Scientology Inc’s mafia-like Censorship

In the midst of unprecedented numbers visting my blog during the airing of the fourth post related to the New Yorker Story on Scientology, I was notified by WordPress yesterday that I was locked out of publishing new posts temporarily.  After many hours of investigation, the reason for the CENSORSHIP was finally disclosed:


We have received complaints that you are promoting your site in unsolicited emails. If you are doing so, please cease this activity. If we continue to receive these types of complaints regarding your site, your site can be suspended permanently.

I have unlocked your site and you may now use it again.


Odd, given the fact that no emails promoting my blog have ever emanated from my blog, nor from my own email. 

Not surprising though given the fact that this was the precise reason given by my url’s domain registrar when my blog url was re-routed to a dead end (effectively shutting down the blog) just  two weeks ago.  Incidentally, take a fresh look at my account of that censorship, and the nature of the information that apparently the grand Censor wished to silence then,   See a pattern?

In the interest of keeping the grand Censor in the dark, I won’t disclose the evidence I have linking both of these Ops to the Office of Special Affairs of Scientology Inc carrying out the orders of the grand Censor himself.

When I finally cleared this up with WordPress and re-obtained my right to post, I was about to listen to a Canadian Broadcast Corporation Radio special I was interviewed for on Thursday, scheduled to air this morning. The topic was Paul Haggis and the New Yorker story. The link to that was the likely next post.  However, the show did not air as scheduled.  I pulled some strings and found out why.  Scientology Inc lawyers launched a barrage of threats at CBC, pretty much guaranteeing them they’d be sued if they aired the program.  Don’t worry, I am certain CBC will come through – give them a week or so.  Miscavige just can’t seem to get it through his thick skull that the more he censors, his crimes become more his future; never even considering for a moment that should instead he simply come clean, those crimes would become his past.

These recent events makes me wonder just how many other outlets were shuddered into silence in the last week.

If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter.”  – George Washington

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  1. Marty, what utter bulls*t.

    Thank you for your perseverance and your persistence, and for being constantly willing to climb up on that 9 ft.-high board fence.


  2. This is outrageous, but not surprising.

    Marty no offense but you seriously need to get some tech support help (of the computer wizardry & web savvy kind). As long as your relying on a big service provider like wordpress to host your blog, there will always be weaknesses in their broad consumer base policies to exploit with bogus claims.

    Here’s hoping somebody with ‘puter skills steps up and helps this man get his blog moved to his own private web hosting service. Secure his perimeters in the virtual real and whatnot… nobody deserves be censored, and obviously marty has bigger fish to fry in the days ahead – he should be able to do so without having to hassle with explaining bs antics to the wordpress folks.

  3. Scott Campbell

    Miscavige has already verbally predicted his own demise.

    Surely it shall come to pass.

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  5. Tony Dephillips

    I take comfort in knowing one day cob and TC will crash and burn and get all the motivators they deserve.
    Marty you don’t owe us anything. I know you know that. You have done more to fight these abuses than anyone.
    I for one salute your efforts.

  6. Hear hear. Mind you advising Marty to stop or slow down would be about as effective as standing before a hurricane and saying “I say, would you mind awfully…”

  7. I think it is just an indicator of how close DM is to his inevitable fall. Keep up the good work!

  8. Once upon a time ships were made of wood and men were made of steel. It is my opinion that you, Mr. Rathbun, are made of steel and the OSA people are made of wood – rotten wood that is. Their antics are despicable. Thank you for what you do.

  9. Tony Dephillips

    We could all chip in to help this effort.

  10. Dave is terrified day in and day out. What a miserable existence.

    Marty is an phenomenal auditor and Miscavige should be thankful that Marty is so kind as to slowly but surely reduce the missed withhold phenomena via his blog on a regular basis. Dave is trying to blow the session by tearing the blog down. We’re still getting TA. The process isn’t flat Dave. Gotta take it to full EP.

  11. This is really fascinating to me. I have noticed lately that there are many news outlets (TV and internet) who want to publish this story of the New Yorker and talk about it but seem to be overly cautious about what they say, they seem to pick their words too carefully. This is from years of being threatened and harassed by the church. It’s not just their public and staff, it’s ANYONE who chooses to speak about them. We need some heavy hitters who are willing to “go to the mattress’s” and treat DM and his syndicate like cur dogs!

  12. The Church of $ensorship! Criminals! Will it never end????

  13. When was the last time CoS actually sued a news outlet or publisher? Sure, they threaten, huff and puff, stamp their feet all the time, but when was the last time that they actually carried out one of those threats?

    Andrew Morton’s unauthorized Tom Cruise bio three years ago collected many threats, and a number of publishers and book sellers did fold, but I don’t think there was a single actual court case. Compare that to Russell Miller’s book in 1987, when the publication was fought country by country, court by court. Also the 1991 TIME article, for which they sued Time Warner for $416m, ultimately failing and costing millions in IAS funds, but also costing Time Warner so much to fight that it had a chilling effect on all publishers for many years afterward.

    Since then, not so much, and nothing during these last three years of unprecedented upheaval. The CBC should call their bluff.

  14. Ah yes…. the “Fairman effect” is observed again with the phenomena being disruption of communication lines in attempt to supress free speech and exposure of truths.

    And the “LRH effect” of this is that truth will prevail. And it is prevailing, and will continue to prevail.


  15. Marty, I completely agree with AnonLover. I’m not the one with the skills, otherwise I’d offer to help on thisfront. But the greater point, which I agree with even more, is that you should play to your core skills.

  16. Well if this isn’t the pot calling the kettle black, I don’t know what is. Hey dwarf, how do you explain this unsolicited email I got promoting your CCHR Human Rights Awards banquet (yes you read it right) being held this evening. In case anyone wants to go, here’s the info:
    Westin Bonaventure
    404 S. Figueroa St. L.A.
    Special “after party” at the Bonaventure Brewing Company How chic; everyone can get drunk.
    Reception/Silent Auction: 5pm
    Dinner: 6pm
    Exclusive (gag me) After Party: 10pm
    Cost (you didn’t really think this was free, did you?)
    Premier Seating: $1000 – access to After Party
    Select Seating: $600 – access to the After Party
    General seating: $300 (what do they get, a tv dinner?)

    Special Guest: Best selling NY Times author, Jim Marrs. Somebody needs to clue this man in, as in giving him the New Yorker article.

    They’ll be presenting the 2011 Human Rights Awards winners. Are you throwing up yet? I have an idea. How about if they give those “Human Rights” awards to the RPF’ers who’ve managed to stay alive in slave-like conditions? How about it they give those RPR’ers a decent meal? How about a bed?

    Oops, I forgot to tell you what the required dress is; Cocktail attire. Yeh make sure you look good to disguise what’s really going on behind the scenes.
    To pay for your ticket: 800-869-2247

  17. And the circle goes full round again. Posting for Tom Cruise. Even if I take this video as something genuine you still lie in it.

  18. Right Tony and Marty should not brunt this by himself. Marty is not doing this for himself, he is doing it for us all all of mankind.

    All of us could learn of the recent events in Egypt. The peoples combined voices got them to oust their money-grubbing “leader”. The Swiss froze his $40 billion in liquid and Mabarek went into exile without his vast fortune. Sound like an EP we want? Absolutely. So we need to all get together and demand DM leave. I’ll handle Banc Suisse.

    ML Tom

  19. You are right. There’s really no need to oppterm Miscavige or the remmants of his “church.” He has done, and is continuing to do, an excellent job of self-inflicted destruction, eagerly walking into any trap. Just carryon, DM

  20. Marty, if you google “scientology” in the news section, the results are incredible on how viral these stories have gone. And the twists being put on them really make Tom Cruise look bad. CNBC would be the exception if they did not eventually run the story. Like you, I think they will.
    If you add up all the cost of the “media buys” the church has made to try to counter the bad press with their own PR, it could be millions. Kissing Tom Cruise’s ass has proved costly. Not the proper use of church resources, in my opinion.

