    Not recommended by me. From a victim who wants to remain one forever, apparently.

  198. martyrathbun09

    Bill Franks – having chosen to be a victim, became quite adept at dreaming up heroic fantasies.

  199. martyrathbun09

    Paul participated in no strategy. Someone with cred, who could listen and understand found Paul, whom Paul then very courageously shared his experience with honestly.

  200. Friend of Ron


    Those were the days, when we battled the BKA and others who tried to wipe out Scientology in Germany. They never succeeded, thanks in large part to you.

    As to SPs and their power — here is my experience which I have witnessed with dear leader and others of his ilk. They have no power of their own. They suck it out of others. They do it through overwhelm. You overwhelm a perswon and that puts them at total effect. Then you ahve command over their space and

  201. Love you too dear friends.

  202. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Ooooh…., you mean we shouldn’t be dispersed on to added inapplicables and just apply what works? What a concept!

  203. Friend of Ron

    ……sorry, cut off too early.

    You overwhelm a person and that puts them at total effect. Then you have complete command over their space. Once they are caved in you just move to another. In dear leader’s and the case of other historic SPs you do this en mass, to hundreds which then push you up.

    The beauty is that you can not wipe out life. Revitalize the purpose and the dead raise up.

    And THAT is why it is so LIBERATING and REVITALIZING when EVIL PEOPLE SAY YOU ARE SUPPRESSIVE. They recognize that you are suppressing THEM and their evil. In doing so you revitalize your basic goodness, rehabilitate your freedom to be and your ability to HELP YOUR FELLOW MAN for real.

    LIFE is a wonderful thing when you can look evil people in the eye and smile, knowing even they deep down, somewhere, are basically good.

    ……just my 2 cents (but what do I know)

  204. Thanks for saying this. My sentiments exactly!

    Strange how the church thinks expressed resentment, controlling bodies and punishing bodies will impinge on us and make us come to our senses. The only one who would respond to that would be someone in the fear band. Any of you lurkers out there? You are welcome to move on up a little higher…anytime!

  205. Watching Eyes

    Great comment. Revitalize the purpose and the dead rise up. So true. Gives the dwarf a whole lot to worry about, doesn’t it.

  206. 😆 LMAO!

  207. Very well stated, Jim

  208. He just wants the book, doesn’t plan on reading it, just altering it and republishing it under his own name after he gets out of prison.

  209. Oh snap! That was painful to read because it sooooo could happen. 😦

  210. Do you call everybody a victim who does not come to the same conclusions about Hubbard as you do, after their experience?
    It’s funny.
    There’s still enough people calling you a victim because you believe in LRH. You’re probably right when you think that’s arrogant.

  211. SA,
    With so many people responding to the blog, I had skipped this longer post intending to come back later.

    Boy, am I glad I did and I hope many others, especially the lurkers do too.

    There is so much truth and honesty and the questions you pose to the church do indeed separate the wheat from the chaff. Though the church will most likely allow people to decide for themselves I think any reader can realize this as well and they will have answered for themselves the question the church never will.

    What are your intentions?

    Heber…my communication to you from the theta universe is…know that we love you! And, the next time you get an opportunity to get outside the fence and into the fresh air, make that difficult choice and walk away. In doing so…you will actually be setting Scientology free.

  212. Perfect reference Sam! Really, those who have applied this are winning. I want to TR3 one point.

    “… One cannot simply vanish in life, one cannot just become a nothingness. And the wrong way to handle suppression is to be low key and hope one isn’t noticed. That is simply agreement with the suppressive person or society.”

    If you are lurking out there it might be time for you to ask this question of yourself…What are your intentions?

  213. Ooops, left out and important word, NEVER. Should read:

    Though the church will most likely NEVER allow people to decide for themselves I think any reader can realize this as well and they will have answered for themselves the question the church never will.

  214. martyrathbun09

    Kid, I’ve written more than a thousand pages on this blog – and the answer lies there over and over – NO. Tends to make me think you have no interest in helping people move on up a little higher. Quite the contrary; you wann play gotcha and thus reinforce a lot of folks dull, lifeless victim states. Get a life.

  215. Tony, you observently noted ;

    “I think it is fair to say that LRH possibly lied or stretched the truth in some cases. This to me does not discredit the tech and the benefits of it. Truth is truth. Let us validate the good and cast aside the bad.”

    Absolutley correct and NEEDED to be said. Judge the whole body of the mans work and life, not magnifying the failings. LRH knew a lot, he spoke wisely, but often could not himself life up to his own ideals or advice. He was human. The glass house created to protect and promote the man and his creation had to come to this end of being shattered. Its OK. The best course of action is to pick up the peices, acknowledge it, and move on. As you noted, the tech is still the tech and that is what matters.

  216. It appears that the DMbots are using “Copy and Paste” as their weapon of choice against independent viewpoints and analysis of fact. Isn’t that straight out of the “Mein Kampf” playbook, ie: if you repeat a lie long enough, people will accept it as “truth”? (See for historical context.)
    This link reveals the SAME phrase posted in to comments 4,160 times.

    Sorry….live communication will trump mechanical “copypasta” every time.

  217. Also, you can watch the fall out in the TwitterSphere by using the TwitterFall web site, This link will show you in near real time the tweets that reference “Scientology”.!%231F3547

  218. 21. Marty’s phone number

    OMG that funny

    I can see it now,

    Ring…Ring… “Hey Marty it’s me, wow, what a game we had going. Can you help me out for old times sakes?” “You’re the only one I can trust to do the right thing, Marty.” “Marty you do want to do the right thing, right?” “You owe me one you know.” “Hello…hello…hello… damn cell signal must have dropped.”

  219. Expelled 4 Life

    I have studied this blog from the beginning. I do not agree with everything Marty writes but he has made his viewpoint of LRH quite clear. I also do not think Marty would view himself as one who “believes” in LRH. I think Mary applies LRH tech, gets results and can observe those results.

    I think Marty, Joe, Sarge, Ken and others have expressed it quite well: LRH was not perfect but so what? What is important is that LRH is the author and source point of: TRs, Model Session, confessional procedure, what to do with E-Meter reads, study tech, a lot of good organizational, tech, etc.

    I may not agree with everything LRH said or wrote but the above is a pretty darn good resume. I sure don’t know any other technology that can do what the above items do.

  220. LOL, Thank you for challeging me every chanche you got Zinj.

  221. See it this way, You don’t diss muhammed either when talking to a muslim. Point out dicrepanties with facts yes, of course.

    To each his own as long as it stays within the law.

    And yes Faust I am alsoo like you against “that the Orgs decide what’s….. let’s have that clear between us.

