Coast to Coast Calamity – BFG makes waves

Marc Headley will be on the popular late-night Coast to Coast radio show tonight.  Marc will be discussing, among other things, the Scientology Inc intelligence operations that have been run on he, his wife, and his two young children.  He will be discussing a number of internal Office of Special Affairs documents which demonstrate the unethical and illegal nature of those ops.  So that you all can follow along as Marc connects the dots I am posting below the documents he will be referring to.

These documents include proof of what Mike Rinder and I have been saying all along about how OSA routinely bribes telephone company employees to criminally invade people’s privacy by turning over their phone records to church thugs. 

These documents also demonstrate the perverse mentality of Miscavige that has been forced upon the entire OSA network.  I have met Marc and Claire’s children. I like them and they like me.  And I am some kind of hot right now about the “church’s” regard for their first-born, an extremely intuitive, smart, and friendly fellow.

While Marc and I don’t always see eye to eye on the worth of the technology, I am wishing him the best on having as much impact as possible in bringing Miscavige to justice tonight.

The documents:




March 6 2006 BFG

BFG April21 2006

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  1. “While Marc and I don’t always see eye to eye on the worth of the technology, I am wishing him the best on having as much impact as possible in bringing Miscavige to justice tonight.”


    Cat Daddy

  2. Wow…his second appearance on C2C if I remember.

    I would recommend that some independents call in and voice our opinions as we can all agree that an all hands is being formed right now to have OSA goons call in the show. I’ll try but it’s hard getting on.

    Federal wire tapping crimes. What a nice addition to DM’s grand jury indictment.


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  4. Is that Suzette as in Suzette Hubbard?

  5. Wow! This should be interesting.

    Before Marc wrote his book, went public, etc, all he wanted from the “church” was to be able to speak to his sister. This was refused and his sister was moved off the Int base (apparently to Canada) in an effort to mess with Marc.

    Miscavige and his flying monkeys worked very hard to make “enemies” of Marc and Claire who only wanted to have their life back and live in peace.
    As we know, leaving Mafiology is not so easy. For more reality on this I suggest you read Marcs book “Blown For Good”.

  6. May I ask how you did you get these phone records? They are 5 years old.
    Who wrote that report?

  7. I really like how, at the bottom of the memos, there’s the sign “oOo.” If you read it out as if it’s a word, it’s like a spooky ghost noise from a cartoon: the perfect punctuation for these creepy documents!

  8. How low will they go? Whoever wrote the April 21st doc actually insulted a baby!! You can’t get any sicker than that. Well OSA, by including a photo of the baby you’ve enabled everyone to see he certainly isn’t “sickly looking”. He’s actually very cute & alert. Shot yourself in the foot again. But it sure speaks volumes about whoever wrote that doc. That is one sick, demented, perverted person with some serious unhandled issues toward children and babies in particular. Frightening.

    I hope you’ll notify the FBI about this. And the Center for Missing & Exploited Children. They might be interested in how the religious (spit) cult called Scn views babies. Does the cult have the legal right to use the baby’s picture that way?

  9. Scott Campbell

    Oh, what a tangled web we weave…

    Intrigue and skullduggery!


    Who indeed, Dave.

  10. eSPionage, Rockslamming goals purpose and communication. The Int base is not a prison. It’s a haunted house!

  11. If they are willing to fair game a new born child you know the rest is true.

  12. Way to go, Marty.

    Thanks for doing this.

  13. Actually this is an improvement for Mark and Claire. They used to fair game their unborn children.

  14. You can find a live stream feed for this show here:

  15. martyrathbun09

    No, Suzette Barnett Thompkins.

  16. Excuse me while I vomit…despicable isn’t a strong enough word for what C of $ is doing to the Headley family.

  17. ” This is being debugged so we can get some intel.”

    INTEL? Are you out of your minds? Find out who you really are. INTEL? This is worse than I thought. Copies of spies and intelligence gathering units. I don’t think any of them will go to prison. They will put them in mental institutions.

  18. Benjamin Cisco

    I love, love, LOVE the way the Headleys keep speaking out. Those kids have more guts than most of us could even imagine. When the cult is closed down I hope there is a huge celebration and they are front and center to be honored.
    Tick tock Davey boy. Yousa goin’ down…

  19. Absolutely disgusting.

    If the Church of Scientology were to ever pay as much attention to their parishioner’s auditing and training as they did to gathering data on people that OSA is Fair Gaming, you know, they just might get some results after all.

    Look at the dedicated effort of these church members as shown in these documents to actively STOP people. Not communicate with them and help them, but STOP them.

    Is it any wonder the world can afford to shake it’s head about Scientology.

  20. They wouldn’t dare call Suzette since she hates Miscavige and what has become the “Church of Scientology” as much as we do.

    She’s just not as outspoken about it.

    Anyway any of you who have no idea what the video was that OSA seems so concerned about.

    Here it is again:

    Once again aside from tricking out custom rides for Cruise more of your IAS $$$$$$$ at work:

    Marc good luck on C2C anbd we’ll see ya on the flip side.

  21. What can I say Matt.

    Like that auditor Ron talked about in KSW who had a knack for getting more TAA on PCs.

    Miscavige has a real knack for making enemies.

    So does OSA.

    I mean if they actual *read* those conference notes as covered in the PL on Intel they keep referencing to at the top of their Black Ops programs they’d find they were doing the exact opposite of what the PL says.

