I recently recognized that the Independent Movement has reached a major, stable Milestone.

Some background is in order.   Several Corporate Scientology networks (OSA, Snr HCO, etc) have spend unprecedented treasure and resources over the past two years attempting to undermine and cripple the TRUTH that is the Independent Movement.

First and foremost in Miscavige’s arsenal has been the DISCONNECT card, buttressed by a small army of OSA Intelligence agents and forest-destroying tomes of “dead agent” (discredit and third party)  material aimed at Independents.

Over the past two years every slightest disagreement between Independents has been mercilessly trounced upon by OSA agents in attempts to drive wedges, alloy affinities, corrupt loyalties and turn brother against brother and sister against sister.

It dawned on me just this week how we have overcome this orchastrated assault upon our friendships.  I recognized it when I got in comm with folk I was started this trek out with. Folk who have gone their own directions.  Some of them I think believe I am bat shit crazy for continuing to defend L Ron Hubbard and practice Scientology.  Some of them think I am dead wrong to continue to openly defy and call out Miscavology for corrupting LRH’s legacy as they believe that only brings more heat upon the outside, independent practice of Scientology.  Some of them I believe are irresponsible for giving Miscavige and company a pass, and some of them I am sincerely sad for, for having forsaken what I consider a workable technology.

Regardless, all of them clearly consider me a friend till the end, and the feeling is mutual.  Through all the bullshit third party campaigns, the three dozen or so anti-Independent websites, the dozens of agents sent in to disrupt and disaffect – our affinity and respect has only increased.

It dawned on me that TARGET ONE has been achieved with flying colors. Disconnect has been rendered ineffective, nay, been converted into a strengthening agent in the bonds of friendship.

Sincerely, to each and every one of you who has not permitted your affinity to be alloyed through all this, my heartfelt thanks.  To every one of you who chose not to turn on a friend, who despite fundamental disagreements decided to see the good in your fellows, who wouldn’t listen to third party and propaganda about people of good will, who helped when a friend said “hey, I need help”, God bless you.  It is people like you who make the world go round.

To all you all, from Khalil Gibran:

And a youth said, Speak to us of Friendship.

And he answered, saying:

Your friend is your needs answered.  He is your field which you sow with love and reap with thanksgiving. And he is your board and your fireside. For you come to him with your hunger, and you seek him for peace. 

When your friend speaks his mind you fear not the “nay” in your own mind, nor do you withhold the “ay.”  And when he is silent your heart ceases not to listen to his heart; For without words, in friendship, all thoughts, all desires, all expectations are born and shared, with joy that is unacclaimed.

When you part from your friend, you grieve not; For that which you love most in him may be clearer in his absence, as the mountain to the climber is clearer from the plain.

And let there be no purpose in friendship save the deepening of the spirit. For love that seeks aught but the disclosure of its own mystery is not love but a net cast forth: and only the unprofitable is caught.

And let your best be for your friend.

If he must know the ebb of your tide, let him know its flood also. For what is your friend that you should seek him with hours to kill?  Seek him always with hours to live. For it is his to fill your need, but not your emptiness.

And in the the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and the sharing of pleasures. 

For in the dew of little things the heart finds morning and is refreshed. 


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  1. Marty, beautifully stated. Thank you and Mosey for what you contribute to the santity of mankind.

  2. “And in the the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, and the sharing of pleasures. For in the dew of little things the heart finds morning and is refreshed.”

    Lovely, lovely, lovely! Beautiful post, Marty. Thanks for being here and doing what you do. You are a pioneer. Cheers to you, to everyone here, to freedom, friendship, laughter and love. 8)

    All the best,

  3. If you’re ever in Oz, drop in sometime.

    There’s a great big saltwater lake nearby with lots of fishing spots and several exes in the area who, like me, would be happy to dangle a line with ya! 🙂

  4. Sapere Aude

    This milestone is not only a testament of the truth communicated on this blog – but also to the validity of the basic of LRH tech that we who participate here understand. The truth is stronger that the current aberration – the bank. The freedom to communicate is what makes this group even stronger. All of us had wins, all of us had personal experiences, we live around the world and I say that most never knew each other personally prior to this blog.

    We may have met but never really known each other. This experience on the road to truth is like a crew going through a storm on a ship. All are stronger for having that experience. Thank you for creating the space and time for this to happen. I thank all who participate. I hope to be able to give to all of you similar gains to what I have found, and had, during the journey shown on this blog.

    We are all on the bridge to freedom. The end of this bridge is truth. I look forward to the day that all who have been blunted, harassed, tortured or scorned for holding their own integrity and having a viewpoint found to be unacceptable by the current regime are free to be themselves.

    The following video, to me, fits the Independent’s sentiments. Tis time to celebrate this milestone my friends!

    A Bridge That Carries Us Over Lyrics

    Time came around, and I was in need
    You came by my side, all my troubles to ease
    You collected my heart, healing the past
    You’ll never lay down and I can count on you

    We all speak well of a bridge that carries us over
    …over safe
    The art of compromise has surely been our greatest strength
    …our greatest strength.

    When someone pretends, to circle your friends
    And finds he’s betraying you ‘fore it all ends
    A bittersweet chain, that’ll always remain
    So don’t let illusions get the better of you

    We all speak well of a bridge that carries us over
    …over safe
    The art of compromise has surely been our greatest strength
    …our greatest strength.

    Love is to share, where words can’t compare
    Love is desire, so full of fire

    We all speak well of a bridge that carries us over
    …over safe
    The art of compromise has surely been our greatest strength
    …our greatest strength.

    We all speak well of a bridge that carries us over
    …over safe
    The art of compromise has surely been our greatest strength
    …our greatest strength.

  5. Marty,
    I was only tonight saying to friends that if you listen to LRH on the road to TRUTH, his postulate that it is impossible to turn back once you have the slightest inclination of the truth, even in this black truth of Miscavage’s evil reign, his comments ring true. Once you begin to realize that there has been a charlatan running the show, you cannot put the genie back in the bottle, no matter how hard you may try. And it is so – once I began to read the St. Pete times articles, and saw you and Amy and so many others in videos telling their stories, it was all over for me with the church. I cannot in good conscience ever go back into a corrupt organization now – knowing what I know to be true.
    I commend all of those who have risked so much to get that information disseminated to those like me who had been hoodwinked for so long by the master of suppressed communication.
    Tonight two key terminals were enlightened and are now on board. Their reaction to our revelations was not shock, but relief. It validated their knowingness that something was wrong.

  6. Thank you Marty.
    Your friendship through my own trials and tribulations has been a god-send. Your persistence in auditing out this third dynamic engram has been heroic.
    The help you have given freely to others is probably best expressed in the following success story from a gentleman you steered in our direction. We have both made a friend forever with this one.

    FPRD Gains
    “I feel incredibly able from my wins and gains on the FPRD. My certainty and sense of self is strengthened. It is easy for me to be true to myself and to postulate and live my life the way I want to play the game unencumbered by past track and others. I am just flat happy being me with a new joy for life. I find myself exterior looking at myself and the game. When in that state I see myself and the world with great clarity and certainty to as-is things and create. I am a spiritual being. ”


    Thanks again,

  7. scilonschools

    Marty the bonds you have created and maintained go far beyond the Indies!, You have crossed goundries to Critics, Anonymous and the General public.

  8. one of those who see

    Marty, so beautiful. Wonderful observation. Yes, congratulations are in order! So important, that we can discuss, agree, disagree and maintain our friendships. Thank you for posting the words of Khalil Gibran. I had never heard of him and now will definitely be reading more.
    And thank you for being such a brave and beautiful friend to all of us.

  9. Eileen Clark


    That was beautiful, but most importantly for me, spot on acknowledgement of a so very important milestone. Thanks.

    L, Eileen

  10. Wonderful post Marty.

    It is worth noting that while the CofM is a big fail on the subject of disconnection amongst non KoolAid drinkers, there are also shifts within the walls of Miscavigedom.

    Today, there are people in good standing who remain connected to declared SPs. About the only sure fire way of having KoolAid drinkers disconnect is to overtly associate with you.

    But the CofM is softening their hard line. Even Miscavige can see its a completely untenable position to try to defend. Of course, it still has its use as a control mechanism with Kool Aid drinkers, but its use is being narrowed for those he is most desperately afraid of.

    As the defiance of it grows, it will have to be abandoned altogether in the end. It is no more tenable than segregation was, or slavery before that. Public outrage is building, supporting those who refuse to submit to the oppression. You have done a great deal on both counts: making it safer for people to defy, and helping make the general public aware of it.

    This practice will soon come to an end. The world will enforce it.

    Anyone want to take bets that Dear Leader will “discover” that it was canceled by LRH and some SP hid that information (they have now been gotten rid of).

  11. Axiom. Wonderful news that more are along for the ride!

  12. You have theta points allover the world that will never go away…ever. That’s space. That’s power. You’re totally right! A major milestone!

  13. martyrathbun09

    You da king East, KP

  14. martyrathbun09

    You’re on Scooter! Thank you!

  15. martyrathbun09

    Sweet! show me!

  16. Joe Howard

    So nice and so true.

  17. martyrathbun09

    God Bless Amy Scobee!

  18. one of those who see

    Mike on Enforced disconnection: “As the defiance of it grows, it will have to be abandoned altogether in the end. It is no more tenable than segregation was, or slavery before that. ”

    Wonderfully stated!

  19. one of those who see

    Sapere Aude, How well you write! How beautiful you are. Love the song. Anyone who gets to meet you will be the better for it. that’s for sure. Hope I get to be one of them. All the best on the journey.

  20. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. Some “Anonymous” folk have been incredibly supportive.

  21. martyrathbun09


  22. martyrathbun09

    Thank you.

  23. martyrathbun09

    So have you! Thank you. God bless you.

  24. one of those who see

    Yes!! Well done!!

  25. martyrathbun09

    Thanks , you Cajun sweetheart!

  26. one of those who see

    This is what it’s all about!!! Love to see wins in the Indie Field!!

  27. UnDisturbed

    There are so many people you have never met who you have helped. You stood up and took direct hits, and you didn’t back down. You made it safer for others who came after you, to reach inside and gather some courage and say “We’re mad as hell and we won’t take it any more”.

    I have never met you but you are a friend of mine, Marty. Thanks.

    Tom Price
    Los Angeles

  28. Hello, friends. Marty, thank you for this post.
    I’m reading this a long, long way from home this morning. There are at least three good reasons to be alive: Learning, loving, helping. Thanks to this blog and this community for helping me move on up on all counts. You offer me truth and support. Thank you for being my friends.

  29. God Bless You, Marty and Mosey and all who honor one another with true friendship. I am so grateful! Dedicated to my friends.

    “There is nothing on this earth more to be prized than true friendship.”
    -Thomas Aquinas

  30. Michael Fairman

    Marty, let me add my acknowledgement to you and what you continue to do every day. You have created the space in which friendship can flourish. Not only with you and Mosey but among all of us who gather here. It is the profound friendship that Gibran and so many other great thinkers write about. That is light years from the distorted and perverted view of what it means to be a friend within Miscavige’s church. That view will inevitably destroy it because there is no real communication, no truth. Once again, Marty, thank you. A milestone has been reached.

  31. “And thank you for being such a brave and beautiful friend to all of us.”

    x ∞

  32. +1 all day long.

  33. Marty, awesome post. It’s true for me; C of M Scientologists do not have true friends as described in the posted quote. There only have associates, comm lines and “friends” as amended or ascribed by the local, AO or Flag MAA. It amazing how the basic freedoms in life relating to communication and beingness are only available beyond the reach of DM and his network. Again, awesome post.

  34. Scott Campbell

    “Every man dies. Not every man really lives.” –William Wallace


    Even 15 years after leaving the SO, I was still not ready to trust anyone – and that was a problem. I was alone, making my way through a wilderness, supporting and protecting a wife and kids. And I was lost.