  222. Unlike LRH, Mr. Liddy is still alive and won’t take lightly to having his writing altered and republished. If LRH or MSH were alive today this entire alter and republish would have been a thought that ended along with a few staff members SO careers (with goldenrod rather than pink slips). The alteration of a theta truth line will be the lightning rod that will shock several into the reality of what they have really woken up – the power of the internet and speed of communication and the power of a large group who truly do understand LRH tech and what he wrote.

    I love your wit and your writings. You are truly skilled as a wordsmith!

  223. Expelled 4 Life

    That Twitter feed is frickin’ amazing! We are living in really interesting times.

  224. That website draws wrong and tinfoil conclusions but it is still a source of information in it’s own right.

  225. My, OSA has been busy…such lack of creativity!

  226. Does he know how many shots?

  227. I like how Mike and Marty did it better.

  228. Marty, I agree. Over 30 years ago I knew Bill. He blew the int base, Mayo attempted to recover him but Bill said he needed dental work. Which was true. My ex and I offered to help him while we stayed in touch with those at int (John Nelson specifically). Bill claimed that HE was responsible for bringing down the GO, getting MSH to sign over rights. He truly HATED the Hubbard family and had made Diana’s life miserable, when he was ED INT.

    And yet, although we treated him well, paid for the needed dental work that was causing him severe pay BUT drew the line at the REST of the dental work he was trying to get done (I had to call the dentist to MAKE sure they knew, we weren’t going to pay for thousands more work) … he stole from our house a rare edition book AND broke a knob off the dryer which he denied doing but could have ONLY been him.

    I was dumbfounded that he couldn’t confront something so little as a broken, easy to be replaced knob. But he adamantly denied breaking the knob.

    Hopefully in 30 years and plenty of money (he lost his vast inheritance when he became a scientologist but I’m betting he denounced scientology and inherited a great fortune) he’s become a more honest and compassionate person.

    Back in his hay day at Boston Org, he would throw a large bowie knife at the feet of his ad council if the persons stats were down. He was a terror.

    He cozied up with Alan Waters when he finally did leave the SO. Both were genius’ at tall tales and heroes in their own world 🙂


  229. Geez- This couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy!!!
    An appropriate motivator for MissCabbage.

  230. Cool link!

  231. Teeth are good. I can agree on that.

  232. The difference between them is that Gerry was made the way he is by the “handling” he got and yet has some possibility of repair. Dave came the way he is, out of the box, so to speak. Seriously Humpty-Dumptied, that boy.

  233. Faust: I too have read every page of this blog as well as 9/10th of the comments.

    Marty is clear about his desire to honor the legacy of LRH by applying standard scientology tech. That is his right. He does not equivocate.

    However, he reads from other traditions as well as other books. Openly recommending them (The Shack, Tao Teh Ching, Ken Wilbur etc)

    And he calls ’em like he sees them. I’ve never read anything of Jon Atack’s because it didn’t interest me – so I can’t say from my own experience IF Jon plays the victim.

    But – I’d be inclined to say — probably.

    Marty doesn’t malign other SO members who no longer wish to continue AS scientologists – albeit independent ones.

    Your truly included.

    I’m thinkin’ Faust you truly did sell your soul. Sad. Change your moniker … you might change your mind 🙂


  234. martyrathbun09

    Thanks WH.

  235. granted and even Zinj agreed his performance was less than what he wished it was.

  236. It’s more about viewpoints that differ. When one percieves a wrong one wants to bare witness.

  237. Church of Scientology Public Relations Office


    “Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today and you slap others tomorrow.” DM

    “On the day we can fully choke each other, there will be peace on Earth.” DM

    “All disturbance and chaos folds up in the teeth of punching.” DM

    “Don’t ever try to stop hitting. It’s the only thing that can go through 16-inch armor plate.” DM

    “Punching is the Universal Solvent.” DM

    “To hit in spite of all is the secret of greatness. And may very well be the greatest secret in this universe.” DM

    “The way out is through hitting.” DM

    ““There are no conflicts which cannot be resolved by punching.” DM

    “The only way you can be successful on a post or win at it is to be at cause over kicking.” DM

    “To be happy, one only must be able to hit, which is to say, punch and kick, those things that are. Unhappiness is only this: the inability to confront that which needs hitting.” DM

    “You would not tolerate for one moment the conduct in an individual that is commonplace in the acts of some nations. You would choke such a person.” DM

    “The rapidity of punching alone determines power.” DM

    “A culture is only as great as its dreams and its dreams are dreamed by hitters.” DM

    “The only way you can control people is to kick them.” DM

    “There are conditions worse than being unable to punch, and that is imagining one is punching.” DM

    “In all the broad Universe there is no other hope for Man than punching.” DM

    “There is no national problem in the world today, which cannot be resolved by hitting alone.” DM

    “Life is basically hitting.” DM

    “In the beginning and forever is the decision and the decision is TO HIT.” DM

    “The common denominator of all existence is to hit.” DM

    “Energy consists of postulated punching in space.” DM

    “Time is basically a postulate that punching and choking will persist.” DM

    “The highest purpose in the universe is the creation of a punch.” DM

    “The practice of Not-Hittingness reduces understanding.” DM

    “Communication is the consideration and action of impelling a punch or kick from source-point across a distance to receipt-point, with the intention of bringing into being at the receipt-point a duplication and understanding of that punch or kick which emanated from the source-point.” DM

  238. theystolemychurch

    The saddest part of all this is for me is ~ doing time in a Federal Detention Center will be a far better environment that Heber (and others) has had to do in “the hole”.

  239. Come on Faust, that’s the best you got? Christ almighty, if you’re gonna take a stand and have a battle at least come to the fight with a sword that’s not made out of spaghetti. It just looks stupid, that soggy sword slumped over, getting all sliced and diced up. Actually, now that I think about it, that is kinda entertaining, like a good cartoon.

    Carry on!

  240. “Diving knives will not be allowed.”
    This is so true! No one else was allowed to carry one, though it’s a requirement for safety when diving. How did you know, Catherine?

  241. Actually, only about 60 unique instances of that bit, some of which are people repeating it on sites like this one. It is a quirk of Google that it will mislead you like that. Go ahead and start looking at them and you will see that the line peters out around page 6 of the search results.

    Probably most of them are posted by our friend Luana (Hi Lu) and she certainly has the right to copy her post.

    Be interesting to see if this has any legs. Obviously, other than that the FBI might be looking into the human-trafficking issue, there is nothing new in the Haggis article because it is basically about Haggis researching what was already out there.

    I feel bad for those that think Hubbard has to be put on some pedestal. Perhaps that is what he wanted and it is certainly what he achieved but it is not necessary to the practice of Scientology. Trying to put Hubbard on a pedestal only paints oneself into a corner as we see with poor Tommy Davis. I will not expand on that theme out of respect for current company. Because, on that subject, this group is very like a close friend that I sent the “Letter from Garcia” to; “read it, don’t want to discuss” was all he could manage in response. The KR came a bit after 😉

  242. +1 Mike, Tony & Jim!