    No surprise there.

    I mean its gotta have been approved by the Reverse Technology Center.

  22. Listening to the show right now.
    If I can’t get through on the radio can and you can, please ask Mark if he knows why the FBI/ATF is so slow in acting to stop the abuses at Int/Gold base? Is it true that people on base are barred from calling 911? That’s a State and Federal crime. Why is the Sheriff/DA not acting? Maybe they need more people to come forward with hard facts.
    BTW, last week I met with an OSA operative who was involved in spying on me. I now have several names and dates for these activities. Should make my court case more interesting!

  23. Marc brings up a good point regarding the enforcement of Sea Org members giving money for Miscavige birthday and Xmas gifts. The money was taken from each staff member as they picked up their pay and their name was checked off against a crew list. Each staff member would be chased up as needed until they paid the fixed amount. One could argue
    that the payment for the Miscavige gift was voluntary just like one could argue that protection payments to the Mafia are voluntary.

    The fixed amount was always at least $15 per person. If 5,000 members each gave $15 you are talking $75,000 twice a year. That’s quite a “gift” when most Sea Org members are lucky to get paid $2,000 a year.

  24. Hi Marty,
    Do you have an internet link for it ? I am in EU and would love to hear it. Can’t find a link so far ?

  25. Great post.
    Mark… very good job on your part!!
    There are more and more people every day getting ready to swallow truth…
    😀 Kusada


  26. That was probably one of the best radio interviews I’ve heard on the Sea Org abuses. Great job Mark!

  27. This is disgusting. Good luck with your show Marc.

  28. I don’t know if that’s wise Mr. Hip Hurray

  29. I hope your case goes well. Posting this on WWP.


    Here’s the link(s) for the mp3 download.

  31. Tom: Do you have to be a member of this site to access the live feed? When I click on the link you provided I don’t see Marc’s radio show and if I hunt around I finally get to a page that says — join here.


  32. My opinion of David Miscavige has evolved once again. At first I thought he was misled, that he just didn’t understand. I then wondered if he was a stat crasher, as I suspected that uplines orders were the reason behind my org’s lowering stats. On 28 June 2010, I reread my PTS/SP pack and recognized that Miscavige was an actual SP. That was the day I stepped out of the bubble. I then went onto the internet, first reading the aricles on scientology-cult. I then formed the opinion that DM was a malicious psycopath. As an aside, Mat, your Little Dickie series remains a masterpiece. You, Amy, Marty, Steve, Dan, Haydn, Jeff, Karen, Nancy, Marc, and so many others have left a treasure trove of information just waiting to be unearthed as people leave the church. As I read the latest Headley documents and watched the Tom Cruise birthday video, a new picture of Miscavige emerged. He is a parasite. Totally unable to bestow life or grant beingness, he drains the life from others, leaving soulless minions capable of making such comments about that precious child.

  33. Thank you Marty for posting this information.

  34. Hip, If I understand this correctly, the better question would be:

    ‘How did the Church & OSA get BFG’s phone records in the first place?’

    But, knowing their tactics & methods, it’s pretty simple.

  35. Lordy Lordy … I donated money for that project – I forget the name.

    Is that what those things look like?

    At least they could have been painted a nice rich colour 🙂

    And how the hell does something we paid for end up on eBay??

    I thought I was getting hosed before … this really bites 😦

  36. Anon thinks it was a special 25 limited edition for high paying contributors.

    Not the Titanium plates in the mountain thing. Those cases are probably just stainless steal filled with “normal”hardcover Scientology Books.

  37. Awesome clip!

  38. “One could argue that the payment for the Miscavige gift was voluntary just like one could argue that protection payments to the Mafia are voluntary.”

    Did anyone ever refuse to pay and if so, what happened?

  39. Exactly. Not one word about, “lets get accurate documentation assembled into a False Report Correction Pack and dead-agent the lies.”

    I did some projects back in the mid seventies with the GO to do just that. It was all about documenting the lies and countering with accurate truth. It was a lot of fun and very beneficial.

    All you really see now is Miscavige and his robots fabricating lies to cover up the truth exposed by legitimate whistleblowers. The truth is that Miscavige is running an implant station, is violating civil rights, human rights, the constitution of the United States and reversing LRH tech and policy into a sadistic controlling bodies operation.

    Wake up JT, Anne Archer, TD, et al. YOU are currently supporting an implant station, not a theta activity. The proof is documented all over this blog. DO YOUR DOUBT FORMULA!!!!!!

    Thanks again Marty and friends for being willing to look and communicate what you have observed. Your actions are invaluable to those of us who are trying to create a safe space in which to deliver.

    The rabid squirrels (Miscavige and croonies) are howling like mad. WE must be winning.

  40. Anyone wanting to know what sickly babies and toddlers looked like would only have had to visit Stonelands nursery in the early 80s. This was the St Hill Sea Org nursery for SO kids, before DM cognited that all kids were just Dev T and should be done away with. The standards were so shocking that social services wanted the place condemned. The bigger kids looked like street urchins, dirty and unkempt.

    Many many years later my wife and I went to an event and left my then 2 year old daughter at the “creche”. When we went to pick her up she was sitting alone in the middle of the floor with an apple unattended with much bigger kids rushing around her in a filthy overcrowded room with a couple SO juniors with no childcare experience. My wife – outraged – vowed NEVER to let her go to near any SO again, and sure enough, she didn’t.

