Heretics and the Scientology Inquisition

A heretic is a person who committed heresy.

Heresy (from Greek αίρεση, which originally meant “choice”) is a controversial or novel change to a system of beliefs, especially a religion, that conflicts with established dogma.[1] It is distinct from apostasy, which is the formal denunciation of one’s religion, principles or cause,[2] and blasphemy, which is irreverence toward religion.[3] The founder or leader of a heretical movement is called a heresiarch, while individuals who espouse heresy or commit heresy, are known as heretics. Heresiology is the study of heresy.

The word heresy is usually used within a Christian, Jewish, or Islamic context, and implies something slightly different in each. In certain historical Christian and Jewish cultures, heresy was punishable by law. In modern times, the word heresy is often used in jest and without religious context.


All the noise about “squirrels” and “squirrel busting” is a nifty distraction to mask corporate Scientology head David Miscavige’s operations in Texas of late.

What Miscavige is dramatizing is the centuries-old control device of burning heretics in an attempt to protect a dirty monopoly.  And as with everything Miscavige his dramatization is done with a criminal-mind twist.  The heresy he attacks is the original doctrine of the Founder of Scientology, L Ron Hubbard.

The following completely spontaneous video illustrates that what I state here is the truth:

Now, do you think that for one moment David Miscavige’s reaction to Erin Haskell’s heartfelt words will be anything other than “Squirrel!  Can you believe that?  Mixing Scientology with Christianity, the Tao. Squash the b____ along with Marty, goddamn it!”?

Here’s the twist and the heart of the matter. L Ron Hubbard would beg to differ with Miscavige’s view, and might even have defended Ms. Haskell:

Scientology is the science of knowing how to know answers.  It is wisdom in the tradition of ten thousand years of search in Asia and Western civilization.  It is the Science of Human Affairs which treats the livingness and beingess of Man and demonstrates to him a pathway to greater freedom

Subjects which were consulted in the organization and development of Scientology include the Veda; the Tao, by Lao-tzu; the Dharma and the Discourses of Gutama Buddha; the general knowingness about life extant in the lamasaries of the Western Hills of China; the technologies and beliefs of various barbaric cultures; the various materials of Christianity, including St Luke; the mathematical and technical methodologies of the early Greeks, Romans and Arabians; the physical sciences, including what is no known as nuclear physics; the various speculations of Western philosophers such as Kant, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Herbert Spencer and Dewey; and the various technologies extant in the civilizations of both the Orient and Occident in the first half to the twentieth century.

– L Ron Hubbard, A Summary of Scientology from The Creation of Human Ability


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  1. Amen, Erin. Thanks for your testament. I stand with you.

  2. Thanks for sharing your wins & message with us Erin!

    Marty the sprinkler is a brilliant idea! How hilarious to see them with umbrellas & ponchos, ROTFLMAO

  3. I don’t know about everyone else, but this is the strongest message I have seen on this blog. This is it, an inquisition with witch hunters fanatics looking to light a fire in town square. In their mission to spill blood they become a little bit more insane each day until it is impossible appear “normal” any more. Pure evil purpose line. That said.,

    Hubbard says the common denominator between all losers in incorrect estimation of force. Marty is down there with a couple of people holding back the entire corporate structure and the few thousand people and billions that represents. That in itself is a miracle. I know times are lean and I myself feel like I shouldn’t offer up chump change as it is too humiliating and only reminds me of my own weak spots. But if Marty says support has been dismal we have to dig in and get some real energy down there. I’m asking everyone to send something no matter how dismal it may seem. More often than not. 20.00, 10.00, 50.00 50,000.00, whatever you can muster up once a week or a few times a month or whatever. But to contribute in someway as often as you can with what you can to help . Those people should know the more energy they put out the more we will too. So every day spent harrassing Marty is a day we will add to his power. Let’s DO something active on a weekly basis that matters where he is at and contributes to an improved condition. We have to push back a little bit more than we have been. The truth is, we are everything the International Association of Scientologists was supposed to be and was not.

  4. I’m reading Vol. 1 of “A history of the English speaking peoples”. It is amazing how much the CoM parallels the Catholic Church of that era.

  5. Thank you Erin for expressing your feelings about Marty. Though I have never had auditing from Marty, his honest words here in this blog convey all the things you have stated about him.

    I won’t say have a good session as I think Marty’s excellent skill set assures a GREAT session.

  6. Great the wins you’re having, this is Scientology !!!!!!
    Wish you more of them !
    Thta’s what LRH meant Scientology should be used for. To Audit !

