Scientology Cult vs. Washington Post – part one

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Probably the only man who hates the Washington Post more than Richard Nixon did is David Miscavige, leader of the Corporate Scientology Cult.

In 2006 Washington Post Senior Editor Richard Leiby was working on a story concerning the corporation that according to its founding documents (as directed by L Ron Hubbard) had the power to prevent David Miscavige from  creating a dictatorship of Corporate Scientology, the Church of Spiritual Technology (CST).

Leiby was no stranger to Scientology stories.  He had been targetted by the Scientology’s Guardian’s Office in the 1970’s for his investigative reporting for the Clearwater Sun newspaper.

Accordingly, in 2006 Miscavige called for OSA (Office of Special Affairs, the Guardian’s Office successor) to hit Leiby with all slick ops in order to silence the Washington Post and try to prevent disclosures about CST.

The first op included sending  “a source” in on Leiby to elicit personal information from him, searching the trash of Leiby and of his wife with whom he was separated, and launching investigations to use the Leibys’ ongoing divorce proceeding as a club against Mr. Leiby.  Recent investigations indicate Leiby’s wife – who was blanketed by OSA initially – ultimately caved and accepted Corporate Scientology assistance in using her divorce proceedings as a boot to Mr. Leiby’s throat.  That is the way it goes with Corporate Scientology, it is all about leverage.  And it is all about crushing the “opposition” by any means imaginable.

The following is an Office of Special Affairs Investigation (Intelligence) Division report of March 27, 2006 detailing the initial Leiby offensive.




March 27, 2006





In approximately March of 2005 Leiby was living with Arnie Lerma as he was having marriage trouble and was kicked out of the house by his wife.  He had planned to stay there for a month or two while he got things together.


At the end of January we found the new apartment that Leiby moved to in Rockville, Maryland, about 2 miles away from his wife (Theresa) and their three children. 


Although they have been separated for a year no divorce papers have been filed as yet, as he and his wife are fighting over the equity in the home and are working out property settlements with their attorneys before filing anything in court.


The wife, Theresa Defino, is the Executive Editor of the Physician’s Practice magazine – a magazine for doctors that covers the business side of the medical field such as insurance contracts, billing etc. She has been a medical writer her entire career. She works from home and the children are with her – a 16 year old girl and 12-year-old twins, a boy and a girl.


Special collections [Ed note: euphemism for stealing the garbage] could not be done at Leiby’s apartment but this was checked regularly at the wife’s home [her garbage WAS collected]. Thus far nothing of interest has turned up. 


Leiby has been very stressed out about the divorce and per a source, he gave up his gossip column “Reliable Source” with the Post, as he could not handle it.  He also has a situation with his personal finances as he has to pay for the divorce and the attorney fees, plus the house and his apartment.


Leiby made two calls to CST on March 24th each time leaving just his name and his Washington phone number. DSA DC made a call on the 27th Leiby’s senior at the Washington Post, Deborah Heard. She was informed that as Leiby was so completely biased, we were not going to be calling him back but we would talk to anyone else at the Post.  Deborah responded that she hoped that someone would call him back as she had 65 juniors and she did not know what they were all working on. It was reiterated that Leiby was extremely biased and had recently been a roommate with someone who is a major attacker of the Church, who has threatened the Church and has been involved with extremist right wing groups. Deborah was taken aback but was still repeating that we should call Leiby back. She was told that this was not going to happen, as while we have had other reporters that were biased, at least they gave us an opportunity to respond and quoted what was said. However with Leiby it was felt that he would not fairly represent what was said.


Deborah responded that she was sorry we felt that way, but in her 15 years of working with Leiby at the Post, she has found him to be a “serious, dedicated, meticulous reporter.” She said that with any complaint, there are three avenues – Legal and go to the Legal Dept (she was informed that it was not a Legal issue), that the ombudsman, Deborah Howell is the readers advocate and we could write to her. Lastly, the Department Head can hear complaints and she wants to hear complaints about her staff.  She was informed this was a complaint and she then suggested that a letter be sent to her with the complaint. 


A letter will be sent to Deborah Heard that details the past relationship with Leiby and what the upsets are that make us feel he is not qualified to report on the Church.


         We are currently workout out a new meeting with Leiby with the resource to get more information to find out what the current scene is with his wife, any specific data as to why she kicked him out, what he is planning on doing, etc.




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  1. It was Leiby who wrote the Post’s 2005 story on the CST vault at Trementina: That undoubtedly left him less than popular with Miscavige.

  2. William Johnson

    You forgot to mention that you were on the distribution list for that document Marty!

  3. It’s really amazing how much dirty deeds are used by the KOS to handle PR, namely his.

    Friends of LRH website has a quote which is very applicable to this scene:
    “Any management which operates as a censorship or a propaganda medium will inevitably destroy itself and injure the group.”

    HCOPL 9 Jan 51
    An Essay On Management
    (OEC Vol. 7 p. 567)

    Rich Leiby has written numerous articles, links are at :

  4. Can you say “melt down?” Sure — I knew you could.

  5. The bottom line is: This is the “intelligence” that our donations bought!

    I just burped up an unholy…………………..

  6. Anon Orange

    Marty, it’s quite a coincidence that you take on that topic today because here’s my speech at the Board of Sups (that didn’t get delivered because I was stuck in a depo with Moxon harassing my trailer park manager.)

    Riverside Board of Supervisors May 10, 2011
    How Scientology intimidates the media:
    Reporters wont report on Scientology because this organization is perceived as having an excellent method to destroy their enemies. This was and may still be true, although Corporate Scientology has been recently defanged to a large extent.
    The press is our fourth branch of government and in Riverside particularly, it is failing miserably.
    Scientology has a process, repeated step-by-step, which includes a scoring system to track their opposition and get any negative criticism, and articles squashed.
    I have written approximately 1,500 letters to various journalists, yet only a handful articles were ever printed. Interviews with journalists that assured me would be printed ended up cancelled.
    I have contacted the Press Enterprise at least 50 times, met with about a dozen of their reporters, spoken to the president and chief editor, yet they have refused to print one word exposing the fact that some 400 people are held prisoner at the International Headquarters of Scientology, in Riverside county. The evidence, the witnesses, the Sheriff documented escapes is overwhelming yet ignored.
    The story about these church inmates prevented from attending jury duty is fully documented by the Sheriff, but somehow, deemed un-newsworthy by our Riverside papers.
    Other papers like the LA Weekly, The Valley Chronicle, The Hemet Valley news, the Alpenhorn News have all caved in to Scientology’s intimidation.
    Palm Desert’s KESQ did a fantastic report on Gold Base three years ago, but since Nathan Baca has left, many further attempts at getting the story continued were ignored. Station management took down all Scientology related videos and filed frivolous DMCA actions against YouTube channel owners.
    Corporate Scientology’s moto is:
    “If attacked on some vulnerable point by anyone or anything or any organization, always find or manufacture enough threat against them to cause them to sue for peace…. Don’t ever defend. Always attack.”
    “We do not want Scientology to be reported in the press, anywhere else than on the religious pages of newspapers…. Therefore, we should be very alert to sue for slander at the slightest chance so as to discourage the public presses from mentioning Scientology.”
    “NEVER agree to an investigation of Scientology. Only agree to an investigation of the attackers…. Start feeding lurid, blood, sex crime, actual evidence on the attack to the press. Don’t ever tamely submit to an investigation of us. Make it rough, rough on attackers all the way

    Please reporters: Don’t be intimidated! They only threaten to sue and have not actually sued reporters in over a decade.

  7. I forgot to mention that lil’ dave is going through big bunches of I’m a Big Boy NOW!! pull-up disposables after this post.

  8. Dave,
    Too much – too late.

    Even that adage you’ve got reversed.

    Mave Discavige, you mutt, there is absolutely no reason to hide CST, except for YOU since YOU have unmocked it. You’re the only one that thinks this fact is still withheld. You live in delusion. You live with a copper rod and a douche bag in the shower filled with coffee you jam up your arse and these two incredibles are your sole ‘tech’ since you can’t duplicate Scn and you refuse auditing.

    Fuck you’re an idiot.

  9. martyrathbun09

    Two years after I left the “church”? WJ, get a mind.

  10. Tony DePhillips

    Deep Fax: Where is Tommy Davis??

  11. The unfortunate part is that it IS William’s mind doing the talking – reactively, of course.

    The real William is there but sadly misinformed, blind & not-ising the real scene.

  12. Jim, Did you just get’a little …… sudden?

  13. Jethro Is In The Zone

    AnonOrange – FWIW, the quote above is an actual LRH quote. What I don’t recall is if it was part of the Fair Game policy (cancelled for PR reasons), or a different one.

  14. Kim O'Brien

    the “leader” of this “church” is bat shit crazy.

  15. becomingAware

    Jim – you have a clear, concise and direct way with words. Love it.


  16. Anon Orange

    Again an interesting coincidence about your post. When I went to CST’s Twin Peaks near Crestline California on May 2010 for a solo re-raid, I had in my hands on the very article you are referring to in this post: Richard Leiby “A Place in the Desert for New Mexico’s Most Exclusive Circles”
    I was trying to give a copy of the article to Jane McNairn, (In case she had not seen it :)) while at the same time the Sea Org landscapers were scrambling for cover all around me.
    It was the weirdest situation I ever encountered in my life. At least a dozen grown men were running away from me, like startled feral cats disturbed out of a dumpster. I was dressed normally and had no mask.
    The Sea Org (possibly EPF as well) were brought in to plant approximately 200 trees aligned to screening the (inward pointing) spiked fence, in a massive effort to hide DM’s Super Power tech prototype:

    I had excellent advice from old time scientologists as to what to do, what to say and why raiding CST was SO important.
    I want back several times, mostly to keep the tough tattoo’d guard goons busy and gainfully employed rather than mugging little old ladies in east LA.

  17. How come DM always uses “Johnson” as his last name in his entries on this blog? Is it wishful thinking? It would be more real if he called himself “Wee Johnnie” wouldn’t it?

    ML Tom

  18. Tony DePhillips

    I think you are on to something Tom..

  19. Tony, I think I’m on to something small.

    ML Tom

  20. How low can you go? Dirty bastards!

  21. TEG,
    I’m studying an issue called Future Processing, following the 2nd ACC and I can get so ‘sudden’ I’m slipping off the front end of the MEST universe.

    Yeah, sudden.

  22. David,
    Making you smile makes me smile.

  23. Technically, “Fair Game” was only *kinda* canceled.

    There is an additional note at the bottom of the cancellation that reads to the effect of, “This cancellation does not apply to SPs”. And of course, there are all sorts of folks that qualify as SPs now, aren’t there? The Press is one of the groups that are included, right along with Psychs.

  24. Tony D,
    Haven’t seen him around the Base recently. I’ll see what I can find out.

  25. Regarding CST, I think protecting LRH’s writings and recordings is a great thing that must be done but I think the best way to protect the tech is by applying it.

  26. These are cheap tricks that truly sadden me to see. What I used to know as the Church of Scientology has become known worldwide for cheap, tacky tricks that disregard facts. These tactics stand as an admission of utter failure and inability to apply knowledge of the human mind and spirit and communication — supposedly their stock in trade.

  27. Marty,

    I also want to say while I have a chance is that in my experience people who spend their time trying to hold down and suppress others are themselves not free. It seems to me that when a person gets free they lose their desire to keep others down.

    If you feel that alot of what is going on here is David Miscavige’s case then if he could get some gains in that area everything would start to change for the better.

    Unless you feel that there are forces at work here other than Miscavige’s case.

  28. I’d like to know what is in DMs trash-old black thongs, old love letters to TC, fried copper rods?

  29. I threw an event in the DVD today for some reason.

    One thing that I noticed throughout is that Miscavige seems to be really, really into quantities. Millions of man hours, millions of words, hundred million thousands of bricks, seventy three hundred billion million semi-colons. He gets off on controlling bodies and having them pick up millions of dust particles with microscopic tweezers. Stuff like nine hundred and fifty million feet of wire and thirty billion bricks in a building the size of the moon is like pornography to him. Theres one hundred million shingles and it took three hundred and fifty artisans one hundred and fifty days working around the clock to make the worlds largest mosiac made of thirty million of the worlds tiniest tiles. He’s drooling. He wants to make all the Sea Org carve stones with their bare hands and haul them fifty miles to build him a pyramid to the sky I think.

  30. Joe Howard

    Appropos of nothing, really, here is something for the OSA guys stressing over this blog. Take an hour of your CSP time and watch this:

  31. I will say that I don’t like what Richard Leiby wrote about us. Some of it was true, some not, and a lot was very alarming and slanted.

    But it does not justify the crap the church did.

    Had the church just left it alone and gone on its business, there would have been no story. There would only be good news to write about. Which would have made most journalists go away, since conflict sells papers.

    There is a false datum that drives some of this crazy batshit and justifies it in the minds of some Scientologists. It is:

    1. Scientology is good, does good, and helps people.
    2. Therefore, to harm Scientology is to do evil.
    3. Therefore, people who are against Scientology are bad people who are afraid of being found out, or do not want good to happen to people.

    This is a datum from Ron. It is wrong. Yes, I said it. It is wrong.

    There are a lot of reasons to not like Scientology and be alarmed at it, and these are legitimate, if many times misguided, reasons. One reason is that it is not Christianity, and we do not recognize Christ as our savior. Another is that we are not truly scientific and do not have scientifically valid, peer-reviewed theories. Another is that we have a belief in past lives, and that is not real to the person.

    But, people who hold different beliefs and are alarmed or concerned about our beliefs and technology are NOT evil because of this. They are, if anything, ignorant, or perhaps they are right and I am wrong. Could be Christ is our savior after all and we are all destined for the eternal tropics.

    So, to be rabidly mad-dog when someone has a differing opinion on Scientology and then publishes it, or if they write about things we do and misunderstand it, or who report on the opinions of others who are alarmed at Scientology, is wrong, and stupid, and fans the flames. And it is the direct result of this FALSE DATUM, and it is OBVIOUSLY FALSE to anyone outside the church, and therefore HARMS Scientology and its image. It especially harms the image of Scientology when the church acts on it as crazily as they do:


    and sifting through someone’s garbage, and… all that cussing stuff.