  21. I find it laughable that the CoS continues with its empty threats of litigation. Clearly, they cannot prove “malice” as that term is defined in US defamation law. Otherwise they would be working full bore on defamation cases against the SP Times, CNN, etx. They failed to follow through on their threats against the BBC despite more the more favorable defamation laws across the pond. Now, another empty threat against the CBC.

    The CoS legal team is like an old, fat, neutered, and de-clawed cat that spends its time sleeping on the plush carpets of the idle orgs dreaming of the day that rodents were afraid of them. As despicable as they are, at least the OSA operatives have the balls to go out and commit crimes in their deluded belief that they are doing some good.

  22. Fellow Traveller

    A pair of kings trumps a pair of queens, n’est ce pas? They certainly trump jack.

    I suspect there are aces up the kings sleeves as well, just for good measure.

    Bruce Pratt

  23. Just for the record, I, for one, never received any emails, solicited or not, promoting this site. On the other hand, I have seen this site linked to from media outlets, most recently at Gawker, and, of course, other blogs, like mine.

    I reread the terms of service from WordPress. They are definitely geared in the direction of free speech, which is nice. For example, of someone claims that a post violates copyright, (actually, Automattic, the company itself) says better be prepared to defend yourself, because you will be pursued legally for false claims. I liked that.

    The clause that was used is apparently:

    o your blog is not getting advertised via unwanted electronic messages such as spam links on newsgroups, email lists, other blogs and web sites, and similar unsolicited promotional methods;

    This looks like the basis of the complaint. An interesting question would be: Does this clause cover instances of non-affiliated parties generating spam to promote a site? Specifically, what if David Miscavige himself / CofM is generating spam with links to this site?

    I would not put it past him. But, I also think WordPress/Automattic would understand the issue.

    But, to the point – there are so many, many ways to get the message out, that OSA and Mr. David Miscavige are wasting their time. They spend all this time doing crap like this, and trying to break my and other’s blogs, and it is completely fruitless.

    All, and I mean all, attempts at censorship by Mr. David and is minions HAS FAILED. They may have won little skirmishes here and there, and early on, they made hay with a few high-profile cases, but even with what “wins” they have had, that did not stop anything. All Scientology materials are available on the web. Most if not all OT level info is available publicly, and all is available privately. DESPITE the incredible Super-man-like powers of Mr. D and the ‘Droids.

    Mr. David Miscavige – you have failed. You continue to fail. Each of these pathetic attempts to silence real and valid criticism of you and your actions, and to squash the truth behind your squirreldom and incompetency is another nail in the coffin, another red-letter reason for those on the fence to realize exactly what you are.

    But, really, keep it up. Spend your time on this, because by doing so, you hasten your own demise, which is the best thing that can happen to all of us.

    There is only one person left in my family has any sense of loyalty to you, and that person is elderly and has not been in touch for a while. The person’s love of LRH is so strong, so all-complete, and the person’s unshakable knowledge that the tech works is blinding the person to the fact that you are a complete heel and are doing illegal and immoral acts in Ron’s name. When the person gets that, you will have no greater enemy. Resign before it is too late.

    My love for this person is stronger than anything, which is why I post anonymously. Think of Dickens’s “Great Expectations.” The person is living in a time of frozen glory. But even that ice is melting. I’ll tell the story when I can.

  24. It is amazing to me that Scientology has not yet learned that attempting to censor the internet is like trying to nail Jello to a wall. They should look at what happened in Egypt, where Mubarak and Company tried to block Twitter, Facebook, cell phones, video streaming sites and anything else that was exposing the government. It’s a losing proposition. There is always a way around it. The internet treats censorship as a virus – it routes around it. That’s why authoritarian regimes hate the internet. You can’t stop it, and you can’t repress it. Miscavige should take a lesson from his dictator pal Mubarak and head for the hills.

  25. I totally support this, Tony.

  26. A pair of kings trumps a pair of queens, n’est ce pas?
    Laughed out loud. Definitely the wittiest line of the day.
    Marty and Mike are the kings and we all know who the queens are, don’t we.

  27. Funny you should mention that, Marty.

    As you could probably guess, I have news delivered to me on Scientology via robo-powered Google bot. And on Thursday morning, a link to a news story by the Boston Herald called “FBI eyeing Tom Cruise’s ties to sect” appeared in the list.

    But when I clicked on the link, the page at the Boston Herald returned a “404 Error”, meaning that it was no longer there. And when I performed a search on the Boston Herald website, it turns up no such article.

    The article was by Megan Johnson and contained this teaser: “The “Knight & Day” megastar, who regularly pals around with Church of Scientology head David Miscavige, has been dragged into an FBI …”

    Was the Church of Scientology able to censor the Boston Herald? Are the editors of the Boston Herald such a bunch of Journo-Wussies that they would let an insignificant little cult shudder them into silence?

    Only members of this blog would know.

    Keep up the great work, Marty.

    Scientology can do absolutely nothing about free speech on the Internet.

  28. I think all the “Suppressive Person” declares and disconnection were all an effort to silence people that never intended to speak out in the first place. Of course this has led to the “SPs” speaking out like never before.

    In the last 18 months the “church” has never tried harder to shut up the media and the media has never spoken out so frequently.

    The “church” tried to censor the internet which resulted in world wide
    protests from non-Scientologists.

    You would think that even someone as dumb and blind as Miscavige could see that his “strategy” was not working – but Nooooo – he just puts more and more energy into the same strategy. Daaaaaaaaaaa….

  29. Interesting. Would have thought Word Press was more au fait with threats and freedom of speech/expression. In any case, as Wilkileaks has driven a horse and coach through most of the previous ideas about what laws are applicable based on physical location.

  30. Christie,
    Yes. So true.

  31. Virg,
    “I’ll handle Banc Suisse” – Hah!!

  32. Good Point. The cult lawyers did manage to block John Duignan’s book The Complex from being sold in UK in 2008-09:

    But they also threatened to sue Wikileaks & Nuns in Italy who printed Maria Pia Gardini’s books during the same time period,

    and just like kerfluffle over Morton’s book – nothing ever came to fruition in terms actual lawfare going down in court over wikileaks nor the publishing house nuns. But the legal battle to silence Maria (& maybe other coauthors on the 2nd book) is still ongoing i believe.

  33. DM is dying to get caught. That’s the situation, underneath his utter psychosis. The man is in misery for many lifetimes to come.

    Tom Cruise may be in bigger spiritual trouble than DM because he used to be pretty cool before he went into DM’s valence.

    When this thing unravels, Cruise ain’t gonna feel too good.

    Katie can mix Tom up some cocktails in the Silver Screen, I guess. Assuming she doesn’t leave him.

  34. This is the second reference today to the term “shudder into silence,” and I cannot find what this means really or where it comes from–was it invented, by whom, when? How do you “shudder” someone into silence? Do you stand there and “shudder” (tremble convulsively) until they shut up? I know this is completely off the point but this phrase is bugging me. Thanks for any help with it. M6

  35. Marty states: “These recent events makes me wonder just how many other outlets were shuddered into silence in the last week.”
    The Riverside Press Enterprise is certainly one of those news outlets. They’re just a few miles away from Int/Gold Base and are WELL AWARE of the situation.
    I’ve met with about 10 of their journalists, sent them at least 50 e-mails, faxes and printed materials and DVD’s. I spoke to the CEO Rod Redfern, and top editor Maria De Varennes ( They say their “Religion Editor” is looking into it. I repeated it is NOT a religious issue. It’s an issue of human rights abuses and fraud.