  41. Mat, you got this all wrong; they were just expressing their love and admiration for His COBness. Must be right, Tommy said so.

  42. Here is my guess/prediction regarding this.

    Although Miscavige took all the credit for getting religious recognition in the U.S. the fact is that it was the result of the hard work of many, over a number of years.

    There are only a hand full of countries in the world that recognize Scientology as a religion. The Unites States government gave the priviledge and all its legal and financial benefits based on the information it was given (much of it false) and trust on how it would conduct itself.

    David Miscavige has grossly violated the agreements and trust. He is now hiding behind the religious status that was granted by the Unites States.

    I think that one of two things will happen:

    Either Scientologists will put in ethics on David Miscavige and eject him from their “church”.
    The U.S. government will remove the religious status and walk in, grab Miscavige by his dirty tail and put him in a cage where he’ll make license plates for $.25 cents an hour.

    If Scientologists want to be recognized as a RELIGION and be accepted as such by society then they need to take the responsibility and actions necessary.

  43. Post interview comments:

    Loved the girl from OSA who called in and claimed her 15 years at INT were the exact opposite of what Headley said. Even the host called her a “stooge”, in essence.

    These thug tactics being run against people who just want to leave are pathetic.

    I wonder how many more independents we won over last night? Loved the indirect reference Mark made about Michael Fairman.


  44. Int Base
    Security Division

    To: COB

    Dear Sir,
    As per your request, we’ve gone all out on the project of discovering the identities of the posters on the blog site, Moving On Up a Little Higher.

    The security measures on this blog are among the toughest we’ve ever encountered, but we are making some headway. We may have to call in our former CIA contacts to pull the investigation off in it’s entirety but so far we’re pretty sure that we’ve identified ‘martyrathbun09’ as Marty Rathbun and ‘mrinder’ as Mike Rinder, but we’re waiting for final confirmation on this.

    We will be sparing no expense in getting to the bottom of this matter.

    Chief of Security
    Int Base

  45. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks for that Cat!!
    What a freak show. Selling on E-bay time capsules from the cult…uuugh!!

  46. Tony DePhillips

    Interesting clip Oracle.

  47. When I was at the base the phones were wired so that if you dialed 911 you only got the security chief at the base.

  48. TroubleShooter

    Wow, that is nauseating. This “make a donation you can’t refuse” donation must make cob feel especially warm and fuzzy when he gets his gifts. to the tune Celebration by Kool & the Gang… Celebration time COME ON!…It’s extortion time come on!

  49. Hi Martin, Good point. I remember the UK cadet org well, unfortunately. I was there from 1979 (age 4) until 1985. It was a nightmare, precisely as you describe. Imagine this: In deposition, I was shown a picture of myself at age 6 with 15 other cadet org children, sitting 30 feet from the Stonelands nursery you mention, and I was asked the question, “Did you have a happy childhood?” It simply does not get more surreal… Sinister is probably the better word.

  50. TroubleShooter

    I agree, excellent clip!

  51. Stop! My ribs are hurting!

  52. And that is on a good day!!!

  53. At Flag it was the President FSO and her staff that were made responsible to collect the money. They would stand at the Treasury window where the pay was passed out and collect the money from each person while checking off their name on the crew list.

    I hated the fact that the staff were being made to give up the little pay they got (when they got paid at all). As the Treasury Secretary I attempted to avoid making the payment a couple of times by picking up my pay at an off time from the Payroll Officer who worked for me. I had the President FSO (Flag Service Organization) who was the direct junior of the Captain FSO, come and see me personally in my office and badger me for the money. Basically if I didn’t want to pay then there was something MAJORLY up with me which would warrent reporting and investigating. At one point I gave her $10 of the $15 saying that that was all I had hoping that would end it. No – she persisted until I paid the full amount. She told me that the FSO was being counted on for the full amount (# of staff times $15) and if she didn’t collect it she would have to pay the difference herself.
    Realize that this was The President FSO, just junior to the Captain of
    an 800 man organization that collects more money and delivers more
    Scientology service than all the rest of the churches combined. That’s who was made personally responsible for Davey’s collection racket at the FSO.
    I was eventually removed from the post of Treasury Sec FSO for being counter intention to David Miscavige. So true on so many levels…..

  54. the QI cadet Org at flag in the 80’s was no better then you both describe. It was sad that the parents were not even allowed time to be with their children. When I was CMO in CW we did quite a few missions into the Cadet org trying to get it up to standards.

    At the time I really did not understand why there was a policy about no kids. Our goal was to clear the planet and what better way then to ensure tuns of Sea Org staff for the future. Of course Who was I to question command intention. I think Witney Houston said it best ” I believe the children or our future, treat them well and let them lead the way.”

  55. Marc,
    I haven’t read your book. I didn’t hear the radio show. I did read all the attachments above.

    Hmmm, what to say. How about, booo yeah!!! Give ’em hell.

    I loved the stylistic BFG postings. I was cheerin’ for ya. I’ve been there.

    I think of a quote I’m fond of from AP&A: Human beings have a very high native sense of justice.

  56. Marc and Claire, thank you for all you have done and are doing to bring the truth forward. I have much respect for you and your family. Marc, very nice picture of you. As for the ops on you…criminal.