    Really, my motto when it comes to Independent Scientology is “Keep calm and carry on.” Just do Scientology and be a Scientologist and leave this other crazy horse shit behind.

  32. dm is obsessed with this blog. Can´t get his attention off it.
    QandA with other cycles just to take a look.

  33. Annon

    Actually the reason why Ron didn’t like submitting the Church of Scientology to an “investigation” by the press was because in many cases the “investigation” was instigated by *hostile* interests.

    “You could get a journalist cheaper than a good call girl, for a couple hundred dollars a month.” – CIA operative discussing with Philip Graham, editor Washington Post, on the availability and prices of journalists willing to peddle CIA propaganda and cover stories. “Katherine The Great,” by Deborah Davis (New York: Sheridan Square Press, 1991)

    So I tend to agree with Ron about his trepidation towards exposing Scientology to the press.

    On the other hand it is obvious that Miscavige has other reasons for avoiding the media other than protecting the good name of Scientology.

    Like protecting his position and keeping the public ignorant about his crimes.

  34. The Policy was not cancelled, The use of the term “Fair Game”was cancelled.

  35. News: Dossiers found in Italy Scientology raid

    TURIN, Italy, May 20 (UPI) — Italian police who raided a Scientology chapter said they found what appeared to be extensive files on law-enforcement officials and former members.

    The documents were in a locked room of the Scientology chapter in Turin and were said to contain information on the subjects’ health, politics and sexual habits, the ANSA news agency said Thursday.1


  36. What happens when a psycho is at the helm and to him the world looks like it is full of SPs? (as psycho paranoid sociopaths are want to believe)
    So he and mislead staff are claiming to be just following LRH Policy.
    OSA = Office of Spastic Affairs
    OSA = Office of SPs Anonymous

  37. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Hey David Miscavige!

    Your diapers are leaking stuff out their sides!

    – Jackson

  38. Graviora_Manent

    Ugh, I just want to believe JW was just being sarcastic there. Nobody can be that stupid, no?

  39. OK, Marty, you need to purchase a bag of prepositions, and hire a copy reader. …or something.

    This is an interesting story, but for the lack of prepositions. Without adequate prepositions, your writing hangs. Seriously, Marty, you need prepositions. Even in Tejas, you must be able to purchase a grab-bag of prepositions to use in your writing.


  40. OK, I criticized Marty for lack of prepositions in his above report. AO, you need to paragraph your writing. You also need to spell check.

    Both you and Marty are going to stay after school in detention if you can’t write correctly. I am sharpening my ruler with the steel insert as write. Both of you need a slap or two on your knuckles from my ruler.

    …bring bandages.


  41. It’s no surprise that the CIA plant wants his tracks covered.

  42. Aww ‘William’, you only made it to the second spot on the blog!
    Aren’t you supposed to be the first to post the response to Marty so the dumb ass Indies will finally cognite that DM is really a nice guy who has been terribly misunderstood?
    Sleeping on the job were you?

  43. Check with OTDT for translation of the pie face symbol. Wouldn’t want you to get even more MUs than you already have.

  44. George White

    Great post.
    Since you are talking about Christ and religion, I feel compelled to add some information about the Buddha which is relevant to this situation.
    Devadatta, Buddha’s cousin, who was a monk, tried to harm the Buddha in many ways. He instigated a failed revolt by the community of monks and he tried to murder the Buddha on two occasions. He rolled rocks down a cliff and set a drunken elephant charging the Buddha. The Buddha remained compassionate to the end and avoided the danger. Devadatta met a sad end when his own good Karma ran out. I do not wish to draw a conclusion in relation the the present situation, but I can’t but notice the similarity. Please accept my video in the spirit of the 2,600th
    Vesak which this May! May all beings be well and happy!

  45. Another reason LRH did not like people in the press writing stories is because they did not believe in the validity of what he was doing, and were painting his efforts as a scam because they believed that it was.

    Didn’t LRH say that you shouldn’t talk in generalities, but instead point to specifics? Do you have any specific evidence to point to the notion that the press was bought off by the CIA to paint Dianetics/Scientology as a scam?

    Sorry, I just don’t buy those conspiracy theories of the CIA/government/Psychs/drug companies out to “get” Scientology to prevent the truth fro getting out. They are fairy tales written to scare little kids from looking closer. That is all.

  46. Quaoar,

    You left out the word “I” between “as” and “write”. Go stand in the corner.

    …wear your dunce cap.


  47. . .

    He’s operating on the LRH datum, “Make every action count.”

  48. Q, This is a blog, not an English class. – M

  49. Grasshopper gets it.

    You have to be able to sift through LRH’s work and pick out the wheat from the chaff. There is indeed good stuff in there-keep it and move on. You may really have something there.

    But, if you insist on not using your own judgment to discern what is right and what is wrong in the misguided attempt to KSW, it’s really *not* going to keep working.

    And this is the real “why” that the CoS is dead. DM is a product of Scientology. The bullshit that OSA is doing that makes Scientology look crazy is a consequence of policy.

    Had the CoS gotten a real leader after LRH died, it could have cleaned up Scientology into something the rest of the world could respect and get along with. But instead, it got DM who cannot use judgment, he can only apply policy.

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I hope that the rest of Independent Scientology can discern between what is useful and what is harmful in LRH’s body of work.

    In 325 ad the Christian church got together in Nicea and got their act together. They took a large number of traditions, writings and beliefs and sifted through them. They kept what they thought was good and true, and threw out those that they thought were heretical and false.

    The result? World-wide expansion.

    You have an opportunity to reform Scientology. But, you’re going to have to trust that your collective minds can discern what is good and what is not better than one mind could. Good luck.

  50. Yes. Good point.

  51. I really do expect that this whole CST/IAS/RTC corporate malfeasance will be Miscavige’s achilles heal.

    I’ve been involved with large, international non-profit organizations at the Board level in the U.S., and I can tell you for a fact that it was widely and deeply understood by all members of the Board — but especially the Chairman (and his representatives) — that there would be huge legal liabilities if proper state and federal corporate protocols were not followed. (I won’t list them here, since I have no interest in giving Miscavige a clue.)

    But from what I’ve read on this blog over the last two years, the Boards of CST/RTC/IAS are replete with serious violations of state and federal corporate laws.

    If I were the FBI, this is one area where I would concentrate. There are now plenty of “former Board members” that would be able to testify to the corporate illegalities that Miscavige has been engaged in.

    And if I were Miscavige right now, I’d be quaking in my boots.

    Miscavige, you have seriously dug yourself into a legal snakepit. And just like a haughty mob boss, you will be taken down by your own ignorance and stupidity. Personally, I can’t wait.

  52. (This is what I found in his trash this morning:)


    1. Numerous self-written commendation reports with typos.

    2. Four smashed laptops, all stuck on Marty’s blog page.

    3. Ripped up photos of his ex-wife.

    4. Ripped up photos of LRH.

    5. Several hand-redacted versions of HCO PL Keeping Scientology Working.

    6. Eleven used condoms with Tom Cruise’s glamor photo printed on them.

    7. An unfinished scathing letter to L. Ron Hubbard.

    8. Well-thumbed catalog of men’s sexy underwear.

    9. Some dollar bills that looked like he tried to glue his own photo over Washington’s.

    10. A couple of unfinished new definitions of ‘F/N’.

    11. A unfinished list of statistics he was keeping:

    # of People Slapped: 11
    # of Out-Pie Faces Spotted: 4
    # of new Patron Meritorious Prospects: 17
    # of Times Shit Pants: 2
    # of Drinks of Scotch: 487

    12. Voo Doo dolls of Marty with their heads ripped off.

    13. An LRH bust with a bullet hole through the temple.

    14. A birthday card from his mother with “Fuck You” scrawled in red ink.

    15. An unfinished essay he was writing called, When I’m Emperor of the World.

    16. A copy of Mein Kampf with coffee spilled on it.

    17. Seventeen empty cigarette packs with a crumpled note in each one that said, “This is the LAST one!”

    18. A plea for amnesty from Heber Jentzsch with “When hell freezes over” scrawled in blue ink.

    19. A request to his staff to check the temperature in Hell.

    20. A printed copy of his Pie Face Analysis from Marty’s blog, where he’s scrawled, “I WANT THAT DEEP FAX FUCKER FOUND AND KILLED” in red ink.

    21. Yuk! Three soiled Depends Underpants.

    22. Five empty Scotch bottles.

    23. Nude photos of Louis Farrakan with stains on them.

    24. Nude photos of himself where he unsuccessfully tried to Photoshop himself certain larger body parts.

    25. A satellite photo with topography of Independent’s Day party location, with notes scrawled:

    a) Cost of tunnel?
    b) Arrange natural disaster?
    c) Cost of bombs?
    d) Borrow TC’s fighter plane?

    That’s about it. Security was tight so I couldn’t copy any of it. Had to ditch the stuff quickly so as not to draw suspicion.

    Deep Fax

  53. So, in the dawn of a new day, I realized I may have been a bit harsh. Let me add to the above.

    There are, of course, suppressive people in the world, and some indeed are hell-bent on trying to take out Scientology. One of them is David Miscavige.

    But my point is that, especially today, with the activities of David Miscavige, the forced abortions, the “Hole,” disconnection as a control mechanism, ad nauseum, it is not unreasonable for someone like Leiby, or Sparrow, or others to be against Scientology – and it is not proof they are SPs. Not anymore, thanks to Miscavige.

    This is why we are in a touchy area. There are degrees of tech and policy. There is senior policy, which also means there is junior policy (you can’t have one without the other). There is core tech, like the axioms, that all other tech is aligned to. If a process ends up violating a core or basic fundamental tech datum, the datum wins, not the process. Of course the process won’t work either. Similarly, a senior policy always trumps a junior policy. Times and conditions change, and junior policies tend to be temporal or tactical.

    So, senior tech to determining who is an SP is NOT that they are against Scientology. No, it is HCOB 27 September 66, “The Anti-social Personality/The Anti-Scientologist.”

    There are 12 criteria – none of which are “The person is against the Church of Scientology.” From the bulletin:

    A TTRIBUTES The anti-social personality has the following attributes:
    1. He or she speaks only in very broad generalities. “They say …” “Everybody thinks…” “Everyone knows…” and such expressions are in continual use, particularly when imparting rumor. When asked, “Who is everybody . . .” it normally turns out to be one source and from this source the anti-social person has manufactured what he or she pretends is the whole opinion of the whole society.
    This is natural to them since to them all society is a large hostile generality, against the anti-social in particular.
    2. Such a person deals mainly in bad news, critical or hostile remarks, invalidation and general suppression. “Gossip” or “harbinger of evil tidings” or “rumormonger” once described such persons.
    It is notable that there is no good news or complimentary remark passed on by such a person.
    3. The anti-social personality alters, to worsen, communication when he or she relays a message or news. Good news is stopped and only bad news, often embellished, is passed along. Such a person also pretends to pass on “bad news” which is in actual fact invented.
    4. A characteristic, and one of the sad things about an anti-social personality, is that it does not respond to treatment or reform or psychotherapy.
    5. Surrounding such a personality we find cowed or ill associates or friends who, when not driven actually insane, are yet behaving in a crippled manner in life, failing, not succeeding. Such people make trouble for others.
    When treated or educated, the near associate of the anti-social personality has no stability of gain but promptly relapses or loses his advantages of knowledge, being under the suppressive influence of the other.
    Physically treated, such associates commonly do not recover in the expected time but worsen and have poor convalescences.
    It is quite useless to treat or help or train such persons so long as they remain under the influence of the anti-social connection.
    The largest number of insane are insane because of such anti-social connections and do not recover easily for the same reason.
    Unjustly we seldom see the anti-social personality actually in an institution. Only his “friends” and family are there.
    6. The anti-social personality habitually selects the wrong target.
    If a tyre is flat from driving over nails, he or she curses a companion or a non- causative source of the trouble. If the radio next door is too loud, he or she kicks the cat. If A is the obvious cause, the anti-social personality inevitably blames B, or C or D.
    7. The anti-social cannot finish a cycle of action. Such become surrounded with incomplete projects.

    8. Many anti-social persons will freely confess to the most alarming crimes when forced to do so, but will have no faintest sense of responsibility for them. Their actions have little or nothing to do with their own volition. Things “just happened”. They have no sense of correct causation and particularly cannot feel any sense of remorse or shame therefore.
    9. The anti-social personality supports only destructive groups and rages against and attacks any constructive or betterment group.
    10. This type of personality approves only of destructive actions and fights against constructive or helpful actions or activities.
    The artist in particular is often found as a magnet for persons with anti-social personalities who see in his art something which must be destroyed and covertly, “as a friend”, proceed to try.
    11. Helping others is an activity which drives the anti-social personality nearly berserk. Activities, however, which destroy in the name of help are closely supported.
    12. The anti-social personality has a bad sense of property and conceives that the idea that anyone owns anything is a pretense made up to fool people. Nothing is ever really owned.

    and later in the bulletin:

    Thus it is the twelve given characteristics alone which identify the anti-social personality. And these same twelve reversed are the sole criteria of the social personality if one wishes to be truthful about them.

    (All quotes are fair use).

    Now, reading the above, is it not CRYSTAL CLEAR that Mr. David Miscavige is an Anti-social personality, as defined above? I started laughing when I reread the above – it is so freaking obvious!

    It is only natural for a sane person to be against the CofM, and to condemn people who perform actions like those done against Richard Leiby and others.

  54. Thanks George. We should all celebrate Vesak and the sanity and gentleness that the Bhuddha brought to the world.

  55. Agreed. And, now that we have the internet and virtually free storage, all of Ron’s work will be free forever for people to apply.

  56. Not true. The HDRF was pretty open to the press when Dianetics was first published, and got the hatchet job. The methods of journalism are clear – get the story, sell papers. Dealing with the press is a waste of time, and I am surprised Ron ever gave interviews. The best one, by the way, was with Tony Hitchman.

    The raid in ’63 in which meters and books were confiscated is not a fairy tale. The outright bans on Scientology in supposedly enlightened and free countries in the ’60s and later is not a fairy tale either.

