End of Days

In late 2003 David Miscavige shared with Interntional Managers of Scientology (Watchdog Committee, International Management Exec Committee, and related staff) one of the endless supply of alleged unpublished L Ron Hubbard writings he alone possessed by virtue of his “tunnels” of LRH archives (see, https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2011/04/01/miscaviges-new-shock-squads/)

Of course Miscavige did not produce any document. As was his wont and privilege, he simply said that the document existed.  Miscavige was addressing a room full of people who had devoted their entire adult lives for the Scientology religion.  They had for the most part forsaken family, friends, and all connection to the world outside the razor wire fenced Int Base compound.  They had gone several weeks holed up at Int Headquarters, which consisted of  makeshift offices constructed within the confines of a couple of double-wide trailers.  They had very little sleep and irregular food over that several week period. They had been beaten and hazed mercilessly by Miscavige, then by others within the group who were encouraged to do the same to one another by Miscavige.  Miscavige was whining and sneering about how these international managers were acting lifeless, unresponsive to his dictates, and acting in what he termed an apathetic fashion.

Miscavige told the assembled that he was sickened by their lethargy and berated them for “non-compliance” with his grandiose plans to take over the planet.   Miscavige told the managers that L Ron Hubbard had written a prediction for how long planet earth had left; after which it would exist no more.  He did not say what cataclysm would end life as we know it – but stated definitively L Ron Hubbard said the planet would be no more by a date certain.

As the managers somehow mustered enough energy to pay attention through glassy eyes, Miscavige contemptuously stabbed, “oh, now I’ve got the attention of you dbs (degraded beings).

“You want to know how long LRH said you’ve got?”, he asked in a tech-film worthy take on the tone level of Hate.

In answer to his own question he said, “it is a lot sooner than you think.”

And with that suppressive END OF DAYS pronunciamento, Miscavige turned on his heels and left the room with a loud, angry stomp.

To me, this incident (one of many in which Miscavige invoked unpublished alleged utterances of LRH) sheds light on how the church of Scientology is incapable of reform, and how its devoted members can continue to act in such ignorant, arrogant, and insane fashions.

It also highlights just how REVERSED the subject has become.

Scientology is predicated upon the principle of workability, and use of that which is workable to evolve humanity to higher states.  And that is where its power and worth lies.  It is what sets it apart from so many other religions, isms, and ologies – it is not predicated on forcing revolution through fear; it is predicated upon facilitating evolution through understanding.

What we have been witnessing is Miscavige converting the latter to the former.

Let’s look at the Wikipedia definition of End of Days:

The End Time, End Times, or End of Days is a time period described in the eschatological writings in the three Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam) and in doomsday scenarios in various other non-Abrahamic religions. In Christianity, the End Times are often depicted as a time of tribulation that precedes the Second Coming of the Christian “saviour” or a “hoped-for deliverer”, Jesus, the Christian Messiah, who will usher in the fullness of the World to Come and Kingdom of God and bring an end to suffering and evil and all things wrong with the current world. In Islam, Yawm al-Qiyāmah “the Day of Resurrection” or Yawm ad-Din “the Day of Judgement”, Allah’s final assessment of humanity, is preceded by the end of the world. In Judaism the term “End of Days” is a reference to the Messianic era and the Jewish belief in the coming of Mashiach and the Olam Haba. Various other religions also have eschatological beliefs associated with turning and redemption.

Since the advent of modern science in the 18th century, the discovery of deep time, and the age of the Earth, the concept of an “End of Days” has been replaced in contemporary discourse with questions about the ultimate fate of the universe. Most scientists believe that the “end time” will finally one day occur hundreds of billions of years from now with the heat death of the universe.

For those who have studied and applied much Scientology, no long string of quotations and references is required to demonstrate how the End Of Days concept is anathema to the subject of Scientology.

And I don’t think it necessary to paint a picture of how inculcation of such notions could be destructive of everything Scientology has to offer.

I publish this post simply to indicate some relevant information to help people think with the conundrum, “how could people act so narrow-mindedly, bigoted, and insane in the name of a subject so effective in handling narrow-mindedness, bigotry and insanity?”

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  1. Theo Sismanides

    Marty, thank you for letting us know! It’s a very alarming thing that Miscavige just speaks of that subject and just utters an allegedly LRH writing on that.

    It just shows to all of us now how evil the man is. Quite the contrary to LRH. Passing out such alarming news in such a way and even not caring to bring the actual writing and show it to everybody.

    Who are we dealing with here really? This is the enemy within, Miscavige, applying black Scientology on all of us.

    Thank you for shedding some light even now. Maybe it’s not too late for cool-aid drinkers to wake up!!

  2. Poor David Miscavige. All he was trying to do was to be cause. You guys just wouldn’t let him.

    Seriously, what a nuthouse. I applaud everyone who has walked away.

    And just for fun, how in blue blazes would LRH have the inside track on when the world was going to end anyway?

    Just Me

  3. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, and if it were for real, why wouldn’t he publish it in his lifetime?

  4. Well it is a control mechanismhe is so fond of.

    When I was CO ANZO in 1984, a certain Sea Org member whom LRH wrote is not allowed to leave his office in the FSO garage – ever – was sent on a mission to ANZO to promote funding for a ship to possibly deliver OT VIII. He assembled staff and public at Sydney org and promoted giving donations to the Ship project. Afterwards a Sea Org member from AOSH ANZO came to me and told me that this missionaire said that Ron said that this planet is not clearable because the amount of psych drugs already in society and that we are just going to clear the chosen few. He also told the crowd that we only had 10 years left according to LRH.

    I pulled this missionaire in and rolled him back to where he got these ideas. He said he was briefed by David Miscaviage to tell the people around the world. I told my mission operator this and she was astounded that this “missionaire” was even out of the FSO Garage against LRH Orders. We sent him back home.

    There is only one person who would:
    1. Violate LRH Orders to keep this person where he is supposed to be.
    2. Cave in audiences with “end of the world” crap.
    3. Cave in Scientologists with “The planet is not clearable” crap.

    You got it. David Miscaviage. The dictator of Scientology.

    The violation is HCO PL 2 May 1957 DISSEMINATION “I know, when y0u want to make a total effect nothing short of a big bang will do. ..”
    “They can’t confront that bomb, they can barely confront their own mind when we make them do so.”
    “Our main show is that Scientology is the first science on Earth that could salvage a human being.” – LRH

    ML Tom

  5. Marty,
    It sounds to me, as it has for some years now, like Miscavige is taking his “church” and his “parishioners” into a kamikaze dive aimed at the closest crash point. But he doesn’t care because it is almost certain that he intends to bail out before the crash. The thing to understand here, I think, is that Miscavige is NOT destroying the Scientology so many of us are used to, appreciate and wish to preserve. He is destroying his own creations: his unworkable version of Scientology as a whole, his own untenable “Org Board” where there is only One Chief and everyone else below is just a compliant Injun (or else..) , and hopefully he’s also destroying (I think he already has) his own credibility so badly that only a near catatonic person wouldn’t notice it. His aversion of LRH and Genuine Scientology is clear and yet not noticed by many.
    But all in all, the existing scene is very encouraging for the Indies because if you look at Miscavige’s practice as a business, you can clearly see how doomed to failure and total collapse his business is. The truth is that whether he calls it a donation or something else, he is selling something to the public and that hard working public are paying him also hard cash for the “product” he is selling. He’s been doing that for years. I would dare say that it has taken so long only because he has criminally been claiming to be acting in the name of LRH and so many people have believed him, and because scientology is hard or maybe impossible to kill :))).
    Like I said, it is all good news. The quicker that bad stain disappears, the quicker the Independent field will take over and continue doing what we were doing before the miscavige era.
    And to end, I would like to postulate that the kamikaze is successful (without much collateral damage) and the pilot doesn’t manage to bail out.

  6. An excellent example of
    Method Used By Subject To Handle Others, from the Chart of Human Evaluation, 1.1:
    Nullifies others to get them to level where they can be used. Devious and vicious means. Hypnotism, gossip. Seeks hidden control.

  7. I forgot to add this link to illustrate my meaning concerning businesses


  8. sorry, the link is not good.

  9. “how could people act so narrow-mindedly, bigoted, and insane in the name of a subject so effective in handling narrow-mindedness, bigotry and insanity?”

    Answer: They’re either in, or the adverse effect of a Cult. And the name of the Cult is “The Sea Organization”?

  10. The reptilian predator, diminutive model, has apparently achieved a golden age in man’s inhumanity to man.

    Bruce Pratt

  11. Tony DePhillips

    Dm is one sick puppy.
    I read an LRH reference once and I think it was titled “Five more years”. It was sort of a doomsday prediction as I recall. This was issued a long time ago and is either in the tech or admin volumes.
    Even if LRH said it, it doesn’t make it true.
    Scientology was based on : If it isn’t written it isn’t true.
    It would have been funny if someone that was present there at the time of dm saying this to all of you shouted ” If it is isn’t written it isn’t true, let’s see it in writing!!” I’m sure dm would have popped a blood vessel. Maybe it would have been a major artery?? One can hope.

  12. Marty, It’s interesting that in the reference you cited the “end of days” really means the end of suffering and evil; the beginning of a new era of responsibility, integrity and understanding. What was originally spoken of by visionaries as the beginning of freedom, is twisted by the slave master into an alarming generality: the end of the world, the end of all things good.

    Thus what we really have is a battle for the mind and wills of people. On one side are the visionaries who foresee something beautiful on the distant horizon. On the other, are those who foresee nothing but who know how to twist anything good into a lie to make slaves and drive them by fear.

    This scenario follows LRH’s explanation of first and second postulates as explained in his incredible book, Creation of Human Ability — to wit, most things that persist as something bad, started out as something good. Most things that started out as something good, started out as something bad.

  13. Sorry folks, I just couldn’t resist posting this link defining Business Ethics in the world live, in this day and age.


  14. DM the game player rides again.

    More to the resemblance of Scientology is a fragment from
    the Dead Sea Scrolls (1Q27 col 1) known as “The Coming Doom” or
    knowledge triumphants over ignorance and fear:
    secrets of sin (…) but they did not know the secret of the way things are nor did they understand the things of old and they did not know what would come upon them, so they did not rescue themselves without the secret of the way things are. This shall be the sign that this shall come to pass : when the sources of evil are shut up and wickedness is banished in the presence of righteousness, as darkness in the presence of light, or as smoke vanishes and is no more, in the same way wickedness will vanish forever and righteousness will be manifest like the sun. The world will be made firm and all the adherents of the secrets of sin shall be no more. True knowledge shall fill the world and there will never be any more folly. This is all ready to happen, it is a true oracle, and by this it shall be known to you that it cannot be averted.

    It is true that all the peoples reject evil, yet it advances in all of them. It is true that truth is esteemed in the utterances of all the nations – yet is there any tongue or language that grasp it? What nation wants to be oppressed by another that is stronger? Or who wants his money to be stolen by a wicked man? Yet what nation is there that has not oppressed its neighbor? Where is the people that has not robbed the wealth of another …

    Note: sin in the Hebrew is “misdirection” of a being.

    Let’s hit home with the true triumph of pure Scientology by all
    independents with there Standard Tech and high level of personal integrity.

  15. The “Self Fullfilling Prophecy.”

    Honestly, I’m not tech trained. But the way I see things playing out is, it’s all Bank.

    Whether it is on the first dynamic or the third, bank agreement lactches on to a concept “End of Days” and over time builds up agreement to the “fact” that this thing is coming eventually. It doesn’t matter if you are Christian, Muslim or Jew, the concept is set in stone, “Faith” dictates it’s validity and truthfulness, and “Bank” leads individuals to act in such a direction as to work towards and bring about the eventual “prophecy” into reality.

    Prophecy itself is SO problematic, there is no way to logically “prove” anything about it until After the fact. Because of THAT, I have NO doubt in my mind that L.R.H. never made such a prediction. He might have had an educated guess as to where Mankind was headed, but that’s something entirely different from a predication.

    That this little shit would DARE utter anything “L.R.H.,” not provide the reference, would leave people hanging, and had created the very physical state these people were in to begin with… only to demean them for it, only goes to PROVE his suppressive nature and how degraded into his own bank he is.

    His own Bank.

    Everyone get that? This “man” in charge of making everyone Clear and OT… is stuck in his own BANK. Operatinng off of it and from it.
    Stop me if I’m wrong…

  16. martyrathbun09

    Steve, as you know – the context of all his threats is low-toned punishment drive.

  17. martyrathbun09

    I think that is on one hand too limiting (to say it is the Sea Org) as there are plenty of very destructive OTAs and org staff and public playing out the End TImes at the behest of Miscavige, and to general in that the Sea Org qua Sea Org is not he source of this insanity. LRH wrote thousands of Sea Org issues. Not one compares to this suppression I’ve outlined.

  18. martyrathbun09

    Good call.

  19. This whole ‘end of days’ thing IS nothing more than a Hidden Data Line. It is used by this SP David Miscavige to restimulate.

    He IS a walking, talking, objective and subjective dramatization of the R6 Bank.

    R6 Bank: (from Routine 6, which deals with it) ” THE reactive mind.” Technical Dictionary of Dianetics and Scientology.

    With no written statement from LRH given, then there is no way to know what he stated, IF he stated it, or if it was something else.

    I was given a second hand description, by a person who claimed to have been given it first hand by LRH, a possibly related and hearsay comment on the length of time of this solar systems sun’s fuel. It was in the context of what to do should the sun dissipate sooner than later and create a black hole. The thing to do – avoid the black hole.

    Sun’s burn out. This one will. Nobody can say exactly when. Not ‘science’, not ‘seance’.
    THE datum that struck me when this subject was relayed was the advice, again hearsay, by LRH that went along with this – GET FULL TRAINED IN SCIENTOLOGY AS 50% OF THE GAINS.

    That advice I took, enthusiasically, and no matter what happens to what in the MEST universe, I be chillin’ more and more each and every rotation around that sun.

  20. martyrathbun09

    Right. Take a look at A Summary of Scientology in Creation of Human Ability. At bottom Scientology reminds us that we are the effect of barriers of our own creation. This is all being reversed that we are the effect of someone else’s barriers – in the example in the post, God’s? Miscavige is turning “Scientologists” into victims. There is no more done-in victim than Miscavige in his own estimation.

  21. The tone level is fear. People in fear are easily manipulated. One time a registrar at Flag said to me, “Aren’t you afraid of something terrible happening to you if you don’t go up the Bridge?” I said, “Like what?” “Like getting cancer.” I knew right then and there that Scientology as I had known it was dead and I knew I’d never ever do another service at Flag. Especially since I knew people who had done or were doing OTVII and had GOTTEN cancer.

    By the way, I don’t want to tell you that registrar’s name but his initials are PAUL MILLER. (Whoops.)

  22. Each time I read something D. Miss Cabbage has said, or written or been videod about, I am that much more certain of his ignorance and imcompetence as a leader.

    I guess the whole planet had and still has a little longer that D. Miss Cabbage predicted. Is that surprising at all that D. Miss Cabbage’s predictions should be a little off in their accuracy? Does not surprise me and hopefully not Marty’s readers neither.

  23. Tony DePhillips

    There seems to be a correlation between “end of days” (crisis) think and getting donations out of the public. The Sea Org takes the crisis news and puts it on the public lines to get money. Sometimes the IAS regges will whisper in your ear ” I can’t tell everyone this, only the most dedicated and I know that you are REALLY onboard.” Then after they butter you up and “trust you with this data” then you are expected to pay like a good little kool aide drinker.. sickening.

  24. Sure sounds like an Orwell novel where the “punisher” is telling the “transgressor” how stupid and little and ineffective he is, and how there is nothing he can do to overcome the “punisher,” with that evil look in his eye that says how much he enjoys grinding the “transgressor” into the dirt.

  25. martyrathbun09

    Tony, DM trademarked and copyrighted that Op.

  26. Marty, this is a startling example of how the little fear monger mocks up a dangerous environment. It’s a shame Scientology’s purpose and the Sea Org’s purpose is the opposite: “to create a safe environment in which the 4th Dynamic engram can be audited out”. What a reverse process. Miscavige runs engrams IN!