  57. RJ,
    Then again, perhaps it was this one – the best birthday party ever, ever, ever, ever…..

  58. Mat,

    I agree with much of what you say except the part about religious recognition being some kinda “privilege” granted by the USG.

    This idea is completely antithetical to the Constitution.

    Under the First Amendment it is a god given right.

    Part the problem with the Church right now stems from the IRS’ original intransigence in abiding by the Constitution and the actual laws of the land namely Title 26 of the USC and even their own policies.

    The first false datum to blow here is that the Church of Scientology as the Church of Scientology of California and HASI originally had Tax Exempt or 501 c iii status since their incorporation in 1954.

    This is covered in the PL of 65 on Corporate Structure.

    This had been disputed since 1968 when the IRS arbitrarily and illegally (and anyone who thinks that Governments always obey their own laws is naive) nullified it.

    The Church was appealing this decision at the same time that they were still involved in a lengthy Federal Court battle with the FDA who also had *illegally* seized the *religious artifact* known as an E-meter in 1963.

    Anyway the appeal with the IRS had been ongoing for over a decade and was one of the reasons why the GO sought to infiltrate the IRS’ headquarters in Washington DC under GO 1361 ( incorrectly known as “‘Operation’ Snow White”) when Miscavige in his infinite “wisdom” as MAC I/C on the advice of Mead Emory (a former IRS commissioner) decided to scrap Scientology’s original corporate structure and transfer all funds from HASI, CSC and RRF (an international account situated in Liechtenstein known as the Religious Research Fund) to a new entity known as the Church of Scientology International mainly for the reason of securing these financial assets from possible seizure particularly from one major multi-million dollar lawsuit initiated by Wollersheim.

    This is where the cry “Not one thin dime for Wollersheim” comes from.

    Anyway the IRS detected this obvious shell game and contrary to what Miscavige says in his Orwellian “victory” speech was the main reason he came to the attention of the IRS’ CID.

    (Miscavige claims it was because he kicked out the “infiltrators” and eliminated the GO which supposedly was “infiltrated” but this is B.S..

    He burned the GO to deflect attention from his own illegal and corrupt activities and save his sorry ass.

    And this is my own speculation.

    The GO with the newly issued Roll Back tech were getting too close to the real mole Mr. David Miscavige.)

    Well from this point on Miscavige with the “help” of Lenske and Emory was able to “negotiate” a “Secret Closing Agreement” with the IRS that included basically a gag order about any past, present, or future “conspiracies” and through the CTCC made the Church of Scientology in effect an enforcement arm of the IRS.

    Why do you think the deal was so *secret* Mat?

    Why did Miscavige “neglect” to mention the CST when he went all entities that had been granted 501ciii status?

    Yes there is a *conspiracy* alright but the site Sc-IRS-ology misses the forest for the trees and claims that the CST is part of it which is just another deflection.

    The CST the entity that per Ron’s final will known as ‘Trust B’ executed by the completely and utterly compromised Norman Starky with the help of Lyman Spulock (probably the only person who still belongs to the abomination known as the “Church of Scientology” other than Waldo that remains in the original Pro TRs Film) has managed to turn CST into nothing but a paper tiger thus granting Miscavige ultimate control over the organization.

    The so called deal is nothing but a Faustian deal with the Devil and anyone who put any “hard work” on it have been betrayed.

    Miscavige is doing exactly what “they” want and that is take down the Organization and the subject with him.

    That’s the bigger picture.

    As far as I’m concerned it was an effectively executed psyop with Miscavige playing the role of mole and now playing the patsy and dupe.

  59. I did fight Miscavige and OSA especially in 1984. I did not know that Miscavige had been behind all that I had been fighting. Did not know his name. Only had some juniors on my lines. The work you do now you have to do cause I failed. Sorry for that. Could not handle the situation.
    I cannot directly help to handle it now. I want to point out a observation from 83/84. Call it my opinion as I am not and had been not on any OT level. Not even near to one.
    By my observation the original situation had been caused by using upper level material. Should be that high upper level stuff that even OT 7s had been effect of it. Furthermore, even if you are successfull in handling the situation now via media and governmental agencies, remember, that someday in the future this bpc has to be handled. And do not rely too much on governmental agencies. They had been not our friends in the past.

  60. +++ Thank you for your prediction Mat. +++
    I think you are right with this. Hopefully will happen #1 if not the Church of Scientology is in deep s!@it.

    1. L. Ron Hubbard’s legacy shall be resurrected
    2. L. Ron Hubbard’s family shall be vindicated, including all belongings given back
    3. David Miscavidge & followings shall be brought to justice
    4. CoS management structure shall be reinstall as intended by LRH:

    By the way Dave boy,
    Where is HEBERT Jentzsch– President of the CoS?
    Where is DIANA Hubbard – daughter of LRH, still in the Sea Org?
    Where is SHELLY Miscavidge – your lovely wife?

  61. Yeah I was auditing at AO when family time was canceled by the lil’ garden gnome.

    All us Non-SO said we’d cover for any SO Staff that wanted to go see their families since we were so outraged by this illegal order.

    Some of us even Queried it per ‘Orders Query’ then I saw the order from ED Int canceling all children and I thought Guillame had lost his fuckin’ mind!

    Needless to say any respect I had for the man was totally diminished.