  57. Mr. Fancy wrote: “In 325 ad the Christian church got together in Nicea and got their act together.”

    You call that “getting their act together”? Listen, if Christians can experience “word-wide expansion” while using that result as their stable text (no offense meant to the Old and New Testaments), Scientologists can easily experience world-wide expansion without doing a thing to the texts … but simply ousting the nutjob DM and his zombies.

    There is primary LRH policy to change or cancel policy that is unworkable, or no longer applicable in light of societal changes. A sane leadership would be applying that policy — and they would be doing it openly and transparently.

  58. But not everybody has a full and 100% complete, exact duplication of all of LRH’s work though do they?

    A lot of the time the “chaff” is just stuff that you are not applying correctly or don’t fully understand, or maybe you just don’t need it or have enough reality on it right at that moment. But later when you re-visit it and maybe clear a few words, or apply new reality to it suddenly it becomes real and workable. That is unless someone “sifted it” and thrown it away.

    The last thing that was like that for me was the M9. I had grown to hate them and actually had a lot of charge on them because I believe they are misapplied and I’ve done many that I silently protested. Most of my “FN’s” at exam were probably not actual FN’s.
    But a couple years ago I started wiping the slate clean and really looking at this stuff Scientology. I re-studied the HCOB and sort of straight-wired the charge I had on this and tried it fresh. Damn if it didn’t work and work really well. Just like he described it.
    Three or four years ago I would have told you that M9’s didnt work or they just werent for me.
    So I guess what I’m saying is that I know I am not qualified to be the one to sort the chaff.

  59. *lol The outpiont is: altered importance.
    Nitpickers are specialized in this outpoint.

  60. I’d like to see the Grand Canyon. I hear it’s impressive.

  61. veritas,
    P.A.B. 151, Step Four: Handling Originations (TR4):
    “But how about in the walk-away world—the world that is ambulant and moving around and spinning quietly, or noisily, as the case may be? Do you ever have to handle an origin in it? Well, I dare say that every argument you have ever got into was because you did not handle an origin. Every time you have ever got into trouble with anybody, you can trace it back along the line you didn’t handle.”

    It amazes me that Church of Miscavologists have THE WORST TR 4 imaginable and haven’t a clue that they do. So the ‘hits’ just keep on coming.

    It also amazes me that as you observe, these guys are claiming (based on some vague recollection or awareness that they do sit there with the exact body of knowledge that would handle all the trouble they are looking at) they are the experts and blow it, time after time after time after time after time…

    All those years DM puts people through for TRs and they emerge baffled and as robots can’t USE TRs. Of course they can’t. They don’t get Scientology – it’s an APPLIED body of work.

    Dumb as a bag of hammers, he is. If he had half a brain he’d be a half wit.


    I saw that phrase and thought that maybe leaking something that had that phrase on it might have repercussions for the leaker. So I looked it up, and naw, it is just another footbullet for the church. They must think this is a magic phrase to protect them if such a document is leaked:

    From Wikipedia:

    “Although there are minor variations, the elements necessary to establish the existence of the attorney client privilege are:

    1. The asserted holder of the privilege is (or sought to become) a client; and
    2. The person to whom the communication was made:
    1. is a member of the bar of a court, or his subordinate, and
    2. in connection with this communication, is acting as an attorney; and
    3. The communication was for the purpose of securing legal advice.[3]

    There are a number of exceptions to the privilege in most jurisdictions, chief among them:

    1. the communication was made in the presence of individuals who were neither attorney nor client, or disclosed to such individuals,
    2. the communication was made for the purpose of committing a crime or tort,
    3. the client has waived the privilege by, for example, publicly disclosing the communication.”

  63. Peer review has NOTHING to do with science only with the community that authorizes the moral climate of what is considered science. Just fir th rcord.

  64. Tony DePhillips

    Hey, by the way, if you run across my American Heritage dictionary while you are at the Flag AO can you mail it to me? Or would that be asking too much? I understand if you can’t… 🙂

  65. Tony DePhillips

    He likes to watch…

  66. Tony DePhillips

    Love it!!
    I sure would have loved to see the letter he was writing to Ron.

  67. Tony DePhillips


  68. martyrathbun09
  69. Marty,

    You’ve got to be really hitting some of COB (up his a**)’s exposed nerves lately! What next, news of Moxon, and other partners in Dewey, Cheatem and Howe who profit by subverting justice and living off others’ misery, representing a thuggish little brute of a client? No need to go through these people’s garbage to see what they’re up to, they wear their garbage openly.

  70. When you return to class from the corner, clear up what a preposition is. Then, sit on, above, across, over, to, for and by your self.

  71. This certainly proves, as well as that I already know, that OSA {for some strange reason} does go to people’s homes and steal their garbage and look through for clues about the people whose garbage they have stolen.

    I could never understand that. If I wanted to know something about someone I would go to them and ask them if it was my business…

  72. Lana Mitchell

    I agree with you 100%. DM’s corporate illegalities are something he cannot cover up. While building himself a luxurious MEST lifestyle, with hot and cold running servants (and a wall to hide behind) and air conditioning for his dogs, he has left a trail behind that the FBI can follow easily.
    There are so many former SO members who have knowledge and have witnessed his actions to attack and render nullified each of the corporate trustees within CSI (leaving himself as the sole kingpin to “rule the roost”) that he cannot keep this information hidden.

  73. Hi;

    Fair Game was never cancelled. ‘Declaring’ people fair game is what was cancelled.

    Fair use extract;
    HCO Policy Letter of 21 October 1968
    The practice of declaring people FAIR GAME will cease.
    FAIR GAME may not appear on any Ethics Order. It causes bad public relations.
    This P/L does not cancel any policy on the treatment or handling of an SP.
    Clear as a a bell. Fair gaming has always been in use and continues to be in use.

  74. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    Oh hey, Richard Leiby has probably annoyed Miscavige quite a number of times.

    A Couch Tom Cruise Won’t Jump On June 25, 2005, Richard Leiby, Washington Post

    After 22 years, church pays damages to ex-member May 11, 2002, Richard Leiby, The Age

    Ex-Scientologist Collects $8.7 Million In 22-Year-Old Case May 10, 2002, Richard Leiby, Washington Post

    Harmonic Conversion? August 4, 1994, Richard Leiby, Washington Post

    Scientology July 7, 2005, Richard Leiby, Live discussion, Washington Post

    Scientology Fiction: The Church’s War Against Its Critics — and Truth December 25, 1994, Richard Leiby, Washington Post

    Scientology and a mysterious vault deep under the desert in New Mexico November 30, 2005, Anderson Cooper, Anderson Cooper 360, CNN

    Scientology’s Funny Photos January 4, 2000, Lloyd Grove, The Reliable Source, Washington Post

  75. The year is 2006

    Scientology International Stats in severe decline.

    Incredible behind-the-scenes-anecdote in this blog.

    +++++++While International Execs have PROVISIONAL SP DECLARE and are holed up, imprisoned, sadistically abused with increasing punishments.
    +++++++While refunds are occurring in FSO of significant sums of $$$$
    ++++++While IAS is vulture regging in a fury milking the gullible to take out 2nd and 3rd mortgages for no exchange and DONATE DONATE DONATE to the “Church.”
    +++++While the insanity of the BASICS campaign is spreading through the length and breath of Radical Taliban Scientology.

    ~~~ David Miscavige is BUSY BUSY interfering with a marriage of Washington Post Senior Editor Richard Leiby. Using Parishioner donated funds to pay Lawyers, who hire Private Investigators to search the trash of Leiby and his wife.

    ~~~~~Miscavige, who runs Office of Special Affairs does an OP to
    to use the Leibys’ ongoing divorce proceeding as a club against Mr. Leiby. Getting Leiby’s wife to accept Corporate Scientology assistance in using her divorce proceedings as a boot to Mr. Leiby’s throat.

    ++++++The Ideal Orgs are empty but Miscavige is BUSY BUSY


  76. Jethro Is In The Zone

    That’s actually not what it says, but I don’t have a copy of the Fair Game PL handy. It couldn’t have said that the cancellation doesn’t apply to SPs because Fair Game could have only been directed at an SP in the first place, not someone in good standing.

  77. That was funny!!

  78. Jethro Is In The Zone

    It’s pretty clear that Fair Game is cancelled by this, even the title is “CANCELLATION OF FAIR GAME”. A lot of people misunderstand that “This P/L does not cancel any policy on the treatment or handling of an SP”, means Fair Game still applies to SPs. It doesn’t. Only an SP could have been declared Fair Game in the first place. It only means that how SPs are treated inside the organization stays the same, i.e. they can’t do training or auditing until they do their A-E, their certs remain cancelled, etc. Also, SPs aren’t entitled to any justice actions inside the Church, such as a Chaplain cycle. Basically, an SP is a sort of “persona non grata” around a Scientology organization, but that’s not the same as Fair Game. Also, an SP could be sued by a Scientologist in a civil matter, but if the person was in good standing one couldn’t sue another Scientologist without try to settle it first through the church. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work.

  79. WindWalker

    Mr. Fancy

    “This cancellation does not apply to SPs.”

    Here is the actual reference:

    HCO PL 21 October 1968


    The practice of declaring people FAIR GAME will cease. FAIR GAME may not appear on any Ethics Order. It causes bad public relations.

    This P/L does not cancel any policy on the treatment or handling of an SP.

    L. Ron Hubbard

    A few applicable paragraphs from the policy on

    (HCO PL 23 Dec 65)

    “By FAIR GAME is meant, may not be further protected by the codes and disciplines of Scientology or the rights of a Scientologist.”


    “Civil Court action against SPs to effect collection of monies owed may be resorted to, as they are Fair Game.”


    “The homes, property, places and abodes of persons who have been active in attempting to suppress Scientology or Scientologists are all beyond any protection of Scientology Ethics, unless absolved by later Ethics or an amnesty.”

    (end of quotes)

    None of these “actions” against an SP suggest or encourage any aggressive or illegal behavior on the part of Scientologists or Scientology. A Suppressive Person or Group is simply “beyond any protection of Scientology Ethics.”

    Another noteworthy paragraph from this issue…

    “The imagination must not be stretched to place this label (SP) on a person. Errors, misdemeanors, and crimes do not label a person as a Suppressive Person or Group. Only High Crimes do so.”

    We have been down this road before on several occasions on this blog, but perhaps it was time to “revisit it”.


  80. As a completely unbiased witness to this blog unfolding, I have to say that when the dust finally settles, and you guys get your religion back from McSavages hands, there is one hell of a movie in all this.

    But I also feel there is much work yet to be done before you get there, and you all have my very best wishes for success. Through the awareness this blog has raised among people who previously had never even heard of Scientology, let alone experienced it, the days of DM hiding in his compound while the rest of the world looks on unconcerned are rapidly drawing to a close.

  81. Q, If you knew how to use punctuation maybe you would be a credible “authority. ” Free tip: Ellipsis doesn’t follow a period.
    And you couldn’t even hold my interest for two short sentences. Maybe you should take lessons from Marty about how to write.

  82. WindWalker


    “Clear as a a bell. Fair gaming has always been in use and continues to be in use.”

    Yes, that does seem to be the case, but as an added note please read the definition of “Fair Game” in my comment to Mr Fancy above. The practice of “fair gaming” someone seems to have been escalated a good deal beyond the definition given.


  83. hey cool down folks, I am sure you are all on distributielists still

  84. Tara goin’ sudden 😀

  85. John T. california

    Just a note, trying to imagine Rabid Miscavige as he looks around at the people near him. Who is betraying him? First it’s the entire world of people who think they can be happy and free! (Surely they are treasonous! to the MONOPOLY!) Now the leaks. It has to be someone on the inside circle. Or maybe more than one. But who? Who? The did himself in. He made pie faces standard operating expression. Now he can’t read them. He’s screaming to get them all get them all get them allllllllllll! Ah ha! We see you.

  86. That Pie Face translation directive that Deep Fax sent me should be available at the Int Base.

  87. “DM’s corporate illegalities are something he cannot cover up.”
    Never really listened to the lyrics of this song untill now.
    money talks/dirty cash

  88. Yes. He is.

  89. Ewwwwh! Bad image!

  90. WindWalker


    Don’t see any such thing in “Fair Game” policy. Nothing in the”Fair Game” policy, canceled or otherwise, that I have found, suggests an attack of any kind whatsoever. It is pretty much about the attacker being “outside ” the protection of the Ethics Codes of Scientology.


  91. Wonderful George.

    Thank you.


  92. Davey’s postulates are weak

  93. Jimmy, it’s called “My Way/ Highway TRs”.

    BTW did you ever get those “double takes” from DM and then later on from his minions? It goes like this: DM is talking to you and you are listening and got your TR-O in on him, he does not have his TR-0 in and then all of a sudden he notices you are confronting him and he does a double take and “focuses” on your eyes. Not TR-0 – it is more like an intimidating focus. I hated it when he did it to me. Then his juniors started doing it. They were just as bad as he was at it.

    ML Tom

  94. As a scientist, I’m often surprised by how holy many non-scientists regard Science (with a capital S) to be. Scientific inquiry follows a geeral process, but up close that inquiry can also be kinda messy. The practice of Science benefits from intuition and obsessive attention. As a scientist you’re always trying to break what you think you’ve just made or lose what you’ve just discovered.

    Eventually, you’ve just gotta hang it out there and let others piss all over it. Then wash it off and see if it’s still pretty enough to claim as your own.

    The ultimate test of Science (that capital S again) isn’t whether it’s “true” or not — but that it adequately predicts behavior and resolves problems. Sound familiar?

    (I have no idea why I felt compelled to write this.)


  95. The problem with the tech preservation is that what is being preserved is Miscaviges alterations of LRH’s tech. This is what is being secured for the millennia to come. A scary thought for those that may have to depend upon it in the future. Altered Tech designed to not make OT’s but to stall one on the route under the guise of freedom. Truly 1.1 on a grand scale.

    Dave- these are evil intentions- you have them in spades little man.