    The staff and public of radical Scientology have had their own tech used against them for years now, putting Scientology into its own Dark Ages.

    But here comes the independent Renaissance !

  27. Marty – I recall this incident well.

    My take is that it was intended to create a fear of leaving the group, if not desperation to remain part of it. Conditions were sub-human. How do you keep people from bolting (and his real fear — they would tell the world what was really going on). It’s all part of the calculated mindfuck.

    Dear Leader is the “only one” that has the “inside scoop” on how the planet is about to explode, ergo he likely has the only solution as LRH would not make such a proclamation without also announcing “so this is what we need to do.” Chairman of Bullshit creates the impression that “you are not worthy of being told what to do about it because you are total DBs and cannot do anything anyway, so why bother telling you. BUT if you somehow manage to convince me you are no longer a DB (not by auditing, but by ass licking) then I will let you in on the rest of the secret. Until then, your only role on this earth is to enturbulate me (see PAB 13), so I will enturbulate you.”

    And, with people deprived of sleep, malnourished and under a constant barrage of evaluation and invalidation, they buy it. They actually introvert further into how bad they are because the world is coming to an end and its ONLY COB who is working day and night to try to handle it. There is no application of tech to resolve the condition — only “prove” yourself that you are no longer a DB like the rest of the people you are with, and you do that by proving you are not in agreement with them (attack them viciously) and are in agreement with COBullshit. It keeps everyone at everyone else’s throat and nobody targeting the real source of suppression.

    It’s become his SOP — your progress in the CofM is exactly proportional to how brown your nose is. Could be the new motto to replace “think for yourself” — “brownnose your way to spiritual salvation.”

  28. I was at the Portland protest back in the 80’s and a fleet of RV’s were set up for special donation collections. Inside you got a secret briefing about the “big beings from another planet.” Yup, they were closing in fast, thus the justification for collecting huge amounts of money with no services delivered. I had pretty much quietly already left the church, due to having laid eyes on the new messiah at a late night MANDATORY meeting. That combined with all the new rules, which seemed to make any theta activity a joking and degrading cycle. And losing several friends on the OT levels to rapid onset terminal cancer was more than enough to stop me in my tracks, which at that point mostly involved sitting in the floor outside the ethics office with dozens of other students.
    The pure dramatization I see on this planet right now is frightening, and I have wished to speak to other scientologists about this. It seems to me that implants are systematically being restimed, and the big play books are there to back it all up as prophecy and truth. Makes sense that DM would play on the reverse causality flow since reversal is his MO.
    This particular dramatization is the most dangerous activity on this planet IMO.
    If anyone knows where this is being discussed from a pro-survival pov please e-mail me. I live in a part of the US that is very religious and sure as hell looks a lot like armageddon right now. I’m not too keen on going down with the ship, or living squarely inside others banks.
    I’m just a small fish and I seriously doubt any goons would even have the nerve to come to these parts right now so I am not so worried about them circling in on my “real life.”

  29. Songbird — That’s sick. BUT, on another level, its quite a revelation. Paul Miller was actually awake? Most Paul Miller stories are about how he fell asleep in the midst of a reg interview!

  30. SaveTheTech

    For the past 30 years, the two main resources DM has used to keep himself propped up on a pedestal are: 1) money and 2) the good works of the talented people around him delivering standard tech.

    The end of times for DM is drawing near, not because his money is running out, but because there is just not enough talented people producing good works around him, to make him look good.

    IMHO, DM managed to keep talented and compassionate people in the Hole for years simply because these were talented souls that WERE saving the world, that is until DM interrupted their efforts…

    And, when any glimmer of hope died that someday they could get around or through DM and his Hole and once again be able to continue their good works, that is exactly when they stopped propping up the midget on his pedestal.

    Dear Leader is bankrupt of talented people inside the Church. That is what you see falling apart in the Church. A sure sign of this bankruptcy is the use of untrained public OT VIIIs as vicious attack dogs instead of proper theta communication from a Sea Org Class VIII, OT VIII Ethics Officer intent on saving the tech. DM already shot all the real SO officers. They are dead. That’s why the Church is dead. He killed off the talent. All he’s got today are young GAT BOTs and rich, untrained OT VIII’s trying to save their ass and their money from His Greedyness.

  31. “Anything to do with jails?” (note read)

  32. Wait! Didn’t LRH make a public comment about the length of time under the sun in the Planetary Dissemination PL? (Or was it Proportionate Marketing?) Something about not too worry to much, as stars emit radio waves long before they hit the super nova phase?

    Was that PL cancelled?

    I also recall that “the reason for Amnesia on the whole track” was covered in an HCOB around 1963, published in the Tech Volumes.

    WHO is this guy trying to kid?
    He’s nothing but a walking mass of contradictions….a common little GPM…
    What a wanker.

  33. The End Times are real. They are followed by the New Times. This dramatization has been going on for centuries with different scenarios. People who can’t visualize the future are consumed by the past. A study of end times scenarios might convince regular folk that there is such a thing as a group bank. A sane man looks to the future while a not so sane man looks to the past and is, once again, consumed by it. There is also an old joke:
    A neurotic dreams of castle in the air. A psychotic lives in them. A psychiatrist comes around and collects the rent. Besides collecting a lot of rent, DM is a lot like Terl. He uses leverage.

  34. Marty, beautiful post and totally indicates. Thanks

  35. That’s a very good point. LRH wrote that just because he wrote it in a despatch or said it to someone or programmed ONE pc “that way” doesn’t make it tech or policy. If it’s not on green and white, or red on white or recorded with his voice, it’s NOT TRUE as far as SCN and his role as Source is concerned.

  36. martyrathbun09

    Mike, you are right. And the trickle down Armageddon mentality is essentially being used on staff and public for the same purpose these days, keep them from bolting.

  37. martyrathbun09

    Dark Ages is an apt description of what is going on there.

  38. My first reaction to this was to laugh. David Miscavage should arrange a meeting with Harold Camping, so they can coordinate their activities and announcements. I don’t know if this hit Texas much, but people in California really got on board and had “Pre-Rapture” parties on the day of the supposed event. Businesses promoted Rapture sales and drink specials. There was a huge Facebook page for a post-rapture looting party (just for the people left behind). I think there’s a new date in October. Someone in my neighborhood laid clothes out on a park bench – shoes, socks, pants, shirt, hat – implying that the person was suddenly taken during the Rapture.

    DM now says he is in possession of secret hidden material from LRH? This is so dangerous. This is the real story here. This made me angry.

  39. Do staff/parishioners really think that Dave is the only one who has/had complete access to every single piece of LRH materials/research? There were people long before Dave that had access to LRH and the tech who know it backwards and forwards. I would think that Dan Koon, Ray just to name a few… It is just crazy that people put so much faith into one little self-proclaimed guy who never left the boys locker room in Jr. High.

  40. Tony Dephillips

    This post made me think of how Dm loves to position Corporate Scientology being attacked by the German government as similar to the persecution of the Jewish people back in Nazi Germany. It’s like he is saying “watch out they are trying to exterminate us, so give generously.” The message is GIVE MONEY OR DIE!!!

  41. Tony Dephillips

    People in the cult of miss cabbage are treated like mushrooms. Kept in the dark and fed bullshit.

  42. So let’s get this straight- No sleep, shitty or no food, physical torture…..And then the whopper Q & A: “You want to know how long LRH said you’ve got?”
    “it is a lot sooner than you think.”

    Yeah, that’s implant technology at its best. Ugh……………

  43. The King of Squirrels is also the King of VD (Verbal Data), and the King of the “Hidden Data Line.”

    It is isn’t written, it isn’t true.

    We have the tech. We need to use it. Marty and team, has anyone ever asked DM for a reference?

  44. Marty,

    I agree, further, a blind generality on the SO may not be fair or accurate, because I still know people, mostly lower down the org board, still trying to be a good example, do their best, etc despite the insanity of management. As the insanity permiates the lower ranks, more and more of these leave as the initial dream they signed on for becomes increasingly impossible and invisible. One in particular I have been in touch with feels a responsibility to remain and shield their juniors and public from the insanity and irrationality. I wonder if these type of folk are the only remaining reason for a semblance of a heartbeat in the organization.

  45. I too have witnessed some OTA’ss’s do stuff as bad or worse than anything I personally experienced in the SO, and with infinately less impunity than any SO would have expected when I left 20 years ago.

  46. WindWalker


    Yes, the old “if it isn’t written it isn’t true”.
    That statement was in reference to things that one claims LRH SAID. It has nothing to do with the truth of WHAT was said, only that if someone is going to say LRH SAID something, then he had better be willing and able to show “docs”.
    The corollary is also not true, at any level. ie. “if it is written it is true” or “if it is true, LRH wrote it”, or “it is true BECAUSE LRH wrote it”. These are ALL TOTAL NONSENSE.

    Here are the facts:

    L.Ron Hubbard wrote stuff.
    Some of what L.Ron Hubbard wrote is TRUE.
    Some of what L.Ron Hubbard wrote is FICTION.
    Some of what L.Ron Hubbard wrote was OPINION.
    Some of what L.Ron Hubbard wrote is WORKABLE, some more, some less.

    So, if all of the above are true, and I believe they are, then it, by necessity, falls upon each one of us to sort out one from the other.
    This is “differentiation”. It is one aspect of “sanity”.
    To allow another to tell you what is TRUE, and for you to accept that, without your own assessment and evaluation, puts you “at effect” and can “operate” on you much like your case does.

    So, my friends,I recommend that you do not believe a word I say.

    Unless you have evaluated the data and have decided for yourself that it is true, you would be putting yourself at risk to do so.


  47. Tom, once an Evaluator, always an evaluator and I couldn’t help but pick up a bit of contrary facts in your story. It may just be me, but others who were there might throw light in. In 1981, after 15 years of service I left Flag and Miscavige was in the middle of his coup. After 1981, to my knowledge, (I may be mistaken) DM was never confined to the RPF garage in the FSO, a place I am quite familiar with. In 1984 I was in Santa Barbara more or less supporting David Mayo in his Independence pioneer effort and at the time I knew DM was in control of the organization. While I was in Santa Barbara at least 2 of the most trusted LRH messengers (busted or gotten rid of by DM) showed up after having left the DM regime. I can tell you their names: Dede Reisdorf, Janis guillham (Grady) and a friend of mine named John Nelson. All busted by DM at the time you say he was confined to “an office in the FH Garage”. I just can’t see your picture of DM being confined to the FH garage, where there were NO offices, then escaping the RPF, then getting himself sent to ANZO all by himself against LRH orders (LRH was no longer operational by this time) and IF I am missing something and he actually went to ANZO as a CMO Missionaire, no amount of CO ANZOs would have sent him packing, as you say, because he would have had the backing of CMO Int and YOU would have ended up in the RPF. He woukld have squashed you like a cokroach, believe that.

    You said you were CO ANZO but you also said ” I pulled this missionaire in and rolled him back to where he got these ideas. He said he was briefed by David Miscaviage to tell the people around the world. I told my mission operator this and she was astounded that this “missionaire” was even out of the FSO Garage against LRH Orders. We sent him back home”. So, the question is: if you were the CO FLANZO (FOLO AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND), how come you had a Mission Ops? You would only have that if you were on mission from Flag.

    Sorry to be an old evaluator and a pain in the backside. You’ll forgive me if I am wrong?


  48. WindWalker

    This line in what you said kinda stuck out for me.

    “Miscavige told the assembled that he was sickened by their lethargy and berated them for “non-compliance” with his grandiose plans to take over the planet.”

    I am not sure if this statement contains opinion on your part, but it adds some data to David Miscaviges purposes or goals perhaps. Scientology may simply be a “stepping stone” to some grand plan to dominate the world. He may not be intent on destroying Scientology as his main task. He may be attempting to use (misuse) Scientology to further his domination of the world.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if he were that stupid.


    “…And then there’s this other thing called a hidden data line. This thing called a hidden data line is one of the most fascinating things I ever heard of. Now, Captain Joe Von Stodden, Captain of the Flag Ship, has given some thought to this as an old, old, old time auditor, as well as a very good captain. He sort of racked this around for a while, and he finally found out how a hidden data line occurs. Or how a hidden command line occurs. And I’ll just read his dispatch in full here as I received it this morning. It’s very, very good.
    “Regarding the subject of a hidden data line, I have observed the basis of the hidden data line, and it is simply this: The hidden command line. This is the only way command intentions can get alter-ised apart from outright non-compliance, which I feel, if looked at closely, is also due to a hidden command line.”
    “For example, a level 3 auditor does a green form without an E-meter. A level 6 asks him, “What the hell are you doing?” And the level 3 auditor says, “I have just come back from the AO and they do it like that.” And the level 3 auditor gives a big explanation of why it goes that way. And the level 6 auditor pursues the issue and finds other auditors from AO doing a green form this way, and therefore it must be OK. So the level 6 auditor starts doing a green form in this way. This is an extreme example, but the point is the level 6 started backing off when the AO was mentioned.”
    “The higher up the command line, the level 6 wouldn’t have just taken it from the level 3, but the 3, being just…having just had close contact with a body higher on a command line than the 6, starts off the level 6’s doubt. And the higher on a command line the power is drawn from, the wider area the alter-is covers. Like it seems someone figured this out and just put god there.”
    “You know, somebody just heard from god, so that’s the right thing to do.” “Religion is a pretty good example of a hidden command line. There is policy on ‘If it’s not written it’s not true’, and ‘The only standard tech is found in HCOBs, tapes and books’, yet tech gets alter-ised in Orgs, and the form of the Org is difficult at times to keep. I conclude from this that command lines are misused and not understood always.”…”

  50. scilonschools

    Well i know the CoS Snr Mngmt have a fascination with Adrian Gilbert , UK writer of 2012 Mayan Prophecy and others as below-:

    The Cosmic Wisdom Beyond Astrology (1991)
    The Orion Mystery (with Robert Bauval) (1994)
    The Mayan Prophecies (1995)
    Magi (1996)
    The Holy Kingdom (with Alan Wilson and Baram Blackett) (1998)
    Signs in the Sky (2000)
    The New Jerusalem (2002)
    The End of Time (2006)
    London: A New Jerusalam (2010)
    Lives 20 minutes from St Hill UK

    Now i see the fascination!!!

  51. ACXSO:

    Reread what Tom said — he never said DM was confined to the garage or on the RPF.


  52. WindWalker


    Perhaps you are referring to something in particular that you are interested in, but if someone is looking for the “pro survival” point of view, and they happened upon this blog, I think they would have done very well.

    We are constantly offering and discussing various aspects of various solutions.

    But you probably know all that. So, I ask… What are you looking for?


  53. Once upon a time, in a land far far away there existed a PL by LRH called “Horrible Truth Regging” – or something to that effect.

    In which, registrars were told NEVER to reg from a perspective of — if you don’t buy this or that – something horrible is going to happen to you.

    Hmmm — where DID that PL go?


  54. That was 1968. He and Joe Von Stodden spoke sooth.

    We used to have men in Scientology and in the SO.

  55. That is a workable proposition.

  56. Thoughtful: “It’s interesting that in the reference you cited the “end of days” really means the end of suffering and evil; the beginning of a new era of responsibility, integrity and understanding. What was originally spoken of by visionaries as the beginning of freedom”

    As a buddhist – here’s my take. Samsara is the continuous never ending wheel of birth/rebirth/birth/rebirth and the attendant suffering of birth, old age, sickness and death.

    Nirvana isn’t heaven or some place BUT the ability to transcend samsara still living IN the world as we know and able to fully help others depending on ones advancement (bodhisattva or buddha).

    My teacher has said: “Is Samsara endless and painful. Yes. BUT that doesn’t mean we give up and stop helping” … and ONCE you reach enlightenment there isn’t some RV park where all the buddhas goes and BBQ – there is NO retirement, you roll up your sleeves and continue to help others. We are in the ‘helping others business’

    I personally believe with NO proof at all — that they MIGHT exist some written note from LRH talking about “end of times” — however, IF it does exist it doesn’t then say — go take a vacation. Stop helping or doing. Live a complete narcissistic life as it’s all going to end.

