The New Yorker: Miscavige and Cruise caught lying

Why is Miscavige's personal secretary posing with 1,000 lbs of burl?

The combined responses of Tom Cruise’s representatives and David Miscavige’s representatives to the fact that substantial church of Scientology labor was used to construct Cruise’s hangar and Ford Excursion vehicle in essence said:  John Brousseau only served as a consultant to such projects and no church labor was applied (it was all contracted work).   John Broussau rebuts Cruise and Miscavige here in about as authoritative a fashion as possible (with substantial physical evidence). 

John Brousseau’s time, place, form and event:

John Brousseau settles it 

PS: This is only the very tip of the iceberg.

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  1. Hell yeah baby! 😀

  2. hot dawwwwwg diggity, actually dox!!!!

    Thank You JB!

  3. Hey JB, when I get to be rich and famous, I will absolutely hire you to do my custom Maybach. Custom grasshopper in the grill, and everything. Only, I’d pay you for it…

    Really – excellent work. Not bad for a “consultant.”

  4. From the IRS website (first hit on inurement on Google):

    Inurement/Private Benefit – Charitable Organizations

    A section 501(c)(3) organization must not be organized or operated for the benefit of private interests, such as the creator or the creator’s family, shareholders of the organization, other designated individuals, or persons controlled directly or indirectly by such private interests. No part of the net earnings of a section 501(c)(3) organization may inure to the benefit of any private shareholder or individual. A private shareholder or individual is a person having a personal and private interest in the activities of the organization.,,id=123297,00.html

    Something about reading these words just warms the cockles of my heart.

    John Brousseau: You do fabulous work and I sincerely hope you are doing something now that uses those talents displayed in the document to their fullest. And not to the inurement of someone who is taking advantage of the $50.00/week slaves in DM’s Scientology!

  5. Scott Campbell

    Excellent documentation, JB.

    Thank god that you are such a conscientious and professional craftsman, meticulously documenting your work photographically and detailing the Time, Place, Form and Event so thoroughly.

    Any skilled tradesman knows that photo documentation of construction progress is standard procedure for many professional contractors these days, but how fortunate that you acted with such professionalism even during the unusual circumstances of working in the Sea Org.

    Bravo, JB! You are a man sure to be reckoned with. Thank you for helping us.

    L, Scott

  6. Burly.

  7. Outstanding documentation!

    JB, you are truly a magnificant artistic craftsman! I am so impressed with the quality of your work!

  8. Fellow Traveller

    What a burl! Quelle iceberg!

    JB — you are a master craftsman. I can kinda gen your thoughts and feelings on your efforts and effects. Thanks again for your self determined realignment of them.

    Bruce Pratt

  9. If I ever win the lottery or otherwise strike it seriously rich, I definitely want to hire JB to do some custom work for me. The burl work in the
    Cruisemobile is absolutely awesome. What a contrast … the awesome work vs the putrid nature of the inurement that commissioned it.


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  11. JB, your work is breath-taking, and you were so damned smart to document it so extensively.

    (I am even happier than before to know that dm is being deprived of your considerable talents and incredible work ethic. You are such a valuable asset.)

  12. P.S.

    Just want to say (and no disrespect to victims of the Titanic), but I just love me a good iceberg…

  13. Kathy Braceland

    Wow. JB — your work is magnificent!! Beautiful, just beautiful. In life, the job you did on the Excursion alone would net you 100+ G’s. And then a Mont Blanc pen on top of it with the same wood in the Excursion? Oh my god…. The model plane, the motorcycles, the hangar…. Priceless. You could have retired with the money you should have made on these projects alone. I say alone because I know you did MANY other projects — oh, like the Freewinds reno’s you did…a year of work wasn’t it? At $50/week for you and the guys that worked with you? And I think that’s only if you were upstat. Like working your ass off for 100+ hours a week isn’t upstat in itself. If you only worked 100 hours, that gives you 50 cents an hour. That is so wrong, in so many ways.

    That a representative of the Church would use church status to get a deal on a vehicle for Tom Cruise is reprehensible. Propitiation at it’s best.

    Too bad that Tom Cruise accepted Steven Spielberg’s heartfelt, thoughtful gift — a beautifully hand painted motorcycle and ask for it to be destroyed. He certainly could have bought the same motorcycle and got it done the way he wanted and keep the gift he received pure. Ah well….

    I know this is only a little piece of the iceberg and there’s so much more to come. I say great! More fuel for the fire.

  14. Who is that chick? That is not Laurisse, is it?

  15. Carol Bourke

  16. When do we see the full iceberg?

  17. Is Carol Bourke married?

  18. Yes, to Thomas Bourke, a designer in Central Marketing.

  19. Possible Tom Cruise statement:

    “Hey, DM told me he was having to pay contractors for all that stuff! What the hell did he do with all that money I gave him, then???”

  20. What kind of relationship do Carol Burke and DM having? Where can I see a photo of Emily, the other DM assistant?

    Are all his assistants women?

  21. Holy Crap!

    Nice job JB!!

    Now … I am floored of the wastage of valuable Sea Org member’s time catering to ANY Scientologist in this fashion, movie start or not.

    And the equipment!!!


    Lord … what a mess! LRH would have Miscavige skewered at the Explorer’s Club for this.

    I almost tossed my cookies when I read:

    “Tom loved it as it had come from a tree at the Int base, where he had achieved the state of Clear in the early 90’s. DM let him know that it was a special piece of wood from the Int base and Tom raved about it.”

    These guys just drool & coo over one another.

    All I can say is one big FIXATION on MEST …

    And getting something for nothing.

    Like minds – Reactive and Criminal – Miscavige & Tom Cruise

    What a disgrace!

  22. Oh yes, I am sure LRH would have approved all that for TC – no problem.
    I just don’t get it. Cruise can pick up the phone and have non sea org people designing and building such things for him any day of the year. Why is this happening? Can TC not see that there is something pathetic about using SO personnel to cater to a rich man’s vanity? My god, right now all those high pressure sales lines thrown at me by recruiters all those years, sometimes as if to make me feel like a betrayer of LRH for being qualed but not in the SO, are ringing in my ears. “Don’t you want to help LRH!!??”…..”Only db’s refuse to see the SO as their duty”……”Isn’t it your purpose to clear the planet???”

    And all that time I felt like crap for refusing. And to think I could have been working for TC, just as LRH would have wanted. After all, we can’t clear the planet without good ol’ Tom and his wife having a custom SUV now, can we?

    DM is a blight on the legacy of LRH and the true purpose of the SO. The sooner he goes down, the better. The next act of clearing should be DM clearing out his desk and heading off to Club Fed.


  23. JB,

    Beautiful freakin’ work!!!

    Cruise is a spoiled brat. Period.

    DM is an ass-kissing freak.

    Unnaturally close? I’d say so, Mike.

  24. Is Ivonne Gonzalvez also a personal DM assistant?

    Is there a chance that Tom Cruise doesn’t know what DM orders his sea org members?

    Are the other celebs spoiled like Tom Cruise? What about John Travolta?
    Or the other celebs?

  25. Do you guys know Emory Meade? If he has no problem with it, IRS might have none too.

    Question is how often did SO guys work for TC or other celeb? Just a few times? What about TC status as honorary SO member. If he is SO too, they were supporting one of their own who has in a better position than they promoting Scientology to the public.

    It is said that TC brought more people to Scientology than anyone else.

  26. Nice work JB! You’ll probably get some offers of commissions from oil sheiks or others who want a vehicle by the guy that did Tom Cruise’s vehicle. They will soon know about your work because…

    …this is gonna go viral.

  27. I am assuming that the IRS grants 501C3s to entities that it consider ETHICAL and without FINANCIAL IRREGULARITIES.

    But Radical TALIBAN Scientology reeks of FINANCIAL IRREGULARITIES.

    ++++++Use Sea Org members to pimp up the Real Estate of Tom Cruise.
    ++++++ Use Sea Org Labor, for personal favors for Tom Cruise, from Personal Chef activities ~~ Sinar…please chip in~~ to SLEEP DEPRIVATION to plant flowers on INT BASE so Tom could skip through the wildflowers
    ++++++Use John Brousseau to drive round trip to OREGON multiple times to PIMP up further real estate of Tom Cruise.

    +++++++Gouge Parishioners for “Library Donations”, when these books are often thrown in the dumpster, or sold off for $1 racks. The CULT knowingly continued to reg for these FANTASY Library donations long after they knew the scene.
    ++++++++The cult’s books are not audited, so there is no verification that library donations actually were and even shipped.

    ++++Massive over regging and gouging of Parishioners for RIP- off no exchange.
    Not for auditing, not for training, but for “Ideal Orgs” for a photo Op for DM and the bragging that the Church has more REAL Estate.

    ++++They do not disclose to the rank and file that they are sitting with $1 billion to $1.5 billion in reserves, but demand that the sucker take out a 2nd and 3rd mortgage to become a



    +++++++Years and Years of their Sales teams making unauthorised purchases billed to credit cards on accounts, this has occurred on VISA, MC and AMEX. They even lost their privileges with AMEX for this for a period of time with certain “Churches.”

    ++++++++Regging people to pay $40,000 to IAS for Patron Status and then to DECLARE Bankruptcy so that AMEX paid for the Patron Fees. In the early 1990s, I know of 3 people that did this. Jessica Hollingsworth speak up !

    +++++++++Sucking out $$$$ from the meagre payroll for DM Birthday gift from the crew, no power of choice of the staff member.

    +++++++++There are many many more, you get the idea.

    JB thanks for the great images. You did a fine job to show the extreme lying from the CULT. They LIE LIE LIE. They lie on their fictitious hate sites. They LIE LIE LIE in their SP declares.

    So what is this entity that LIES from morning til night, and hands drip with FINANCIAL IRREGULARITIES ”

    A CHURCH ? Is this a CHURCH ?
    They dearly want 1st amendment protection…..

  28. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    JB, You BE da MAN!!

    I’ve seen a lot of excellent vehicles tricked out in my life, but what you did there is above par with the best customizers in the automotive world!

    Hell, Jay Leno would drool at your workmanship! 🙂

    Like I said… You BE da MAN!!

    Love and ARC,
    Gary (a villager with a burl wood torch for DM)

  29. Well now we know why DM was aggressive at trying to track down and recover JB after he left and why Tommy Davis went “on his own accord” with that huge posse of people to recover his “friend” on a private plane….

    Huge potential damage here. DM and Tom Cruise could be in trouble with the Feds and the IRS…… Cruise may get angry with DM for having pulled him and his “good name” into this type of investigation and trouble, claiming he knew nothing about it (bullshit… he knows all about it).

    This type of propitiation to Tom Cruise has been going on for years since his first visit to the Gold/Int base starting with the rifle range, tennis courts, G units and Exercise Room for his benefit.

    Let’s hope the media grabs ahold of this story and gives it legs. Then the Feds come in and do their job.

  30. What does your fantastically beautiful work have to do with religion or your ecclesiastical agreement with your religion?

  31. JB,
    The Excursion… what a cool ride! Nice work! You are a consummate craftsman! Fit for a real King…
    As I read the story I moved up and down the tone scale a few times, Anger, Despair, Cheerfulness (thinking about those jerk-weeds getting busted) and about half way through was just reading and laughing so hard…the story about Yvonne and all the false compliance reports….I felt like I was laughing in the glee of insanity…what a nightmare.
    The very fact that the Chairman of the Board of Scientology would use the Church resources to pander to a movie star is so utterly unthinkable in Scientology…I don’t know how many hundreds of times I was “handled/motivated” with pat Scientology phrases like: “We didn’t have any other fish to fry”, and all manner of references about being On Purpose, the INCREDIBLE URGENCY to Clear the Planet, All the references about “Other Intention-ness” and Counter-Intention”….and while we are being read the riot act about OUR “counter-intention”, our “leader” is busy creating lavish gifts for a movie star!!!!
    If this is the tip of the iceberg, I cant wait to read the next installment!
    It reminds me of reading the Mission Earth Series…only on Blito-P3!!!

  32. I applaud the Indies putting in ethics on Dave & Tom.

  33. Convincing documentation. Cruise could try to move on and pretend that it’s nothing, but I can’t see that he can. This needs to be handled.

  34. Do you need a mirror for the file? I’ll gladly provide one.

  35. I want to say everything Kathy said above. John you are truly an artist.

    Have you sent this data to those people who should know such as the FBI, IRS, Larry Wright, the St. Petersburg Times, etc? We have some good dox here.

    What a great year this is turning out to be.

  36. In Amy’s book “Scientology – Abuse At The Top” she covers how as a WDC (Watch Dog Committee) member she was run by Miscavige to help find and hire household staff for Tom Cruise. At the time many of those positions (Toms personal household staff) were being held by Sea Org members.

    I have also mentioned in other posts that the family of Tom Cruise were given over $100,000 of free auditing at Flag. I was the Treasury Sec at the time and it seemed like nothing could be done as the order to provide the free service was “coming from the top”. As it was off policy and as I had a responsibility to prevent free service, I wrote a Knowledge Report and dropped it in the RTC Reports Box. Bad move. Although I had been a successful Treasury Sec FSO (Flag Service Organization) for 7 years, I was removed from post with no Committee of Evidence a few days later. I was told that I was CI (counter intention) to David Miscavige and I had 2 choices. I could either go to the RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force) or I could go to the Flag Mill to work as the lowest furniture maker where I would never be allowed to be promoted to a higher post.

    The Sea Org is the personal slave labor force for David Miscavige and he shares it with his side kick – Tom Cruise. Nothing like being a tax exempt cult leader with complete control over thousands of slaves and hundreds of millions of dollars.

  37. Dear JB,
    I just love this post! This is the perfect application of, and exemplifies a concept in LRH’s Data Series 1R, Hubbard Communications Office Policy Letter of 26April 1970R, Revised 15 March 1975, THE ANATOMY OF THOUGHT. (the R means Revised or Revision).
    “A FACT is something that can be proven to exist by visible evidence.
    An OPINION is something that may or may not be based on any FACTS.
    Yet a sloppy mind sees no difference between a FACT and somebody’s opinion.”
    “If opinion instead of facts are is used in solving problems than one comes up with insane solutions.”
    Thank you for providing us with real FACTS that can be used as EVIDENCE. It is this kind of data that wins the war.
    Additonally, you are a craftsman par excellence. Thank God you are also an Administrator who knows how to collect and preserve FACTS to counter the lies, put out to confuse the issue and create doubt about THE TRUTH.
    ML, Catherine

  38. Correction: “If opinion instead of facts is used in solving problems than one comes up with insane solutions” — LRH

  39. Did Cruise and david miscavige (through their lawyers, of course) make public denials of these charges? I haven’t seen anything in print yet but I sure would get a kick out of seeing either of them try to squirm out of such solidly documented wrong-doing.

    Nobody (except the criminally insane) could read this blog regularly and not know with certainty that two are BUSTED. As in GUILTY. As in, hands-in-the-cookie-jar-mouth-full-of-cookies-with-crumbs-all-over-their-faces-guilty.

  40. down boy ? …..I must say now I am curious too. Do they all have that short hairdo ?

  41. Wow! JB, you’re good. Very good!
    I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like the kind of artwork you’re capable of. So beautiful and detailed craftsmanship is rare to say the least and nowadays pretty much unaffordable. Too bad you did it for the wrong persons for the wrong reasons but I understand your frame of mind while performing.

    Now I also understand why a full load of blow drills was unleashed on your escape. You’re very valuable as denying and wiping out the paper trail of invoices, work orders, payments, photo’s, etc, is hard if not impossible; Davey is not gonna get away with it.

    Marty, your legal savvy is admirable.

  42. Tony Dephillips

    Ouch oh ouch…

  43. JB, your work is absolutely stunning. That burlwood interior… Yikes!

    Any followers of the Tomkat phenom would be very familiar with that limo; it was spotted a lot. We used to jokingly call it the hearse, because it seemed such a grim and insular way to ride around the city. I assume there’s great interior lighting to offset the curtains / shaded windows.