  96. SpecialFrog

    What about the bit from HCO Policy Letter of 18 October 1967:

    ENEMY SP Order. Fair game. May be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist. May be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed.

    And while it may not apply to anything other than what Scientology calls “high crimes” I don’t see how that doesn’t “encourage any aggressive or illegal behavior.”

  97. Jimbo, God I love it when you get ‘sudden’! Sarge Loves the Fudd! Love

  98. My brother in law — a cancer research scientist would strongly disagree and could show you HOW peer review does monitor science and how scientific data build on each other.

    Just for the record.


  99. Mike Hobson

    Poynter’s Blog has picked it up now:

    OSABots are out in force on the comments on the Village Voice article and the Poynter article. Come say your piece!!

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  100. MF,

    There is much documented evidence of the connection to the MIC (not just the CIA) to the media such as the fraudulent “Yellow Cake” documents being reported in the press as actual if you are actually willing to look but it seems your fixed idea that Scientology is a “scam” will probably prevent that.

    Aside from your abiding faith in the so called “freedom of the press”.

    As far as I’m concerned you are the other side of the coin that the Church of Scientology has become.


  101. Nothing wrong with his writing dickhead. He has excellent paragraph structure and voice. You on the other hand should enroll in a basic journalism course at the local community college. Oh sorry, you don’t have the money as you aren’t man enough make more than $35 a week.

  102. That’s because there is no such *action* as “fair gaming” someone it *was* merely a label like “SP”.

    It meant that the person was no longer protected by HCO.

    Only idiots on both sides would assume that it was an applied action.

    Let me reiterate.

    There was never an action of “fair gaming” anyone. They were only labeled “Fair Game” by HCO meaning they had no protection from ethics for acts committed by Scientologists or *anyone else*.

    That’s FAIR GAME.

    Read the freaking policy again.

    It was cancelled as a label because it *is* a fricking label.

    Anyone who was *labeled* Fair Game still had recourse to civil and criminal law plus the basic common law of self defense.

    But it seems to me many who were or claimed they were labeled “Fair Game” enjoyed being *victims* more than seeking justice.

    So what you both are admitting to is that the legal system is somewhat ineffective against the all powerful Church of Scientology.

  103. And how to truly COMMUNICATE.

  104. More and more people are turning against him (most covertly) every day.
    He doesn’t know who is next.
    He won’t know who they are until after they have escaped his clutches.
    He doesn’t know who is there right now sending secret messages to others.
    His whole world has always figuratively been full of enemies.
    Now his whole world is becoming literally full of enemies.
    He’s lost his suppressive grip on all but a few deluded minions.

    It’s …all…….slipping……………away………………………….

  105. Its catching up on DM at a rapid pace.

  106. Special Frog

    Thank you, I had not found that one. It potentially leads to some interesting discussion.

    It really all seems to come back to a good grasp of what REAL SP is in the first place, and a true pan-determined view of what is “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics”.

    As Ron has said (just a rough paraphrase here) generally Man cannot be trusted with Justice because he tends to dramatize his own abberations.

    This is where it gets a bit dicey I think. SANITY becomes a very important issue.

    Knowing a TRUE enemy and taking those, or similar actions against him, under the right circumstances , and at the correct gradient, could definitely be “survival” for the perpetrator.

    But using this, or any policy to suppress “people of good will”, is simply, well, “suppressive”, in my books. It all comes down to being willing to be “cause” or “responsible” on all the dynamics. A sane person would not deliberately try to destroy something or somebody that was actually “survival” to the dynamics. This is where helping a person to remove his abberations is a very noble and survival activity for us all.


  107. LOL. DON’T ENCOURAGE HIM!!! (OTDT) Poor Davey can only take so much bullbait. I heard a rumor there’s a shortage of copper on the Pacific Coast.

  108. Q
    I don’t get it.
    I need more mass.
    Would you be kind enough to direct me to your own (undoubtedly stellar) blog so I can read up on the work you have done and compare it to Marty’s inferior creation?
    Thanks awfully.
    I await your response with baited breath and excited anticipation!

  109. SpecialFrog wrote: “What about the bit…”

    Couple things …

    a) Using legal means alone, people are “deprived of property or injured” and “tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed” every day. It’s called the court system, and lawyers due it for their clients — legally — every day. Of course, they’re allowed and expected to follow the law and use judgement, but that doesn’t mean that the court system — like that single policy — is/was “encouraging aggressive or illegal behavior”. It just means that they are expected and allowed to put up a good fight — if they so choose.

    b) The HCO PL you cite (HCO PL 18 Oct 1967 IV, “Penalties for Lower Conditions”) was cancelled by HCO PL 6 Oct 1970 III, per the OEC Index volume of 1976.

    The bottom line is this: Miscavige is inept. His unethical and illegal activities cause him to lessen his confront and shrink back further and further from taking responsibility for his actions. His bottom-feeder dealings with the Press is the result.

    The Press — and other critics and observers — call him on it, and he just makes matters worse by sending in his zombie spokespeople who feel that they have no other choice but to lie for him.

    And so the foot-bullets continue.

  110. Oh no. DM will become a copper cropper. Or is that become a cropper for copper?

    Deep Fax — your efforts, the risks you take, your teflon — bravo!

    Bruce Pratt

  111. Sam: Glad you said baited breath and not that you were holding your breath 🙂 Would hate to lose you!

  112. Howard Roark

    Isn’t it obvious? The Who is Deep Fax 🙂

  113. Luis Agostini

    I admire, a tremendous lot, the ability to become objective and choose to assume the viewpoint (or viewpoints) that conflict with the one one needs or wants to have.

    So my admiration goes to you Grasshopper and also to Mr. Fancy (I have also seen that in Marty), for, to me, it takes courage and strength to let go of one’s needs in favor of making truth the higher priority.



  114. Mr Fancy

    “And this is the real “why” that the CoS is dead. DM is a product of Scientology. The bullshit that OSA is doing that makes Scientology look crazy is a consequence of policy.”

    I can certainly see that you have an opinion about this.
    Personally I cannot see how DM is any more “a product of Scientology” than that Hitler was a “product of Christianity.”
    Nor would I suggest that OSA is actually following much LRH policy.

    What you are looking at in these instances is suppression. LRH did not get into issuing policy in order to suppress people of good will. He undoubtedly made some errors or misjudgments, but I do not think that was one of them.

    Other than that I agree that we have an opportunity here to get this thing back on track by using judgment and sanity in it’s application. It will take each person really GETTING IT and really USING IT, and being responsible for the results.


  115. David, please do yourself a favor and resign. Money will not save you. Take some with you while you still got a chance.

  116. Windhorse and JustMe,

    I do agree generally with both of you. Peer review does monitor science and helps science build on itself to get closer to the truth.

    However, it’s hard to disagree with the idea that there aren’t “taboo” subjects … even today in 2011 … which — if the scientific community were truly being dispassionate about and seeking to discover the truth behind — would embrace and pour research money into.

    The subjects of telepathy and past life memories come to mind. There is a very convincing body of scientific evidence — if one is truly being neutral about the validity of these subjects — that suggests that these two phenomena are real, measurable and verifiable.

    And researching and understanding these phenomena would be game changing — paradigm shifting — as they would blow a hole in the widely held belief/model that the brain is the center of consciousness and thinking.

    Yet most scientists wouldn’t touch these subjects with a ten-foot pole — simply because they are among the “taboo” subjects, whose serious study would (potentially) be career damaging. And even if one had the integrity and interest to study them scientifically, getting research funding for them would be near impossible. It’s better today than 40 years ago … but it’s still pretty difficult.

    One reference:

  117. That’s right Howard 🙂 – By the way, we’re gonna need to get John Galt to post here, too. 🙂

  118. Several here have asked that I provide a Doubt formula and that seemed a good idea. So here it is. I have looked at the group and its activities and judged that it does more good than harm across the dynamics, expressly by educating those who have in any way gone PTS to the suppressive, David Miscavige. I have also decided to not join in this groups’ activities on a regular basis personally, but would defend its existence to others.

  119. . .

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  121. theresa defino

    So much of this is unmitigated BS.
    See my reply at VV blog;

  122. theresa defino

    UPDATE: Leiby’s ex-wife, Theresa Defino, contacted me to say Rathbun’s assessment of her was dead wrong: “I was not ‘blanketed’ and did not ‘cave,” nor did I accept assistance from anyone other than my divorce attorney. There was no ‘boot’ to anyone’s ‘throat.’ As Mr. Leiby knows, I received an uncontested divorce and negotiated settlement in February 2007, which is remarkable in how generic it is. I have sole physical custody of my children with scheduled visitation, shared legal custody, child support according to state guidelines and a 50-50 property/retirement split. All of this is public record. Mr. Rathbun’s telling of this saga also contains numerous other errors, as do the documents he purports to quote from. As far as the news that the ‘church’ went through my trash, I do not find this surprising. This is the same organization that left a headless rabbit in my backyard years ago, under my swing set so my children could find it. Note to the ‘church:’ I have a shredder. In addition to printing falsehoods without verification, Mr. Rathbun thoughtlessly violated my privacy to serve his own ends. Mr. Rathbun has also refused several of my attempts to discuss this matter with him.”

  123. Kilroy was here, too.

  124. Oh, I don’t know about Flag, I’m at the Int Base. I could contact one of my friends at Flag and maybe they could see if your dictionary is there. Is your name on the outside along the page edges as per the norm?

  125. Lucky Dilettante

    What a great comedy. Hilarious!

  126. Tony DePhillips

    Yes it is Deep Fax thanks a bunch, you’re swell!! 🙂

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  128. Tom,
    I know the “look”. Pretty funny. He’s got that sort of look in the youtube clip on this thread.

    He never did that one with me. With me he sent in others to give a version of the “look”. Mike Sutter didn’t really do it well and his eyes would roll back like a guy acting like a zombie or something. Now THAT look was damn funny.

  129. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks for the tip Sam. I’m going to invest in copper right now!!

  130. Tony DePhillips

    Thank you for telling me that….

  131. martyrathbun09

    Theresa, Thanks. I note the outrage on the issue of whether you cooperated with the church and whether your “privacy” was violated seems far higher than any expressed about the church spying on you, taking your trash and terrorizing your children. My sources are very reliable. But, here you go – your comment is posted.

  132. martyrathbun09

    Theresa, my email address is Let us chat.

  133. The journalist sites above that appear to follow this blog — they’re on the distribution list now as well — very impressive!

  134. SpecialFrog

    Hello Margaret,

    There is a difference between using legal means along and saying “by any means”. Even if we were to assume that the “only legal means” was implied it is still an aggressive policy.

    Additionally, while it appears it was cancelled in the HCOPL you cite, it looks like it was re-instated in HCO PL 19 Oct 71.

    Miscavige may be inept, but I’m not sure that’s the bottom line.

  135. Is that a “Being There” reference?

  136. Tony,
    I managed to scavenge the letter you were interested in before it was shredded:

    S H R E D

    To: L. Ron Hubbard, Founder of Scientology
    From: David Miscavige, Chairman of the Board, RTC and Sole Ecclesiastical Leader of the Church of Scientology

    • Personal and Confidential •

    Dear Hubbard,
    You are dead and I am not. That more than sort of puts me in charge, now doesn’t it? I don’t know why I even bother to pose that as a question…like I’m going to get an answer from you…yeah right.

    Anyway, I have to get this stuff out of my head where it’s been festering and smoldering for years, ever since you left me the piles and piles of horrid administrative messes that have consumed my every waking (and sleeping) moment since you departed on your ‘self-determined vacation.’

    I hope you’re enjoying yourself wherever the hell you are…Target Two or whatever…wherever the hell that is. Thanks for nothing. While I deal with SPs and idiots and conspiratorial plots all around me, bungling orgs, cheapskate parishioners who can’t duplicate worth a shit, wrestle with media attacks and sponge-headed PR reps, to say nothing of the burgeoning goddamn Independent field, YOU are probably frolicking on a goddamn pink cloud hovering over some pretty damn planet, picking your teeth with a lightning bolt or having a vanilla ice cream cone or something.

    I’m having to deal with stuff like those Independent bastards that stole the Tech and are using it in the old Bronze Age ways and have their own logo and celebration days and mock me constantly all friggin’ day long and that…Deep Fax fucker along with his cohort OTDT…man, those two sons of bitches get under my skin like you wouldn’t believe. The squirrels in your time were all weak screw-ups, these fuckers know what they’re doing and they have lightning speed communication and can get away with just about anything. You didn’t have to put up with that kind of crap.

    Speaking of getting under my skin, didn’t you ever read your damn books?? I found all the goddamn chapters in every single one of your goddamn books all screwed up and criss-crossed and out of place and mis-transcribed with typos up the wazoo and all your tapes filled with wild, unsubstantiated hyperbole and governmentally offensive tirades…I had to sort all that out which took a gazillion man-hours, mostly of MY time!

    Furthermore, you wrote so goddamn much stuff…how in the hell is a person supposed to sort it all out, comprehend it, reconcile the discrepancies, apply it all and become expert in it without me practically having to PDH it into someone’s skull? There I go again, like you’re going to answer. I wish you would. It’s lonely at the top. Who am I supposed to consult with on these matters? God? There is no one, it’s all up to me.

    In case you didn’t know, I’m still pissed at you for leaving that philandering gambling addict Broeker in charge of the show when you were checking out. I thought I was in line for the job and despite your last minute feverish decisions, I made it go right anyway, using pure will power, just like your man, Crowley taught you! Oooooh, I’m SO pissed at that, you wouldn’t believe!

    Broeker left me, you know. They’ve ALL left me! Rathbun and Rinder and Broeker and Koon and JB and Hawkins and…shit…EVERYBODY fucking left me in the lurch, right about when I started to hit my stride and I was designing new uniforms for everyone and…ah, hell.

    Then I got blamed for that McPherson thing from which I STILL have not recovered. Everyone blames me for that crazy bastard Rex Fowler shooting his own stupid self in the head, just because of a little donation pressure. Like I’m responsible for THAT too, huh? Yeah, it’s me…ALL ME!