    IF it exists — it says what Steve Hall wrote — it’s a beginning of a new era etc.

    AND IMHO – as this “end of times” comes closer it’s easier and easier to see who is on which team. Those driving others down and those working to help.

    There is less gray.

    Not such a bad thing as “bad guys” were often dressed in white and we couldn’t tell.

    Now it’s kinda easy.

    I mean, seems to me ACXSO is bordering on pale black and doesn’t seem to be able to stay in the gray zone.

    Just sayin’


  57. Tell that particular person that shielding from insanity is pushing power to it. He says (postulates) it’s there, it’s dangerous, it can’t be beat and thus hides it from others, acting as if it isn’t there. The not-is builds the problem. Tell him Davey will be most pleased with that behaviour.

  58. New OTVII in 18 months? End of the world ‘a lot sooner than you think’? Looks like DM has gone ‘new age’ and joined the end of world 21 Dec 2012 club.

  59. I believe that a knowledge of modern history is vitally important in a proper study of LRH writings and lectures. Example: LRH’s doomday predictions, when viewed in the proper historical frame of reference, are not that outlandish; when Scientology was coming of age in the 50s and 60s nuclear was was a very real possibility. I imagine that immediately following the Cuban Missle Crises, if LRH were to stand up and say, “look folks, we better get to work clearing this planet because it may not have much time left if we don’t.” That he was coming from a very valid position, and one that the people listening to at that time would appreciate and agree with completely.

    This is not Heaven’s Gate style scare mongering like COB engages in as described in this blog post, but a valid point of view based on the contemporary geopolitical situation at the time.

  60. Yeah Mike, surprise. Not only was Paul awake, he woke up Songbird as well.

  61. Steve & Marty,

    Totally agreed.

    “End of Days” reminded me of an Arnold horror and action film of that title which we saw one weekend in ’99 at the movies, seems to me that DM is dramatizing that powerful most evil antagonist – the devil.

  62. WindWalker


    I would say it is almost certainly an IMPLANT. The whole concept of the “end of time” or the “end of the world” , is a mechanism that has been used all through history to control people. It is probably backed up by some remote incident where some planet, system, or society WAS destroyed, and was then used as a “restimulator” to lay in “therefor you must… or therefor you mustn’t” do something or other that benefited the implanter somehow.

    I can see no other purpose for even suggesting such a thing.


  63. Nah, he’s late on the chain; he was never that smart. He illegally copied it from the psychs scaring us with a ww mental crisis if not everbody’d be put on drugs or the CIA scaring us with nuclear disasters if we don’t invade countries like Vietman or virologist scaring us with a pandemic if we don’t vaccinate everybody into constant illness.

  64. I can only think of a couple of Class 8 and OT 8s in the Sea Org, and those are totally under Dear Leader’s suppressive thumbs as they might be considered a threat to his reign.

    That training and case level is LRH’s ideal scene for all SO, but not possible or achievable currently.

  65. What else can they expect from CO Bullshit?

  66. That is unthinkable and just not done. Would you ask Simon Bolivar for a ref? The KoS or KVD asserts himself as Dept 21 – Source!

  67. UnDisturbed

    Marty: yes it is the old standby the ‘hidden data line’. DM has the hidden data line to LRH where we mere mortals are clueless. Classic!

    Compare to Mr Harold Camping, the California preacher who made national news by announcing the world would end May 21. He had a hidden data line to God who told him so. Classic!

    Wait….. today is May 27 and the world is still here. What the f…? No problem for Mr Camping. God is infallible but Mr Camping was off by a couple months. God has now revealed that the end date is Oct 21!

    You got to give these snake-oil salesmen some credit. Classic!

    Tom Price
    Los Angeles

  68. Sara Finning

    Isn’t there supposed to be an almighty battle right before the armageddon?

    Seems to me this is what is being mocked up with Marty/Mike as the op terms.

  69. No sleep, shitty or no food, consistant inval and eval, physical torture…..+ you don’t comply + you’re lazy=implant of total effect= total control by the hypnotist.

  70. Marty: Gawker just picked up your most recent blog:


    Forty-nine minutes ago — it’s 4:05 PM EST.

    Meaning they track this blog just as much as the rest of us. Maybe they need to start posting comments too 🙂


  71. Never cease to be amazed at the similarities and tactics of dm when compared to other dictators, false prophets, etc. I would assume this “Reality factor” from dm was at least part of the basis of your concern about another Jonestown in Hemet. Thanks for the insight.

  72. Tony Dephillips

    What you said was real purty.
    Very well said.

  73. You know, I was thinking if one kept it simple with this fellow what would be at the bottom of the confusion he generates. I got to be a pretty good sec checker (that’s seems to be an indictaor of Org activity right there) but with the all the dramos this guy does and weird LRH secret mutterings of doomsday and how everyone else is a DB – what’s the crime of equal magnitude that’s keeping all this crap suspended and enforced on others?
    Exactly what is missed on this fellow by honest compassionate hardworking & dedicated people. Just what crime did he commit that he now can’t undue except by destroying others?
    15 to life must be in there somewhere.

  74. martyrathbun09


  75. ACXSO, Tom didn’t say DM was the one confined to the garage, etc. DM ordered that someone else be confined, etc.

  76. I really liked that movie, Sinar. Partly because evil is vanquished in the end not by Arnie’s character’s brute firepower but because he makes the ultimate act of love – sacrificing himself for others (lots of Jesus parallels).

  77. ACXSO and others,

    Personally I think this thing is getting too Davo-centric as far as I’m concerned.

    Basically he was dramatizing what is in the tone level of anger in the Hubbard Chart of Human Evaluation.

    This doesn’t make Miscavige a special species of SP or Merchant of Chaos just another one.

    The fact is the so called SEF or Safe Environment Fund sponsored by the GO used similar tactics.

    I remember being at one of these “briefings” by the SEF and the promo announced that there would be some cataclysmic nuclear holocaust in the offing between the two great superpowers in the near future.

    (This was in the days of the Cold War and the “Evil Empire” etc)

    So you better donate to SEF or the world will end tomorrow etc, etc.

    To me this seemed like contrary facts since the reason that Ron transfered SO operations to land was because a war between the USSR and the US seemed unlikely.

    So I asked the AG who was a good friend of mine where they got this alarming datum from and he told me that it was made up and that it was based on actual fact that Ron predicted there would be a conflict of some kind between the Superpowers in the Middle Eastern region which turned out to be correct.

    Since this was when the Soviets invaded Afghanistan and the fact is that there was a war between the Superpowers.

    Only it was in fact a covert war since the US was using the Mujahideen as their proxies against the Soviets.

    So what the GO did was basically exaggerate the actual threat in order to rake in the doe for SEF which is basically what the little moron is doing.

    His so called “inside line” is probably the LRH Article entitled “5 Years” where Ron does make some dire predictions back in the late ’60’s if Scientology didn’t get applied.

    An article that isn’t confidential and that anyone can read.

    However the point is that Miscavige isn’t doing anything new.

    I mean we’d been there done that.

    So Miscavige isn’t doing anything new or different.

    As far as I’m concerned the guy hasn’t had an original idea in his entire existence.

    He’s just a garden variety low toned SP who has been granted way too much power.

    He’s not a “special case” of any kind and standard tech policy and ethics would handle someone like him.

    The thing is that under his faux “leadership” is isn’t being applied and therefore SP’s like him are given free reign over the Organization.

  78. Ooops! Sorry HEATHER and ??, I hear you. Lucky my Grade IV is well in, as I am content with being wrong:))) You’ll have to excuse an old soldier for making a mistake like thinking Tom may be a plant! The perils of old age and the facility of the Internet, which allows us to sometimes badly misjudge or misread complete strangers’s words. Kind of like I remember from my study days, It’s hard to understand written significance without the mass to make it more real. Unfortunately my clay demos and demo-kits can’t produce the person behind the words. But, at the end of the day, even my little mistake was well intentioned.

    My apology to anyone offended, but I would like to hear from the interested party, maybe?

  79. HolySchmoly

    you wrote ” Of course Miscavige did not produce any document. As was his wont and privilege, he simply said that the document existed. ”

    It’s interesting how the spirit of an organization comes from the top.
    “Help” is only the calling card (for the purpose of buying real estate) of the organization.

    In reality, Scientology Inc is now in the business of Fiction : Lies and schemes , redefining F/Ns and made up stories to calumniate former members they stalk and harass in unFair Game.

  80. Prop 19: Amsterdam Psychiatrist Blasts US Drug Czars for Distortions, Fear-Mongering

    “It is my firm belief that the American people, and certainly Californians, would support decriminalizing drugs and regulating drug markets, if only they knew that the drug problem in their country is much worse than in countries with more liberal policies. The problem is that Americans do know that their country has a serious drug problem, but they also believe or are convinced that in the Netherlands and other European countries the situation is even worse. This is what they have heard from their governments and drug czars.

    There is a tradition of lies being told by US officials, especially about the Netherlands. An earlier drug czar, I believe it was Lee Brown, warned that visiting Amsterdam means stumbling over junkies in the center of town. In 1998, just before the start of a “fact-finding mission” to the Netherlands, then US Drug Czar General Barry McCaffrey claimed that Dutch drug policy was an “unmitigated disaster”. He claimed that the U.S. had less than half the murder rate of the Netherlands — 8.22 murders per 100,000 people in 1995 compared to 17.58 in the Netherlands. “That’s drugs,” he explained.”

    The Dutch Central Bureau for Statistics issued a special press release explaining that the actual Dutch murder rate is 1.8 per 100,000 people, or less than one-quarter the U.S. murder rate.”

  81. How utterly heartbreaking. My friends have described seeing that sad glazed look on some staff. They try to brave through no matter what. A lot of former staff reports show it so clearly how they had their hearts and spirits attacked and broken the same way.

    And there is a difference between a tough environment that makes people stronger, and one that crushes. It’s the difference between an inspiration leader and a coward. People will become super-human for a good leader and for their own aspirations.

    David Miscavige drops the bomb he thinks will cinch the Enturbulation: “It’s a lot sooner than you think!” stomps foot and leaves. OK big man.

    To understand better, read the Science of Survival chapter: “Method Used By Subject To Control Others.”

  82. He’s running the same ole tired sh** off the track.

    Hey Marty or Mike,

    Who has audited David Miscavige in the past? Are they still in the church or have they left?

    What’s the “hot dope” on this guys case?

    If we know his case situation then we can figure out how to handle this dude.

  83. HolySchmoly


    Sherb, that is exactly what the David Miscavige and Church Office of Special Affairs activities are: over the top Missed Withhold phenemenon. Complete with violent natter, wild attempts to discredit people who have missed thier withholds.

    It seems the bigger the theta of anyone who is not under their “control” (read coercion, bribery or blackmail) the crazier Miscavige and OSA bots get with wild attacks and justifiers.

    The OSA Miscavige “hit list” is WHO HAS MISSED THIER WITHHOLDS BIG TIME. And we are talking Crimes of Magnitude. All the expense, PIs, tall-tale calumny they spin to discredit people? Missed Withhold phenomena.

    The Office of Special Affairs lies even take place as Photoshopping photos to make their targets seem ugly or bad! It’s a case study for psychosis on a social dynamic. “Violent reaction” Missed Withhold. Mega crimes.

  84. This is a strange question. His case situation is NCG. What does that tell you on how to handle him?

  85. A SP needs one that he can suppress. If a SP kills all people then he no longer has someone he can suppress. Maybe a SP is stupid, but not that much stupid to destroy everything. Thus a “End of Days” is only something a SP uses as concept.
    If a SP tells you that he pushes that button that destroys earth but you can avoid it by being his slave, ask him friendly if you can smoke a cigarette before he pushes that button.

  86. Is DM a sadist??

    “Sadistic Nature OR Self destructive personality

    Sadistic behavior or self destructive type personality is characterized by cruel, aggressive, manipulative, and demeaning behavior directed towards others. Abusiveness and violence are common in the sadist’s social relationships, because the sadist lacks concern for people and derives pleasure from harming or humiliating others. The behavior pattern is inflexible across all personal and social situations and significantly impairs their social or occupational functioning. Normally sadistic people use physical cruelty or violence for the purpose of establishing dominance in a relationship or sometimes merely to achieve some no interpersonal goal, such as striking someone in order to rob them. They want to gain power and control over the self and over outside objects. They posses driving need to dominance and want to have an impact on others. Apart they want to gain validation of their own being, their importance, and their power by hurting and dominating others.

    Sadistic people like to humiliate or demean people in the presence of others. They like to treat or discipline someone under their control unusually harshly, e.g., a child, student, prisoner, or patient. They are amused by, or takes pleasure in, the psychological or physical suffering of others (including animals). They lie for the purpose of harming or inflicting pain on others. They get other people to do what they want by frightening them through intimidation or even terror. Sadistic people restrict the autonomy of people with whom they have a close relationship, e.g., will not let spouse leave the house unaccompanied or permit teen-age daughter to attend social functions.”

  87. The dwarf: “Me auditing? I am GOD!!!, don´t indicate that I need auditing – back to the Hole, motherfucker!”

  88. I agree OEC/FEBC. Most of us grew up with the possibility of nuclear annihilation as a very real threat and always-present PTP (present time problem) on the 4th dynamic — right up to the point that the USSR came apart at the seams and then dissolved by 1990.

    The USSR and USA literally had their missiles targeted at each other 24 x 7 x 365, ready to be launched at the push of a button. It’s sometimes hard to remember what the world was like between 1945 – 1990. Pundits described the possibility of nuclear annihilation at the drop of the hat in those days.


    Click to access 6809C24.pdf

  90. Yvonne Schick

    I also think a blind generality on the OT Ambassadors or OT VIII’s may not be fair or accurate. Likewise, some are trying to do their best, set a good example, and are at the effect of the insanity of “command intention”. Ken and I spent years working to shield our field from the insanity and irrationality coming down lines. We learned how to play the game and a few times successfully said, in effect, “no, we are not going to do that (crazy) program” without getting our heads taken off. It took awhile to conclude that the insanity wasn’t generated in the mid-ranks but came completely from the top; i.e., DM. Finally, it just didn’t make sense to us to continue on that course but going thru that was part of what brought us to our decision to abandon DM.

  91. “Characteristics Of A Sadistic Person

    A sadistic person does not hesitate in humiliating people in front of others. The disgrace that he puts down on other person makes him feel unstoppable and supreme.
    He treats all the people under his control, irrespective whether the other person is a child, student, patient or prisoner, unkindly and harshly. All that he aims for is an unchallenged dominance in the relationship. Anyone who tries to lose free is treated in a callous manner.
    A sadist finds pleasure in harming or causing pain to others by lying without any motive behind achieving any other goal. The harm that he inflicts upon the other person makes him feel invincible and contented.
    Unlike normal people, a sadistic person frightens and terrorizes people for the sake of getting his work done.
    He often restricts the freedom of people with whom he shares a close relationship. For example, the spouse is not allowed to leave the house premises unaccompanied or the teen-age daughter is not permitted to attend social functions. Such is the person’s controlling nature that nobody is allowed to have his/her say. For a sadistic person, his is the final word and ultimate law. It must be obeyed, no matter how outrageous and senseless it may be.
    A sadistic person is highly enthralled by violence, weapons, martial arts, injury, death or torture. He/she channelizes the killer instinct in socially acceptable ways such as “studying” and admiring historical figures such as Hitler.
    He does not falter from using cruelty or violence for establishing dominance in any relationship. The ultimate goal is to have full and undivided control over the person or the situation.”

  92. Mike Hobson

    And what source are you quoting from, that it should be taken as gospel truth ?

    Michael A. Hobson

  93. I agree Marty,

    The guy’s a “victim” while at the same time assuming the twisted viewpoint of hallucinatory “cause”.

    In other words both cause and effect all rolled into one.

    Typical SP.

    It’s every body else’s fault yet I’m total cause or whatever…

    Totally inverted 8.

    Fortunately he didn’t have total control in the past.

    Now he does and we can all see what a total and complete fuck up the guy really is.

    The hole uncamouflaged.