    Each week at the Riverside Board of Supervisors, I meet with their journalist Duane Gang. He refuses to publish anything negative about Gold Base, claiming he is the political reporter. Others simply don’t believe me. Others like Cassie MacDuff avoids me.

    I am convinced that when Int/Gold Base will be exposed for the gulag that it is, most of the abuses occurring worldwide will stop.
    For those of you that have first hand information and solid facts, please write to the Press Enterprise’s editor Maria DeVarennes. She has not ignored me, but can’t use me as a source of information. I’ve never been a scientologist and have never witnessed any of these abuses.
    Don’t be shy, please contact them:

  36. Perfect analogy Jeff.

    The world thought that Mubarak was stubborn, stupid and had a lot of crimes to hide. They marveled that he stuck it out for 18 days….

  37. Expelled 4 Life


    I can attest this is true.

  38. To date I’ve received 3 unsolicited emails from “”. The first two went on about what a squirrel Marty is and how he picks and chooses what tech fits him, whereas the right way is to follow all tech to the letter. The third was a testimony from the lady who confronted Amy and Mat in the airport security line about what an adulterer Amy is and what a nut Mat is. The first email I responded: “Who are you and where did you get my email address?”. No answer. The second I responded: “If Marty was so bad all along then why was he not detected and fired sooner and why was he allowed to audit Tom Cruise”. Again no answer. In response to the third I posted it on this blog on the thread written by Mat posted on January 15th where I point out some of the absurdities in the email.

    Oh my, talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

    I’m with you Marty. If you need financial support, let us know.

  39. Ahhh, sabre rattling…
    In real terms only an incompetant fool with much to loose continually exposes his position.
    This war is expanding to many fronts. Interesting that this conflict has both prisoners and unbridled aggression emenating somewhat lopsidedly from one side only. Something about being there being a crime comes to mind.
    The more the juggernaut beats it’s chest the more the media will back the underdog, makes for good press.
    DM only has to utter a verbal phrase and watch his enemies increase as if by magic.
    Didn’t they find Saddam Hussien cowering in a hole? What happened to his strong rhetoric and unlimited funds?
    Resist Davey boy resist, interesting times ahead.

  40. The New Yorker and all the other news outlets that have picked up this story came out on Monday 7 February.

    SOOOO — IF dm isn’t more stubborn, more stupid with more crimes to hide than Mubarak — we can expect him to step down and leave by 24 February.

    Anything after the 24th PROVES he’s more stubborn, more stupid with greater crimes.

    I continue to hold out a bit of hope that TC will wake up soon- demand dm resign OR he’ll expose everything. Can’t help but wonder what TC’s in-laws are doing and saying

    I’ve always been known to dream 🙂


  41. David Miscavige your Crimes are all over the Internet.

  42. @Red Tory:

    “When was the last time CoS actually sued a news outlet or publisher? Sure, they threaten, huff and puff, stamp their feet all the time, but when was the last time that they actually carried out one of those threats?”

    What if a major story goes viral, and *all* the outlets run with it all at the same time? Now that’s a juicy thought.

  43. I’ve watched this video many times.

    I do it to punish myself. To remind myself how I must have sounded to my family and friends who were not in scientology, who knew I was in a cult but were too kind to me to knock me over the head and tell me.

    It’s really appalling how truly heartfelt he sounds and probably is and how FAR FROM THE TRUTH he is.

    Once, that was me.

    I try to check myself everyday to do my best to not be biased, judgmental and think I’ve got THE (one and only) ANSWER to human suffering.

    Maybe, I’ll cut and paste this video of TCs as a daily reminder.

    OHHHHH how painful that would be 🙂


  44. I get unsolicited email every day from with some inane “D/A” of Marty or me. Don’t bother to open them after I golanced at the first 3. Trying to convince me that I am bad is kind of corny, but its a Miscavige specialty.

  45. The LRH playbook for litigation strategy against critics and critical press found its first expression (to my knowledge) in the 1959 HCO Manual of Justice, which was distributed at that time to all full time HCO Personnel. It stated, in part:


    In the case of a bad magazine article which is signed, use the following procedure:

    1. Tell them by letter to retract at once in the next issue.
    2. Hire a private detective of a national-type firm to investigate the writer, not the magazine, and get any criminal or Communist background the man has. (Because all subversive activities foolishly use criminals they “have something on” and men who have been paid to attack attack us, you’ll have data incoming from the detective agency if they do their work well.
    3. Have your lawyers or solicitors write the magazine threatening suit. (Hardly ever permit a real suit – they’re more of a nuisance to you than they’re worth.)
    5. Use the data you got from the detective at long last to write the author of the article a very tantalizing letter. Don’t give him your data on him. Just tell him we know something very interesting about him and wouldn’t he like to come in and talk about it. (If he comes, ask him to sign a confession of collusion and slander – people at that level often will, just to commit suicide – and publish it in a paid ad in the paper if you get it.) Chances are he won’t arrive. But he’ll sure shudder into silence. M/b>
    5. Give any new data you have from the detective to your attorneys for their use against the magazine.
    6. Don’t let the whole matter disrupt you, take much time, or upset the central organization. ”

    The CoS has followed this pattern pretty faithfully up to the present.

  46. Marty,
    Re-assure WordPress, CBC, and everyone else… the sheer volume of outlets alone insure that ALL press outlets are free from lawsuit do to the fact that the RTC and CSI can’t sue everybody!!! They can threaten. They might initiate briefs and scare a few people. But actually DO IT? Not gonna happen. For them to do so, in and of it self would bankrupt them. And they cannot possibly win every one of those fights, if they DID appear in court. The vast majority would never be called, the others would be laughed out. One or two might squeek through, but would fall on appeal.

    The time is now to get loud and proud. Don’t let up. Don’t stop. There is too much egg on DM’s and TC’s faces now. To back off at this point, when so much progress has just been made, that would be criminal.

    Well done to JB, PH, Mike and Marty and everyone for all the work done and all the progress thus far seen! Imagine what tomorrow will bring?

  47. “Funny you should mention that, Marty” on another interesting chuckle point too…

    While attempting to dig up and repost the Tom & Katie + DM & Lou double date at the motorcycle track photos for use on my blog, i noticed the original pics on two different celebutard paparazzi sites have also gone 404 missing. Yet they were linked to on this blog and readily available online in December and October of last year.

  48. LOL
    Oh yeah, Mike! You didn’t get the memo? You’re a bad, nasty man.
    Glad your up to PT now. 😉

    Wonder what I am??? The D/A people must not like me. =/
    shucks… LOL

  49. Fellow Traveller

    This was for you Tony, and I miss posted:

    A pair of kings trumps a pair of queens, n’est ce pas? They certainly trump jack.

    I suspect there are aces up the kings sleeves as well, just for good measure.

    Bruce Pratt

  50. “Here’s hoping somebody with ‘puter skills steps up and helps this man get his blog moved to his own private web hosting service.”

    A private web hosting service is even more vulnerable, for these reasons:
    – You need to make sure your software is always up-to-date, or else there’s a great danger of you being “hacked”.
    – A single server is more vulnerable against Denial of Service attacks than the serverfarm wordpress is likely to have
    – You still need to have a provider where you can put your server, and this provider, like wordpress, will have an abuse department which can written to just like wordpress does.

    In my view, there’s nothing gained, only lost by such a switch.

  51. Idle Org, I would happen to agree. Getting caught would sure put him out of his misery for a period anyhow.

  52. Still getting TA.
    Right, unprecedented TA that is. VVWD Marty!
    Not only for jacking up the TA in acceptable gradients with sufficient press back up (safety net) but also for safeguarding the valuable comm lines in a matter of hours and in the process exposing the futile fits of a madman that has something to hide. If he has a problem with some imagined injustice on CBC, let him start legal action (so even bigger exposure results) and CBC rakes in the numbers.