    So what if I had to slap a few people around, get ’em into PT, raise their necessity levels, make the environment dangerous like you said, slam KSW in with a vengeance, be unreasonable, take responsibility, mock up star-high goals, put those boots on you said were floating in the sky, approve everything, make every decision, buy a dog to smell out-ethics, blah, blah, blah, blah. You may not even remember what the hell you wrote, but sometimes it was so poorly written that I had to change it all around just so people could begin to understand what the hell you were talking about. How could you have let all those ‘Scientologists’ for so many years, read all your damn books when you KNEW they were all screwed up?

    Ok, so maybe I got a teensy-weensy bit out of hand in my various pursuits and conquests, what with the seances and making people stand in trash cans holding lesbian signs and making Mitthoff and others shit in bags in a field while we laughed, but you personally are familiar with the intensity of pressure it puts on one’s mind when one personally takes on the responsibility of salvaging an entire planet. At least you lived longer than Jesus or John Lennon, so you didn’t have it so so bad. At least most everyone was loyal to YOU.

    I’m on the front lines all the time, building the empire that you only talked about in your lofty policy letters. Blah, blah, blah, blah, yak, yak, yak, yak, yeah. I’M the one putting GIANT IDEAL ORGS on the planet, with state-of-the-art digital technology and impinging videos that bypass all the rigamarole of how to present this damn complex and nearly incomprehensible subject to a bunch of low-IQ drugged and dazed dwindling Earthlings on their last legs. Where’s MY goddamn plaque and trophy and bust of ME?

    While you were off writing corny science fiction books, that I had to personally force into bookstores with buy-back guarantees by the way, I was getting the REAL show on the road, sweating and bleeding twenty-four hours a day every single tiny microscopic detail and forcing in compliance with a red-hot blazing atomic branding iron.

    For chrissakes, I’ve gotten several ENTIRE RELIGIONS into Scientology. Shinto! Nation of Islam! As well as some Christians and a few Buddhists, a couple of Mormons, AND a shitload of doctors and dentists and chiropractors AND I have an IRS guy on the payroll AS WELL AS my own personal ex-CIA operatives and contacts. How’s THAT for handling the hell out things?

    One more thing…I, David Miscavige, have the most popular, highest paid, handsomest, world-famous super-movie-star ever, ever, ever, not only as my BFF, but totally on board and backing me up as THE MOST DEDICATED SCIENTOLOGIST I KNOW! HA! You couldn’t even get Errol Flynn to stay in for longer than like, two days or something. Otto Roos missed your withholds and you even got kicked out of Rhodesia! Where’re YOUR stats?

    So, there you go…it’s off my chest. Oh, I’ll still promote you, your busts will stay in place, your name still appears on the front covers of the books as part of the title actually, NOT as the author, but it’s there and you get credited, we’ll keep some stuff about you up on the internet, but just between us powerhouses…it’s MY show now.

    Ok, ok, you put a bunch of stuff together by stealing from Freud and Crowley and the Bible and some German guy and helped build a new religion that some people seem to get a kick out of, at first and for a while at least. You deserve some credit, especially now that I’ve got it all fixed up and running like a well-oiled German marching machine AND with tax exempt status, something you didn’t accomplish the ENTIRE time you were in charge.

    Last, but not least, I’ve practically gone totally insane trying to decipher your notes for OT IX through XV. What the hell were you thinking? You couldn’t find the time to codify that mess so I could at least make some sequential sense out of it? Maybe UNDERLINE the important points? Lay out the processes? Give me a friggin’ clue about their EPs and…DAMN! How in the name of god am I supposed to come up with something for these salivating hordes of parishioners who are expecting me to bring ’em all the way to Total Friggin’ Freedom popped out of their thick skulls with 360 degree perceptions and all the super powers you promised? A lot of ’em have already PAID for it! I’m treading water here with having them re-read books they already understand, re-do friggin’ Objectives and Grades and declaring ’em Unclear just so I can have ’em go Clear again and then re-do everything over and over and over, just buying time until I come up with a plan. It’s my own Humongous Rundown in place of your gobbledeegook Super-Power thing that I’m STILL trying to get assembled. Thanks for nothing on this one, Elron Elray in the Sky. Huh! People think I’M bad, just think what they woulda had if your Captain Billy Robertson was in charge. We’d all be wearing space suits and channelling messages from Arcturas.

    I should have become a movie star like I wanted to, but noooooo, I let myself get sucked into that stupid camera-boy job, thinking it would lead in that direction, but then when I got a taste of that delicious power you exuded and saw you having so much fun wearing those cowboy suits and all, I figured, hey, why not ME too?

    Ah…I’m just yaking into the air, who the hell am I kidding? Ron Hubbard this, LRH that, tech shmeck…yeah, yeah, yeah. Ptoooie.

    (note to self…finish later)

    David Miscavige
    Sucker in Charge
    RTC, CST, C of S
    Holder of All Trademarks and Copyrights
    Friend of Tom Cruise
    Honorary Minister of Nation of Islam
    Blah Blah Blah

    (Editor’s note: —> xxxxxx Scotch stain)


  137. I find this horrifying ~~~

    This is the same organization that left a headless rabbit
    in my backyard years ago, under my swing set so my children could find it.

    Stacey Young /Minton.

    +++Stacey, a veteran Sea Org member had some of her cats killed at the time the Church was terrorizing her and Vaughn Young.
    ++++ Judge Swearinger has his dog drowned in the pool at the time the Church was attacking him, his tires were slashed and his dog was killed. according to Fishman affidavit, Church Lawyer Ken Moxon ordered it.
    “…Mr. Leibowitz related to me that he was having difficulty handling the fact that he had drowned a dog. Mr. Leibowitz informed me that the dog was a collie by the name of “Duke”, and that he belonged to a Judge Swearinger who lived in the hills of Los Angeles…..

    …Mr. Leibowitz then threw the dog into the pool and ‘sat on the dog’ until the dog drowned. Mr. Leibowitz also complained that his clothes were all wet and he foolishly had not brought a change of clothes with him. Mr. Leibowitz informed me that he was ordered to drown the dog by Kendrick ‘Rick’ Moxon of the Office of Special Affairs of the Church of Scientology International. Mr. Leibowitz also stated to me that Mr. Moxon informed Mr. Leibowitz that ‘if he didn’t do it, someone else would.'”

    I find sadism on animals to be abhorrent

  138. I want to see the Dark Side of the Moon. I heard there’s a Pie Face carved into the terrain.

  139. WindWalker

    Special Frog

    Can you quote, or preferably tell me where to find the HCO PL 19 Oct 71. It does not seem to be in my OEC volumes.



  140. %

    Dave’s on the Scotch.

  141. Cowboy Poet

    Damn…you are prolific–it just keeps on comin!

  142. Ms. Defino, Thank you for caring enough to communicate and I completely understand how upsetting that was to you, thank you for giving us your side of the events. I admire that you acted out of your personal sense of integrity and without pressure.

    I’m sorry and shocked to read that you and your children underwent such a trauma of the decapitated rabbit the Scientologists placed in your yard under their swing set. This is mafia type operations.

    The public reads about many of these now-recognized tactics of the Scientology companies. They are shocking and despicable, but what is immeasurable is the heartbreak, devastation, trauma and stress they cause to human beings behind closed doors. A divorce is a trying and stressful time in and of itself, and it is contemptible that any group would prey on this in any way — but even more so, a group such as the Scientology corporation that advertises help to people in their times of emotional and spiritual need. What a horrible predatory betrayal, the hidden agenda, to you, to your children, your former spouse, the animals harmed, to the community, to our country.

    The violence perpetrated by Scientology’s “discrediting” campaigns are so shocking as to seem incredible. I try to imagine a person putting a dead rabbit in your yard, and imagine the evil intent to discredit and harm without regard to law, to the animal, to your children, or to the law; this is chilling and concerns me as a US citizen.

    I am so sorry to read about this, and thank you for speaking out to fill in any missing information. Wishing you the best. Many people support and understand your ordeal.

  143. more specifically: someone in the Scientology headquarter hatched the plan, then person(s) had to kill and decapitate the rabbit to putt a dead rabbit in your yard, by a swing set. This is highly disturbing, and to hear it from first person witness amplifies the call to action by our communities.

  144. “Even if we were to assume that the ‘only legal means’ was implied it is still an aggressive policy. ”

    And it was cancelled.

    “Additionally, while it appears it was cancelled in the HCOPL you cite, it looks like it was re-instated in HCO PL 19 Oct 71.”

    No, the one that cancelled it was re-instated. The policy that you quoted from has been cancelled since 1970.

  145. Hey, I wonder- when the new improved Scientology materials came out did Miscavige make them redo all the titanium discs and all that stuff (if it actually was done in the first place)?

    I’m sure you will agree, it would suck to come back to earth in a thousand million years only to find old out-KSW pre-GAK materials!

  146. martyrathbun09

    And I find the allegations to be without credibility, and a distraction from the facts that are known and documented.

  147. Tony DePhillips

    Deep Fax:
    Thanks for risking life and limb to get that to us. You are my hero!!

  148. Tony DePhillips

    Good one!!

  149. Oh Karen, please. Citing Steve Fishman? A monumental con man who made up the most astonishing stories, including this one. I can assure you, having lived through the Fishman litigation, there is not a single story Fishman told that was true.

    There are certainly a lot of horrendous thngs about the C of M, these animal stories are not one of them. Had any of these things happened as a planned operation, I assure you I would have heard about it.

  150. You and Richard Hoagland.

  151. Tony DePhillips

    Hey DFB,
    Not really, but thinking about it, this guy makes more sense than dm.

  152. Margaret I must agree. I might rephrase it as “In 325 AD some politically motivated Christian leaders got together and sold out to The Man.” After that Christianity was just another political tool to be used for the subjugation of unruly populations. Under the motto “Render unto Ceasar”.

    (I guess I must have been on the losing side of that one, eh? :-))

    More charitably, perhaps they made the compromises they had to make in order to prevent Christianity from being wiped out completely. At least that’s one theory…. but I doubt it.

  153. Off that topic, here’s another pie-face:


    “All machine, no thetan”

  154. Wonderful quote Sinar, it’s obvious to me, the greatest threat to DM is LRH.

    Is it just me? Every time I see KOS I read King Of Shit.

    } {


  155. Ozymandias.

  156. Grasshopper, I can only partly agree with you, I think you have fallen into the same trap LRH fell into, of over generalizing, and not speaking in a nuanced way about the various aspects of Scientology. In this case, I think he was expressing what was in his heart as the intention of Scientology and Scientologists as too much of a generality. I tend to think LRH sometimes over-estimated the competence and good intentions, and under-estimated the bad , of human beings. Thus he assumed that the entire world of “Scientology” was closer to his Ideal Scene than it really was, in which case what he said there would make some sense.

    I think a far worse ‘conflation’ on his part was using the same term (of SP) to designate two completely different categories of individual:

    1. The ‘clinical’ SP personality, the real Suppressive Person based on the 12 characteristics and casefactors, and

    2. The folks who were classified as ‘Suppressive’ for administrative purposes.

    I think ‘conflating’ these under one label and not sufficiently differentiating them is what opened the door for literal-minded people to create the existing scene of endless SP Declares as a political tool, the disconnections and all those related evils the CoS has been practicing.

    In it’s time and place, what you quoted was likely a heart-felt statement of how he felt about Scientologists of that time and their organizations, and of the basic intentions of the people and subject.

    Taken literally and out of context, it of course has led to the evils of which you speak, and on that I agree.

  157. A=A


    Dave 24/7, on and off the Scotch.

  158. I am not understanding why the second post by the supposed “teresa delfino”
    actually posts a supposed quote of Teresa Delfino, thus:

    “UPDATE: Leiby’s ex-wife, Theresa Defino, contacted me to say Rathbun’s assessment of her was dead wrong: etc.”

    So who is posting under the name of “theresa delfino” spelled all in lower case?

  159. I’ve heard that one of Jupiter’s moons is made of pie. Very mush, mush.

  160. WindWalker, it was never published in any of the OEC volumes in the 1970s, nor in the update packs from the early 1980s or the OEC volumes in the 80s or 90s. It was likely cancelled before the update packs were published in the early 1980s.

  161. Wow I get the distinct smell of scotch from reading this letter.

    I’m sure our man Deep Fax risked life and limb to smuggle this epistle from the clutches of the drunken psychopathic lunatic.

    Good job Deep Fax!!!!

    And if your cover is ever blown.

    You have a home here with us.

  162. Moxon, Judge, Dog, Bikerguy

  163. That is some fine psychology right there.

  164. “In 325 ad the Christian church got together in Nicea and got their act together”

    I need a bucket. Wow so that is what you call the biggest Con of the Roman Chatolic Church.

    Indeed an act, a piece of theater. Onley it gets old and retains nothing genuine.

  165. OK, I’ve spelled it wrong, it’s “theresa defino”, but my question stands.

  166. Sigh. Now look what you gone and did.
    ! !

  167. Marty,

    I see Loser-anne has either been a busy lil’ troll in the comments section of those articles you’ve cited.

    Posting under about 5 or 6 different Ids or maybe Miscavige with what’s left of RTRC has “developed” the Golden Age of OSA or something.

    BTW whatever happened to Tommy Davis?

    The Squirrel Group’s flak flunky is eerily absent these days.

    One wonders if he’ll be joining us on the “dark side” very soon 😉

    Anyway Marty.

    My compliments on your application of Scientology 5 Press Policy once again.

    Oh Loser-anne and what’s left of OSA if you’re reading this comment:

    Ask yourself why Marty or anyone out here would want to take control of the ersatz “Church of Scientology”?

    As you continually assert.

    It seems you’ve managed to throw out all the best and the brightest Technical and Administrative staff that there really would be no point.

    So you can keep that feckless diminutive “leader” of yours and those implant stations you call “Ideal Orgs” and we’ll just do Scientology.

    You can keep the pretty buildings and the lil’ retard.


  168. Pingback: Report: Scientologists tried to silence WP’s Leiby by investigating his 2005 divorce | Astrid Bidanec

  169. Yeah, well watch out for theta thieves in the vicinity, vampires.

    Lucky you. Your up in the Canadian wilderness somewhere arn’t you?