  7. Nobody expects the Scientology Inquisition!
    Our chief weapons are; (apart from fear, surprise and ruthless efficiency) video cameras, stupidity and a fanatical devotion to the POB…

  8. DM is just a dramatizing psycho SP, furthering the ends of those who oppose freedom and seek to enslave others. True to the form of an Implant GPM, he has crossed over from being FOR a Goal, to opposing it. It is completely lost on him that he is simply dramatizing that which he is enslaved by.

    Implant GPM – “a painful and forceful means of overwhelming a being with artificial purposes or false concepts in a malicious attempt to control and suppress him.”
    Crossover – the middle of a GPM where a person ceases to be for the original goal and starts to be against it.

    As they say in the UK – “What a tosser!”

    And thank you Erin, for keeping it real.

  9. According to dm you may be a sprinkler tech heretic-not enough sprinklers and not strong enough flow-it should be knocking the people down.

  10. Hahahahaha!!!

    Yet another squirrel rundown. I bet Gomez requested to move out of the range of Marty’s water hose, and DM probably wrote back saying,”NO, YOU CONFRONT THAT WATER, AND STAY THERE UNTIL RATHBUN SELLS THE HOUSE OR COMES BACK TO DO HIS A-J.”

    Marty, get your portable CD player, set it up on the back of your truck and play, “Singing in The Rain” for them – loop it over and over. Either that, or Handel’s “Water Music”.

    Also, I think your truck tires may be out of alignment…good way to test is to do some circles in your cul-de-sac. Also, I think your horn may be a bit rusty. Best try it out by holding it down while you do your alignment test.

    Gomez and his waterlogged poncho clowns are the new PR for DM and his freak show.

    Press on, press on.

  11. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Erin. You are a class act.

    LOVE the sprinkler idea!!!

    Those bots are truly insane.. You can’t say anything else about them. They are nucking futs.

  12. Nice video from a nice lady. I can’t believe how much these goons make themselves look like, well…..what they are….

  13. WARNING! Sam rant coming….

    I want to point something out to the OSA people and the many who aide and assist OSA daily in following this blog, acting as Facebook police etc. etc.

    We actually all want the same thing. We want Scientology practiced standardly. We want all Scientologists (whether ‘in’ or ‘out’) to flourish and prosper. We want to attack the enemy who is preventing all of us from reaching an understanding, being friends and everyone practicing their religion in peace.

    How is it that two sides with GENUINELY good beings can be at war with each other over Scientology of all things? OTs and trained Sea Org members on BOTH sides?

    Do you think Independent Scientologists really want to see Scientologists in the church being attacked? Do Scientologists in the church really want to cut off and punish those who have decided to leave and want to practice their religion peacefully outside the church? I don’t think so. I think it hurts on both sides.

    Sooooooo. Where’s the 3P? Can’t be Marty. you’ve all been pointing the finger at him for 2 years now and it hasn’t resolved yet has it? Can’t be the 25,0000 or so Scientologists who have been thrown out of the church and unjustly declared who yet still refuse to turn their back on LRH and Scientology despite all provocation can it?

    It’s one person OSA. It isn’t ‘us’. It isn’t ‘them’. It’s David Miscavige. If he wanted to end this GPM right now he could. All he would have to do is take responsibility for the situation and start communicating. But he doesn’t want to do that? Does he? And so here we all are. Fighting because a small weak being who uses the power and might of OTs to protect him. That’s all this is about. Why would the person who is supposedly responsible for the entire church of Scientology turn his back on all of us and not step up and deal with this situation as a first priority? What would you think of your president (or Prime Minister) if he went into hiding while the country was rioting on the streets? David Miscavige WANTS the fighting to continue because it hides his role in the matter. We’re all communicating one way or another – even if it’s Minerva’s blog. Hell even the squirrel busters are trying to communicate!!!! Who is the ONLY person refusing to communicate? Who is the ONLY person refusing to handle ARCXs? I’ll give you a clue – he’s the Mona Lisa smiling in the background while everyone else is running around screaming and yelling.

    OSA do you enjoy fighting with Scientologists? Doesn’t it break your heart every single day that it has to be like this? Well it doesn’t. All you have to do is start communicating with us and with each other and pulling the string properly as per talk to Ethics Officers WW. Pull the string until the Sherman Tank appears.

    Your argument is that we should handle it internally. How are we supposed to do that when you can’t even do it yourselves? What should we do? Call a Comm Ev on David Miscavige to get to the truth? Can someone direct me to the LRH reference that says this says that everyone is subject to Church Justice actions EXCEPT for David Miscavige? Because that’s what you idiots are dramatizing.