    Somehow, despite never having met you, your story spoke to me. I thought, “This guy understands. This guy made it through to the other side and is still intact. He’s fighting the good fight. He named the correct WHO!”

    I had to know more… So I took a leap of faith and called you.

    …and I’ve never been the same since.

    Thank you very much, brother. You’ve been instrumental in helping me live again!

    L, Scott

  35. scilonschools

    IF you can keep your head when all about you
    Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
    If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
    But make allowance for their doubting too;
    If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
    Or being lied about, don’t deal in lies,
    Or being hated, don’t give way to hating,
    And yet don’t look too good, nor talk too wise:
    If you can dream – and not make dreams your master;
    If you can think – and not make thoughts your aim;
    If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
    And treat those two impostors just the same;
    If you can bear to hear the truth you’ve spoken
    Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
    Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
    And stoop and build ’em up with worn-out tools:

    If you can make one heap of all your winnings
    And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
    And lose, and start again at your beginnings
    And never breathe a word about your loss;
    If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
    To serve your turn long after they are gone,
    And so hold on when there is nothing in you
    Except the Will which says to them: ‘Hold on!’

    If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
    ‘ Or walk with Kings – nor lose the common touch,
    if neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
    If all men count with you, but none too much;
    If you can fill the unforgiving minute
    With sixty seconds’ worth of distance run,
    Yours is the Earth and everything that’s in it,
    And – which is more – you’ll be a Man, my son!

    Your Looking Good to Me Marty (et Al)

  36. martyrathbun09

    You know Scott, I feel the same way about you – you crazy Scottish SOB.

  37. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Michael, you are a big advance in this collective struggle.

  38. martyrathbun09

    I couldn’t agree with Sir Thomas more.

  39. martyrathbun09

    Thank you to you and yours,.You all were here when I was about to break down and fight with a force that they wouldn’t be prepared to handle. But you all helped me take things in stride and in perspective and for that we will always remember you.

  40. martyrathbun09

    Thank you Tom. Check out the next post. We are about to take it to the streets in LA.

  41. barneyrubble


    You have my back always. Even though I am pissed about the Lakers debacle.

    Very powerful message as always. Move on, Move forward and more forward…forgot who said that.
    I have your back, brother.

  42. Amin.. +100000!!!

  43. martyrathbun09

    Crusader, and thanks to you for all you do, however quietly.

  44. Best song I could find dude. Says it all! I added the “Dave” to the lyrics.

    “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)”

    Lookin’ at the devil
    Grinnin’ at his gun
    Fingers start shakin’
    I begin to run
    Bullets start chasin’
    I begin to stop
    We begin to wrestle
    I was on the top

    I want to thank you falettinme
    Be mice elf agin
    Thank you falettinme
    Be mice elf agin

    Stiff all in the collar
    Fluffy in the face
    Chit chat chatter tryin’
    Stuffy in the place

    Thank you for the party, Dave
    But I could never stay
    Many thangs is on my mind
    Words in the way

    I want to thank you falettinme
    Be mice elf agin
    Thank you falettinme
    Be mice elf agin

    Dance to the music
    All nite long
    Everyday people
    Sing a simple song
    Mama’s so happy
    Mama start to cry
    Papa still singin’
    You can make it if you try

    I want to thank you falettinme
    Be mice elf agin
    (Different strokes for different folks, yeah)

    Thank you falettinme
    Be mice elf agin

    Flamin’ eyes of people fear
    Burnin’ into you
    Many men are missin’ much
    Hatin’ what they do
    Youth and truth are makin’ love
    Dig it for a starter, now
    Dyin’ young is hard to take
    Sellin’ out is harder

    Thank you falettinme
    Be mice elf agin
    I want to thank you falettinme
    Be mice elf agin
    Thank you falettinme
    Be mice elf agin
    Thank you falettinme
    Be mice elf agin
    I want to thank you falettinme
    Be mice elf agin

  45. martyrathbun09

    Sweet. how about this tribute to Sly by Chuck D and Isaac?

  46. Wow!

    It’s been 2 yrs since those of us who were “disaffected” with or wrongly or falsely declared by the Squirrel Group started dropping by.

    Yet despite OSA’s best efforts.

    All they’ve managed to do was increase your traffic Marty!

    Sorry that’s just too funny 🙂

    I mean it’s hard to get serious in moments like this.

    But I’ll try.

    Personally I’d like to see those responsible for this mad effort to stop Scientology (which includes you Dave baby) to give up and get some good Standard Auditing.

    Maybe do some good Standard training so that they can help others instead of suppress them.

    Maybe that’s too much to ask.

    But I can dream at least.

    Anyway to you Marty, Mosey, Mike, Christie, Steve and all the rest of you.

    I wish you all a Happy Memorial Day weekend and to steal a line from V:

    Even though we may have never met I love you.

    Good night my friends.



  47. Great post, Marty!

  48. Thank you for this site Thank you Marthy and the Team for all your doing .

  49. Impartial English Girl

    What a lovely post. Sometimes it’s vital to take that step back to reflect and, as in this case, review the past and find that yes, it IS worth it. And it seriously is. Mr. Rathbun, what you and your friends are doing is so worthwhile. If just one person had been able, through your efforts, to break free from DM’s rotten, stagnating, world it would have been worth it. Now so many have or are finding that their lives are their own once again. Your hard work and all you’ve been subjected to as a result has (and continues to) make a real positive difference to many folk.

    With all due respect to Eliott Ness, I think you and your colleagues are VERY worthy successors to the title of The NEW Untouchables!

    Have a great weekend!

    IEG xx

  50. AMin and Amen! 😉 that song says it.

  51. The cycle is:
    1) recognize that soandso is good.
    2) injecting the idea that something might be wrong with soandso.
    3) due to 1) number 2) is rejected and not fully duplicated. Thus not-ised.
    4) enforcing (CDEINR) number 1) and this strenghten number 2)
    and resulting in ARC X.
    Solution: duplicating 2) and string pull cause of 2).

    Oddly enough DM is injecting the idea that something might be wrong with LRH.

  52. Saluting the great individuals in this ongoing dialogue. Thank you for this safe forum!

    “It is vain to talk of the interest of the community, without understanding what is the interest of the individual. ” – Jeremy Bentham

    “Whatever crushes individuality is despotism, by whatever name it may be called and whether it professes to be enforcing the will of God or the injunctions of men.” – John Stuart Mill

  53. Marty,
    Thank you for lovely post.
    Two years ago I wrote to you after you had first set up your website. You and I had not had the best of relationships in our earlier lives in RTC — but the apology, acknowledgement and ARC I received from you made me fall out of my chair. It was unexpected. It was not necessary. But it was clearly heartfelt and honest and you have been a significant friend for me ever since.

    Then, over the last year, when things went wild here on my small stretch of turf, and I wrote to you, explaining what was happening, again, I received a communication that made me feel understood, that let me make my decision on how best to proceed, and you told me that I can contact you anytime. A true friend.

    More recently, when I returned to the fold, much to my relief — I have been greeted by such a wonderful group of friends from around the world. At a time when things were pretty shaky, and it was easy to feel alone, I felt that the Indi’s embraced me and helped me get rolling again.

    Thank you. Thank you very much for your friendship. It is certainly mutual. I can’t wait to see you in person again to express this face to face — and that time will be soon I am sure.

  54. George White

    Very beautiful!
    What an marvelous group of people!
    May the Devas render assistance to the Independent Movement.
    May all beings be well and happy!

  55. Joe Pendleton

    Marty…….what you said at the end of your post……RIGHT BACK AT YOU, KID.

    I admire you and like beings who follow their guiding stars with intention, honor and courage.

    I hope I have the pleasure of meeting you some day.

    The adventure continues……….

  56. To the rebellious Indies whom I laugh, love and fight with every day.

    To Anonymous, who have taken up our cause without personal interests just because it was the right thing to do and who were willing to communicate and gain a greater understanding of the good Scientology and Scientologists can do when not corrupted.

    To the lurkers and the radar-flyers who continue to give support and comfort where they can by whatever means available to them while they continue to work protect their loved ones from church reprisals.

    To the non-Scientologists who joined our cause without provocation or reason because they had compassion for a group fighting to keep their religion and end human rights abuses.

    To the trolls and plants who have kept me laughing at their crazy antics and the Indie responses.

    To those who loved Scientology and were crippled by betrayal yet dared to love and trust again.

    To Marty and Mike and their beautiful wives who have borne the brunt of DM’s malicious attacks with dignity and grace and together have created a safe place for Scientologists to recover the strength to fight back.

    To the most incredible friends I have ever had the privilege to know.

    Thank you


  57. Grrr. Not embedding. Trying again.

  58. John Fennessey

    When you combine a communication line, truth and interest, you get a crowd. And you certainly have.

    Mike and Marty also have the intelligence, experience, brass and conviction in their beliefs to quickly take it to levels few others could.

    Friendship plays a part, but in my opinion mostly as an added benefit. The power of the message is the driving and coalescing factor and there is no wedge that can divide the truth. As much as Mike and Marty have scores of friends, it is the truth and what it does to each of us in relation to the journey we have had or are having which drives this cart, in my opinion.

    But it is indeed a milestone to be noted. Friendship may not have gotten us here, but it certainly will be a part of keeping us here.

  59. ScilonSchools,
    Absolutely Beautiful! ml, Laura

  60. Moving On Up a Little Higher may well be the best comm line on the planet.
    Thanks Marty, for keeping the show on the road.
    Thanks for sticking up for LRH.

    R and C is only possible when A is chucked in there, otherwise there would literally be NOTHING!

    I’m with you, call me anytime.

    BTW, deep-fried Guiness???
    Tell me it isn’t true!

  61. In October 2009 I took a major leap. I wrote an email to Marty. With my windhorse email.

    I received back a lovely warm email. Back and forth bit and I started posting comments on Marty’s blog. A bit later, privately I emailed Marty my story, my name, my history in the Sea Org and out.

    Never once has Marty violated my trust to please not reveal who I am.

    I’ve brought others to this blog. Some agree completely, others feel he is too LRH oriented, but are happy the blog exists.

    I am simply happy to have found a courageous and kindred spirit. One who embodies what I hold dear. A love of friends, of his wife and absolutely a love of his dog and kittie! And a burning desire to help mankind, through compassion and not aggression.

    As I watch this blog ebb and flow – see it sometimes tighten down too tightly against those who might have a differing point of view or less willingness to come openly out who they are – it is always delightful to see a middle way eventually coming forward.

    It’s wonderful to meet so many people here who are now so familiar to me and to be able to say: These are my friends.


  62. The Independents movement is a milestone in history and especially the history of this planet. LRH’s legacy has not been available before anywhere ever except here on Earth. People are just learning of it for the first time.

    But my observation has been that people {including me} are much more interested in what people that used to belong to the church have to say RATHER than what the actual current membership of the church has to say. Simply put, because of the kind of publicity corporate Scientology creates for itself with its practices of disconnection, causing riffs between friends and general illegal harassment in as many forms as OSA can come up with that D. Miss Cabbage & Company {+ their legal team} find acceptable. But acceptable to who? Acceptable to the church no one wants to belong to any more.

  63. Tony DePhillips

    Marty you are a great ambassador for freedom and independence.
    Through your actions you hae proven over and over what kind of a man you are. You are kind and strong and tolerant.
    May your days be long on this Earth.

  64. +1 That was BEAUTIFUL!!!

  65. Awesome! I hadn’t heard it before.

    Thanks to you and Mosey and Chiquita, with the whole Independent gang expanding around the world but it’s feeling like a (planetwide) gathering of the clans.

    Thank you so much.

  66. Vic & Vicki K.

    We also have only appreciation and respect for the job being done by so few on behalf of so many. The importance of precedents and insights being established here and on other pro-LRH sites in the independent domain have brought a sanity and positive result enjoyed by many more than meet the eye.