  170. theresa defino

    Marty–Privacy in quotes? Nice.

    There was no reason for you to have used my name. You were asked twice to call me yesterday (after someone showed this to me) and refused. The time to have talked was before you posted this piece. Obviously you’re not a journalist, and I understand from comments here and elsewhere that you are, in fact, still a Scientiologist, albeit an “independent” one. Who knows your real agenda.

    Choose to believe what you want about anything that you think happened and feel free to find my outrage wanting or misplaced. It’s a fact because you read it in a paper written by the `church?’ How silly.

    The factual errors are numerous, from the the mundane to the significant and more than I detailed in my response to the VV, an actual news organization.

    I am not my ex-husband’s keeper, nor a former, or current member of the `church.’

    Thanks to others for their support.

  171. Brilliant


  172. martyrathbun09

    You still haven’t contacted me directly. I find it curious that you continue to defend the “church.” You’ve been heard and published. Good luck.

  173. CD,

  174. Mike Rinder:

    I have felt this way about you all along. I have always said that if anybody would know what OSA really does in life it would have to be Mike Rinder. Why? Because who else was in charge of the whole of OSA but Mike Rinder?

    So, thanks for the validation. Because I personally detest made up stories people use to try to front criticism of the church. If one is going to criticize the Church of Scientology, then PLEASE…stick to the facts.

    Thank you Mike.

  175. Theresa: It’s always unsettling to see our name up in lights. On the internet.
    In a court room. Discussed behind closed doors.

    We all cling so tightly to our privacy. To what we THINK defines us. To who we THINK we are.

    It’s all part of being human and why we suffer. We try to protect ourselves by attachment to what we think is real, to an identity which is actually just a coat we wear at a particular time.

    We are then offended, shock and pained when that coat is taken by a coat checker who gives us back the wrong coat or worse doesn’t give us back our coat.

    But it’s a coat.

    It isn’t us.

    The question we should ask ourselves is HOW did a coat become more important to us all than the essence within it?

    That essence or our native state, our Christ Consciousness or Buddhanature doesn’t change. It grows and cannot be harmed.

    Our coats change. They can get damaged. Can get full of moths or become like coats of armor. Sometimes they are new but they get old, get sick and eventually have to be thrown away.


  176. + a whole lot.
    Thanks for this,WH. It speaks to me too this morning.

  177. Joe Pendleton

    Sorry Jethro – Bobo is totally on the mark here. The issue says EXACTLY what it means to say. The PRACTICE of how the perceived “enemies” were treated was obviously NOT cancelled. Just one proof? (before Miscavige hit his teens) – Google “Paulette Cooper Scientology.” There’s some stuff from a former GO staff member on youtube as well. All those overts (and others) committed by GO and ethics personnel of the Church are reversing their vectors, baby.

  178. Assuming the Deep Fax is an insider or what ? Who do you refer to as Deep Fax ?. I understand if unable to name . just clarify please thank you

  179. Utter sick that’s all I can say, How low can it go !!!

  180. Joe Pendleton

    We are ALREADY seeing groups (2 or more people) who use Scientology principles decide what is and isn’t workable or what is or isn’t real for them (per their own personal integrity) EVERY SINGLE DAY. We don’t have to wait. I could write a whole essay on examples of this, but just to mention a very few: Indpendant Scientologists DO indeed talk to the press about invests into the CofS (actually even LRH did that occasionally; check out youtube, where LRH let the press onto the ship in 1968 or so – interesting video); I’m not aware of any Independant Groups holding Comm Evs or issuing Declares; I think just about ALL of the Scientology world decided that HCO PL Order Boards and Time Machines, to name one, has a routine which results in more developed traffic than in any productive results, etc etc etc. Now you could say that any instance of policy not being followed or altered is simply a matter of ethics or misapplied study tech – and in the church, we all have to SAY that of course – but it is just evolution on the 3D. What has proven to work over the years is kept and used and what has proven not to work over the years is discarded. As the great football coach George Allen famously said, “The future is NOW.”

  181. Wow! Is there such a thing as a butt-kickin Bhuddist? I think I am in the company of at least one, cuz I have that sensation, in the WTFU manner — a good thing.

    Thank you very much for your input, perspective, comments here.

    Bruce Pratt

  182. Joe Pendleton

    Karen, that could have been Anne Archer’s contribution (it’s from her movie “Fatal Attraction” – although the earlier/similar was from “The Godfather” of course).

  183. Your argument, Margaret, seems to be made out of wishful thinking as much as anything else. Canceled or not, still seems to be in full effect at the CoS, doesn’t it?

    Just how “Canceled” is it? Or has it ever been?

  184. Of *course* it got the hatchet job, Grasshopper!

    You said yourself that Scientology was not scientific. Dianetics got grilled in the press because it made a ton of claims without any scientific studies to back it up.

    I don’t have blind faith in the press, but you can’t expect the press to just parrot what LRH said because, as RJ put it, they have UTTER FAITH IN AUTHORITY-that is, LRH’s authority.

    The press, and the scientific community, has got to see some pretty convincing evidence to prove extraordinary claims. LRH has never provided that evidence.

    Show me someone who meets the 1950s definition(s) of Clear, and I’ll agree that the press wasn’t giving LRH a fair shake.

  185. Marty, is it an accident she’s using the old David Miscavige black PR operation of “he refused to talk to us” — the CoM used that line repeatedly with every single media story including CNN, no doubt why Anderson Cooper made a point of ending each broadcast with “We would love to hear from you Mr. Miscavige.” But the King of Kowards never came out of hiding. Sure sounds like she is being coached. In fact, it sounds like she didn’t even write these responses, heavily laced with generalities as they are. Particularly since she actually refused to contact you — the shoe is on the other foot.

    Also she questions your “agenda,” a well-trod and heavily-used enemy line directly from David Miscavige since it is uttered by every agent-provocateur they have set against Independent Scientology including John Connolly if memory serves.

    M&M, thanks for clearing up the rabbit story as a falsehood. Once again, as we say yesterday, here is an attempt to use an alarming victim story to gain undeserved cred instead of its rightful purpose: to protect others from harm.

    In my experience with non Scientologists, in two years I haven’t met anyone yet who didn’t resoundingly applaud what we are doing. Yet her take is to question agenda? Well, Theresa, that makes you a first. Or it puts you in the pocket of organized, corrupt, corporate Scientology. Which is it?

    We are doing the dirty work of making a safer environment by exposing the leader of Scientology as the corrupt cesspool he is. That work stands on its own and the agenda is plain to the entire world including the Village Voice.

    Marty literally wrote TWO SENTENCES where he mentioned your name. Two sentences. And your take is: “The factual errors are numerous, from the the mundane to the significant and more than I detailed in my response to the VV” — are you actually saying that in two sentences the errors are too numerous to correct? I find that hard to believe.

  186. Hatchet Job /= critical article or critique. It means slanted and not objective, alarmist, opinionated, playing an angle to sell papers.

    One article I am referring to was Liberty Mag. I have a copy. It was very similar to The Enquirer. In the same issue was how the Russians could surround the US and fire atomic shells at us from battleships, complete with graphics and exclamation points. I think they did not give a shit about scientific proof.

  187. When the policy establishing the Sea Org changes to deny membership to anyone under the age of 18, or abolishes the Sea Org entirely, then maybe, Margaret.

    In the mean time, the biggest violation of human rights that the CoS engages in will continue to be a reason that every ethical person will oppose the CoS and encourage its ablation from the face of the Earth.

  188. That’s correct, and it’s more analogous to what Miscavige is doing than many people realize, think.

    Firstly, alteration and squirreling of the materials to make them at the least, less effective, and at the worst, evil: Three swing F/Ns, individual and group engrams and confusions with undeclared clears, altered books, massive amounts of sec checking used as implant tech rather than their true purpose, etc.

    Second, ruthless suppression of public availability of original materials. Let me explain. The original onslaught on the internet and against others was to remove the OT materials from public record, under the guise of security. I’m a bit ambivalent on that point, but after the draconian copyright legislation Miscavige helped to push through (unholy alliance with buddies in Hollywood), I am almost certain he will attempt to use it to suppress, through the courts, anyone attempting to share the original, untainted versions of the books and technology, under the guise of copyright infringement.

    Third, Davey has sold the Church out to “the man” – he’s turning it into a mega-corporation with ties to government, and massive MEST investments as it’s main purpose. In fact, his publicly stated strategy around the “social betterment” corporations is to get in bed with the state in order to feed from the trough of tax dollars. Of course, there are always heavy strings attached to such handouts, and they have a remarkable was of corrupting integrity.

    Thank goodness for the internet and a robust independent movement, which are preserving, I hope, not just the original materials but the true spirit of Scientology.

  189. My post above is in response to Valkov’s statement:

    “Margaret I must agree. I might rephrase it as “In 325 AD some politically motivated Christian leaders got together and sold out to The Man.” After that Christianity was just another political tool to be used for the subjugation of unruly populations. Under the motto “Render unto Ceasar”.

  190. Well, at least the Christian “con” doesn’t cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars to be “saved”, decades of your life, or your friends and family, Cat Daddy.

    Nor does it chase you around with lawyers and PIs if you decide to leave it.

    I’ll take that “con” over the CoS any day of the week.

  191. I think we agree, V.

    The declaration of an SP has proved to be too nuanced and difficult to be practical. The whole reason declarations existed as a practice was to identify the cause of trouble so as to let those affected by it blow charge and move on. In my experience, that has not been true. But, to be fair, Ron also had written in safeguards – wrong why’s and handling, picking up those that may have been falsely accused when the dust settled. But, this requires the wielder of the sword to be above the fray and be somewhat sane on the issue, which I have very rarely seen.

    I think the events of the last 40 years have proved that SP declarations do more harm than good. It has gone from being an indicator that we have handled the problem to being a tool to hang over the heads of any Scientologist out there – and the reason is because an SP declare does not really mean the subject is really an SP. It means he just pissed off the wrong person.

    But, besides that, in the final analysis, who cares? The only time an SP matters is when you are in a position where you can’t deal with the SP – like, if you are the victim of an abusive parent, and you are too young to walk away, or if you are in an abusive marriage and feel too helpless to leave or handle in a different way, or if you are working for a evil boss and must have the job.

    In the case of the church, if a staff member really becomes abusive or is truly an SP just fire the guy. You need to deal with it – look at the priest bruhaha with the Catholic church where they didn’t really handle their pedophile priests. So, things need to be done. But don’t label the guy an SP – just fire him and report to the authorities if there are true criminal issues involved.

  192. Deep Fax is way inside – but he is outside too. He is a she, and she is a he. Human. And yet divine. Location? Everywhere. I believe his name is Spartacus. But I also heard she was referred to as Spartaca-anne.

  193. Marty, may I suggest that you add the link to to the Blogroll.

  194. Why don’t you take some time to sort it out, Bruce. I mean that sincerely. One of the benefits of being independent is that you have the opportunity to look at everything in a new unit of time.

  195. Bruce,
    I get where you’re coming from but I’m going to call you out on the make-wrong flow and insinuation that there is harm being caused followed swiftly by the conclusion that you would find need to defend it’s actions against unidentified antagonists.
    I think you’re right. This is a tough group and may not be at good fit for what you’re looking for.
    Good luck on your own personal journey though.

  196. No, Mr. Fancy, it shows that Miscavige is acting on his own, and not following existing LRH policy.

    If Special Frog (or anyone) wants to make the argument that “existing LRH policy” is the reason for Miscavige’s corrupt actions, then that person needs to cite existing LRH policy.

    I’m not saying it can’t be done — and that there aren’t poor policies — I’m saying that pointing to cancelled policy is the equivalent of putting one’s head in the sand. And if one does it knowingly, it’s also dishonest.

  197. martyrathbun09

    Great eye Steve.

  198. martyrathbun09

    Great eye Steve.

  199. Mr. Fancy,

    You ignore Grasshopper’s central point. Religions and/or pseudo-religio-scientific groups have been making “extraordinary claims” since the beginning of time. So what? Let the Press, writers and journalists have their say, as they should. And Scientologists of course are free to counter those views as well.

    But does that justify a government’s raid in DC in the 1950s … or the “raid in ’63 in which meters and books were confiscated …. The outright bans on Scientology in supposedly enlightened and free countries in the ’60s … “?

    And do you think it is rational for Germany to label and criminalize the use of LRH’s philosophy (even though not associated with the Church) to such an extent that it is considered illegal for a user of LRH’s philosophy to hold a government position? Does this sound fair and equitable to you, or in keeping with civil rights for everyone?

  200. Grasshopper /Love your reply of clarification and the style LOL

  201. Tony DePhillips

    Good one Valkov!

  202. I agree with you on your first paragraph, Mr. Fancy. And I’d have plenty of other suggestions as well.

    And I have no problem with the ablation of the CoS, as it exists today — as long as the “baby” is not thrown out with the bathwater.

  203. … at least not anymore. 😉

  204. +1

  205. David Miscavige

    I do NOT have OSA operatives posing as theresa defino!………

  206. I think the key words of yours, Mike, are “…as a planned operation…”

    The problem is, there may have been vigilantes out there. The uber concentration on the “pink legs” aspects of the Simon Bolivar PL in the 80s and later, would have only exacerbated that possibility.

    In light of what we’re seeing, I think its possible that the Church never really took and accepted full responsibility for all aspects of the GO, when OSA was created. With that said, I think it’s also possible that the “Fishman Affidavit” created a self-fulfilling environment for many critics, no matter what happened.

    I’d love to get your current take on all of that, and your thoughts on what major actions would have been handled differently, especially if you didn’t have Miscavige (or anyone else) breathing down your neck. Would you have handled the scene differently in the 80s? The Church’s response to the arrival of the Internet in the 90s? etc.

  207. Valkov, it looks to me that Theresa copy-pasted the text from the Village Voice “update”.

  208. David Miscavige

    Psssst! Lou! Tone it down a bit!
    Steve Hall’s onto us!!!!

  209. Great suggestion!

  210. David Miscavige

    And that Valkov bastard too!

