M for Mankind – Welcome to the Twilight Zone

My man Rod Serling gives the perfect one minute introduction to the latest from the South Bay area (South San Francisco Bay).  Documents from the local orgs all the way up to OSA.  Please watch Mr. Serling’s introduction so you are prepared, then enter the Twilight Zone as set forth in the documents which follow concerning the earlier beginning of the strange case of Ms Lewis:

Public and org reports:


OSA, enters Stage Right:


In closing, please consider my humble opinion in all this. The fourth largest concentration of Scientologists in the world – San Francisco Bay area – is about to erupt.

316 responses to “M for Mankind – Welcome to the Twilight Zone

  1. My overall reaction to all this junior high school nonsense is: Why don’t these people get jobs and live lives and do Scientology instead of putting ALL their eggs in a single Ko$ basket? Has no one heard of diversification?

    Or is that the lifestyle that the epithet “Dilettante!” discouraged?

    If a single source controls all aspects of your life and requires complete agreement on all your dynamics, you are a prisoner. You have no space. You have no choice but to toe the party line.

    How’s about, instead, just disagreeing the fuck out of there? Or are there different kinds of people,m e.g., those who CAN disagree and those who CANNOT?


  2. It’s as if a bunch of the cliquish kids at high school decided to play at running an organization. It’s absurd to the point of being both amusing and sad that adults would write memos to each other about who’s talking to who. It’s not 10th grade study hall out here in the real world.

  3. Twilight Zone is right! Perfect clip from Rod Serling.

    These guys remind me of those “real housewives” shows, with all the gossip and petty drama that I can’t turn off fast enough.

  4. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Bruce, looks like you are going to join the elite club.
    You could always go back now and get back onto the basics and get some sec checking and read all the black PR crap, blah, blah, blah…

  5. Tony DePhillips

    That Rod Serling clip was awsome!

  6. Gee, with friends like these, eh?

    Manning’s note cracked me up – he gave here refs on “Black PR” and “Enemy Line” and all that stuff, and NOT on how fund-raising is on policy. Also, I loved how the other person said “Ron donated LOTS of money to the Church.” True – but only because he HAD to. HIS GOAL WAS TO MAKE THE ORGS FUND THEMSELVES and of course, if THEY CAN’T FUND THEMSELVES THEY ARE FREAKING IN-FREAKING-SOLVENT.

    And, you can see how old Sue is locked in – her JOBS are with Scientologists. That is a hard thing to break – and YET she was still looking.

    Yes, the last time I was in LA a met a couple of really close friends – salt of the Earth people – who know the Church is off-policy, and are still trying to handle it internally in some manner or another. I heard the the SO 1 line should be used. Who do letters on the SO 1 line go to? Guilliame? I think he can’t help you, folks. He is locked down.

    So, the steam is boiling on the left coast. It is building and building, and because of these inter-relationships and very close ties between people – when it blows, it will be big! Might even cause California to slide into the Ocean. It is not for nothing that the San Andreas fault cuts right through the peninsula!

  7. Lucky Dilettante

    NOW the jargon label buzz words are :
    OT IV (pre Golden Age)

    Forty years ago: “UNDERCUT”
    Thity five years ago: “OLD OT IV”, “NEW OT IV”
    Thirty years ago: “STANDARD” “NOT STANDARD”
    Twenty five years ago: “EXPANDED” “NOT EXPANDED”
    Twenty two years ago: “PRE-CERTAINTY”, “POST CERTAINTY”
    Twenty years ago: “PURE TECH”, “NOT PURE TECH”
    Fifteen years ago: “REVISED”, “NOT REVISED”
    Ten years ago: “BASIC” “NOT BASIC”

    Lucky to be a dilettante myself as none of this ever made any sense to me.

  8. OSA still uses Telex? What, Pony Express doesn’t run the LA-SF route these days?

  9. Tony Dephillips

    LOL GH.

  10. The limpid truth in Rod Serling’s writing is universal and timeless.

    Serling’s writing reflects what Plato says: “Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history.”

    And why I prefer my truth and spirituality without political religion.

    I wish the best to all and especially to Susan Lewis. It is painful to see she’s being used as a pawn; in her sincere effort to see through confusion, her words and thoughts were usurped, manipulated and distributed by the OSA “solution” to the “situation.” I hope she has people near who who really care about her.

  11. External Security Situations Handlings Officer OSA Int? How long has that post been around? AND they have an External Security Situations Program?!?!? LOL! Don’t forget to send in your compliance reports! Make sure you have the proper evidence attached!

    What a bunch of suppressively reasonable NO-Confront cases.
    Tech has OBVIOUSLY been out a very long time in that area.

    Next I suppose there will be an External Security Exec Int exec. Wasn’t in the 339R program I read, but hey desperate times call for desperate solutions, I guess. Oh wait, wasn’t DM’s DOG holding that post?
    What a bunch of wankers.

    Yep, that fuse is lit.

  12. Eileen Clark

    The blind (DM) leading the blind (Co$ sheeple).

    Sheesh. It is just like soap opera. Puleeze. That is how it goes though. Any wagers on how long it will take Susan L to take the last drastic step and move away from the pasture? I understand what she was and is going through, it took me 2-1/2 years to make the last firm final and clean break. Then another year to not have to compulsively talk about it.

    Got talked into and signed up for an extension course at the FSO and was being called and placated and PR’d from FSO and CLO WUS until I finally got enough actual physical distance between me and them to start perceiving truth, not just suspecting and fearing that there was something amiss, but truly looking and perceiving the truth with willingness to have however it came out. That is not an easy step for any long-time, dedicated Scientologist and Sea Org Member. It got easier and easier when I started confronting what an evil son of a bitch that little, ugly, not so bright, gnat’s ass who calls himself cob really is. The rest was all downhill, but there were still some bumps until I was fully free of all the coercion and threats.

    My bet is on a very huge, very spectacular blow up in the Bay Area. Don’t Mess With Texas! And, LRH always strived in his formation of the Tech for us to have the strength to know and do what is right. Here we are, folks!

    Poor Julian. The shepherd herds for the wolf now.

  13. Scott Campbell


    Great post. Should I put my Churchill Surf Fins on?

    Seems like things are getting pretty serious up there.

    From Tech Dictionary: “SERIOUS, when interest is important because of penalty.” (PDC 59)

    Think about that. The “universe” can’t penalize a being. Nor likewise can “eternity” penalize a being. Only oneself, another or others (if allowed) can penalize a being. SERIOUSNESS EQUALS MASS!



  14. becomingAware

    Sounds like OSA is in the 50’s hunting for communists. Another witch hunt for anyone that threatens their power base irregardless of the validity of that base. It is illuminating how DM’s faux church is inable to grant beingness to others and to let others think for themselves. That is an ability gained – to be and to think for yourself and be free to have disagreements and agreements. It is DM’s church of money and brainwashing now, not LRH’s church of freedom. Sorry to see that Darlene and Rick have shrunken their universes to such an extent.

    David Lingenfelter

  15. Eileen Clark

    However, I will note here that I did never at any time feel compelled to throw friends under the bus and thus have not had to deal with that in return. That is a harder bit of poo poo that SLL will need to deal with. Snitches who talk to cya in any society are never well thought of, even if what they say is true.
    I am finished for now. 🙂

  16. Barney Rubble

    It’s amazing how the state of a Knowledge Report has deterioated over the years. I thought it was getting ugly back in the 80’s, these KR’s has proved it’s has gone beyond madness. I think the day’s of getting a cc: on a “KR” written on you, has long been gone. Gossip, gossip now on SP Declares and KR’s-utterly disgusting. RIP Rod Sterling in the Twilight Zone.

  17. OMG! The outpoints, the outpoints, the outpoints!
    I have a 5 year old and he has more sense, observation skills and logic than these people!
    Not one of them will LOOK!
    They just keep pushing the party line — trying to protect their own asses.
    ALL of them have doubts.
    No question.
    But they are too gutless to say anything out-loud. And most of them try to “unthink” any bad thoughts — so that they don’t come up on a meter or show up as a ridge when they next walk past the MAAs door.
    Outpoints, outpoints, outpoints!

  18. Eileen Clark

    Raising my hand again:
    Please do not misconstrue what I said to mean that I think if an Indie is thrown under the bus by a “friend” they are getting it back. Not true.
    “Even heroes can have lice”. LRH
    I really am finished now.

  19. Bruce!!
    Maybe you’ll finally get that Declare you’ve been asking for! 😀
    It’s about time.

  20. JohnInAustin

    Brillz clip and post!

    Imagine if any similar multi-million $ company in this country stopped actually producing a product or service and began focusing all of their business efforts on publically attacking former employees for leaving the company!

    But since the company stopped making widgets altogether, more and more employees want to quit and maybe go hang out with other people who are actually shipping something, right?!

    C o’ $ has no remaining “product” other than the apparent intention of driving their tech and their brand and their former members so far into the ground that the entire church will become a spiritual Chernobyl!


    John in Austin

  21. Eileen Clark


  22. Jane Rustin

    I know these people!

    Tom Chandler is an OT VIII, Class VI (GAT) auditor of over 30 years, who has audited thousands of hours. Vickie Chandler is a briefing course student, on OT VII, who has been a very active OT in the Field. Mari Perry is a Flag trained FEBC, on OT VII, who FSM’s. Don’t have PT data on John Perry, but I know that he has been around for over 30 years and has contributed to many Scientologists and Scientology over those years. (I know he has donated to the local buildings and the IAS.)

    All of these people are luminaries in Scientology and are highly respected.

    So you mean to tell me, per the Mission Holder’s report to the MAA AOLA, after ONE conversation with Susan Lewis, these upstanding Scientologists now have OSA dossiers because, possibly, they nattered about fundraising?? Susan Lewis can’t even keep her story straight about Anderson Cooper.

    Furthermore, per Julian’s report, Mari was helping with Bruce Pratt. And this is the “thank you” given??? Wtf???

    Does this mean that these luminaries have been taken down, by one report, by an unstable woman??? What’s happening??? These people don’t deserve this.

    Vickie was a HUGE part of the fundraising team at Stevens Creek Org, and this is how she is paid back.

    None of these luminaries are even on the routing of any of these “reports”.

    You’re right Marty — the South San Francisco Bay Area is about to erupt.

  23. Loved Rod Serling and watching TZ while a boy. He was very creative – very sharp and one hell of a story teller. And look at him smoking while on TV. You don’t see that much anymore. He dropped it too early. He had so much more to contribute.

    As for the internal telexes and such…what can one say, but ….(Cue Twilight Zone Theme).


  24. Excellent analogy.

  25. Watchful Navigator

    Is there anyone more “dilettante” than David MisSavage???

    *long history of reported trips to Vegas and casinos in the Carribean – spending LRH’s money and now uses our IAS donations
    *infatuation with shiny MEST (shares this with Tom Cruise)
    *IAS-funded scotch whiskey
    *watches recorded sessions and confessionals for pleasure and degrades the videoed pcs in front of his sycophants
    *secretly HATES LRH – his legacy, his family (has abused them outright!)
    *scubadiving excursions using IAS funded boat and rig
    *blown from OTVII since at least 1993 – NO Sec Checks for DM!
    *failed student, failed IV internship, illegally C/Ses and programs church pc’s
    *fancy MEST quarters and personal services employing human-trafficked, slave labor
    *suntan equipment for long sunbathing sessions
    *physical body work-outs to keep in good shape for those beatings he needs to give Int Base staff to “show who’s boss”

    How dilettante is that?

    (Ethics book) EXTRAVAGANCE = Primary Indicator of Out-Ethics (that’s the one we all missed when the bedazzling Idle Org strategy was rolled out)

  26. William Johnson

    Right. Typing something as a .pdf doesn’t make it docs either. Both are dated today. Entertaining, maybe. Docs….not so much.

  27. Who the blazes is the Bruce Pratt anyway? What makes him so special?
    Dunno. Some details of how his name gets the dishonorable mention in the link of the above name.

    You see him, tell him he owes me money. More. But I’ll settle for the shekels.

    Marty — that must have been one helluva session or sessions, assuming you’re this MCR. As-ised the whole thing — notes, financial arrangements, memory, calendar dates. I have it on good authority this bloke ain’t been in session with anyone since oh, about 2007, sometime before the basics.
    No service at all since Feb 2008.

    I do want to acknowledge Mari Perry. She was trying to help salvage Bruce, his marriage in some sensible fashion. She did not have full understanding of the total environment as it existed. But she tried. The woman could push a boulder up a hill. In this case, it was a reverse incline.

    I also want to let all know that Bruce Pratt is formerly of the Bay Area. He current resides in Baton Rouge, LA. Some contact info is at the bottom of the url above.