    We look forward to reconnecting to old friends and meeting new ones in the near future!

  67. Marty, a good part of what has allowed this to occur is because you have continued to hold your own stable viewpoint, and have continued to communicate, in spite of the enormous amount of crap thrown at you to try to knock you off of it. Well done, and thank you for being there!

  68. Marty – a wonderful post. Friendship knows no bounds. It is one for all and all for one as far as I am concerned.

  69. Just Me,

    Not a day goes by when I don’t think of some idea I want to share with you. I smile, totter off on some project, forget, think of a new idea to share, totter off, forget, round and round.

    But, through all the forgetting, through all the tottering, knowing you’re there makes me smile.


  70. A toast:

    To all the tears, the grins, the feelings re-woken.
    To things shared and learned.
    To battles fought and won,
    To weeds pulled and replaced by flowers.

    A toast to all who have joined the fray,
    And to all who wish to join.

    We are life
    And we WILL make tomorrow.

    And now we drink.


    (Go ahead, get a glass of something tasty, raise it high, celebrate the moment, contribute to the motion.)

  71. Marty, Mosey and Friends,
    My mom and I are so very grateful to be among such WONDERFUL friends!!
    Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all you’ve done to help us through some very hard times. We have woken up and now we are here to help others do the same. With all of us working together, we will weather this storm and come out the other end WINNERS!!!
    Lots of love,

  72. martyrathbun09

    Big time.

  73. martyrathbun09

    I look forward to seeing you too Lana.

  74. SA truth and beauty, thanks for posting this video.

  75. Marty, prior to reading the Truth Rundown back in August of 2009 I was in apathy about my future and the future of this crazy world we live in. I was “worried about what Miscaviage was up to” and “knew there was something wrong”. But you with your brass balls and all came right out and said it: “Guys you are PTS to the worst kind of SP you have ever seen and his name is David Miscaviage.” Since then I have seen nothing but hope in the Scientology universe.

    You and Mike have taken shellackings that would cave most mortals and a lot of OTs. You have endured a lot of hardship. But you keep cranking out the truth.

    And I know you don’t do all of this for you. You do this for your friends and for people you don’t even know. You give a shit. You really do care. You have taken this campaign a lot further than anyone else, and taken us through another wall of fire, I suppose, and for that I will eternally have your back.

    God bless and carry on Marty.

    ML your friend always, Tom

  76. martyrathbun09

    Thank you Sir.

  77. TroubleShooter

    Amen Marty. Your words express what granting beingness IS.

    How anyone can reason the rightness of shutting off a comm line to another friend or loved one, how like a light switch the flow of ARC to another is turned off is summed up in physical, mental and spiritual manipulation and preying on a persons’ purposes born out of genuine goodness to help others. “The greater good” How many hearts have been broken? How many lives and families torn asunder? Plying ARC into NO ARC and calling this metamorphosis the greatest good for the greatest number.

    Most of you don’t know me yet but I am your friend. Not because I say so but because I hold you in my heart as one and so the create has been begun. I’m not a pretender who is creating any apparency of being a kool-aider to cobs machine. I’m not trying to fool them into thinking anything and in fact they’d have to BE fools not to know where I stand becauses of the data they DO have from me and my friends.

    Yet they do not push, attack or attempt to control me or my life. That’s the only smart thing that I’ve seen those I’ve worked with do in a very long time. The real reason is that they don’t want me to go sudden. If that disappoints any of you or creates distrust in me for not coming out yet – I’m sorry, I understand your feelings. Time is on my side. And I am on yours.

    NO one is going to tell me who I can and cannot talk to. NO one is going to tell me what I can and can’t believe. NO threat is going to take that right of choice away from me EVER again.

    Thank you Marty for providing a safe place from which to communicate.

    No slouch, TroubleShooter

  78. Dear Marty,

    ‘Thank you!’ says it all….

    “Your friend is the man who knows all about you, and still likes you.”
    – Elbert Hubbard

  79. Sapere Aude

    Tom M,
    Thanks to Marty, Mike, You and all who post. The intention shines through – to bring freedom to think and feel and understand to all who have been touched by the words of LRH. Freedom from insanity, and being effect, and suppression – whether it be spiritual, mental or physical.

    I cannot take credit for the following quote but it is apropos:
    “Noone has a more intimate understanding of, or deeper appreciation for freedom than a soldier who has fought for it in a country where it does not exist. ” You would undertand this fully.

    In the current situation – the corporate world of Scientology may not be a country, but it acts as one with its own evil warlord.

  80. Sapere Aude

    +1. So very well stated. 🙂

  81. WindWalker


    Thank you for that and for your your part in this journey.


  82. Jack Airey

    You know for a point guard back in the day you play like a power forward on the court of life. Just after reading the 2nd St. Pete Times article I sent you an email and in your reply you suggested I meet Christie King Colbran. Hearing her story face to face how her mother and father disconnected from this beautiful thetan and has never hugged their awsome grandson, Shane. I was struck with the knowingness that I had to step forward and make a public announcement on your blog why I thought the Church of Scientology had gone off the rails. I had 12 Scientology friends, some I had known and respected for over 40 years. They dumped me like a bad date. After much reflection I have come to the consclusion these were not true friends. Someone said, you only know your true friends when your down and out, or some such words.
    Christie gave me your phone number so we could talk about my coming out on your blog. I knew within the 1st 30 seconds you were real and I could trust you. It will be 2 years in October……no regrets
    I just wrote a comment on after reading an article Karen De La Carriere wrote and posted today titled, “David Miscavige and the RTC”. In part I said DM was the fox guarding the hen house and what you have left in the Church of Scientology are terrified & confused chickens in hiding. The only solution is to remove the fox.
    Thank you Marty & Mosey for helping me escape the hen house and finding out who my real friends are.
    Happy Fox hunting.

  83. freespirit

    “Made a friend forever with this one.”
    You’d better make that TWO!
    And I’d just like to re-iterate to you all: Mi casa es tu casa, SIEMPRE.

  84. Sweet words Sam 😉

  85. Doc "Smith"

    Love this, great insights.


  86. rory medford

    Hey Marty,

    Its so nice you took the role or hat of MAA/Ethics Officer for DM. You have made huge effects in a very positive fashion and I admire and appreciate everything you have accomplished. Keep the flame if freedom alive.


  87. Great post for the Memorial Day weekend, the traditional running of the Indy 500 which on Steve’s blog is growing very well!

  88. WindWalker


    And thank you for choosing the “higher road” in spite of every provocation to lash out. Had you taken that route 95% of what has been achieved here would never have happened.
    The “engram” of the betrayal of David Miscavige would still be there for many around the world.
    The severing of many friendships would have never been repaired.
    The technology of Scientology and the wisdom of LRH may have “gone down with the ship”.
    This community of good and creative beings would never have been assembled.

    Although we all would have carried on with our lives somehow, we would have carried the betrayal forward, and it would have hindered our survival in the future. Sure, I think we would have probably figured it all out at some point, but maybe long after too much had been lost.

    I do not think that I am the only one who feels a huge amount of strength and agreement that, in spite of the fiasco that is the current “church of Scientology”, or perhaps because of it, we have created something very stable and basic here.

    As you say, “We have reached a Milestone”.

    I know, it isn’t just you, but you have invited us to be here and to “move on up a little higher”, and I think we have stepped up to the challenge, and helped you to take it to a whole new level. I don’t know if it ever would have happened without you.

    You have my respect and my love.

    Thank you


  89. Marty,
    I had been thinking about the Truth Rundown lately and what a ‘Milestone’ that was. It was the ‘Shot heard ’round the World’. It was the missing piece that made everything else fall into place so the whole picture could be viewed.
    There are a whole lot of people to thank for that expose but I am additionally thankful to you for creating this venue. It;s a gathering place for us all to learn share, communicate and heal.
    Two years on, and it seems very appropriate to give a big acknowledgment to you for your tireless commitment to helping us all ‘move on up a little bit higher’.

  90. Thank you for your voice, Marty. Personally, it has been very important to me sorting out my experiences with the church. I think your reach and influence go farther than you may imagine.

  91. Doc "Smith"

    Great post Marty,

    I feel that if the break between C of S and the Indies had never happened, if DM hadn’t taken over and corrupted the tech, the subject would never have expanded into the field like it has. The wall between Scnists and the rest of the world would have kept getting taller anyway due to the Us and Them concept fostered in the church, calling non members Wogs and considering them less in altitude for no reason other than a fostered self-importance. When I was still in the church I would see the Anons picketing the org, and feel they were misinformed and misled, only to find after I left a little over a year ago that it was I in that state. I am happy to know the freedom fighters who want to end human rights abuse where ever it exists and they are my friends now as are the Independents.

    Although I took a huge loss on leaving the church, thinking it was the end of my auditor training and doing the Bridge, I am happy to say, I am now studying my levels with a Briefing course supervisor, my auditor is a St. Hill trained class VI, and my C/S is a Class VI who trained under LRH.
    Pretty good huh?! I’m looking forward to auditing any who desire it.

    Though I lost many of my friends by leaving, I’ve gained so many more true friends out here and I’m sure I’ll see my old friends out here soon as well, hopefully springing some of them myself.

  92. A true friend sees you as you really are – not just your public face – and loves you even so.

  93. +++ Dear Marty +++

    this post “Milestone” is again awesome.

    Yesterday I’ve met a friend, a very good friend of mine, who was actually in apathy about Scientology, and explained him the difference between the CofS with his Dear Leader and the Subject, the Philosophy of Scientology. I told him too, the whole bridge is also available outside the Iron Curtains of the CofS. He had cognitions after cognitions, because he somehow perceived that something is wrong but could really put his finger on.
    Now, he has decided to go up the Bridge.
    Let me tell you this, without all your communication, Blog and all the information, which helped me a lot to understand the situation, I couldn’t do that.

    My thanks to You, Mike, Mosey, Christie, Steve, Karen, Dan, Tom M, Jim, Tony and so many other Big time individuals goes far beyond what I could express with words.

    I salute you for being the courageous beings you are.
    My respect is yours. You are a giant amongst your fellow man.

    Right now there is situation with the CofS where he is more or les dramatizing the bank of his Leader David Miscavige.
    I´m sure there will come a future time for Scientology totally free from the personal dramatisation from its leader or a small selfish group. There will be a time where the Subject and Philosophy of Scientology will exist and will be spread around the world in his original and purest form and each person which reaches for the tech will be able to have it. This can only exist when the subject is free from monopoly and greed of its leader or a small group, but maybe somehow monitored by some intelligent, wise, altruistic, highest trained and experienced veteran auditors, with their hearts on the right place. We could call this Time in Space – no, no, no, not Golden Age of Scientology (we had enough of this Golden Ages) – but maybe: The Second Milestone.

    To me it looks like this movement leads up to this Time in Space.

    1. L. Ron Hubbard’s legacy shall be resurrected
    2. L. Ron Hubbard’s family shall be vindicated, including all belongings given back
    3. David Miscavidge & followings shall be brought to justice
    4. CoS management structure shall be reinstall as intended and designed by LRH:

    By the way Dave boy:
    Where is HEBERT Jentzsch – my President of the CoS?
    Where is DIANA Hubbard – lovely daughter from LRH?
    Where is SHELLY Miscavidge – your dear wife?

  94. Marty, This is a very Theta post. Thank you. The validation of friendship and love on this blog is what draws me and keeps me coming back. I remember when you came to see me two years ago. Instant ARC! An old friendship rekindled. I have to admit when you said you and Mike were going to do this I didn’t think you had a chance in hell. I was wrong and I’m glad to admit it. I have made so many really wonderful new friends since posting and commenting on this blog. Its kept me going through some tough times. You are a very special friend to me. Thank you. I Love you man. Sargio

  95. Thanks so much for all your support too.
    Be seeing you soon!

  96. SA
    Gorgeous. Don’t know too many Clannad fans 🙂

  97. I have met many new friends-thanks to you.I have reunited with some old friends-thanks to you. Thank you Marty for being here and being a friend.