  243. I don’t know why a person would need to rely on “trust” and “hope” with Marty. . These are emoting indulgences. The fact is Marty has been conducting a noisy investigation and pulling witholds on DM and making them public. He has put himself out on the front lines and devoted huge sums of time and money and energy to confronting and handling this and that is obvious for anyone who cares to notice. You do not have hallucinate and be curious these things. They are out on the table and Marty has been open to public view. All you have to do is LOOK. You do not have to personally emote about his purpose the results are obvious. His cards have been on the table and he is providing information not concealing it. I too have read things on the net and forums and in emails sent to me about people’s hallucinations about what is going on with Marty and what Marty must be thinking and doing. I wonder why. What he is doing is obvious. Just LOOK. He is conducting a noisy investigation. The results and findings of his activities are published here for anyone to know about. What you see is what you get. As far as I know his comm lines are open and anyone can ask him to his face and directly who is curious what he is doing and thinking. He shares this daily almost anyway on his blog. Worse, the people that run about like critics on his activities that have not invested in his cause, confiding doubts here as if they have been let down at some restaurant from sloppy service. The mantra is: a. Lead b. Follow or 3. Get out of the way. Marty is a storm on the horizon. How much can you trust a storm? It depends upon your harmony with nature.

  244. Karen
    It’s an amazing reference.
    Dumbest mistake DM ever made was to think he was smarter than LRH. Not even close. LRH was 2 million steps ahead of the moronic midget. Always has and always will be.
    And thank you for TR3ing the exact point I was trying to make:
    I have seen too many people make the mistake of thinking that ‘Flourish and Prosper’ means trying to live with the suppression and out-create it by attempting to ‘Flourish and Prosper’ without confronting the real situation. It’s just plain wrong think and non-confront. It certainly is a ‘way out’ but you don’t get very far if you skip the ‘way through’ part.

  245. Wise words, definitely more than 2 cents or two bits!

  246. Hmmmm………..
    Nope. Still too kind.

  247. Forget London DM. This is my turf.
    No offense Anons – I know you would send the welcome wagons out 😉

  248. ExIntStaffMember

    Baghdad Bob, the “Art Series 8” for Tommy Davis:

  249. OTDT, you keep outdoing yourself! Brilliant.

  250. “LRH was not perfect”
    I have heard this tired line so many times and it comes across as an indictment that LRH failed to live up to some perceived God like status of perfection.
    LRH was a man and he gave of himself above and beyond what should be expected of any ‘normal’ man. He doesn’t (and never did) owe anyone anything.
    There comes a time when we should be more impressed by living up to our own expectations than sitting in judgement on others.

  251. Dr. Faust
    “There’s still enough people calling you a victim because you believe in LRH”
    Ooooooooooooooooh that’s a nice, big, fat, juicy generality!

  252. “Now you go home, go home and be decent people”. loved it thanks for posting this clip.

  253. ExIntStaffMember

    Mike, Tommy Davis is the “Baghdad Bob” of Scientology now. A totally pathetic liar about how great everything is going while the capital gates are about to be breached. What a laughing stock. There is one difference though. Baghdad Bob was likeable in his own goofy way despite the viciousness of the man he was working for.

  254. Sam, I agree completely. LRH was and is Scientology. He was a great man and I am proud that I had the opportunity not just to know him but to have served him. Love

  255. Dan Murnan was a very good friend and also sort of mentor to me when I was in Scientology. He was a working class guy who did all he could to go up the bridge including buying into the credit card lie. (Dan would always then work his tail off to pay off his credit cards) He was a carpenter by trade. I met him working on renovation of the Freewinds for the maiden voyage. He had one of the best work ethics I’ve ever seen then and since then. While working on renovating the Management Building on Hollywood Blvd. I was standing next to him when he told the CMO terminal (I think her last name was Alcock) that he was tired of watching the church waste hard earned parishioner funds with all the change orders. This was after we finished the 12th floor for OSA and we found out they sent down a design change and we had to demolish the floor. This was the biggest balls I’d ever seen in Scientology because #1 He was right and #2 He told off a high ranking CMO terminal. (probably got away with it because he was a public)

    I then remember going to events with Dan and he would be on the watch for SP’s trying to get in the events at the Shrine. This was back in the late 80’s early 90’s.

    I hope Dan finds this blog and uses his old discerning power to realize that the emperor has no clothes.


    Court Transcript

    Sentencing Hearing of David Miscavige:

    Court: David Miscavige, having been found guilty of 4,233 counts of human trafficking, 111 counts of assault and battery, 162 counts of kidnapping, 1,952 counts of perjury, is there anything you care to say before this court passes sentence?

    Defendant: Ah…Your Honor…ah…I was ah…I was just kidding? Heh-heh-heh.


  257. Nick McCabe-Lokos

    Hello Marty,

    I’m a journalist with CBC radio in Canada and I’d like to speak with you in regards to a Scientology piece that I’m working on. Can you send me an email when you’ve got a second?



  258. I hope they get cancelled because Suri seems a smart girl and she’d disconnect from her parents as soon as she hits the internet.

    Didn’t you talk about 2D losses as a cause of cancer in a previous entry? It would explain all those OT deaths as Davey is specialized in 2D brake ups.

    It’s seems real to me because cells faced by nonsurvival of bodyline can start to reproduce obsessively. I don’t have easy access to it but is there an LRH reference on that?

  259. ExIntStaffMember, thanks for that clip. I was actually thinking of Baghdad Bob yesterday. There is a big difference between him and Tommy Davis. Baghdad Bob in the interviews NEVER threw Saddam Heusien under the bus. He is actually a step up from Tommy Davis.
    Lets face it, the situation is untenable. The church’s image has been destroyed. And they cannot Dead Agent the truth. If the membership could justify any loyalty before, its all but gone now. Now is the time for them to take back their church or withdraw support and let it wither and die. The sooner the better. How many thousands or hundreds of thousands or even millions will never look into scientology because of its current practices and reputation. Thats the biggest crime in all this. The best PR and Marketting minds in the world cannot fix this mess without total willingness and support from the church to do the right thing. And that process can only begin with a clean slate.

  260. Amen brother!

    The fact that a man with his own case (just like the rest of us) was able to accomplish what LRH did only elevates him in my eyes.

    After all, Gods, being perfect and at cause by definition, have no need to struggle to accomplish. It comes easy. They just will it.

    It didn’t come easy for LRH. Yet he kept on moving forward on that Road to Truth, no matter what.

    Those who have never had what we call a “win” in Scientology auditing will NEVER understand the subject or why those who have actually experienced its benefits remain so devoted to LRH and the tech.

    They can rant and rail against OT3 and other LRH discoveries all they like. But just let them try to audit it as a properly set up case (which P. Haggis clearly was not). Then they will know firsthand the force and power of that material.