    Final question. If Marty were to vanish tomorrow do you think this situation will resolve? You’ll still have the remaining 25,0000 SPs to deal with right? Doesn’t it BOTHER you that your old (OT) friends and fellow Scientologists are being labeled SP. Come on. You’re trained Scientologists for goodness sakes. Does it REALLY add up?

    We have two powerful groups. Both composed of trained Scientologists and OTs. Do you not think we couldn’t figure this whole thing out if we all sat down and hashed it out? I do. So WHO is pushing the mass whole-scale disconnection and SP declares?

    Somebody grow a pair and actually start looking will ya?!

    I’m so freaking sick and tired of this BULLSHIT!

    OK. Rant over.

  14. great clip erin and very well kept it very simple.those cob robots are looking more and more like the crazy followers of the westboro babtist church.mainstream media is gonna catch up with them very soon…!

  15. Simon Bolivar

    Nice lady, nice words, as usual spoiled by a pair of nuts in the background.

  16. ‘scuse typos. I’m very angry.

  17. Tory Christman

    Amen! Well said, Tony—and thanks to you all. 🙂

    PS: I do love the sprinkler tech. I hope you re-post “Car Wash”
    at least once/month..for any who missed it. It IS a riot.

    The blue rain ponchos and umbrellas just show how utterly insane
    these people have become. I’d only laugh, except people like Joe
    Feshbach dying at 55 (One of TONS of OT’s who were “in” C of $
    now D E A D)……….it isn’t a laughing matter (although IS very funny).
    Happy Saturday! Tory/Magoo

  18. What a contrast of the beautiful and calm Erin giving her wins and the screeching Nurse Rached in the background. I certainly wouldn’t want the tech the latter is getting.

  19. top of the vale

    These squirrel bashers are pseudo religious terrorists.
    Erin, your last comment on the video sums it up nicely!
    Marty, are you going to need any help with your water bill?
    Isn’t there a stalking law that these idiots can be charged with?

  20. It’s just so damned ridiculous to see them standing in rain gear in 100+ temps pretending to actually give a damn about anything spiritual in nature. The charade has so long ago lost any connection to anything theta-creating. Every last ounce of action is about theta-destruction.

    Great job Erin! Thanks for your words of sanity and theta.
    Excellent quote Marty – reminds me that we all are headed in the same direction – a goal we’ve all had for a very long time – and we’re back on path.

  21. Yay! +1000000000000000

  22. I don’t want to say ‘get angry more often’ but it sure gets you to state the scene spot on.

  23. When i watched”The Pillars of the Earth” that’s exactly how I felt. I really recommend renting this miniseries.

  24. Are there loitering laws that apply?

  25. Awesome Erin- The contrast between yourself and “them” was quite dramatic.
    Data Series 1 is a great reference for the individuals still deciding where they stand. The differentiation is just too obvious for even the hard core Kool-Aid addicts.

    Props to your Auditor too.


  26. + 1 It’s beyond me why anyone would refer to the truth as a “rant”.

  27. Tory — has Joe died? Didn’t he and Cindy leave CA and move to Austin?
    I never heard though that he had died.


  28. +1 to both Erin and Marty!!

  29. Hell, I bet even the male Nut-Suckers in the group were a little spooked by their whacked-out female companion as Marty attempted to clean their souls.

    Quite a contrast to then see the sanity of Erin.

  30. Thanks to LRH and my many years in Scientology, when I was summarily dismissed due to depression unbecoming of an OT VIII, I found solace by listening to LRH tapes. One of my favorites was “The Hope of Man” wherein he discusses the wisdom traditions of the world. Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Hindu and Muslim. (to be honest, I’m not sure if he mentions Hinduism in this tape but no matter).

    Because of this tape and mention of Buddhism I decided to start to find out something about the subject. This was 1999.

    Then in 2004 as luck would have it, I moved to New England and started meditating and started learning about buddhism – becoming a buddhist in 2006.

    I just returned from 5 days in Halifax with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and Pema Chodron (has written about 15 books, very down to earth – lay language).

    Buddhism is now my path which I study and train in daily.

    Marty’s blog is how I’ve reconnected with old friends. Have made new friends and share in the common joy we have in re-finding and acknowledging ourselves as spiritual beings!!

    Emaho (Tibetan for Hallelujah)


  31. EXACTLY. Thank you Samantha. That was a perfect communication.

  32. Erin.
    Congratulations on your wins 🙂
    That’s what it’s all about 😀

  33. Erin — Beautiful.

    Sometimes the simple, spontaneous, from the heart communications impinge more than any carefully crafted and brilliantly worded messages. This is one of those times — you captured the entire tragedy of what is going on in 2 minutes.