  53. Actually Summer Wind, quite the contrary.
    If you GOOGLE

    Larry Wright New Yorker Scientology, you will get 76,700 hits in .12 seconds and see just how VIRAL it went. Obscure print media in towns you never heard of, carried the story and media have turned the corner .

    There is no record of DM’s CULT having SUED ANY MEDIA in the last 11 years.
    Perhaps the blood bath and expense on TIME magazine and finally losing legally made them re-think their litigious pathways.
    If anyone knows of any Legal suit filed against media in the last 11 years, I would like to hear about it.
    It is all Huffing and Puffing as they did with the BBC and John Sweeney and Anderson’s Cooper “A History of Violence.” THREAT THREAT THREAT. PSYCH OPS.

    All HOT AIR.
    A lot of their legal letter threats is HOT AIR.
    They threatened Anita and Les Warren (a field practice) with an ominous letter from a high powered Law firm a short while ago.
    All HOT AIR.
    They got a response and went SILENT.

    Former IAS FREEDOM Medal Winner Helen Chen, had enough of Management Insanity and walked out a year or 2 ago and openly delivers Scientology courses in Taiwan and in Los Angeles. Their threat huff and puff letters are meaningless. Helen has a staff of 130 in Taiwan, each and every one of them she recruited personally off the street. There are no Musical Chairs. Their are no sadistics deck/comm Ev /RPF cycles. The Taiwan center is flourishing and prospering like the old COSMOD, and other booming Missions before Miscavige PURGE and DESTRUCTION.

    Marty ~~ you are so close to the Missed Missed Missed Witholds….JB hinted at it……the PIMPING for Tom’s Cruise sexual pleasures….this is
    hitting a button causing the hysterical conduct……I am guessing even OSA does not know what you know and have full evidence of…therefore OSA threat assessment is way off.

  54. Oh, WH, you’ve spoken here both my experience and my heart 🙂

  55. Although it is an issue of human rights abuses & fraud, it is being done under the guise of a religion.

    As for the CBC Radio, CBC TV ran some recent exposes on the church – they do have some very good investigative reporting … The Passionate Eye, George Strombolopoulous Tonight who recently had Paul Haggis on, Market Place & The Fifth Estate.

    CBC Radio will pull thru and hopefully CBC Radio French version too.

  56. Yes, but like the protestors in Egypt, and all those who have protested Co$ over the years and continue to, we need to keep the peaceful pressure on.

  57. Nice story.
    If you really really love that person, you announce yourself. It’s very cruel to let that person think you’re not helping mankind to the best of your knowlegde and ability.

    Anything you do that keeps the alter-is alive will prolong the final cognition which will save that person. You might be seperated temporarily or you might get trough both, it doesn’t matter.

    What matters is that you don’t aide and abet the lie. Sooner or later it will surface that you’ve compromised your integrity for that person, making him unwittingly commit an overt on you.

    The rest of your family is guilty of same, you might wanna discus some danger handling together. I can’t imagine someone loving LRH happy to find out he’s been supporting the very one person who has destroyed LRH’s life work and you did nothing but aiding the effort.

  58. Excellent link, Cat Daddy. I find the most vicious part of Rachel’s story to be her recognition that blowing was not an option for her, even at the age of 14. Her parents, aunts,uncles, and cousins were in Scn. She understood clearly the sharp sickle of disconnection that was suspended above her head, as it is above the head of anyone who wishes to leave the church. It not only continues to this very day, but it is escalating as the chains of control are tightening ever stronger around the remaining staff and public.

  59. Mike,

    If EVIL people try to convince you that you are bad then you and the world KNOW you are REALLY GOOD!

    But you already know that, of course.

    It’s just so rehabilitating to be called bad or suppressive by evil men. A right indication since we are indeed working hard to suppress them, as all good man should.

    ……………just my 2 cents and 2 bobs…:)

  60. I agree, Thank you Marty for your persistence! Your the man!

  61. Me, too.


  62. How ridiculous. Haven’t they read that natter and making less of an individual = OVERTS! Oh Yeah, they don’t apply tech they invent it.

  63. That’s funny. I’m sure that’s true in enough cases, but the fact that the NYer story went viral indicates to me that the fear of the c of $ is diminishing as the apparent desperation of that group is obviously increasing.

    Have you actually watched and listened to tom cruise being interviewed in the past few years? Not only does he make certain subjects completely off limits before consenting to the interview, he’s so careful of his communication that he’s almost completely tongue-tied. Even when I’m interested to hear his answers to questions I can hardly stand to listen to him, he stammers and halts and equivocates so badly he ends up saying nothing.

    Seems to me the fear is on the other end.

  64. From Page 5, “The Manual of Justice” 1959, by L Ron Hubbard


    In the case of a bad magazine article which is signed, use the following procedure:

    1. Tell them by letter to retract at once in the next issue.

    2. Hire a private detective of a national-type firm to investigate the writer, not the magazine, and get any criminal or Communist background the man has. (Because all subversive activities foolishly use criminals they “have something on” and men who have been paid to attack attack us, you’ll have data incoming from the detective agency if they do their work well.

    3. Have your lawyers or solicitors write the magazine threatening suit. (Hardly ever permit a real suit – they’re more of a nuisance to you than they’re worth.)

    4. Use the data you got from the detective at long last to write the author of the article a very tantalizing letter. Don’t give him your data on him. Just tell him we know something very interesting about him and wouldn’t he like to come in and talk about it. (If he comes, ask him to sign a confession of collusion and slander – people at that level often will, just to commit suicide – and publish it in a paid ad in the paper if you get it.) Chances are he won’t arrive. But he’ll sure shudder into silence.

    5. Give any new data you have from the detective to your attorneys for their use against the magazine.

    6. Don’t let the whole matter disrupt you, take much time, or upset the central organization.

    That’s where the term “shudder into silence” comes from.

  65. martyrathbun09

    Karen, They haven’t sued because there is not ONE, SINGLE IOTA of defamation (even arguably) to sue over.

  66. Beautiful, Grasshopper.


  67. Jim Marrs????

    Okay aside from the exorbitant price for a rubber chicken.

    What does Jim Marrs have to do with “Human Rights” or more specifically “psychiatric patients rights”?

    Don’t get me wrong I think Marrs is a nice guy and believes in what he’s doing and all that but as far as I know he hasn’t written anything specifically about psychiatry or even human rights for that matter.

    His forte is parapolitics better known as “conspiracy theories”.

    This would be like inviting Vince Flynne to speak to the Jane Austen book club.

    In other words what were they thinking?????

  68. I believe that is an OSA term, is it not? Do I remember this from
    Nancy Many’s “My Billion Year Contract?” Anybody?

  69. Impartial English Girl

    Mockingbird6 – it’s an odd phrase, to be sure, and certainly one I’ve never heard before. But what I take it to mean is that someone has been reduced by other person (or persons) into literally shuddering (another word for shaking with fear or trepidation) at the thought of what they are being threatened with and are therefore sufficiently concerned to keep silent.
    A better turn of phrase would be “pressured into silence” or, likewise, “threatened into…” or “terrorised into…”. That said, “shuddered into silence” is very descriptive and probably indicative of the truth in many cases.
    IEG x

  70. Ah, therein lies the distinction between putting ethics in or embroiling oneself into becoming an oppterm, which is not in the best interest of one’s own case. ; )

  71. You do it by tough-stopping sentences or confronting somebody with their own short-commings.

    Mostly playing the Guil-button

  72. Perhaps we should suggest they do a story about the German towns surrounding the Nazi concentration camps. You know, the towns full of people who were later, upon the allies liberating these death camps, so surprised to learn that men, women and children had been starved and tortured and murdered and their bodies incinerated just a few miles from their homes and shops. THEY didn’t “believe” anything was going on around them, either.