    Bruce Pratt
    Fan of OTDT
    Beer I/C for Independents’ Day (y’all do not want to miss the celebration)
    Squire to the Soldiers of Light (most of y’all know who you are, but the reverse is not necessarily true)
    Expeditor to the Jedi Council

  28. And why I prefer my truth and spirituality without political religion.

    Eponymous statement. Nuff said.

    Bruce Pratt

  29. This is very much the operating basis of Scientology in the Bay Area, has been for some time.

  30. Thanks, amigo.

    We do whats we can with whats we gots.

    And for what it’s worth, I WAS on the basics, or had been, been somewhat sec checked as part of various repairs, and I HAVE read most of the Black PR.

    That Rod Sterling clip is vunderbar.


  31. Joe Howard

    Wow, Bruce, you never told me you had gotten auditing from “MCR.”
    BTW, you can get your face on the Mt. Rushmore of SPs when you get an addendum to your declare. Them is the quals, buddy!

  32. Jethro Is In The Zone

    What I found most interesting about this posting is the use of terminology, such as:

    “enemy lines”
    “third party”
    “black PR”

    These terms are situational and are a matter of viewpoint. They are used to dismiss things so as to not require further examination. They are thought stopping (Jeff Hawkins had a good post in his site about thought-stopping terminology).


    Doubter: “So, did you read about COB’s abuses on Marty Rathbun’s site?”

    Kool-aid drinker: “Oh, that is just a bunch of enemy lines from declared SPs. Stay away from the entheta.”

    This is how one continues to remain with one’s head in the sand.

  33. Scott Campbell

    Not so fast, Eileen. Don’t go yet.

    I want to ack you for those comments. I was just reminded of how “Dumb” I became while in the Sea Org. After I finally escaped, my subsequent “awakening” took a while. Relevant to your comment, a paper I wrote a short while back included these lines: “Plato quoted Socrates as saying, ‘The unexamined life is not worth living’. This is only true if the person in question cannot gain the perspective needed in order to examine his life.”

    When you wrote, “I finally got enough actual physical distance between me and them to start perceiving truth, not just suspecting and fearing that there was something amiss, but truly looking and perceiving the truth with willingness to have however it came out.” it reminded me of my own experience.

    Great comments. Spot-on observation.

    L, Scott

  34. Globetrotter

    To: All OT Ambassadors Everywhere

    Disaffected Person Handling Program Number 1.

    If you see a disaffected person, immediately execute the following steps:

    1. Find out what the person is disaffected about.
    2. Tell the person that his opinion is wrong, and prove it by saying Tone 40 that there is a reference that says so. No need to name or show the reference, the simple mention of the word “reference” should get the desired effect in a properly conditioned parishioner.
    3. Show him the references on Black PR. Tell him that since it is now proven beyond doubt that his opinion was in fact BPR (since there is a reference that says so), he is guilty of Black PR and he will never go OT unless he changes his viewpoint. This is done by declaring his own observations invalid, misguided, influenced by SPs, etc. and agreeing with the Official Viewpoint that lays out how parishioners are supposed to think about this matter.
    4. Once he cognites and originates that the Official Viewpoint is, has always been, and will always be the only correct one and anyone who disagrees with it is obviously an SP, ack him and welcome him back to the group. He is now salvaged.

    Good job. Find the next disaffected parishioner and repeat. Recruit other OT Ambassadors to do the same, since the number of disaffected parishioners are steadily growing, despite our stellar results and great safepointing activities (due to the SPs).

  35. By your command, m’lady:
    FSO Ethics Order 14174, 27 Oct 2010

    Probably got a scan here someplace……


  36. Lana,
    The OT public are under extreme pressure to not-know any of this stuff, and avoid it at all costs, for the very reason it WILL cost them literally thousands upon thousands of dollars to be Sec Checked.

    One newspaper report read, one Anderson Cooper show watched, one ‘line’ not written up to the MAA, DSA and they are on such an enforced withhold that they inevitably will pay through the nose to have the Six Month Check, which has become a literal Six Month LONG Check, and it’s more stops, more arbitraries, more regging and LESS Bridge progress.

    Of course, there is NO Bridge progress in the presence of these lies. Man, what a real squirrel cage, round and round, this mess is.

  37. martyrathbun09

    Great Post Jane. Thanks for your insight, as always.

  38. good little dobees! Marty the Twilight Zone is perfect for this drama!

  39. Jane Rustin

    Glad to participate. 🙂

    Can’t wait to see what happens next!

  40. Tony Dephillips


  41. Jane Rustin

    “The woman could push a boulder up a hill.”
    Sounds like a wonderful woman.

    I heard this Bruce Pratt fellow is quite the gentleman.

  42. Jane Rustin

    You wish.

  43. They look like scans to me.

  44. You are right Jim.
    And it does not in any way resemble what Scientology is actually about.
    As you say — Bridge progress is NIL in the presence of these lies.
    And they call us Squirrels???????

  45. WindWalker


    Um…The date that the PDF was created does not invalidate the fact that the document was scanned.
    Nice try.. Might work on Kool Ade drinkers though. It is far too late to try to pull that kind of ploy here.


  46. Tony Dephillips

    You know what happens if you put your observations on the “proper lines”? Especially if you are on OT 7, they sec check you at your expense at Nots rates ($7900 an intensive) and badger you in ethics till you key in. Then you need review after you get through your lowers.
    The MAA told me I couldn’t speak to my own wife about my disagreements because it was ” off line”. Nucking Futs. I told the MAA that was bullshit, I would never cut the comm line to my wife.

  47. Tony Dephillips

    If your not in the cult and never have been why do you give a shit Johnson?

  48. Globetrotter, perfect duplication of the scene. this has been the scene in that area for YEARS. Anyone that made it out of that area did so by applying Scientology. Those left would eat their young if it benefitted them.

  49. That is so true, isn’t it Jim. It’s that fear of the cost of the 6-mo Sec Check that is making these guys on Solo NOTs try to avoid all “this Black PR” on their lines. Potentially tens of thousands of dollars. So freakin suppressive.

  50. Creepy.

    Hey, what “Policy” are they talking about? A “policy” on donating for ideal orgs? And, “Org Image” ?? I think this guy might have an MU or two on that one. Does he mean HCOPL “The Org Image”? If so he should re-study it along with some other ones in the PR Series because he is full of shit if he is even suggesting that it says anywhere in there that Scientologists should be forced to donate millions for quarters their non-delivering orgs cannot even afford to maintain when donated.

  51. Tony Dephillips

    I wonder how the Kool aide drinkers spin all this?
    We are really winning so all the squirrels are howling. That’s how much we are winning. We are winning so much we will destroy ourselves because that would be the ultimate win.. Duh…

  52. I’m still amazed at your ability to get these internal docs, Marty. I hope you know that your rock! 🙂

  53. JM “Or are there different kinds of people,m e.g., those who CAN disagree and those who CANNOT?”

    My first thought was “There are also vertebrates and invertebrates”, but, realistically, being able to disagree starts with being able to hold a viewpoint.

    From the writeups it was astonishing how weak her ability to hold a position was, and how quickly she’d fall for a specious argument. It’s nice to be pan-determined as see another’s point of view, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy a non-sensical argument (such as “LRH donated the castle”) for fundraising when the off-policy nature of it has been thoroughly hashed over – with references – here on the blog.

    The very nature of her rollercoaster indicates she’s PTS. (Wow, big suprise huh?)

    Nice opener with the Serling, Marty. Perfect summation of CoS. “Logic is an enemy and truth is a menace.”

  54. Reading the communications from those kool-aid drinkers I simply started shaking my head in disbelieve. How ignorant and how brainwashed these people are.

  55. TheWidowDenk

    Does anyone know Alon Cashani’s post/org? The name is mentioned in the telex. Thanks …

  56. Sapere Aude

    How about some pictures.

    Check out the razor tipped fence keeping Sea Org members inside and unable to leave if they want. Entertaining enough? It takes some sick SOB to lockup dedicated staff behind that fence. Razor tip pointed outside might be for security. Razor tip pointed inside = prison camp suppression!

  57. Oh man, you really messed that up. You must be an SP.
    Where are the steps for IAS/Ideal Org fund/Books&Lecture packages and other required amends-donations??

    How else is the Church going to get the money it deserves?

  58. Cutting Org donation-income lines is suppressive. I read it in a policy.

  59. That is so true JM. Nothing like being 100% PTS where one’s current paychecks and all future imagined paychecks are totally dependent on being “in good standing” with DM’s church. Working at a Wise company ain’t so wise. Her need for the paycheck is why she went back to the church kissing their ass. Your right JM, she can’t just disagree.

  60. Oh William,

    Such a goof … read the dates again:

    23 September 2010

    02 October 2010

    The .pdf is so everyone including yourself can see the sorry shape state the church & the Bay area is in.

    Good try though 🙂

  61. The Oracle

    Lol! Too funny!

  62. The Oracle

    That is amazing. That must be scaring the hell out of them.

  63. The Oracle

    Is it just me or this too funny? Bruce must be declared because he got auditing from Marty? This more or less violates his civil rights.

    Uh oh….. but anyway, you read this comm, “She said, then he said, and she told him, and he mentioned to her..” from DSA and it is too funny. The trauma over bar b que chat! “Get those decares! We are NOW GOING TO ATTACK BY MAILING GOLDEN COLORED PAPER TO PEOPLE! CHARGE!”

  64. Eileen Clark

    I went away. I came back. Glad to know that what I said was of some use/help to you. The road to truth is so not a picnic. To be forced to so minutely inspect what I had dedicated my life to was like going to hell and coming back again. Sun is coming out!
    L, Eileen

  65. Eileen Clark

    Maybe Deep Fax could help with that scan….

  66. GH, great post and the steam is a boiling on the left coast for sure!

  67. Jim Logan, a friend of mine has a friend currently on a 6 month check and mind you has been on OTVII for 10 years and is currently put on the purif and he agreed because he was shown where when he originally did the purif some points were not in. The 6 month check before this one was a redo of OTIV. Wow talk about out tech and the agreement to forward this out tech. Completely insane.

  68. Eileen Clark

    Alon Cashani was FSO when I left the SO in 2007. No data on what is his current post, but could wager a guess as to what he is doing: acting as another link in the looonnngggg chain of FSO staff sent out to PAC to “handle OT’s” over the past 10+ years. He is also very likely there because someone else in the FSC WUS office has bitten the dust (failed to ‘handle the OT’s’) and is either on the RPF or “being cleaned up”. Something like that.

  69. I assume that Alon Cashoni is posted in the FSO Ruds Team as he is FSO staff and the FSO Ruds Team is mentioned in the despatch.

    Alon was on the Flag RPF with me in 2005. He was always a breath away from being Fitness Boarded out of the Sea Org. He had been in the RPF for years and had a long list of butchered preclears and no one wanted to twin with him. He is an ex officer in the Israeli army and could never shake a weird dominating valence he was stuck in. I’ll give him a break and not discuss his 2D perversions which he was supposed to handle on the RPF.
    While I was the Bosun of the Flag RPF in 2005 Alon was originating that he felt suicidal. It was being looked into whether he was just saying that to get a fast ticket out of the Sea Org or whether it was a legitimate out qualifications.
    Looks like he was just the guy OSA was looking for to track down and handle Scientologists that show signs of thinking for themselves.

  70. Susie just didn’t apply the doubt formula and then liability where you find out who your friends are and deliver a blow to the enemies of the group one has been pretending to be a part of despite personal danger. Unfortunately, it looks like any personal integrity went out the window ,very quickly, when her boss gave her an ultimatum. She is now headed for permanent confusion.
    Good luck on getting her Marine boyfriend interested in all this insanity.

  71. Love that song, and so appropriate!

    You have your own telex! How cool is that?

  72. I am dissafected about children turned into slaves in the Sea Org.
    I am disaffected about people turned into slaves in the Sea Org.
    I am dissafected about the COS hiring Private eyes to harash people.
    I am dissafected about the nuimber of cancer deatths in the COS.
    I am dissafected about the COS lying all the Time.
    I am dissafected about the IAS rackateer Game David Miscavige has going.

    Can you do something about that without lying to me ?

  73. One of the most secure prison camps in the world!

  74. Lol at me not getting the joke, sorry

  75. Ya, I remember junior high school now…these KRs brought it all back.

    The other thing: A telex. A TELEX? ‘Nuff said about that.
    Another thing: I am amazed by your far-reaching sources. May they stay safe and continue their productivity.

    But why all this objection to Fundraising? Isn’t that what Scientology is supposed to do? Oh wait, that’s FUN raising…

  76. I made a note of his name too and wonder the same. Last I know he was in the FLB RPF in 2007, and so was I. Alon had been rehabilitating himself for years and years. I said sayonara, he then inherited my RPF twin Fabiola. I will eat my hat if Alon ever sees the light and speaks out, you know what I mean.