    And I love your last line. 2 minutes then distilled down into a few words… Yes, it IS bizarre.

  34. The spontaneous video is completely awesome! VWD to the Video preps, production and post production crew!

    It gives the POB Inquisition executioners their own medicine, applied POB Sprinkler inquisition technology. The only item lacking from the POB scripture is the Highway 79 traffic zooming by at 50 mph, and the pink noise at 100dB. It must be “hell week” for Team 6 with their ponchos and brollies in the Texas heat!

    Erin’s live theta success story is a sheer and stark contrast to the black arts being applied in the background. High plus tone scale contrasted to the negative. Kudos to the Casablanca video productions!

  35. Ijustwantthebeatingstostop

    I’m here to hang out in your front yard whenever you are ready, my brother.

    For some reason, this comes to mind

  36. Namaste WH, Emalo!

  37. POB plays pink noise for his Inquisition tech. One can just buy a pink noise CD – to duplicate those conditions.

  38. The following taken from the Free Dictionary online:

    Psychosis is a symptom or feature of mental illness typically characterized by radical changes in personality, impaired functioning, and a distorted or nonexistent sense of objective reality.

    Shared psychotic disorder:
    Shared psychotic disorder, also known as folie à deux or psychosis by association, is a relatively rare delusional disorder involving two (or more) people with close emotional ties. In the West, shared psychosis most commonly develops between two sisters or between husband and wife, while in Japan the most common form involves a parent and a son or daughter. Shared psychosis occasionally involves an entire nuclear family.
    Psychosis is characterized by the following symptoms:
    Delusions. Those delusions that occur in schizophrenia and its related forms are typically bizarre (i.e., they could not occur in real life). Delusions occurring in delusional disorder are more plausible, but still patently untrue. In some cases, delusions may be accompanied by feelings of paranoia.
    Hallucinations. Psychotic patients see, hear, smell, taste, or feel things that aren’t there. Schizophrenic hallucinations are typically auditory or, less commonly, visual; but psychotic hallucinations can involve any of the five senses.
    Disorganized speech. Psychotic patients, especially those with schizophrenia, often ramble on in incoherent, nonsensical speech patterns.
    Disorganized or catatonic behavior. The catatonic patient reacts inappropriately to his/her environment by either remaining rigid and immobile or by engaging in excessive motor activity. Disorganized behavior is behavior or activity that is inappropriate for the situation, or unpredictable.

    Delusional disorder:
    The exact cause of delusional disorder has not been conclusively determined, but potential causes include heredity, neurological abnormalities, and changes in brain chemistry. Some studies have indicated that delusions are generated by abnormalities in the limbic system, the portion of the brain on the inner edge of the cerebral cortex that is believed to regulate emotions. Delusional disorder is also more likely to develop in persons who are isolated from others in their society by language difficulties and/or cultural differences.

    This is a Wikipedia quote regarding the Baker Act:

    Involuntary commitment is governed by state law and procedures vary from state to state. In some jurisdictions, laws regarding the commitment of juveniles may vary, with what is the de facto involuntary commitment of a juvenile perhaps de jure defined as “voluntary” if his parents agree, though he may still have a right to protest and attempt to get released. However, there is a body of case law governing the civil commitment of individuals under the Fourteenth Amendment through U.S. Supreme Court rulings beginning with Addington v. Texas in 1979 which set the bar for involuntary commitment for treatment by raising the burden of proof required to commit persons from the usual civil burden of proof of “preponderance of the evidence” to the higher standard of “clear and convincing” evidence.

    From looking at the three men in a tub, to the rants of nurse ratchet and what I’m seeing here, it seems utterly “clear and convincing,” that these SQBs are psychotic and should be dealt with as such.

  39. dm is a TERRORIST.

  40. Heresy, loud and raucous, is a horrible harmony for Erin’s beautiful melody.

  41. Johnny Williamson

    “The heresy he attacks is the original doctrine of the Founder of Scientology, L Ron Hubbard”

    A Freudian slip, perhaps?

  42. Wow….Sam!!!!! Very well said!!! I couldn’t agree more…. Erin Haskell

  43. She speaks sooth. Very well said.

  44. Beautifully said, Erin.

  45. Erin – beautiful, thanks.

    Marty, loved the act of solidarity of your neighbors deciding to water the lawn at the same time. Wanna borrow my water cannon?