  73. Impartial English Girl

    Just how STUPID (in the proper sense of that word) is DM?!? Surely each and every threat to suppress and silence media outlets will result in one more media producer thinking to him/herself “Actually, that Rathbun guy might have a point…”

    DM really is Homer Simpson made flesh (without the redeeming qualities of basic decency and a good heart).

    WordPress really should have known better by now, though.

    IEG xx

  74. Scott Campbell


    You better cut me in on that too, you bastard!

    Gettin’ my “MM” on… (money motivation)

    Love & Flowers, etc.


  75. B,

  76. Tom,
    “The CoS has followed this pattern pretty faithfully up to the present.”
    The CofS under DM has devoted almost its entire energies to the VIOLATION of the final paragraph of the quote:
    “6. Don’t let the whole matter disrupt you, take much time, or upset the central organization. ”

  77. Cruise practicing his secret insider alien code language: “It’s like…phhittt! Pooff! Ah…whew! Ha-ha-ha-ha! Wow! Vzzzt! Fffffffft! Ha-ha-ha! Foooooh! Ya know?”

  78. The only unsolicited emails I’ve gotten relating to this site were the anon ones trying to slander and libel various stories here.

    Does the CofS even know how ironic it is that these were sent from hushmail addresses?

  79. Mat,

    In my opinion.

    You are so right on this point.

    I vaguely remember warning HCO about this or something similar to this when I was still public on lines there.

    But since I had no status in the IAS and was merely a trained auditor FKA “one of the most valuable beings on the planet” now relegated to dog meat they never listened.

    You see like the Golden Age of Tech which I remember giving more than a vague warning about they go by the old adage that:

    1) The boss is always right.

    2) If the boss happens to be wrong refer to point 1)

    This is the circular “logic” that goes on in the Church these days.

    I remember my jaw dropping in disbelief one day when an RTC rep came to me directly with a report I had written about how the Golden Age of Tech directly violated various HCOBs and PLs.

    The weird thing was that she agreed with every point I had made but since they had expended so much *money* promoting the Golden Age of Tech that canceling it would be uneconomical or something like that.

    Sorta like warning the engineer on a train that the bridge is out and to apply the brakes but the engineer explaining that since they’ve spent so much money on diesel fuel or whatever that it was more “economical” to drive the train into the chasm.

  80. The world is abuzz with the “internet” revolution of Egypt.

    Malcolm Gladwell dismissed it — and yet … it does seem that it happened overnight. Because of the connections of facebook, twitter and cell phones.

    Much like the buzz that IS going around regarding the New Yorker magazine.
    A friend told me yesterday that she is encouraged because this magazine is a weekly read of her best friend who has REFUSED to read the media against scientology. And yet, because she has been a devoted New Yorker reader all her life — my friend knows her friend will read it.

    And perhaps – this friend will start the road out.

    BUT BUT BUT … before the New Yorker there have been groups of us, independent, anti, critics, former scientologists who have simply stepped away as well as lurkers who have gathered and spoken and pointed out what is going on. We’ve expressed ourselves by either a quiet withdrawal or a loud expose – like Marty, Mike, Tory and so many others and somewhere in between.

    In the words of Margaret Mead:
    ” Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

    Read this whole article — it’s terrific:


  81. Marty,

    I hope this wasn’t my fault. I sent the Michael Fairman letter to Brittany Sierra Garret Ruiz a few days after it came out on the blog. We had some back and forth emails about it and the next thing I know hushmail cancelled my account for violating terms of service = sending hate mail!!

    They never even sent me a copy of what they adjudicated to be hate mail. NOTHING I sent was hateful at all. Maybe after she got my hushmail account cancelled she turned around and tried to call it “unsolicited promotion of the blog”.

    It’s not far-fetched. Afterall, she and Javier have close ties to ASI.


  82. Such hypocrisy. None other than IAS Freedom Medal winner and President CCHR Jan Eastgate taught a teenage girl who had been raped by a scientologist on how to lie to law enforcement in order to cover up the rape. After all rapes can really be “out PR” (bad public relations) for scientology.

    This sort of thing also happened to Tommy Gorman’s wife at the mountain view mission – protecting rapists instead of sending them to jail where they belong. All because of some perceived negative publicity. Ironically, when the truth finally gets out, and it always does, there’s a hail storm of bad PR. You just have to look at the catholic religion to see how attempted cover up of sex crimes always backfires. But, just like the attempted censorship of the Internet, the C of S just never learns.

    That said, I hope they have fun at their little self-congratulatory party where they bloke up each other’s ass, er uh, I mean smoke cigars and drink cordials.

  83. Yes that was me too, and it is painful to watch. But, you could also validate yourself. It takes a lot of integrity to question such a level of rightness. It also takes time.

  84. Precisely.

  85. Yes, I like your prasing here, CD. A very succinct statement of a practical everyday way to get it done, shut some one down.

  86. Good point Jeff. Perhap’s DM’s 9th grade education is getting in the way of understanding the internet. To understand the internet one has to understand it’s history.

    It was originally designed and funded in the late 60’s mostly by DARPA – Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency of the United States Department of Defense. The “ARPANET” was the forerunner of what we know call the “Internet”. It was designed with the capability to withstand losses of large portions of the underlying networks, leading some to believe that it was designed to be command and control system for the military that could withstand a nuclear attack, though it wasn’t funded with that in mind. However, it does have the ability to re-route network traffic whenever the switching nodes or network links go down. When the ARPANET was built the network hardware was very unreliable, so it had to be built that way – robust and survivable.

    One of the key principles that the ARPANET was built on was DECENTRALIZATION, i.e. multiple paths between any two points in the network. I’m sure the whole concept of decentralization is not understandable to someone who has built a unchallengeable, abusive, top-down military dictatorship out of church. Unchallengeable, until now…

  87. What am I, chopped liver? I never get any hate mail.

  88. Totally agreed.’s terms of service seem pretty good. If all goes to hell however, Typepad is right next door.

    One of the key benefits of using a service like this is that WordPress’s infrastructure is a hell of a lot better than you could easily buy and maintain, or rent for that matter. Having had blogs on and self-hosted blogs, having them on a service makes much more sense.

    Some of the key things that could happen to a self-hosted blog is: people cussing with your ISP. Missing key security updates (because maintaining your own infrastructure is a big job). Firewall issues – breaking in, and bugs there too. People launching denial of service attacks. If you think spam attacks here are bad, they are much harder to control when you are the one trying to play whack-a-mole with a firehose. People can try to break into your server directly. They can try to exploit other services on your server. Not to mention, the volume Marty is getting on this blog now would affect performance on a lowly old server. And, this is an international blog now – a server in Texas doesn’t serve out too fast to Italy, England, and Australia.

    Nope – I suggest backing it all up daily (using the download feature), and it all goes to hell, then self-hosting for a while, or moving to a different service. My 2 cents.

  89. Mat Pesch~~

    It is one thing to write an SP declare.
    It is quite another thing to MANUFACTURE a tissue of lies into an SP declare hidden under lock and key in select HCO Offices.

    I counted no less than 23 separate OUTRIGHT LIES in my SP declare.
    A piece of fantasy /fiction which opened up further field comm lines for me as folk around the world reported to me.
    Did they think for one moment they would “SHUDDER ME INTO SILENCE”.


    It only enlightened me on how foolish and STUPID I was to hang with loyalty to them all these years.