  98. martyrathbun09

    Damn good Doc.

  99. What all of you said. Hallelujah!

  100. Eeeeeeeeeeuuuw!!!

  101. You get my vote for Indie Party DJ

  102. OK – you twisted my arm.

  103. “NO one is going to tell me who I can and cannot talk to. NO one is going to tell me what I can and can’t believe. NO threat is going to take that right of choice away from me EVER again. ”

  104. Mike,

    I have also observed the same thing. There are now so many Scientologists
    aware that something is wrong that Miscavige has to reconsider his policy of attack and destroy anyone who starts to wake up as it is only waking more people up.

    Miscavige hopes to dig himself out using two of his favorite tools – threats and PR, but they are becoming less and less effective in the light of truth.

    In the end there will only be one person who is truly despised, shunned and disconnection from and that will be Miscavige. That is inevitable.

  105. Every now and again I sigh, take a deep breath, quickly seek who I am, what I’m doing and plod forward knowing all the while there’s the playing of a better game down the road, just has to be.
    This site led by Marty with the vast array of viewpoints expressing themselves has become somewhat like an ARC generator. I guess in my own way I see you all as ‘comrades in arms’. It is not so much an end to hostilities I seek as the end goal but a new higher position on the Tone Scale. Those comrades turn into friends and stable datums for far better creations on all Dynamics.
    Indeed a milestone has been reached, we are the vibrant, living history of our own future – that vision is never available to the insane.
    Thanks Marty.

  106. theystolemychurch

    What you are doing here is so important. I think everyone here really sees that.
    I am very grateful to you, Mosey, Steve Hall and Mike (and others) for this forum and standing up and making the truth known and for having the great courage that it takes to do that.. I probably do not fathom the real cost of what you all have given in order to do all of this. My gratitude to you is great.

    You can always count me as your friend. Love, Wendy

  107. Marty and Mosey,
    Great post. THANK YOU FOR THIS BLOG!! Thank you to all the other people who contribute on this and many sites. I have dropped so many unhealthy brainwashed considerations and viewpoints. The last two years have been a huge education on many fronts. The last two years have shown incredible expansion – world wide. Sheesh DM!! That’s how it’s done.

  108. Marty,

    I’m proud to be your friend.

    Momentum is on the side of truth. We need to carry forward until Miscavige has his bloody fangs off the throats of our family and friends.

    I’m with you and all who work towards that goal.

  109. TEG,
    Perfect quote! ml, Laura

  110. “calling non members Wogs”

  111. Great write up 😉

  112. Marty,
    This is a wonderful post! Thanks!
    Thanks to all who help here by getting the truth out!
    You’ve all helped me to be braver and tougher than I ever thought I could be.
    You’ve helped me to be able to look more evil in the face than I ever knew I could. You’ve helped me work through the bitterness and resentment and given me purpose. You’ve helped me see what true friends really are. You’ve taught me that true power is in the joy of creating! I’m glad for the friendships I’ve created here and look forward to creating more! ml, Laura

  113. “But it’s written in the starlight
    And every line on your palm
    We’re fools to make war
    On our brothers in arms”

  114. “Do you like Kipling?”

    “I don’t know, you silly boy. I’ve never kippled.”

  115. Wow, Les, Anonymous is getting auditing now! Just LOLing.

    Good to hear the old guard of indies hooking up with the new guard. I think physicists have a name for it: Unified Field Theory–wherein there will always be some unexplained quirks but mostly, we all get along.

  116. martyrathbun09

    A change is happening. Hope we can speed it up for folk in positions like you all.

  117. Sapere Aude

    I have 15 or so Clannad albums and 8 of Enya. The following is for your enjoyment. No evaluation intended, enjoy my friend. I travel this journey with you as part of the team.

  118. Thanks Marty, for what you’re doing for us.
    Thanks Indies, for your care and placing the first milestone.
    I personally think of Indies as the most intelligent, free and aware beings of this planet and I’m happy to be able to be in comm with ya’ll.

  119. To our Dear friend, Marty~
    An ode to you; an excerpt on “OF GIVING”, from The Profit by Kahlil Gibran:
    “You give but little when you give of your possessions.
    It is when you give of yourself that you truly give.
    For what are your possessions but things you keep and guard for fear you may need them tomorrow?
    And what is fear of need but need itself?
    There are those who give little of the much which they have-and they give it for recognition and their hidden desire makes their gifts unwholesome.
    And there are those who have little and give it all.
    These are the believers in life and the bounty of life, and their coffer is never empty.
    There are those who give with joy, and that joy is their reward.
    And there are those who give with pain, and that that pain is their baptism.
    And there are those who give and know not pain in giving, nor do they seek joy, nor give with mindfulness of virtue;
    They give as in yonder valley the myrtle breathes its fragrance into space.
    Through the hands of such as these God speaks, and from behind their eyes He smiles upon the earth.
    It is well to give when asked, but it is better to give unasked, through understanding;
    And to the open-open handed the search for one who shall receive is joy greater than giving.
    And is there aught you would withhold?
    All you have shall some day be given;
    Therefore give now, that the season of giving may be yours and not your inheritors’.”
    My most heartfelt thanks for doing what you (& Mosie) do….
    All my love, Midge

  120. Marty, Great post and very true — despite the orchestrated assault upon our friendships, I learned to stay true to what I know and what’s real to me. I know who my friends are — and I have MANY, including you and my favorite Mosey.

    Personally, I’ve never cared about my own reputation nor repercussions for speaking out and hope to have helped as many as possible for doing so, like many others have done before and after me.

    I feel very blessed to have made so many wonderful friends along the way.

  121. I wanted to write this to you a few days ago, but more appropriate for today and for this post. I am not going in the same direction as you (completely), but I absolutely support and enjoy what you are doing.
    For me, you are bring back the Mission Holders upon whose back scientology was created and began to grow, only to find it snuffed out of existence, by the dear dear David M.
    You are bringing back the lightness, the laughter and true friendships that once flourished throughout Scn world. I never wanted to join a Church, I had a Church, I was joining a movement to better the world. I was shown a
    policy by Hubbard stating it was only for accountants and Lawyers only.
    DM has now edited that out of the original policy. LRH sent me a communication in 1979 that he wished he had never gone “the church route” and that he never should have listened to his advisors way back when. He spoke of this to others as well.
    What you are re-creating are the days of Free Speech, and free thinking members, Members not afraid to explore other philosophys or allowing different points of view to just be.
    My Personal Day of largest Loss in the life I had given to Scientology, was the days the Mission network was disbanded, and came under the control of the Sea Org, and ultimately to David Miscavige.
    Reading about what is being created, even though it is not my path, is a joy to watch. And also to know that I am accepted by my fellow Ex’s for who I am
    now. The ability to hold a PanDetermined point of view. The highest point of view there is, or as I wrote in my book — The “Third Way”.
    nancy many

  122. martyrathbun09

    You noted, “I’ve never cared about my own reputation nor repercussions for speaking out and hope to have helped as many as possible for doing so…” I don’t think a week has gone by in the past two years where someone has not mentioned how moved they were by your standing up and speaking out – with a tremendous level of credibility. As you know, the church could very well have spiked the original Truth Rundown had you not stood and said that it was all true.
    We all thank you.

  123. Thank you Marty for helping me and my dearest friends discover the truth about DM and the CoS. Last night one of them mentioned that if we had not seen the St. Petersburg videos 18 months ago, we would still be churchies in the dark. What a very scary thought…

  124. WindWalker

    I would like to share another thought.

    A creation has been started here that is continuing to grow.

    That creation, from my viewpoint, has never really existed before among Scientologists, or if so, then in a much smaller and isolated form, or before my time.(pre. 1970)

    The creation that I am talking about is this group of beings, and those like it, (and I do not use the term”group” lightly. We are united by common philosophies, understandings, and purposes.) who live the concept of open communication about what we believe in. I think that this group is setting a standard of openness and communication that is increasing understandings and removing much misunderstanding. We are breaking through the “pall” of isolation from each other as beings. We are sharing data and understandings. We are truly creating a group based on Affinity, Reality, and Communication, and thereby, Understanding.

    I am, more and more, coming to the conclusion that the lack of what we have here, is in a large part, a contributing factor to the demise of “the church of Scientology. Breaking comm lines and shattering friendships, and individuating beings and groups from each other, is always a tactic of suppression. It is doomed as a strategy of survival.

    To be doing the opposite, ie. creating comm lines, creating and establishing friendships, and reuniting beings and groups with common purposes, THIS is the stuff of FLOURISHING AND PROSPERING.

    Yes, it is very cool to be able to understand and handle the MEST universe for your survival IN the MEST universe, but I think where Flourishing and Prospering really comes into its own is in the THETA universe.

    In my opinion, this is the thing we are creating here. I feel that it is going to be found to be an indispensable part of “keeping Scientology working” into the future. I feel that if we continue on this path of ARC, and use the tools given to us to help “build a better world”, we cannot help but Flourish and Prosper, at all levels. It is already happening.

    And so, I also offer a toast on this occasion:

    To Marty for bringing us together,
    and to all you wonderful beings out there who seek to create a better future,
    May we all Flourish and Prosper.


  125. Marty,
    That makes me happy.

  126. Love you, Nan –


  127. Sapere Aude

    One of those who see,
    Thanks, to you, Eeileen, Marty, Lori, Carol, Sam and all on the blog. I change on this journey because of the group – its input, the discussion, the truth and the ARC and theta. We truly are the group that will still be standing when this train wreck has ended. I thank all of you for allowing me the opportunity to travel along and be part of something I feel does justice to the aims and wishes of LRH.

  128. ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩ And, as important as being constant when the going gets rough, when I am exhilarated and bright, my friends find that a quality to respect and rejoice. ✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

  129. OK!! I join the acknowledgements, of course. Just running late today … L, H

  130. That’s interesting Nancy,

    This is very similar to some of the communications I had with Ron.

    He liked the idea of a religious movement since he’d always considered Scientology was moving into the area of religion but not a “Church” per se.

    Now we see that his trepidation was prophetic.

  131. Hi Nancy,
    That was indeed a sad day. I toured the US a couple of times back around 1980 and saw the missions. They were powerhouses of dissemination. Some had hundreds of students on course daily. Some did squirrel but LRH said in policies I am sure you know that the field must be handled with PR not ethics.
    It might be a surprise to many that LRH somewhat seems to have admired EST and Werner Ehrhardt in that he sent people into EST to copy their successful actions. A highly confidential eval was written up called OP Z which involved setting up an operation using the tech of Scientology and the dissem techniques of EST. I think the guys who actually executed it got mixed up and used SCN dissem and EST tech.
    I had been busted to HCO as a security officer and Cathy Rinder left it on her desk. I wasn’t really into heavy ethics so just handed it to her the following morning with a grin and suggested she be a bit more careful.
    I have seen Alan Walter slagged off here and have to say that he was one of the best friends I had before his recent departure. He was someone I could call up when I had a problem and he was always there to listen and give very profound advice. I disagreed totally with some of his ideas in Knowledgism but somehow he never introduced those into our conversations.
    He talked to me about the way the mission holders worked together and helped each other. It was very much like what Marty posted recently about horizontal alliance.
    I’d love to see a resurrection of that spirit with people helping each other instead of the continual pouncing on each other for minor infringements or disagreements.
    Heavy ethics was an experiment LRH tried and found unworkable. He abandoned it and Scientology moved into a mellower phase around 1978/9.
    Then a year or so later it all went psycho as DM and co. dramatized.

  132. Fitting on Memorial Day — one’s honor is more important than one’s immediate life. That is how we live forever.

  133. Axiomatic wrote: “I cannot in good conscience ever go back … knowing what I know to be true.”

    You took the words right out of my mouth.