  46. Marty, perhaps you can fill up your trash can with a bunch of shrimp heads, gets nice and fragrant in this wonderful summer season.

  47. Joe Pendleton

    Sam, I always appreciate your comments even when I have a different point of view. My own viewpoint is that it is never one person putting all the rest of us at effect. It most definately IS :”us.” Every time we went into agreement and created the postulate that there is only one truth in the universe and that our own viewpoints are only cognitions off of THAT truth, we set the stage for the current authoritarian COS that we see now. Responsibility means the election of cause, and that electing is oneself. Certainly, YOU, Sam Domingo are taking responsibility with your communication and I admire and salute you for that. I’m just saying we (and I include myself) need to take responsibility for all the years in Scientology that we formed our postulates completely (turning on a dime on ANY subject) about everything JUST because Ron said it is true (without actual inspection). That, my friend, is a VERY bad habit to begin. It IS the road to becoming a “bot”. Check out your current Church of Scientology. The suppression in the Christian churches started with the Apostle Paul’s letters and the suppression in Islam started with Mohammed. THEY insisted on THEIR orthodoxy and so it went. Of course, folks can always go the Buddhist way. 99% of Buddhist’s just never study Buddhism at all, they just go to the temple, “make merit” and pray to Lord Buddha and they’re all quite content about being Buddhists and they don’t even concern themselvves with orthodoxy, heresy, punishments, etc and you know what? They seem happier than most folks in the world (I live in a Buddhist country by the way).

  48. Rest in peace Joe.
    Take a break (say 24 hours?) then come back and help us salvage our religion 😀

  49. I think you set me off Erin. Must have been your sanity and calmness juxtaposed to the dramatization going on behind you. Don’t know where all that rage suddenly came from but it’s probably been sitting there a while. Thanks. I needed to vent 🙂

  50. Or read the book. 🙂

  51. OMG-Thugs like Lublow and Ingram are disgusting.-Does anyone know where “E”ngram is now?

  52. Michael Fairman

    The video is a powerful contrast between sanity and madness.
    Erin, beautifully and simple said.

  53. Incidentally ‘Nurse Rached’ (Joanne Wheaton) sounds very enturbulated – it isn’t just about Marty. Maybe someone should pull her aside and find out what she’s really upset about – you know 2WC and all that? I was tempted to get in comm with her when I was at Marty’s but I was feeling mean enough at the time to let her sit in it for a while longer. Regardless of how insane she may sound I really got the feeling she was trying to ‘rescue’ me from the big bad Marty. LOL – very sweet 😀
    Facebook me if you’re on.

  54. Tony DePhillips

    They are martyrs for the cult of mudd cabbage.

  55. Kudo’s to Marty for being able to be able to deliver Standard Tech in spite of the lawless antics of David Le-bow-to-de-pope and John Ass-kisser.
    Beautiful words from a beautiful lady, I’ll contiue to address some of the case being manifested there in my auditing, I guess it’s the Scientology equivalent to “I’ll Pray for you”. It can’t hurt.

  56. I have it if anyone in the UK wants to borrow it. Great series!

  57. Yep. LOL. That’s what set me off alright 🙂

  58. Joe Pendleton

    There’s “early Ron” and you can quote his writings and lectures for years on the self-determinism of a being, the right to create one’s universe, the inherent nature of a being to postulate viewpoints and truths (Axion #2), etc etc etc and these are all quite beautiful and I never get tired of reading them over and over. They are my truths too and I feel better and happier as a being as a result of LRH’s work in this area of life. In evaluating Scientology as a complete religious activity, I do think you have to give equal attention to “middle Ron” and “late Ron” as well. Because by the mid 60s, when YOU were in Scientology, YOU did not have the right to have your own viewpoint on anything really. It took me almost 40 years to fully realize this. Even back in 1971, as we got each new PL or HCO B hot off the press at our org, we had a “new truth” every single week. And I’m not talking about only philosophic/spiritual truths. One day people can wear perfume and the next day, there is a new truth about perfume accepted by EVERYONE. One day you can drink Diet Coke and the next day, aspartame is a brain killer (not that I disagree with LRH on these points by the way. I don’t like artificial scents and don’t use aspartame myself. I’m just pointing out the robotic accepting of truths because of COMPLETE adherence to religious orthodoxy). One day a new CS Series issue comes out that tells the CS how to be completely unreasonable when handling auditor failures on metering (which I applied completely) and now you read in the big E meter book (2003 edition anyway) that the American Mark V didn’t FN (say what?) – so I guess it wasn’t all the auditor after all. As Groucho Marx once said in an old movie where he played a king talking to his people “Well, are you going to believe me or your own eyes?” It would NEVER have occurred to me to question the E-Meter being fucked, of course – LRH said it was perfect and always was truthful if your TRs and metering was in. I guess he was wrong. So he had to come up with a new meter. But we all know that THAT meter was perfectly workable, don’t we? Oh, excuse me, a new one came out after that edition, and THAT one was perfect. LRH said so. See, the point is, now that Ron has passed away, the folks need SOMEONE ELSE to tell them what to think and do. Miscavige’s BIG mistake (as far as his own survival as a leader goes) is that he went too far,in being an asshole. Had he just been NICER to his main men, there would be no Indie movement, because we Earth folks just LOVE to follow the leader, with the exceptions of the percentage of folks who always tend towards going their own way.So let’s celebrate “early Ron’s” writings about the sancity of invidual beingness and creativity of thought and postulate, but let’s not pretend that LRH himself held to this point of view throughout his life, because he obviously didn’t.