    +++Give us your money !
    ++++Give us your son for SO slave labor !
    +++++Rest assured we will hide and withold any felony committed on your son at a tender age as we do not want BAD PR on the web, and we will withold criminal acts from Clearwater PD.
    +++++As a thank you for allowing your kid for Slave Labor in the SO we will turn him against you as in disconnection, after all we use kids against parents….so what else is new ?
    ++++BUY all the new releases and keep paying for squirrel NOTS while we rip you off with GROSS AUDITING ERRORS.
    ++++Let us keeping vampire suctioning out $$$$
    ++++Overnight, after you connect with Marty and Mike, we will find out something we could not discern for 35 years……..YOU WERE SP all along, and no one in the Church had the common sense to see it !

    New definition of SP. Friendship with Marty and Mike and other whistle blowers.

    Good post Matt. Carry On.

  90. True. But as it can be seen from the posting of the response from Word Press there is no reason for this BLOG not to be open to the public.

    What people might learn from this BLOG worry’s some, not all but some with interests other than the betterment of their fellow man.

    Just about “everybody” [sic] in the world today knows the Church of Scientology is a strange organization prone to attack people rather than better them. Much too much evidence has surfaced over the years not just on this BLOG, but elsewhere indicating that the Church of Scientology does not deserve to be given the benefit of the doubt any more, or a second chance. People as intelligent as church Scientologists claim themselves to be, then ought to know for themselves the differences between right and wrong.

    The actions of the Church of Scientology should not be allowed to dirty the name of the technology the church’s founder spent over half of his life researching.

    Even Anon’s have made the police aware of the fact that the Church of Scienology applies for fake protest permits so that Anon’s may not protest when the “church is supposed to be” and then the church never does.

    “The evil men do lives after them, and the good is oft interred with their bones”.

  91. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Bruce, I know where my bet is… Here on Kings Row!


  92. …………..…It’s All Over Now dear davey Blue

    Based on Bob Dylan’s “It’s All Over Now Baby Blue”

    You must leave now, take what you need, you think will last.
    But whatever you wish to keep, you better grab it fast.
    Yonder stands dear Tommy with his gun,
    Crying like a fire in the sun.
    Look out independents comin’ through
    And it’s all over now dear davey Blue.

    The highway is for gamblers, better use your sense.
    Take what you have gathered from coincidence.
    The empty-handed painter from your streets
    Is drawing crazy patterns on your sheets.
    This sky, too, is folding under you
    And it’s all over now, dear davey Blue.

    All your seasick regges , they are rowing home.
    All your donors armies, are all going home.
    Dear Tommy who just walked out your door
    Has taken all his blankets from the floor.
    The carpet, too, is moving under you
    And it’s all over now, dear davey Blue.

    Leave those you stepped on behind, something calls for you.
    Don’t forget the dead you’ve left, for they will follow you.
    The expelled SP who’s rapping at your door
    Is standing in the clothes that you once wore.
    Strike another match dave , start anew
    And it’s all over now, dear davey Blue.

  93. Erwin, it’s complicated. I totally understand your viewpoint. The subject has been opened, and there are discussions. The person still believes the WDC and other safeguards are in place, etc. Which we know they are not. My answer to that statement was: If that is so, then what the cuss are they doing? Playing tiddlywinks while the ship sinks? Scientology’s perception is at a record low out there, and we know the “Ideal Org” BS is off policy.

    It may take a bit, but we are talking about a person who is about as staunch and opinionated as Captain Bill was.

    The good news is that another family member I hadn’t known was effectively independent really is, and knows several others that are similarly inclined. Some in that circle have not made the bold moves that those that have announced have, but are also not flowing any more power to the group as well. Long-standing Scientologists, pissed as hell.

    Same thing happened a few weeks ago – a friend I hadn’t seen in a long while is trying to root out DM using existing policies. As many have tried here, obviously to no avail, because policy is not being followed anymore in the Church. Not all have seen that yet.

    It is a very drastic step to disown the Church. In fact, I personally will not resign from the Church even when I do “come out.” Please do not take this as anything other than my personal point of view for how I feel; I do not condemn anyone who has resigned. My reason for NOT resigning is that between me and Mr. David Miscavige and those of his mindset, I am the Scientologist, not him. I am more highly trained, I have held more posts, I have audited more hours, and I am sure I received more hours of sec checks, let alone auditing. I certainly understand the tech better. He should resign, not me. Or he should be arrested and kicked out. Let the Ethics Officers in the CofM kick me out if they must – I will not make it easy for them.

    I truly believe we are at a flash point. We have always had articles like the New Yorker article out there to deal with as Scientologists. The difference this time is that we have GAT, GAK, Idol Orgs, blatant, blatant lying, blatant, blatant crush regging, and a complete reversal of what Scientology is – and it crept in since the early ’90s, and took way over in the last several years. The Internet aided the uncovering of this crap, but it was Mr. David Miscavige that perpetrated it. We could have survived the Internet in the ’80s. This is not unperceived by people “still in”. It will flash, and it will flash big, with nowhere for Mr. David Miscavige to hide.

    Would anyone here have him in their house when he is beached? Not me, brother, not me.

  94. Yep. His time for being able to take a couple of million and escape to Fiji is rapidly coming to a close.

  95. I’m sorry OTDT but from now on I must insist your posts are preceded with a health warning. I nearly got appendicitis from this one. 🙂

  96. Well, the only way it could be your fault is that you are guilty of the same crimes we all are: Being here, and communicating.

  97. I know – I feel the same way. I do get apparent attempts to log into my blog.

  98. And that is the truth of the matter. In order for the church to successfully sue anyone they would first have to answer what they did or didn’t do that caused the party being sued to respond in the manner in which the church was responded to.

    Contrary to popular belief, people do not just “attack the Church of Scientology out of the blue for no reason”. There is always, always, always, something earlier on the church’s track that was done to a person or group and never actually taken responsbility for.

    Why? Well as everyone knows these days, only the little people go to jail, but not “church people”.

    I actually recall one video on the internet about Bob Minton when he was alive and picketing Scientology with Stacy Brooks. As he protested a group of about 12 church members stood out in front of the FH where he was protesting chanting “Bob’s going to jail. Bob’s going to jail” over and over again right in front of the police like “church members”?

    No. Not like church members. No church carries on in that manner except the C of S.

  99. Karen, with all due respect, DM is spoiling his buddy TC but I don’t get the sexual pleasure part. What does this to do with it?

  100. Can you post the header of those e-mails? Maybe they can be traced…

  101. David Miscavige and Tom Cruise will NEVER sue for 2 reasons:

    #1. What is being said is true and there is plenty of evidence and witnesses.

    #2. The last thing they want is for themselves and their staff to be questioned under oath.

    I think that we will see plenty of #2 soon.

  102. My friend Terril

    “I’ll contact my friend and see if he’s willing, probably a formality, and pass contact data to you.

    This will link you to the Pilots master list. It dosn’t include the last 1975
    lectures at Flag, which best I know are not available outside COS.

  103. This was my thought as well.

  104. You nailed it Christie!

  105. I can’t stop laughing!!!

  106. I know of three covered up rapes at Flag, 2 of which involved minors.
    Yes, I’ve taken some actions in regards to this….

  107. LURK MOAR

  108. Scott Campbell


    Email me at and I’ll tell you a story about someone like you describe and how we helped him.


  109. Mat I completely agree with you on #2. In fact, it would not surprise me if the FBI or other federal authorities don’t ask to interview DM, TC and others involved in the Human Trafficing and Inurement allegations. Lying to the Feds is a criminal offense and DM and his asskissers would be on the spot. Tell the truth or go to jail.

    All they have to do is see what happened to Martha Stewart for one. She went to jail for lying to the FBI.

  110. Thank you, Mat.

  111. Can it be more than 3 years ago ? Why yes
    Scientology: XENU TV Speaks to Anonymous

    “Tom Cruise misiles aimed at Scientology’s desert compound”

  112. WARNING:
    This link has a virus attached to it and it will lock up your computer if your virus protection is not high.