  94. Sherb,
    Consider that he’s making others guility of destroying Scientology, using Scientology destructively, using a technology of the mind to entrap others, to cause them to resist horrible consequence which snaps the thing they resist on to them, he accuses others of continous intent to destroy and subjects them to continuous introversion with an alter-ised FPRD style sec-checking – across the boards.

    Considering all of this accusations he levels, and the point you’ve made of that pressure bearing down on him from his very own such acts, one would have to get a little larger in the view to get to the actual Missed, failed to find out about, restimulated harmful acts David Miscavige has without any question perpetrated.

    This lifetime overts, MISSED, that restimulate the real kickers he’s sitting on to make his as bat shit crazy as he is.

    P.S. the hidden data line date DM is holding over the heads of those at Int – 200 years, as relayed to me by my ex-wife, Annie Tidman. She didn’t show me anything in writing. It was apparently a prediction on the lifecycle of the sun. Again, I saw nothing in writing. So who knows what or IF there was any statement in the first place. There WAS a solution for beings – a thoroughly done Bridge – both sides. The very same Bridge David Miscavige has sabotaged – both sides. The same Bridge delivered, no sabotage, in the independent field. LRH’s Bridge – right here, right now. And without the ‘end of days’ threats. That’s just too low-toned and restimulated to get anything done now in’it.

  95. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Marty, Mike and Steve,
    I just had a thought about how some of the most veteran members of the Sea Org could not see it as an out-point that miss cabbage was/is dramatizing low toned handling of others.
    I am sure some thought it, but couldn’t or wouldn’t speak up about it out of fear of reprisals.
    But, I have heard through out my career as a Scientology about how some people are “theetie wheetie” when they cannot confront evil and it is “mis-emotion” to be “cheerful” when the “planet is on the brink of destruction”. This seems to be a built in justifier for dm to dramatize anything he wants to, because he is “confronting the evil” and is not “theetie wheetie” and can be tough and get “angry”. I can see how this false data could be PUSHED in with force and get the whole RTC/Int base marching to this kind of thing.
    Does any of that ring true to you guys?

  96. DM is about the size of a 14 year old.


    Wonder if he’s stuck on the track…

  97. Tony DePhillips

    I agree, even while noting that his prediction was wrong.
    I think that at the time if issuing it he had good intentions. And to be honest I don’t recall if he stated it as a fact or that there was a good chance it would be over after five years.

  98. This is true.

    The Sea Org a generality just as the Guardian’s Office was at one time.

    However it was the coup that started us all down that road by using the power of the Sea org to wipe out its real or imagined enemies.

    First it was the GO then it was them nasty Mission Holders and then it was David Mayo and…and….

    As far as I see it Miscavige is also a generality as well since there are other SPs who align with this jerk like the elitists in the OTCs and various staff who love to suppress people who have now been given free reign to do so who use the “COB said… etc” as cover for their suppressive actions.

    Like various OSAcrats for example.

    In other words a snake pit within a snake pit.

    The bright side is that any one of these SPs could end up throwing el capo SP Davy under the bus.

    Seems there is no honor among SPs.


  99. Yes and I am glad he doesn’t have a teenage daughter.

  100. One of the last actions, known actions, was a sec check. It was white-washed before it got to LRH. Imagine how much pressure those MISSED withholds have – missed by Ron. Youch. Sucks to be Dave.

  101. Tony,
    DM comes at you from behind. He’s a coward. He’ll come from behind LRH, where he plays on the material laid out in An Essay On Management, with beings seeking a glimmer of the theta goal as postulate by the Goal Maker.

    His ‘anger’ is never done face to face, one on one, with any terminal of comparable magnitude. He’ll needle, twist, disperse, play on loyalty to the goals, the ARC with the group and its efforts to the goals, and he’ll hide behind that, and then stick you.

    His gibberish comm is like fencing with nothing, where you can’t find something to hit.

    This whole ploy of DM’s is broken with this blog, With beings shedding his inval and eval, and the cover he’s had is gone. The blog is pounding him, every single day, right where it counts. It’s not ‘mis’emotion, it’s a rational response, even if it took a while, to a person who is after all, a little shit. (That’s a technical term, encompassing his clinkerness.)

    It’s nice to be able to reach into that room and smack this dweezle, hard, every single day. There’s a lot of ‘balancing’ to do till this ledger’s straight.

  102. TruthSeeker

    Just that short description and you bring to mind HOWARD BECKER and MICHAEL ROBERTS and TEDDY BRAGIN (and sometimes CLIFF BOWEN). What a bunch of scare-mongers, conspiracy-tellers, “I can’t talk because I am on a cell phone and “they” can tap the signal”… blah blah blah. Robert Ludlum would have loved these guys. Your comment soooo keyed me in. Taking deep breaths, taking deep breaths.

  103. Concerning David Miscavige, it is obvious, right in
    front of all your noses, especially those who have
    processed the upper part of the Bridge, that this
    degraded being was part of the crew that made this
    Earth a hell.
    I, being a scholar of ancient manuscipts, have
    a message of long ago for you, my decadent thetan:

    “He that troubles his own house shall inherit the wind:
    and the fool shall be servant to the wise of heart.”
    – Proverbs 11:29

    Take care David, your fall is coming and you will be
    exposed and seen as the “King of Fools” before all
    the world.

  104. Mike, I love it when you duplicate DMs mind. I really get the flow from him. Thank God you are out and with us.

    ML Tom

  105. WW,

    very good & true statement !

    If someone takes every LRH text as an ORDER to be executed verbatim, then he is going to create some havoc (“pink legs” etc.).

    If one uses LRH texts applying responsibiliy (i.e. willing to be fully responsible for the application of that LRH text and its effects) then there will be sunshine in the sky !

  106. Joe Pendleton

    WW, you make some vital points.

    Marty, as far as I’m concerned, your question at the end of your post is THE question and THE issue re: the CofS. The question you ask is, by orders of magnitude more important than anything Miscavige has DONE. Why? Because if your question wasn’t the case, then a public that was “aware of being aware” and willing to be in communication, would simply REJECT Miscavige and that would be that.

    So, in response to your question, my “short” answer here will be:

    This happens because:

    1) At some point (usually early on) in Scientology we make the postulate “to just follow source with no more personal inspection as to whether a datum is true for us or not.” We decide that AUTHORITY is just to be “believed” without this inspection. At the beginning of our involvement, this source is LRH (and this is despite the fact that LRH says not to do this in his early writings and lectures, like lecture “Education”, where one is free to, and encouraged to reject any datum).

    Re: the above, some of us do work at fully understanding a datum, demo it, word clear it, come up with real life examples and actually DO understand and have cognitions and case gain on the datum and apply it to wins in life. And some folks just end at duplicating what it says and mouthing it as truth to others to be blindly followed.

    But I think one “gets” early on in one’s involvement in Scientology that one is not REALLY free to reject a datum, within the context of the third dynamic (the Church). note: to keep this post relatively short, I’m leaving out examples of this and other things I point out here, though I could come up with many.

    2) This postulate of “always accepting as true” data from “source” then extends to ALL data coming from “above” and this became “management” after LRH died (and sometimes before as well). So when there’s a staff meeting or an event, we all stand up and applaud. There is NEVER any discussion, or even inspection on a personal level (and I was active as staff for over 35 years) as to what we are being told – as to it being true or not. One FOLLOWS a program from above, one doesn’t evaluate it per one’s own understanding or the Data Series or anything else. ONE ACCEPTS and then one does what one is told. The process of getting to this point can take months, but one gets to this point fairly early in one’s experience in Scientology. If you question or disagree, YOU have a misunderstood word or YOU have counter intention.


    And Marty, you make a point that I have been focusing on in my thinking for a couple of years now. The “Scientology experience” has to be understood in the context of Earth religion. There IS a pattern and it is run over and over again. There are “successful actions” on making an Earth religion grow in numbers (as suppressive as many of these actions are). This is why I am so interested in what happened in Scientology in the 1960s – because I think Scientology started moving into those patterns of authority and blind obedience. And thus it is with Miscavige and company. I’m reading Amy Scobee’s book now and it is fascinating how quickly this happened with her and how it happened.

    One more comment on your post. What many folks miss about the “end of days” is that in Christianity (in the book of “Revelation”), all the terrible disasters and the appearance of the Anti-Christ are GOOD things. They are necessary occurances to the return of Christ in victory and the start of the new era.

    And maybe in a wierd way, the coming of Miscavige and the current happenings in the CofS are also good in that they may result in Scientologists throwing off the cloak of blind obedience and thinking for themselves as they evaluate what they are told. Out of every 1,000 datums by LRH, probably 995 of them have great wisdom and application, that I think it is perfectly fine if one decides to reject the other 5 (and thus can reject “management” as well, as one sees fit).

  107. Speaking of using Fear and Regging, I will never forget the time I realized that a Div. 2 Registrar was given privvy to something in my confidential PC folder! t was when he tried to push it as a go button. And he even smirked! Can you imagine when those dots connected? He arched an eyebrow as he pulled out the “secret ace ” he thought he had up his sleeve in trying to pressure me to do a financial irregularity: ” You don’t want to die suddenly and end up having ____” (fill in blank with concern about something that can happen which is now irrelevant and besides the point)

    I was shocked at the breach and realized right then and there where he got it and that pc folders were not the sacred process I believed. I told him it was not okay! Another time that same reg saw me come out of a session and smirked (like he was being jokingly “theta”) “There’s nothing we don’t find out is there?” It was so off base and off the wall, especially since I’ve never been an intentionally withholdy person at all. And right then I saw: Power Control Trip.

    Total abuse of Scientology as it was intended.

  108. WW,

    Very good points.

    There is also seniority of what he wrote, which I think is on a Policy Letter. Quite a few dispatches or “advices” were just dictated on a dicta-phone when doing traffic in his office, dictated to a messenger to get typed and was also recorded onto cassettes wherever he was at the time to proofread against.

    There was a “drill” when he wrote HCOBs or LRH issues, in his office. Signs were posted for everyone to be quiet, all over the vicinity of where he worked and did not want to be disturbed.

  109. Oh goodness, me too, Cat Daddy! The guy’s mind about women is so obvious in the Missed Withhold rant degradation smear ops he puts OSA to about any female “target”.

  110. The name is: Joe van Staden

  111. Thanks for this quote, CD.

    Always the same kind of people using lies, fear-mongering and manipulation.

  112. martyrathbun09

    I think my book will answer a lot of these questions.

  113. Wow, one of the things I got out of Scientology was that sacrifice is very low on the tone scale. Yet the reges keep asking people to sacrifice. How does this reconcile?

  114. martyrathbun09

    Rings true. I have a lot of r on shielding folk from insanity coming from the top.

  115. Excerpt from HCOPL 15 April 1982 “Planetary Dissemination”

    “…..What’s missing here is the concept of planetary dissemination.
    Here we are in a short-lived planet. The Reds and Democrats are getting ready to hit an atomic button. And a yellow dwarf star like Sol? Oh, come on, man. A yellow dwarf is not the favored star for civilizations. No way! They’re a last stage impending catastrophe-a yellow dwarf blows up! (Before anyone panics, a yellow dwarf lets out radio signals strong enough to wreck radio for several centuries before they bang and this one may have some life left in it.)
    But what I’m saying is, let’s get this in perspective. Let’s put the real values on it and quit fooling….” and further on “…So all this PL is about is just that-planetary dissemination. It simply points out one omit. At least conceive of it….”

    The point being that LRH was exhorting staff and management to THINK BIG, and THINK IN FUTURES (2 themes from the 339R Birthday game.)
    Not engage in eschatological “rocket rattle” and fear mongering….imho.)

  116. DM equals delusions of grandeur!

  117. Dear David L.
    No. The cult is the C of M.
    Please don’t diss the Sea Org. It’s purpose is to get in ethics.
    I never stopped being a Sea Org Member; I am still doing my job and will continue to do so for as long as it takes.
    I just don’t wear the uniform anymore so as not to get confused with the gang that DM has recruited and brainwashed to obey his orders).
    Heads up. The Sea Org is out here.

  118. Good point.

  119. Thanks Worsel,

    Sorta ‘splains why someone like Miscavige can come along and tip over the whole apple cart.

    It’s this assumption that has been reenforced by the media and rampant within the Church that Miscavige has authority i.e. as the “Man behind Scientology” “the ‘Pope’ of Scientology” it’s “Religious Leader” etc, etc.

    Yet there is no policy anywhere that I’ve ever read where Ron turned over leadership of the Church to anyone especially not a psychotic psychopathic megalomanic lunatic 2 1/2% er with delusions of grandeur.

    Actually the fact is that before anyone can be appointed to a post *per policy* it has to be issued and approved as an AdCouncil Directive.

    Okay so he claims to be some “Chairman” of a board which in fact does not exist.

    He’d still have to been elected to chair that board by unanimous decision by an actual board of not less than 3 members and not more than 7 according to the RTC’s own charter.

    But from what little I understand of the lil’ psycho’s history he was seconded to MAC or more accurately MAFU and then became COB ASI at which point since ASI is supposed to be a secular organization he resigned from the SO.

    So unless he’s been reinstated the guy isn’t even a Sea Org member.

    Yet now he is supposedly the “Chairman” of a Religious organization that requires that one be a member of the Sea Org in order to be a trustee or board member.

    Is it just me?

    Or does anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

    Yeah so the media can say he’s the leader and the Government particularly the IRS can say that he’s a member of the CTCC and he can have all his friends in the Private Club for Inveterate Nazis known as InterPol acting as dissem arm but unless he’s been elected by an actual board within RTC or his name is in an ED issued by an AdCouncil he’s is in fact a nobody as far as policy is concerned.

    Hey OSA if your reading this ask your dear “leader” if he actually has any creds other than a bunch of his own hot air that says he is the “COB”.

    You know board minutes or ED of some kind.

    Betcha can’t.

    Because *no such animal exists*.

    He’s a fraud, so are you and so is what is calling itself “Church of Scientology”.

    You are no more the “Church of Scientology” than the APA is.

    You’re nothing but a FALSE FLAG operation posing as a “Church”.

    The sooner you go to hell the better off SCIENTOLOGY is.

  120. Scott Campbell

    Here’s one with Lyrics, Tom!

  121. I remember the end of days data hitting my lines at Saint Hill in the early ’90’s. Along with couple of others:
    1. David Miscavige was the only person LRH trusted, which is why he personally appointed him to take over the church when he died.
    2. LRH admired David Miscavige because he’s the only person who ever stood up to him and wouldn’t allow LRH to byapass him.
    3. David Miscavige turns into superman flys around saving the world by night…
    OK – I made the last one up. But it’s as factual as anything else that comes down the pipeline from the master of bullshit himself.

  122. Scott Campbell

    Hey Dave,

    What are you up to in PT? Have you helped anyone recently? What are your products?

    How are the people around you doing? Are they well? Happy?

    How about you? How are you doing? Let me know.


  123. WindWalker


    That whole thing about “just believing what you are told” seems to have been pushed by many. I have to think that they either didn’t understand the subject well enough to help bring the other person to understanding, or they were maybe just lazy, or they were looking to instill obedience, or perhaps they wanted to be source them-self.

    I was very fortunate to get the datum about evaluating data for yourself, quite early on, and I have clung to it ever since. It suited my ornery side and allowed me “discover” the truth of things for myself.

    As a supervisor I have always loved it when a student challenged something they had read or been told. It demonstrated to me that they were thinking. It is perhaps a key point in what keeps Scientology working.

    A “yes man” tends to follow any prevailing view, flow, order, line of attack or whatever, without a thought of his own about it. Sounds an awful lot like “apathy” don’t it?


  124. Looking back at my own experiences with that little creep, every encounter or “briefing” from him left me in a more or less degraded state. This is the guy who can stand there degrading LRH in subtle ways while staff clap in a confused manner. Here is a guy who can stand in front of a Scientology crowd and tell them that they are confused and never got any LRH, that they probably never made it to Clear or that they never got the PLs they read on the OEC or that they can’t audit, or that courses where laid out wrong and they needed to be redone, etc, etc. All the while maintaining his hidden data line of being the chosen one with “special” LRH instructions and people buy it.