  77. I agree David,
    Welcome to freedom!

  78. “Evaluation is the reactive mind’s conception of viewpoint. The reactive mind does not percieve, it evaluates. To the analytical mind it may sometimes appear that the reactive mind has a viewpoint. The reactive mind does not have a viewpoint , it has an evaluation of viewpoint. thus the viewpoint of the analytical mind is an actual point from which one percieves. Perception is done by sight, sound, smell, tactile, etc. The reactive mind’s ‘viewpoint’ is an opinion based on another opinion and upon a very small amount of observation, and that observation would be formed out of uncertainties.” LRH, COHA

  79. CofM loyal officers should read Orwells “1984”.

  80. The right name is:
    Thought Criminal Report (TCR)

  81. Refresh my memory; doesn’t LRH say somewhere that you have to BE OT to GO OT? (quite Zen, that.)
    Now we have a complete inversion – now you have to compromise all that is ‘OT’ in you, all that is essentially innate; so that you can BUY it back!

    If one ever had a problem with the idea of whole track implanting you only have to look at C of S.
    The implant is well and truly soldered in.

    It’s winter down here in South Africa but its good to be out of the cold and back in the sunlight.

  82. “Big Brother (dm) is watching YOU”

    Thought Police Sec Checking Thought Criminals.

  83. They should W/C and do the CDEI scale in clay.

  84. “Thought criminal”- spies everywhere in CofM.

  85. I WAS SUSAN LEWIS, back in 1995.

    This sort of thing goes on ALL THE TIME, in and around orgs across the world (which does, in fact, include more than the us of a) and has been for years – and you all know it. It is the very fabric upon which the cult feeds off for its twisted existence.

    This woman deserves our compassion, not our condemnation. Otherwise, we are NO better than the cult, and certainly, have not rehabilitated our humanity anymore than anyone trapped in the mental nightmare that is the Church of Scientology.

    Kim Baker

  86. Graviora_Manent

    They are not really telexes. It’s actually more like an internal email network system. Each post has its own login independent of the person holding the post. Log in, type and send. Other terminals receives it on their workstation. Think of groupwise, Outlook or Microsoft Mail with a Navy twist to it. It’s actually pretty nifty. Coolest was that your senior could log in as you any time and his senior an ad infinitum.

  87. “I told the MAA that was bullshit, I would never cut the comm line to my wife.”
    A man who stands by his wife… 🙂 ♥

  88. Looks like we are in a war. The players consider themselfs great magicians (to avoid the term OT as some involved do not consider themselfs scientologists) and every one of them wants to be the biggest and best. Those things we can read in the reports are made. They do not accidently appear to be there. To stay out of trouble you need to be on source. In this game one is not forced to choose a side. Choosing a side is being in that game.
    Thats my opinion to that. Sorry of having encrypted my message.

  89. Kim, I want to agree with you; I felt sad reading Susan’s “confession” Marty posted. BUT. Reading her posts as ‘Goddess’ from one year ago, I can’t shake my suspicion she was a willing, perhaps even a volunteer ‘plant’ back then.

    Now the fun and games are over. What is happening to her now shouldn’t happen to a dog. She is being treated like a dog.

    I think perhaps it is like “suffering and the last straw” – perhaps a person has to really hit bottom, “pass through the valley of the shadow of death” as has been posted here before by Marty and others, before she can finally arise, break free, and really live.

    At best, perhaps she will emerge as another Tory and kick some CoS butt. But even if not, I hope for her freedom.

    Yes, she deserves our compassion. But as a wounded animal, she can be dangerous and we must consider that, too.

  90. Tony,
    Same here. My husband got himself declared for standing by me. Unlike poor Susan above, you both have your Code of Honor in. ml, Laura

  91. I was Susan Lewis back in 2009.
    One of my ‘friends’ reported my crime of having anti DM sentiments to the thought police.
    I was publicly frogmarched out of the courseroom at Saint Hill by a gang of MAAs and sequestered in an auditing room where it was demanded that I give up all the names of all the persons I had spoken to and those who had spoken to me (on a meter).
    It was crunch time. I was given the choice to throw all my friends under a bus and try to salvage what I could of the situation or get attacked, lose my friends and have my kids attacked at school and disconnected from. I would never again be able to go to my beloved Saint Hill or play with my OT friends. I knew OSA would go after all my comm lines and slash them and I would be declared and cut off from the group that I (and my children) had known and loved for the last 20 years.
    I shut my mouth.
    Susan deserves nothing more than to be assigned the condition of Treason by the rest of the group. She’ll have to figure the rest out for herself.
    I have compassion for the people she screwed to save her own precious skin.

  92. Bruce,
    You’re my Neighbor! I’m right next door in Texas! I look forward to the get together in July! If you ever need a cup of sugar or anything… ml, Laura

  93. Martin Padfield

    Right Sam. Possibly the most powerful lesson I have learned these last 2 tumultuous years has been the importance of family. Of all DM’s evil purp dramatisations, it’s those which attempt to destroy families which spurs me on to continued action the most. Whilst watching the SP Times videos agog for the first time, about 18 months ago, the only moment I broke down was the point in Steve’s video where he – almost casually – says that DM took his unborn baby. It reminded me horribly when as a young SO member as Security Chief in the UK I became the enforcement arm of the order to ban kids from the SO. (1986?). Luckily I was never put in the position of having to persuade a female SO member to have an abortion, because brainwashed as I was, I have no doubt at the time I would have done so.

    Every day I look at my kids and thank God for the wonder and joy that I have been priveleged to enjoy. My wife and kids will ALWAYS come first.

    (Note to OSA UK: if you really think the pathetic attempts to shut me up have have had any effect other than to spur me on you are in for a very big surprise. The fun is only just beginning).

  94. Bruce.
    I had no idea you were such a stellar SP. You old rascal you!

  95. dm (=OSA=Thought Police) LOVES CRIMINALS.
    It´s just the right terminals to do the dirty work for Big Brother.

  96. For those who might have missed this from the tail end of the “Plant or Vegetable” comments, here’s a re-post:

    Last year’s posts by “Goddess” put me in mind of John Nunez’s account of the ‘fair game’ attempt on him back in summer of 2009. It’s the hints of out-ethics “fun” I think that’s similar, and the aura of “floating above it all and somehow coping successfully”.

    John documented the whole thing and posted it on his site. That operative’s posts have some of the same flavor as ‘Goddess’ posts…..

    “Here is a look at Fair Game in live, living color. ON ME.”
    by John Nunez:

  97. Some of those friends I protected then disconnected, attacked my kids and helped throw me under a bus.
    Bastards! Maybe I should have ratted on them 😀 😀 😀

  98. When you suppress something, it will explode.
    dm sits on a powder keg.

  99. I fathom this has been its operating basis for the last 40 years, no matter in which area.

  100. PS (because I’m on a roll now)
    Letting Susan be a victim in this won’t help to make her spine a little straighter, it will rather, confirm the ‘rightness’ of her actions. The compassionate thing to do in her situation is assign the condition.

  101. In my opinion, the minute she ratted on her “friends” to C0$ was the minute she forfeited any rights to her privacy. Mr. Rathbun did right putting these documents online. Unaltered and all names fully visible.
    You can have compassion, but you must not ignore the threat that emenates from people like those.

  102. LMAO!

  103. A Question From Asgard

    Would you, could you tell me Marty. Who owns the Church Of Scientology?
    Who owns IAS?
    Seeing that you were second in command RTC. What are the game ties?
    Just out of interest.

  104. Add this to your list:
    On the professional course lectures LRH has given us a question in order to detect squirrels, just ask a person:
    “How much freedom could you grant me/him…?

    Well, a person which puts/keeps her juniors in a dungeon answers
    the question. She is a squirrel.

  105. This makes a lot of sense to me. This is the way I live my life.
    Diversification make sense.

  106. Joe Pendleton

    JM, I learned after 35 years in Scientology (that was 5 years ago), that you speak the TOTAL sooth my good man!

  107. Insane is right Carol. A purif in the middle of OTVII? Violates C/S series 115- Mixing C/S’s and Rundowns.

  108. Joe Pendleton

    Carol – yes, Jim Logan is entirely correct in what he said. By the way, my predict on your friend for his next 6 month check…….objectives? Probably SA lists COMPLETELY done will be the pre-req for Super Power when it comes out in 20 years.

    At the same time, I have to add (and I try to do this not so often that I would make y’all totally sick of me) that EVENTUALLY it has to be up to these folks GETTING these 6 month checks to NOT agree to all this. They are GIVING the CofS this power over their lives. While we probably all have our own opinions about what gradient of “full responsibility” any one being should take at any given time, STILL these folks ARE at the highest levels of Scientology auditing. Many of them are also trained auditors. I’m just gonna have to be “unreasonable” here. THESE are the beings who need to recognize the outpoints and the very aberrated control which is being run on them…..and NOT go along with them. All of the justifications for doing so, are, well……….

  109. Joe Pendleton

    Jane, you’re right on the money. I also know and respect Tom and Vicki. You see in some of these writeups though, the STUNNING ignorance and inability to see outpoints by these “ethics terminals.” Julian Swartz mentions THREE OT VII’s as “having meetings to discuss disaffection.” You see, Julian has to be so mentally locked into points of view (to “do” his job) that he doesn’t even notice that these people who rise to some of the highest levels of awareness that HIS Org – AOLA – promotes, have looked at the current CofS and have at the least, serious misgivings about the way it is operating. Then the South Bay terminal says “I pointed out….that I have seen a reference re fundraising for Ideal Orgs.” Uhm…….I don’t know who this “Christina” is (teenager?), but does she know that LRH died in 1986 and that the “Ideal Orgs” fundraising started about 7 or so years ago? THESE are VERY respresentative of the types of people who are currently entrusted with the “ethics” part of Scientology. They are not intrinsically less intelligent of course than me or any of you folks, but they are stunningly ignorant and uneducated young people. And completely mind controlled.

  110. Ohhh my, it’s the Thought Police.

    crimestop: “The faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of any dangerous thought. It includes the power of not grasping analogies, of failing to perceive logical errors, of misunderstanding the simplest arguments if they are inimical to Ingsoc*, and of being bored or repelled by any train of thought which is capable of leading in a heretical direction. In short, protective stupidity.” — from “1984”, George Orwell.

    *Ingsoc (portmanteau of “English Socialism”) is the political ideology of the totalitarian government, as described within the novel.

    “He set to work to exercise himself in crimestop. He presented himself with propositions – ‘the Party says the earth is flat’, ‘the party says that ice is heavier than water’ – and trained himself in not seeing or not understanding the arguments that contradicted them.”

    “Did you ever read poor old George Orwell’s 1984? Yes,yes, that’s wonderful. That would be – could be the palest imagined shadow of what a world would be like under the rule of the secret use of Scientology with no remedy in existence.” — LRH, PDC lecture 6 December 1952 “Formative State of Scientology, Definition of Logic”. (Deleted from the GAK edition).

    doublethink: “To know and not to know, to be conscious of complete truthfulness while telling carefully constructed lies, to hold simultaneously two opinions which cancelled out, knowing them to be contradictory and believing in both of them, to use logic against logic, to repudiate morality while laying claim to it, to believe that democracy was impossible and that The Party was the guardian of democracy, to forget whatever it was necessary to forget, then to draw it back into memory again at the moment when it was needed, and then promptly to forget it again: and above all, to apply the same process to the process itself. That was the ultimate subtlety: consciously to induce unconsciousness, and then, once again, to become unconscious of the act of hypnosis you had just performed.” — from “1984”, George Orwell.

    “Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows.”

    “It’s a very simple remedy. And that’s just make sure that the remedy is passed along. That’s all. Don’t hoard it and don’t hold it; and if you ever do use any Black Dianetics, use it on the guy who pulled Scientology out of sight and made it so it wasn’t available. Because he’s the boy who would be electing himself ‘The New Order.’ And we don’t need any more new orders. All those orders, as far as I am concerned, have been filled.” — LRH, PDC lecture 6 December 1952 “Formative State of Scientology, Definition of Logic”. (Deleted from the GAK edition).

  111. Expelled4Life

    Very well put.

  112. Joe Pendleton

    Kim makes a good point. It is clear from just these scant ethics reports how completely COWED Susan was in these “handlings.” And really, unless one is VERY prepared when one sees a CofS ethics terminal, these are pretty much how these cycles are gonna go. Though I have to say that if you’ve even agreed to sit down with one of these folks and think you’re gonna have an actual and rational discussion on church outpoints, you’re already kinda severely deluded.