  211. WindWalker


    I tend to agree on the aspect of not using different words to describe the different “types” of suppressive. I consider it has led to massive invalidation and has cost Scientology some of it’s “finest and brightest.”
    Consider many present here.

    Anything that tends to harm or limit pretty much anything could be called “suppressive.” But to be treated like a piece of shit soiling the universe, for going past a word you didn’t understand?

    Oh dear, I feel a rant coming on. “Warning, the following may contain lower tone emotions, foul language, and personal opinions. Reader discretion is advised.”

    It has always made me cringe (downright pissed really) that basically good beings are tarred with the same brush as “clinical” SP s for such things as “Permitting students to eat or smoke in the course room.” Oh my GOD, go straight to Hell!
    I am a Hubbard Professional Course Supervisor, and other than the fact that LRH wrote policy saying not to do it, it is a stretch to figure how it really qualifies as “suppressive” at ANY level. It doesn’t even specify that you are not to do it “during course time”. So… what… you are committing a “suppressive act” on an F- ing room? Boy, that sure is going to f- – k up optimum survival on the greatest number of my dynamics! Give me an F-ing break!

    Damn, made myself cry… Wasn’t thinking I would go that low, guess there was a little charge there…
    But I take it personally when good beings are trashed over some F-ing arbitrary rule that doesn’t count for shit in the broad scheme of things.

    I understand that getting along in this universe (playing the “game” really) seems to require “boundaries”, but dammit, let’s not make it us that makes the penalties so F-ing brutal. Except in severe cases I don’t think you need to hit a being with that big a “stick” to get his attention.

    If one truly is a “Suppressive Person” (behind which he is still basically good) he will eventually drive himself so far downscale that he will take himself out of the game until he comes to his senses, realizes who he REALLY is, and gradiently deals with the damage he has caused. That does not mean that one should not isolate him in order to prevent him from harming others, it simply means that he is probably “punishing” himself more than anyone else ever could.

    OK. I think I got that all out.


  212. JamesTren01

    This is off -topic — sort of — it still is in the Scientology Dishonesty department — but I want to knows what is Scientology A religion or a business? REad today that there is a growing debate over Nancy Cartwright being touted as the “Voice of Bart Simpson” talking to the Sentate to put Scientology in schools !!– and she is saying The Way to Happiness is not a religious book. Yes isn’t it a “religious practice” of the organization?

    The book itself is just ordinary human decency — you know stuff like brush your teeth so you don’t gross people out, don’t lie, don’t steal — Funny, all the things the Scientology Organization doesn’t live by!!

    It’s interesting to watch how this harmless little book with good common sense is being used as an entry point by Scientology as the camel’s nose under the tent — and using the “Voice of Bart Simpson” to get this two-faced Organization in the door is like than CAMEL CARTOON used to sell CIGARETTES to kids!

    Kids see the cartoon camel but not the black lung cancer of the Defamation and Bully to World Domination machine that is Scientology.

    But what is it? A religion? or NOT a religion like Nancy Cartwright is saying? And is Warner Brothers LICENSING BART SIMPSON to sell Scientology?

    I’m concerned. There are enough things threatening the USA.

  213. JamesTren01

    Sorry to post twice but wanted to quote this:
    “Representative Ken Dunkin says it doesn’t bother him that the book was written by the Church of Scientology’s founder.
    He says anything that teaches children the basic principles of good behavior is okay with him. ”

    My question is Oh Really? Anything? You mean it’s okay for a Mafia Organization to pen a book about good behavior and gain access to our kids? I don’t think I am overstating it.

    So I ask, is Ken Dukin on the Scientology payroll? Or does he just not know about the murders, suicides and the Scientology Office of Special Affairs sinister operations?

  214. Steve! KaBlam!

    You put the factual analysis behind what I kinda felt, suspected and saw hints of — misplaced righteous indignation, the kind you buy or get with a missed withhold.

    The “Spies” article was very timely indeed.


  215. JamesTren01

    One last thing (sorry) Is it fact or rumor that Nancy Cartwright (a Scientologist ) was engaged to be married to a Scientologist who committed suicide too?

  216. Theresa- Anyone bought by the Church will show up like a sore thumb on this site.

  217. WindWalker


    Yes, at one time in the Catholic Church’s history, whole international armies were amassed to punish those who opposed the Pope. Now THAT was a “severe reality adjustment” of magnitude. They only started toning things down when they started to lose more than they were winning. And then somewhere along the line, some of the Popes actually started to follow the basic philosophies of Christ.

    History will likely show a similar development for the “church of scientology” when it eventually gets back to the basic philosophy of L.Ron Hubbard.

    And for those ready to jump all over me, NO, I am not necessarily comparing L.Ron Hubbard to Jesus Christ, I am suggesting that the Catholic Church and the church of Scientology may show a similar history, in the aspect that I noted.


  218. Hi RJ;

    Well, speaking for all us idiots, fair game was/is an intended action against individuals and groups. History has proven that view is actual.

    The definition of the term makes it clear;
    fair game
    1. game that may lawfully be hunted
    2. any legitimate object of attack or pursuit

    ‘Fair game’ goes beyond just the declaration of someone as an SP. Just because you were declared an SP doesn’t mean you were also considered fair game.

    Fair gaming is the aggressive action to bring about the destruction of an individual or group that was targeted because it was considered a danger. Your regular run of the mill SP was never declared fair game, as they were not a danger. But, speak out, then you are subject to fair game.

    The whole history of OSA, it’s existence, is mostly based on fair gaming people. Take away the ‘activity’ of fair gaming, then OSA has little reason for being.

    My opinion.

  219. Hi;

    I understand what you and RJ are talking about; since the SP was outside the protection of ethics, then anyone could in fact do anything to an SP without the SP being able to have the organization end it. This could include actions designed to destroy them utterly.

    However, clearly, ‘fair game’ historically is a whole other kettle of fish. Real ‘fair game’ is not what an individual would do to a target. Fair game is what the organization does to the target. That’s the difference.

    Fair gaming is indeed an activity undertaken to silence or destroy. The history of the GO and OSA are the proof.

    No one can deny it existes.

  220. Yeah the Christian con only killed millions of heretics, jews and innocent indigenous peoples.

    But hey I guess that’s better than being chased by a bunch of pesky PIs.

  221. You have got to be kidding, right? David Miscavige, COB

  222. LOL! Is this your first post here, David? LOLLLLL!

  223. Hey Deep Fax – I left my old Azimuth meter at ASHO many years ago. Next time you’re there, could you see if it is still in student storage? Thanks in advance!

  224. Sure – official tech preservation. But I have lots of copies of the original books, all my packs, some tapes, a full copy of reel to reel PDCs, and I bet there are others here in the same position. Also, there are lots of materials scanned to the Internet if you know where to look for them – the BC packs circa 1980, the Tech Vols, I believe the OEC, other books. It is all in storage, all over the world, on a DARPA-designed network designed to withstand a nuclear attack. We don’t need a mountain and brass plates ala the Angel Moroni to safeguard the tech anymore.

  225. Howard Roark

    Nice 🙂

  226. Howard Roark

    Who is John Galt? 😉

  227. Deep Fax- Very Funny, right out of Mission Earth. Miscavige is Soltan Gris. What a scream! Inept, bungling, evil intended with E.D.

  228. WindWalker


    I think you might be walking into a mine field here. Hope you are wearing good shoes.


  229. Have to kid me if he would apply anything

  230. David Miscavige


  231. Tory Christman

    In 1979 we moved from LA to Florida, near Clearwater. At the time Richard Tinney was the City Commissioner in Clearwater, trying to run for Mayor. I was asked by the “Church” of Scientology’s Office of Special Affairs to help. He had a program, “Save Sparkling Clearwater, Stamp out Scientology”. Milt Wolfe told me: “Tory, We came here on a lie”. (Long story re Hubbard set up–all “top secret” of course). “So WE cannot handle this. We did lie”, and R. Leiby was the main reported on all of this, so they (C of S/OSA) Hated him.

    I went and talked to many people, and the result was RT was voted out. I escaped out of Scientology, after 30 years “in”, in July of 2000. Thank you to Tony Ortega who has continuously exposed this insidious organization, the phony “church” of Scientology.
    My best to all, Tory Christman Aka: Tory/Magoo for more specifics.

  232. ….The opportunity to look at everything in a new unit of time – and with your own eyes.

  233. Yes. There is (possibly) more information about this than you would really want to know at

    Somewhat poetically, he comitted suicide by jumping off a bridge.

    Another “OT” product of David Miscavige.

  234. Voice of Truth

    There is huge sense of justice to see Paulette Cooper speaking out. Don’t the slimy Special Affairs Operations ever learn!?

    Paulette Cooper’s Statement on Tom Cruise Winning a Humanitarian Award

  235. Yeah who is he ?

  236. martyrathbun09

    Mike – I’m not letting on any more comments in DM’s name. Let this not degenerate to their level.

  237. Is this surpose to be a Joke , re DM’s First Posting .
    I have to say sometimes postings are done as if all should grasp exactly what one is talking about. Its not allways the case all knows the exact back ground when comments as such like the remark about DM and his first Posting is exactly clear. Or am I stupid .

  238. LOL .Your not serious with this ?

  239. Thanks Grasshopper.

    This is one of my major gripes. The ‘looseness’ with which the term ‘SP’ has been applied has destroyed the value and usefulness of the term.

    If anyone and everyone can be labeled ‘SP’ for ‘administrative purposes’ or based on whim or dislike of the person being so labeled, the term loses it’s meaning, and allows the actual SP to escape identification based on valid criteria like the 12 Characteristics and inability to improve. ‘Lack of case gain’ is actually covered in the 12 characteristics.

    I know LRon warned about exactly this kind of thing happening, but he also wrote the policies that conflated the two definitions of ‘SP’. In my view this was a BIG mistake as it opened the door to the abuses we have all seen.

    SP should have ONE single definition, the meaningful clinical one, to eliminate all ambiguity.

    People who are an administrative problem of some kind need to have a different label and should not be ‘declared’ for essentially political reasons. As you say, they may need to have limits placed on them to restrain them, but don’t confuse everyone by ‘declaring’ a social person with MUs, who is PTS, or has been black PRed ‘the same as’ an antisocial personality.

    Even ‘psychopath’ is a defined diagnosis, and is not properly used by organizations as an excuse to fire people they don’t like, or for political reasons or whatever. That might be considered libel.

    This is of course why the CoS no longer publishes SP Declares. They could be sued by many people who have been defamed and unfairly labeled as ‘SP’. It’s like being certified “insane” on your resume by a group of licensed psychiatrists – it WILL hurt your survival potential, as in employability etc. Fortunately psychiatrists are not able to have that kind of input except in extreme cases where the person has committed serious crimes.

    Given that tech has long existed by which even the ‘SP case’ can be handled, there is no good reason to label a person as such except when a thorough, honest investigation has been done and there is unequivocable evidence that the person must be placed under some restriction for the social good, as is currently done in the USA with convicted sex offenders, for example. And even those laws, as they exist, are far from perfect and just, and can do more harm than good, because of too broad an application.

  240. Watching Eyes

    I saw your comment last night. I decided to ignore it, and you, and just move on to other comments. But then along came this comment today.

    Your comment reeks of hostility and bitterness. The only question is…….What’s your agenda? Hmm.

    You (whoever you are) have no support from me. I hope you’ll take your generalities & vitriol and leave.

  241. It’s really pathetic. Even a CHILD ca see the difference between pretending to believe and do one thing, and secretly being the exact opposite.

    The Scientology Justice and Ethics system has totally been replaced by evil other agendas. They go after good hats, they go after good members, they send Private Investigators when, in many cases, an ARC phone call would do.

    Here’s an example of sub-intelligent knee jerk “application” where “group think” rules and is fueled by fear. Stupid is as stupid does.

    With all that Tech, can’t they tell who REAL SPs are yet???? Can’t they communicate with the world? Do they have to be slimy sneaks?

    Out gradient Meeeeeeooooooowwwwww OSA and staff Kicking the cat!

    leaked email re “Scientologists” on social media.

  242. Right on, WW. Even to the *warning* disclaimer.

    Unfortunately it seems policies must be written in clear simple unambiguous language that caters to human laziness, stupidity, venality, literalness, concreteness, vindictiveness, pettiness, and the kind of cussedness that will alter-is almost as a matter of principle! Under the battle cry of “MY WAY!” And terms need to be defined by simple unambiguous definitions to the Nth degree. But even then human ingenuity will find a way to spin it….

    One of my favorite fables is the Tower of Babel story. It so applies.

    As LRon said, the application is 100% up to us. He certainly went the whole hog in doing what he did.

    Rant over.(For now)

  243. A=A


  244. I put wrote something for and put it on the home page front and center of — “Painting a neat bull’s-eye on the soft underbelly of a corrupt empire.”

  245. Thats a good technique Miscavige could use.

  246. OMG hahah The Church of Shamtology is working overtime to try to sneak Tom Cruise into public favor.

    Check this out ! haha Top Gun Day?? Give me a break!! This is so obviously some PR trick to get “interactive” people doing videos to make it look like the world loves Tom Cruise. NOT. He’s a Shamtologist. Top Gun day??? Oh Really?? wasn’t that a few decades ago??

  247. I’ve changed my “Gravitar” to a Moonpie-face.

    I may have to change it back though- It looks like a “blackface” Oreo.

  248. Hadley, I just thought it was funny. No big secret knowledge here. It’s either David Miscavige or it isn’t. Either way, it made me laugh to imagine him posting here. (I’m not very complicated. If it makes me laugh, it’s funny. That’s all.)

  249. Yes, I’ve thought of requesting the same thing.

  250. What I find missing in this discussion is the perspectives provided by ‘senior policy’ as well as context.

    If it is a ‘senior policy’ that Scientologists are to be law-abiding citizens, this precludes ‘illegal means’ right from the start, and LRon may have not felt the need to reiterate this. To him, it would be implicit in being a Scientologist.

    Given the general ideals of Scientology, I think it would be implicit thatScientologists would avoid committing overts like committing and breaking laws.