    Thank you for sharing. Your integrity is off the charts.

  44. Hey JB,

    You are totally fab fore dude!

    You can do some custom work on my next Harley if you aren’t swamped with work already.

    All I gotta say about CST is….


    Is this what preserving the tech is all about?

    Working a custom ride for some fading star.

    Gimme a frickin’ break!!!!

    I can understand his rabid squirrel friend but….

    Never mind.

    Guess its the trend in the new Church of Fuckedupology.

    Hopefully making it up to the top 10 of the IRS’ inurement hit list.

  45. This is a sad article here on the BLOG indeed, because it truly indicates the current {or maybe all along hidden} money rather than results motivation behind the church.

    Take a person who reads Dianetics, and even gets an easy route to Clear, Book One auditing can sometimes make a person Clear. Now what does that guy do when realizes he no longer has any reactive mind but still has “issues”.

    The church of course recommends emptying your pockets and coffers to get on to the OT levels if possible. Well, instead of financing worthless vehicles made of Eucalyptus burl, what if some of that matter, energy and time were spent actually helping people finance their Bridge’s properly? Wouldn’t the world be a better place?

    Sure, but take it from me and read it for yourself here, this is far from what the Church of Scientology is doing.

  46. That Excursion was off the hook, nice job! It also seems to me that TD got caught in another lie and these pictures blew his denial right out of the water, nothing new, but how much more lying can go on? This guy’s reputation has been shattered many times over, its even hurting his Mom’s reputation, along with everybody associated with the COS. Its not even spin, its outright lying. This doesn’t seem like the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics, it seems more like a battered wife covering for her abusive husband more than anything. I realize telling the truth can be a little hard to confront sometimes and I am sure he has plenty of justifications, but getting caught in a lie is worse off, thats just one of the basic laws in life. I think TD should sit down for a while and listen to “Overts and Withholds” in the State of Man Congress, he may get some good data from it, that will help him out, its helped me out.

  47. Why is Miscavige’s personal secretary posing with 1,000 lbs of burl?
    Has some similarities with DM’s ridges.

  48. Lock & load…
    Brillant KR, just brillant, I feel the gears of retaliation grinding forward picking up momentum.
    Thank you indeed.

  49. Wow JB, You are an Artist! You also know too much. Now I see why TC’s staff member and other celebs were sent to bring you back. Also why so many were sent. It is clear where the concern seems to be and it’s not for LRH. Thanks for everything you have endured to get us this piece of truth. It is major and very telling. love, 1 SP

  50. Now that’s a sweet piece of documentation. Great work, JB. I bet your phone will run off the hook once this gets out there. You could have a thriving business if you want it.

  51. No doubt this data was made available to the law enforcement officials investigating DM. GOOD.

    No doubt, TC knew all along that SO members worked on his “gifts from DM”. BAD.

    No doubt TC and DM continue trying to wiggle out by claiming things were different from documented facts. STUPID.

    If that is only the “very” tip of the iceberg, how deep do TC and DM have to stand in ice cold water before they realize their ship is sinking? AMAZING.

    This data is internally generated data – nobody else did it, but the “organization” itself generated it – like germs. It comes from the very heart of DMology, is on its way to the public at large and will find its way back into the Scientology community via lurkers, public, staff and SO to eventually arrive back at that very same “heart” and make it stop. INEVITABLE

    Here’s the LRH reference on what I was reminded of from the lecture ORG BOARD AND LIVINGNESS:

    The organization is there to serve Scientologists and to handle the thing and the public and spread it out and so forth. There’s lots of reasons why it’s there, but this isn’t a lecture on purposes. But remember that it is a coordinated activity and therefore, it must be very close to flawless. Because once you put one of these things in brass and start it – you know, you put it in concrete and you start it rolling – if it’s almost right, you’ve had it, because it will become an all-devouring monster and fail by the germs of its own destruction. And the thing that destroys almost any organism is its own germs. It’s the things it laid in. It’s the things you did, not what were done to you.

    The only way you can come down is for having made a mistake yourself. There must always be that prior mistake. Sometimes it’s very slight. Sometimes you couldn’t possibly have hoped to have predicted the action would go the way it went, but it did go in some fantastic tangent to the way you expected it to go from that particular point and you had made a mistake, and there one starts down. You make enough of those things and you’re really going down. But it takes quite a few.

    What’s interesting is an organization watching its general income curve go down, doesn’t realize when I look at it I am not looking for a thing that is making it go down. I’m looking for the hundred thousand. I’m looking for the gross errors, but the lots of them. They’re not really ever composed of one major error, one howling, major error.

    Every human rights violation reported (or not yet publicly reported) on this and other blogs and books, every family and relationship ruined by disconnection, every fraudulent “reg cycle” for donations, the very fact that orgs no longer deliver (exchange) actual Scientology etc. etc. – plenty of germs that will eat up that all-devouring monster the C of M has become.

    If that’s just the very tip, how very large must the very bottom of that iceberg be?

  52. martyrathbun09

    Mat, you were always too honest for that organization. Don’t forget how you were busted from Security at Int: pointing out that DM’s buddy and partner in crime at the time (early eighties) Pat Broeker was stark, staring, mad; a fact that was only seized upon by Miscavige after LRH died in order to seize power. Up to then Miscavige was scratching Pat’s back continuously and with gusto. But, the guy who pointed it out first, you, were never exonerated from DM’s branding of you. Your story – in itself – is one of the best, and earliest proofs of the palpable corruption Miscavige leaves in his wake every day to this day.

  53. Wow. Just wow. I’m just a regular non-religious guy who read the New Yorker article Monday and I’ve spent the last few days reading The Truth Rundown series, watching the BBC documentaries and perusing several of the blogs like this one. It’s a stunning eye opener and for someone like me who never paid much attention, I just don’t “get” how this has all been able to go on so very long without repercussions? I feel for you people who obviously went through personal hells and back during your time. What’s even more perplexing for me is watching Tommy Davis in interviews etc. He’s amazingly creepy and devoid of humanity — you can see that in his eyes.

    I could go on and on but please take heart: if someone like me — just a 49 year old doing some research — is so moved by these stories, you can bet there are hundreds of thousands others doing the same.

    I wish you all the best of luck and assume things are going to heat up rather quickly. Part of me wonders if Miscavige, Davis and whoever else is left in the upper echelon of the organization with take the Jim Jones route out — mass suicide, over facing criminal charges.

  54. You’re joking, right?
    Trying to get a Refund / Repayment?
    For the IAS here’s one to use in CA.
    Plug in their EIN number, just above the “search” button to get the exact name they go by. It’s very hard to find the name otherwise.
    EIN number: 521840679
    This complaint has to be printed out & mailed via the US Mail. Do it.
    Note: If you were regged in Florida for IAS monies, I’d suggest you write to the two agencies below and skip Calif. Make sure you let them know that IAS doesn’t appear to be registered in FL despite raking in millions from their offices within the state.

    For Flag or the Ship there are two agencies you can write to. Both are in Florida.
    1. This one is under the State Attorney Gen’s office, Dept of Consumer Services, Bureau of MEDIATION & ENFORCEMENT.
    Under Consumer Complaint Form click on “online form”. With this one you can submit it online and attach any docs.
    Note: when you fill in this form, under each question, every time you add in another line of info it shrinks the print. By the time you’re done anyone reading it will need a magnifying glass. The best thing is to do is write on the form referring them to your attached complaint.
    Also, the form asks when you paid. If it’s a real old date, the form might not take it. Put today’s date and explain in your attachment.

    2. The other one is the Pinellas County Consumer Affairs agency.
    This is a good agency and is in the same county as Flag and the ship office.

    Don’t worry about invoices that you may no longer have. The cult has the records and will send you copies as your cycle moves along. If you find unauthorized debits, you’ll request that money be given back to you.

    Know this, you will get your repayment although sometimes they’re slow. If they’re dragging their heels, file a complaint with the gov agencies above. The cult HATES being on the radar of a gov agency and boy are they ever on the radar now. The key thing here is to get these requests into a gov file which is why you need to get your complaints sent in.

    Keep your complaint short, to the point and don’t use any Scn lingo. That would only confuse the reader.

  55. Solution for this financial mess:
    1. Cult loses their 501c3 status.
    2. Cult agrees to refund and/or repay any & all monies requested by ex-members from any Scn entitiy, org, IAS etc. No time restrictions apply. If a local org doesn’t have the money because the org is crashed (thanks to the golden age of out-tech), the money will come out of Sea Org Reserves or the IAS.
    3. Large settlement sum worked out between IRS and cult.

    In order to pay back the ex-members and settle with the IRS the cult can tap into their Sea Org Reserves, rumored to be in the millions if not over a billion. If that’s not enough to cover it, they can sell off the enormous new printing facility in California.

  56. 4. Cult agrees to pay x-Sea Org members a lump sum, to be determined, to cover their years of slave work. Cult will pay the IRS any taxes on this payment.

  57. I just obtained a copy of confidential music video that dm had the Golden Era Musicians prepare for his BFF.

  58. married to an ex sea org

    This has to be shared with The New Yorker and all other media who have been reporting on this story asap. But how?

  59. Haven’t seen you post before. Welcome to the best group in town!

    You wondered how this went on for so long without repercussions. That’s an easy one to answer. They hid behind the cloak of religion all the while operating as a cult. And it is a cult, per anyone’s definition. Then add a whole lot of money to the mix (from duped cult followers).

    There’s one other necessary ingredient: a leader. It couldn’t have happened without a cult leader. In this case DM, aka the dwarf, who in actuality is a Tom Cruise groupie and celebrity wannabe rather than a religious leader. The psychiatrists would love to study him: a narcissist with a hidden inferiority complex coupled with a twisted sadistic mind and an underlying deep seated hatred of others.

    There you have it, my two minute version of how this happened. Oh, many of us have also wondered if he’ll take the Jim Jones route.

  60. Welcome JayeinMD,

    One of the driving ideas in making this all known is to short circuit the possibility of such a “final solution”. The more it is known, and the more “official” attention is garnered, the better the chance of avoiding such a melt-down.

    And JB, you can “pimp my ride” anytime! Your talent is wasted on such terminally criminal MEST oriented creeps…

  61. What great photos and information! I, personally, noticed a remarkable difference in the quality of the upholstery between Car #1 and Car #2. Yes, the burl wood is very striking as well. Extremely professional work, JB! Nice job on documenting it!! Hallelujah

  62. OMG, this is one hell of a “battleplan”. Well DM and TC you were warned and guess what….to late now!!!!!

  63. JB, you are a shining example of the caliber of talented and good-hearted people who have joined the Sea Org, only to be used and abused. I hope you are now flourishing and prospering, utilizing your stellar skills.

    As for the kneejerk responses from Miscavige (via Davis), the Chart of Human Evaluation has indeed proved valuable.

  64. You haven’t seen me post before because I my life has NOTHING to do with Scientology, other than reading the New Yorker story Monday and then spending the last few days using Google, which at one point lead me to this blog.

    The BBC documentaries are gut wrenching to watch. I kept wondering, “how can someone like Tommy Davis actually believe the things he did on film (yelling, following the BBC with PIs and his own video crew) HELP bring a positive light to Scientology?” It’s completely delusional for them to think people like me (the general public I guess) buy ANY of that as being the proper way a “religion” operates. Again, it’s just stunning how stupid Tommy and all of it seems from PR perspective. Also — bringing files and files of “dirt” on people? It’s just crazy, pure and simple, to operate that way.

    This morning, I listened to the audio recordings of the “Orientation” video guy (I forget his name). And again, the language of Tommy and his wife is just incredible. The bargaining. The “contracts” to not talk. The “process” to leave. It’s just mind blowing.

    And don’t even get me started on the Scientology “language” with all the acronyms — they are incredible hard to follow.

    Even more important: how CAN these celebs like Tom Cruise, Travolta and the others NOT KNOW what’s really going on? Is it right for me to think that Miscavige/Davis have so much “dirt” on them that they dare not walk away? Is that truly the reason? I tell you: THAT’S what’s being discussed around the water cooler at my office.

    I’m just trying to offer support, somewhat I guess, from someone who’s fascinated by where this will all lead. But I have no personal fight in it one way or another.

  65. Thank-you for your words Jay. I too have wondered why nothing has been done about any of this. I have been wondering since the 80’s. My guess is the IRS and FBI are bought and paid for somehow. But that just seems so far fetched to little ole lowly me who would suffer dire consequences from said agencies for any minor slip up.
    Recent developments in the Hemet City Council have certainly convinced me that there is at least some bribery occuring. I just don’t know how deep this rabbit hole goes.

    If I could ever get back my hundred plus thousand dollars over all this that would be exceptional. I have never held out any real hope for that. But large lump sum pay outs to Sea Org members would make me just as happy.

  66. Did you know,

    Mr. Cruises payday on War of the Worlds was over 100 million dollars.

    It is miss-assigned admiration for this actor.
    And then he asks for a “Church” discount?

    Mr. Brousseau, I believe you are entitled to send a bill to the “Cruise” corporation for at least 50 thousand dollars.

    Excellent work Sir. I would like to see what the project would have looked like had Mr. Miscavige or his ‘Yvonne’ would be able to produce.

    To think that you are paying for this work with the hours of your life and the members of the church are paying for the facilities and equipment where the work can be done? Outrageous!

  67. Well, “the beat goes on.” Salon has just published a story on the CoS’ political connections in D.C., naming some names, dollar amounts etc:

  68. 1A. Sea Organization abolished and disbanded. Replaced by Class VI and above secular management team.

    4A. Alternately, IAS and SO reserves are use to create a pension fund for former staff. Also, group insurance benefit plan made available for former staff to participate in.

  69. Awesome JB, It is also amazing that Carol Bourke may still be married to Thomas, is that the last of the married couples on base I wonder?

    And the black muscle shirt with the sea org officer’s belt buckle, I wonder if the “secret police” look does something to the little guy…

  70. Good job JB;

    If even DM would have spent one tenth the attention, time and money of the Sea Org to promote LRH (Source) Scn would boom (See HCO PL “MAGIC OF GOOD MANAGEMENT”). Yet, the LRH Life Exhibition is more than 20 years old and in a state of disrepair, needing a good makeover.

    But even then, LRH would not allow Sea Org members to slave like that for him. He would say something like “Use your resources to get production rolling at a high level instead”.

    The whole thing is so off-source and dev-t it is pathetic.

    ML Tom

  71. John,

    Walk into an Idle Org and show me where all these people are that Tom Cruise brought in.

    You seem to have a common syndrome: Eyes Wide Shut

  72. I knew you’d had nothing to do with Scn (Scientology) other than the New Yorker article. I’m glad you’re spreading the word. That said, Scn as written by Hubbard is actually a good thing. It’s when it’s twisted, changed, altered and used for rotten evil purposes that you see what’s now being talked about.

    You asked how can the celebrities not know what’s going on. Here’s your answer: Check out this page. The video by Steve Hassan is great and will give you insight into how this happens.

    That site is by Jeff Hawkins, a great writer who speaks from personal experience.

    If you want to read a real heartbreaker check out Jeff’s other blog, Counterfeit Dreams. That one details his escape. Whew!

  73. Unpublished dispatch from DM to JB:

    Office of COB

    Private – Confidential

    Thank you for not working on that TC Excursion limo that doesn’t exist. It really is so beautiful, I almost cried. The burl is just so…exquisite, I can hardly put it into words. But I do know this, I’m personally so impressed I’m considering replacing ‘Cold Chrome Steel’ with ‘Bold Burnished Burl’ as a slogan because it’s so much more robust and warmer and aesthetic looking. I hope I’m not getting too soft. You’re not trying to trick me, are you? Heh, heh. Ahhh…MEST, beautiful MEST.