    EXPERIENCING Scientology is what it is all about (and I don’t mean DM’s “brand” of Scientology either).

    Lawrence Wright is probably the fairest and best writer to approach the subject of Scientology since its inception. But even he will fall way short of the mark, unless he actually bothers to put himself into the hands of an LRH trained auditor and experience its benefits firsthand.

  261. Oracle, amen!

    It’s so easy to distinguish between the typists and those who are doing something about it.

    Just Me

  262. Thumbs Up CD! OSA should watch this…oh yeah, they already have so then they should go and apply it.

  263. List of final demands made by DM to the District Attorney in last stages of plea bargaining:

    1. Bigger cell than Bernie Madoff has
    2. Ass-plug chastity belt with combination lock
    3. Unlimited visiting rights with Tom Cruise
    4. Bars on his cell door get to be brushed-nickel plated
    5. Prison name-tag allowed to say, “COB”
    6. Gets to keep his Shelly rubber blow-up doll
    7. Doesn’t have to get a prison hair cut right away
    8. Gets to bring Lou with him
    9. Set of special elevated rubber feet for use in shower
    10. Electrical connection to prison bars for unlimited grounding sessions
    11. Never has to expose his penis to others
    12. Can bring his own chef
    13. Custom tailoring of prison garb
    14. No TV shows on Scientology allowed in prison
    15. Marty not allowed to visit
    16. Willing to hold off on converting to Islam in prison
    17. Allowed to get tattoo of Tom Cruise removed from ass
    18. Will teach courses on ethics in exchange for special privileges
    19. Will cut the Fed gov’t a deal on all their printing needs in exchange for less prison time
    20. Will give Fed gov’t a good deal on a world wide network of really neat buildings in exchange for leniency

  264. Marty, WOW! And you thought you were busy before all this. I don’t know how you keep up with all this but I want you to know that you have my support and I’m sure many thousands of others. I won’t dev-t you with a long e-mail. Just want you and Mosey to know that I’m doing well . Much Love, Sargio

  265. The New Yorker piece is so well written I can’t quite believe it.

    Putting myself in the shoes of the non-Scientologist, reading the article, I would say that Tommy Davis absolutely comes off as a pathological liar.

    Those of us in the know, of course, know it’s coming via DM.

    But again, put yourself in the shoes of the uninitiated reader.

    Foot bullets abound!


    Wait a minute , Whats up with the all new front and it does not link back to the older stuff ? Maybe I just do not know how.

  267. Nick,

    There are a few Scientologists in Toronto area and I expect a few Independents.

    George S. (CBC) also did an interview with Paul Haggis a few months back. He may have a bit more background data.

  268. Catherine,

    I’ve always viewed that period as the prior confusion that preceded RTC and eventually Miscavige becoming the fixed stable datum.

    I remember a lot going on back then.

    For instance Bill Franks despite all his faults was trying to run the whole scene as a 3 D engram according to the book ‘Notes on the Lectures’ (you might notice that despite Miscavige’s claim of being the so called FOLT or “Finder of Lost Technology” that that technology has been lost and the book containing it has never been reissued) when RTC represented by Marlowe and the new Finance Gestapo in the person of Reynolds and an assortment of legal “experts” brought in by Spurlock bringing Starky (who they probably bribed with a bottle of rum) in tow to give the coup cred as “LRH’s Trustee” and of course the evil spawn Miscavige waiting in the wings as MAC I/C and M/C of the “event” where the Sea Org “took over” the Mission Network on the trumped up provocation of proto squirrel Wimbush (who mainly only operated out of Steven’s Creek and Riverside) by completely violating the HCOPL ‘Ethics and Franchise’ and subjecting the Franchise Holders to heavy ethics in order to extort millions of above and beyond the 10% tithe requested by policy.

    In other words they committed an illegal shake down of the mission network in order to pad SORs.

    Not only that but the coup compounded their felony by taking over the GO which was established as an autonomous body to prevent such a take over from occurring.

    After that there was nothing to stop the chosen one Miscavige from eventually seizing total control of the whole organization since they had managed to shift the whole organizational structure from one that was relatively democratic (this is why I pay little head to these people who say that we need to rewrite policy) which operated under the advise of an Advisory and Exec council to an oligarchy and eventually a dictatorship.

    In my opinion those who had been falsely reporting to the Ol’man that a take over was occurring were the ones who had set the eventual coup in motion and were using the destabilization of the GO as their signal flare to “move in” and seize control.

    Probably why no Board of Invest or as the “wogs” call it Postmortem was ever done on the GO’s obvious failure to abide by the strictures of the ‘Snow White *program*’ (in order for it to be an “operation” by standard Intel parlance it would have to have specific *operational* targets which it didn’t since it was merely a guideline for various operational projects. So either the confusion of the term program to *operation* either shows a person’s ignorance or is another propaganda by redefinition op) which had the overall purpose of eradicating the false reports forwarded by various government agencies such as the NSA, CIA, DOD, DOS and of course the FBI by “any legal means” meaning of course through the FOIA which the GO had worked assiduously on bolstering only to be rebuffed themselves for “reasons of ‘National Security'”.

    Yes you can thank those “criminals” as Miscavige likes to call them in the GO for adding sharp pointy teeth to the to the toothless legislation that formerly passed in the mid ’60’s under Johnson who used every trick in the book to sabotage it.

    But that’s another story.

    The main story here is that the coup used the obvious failure of the GO to abide by the law (you know the “law” that says the Government’s illegal activities against groups and individuals domestically in violation of the ‘Bill of Rights’ can never be revealed) and the subsequent chain saw massacre of the USGO by the FBI and their trumped up “Stipulation of Evidence” that turned a “fugitive” into a “hostage” in such blatant violation of “double jeopardy” that it would make any Star Chamber wring their hands in glee.

    But again that’s another story.

    The main story here is that the Sea Org seems to have been foisted on their own petard here in slow motion as the FBI slowly moves in for the kill.

    I mean if there is anything that exemplifies the DED/DEDEX phenomenon and the overt motivator sequence.

    It’s got to be what is happening now.

    I mean the FBI are no angels and those who are our enemies are not necessarily our friends but in this case I’ll make an exception.

    Call it vengeance for all those years that many of us tried to put the scene right by demanding that the organization apply standard policy and tech and also follow the precepts covered in ‘The Way to Happiness’ particularly Ron’s admonishment not to do anything illegal like for instance running some kind of slave camp and fraudulently misrepresenting themselves as an organization that applies Scientology.

    Yes I think many of us will savor this vengeful cold plate with some relish.

    Dave you’re going down and you’re going down big time.

    You had your chance for some good ol’ Scientology ethics.

    Now you’re you are going to be like a bug crushed under the heavy wheels of justice.

    Don’t worry we’ll all be fine without your “leadership”.