    Great news on enlightening two others of the truth of the CoM.

  134. That sounds good Marty. I do think that sometimes you could mellow out a bit and not attack people who have supported you. LRH didn’t predict the new technology of the net and I see it as a useful tool in helping people who may not have the freedom to travel due do jobs, family etc. Perhaps in future we can disagree more politely and discuss differences?

  135. BTW — there a lot of energy “in the force” today —

    Thoughtful’s site — scientology-cult hasn’t been below 550 online visitors all day long. Usually it runs between 150-250

    Can’t see Marty’s visitors but I’m betting it’s huge.

    Oh boy oh boy

  136. Yes I agree with your remarks reference about the horrible tsabotage of David Miscaviage to Missions Holders and the threats and destruction he did .

  137. The reality is changing. I can say to friends and family that I read this blog (they are still on the church). They are now open to information. Kind of wait and see. Sort of if DM is really what they say he is, I’ll be dismissed sooner or later. They are listening… And mostly even when kool aid type, they are opposing disconnection. Freedom of speech enter the line. Marty is the Lech Walesa against the Radical Church.
    The Berlin Wall will soon fall!

  138. Proverbs 27:6
    Faithful are the wounds of a friend; profuse are the kisses of an enemy.

  139. Tony Dephillips

    Plus 10000

  140. Watching Eyes

    Marty, this is a good posting. I think one of the main things you’ve done is given people back their hope; hope that they & others CAN do their Bridge as LRH intended.

    I think I can say with certainty that many of us had decided/realized it was over, there would be no more training & auditing. And it was over! There’s no going free in a hostile environment fraught with other-intentions. And now, that ugly part is over. DM, we’ve left you in the dust & ashes. You can have it. Ha!

    Yes, the Bridge is alive & well.

  141. Bob Dylan — Hallelujah — Live — Not a bad version …

  142. Oops! Sam?

  143. Michael,
    That is one of the many ineffable reasons why I love your skinny, self-determined self.

    My friend.

  144. fred h - new jersey

    To David Miscavige, “The Greatest Spiritual Leader on Earth”
    and his calumnious puppet court.

    And your kingdom is supposedly the land of perception and duplication?
    Have another scotch. Hire another spy. Calumniate away. You have the spotlight

  145. To Sam, for the Greatest Escape EVER. And for much more.

  146. Marty,
    My “going to church” (which reads in my book: reloading my batteries spiritually) every day is reading your blogs and as many comments as my busy schedule allow me to. I’m not 100% on the same page (my husband is just about by the way, hopefully he’ll chime in one day soon) but I never doubt your sincerity and hope for the future and the tech you hold so dear. Thank you so very much for keeping it going. Can’t wait for the LA thing.

    You’re so absolutely right that DM’s current strategy of disconnecting from everyone “disaffected” is untenable. He is painting himself into a corner. He’s a smart guy but he’ll not get out of this one. He should have M9ed the Simon Bolivar policy himself so as not to fall into the same pitfalls as Simon. I think for him it was all about having the people under him “give power to power”. He never understood the part of “the power” recognizing where he gets his power from. Like Simon “dissing” Manuela. How many Manuela’s have DM “dissed”?

  147. WH,
    I will enjoy you enjoying the Highlands of Cape Breton, as much as you will. Trip a jig on the lawn, by the cliff.

  148. Thank you for this wonderful post, and for all you are doing.

    Caring about people was something I did not associate with Scientology any more. Alone I tried to heal myself. Finally daring to look for information online, I stumbled upon your site of knowledge, compassion, love and friendship. And respect between people.

    Thank you for the lifeline you have provided. Certainly you have saved more lives than you will ever know, mine included. I now look at life with renewed hope and vigor and my hopes are gaining strength.

    “Better a dish of herbs where love is than a fatted ox and hatred with it”. Proverbs 15:17

  149. Amy,
    I listened to every word you spoke in those interviews, I watched every move of your face, I looked into your eyes, and for what you did, what you spoke, the truth you had the courage to observe and say. Well Amy, I loved you then and there.

    There, I said it.

    You and I and Mat made a date to flyfish. It’s on my calendar. A timeless calendar, above these surly bonds of matter.

  150. ✩ “If moderation is a fault, then indifference is a crime.” -Jack Kerouac ✩

    Thanks to all who Keep On Singing against the betrayals, injustice and abuse by the duplicitous “Church” of Scientology

  151. Marty ~~

    You created a TRIBE, a community, a 3rd dynamic outside the stranglehold.
    Many have gotten a sense of communion, new friendships have been made ~ there is a feeling of being CONNECTED

    You and Mike have changed the STATUS QUO on DM’s reign.

    Good job and Very Well Done.

  152. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  153. WW,
    You perfectly articulated EXACTLY what I am experiencing. I am creating ARC with many new terminals – and my comm lines are in affluence, when I considered that I’d lose comm lines as a result of announcing. Silly girl I was.

    That, coupled with the amazing freedoms I have personally given myself since announcing, and some Marty has helped me to achieve, all move this
    forward and the results are beautiful to experience.

    Pure theta and it is the universal problem solver. And as Indies who are no longer suppressed, we are able to experience a whole expanded level of spiritualism– and it is quite fun. The notion of flourishing and prospering takes on a whole new meaning, never before experienced.

    Much love, K

  154. Tony Dephillips

    You’re good WW.
    Another classic.

  155. Tony Dephillips

    Beautiful proverb OO.

  156. I feel this way about friendship. “If I lost my faith in you, the sun won’t come up tomorrow!” sort of thing.

    It’s a huge outpoint that more people outside of Scientology know my character and would bet on it (like in this song!) than corporate Scientologists who supposedly have the tech of human character but turn on people on a dime.

    I am so blessed I can say I have lifelong friends who KNOW me and can say that to me. They know me and have faith in me. When someone recognizes and believes in a person, that’s super stuff. What an honor and a privilege, I would never let that down. I’m glad people in this community are finding that.

  157. Kathy Braceland

    Beautiful post Marty. I know I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — thank you for all that you’ve done and continue to do. You’ve rekindled a lot of failed purposes in a lot of people by being here and communicating…you’ve helped so many. Thank you for Keeping Scientology Working my friend. I love you to pieces and I’m with you all the way — to infinity and beyond. (okay, that’s Buzz Lightyear’s line but it seemed appropriate here.)

  158. SA it’s spot on. 🙂 Thank you for duplicating my friend – it has more value than you could fathom

  159. Amy,
    Your truth, the truth you told in the the ‘Truth Rundown’, is THE single most important factor in letting me see that Scientology was being run by a psychotic.
    I didn’t know any of the people being interviewed. Never heard of any of you.
    But your simple truthfulness was unmistakable.
    I knew there were a lot of things wrong with the church, but it was your testimony that got me to confront that terrible of terrible truths, which we must all come to grips with sooner or later, that Scientology is being run by a mad man.
    That is something too fantastic to even be contemplated.
    Yet, there it was.
    Laid out by a great heroine so that others may not continue suffering.
    Love you Amy!

  160. As a wise man pointed out, we are fortunate indeed to have men and women with the genius to recognize approaching doom and the courage to speak out. He went on to say:

    “For there are voices in the land, voices of wisdom, voices indicating a way to go that leads elsewhere than to the long long common grave where old regimes are buried, usually without the dignity of any tombstone other than a blot in the next generation’s history book.”

    STRONG VOICES IN THE LAND, L Ron Hubbard circa 1970

  161. For Uncle Dick, and all explorers on this Memorial Day weekend.

    The Dream is Alive

  162. couldn’t find one with Bob

  163. “The memory of the just will be blessed, but the name of the wicked will rot”. Proverbs 10:7

  164. Sam,
    Nicely done – a wholesome acknowledgement that engages every player in the game.
    I look forward to meeting you someday soon – your comments are always sooth.


  165. Jaaaaaay-Teeeee wheeeere aaare yooooou? Can’t you come out and play?

  166. Nancy,
    You said: “I was shown a policy by Hubbard stating it was only for accountants and Lawyers only. DM has now edited that out of the original policy. LRH sent me a communication in 1979 that he wished he had never gone “the church route” and that he never should have listened to his advisors way back when. He spoke of this to others as well.
    I would love to have more data on this – do you have any more specifics that you can recall ?

    Thanks 🙂

  167. Thank you, Marty. Yes, we have reached a Milestone. You gave me the courage to speak up. I have been very loud and very vocal, but not on this blog very much, until a few days ago, when I talked about Disconnection being a failure.
    I have directed my efforts at David Miscavige, Monique Yingling, an OSA terminal, (DSA Austin), and CJC Pac. I have written many e-mails detailing a lawsuit I have been intending to file and gathering evidence upon. I have obtained advice from a world class attorney, and even threatened this lawsuit and sent evidence, irrefutable evidence of the Disconnection of my son, at the urging of those connected with the Church while he was a minor, to these terminals. I have threatened media, also, and made this very clear. I have kept this off this blog’s lines, because I didn’t want to enturbulate others here, and didn’t want this to be attributed as being directed by you, Marty, as was implied, directly and indirectly from my son, when I first started doing this. This was my own origination, and done by my own efforts. But the courage to speak out, came from this community of thetans who have made me realize that I was not alone, and that others had spoken out before me, and it was my turn.
    A few hours ago, I found out from my son, that he has been declared PTS “Type C” because he is an immediate family connection to someone threatening to attack, embarrass or sue the Church, which would be me. My son is saying that I have ruined his life.
    I started blowing charge like crazy. I started crying and sobbing with relief, although feeling badly that my son feels this way; understanding that he probably feels like I have ruined his eternity. I didn’t understand my reaction. Then it came to me: he was out of their technical clutches. I didn’t even know I had this charge; it was truly bypassed, (unknown). He was now unable, by their own rules, to be able to be trained and processed in the perverted David Misconnection technology. Because he has had so many wrong indications by the Church, he has been prone to having psychotic breaks. I didn’t know until after all this crying and relief, that all this time I have been worried that he would get audited with out-tech and would have a bad psychotic break and commit suicide. My attorney actually pointed out to me that I had a right to know what was going on with him, as he could be suicidal. (After I told him that I had found out that my son had been having psychotic episodes.) I had warned these terminals at the Church that continuing to tell him I was an SP gave him a wrong item, and could drive him into another psychotic break and they could have another Lisa McPherson on their hands. I did all this in an effort to get them to quit telling him to disconnect from me; not in an effort to stop any training or processing. It didn’t occur to me until tonight, that that training and processing HAD driven others to death, suicide and murder, and that on a bypassed charge level I was afraid of this for him.

    For any of you having trouble with disconnection having to do with a minor child, I have a lot of data on this subject. The main principle is that Parental Rights are superior to any rights to religious practices, (the Church will say that they are using Disconnection as a religious practice). So the main thing is to get a good family practice attorney for the state in which the child resides, who can apply the rules of visitation and parental rights that apply in that particular state. This is true even if the child (urged by Church terminals or another parent) say that the child does not want to visit that parent. The PARENT has rights to visit and care for that child, no matter who says what, unless a court has determined that a parent needs supervision to visit that child. This is only done where one or more parents have convinced the courts that another parent is dangerous, on drugs, or could kidnap a child. So don’t buy the Church’s “Your kid doesn’t want to see you.” YOU STILL HAVE RIGHTS. GET A GOOD FAMILY PRACTICE LAWYER AND ENFORCE THESE RIGHTS.
    There are ways to sue, even after the child has reached majority, or adult age, but this is tricky, and requires a lot of proof, but it can be done. So if you are suffering Disconnection of a minor child, DOCUMENT EVERYTHING! Save every Disconnection Letter, every e-mail, every attempt to reach that child, every rejection; every excuse you get as to why you can’t communicate to that child. Also, every effort to help that child. THIS IS ALL EVIDENCE. THIS IS ALL DOCUMENTATION THAT DISCONNECTION EXISTS. THIS IS ALL EVIDENCE OF ILLEGAL ACTS. ENFORCED DISCONNECTION OF A MINOR CHILD IS ILLEGAL. DOCUMENT IT. THEN USE THAT EVIDENCE AND GET YOUR CHILD BACK!! IT CAN BE DONE!!!!!
    I thank LRH for the tech of communication, and I thank Marty for giving me the courage to continue communicating, long after I had given up hope that communication could still work. And, GUESS WHAT, LRH was right, it still does!
    Much love to all on this blog,
    Catherine von Ach
    FOUNDER, MOMS AGAINST DISCONNECTION (and yes, we are MAD about it!)