    Here’s the thing – it’s NOT about “concerns about fundraising” or new buildings or GAT drills. It’s about how the CofS has treated people like Tony Dephillips and his wife and Mary Jo (the OTVIII’s story here about a year ago) – folks who donated HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of thousands of dollars and when all they asked for was respect for their communication, they were “beaten up and thown out” when they had no more money to donate. I’d print out THEIR stories and I’d print out Hy Levy’s and Dan/Joe Howard’s and I’d give THOSE to the MAA or EO and I’d say “read those, so you’ll know what I’m concerned about” and then if you can get the MAA to read those, you can ask “How does that happen in the church of Scientology? Are they ALL SP’s? Explain that to me.” I’d like to see Julian Swartz’s face while and after reading those printouts. Heck, I’d like to see what Louie Swartz would have to say.

  113. For the record:
    OSA is delusional.
    If there had been a properly issued Bill of Particulars followed by a properly convened Committee of Evidence, you know, standard ethics and justice policy, it would have been established that either a) Marty and I are being setup or that b) I have never had any session from him.

    b) is very likely my loss at the moment. Helluva an idea who’s time has not yet arrived.

    Bruce Pratt

  114. Joe Pendleton

    Added note: I didn’t mean to imply, by the way, that Mary Jo and the Dephillips and others like them ONLY contributed their money. These folks dedicated as well their ARC, energies and their interest (“their heart and soul” as was said in the olden days) to the cause of Scientology. And in decades of dedication (like Dan and Hy and Marty and Mike, etc) they had PRODUCTS, baby! And this is all to be VERY respected.

  115. Your humble servant

    Entheta is not something negative said about a good group that you support. Entheta is the deliberate spreading of destructive, alarming (and often false or exaggerated) reports that is designed to upset and worry people. Thus, saying necessary truthful things about a group you support is not entheta. It is theta, even when they are negative.

    Ron disliked “splinter” groups because he didn’t see why we shouldn’t all cooperate and work together to accomplish the goals of Scientology, A civilization without insanity, without criminals, and without war. He never would have said that people should continue to support the official “Church of Scientology” if the organization got taken over by a nutjob psychopath who completely perverted the goals of the group. Remarkably, that is what actually happened.

    Also, a “squirrel” is someone who misapplies Scientology in a dedicated , continuous way through miscomprension. An example of this would be trying to use CO2 gas to “turn on mental image pictures” so that one could then run them out with Dianetics. Another example would be the use of sec checking as a political tool to enforce agreement among parishioners who might express doubts about the psychopath nutjob’s policies. Unfortunately, for many years now, the Church of Scientology is 100% in the camp of squirreldom, thanks to you know who and his dedicated supporters.

  116. This is exactly the way I experienced it and I have come out the other end such a better person – more humane, humble and tolerant.

  117. he gave us beer last year … need I say more?

  118. TheWidowDenk

    Thanks for the responses about Alon!

    I’m pretty sure this is the same person who dropped in on me at home a bit over a year ago, but I’m guessing on the time frame. Slim, dark hair, some kind of accent that I couldn’t place.

    I thought he was a nice guy, but that’s my tendency: “Nice guy until proven differently.” Wanted to get me set up for a trip to Flag to “handle” my upset. “Auditing will help, it always does.” When I went to Flag was totally up to me. I set a date 3 or 4 weeks hence (I believe).

    Next step was to procure an airlines ticket and he had the means to do that by phone using my credit card number.

    Then I needed to procure accommodations at Flag. He had me speak to a gal (I believe she was at the FSC WUS office) who said I needed to pay so much for so long of a stay. When I told her I already had accommo’s on account, she said, “I’ll have to check that out.”

    Red flag right there as she didn’t believe me about the accommodations.

    And, that reminded me of a seemingly innocuous statement that Alon had made to me in the course of our conversation: “We are under attack.”

    He used the word “we.” Now, I’d been under attack for years … through the year of Dr. Denk’s illness (2004) and most certainly after his departure. I had taken the full brunt of the attack personally and never once attacked back. In fact, my whole operating basis was either “yes” or “no” while attempting to be quite effective in my personal actions.

    Yet, the word “we” included me and seemed to be intended to incite me to do something about an attack on “us.”

    That’s when I visited the internet … to find out what this “we are under attack” was all about.

    The next day I canceled the airlines ticket and placed a call to Alon to let him know I had done so. I had to leave a message as he didn’t pick up the call. A few weeks later, I received a call from the van driver at the Flag airport wondering if I had arrived on my scheduled flight. What dev-T for him!

    Then I thoroughly researched “we are under attack” and eventually “met up” with Marty during Daniel’s plight.

    I love the “Look, Don’t Listen” policy! Sometimes, however, you have to listen (acutely) to know where to look.

  119. Graviora_Manent

    After the FLB RPF he was posted as a Dishwasher at the Hibiscus Restaurant of the FH when it opened. He was still in his stuck up self. I can’t say he actually finished the RPF because a lot of the RPF guys were taken off and used to man the new posts that emerged with the FH reopening. Even though they were off the RPF, they were still on their RPF co-audit but couldn’t be promoted to anything else until done with the program.

    Your twin Fabiola was one of them as well. I really liked her when I was there. Too smart to be still sipping on the Koolaid.

  120. TJefferson

    Does the current C of $ remind anyone else of the Inquisition or Nazi Germany? Well we know how those ended!

  121. Scott Campbell


  122. martyrathbun09

    That’s why you are admired Sam. You know what friendship is and live by it.

  123. I just got the name. I never thought about it before for some reason.
    Willie Johnson

  124. You forgot “Pre-GAT” and “Post-GAT.”

    I saw that in the first post, report on Susan. And the author of that KR did NOT fail to mention her (ancient) history of having been involved with the G.O…. what? 30+ years ago? But somehow that is relevant to all of this.


  125. Am I reading this nonsense correctly- is the public now considered an external influence and that therefore necessitates an external security division to deal with this? Let us take this one step further and suppose that I want to eat a strawberry ice cream and also buy a strawberry ice cream for a staff member. It is a nice sunny day and we enjoy eating our ice cream. Later on this staff member is berated by his senior for goofing off. He sheepishly admits that I bought him an ice cream and that he ate the ice cream. I could be accused of being an external influence. This is not a hypothetical situation . It is the way matters are evolving in the Cof$. I have some advice to Davey boy – don’t be too worried- pretty soon you won’t have any public left to worry about any external influence . Honestly, what a cult mentality whose only purpose is control. Sick!!!

  126. How about the Declares!? Get them written up per HCO PL yada yada… and the Comm Ev? Does everyone just have an M.U. on what the hell a Committee of Evidence even IS??? They aren’t done. They’ve NEVER been done!

    Bruce… please, for the love of God… DEMAND A COMM EV! And be sure to SHOW UP! Record it any way you can: video, audio, whatever. Hell, I’ll pay for a transcriber if you can get them in the door!

    Fuse is lit… indeed.

    The more I see of all this, the more I feel for Susan. Someone needs to do an “intervention” and go rescue the poor woman. Under this much pressure, and from her posts before now… she’s gonna snap! It’s not pretty.

  127. “… typing something as a .pdf ….” William, you are a goddamn technological genius. You even typed a period before pdf. Perhaps you could also show us how to “type something as a .jpg” or “type something as a .wmv”? Goddamn Adobe Acrobat doxing genius, you are!

    P.S. Are you giving yourself grades yet for your appearances over here? How’s your performance so far? Giving yourself all As?

  128. Jane, Tom C is a class VIII and this is before GAT. I actually do not know if he ever re did his training. Lucky him! Tom and Vikki are nice people and to not be able to have a viewpoint and the safety to express it is so suppressive.This is a constant in that area. Christina is the missionholder of the South Bay Mission located in WillowGlen. She was an awesome tech terminal who went into agreement with the suppression. Mari and John are caring people. From what I see nothing in that area has changed it has only gotten worse. You cannot stand up and say or do anything to change anything period. If you do you become their WHO and their WHY.

  129. Covert LRH under-bus-throw.
    Thats a 15 minute penalty in the box.

  130. Bozz — I am working on it.

    I busted Darlene, the DSA, on the off policy of her even having a declare with out so much as a Bill of Particulars much less a Comm Ev. Further to withhold the declare, as in refuse to give me a copy, was more policy violations.

    It’s in the posting on http://possiblyhelpfuladvice.com/?p=1409

    So I’m attempting to chat with the IJC via the CJC. Ain’t holding my breath. I’ve seen no evidence any of these terminals have any understanding, anymore, of what LRH was trying to do.


  131. A key aspect of Miscavige’s control is overwhelming PR. That gives people something to grab onto in fog of PTS confusion. It’s easy to say “Well, they must be SPs because look at all the HUGE things COB is doing!”.

    The handling for that might be to do an actual examination and review of past “HUGE”ness to see if it actually produced any product, or what product it did produce. They buy the PR in other words- or they don’t quite buy it, but group pressure and fear keeps them from thinking about it.

  132. dm as “Senior C/S FSO”

  133. Great post. Part of the King of Squirrels trademark psychosis is complete violation of the reward side of ethics. It absolutely does not matter how productive anyone has been nor what they did for the last 30 years. All that matters is what one thinks now. And if any of that thinking is contrary to the King of Squirrels, then one is an “external security threat” and will be tossed out like yesterday’s newspaper, or better yet used as kindling to stoke the fires of religious intolerance.

  134. Bruce,

    The problem is that the CJC and IJC are merely facepuppets. THey have no authority to do anything when it comes to someone like you. You are in a special category — you “know MCR”. This puts you into the realm of the OSA External Security police — and they in turn have to report UP to CO OSA Int who reports to Warren McShane who reports to the Almighty himself. Probably the Almighty is sent a blind cc of the report so there is no paper trail and he can deny ever knowing anything about it if need be.

    Dear Leader probably issued an order at some point “Dont let Rathbun and Rinder get copies of their declares, they will just put them on the internet” and that has been extended to anyone who knows Rathbun or Rinder or who posts on Marty’s blog (you of course are guilty of all three, and in addition you are a wise guy :)).

    So, you won’t get much joy from Darlene or CJC or IJC. They are no more able to do anything than Suzie Lewis.

    Glad you’re not holding your breath. Otherwise there wouldnt be anyone to organize the beer for July 4th and there are a few who would be sorely disappointed….

  135. Mike Hobson

    @Marty or Mike: I was mistaken. The italics problem starts in John Doe’s post here:

    Any time you see the lower part of the comments section all italics or bold, somebody used HTML coding incorrectly in their post.

    Michael A. Hobson

  136. Got it. Fixed.

  137. Steve — totally agreed. One minor exception — big sources of cash. They are exempted from everything (at least until a bigger one comes along). Mike

  138. ‘We are under attack’. Sounds like Alon all right! For him, life was a battle as if nothing else would be more important than to fight an enemy. Your description matches, the accent of Alon comes from Israel. Also matches the dev-t created for the airport driver. ( I’d use the word ‘hypnotized’ to further describe Alon ).

    I congratulate you for dropping the going to ‘church’ plan, looking and sometimes, listening 🙂

  139. DFB — It’s as old as Gene Ingram making phone calls as Jack Mehoff. Bill Yaude or Dave LaBlow or whoever is assigned troll duty these days thinks its pretty clever. What they dont seem to understand while they sit chuckling to themselves about their incredible cleverness, is that they serve only one purpose: to confirm for anyone that needs it (and there are those that lurk on this blog who are not totally decided about their position, though most need no further evidence of the insanity of the Vampire Empire) that those things they have heard or read about are in fact true. Those trolls provide a public service, much like Tommy Davis announcing “there is no disconnection.” It just pushed people off the fence, only to land outside the bubble of the C of M.

  140. Joe, I heard on the grapevine that Just Me might be the finest of gentleWOMEN 😉

  141. Look at you getting all Sudden! But, I fully agree – Globe’s satire is so true that I totally get the response.

    I am disaffected about the same things, and I add:

    – Using our critics’ worst stereotype of a “cult” and a “cult member” as a blue print for how to act.
    – Dismantling Scientology and having the nerve to still call it such.
    – The glee-like willingness to sling innuendo, goldenrod, and “Tone 40” looks.
    – The jailing of SO members like Danny M. when they decide to move on.
    – The beautiful children who were not born.

    There is more.

  142. Summer Wind


  143. Asgard — he who controls the money and the people. THere is no legal ownership of any organization that is a non-profit — by definition it is established for the public benefit. But in the real world, if you have the support of the followers and can dictate the use of the funds, you “own” it.

  144. Sam: Give me their names and I will send them a personal thankyou note, as without them, we may never have found you as a friend (though the part about the girls at school we could have done without…)

  145. How. Cussing. Stupid. I swear to God – what the cuss?

    This is such the EXACT OPPOSITE of Scientology!

    This CONTROL BUTTON is absolutely incredible.

    Don’t SAY anything.
    Don’t HEAR anything.
    Don’t THINK about it.
    If you DO think about it, YOU CAN ONLY TALK TO THE MAA.
    It is your duty.