    Scientology doesn’t need you.

    Now go turn yourself in to the FBI and they might go easy on you.

    Sorry Catherine.

    Got a bit carried away 🙂

  269. 100%!!!!

  270. Court: Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahah!!!!!

    Judge (who isn’t laughing or even smiling): I’m attaching an additional three months to your 99 year sentence for contempt of court.

    Bailiff bring in the next defendant for sentencing.

    That actor….

    What’s his name….

    Used to be big at one time….

  271. Great! Communication expressed as violence!

  272. Tory Christman

    Also keep in mind a few things:
    Marty and Mike are Scientologists, Mark Bunker and Joe Lynn never were. Marty and Mike know the game inside and out—so of course DFB, you’re going to “Like how they did it better”. 🙂

    Also, this video was years ago. Even Mark and Joe Lynn have evolved, as have many critics of this insidious organization. The only people who have NOT changed, are those that are still “in”. Sad, but true.

  273. martyrathbun09

    Yo Sarge. Great to hear it! Let us know when you are coming south.

  274. I totally second that sentiment Sam.


  275. Well said Publius.

    If Larry Wright wants some good *Standard* Scientology auditing.

    I’m sure there are many of us posting on this board us that would be happy to give him a session.

  276. Expelled 4 Life

    From AOL News:

    “AOL News reported Monday that a federal law enforcement official said the Scientology investigation had “fallen short” and that no criminal charges are expected.”

    Link hereHope it’s not so.

  277. That’s because the actual web address is:

    CD daaaarling 😉

    For more fun slap on that tin foil hat and read the following.

    It was a classic back in the day:

  278. People that are in do change……

    It is hardto watch, so I replaced the . with dot. Change it back. You may get upset, angry or sad. And probably even blame the protesters. But remember who has done the grinding far better than any protester ever can. Decades in the Church. It may be hard to confront for Scientologists to see Dan Murman this way.


  279. Sorry Erwin I can’t take credit for those accidental words of wisdom coming from any of my posts.

    Musta been someone else.

    Very true though.

  280. Don’t worry Loki, the subject of Scientology (that LRH created) has five aces plus a wildcard. I’d say it’s a safe bet to go “all in”.

  281. Publius, Well said! I don’t know if his biography is correct or not. I worked for him for years and was then and am now in awe at what he did and the kind of man he was. Love

  282. His condition is “copyright”.

    It’s the one you can find right at the very bottom of the page, in small letters, far below “Treason”.

  283. Tory Christman

    In 2001 I wrote a series called “OSA In Hell” basically about Davey boy in
    Hell. I cannot find 1-7 …they are somewhere to be found, but here in Part 8:
    I thought you’d all enjoy some humor …and although it’s taken a few more years than we thought…it seems to be coming very true! =)

  284. There has been quite a few sites piling on this Category 7 storm!

    Even a site called “Celebrity Dirty Laundry” referring to the Silver Screen article earlier on Marty’s blog:
    “Tom Cruise had special luxury bus made using Scientology slave labor, according to the church’s former Inspector General, Mark Rathbun, who also claims to have top-secret internal emails proving his claim.

    “The bus, named ‘Silver Screen,’ was a present to Cruise from his close friend, Scientology’s mysterious leader David Miscavige. According to one email Rathbun says was written by Yvonne Gonzalves, the Director of Vehicles of the Sea Org branch, the top-secret and sinister organization within the Church which was responsible for building the trailer-style bus, staffers put in nearly 9,000 man hours to produce the vehicle. Two shifts worked steadily for a total of 17 hour each day, she wrote in the email.”

  285. “but often could not himself life up to his own ideals or advice.”

    Well, I think there is also the aspect of LRH that was deeply practical. Having figured out the most central meaning and whereabouts of truth, he also recognized that there were such things in today’s world as “PR”, “first impressions”, “stigma”, etc. … and basically made (or allowed others to make) strategic decisions, which ultimately didn’t work out and/or backfired.

    So I’m not so sure that it’s “couldn’t live up to his ideals” as much as “didn’t have the best strategy” when it came to rolling out the organization and managing image.

  286. Tony DePhillips

    Way to go Oracle! That was shweet…

  287. “The inanity of this comment…”

    Couldn’t agree with you more Jim (and Mike). When I read that statement by Davis, my jaw just fell to the floor. What complete idiocy.

  288. Thank you for posting those wonderful words of wisdom from the “Man Behind Scientology”.

    Hopefully he will be able to drop those pearls in front of other lowly swine as the “Man Behind Scientology Behind Bars” 🙂

    Oh BTW OSA could you convey this lil’ditty to your boss:

  289. Tony DePhillips


  290. There is some heavy-duty commenting going on there, because the article AOL published leads off with a survey type headline about whether TC and the CoS are receiving too much attention. OSAbots jumped on this of course.

    It’s a good opportunity for whistleblowers and Independents to present our views through our comments. You will need to signup for an account to post:

  291. Hi Nick,
    Marty’s email address is listed on this website.

  292. HA HA HA HA!

  293. I read it. Ha ha ha! The Adventures of Davey in Hell.

  294. Big warm winter hugs to you, Sarge. If you want to come south (but not as far south as Corpus), come see us.
    Just Me

  295. I have to admit, I feel pretty out-classed by the people on this blog. So much happening so fast and you’re all on top of it. Amazing! My jaw has been on the ground for a couple days. I’m catching up, though. I just want to take this opportunity to thank you all for Being There And Communicating! love, 1SP

  296. Well ‘Exposed for Life’, this brings up a very deep concern I have about Miscavige and Co. ever getting indicted in the U.S. I think that a big problem is that the government(s) along with it’s law enforcement agencies for whatever reason are just loathe to go after a “religious” organization with full 501(c)3 status. I think it’s not a coincidence that ever since Miscavige got the full IRS accreditation that the government backed off. Just look at all they’ve gotten away with over the past 20 years. I’m just blown away that Mark Headley’s lawsuit got tossed out. And it’s not just in this country either. A few years ago Germany looked like they were ready and certain to kick the COS out completely. At the last minute they backed off.

    I am just not going to place any hope in the idea of Miscavige getting his just desserts in a court of law. I’ve been disappointed too many times to put any faith in law enforcement. But this extra focus on him and what he’s doing is still very beneficial. It will serve to further starve an already dying beast. The grassroots efforts to expose him and his minions will probably be the only way to put an end to the abuses. Governments are just too corrupt and cowardly to protect it’s citizens anymore.

    I really appreciate Marty and Mark for providing a safe haven, so to speak, for former members to come and speak out, and also to get services. I myself am not a practicing Scientologist, but I believe that it is good that those who are can continue to practice outside of the broken and compromised COS.