  168. I’ll drink to that !

  169. Awesome post, Marty. This is indeed a milestone. I see this as the evolution of Scientology. You cannot advocate total freedom and practice total subjugation. At some point, you have to trust people.

    Very well done, and thanks to you and the trekers for taking on the brunt of all of this!

  170. Very inspired post, Catherine. It takes guts and determination to actually DO something, I believe.

  171. So cool!
    Getting them to look and oppose disconnection is about the most valuable tool we have.

  172. He is in valence and thus there’s only one way for him; the Bolivar way. So much power, glowing everthing right, everybody dissed and at last winding up in the gutter himself. Davey, please boost up your Bolivar dramatizations; can’t wait for the last part.

  173. Yes I would second that about rekindle and read peoples views, and share ones experiences,all being confirmed. Thank you Marthy and Team for your site and your work you have done to allow freedom feeling again.

  174. Like your posting It most certaintly is alive.

  175. Bodil agree and put very well indeed ! That policy is not at all excuted enough. I wouldn’t know what DM would do t if he tried to apply it quite frankly.

  176. Flyfishing in Montana?

  177. Martin Padfield

    I can say without doubt Marty that the last two years would have been almost un-survivable without this fantastic band of rebels, and although you don’t like being held up as leader or guidon I reserve the right to inform you that you have been an inspiration to many. fascinating to me is that somehow the broadest spectrum of talents has gravitated here; tech experts, legal, comedic geniuses, incisive commentators of all types, skeptics and fanatics alike. A true community in every sense. As for me, I’m honestly having more fun right now than I’ve had in a long long time!!!

  178. Ideal Morgue

    Off-topic, but too big of breaking news to not post:

    Freedom Medal Winner Jan Eastgate was arrested in Australia yesterday for covering up the sexual abuse of a Scientology child:

    This is in itself a huge milestone and a legal victory, i.e. holding the executives of Radical Scientology accountable for their actions. Now lets start getting the rest of the criminals of the Scientology Crime Syndicate arrested, such as Moxon and Miscavige.

  179. This is awesome. God Bless and may you cross the bridge to total freedom soon.

  180. Joe Pendleton

    Catherine – you are one tough, determined lady!!!! More power to you. I hope that you and your son get to spend some time together now so that you can freely communicate to each other. I’m sure that you know this better than I do – but the most important thing is how much you love and care about him, and that knowing that will be what is closest to his heart as he gets older.

  181. To the Movers and Shakers of the Independent Field:

    1) Supreme test of a thetan.

    2) Not being the adverse effect of Scientology (reversely applied) due to KNOWING the subject.

  182. Isn’t Marty all CUTE when he gets all MUSHY and stuff like this??? Ya big lug!!!

    Just kidding, M!
    Good job keepin it Theta!

  183. scilonschools

    Jan Eastgate CCHR Arrest Today Tonight Report

    The poison has to come out for the healing to start

  184. Jim,

    Sniff. This is just getting to be…sniff…too much to bear. Sniff. I love yah, man. But, being the manly mug I am, let me express it with an effable string of “f” words….

    Nah, sometimes words just don’t suffice.

    Friendship begins with trust. Trust in self. Trust in another. And I sure do trust both you and JM.

    Later, Dude, you f’n moron.


  185. Marty,

    History moves forward with an unrelenting necessity. The outcome of those forces depends on a few individuals. Pivotal beings. Those individuals around whom the power of an idea progresses.

    The source of an idea is utterly dependent on these pivotal beings to move the idea forward. Great ideas fall to the wayside as frequently as species go extinct.

    I think Ron would be very proud of you. Despite your detractors, you kept the idea moving forward. You wouldn’t be stopped. Without you, Scientology would have been less on this planet.

    Ron will look back and count you as one of his friends. Not in a general way, but as a significant friend, a meaningful friend. The kind of which Thomas Aquinas wrote.

  186. Hallelujah

    Thanks Sam! This is a REALLY good version … L, H

  187. Fat Freddy

    Super! I met Eastgate once. She seems to be an exact copy of DMs case. Ignorant, arrogant, self important. Its impossible to communicate to her.
    She duplicates nothing. She accepts only the view which fits her view 100%.
    See APA the definition of a computing psychotic: “…is abolutely unable to share others view….” LRH.

  188. Tic Toc tic toc tic……Who’s next ?

  189. Nice Posting Martin/

  190. I applaud you for your courage and I think at the end everything will sort out right !

  191. When people vehemently attack you from both sides of an issue, it is generally an indication one is making true progress. It is the blossoming of an individual and separating themselves from mob or sheeple thinking. It is obvious, by reason of experiential differences alone, people are never going to agree on things but the vehemence of written attacks is far more indicative of the evolutionary progress of he or she who is vehement. LRH had his issues but I think his followers are far worse than he ever could be. His detractors are arguably worse than the followers. LRH wanted leaders, not followers. Scientology purports TOTAL FREEDOM. It can only work when the individual learns and CHOOSES to exercise that freedom. This includes “walking away from any game that is not worth playing.” Detractors don’t like the game but they are unable to walk away from it. They are in fear of themselves or other being entrapped. As I see it, they are trapped. Maybe they should call Dr. Phil.

  192. I kept telling them “Don’t F**K with Mom’s”. But they wouldn’t listen.
    Thank you for wearing your Mom hat against all odds…this is indeed the turning of the tide.

    – Tom F

  193. Heads up Jan Eastgate:
    You’re just a few short steps away from being thrown under a bus.

  194. +1


  195. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  196. Hi Catherine, I would like to join “Moms against disconnection”.
    I am going through the disconnection of my son a minor and my 20 year old daughter. I am very mad about this and am not afraid to speak out!!!
    🙂 Lori

  197. Another beautiful song from Enya. I will have to get this album instead of just the single. She is a really very good singer. It saddens me a bit.

    Consider for a moment that people may have lived other lives before this life. And consider for a moment that in this life one met one’s favorite person from a previous life. And then consider that one of them decided to go independent as a Scientologist and the other decided to stay behind with D. Miss Cabbage and help him implant people on a daily basis.

    I would look at my situation that way. Fortunately I had the courage to look the truth right in the eye and say “If you want to stay in the Church of Scientology in this life then you could not have even have really been my friend in the last one” and just move on, move on up a little higher…



  198. Thetabuddy

    Thank you for that beautiful post Marty. Cheers to you and Mike and all the other Indies for their keeping in your Code of Honor.

  199. Yvonne Schick

    To Marty: Many more eloquent writers have already said it so beautifully, but I must put my name here as well acknowledging that there is cause to celebrate in the independent community. I appreciate the leadership you provide; he truest form of leadership that is born from the highest sense of responsibility and love for one’s fellow man.

    To Mosey and Mike and all of those who assist in providing a “front line”: Great things are best accomplished with a group who provide all the positive attributes that we see in all of you. That same level of responsibility and care.

    To the hundreds and (I suspect) thousands who consider yourselves part of this independent community whether known or not: thank you for allowing me to have this group and all the benefits to be derived.

    My love to all, Yvonne

  200. Congratulations Marty!
    You have made and are making tremendous progress as evidenced by the recent headline about Jan Eastgate!
    I personally think you are bat shit sane and thank you for all that you do!

  201. Marty, I can’t thank you enough for creating this site. A year and a half ago I was in a very different place. I was feeling squashed and was having a hard time accepting that the suppression on my lines was really ONLY coming from the church. I had been doing the thing one is supposed to do in this current version of Scientology… I was introverting on my “critical thoughts” and wondering why I wasn’t as gung ho as I was told I was supposed to be. Why didn’t I feel like giving ALL of my time and money to the church? Why didn’t I want to bring a new person into the org? Of course I really did know why. I wanted to be able to flourish and prosper on all of my dynamics and I didn’t want others to get sucked into the money grubbing, out exchange vortex that the current church had become. The fear of cut comm lines made it impossible to discuss these things with friends or even with my husband. That’s how insidious this suppression in the church has become. But then I received Geir’s e-mail, which led to Steve’s site, which led me here. I read everything on Steve’s site. I finally got my husband to read too. Hearing stories of what went on up an Int was really the final straw for me. It all made sense and was easy to see that the oppression that has filtered down to the public level was coming straight from the top. (Funny thing is, there is a Ship mission going around now and they have been on mission for a YEAR, trying to see all the possibly disgruntled VIIIs. The line they are promoting is that anything bad one had experienced had NOTHING to do with DM. It was all someone else’s “misinterpretation.” Poor DM–had no idea what was going on.) Anyway, without this site and Steve’s and Jeff’s, it would have been a much longer, harder route out of that mess. I consider all you amazing bloggers my friends. I am proud to be part of the Resistance, doing my bit out here. We are making headway. So, thanks guys. With all my heart.

  202. Oh yea! What’s happening in LA? You got my attention with that hint. If you need some troops, I’m available with a little notice!

  203. Keep it up, Catherine! This is serious. I am not an attorney, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you could push this as far as sole custody, showing how crazy the boy’s father is and his complete willingness to turn his son against his mother.

    This is an example of the evil that the Church of Miscavige has become. I feel for you – this is such a tragedy. You should ask for a get custody at least for the 4th of July weekend! 🙂

    The bottom line is that the church is not above the law.

  204. Scott Campbell

    Great comment Catherine.

    With “Mom’s against Disconnection” you are striking an effective blow for all Independent Scientologists who have suffered the policy of enforced disconnection from family and friends by the Church of Scientology.

    Very well done!

    L, Scott

  205. Scott Campbell

    “bat shit sane” HA! I like that.

  206. TroubleShooter

    Thanks Sam,

    I should also qualify my post because I don’t want to give the wrong impression about the state of things in the kool-aid drinking field. It is not the modus operandi for the miscavidge machine to be leaving people alone in general. I do have a friend that the machine IS attempting to control and threatened because of what data a mole on the lines did report to hco and osa about what she’s said to others about out-points in the church. There are definitely osa ops in progress to gather intel and put the squeeze on. It’s not being done to me for many reasons including that I am not rattling anyones cages yet. The details of my story are not details that the machine wants to be told. At least that’s my take on it based on what those details are.

    These details will come out sooner or later but not until it’s the right time for me to tell them.

    But thanks again Sam for your acknowledgement of my truth. I have friends who have and will be given their goldenrod and I have not disconnected because of some perverted policy that we heard on national tv DIDN’T EXIST.

  207. Magnolia,
    You said “The line they are promoting is that anything bad one had experienced had NOTHING to do with DM. It was all someone else’s “misinterpretation.” Poor DM–had no idea what was going on.)”
    Thanks for this data! I can’t believe this! It makes me sick! So, the line is poor DM was a Victim of some SP who wreaked widespread damage for YEARS and DM didn’t know anything about it! What has he been doing all this time that he has no idea what’s going on in his own church! Unbelievable! I guess that’s the new PR approach, just be a VICTIM!

  208. Laura Ann,

    David Miscavige is paramount in the Church of Miscavige. His reputation and “honor” are more important than anything else, so you see incredible twisting of facts to try to solve the problem when his dirty laundry is aired.