    Tom was so ecstatic about the burl he’s now shopping for a screenplay about burl, which by the way, I offered to write for him. The only problem is, I know nothing about burl, except there’s some kind of aesthetic wavelength that approximates theta or something. Could you also not help me with that? You can be the consultant.

    Tom and I are so close I could immediately feel his desire for additional burl objects. I have some ideas I’d like to manifest in burl also. Get back to me within 24 hours as to how you can not help me with:

    Burl e-meter + case, including burl needle + burl tipped cans
    Burl riding crop for Suri
    Burl lawn jockeys
    Burl shoe trim
    Burl simulated limo driver uniform
    Burl faux stumps for placement around base
    Burl epulets (for secret TC SO uniform)
    Burl motorcycle grips with tassles
    Burl toilet seat cover with TC logo
    Burl sink handles in the shape of you know what
    Burl matching toothbrushes
    Burl TC checksheets
    Burl TC certificates
    Burl matching belt buckles
    Burl IAS status pin
    Burl his & hers nighttime toys
    Burl Oversized Medal of Valor pendant
    Burl his & his matching sunglasses
    Burl bathtub clawfeet
    Burl refrigerator handles
    Burl matching gourmet cheese trays
    Burl frames for all our photos
    Burl podium
    Burl pillars
    Burl doors for all Ideal Orgs
    Burl trim for all my cars
    Burl clipboard (for Lou)
    Burl pistol grips
    Burl shotgun stock
    Burl knife handles
    Burl toothpicks + holder (matching)
    Burl matching scotch cabinets
    Burl matching Rolexes
    Burl matching thong cabinets
    Burl DVD cases for TC movies
    Burl DV cases for DM/TC home movies (matching)
    Burl Bus Slipper storage cabinet trim + knobs
    Burl bust of TC for special TC courseroom
    Burl bust of me (for special TC bathroom)
    Burl LRH bust keychains for Xmas presents for ‘execs’
    Burl Oprah-replica couch
    Burl court judgement from Headley case
    Burl frame for photo of Marty in jail
    Burl full size statue of TC for lobby
    Burl full size statue of me for TC office
    Burl Mary Sue resignation letter
    Burl IRS tax exemption letters
    Burl resignation letters from RTC ‘board members’
    Burl miniature replica of double-wide Hole trailers
    Burl Heber SP declare
    Burl carving of cancelled Fair Game PL
    Burl carving of LRH’s final last will & testament
    Burl frame for cancellation of Broeker’s fake ‘Loyal Officer’ publication

    Much love,

    PS: Thanks for backing me up with Tom.

  74. At first I thought it mighta been something that fell out of Miscavige’s pants immediately after he realized the FBI was investigating him for all the stuff he knows he’s guilty of.

  75. Whenever someone says “TC brought more people to Scientology than anyone else”, I wonder what kind of people they are talking about? What kind of people would be attracted to a religion by a celebrity? Would the church seriously want these people? Whatever happened to quality over quantity? That assumes that the quantity actually exists. The church is bursting at the seams yet my local org is empty.
    TC repels thinking people away from Scientology.

  76. JB, your work is fabulous. That workmanship shows true love and understanding. Wow just awesome!

  77. I just started into it and I found it odd that TC would want to paint over the artwork, then ride the motorcycle to the premier. I’m kind of funny that way, but if I was Tom I would want to cherish it as a momento or gift. If I was Spielberg I would feel a little dissapounted or something. if I was the original artist I would feel insulted and humilated.

  78. Matt, thanks so much for this data. It is very important. I am so sorry this happened to you. Scientology, especially in the Sea Org, is supposed to represent the highest echelon of ethics and integrity. Instead, you were busted for being honest and reporting something so Off-Policy. What years were you Treasury Secretary at FSO? Did you know and work with Gene Juss? Did you choose the RPF or the Flag Mill? Or is that when you chose to leave?

    It seems to me that you could write your own book!

    ML, Catherine

  79. OTDT-

    You overlooked the matching His & His Super-sized Burl Codpieces.

  80. Ah jeez…more links LOL! (I’ll read them, trust me.) I did just quickly read the top post on Hawkins’ blog about how people might just not “want to look” at what’s really happening. But again, for me, it’s just so hard to comprehend that intelligent people active in Scientology, whether celebrities, physicians, or whatever, don’t take the time to see what’s on the internet. I was stunned to read that Haggis never even thought to look…jeez, it’s 2011!

    Further, the fact that one has to “escape” really says it all IMO. Like I said, for people like me, it really is disconcerting to learn about these things.

    You all probably know this, but most people perceive Tom Cruise to be absolutely batshit crazy. Although he’s got charisma, is a successful actor blah blah — his eyes have the same look as Tommy’s: that of an empty soul.

    You know what’s creepy? I actually found myself hesitating to even write the first post here as I wonder who’s tracing my email etc.

  81. Expelled 4 Life

    This almost makes me physically ill.

    Tom Cruise is such a disappointment.

    I can only hope we are soon reaching a tipping point.

    I think of all the whistleblowers I most admire JB as he appeared to have walked away from a very cushy berth. Way to go JB!

  82. There were a few news articles with photos of that Excursion when it appeared. Unfortunately, I probably don’t have the links. (I try to archive all news articles on Scientology, but I generally steer clear of celebrity gossipy items–and that always ends up biting me when it later turns out to have been significant.)

  83. OTDT you are hilarious! You have a creatively twisted mind for humor. We all need some humor these days. Keep it coming…

  84. Very Telling JB!

  85. née Gentry née Holder, as she was in 1982 when she recruited me to the SO.

  86. Ha! Even before reading the end of OSA’s, sorry John’s, post I thought uh-oh, here comes WE…

  87. Did that Excursion have two 15″ subs?
    Tom must like to feel the bass.

  88. The people still in can be compared to hypnotized subjects. They’re carefully implanted with the idea that they must stay, no matter how bad the out points. All upset needs to be handled inside and all orders come from above; individual thought is a no no.

    They’re indeed very scared and their backbone is broken. They might not be afraid of the dirt Davey has on them but they are totally convinced that leaving will cost them their eternity and is bad for mankind.

    Most of us on this blog (especially the early ones) have been on a point where we had to choose between our integrity and our eternity (we thought) and chose the first.

    For me it was pretty simple but many must have had a rough time, lacking proper data and eval skills.

    But the more gets out in the media, the easier it becomes for the remaining Kool Aiders to understand that the real choice is between slavery and eternity.

  89. Inside Scientology’s Labor Camp That Benefits Tom Cruise: The Photos

    Well done gentlemen. The Village Voice got JB’s pdf file and posted a stroy about it.

    Inside Scientology’s Labor Camp That Benefits Tom Cruise: The Photos

  90. Karen,
    Thanks – My story on working for Tom Cruise & Nicole’s wedding on $50 per week SO pay in 1990 was already told to the St Pete Times. I spoke to Larry Wright perhaps some 10 months ago and answered questions he had, but as JB’s much more recent story clearly and graphically shows inurement in a huge way and makes the earlier episode very pale & totally unnecessary to include in an already 27 page story. Including my story just shows that the situation has been going on for a long time!

    As an additional, JB has been in the “customizing biz” for quite a while, albeit for the dear Leader since the mid 80s for items such as: Ruger Mini14 rifle & Yamaha dual purpose bike among other things. I think one of the first projects he collaborated with Yvonne was converting a GMC Savanna Van so that it was armored and bulletproof, totally safe and very posh on the inside with the latest AV and communications for Dear Leader on his trips to LA, in the early 90’s. That took thousands of hours as the engine and suspension had to be modified to take the weight.

    The wild flower meadow story was covered in the LA Times:
    “Maureen Bolstad, who was at the base for 17 years and left after a falling-out with the church, recalled a rainy night 15 years ago when a couple of dozen Scientologists scrambled to deal with “an all-hands situation” that kept them working through dawn. The emergency, she said: planting a meadow of wildflowers for Cruise to romp through with his new love, Kidman.

    “We were told that we needed to plant a field and that it was to help Tom impress Nicole,” said Bolstad, who said she spent the night pulling up sod so the ground could be seeded in the morning.

    “The flowers eventually bloomed, Bolstad said, “but for some mysterious reason it wasn’t considered acceptable by Mr. Miscavige. So the project was rejected and they redid it.”

    “Other ex-members say it wasn’t the only time that Miscavige put them to work to please Cruise.

    “Miscavige, a firearms enthusiast, introduced Cruise to skeet shooting at the compound, according to an ex-member who said the actor was so grateful that he sent an automated clay-pigeon launcher to replace an older, hand-pulled model. With Cruise due to return in a few days, Miscavige again ordered all hands on deck, this time to renovate the base’s skeet range, the ex-member said.

    “Dozens worked around the clock for three days “just so Tom Cruise would be impressed,” the ex-member said.” ”

  91. This blog and its photos are now posted at the Village Voice- I think the hurricane warning has been escalated to tsunami with unpredictable surge.


    Imagine if L. Ron Hubbard were secretly alive today and he happened to walk around the base and saw what people were working on…model airplanes and pimp-caliber limo interiors for celebrities and candy apple red motorcycles for the ‘Chairman of the Board’.

    He’d have to do a cartoon-caliber triple-take WTF? about every ten feet I’d imagine.

    Then he keeps on walkin’ around the base. He sees somebody salute DM’s dog. His eyes pop out of his head on that one. He pries his jaw off the ground and keeps walkin’, shakin’ his head.

    Then he comes upon a set of double-wide trailers with bars on the door and windows. He peeks in and sees Heber Jentz, Ray Mitthoff, Greg Wilhere and other veteran Scientologists sleeping on the floor with no beds. A half-finished whacky version of an Int org board tacked up on the wall, all marked up and crossed out and incomprehensible. The smell of the place wafts out through the door.

    Stunned and in a daze he walks into the set construction building and sees giant golden pillars and huge fancy logos and Third Reich-looking podiums being built.

    He keeps on walking and sees a giant mansion castle of an RTC admin building with it’s marble and granite and exotic wood and chrome and…
    nobody in it. His WTF? echoes throughout the empty canyons of wasted spaces. He sees the ghosts of former competent executives floating around the air, they too in a daze. He finds the OIC and studies the graphs for a few minutes, turns on his heel and walks out.

    He sees that Miscavige has taken over his personal residence and remodeled it. He goes in and sees DM’s expensive audio system, liquor cabinetry, gym, fancy clothes, watches, safe, jewels, cash, gold bars, silver stash, and personal photos of DM and Tom Cruise all smilin’ and shakin’ hands and pattin’ each other on the back and giving each other accolades and awards and trophies and pins and plaques. He spits on the wall, at one of the photos.

    He sees an RPFer in a black boiler suit diggin’ dirt and asks him how long he’s been on the RPF. “Eight years” is the reply. He spits.

    Back at his residence that’s been turned into a DM enclave he sits down and turns the TV on. The show that’s on is about how the Church and DM are being investigated for human trafficking and violent abuse. He spits on the TV.

    He spins around and opens up a laptop and does a google search on ‘Scientology’ and sees dozens of sites talking about Scientology violence, fraud, human trafficking, corruption and lying. He clicks on a link to a video showing Scientology International Spokesperson talking. He sees a 1.1 condescending Tommy Davis lying through his teeth and pretending to be all upset walking off TV interviews and yelling at reporters and audio clips of TDvcursing in a rage about former loyal Church members. He sees more than one spokesperson from SCN videos talking about how they’ve left and how SCN is a ripoff. He navigates to the St. Pete Times Truth Rundown series and watches the whole thing and reads all the supporting documentation as well as the Church’s rebuttals and replies. He reads everything on the Freedom Magazine site. He feels sick and almost vomits.

    LRH slams the cover down on the laptop, stands up and walks slowly over to DM’s liquor cabinet, pulls down a bottle of Glenn Livet, changes his mind and takes the bottle of Johnny Walker Blue instead and pours himself a hefty shot in a crystal skull shaped shot glass. He downs it in a gulp.

    Suddenly, in through the front door comes DM followed by his entourage of his communicator and secretary and a couple other ‘execs’, one in charge of car renovations and the other in charge of DM’s personal kitchen.

    DM sees LRH standing there holding an empty skull shot glass and freezes as though he’s been shot through the center of his head from above with a bazooka ray gun, eyes frozen wide, mouth gaped open, feeling the sudden and urgent need to go to the bathroom.

    LRH zeroes one glaring eye in on him and DM no longer has to go to the bathroom, as proven by the dark stains now appearing in the front and back of his pants and the smell now overwhelming the room.

    “My, my, my…haven’t YOU been a busy boy, David!”

    The last sound DM heard before blackness overcame him was his own muffled cry for Tom and the crash of his skull against the floor as it rose up to meet him.

    (To be continued…)

  93. This is burling hilarious!

  94. My word! What beautiful work you have done, JB. Thank you for documenting this, and I hope that you are able to continue your craft and be appropriately remunerated for it
    How utterly lacking in character Tom Cruise must be to not have wanted to see that the workmen/craftsmen who did such an amazing job for him be rewarded on a par with their skills. A very wealthy man, he could have seen to it that this was done with his own funds; his sense of entitlement must be out-of-this-world.
    As an aside, I could not help noticing the sunken cheeks and thin wrist of Mr. Walter Wilkins; he looks like he has missed a few meals. Best to you, Pax

  95. I believe I was on the Treasury Sec FSO post from 1995 to early 2002.

    Yes I knew Gene Juss very well. He was one of the nicest, hard working people I ever met.

    I choose the Mill at the time which was also where the RPF worked.
    I basically became an odd member of the RPF team. I would do things like go to the thrift shops and buy up jeans and go to Walmart and buy socks and underwear and set the stuff out on tables in the Mill with the prices that I paid and jar to leave the money.

    I tried to route out of the Sea Org as a non RPFer and found it impossible as no Class IX was allowed to give me the required sec check
    I eventually went to the RPF knowing that they had the internal resouces and lines that made it possible (although still extremely hard to do) to route out.

  96. Tom is doing Burlesc ?

  97. Kathy Braceland



  98. JB was Anonymous before he escaped. 😉

  99. Good points, Mark.

    It seems Cruise has become a “why” of film flops like his last one – Knight and Day and doesn’t realize it. His PR and legal statements echo the Tommy Davis lies and PR which is not credible. Perhaps he is being blinded by his Mesty BFF, greatest leader and OL:

    “For me, the biggest problem with “Knight and Day” revolved around the fact that no matter what kind of trailers and TV spots Fox cut for the film, audiences simply never understood what the movie was about. The more Fox marketers tried to fix the problem, the more people scratched their heads and said — Now, I really have no idea what the movie is about. Not that most studios seem to have figured this out yet, but having enough screenwriters working on a film to field a baseball team often will result in a final product that creates mass confusion in moviegoers’ brains.

    “But judging from my e-mail and blog comments, the film’s problems weren’t so complicated at all. They began and ended with Tom Cruise. In fact, the mail is running about 50-1 against Cruise, whose image with moviegoers — especially women — has taken a serious hit, thanks to a combination of strange public behavior, intimate ties with Scientology and botched efforts to repair his damaged boy-next-door image.

    “It’s a funny thing how some actors can be total wing nuts — starting with Robert Downey Jr. and Mickey Rourke — but that never seems to amount to a hill of beans, while everyone comes down on Cruise like a ton of bricks, perhaps because Downey and Rourke have an obvious deep-seated vulnerability that Cruise either doesn’t have or isn’t willing to show. ”

  100. That’s the exact same question I had with Pat Broeker as the leader and the current dear leader, Tara!

  101. Wasn’t Burl used on the Titanic?

    JB’s one talented dude!

  102. Hey COB remember being a Case Supervisor of a certain person.

  103. Tony Dephillips

    Im going to call Marty the ice man from now on.

    Marty, Mike, JB thanks for such an excellent example of using ethics gradients.

  104. I don’t know Emory Meade. If Marty and Mike doesn’t know him, maybe just the C of S attorneys or DM know him.

    I think that the C of S could argue that TC was the main C of S FSM before he was attacked. If TC can prove that he never took FSM commissions for the people who said they joined Scientology because of TC, that wood job will not cause harm to the non-profit status of the C of S.