  297. At the age of 16, I became certified as a scuba diver. We had to go down 60 feet in Lake Travis near the dam, where the depth is about 200 feet, It was very cold and pitch black. You could not see your hand in front of your face. My diving partner (male military guy whom I did not know well) had a knife and I didn’t. I started thinking about what he could do to me down there with that knife, and how no one would ever even find me. I was most relieved to get back to the surface.
    With all the stories I have heard about Dave and his apparent paranoia, (just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean someone isn’t out to kill you); it was an easy extrapolation to realize that he would never go diving with anyone else who had a knife.

  298. “The church’s image has been destroyed. ”
    Let me add the further damage from this. Institutional mental health abuses, inroads or control over society can never be effectiviely challenged by the Church. They would be laughed out of the room on any public forum. Whether our concern was legitimate or just PR, its over now. Credibility=zero.

  299. Fellow Traveller

    Wow! I must be seeing Pythia speak such pithy remarks!

    Bruce Pratt

  300. Expelled 4 Life

    It should be noted that Marty, the St Pete Times and Catholic On Line got some pretty good props on the AOL article. It should also be noted that the OSA bots are accusing Wright of “cut and pasting” his article. Is that the pot calling the kettle black or what?

  301. “Who?”

    Just look at the “natter boards”.

    No need to get defensive. I believe Mr. Rathbun is more than capable to defend himself, as he has shown on numerous occasions, including this one.
    You can attack someone’s work because it may be factually incorrect. I merely take issue with the way someone’s work is dismissed because he is deemed a “victim”.

    If I went over the mark, I apologize.

  302. Holy Cow!

  303. Theo,

    I don’t want to rain on your parade or burst your bubble or whatever but the concept of fraud as far as a religious practice (never mind an applied religious philosophy) is a hard concept to convey.

    Here in the US there is the imposing First Amendment hurdle which is a blessing and a curse (a blessing that protects us from the depredations of the Church while at the same time a curse making it difficult actually damn near impossible to impose any legal restraints on their squirreling)though I’d rather be partially blessed with it than totally cursed without it.

    Meaning this battle in my opinion will never be won in any legal arena with the exception of forcing the Rabid Squirrel’s lil Gestapo and any of his “friends” away from infringing on our right to practice Standard Scientology which is the exact reason for the First Amendment in the first place:

    To prevent the religious warfare that was occurring in Europe under the Reformation.

    That said it’s even questionable that the Government Approved Church can enforce copyright and trademark violations.

    That they were able to get away in the past was because 1) the author of this work was alive and 2) because he assigned the duty to his direct agent HCO under his supervision.

    Now that I’ve typed this.

    I just realized that there is probably an Achilles heel in all of this and that is RTC’s failure to abide by the original transfer agreement that the author signed when he transfered which included various stipulations such as “maintaining the purity of the Technology”.

    And also CST’s failure to protect the copyrights from abuse from within the organization by allowing RTC to foist something else on the public and call it “Scientology”.

    Not to mention the fact that neither of them superseded or replaced HCO’s function to preserve both the copyrights and trademarks “in perpetuity” which means a very long time like *forever*.

    As it says in the following policy:

    Begin fair use

    37 Fitzroy Street, London W. I

    The most important function of HCO in any organization is that which justifies its existence.

    Being the purveyor of ethics, technology and awards, HCO must then first and foremost of all its duties, be the keeper of every seal, copyright, trademark, registered mark, master tape, master book copy, and master bulletin file in the organization.

    HCO Secretaries should act at once to take unto themselves and keep locked secure and not available to anyone else, the seals of the organization in the area. HCO seals for certificate validation or sealing are HCO’s by right. Organization seals are held by HCO for the “Secretarial of the Executive Director” of HASI. If HCO sees or hears of any new seals being made up for whatever purpose, the order is “seize and ask for instructions later”.

    None are permitted to use such seals or any seals except HCO.
    All this applies now and later. And it will become more important as time goes on. Seals, regulation of, permits only legal certificates, documents and minutes to be sealed.

    Similarly, any book on Dianetics and Scientology must be copyrighted in the name of L. Ron Hubbard and the copyright becomes the property of HCO. No copyright of anything must ever be permitted to escape. In the case of its having been done (a book on the subject copyrighted in the name of someone or something else) HCO Secretary in the
    area must request an assignment of copyright to L. Ron Hubbard from its present owner and must be tireless and remorseless in getting the copyright, using any available means at whatever cost.

    Similarly any trademark, registered mark, or patent for any sign, symbol, shield, device or design for Dianetics or Scientology or their organizations must be secured fox HCO. All these are registered to L. Ron,Hubbard and by blanket transfer are the property of HCO only. The name in which it is done is L. Ron Hubbard; the owner is then HCO.
    In the case of a new symbol, design, shield, device, or name, HCO registers the mark first and argues afterwards.

    Don’t worry ever about cost of this. They’re priceless to HCO and other people like to tell HCO it’s too much trouble or too expensive, leaving the matter susceptible to piracy.

    Master Tapes, Master Book Copies, Master Bulletin Files are all the property of HCO. Seize, hold, reissue only when you are sure you have your master copy and that the inferior copies can be issued without hurting your file.
    HCO Secretaries have in this their first order of action, their first and continuingly most important duty. The items
    mentioned here are even ahead of pay cheque since they are the source of pay cheques for all.
    Register anything, copyright anything, seize anything like this in the country of the HCO area, entirely independent
    of any other or the main HCO office.
    Only when you have all these do you have an HCO.

    Don’t let one seal, one copyright, one design, one device, or even the names Dianetics and Scientology escape you on this. All the money you need to hire experts, lawyers, artists and pay fees is yours for the asking from the main office of HCO. Just ask.

    What is the first duty of a new HCO Secretary? Seals, copyrights, marks, tapes, bulletins and books.

    What is her chief continuing duty? Seals, copyrights, marks, tapes, bulletins and books, keeping them registered, registering any new ones, and using those we have.

    What is her substance of office? Seals, copyrights, marks, tapes, bulletins and books.

    What is her authority for being in office? My orders, the seals, copyrights, marks, tapes, bulletins and books.

    She does not copy tapes from tapes or sell books or bulletins. She is the source of the copy people use to copy or print and use and sell. She is source in her area.

    Given no part of this we have no HCO, no Dianetics, no Scientology, no clear Earth. All is confusion everywhere. Given it we have indeed brought order.

    Concentrate on doing this. All else that we do then falls into line. Bring order first to our substance-seals, ethics, technology and awards. If we don’t own it we can’t tell anyone anything. And we do own it. Only we have to collect it.

    Our possessions must not be permitted to lie in the rain.

    LRH:rs.rd Copyright @ 19 5 8 by L. Ron Hubbard ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

    Which makes one wonder why HCO is sitting on its fat duff while the lil Pirate Dave is squirreling the tech?

    I’d say you guys in HCO better put in ethics on the rabid Squirrel before the public does your job for you.