    Yes, the man who IS Scientology, knew nothing of the culture of violence perpetrated at Int. He even claims he wasnt there and it was all done by Marty (in fact, it was Marty who was not there, this is detailed in one of Marty’s earlier posts).

    DM is ALWAYS the victim of something when his ass is hanging out. He was the “victim” of transcriptionists and typists which is why he had to save the day with the GOlden Age of Aging. He was the victim of incompetent management which is why he had to save the day with the Idle Orgs. He was the victim of squirrels so he saved the day with the Golden Age of Robot Tech.

    Believe me, its ALL about “COB.”

    You can see the evidence of this with the latest videos put up on YouTube. Obviously his reputation is being hammered on the internet. He clearly blew a gasket and did his usual “None of you fuckers ever raises a finger to protect me, you all sit around and do nothing while I take all the heat.” So, now they have put up a whole bunch of videos that are titled (completely non-sequitur) “David Miscavige Making Scientology” and “David Miscavige Making Human Rights a Reality”, and many more and they just stick his name on the front of all the Div 6 and promotional videos they have done. It is a remarkable admission that he is ALL that matters — you won’t find this for L. Ron Hubbard. This was done in the last couple of days. See:

  209. Sapere Aude

    I wish to validate your decision to “move on up a little higher…” That truly is the only answer for all concerned. At first, once I had recognized the truth of the insane situation, I had a hard time grappling with the inability of so many able people that I had knew to see the actual scene before them. I came to accept that it has to do with true responsibility level and one’s confront of evil.

    I am glad you had these abilities. I am pleased you enjoyed the choice of video/song. I like you being here in this effort to correct a good idea going askew and being driven toward something gruesome. We, here on this blog, can still envision the dreams and goals LRH wrote about.

  210. You are a beauty Sam.

    ML Tom

  211. Mike – was the dms voice? Sounds different without all the reverb.

    Love the David Miscavige: Scientology creed — fabulous. That creed is really wonderful. I had NO IDEA dm was capable of writing such a movement and timeless piece.

    Something I loved when I first entered a church back in 1970.

    dm truly IS a genius for he wrote that creed 14 years BEFORE he was born this lifetime. Meaning that creed was placed somewhere and “found” …

    A treasure for mankind sent PRIOR to his birth.

    All hail!!!


  212. TroubleShooter:

    The problem the C of M has is people like you.

    I have just seen a rather desperate message from OSA telling people they must disconnect from Mike Wilson. BUT, Mike Wilson has hundreds of friends just on Facebook let alone anywhere else. And a lot fo those people KNOW him. And already this announcement has driven some of those friends to question what is going on and start finding out the truth for themselves.

    OSA is between a rock and a hard place. They are like kamikaze pilots with their hands frozen on their joysticks. They KNOW they have to tell everyone to disconnect from Mike because he and Laura Ann are connected to Marty and they fear more people learning the truth. But their very efforts to prevent that CAUSE people to find out what is going on. It’s an unwinnable game — because they are trying to hide the truth, and somehow the truth ALWAYS seeps out in the end.

    So, rest assured — they are specializing in footbullets, and the more they do, the worse it becomes. It’s like sinking in quicksand — the more you struggle and squirm, the deeper into the mire you sink.

    It’s a bit sad watching the death throes of something that at one time meant so much to so many. On the other hand it is nice to remember that every insane act helps free more people from the insanity of the Vampire Empire.

  213. mrinder, I watched the video you posted. You have got to be kidding me! The church has got to be in a scramble . If any of this was followed we would not be where we are today! If DM even thinks this will justify what he stands for it is to late.

  214. Tony DePhillips

    Great movie.
    JT wake up!!

  215. Tobbardm M

    Today is the day we remember our friends and relatives who have fallen in war and made the ultimate sacrifice so that we may have our freedom. We remember them so that they are not forgotten, so that their sacrifice is not for nothing; so that their untimely demise means something more than just a death.

    But we too have our fallen; the men and woman who died not from bullets but from suppression. These people were the free thinkers and the ones who learned to “disagree”. They were in the Sea Org to do their part in clearning the planet and to make life tenable for future societies. They too did fight for us and for the freedom of mankind and they all did oppose the big machine Scientology became. They died of cancer or other horrid diseases that Scientology auditing or Dianetics auditing would have fixed had they been handled the way LRH said to handle staff who were ill.

    To name a few and maybe this list could be added to:

    Dave Rossouw
    Allen Hubbert
    Steve Stevens
    Paul Schoebel
    Morten Astrupgaard
    Griffee Blythe
    Dave McCarthy
    Richard Reiss
    Joe Harrison
    Phoebe Mauer

    All above were ass-kicking stars in their own fields and are sorely missed.
    Please remember these thetans. They fought for you.

    ML Tom

  216. Tony DePhillips


  217. Tony DePhillips

    From Science of Survival: Begin fair useage: “The 3.5 in the vicinity of a 1.1 may find himself descending down the tone scale toward anger without any apparent reason. The 1.1’s efforts to nullify are so well veiled and so carefully calculated to annoy that no target is available to the reason of the 3.5. As reason fails, the 3.5, continually subjected to nullifications which he cannot locate, will eventually become angry. The 1.1’s reply to this anger will not be a return argument or anger, but an apparent continuation of the status quo, while at the same time he does everything possible which can still remain veiled and hidden to reduce or nullify the 3.5. These hidden efforts will become stronger and stronger until nullification or destruction takes place. Or the 1.1, qualing before the anger , will drop into apathy and so use every ally availabel anywhere who can be coaxed or decieved into supporting the 1.1’s efforts to destroy the 3.5.

  218. Carol,

    You are so right.

    The irony of this is difficult to ignore.

    Superman Dave, Hero of the Universe has all these videos with his name attached — the Creed, Human Rights etc etc. If ANY of this were to be practiced, he would not even be around! And there he is, taking credit for it all!

    As I said to someone else, its sort of sad watching the death throes… But it ultimately means freedom for all.

  219. Marty, what do you think of Jan Eastgate’s arrest in Australia for covering up child sexual abuse?

  220. Shake that cub out of the tree mama bear!!!

  221. Mike,
    Thanks for this! I believe you! I’m really finally getting the full concept of what you are saying on this subject! Wow! He’s positioning myself with LRH! Thanks again, ml, Laura

  222. Hear yee Hear yee ,DIAF wicked witch !

  223. Tony,
    Perfect! Thanks, ml, Laura

  224. I hear Montana has pretty good flyfishing.

  225. On topic; milestones roll by the bucketload! Jan is a top excecutive and should be heard under oath about all the other cover-ups she has been part of herself or has any knowledge about and many more milestones will roll. This is a very good time to speak up!

  226. Happy to see this gone tough (link) although deep sleep is good for people with imense physical (body)trauma who otherwise would be in tormenting pain. But I doubt they use bromide and such.

  227. Tony DePhillips

    The longer he comm lags that he is done the more degraded he becomes. He is already degraded, now he is really embarrasing too.

  228. What an incredible result. It moved me Lady Minn. I hope he has time on his hands now to wake up himself.

    “The main principle is that Parental Rights are superior to any rights to religious practices,”


  229. Wow!

    The ironies never cease!

  230. martyrathbun09

    She was one of the 20 who were sent to kidnap JB back to the prison from Corpus Christi. So, I guess it is not surprising.

  231. Good catch: he’s desperate! I love the tone level, totally no reality, wild lying to gain sympathy; it’s not gonna be very long now!

  232. thetalibre

    I want to thanks all of you here who is contributing on this astounding blog!
    Particularly, you Marty for your constancy and logical way to communicate the truth.
    Instead of Co$, here the Comradry is truly refreshing!
    I am sharing this old French song Camarade: Jean Ferrat who past away in 2010
    Sorry i do not have the English lyrics but he is saying how nice this word is.
    Enjoy and many thanks to all of you!

  233. martyrathbun09

    Mike, I don’t know that it can get much sicker than this.

  234. thetalibre

    Google translation

    It’s a nice name Comrade
    It’s a nice name you know
    That combines cherry and pomegranate
    The hundred flowers of May
    For years Comrade
    For years you know
    With your name alone as aubade
    Lip blooming
    Comrade Comrade

    It’s a terrible name Comrade
    It’s a terrible name to say
    When the time for a masquerade
    There is more than thrilled
    What are you doing Comrade
    What are you doing here
    It was five hours in Prague
    That August darkens
    Comrade Comrade

    It’s a nice name Comrade
    It’s a nice name you know
    My heart is pounding
    To relive it forever
    Marry cherry and pomegranate
    The hundred flowers of May

  235. Mrinder, +++++++10000000

  236. WindWalker


    Well done on “moving on up a little higher.” We are with you on that path.

    About your “friend”.

    These are “watershed” times. Important decisions are made. Lives are changed. Friends are made and lost. Lines are drawn in the sand. Friends become enemies. Sabres are drawn. A battle is engaged. Some will get hurt.

    But this too shall pass. It is but a brief skirmish in terms of the greater game. The greater game of creating one’s dynamics in the most optimum condition one can imagine, (and leave the door open for further imaginings).

    ALL beings are on our dynamics somewhere. ALL beings are basically GOOD. I consider that as a person becomes more pan-determined enough, he will want all the players of the game playing at their optimum on all dynamics.

    There are many reasons that all beings do not follow the same paths or even the same path in the same way. We are each unique when we are free of aberration. We all look at this universe from our own unique viewpoint.

    I am sure it is safe to say that we have each made choices that we now look back on as “wrong”. Sure, when you look from here, but were they necessarily wrong from the viewpoint that you held at the time? Some others will inevitably have thought so, but you weren’t willing to let them make that choice for you, nor should you have been.
    If one is going to have integrity and responsibility, one needs to make his own decisions from his own viewpoint.

    If we are truly interested in helping another being, we have also to be able to let them discover, and create, their universe on their own terms. It is tough sometimes to watch a being you care about stumbling, but you can only assist them so far, and then you have to let them figure out the details for themselves. I am sure it is basically how we all want to be treated.


  237. John Fennessey

    WE, good summation. I would like to add that in addition to giving people back HOPE, that failed purposes are being rekindled. Powerful stuff. There are some major sea changes and shifts comming. I saw over 500 visitors at one time on scientology-cult site yesterday. This may be over faster than I imagined. The stream may soon become a raging river. Watch out.

  238. Amy Scobee you are one hell of a Lady.

  239. more Cover-ups ? Do you have knowledge of this ? Where is RJ when you need him ?

  240. Marty — There’s always another surprise to come. The C of M are VERY creative when it comes to footnukes!

  241. Lana
    I know how it feels.

  242. Thank you, Tunedal. I don’t know if I could have done this for any other reason than my son. I would have been too scared of consequences, but there is something about a mother’s instinct or love that sets aside all thoughts of danger to oneself. You would walk through the fires of hell and back without a thought of the blisters on your feet, when you feel your child is in Danger or threatened. I told the terminals involved I was willing to SAY OR DO ANYTHING to preserve the comm line to my son and his sanity, and I know they believed me, because it is true. There is probably no other force or dynamic on the planet stronger than a mother’s love and protection of her child.
    I appreciate your validation, because in the past I had a lot “Think” with no “Do”. Hooking up with the Indies has put me squarely into ACTTION. Things happen when you are willing to Do Something About It!
    ML. Catherine

  243. Scott Campbell

    That’s not DM’s voice.