    He can stand there degrade LRH, Scientology and Scientologists day in day out while at the same time hobnobbing with celebrities, going out to the ball games, jerking off in his mahogany, marble and steel covered offices to pictures of Tom Cruise while his staff feverishly try to please is whims.

    It’s simply fascinating this is happening despite all the we read in LRH policy warning us of exactly this type of people.

  125. Dear Sam,
    So the SO is not a Cult?
    Calling it for what it is, is not dissing on all the good people who were in it, are in it. or still consider themselves in it.
    To me, it is obviously unworkable and a complete failure.
    I can’t deal in would have’s, should have’s or could have’s.
    The fact is, it didn’t work, doesn’t work and will not work as a management system.
    My opinion
    And I disagree the Cult is the CofM. To me, THAT is a generality.
    I’ve been a Scientologist for 40 years and don’t consider I’ve ever been in a Cult. (save for my early Catholic upbringing…incense and Latin Masses & all)
    The vast majority of Scientologists aren’t either. But they sure are collateral damage victims of a small, criminal group that is running the show.
    We’ll just have to disagree about it’s designation I guess.

  126. Yvonne Schick

    Jim, I love it when you talk like that! Kick butt.

  127. Yvonne Schick

    Good one.

  128. Yeah, all that nasty evil MEST is bad bad bad … Hand it over to us. (and check your drawers for any loose gold while you’re at it, hand it over too)

  129. WW , I am looking for communication and connection.
    Personally, I fell isolated.

  130. Tony DePhillips

    Hi TruthSeeker,
    I have been regged by all of those guys and more. I liked Michael Roberts the best, but I kicked him and Howard Becker out of my house one day when they came over uninvited and would not end cycle on the regging after I tried to be diplomatic. Teddy Bragin was like a bad used car salesman. My brother sells used cars and there is nothing wrong with it. I am talking about the bullying type. Teddy tried to bully me once and it didn’t work and then he dropped into propitiation. They all make money off of it so is is hard to respect what they do, especially now, knowing that the money is pretty much wasted. 60K down the drain for me. 😦

  131. redneck Janette from Detriot

    To any interested…I highly recommend reading Steven Hassan’s books: Combatting Cult Mind Control and Releasing the Bonds. These books will give you a lot of insight into a cult leaders mind as well as cult members and why they act the way they act.

  132. Tony DePhillips

    Good answer Jim.
    I am with you on balancing the ledger. I just throw whatever nuggets I can get my hands on into the tray to get the two level but there is still a big gap.

  133. Tony DePhillips

    Good start Gunner.

  134. Tony DePhillips

    Hey Scott,
    That was a good one. Nice and direct and clean.

    Come on Dave can’t you communicate?? Or are you too busy with all the “expansion??” If you are so good and clean why don’t you get in comm directly with us? Are you afraid? We won’t hurt you. We would actually be in comm with you. Maybe you could handle something?? I think that we could actually help you come up with your best handling. The one that would be the best overall for your dynamics. I offer my help to be your ethics officer.

  135. It is so obvious by the reports here of DM’s abuse, that he never even made it as a grade 2 release.

  136. True. I think of Terl every time I heard someone discribe Miscavige. (Terl in the book. Not the movie.)

  137. How did you arrive at #2, Sam? Is it in some kind of a bio?

    Personally, I’ve never come across of that statement or PR nor heard/ observed it, #3 seems more credible.

  138. Thanks Marty for this posting. I’m glad you and Mike Rinder and others are out communicating lots of theta (truth) about what has been going on. I don’t have my Science of Survival book in front of me right now, but I think of the Theta Mest Theory contained therein and am so happy you all are communicating what you have learned from your past bad times with Miscavige to help make good times for us all now and in the future.

  139. Scott Campbell

    Honesty is the best policy.

  140. plainoldthetan

    Everyone in the Church is being executive-C/Sed to do hundreds of hours of Objectives. Guess whose case DM’s trying to solve by ordering that?

    Just off the top of my head:

    The reports have him drinking, while watching others’ sessions and mocking the pc. Unflat or undone drug handlings. Confessionals.

    Failed auditor. Scientology Auditor Analysis List and retrain *not* in the Golden Age of Gack.

    SP. Second to last Power Process at correct point in program.

    The reports have him grabbing huge copper electrodes sunk into the ground in order for him to “discharge” his charge. (Other practices.) GF40X. Remedy nQ.

    All his help is destructive. Grade I Help Processes.

    Firmly enMESTified. Thinks he’s some kind of deity. Remedy AQ. LX lists.

    Doesn’t study; can’t duplicate and apply LRH data. Study Green Form; WCCL to F/Ning assessment. Remedy B. Recheck and really run Method 1 WC.

    Psychotic violence with co-workers. Remedy B-1. Remedy B-2. Happiness Rundown. Grade IIX. False Purpose Rundown (10 forms plus custom forms.) Service Facsimile Handling (Grade IVX + Expanded Dianetics Whole Track Service Facsimile Handling.)

    Demands of others things he cannot confront doing himself. PTS Rundown. Remedy G. Hidden standard handling. (Sanderson Rundown.)

    Insane pc. Remedy O. Remedy nP. Remedy BB. Remedy BH.

    Huge overts but not recognition of his cause. Never done anything bad in his whole life. Being investiaged by FBI for human rights violations Remedy AJ. Remedy AK. Remedy AT.

    Doesn’t think anything is wrong with him. Remedy AO.

    Communicates in lies. Grade 0X.

    Creates problems for self and others. Grade IX.

    Full training on OEC FEBC.

    This is just the stuff I can tell he needs based on the reports in this blog and others. It’s not in the correct order, but almost certainly this stuff would all need to be done.

    Of course, the first thing you’d have to do is get him off the COB post and put the corporate structure as established by LRH in place. Then find a good clean Class XII and install him/her as Senior C/S Int.

    Then we can talk about the rest.

  141. Truthseeker-It’ll be good to see the end of days of these guys.

  142. WH, What you wrote about “help” is true. There is a lecture — I wish I could remember which series it was in. LRH just blurted out one of these sweeping statements that at first doesn’t even seem to be gramatical, or make sense. But when you demo it out it becomes a “MY GOD!” sort of profound realization. He said, “The evidence seems to be that the dynamics ARE help. Because if you stop helping on any dynamic, that dynamic ceases to exist for you.” That’s a paraphrase, but it’s pretty accurate. It puts a whole different perspective on the subject of help, and it’s integral role to life on earth.

    What dynamics do not exist for a being? Those dynamics he will not help. If he or she starts helping, suddenly the dynamic comes into existence for that person.

    The 4th dynamic (mankind) does not exist for many people because they aren’t doing anything to help mankind.


  143. Funny Sam. Yeah!!! Superman!!..that’s the ticket.

  144. I must tell you that. I was doing OT III, and got news overseas that my father had cancer and was very sick. I started in a routing form to get permission to see my father in the middle of OT III. This is a true story that rose many red flags to me at that time. The person in charge of the HGC told me that I was putting myself in risk of dangerous things happening to me, also she said that I had had many “fathers” in my time track, and OT III was more important than any thing. I almost vomited with the lack of ARC, lack of duplication. My father had always be important to me, and I was not going to miss to say goodbye to him. I went any way, and nothing happened to me. From that day on, I started to see that Flag was full of degraded beings that wanted my money only. It was the start of my exit. The NO DUPLICATION was what hurt me most. The attempt to make my father a nothing, when I was truly suffering with his diagnose and his suffering were also factors that openned my eyes.

  145. There is only one thing to expect: eschatology that is scat.

  146. STT — Great insight! “And, when any glimmer of hope died that someday they could get around or through DM and his Hole and once again be able to continue their good works, that is exactly when they stopped propping up the midget on his pedestal.” Fantastic summary!

  147. On the same line … this hidden data line is run on everyone at one time or another.

    The IAS is famous for this in creating a constant mysterious dangerous environment combined with validating you as one of the few dedicated individuals who will ‘really’ understand the situation – therefore you should have no problem supporting it, pulling you aside regging for a new yet-to-be announced release ahead of the event because you’re somehow special, special briefings for the dedicated few … on & on & on it goes.

    Whether it be regging, where that carrot is dangled in front of your nose; dire warnings of how we are being attacked and it is on your shoulders to make it go right to come up with the cash to handle it; or hidden tech/policy data lines used against you , it is solely aimed at keeping you in mystery and suppressed.

    I had a reg from Flag call me about 4 months ago to get me onto VII. I refused and then the conversation went wild

    Flag Reg: ‘How old are you?’ Strange question I thought so I answered the question.

    Flag Reg: “Gasp!! Oh my God, you better get down here quick.”

    Me: Huh??

    Flag Reg: “You know that old people are not allowed to do OT levels after a certain age?”

    Me: “Huh???? How come?”

    Flag Reg: ” Well they have so many somatics by then that they can’t get auditing.”

    Me: “Huh?????????” (suppressing laughter)

    Me: ” Where is that written?”

    Flag Reg: Bang! (Flag Reg slamming down phone)

    Hmm … I thought I remembered something about ‘caring for/consulting that individual in front of you … ahh, I must be wrong … one of those swiss-cheese moments.

    I must be getting old 😛

  148. The only problem I have with Steven Hassan is that being a former member of CAN he tends to ignore CIA’s influence in this area of Mind Control.

    Maybe this is an oversight on his part or it could be that the former directors of CAN and later the FMSF (False Memory Syndrome Foundation) were former Mk Ultra alumni like Jolly West, Marg Singer and Marty Orne.

    As far as I’m concerned the book is nothing but cult baiting.

  149. Actually I don’t think Miscavige even made a sub zero release.

    He’s stuck somewhere on the awareness scale at Sadism or something like that.

  150. I can really see End Of Days for dm . When it happens we should all have a big party.

  151. You hit on some truth in the last paragraph re: “throwing off the cloak of blind obedience”

  152. scilonschools

    Well the Gawker article based on this Revelation is gaining views at a stunning rate.
    DM’s little outburst could be viewed by many as a crackpot cult leader akin to Jim Jones!


  153. How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg. (Abraham Lincoln)

  154. I had to search for a link that still worked. One finds LRH audio in the most odd places no.
    Hubbard talks about the “hidden dataline”

    AUDIO: 01 – Welcome To The Class VIII Course(Tape #6809c24SO)
    You can listen to it online

  155. Let’s not forget some major SPs called IAS.

  156. Yeah, DM is completely exposed with Level 2 & the PTS SP Crse data.
    The fact he rose to such a height within a 3rd Dyn just makes it all the worse. He and his die hards are way too far gone to be reasoned with – it’s justice time.

  157. He fits the definition of Computing Psychotic to a ‘T’. The last sentence of defintion 2 from the Tech dictionary is the scary one.
    ‘The distinguishing characteristic of the computing psychotic is his utter inability to change his mind.”

  158. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    I recall an LRH ref giving the planet 20 years, something about a reference to earths scientists and their then current opinion. It was a ’70s ref IIRC.

  159. Yeah, but what do we know about him while his being audited?

    If you say he’s a NCG, I believe you but his auditors must still know some secrets about him nonetheless that he spilled while they were TRYING to get case gain with him.

  160. And the Gawker comments so far, are funny.

  161. Yeah, I heard about that one.

    What I mean is all the times he sat down with an auditor in the years prior to that before he became the big cheese of the church. If you could assemble all the people who have audited him or tried to audit him since he entered the church and after he became , what could they tell us about him?

  162. My question is really not about whether or not he got case gain but what all the auditors over the years have *learned* about him while trying to give him case gain.

    If they are out of the church, we could speak with them and use that knowledge to help handle him. The better one understands DM

  163. (Sorry, my last comment was submitted before I was finished writing it.)
    Here’s the rest.

    If his past auditors out of the church, we could speak with them and use that knowledge to help handle him.

    The better one understands DM, the easier it will be to handle him. I know that the SP tech would apply but it’s still best to know as much as possible about him to be the most effective against him even if that knowledge is more on the trivial side.

  164. Thank’s for publishing this. Miscavige is such an ass. USA please, put him in jail. Stop him now.

  165. DM is a dead ringer for Ren Hoek. Here is a video of him blowing up Australia in a fit of pique. watch out, you uppity Aussies! You know you’ve been bad, upsetting the CoS applecart down under.

  166. Sinar,
    I got it at Saint Hill on the rumor line – same place as the end of days.
    Legend had it that when DM was camera boy for LRH, LRH tried to take the camera off DM to take a shot and DM refused to hand over the camera to LRH because he didn’t want to be bypassed. Because of this, LRH had the deepest respect for DM and it’s one of the reasons he thought DM would be up to the job of replacing him. This was part of a number of tests that LRH was putting DM through in order to groom him for the greatness that was to come.
    You didn’t know that one? Gosh I thought ‘everybody knew’ 😀
    These ‘rumors’ hit the lines around 1990 when DM did a surprise inspection of the base leaving shock and awe in his wake (on the spot declares and RPFings were the order of the day). The other rumor was that DM had done the entire as yet unreleased Bridge (up to OT XV) which was why he knew what everyone’s withholds were and could just perceive out-points with his OT power.
    Yeah. Point number 3 – not so far off the mark.

  167. Grade II? Have you checked his Grade 0? And we have long known that the un-trained tend to “C-S” others for the actions they themselves need n(Purif and Obj’s after OT VII anyone?) What is truly indicative of a totally collapsed-into-the-bank, out of valence NCG SP is the sad fact that DM is trying to run his “case” on the via of others. But since that is just another in the long chain of his PT overts, he goes back to his scotch, and infatuation with Tom Cruise. Not a pretty scene.

  168. Aylesbury Wolf

    Hi Tom

    This bloke wasn’t Matt Henderson by any chance? What a dog turd he turned out to be.

  169. Cowboy Poet

    That was a great post, Marty. Thanks.

  170. You sem to be promoting the very thing the CofM is heavily criticized for here and elsewhere… Anyone other than a C/S or auditor using “pc data” to “handle” someone is wrong no matter who it is that would seem to justify it. IMO.

  171. I think it shows the true nature of an implant and how far the mechanism goes into the psyche of the universe. By the way, you were interested in my new book. It is now out “Transylvanian Moonrise”. Its on Amazon.

  172. TheWidowDenk

    Same here, Songbird. Emily Becker had been in contact with me several times trying to recovery me to Flag/OT VII/or whatever someone’s plan was for me by that time. At one point, she asked, “Aren’t you afraid?” I responded, “No, not really.” But, the seed of fear was planted, to a degree, in that I couldn’t for the life of me see what I should be afraid of. I finally came up with my worst fear: compromising my integrity.

  173. TheWidowDenk

    Yeah … I was speaking to Howard Becker in person, probably 2005 at Flag. He either received a phone call or saw someone (can’t exactly remember). Then he told me, “Gotta go, that person owes me $100,000.” Never knew who the person was but found the use of the word “owes” quite interesting.

  174. I can attest to what Yvonne says. IMO, Ken and Yvonne did more to further real purpose and growth of the org than anyone I have seen in years. They dedicated the majority of their time to this. They are an inspiration by example. If I had not already been half out the door, their resignation would have made me stop and think. To me they exemplify what a Scientologist should be to the extreme. IMO, when they were blown off the line, that field lost the real power in the area. It must show now that they are gone. Hopefully the field will wake up and realize who their friends really are. Ken and Yvonne know what true friends are! ml, Laura

  175. TheWidowDenk

    “If you could assemble all the people who have audited him or tried to audit him since he entered the church and after he became , what could they tell us about him?”


  176. TroubleShooter

    It’s clear that your integrity was in Maria and that you went to see him anyway. So sorry about your dad and that you were let down but your eyes were opened by it sooner than later. That’s something to be grateful for – the great escape.

  177. +1

  178. Unfortunately it’s LRH taking the hit. Not DM

  179. hi. harry palmer’s “hybrid” course is in my agenda; but until then: how much is your pre-clear or grades processing, and where do i get some? i’m in pinellas by the way.

    and now to make sh’t up (games processing):

    some of the best remote viewers claim maybe ≥ 13FEB2013 coronal mass ejection contact. only a few billion lost. i still surmise that divine intervention is possible so i’d still pay taxes if i had a job. anywho: minus krishna coming back and teaching us how to control the picoseconds of our moments (moment = 3 seconds), i’m just chillin’ like a villian while looking to become less evil in the hopes my next life doesn’t suck as much.

    any suggestions?