  105. JB’s photos have made it to other websites as well, referring to this blog:


  107. That car is magnificent! I work in the auto industry, and I know what this entailed and HOLY CRAP! To do the work the first time is hard as hell….to have to UNDO someone else’s nightmare screw up and make it right? That’s, like, witchcraft. You should be renamed Harry Potter.

    That bondo on the roof was insane, and sadly I wish I could say that I haven’t seen that before, but I have. Not to mention that black is the hardest exterior color to work with. How you fixed that is just amazing. Really impressive work!!!

  108. I just read that article. Geez. But about half of that list of politicians are no longer in office. Plus times have changed. When you think about it, with the articles in the press this week, a leper could get closer to a politician than one of DM’s enablers/cronies. There’s not a politician in the country who would want to position themselves with Scn, not after what DM has done to the PR. Good going DM.

    Note to dwarf: There comes a point where all the money in the world can’t buy what you want: influence, credibility and good PR. You blew it.

  109. Impartial English Girl

    This was an extremely interesting post – full credit to Mr. Brousseau; what a talented guy. Wasn’t it the woodsman/carpenter who saved the day in “Little Red Riding Hood” and chopped up the big bad wolf?!

    To TC: “Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom – you don’t even know… you’re glib. you don’t even know what corruption or slavery ARE. If you start coming up with these lies and denials, you have to read the research papers and evaluate how they came up with these truths. OK? And that’s what Marty & Co. have DONE…” Seriously, sunshine, you brought this on yourself.

  110. martyrathbun09

    OTDT, my hat is off to you once again.

  111. 1,000 lbs of burl my ass!
    That’s actually DM’s GPM!

  112. OTDT,
    I sit in awe! That was so perfect in the quality of communication I felt I was witnessing it in real time. The artful way you presented the insane situation will be visibly felt by all who read it. Lurkers – this will rock your world and the rabbit hole will appear before you. Journey down the rabbit hole and see the reality of it all. Thank you OTDT!!

  113. OTDT

    Truth revealed!
    The Art of Communication at its best.
    A master of his craft.

    Can’t wait for the part when LRH decides to head on down to Marty’s and check him out and see what’s going on in Marty’s neck of the woods.


    … DOES it feel…..davey?

  114. Nice LOOKING final product, but hasnt the crashworthyness of the vehicle been compromised with the fiberglass roof replacing steel? I’d hate to think what would happen in a rollover.

    Tom Cruise, your friends dont have your best interests at heart.

  115. Hey Marty. How come you keep deleting my comment. I thought that you were amenable to free and open discussion here? Do I strike too close to home?

  116. Sinar, I agree. Pat was the biggest ‘hobby horser’ I ever saw. Pat and DM spent an awful lot of LRHs money on their personal projects. Love

  117. A picture is worth a thousand words. Not only do these pictures thoroughly “dead agent” their claims but also beautifully showcase your meticulous craftsmanship. Can I hire you to do some custom work on my car? I would definitely pay more than $50 per week.

  118. LOL!!!!!

  119. Spine-chillingly delicious.

  120. OTDT, I think you are allowing too much patience for the ‘old man’. LRH could get real ‘sudden’ especially when you screw with Scientology. Love

  121. I am in agreement with ‘WatchingEyes’ regarding it is time for the CoS to return all so called “Donations” to any and all who so demand, without reservation, exception, obstruction or requirement.

    I am confident there are many thousands, if not tens or hundreds of thousands that would never have contributed to a group with so many heinous, criminal and misguided crimes which they have hidden and denied and continue to do so even in the face of overwhelming evidence.

    What does “spiritual freedom” or the spiritual universe have do with so much “real estate” and “Toys” anyway?….. nothing.

    Is this why a person goes up the bridge? So they can buy more things?
    Own more Mest?

    Is this why so many joined the Sea Org…. to finance Real Estate?

    The contributions or donations made by the members of the church belong to the members of the church, and again, by overwhelming testimony and evidence this is clearly not the case. By factual presentation it is demonstrated that the ‘sole’ (not soul) ownership of the church is the Chairman of the Board of the Church, Mr Miscavige…. which indeed is a corporate title and not an ecumenical title. Which again indicates a distinction between a Religious and Corporate hierarchy and purpose, which in the case of the Corporation it would be “to produce a monetary profit”……

    I suspect that for so many current and ex-members of the Church to demand a full repatriation of their contributions or donations for the malfeasance, criminal acts and fraudulent promises committed by the Church (as it currently stands) would be a so called ‘run on the Bank of Scientology and would subsequently bring about it’s collapse.

    Why this has not happened already is largely due to the threat of retaliation and persecution visited upon its “apostates” and expenses and losses there incurred. So long as the CoS has the protection of the U.S. Constitution in regards to freedom of religion as written into law in the courts of the land the CoS has “rights” that can be used to “trump” the rights of the individual.

    It is an irony the IRS has provided the CoS with the very protection of constitutional rights that has enabled so much hardship and loss in so many lives. And I do believe that the vast majority of all those involved were of ‘good intention’, if not the “highest” intention and through an autocratic administration and control have been brought to evil deeds and counter-survival purposes…. and many still not realizing it as so.

    Even should the FBI make a front page raid and seizure of properties and persons of the church the battle will be fought in the courts…. not the streets and as long as the IRS has provided to the church the very protection of constitutional rights that it clearly no longer deserves the outcome of a lengthy court battle will go all the way to the supreme court and the supreme court itself does not necessarily adjudicate on what is “good” and “fair” and “right” …. but instead on the law of the land…. it is only rarely the the Justices have taken a long view on what is good for the country and it’s people over what a “legislature” has introduced and passed into law.

    Besides, the largess of the ‘cash’ has long since been removed from the reach of this sovereign nation…. so i would think, therefore, the first requirement of any legal defense has been fulfilled. That being ‘Cash’ and lots of it.

  122. DM got into POWER by bulying his way in and that is EXACTLY how he will EXIT

  123. They even link this site in their story. Davey is right again; some stats are straight up and vertical.

  124. Bullying that is

  125. That 1000 lbs of burl is nothing compared to the 10,000 pounds of butt hurt that miscavige and cruise must be feeling right now.

  126. martyrathbun09

    No, because you are ncg.

  127. This crap makes me totally crazy….

    Abusing the staff is unconscionable and then taking ALL of the credit.

    But then Tom Cruise is not the brightest bulb.

    People that never hear the word “NO’ end up totally nuts.

  128. Brilliant. Reading your comment was like watching a movie, like I could really see LRH walking around the base checking things out. When I got to the part about him seeing someone salute DM’s dog, I nearly lost it. Can you just imagine LRH witnessing that???
    This would be funny if it weren’t so true.

  129. S A,
    my world was not “rocked”.

  130. Sarge,
    I expect the time to sudden will be part of a second when he walks into the qual library and finds all of his books have been shredded and replaced with “corrected and updated” books. Then onto the 3 swing FN, sec checks for no reason other than money mid OT levels. At that time even those of us who never worked with him personally will feel and hear the thunder.

    Yes, I think I just heard over my radio a report of an impending storm of unheard of proportions expected to hit first in Southern California and then on to all parts of the globe. I expect we get to witness the quickening – and then there truly will be only One. Only ONE true source.

  131. TroubleShooter

    Mat, I too thank you for the posting. It fills in some missing data on where you went to. I am glad to see justice for you to some extent in this blog where you’re acknowleged and recognized for who you are. You were known to me as a good hearted individual and it so sucks to know that LRH policy was so perverted against a Snr Exec, in “the mecca of technical perfection, the island of sanity, the friendliest place in the world, Ron’s org”.

    “I have also mentioned in other posts that the family of Tom Cruise were given over $100,000 of free auditing at Flag.”
    so much for the policy on A-Js and free service…

    “As it was off policy and as I had a responsibility to prevent free service, I wrote a Knowledge Report and dropped it in the RTC Reports Box. Bad move. Although I had been a successful Treasury Sec FSO (Flag Service Organization) for 7 years, I was removed from post with no Committee of Evidence a few days later.”
    and so much for so many LRH policies they can’t all be counted on two hands…

    So, shout it out loud and lively all you who refuse to observe the obvious!!!!
    Preventing Scn from Working Series 1
    One: Can’t-having LRH technology
    Two: Not-knowing LRH technology
    Three: Showing it isn’t correct
    Four: Preaching the incorrect technology
    Five: Enforcing the incorrect technology
    Six: OverSeeing that the technology is incorrectly applied
    Seven: Forging out of existence correct technology.
    Eight: Taking out anyone insisting on correct applications.
    Nine: Closing the door on any possibility of correct technology.
    Ten: Closing the door on correct application and in the faces of the dregs of that old and not used anymore LRH tech like those former veteran execs, staff, OEC/FEBCs, IVs, VIs, VIIIs, IXs, XIIs, supes, word clearers, cram offs, NOTs auditors, EDs blah blah blah blah blah (they were all overt products anyway…)

    Yeah that’s pretty much how I see it, saw it, lived it, left it.

  132. She was married to Brad Gentry when she arrived at the Int Base and divorced when he left in the ’80s.

  133. The dwarf would not want a lengthy court battle. He’s such a coward he couldn’t even take being deposed much less being a defendant at trial.
    Should the Feds pounce I’d expect things to sort out rather quickly meaning some type of agreement/settlement would be reached. Part of that agreement could be all refunds/repayments paid immediately, payments to ex-staff and whatever else is fair and just. On the top of that list would be that the dwarf would have to agree to step down.

  134. Labels, huh? Who else would label another rather than consider their comment?

  135. 1. Where is it written that Tom Cruise has been bestowed the title of ‘Honorary Sea Org Member’?
    2. FO 3323 CELEBRITIES AND THE SEA ORGANIZATION (9 May 1973) was not authored by LRH. It was written by Kima Dunleavy (Ext HCO Chf) and authorized by the ‘AVU’. Verbal Checklist applies.
    4. Changing your name from post to post doesn’t make your trolliness any less obvious.

  136. BURLY, BURLY!!! Burly, Burly.
    Watch it, now! Watch it!

    There’s a song in there somewhere. 😉

    Your story reminds me of a famous saying,”Be careful of the toes you step on today, they may be attached to the butt you have to kiss tomorrow.”

    Dave and Tom have some puckering up to do. 😉

  137. My god, this woman was born twice in the same lifetime. That’s a new record.

    Sorry Martin, I saw my shot and I took it. Love ya! M6

  138. Harley’s run around the 10K mark. DM musta saved up a long time to get this on his $50 per week Sea Org allowance.

  139. Kathy, I thought the same thing about Steven’s gift, how rude!

    Good point on what the actual exchange value of JB’s work really would have been if he had not been taken advantage of in the church.

    Funny thing is, I think JB would have been proud to contribute his superior craftmanship on any legitamate church project that didn’t include raping the public to pay for it.

  140. The Sea Org must be disbanded.

    1. Secure the OT materials – Fail
    2. Put ethics in on the planet – Fail

  141. Does that make him an ‘honorary anonymous member?’ 😀

  142. Great work JB! Have you considered setting up a Flickr account to get these photos moving virally?

  143. “It is said that TC brought more people to Scientology than anyone else.”

    Yeah it is also said that the tooth fairy visits every kid who sticks a bicuspid under their pillow.

    And some Fat guy with a sleigh fulla toys led by a buncha flying reindeer climbs downa a cramped chimney every year….

    Actually the reverse is true Cruise with his couch jumping episode and his psycho-shtick recorded and distributed by our friends in Anonymous probably drove more people away from Tom & Dave’s Lil’ Squirrel Group.

    But even if it where true.

    Under the law which I believe is title 26 known as 501ciii the person doing work for such an organization other than actual staff is not supposed to receive any “tangible benefit”.

    And can not claim any more than actual expenses incurred while doing such charitable work.

    Maybe you can run that by your friend Meade who probably knows damn well that this is true.

  144. WE…I think this one needs a TR3.

  145. Sinar,

    There is also the elephant in the middle of the room as well.

    That aside from being the perfect money laundering scam this whole “Ideal Org” thing was partially initiated by Cruise’s insistence that current quarters were too “down stat” for his friends in the biz.

    (You know the same ones who are abandoning Cruise like a sinking ship)

    In fact the you might as well call “The Manor” the Cruise Hotel because the only one’s who can afford to stay there now are his friends.

  146. JB,
    The poor judgement of DM knows no bounds but I won’t belabor that now that it’s a mainstream press story.

    In the long run good intentions, diligence and hard work are always rewarded; it’s just the way this world works.
    The integrity of your work is unmistakable.
    These pictures/your work are all over the planet now. Probably be on TV too. I know it was not your intention but I’d say you’ll receive $50-$100K in advertising value.
    If you needed a way to be renumerated for a career or just a spell the solution just took a quantum leap!
    And what’s so funny is that DM inadvertently launched it—I mean the guy is just one glorious screwup.
    Thank God their postulates don’t work, huh?

  147. Ha!

  148. So, DM’s criminal behavior goes way back. He has been riding on LRH’s glory for far too long and needs to be put down for good.

  149. Mat, thank you so much for answering my questions. Each and every one of us has a story, and with my curiosity, it is hard to listen to part of a story, without wondering about the rest. As a frequent visitor to Flag over the years, I have probably seen you there. Hope to meet you soon, along with Amy, at an Indy gathering.
    It saddened me greatly to hear that Gene Juss had passed away, as he was always so helpful and so nice during my stays at Flag. I hope that his wife and sons are doing well. He is one of those stellar beings to whom Scientologists owe a lot for his years of dedicated service. Hopefully he is doing well in his new life.
    Someday, I hope to hear more of your adventures with Pat Broeker, as well. I was sorry to hear from Marty’s comment that you suffered over that one, too.
    After my episode with the Church in 2001, receiving a “burn notice” at a time when I felt I had never contributed more to Scientology in the form of donations, time, effort and dissemination programs, I was invited by an elderly couple to attend Church services at a Church they had donated the land and buildings for. They were extremely wealthy, the husband financing my real estate investments. After church service one Sunday, I spoke with the minister, and explained to him that I had been excommunicated by another Church. For some reason, I felt that this would disqualify me from attending there. I was still introverted on what had happened and was extremely propitiative. The minister looked at me sadly, realizing where I was at mentally and probably spiritually, and said, “Catherine, there are many people here with tire tracks across their backs. Please do not feel badly about your past; you are more than welcome here, and I would be more than happy to counsel you on what has happened if you need someone to talk to about it.” At that moment in time, I started crying, realizing that I had found more compassion in that brief conversation than I had had for years in the Church of Scientology, that this was a “real” Church that cared about people, not just donations and what you could do for it. I also had never heard the phrase, “Tire Tracks across one’s back”. It was very real to me what he was talking about. I feel that most of us here on this blog, have those “tire tracks across our backs”, and it has been a source of relief and comfort to hear other’s stories, as welll as relate bits and pieces of mine; to realize that we are all in this together, and that we are all healing each other with our compassion and our care. In so doing, we are, as individuals, and as a group, ARE movin’ on up a little higher each day.
    Thanks again for your story. Love, Catherine

  150. Love the phrase “Church of Fuckedupology”. Lately, I have been thinking of it as The Church of WTF??!!! Just wanted to share that with you.

  151. Thank you JB for this excellent report. A picture is worth a thousand words.

    I will be helping this report to go viral.

  152. Well, he didn’t want to short-change the inspection.

  153. Gone viral:

    David Miscavige says something per this:

    Does this mean he isn’t hiding behind Tommy’s face right now?

    “Scandal of the week” :

    Too many more to list: O.K., it’s everywhere. The only people that do not know about it are the Church of Scientology. Because the staff are not allowed to read outside the walls or use computers or have cell phones. Because of censorship by others or security measures that prevent communication with others; working in one place without the freedom to move about, which would mean they could access a newspaper stand or bookstore.