    There was an incident in the late 1980s in Detroit in which a new staff member threw a brick through the rear window of another Scientologists car(she was observed by one of her acquaintances to do this if I remember correctly, or confessed it to the acquaintance). She justified this crime by saying the car belonged to “an SP”, “and bad things happen to SPs, they pull it in”.

    This was in fact viewed as a crime and a discreditable overt act on her part. It was plainly insane.

    What has quite apparently happened in the CoS is this kind of justification has become the norm, and so people like OT (h)8 Allender and others of that ilk feel justified in throwing bricks with impunity.

  251. George White

    Grasshopper and windhorse,
    You are very welcome. I will now be on leave until the end of Vesak as I will be devoting more time to the Dhamma.
    I am very impressed by the devotion to Scientology on this blog. The regular members especially convey a sense of deep intelligence and insight. There is also a freedom inspired by Marty and Mike which is so refreshing. It reminds me of the Kalama Sutta in which the Buddha expressed the idea of the complete freedom of thought for everyone in regard to religious matters.
    I shall add a special section to regular Pali Chanting this month for the well-being and happiness of ALL. May all beings be well and happy. May the Devas render assistance to the cause of freedom.

  252. James,
    I think you’re right … until the official Scientology Organization (whether religion or not) and the leadership stops acting in such a corrupt and abusive manner … and while Nancy Cartwright is supporting it while it is corrupt … it’s completely understandable why a public school would not want to come across as “supporting the Church of Scientology” by adopting that booklet, even if presumably on behalf of a public figure like Nancy Cartwright.

    It’s sad, because the booklet is pretty innocuous and even inspirational. But if/when Scientology ever gets it act together — and stops the human rights abuses, harassment and corruption — maybe then the whole thing can be revisited.

  253. WW, Elaine Pagels, one of Christianity’s premier historians, wrote a splendid little book titled “Beyond Belief” which is about early Christianity and goes into how and why the canonical writings were selected to be in the Bible, and why other ‘gospels’, such as The Gospel of Thomas were left out. It’s a lively vivid read.

    Reading it I had the thought that the CoS has recapitulated in about 60 years what took 400-500 years to happen in the Christian establishment.

    Some of the parallels seem uncanny. Recommended read.

  254. bobo
    I am going to “rant” here a bit, but it is not directed at you. I really want to see this get cleared up, that is all.

    No I am in no way suggesting that certain individuals within the church are not viciously targeting people and attempting to shut them up or,”utterly destroy them” by using various means from childish pranks to full blown illegal actions.

    I am not saying it is not condoned, or even encouraged by those of low intelligence, or evil intent, at this time, or earlier in Scientology’s history.

    My whole objection, and the reason for my posts on the subject, is to point out IT IS NOT LRH POLICY to DO these things.
    Not now,
    not ever.
    HIS definition for the term is clear.

    Please, can anyone tell me where,in the definition:
    “By FAIR GAME is meant, may not be further protected by the codes and disciplines of Scientology or the rights of a Scientologist. ”
    it, in ANY WAY, suggests to do these things?


    When one uses the term “fair gaming” to describe these activities, one is overtly or covertly or ignorantly, pointing the finger at LRH because he, at one time, used the term “Fair Game” in a policy.

    Whether or not it was ever cancelled, the term, by it’s very definition, IN NO WAY encourages or forwards the concept of harassment and illegal activities against ANYONE.

    LRH NEVER TOLD PEOPLE TO ACT THIS WAY IN THIS POLICY. The concept that he did is DUB IN, or pure vicious intent.

    In the name of accuracy, I would seriously recommend the use of a different term. When one uses this term erroneously, I consider it forwards a misunderstood, if not an enemy line. If one has cleared the above definition and still insists on using the term, I am afraid I consider their motives suspect.

    For those whose purpose it IS to attack L. Ron Hubbard, don’t be so covert and underhanded about it.
    If that is not your intent, please use a different set of words.

    Thank you.


  255. OK James Tren01,get some of your point, but TWTH was not ‘penned’ by an organization. it was penned by an individual.

    And even if LRon actually intended the CoS to be like the Mafia, which I don’t believe, does not make it impossible for him to have written a little book of benign ideal principles.

    It is not impossible, by analogy, that a Mafia ‘don’ like John Gotti could in his last years, write an uplifting little book, or even a good children’s book.

    We like to think of bad guys being all bad, and good guys being all good, but it’s just not so.

    And whatever the actual intentions of various CoS individuals in trying to spread TWTH, it is not a bad book to have available throughout the society. It may just demonstrate that there are still decent people in the CoS, inspite the contemptibly corrupt leadership.

    It stands on it’s own merits, regardless of who disseminates it or why they think they are doing it.

  256. WindWalker

    Hi again

    I just picked up your response to RJ above. I had overlooked it prior to responding to you.

    I think I can see some of the problem here. This seems to be another of those cases where LRH used a term for which there were already existing definitions.
    Using the definitions you provided certainly explains where some of the confusion might be coming from. When you use those definitions I can clearly see where you are coming up with your statements.
    However, I encourage you to use Scientology definitions to define this term, in this particular case.
    Obviously the “public” does not necessarily have access to Scientology Policy Letters or dictionaries of Scientology terms, but the definition that LRH had intended is the one I have quoted above. It is not my opinion, in this case. LRH actually wrote the definition, as he wanted it understood, right in the body of the policy to which it applies.

    Also I would like to change the word “ignorantly” to “mistakenly” in the line that goes: “When one uses the term “fair gaming” to describe these activities, one is overtly or covertly or ignorantly,”

    Thank you.


  257. Tony DePhillips

    I hear ya!!

  258. Tony DePhillips

    ! !

  259. Hi WW;

    Your post helps to differentiate concepts in the discusssion.

    Part of the confusion is also due to the fact that OSA does use fair gaming as in the non-LRH definition. The defintion I quoted aligns very well with evil ints, and I can see how the hijacking occured.

    hmmm I wonder if someone in the old GO had an mu, and passed it on?

  260. Deep Fax,
    That has to be the funniest freakin thing I have ever read…my stomach hurts from laughing!!! Brilliant.

  261. Miscavige, skip SCN, I need you to build up and run Germania Superior.

  262. David Miscavige

    Degenerating to their level???
    This was posted to illustrate how easy it is to fake an identity on this blog. Being accused of going down to OSAs level is frankly offensive. It’s quite obvious who I am and that I’m not attempting to fool anyone, rather using irony to prove a point. But hey, it’s your blog and you’re entitled to your opinion.

  263. Oops sorry – forgot to change the handle back

  264. No not serious at all. Just making a point 🙂

  265. I was making a point. There was nothing covert about it as my identity is obvious and bears no comparison to what OSA is doing. I find the comparison offensive.

  266. OK got your point , Fair enough. LOL (Loads of Laughs )

  267. martyrathbun09

    I saw an icon with David Miscavige’s image and name and a message in that name within the comments here. Gonna draw the line there. As to the “degenerating to their level” comment, they have run out of things to say about me so are now writing stories putting my byline on them and sending them about representing they are my writings.

  268. Jethro Is In The Zone

    Nope, Bobo is wrong.The practice of labelling someone “Fair Game” has been cancelled. You are confusing the label “Fair Game” with how corporate Scientology deals with it’s enemies. This is based on the policy that AnonOrange originally quoted above, i.e. “attack the attacker – never defend”. Ex-scientologists like Paulette Cooper are not attacked unless they first attack the organization (I’m not in favor of this approach, btw). LRH presumed that only criminals attack Scientology, and that they therefore must be investigated for their crimes. If you can’t find evidence, make it up. In 1966, LRH wrote an HCO PL called “ATTACKS ON SCIENTOLOGY”:

    This is correct procedure:

    (1) Spot who is attacking us.

    (2) Start Investigating them promptly for FELONIES or worse using our own professionals, not outside agencies.

    (3) Double curve our reply by saying we welcome an investigation of them.

    (4) Start feeding lurid, blood, sex, crime actual evidence on the
    attackers to the press.

    Don’t ever tamely submit to an investigation of us. Make it rough,
    rough on attackers all the way.

    You can get “reasonable about it” and lose. Sure we break no
    laws. Sure we have nothing to hide. BUT attackers are simply an
    anti-Scientology propaganda agency so far as we are concerned. They have proven they have no facts and will only lie no matter what they discover. So BANISH off ideas that any fair hearing is intended and start our attack with their [illegible word]. Never wait. Never talk about us – only them. Use their blood, sex, crime to get headlines. Don’t use us .

    I speak from 15 years of experience in this. There has
    never yet been an attacker who was not reeking with crime.
    All we had to do was look for it and murder would come out.

    They fear our Meter. They fear freedom. They fear the way we are growing. Why?

    Because they have too much to hide.

    But this policy does not hve anything to do with the label “Fair Game”. Some people use “Fair Game” as a verb, e.g. “I got fair gamed”, but I can’t see anyhwere were LRH used it as a verb. This might seem a minor point, but it is a point. “Dead agent” however is a verb, i.e. to “dead agent” someone.

    ALso, fast forward from 1966 to 2011, and it’s the good guys, not criminals, who are “attacking” the church. Actually, they aren’t really attacking it; just trying to get it to reform by exposing it’s abuses, in particular the abuses of David Miscavige.



    List of Gospels
    [edit] Completely preserved Gospels

    1. Gospel of Mark (canonical)
    2. Gospel of Matthew (canonical)
    3. Gospel of Luke (canonical)
    4. Gospel of John (canonical)
    5. Gospel of Thomas
    6. Gospel of Truth
    7. Coptic Gospel of the Egyptians
    8. Gospel of Nicodemus (also known as the “Acts of Pilate”)
    9. Gospel of Barnabas
    10. Gospel of Gamaliel[1]

    [edit] Infancy Gospels

    1. Gospel of the Nativity of Mary
    2. Gospel of Pseudo-Matthew
    3. Infancy Gospel of Thomas
    4. Infancy Gospel of James
    5. Arabic Infancy Gospel
    6. Syriac Gospel of the Boyhood of our Lord Jesus[2]

    The Nag Hammadi Library, among which the Gospel of Thomas & the Gospel of Truth were rediscovered
    [edit] Partially preserved Gospels

    1. Gospel of Judas
    2. Gospel of Peter
    3. Gospel of Mary
    4. Gospel of Philip

  271. bobo,

    So your definitions actually preclude and nullify your case that there is an activity called “fair gaming” since before you can “fair game” (incorrectly used as a verb) someone you have to *declare* them *Fair Game* first.

    Now since the label was canceled in 69 after the reform codes were issued.

    So how is this possible?

    Oh by the way before ’69 declaring someone “Fair Game” was synonymous to declaring them “SP” and vis versa.

    So your historical description is inaccurate.

    See the original HCOPL ‘Suppressive Acts, Suppression of Scientologists and Scientology and the Fair Game Law” which is in the original OECs Vol 1 which was modified by the PL “Cancelation of Fair Game”.

    And as I wrote declaring someone “Fair Game” did not justify or allow any Scientologist to commit illegal acts against those so declared.

    It simply meant that they had no recourse to HCO.

    However it seems that both OSA and the critics both seem to want to believe that there is such an action as “Fair Game” which is a fiction they have both created for themselves.

    Funny how they both claim to be so different yet are so much alike.

  272. Bobo,

    Any organization is composed of *individuals* who act or don’t act on their own determinism.

    This generality that an organization acts on its own is a myth.

  273. Its a tough identity. I mean wow, can you imagine being Miscavige after Scientology?

  274. Hi RJ;

    I never said fair gaming was necessarily illegal. my point is that fair gaming is an activity, not just a lable, and when done, it is done under organizational sanction to do so, including the illegal activites.

    If you disagree, please explain to me the illegal activities and attacks on Paulette Cooper, Gabe Cazares, and countless others. These were illegal and also knowingly organized by the CofS. These were not rogue activities.

    That is fair gaming.

    “However it seems that both OSA and the critics both seem to want to believe that there is such an action as “Fair Game” which is a fiction they have both created for themselves.”

    Not true, fair gaming was not dreamed up by OSA and like minded critics, nor did it start with DM, it’s been an ongoing activity for decades.

    I worked on the two main GO defense with Bob Rich and others, I think they were called ‘Humongous’, and ‘Gargantua’, after the FBI raid that resulted in the trials of GO persons, including Mary Sue, for criminal activity. I read all, all, the internal GO documents that the US Attorney was going to use in the trial. What was being done by these persons was not only well known by the wife of LRH, it was planned out under her orders at the time. This was an organizational activity, and to assume LRH was unaware of it is disengenuous.

    Check this out;

    Historically, engaging in illegal activites to silence or destroy ‘enemies’ has been church policy for decades.

    I don’t want to tie up this blog any further with this, but I have no problem discussing it with you privately, if you wish. To be fair, I did come to realize some points on this subject from your comments that I never considered before, so I have benefited from this dialogue. I definately understand the whole idea of ‘fair game’ both from your view, perhaps also LRH’s view, which I doubt, and from the historical perspective of what was actually done.

  275. Deep Fax,
    I heard our postulates run the gamut, that they have no barrier to the Universe. They simply flow from one end to the other. Back and forth.
    A postulate, in other words, makes it all the way to the top of the Universe and back to our reality, instantly. YES. Thoughts traverse without any impediment or difficulty ALL the way across. This is the truth of the matter. Think about it…You know the truth.

    I was going to say something silly about “How interesting the Dimension we live in can be…” “…that humor is so unusually unique to Earth.” Because it is. It really is.
    And I love you for that!

    Yet, a postulate simply put is; “made” “heard” “felt” and “materialized” (all of them. Good or bad) for a reason of balance I understand. After all, isn’t it right that it be that way? We create everything. And everything that is?? Good and “Bad”.

    We play that game: “It wasn’t me”. Yet, who?

    Well, you are not alone and never ever are alone. The key of course is SELF DETERMINISM. Self Determinism leads to group determinism and therefore, change. A BATTLE of DETERMINATION, you might say.

    (White-Hats usually prevail. God bless them.)
    It’s wonderful to poke some fun at this, its a joke across the field.
    But when it’s time… will the funniest part still be you…wondering how we won!? Even if all you say is good and helpful?

    ? ?

    That isn’t how I see you in our time. I want a different part of you.

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