  180. I frankly couldn’t care less about what he has done at this point.

    The plain & simple facts are:

    1) He is a shyster … a scam artist … a snake-oil salesman, like the guys who sold the all-healing elixirs from years ago. He sells an overt product.

    2) He feigns validation of others only so long as they do his bidding and at the first sign of failure, he strikes them off his list.

    3) He has no interest whatsoever in helping mankind.

    4) He has no interest in Scientology nor its aims.

    5) As he speaks, he constantly assesses the person(s) in front of him to see if they are ‘buying’ his words.

    6) He constantly fears being found out.

    7) He is solely in this game for himself and cares not one iota for others unless they admire him, and even then, any ‘caring’ he shows for others is a facade in order to further his own goals.

    8) The only person he considers his friend is Tom Cruise and loves to be seen with him. They feed off each other.

    9) He is hanging on by a thread and underneath it all knows the game is lost.

  181. hmm … where did that emoticon come from … I must have hit a wrong key … should read 8)

  182. hmm … it did it again .. it should read #8

  183. TheWidowDenk

    It’s also in the Auditor’s Code …

  184. WindWalker

    OK I got it. Thank you for the clarification.
    My e-mail address is up on the May 24 post.( (you will need to turn the “at” into the symbol)
    Contact me if you choose.


  185. TheWidowDenk

    No …

  186. Thanks, Cat. Awesome tape.

    “It takes a total expert to be totally simple.” That is true in all fields. I once worked with a CFO who could look at a sea of numbers on a spreadsheet – a real eye chart – and zero in lighting-fast on the number that was out of whack – returns too high, say, or an imbalance between actual labor costs and standard costs. It was unbelievable.

    One of the key things I got out of Scientology is this concept of expertness, and what it takes to get there. The concept of expertness isn’t unique to Scientology, of course, but living it through my auditor training, and doing the Student Hat, using checksheets, and gleaning the “hair line” from the sea of data. You have to know a lot to grok the core. Auditor training (at least before GAT) in Scientology is very effective, and I have not seen similar training approaches outside Scientology. I have found it incredibly valuable.

  187. I didn’t finish the line – gleaning the “hair line” from the sea of data has been a life-long lesson for me, and allowed me to quickly read and master other skills and knowledge completely unrelated to Scientology.

  188. Sam,

    Good for you.

    There’s way too much confusion (in both major meanings) concerning the Sea Org. When the requirements for entering an elite organization become diluted, altered and perverted, you get a group that behaves differently than intended.

    The “ideal” is not the source of the poor outcomes; the failure to apply those ideals produces results different from those envisioned by the originator. You get a bunch of individuals who are low in affinity, reality and communication, and the result will be misunderstood originations, misapplied directives, rampant HE&R.

    You take the New York Philharmonic and decide that you need more musicians than are currently qualified, so you go out and grab just anyone off the street who’s willing to “learn to play” the violin, flute, oboe, whatever. And the orchestra ends up sounding like crap. And people stop coming to the performances.

    The skills required of a Sea Org member are no less complex and require no less talent than those required of a musician in the Philharmonic. The skills of affinity, reality, communication, knowledge, responsibility and control (to produce the effects required) must be very, very, very high. You can’t just take a normal human who is mostly a degraded being and throw him into the cauldron to raise his necessity level enough to make him perform as an OT.

    So, when individuals talk about how much the Sea Org sucks or whatever, I just see a confusion. It’s the same thing I see when I hear someone talk about how Scientology doesn’t work.

    Was it applied as intended? Or was some alteration entered? What was omitted or added?

    What intention exactly lies behind the person’s communication about how terrible the SO is?

    Arguments are only as valid as they contain all relevant truths.

    If an individual hasn’t grasped a basic truth or datum, his “argument” can just go on ad infinitum altering, perverting and misperceiving.

    The exact as-isness is limited.

    The potentials for alteration are unlimited.

    So it is with the SO.


  189. Steve – WOW. Thank you for that.

    ML Tom

  190. Marty,

    Please get your friggin book done.

    How about a challenge: a book race? You against me. Pick a number of pages required–or page range.

    You’ve already gotten a pretty good head start, so the handicap should be fair. I’ll start a book from scratch that I haven’t written a single page of and publish if for free on the internet. All you need to do is get yours in shape to send to the printers at that moment.

    Hell, I’m working full time and overburdened with projects, so the busyness factor should be equitable. (2 X 0 = 0; 57 x 0 = 0)

    If that isn’t enough incentive, we could sweeten the pot with a hundred dollar dinner for two at some restaurant. You and Mosey gettin’ that full belly laughing at the fool who made this bet with you. Or Angela feeding me morsels and chuckling at the naiveté of anyone who would take me on.

    Yum, I can taste the cheeeeese cake already.

    Just in the spirit of play. To make a game of the thing.

    And if what I put out is just pure crap, you can cancel the bet, keep the change, and I’ll send you out to dinner as part of my forfeiture.


    ps: “I know what you’re thinking. ‘Did he fire six shots or only five?’ Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being as this is a .44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world, and would blow your head clean off, you’ve got to ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?”

  191. Ok. I understand. Hands off the PC folders is the usual rule.

    But is DM playing by the rules? When he treated you the way he treated you, was he playing by the rules?

    When they were taking info out of Anon-sparrow’s PC folders in order to handle him when he was protesting the DC org, were they playing by the rules?

    Just saying.

  192. “22. I promise never to use the secrets of a preclear divulged in session for punishment or personal gain.”

    Even if it is DM.

  193. AC,

    You just don’t get it.

    Here we have a dramatizing SP who is, and has been, doing his best to prevent Scn from working, stopping people from becoming competent auditors, stopping people from moving up The Bridge, crush regging existing public to a point of personal financial ruin, disabling orgs so that they cannot function and staff can not be paid, and the whole time working to make the PR and image of Scn to both former, existing and new public almost abbhorant. And you say we want to “handle him”? You want to better understand him??
    For what purpose and reason???
    He has spent the better part of the last 25 years making the lives of dedicated SO members a misery. He has physical and emotionally tortured and abused the dedicated staff at the Int base to a point where it is less than 1/4 the size it was in the late 80’s. He has crippled the Church, removed standard management lines, and done pretty much everything he can to take out any person of significance.
    And you want to find his past auditors — so we can learn more about him?? You want to take case data — pre- 1986, so that you can get a better grip on the bloke???

    What do you want to learn?
    What is there that is not apparent in the physical universe of Scn right now — today?
    Sorry — I must say, your recent posts about this get up my nose! They really do. Maybe you have ever met DM. Maybe you have never been a staff member or a Sea Org member. Maybe you have never been at Int. Maybe you have never had to work in RTC or in a position that has daily contact with Little Hitler. But if you had done any of these things, you would know that his past auditing, or lack of it, is not the source of the problem.
    And, even if it was, why on earth would we want to help him? If there was some theetie-weetie, do-gooder project to Clear every soul on the planet before the Big Bang — I would do my best to make sure he was not on the list. And that is not an evil purpose or dramatization on my part. That is the correct use of ethics, tech and admin.
    Let’s just real about this.
    Up your confront about the magnitude of the situation and WHO has caused it.
    There is nothing learn from DM’s pc folders — except for the fact that he refuses auditing and has not been on the cans for a long, long, long time.

  194. +1

  195. martyrathbun09

    Stupid is as stupid does.
    – Gump’s mom

  196. martyrathbun09

    Not if you read the whole thing and not just the headline.

  197. I remember reading a policy or something that said the current culture had five years left. In fact, that may have been the name of the policy, “Five Years”. I don’t remember much about it other than based on the then-current trends in the culture, LRH thought it might only endure another 5 years.

    Could it be that DM was using this policy as a basis for his pronouncement described, of course dropping out time and dropping out the actual source rather than some “secret” LRH advice?

  198. The only ‘End of Times’ scenario DM need be concerned about is his own.

    In the movie, “Man on Fire”, Denzel Washington is getting revenge on people who were responsible for kidnapping and murdering a young girl in his care. There is a scene where DWashington is getting ready to strike at one bad guy in particular, and there are a couple of old folk present who tell DWashington that ‘God says to forgive’. DWashington comments that forgiveness is between the bad guy and God, and his mission, DW’s, is to help arrange the meeting.

    That is what Marty and Mike and all the Indy’s are doing re: DM; helping him run his ‘End of Times’ process, flow O, (self to self), to full End Phenomenon, (completion).

  199. Tony Dephillips

    We will!!!!!

  200. AC,

    Did you used to work for the GO?

  201. plainoldthetan

    Failed Cult leaders who perpetuated end of days lore:

    Marshall Applewhite (Heaven’s Gate)
    Charles Manson
    Shoko Asahara (Aum Shinrikyo)
    Jim Jones (Unification Church)
    Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh
    Credonia Mwerinde (Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God)
    Joseph Di Mambro (The Solar Temple)
    David Koresh (Branch Davidians)
    Yahweh ben Yahweh (Nation of Yahweh)
    Elizabeth Clare Prophet (Church Universal and Triumphant)
    William Miller (The Millerites)
    Mother Shipton

    and now (fanfare)

    David Miscavige (Church of the Everlasting COB)

    (try “doomsday cult” or “end of the world predictions” in your search engine)

  202. David L.
    You can agree to disagree with me all you like but I’m right.
    I’m guessing from your limited view of the Sea Org as a ‘management function’ you have never been a member yourself?
    If this is the case then you are singularly unqualified to form an educated opinion in the matter.
    Many of your colleges on this blog are ‘ex-Sea Org Members’ and what is occurring here is proof that the Sea Org does work when Sea Org Members work together with a common purpose and without suppression.
    Let’s not deviate from the correct target (or was that the intention?)

  203. Oops colleagues not colleges… spellchecker.

  204. Exactly!

  205. John Doe,
    Are you trying to make the illogical logical?
    LOL – Ouch! Good luck with that. 😀

  206. So I’ll take it that your answer is the Sea Organization is NOT a Cult.
    And that I couldn’t possibly do an evaluation of the SO and its management effectiveness unless I had joined it?
    You point out that ex-SO are doing good things with this blog and as Indies. I agree, but notice you said “ex-Sea Org”. The “ex” part is important. They quit, left, blew, resigned…no mas.
    You said: “Let’s not deviate from the correct target (or was that the intention?)”
    My evaluation is that the correct target IS the Sea Org. And my original post above was a direct answer to Marty’s question in his last paragraph of the blog post. (please re-read)
    Not a deviation at all and the insinuation is not appreciated.
    At the end of the day however, (as you Brits are fond of saying) it’s all academic and not worth getting our panties in a bunch.
    Until the little poofer is unseated, ain’t nothin happening much anyway.
    …and Bob’s your uncle!
    (probably used that last one wrong, sorry…never joined the Cult of Britain either)

  207. Typical of the criminal to accuse others of what he himself is guilty of. America has the worst murder rates while EU the best. Holland is among the safest places on earth with ca. 1,2 per 100.000.


  208. Seeing as we’re having a really big party anyway can we not just schedule DM’s demise for the July 3rd?

  209. Great find CD, thanks!

  210. P.S., BTW & FYI…
    Lest you think me an idle dilettante, please read my solution to the monopoly problem titled “Break The Monopoly – The Virtual Global Org” here:

  211. freespirit

    Oh Dennis, that’s to funny. You gotta be OT to go OT!

  212. freespirit

    Oh that is funny, but so pathetic! Now you have to be OT to go OT!

  213. freespirit

    All I have to say to DM about this End of Days bs is: BRING.IT.ON!!!

  214. Not to split hairs, but not all of these guys are failed – at least from their perspective. Jim Jones “succeeded.” Marshall Applewhite “suceeded.” Who’s to know if the Heaven’s Gate people made it to their ship behind Hale Bop or not?

    Maybe David Koresh is why DM decided to outlaw kids in the SO? I can see the Feds lined up outside Int. BTW, I consider the whole Koresh thing a travesty. It was the low point of a presidency that had many low points.

    I can only hope for a Rajneesh-style take-down of DM. That would be cool. I think it will happen. The longer this goes, the harder the fall will be.

  215. There are sadists who are very aware of their sadism.

  216. I agree Val,

    As far as I’m concerned the IAS was a False Flag op to resurrect the good ol’ Safe Environment Fund.

    I think the only “success” it had was Portland and that wasn’t from regging per se but from getting the Scientology field active.

    However far be it to repeat any action successful action.

    It’s kinda like the SP auditor whose PC accidently has a win.

  217. He can’t help himself

  218. Glad to help a Grasshopper out 😉

  219. Ah, the End. Has anyone mentioned the Yellowstone Caldera? But, hey, it goes off about every 600,000 years and it’s only been 640,000 years since its last eruption. The force from the thing is greater than all the combined nuclear weapons on Earth.

    And we’re still here.

    Eating bananas and driving corvettes.

    Life will find a way. Blow us up, steal our atmosphere, take away our pancakes. Knowledge doesn’t die with bodies. Nor with planets.

  220. On this point we are totally in agreement.

    I don’t know how many times I had to fight off HCO, the GO, OSA and even Int clowns as an auditor

    Butt if I had a dime for each time I’d probably be rich.

    This is when I started using Quentin’s old trick of just writing “PC Itsa” or just “Itsa” or even “Itsa overt” in my work sheets per Ex Dn Lecture 3 Auditor Administration.

    Damn good lecture if you want to hear it sometime Mike.

    You can probably find it on the ‘net.


    As far as that crack about the GO.

    It seems you want to “handle” the scene in the same “fight fire with fire” that good ol’ Jane Kember was famous for.

    The US Government Agencies have infiltrated Scientology so we’ll infiltrate them.

    Of course we all know how well that all worked out!

    And this is one of the reasons that we are where we are today.

    If the GO had have actually stuck to the original Snow White Program and obtained intel by *any legal means* such as through the FOIA instead of being led astray by someone who turned out to be a Government informant and probably was right from the beginning as far as I’m concerned then we wouldn’t have had the famous USGO Chainsaw Massacre and there would have been no reason for the coup that followed.

    Far be it for us to repeat the same mistakes!

    Aside from the fact that PC and Pre OT data is *SACRED* and it is a direct *VIOLATION* of the *AUDITORS CODE* to use it.

    Even David Miscavige deserves Priest Penitent privilege though there may be others who disagree because of a personal vendetta of some kind.

    Personal vendettas have nothing to do with *STANDARD TECH*.

    Also a suggestion like that makes me wonder about your pedigrees AC.

    Despite that.

    You do not win any war or battle by becoming your enemy.

  221. RJ — the IAS had nothing to do with Portland. History has been rewritten… See Marty’s earlier posts on this. The IAS provided no money. At the time, the IAS was only a repository for funds outside the control of the IRS. That was its original purpose. And yes, I was there as part of the planning for the formation of the IAS — the concept came from a lawyer in Denmark — Jakob Arrevaad.

  222. Love this, Erwin. Thanks! Great advice.

  223. Wow AC,

    You have some weird ideas about auditing that I’ve only seen in a few execs in my time as an auditor.

    What is there to know about Miscavige?

    You can see by his actions that the guy is totally suppressive.

    I don’t think you’ll find anything in his folders that will tell you anything beyond that.

    In fact the data might mislead a person into thinking that David Miscavige is “just doing his job”.

    This is why this childish faith in sec checking is ludicrous and why Ron pretty much says so in C/S Series 91 ‘The New Grade Chart’.

    In order to read on overts one has to have a certain degree of *responsibility* and I can assure that Miscavige has none.

    He is the classic irresponsibility case.

    All SPs are.

    Besides even if he could run O/W what are any overts in his folders going to tell you other than what you already know from your own personal observation?

    His litany of High Crimes, Crimes and Misdemeanors are there for anyone who knows anything about the Ethics and Justice Codes to *see* if only they’d *LOOK*.