  154. Marty, Lets talk about all the money spent at the FLB for hotel services and food delivered for DM, TC and the rest of the celebs. HUGE amounts of money and labor on these lines. I can tell you it was way above and beyond what the rest of the pubic experienced. Jenny and Angie could spent money on those lines like they were on crack! Meanwhile the staff got eat at the Elks and live at the Hacienda. I hope they all get to enjoy the food in prison.

  155. Miscavige and Cruise are like the Titanic LOOKING for an iceberg.

  156. This should be sent to everyone, there is so much truth in what you write. Maybe it might crack the veneer of a few more inside.

    When those in the church make it up to present time, they will thank the Independents for what they are doing.

  157. Wait a minute, if I remember well, the purpose of the Sea Org is: “to get ethics in on the planet and to safeguard the advanced levels of Scientology”.

    Now, lets see, isn’t it ironical somehow “SPs”, “wogs”, “DBs”, “unethical, uneducated people”, “never ending enemies – the media”, “ fresh meat” are just about to put the ethics in on the SEA ORG.

    Give me a break, with all of your PR!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    SHAME ON YOU Sea Org, but most of all on you David Miscavidge and Tom Cruise.

  158. Careful CD or you’ll be gettin a name change–Horn Doggie.

  159. Wow JB. Awesome! Talk about immediate transparency. Did anyone clock how fast those lies were exposed?

  160. Expelled 4 Life

    JB’s photos and the story on the Gawker:!5757217

  161. They call it: “The Year of Super Power”
    I would rather call it: “The Beginning of the End”

    They call it: “PR handling”
    I would rather call it: “impertinent lying”

    They call it: “it is everything fine, sunshine, I see nothing, I hear nothing, we will handle it”
    I would rather call it: “a thunderstorms develops to a Hurricane category 5x”

    They call it: “straight up and vertical expansion”
    I would rather call it: “bang, implosion, confusion”

  162. Expelled 4 Life

    How do you know when a story has gone viral? Perhaps when a Rochester, NY newspaper picks it up and gives it its’ own local spin:

  163. I thought that too. Evidently there’s something about the word “inurement” that the trolls & OSA don’t understand. Did the dwarf throw out the dictionaries with the rest of the tech?

    If “Sue’s” comment is the best they can come up with, they’re in worse trouble than we ever thought. If Cruise can “prove” he never took FSM commissions? Give me a break. And then to call that amazing car rebuild/restoration a “wood job”. A wood job??? Who talks like that? It sounds rather crude. “Sue” is best ignored.

  164. WTF. These guys got 50 a week. Fer christakes I only got 35 if the douchebag ic decided not to pocket it.

  165. martyrathbun09

    We’ll talk about that real soon my man.

  166. I want to thank Lawrence Wright and the New Yorker for having the balls to go to press with this. I am just blowing down daily that we are finally being heard.

    The church has been corrupted by Miscavaige for far too long. So much so that you can’t even get Scientology in one of their organizations. The public’s radar is on high and the church’s attempts to lure them in with their new ads won’t work this time. The only place to get real Scientology is through and Independent Scientology practitioner. Don’t look for any fancy buildings made from the latest in vogue, shi shi material. besides, if it is is too pretty, it is probably the church.

    Most of all, I hope that this all going viral will impinge on those still inside with heavy blinders. Let the ray of truth shake off those damned blinders!

  167. We have no members. We are everyone and no-one…. Yeah, you know how it goes 🙂

    However, we give massive credit to Mr Brousseau for providing juicy evidence, in keeping with our finest DOX OR GTFO policy.

    One of Anon’s great strengths is our ability to process and analyse information. Anyone else comes by with any juicy stuff, be sure to send it our way so we can work on it!

  168. LoL fail instead of flunk ?

  169. You have to go deep, deep, deep down the rabbit hole.

  170. Comments on that are going wild. I see Louanne is going wild too commenting there.

  171. Edwin: “most of us here had to choose between our integrity and our eternity and we chose the first”

    Actually, I had to choose whatever was left of my SANITY and my eternity and I chose the first. I knew that I was disappearing as a being.
    And that terrified me.

    Sadly it wasn’t for me something as upstanding as integrity but rather something as real as sanity.

    Perhaps others experienced the same.

    In any event — we aren’t IN anymore.

    Glory be!!!


  172. Wow! That is one incredible custom job. I hope Tom Cruise is happy with all the free work he got!

  173. JB says: “I am proud of it and all the other things I worked on, but I am ashamed of who they were for and why. It is not what I thought I would be doing when I joined the Sea Organization.”

    Thank you for telling us all this, John.
    In the power set in all of the good men on this blog, I would like to tell you: YOU ARE FORGIVEN!

  174. Marty,

    For what it’s worth, you are kicking ass !

    Thanks man!

  175. Ok. I guess you either never understood or didn’t agree with the dreams and intentions of LRH and how he wanted people to be helped in and with Scientology. Thus, I assume you don’t see how different things are from how they should be according to his written bulletins and policies. The inability to recognize similarities and differences and identical things would explain why you didn’t feel anything. I doubt you are a true lurker. Bye.

  176. He is right although Broussau may reach various levels of AWESOME

    (Sometimes in jest Boris Korzscak or Mark Bunker are called honorary anonymous members though, loveingly instead of Tommy Davis being called the leader of Anonymous sarcasticly)

  177. LOL
    Pardon my presumption.
    I stand corrected.

  178. #G; Persons who claim that “if you help such and such a case (at great and your expense) because somebody is rich or influential or the neighbors would be electrified should be ignored……….. ENOUGH WITH TOM CRUISE! So what is David Miscavidge, a CIA Agent bent on bringing down Scientology becuase it Free’s Thetans? or we going to see his demise as a true SP……. What is needed to bring an end to this entheta by DM?

  179. Impartial English Girl

    Stop goading. It’s infantile and belittles you. If you have a constructive and intelligent mind then don’t try and provoke people – instead make a comment that is relevant and helpful. If you made an inflammatory or spurious remark then Mr. Rathbun – as owner and moderator of this blog-space – has every right to exercise his judgement over what anyone (myself included) submits.

    Your response to his perfectly civil and reasonable reply suggests that Mr. Rathbun was correct in his judgement.

  180. Marty, you and JB have hit a home run!

    Thank you to Larry Wright and the New Yorker for going the extra mile to get this story out. This story needed to be written by someone of his stature.

  181. Re-election of Barack Obama could help us. Still love that guy and his democratic agenda. What do you say?

  182. JB you are an artist!

    Having said that, this seriously pisses me off! How many of us have gone years, sacrificing financially to support the Church of Scientology, because as we were told it was to “save the planet”?

    Thank you JB for sharing these photos so this can be exposed.

  183. In that same issue where this .PDF appeared is an article stating that NASA has just discovered the existence of 54 new planets, which may be able to support human life. Before to long, these .PDF’s will be showing up over there!

  184. He was serious, and I’m serious about Barack Obama being one great president. Sure glad he isn’t after women like Clinton and not a moron like that other recent guy.

  185. I bet the shedding machines are in full work mode. And, I bet tickets are being scooped up to send certain people to missions in foreign lands.

  186. The dwarf has to step down, but there is still an apparatus there. He’s not operating alone. Recycling the execs in the Hole doesn’t seem like a solution, as they couldn’t hold their position in space before. The most qualified execs are out.

    Interesting times…

  187. get back under your desk

  188. Expelled 4 Life

    Tomorrow’s St. Pete Times Editorial:

    A Times Editorial
    Vigorous investigation of Scientology needed

    In Print: Friday, February 11, 2011

    And from the

    “Sarah Palin too close to Scientology lobby to oppose it”

    The Church of Scientology’s friends in Washington

    By Alex Pareene
    click here
    The Church of Scientology’s best friends in Washington

    Did you read that New Yorker piece on the Church of Scientology? You really have to. I know it’s long, but it’s worth it. If you’re short on time, there are a lot of summaries.

    Along with some incredible new details, there are the previously reported stories of rampant physical abuse of underlings by church head David Miscavige, the church’s “Sea Org” full of underage workers signed to “billion-year contracts” performing manual labor for little to no money, and the tales of the church separating families and milking its members for thousands of dollars. The church is even under investigation by the FBI for what could amount to human trafficking.

    And, of course, like any other moneymaking American enterprise, it has good friends in Washington.

    As far as I know, the only Scientologist to ever actually serve in Congress was the late Sonny Bono. His widow, Mary Bono Mack, who inherited his seat, attended courses, but never took to the religion.

    Former Rep. Ben Gilman, R-N.Y., received thousands from the church, and, in return, as chairman of the International Relations Committee, he complained on several occasions that European nations were discriminating against Scientology. Or, put another way: “[On] the same day (July 2, 1998), ten prominent Scientologists donated a total of $7,400 to Congressman Benjamin A. Gilman’s coffer — three months before he signed on as a co-sponsor to Matt Salmon’s House of Representatives bill that was critical of Germany’s protection of religious freedom …” He was also thanked with this glowing profile in the church’s Freedom magazine.

    * Continue reading

    Brad Sherman, D-Calif., and Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., are two of the church’s best friends currently serving in Congress. They were both honored at a 2004 Celebrity Centre gala. (Here’s Ros-Lehtinen with John Travolta and Kelly Preston, and here’s Brad Sherman praising the church publicly.)

    The church avoids “official” political donations (it is, after all, a tax-exempt religious organization), but prominent members still support politicians and politicians return the favor. Florida’s Mark Foley was a Scientology ally. (It was rumored that he checked into a church-affiliated recovery center after his resignation from Congress.) As a state legislator, Nevada’s Sharron Angle supported a Scientology-affiliated drug treatment therapy program for prisoners.

    Craig Jensen, founder of the software company Diskeeper, and his wife, Sally Jensen, are major Scientologists, and their donations help identify which politicians are friendliest to the church. Former congressman James E. Rogan, now a Bush-appointed judge on the Superior Court of California, received thousands of dollars from prominent Scientologists throughout the 1990s. Even Ron Paul gets Scientology love, because he supports its tax-exempt status and opposes mental health screening for children.

    And, of course, Sarah Palin is personal friends with prominent Scientologists Greta Van Susteren and her husband, attorney John Coale. Coale helped Palin start her PAC — and he once proposed starting a Scientology PAC, in the 1980s. At the time, the idea fizzled out.

    But Scientology actually had a semi-open PAC for a few years, called “Citizens for Social Reform.” The church hasn’t donated anything in the last two cycles, but before that, it gave to the following pols:

    * Rep. Dan Burton, R-Ind.
    * Rep. Loretta Sanchez, D-Calif.
    * Rep. Brad Sherman, D-Calif.
    * Rep. Diane Watson, D-Calif.
    * Rep. Danny Davis, D-Ill. (also a friend of the Reverend Moon)
    * Sen. Sam Brownback, R-Kan.
    * Rep. John Sweeney, R-N.Y.
    * Rep. Dylan Glenn, R-Ga.

    The church has had, throughout its history, plenty of friends on both sides of the aisle. Or, at least, plenty of people willing to cash its checks. Few prominent politicians, that I know of, have said much about the things we’ve learned about the church more recently.

  190. Quote:
    “I am in agreement with ‘WatchingEyes’ regarding it is time for the CoS to return all so called “Donations” to any and all who so demand, without reservation, exception, obstruction or requirement.”

    Agreed! Start writing that cheque right now Mr. Miscavige. In my case, a cool $600,000. And I’ll guarantee I’ll finish my training to Class Vlll, start a counselling / training group & get the show on the road and deliver some real Scientology.

    @ Kathy – Yes .. . it is taken from Quicksilver Messenger Service , although I do remember getting quicksilvered off post to help on some ‘deck’ project – hmm. Funny thing, I don’t remember any decks 😛

  191. Fellow Traveller

    Welcome back Rev. I’ve been wondering about and missing you…..
    Bruce Pratt

  192. Sue,
    TC now drives people away from seeing his films, go ahead and argue all you want!

    On the latest film – Knight and Day flop:
    … “the film’s problems weren’t so complicated at all. They began and ended with Tom Cruise. In fact, the mail is running about 50-1 against Cruise, whose image with moviegoers — especially women — has taken a serious hit, thanks to a combination of strange public behavior, intimate ties with Scientology and botched efforts to repair his damaged boy-next-door image. …”

    Do you and John still think he would bring new people into Scientology? Are you the same Sue who said: DM = Scientology?

  193. Mr. G
    Wonderful. I ate at the various Flag restaurants for years as a pubic and I don’t think I ever had what I would consider a decent meal at any of ’em. Gluttony and elitism aside, guess I can’t blame ’em for not partaking of the lowly public swill.

  194. JB, you’re truly a genius and Tom Cruise should pay you and others for the work you have done for him. One does not have to be lawyer to see that it is totally and completely illegal for Tom Cruise to accept this type of work from church members on a 50$ payroll.

    Like how is this justified?

    I know people who spend a lot of time fixing and spiffing up their exotic cars and these people put a lot of their own time helping out their buddies but there is always an exchange factor like, one guy lets them use his garage and in exchange the other guy does the paint job or something like that. Bottom line is they are working and helping each other.

    This vehicle being presented to Tom Cruise as a finished product, a gift from David Miscavige …. What the Fuck!

  195. Could be the Church of Whatthefuckology.

    The Church of the Blessed Silver Screen.

    Or the Church of Satan & Cruise

    Temple of Stage Set

    The Church of the Money Process


    The Church of the 501ciii Status

    The Church of Starworshiponology

    ScIRSology (with grateful acknowledgment to sc-irs-ology)


    Church of Cryptology

    Soon to be FBIological 😉

    Anything but Scientology.

    Where Dave operates from Author Disservices International or the International Slave base where his opulent Reverse Technology Center is Located whose job is “to ensure that the integrity of the tech is altered”.

    Occasionally dropping by his digs at the Mecca of Technical Deception

    Their mottos are:

    “HCO Takes Orders”

    “Qual takes orders from the only one”

    “To Drive Ethics Out!”

    “If it doesn’t work.


    And finally “We Blow Back”


  196. Oh, WE. Go easy on Sue. She probably just needs a good wood job, herself. One of those that’ll put a glow back on the old birl.

  197. Wow, that an excellent piece.

  198. Thong cabinets! ha! You’re slayin’ me, OTDT

  199. Yeah, they’re not pointing out all the times that Sea Org members got NOTHING per week.
    And the sleep deprivation… I wouldn’t have been up to SO snuff, because after a few stints in college staying up 2 nights in a row, I just couldn’t do all nighters anymore. Hearing those stories about people hiding or sleeping under their desk really breaks my heart.

  200. Scott Campbell

    Hey! Watch your language, Kathy.

    This is a family website.

  201. Ditto on sanity!

  202. Scott Campbell


    Origin of the phrase “Tire tracks all across your back”:

  203. Same here on sanity. I didn’t like who I was becoming.

  204. Well,

    A short piece on Inside Edition tonight … part 2 tomorrow night.

    I emailed the pics – actually stayed up almost all of last night sending out emails

  205. Karen B,
    Agreed that Sue needs some more info. So for “Sue” if TC was an FSM then please name just 10 people he got into Scientology. If so he would have received a 1099 for any compensation to him. There is no 1099 for the work done for him.

    This is “inurement”. DM order work done for TC and TC received this benefit. Some history here:
    From 823 F. 2d 1310 – Church of Scientology of California v. Commissioner of Internal Revenue
    “Unaccounted for diversions of a charitable organization’s resources by one who has complete and unfettered control can constitute inurement. Parker v. Commissioner, 365 F.2d 792, 799 (8th Cir.1966), cert. denied, 385 U.S. 1026, 87 S.Ct. 752, 17 L.Ed.2d 674 (1967); Kenner v. Commissioner, 318 F.2d 632 (7th Cir.1963).”

    And yes, Emory Mead, C of S attorney’s and DM know exactly what appellate court decision this quote is from. Plain and simple – inurement.