    In other words either “HCO brings order” or gets outa the fuckin’ way?

  304. Marty,

    Where’s our Troll Terminator loki when you need her?

  305. Just Me, I’m really getting fond of the people in your neck of the woods and who knows, once I start visiting I may show up all over the place. Love

  306. I am so freaking happy and hopeful and excited for you all. Great, great, great work. I am so juiced to finally see justice done.

  307. Thank you. Very sorry to hear about Dennis. Glad you are here.

  308. Scott Campbell

    Erwin Croughs,

    I do recall something about LRH saying that it is an effort by the organism to survive when the being is trying to succumb. Can’t recall where I saw the ref at the moment. Makes sense though. Whenever life’s survival is threatened it tries to reproduce compulsively.

    That’s why people in the countries with the lowest economic and personal freedom also have the highest birth rates and shortest life spans. People need to be free to create their own standard of living and prosperity. Then they will regulate their reproduction to match the population level that their natural environment and self-created infrastructure will sustain. Just giving them food doesn’t help. It only creates artificially high populations which are unsustainable by the natural environment and existing infrastructure.

    My two cents.


  309. This story is a tiny bit exaggerated. I try to keep mine 100% accurate.

  310. Transcript of phone call between DM and TC this morning:

    TC: Dave, WTF? WTF?! Phoof! Phitt!Whew!

    DM: Tom, ever think of moving to the Caribbean?

    Sorry…that’s all we were able to get.

  311. Scott Campbell

    Great comment, RJ.

    Had to say it. Your indications are spot-on.

    Please carry-on with getting carried away.


  312. I heard DM is pretty tough. Someone told me they saw him hold his hand directly over a flashlight for like…20 seconds…until his hand actually got almost hot. Damn. What determination.

  313. Scott Campbell

    Lady Minn,

    Flunk to anyone who didn’t catch the brilliance of the “why” in your comment:

    “This is the same conference where many of the mission holders and public there, signed the petition that got passed around that assigned the Sea Org the Condition of Confusion. I signed that conditions order. Our only problem was we failed to enforce it. Thirty years later, we are finally enforcing the condition. LRH says you get the condition that you fail to assign and enforce. And he was so right. Look at what we have been through because we didn’t take care of the bastard thirty years ago.”

    You got it, Catherine. Remind me to tell to a story about the result of enforcing a correct condition on the MEST of the entire Freewinds if I see you at the Independents Day celebration.


  314. Kathy Braceland

    Interesting story about Bill Franks. He was the E.D. of FCDC when I was Qual Sec training in 1976. Jeannie (Bougvard/Sonnenfeld) Franks was the Qual Sec of FCDC. He terrorized the staff on a daily basis; he treated them very badly whether they were upstat or downstat. Stanley Dubin happened to be a favourite that he delighted in hurting and humiliating.

    One Saturday night, a bunch of the staff had a party at one of their apartments and I was invited. I was pulled aside separately by 2 different staff members who told me Bill Franks used to bring a gun to staff meetings and would point it at staff members. They were scared to death.

    Funny that Lady Minn mentioned that Bill Franks said he was held at gunpoint. Maybe it was one of his old staff members….

  315. Marty, I hope you know by now that I only wish to help the movement grow and survive with my points of view as I express here and other places. With that in mind, I guess I fail to see how bashing Bill Franks is supposed to help the Independents or forward our purposes. In particular, I don’t see how this is going to get him off the sidelines and back in the fight.
    Was he not made ED Int by Ron Hubbard personally?
    Surely Ron saw great worth in this being, so instead of flaming him, why not seek to rekindle his failed purpose and make him one of us?
    Michael A. Hobson

  316. Actually the cult will only be legally fucked in regards to ” witness tampering” if the exes involved become actual witnesses scheduled to testify in an ongoing case or if they try to prevent or intimidate people from speaking with Law enforcement officers in an ongoing open investigation. I have no doubts the cult and their henchmen are well versed in the law and exactly what they can and can’t do when it comes to harassing people and exactly where the line is that they can push, bend, but try to be careful not to break. ( But of course, everyone makes mistakes and I’m sure Marty has an eye for detail in that dept. I’m also sure when Marty catches them in a great footbullet he doesn’t announce it ) They also seem to think as long as PIs are hired via lawyers that their activities could never be traced back to the cult and DM. So I don’t expect the pesky cult gnats to stop their cowardly intimidation tactics, esp their disgusting harassment ofMosey when Marty isn’t around, anytime soon. But I’ll be curious if a change of tactics are displayed. Not to mention we’ve all seen evidence of patently illegal things done by DM I’m sure he thinks his tracks were covered on. As for the PI bullshit and harassment, does anyone really think DM could go an entire day without hearing how many fish Marty caught or what Mike had for breakfast? He’s like their deranged stalker boyfriend, but with lots of other people money to indulge his fetish.

    Not that it wouldn’t be great if all the BS stopped for all the exes talking but if it did we’d probably think DM ran away to Central America or dropped dead. He’s addicted to Marty and Mike. Maybe you guys should send your ardent admirer a valentine next week., just a thought.

  317. Scott Campbell

    You’re too much, Brotha’. I gotta hand it to you. You made me laugh out loud on this one.


  318. Wow like I heard that Cruise did the same thing.

    Only he turned the flashlight on this time…..

  319. Kathy Braceland

    theoracle, You’re right. Well said!

  320. Thanks OTDT, that was a perfect Post Script to the “Fairy” Tale.
    Much Love, Lady Min

  321. New Book coming out: “COB in Curacau” by Lady Minn

  322. Tory Christman

    Thanks, OTDT! I had fun writing it, and ya know what?
    He really *does* fit right in with the Devil! =)

  323. Love your work on this page, OTDT. The TC line cracked me up.

  324. Rather looks to me like he’s applying TR0. Yes, it looks creepy.

  325. I don’t know about “fraud” as such, but aren’t staff promised in writing that they will receive auditing and training, and that they are supposed to get 2 1/2 hours of study time every night? Is this written into the contracts?

    If so, there might be legitimate claims that the orgs breached their contracts whenever they did not fulfil their side of the bargain.

  326. Great insight. When you happen upon the reference, let me know.

    Giving water, food and medication to third world countries is just another way to increase the problem you’re pretending to solve so as to extract even more taxes while increasing third world dependency.

    The solution lays of course in increasing the ability of the population to survive. Collective guaranteed care for the elderly takes away the need to produce kids. In their productive years people can then focus on producing food, water and medication. That increases their self determinism and survival potential. Fewer kids make it even easier to feed the population and survive better, etc.

    That can also turn the other way like in the Western world. We’re not making enough kids to survive and thus have to import people from countries with less survival. But then we get scared of our culture being wiped out, thus we get racial conflicts, etc. The solution for that is of course tolerance and spiritual advancement or…… better comm between marital partners.