    Oh, and by the way, when you are done, you will be CAUSE OVER LIFE.

    Anyone else see the outpoints here? OSA? Sue?

  146. GM, I thank you for the news of my former twin Fabiola -yours is the only bit of update on her I’ve gotten since I left in Aug 2007. I will give her this credit as well; having gotten me through a lot of auditing and finishing me on 1D FPRD (my God by that time I was overcooked!), I was ready to route off the RPF program 🙂 I was happy to audit but could not think of receiving more auditing. So yes, even with warped FNs, iffy EPs and the many doubts that one had to swim through to stay alive in the RPF, I’ve always given her the credit for… well, getting the hell out! Maybe, just maybe, one day I will be able to make her aware of my sentiments because she got out, too.

  147. The Buffalo and SF “Ideal Orgs” were in place in 2003 – that would be EIGHT YEARS, folks. How’s it going for them? Is SF clear? Is Buffalo? Yeah, right.

  148. TheWidowDenk

    I believe it was the late 1980’s, perhaps early 1990’s, when I was called “B*TCH” by an ASI staff member in the presence of an SO member from another org. (Can I say that word online? If not, I will stand corrected.)

    I wrote it up.

    Next thing I know, I receive my report back with a copy of an FO (I’m pretty sure it was an FO) that basically stated no non-SO could report on an SO member.

    I wonder if this encouraged “public-reporting-on-public” has some basis in the use of that FO. This is somewhat of a generality, but I recall reading many accounts of where the individual reported something on a “standard line,” and only after it wasn’t handled or the individual was targeted for his report, did he/she become suspicious and then talk to friends, etc.

    After all, if a public person cannot report a situation and feel assured it will get corrected, I wonder what’s the use …

  149. TheWidowDenk

    Thanks, Kirsi!

  150. Bruce, As long as you bring the beer I really don’t care who you are, you’re good people. No Scotch please. I’m a ‘Sam Adams’ man just so you know.
    I’m intending to get a good buzz on and tell a few stories, pending my auditors approval that is. Well done on being another big bad ‘SP’! Love, Sargio

  151. But, but, but, Mike — All these folks want to “salvage” me. What’s a pour fella to do?

    I know. Apply liberal quantities of LRH.

    Meantime, I have only one regret. I regret I have but one keg for 4 July.


  152. That is so true – the ironic thing is that the fear of penalty is SO TOTALLY UNFOUNDED. The REAL penalty is the loss of integrity by going along with OSA and COB’s Stasi-style tactics. It is like Mr. David Miscavige saw “The Lives of Others” and had a reverse-epiphany! I can hear him now:

    “THAT’S how to DO it, you C*&^ S*(&^ers!”

    The Berlin Wall fell in just a few days. Get those fins ready!

  153. GH — perhaps a more relevant question concerning the “model” Ideal Org that all others were based on (The “Buffalo Pattern”) is whether you can even find anyone IN the Buffalo “Ideal Org” and if the lights are on. I have it on good authority that “struggling” would be a kind word to describe its idealness, moribund would be more accurate. Someone could probably wander in, take as many photos of the empty spaces as they wanted, and walk right back out again without anyone even noticing…. Maybe one of those Bay area people could do the same for SFO and provide a report.

    Sooner or later the sheeple are going to wake up. The “Ideal Org” strategy has NOTHING to do with expanding Scientology.

    It’s all about propping up Dear Leader’s image as “leading the greatest expansion in history”…. bleeccchhhhh

  154. Lucky Dilettante

    I also forgot:
    ” pre-MAYO”, “post-MAYO”

  155. Role models, Sam. It’s all in TWTH, really. You, Marty, Mike, Steve, god do I have to say Dan, Jim, David St L more, many more set the good example for me.


    Bruce Pratt

  156. I recently re-saw “Robin Hood” with Errol Flynn from 1938. It should be required (and quite pleasant) viewing for all Independents. The insouciance is the key! I can hear it now!

    “Come now, John Allender – who are you really? Are you not a MAN? Ha, ha, ha! Go back to your little pipsqueak of a COB and let the real men and women alone. Go along now. Scoot! Ha, ha, ha!”

    Up tone, doing the job. THAT WILL DRIVE THEM NUTS. And, it is effective!

  157. We are kindred soused souls, Sargio!
    I really like how you roll.


  158. Pictures would be a great contribution. Empty Idle Orgs are the EXACT opposite of what they are advertised as being.

    Advertisement: “Clear City!”
    Reality: VOID org.

    I mean, if the org was buzzing, but Buffalo and SF were still not clear, you could say “hey, they are on their way!” But, the example is having to have before they can do. SF and Buffalo HAVE. They are NOT DOING. They are EMPTY.

    I got an email asking for donations for an Idle Org in Inglewood, CA. Inglewood? Are you kidding me?

  159. Well, it’s quite a list actually. NKVD, Stasi, FBI (at least under Hoover), FSB, Ministry of State Security, ad nauseum.
    Some have not ended, just morphed. The Captive Brains reference applies.


  160. Mike Hobson

    Sam, from what has been reported so far, you must be a most awesome friend – and a total formidable enemy. McSavage must tremble at your name.
    On the whole, I think I would rather have you as a friend 🙂
    Michael A. Hobson

  161. Mike Hobson

    Excellent! And now you know what to do, should it happen again.
    Michael A. Hobson

  162. The ironic thing is that FOs are NOT policy for anyone out of the SO. So, using an FO as policy for you to follow is off policy.

    But, it does show the mind-set of the SO. I was told more than once “How DARE you say ANYTHING about an SO member????”

    I said F.O.!

  163. GH — Yeah, that “Ideal Org” in Inglewood was announced and shown about 10 years ago, along with the “Ideal Org” in Harlem. There were fly-throughs of the building and everything!

    Now that was one of those Hollywood smoke and mirrors extravaganzas that exceeded even the “Grand Openings” of “Idle Orgs” because there was nothing there at all, and there STILL isnt!! I think they had a building, but there was NO org — ie NO staff.

    In the immortal words screamed by Dear Leader at the end of his presentation: “Now THAT’S expansion on a truly global scale!!!!!!! (Applause, standing O, cheering, whistling).

  164. Sam-You got my vote!

  165. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Laura,
    Good for your husband! Tell him I said Hi!! 🙂

  166. I have a bit different take on families Martin. Just look at my brother.
    What astonishes me is how Hollywood is fairly acurate in matters of portrayal. Did LRH tell them or something on the recent track.

    Go get your blasted lie detector and I will tell you abit of what happened when she turned up at Castle Vlad Dracula to bring him to his knees. That be a sudden challenge. I have seen Marty on TV with his truth meter.

    I have seen a proffesional on Sky TV who is quite brilliant even without his police lie detector telling who is lying or not.

  167. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Grasshopper,
    That’s right what you say.
    It got pretty bad because they would mess you up with all the sec checking and tough finances to stay on the level. My wife would see the bad indicators in me and say I needed to audit more. If I audited then I had all the three swing f/n shit to worry about. If I put it on the “proper lines” which I did numerous times then it would mean being thrown back into the courseroom for more 3 swing f/n spotting, more expensive sec checking, cramming that never seem to handle anything. The MAA would say that “you can’t talk about your case to anyone other than the DofP or auditor”, “you can’t talk about out points with anyone other than the proper terminals.” So you effectively couldn’t talk to your own wife about anything important that was happening with you in Scientology. Can you imagine the level of cut comm, out of comm, you would have in your 2d if you would listen to that insanity??

  168. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Mike,
    Do you have any idea how long dm thinks he can get away with this scam? Do you think he is so stupid that he isn’t thinking about the end game?

  169. I thank you for that piece of information Mike. I did not know that about the non-profit idea.

  170. Tony DePhillips

    It must be Deep Fax…

  171. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Mat, that’s good to know.

  172. I’m telling you Willie is DM and he is uneducated. He would make errors like that because he never went to proper school. Also he has a fixation on penis’s. William is Willie. Johnson is, well, you know. That’s his fixation.

    ML Tom

  173. Tony DePhillips

    I like Joe Pendleton.

  174. You confirmed what I already knew had to be true. Alon was allowed off the RPF without achieving the test of an RPFer which is to make someone else better.

    During the weeks I was trying to route out of the Sea Org (from the RPF)
    Alon was one of the people assigned to be my personal security guard (24/7). He had reached a common point as a veteran Sea Org member.
    He was middle aged, had no possessions or money, had no skills to exchange with society, had hit a dead end as a staff member but was understandably, afraid to walk out the door to start a new life with nothing.

    He is working to keep others in the same trap he finds himself. Its no accident that Sea Org members are kept virtually penniless and given almost nothing but a ticket out of town when they leave.

  175. Tony,
    I will!

  176. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Widow,
    That is CRAZY saying that as public can’t report on an SO.
    I belive that dm tried to drive a wedge into any ARC or equality between the Sea Org and the public.
    The idea that ALL Sea Org are good and beyond reproach by the public is wrong and evil. The public has the right to identify out-ethics to the (hopefully ethical management) to correct situations that the public identify.
    Also the idea that any Sea Org member was more responsible than any public is also false. There have been many public that have created bigger effects than some Sea Org members. It should not be “they are better than” that is the game that dm is trying to play, like the time he told Sarge he couldn’t eat with the CMO. What elitest bullshit..This from a church??

  177. Honestly Marty,

    I was struck by Rod Serling’s comments that dictators made enemies of the truth.

  178. Without too much stretch of the imagination this quote from 1961 could be describing the bizarre bazaar headed-up by the psychotic runt:

    “For we are opposed, around the world, by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence; in infiltration instead of invasion; on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice; on guerillas by night instead of armies by day. It is a system which has conscripted vast human and material resources into the building of a tightly knit, highly efficient machine that combines military, diplomatic, intelligence, economic, scientific, and political operations. Its preparations are concealed not published. Its mistakes are buried, not headlined, its dissenters are silenced, not praised; no expenditure is questioned, no rumor is printed, no secret is revealed. It conducts the cold war, in short, with a wartime discipline no democracy would ever hope to wish to match.”
    John F. Kennedy 1961

  179. I am not with you on that ( biggest or the best) George. I am not at war. I have thrown in the hammer after Loki as blood on his hands after trashing the first point of The Code Of Honour. But then had not the benefit of FPRD or the new NOTs Rundowns.
    Those who consider themselves great magicians made it through LRHs Dianetics and Scientology Auditing and teachings in P.T.- after 1943 or whenever LRH started Auditing I imagine.

  180. Sam,

    I can’t imagine being in the position you were in and having to decide in an instant what to do. Knowing the communication and attachments in your life and in the lives of your family at risk. I’m thrilled to see you free and speaking out 🙂 Have a great day!

  181. WindWalker


    Little poetic interlude perhaps.

    I walked the path,
    deep into my past,
    of sins,
    and lies,
    and pain,
    till I finally found the very spot
    where I’d left my honor lain.

    The joy I felt when all was seen,
    the pure, unbridled gain,
    when I’d finally found what I had lost,
    my Honor
    mine again!


  182. Recently I spent a couple days in Nashville, all day at the org.

    There was no foot traffic. No one in the public displays.
    I saw two people in the Div 6 reg space once and empty other than that. I took a tour and all the film rooms were empty, all the auditing rooms were empty, all the courserooms were empty with the lights shut off except for Academy Theory which looked to have @ four people on their Basics I assume.
    There were two people in Div 6 that appeared to be doing a Dianetics co-audit.
    I was told that the org had gone “from three staff to seventy” when it became an Ideal Org, but when I looked at the Org Board I counted @ 20 staff and mostly low on the board with many key posts HFA. I estimate the number of different staff I saw in the org throughout the day, probably day and foundation 10- 15. I saw one person waiting for a session in the HGC.

    I’m sure there was activity I did not see and it was on a weekday. However this is what I did see and based on that and my knowingness having spent a lot of time on Class V staff I feel that they are probably far from “viable” and certainly are not “booming”.

  183. They are in a bubble. I guess they will come out of it when it pops.

  184. Rinder Loyalist

    I well remember standing in the Exec area of an org, listening to the DSA presenting relayed orders about returning a public from a higher Org, for merely having confessed she had gone through such a rough period in her life that she had briefly contemplated “ending it all” (as have many pre-OTs on Flag’s roller-coaster ride – some who have actually carried it out). A yell from one of the more outraged executives ensued right after clarifying that this auditor’s code violation was really just a volunteered -thought- (actually a priest-penitent, deeply personal expression of case desperation) and with no real-world attempt ever made:


    This expression of a chilling reality snapped me right into PT, and I was wary of OSA security and its unlimited god-like powers over arbitrary illegal pc declares ever after. This was my introduction to Reverse Scientology. I will forever be grateful to this executive for his/her forthright, no comm-lag observation.

  185. “The idea that ALL Sea Org are good and beyond reproach by the public is wrong and evil.”