  113. teenage girl was 11

  114. Dunno if it was rapebut it was sexual abuse nevertheless

  115. I see the problem. In the original it say, “He will shudder into silence.” I can see that. But people have picked it up and used it as, “I will shudder him into silence,” or “I will not be shuddered into silence.” So now I understand where this came from and thanks, everyone. M6

  116. Here’s some interesting synchronicity regarding ARPAnet.

    Jacque Vallee was one of the Computer Scientists who worked on the SRI node who just happened to be a good friend of Ingo Swann who Ingo says gave him the idea to of using Coordinates the same way Addresses are used in Computer Data storage for Remote Viewing.

    So by virtue of the above there is some Scientology connection with the creation of what later would be called the Internet.

    So it is only poetic justice that the internet is the main driving force behind the destruction of the abomination now known mainly only in name as the “Church of Scientology”.

  117. Tony Dephillips

    Thanks Bruce, but my help is not of the same order of magnitude of Marty, Mike, Amy, Jeff and others.
    I do like my supporting role though.
    : )

  118. Just Me,

    If you want I’ll copypasta some of the occasional hate mail and the OSA spams I get.

    So you don’t feel left out.

    Remind me next time before I delete it 🙂

  119. one of those who see

    Dave doesn’t get it. He just keeps banging his head against the wall. He has harrassed people in the past and it worked. His schtick isn’t working on Marty. So, Dave: Is that a break in Reality?
    Marty, thanks for making it go right no matter what.
    You wrote: ” Miscavige just can’t seem to get it through his thick skull that the more he censors, his crimes become more his future; never even considering for a moment that should instead he simply come clean, those crimes would become his past.”
    Dave, I don’t think you realize what you are up against. Marty knows you. He knows how you think, how OSA works. And, as per what I quoted from him above he is an AUDITOR who gets the Tech. Can think with it and apply it.
    Thanks for the wonderful, relevant George Washington Quote too!

  120. MY APOLOGIES , Avast Antivirus would be sufficient.

    I feel like an Ashwipe right now

    Forgive me

  121. “The CoS has followed this pattern pretty faithfully up to the present.”

    I think you are generalizing here Tom.

    There were a lot of times the GO ignored entheta press articles.

    Besides not all entheta press is bad.

    For instance when the LA Times ran their Scientology expose’ in the early 80’s the NPI and BIS stats actually increased.

    Before that several News Agencies ran various stories comparing Scientology to the People’s Temple and our stats actually soared.

    We were getting an average of 25 new starts a week on HAS course which jumped up to 100 the week when the articles started.

    Either the public back then had suicidal instincts or more likely
    the comparison was too much of a stretch.

    (Though now any comparison is pretty close)

    You can dispute it if you like

    But I was there both times and was actually working in Div 6 at the time Jones Town articles ran and saw it with my own eyes.

    No Miscavige is just obsessed with bad press like some shady politician.

    He isn’t even applying the Manual of Justice or any other policy relating to handling the press except in using PIs to harass and intimidate people.

    Sure you can say he is.

    But it doesn’t mean it’s true.

  122. one of those who see

    Well said. Perfect for Grasshopper. Main ARCX for me is that the Church did not rise on the tone scale into the theta universe and operate more like the characters in “Kung Fu.” Instead they descended down into Force and MEST.
    But, we are reversing that downward spiral.

  123. Having a real website with the security most sites use would prevent any of this happening because having a blog, with wordpress for instance, is in itself restrictive. Google News does not pick up blogs articles. A real website with the visitor stats you have would become relevant to Google News and your articles would be picked up.

  124. Just Me,
    I think you have poo on you.
    There, hate mail. Pretty close to the stuff the other guys put out too 🙂

  125. Blatant and flagrant witness tampering. They must have figured out conditions are better in San Quentin. Either that or they will follow orders to the end.

  126. Religious Technology Center
    Office of COB



    The SP’s are going absolutely berserk and want to destroy me. Therefore, until further notice the Base is in Total High Security Lockdown Mode. All security staff are to M9 and apply the following checklist immediately:

    _1. All Base staff are to be continually video-surveilled and monitored to see if they are covertly blinking Morse code signals to each other.

    _2. All vegetation and landscaping around the base, including trees, grass, bushes, rocks and fences are to be inspected once per day to see if they’ve been replaced with replicas containing covert video/audio monitoring and transmission equipment.

    _3. Starting immediately, all staff being are to be face-scanned with the new Face Recognition Software to see if any impostors have been smuggled onto the Base.

    _4. Anyone leaving or entering the Base are to be body-scanned with the new Airport Scatterback X-Ray Machines to ensure that no contraband is being smuggled in or out.

    _5. The entire base perimeter is to be swept daily using the latest Underground Sonar Technology to determine if escape tunnels are secretly being dug.

    _6. Security Chief to get in touch with that guy he knows at NSA and arrange for the Post-911 eavesdropping software to be installed on all communication facilities in the Base. The following words in particular are to be red-flagged and earmarked for instant notification to COB: Marty, escape, DM, Dave, Dwarf, Midget, leave, pay, hit, violence, Rathbun, Heber, Mike, book, Rinder, LRH, Hubbard, Mary Sue, Scotch, burl, Cruise, TC, Tom, tech, Golden, no, can’t, choke, JB, Ron, Scientology, Broeker, Pat, Shelly, Wright, Holmes, Headley, Katy, Suri, Beghe, blog, Anonymous.

    _7. Roving long-range lip-reader to covertly follow TC and transcribe every word that comes out of his mouth so I can see exactly what he’s saying to others behind my back.

    _8. All animals on the Base are to be sec-checked immediately, especially with regard to conspiracies.

    _9. All food prior to being served to COB is to be poison/taste tested by an expendable RPF member.

    _10. From now on, no one is to be notified about the location or time of any parties being thrown for TC. In the future, all invitees are to be blindfolded and individually escorted immediately prior to the party and once there, no one is to know where they actually are.

    _11. The number of decoy-DM look-alikes is to be increased from six to twelve minimum at all times, all going in different directions in various decoy-vehicles at differing times throughout the day.

    _12. All staff who do not absolutely need their eyes and ears are to have them removed in order to decrease incidents of corrupt influence from the outside.

    _13. All staff who volunteer to have their sex organs removed will receive a $100 bonus and a day off.

    _14. All public on OT VII are to be re-routed onto the new 3 Month Check line for tighter security.

    _15. Limited edition IRS E-meter, signed by Meade Emory, set for release at next event. Special features: Twitters R/Ses directly to MAA, Needle blinks green after 3rd swing of F/N, other special security features.

    _16. Keep sending the hate mail to Marty and his bloggers.

    _17. Continue offering cash reward for crashing Marty’s blog.

    _18. Until further notice, I will not personally be hitting any staff. All hitting must be done by others.

    _19. For added security of verified case gain, only 4-Swing F/Ns will be accepted at examiner.

    _20. Until further notice, NO ONE is to be trusted about anything.

  127. Thanks, LM. Being a Scientologist is not always easy.

  128. I needed that! Too FUNNY! Hysterical!

  129. Mark:

    You seem like a chubby guy. Want to hear something about David Miscavige that makes me laugh? What do you suppose would be the expression on DM’s face and what do you suppose would be his response if:

    He were at a posh dinner full of international V.I.P.’s and I was one of the waiters and I tripped and fell next to his table with a 5 gallon pot of spaghetti sauce that went all over his clothes by “accident” and I said in front of all the dignitaries “OH! Spaghetti sauce!”

    Would be an overt for me? 🙂

  130. Picture, is someone like him took a swing publicly at a waiter like he does those Sea Org members?

    I wonder just how he differentiates? 🙂

  131. “5. Limited edition IRS E-meter, signed by Meade Emory, set for release at next event. Special features: Twitters R/Ses directly to MAA, Needle blinks green after 3rd swing of F/N, other special security features.”