  62. Tom Cruise. Why can’t all people in the Church have birthdays like yours ?

  63. True Sinar,

    But it could have been this one too:

  64. Matt and RJ,
    Both of you have valid points. All must keep in mind there are two entirely different things here. 1 – religious recognition. This has been done. This can remain valid not related to the next point. 2 – non profit statis as a 501c3 corporate structure. The constitution protects #1. This does not protect #2. The feds can move against #2 anytime they feel this has been violated. I posted before the ruling of the appellate court decision regarding C of S of California for tax years 1970-72. They ruled against its non profit status based upon personal inurement. In part, at that time, this was due to the fact that MSH and LRH controlled an SO account with a few million in it. The IRS conceded they had no evidence any of the funds had been used but the ability to control this constituted inurement.

    The control of inurement currently lies with DM. He has order the mixing of corporate funds and has staff in fear of countering this order. The feds could rule against the 501c3 status and for the church to get these back require DM have NOTHING to do with the corporations in any executive capacity now and forever in the future. The lawyers and true board members have a fiduciary responsility to maintain the correct corporate state of affairs.

    The current activities which border on or are criminal in nature will or can provide the justification to move against the structure and then the other evidence would be there to rule against DM. The church could always continue and the religion could continue. Losing the non profit state in the US will have a domino effect as it rolls around to other countries.

    The IRS acceptance of the CofS has been a major tool to get this accepted in other countries. By OSA, church legal staff and attornies not wearing their hats and doing their duties they have endangered this. DM is out of control but there are those who have a legal responsibility to stop his actions which violate corporate integrity. That, and not the independent movement, is the achilles heal to the Church. It is not what we do, it is what they do and continue to do in violation of 501c3 and corporate strucutres which will bite them in the ass.

  65. It’s simple. As a Church any church want’s to conduct bussniss It has to enter the realm of the free market.

    and that means paying taxes

  66. Scientology church orgs are legendary for their childcare facilities (read: profound “lack of care for children” facilities). There is a thread (or sub-thread) on this blog from about a year ago in which several of us discussed this and shared horror stories.

    The overt-laden moron writing that piece apparently doesn’t know what an unusually alert, healthy baby looks like. How would he?

    p.s. I have never seen the Headley kids, but if that baby got his daddy’s large, expressive eyes, and his mother’s beautiful bone structure, he is surely a beautiful little child.

  67. I had an “opportunity” to stay in the cadet org in LA when I was around 15 and my sibling a few years younger. My parents were divorced, and one was in the SO, hence the opportunity. So, we did a tour. It was in Hollywood somewhere – can’t remember the exact location. I remember the terms – I could eat with the parent at night, and spend maybe one day per fortnight during “libs.” What would I be doing the other time? God knows. School and courses were mentioned.

    The aura of neglect was palpable in that place. My answer was very clear and fast: No cussing way.

    I feel so bad for those children, like you, Claire, who did not have that choice.

  68. “They had been not our friends in the past.”

    No but they’ve been Dave’s “friends” so far:

    Though I doubt if his “friends” will continue to be his “friends” for long since at this point he is an embarrassment like Mubarak.

    Both remained in power for three decades by using police state methods and both are now facing an outraged populace that has swelled to a majority.

    I doubt if the lil’ rabid squirrel will note the implications here since he’s historically “challenged”.

    Though if I had been the lil’ garden gnome I would have started packing my bags and shopping around for a country with no extradition treaty with the US.

    I love this scene in ‘Burn After Reading’ that I just gotta play it again just to lighten things up 🙂

  69. May I ask who’s asking?

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  71. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Exactly Raul,
    Everything LRH intended and all the well-intentioned people trying to save the planet from the inside are only STOPPED. Communication is STOPPED. Help flows are STOPPED. Auditing and training are STOPPED!
    Oh, for the day when more people see than are blind to this. Then we can really get this show on the road.

  72. Don’t think that “child care” (spells child neglect) was any different at Copenhagen, Danmark Sea Org facilities, when I was there.

    The kids room had hardly any toys. To make up for that, it had the stink of piss.

  73. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, I didn’t mention it, but he is one handsome lad – as is his little brother.

  74. George It is not your fault. Stop punishing yourself for it.

  75. Mrs. Friend of Ron

    Goes to the wind we’re all inheriting…

  76. That OSA girl was my favorite part of the show. To the uninitiated, she could have gotten away with casting doubt on Marc if she had only had a little more life experience. I thought it was hilarious when she stepped over the line and revealed herself. Then the host said she must be a plant.

    “I don’t see any green leaves coming off of me”. How old are these youngsters at Int?

  77. RJ
    I rarely post these days as any meaningful contribution I could make would be overshadowed by folks with far more knowledge, experience and shear ability to marshall and set forth their valuable comments.

    I’ve been reading this and 2 other blogs for well over a year hoping to finally find out “the real deal”. Something that stitches up all the big and small skirmishes/battles that have been raging back and forth, into a logical unity.

    Your speculation above does that, I believe. It shows a linear and logical series of events that really does lay it all bare. This is the true trail if you were to “follow the money”.

    RJ, I hope you and others will continue to keep beating on this drum. In the long run any other pusuits are a waste of time and resources.

    Thanks so much. I appreciate and value your hard work.

  78. Scream from COB: “I need the End of Endless-stream-of-incriminating-dox-from-Marty Rundown !!!”

  79. Absolutely! There are tons of photos on FB and both are incredibly sharp and very intelligent for their age, I’ve seen them playing video games etc.