  186. Tony — He thinks he is invincible. Sort of like the Titanic. He thinks he will be sailing across the Atlantic for many years to come….

  187. martyrathbun09

    Good post CD. Miscavige ordered that. In the thousands of pages of Flag Orders the Old Man never established such a ridiculous policy. Didn’t need to. People were expected to have Ethics Presence in the SO, which primarly consisted of being right more than they were wrong, and never wrong on the big issues.

  188. Great info DFB. Confirms what many others have reported.

    Someone was in Tampa’s newest Idle Org a couple of weeks ago and the staff there helped video the place (so the person could get in the shots) — nobody there either….

    These “Ideal Orgs” are a scam that Bernie Madoff looks upon with envy. Keep increasing your real estate holdings, all the while using the new real estate to con others into giving more. And pretend its really “clearing the planet” (of course, can’t REALLY do that til Super Power comes along though) to convince people to give more money and have confidence in the Ponzi King.

    In the annals of con-dom, Miscavige will be a Hall of Famer.

  189. martyrathbun09

    This comment was edited and earlier ones by you did not make the grade here for one reason and one reason alone. They are calculated to divert from the discussion at hand. I give you the gong mostly when you inject such comments into a thread like this one where a tremendous amount of value is being done for great number of people. That is the last time I’m answering your oft repeated taunt. I’m tired of your running interference for OSA and Miscavige. Did I call you a plant? No. Did I say you were running interference for OSA and Miscavige? You are DAMN right I did. Have a nice day.

  190. In religion and politics people’s beliefs and convictions are in almost every case gotten at second-hand, and without examination, from authorities who have not themselves examined the questions at issue but have taken them at second-hand from other non-examiners, whose opinions about them were not worth a brass farthing.

    – Autobiography of Mark Twain

  191. Or when they muster the courage to poke a finger at the bubble….

  192. Based on what and who’s purpose it is serving, maybe it should be called:


    What do you think?

  193. Yes, that is a screwed up FO, all right. It is like putting up a sign that says “I am PERFECT” and then pointing to it whenever you screw up as proof that the accuser is a bastard.

    “The sign says I am perfect! Therefore I am perfect! Therefore everything I do is perfect! Therefore, anyone who says otherwise is WRONG and EVIL. Because I am perfect! Read the cussing sign!”

  194. Graviora_Manent


    Here is more then. Fab was posted as the host at the Hibiscus after FH opening. She was there till Dec ’09. She was twinned with a girl whose name escapes me now. This girl was married to a Jeremy, Snr Dir Comm. They got each other thru the pgm. Fab then got posted as Exec Esto Flag Crew. She is now married to a Luca Biancolini. They are really cute together. Seemed as a right fit together. So in love. Hopefully they can stay together and get the hell out of there. She was my rock.

  195. Well it looks hap-hazard and kind of copypasted.

    And in 1983 or 1984 the “TV Incident” occured. The Church Stole the TV’s of all the SEA ORG members. Miscavige owes you all the value of such TV with intrest.

  196. GH: I have never seen or heard of such an FO….

  197. Tony Dephillips

    1 Keg??!
    Better get busy or I will help with your addendum.

  198. +++

  199. No kidding. It would be good to have a definitive Independent library or source list, would it not? I don’t have access to the FOs – they were never published in any book form I know of, and I never kept my staff hats. I do have the Red and Green vols and a couple of blue volumes, and have access to a number of lectures.
    I have “The Basics” and many copies of pre-2007 books as well. I sort of collected them along the years – I even have the original copy of Astounding Science Fiction with Evolution of a Science in it. I found it in the old used book store across from the HI on Hollywood Blvd when I was on staff in 1977.

    Anyway – purported policies are a pain in the ass. Not saying this FO is or is not, but there are enough published and easily discovered policies and bulletins out there to make a significant case against what DM and his crew are doing, and a case for what the Church SHOULD be doing.

  200. Mike
    On the whole the girls are doing much better. What they had to endure was cruel and unfair but… well they’re my kids 😀 They’re stronger and brighter for it.
    And I’m glad too.

  201. CMMS = kinda looks like USSR

  202. “Forty years ago”, again.

    Penalty box.

  203. Awwwwwwwww! Feeling the love from all of you. Real friends are hands down the best reward you can have for playing the game of life. Can’t wait until the 4th so we can all hold hands and sing kumbaya 😉 😀

  204. And I have no doubt I would have found you. All part of the journey ‘home’

  205. Thanks Mimi.
    I don’t think that situation even comes down to a decision. You either can or you can’t. I couldn’t… that’s why I’m here. That’s why we’re all here.

  206. “As the Sea Org is the infinite guarantee that Scientology® Technology will always be around, it is a SUPPRESSIVE ACT to denigrate or invalidate the Sea Organization.”

    I thought it was the IAS, no? Maybe that will be next. 😛

  207. Sam,
    I agree! You are an extemely fair person! ml, Laura

  208. I don’t want to offend furry little primates, however, doesn’t dm personify a rutting chimpanzee?

    By the way, here’s a leaked video of him with his personal trainer:

  209. I am all for this holding hands thing, with selectivity ;-).

    But kumbahumbug. Sarge has stories, others have tall and other tales to be told. I got beer to keep cold. Yeah. kumbahumbug.


  210. Yup! 1 keg for the 4th.
    Another keg for the 3rd. 🙂
    By the way. I’m looking for someone who’s got their practical thermodynamics down cold. I’ll ping ya via email on this.


  211. Actually it is a “Merc”for Mercury transmission a Network that was developed by INCOM(anyone remember them?) back in the early ’80’s very similar to E-mail.

    We used to call ’em mercs back then however I guess they’ve gone back to calling them telexes for some reason.

    I guess it is an interesting indicator.

    Probably dropped out the merc designation around the same time they dropped out Streamlines developed around the same time which actually sped up training.

    Along with SIR that could have accessed these mythical references on Fund Raising and would have supported the Golden Age of Tech if they actually existed.

    Funny how they now use the tried and true method of Mad Ave to convince “Scientologists” about the “validity” of these off policy actions by testimonials instead of showing the actual policy or tech.

    Must be Bob Gray’s influence on the organization.

    And they call us “squirrels”.

    Hypocrisy knows no bounds.

    I’d say that is definitely a case of the Pot accusing the Kettle of being black.

    Marty I’d say your intro to all this is spot on.

    You can see by these messages and “telexes” that they plan to force these arbitrary actions down anyone’s throat who questions them using policy if they can not be “Perception Managed” with “wins” and testimonials from others who have either been beaten down into conformity by peer pressure, sec checking etc or who don’t know any better.

    How nice.

    Also nice that they equate any questioning of “command intention” as quote Black PR unquote instead of self inspection which proves that the Orgs have taken on the color of a Suppressive.

    On a smaller scale consider a PC or Pre OT who felt the actions they received were *out tech* but instead of reviewing the folder and correcting it they try to convince the PC or Pre OT that squirrel actions they are taking are “correct”.

    If that doesn’t sell ’em then just routing them to ethics and if they continue to demand Standard Tech.

    Declare ’em!

    Which is pretty much what is going on here on a larger scale in regards to the 3rd Dynamic.

    Thing is they tried a similar “handling” here in LA a few years back and that really didn’t work out well for them now they try to ignore any “disaffection” and pretend it doesn’t exist.

    In fact they declared one of their top field auditors Trey Lotz in the same way they are set to declare Bruce which by all observations back fired on them.

    Of course the orgs these days tending to be suppressive will probably follow Einstein’s definition of insanity to the letter and will probably try the same op in Frisco expecting a different result.

  212. RJ — to clarify.

    Merc was an internal computerized message system. It was not supposed to be used for management — only communications within management (it did get perverted to be used to continental level, but not to orgs).

    The Mercury System was not intended to replace “telexes” as there was policy and Central Bureau Orders and Flag Orders on telexes, their format and telex discipline. So, even when the message was no longer transmitted by “telex” but through the internet, it continued to be done in the same format. No change. THere are only two forms of written communication allowed to be sent to orgs — Telexes and Despatches and they have different purposes and content. And even if no telex machine is used, the same system is still employed.

    But, for the most part, this is all an academic discussion, because there is NO management in the Scientology structure any longer. Just reg quotas and “all hands” scotch taping together “Ideal Orgs” so Dear Leader can stand in front of them and pull on a ribbon then show it at an event.

  213. It reminds me of NorthKorea. See “Welcome to NorthKorea” on Youtube. The parallels are astonishing, from the thought control, to the starvation, to the IdleOrgs.

  214. 😉

  215. Mike Hobson

    I don’t see any Ron Hubbard signature at the bottom of that, either.

    Sort of a tiny omission, don’t you think ?

    Michael A. Hobson

  216. “Susan deserves nothing more than to be assigned the condition of Treason by the rest of the group. She’ll have to figure the rest out for herself.”

    Makes sense to me.

  217. I saw that too. Maybe Davey didn’t tell him.

  218. Valkov — Remarkable. Scary. Chilling.

    The rest of the series is just as incredible.

    This and 1984 tell one side of the story of the C of M. The Lives of Others gives the other side.

  219. ahh sweet Nostalgia

  220. ottocscotto

    What a LOT of comments! I have nothing worth adding, so I’ll sit right down right her and write this poem for you all:

    Let’s go and help the helpless.
    But first, let’s go
    And help the brave, help themselves
    Help them to see, help them to feel
    Help them to rise about their demons
    Soar in the the beautiful blue sky
    And land, another day, on their feet
    Ready and ‘raring to go into the crowd
    Mingle amongst the defilers
    Acknowledge them for what they are
    Acknowledge the evil which poors from their souls
    Wish them well and give them the chance
    They never would have given anyone else
    To recover from their self-imposed isolation
    To recover themselves from their misdeeds
    And once again see that they are their own vessels of salvation
    They are the ends of their own designs

    ‘Tis not the devil against whom they rail
    But the Demon in their heads which out-shine their own glorious thoughts.

    Let’s help the brave come into the place they once lost
    Ready, again, to stand up for betterment, for beauty
    For the exalted freedom of integrity.

    Let’s help the future to be again as it was in that
    Long ago past we lost before we knew better.

  221. Eileen Clark


    Thank you for that beautiful acknowledgement.
    Honor=courage=honesty=self-respect=Me and Thee, et al.

    Sadly the missing ingredient for all those remaining blind.

    The Code of Honor was the first writing of LRH’s that I read.
    I did then and do now recognize how very basic and vital having that code is. All o/w writeups and lower conditions I ever did that were for my benefit and not ordered for the assuaging of someone else’s purps, were done against that code. Still have patches of doo doo stuck to me, but I try to keep it in…:-}

  222. Howard Roark


  223. Mike,

    Not to forget the programs, and evals. Werent the dispatches and telexes primairly to manage, support and direct org specific evals and programs tailored to the specific orgs for their local circumstances, and to maintain continuity and minimize cross orders?

  224. Howard Roark

    The Inglewood and Harlem orgs probably have to be rushed for the NOI, right?

  225. Tony DePhillips


  226. Howard Roark

    Didn’t quite buy it but group pressure and the constant thought that my observation was out kept me buying, and paying $ for it, for years.

  227. Howard Roark

    I wonder if they meter check everyone who’s left…

  228. Howard Roark

    “He is working to keep others in the same trap he finds himself. Its no accident that Sea Org members are kept virtually penniless and given almost nothing but a ticket out of town when they leave.”

    That is an intense picture you paint. But it helps me to duplicate that viewpoint.

  229. Typing something as a .pdf doesn’t make it docs either. Both are dated today. Entertaining, maybe.

    Property Tab indicates Acro-Image Plug-in was used for Scanner input, not DOCS.

    Oddity is the A4 sized paper not so commonly used in North America.

  230. Yeah…. I was banking on that 😀

  231. I thought the PAC SO was degraded and dirty and it was beyond me how anyone actually tolerated it. I wrote up a KR on it. I even went to far as to spend personal funds on my own room renos since no one was about to allocate a cent for it. As a result, some were told I was “disaffected”. However, DM went through PAC and tore up the staff and put them all in lowers for living so slovenly. For months, they did renos on their living quarters AFTER post hours. Now tell me: when I bring it up I am told I am disaffected – but when DM says the SAME thing – he is amazing, in-ethics, right,etc. Go figure…..

  232. That was beautiful!

  233. I wonder if Susan has changed her mind about “fundraising.” What did she do with that thought? What new facts did she base her belief that physical assaults were committed by certain people?

    I assume that people become more free and able to think more independently as they progress up the Bridge, but it seems that under the current regime, thought just becomes more and more restricted, feelings become more shacked, movement becomes less and less. This very similar to someone in an abusive relationship. Fearing to speak, making excuses, assuming fault where there is none, hiding, having to check before speaking or acting. This is the real crime here.