    So what you are asking for aside from being a malicious violation of the Auditors Code is totally absurd and shows me you have no fundamental understanding of Scientology.

  224. IMHO it’s not the end of the world but the long postulated, very well delineated reverse of the dwindling spiral on this planet That would seem like the end of the world to most anyone.

  225. AC –
    A person’s auditing folder data does not “handle” anything except in the context it was used to audit and bring someone relief. The fact of the matter is that a person’s case is left behind, so to speak, in the pc folder — in fact, it is “as-ised” and shed from the PC, peeled off for final freedom.

    What you see DM and OSAbots using is altered spin anyway. What is most upsetting to people is the wrong indication that they in any way resemble case, and also out of context missing data, omitted data omitted time about things someone many have done.

    Also, I think an important point needs to be made here: what you see the Church of Scientology Office of Special Affairs hacks spinning as Black Propaganda about people is not fact. You can do the exercise for starters, of realizing it is 1.1 and whatever they are saying about someone is actually the inverse truth! (and the exact thing they fear). They spin: SoSo is a liar (translation: Yikes, they tell the truth and can reach people!) They spin: He’s a nobody. (translation: he’s well known and respected). They spin: He’s a pervert (translation: this person has been dedicated to spiritual enlightenment all his life).

    Its nonintuitive, but the whole Blacks Ops signature OSA Scientology is now attacking theta. A person’s “case” is not the reality — it’s only an apparency. The BEING, the perceptive being who is capable of as-ising, perceiving and changing conditions, who is NOT his/her case, is what they fear.

    But besides, David Miscavige is supposedly leading Scientology — for God’s sake, if he could have gotten case gain anywhere… what better opportunity?!?

    The bottom line is : Don’t do evil! Don’t use Scientology for evil. Don’t use it for the exact opposite purpose! Just because a doctor knows how to perform surgery does not give him the right to use that knowledge for anything but healing.

    To assess a person by their case for any reason than helping them as-is (vanish it with truth) is one of the most heinous possible crimes I can imagine, and a violation of the Auditor’s Code — which is a code because every point serves the purpose.

    Sorry to go on but I cannot stress enough that the Auditor’s Code IS the very sanctity by which spiritual healing can take place with the application of Scientology processes.

    Don’t take invitations to hate. With intelligence and understanding of life, you can become ever stronger retaining your compassion but not compromising your strength and effectiveness.

  226. I agree with you Dave L.

    The SO became another authoritarian cult just like the GO.

    No wonder they hated one another.

    They became so much alike!

    Guess it takes one to know one.

    Like Nazis and Commies.

    If the SO hadn’t deferred all their actions to some higher “authority” and blindly followed orders given by a *psychopathic lunatic* who claimed his actions were based on some “‘R’ Advice” that probably only existed in his own twisted perverted mind like this End of Times BS then the Organization might have been saved.

    But oh no!

    They had to do it Dave’s way or the highway.


    The SO is not only a cult but it should be assigned a condition of CONFUSION.

  227. P.S. AC, do you really think the Why with the debacle of Scientology “leadership” is Failed Help, i.e., DM didn’t get audting and FES’d properly?! Or could it be that in his stranglehold of Life, Beauty, Communication and Freedom the biggest irony of all is that he cut off his own oxygen?

  228. NOTE to moderator: the second one of this duplicate is the correct one….I corrected the typo in the word “stranglehold”

  229. Thanks Mike,

    Never knew the background on IAS except that I had a natural loathing of the organization and felt they had no right to get rid of the HASI.

    Also it may be and likely is true that the IAS had nothing to do with Portland but it seems that they weren’t wont to take credit for it.

  230. No surprise that the guy is either a inveterate liar or a hostile agent creating a legend for himself.

    Personally I think he is both.

  231. David,
    I said ‘ex-Sea Org’ merely to differentiate between those in the official Organization and those out; the same way Independent Scientologists do not consider themselves ‘ex-Scientologists’ just because they left the official church. We could call ex Sea Org Members ‘Independent Sea Org Members’ if we wanted to be completely anal retentive and pedantic but I think you get the point.
    Where did you do your eval training?
    As you have clarified that you never were a part of the Sea Organization, I can defer my earlier ‘unappreciated insinuation’ that you were attempting to denigrate the Sea Organization in order to deflect attention from DM as it appears you are entirely ignorant of the subject matter as opposed to being manipulative.
    As the cultists of Britain would say
    ‘So stick that up your arse and smoke it’.

  232. Maria, what an experience. You passed that one with flying colors! I understand! Non Duplication is a huge red flag!! Well done on your dedication to perception and integrity, pure theta.

  233. Ingrid, ❤ your light! 😀

  234. Joe’s own story is very much worth the read. http://www.forum.exscn.net/showthread.php?16669-Birth-of-the-Sea-Org

  235. Thanks Sam,

    That might have been one incident, omitted is something not BPI by the DM PR machine for obvious reasons – LRH did bust DM, Norman, Pat Murray to the decks from Cine later on, in late ’78 for submitting a video which LRH considered J&D. DM made up for it by running a project to de-fiberglass Rifle (LRH’s house in La Quinta) and add electrostatic air filters to the existing ACs to clean the air in the house. LRH was staying in a motel in Palm Desert during these renovations.

  236. That bit about “grooming” kind of smells as there is no such thing as “anointing” the anointed one. This is similar to “fastest growing religion” and documented by: http://www.savescientology.com/

    Truth of the matter is that LRH “groomed” those working with him such as Messengers who became WDC to ensure that Scn was well managed and getting it’s products of trained auditors and winning PCs. For a mostly accurate article, see: http://www.scientology-cult.com/secret-history-of-david-miscavige.html

    Perhaps I’m repeating myself, but those who haven’t been and read the above sites should do so.

  237. That brings up an interesting point. I never write down details of PC’s overts disclosed in session. I might just make a note of the general area of overts for reference so as to address it later. I might well ask the exact time place form and event but I see no way that the PC can benefit from exact details being recorded. Perhaps I am a squirrel?

  238. And how many people were murdered by the invasion of Iraq to get control of oil resources?
    Murder by individuals is a minor factor compared to state instituted massacre.
    I visited Amsterdam a few years ago and saw the drug scene and the prostitution etc. I didn’t like the place but it felt a lot safer than CW Fla.

  239. Still around in SA but not doing Scientology.

  240. Expelled4Life

    I haven’t reviewed all the comments so excuse me of this has already been addressed: Didn’t LRH say the world had ten years at best or something like that if Scientology didn’t succeed? My recollection is an issue entitled “Did you help?” I know I read something along those lines.

  241. Sorry but there isn’t a good clean Class 12 around. The last thing we need is an installed authority.
    Hierarchies are a really bad idea. Auditors and C/Ses in our new field will survive purely by the results they produce.
    The best auditor I ever had was a Class 4 trainee at Flag from a mission in Germany. In 25 or so hours of auditing I only saw one minor slip in her TRs. I have been audited by a few Class 12s and was not too impressed generally. Karen#1 who posts here was the only one I felt actually safe with.
    I remember getting power processing from a Class 12 and saying I was exterior. She said something like why didn’t you say that before? and ended the session leaving me with a rather bad headache. I fixed it up solo after I left the CofS.
    I’m not going to buy any installed authority!

  242. Thanks for filling the vacuum Sinar.
    I’ve read the articles too 🙂

  243. DM was a bypassed case as explained in Class 8 materials. He never had any auditing. All the auditing commands were answered by others.

  244. one of those who see

    Wow. session win on that one!

  245. one of those who see

    I have been very concerned about how our children have been/are recruited for the Sea Org. I have seen some with very big purposes in a particular field give it up and join. Many times these kids eventually leave the SO, but they have lost those crucial years 17 – 25 to develop a career. Does anyone know if a doomsday scenario of sorts is used on them? Are their purposes invalidated? I have heard bits and pieces.
    Just wondering if anyone has data they witnessed or heard from their kids.

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  247. George White

    “how could people act so narrow-mindedly, bigoted, and insane in the name of a subject so effective in handling narrow-mindedness, bigotry and insanity?”

    “The unvirtuous he cultivates
    He visits not the virtuous
    And in his ignorance he sees
    No fault in a transgression here
    With wrong thoughts often in his mind
    His faculties he will not guard-
    Virtue in such a constitution
    Comes to partake of DIMINUTION”

    It fits someone familiar….

    A quotation from the Buddha:
    “There comes a time when, sooner or later, the world contracts. Then beings dwell, mind-made, feeding on delight, self luminous, moving through the air, glorious – and they stay like that for a very long time”

  248. Scott Campbell


    Would that missionaire have been Frank McCall?

  249. Scott Campbell

    Right Mike,

    And correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the IAS’ first mission to obtain the donations needed to purchase the ship needed for the delivery of OTVIII?

  250. WhatWall- Everytime I see your name I start laughing. Its from all the objectives I’ve run.

  251. Scott Campbell

    Jim Logan – drillin’ n’ chillin’.

  252. WindWalker


    I like this definition of “self determinism too, in this regard.

    “SELF-DETERMINISM, 9. A condition of determining the actions of self. It is a first (self) dynamic action and leaves the remaining seven undetermined or, in actuality, in opposition to the self. Thus if one wants to take on the rest of life in a free-for-all fight, one could be entirely insistent upon total self-determinism. One is Self-determined, then, in any situation in which he is fighting. He is pan-determined in any situation which he is controlling. FOT, p. 50)”

    LRH makes a good case for being Pan-determined.

    David Miscavige seems to be totally and inextricably locked into TOTAL SELF_DETERMINISM. Hence, what we see is David Miscavige in a “free-for-fight with the rest of life.”

    David Miscavige. I know it may seem like it to you, but you are not controlling anything that you are fighting, and you seem to be thoroughly set on a course of fighting everything, and everybody.
    I am not going to wish you “luck with that” strategy, because there simply is no point in doing so. It will make you nothing but smaller and smaller, and more and more isolated.


  253. WindWalker


    “you were interested in my new book.”

    Actually I am pretty sure that wasn’t me. I don’t remember that you were even writing a book, but thanks for the data.


  254. Mike Hobson

    You can’t take the sky from me:

  255. Scott Campbell


    DM is short (obviously) for Deluded Megalomaniac!

  256. WindWalker


    So I am going to ask you a really strange question here.

    If a country that espoused the rule that it was criminal to eat your own children were to become your enemy, and then started to eat their own children because it was “cheaper than feeding them”, would you respond by eating your own children?
    Of course you wouldn’t( I hope). It would be stupid, not to mention nonsurvival.

    I know, I know, you are not talking about eating children. But some of us here are very much dedicated to the sanctity of an auditing session. ANYONES.

    Session sanctity is not something I am willing to give up. Perhaps if I were tortured sufficiently, but not willingly.


  257. thetalibre

    End of Days for dm!
    Hey Sarge! he stoled your gun right?
    … What’s that sound?

  258. “Up your confront about the magnitude of the situation and WHO has caused it.”

    The killer line. That’s really what it comes down to.
    Awesome post, Lana.

  259. Plain Old Thetan,
    please add to program:
    – Presession Processes
    – Purification RD and Objecvtives.
    – and some (good old time) training course(s), like HQS to fulfill any desire to understand some basics.
    – Sec Checks to handle “other people’s overts/withholds”.

  260. atcause, here is a link that gives a glimpse of what to expect to learn from that.
    If you try to understand a point of no understanding you end with “no understanding” (the only thing to duplicate there). But you can confront it.

  261. Yes, you were right to suspect it. Never delivered a damned thing… It has become a total scam and is a parasite that is eating its host….

  262. Sorry, “not allowed to leave his office in FSO garage” ??? What kind of order is that. Why would LRH order someone imprisoned in his office? Why not just offload him? “not allowed to leave an office” sounds too much like SP hall for my liking. You’re positive LRH personally ordered this? Got any proof or knowledge why such an extreme measure would be ordered? The way you phrase the situation it’s as if keeping someone confined to their office wasn’t some absurd circumstance, but accepted as normal, and it was crazy he was let to roam outside of the office. I’d really like some more data on this situation because the pieces you’ve given so far don’t quite add up.

  263. I remember Cliff Bowen.He was on the road for the IAS a lot back in it’s early years.

  264. Perfect!

  265. More truth revealed… Thank you!
    That ain’t LRH!

  266. I remember Howard Becker.

    The guys a failed auditor, had “TRs” like a Marine Drill Sergeant.

    Used to patronize us Non SO auditors at NWC and make us wrong in general.

    Never saw the guy actually go in session but rumor has it he did on occasions.

    Think he got busted and never did his retread.

    Years later seems he found his “calling” in the IAS.

    Michael is a cool guy whose been led astray.

    Don’t think he has that much training.

    Don’t know this Bragin dude but he sounds like the typical IAS reg.

  267. On top of the flattery IAS reges pile on and letting you into the mysterious inner circle of “those who know what’s really going on”, I hear they have for some time been overtly telling potential donors “Don’t bother to pay for your Bridge auditing and training. Give to the IAS instead. You’ll get better and more lasting gains by contributing to the IAS instead.”

    Kinda like promising ‘the big O’.

    Here’s the IAS theme song right here: (And the album graphic fits, too)

  268. (I meant to post this here, somehow it ended up farther downstream):

    On top of the flattery IAS reges pile on and letting you into the mysterious inner circle of “those who know what’s really going on”, I hear they have for some time been overtly telling potential donors “Don’t bother to pay for your Bridge auditing and training. Give to the IAS instead. You’ll get better and more lasting gains by contributing to the IAS instead.”

    Kinda like promising ‘the big O’.

    Here’s the IAS theme song right here: (And the album graphic fits, too)
    Kinda like promising ‘the big O’.

    Here’s the IAS theme song right here: (And the album graphic fits, too)

  269. I see LRH making such statements not in the sense of definite prophecy, but as depicting the ‘worst case scenario’ “if present trends are allowed to continue unchecked”. Even just becoming aware of conditions will produce some change in them. It’s an ethics gradient.

  270. As I understand it, the down fall of the Sea Org was the lack of auditing and training for Sea Org members. What was originally envisioned to be an OT org, instead turned into an org of essentially ‘raw meat’ who were expected to act as “OTs” and ‘make things go right’.

    To me, this withholding of staff training and processing is another crime that can be laid at DM’s feet. It seems that staff’s daily training and auditing time was never very well guaranteed, and actually became of the lowest priority as far as management was concerned.

    If the Sea Org had really been an organization of Clears and OTs or on their way to being such, as well as being trained Class IV, Class VI and Class VIII Auditors, imagine the difference that would have made!

    I have to conclude that delivery of auditing and training to Sea Org staff was thoroughly suppressed. Probably by those same kind of tactics of creating a “Dangerous crisis environment that must be handled NOW! Staff training and auditing will just have to WAIT!”

  271. I’m just speculating, but I read “confined to his office in the FSO garage” as being analogous to a cop being taken off the street to do desk work, because he was found to have committed some malfeasance when he was out doing missions. Maybe he shot an innocent bystander or whatever. So no more missions for him until he gets sorted out.

  272. I think it is good that these differentiations are being made. Because in truth even to speak of “the CoS” is a big generality, and in terms of it’s individual members, the ‘wholething’ is not a cult. To th eextent there are perfectly decent people trying to do the right thing still in any of the CoS orgs, it is not 100% ‘a cult’.

    Thus neither is the Sea Org 100% a ‘cult’.

    Perhaps it would be more accurate to say that there are strong cult elements who have subverted these organizations in many ways and have succeeded in using them for their own purposes.

    Didn’t LRH say that it was the”civilizing institutions of society” that are always the target of the SP? Naturally any socially effective Church organization will be the target of SP subversion. And it is done covertly, under ‘false flags’ as RJ calls them.

    But neither the CoS nor the Sea Org were necessarily originated as cults or designed to be cults. Their purpose was to be social organizations, contrary to what some ‘critics’ would have us believe, not antisocial cult organizations.

    Critics like to focus on the ‘control’ issues, as if ‘control’ was always a bad thing; but as LRH pointed out, a person’s ability to control others does not make him an SP. It is his intentions for others that make the difference.