  80. Love the ‘Burn after Reading’ clip. I could easily picture this exchange taking place with Davey and the head of OSA, except of course Davey would’ve slapped him a few times and kicked him in the ribs.

    Marc Headley….I salute your bravery, and your determination not to let intimidation wear you down!

  81. You’ve just described extortion.
    def: The Hobbs Act defines “extortion” as “the obtaining of property from another, with his consent, induced by wrongful use of actual or threatened force, violence, or fear, or under color of official right.” 18 U.S.C. S 1951(b)(2).
    It’s definitely extortion. I’m uncertain if it’s explicitly a Hobbs Act violation but the FBI would know for sure. They’re the ones who investigate Hobbs Act violations.

    Matt, you should ask for all those birthday “donations” to be returned to you. Why not? And ask for interest while you’re at it.

  82. Michael Fairman

    Just listened to Marc’ s latest salvo on Coast to Coast. Beats the Damon Runyon Theater hands down for excitement. Truth IS stranger than fiction.
    Especially when OSA actress “Mary” calls in with her “Ex SO” description of the Int Never-Never-Land. It’s a fascinating two hours, even if you’ve read Marc’s book. Look and listen.

  83. Thanks for answering my question Mat. As I suspected, voluntary donation was just another cover up for coercion.

  84. Thank you for adding your weight to the cause

  85. Tony DePhillips

    Nice to hear from you Mr. Fairman. Hope the transition is going smoothly.

  86. I was at AOLA then as well. I was a NOTS C/S and auditor. Family time was cancelled. I queried it and was called to the HGB and suppressed.

    Exercise time was allowed and so every day I would take a break from C/Sing NOTS, walk over to pick up my kids (exercise) and spend an hour and a half with them. We just called it exercise time.

    David Miscavige is an asshole.

  87. Good on ya Dean!

    They didn’t really do anything to the Non-SO ‘cept give us dirty looks.

    But we where used to being treated like chopped liver by then 😉

  88. Michael Fairman

    Yes, Tony, the transition is smooth as silk, thanks to all of you.
    New friends, renewed purposes, and a limitless horizon ahead

  89. Thanks Kingair 350,

    It’s just of matter of connecting the dots.

  90. Wow I hadn’t seen that TC Freewinds vid before. Thanks for posting.

    Also reading the March 6th attachment it’s clear that OSA compares the way you write here with how you used to write in various Church collected files, O/W write-ups, reports, anything. So if you wish to remain anonymous, switch your style of writing. At least make them earn it.

  91. Sapere old friend I agree with you on all points save one and that is that the “Secret Closing Agreement” is more like a pact with Satan than the usual 501ciii arrangement since it can be used to evade transparency by transferring enforcement of the IRC to an ecclesiastical entity known as the CTCC, Church Compliance Committee and by establishing Tax Enforcement Sections in OSA.

    Since when does the usual Tax Exempt organization monitor and enforce its own Tax Compliance?

    This has the effect of turning the Church of Scientology into an enforcement arm of the IRS meaning those “wackos” (as they’re called by some) over at Sc-IRS-ology aren’t too far off in their assertion that CST may be owned and controlled by the IRS.

    Only they missed the obvious fact that it isn’t the CST but the Church of Scientology that is “owned and controlled” by the IRS.

    Also by leaving Miscavige in charge they have allowed him to do what thou wilt with all this tax free money.

    Fortunately the greedy little *idiot* according to all the information that Marty has been leaking through his blog has made these decisions to spend all this money by himself by his own personal direction without even giving the false appearance of propriety that this money is being spent in concurrence with any kind of *board* even though he continually falsely proclaims he is the Chairman of such a board by calling himself “COB”.

    Thus the IRS may be forced to act despite the fact that he hasn’t completely driven the Church of Scientology into full a Chapter 11 yet which is probably what his “friends” had been hoping for all along.

    I mean they’ve given him enough rope but the lil’ bastard hasn’t completely hung himself yet.

  92. Good advice FOS.

  93. Just listened to the whole interview with Marc. He really did an awesome job, very competently handled every point.

    I recognized “Mary’s” voice, by the way – it was Lisa Lirones-Huber, one of the most hated people at the Int Base in her day. She was one of Miscavige’s pets, and really sucked up to him 24/7. She curried favor by being cruel and abusive to others. She mentions people “getting gifts from Miscavige.” Yep, that was her. She’s out now, working on her A to E, and I’m sure this was part of her “striking an effective blow.”

  94. CD,

    I hope you realize that using “Free Market” and “Taxes” in the same sentence is an oxymoron 😉

  95. Well Jeff.

    Looks like a fail on the effective blow.

    Was about as ineffective as it got and the blow totally blows.

    Maybe should correct this by actually attacking the correct target but we all know what she’ll do instead.

    Kick the cat.

  96. Thanks Marty. Here’s a recent pic of him, now nearly 5 years old:

    The only people hurt by OSA’s evil commentary was OSA. Nothing new there.

    A certain well-learned lesson comes to mind: Sticks and stones can break our bones but words can never hurt us.

  97. Matt, and S.A., and RJ,
    Thank you guys for this insightful discussion with accurate citations. It’s nice to see some discussion of what is going on now with facts and knowledge. However this all falls out in the comings months/years, I am concerned that we keep the religious RECOGNITION of Scientology intact, for it provides a cocoon for the delivery of auditing and training – spiritual counseling and study, if you will. People will stand up for Scientology – the subject (maybe not the Church) – if they see that it is validly spiritual, but not if it is by all appearances a dangerous and fanatic cult (which it seems to have become more and more). Other countries have relied on the IRS decisions, as pointed out, so USGovt action against Scn will have consequences worldwide.