  234. Ottoscotto, how lovely! Thank you for all that message. So lovely!

  235. I agree with everything you said. I left in 2006 but when I was working at the org both Tom and Vicky donated lots of personal time in Div 6. running Dianetic co-audits on a fairly regular basis. This was over and above what Vicky had done on the org building cycle and Tom running his field group. I sure hope that they continue to de-PTS themselves from the church.

  236. freespirit, someone may not have shared this with you yet (giggle), but we here all think David Miscavige is a psychopath, an SP, and a complete asshole.

  237. Howard Roark

    Shocking. But this is going on today in PT in the U.S. and our former friends and loved ones are involved.

    When I first walked into an org 20 years ago I never imagined things could be the way they are today.

  238. Sam, “Susan deserves nothing more than to be assigned the condition of Treason by the rest of the group.” I totally agree…She will have to figure the rest out for herself.

  239. Michael,

    Very correct. They were ONLY supposed to implement either an org, Continental or International eval or LRH ED.


  240. Not nearly as cool as my own completely over the top, policy no where near in sight, addenda. Then again, without those, we would not be here.

    But likes I saids to d’Ony “We do whats we can with whats we gots.”


  241. plainoldthetan

    Bruce — when you go for your comm ev, take a tape recorder and record EVERYTHING you can so we can compare MEST universe actions against the fabrications and slanted and twisted stuff that shows up in writing.

  242. Thanks GM. Reading this with mixed feelings as you may imagine.

    Hey, you OSA person, put Fab and Luca under your special care for I might just get them the data you try to suppress. Start!

  243. “The road to truth is so not a picnic.”


    That is pretty much the source of my “Fellow Traveller”, the LRH lecture, “The Road to Truth”. WE are on this road together.


  244. I am inclined to agree with you regarding her possibly being a plant all a long. In her first posts as Goddess she leads us to believe that she is from the East coast and when she is going on about handling her seniors when allowing unpaid students in her courseroom she uses the name Barb, neither of these statements were factual. I didn’t know her well enough to know if she would actually do something like be an OSA pawn so I can’t say for sure. The only thing that can be said is that she is far from being free.

  245. Watchful navigator? What kind of vessel are you navigating?

    Marty and Mike, a question to you guys. Do you know Kristi Alley? I know that she is in DM’s camp but can you ignored that for today? I find her very sexy and talented dancing on that star thing. That woman is 60 years old and sexier as many women half her age. She slimmed down half her size. WOW! Is she married? Do I have chances? (Will inherit lots of cash soon!) I’m almost as good looking, talented and young as her Mazym or what his name is.

  246. Sam, you are such a stellar being and you definitely walk the walk!

  247. I have not seen such an FO either, having to re-study the entire SO basics courses in the early 90’s due to another of the KOS wrong whys.

    As a note, these “boot camps”, military marching maneuvers at this time were not correct solutions instituted by DM due to the Int stats starting on their decline starting from ’90. The events in those days had a lot of swordplay and flag waving and just resulted in more bad PR for the SO, IMHO. The pomp and circumstance with tailored SO ceremonial uniforms with lots of gold bars has nothing to do with producing more auditors and winning PC/Pre OTs!

    Didn’t mean to derail the thread – just got sudden.

  248. Yeah, I wasn’t even lucky enough to get a ticket. Got dropped off at the Tampa airport to find someone who would fly me to EU.

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  250. Tony DePhillips

    Great point Steve.
    I had wondered why the upstat Scientologists such as you and Marty and Mike, myself, etc, etc, were not getting any ethics protection.
    Here we have years and years of upstats and no protection and a total willingness to waste great people. A sure recipe for disaster.
    The half of ethics that should be focused on rewarding and protecting upstats is very much ignored.

  251. The key question of doing an S&D per HCOB 9 Nov 67 is (and please don’t run this, all y’all): “Who or what has attempted to unmock you?”

    From the HCOB:

    Unmocking (an effort to reduce or make disappear) is the primary effort of suppressives.

    This can go by dynamics: W/W has attempted to unmock:
    your finances,
    your freedom,
    your relationship with your wife and children,
    your unborn child,
    your friendships,
    your orgs and missions
    and go on.

    This cutting of comm to your wife is suppressive.

  252. WOW!

  253. one of those who see


  254. It depends on if her investigation of the Independent scene was sincere on her part or not.

    She may have come into this knowing that her end report would end up being just the way it was. If the latter was the case, it’s just an OSA operation.

  255. Thanks, Marty for putting it out here, and thank you fine folk for the many educated and illuminating points.
    It’s a tragedy that an organisation has gone so off-purpose as to end up in Bin 3 – a sea of complexity where no-one knows which way is up.
    There’s no doubt the Squirrel King has an exit strategy. In the meantime, tie everyone up in confusion, top up the portfolio, and keep banking those cheques.
    It’s a heartbreaker to see well-intentioned staff and public thrown such a curve as to lose sight of the goal: freedom for self and others (on whose freedom you depend).
    One of LRH’s great attributes was to keep saying the same message, Look, but pitched any number of different ways, so as to catch as many viewpoints (us) as possible along the way. Once you’ve established that you have a viewpoint, you can relax, and have a look at other ones too. It’s remarkable how many different points of view LRH took, just to get us to Look, and only using comm.
    Reading your postings above, Marty, it’s so plain to see that today’s staff don’t know their arse from their elbow. They don’t know what to do.
    The worst thing is that policy, tech and ethics are so corrupted now in the church as to be worse than useless.
    Anyone reading this still connected to that madhouse – get out now and take a breather, get some space and a new unit of time. Think of YOUR dynamics! Yes, dynamics can exist outside the church. You won’t die if you leave the church. Wakey, wakey!
    PS, you might even go up the bridge …

  256. Thanks for clarification Mike.

    As you can tell admin was never one of my fortes even though I’ve read most of the Management Series and OECs.

    I’ve never had the actual practice you’ve had.

    That said.

    At least I can tell what’s not *on* policy and most of what they’re doing these days *isn’t*.

    Seems what Missionares back in the day used to call a “Hey You Org Board”.

    In other words the Orgs are “running”( if you could call it that) in a constant danger condition.

    At least that low.

    More likely treason or confusion.

    I mean it’s obvious that they’ve lost sight of what their actual product actually is and think it’s what they think is “ideal orgs” which has no relationship to DS 40.

    And “perfect” auditors that can never be made by endlessly drilling or grilling to “perfection”

    In short it’s a fucked up scene.

  257. Cowboy Poet

    Yup, when those Santa Anna winds start whipping over that dry grass…
    there’s gonna be a Left Coast adjustment for sure.

  258. Cowboy Poet

    Pony Express–was that a job posting?

  259. I finally figured out who really has control of the church of scientology!

    It’s not David Miscavige!

    Since what’s running David Miscavige is his case then we have to asses who or what is behind his case on the track.

    Once we discover who’s or what is at cause behind his case, then we will know the real source of who or what’s controlling the church of scientology.

  260. Kathy Braceland

    I love Rod Serling. This particular episode is so apropos to the post.

    Well, this is the first “Alert Report” I’ve ever seen. And it was routed to 5 different posts that I’ve never even heard of until now. And it’s unclear who it’s from…very poor admin.

    So, this Julian person says he has received indicators that Sue Lewis is disaffected — the statement itself is so general but okay, so there are some mysterious indicators. Instead of going directly to Sue and confront her with whatever it was, he goes behind her back and asks other people. And one of those people say “don’t tell Sue I told you this but….” And the attached KR’s are just as asinine as the first report. They’re not even KR’s!
    This is small town gossip.

    Sorry that you stepped back onto the sinking ship Sue. I sure hope you can swim because if you can’t, you’re going down with the rest of them. We’ll have life rafts waiting for you.

  261. Agree with you 100% RJ.

  262. martyrathbun09

    You got it Kathy. Apparently, this Julian punk is the go-to MAA of late in the Pac area. It is like a Soviet junior High School circa 1954.

  263. TheWidowDenk

    Thanks for the comments GH and Tony. Well, looks like no former SO has seen the FO and I shouldn’t have seen it as I was public. Just in case this acts as a hidden data line, we should assume it doesn’t exist. The point, however, is that the report was returned to me unhandled. And, yes, that makes no sense!

    As you point out, Tony, it’s a games condition between SO and public. My instance is very minor in the overall picture … which we now can see. From comments, we’ve also seen a games condition at Int in that SO vs. SO; we also have public vs. public as described in this very blog topic. I would far prefer to see hats and teamwork, rather than this “vs.” silliness that obviously flows down from the very top of the “church.”

    I feel very badly that Sarge was told by dm he couldn’t eat with the CMO.
    Sarge was, is, and always will be LRH’s friend. This is a whole missing concept in dm’s universe.

    Yes, Tony, by all means you can and should talk to your wife about whatever you wish, whenever you wish and wherever you wish.

    And, GH, you can and should speak freely about whomever you wish, whenever you wish and wherever you wish.

    Wow — Nice cog here: Go ahead and call me a B*TCH. But Tony says and I agree: “The public has the right to identify out-ethics … .” And, this is what we are now doing.

  264. TheWidowDenk

    Nice “sudden” comment. Good info to have … thanks!

  265. I remember FO 1729 the most – “2D” – since it meant I would not get laid when on staff when I was there. Talk about sacrifice!

    The SO sure had an “It Takes a Village” mentality, did they not?

  266. Looks like Idle Orgs…

  267. LOL. That is funny!

  268. SoManyQuestions

    I’m curious as how this report and the descriptions of others behavior in these documents differs from how things operated 10 or 20 years ago in CoS. My understanding is anyone going outside the official CoS would have been subjected to similar actions, possibly even harsher in some cases, no matter the era. Am I wrong? I’ve read things about the Mayo crowd and others and the CoS didn’t exactly handle them, or anyone suspected of slightly sympathizing with them, with kid gloves. I don’t want to stir up personal opinions about Mayo with this, just was an easy example. Seems like anyone declared a “squirrel” or known to associate with a suspected one can expect some harassment via the CoS due to very specific doctrines instructing such actions. (I’ve never been in the CoS so this is a subject I’m quite interested in getting accurate info about from the experienced people here.)
    I guess I was a little surprised by some the comments here, though I guess given the betrayal it is natural. I just thought everyone here already had a pretty good idea that this was exactly what was going on behind the scenes regarding any CoS member trying to get info or reading Marty’s blog.

  269. SMQ,

    I have some experience with handling squirrels and people who have been audited by squirrels and I can tell you for a fact that the “Church’s” current handling is not the same.

    We never bothered with Squirrel Groups who never attacked us.

    The only reason we went after Mayo’s group is because they attacked us.

    Ask Marty or Mike.

    Mayo hooked up with some very heavy anti-Scientology players.

    Take it from someone whose been there it ain’t the same.

    Not the same at all.

  270. AC,

    I’ve been writing for years that Miscavige is a dupe and an unwitting agent of those forces that Ron refers to flippantly as SMERSH when I was working as a Qual Terminal for the GO I audited a few of our covert agents who got up right close and personal to these people.

    Miscavige in my opinion is acting on their behalf but probably through a series of cut outs.

    Most likely unknowingly.

    That said I’m all for Marty exposing Miscavige’s nominal “leadership” for the joke it actually is.

    Also Thoughtful Steve brought up a good point in one of his articles posted on Scientology-cult sometime that it didn’t matter who he’s working for the obvious fact is that he is not working for us.

    In short the guy’s in *TREASON* which is betrayal after trust.

    The fact is he has betrayed almost everyone who’s ever trusted him whether he is working for some shadow conspiracy or on his own.

  271. Maybe Anderson Cooper or Larry Wright or Tony Ortega would be interested in attending, with full support of course. 🙂


  272. Tony DePhillips

    You speak truth Grasshopper.

  273. Tony DePhillips

    Sam can we have smores too??

  274. Tony DePhillips

    Well said Poet.
    I hope you can make it to the Indy Party in July in Texas. Talk to Marty for details.

  275. These deletions are to me are most chilling and the most telling of underlying intention.

  276. So Many Questions: IMHO David Mayo is not a precedent of what is happening with Scientology today. The individuals and mass exodus declaring independence from the Church today are people who were stopped from getting pure Scientology in the orgs, either that or were abused by arbitrary misapplication of it toward some other purpose. The Why of what some are calling the “Independent” exodus is largely comprised not of people wanting to destroy anything or go off and do their own thing, nor is it people attacking Hubbard’s work; in fact, it’s quite the opposite. The lament seems to be people want back a sacred environment, one which they no longer recognize and that has been betrayed. The disillusionment and loss of respect by the public (both general and those who have received services there) toward Corporate Scientology seems to be the consequence of many corroborated instances of abuses that fall under the category of pure tech not applied or arbitrary WISE, OSA and policy mishandlings and abuse. The Scientology Corporation turns on its own members (parishioners if you will) without the application of appropriate solutions — in other words, instead of looking and differentiating between various phenomena of upsets, the defensive “crush seek n’ destroy” attitude by the management is a One Size Fits All — really an admission of failure to apply gradients and the technology they purport to sell. People are claiming their right to follow Scientology without the arbitrary dictates of a management in which they have lost confidence.