    In case you think this doesn’t will not cause harm here is some more:
    “Finally, the regulations define “private shareholder or individual” broadly as any person “having a personal and private interest in the activities of the organization.” 26 C.F.R. 1.501(a)-1(c).

    While we remain solicitous of Congress’ intent to confer tax exempt status on religious organizations, this court has previously affirmed the denial of tax exemption where church income inures to private individuals. … These cases emphasize that excessive compensation and potential for abuse, even absent a showing of actual abuse, will constitute inurement.4


    So Sue, the excessive compensation (to TC in this instance) and potential for abuse, even absent a showing of actual abuse, will constitute inurement.

    If you have further questions just google search the above listed case.

  206. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    I was laughing so hard I had to F/N! 😉

    Please don’t forget the “Burl torches for the villagers”!

  207. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    OTDT – LRH would hug you!

  208. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Oh Yeah! It’s taking off and I smell burnin’ rubber… or is that the Dynamic Duo crappin’ their pants?

  209. ΘTater/GaryLerner


  210. theystolemychurch

    Do you actually realize the IMPACT this has? The article in the New Yorker is getting articles published about it? The article is getting articles…. WOW Talk about PR impact. It has a lot lot lot of legs!!!!

  211. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Cowboy Poet,

    Their postulates do work! It’s just that they are operating on the south side of the Tone Scale and thus the postulates are reversed. What a wicked web they self-weave.


  212. Impartial English Girl:

    Here is my chance. Now is my opportunity. The time has come. I would like to make a speech. I want to announce to the world right here and now that I Raul Batista am hereby naming Marty Rathbun as my candidate for the next President of the United States. 🙂

  213. A small point, but important, I think. Since 9-11, the government has gotten much better at tracking and retrieving funds that may be held overseas. And foreign governments are no fonder of the CoS than our own.

  214. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    WOW! Viral isn’t the word for it. More like pandemic! Randolph Hearst would LOOOVVVVEEEE all this press!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks theoracle 😀

  215. While there is a ton of money from donations given for planetary salvation campaigns but misappropriated to trick out cars and build emtpy buildings the highest Flag trained auditors do not have enough PCS to make a decent living.

    Case in point: See this cry for help just in from an LAD auditor, a staffmember in THE star Ideal Org at the beginning of the Pacifica Bridge:

    ” My name is Kelli Finn, I am a FLAG trained Grad V auditor. I am the Lead Auditor at LAD. I am looking for a moonlight either on the week nights or weekends. I can do receptionist work, personal assistant, any office work, nannying etc. I am also trained to Sup in a WISE courseroom and am PTS Trained.”

    Facts are nasty things when one is trying to lie to the world.

  216. Expelledforlife,

    Warning back off. Keep politics off please out of the picture.

  217. He’s clearly recovering from the jargon implant.

  218. They are already here, married.

  219. Do it, JB!

  220. I had a nagging feeling there was more to the story with those two. The whole honeymoon thing was creepy. You’re right, you know they could have just admitted the truth. Anything is better than lying because there is nothing worse than being busted!

    JB did beautiful work and should be proud of it.

  221. You’re welcome. I hope we meet some day. I wish you the best.

  222. Well c anne,

    I guess you could call him Deputy Dave of the Revenoo Service since he is a member of the CTCC that’s the Church Tax Compliance Committee though he job performance has been somewhat questionable.


    There’s a connection to Bob Gray over at H&K.

    A unconfirmed and verified list over at listing him as an “agent of influence” under Robert Crowley.

    Though no 201 has showed up either confirming or denying that Dave works for the Company.

    If he is the appropiate digraph and cryptonym would probably be SQ/EARL 😉

    Marty says he hasn’t seen him making any “brush passes”, “car tosses” or “dead drops”.

    But ya never know.

    However even he is.

    Chances are that the Agency would rather let Davy burn than reveal any connection by helping him out of the jam he’s gotten in and I doubt if the lil’ moron knows enough to gray mail ’em.

    So it’s a win win for them with practically zero risk to let him hit the Federal Docket.

    My guess that if he is an agent working on their behalf he’s an unwitting agent due to his lack of wits and his unwillingness to follow anyone else’s directions such as a Case Officer.

    Also my think is if there was any ongoing operation they probably pulled the plug on it long ago and stuck every bit of incriminating evidence in a burn bag.

    I’d say it would have been about the time they convinced him to down grade the original OT Levels to “old”, “not used”, “historical”, “back ground” etc.

    (Probably after noting their effectiveness in making Remote Viewers)

    The coup de grâce of the “the Golden Age of Tech” with the three swing F/Ns and the endless overruns was probably his own idea though it looks like sabotage, smells like sabotage ,walks like sabotage and *is* sabotage.

    I think it was exclusively his “bright idea” and I think the boys and girls at Langley are just as surprised as we are at how thoroughly he’s managed to f_ck things up on his own.

    Though I’m sure what Ron used to call SMERSH is probably pleased with his “effectiveness”.

    Whether he was or is really makes no difference at this point since the damage is beyond *done*.

    It will be quite a while before the Church recovers the prestige it once had if ever and no longer be known as another wacky cult by the public in general.

    If the CIA was involved to this point which I honestly doubt and if their intention was to totally wreck Scientology which I question since it would have been a perfect cover for their Foreign Intel actions.

    They played a damn good end game.

    They haven’t been this successful since Guatemala.

  223. Lil’ OSA Johnny may not be rocked (he’s to busy slamming the rock) but I’m totally rocked dude and you TOTALLY ROCK OTDT

  224. The best comment! Powerful yet gently communicated.

  225. Sorry guys, I hadn’t realized it could go that deep.

  226. Expelled 4 Life

    Huh? Sorry not sure what your point is. The story is in relation to Greta Van Sustern and her husband and their relationship with Palin.

  227. I would add:
    Church of Hypocrisy

  228. That’s really funny !
    The guy is PTS trained !
    How you call that ? A freud …
    They train now people to PTS. How True !!!!!

  229. I wasn’t surprised to see that link posted. When you consider it’s about a high profile politician with ties to two high profile people who, as far as we know, are still drinking the Kool Aid, it was a story waiting to be written. That plus knowing how the dwarf fawns over any political connections. Not that the dwarf could care less about any particular politician. It’s all about money, influence, celebrity and power. That’s what he cares about.

  230. K.

  231. Not a scientologist

    If some mug wants to work for a dollar an hour at sea org or whatever crap it is, no one put a gun to their head, so what?

    Who cares if some guy didn’t get paid much to outfit some guy’s SUV?

    Slave labor it is not.

  232. Apparently the coffers of dm hold 1 billion give or take a few million.

    Let’s say there were 25,000,000 people who have come into scientology through the years.

    IF the money were divided equally among the past/present and still in members that would be 25,000,000 each.

    Now – I didn’t contribute that much but my SO years are worth something. And those who never paid for services but gave with their energy, devotion and life — well THAT is worth a HUGE deal.

    So — I say — take that huge bankroll and start to sort through who gets what, when. Starting with those who need financial help NOW for medical etc etc.

    Leave a bit for those like Sue Price, Jenny Devocht etc to begin their lives but not as fat cats. They need to understand that living on the blood, sweat and tears of others is not the way to “heaven”

    I could definitely put to good use the million plus my ex and I put into the church, and my 8 years on staff.

    Now — let’s see — donate a bunch to Gampo Abbey, send 100K to the newly formed Tibetan school in Surmang … set aside money for my kids and old age …

    Have a big party with my independent friends, my old friends who are now free —

    Money cannot buy happiness BUT money can improve a life style and eliminate lots of obstacles.

    I can see a big windfall in our future 🙂 My crystal ball is never wrong:)

    (but my math might be – in any case, it’s STILL a bunch of money)

    And you JB just might be the straw that broke ye ole back. Spectacular work.
    And wow on the photos.


  233. Church of Psy-anthology, “We are here to rescue your money from you.”

  234. Theo Sismanides

    Karen #1 No comment!!!

  235. Expelled 4 Life

    I just don’t like Greta being all high and mighty about Human Rights yet she donates lots of money to an organization that does not dispute the fact that a pregnant female Sea Org member must abort her child to retain her job. Not to mention misuse of disconnection and DMs physical and emotional abuse of staff.

  236. Slave labor it *is*. Maybe you don’t know it but people are not just allowed to walk away from the “Church” (spit) of Scientology’s Sea Org without major ramifications. If you don’t believe it, “not a scientologist,” go read and check out the stories of ex-scn’ists.

    Learn about this crap before you shoot off your keyboard with no knowledge.

  237. When I was the Exec Director in Birmingham Org we were told to keep track of how many new public came to the org because of Tom Cruise being on the red caerpet in London for a new movie. No one ever came in. We had to report this data to the LRH PPRO NW (Bob Keenan). He was never happy when the PES reported the big donut ( O ). I think the other orgs reported a few public coming in from TC but I think they did this to stay out of trouble. Trouble was my middle name!

  238. Hey, Watching Eyes, what this guy is trying to tell you is that you missed his first trolling attempt at the top of the thread.

  239. I think someone got that backwards: Tom Cruise is responsible for keeping millions of people away from scientology. The stink on that guy is palpable.

  240. Not a Scientologist indeed,

    Nah, no guns on the head, only on the hips of the security behind 2m high razor wired fences. And only monitored 24/7/365 by the highest hi-tech surveillance equipment.

    Nah, no physical enforcement either, only attack gangs of let’s say anywhere between 7 and 19 SO thugs lead by the bravest himself (from a save distance).

    Nope, no emotional duress either, only constant harassment with high urgency to safe the planet and no way to verify the continuous stream of alarming situations, no way to find out that those sits were smartly crafted to perpetuate the emergency and keep you introverted.

    Nope, no slave labor, only 100% certainty that if you don’t work for 1 dollar an hour, you’ll be sent off to the RPF and have to work harder for 50 cents (or less) an hour and that’s if you’re lucky. If not, you’ll not only miss the pay or rice and beans but kiss your night rest goodbye as well.

    No mental coercion either, only the certainty that you’ll loose your friends, eternity, family, respect, job, roof above your head and all other survival assets, if you decide to not work for 50 cents.

    Yep, free as a bird.

  241. (gasp!) LOL

    OK, well, let’s try this again: TC doesn’t get people into scientology, he makes people afraid of scientology, he makes people run in the other direction from scientology, he contributes to people ridiculing scientology, and he has committed criminal acts through his association with an corrupt organization calling itself “scientology”. He is also about to have a bit of legal trouble to add to his terrible, nose-diving public image trouble, all due to his fond, un-naturally close relationship with the head troll of the c of m.

  242. Gee …

    First it was Milli Vanilli … now the Tooth Fairy & Santa ?!? (stifles sniffle)

    Next thing you’ll know, someone will claim David Miscavige is a fake !! 😛

  243. Interesting. Why wouldnt that girl just moonlight as an auditor? Is that against the rules for staff? Competition with the Org?
    Obviously its wrong that the girl is not making a living wage, but beyond that is she prohibited from helping people through auditing?
    Since it will be nearly impossible for any org to get new starts now, the outlook is bleak for staff. She should go independent and set up her own practice. There were some old Flag staff in the 70’s named Finn, wonder is there is a relation. Anyway, wishing her well.

  244. After looking at all the pix, it makes me wonder. With all the skills these people have acquired on the job, I can’t imagine how they are convinced that leaving organized Scientology will condemn them to a life of burger flipping. (mind you, burger flipping doesn’t require unpaid overtime, or coming in on your days off, and you get health insurance and minimum wage!)

    Clearly these are some skilled and talented people who could do a helluva lot better than slaving for a crazy dwarf!

  245. You sir are a burl of fail.

  246. Talk about suspension of disbelief!!! I was THERE! Thanks OTDT! You are magic 🙂


  247. Freudian slip (of the tongue?).

    “A Freudian slip, also called parapraxis, is an error in speech, memory, or physical action that is interpreted as occurring due to the interference of some unconscious (“dynamically repressed”) wish, conflict, or train of thought. The concept is thus part of classical psychoanalysis.

    Slips of the tongue and the pen are the classic parapraxes, but psychoanalytic theory also embraces such phenomena as misreadings, mishearings, temporary forgettings, and the mislaying and losing of objects.

    In general use, the term ‘Freudian slip’ has been debased to refer to any accidental verbal slips of the tongue.[1]. Thus many examples are found in explanations and dictionaries which do not strictly fit the psychoanalytic definition.”

  248. Yes yes, and the Anon Implant is settling in nicely muhahahaha

    All hail to the Internet !

  249. martyrathbun09

    Passport. CHECK.

  250. Watching Jenny Linson call Anderson Cooper “rude” was a hit below the belt. I recall Jenny at the base running behind exhausted deck prisoners yelling “RUN! RUN!” because they were walking. I can see how she and DM ended up sharing the same sadistic space. Their motivator flows are so huge they are sucking in the United States Federal Government! I am thinking she is right around the corner from having a REAL “rude” awakening. And her REAL “importance” moment. Headlines!

  251. The sad part also is the fact she is the LEAD auditor and still has to moonlight – and this is in LA !

    Times must be awful tough if there isn’t enough to keep the Lead Auditor with spaghetti on the table.

  252. Tony Dephillips

    You are an asshole.

  253. Karen#1, you are awesome, I like your tone!

  254. DM’s motivator flows are so huge he is sucking in the United States Federal employees! I can see Congress members, Mayors, Governors and Senators checking caller I.D. to ensure they are not connected to the slave / prisoner flap. DM is rocking the U.S. government !

  255. I haven’t had a chance to go through all the comments so please excuse me if I duplicate another’s post.

    I just occurred to me not even getting into the many violations of law and LRH policy on the part of David Misgavige regarding the many gifts to TC that Tom Cruise’s acceptance of those gifts could easily be construed as MONEY LAUNDERING!

  256. P.S. Suggested cram for DM:

    Complete the following check sheet.

    NOTICE, POWER with politicians is proportional to POPULARITY. ______

    NOTICE, who you are popular with. ______

    NOTICE, who you are unpopular with. ______

    NOTICE, how popular you really are with the United States Government right now. ______

    NOTICE, how fast those connections move right
    out of your pocket. ______

    NOTICE, what condition you are REALLY in. ______

    Sorry for the “S.R.A.”

    Just remember, it’s all a game and you can’t really hurt a thetan.

    And, lighten up!

  257. So, if we worked from 8 AM to 11PM every day(average, some days more, but I do remember doing laundry and cleaning my room some times), that’s 15 hours/day, 7 days a week, 360 days a year (I am being generous, but I do remember getting a cold or visiting my Mum once in a while). Evaluating the quality of my work and the type of role (I work in HR now, so I have an OK idea) I’d say I should have been paid $30 per hour average (some times giving lectures to hundreds of people, sometimes cleaning toilets, so I am averaging).
    Now, CA law says that you get paid straight time for the first 40 hours, and above that it’s overtime. Some of it is time and a half or double(weekends and holidays, (111 days a year are either sat or sun, or one of 7 paid holidays most people get). Averaging it, I’d say it’s fair to say that of the 365 days, 105 should be counted as time and a half.
    40 hours a week, times 52 weeks, (2080 hours) at $30/hour: $65,400
    7 hours of overtime daily, 7 days a week, 52 weeks, at $45/hour: $114,660
    That’s $180,060, without going into double pay days at all.
    Let’s say you got paid $35 a week some years, $50 a week some others, half pay if you were in training. Shall we average it at $40/week? $40×52 weeks: $2080/year. That’s what we got instead.
    I was in for six years. I provided excellent and not so excellent work, but all along, it was very HARD work. Knowing that I should have been paid $180k instead of $2k is infuriating, but also validating.
    Did I get those numbers right?
    The $1,067,520 these jerks saved by not paying me probably went to pay for a few windows at the Int base, or a bribe to the Hollywood police.

    Repeating what my Mum used to say, “May they get double what they deserve”. But I am still mad.