    I wish OSA had the cajones to take on David Miscavige (one reason why autonomy of the GO was a good thing). Unfortunately, I don’t think they do from my distant perspective, so it looks as though there will be an eventual “bypass and handle” by some arm of the US Government.

    Funny that Headley was on Coast to Coast (will certainly get a hearing!). If I were to synthesize the many colorful and provocative topics over the history of that program with Marc Headley’s airing, my conclusion would be that David Miscavige is a shape-shifting alien reptilian on mission to earth to do away with Scientology. Oops, too many hats knocked off a 50 yards and someone noticed! DM does apparently have certain powers of deception, control, and artifice, else how would he have been able to put so many in fear for so long and keep on getting away with it?


  98. Good catch WatchingEyes. Speaking of illegal stuff, I wonder if OSA/DM were monitoring the Headleys past 2005? As of Jan. 12, 2007, it became illegal to obtain phone records the way theirs were. I worked for several phone companies, and I remember after this transpired most (if not all) phone companies modified their software so employees leave an electronic signature whenever they view phone records.

    If it’s provable, it carries a maximum prison term of 10 years.

    The law can be found here:

  99. martyrathbun09

    My man KI!

  100. Makes the hairs in the back of your neck stand up doesn’t it…

  101. Leonore and RJ,
    Understood. I don’t think there is a question of the spiritual/religious nature of the subject of Scientology. The non profit thing is the corporate structure and its current actions in violation of that. Somewhere ethics will be put in as this has spilled out of the tax committee issue and into the FBI and local government agencies looking into the actions of current church staff and leadership. I don’t think there is anyone questioning the subject of Scientology. I would not want to be the OSA staff to handle this crap as it is a train wreck in the making unless someone pulls up the bootstraps and stands up. As none of us are on staff there we can watch and comment.

  102. SeekingAsIssness


    I agree with the purpose you posted :

    1. L. Ron Hubbard’s legacy shall be resurrected
    2. L. Ron Hubbard’s family shall be vindicated, including all belongings given back
    3. David Miscavidge & followings shall be brought to justice
    4. CoS management structure shall be reinstall as intended by LRH:

    I just read Part III of the article posted on the above site and it is spot on.
    Thanks to all who have had the cajones to stand up for what is just and speak out against the injustices.


  103. A real Free Market would be Anarchy.

  104. Lol, L Ron was Right And Thanks to Anonymous they get busted these days.

    “HBGary: Don’t let this story die, it’s big. ”,-its-big-
    Exerpt of what the elitist Bastards think:

    “There are supposed to be institutions which limit what can be done in pursuit of those private-sector goals. They’re called “government” and “law.” But those institutions are so annexed by the most powerful private-sector elites, and so corrupted by the public officials who run them, that nobody — least of all those elites — has any expectation that they will limit anything. To the contrary, the full force of government and law will be unleashed against anyone who undermines “Bank of America and Wall Street executives and telecoms and government and the like (such as WikiLeaks and supporters), and will be further exploited to advance the interests of those entities, but will never be used to constrain what they do. These firms vying for Bank of America’s anti-WikiLeaks business know all of this full well, which is why they concluded that proposing such pernicious and possibly illegal attacks would be deemed not just acceptable but commendable.”

  105. S.A.,

    You said, “I would not want to be the OSA staff to handle this crap as it is a train wreck in the making unless someone pulls up the bootstraps and stands up. As none of us are on staff there we can watch and comment.”

    You’re right about that. What a mess.


  106. “I agree with much of what you say except the part about religious recognition being some kinda “privilege” granted by the USG.

    This idea is completely antithetical to the Constitution.

    Under the First Amendment it is a god given right.” ~ RJ

    The “privilege” IS granted by the US Government and it’s the responsibility of the US Government to ensure that there never is another Jonestown or Heaven’s Gate. Who was it that issued and provided the First Amendment in the first place? The US Government has a responsibility to ensure that the First Amendment isn’t abused by nut jobs. Even Hitler had strong religious beliefs that fueled the fire for his Third Reich. Thank God he wasn’t protected by an Amendment. Should radical Islamists be protected by this amendment as well? There IS a line.

    And in Scientology, where in the Axioms is there ever due credit given to a “right granting” God for the creation of life and you or me? Or would it be better stated that the First Amendment is an 8th Dynamic given right?

    I was a Scientologist for over half my life – 23 years, and an SO member for half of that. As a child, Scientology was never promoted to me as being a religion, but like Dianetics, a science. Yes, it was also described as an applied “religious” philosophy, but for the most part it was acknowledged as being backed by strong scientific approach and support, which is why it appealed to me. It always seemed to me that the religion angle was placed there as a means to protect Scientology in some way, where as claimed science is always held up to scrutiny or proof in the real world. A religion doesn’t have to provide any proof, only faith. I guess that was always a personal let down for me that the religious angle of Scientology increased and was pushed the more years I spent in the Cult. I remember going to Apple School and Delphi for most of my childhood education. Most of the kids and parents were Scientologists, and we sure as hell didn’t consider it to be our religion. I was laughed at by other kids for saying that I believed in God. My best friend at the time, Emile Macaire bragged to me that his dad was an OT VII and told him that God didn’t exist because WE all created the universe together, and that my idea of God was a joke. These are the types of conversations that 9 year olds in Scientology have. Eventually, the idea that there is a God was stripped away from me by Scientology tenets. Instead, I eventually grew up with the idea that each one of us are Gods, with innate godlike abilities that would be restored to us in our journey up the Bridge to OT. There is no “right granting” diety in Scientology. He doesn’t exist. Or maybe I’m completely wrong and missed the HCOB or lecture on the existence of God or Supreme Being.