  277. They are exactly Idle Orgs. They are there only to impress the rare foreign visitors, as well as the average North Korean. They have no other use.

    By the poet Shelley:

    And on the pedestal these words appear:
    “My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
    Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”

  278. Leonore, agreed. I’d love to hear a churchie “explain”/defend it.

  279. somanyquestions

    I knew mentioning Mayo would somewhat derail my point. Sigh.
    RJ: I don’t know what you consider “hard core Scientology critics” but my understanding is that Mayo was basically driven into the “critics” arms by the CoS harassment.
    Veritas: Many of the “squirrel” groups that have broken away from the CoS make the same claims you are making – they want to be free to practice real “standard tech” and don’t believe that is happening in the CoS anymore. In fact people have been leaving the CoS for that very reason for 30 years. Obviously some of the breakaway groups wanted to do their own thing, or add other stuff to the mix, but its wrong to lump them all in that description and think what’s going on here has NEVER been attempted and practiced by others before you.

    To demonstrate my point – that ridiculous “squirrel busters” routine pulled on Marty is far from new. In fact when I mentioned the episode to my husband (Ex-SO) first thing he said was that logo and title has been around since the 80’s to use against people practicing outside of the cult. The only difference being they added Marty’s face to the mix. Hell there are photos of some SO members wearing “Squirrel Buster” jackets from 25 years ago floating around.
    The CoS has never taken the practice of Scientology outside of their organizational structure lightly. It is the reason they copyrighted and trademarked everything possible – so they could try and ensure it couldn’t be practiced outside of the CoS.
    These operations to either destroy or recover members that have gone “squirrel” are nothing new. I was just surprised at the responses to these documents because if anything they aren’t surprising. It’s standard operating procedure for the CoS. I guess I figured these types of tactics were old hat to most of the people here, but maybe I’m wrong. I guess I didn’t consider when you are inside the CoS (as public) you may not be aware of these type of actions and many people here are freshly minted independents.
    The record shows the CoS has handled anyone they suspected of receiving Scientology outside of their authority ruthlessly.

    I’m curious how many here have had similar experiences (no matter the era) with CoS members spying or forsaking them when they decided to leave the official CoS ahow they mirrored or differed from the actions we are reading about now. Sounds like the poster Lana recently experienced something very similar – down to having a piece posted renouncing anything outside of CoS – but maybe more intense since she reported high level INT bullies coming to visit.
    To be honest I’m astonished at the reports of INT sending these little agents across the world just to silence one or two members who have seen the light. The effort it takes to monitor every member of their cult so closely, and the resources spent to try and recover or silences everyone that tries to leave, seems to be beyond belief. It is frightening how they use these people so-called “friends” to report on, spy on or to bully them. The actions of CoS mirror Orwell’s 1984 in breathtaking ways.

  280. martyrathbun09

    They come after me because I practice standard tech. Hundreds of squirrels are left alone because they aren’t considered a threat because they, like Miscavige, squirrel.

  281. somanyquestions

    I guess I’m confused, Mayo was a squirrel by your definition but they certainly didn’t leave him alone. The Friends of Ron org has been harassed for years by the cult and only recently was able to restore their website due to CoS takedowns and lawsuits.

    I’m sure your continued practice of Scientology is a major thorn in their side, but I think your leaks to the media and information you reveal this blog is also a rationale for the attacks and harassment.

    Marty I’m curious if you think you are the only source for Standard Tech or there are other outlets available? Its very confusing since so many people outside of the CoS claim to be the only ones practicing standard tech. Among some auditors it seems they like to diss everyone as “not standard” except themselves in order to be above all others. (Like going against the old saying by trying to blow others’ candles out to make theirs burn brighter.)

    I’ve seen you give kudos to some indie auditors here and seen you dismiss others as squirrels. Seems like the field is full of claims of standard tech but no real way to know other than personal instinct and individual interpretations of LRH’s writings. (Maybe you have to have a session to really know?) Seems like dangerous ground for many just leaving the CoS, people who were convinced for years that CoS scientology was standard and correct.

  282. Frustrating, ain’t it? 😉

  283. TheWidowDenk

    Thanks, CD! Didn’t find the FO I was looking for but found tons of others I find fascinating.

  284. S’mores and Beer? eeewwwww….! :p

  285. SMQ,

    I worked in the original “Squirrel Busters” and can assure you that though the tactics were somewhat similar to those tactics currently used.

    The GO/OSA or whoever was ever involved in the covert ops based their actions on the LRHED “Squirrels” and I’m sure many of them went to excess.

    However I was never involved in that.

    We handled the technical end of reviewing the folders of and recovering those involved in these various Squirrel groups.

    What they are doing now is completely indiscriminate.

    Instead of going after those Squirrels who directly *attacked* the Organization( and yes Mayo was mishandled but still he was attacking ) they are going after *everyone*.

    Some kind of scorched Earth policy of some kind.

    Yes it is true that this all started back in the ’80’s when RTC began licensing Field Auditors and IHELP began extorting them for 10% of their income.

    Before then the rules were simple.

    You could audit anyone on anything you were certified on as long as you didn’t charge less for services than the Org.

    Of course when RTC and IHELP took over the Orgs started charging fees that the average person couldn’t afford and things like that that made it very difficult for Field Auditors to keep their clientele.

    Even so some Field Auditors continued to prosper and more so when they introduced the “Golden Age of Tech” and PC and Pre OTs began making an exodus to the Field to receive *Standard Tech* instead.

    Believe me I was auditing in the Field at that time and we never had it so good for a short time 🙂

    They may be insane in the Orgs but they are not complete morons except maybe for maybe Miscavige and realized that they were losing income so IHELP or more accurately IBETRAY instituted a “program” or pogrom demanding that all Field auditors do the Golden Age of Tech and began illegally canceling certs which ended the party.

    So now they’ve targeted for extermination any auditor in the Field who has refused to get with the Golden Age of Tech’s out tech program.

    Which means also any auditor who is licensed by the holiest of holies RTC.

    Of course this program has caused considerable *blow back* because many Field Auditors continue to audit under RTC’s and IHELP’s radar and since there are so many of them it’s become a game of wack-a-mole.

    Even better since they are no longer connected to that SP Squirrel Group any longer who demand that grossly altered tech known as GAT.

    They can audit *Standard Tech* and charge what the PC can afford.

    Not the pie in the sky prices the Orgs demand.

    Now decide for yourself who is eventually going to win here.

    The irony here is that they have pretty much left the actual Squirrels (the one’s who alter tech like…..the Org) pretty much alone and have only gone after those auditors who deliver *Standard Tech* which is *suppressive*.

  286. martyrathbun09

    Curious and confused, send me an email – let’s find out where and who you are – and we can handle the terrible c’s for ya.

  287. I think you are too modest, Marty.

    I think they also hate the fact that you are standing right up and saying HELLO WORLD, I PRACTICE STANDARD TECH AND I’M PROUD OF IT. 🙂

    And you do a lot more, besides.

  288. On 2D I only have this from 1978.

    I can not find Flag Order 1729 13 january 1969.
    Only a short descripton on Xenu.net:

    81. Volume 3 of 3; Section 5, Internal Security; Part A, General, item 10

    Sea Organization
    Flag Order 1729
    13 January 1969

    In this instruction Hubbard stated that members of his elite “Sea Organization” would be subject to his justice system in the event they engaged in sexual conduct that was “detrimental to good order, discipline or are discreditable to the moral repute of the Sea Org[anization].” The “minimum penalty” was to be expelled from the unit.

  289. You’re welcome.
    Wich Flag Order are you looking for ?

  290. Some say the Sea Organization is the Cult that took over Scientology.

  291. That sounded covert. Some means Aaron Saxton, me and several other people.

  292. It’s in the FO’s on children zip file you linked me to. Minimum penalty is being “beached” which is worse than being expelled from the unit. It is being shoved out the door at the next port (or, in the case of Flag, onto the Fort Harrison avenue). I was almost beached when I was at Flag – me, a 16 year old kid at the time.

  293. FO 3739 you linked was put out after I finished my stint on staff. I remember Julie Caetano and Tammy Ganton. The CMO girls back then remind me of the “Cheerios” in “Glee”. Except they were off limits.

  294. TheWidowDenk

    CD — Am looking for an FO (I’m pretty sure it was an FO) that basically stated no non-SO could report on an SO member.

  295. I’ve said it 😉

    Actually I basically said it was a cult that was countered and kept in check by the cult of the GO.

    When the GO went down it went totally *cult*.

  296. Maybe that was taken care of bty the Flag Order about shredding documents. 😉

  297. If it was not what I posted earlier: http://www.xenu.net/archive/so/19830530-in.gif

    Than a year a month or a FO number would be helpfull.

  298. one of those who see

    Just wanted to say that the Twilight Zone Video is PERFECT! Amazing find Marty!

  299. one of those who see

    I am an Indie from this later wave, but I have spent some time listening to David Mayo’s Sunday Talks, watching the AAC Videos, Mary Freeman’s videos and read some of the Reconnection Magazines available on Ralph Hilton’s site.
    You wrote “The lament seems to be people want back a sacred environment, one which they no longer recognize and that has been betrayed.”
    I really feel the “first wave Indies” felt/feel the same way we do. In the 80’s they were trying to deliver and receive LRH’s tech in more IN ARC environments. Where they were free to be self determined and think and speak freely. They kept in mind that Man is Basically Good. And they did seem to get results and were expanding.
    There was so much hope.
    I don’t have the data about what happened to the organizations – various AACs after David left the scene. I just know that some people did continue on. And the Ron’s Orgs certainly have continued after the death of Captain Bill.
    LRH worked out a workable road out. The tech is there and I’m glad that people like Marty are speaking out on the virtue of Standard Tech. I also feel we are all one group. We are the people that were able to raise our heads up out of the sand and recognize the value of Scientology. And we did it in spite of the critics, many of whom were our well meaning or not so well meaning friends & family members. Now, we are the ones who can see there is something very very wrong going on in the Church.
    So, I don’t think we need to be harsh about discussing our views. I think people are trying to get results. If they squirrel too badly, I would think their results will lessen and their public walk away. And, I am glad there will be people around to help them get standard.



    “Its very confusing since so many people outside of the CoS claim to be the only ones practicing standard tech. ”

    In fact, that is the condition of the Indipendent field: CONFUSION.

    Marty may act as the stable datum now, and around this may pool others who come along, but – like with the Church – if this pool of independents doesn’t start showing actual STATISTICS, whatever condition they are, there won’t be much of a field.

    Those who practice Standard Tech will have real statistics up on the wall. When those stats are right next to an Org Board, somewhere out there, then there will be standard, independent, thriving, Orgs.

  301. Oh God a Dinosaur

  302. VFPs are above Stats on the Admin and purpose is way above them and we are exceeding in spades on both of those out here in the Independent field compared to 501ciii Squirrel Group.

    To say that the Independent Field is in “confusion” is a wrong condition assignment.

    Besides the field operates on PR not ethics and maybe you might not have noticed but just by applying Standard Tech to ourselves and others our PR and good will exceeds the Church of Squirrelotology on any given day of the week.

    At some point we may or not get some form of organization in but that’s down the road.

  303. I really feel the “first wave Indies” felt/feel the same way we do.

    What about the Dianetics people who never saw anything in being in a church.

  304. Good point CD.

    Actually from a Scientological viewpoint:

    The only reason an Org exists is to deliver good auditing and training in a safe, distraction free environment.

    When it ceases to do that and in many cases *prevents* good auditing and training under the false flag of “getting in ethics” than it ceases to be a Scientology Org and is an enemy of Total Freedom.

    Anyway to answer your question CD.

    Many Dianeticists felt the tech they had was good enough and they didn’t need anything better and they weren’t interested in being part of the Org.

    Especially an “org” as above.

  305. They weren’t intrested in a lot of things churchlike. And they were happy to see Dianetics as psychology

  306. Another good point CD.

    Actually many Scientologists were upset when Scientology was declared a “religion”.

  307. flying squirrel

    The following link is a website that has published just the 27th chapter (or law) of a book titled ” The 48 laws of power” by Robert Greene (a Machiavellian philosopher) As I read this chapter for the first time my jaw was permanently dropped at the astounding similarities btwn the basic outline for building a cult and the situation that has arisen in the C o $. Let me know what you guys think.


  308. Pingback: Rolling Radical Scientology Rats | Moving On Up a Little Higher

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