  258. Impartial English Girl

    Raul: I think Obama is great – but I second your nomination. Mr. Rinder for Vice President and Amy Scobee for Secretary of State. The “We Kick Ass & Take Names Party”!

    Where can I buy a little car sticker?!

    IEG xx
    Proud to be supporting Senator Rathbun! 😀

    Have a great weekend everyone. x

  259. I haven’t had a chance to go through all the comments so please excuse me if I duplicate another’s post.

    I just occurred to me not even getting into the many violations of law and LRH policy on the part of David Misgavige regarding the many gifts to TC that Tom Cruise’s acceptance of those gifts could easily be construed as MONEY LAUNDERING!
    It has been said earlier that DM’s justification for the lavish gifts to Tom were a small token return favor for the many Donations Tom has made to the church. Granted, however, the labor costs of these many gifts such as the Hanger, the bus, the custom car etc. run up at fair market value into the hundreds of thousands of dollars. These items might be looked on as legitimate business expenses that a star of that caliber might ordinarily take on for public relations purposes. On the other hand how many top stars have items of this nature and what portion of these expenses were allowed from a tax point of view. If the IRS looked on them as personal perks the cost would be entirely taxable. By donating X amount of dollars to a “non profit” and receiving that same X amount of dollars in some form from that same “non profit” as a gift which is not taxable……..what are we dealing with here?

  260. Dollar an hour? What’d they do get a raise?

  261. Why do you think the walls and barbed wire fences and security cameras and security people are at the Int Base? It is to make sure Hubbard can’t get back in.

  262. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    I “whinny” that!

  263. Sad thing is, oftentimes employers rather look at your degrees and diplomas, rather than what you can actually do.

  264. MCOB Check Sheet Revision.


    NOTICE, Politicians are ELECTED by popular vote.
    YOU never were. _____

    NOTICE, you have not been so good at noticing. _____

  265. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Church of Lost Souls

  266. Folder #1

    “Folder #1”

    “9 days old, and the boy’s got his first PC folder. Just got him set up for a custom-written program of assists, to be orchestrated by the brilliant folks at the Founding Church of Scientology.”

  267. Thanks to all of you who acknowledge the quality of the work I did.

    Yes, someday I hope to get into a position where I can be properly remunerated for doing this type of work for people who can really appreciate it. I spent a few decades creating some awefully nice accomodations for the likes of DM and TC. It feels it should be my turn at some point.

    But, meanwhile, I am getting by and enjoying life.

    The primary point of all this is that the church and Cruise are lying to The New Yorker because they know they are guilty. What I and many others did as shown by my dox is simply unethical. Far from what Scientology is fundamentally about. Not to mention the legality of it.

    As Marty alluded to at the top of the post, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

    I could talk about other efforts to lure celebrity types into DM’s lair. David Beckham perhaps? There’s a story there worth telling. But DM never got a bite on that fishing expedition, although money and Sea Org staff resources were expended in his attempt.

    There’s more on the Tom Cruise story too. My stuff pales in comparison to the sordid and sick details of how DM paraded females he had hand-picked and set up to cater to Tom’s amorous ambitions until Katie Holmes was landed.

    But I will leave that to others to tell that had much more involvement than I.

    As most all of you point out, this stuff is just WRONG.

    Tom Cruise, sorry man. Ethics gradients need to be applied. They will stop once you take responsibility.

  268. Without being COB, DMs skills are limited to burger flipping.

  269. Bush administration took all the “Intelligence” out of the Intelligence Apparatus.

    RJ telling it how it is.

    Our CEO of the ISHR (Independant Scientologists for Human Rights)

  270. @BarneyRubble – you have no authority on Marty Rathbun’s blog to command anyone to “back off”.

  271. I know when Tom Cruise comes around and takes responsibility you’ll be tone of the first to shake his hand.

    Good Show Sir, Carry on.

  272. As the dwarf, yea YOU dm, has such disdain for George Orwell’s 1984, here is an appropriate quote: “In an age of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell

  273. The Independents are holding the val docs and the planet is now putting ethics in on the Sea Org. There are many agencies with the purpose to put in ethics in on the planet. Starting with the C.I.A..

  274. I laughed out loud too when I read 2ndxmr’s comment. You know that phrase, wood job, is going to stick. Somehow, somewhere it’ll come up again. It’s just too funny. I wonder if “Sue” is really the dwarf.

  275. Centurion~I have so many moments of why’d I feel like crap for THAT?! ‘Cause somebody made me feel that way, that’s why. And it was ALL absolute BULL!

  276. And this JUST IN…

    Wonderful news out of Orange County. The Fundraising commitee, consisting of the Lead CS, the Cramming Officer and the DSA working on this full time now are over the moon to announce that “management” has matched the funds raised by DONATING to the dedicated OC orgs and staff $1.3 mill . Except the staff who are all moonlighting do not get it. The empty Ideal Org gets it.

    And MORE GOOD NEWS, there are only $2.7 Mill left to go and they have to raise it by March 13. Piece a cake with the whole org working on this full time now.

    ……but here is a question I am stuck on:
    Why did “management” not DONATE the balance needed, since they took all that and more from the OC staff and public in the first place?

    Can’t figue it out, but what do I know……..


  277. LOL! Too funny!

  278. I have never seen a reference on “Honorary Sea Org member” by L.R.H.. Is that some new and whimsical doo dad?

    “It is said..” Who said that? They lied to you. L.Ron Hubbard bought more people into Scientology than anyone else.

  279. Hi Dave,
    The FBI cares and they are out to get you!

  280. Yes, someday I hope to get into a position where I can be properly remunerated for doing this type of work for people who can really appreciate it. I spent a few decades creating some awefully nice accomodations for the likes of DM and TC. It feels it should be my turn at some point.

    So you should have the best references 😉

    I could talk about other efforts to lure celebrity types into DM’s lair. David Beckham perhaps? There’s a story there worth telling. But DM never got a bite on that fishing expedition, although money and Sea Org staff resources were expended in his attempt.

    Then it’s more than just a rumour. It was all over the media a couple of years ago.

    There’s more on the Tom Cruise story too. My stuff pales in comparison to the sordid and sick details of how DM paraded females he had hand-picked and set up to cater to Tom’s amorous ambitions until Katie Holmes was landed.

    Marc Headley already told that story in his book. Or is there even more to it?

  281. O.C. org’s funds raised: $1.3 mil
    Managements “dono” to match: $ 1.3 mill
    remaining funds needed: $2.7 mill
    Total needed by March 13: $5.3 mill

    They bought their Ideal Org building YEARS ago in Santa Ana at the cost of several millions of dollars. What is this 5.3 mill amount for? Are they finally going to pay their past-due utilities bill?

  282. Hey Boris old Friend, It’s your friend KittyKatSpanker from Holland, All is well. I wish you well. *The cobblestones are missing your footsteps*

    “This week, Tom Smith interviews honorary Anonymous and retired CIA intelligence officer, Boris Korczak on why the scientology criminal enterprise needs to be prosecuted for fraud, racketeering and human trafficking.
    This program broadcasts on Friday, 11 February 2011 at 12:30 p.m. eastern U.S. time and Sunday, 13 February 2011 at 11 a.m. eastern U.S. time.
    Anonymous will post a sound file download link after the program airs.”

  283. Thanks for the ref Scott! I never listened to the words before. Very cool. 🙂

  284. You guys are too funny.

  285. Lady Minn~I don’t know if you’ve been able to backtrack on this blog, but your story has been experienced by most people here, myself included as far as getting more compassion out of another church than you got out of church of Miscavige. Sad but true.

  286. Mothers are the senior Ethics-officers

  287. Choich of Miscruisology fits poifectly!

  288. Did you actually notice the Church denied using staff labor for this?

    “Scientology told the New Yorker that all of this work was done by outside contractors, not Sea Org members.” From Village Voice link above.

    That means they know it was wrong.

  289. “Slavery is a system under which people are treated as property and are forced to work. Slaves can be held against their will from the time of their capture, …” Wikipedia

    It is slave labour and must be stopped, no question. At the same time, worth quickly pointing out that slavery is alive and well in the USA anyway. For example US citizens – prisoners – on a wage of about 25c an hour make 100% of all military helmets, ammunition belts, bullet proof vests and ID tags.

    They also make 93% of all domestic paints, 36% of home appliances and 21% of domestically sold office furntiure, enabling the US to compete with Mexico for example. Refusal to work results in solitary confinement, so they don’t really have a choice. At the same time the US refuses to bring into the country anything made by forced labour or prisoners!

    Despite being only 5% of the world’s poulation, the US has about 25% of the world’s prisoners. About 1% of the adult population in fact. Americans jail 2X more than South Africans, 3X more than Iranians and 6X more than the Chinese. No society in history has jailed more than the USA. The “three strikes and you’re out” system means that you have instances such as Leandro Andre being sentenced to 2 X 25 year life sentences for shoplifting 9 video tapes. Or Kevin Webber imprisoned for min 25 years for stealing 4 choc chip cookies.

    3.3% of adult males are locked up, while it’s over 11% if you’re black. There are more 17 year old black males in prison than in college.

    Having said all that, the only “crime” Sea Org members have committed is wanting to help just such injustices in the world! Pretty ironic, huh.

  290. Watching Eyes~Fabulous sum-up! EXACTLY the case.

  291. 😆 LMAO

  292. Because none of it is reality based at all, and DM or his cohorts just arbitrarily makes up the “amounts needed” on a whim as he(they) go along?

    All smoke and mirrors.

  293. JB:
    In all seriousness; send Cruise an invoice via his attorney for your labor. They can’t very well admit that you did all that work as a CoS employee, can they?

  294. 🙂

  295. That’s truly upsetting…but typical. 😦

  296. A month ago, 85 million Egyptians never would have predicted that Mubarak would leave. Heck, last night it appeared he would not.

    Early this morning he flew away from Cairo. And around 1:30PM CNN announced he had stepped down and now the military is in power. The people of Egypt are elated. Much like the jubilation that happened when the Berlin Wall came down.

    I’ve long believed in the microcosm being a reflection of the macrocosm. Of what is within manifests outwardly. Of what is above, so below.

    30 years ago Mubarak stole a country. 30 years ago dm stole a religion and a way of life for many.

    The Swiss authorities froze Mubarak’s assets. I expect the Swiss, Lichtenstein and other foreign accounts holding the assets of scientology to be frozen as well. And dm to step down.

    The world is a different today. On Monday the New Yorker changed the world as well.

    May all beings enjoy happiness and the root of happiness.
    May they be free from suffering and the root of suffering.
    May they never be separated from the great happiness devoid of suffering.
    May they dwell in equanimity, free from passion, aggression and bias.


  297. Sue,
    In all the years since Tom Cruise has come on lines I have NEVER heard or spoke to one person that has come in because of him.

    There may be, but I have never seen it.

  298. yes the church prohibits this…

  299. I completely support what Windhorse said above. Tipping points are very real phenomena — in social movements and in people’s individual lives. The truth will eventually beat back the lies of David Miscavige and his cur dogs.

    The whole world is watching.

  300. They’ve got the OC public so wrapped around the post the numbers are meaningless.
    PTS as a tree.

    I can hear it now…
    “Don’t confuse yourself with the details, folks. This time I want you to dig down deep one more time for freedom!
    Do I hear anyone willing to insure the future of this civilazation for 10,000?”
    “I’ll go $20,000!” blerts the hunched over old man (shill) who everyone knows is carrying over $500K in personal debt for donos.
    “Oh, George…” the reg audibly whispers. “We can’t have the same people always pulling the wagon. What about YOU?” he asks the young man who is attending his first event.

    And so it goes and so it has gone for decades.
    To me, the depth of the marketplace for that dog and poney show is just simply amazing. I never would have guessed it but then I have a better opinion of my fellows than PT Barnum.

  301. I wish it was a dollar per hour most of us at the int base worked over 115 hours per week a dollar per hour would have been a huge difference! There were many times (months on end) when we went unpaid. I recall my 2 years in the RPF when I got paid it was 12 whole dollars per week

  302. Thanks Bruce, I didn’t think anybody cared! I’m flattered!

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  304. Freedom Fighter

    Is it just me, or does Carol Bourke look like she in DMs valence? I mean, what’s with the black t-shirt???

  305. Corporate prisons are evil. Our prisons were bad enough before, but for-profit-prisons are a really, really bad idea IMO.

  306. Here’s how it’s been going on without repercussions:-

    1. Those who it’s happening to on a daily basis do not speak out. That’s because they’ve been trained not to. Speaking to the police is a big no-no in Scientology. Even if you broke in to the Int Base tomorrow with 500 feds you would find most wouldn’t talk. You’re taught that you’ll lose your eternity if you get kicked out of Scientology.

    2. Those who leave do not speak up immediately. It takes them a while to make sense of the abuse they have suffered. They think the church is bigger than it really is, and could get to them if they approached the police. Also, they know the police may not be able to get corroborating evidence since those still inside won’t back them up. See (1) above. By the time people get round to speaking up, it’s often too late.

    3. As already mentioned, Scientology hides behind the cloak of a religion, and gets away with plenty because of this. See the Headley lawsuit as an example where slave labor is excused because it’s part of a religious order.

    4. The chuch is extremely aggressive and litigious. If you are in a government agency, or the media, wondering whether to act on the reports you have heard, you know that you may be stuck in court for the next 5 years, or have PIs following you around.

    5. The church is very willing to lie, from the top to the bottom. Any allegations are met with rebuttals and threats.

    6. The church doesn’t let people just leave. They must “route out”, which usually involves taped confessions and signed documents promising not to speak out against the church.

    7. The church has connections. In the past they have had people join security organisations to give early warning of action, and almost certainly pay or donate to politicians.

    Marty and Mike could probably add to this. Marty once had the role of trying to get an all-clear so Hubbard could resume public life, after he too was under investigation.

  307. Thank you for this infusion of spirit, hope and beauty (truth), Windhorse.


  308. Yes, this $50 a week is not true for the great majority of SO crew. I was at the base for over 20 years–many of those years we hardly got paid at all. $4 a week, $12, maybe $32—wow–that was a big day. And it never was $50 anyway with social security and something else taken out every week. Also there were the times when we’d get paid before a holiday and would have to “donate” most or all of it right back to a gift for Miscavige or for him and his wife. There used to be some very disappointing times, come Friday.
    One of the CO’s promised we’d get this “back pay” one day–kept promising and promising. Mine totalled over $2,000. Never saw it of course, but it was another hook to keep people around. Glad I’m *not* around anymore!

  309. Perhaps – bantamweight MMA? (mixed martial arts)

  310. That’s a brilliant idea. Remember the saying; “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. You just might get it. Although I’d probably have a lawyer send the bill.
    How much would you ask for? Maybe $175,000? Your work is not something you’d find at a local auto body shop. With artistic craftsmanship it’s really up to the artist what he bills. 🙂
    If Cruise’s atty writes back refusing to pay it, what reason could he possibly give without throwing a wrench in the cult’s 501c claims? Whatever the reason it would reflect back on DM in a very negative way. If Cruise does pay it, that too reflects back on DM in a bad way.
    Win-win for you. Lose-lose for the dwarf.

  311. J.B.:

    I just wanted to say one thing. You are very modest about your ablilities. You are one of the most adept able designers and craftsmen I have ever seen let alone that you were in the Sea Org. 🙂

    I am not in a position at the moment to offer anyone television contracts but I strongly suspect that you are worthy of one, by your ability to show people how to craft items. I am amazed at your skills. I wish I had a friend like you.

  312. I couldn´t open the JB file, so is another way to open this file. Tnks

  313. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader if you don’t have it

  314. Alex Braverman

    “30 years ago Mubarak stole a country.”
    30 some years ago David Miscavige stole a church…
    &Tom Cruise is a dirty money launderer buying vehicles with church discounts and all.