  244. Thank you for your thoughts, Joe. I appreciate your “More power to you.”!! There is a definite power connection among the Indies. Although I tried to keep all of this off the blog lines (a LOT has happened), I always felt backed up and supported, due to past encouragement when I would talk about this issue on the blog. (I came out publicly as an Indie when I couldn’t reach or find my son on his birthday, Novemember 13, of last year. It pissed me off so badly that I just blurted it out, who I was and where I was. It was the best thing that ever happened to me! The outpouring of love and support I experienced gave me the courage to do MORE. I went from being afraid to say who I was on the blog to writing a letter to DM through his attorney Monique Yingling saying that if we couldn’t work things out, I had a pre-eminent attorney and I would SUE. In my wildest dreams I would never have imagined doing such a thing, except for the incredible “getting sudden” due to feeling my son was in danger, and it turns out, he was in Danger. I sent some evidence, too, just so that they would know what they would be up against in court. My own attorney couldn’t believe I did that! I did this on my own, without his knowledge. I wanted this to be totally a self-originated communication. If it went bad, I didn’t want anyone else to get blamed for what I did. It is just this wild, independent streak that I have that just never gets run out!
    My son is very upset with me right now, for cutting him off of the Bridge that he knows, but he is aware that there is another Bridge available, but he has been taught to believe that it is “squirrel”. In actuality it is probably the only Bridge you could find that isn’t squirrel in some way! I know the Church does not care now, if he talks to me or not; they basically threw him under the bus, probably like a bone to a dog; to appease me. But I also know that the terminals involved, except for DM, know that I love him and will care for him and watch out for him, and know personally that this is better for him, for me and for Scientology as a whole. I had become the “squeaky wheel” that could no longer be ignored! It was the “greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics” to get me and him off of the lines. I applaud whoever did this, because this was the sane and ON POLICY thing to do. It is amazing, that when LRH is applied correctly, no matter how bad the situation is, Charge blows! So, to their credit, they could not have handled it in a more sane way. It left him able to talk to his family and friends who are still in the Church, and it leaves him pretty much free to talk to me. Because he was declared Type C due to my legal threats, it did not introvert him on his case, which I warned them against doing, or become a wrong indication. It was the best possible solution under the circumstances, and I applaud the brilliance of whomever came up with that one. The policy on PTS delineates that the immediate family of someone threatening the Church are to be labeled Type C. I had missed that one in my studies. I had to look it up and it was true!
    I have now started repairing our comm line, and hopefully more ARC will result and we can soon be back fully in comm! Many thanks for your good wishes!
    Much love, Catherine

  245. LO, I feel that way, too. In the end it will all come out right. LRH said that somewhere, and I believe this is true for Scientology and the Indies. In the end, it will all come out right. Thank you for your validation.
    ML. LM

  246. Thank you, Tom. As stated above, there is probably no force anywhere in the dynamics stronger than a mother’s love for her child, and especially if she thinks that kid is in danger. Look Out! I remember one of your earlier posts about this; I think it was you. Whoever it was was saying they had told some OSA terminals to not fuck with Mom’s, but that they wouldn’t listen. I think they are listening now! Yes, I was wearing my Mom hat. I haven’t been thinking of it that way, I guess I was thinking of it more as a third dynamic hat; a Mom standing up for all Moms who have been through this, so thanks for putting it on the correct dynamic. I would do it for my son and me, even if we were the only ones who had experienced this. But, unfortunately, many have experienced this and still do, so my experiences and knowledge gained on this voyage can be used to help others. And that, I am totally willing to do, and want to do. The answer to the question: “Would you like to share the knowledge you now have with others?”, would be a resounding YES!!!!!
    Much love, Catherine

  247. “Heavy ethics was an experiment LRH tried and found unworkable.”

    This is why I will never be a fan.

  248. Dear Lori,
    I would love to have you join Moms Against Disconnection! Yes, I know you are MAD about it, and know without a Doubt you are no stranger to speaking out, LOUD! I have been following your story on the blog, and my hat has been off to you for a long time, especially with all the parking lot encounters, and being followed all the way to Marty’s! What nerve! What gall! But you have done the right thing, you have documented fully what has happened. (I have seen the videos on this blog.) You are in a perfect position to REALLY do something about it! In my non-lawyer opinion, you probably have a great case of “OUTRAGEOUS CONDUCT” with evidence that would warm any trial attorney’s heart! I just happen to know a good one! And that is even before any DISCONNECTION issues, the details of which I am sure you will apprise me!!
    Please email me at for a private conversation. Can’t wait to hear from you! Welcome to the world of MAD MOTHERS!!
    Much love and support, Catherine

  249. “that he never should have listened to his advisors way back when.”
    All the answers are in this video

  250. theystolemychurch

    I love raging rivers and waterfalls… especially when it is inte direction of FREEDOM!

  251. Howard Roark

    Very cool comment.

  252. You called CD?


    I don’t know that much about Jan’s seamy past but I do know that she single handedly crashed CCHR Int by getting rid of any competent staff.

    As far as cover ups go I’ve covered some of these in earlier comments.

    For instance Brian Zwann’s involvement with the NSA and the fact that many of the Church of Scientology’s dearest patrons would be considered illegal PCs if the policy was strictly applied because of their media and intel connections which seem to be overlooked due to their …”generosity”.

    Can we say *bribery*.

    Another example is Reed Slatkin an individual the “Church” never took responsibility for but I happen to know that practically every reg at AOLA, Flag and in the IAS was recommending his Ponzi scheme as a means to unlimited wealth and of course a way to pay for their next level or status.

    Also that the shady and bent Reed had bilked a good friend of mine out of much of his rightful inheritance.

    They should have been considered accomplices but it seems the long arm of the law didn’t reach that far thanks to Bernetta Slaughter’s damage control tactics.

    You remember Bernetta?

    Former employer of Lisa McPherson.

    Who some say died because she knew too much about Bernetta’s actual operations at AMC.

    Not to mention OSA’s constant and covert coverage of Arthur and Suzette and their efforts to enlist public Scientologists to keep an eye on them.

    To insure they don’t voice their disagreements with the current regime.

    Or that Diana is a virtual prisoner at the Int Base who few have heard from for almost a decade.

    One wonders what Ron’s eldest daughter and former C/S 6 would have to say about the faux “leader” and his efforts to alter the technology?

  253. theystolemychurch


    I’m with you! I want to join MAD.

    No force on Earth could make me disconnect from one or any of my children…. in fact my kids were so afraid to tell me the stuff they were reading on line that they withheld it for over a year. Little did they know that I was reading almost all of the same stuff! I told them then ~ no force on Earth could make me give up my relationships with them! They cried when I said that. Through all the brainwashing they had as staff members they had forgotten who I really was… they have since “remebered”!

    So, will you sign me up for MAD also. I don’t have the diconnection issue, but I WANT TO HELP!!! Love, Wendy

  254. Yes and very sad as well.

  255. Howard Roark

    This is welcome news. Perhaps there will now be some F@cking justice, because the Cof$ justice system in non-existent.

    CCHR – you don’t need to look far to find human rights violations and abuses in the field of mental health – East several blocks. And in Hemet. START.

  256. Clarify who for those not sure who Moxon is ?please

  257. Scott, thank you for that indication! Yes, that was on my mind in the last 24 hours: that finally I was getting some indication that there was an effective blow being struck. Yes, it has been a long stated goal of mine to END ENFORCED DISCONNECTION, and with the other comments on the blog today, I am heartened that Mike Rinder is right: all of a sudden it will be “discovered” that LRH cancelled that policy long ago, and someone will be thrown under the bus for “illegally re-instating it” I have referred the DSA Austin, (a +30 year GO and OSA veteran,) the CJC PAC, and the CJC Flag, of Robert Vaughn Young’s Affidavit, and that I believed it was true, and there was other evidence supporting the idea that LRH had truly cancelled Disconnection, as stated in his HCO PL in 1968, and DM had illegally re-instated it. This was communicated to ensure that they understood that my basis for being against Enforced Disconnection was based on my belief that I was operating on LRH’s true and intended policy, in addition to legal statutes referring to parental rights. I have referred to this data before, but a little TR 3 (repeating a command) never hurt anyone. It is my opinion, that if others wrote to OSA and SR HCO terminals saying “What about this RVY Affidavit?”, we will make more progress. This document, (you can google it on the Internet) is a very damning document, and how do you refute the stated, under oath, testimony of a man dyiing of cancer? What purpose could he have for telling a lie? I can’t find one. It is almost a dying declaration. He was personally RPF’ed by DM in the DM/Pat Broeker power struggle, and I am sure, suffered much Disconnection personally. If anyone out there thinks he had some other agenda for writing this affidavit, I would love to hear about it by e-mail:

    I would also like to thank Scott publicly for all his behind the scenes support and morale boosting! He is a wonderful friend and a great terminal! He sent me his Disconnection Evidence (it was very thorough and very good) and a few weeks later, his Disconnection scene was handled! I am NOT trying to take any credit for this; Scott took ACTION, at my request, and DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT. He and his wife also put their foot down and took a firm stand with the disconnecting terminal. Before any more action could be taken, the Scientology terminal disconnecting from her grandchildren made a gracious gesture indicating that the sit was resolved. THIS JUST GOES TO SHOW THAT SOMETIMES IT DOESN’T TAKE A LOT TO GET IT DONE! The willingness to do, and the starting of it, seems to turn the physical and theta universe of others, AROUND, and voila! IT’S HANDLED! So, as LRH says in Data Series #11 THE SITUATION, (30 June 1970) “But just because the SITUATION is big is no real reason the solution must be.”
    “Solutions run on gradient scales. Little by more by more.”– LRH
    So, well done Scott, for you and your wife on handling disconnection, and well done on being the best friend that anyone could possibly be.
    Much love, Catherine

  258. All in the name of Human Rights

  259. Wow, I don’t know how my address got like that.

    ML Tom

  260. CD,

    I’ve never been a fan of ethics especially since the tech can handle it.

    Ethics was and always will be a stop gap action.

  261. TroubleShooter

    Thanks Mike, I like to be recognized as a problem for the church and thank you for saying so. Those foot bullets just don’t end and it’s been the funniest thing to behold.

    There is a repetition in the responses being given from the kool-aiders to their friends who are speaking out and leaving is this – “No one is saying there aren’t outpoints but why did you have to force us to disconnect? You could have handled it, you should have written it up. You should have used the lines and terminals to handle it…” blah blah blah

    I could wallpaper my house with the copies reports written over a number of years about off policy actions and individuals perpetrating them and it didn’t work. Should I have spent another several years being electrified by the outpoints to keep them happy??? or should they wake up and smell the coffee!!!

    It was Einstein who said something along the these lines to define insanity, something about doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result…

    It’s good to be alive, aware and unafraid.

    Good luck and Do well on your trip to LA.

  262. Thanks CD.

  263. Amen.

    Humanity will likely never know the benefit it reaps from this milestone.

    They have definitely cleared some obstacles and planted a few more torches to help preserve the road to truth.

    I learnt what it can mean when a group’s members are bound by mutual convictions on the principles of Personal Integrity and a Code of Honor.
    It ain’t always harmonious, but is sure is a platform from which to move on up a little higher.

    It’s a real privilge to be among such stars.

    Bruce Pratt

    PS: Dave — be afraid. be berry berry afraid. the only thing you have to fear is the truth.

  264. Wise man recognized by wise man.


  265. Love out to all of you. ❤

  266. CD, “never” is a long time. The man is doomed in your heart for one mistake, no matter what else he did that was good?

    “Seek not for whom the bell tolls”, dude.

  267. Wow – My jaw is on the floor.

  268. Lady Minn~You Rock!!!!

  269. +1 LMAO – so true!

  270. StarlightONE

    I thought I would say hello to Marty and all who post here. I have been with you all since Marty first started the blog. posted a few times.
    Consider everyone a friend. All the joys, wins , the triumps forScn and and each of us are mine also, thank you everyone.I been in Scn since 1980. Spent 15 years as staff and FSM. Many wins with public and staff. I stopped when I saw they no longer did Scn.I experienced many of the things we have shared on the blog.It is my personal milestone ,knew I could not have done it alone.A very big day for me.May we all expand our group as LRH would want. Love to all. Starlight ONE

  271. We all of us make a rainbow in philosophical and religious shades. The rainbow is a symbol in many cultures of a new beginning and HOPE. We are building a more gracious and more loving world together.

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