  327. Love this one OTDT! One of the best, but then you have so many! Can’t stop laughing. #15 is especially funny: Marty not allowed to visit.
    ML, LM

  328. Sargio, When you come this way, fly or drive into Austin. Then we’ll “mosey” on down to Corpus together, after we introduce you to the Austin Indy delegation at KickButt Coffee! Would love to meet you and hear more LRH stories.
    Much love, Catherine

  329. The one thing Dave hates more than a court of law is the “court” of public opinion. Who will listen to him now? This huge outflow of negative media attention is probably worse than a jail sentence to him. Don’t fret, as we say in Texas, now he’s gonna have to mind his “p’s” and “q’s”. At least more than before. The ante has just been upped!

  330. I am around RJ, don’t panic.
    The game is changing a bit. Try to keep up.
    Besides, plenty of troll spotters out there. Its not the realm of great conspiracies and speculation but you might take to it after a while. I don’t recall you ever spotted on, try it.

  331. Thanks Cat Daddy, Great Idea! COB IN CURACAO….the outline to the book is above. The Fairy Tale just goes on and on and on……maybe it could be converted to a screeplay and Steven Spielberg could have TC play himself. But who is going to play COB if he is at ClubFed?
    Much love, Lady Min

  332. Wow, he must have even felt the heat.

  333. plainoldthetan

    I’m no lawyer, but as I *know* that Sea Org members aren’t required to be ordained ministers, and I *know* that many Sea Org auditors haven’t been ordained (in violation of policy), one of the first things I would do if I was the FBI was to get copies of the ministerial certificates of EVERYONE on Int Base, making sure that there’s backing documentation to prove they did the course, went through the ordination ceremony, and so forth. Now that I’ve written this, I can just see Jenny Linson orchestrating an Int-Base-wide campaign to create counterfeit ministerial certs.

  334. plainoldthetan

    Sorry, Valkov, the staff contract does NOT promise enhancement, and the Sea Org contract doesn’t either. Granted that LRH policy DOES say that enhancement should be proviced, but we all know that staff enhancement is one of the first things thrown out the window when the faintest whiff of Miscavige not making his targets is sensed.

  335. Good to see you are still out there in the blogosphere ready to pounce on any unworthy troll.

    Troll spotting’s never been my forte.

    I give it a try every once in a while with mixed results.

    Probably the best thing is to starve the lil’suckers.

    Though it’s not as much fun as a troll roast 🙂

  336. As POT says Val.

    It’s really not *promised*.

    Also having been an SSO myself I’ve seen both sides of the equation.

    Like the staff members who have “other things” to do than get their enhancement.

    Some who just plain refuse to go to study.

    In other words its not just there seniors or someone else throwing up road blocks.

    Same with auditing.

    Man the excuses I used to hear from staff would fill a book!

    In fact we used to have a chart on the wall with reasons listed on it that they could point to instead of having to explain 🙂

    As the old saying goes:

    “You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink.”

  337. TheOracle –

    A “critic” has been saying exactly what Marty is now saying for far longer than Marty has been saying it.

    In fact, a “critic” is one who Marty & Mike spent decades in the Church trying to “shudder into silence” while they ran OSA.

    Let’s not re-write history, mmkay?


  338. Pure bullshit that the headley’s got their cases thrown out by the judge on religious grounds, all the time scientology upper ranks rub their hands laughing at everyone because of this shield of fiction they have.

  339. I miss him sometimes

  340. Mike R

    Is LRH “PR” still a major part of the ‘job description” for Tommy? or is his new task to protect the image of David Miscavige? Maybe diminishing LRHs images could help that cause. Take the people with an unshakeable belief in the tech and expose them to the idea that LRH was a flawed individual = “Thank God there was COB”

    He clearly blew it on other fronts.

    The church has a reputation of being ruthlessly greedy. DM’s lavish existence gets compared (in the article) to the average S.O. members and what does Tommy do? He characterizes a 70,000 dollar gift to DM (paid in large part by the $50 a week crowd) as “tokens of love and respect”. Really? a non-profit religious leader receives $70K gifts? He considers them token? It conjures up images of peasants throwing forced sacrifices at the throne of a king. I’m not a PR guy, Mike, but I don’t think that is good “positioning”.

  341. Don. Nice to hear from you buddy.

    Tommy’s job is utterly to protect the image of Dear Leader. He may be beaten or sent to the hole if anyone says anything negative (whether true or not) about DM that he doesnt forcefully respond to with an over-the-top explosion. Lies about LRH, meh… Make the tech look bad, too bad… Make myself look like moron in front of the world — big deal as long as Dear Leader still lets me sleep in a bed and not on the floor and I can eat something other than rice and beans….

    As for the “tokens of love and respect”, all I can say to that wonderous lie (given to him directly from the master of humility himself, The Emperor with No Clothes — as you know that was a preplanned answer to questions sent to them in writing and is what Dear Leader delusorily thinks is the case) is Yeccchhhhhh. I’m gagging.

  342. And what would you bet, that the C of S NEVER informed Denise Duff and Michael Duff, when they were being pimped as bounty hunters in Corpus Christie, that they were mingled in an investigation and were witness tampering?

    This is how the uppers in management are willing to throw their finest under the bus. Straight up treason.

  343. Think you might be referring to the East River.

  344. MQ

    Well ain’t ya an Amerigo Vespucci .

    Doncha know us SoCal types are geographically challenged when it comes to anything north of Santa Barbara and east of San Bernardino.


  345. Hi every one, here every one is sharing these kinds of familiarity, therefore it’s fastidious to read this blog, and I used to pay a quick visit this webpage all the time.

  346. I applaud and thank you (Mark ‘Marty’ Rathburn and Claire Headley) for your courage and bravery in sharing your stories. It can help raise awareness and may save lives. I applaud others whom I do not know their names to state who have also shared their stories.

    When I first heard about Scientology and the book Dianetics back like twenty years ago, it seemed to be an enlightened path from what I had heard. But something about it felt off at my gut level.

    Over the years, as I have heard of other peoples’ real-life accounts of what was done to them and others after becoming involved with the organization, especially audit stuff, SEA, the billion year contract, refusing to let them be free or leave, refusing them food or medical attention (even when pregnant), the attacks and violence, monitoring their every move, the hard labor (again, even when pregnant), the hole, etc., it became clear it is a dangerous, even criminal cult.

    I respect and admire both your bravery. I am strongly against the organization’s approaches, views, heavy indoctrination, abuse, torture, deceptions, intimidation, manipulation, etc.. That had to have been a confusing, traumatizing, painful journey.

    I hope you are doing well, and I wish the very best for you. If I can be of support to you, I am here.

    I apologize for any typos. I am sending this via my phone, and it is hard to see the tiny characters.

    Jamie Denson | Life Solutions — Mind-Body Medicine

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