    It could be more accurate to say that the CoM is a ‘cult’ or ‘ruling clique’ within the CoS and within the Sea Org, that has subverted these orgs and has been using them for it’s own degraded purposes.

  273. Val,

    I never said the GO or the SO were initially cults.

    However they both did become cults over time due to their perversion of purpose.

    Originally the purpose of the GO was to “Enforce Policy” believe it or not.

    Yeah I know.

    That’s guaranteed to drive anyone whose ever had a working relationship with the GO under dear Jane into hysterics.

    Just as Getting in Ethics is what the SO was *supposed* to do.

    Need I say more.

    Yet they both became exclusive clubs and eventually *cults* in their own right because they both no longer served their purpose.

    Or worse the only purpose they served was exclusively self perpetuation like some Government agency that was out of control.

  274. Jim,
    A quick investigation of Constantine, Council of Nicea and my handle might start to shed some light ….. and slam that MWH right out of the ballpark.

    Ps. Dig too the superhero gruds you wear as MOQ. No illusion as to size of the pair you have. Can’t be beat.

  275. Mike Hobson,

    My daughter’s favorite show. Love Joss Whedon.

  276. lol. fortunately there is more to the Netherlands than Amsterdam. And fortunately there is more to Amsterdam than just the prostitution and drugscene.

  277. Excellent post Erwin. And het’s of to the person who compiled that Data into a Wiki page.

  278. Jim,

    I love it when you nibble on my ear like this.

    Wouldn’t it be fun to have the opportunity to get Der Leader in a room where he has no protection and just run some objectives on him? I’m just curious as all get out to explore/perceive/understand the thetan behind that mess.

    I know the theory and the mechanisms, but to actually get a chance to disassemble the thing and come theta-face to theta-face with the evil driving the whole shebang …

    Call me crazy, but I find it fascinating.

  279. 01 Welcome To The Class VIII Course(Tape #6809c24SO).mp3

  280. Valkov,

    Here are a few thoughts that your comment stimulated.

    Life is a continuous effort to educate.

    Education is a scale that parallels the tone scale and can be graphed like most human/theta characteristics as to how it is done and how it manifests. I haven’t read Science of Survival for over thirty years but I would imagine LRH addressed education in that book.

    I don’t think DM took away educational opportunities as much as made the entire SO experience a low-toned educational experience. No need for 2 1/2 hours of high toned understanding because that would be counter-productive (if your product is failed beings.)

  281. Tom would have a Mission Ops because most of the Continental CO’s were sent out on Garrison MO’s – so as an evaluator you know about that, right? Like he was sent out on a “duty position”. The Mission Ops (operator) starts out to be the Action Bureau, and ends up being turned over to the Programs Bureau. That’s how it has always worked.

  282. Miscavige is simply running one of the most “successful” Ponzi schemes of all times. He thinks he can continue to work it throughout his own lifetime, because he is smarter than everybody else.

  283. When arguing about whether the SO is a cult, I think you guys are talking about two different things.

    The Church of Scientology is a cult.
    The SO is a part of the Church of Scientology.*
    Therefore the SO is a cult.

    Not so fast. The problem is that nowhere in the SO (billion year) contract does it say anything about loyalty to the Church of Scientology. Don’t forget that the Church of Scientology can be classified (or viewed in the eyes of the law) as a certain kind of entity – corporation, etc etc. But the SO is not. It’s weird actually. Supposedly it is a fraternal organization – if that even has a legal definition.

    It is not surprising the the head of the Church of Scientology (self appointed) has usurped control of the SO for his ends. Obviously it will help you a lot if you can take over command of a bunch of people who have signed up to help put in ethics on the planet for a billion years. The dedication level of such people would be a formidable force is forwarding your aims.

    Not surprising that people who have left the Church of Scientology still consider themselves SO members. They never gave up their dedication to that cause they signed up for – in spite of a suppressive leader taking over the Church they had worked so hard for.

    I was a SO member, but I quit. While agreeing with much of the purposes and philosophy, it is just too many strings attached, too much too much.

    I have decided to simply be a human being, trying to help humanity and will align myself as I will from time to time with like-minded beings.

    In truth I do think that the SO that is currently loyal to Miscavige in the official church is also a cult too. Sad, but apparently true.

    So how does a cult stop being a cult anymore? Any cult?

    And, David Miscavige is not a SO member anymore – right?

  284. Joe P, you said “coming of Miscavige and the current happenings in the CofS re also good in that they may result in Scientologists throwing off the cloak of blind obedience and thinking for themselves as they evaluate what they are told”.

    I wish I could believe that but I don’t. I don’t hope that suddenly people will see. I keep the (perhaps pessimistic, but I say realistic) view that enforcement (most likely from outside) will be necessary to clean up something gone this wrong.

    An LRH policy about finance said something like ‘men will keep the accounts straight only if bayonnets make it so’. Something like that. So I figure things will only even begin to clean up once Miscavige is indited for financial and corporate crimes including his inurement, fraud, abuse of corporate power, as well as human rights abuses and undue influence he has forced upon so many.

    In the LRH tape “Moral Codes, What is a Withhold” it talks about what is morality INSIDE a group. Not, what is bad or good, but what is CONSIDERED bad or good that make an act or omission bad or good in a particular group. This morphs over time. Maybe back in the 50’s, it was considered an overt to tell to another a secret of another person from an auditing session. But this has changed over time in the very same group. Almost 180 degrees. But some people who have been members for a long time get blinded so gradually and things erode so gradiently that finally the most blatant things are accepted. It is a natural phenomenon. What is not natural is to wake up from it. It’s going to take some voltage – no pun intended, to crack open the once clear windows that are now welded shut iron doors.

    Blinded by the light, eyes haven’t worked for years and years. We will have to help them a lot.

  285. One day I will visit your country. it sounds good.

  286. No worries, ACXSO. ❤

  287. Good for you !

    What year was this Maria ?

  288. “Do staff/parishioners really think that Dave is the only one who”…

    The staff/parishioners think: the Church shall set you free.

    That is what they see every time they look at: the Tech shall set you free.

    In KSW, the quote is something like: ‘the future of every man, woman and child on this planet depends upon what you do now in and with Scientology’.

    The staff/parishioners see it: ”the future of every man, woman and child on this planet depends upon what you do now in and with the Church of Scientology’.

    Wasn’t it Sue somebody who said on Nightline: David Miscavige IS Scientology. (= the Church = Tech……………………….)

  289. I beg to differ O.O.

    Miscavige is *not* the head of the Church of Scientology.

    He calls himself Chairman of the Board RTC yet I’m sure there are no board minutes or resolutions appointing him as such.

    The only power RTC has is to license Church of Scientology entities.

    And yes unfortunately the SO like the GO became a cult.

    A cult that has accepted Miscavige’s false “leadership”.

  290. Yeah. Lots of rumors about DM’s great OTness. (Choice of reactions when hearing such stories: Bow down, applaud, or quietly reflect what a DB you are and how great DM and how lucky we all are… Self flagellation is also an acceptable reaction, and of course, large donations to the IAS)

    Did anyone see the beautiful full length studio shot of DM on 2-inch heels with the caption: lick my boots?

    I heard a rumor that DM is incontinent and cannot actually enter a pissing contest. Where is DeepFax to verify such a thing?

    Sorry, maybe these are just cheap shots. My pathetic attempt to try and laugh in the face of great evil, I guess.

  291. Ooooooh I like Ska songs

  292. Of course you are right, RJ. I should have more carefully phrased the statement about DM as head of COS.

    How about this? DM has purported to be the head of the Church of Scientology and since nobody has effectively challenged that, he has pretty much pulled it off. For all practical purposes, he IS the head of the Church of Scientology.

    Put it another way – ask the thousands of people in the COS – who is the head of COS – what will they answer you?

    Like military leaders who have just taken over have effectively been dictators in their countries for decades… until somebody finally removes them. Also like the Wizard of Oz. Face it – DM took over the Church of Scn and runs it with his tiny greedy iron fist, all by his (one and only only-one) lonesome.

    Which does give one of the many ways to take him down – pierce that corporate veil which he so thickly has created with his bull..it lies – take the curtain off and show that cowardly man standing behind the curtain with his little tin megaphone.

  293. Yeah – I see that less control paradoxically actually lessens drug abuse. The UK with its heavy control on alcohol seemed to me to have a far greater problen than mainland Europe where things are more relaxed.
    I never saw the rest of the Netherlands as I only visited for a couple of brief programming contracts.

  294. Yeah at seem some us can take pride in the fact that we never bought into the lies about the “great” David Miscavige.

    I thought the guy was a complete moron when I saw his less than convincing performance on Nightline.

    Silly me.

    My error was I didn’t think the guy was nothing more than a flak.

    It was hard for me to believe that this guy could lead anything more than a conga line.

    Nor could I believe that anyone would take this Simple Simon seriously and actually implicitly follow his insane cross orders.

    Man it wasn’t until I received my own personal “Truth Rundown” till I found out it was Dave’s way or the highway and that the CST the entity that was supposed to save us from all this had been effectively neutralized and nullified.

    It actually came as quite a shock to me that there was no effective venue within the Church itself where one could demand as Ron says in RJ 36 Standard Tech and Policy as opposed to some *shoddy substitute* and that all those reports I had written for so many years were actually only going into my own personal ethics files as evidence of ….believe it or not…

    Black PR?!

    How ludicrous!


    They wanted to do an “ethics investigation” on me for having the audacity to write those reports and for refusing to grovel at the “completion” of my quote Truth Rundown unquote which was in fact a denial of the TRUTH.

    So I told them that when they’re are finished with their ersatz quote ethics investigation unquote to drop me a line.

    Haven’t heard from them since about it and it’s been over 5 yrs.


  295. Maria, It is so awful what was said to you. Human love, love of your human family is a very beautiful and special thing – to be nurtured, protected. But in COS it seems to be almost a crime. I shudder.

  296. Amen.

  297. Wow, one of the things I got out of Scientology was that out exchange was criminal. Yet there are Church Begging units roaming all over the place. I have a selectee that has been regged for over 250,000.00 by the I.A.S.. And he has not been given one auditing session. Why? He is told by the Org his money isn’t exactly clean. So he cannot use it to help himself. But the I.A.S. doesn’t mind taking it and using it for the Church! They are telling him he is criminal, (not claiming all income on taxes) while they are bleeding the dirty stash he built up . Totally out exchange. OOps! One little funky oversight of the people counting his coins! His business partners are, yes, top the government in that country. And guess what? He has read the policy on out exchange and realizes the people at that Org have been fucking with his head and are criminals themselves! NOW WHAT? These things do not reconcile. That is why there is an Independent Movement! I don’t know what the people in the Church are. They are not Scientologists. They are not on the bridge. They do not learn the tech or apply it. It’s as if a programmed alien race took up a few bodies and wedged them in there. I have no idea who these people are, what they are, other than a blind killer virus that is spreading!

  298. Yes I agree OO there are many confused people within the Church who think that Miscavige is the head of the Church of Scientology.

    One poor girl who actually believes that Miscavige is Scientology.

    Talk about an A=A!

    Personally as I’ve written many times earlier I’ve never bought the “lone Miscavige” theory.

    To me it’s just too implausible , improbable and virtually impossible without some kind of support.

    As far as I’m concerned Miscavige is an arbitrary who is held in place by force and conviction.

    Also he can be considered a fixed stable datum that follows a prior confusion of some kind.

    Or like a stuck picture of some kind.

    Maybe more like a stuck picture.

    Because the guy looks as dorky as he did almost 30 years ago 😉

    Honestly I never gave him that much credence.

    As far as I’m concerned he never had any legitimacy to me.

    That’s my first postulate and I’m sticking to it 🙂

  299. Mike Hobson

    “All auditing is for the benefit of the preclear”.

    That had better apply, even to such as McSavage or we are lost.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientolist

  300. Copy-paste text in google searchbar 😉

    And it isn’t that far a stretch from the Psychological inspired PABs.

    Actually you can trace the PABs back easily to Psychology.

  301. Did you visit the Org ?

  302. Ralph,
    I see how you may come to believe that less control betters a problem but that conclusion might need some adjustments. In fact, our parliament has a very thorough understanding of the problem. Contrary to what your media may want you to believe they actually control the problem most delicately.

    They bust illegal dealers and producers incessantly as it’s illegal to grow and trade for recreational purposes; only using it is legal. This way victims can be helped without being criminalized. Also medical cannabis is actually paid for by government and insurance, so people in unbearable pain don’t need a host of pharmaceutical drugs that are much worse.

    On top of that, patients can be helped by our doctors to get off the drugs when their physical illness recedes which is much easier than getting off antidepressants, valium or pain killers. And don’t think for a minute that this came out of the blue air or that some smart psych came up with those idea’s, let alone Big Pharma; it’s been fought for but hard.

  303. Pingback: L. Ron Hubbard Predicted The Destruction Of Our Planet | Defamer Australia

  304. Yeah I know that one. You don’t want to be near that when that goes of.

  305. You are selling Psychiatrists like Petry Detlef short

    “solidarity should not be a curse-word”

    -Detlef Petry

  306. Mike Hobson,

    Though I get your drift, we are lost when rules replace theta. When ideas supplant understanding, we are lost.

    Theta is senior to choice. Choice is senior to consideration. Consideration is senior to mechanics. Rules and regulations are just there when individuals aren’t acting with sufficient KRC.

    LRH used to experiment on pcs, including caving them in, just to determine how to get workable technology. Then he’d clean them up.

    Despite what you might think, we have very little information on suppressives. Just a thimble full by comparison. There’s a great deal to be learned.

    Scientology’s focus was on making the able more able, not in undoing the cases of anti-thetans.

    If I weren’t such a scum bag, I’d hold the well-being of McSavage to be sacred. But, I’m a thug. I don’t hold his well being sacred. I would not hesitate to put him under a microscope and study him. I would only help him because ultimately we are all connected in some very interesting ways.

    And because sometimes I just feel so smug when I do good when I don’t have to.

  307. Nice quotes. I resonate with the second one especially. Thanks.

  308. There is an LRH Flag Order from 1970 where LRH says scientists say we’re depleting the oceans of fish, etc., and the scientists say the planet only has 30 years left. I remember it being used in promo a lot. Of course 2000 came and went so the scientists were wrong. That said, resources on this planet are finite. LRH says in a policy (can’t tell you which) that whole track planets supported many billions of people. That just furthers the idea that we can go on consuming. If there is technology that would allow it, we are no where near close to it. I highly suggest you all learn about peak oil (and peak everything: water, minerals, etc.). It is a phenomenon which scientists agree is real, they just can’t say exactly when (though some say we’re in the peak now). This is also why I disagree with that most basic principle of Scn, that expansion is the only guarantee of survival. In nature, expansion is a sure guarantee of extinction. If a species eats all the food available in its area, and can’t move to another area that has food, it will then starve to death. Sure we can grow food, but that takes soil and water (and modernly, huge amounts of fossil fuels, which we are in turn depleting). The Easter Islanders went extinct because they cut down all the trees. The Earth is like a big island, and we are nowhere close to colonizing other planets. This is another reason I became disabused with Scn.

  309. I should clarify by saying expansion that is out-exchange, i.e., agriculture that takes more from the land than it puts back, non-renewable energy sources, etc. Predators (e.g. carnivores) can expand in balance with the prey (e.g, herbivores), but even then, only to a certain point, because the prey eat plants, which are themselves a finite resource. Ecological systems have limits!

  310. George, there’s a post on Elizabeth Hamre’s blog called “Earth, the Ghost of the Past.” It’s about a future similar to the one in Buddhas’s quote.

  311. Nice story.
    Of course there’re shrinks that believe in humanity but like Petry they are the mavericks of the profession and heavily criticized by their peers. I do have great respect for those but I know they are not able to change the inhumane industry they operate in, let alone the national policy enforced by government. Solidarity should not be confused with ability to do something about the system. Governments can’t operate on the views of single outcasts but accept the group (bank) agreement of a profession which they consider the highest authority.

  312. Joe Howard

    Sam, The story about DM and LRH is true, according to other shoot crew who were there when it happened. (I wasn’t, but it was definitely talked about later that day.)

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