Corporate Scientology Public Enemy #1, pt II

54 responses to “Corporate Scientology Public Enemy #1, pt II

  1. LRH said (I forget the lecture) the position of a dog’s tail is a good indicator of tone level. I like seeing such a high toned dog.

  2. Chiquita, You showed ’em.

    Thanks for sharing…. makes me wanna get on a plane. 🙂

  3. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Karen!!
    It’s good to see that you are getting some well deserved debrief time with the master blaster and crew.
    Have fun!!

  4. Hi! I have never posted before but I have read your entire blog and visit daily to see new updates. I am not a scientologist,nor have I ever been involved in any capacity. I’ve always found the study of others beliefs and religions simply fascinating. It was during one of my studies that I happened across this blog and quickly spent my weekend reading it to date.

    I very much admire you for sharing your journey,triumphs and struggles with us as well as giving hope and a voice to those who have yet to break free from the atrocities that they are currently imprisioned by.

    Today’s video made me smile! Seeing Miss Chiquita swimming and your stunning wife Mosey on such a beautiful day captured what strides and achievements you guys have made in freeing yourselves and helping to free others.

    Thank you for sharing such happiness,love and joy!

  5. Ditto that 🙂

  6. I heard that DM immediately enrolled his dog in swimming class after seeing this video.

  7. Impartial English Girl

    That’s the way to OWN a bone!! My dog Jazz says that he is “delighted to see the long-awaited re-make of the Mack Sennett Bathing Beauties ‘shorts’. Now please can I play the clip for him again…?!” I think he might be in love… 😉 (I’d send the fair Chiquita a link to his own blog, but I don’t want squirrel-eyes throwing their nuts at it (literally…).

    Hope no-one got stung by that jellyfish. Was it a DM-targeted Scyphozoa..? 😉

  8. Hey Guys!

    Well I put the video on full screen and shared the video with Fritz. He wants to fess-up that he’s in loooovve with Chiquita. He also wanted me to mention that she isn’t “fat”; she’s got some luv handles!

    Here’s a video of a couple of Schipperkes who are a little more svelte than he is. Could it be a match made in heaven?

  9. What was that that I felt, watching this video? Well, I’ll be damned……homesickness!


  10. Your dog’s butt wiggles when it runs. Sorry, but it’s true. Chiquita is a a chubbster. A canine porkchop. A hunka, hunka burnin’ dog flesh. Of course, you love them just the same. Granting beingness to ALL of the li’l barker.

  11. He also placed an order for bigger, bigger, bigger and yet, bigger ham bones.


    Auditor: Woof woof?
    Dog: Woof
    Auditor: Bow wow wow.
    Dog: Awooo!
    Auditor: Woof bow, aroooooh?
    Auditor: Woof woof bow wow!

    Examiner: “Thank you, your tail is floating.”

  13. Hi Marty, Mosey ,Karen and of course Chiquita who is the lead actress.

    Nice to see you’re getting some nice weather there on the Gulf Coast.

    The only objection I have is using the name Scientology when mentioning that Tax Exempt Government Approved SQUIRREL GROUP.

    Otherwise nice vid.

    Lv ya guys!

  14. That stick was in distress, and a good thing too, because after miscaviche is done with the rocks he can move on to driftwood.

  15. Happy Happy Joy Joy! 🙂

  16. Hallelujah

    I’m a believer … H

  17. Hello Tony !
    Having a wonderful time, wish you were here !

  18. TroubleShooter

    Me thinks Ms Karen’s presence may rile a particular you know who. . . standing by for the full effects!

  19. I wasn’t positive if that was Karen but I thought — it must be.

    Looks like you are having a grand time.

    So happy!!


  20. \\\| ///


  21. And there is Marty, on the beach surrounded by beautiful women. That is way up at the top of the CDEI scale!

    And on the other side you have DM. Sorrounded by women dressed like men and going by “Sir” totally down there in the enforce band! In a
    prison of his own making on the desert floor, surrounded by synthetic allegiances and devotion where all has been perverted as it chokes him to death. Classic ending for the evil bad guy in any script.

  22. Mimi – Wow! Thank you too for sharing that with us. It’s nice to hear from outsiders that recognize whats really going on here. I for one, consider you welcome any time. 🙂

  23. Windhorse and RJ,

    Nothing like Southern Texas Hospitality……
    Nothing like PLOTTING and PLANNING


  24. Yvonne Schick

    Creating pleasure moments – for those on the beach and those of us viewing. Adding moments of theta to our tracks and shifting the theta/entheta ratio on the planet just that much more toward theta.

    Thank you.

  25. Theo Sismanides

    hhahaha, audit them all OTDT!

  26. Theo Sismanides

    So Corporate Scientology’s Public Enemy # 1 is


    hi Karen, good to see ya there with Marty and Mosey!

  27. Congratulation to the Rathbun tribe. This is dedicated to you:

  28. Sure, Theo!
    Miss Chiquita is it, the CofS Public Enemy # 1!
    Now it has been revealed, so be aware of it. 😉

    Great to see you beautiful ladies: Karen & Mosey.
    Funny clip, Marty.
    Have fun you all, enjoy your time and your time journey.


  29. Ahhh…it’s a wonderful day.

  30. Lucky Dilettante

    Thank you for such kind words directed at Marty and the other ones with the input. I am very impressed by the fact that you took the time to read the blog. As just a dilettante myself, I can’t make any such claim.