  59. Izhar Perlman - Lisbon

    These clowns in the raincoats and umbrellas…. reminds me of the following video.

  60. Do you think they are going to break out the pitchforks and torches next?
    I half expect to see a Burning Cross on Marty’s lawn next surrounded by blue robed, screeching zealots.

  61. Kevin Bloody Mackey

    Nice talk Erin. “These people are bizarre”. Pity they can’t see it. One day they will, big, big cringe coming.

  62. martyrathbun09

    Weclome back WH. We missed you.

  63. Burn me at the stake then, if heresy is not of my major items! 🙂

  64. Nice to hear your wins Erin and your support of Marty. Against a backdrop of caterwauling from the real squirrels, it is somewhat surreal.

    I am amazed that those people are not picked up on 5150s or whatever Texas code is for the same thing. Their behavior certainly fits.

    To simply say they are insane is short of the mark. After watching your video, it is apparent their behavior falls into the category of deeply disturbed.

    What will happen to them when their support mechanism fails? When the CoS finally collapses these people should be on suicide watch.

    Will they rebound when the suppression is gone or will they collapse from their overts? Rhetorical question.

    A Stunning video. Well done Erin.

  65. Michael Fairman

    The shot of the Busters recalls an image of the Three Witches in “Macbeth”
    The hags conjure an apparition who warn, “Macbeth! Macbeth! Macbeth!
    beware Macduff…” These crones could be crowing, “Miscavige!. Miscavige! Miscavige! beware Mark…” Macbeth’s end was not pretty. Miscavige’s end…to be continued

  66. Sam — Big Missed Withholds for one.

    Word on the street is that she was bankrupted by the Vulture Culture and resorted to whoring herself for $1000 a week paid by the rimless zero himself, through the cutout of Elliot Abelson.

    Can you imagine doing this bizarre stuff as you paying job? And yet she has to pretend she is doing it because its her ‘strongly held religious belief that she should stand in the middle of the road and make an ass out of herself for the greater good and her spiritual eternity” (let alone the lie that she is just part of Assenders documentary production company that has no connection to the church….)

    No wonder Marty’s neighbors do a pretty good impression of her as a cackling old crone…. She is!

  67. Thanks Marty. I missed you all as well. I spent 5 days prior to my 5 days in Halifax attending a wedding, visiting friends in Chicago. Then I spent another 4 days near Tatamagouche Nova Scotia doing a Qi Gong workshop.

    Now, I’m relaxing getting caught up on the blog. Was able to explain to many people the difference between radical scientology and the actual philosophy. People are happy to hear that many are leaving what is obvious to them has become a mind bending cult.

    I assured them — people are leaving rapidly.

    Erin is a lovely example of that sense of freedom and happiness.


  68. martyrathbun09

    Thanks WH, you are golden.

  69. There is a lot to confront on the OT levels. Buddhism is a way of keeping oneself keyed out. Meditation puts you in a closet.
    While I wish you well I cannot recommend what you are doing to any who seek truth.

  70. Ken Follet is one of my favorites. A suburb writer. I read the book back in the early ninites right when the Cof$ was puutting me through an especially “grand cycle of insanity”.
    Funny how you always get what you need, isn’t it?

  71. Tony DePhillips

    This might be a nice upgrade…

  72. I see the neighbours opposite have their sprinklers on too 🙂

  73. I think you are correct, Ann.
    The last thing anyone wants to see here is another outcome like that which happened to Lisa McPherson. And this too is on David Miscavige’s watch.
    Perhaps on his direct orders.