    “I am concerned that we keep the religious RECOGNITION of Scientology intact, for it provides a cocoon for the delivery of auditing and training – spiritual counseling and study, if you will.” ~ Leonore

    I disagree only because I feel that if someone or something promises exact scientific results of applied procedure, especially anything having to do with the mind or soul, it should stand under scrutiny just like any other scientific study. Not because someone claims it works that way without backing it up with the research or proof. But then again, didn’t LRH say something about those people who ask for proof?

    Sorry for my rant here, but this aspect of the subject is one of the main reasons why after I left the Sea Org, I didn’t continue with Scientology. I am a religious person again, and I do believe in God, although I no longer follow one specific dogma. The further I moved in Scientology, God faded away and the only faith I had was that Scientology would restore to me and you the innate abilities we had in native state. It’s such a grand idea, but too grand for me to just have faith in. To each his own.

    Regardless, overall, my only wish is to see the abuses that occur in the CoS be exposed and go away. This is where we stand in agreement, regardless of our spiritual or religious beliefs.

    Thanks Marty for helping to expose the activities of CoS and OSA against dear friends of mine, Marc and Claire. Two very amazing people I grew up with in Scientology from childhood. Marc’s sister Stephanie was also a really good friend of mine throughout my Scientology experience, and I hope someday she’s able to wake up and leave the prison she’s currently in. I know that Marc and Claire were both extremely upset that Claire’s parents wanted nothing to do with them or their own grand children when they were born – all because of disconnection policy being enforced rather than a personal choice. I was there to listen to both of them and provide any support as a friend that I could when this was happening, as it still is. It’s amazing to see what both of them have done to stand up to the CoS in the last few years. God bless them both.

    And God bless all of you in your efforts to expose and stop the abuses.

    Cheers – John Peeler aka BTs2Free

  107. Claire,

    “The only people hurt by OSA’s evil commentary was OSA. Nothing new there.”

    Yes! Witness Contrary Mary from Indiana, OSA Bot and Footnuker trainee who came on the Coast to Coast Q& A period with Marc! She really strengthens Marcs and other Exes accounts!

  108. Thanks for the background info on “Mary,” Jeff… it was pretty funny how even though she had the host initially fooled, even she eventually lost him. It was pretty obvious from the get-go to anyone even slightly familiar with CoM’s MO that she was definitely “Covered in green leaves.” Ha!

    The glaring irony of this tack of “portrayal of reasonable Sea Org treatment” where S.O. gets bonuses, treated decently, and allowed to leave without problem… is that IF S.O. were actually treated this way, there wouldn’t be nearly the amount of scrutiny and criticism from the world at large… it’s funny how playing this tack proves that they’re aware what decent treatment of a staff entails. Heaven forbid they actually do this, rather than suck up parishioner money and sink it into Idle Orgs. Well, whatever.. “Dear Leader” knows best. =)

    Good on ya, Marty for being supportive of people who many not share your ideology… It deflects attempts to splinter people off into squabbling factions, and it’s a classy thing to do. Marc made it clear in the interview that he respects the beliefs of others. And he was even polite to “Mary” which made him come off sounding reasonable and “Mary” sounding loony tunes.

  109. Leonore,

    I agree that if OSA were autonomous like the GO was Mr. Miscavige probably would be toast which probably why the rabid Squirrel neutralized it.

    “If I were to synthesize the many colorful and provocative topics over the history of that program with Marc Headley’s airing, my conclusion would be that David Miscavige is a shape-shifting alien reptilian on mission to earth to do away with Scientology.”

    Well that pretty much covers C2C repertoire.

    I think the only reason Marc got on the show is that Scientology is considered a “UFO Cult” in some quarters.

    That and its connection to the evil and ubiquitous CIA in the early ’70’s.

    Never mind the fact that Scientology is the source of the tech on Remote Viewing.

    All popular topics on Noory’s show.

    No doubt Marc was one of the more grounded guests on the program.

    (Of course anyone compared to Dames or Stubblebine would seem pretty grounded)

    Though I gotta say your post opens up the intriguing possibility that Miscavige may actually be a shape shifting lizard sent here from another Galaxy….

    Jus’ kidding 🙂

  110. That stupid shirt David Backstabbage has on looks like something an orderly in a mental institution would be wearing.

  111. Mental Institution , Church of Scientology, Same difference


  112. Tory Christman

    Marc is always great to listen to! If you haven’t read his book, I *highly*
    recommend getting it. It’s filled with excellent day-to-day activities/insanities out at Gold, plus he’s *really* funny!
    Thanks, Jeff—for that info. Also, well said, blackdove. Thanks to Marty for increasing connections. It sure beats “Disconnection”! =)

  113. Whoever You are… I love You… 🙂

  114. There is no membership for this site.

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