  31. martyrathbun09

    Start debriefin’ Dude.

  32. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    Marty, Looks like Chiquita got in the final “word” (her rear view, tail up) when you mentioned about Jason and FedEx. 🙂 — gotta love the furry thetan!

  33. Ya gotta fill me in on the plotting & planning part Karen when ya all get back to Yankee territory.

    Ya Southern Belle you

    Ya know how I love conspiracies 🙂

  34. I’ll just leave this here:

  35. Anon Orange

    Hi Karen,
    Looks like you’re having fun there in TX, but you KNOW you’d have much more fun with me in Riverside!

  36. Die yam, dooode. Y’all are havin’ too much uh that fun word!

  37. Dm would send a Psychooza, not a Syphozoa. It’s “Reverse, reverse, perverse, subverse” in the mind of the dim one.

    Dogs will do the damndest things with their (squirrel hoardings). Oh, the joys of being a dog!

  38. Scott Campbell

    Just for my information Marty, what is Chiquita’s (Mr. Chiquita’s?) rank? Do I salute her?

    What is the protocol on this. Title and Forms of Address, you know. I’d hate to make a faux pas in etiquette should we ever meet!

    Hi Karen,

    Looks like you’re having fun hangin’ out with ‘ol public enemy #1 there.

    Fight the power!

  39. I’ve only been home for 5 days and already miss u guys. Chiquita your so darn CUTE!!! I miss you too.
    Love, Lori

  40. Thank you Christie and LuckyDilettante 🙂 I truly appreciate your hospitable and warm welcome. I read all your comments on each blog and am often overwhelmed by the strength and courage the men and women here behold. It is that courage,that strength and all of your voices that give those still trapped the hope and encouragement they need to break free of the lies and control he/she was under! Bless you all in all of your endevours and may happiness and joy fill all your days!

  41. Nice! Chiquita, you’re a star!

    Hey Karen! Good to see you.

    In some Internet cafe within a few blocks of the Complex there sits an AWOL staff member feeling really guilty for “taking time off” when walking from the Complex to International HQ on Hollywood Blvd. (Gas is, after all, over $4/gallon, and shoe-leather is free):

    “Damn that Marty. Damn Mosey and that Karen so-called Class XII. You know, it is absolutely out-ethics to screw around on the beach when there is a planet to clear. What dilettantes! I can’t BELIEVE how out ethics they are! He used to be the COB’s right-hand man! Now look at him! What off-purpose scum! She! Trained on the ship under LRH, and now what? Hanging out with SQUIRRELS! Imagine being so other-determined that instead of being in the hole working off your A-E (because the door is always open a crack, you know. They SAY it is, so it MUST be…) they are all walking on the beach with that… dog…

    “Hey, you know, I used to have a dog… once. I used to go to the beach… occasionally. I know it is wrong and out-ethics, but… NO! COB! He’s the man! COB would NEVER do something as low-toned and off purpose as playing with a DOG… gee! Good ol’ Fido… SHIT! That F*&^%ing c&*^ is going to ream my ass if I don’t get back soon. F*&^!”

    Freedom means freedom! Glad to see you all having fun.

  42. Chiquita, you swim good; and don’t worry, I like bacon too.

  43. Maybe ration the Snausages a bit?

  44. Awesome!

    Does 3 sweeps of the tail signify an F/N?

  45. LOL! This could very well be true.

  46. Cowboy Poet

    Love it!!

  47. Cowboy Poet

    Hey, that was just darn refreshing!

  48. Now Jim,

    Butt wiggling and running can be very aesthetic. This is based on scientific evidence. I remember spending many a day at La Jolla Shores watching and scientifically graphing the relationship of butt wiggling against standing, lying, sitting (?), running, jumping, and other forms of human activity.

    I have replicated my results on numerous beaches up and down both coasts and in the Midland.

    Unfortunately, I only had time to study half the population.

    And that half would include you, so I wouldn’t be able to say scientifically whether your particular butt wiggles when you run or not.

    But having studied what I have, I also observed that in humans, butt wiggles set in motion a particular vibration that radiates out and causes a peculiar swelling in that half of the population which I was unable to study.

    Though, it isn’t consistent. Some responded, some didn’t.

    And for some reason, members of the Sarah Palin Support Group (buttons and all) have taken to combing the beaches and pointing accusing fingers at those who are not affected by the female butt wiggle. I’m not sure why.

    But back to Chiquita and her wiggle, perhaps, in the dog world, she has the same vibratory response on other members of her species.

    Maybe upon the members of the members.


  49. Marty, Mosey and everyone,

    Isn’t it grand being able to fully experience and pursue the wonders of all the dynamics?

    All of them.

    Utterly, friggin’ fabulous.


  50. OTDT,

    Utterly clever.

    Here’s a handful of biscuits packed with the most valued particle in the universe.


  51. Karen, Great to know you’re in Texas! Any chance of you stoppin by Austin way?

  52. Impartial English Girl

    Noooooo!!! Jazz saw Chiquita first!! He offers to meet Fritz on the village green at dawn – he barks to bring his duelling fangs – and do battle in the time-honoured tradition to win the paw of the fair maiden Chiquita…!

    IEG x

  53. Impartial English Girl

    2ndxmr – Too right! Not sure I’d like a dog’s life-span though – and, as for that spaying and neutering stuff…. hmmm…. Still better than being a dung-beetle – or DM (although the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive) – though… 😉

    IEG xx

  54. Marty and his girls….priceless.

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