  74. Tony DePhillips

    Damn Sam, can’t he at least get the whole weekend off?? Jeez!! 🙂

  75. Erin,
    Thanks for the representation that was in complete contrast to the freak show out in the road.

    For a small deposit you can have a temp meter put on the nearest fire hydrant. You can rent the hose and hookup at a local tool rental place for not much.

  76. Tony DePhillips

  77. Marty is giving them lots of rope which they seem to be putting to good use.

  78. I have to say that this is very sad. I knew Joe before he became the mega wealthy as a short-seller and other investments. His children were young. He was a top FSM for Flag and quite a sweet man.

    His daughter Jessica is one of the top spokespersons for corporate miscavige.

    What is so sad is that Jessica will not be able to grieve for her father properly or even be able to touch that part of her heart where their love once was.

    She’s become a walking rigid example of corporate scientology and as such will have that mind bending thought stopping sensation of —- My daddy is gone — he is PTS — he’ll pick up another body — time to get back to post.

    Elephants mourn their dead, I’m told. Many animals mourn the loss of a mate or offspring. Other human beings mourn their dead and take time to grieve.

    But not SO members. They are told to buck up, it’s only a body. I know — my dad died when I was in the SO.

    My prayers go out to Joe, his family including Jessica.

    May he recognize at this time his innate nature as a being and find a favorable rebirth.


  79. Dear Squirrel Busters,

    You may want to start practicing this song. You may be having the occasion to recite it a lot by the looks of things!!

  80. Scott Campbell


    Excellent characterization of the current scene and what we are trying to do. And yep, Marty’s the man.


    Seems Tony has taken on a bit of a critical tone in this one. I wonder what’s up with him.

  81. To the Props department: Well done on placing the garbage can by the Inquisitors – it’s very appropriate and fits their motif.

  82. Joe-Just as you have BPC on Earth folks just want to be lead, so did Ron-Read HCOPL 22 May 1969-“Orders vs Arbitraries”
    Here are some excerpts:
    ” A group that insists on sitting in the glorious irresponsibililty of orders and only orders will never develop into a true group”
    I don’t think anybody fully understands the antipathy I have to authoritarian rule. The reason you see me get cross is in no small part protest at being forced to cope with a situation which occurs by neglect of others. Why elect me to save the day?. This ship,this planet and universe are the concerns of others too.I have no monopoly on the ability to observe and act.
    The campaign to force into dictatorship a group which has freedom as its main objective is about as popular with me as a fire in a powder factory.
    Freedom depends on ABILITY.
    We can and will bring freedom to this planet. But only if and when we cease to demand orders and begin to observe and act on our own predictions”

  83. That’s the Sam we all know and love!! You rant on dear friend! By the way you nailed it with the 3P. DM is an SP (whole-track I thoroughly believe) and he IS the GPM/SP/3Swings and an Out AssWipe-0 that is holding down our collective 7’s. He’s just plain Harshing My Mellow!!! (my rant 🙂 )

  84. Serenity of awareness. Beautifully expressed wins, Erin. 🙂

  85. Nice to meet you, Erin. Great communication and very theta. I am happy for you, and kind of envious that you are there. Enjoy your wins!

  86. Sam,

    You nailed it! I totally agree with you.

  87. Tom Gallagher

    Saw it too Michael.

  88. Awesomeness.
    Erin is smart, spot-on and gorgeous.
    I see Marty.
    A trash can…and Trash.
    And of course you can never be too safe haha!

  89. Firstly, thanks Erin for a superb statement.

    You ARE a class act.

    On a more sombre note:
    For those of you who had the distinct pleasure of knowing Isla Pryde from St. Hill, she has passed on.

    She had incredible stats having been an SO member for over 40 years, put on post by LRH, welcomed by LRH on a BC tape, and helping thousands of individuals thru to OT3 – the most of anyone on the planet.

    She was/is a dear old soul and friend, feisty, demanding, and overall, handling us, her ‘children’, with the utmost care to ensure we all got all we could from Ron’s legacy.

    Sadly missed, but looking forward to her next run in the game.

    Btw, love the watersports Marty – great entertainment! 🙂

  90. Sam, I love your RANT and I second it!

  91. Erin, very nicely done video. Marty is a man of integrity and I also loved my auditing with him. I wish you the best.

  92. Sam,

    I didn’t consider this a rant at all … it is sanity put into words.

    It is so simple that it baffles one that situations like this cannot be viewed with that very same simplicity.

    I have no doubt that most OSA members know they have gone off the rails and are walking a very slim tightrope.