    Is that the new meter that ensures that the PC or Pre OT receives no tangible benefit from the auditing?

    Love the one about sec checking the animals OTDT.

    For instance that stray cat might be the one that’s been PDHing the Int Staff and playing havoc with the SRAs.

    Good to see that the COB is assigning his main duty of beating the staff to others.

    I mean it must have been a heavy burden to be borne all alone.

    Nice to see that Dave’s incorporated ECHELON with MERC and INCOM.

    Though he forgot to include the GPS tracking ankle bands for all staff in this directive.

    I’m sure he’ll include it in the next.

  132. theo Sismanides


    I think you are hilarious and you describe exactly what is the situation!! It’s COMPLETELY NUTS!!!

    If lurkers here think this IS Scientology then I am with OTDTs postings. Completely nuts!!! I thought we joined Scientology to make a better world and now instead of just demanding the lunatic go away, they will start… sec checking all the animals in the Int base…. LOL (OTDT one of the best ones)!!

    OTDT, I think we should publish a whole book with all those New Orders of Chaos and forward it to all Scientologists. It should be called The Nut Case/Cage.

    Come on people, this is now beyond hilarious. This is getting to be completely off the rails. Scientology was/is a sane subject. Put your shoulder to the wheel by “exposing your neck”, too!!!!

  133. Well said, Grasshopper. Well said.

  134. (sigh) You are so excellent at this! I hope you’re working in Hollywood somewhere.

  135. Strongly opinionated could also be explained as brainwashed. The best way to handle that is by education on an acceptable gradient and within Tech; no evaluation.

    The ethics gradient on WDC playing tiddlywinks, long term down stats, lying about them and off policy Isteal Orgs should at least be upped a few notches, to the point of going public. I think that’s a fair gradient for your group.

    Not flowing power to the Church is a good start and proves awareness but silent consent has very nasty side effects. It’s an overt of magnitude on the first dynamic as you can’t be honest to yourself, always being in the split between thinking one thing and saying the opposite. The worst thing to loose is your personal integrity; with that gone your complete universe is gone and there’s no way to go up the Bridge without restoring it.

    But it’s not only a first Dynamic issue. You (personally) have 7 others and by contagion of aberration you’re preventing those to free up as well.

    That’s the basic source of Davey’s power; divide and conquer. Nobody speaking out, knowing that doing so they’ll get punished badly. Inside everybody wants to speak out but can’t as everybody else (the group) will put drastic measures in on them, even though individually they agree.

    You’re right about Davey being the one to be kicked out, not you. However, for more than over a decade people have tried to put ethics in on him. Unable to do so, the gradient got upped per policy. What M&M are doing is 100% on source as LRH has given us the responsibility to keep KSW in and blow up headquarters as soon as MEST becomes important.

    The most effective way to get KSW back in is this blog and people cogniting and applying Source again. Inside it’s impossible to do so; there you’ll have to contribute to the squirrel and suffer its accompanying horrible side effects like being wiped out by governments, etc.

    Later on up the track when we’ve made it, the question will be; did you help or did you let others speak out (despite their personal danger) and effectively safe the Tech?

  136. I don’t know what the exact statistics of this blog are, so I don’t know what condition Marty is in exactly pertaining to the blog…I would guess it’s normal or above.

    I do know that changing things up too much is likely the wrong thing to do at this point. Violation of conditions formula. Why change what’s successful?

    This is, after all, a game. Every time DM pulls a stunt like this, every time his OSA pulls a stunt like this, he fails. He loses ground. And we add to our score.

    How many times has the Radical CofS tried to shut down Marty’s blog? What are you reading right this moment? DM is just playing into a trap. He’s exposing himself in a public forum. So, let him keep it up. Let him expose himself for what he is. He’s just verifying everything Marty et al are writing about him. And he loses more ground.

    And Marty gains another ally in the people at WordPress, who cannot possibly like being played as fools. The individuals running WordPress are intelligent people. DM and OSA are going to piss them off royally.

    In my opinion, it would be a mistake to proof yourself to being censored. This does not mean allowing yourself to be censored, only allowing your opponent to try to censor you in an open forum. In battle, you want to entice the enemy out and draw him in so you can expose and attack his weak points. You can’t expose the weakness of a person’s arguments unless you get them to argue. This attempt at censorship is the church’s response/argument. In effect, they are saying, “Open communication cannot be permitted.” Which is total violation of basic Scientology principles: the importance of ARC and the power of communication in handling all of life’s conditions.

    By exposing the hypocrisy of the church, we undermine the foundation upon which they stand. We take away their ability to hold a position. We reduce their ability to generate energy and hold power. Their position in the courts is based solely in the trustworthiness/validity of their statements. When their statements are proven to be lies, their legal/social status crumbles.

    Scientology is the study of knowing how to know. If you can’t communicate across all bands and levels of perception and experience then you’re ability to know is hampered. That’s a basic definition of Scientology and its a basic summation of what Scientology addresses to bring about improved conditions.

    So, my vote is to open up MORE avenues of communication, not move this to another location. Hold this position as a demonstration of power and establish some more locations from which to generate energy and understanding and power.

    When the enemy smashes into you and bounces off, they’re left demoralized.
    Each of these failures of the church raises questions in is members. And when you get individuals questioning, they can come up to doubt and out of enemy and treason and confusion. A person without questions is not even up to doubt. And we want these guys out of lower conditions. We want them to see the light, ask some questions and improve their awareness of conditions.

    That’s the difference: DM wants slaves who do not question his authority; we want free beings who ask questions and improve conditions.

    Just my opinion,


  137. Excellent analysis! I agree completely.

  138. I knew Tommy when he was a young boy, always very polite and easy to get along with. I was shocked and saddened to read his account of this whole cycle, including the black ops run on him and his family for trying to report this.

    I also knew the accused and convicted staff member, had an unusual run in with him and my daughter (not rape) in which she became an ethics target. After reading Tommy’s account, I had to re-evaluate what had occured with her as I had never imagined that an org would falsely report on a situation.

    I have to say, I really admire Tommy for his courage and confont in going after this guy and ultimately, the church for this cover up.

  139. Excellent points. Thanks for weighing in Michael. Don’t unmock a working installation. In this day and age, the Internet address is integral to that.
    But, the communication lines with and through other sites can be improved. Links can be broadened. New sites can be added as umbrellas to link together the Independent world. There will never be one “official” site. And thats ok.

  140. Back up and running! Thetan’s are curious creatures and sometimes it gets us into trouble.

    This reminded me of one of my biggest wins as a new Scientologist. I thought I was a pretty smart person until I got into Scientology and quickly found out that I really didn’t understand what I was reading very well. In actuality, I was only semi-literate. I ended up doing a course of study called The Basic Study Manual and after that I came to realize that I could learn anything I wanted to learn.

    My first real life practical was when my VW died. I didn’t have a lot of money so I decided I would fix it. It turned out to have a thrown rod so I had to do a rebuild. I got the owner’s manual and the Idiot Guide and read up on how to do it. I remembercalling my husband and asking, “What’s a rod?” After he described it to me, I saw it in the picture and totally got it. That was the only help I needed. The rest was just reading, understanding and applying the data.

    Today, I learned how to remove a virus from my computer in the with the same technology. Empowering data, study tech is.

  141. She was sexually molested, not raped. But it’s still very, very serious, and very, very hypocritical. Thanks for remembering her.

  142. Yeah, he’s a natural!

  143. I am very Happy to hear that 🙂

    I am impressed about the Car

  144. Addendum: In case you didn’t get it. __21. Sec check everyone, everywhere, except ME. Don’t even THINK about it!

  145. Hooray for being back up and running! I hope you have contingency plans on having your blog mirror’d just in case.

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