  315. Cat Daddy, you are a peach 🙂

  316. As damage control to the Category 7 storm, the purse strings has been loosened to air some 2 min long commercials:

    “Scientology Does Damage Control With Prominent New Commercial The past two days, this new ad has aired during The Today Show. At two minutes long, it’s hard to miss, hitting the airwaves just one day after the New Yorker’s damning profile of the organization hit the stands. Coincidence? Not a chance.

    “At least the music is all uplifting and nice.”
    Scientology Does Damage Control With Prominent New Commercial The past two days, this new ad has aired during The Today Show. At two minutes long, it’s hard to miss, hitting the airwaves just one day after the New Yorker’s damning profile of the organization hit the stands. Coincidence? Not a chance.

    At least the music is all uplifting and nice.”
    Ad at:!5756942/scientology-does-damage-control-with-prominent-new-commercial

    Had to laugh as the storm brought to light that these cats don’t do what is preached by their costly Ads! Is this pouring more gasoline on the fire? Seems to me that the blind are still leading the blind as an unhandled situation which has grown exponentially.

  317. sorry about the copypasta going wild…!

  318. If they don’t pay it, could they be required (if this proceeds as a legal matter) to show that payment had already been made, and to whom ?

    Wouldn’t a bill such as that, even if one never intended to collect on it, open the door for the individual being billed to have show some sort of receipt for payment?

  319. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Sniff, sniff,sniff… I smell criminal Troll!

    Not a Scientologist indeed but also heartless!


  320. Nice! Can you pimp my ride? I’ll pay double!

  321. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Who but a superb Class XII Auditor can dig up the dirt to our survival!

    Gotta love our GUARDIAN ANGEL!


  322. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Don’t you just love non-sequeter trolling?

  323. Your link doesn’t go through. But if it is the one I saw the other day I couldn’t help but laugh because ole Davey is still up to his tricks with his funny numbers. I’m sure they are all a bunch of BS just like the numbers he used to toss around at IAS events.

  324. I love the stat report. The part about sponsoring social betterment is pure fantasy. They took them over, taxed them beyond solvency and ran most of them into the ground. When ABLE took over the Narconon Network there were 13 Narconons in the U.S.. Within a few years there two. I’ve heard other reports about the rest. They get huge donations for these projects and the money goes straight into the CofS accounts, it NEVER gets forwarded to the “Social Betterment Group”. The Church has been pimping drug addicts. Getting Members to want to help them then putting the donations right into CofS bank accounts. Fraud and Embezzlement. Straight up scamming.

  325. Kathy Braceland

    Is that cash register sound supposed to be subliminal?

  326. Scott Campbell

    You can never go wrong with Jimi.

  327. Scott Campbell

    Nice Curly ref, Tara!

  328. thanks guys for all the data, just love these new exposures, it is so sad to see this, it kills my heart to see this, with all the purpose that these people dreamed in the sea org and staff and public, and it comes down one or two men to destroy all these dreams, but on a lighter note it can only go on for so long until it all falls down, and the way it is looking the time is soon. once again thank you for keeping the fire going.
    another friend
    darren may

  329. That’s a beautiful commercial.

    And if I didn’t know what a filthy rat’s nest of corruption the upper management of the church was,
    and if I didn’t know that NOTHING in scientology is as it is promoted,
    and if I was completely unaware of the psychotic crim running the joint,
    and if the “church” hadn’t degraded into a pathetic cult that was only interested in wealth and property and status,
    THEN I might think highly of the church of scientology.

    HOWEVER, like many millions of people I don’t live under a rock, I have an IQ above 65, I am computer literate and get my news from the internet, and I am free to observe what I really observe and to think for myself.

    That makes that lovely piece of propaganda a tremendous waste of donor’s money.

  330. And another thing J.B. that keeps striking me as odd. Marty may not publish this because it might be termed “case”. I have this feeling I know you from somewhere. I can’t put my finger on it because in this life I would know if I had met you and I haven’t. This does not usually happen to me. But, I am just certain I have known you somewhere. It’s puzzling me.

  331. I hate to say this, but this guy is just as guilty as DM and the others. He came up with some of these ideas on his own and took them on on his own. So for him to condemn the church for doing it is hypocritical.

  332. Ironic indeed “helping just such injustices”. The main trick played on populations to keep them controlled is pretended help with their problems while increasing those problems to keep “helping” them.

    Psychiatry and Big Pharma have set beautiful examples of how to keep the help business rolling. The military industrial complex does a wonderful job helping Afghan citizen and keep the weapon supply to both sides rolling (at our expense).

    World record prison stats are only found in America and only after Criminon has been very active in America. They have had a profound impact on the criminal population as they’re in 1000 prisons (100 students per prison during 10 years equals half the current prison population).

    RJ has given a very accurate description in an earlier post on the main ways Criminon Tech got reversed, pumping out better criminals.

    I believe that apart from twisting the individual, government policy regarding crime has been altered as well and knowing Davey’s political influence it’s highly unlikely that he has been inactive on that dossier.

  333. Oh, Lord! I just watched the new Co$ ad at the Jezebel link offered above by Sinar. It is … hilarious! Nobody would ever believe those numbers of very specific five and six and seven digits are anything other than pure bullshit! And the fuzziness of the benefits described … my dog enjoyed me enjoying that ad, so can she get added to one of those numbers?

    Somehow, I really didn’t get until now just how stupid David Miscavige really is.


  334. Hey, if anyone would know “rude” it would be Jenny “I Know Every Inch Of His Body” Linson…..

  335. That type of waste (for the benefit of cruise) was also described by Andre Tabayoyon in 1994.Its outlandish.
    But the thing which really pisses me of is the following. Go into an org offer
    to a public a job, or ask someone for one. You will be immediately nailed up the wall because of business on org lines. OH , high crime!! Org resources in danger……These MF shall go to hell.

  336. There’s the cash register sound at the beginning, and there’s the coughing about half way through……


  337. You are right. Let’s make a list of Job-skills for him.

    -Scuba-diving (without knives not in much demand)
    -Public Speaker (bores people to death)
    -Bantamweight (would be intresting to see)
    -Money-runner (sometimes looses some in the process)

  338. Michael Jackson wasn’t really white.

  339. How much were you expected to donate and how many staff contributed to the gift pot? Anyone out there brave enough to refuse to “donate” to COB birthday or xmas gifts? If so, what were the repercussions?

  340. I’ll add that the church will try to publicly discredit you (if you do talk) by disseminating information from confidential confessional folders. This would be like the priest telling the congregation what you said in your last confession BUT, they take it one step further by exaggerating or corrupting the information to make it seem worse than it is.

    They use this same tactic on anyone (not involved in the church) who helps bring their crimes to light. John Sweeney is an example of this type of smear campaign, there are many others. Many media outlets have tried to publish stories only to be attacked or sued. We have finally reached a time in which the public is no longer willing to tolerate the actions of the church and are going forward to expose them, despite personal danger. In doing so, it is clear that the church really isn’t “all powerful” and handling the corruption within is obtainable.

    The main target for many is separating out Scientology the philosophy from the “church” of Scientology and showing that Scientology CAN and IS being delivered with rave results by Independents operating outside the church, despite what the church has done to sully its reputation.

  341. It is likely there will be no Narconons at all in Canada by this time next year.
    Not only is organized Scientology “pimping drug addicts” for fundraising, they are endangering the health of those addicts, and steering these vulnerable people into Scientology.

    All that was needed was one dedicated ex-student/staff member to come forward and he has. David Love is poised to take down Narconon Trois Rivieres. When that’s in the bag, and it must be, we will mop up the other Narconon facilities in the US, using Canadian documents.

    By the time we’re done, DM will be running around on a Honda Elite. No more $70,000 motorcycles for him!

  342. martyrathbun09

    I don’t know what goes on NN Canada, but Arrowhead NN in the US gets many people off off drugs. I would hope you take a rational, analytical look at precisely what it is Mr Love is complaining about. Based on NN Arrowhead results – the flagship NN, and presumably the most closely following the intended program – I would venture to guess Love is bitching about matters that are NOT part of the NN program per se.

  343. As Mark twain said, there are lies,damn lies, and statistics. My BS alarm got tripped on the very first one: a drug-free person is 3X healthier. How do you measure that, exactly?

    Oh well, it’s been proven that 87.3% of statistics are just made up on the spot anyway.

  344. Marty,

    Do you have a tracking on the number of hits to your blog since JB and yourself unleashed One Thousand Pounds of Burl on DM & TC?

    We can see the 350 comments (whoa!) and counting…. but with all the Viral Linking to your blog I would think your hit count took off like a rocket!

  345. “I could talk about other efforts to lure celebrity types into DM’s lair. David Beckham perhaps? There’s a story there worth telling.”

    Please tell it. I’m pretty sure the British press would have a field day with that one. Posh & Becks are arguably the king & queen of “celebrity” over here. It could spread like wildfire.

  346. And by the way, they ARE selling a service here, indirectly. Wouldn’t the Federal Trade Commission have jurisdiction over their truth in advertising?

  347. Thanks Scott, wondered where this came from. Great Song, somehow missed that on from ‘da Man. Love it! Also wanted to thank you for your reply to my comment on the last blog post, and am anxiously waiting to meet you at the next Indy gathering; gotta hear that story about the Freewinds. Until then, ML, LM

  348. Yup, same Finn’s. They left so a while back. Her mom’s name is Raelynn (sp?)

  349. The nominations for the Oscar for “The best comedy writing on an anti-David Miscavige blog” are:
    OTDT for his continuous funny blogplays
    RJ for his numerous and funny blogplays
    Cowboy Poet for his calling CD “Horn Doggie”
    CD (Horn Doggie) for his answer “Woof”
    2nd xmr for his “wood job that will put a glow on the old burl”
    TroubleShooter for his “Keeping Scientology Working, NOT!’ series #1”
    Lady Minn for her trailer to “COB in Curacao” (Upcoming Screenplay, Book and Movie)
    LOL, LM
    (sorry for my vanity, had to include myself)

  350. Funny how in our country it’s reversed

  351. OTDT,
    You just never stop.

  352. With a little help from David Miscavige I once did a year in the RPF with ZERO pay – fact.

  353. Samuel,
    I cannot tell you how much I needed that LRH reference; hadn’t seen it before! Many Thanks to you; this is completely VITAL INFORMATION!
    MUCH LOVE, Lady Min

  354. Scott Campbell


  355. Thanks M Greene. At least Raelynn kept her out of the SO. How odd it is to now feel that way. Perceptions do change. Obviously the Finn’s perception changed as well. Hope it continues to change.

  356. Heads Up!

    Everyone take a look at Marty’s new post on CoS Mafia-like Shennanigans.

    CoS tries to take down the blog with Lies, Lies and more Lies.


    And these guys want to run the planet????

  357. plainoldthetan

    Wow. PhoneyGraphs taken out of the magic bag and puked out on the public airwaves.

    I have to ask myself of this ad was surveyed. Doesn’t Miscavige realize the fact that advertising is only one branch of a campaign? Another branch is *results* disseminated by word-of-mouth.

    Getting the Church of Miscavige’s results disseminated by word of mouth hasn’t been hard — or expensive — although I can say that the books by Amy Scobee , Jeff Hawkins, Marc Headley and others certainly helped.

    Miscavige, being an ivory-tower dictator, hasn’t been in the world actually seeing the results of Miscavology on Scientology and people. He lives in a push-button utopia where all you have to do is air an ad with inflated or manufactured statistics and public perception will do an about-face.

    I very clearly remember the problems that Bill Clinton made for himself by carefully crafting lies for the press, then getting others to repeat those lies. Oddly enough, the phenomena of obsessive righteous Clinton-backing and the phenomena of obsessive righteous Miscavige-backing are eerily similar.

    “What your donations buy”. Cover-up airtime for Miscavige and Cruise.

  358. Tom Cruise do you really be known as the once loveable actor who dwindled into be an arrogant Human Rights Abuser ?

  359. “It has been said earlier that DM’s justification for the lavish gifts to Tom were a small token return favor for the many Donations Tom has made to the church. ”

    And all I got was this lousy t-shirt!

  360. Amen, Horn Doggie. And Moms-Against-Disconnection is one group of really MAD Mothers! And we will put Ethics in if it’s the last thing we do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  361. Dear Alex,
    Yes, “30 years ago Mubarek stole a country.”, and 30 years ago, in 1981, “David Miscavige stole a Church…”

    AMEN & HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!
    Love, Catherine von Ach AKA Lady Min

  362. Felicitas Foster

    To JB,
    thank you for sharing this part of your story. I admire your artistic work which definitely shows exchange factor 4. If I ever have enough money to have any exclusive car I definitely would want you to give it THE final touch. I love your work. VWD!
    Love, Feli

  363. The Narconon program is a fabulous program. The price is steep and down by South Central in L.A. it was known as “The white boy’s” drug program on the streets because of the cost. The books alone were 1400.00. You couldn’t get off drugs if you could not buy the books. The staff worked hard and were the closest thing to real Scientologists I ever met. They were all street people / former drug addicts. They had real confront on real people and they really cared about what they doing, saving lives. These people working down on the streets at Narconons and Schools with Applied Scolastics and in Criminon do not deserved to be harmed suppressed or attacked. Not by us and especially not by the Church coming in and demanding whatever they have in their savings accounts plus 10%. When people who CARE donate 100,000 or 150,000 to these shelters, the money should not be taken and then misdirected into C of S accounts and co mingled with the same money some millionaire at Flag donated for the Super Power Building and three L’s. That is criminal, cheap, dishonest, and gypsy. It is also highly illegal.
    Bad Faith, Breech of Trust, Fraud, Embezzlement just to name a few.

  364. I suspect that was a false report.

  365. High five Oracle babe.

    So true about Narconon staff.

    Mostly salta the Earth types former druggies trying make a difference.

    Good people.

    What the flakey pompous yuppie scum aka Scientology patrons would probably call “DBs”.

    However we know it’s just projection on their part.

    The real DBs are the ones supporting the Church of SPECTRE’s agenda of world domination under Ernst Blofeld Miscavige and his willing accomplices.

    Narconon’s not part of that agenda.

    They just want to help people live better lives by getting off of drugs.

    Maybe without that blood sucking vampire known as the IAS they can achieve that.

  366. . . . . And the Oscar, (carved out of burl), For Comedy Writing on a Blog, goes to. . . .

  367. Actually true. The Sea Org members regarded them as DBs. The staff and the public at Narconon. . The Sea Org staff never went there or came FACE TO FACE, EXCEPT WHEN PIMPING THEM AT a.b.l.e. EVENTS TO GET DONATIONS (WHICH NEVER ARRIVED AT THE NARCONONS). THEY WERE NOT CONTENT WITH 10% from the Narconons. If there was more they demanded more. E.D. of Narconon Int was on tour regging them for their saving accounts. She had been a casual alcohol drinker. That is what got her in her position. The staff at ABLE above her, didn’t even smoke cigarettes except for two of them. They knew nothing about what was going on on the streets and they didn’t care. They wanted wealthy members to pay 100,000’s of dollars to the “cause to get kids off drugs” and stick the money into CofS accounts. It NEVER went to the Narconons. They “sponsor social betterment groups”? What an out and out lie. They sponsored Chilloco until it got going. Then they milked that place and the staff and clients and Church members for all they could get.

  368. Worse these air heads aligned themselves with suppressive groups like the ONDP and the DEA who have continued this insane war of drugs despite all indications that they are *losing* .

  369. Tom Cruise, David Miscavige, and Private Inurement presented at the Riverside County Board of Supervisors Feb 15, 2011

  370. Tory Christman

    Cat Daddy—-The Dixie Chicks helped me *greatly* when I was seriously
    attacked a few years ago, on-line. This very song was key to my continuing 🙂 Thanks for posting it!

  371. Bad idea to put politics in this. Besides Ron Paul is the obvious choice. lol

  372. As if reason to react to stupidness and care about others is only needed when someone put a gun to to someones head. Grow up and get less stupid.

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