    AND, that the IAS staff know they are actively committing fraud and ripping off people along with their master David Miscavige. A criminal activity under the guise of ‘help’.

    No wonder the church’s PR is the worst I have ever seen in 40 years, they are not trusted by the general public at all, and their antics only result in further embarrassing any well meaning Scientologist.

    The only legacy that Miscavige will ever have is a path filled with broken families, financially destitute parishioners, and LRH’s name and tech dragged though the mud.

    Thankfully, there are many who see thru Miscavige’s facade and the day draws near when he will be cuffed and put away.

    We know it, and he knows it.

  93. Tony-dm would love this!!!!

  94. Not only am I Spartacus,
    I’m a heretic.

  95. Komra Moriko

    Hi windhorse, oh I love pema chodron! so glad you got to spend time with her.

  96. Stan-They would have to get alot of auditing from Marty before they could get this cheery-but, hey-he’s only a sprinkler away.

  97. Ralph – 2,500 years of highly realized individuals who were able to achieve all sorts of rather “OT” things would beg to differ.

    Ever heard of TRs? LRH just shifted the focus but TR 0 and OT TR0 are definitely forms of meditation.

    BTW Ralph – which OT Levels have you done?


  98. Sam,

    You blasphemous heretic you. Actually communicate? Crazy.

  99. martyrathbun09

    Tony apparently puts a lot of weight on nameless critics.

  100. Could you imagine her (the screeching one) auditing you?
    So much for “clearing the planet.” More like creeping out the planet.

  101. Ralph,

    There are all sorts of meditation. Just as there are all sorts of emotions. And all sorts of considerations. And all sorts of intelligence.

    Anything that brings a person to higher consciousness, that improves their life, that brings understanding has validity.

    Proper meditation does not put one in the closet. That’s a misunderstood. A bit of silly dogma. And a bit snide.

    When you can sit in the town square, pour gasoline over yourself, strike a match and calmly sit burning as a protest to social injustice, I’d be more impressed with your ability. I don’t agree with burning oneself up, but I have to admire the ability and courage of someone capable of doing such with calmness and awareness.

  102. Joe, I think there was a distinction made, in Ron’s approach, between public and staff/SO Scientologists. If one chose to join staff (or SO), then a higher standard of “acceptance of Ron’s word” was expected. I was a public Scientologist for several years in the 70s and early 80s, and never felt required/mandated to agree with everything Ron said. Even KSW was a “do it standardly, but you don’t have to agree with it” approach. I always held the Code of Honor and Personal Integrity above everything else.

    The reason that I am an Independent Scientologist now is not because “Ron expected everyone to agree with him after 1965” (he didn’t — it all depended on how closely one connected oneself with the organization, i.e. public, staff or SO; and KSW was always only meant to apply to auditing tech per RJ68, not everything Ron said, wrote, thought or did). It’s because there is now overwhelming evidence that the current insanity in the CoS is being created and held in place by the self-appointed, pope-on-a-box dictator of Scientology, Miscavige. This guy is a lying, corrupt, greedy, tech altering, narcissistic psychotic. Miscavige has not only turned the Church of Scientology into a dogmatic, shove-it-down-your-throat, vulture-culture parody of a “religion” for everyone involved in it, but he has made it especially destructive and degrading to those most loyal and dedicated to Scientology and LRH: the Sea Org and even LRH’s own family.

    I don’t claim that all LRH policy is perfect and Ron could never make a mistake. All I’m saying is that a real leader or leaders — social personalities — would not have led and allowed things to go this way after Ron’s death. Heber Jentszch would not have. Mary Sue would not have. John Woodruff. Jens Boghvad. Marty. Mike. And a dozen other social personalities would almost certainly not have. Miscavige forced himself in, and reverse Scientology, degradation and destruction has been the result.

  103. Komra Moriko

    Erin! I love the part about love! While in the church my friend and I would wonder, “where is the love”? Thank you for being such a beautiful example of love. k

  104. Joe.
    I know. I know.
    Ask not for whom the bells toll and all that.
    Yes. We all had a hand in creating this and we’re ‘suffering on up the conditions’.
    And I do know my own faults. As much as I enjoyed my rant I’ve gotten into the very same games conditions as any OSA personnel – fighting with fellow Scientologists instead of keeping my eye on the real target.
    That gives power to DM by keeping conflict going and it’s a flunk (for me).
    Point is it will continue until both sides take some responsibility for defeating the suppression and getting in comm. That was more the message than assigning blame or responsibility.
    I live and learn. Onwards and upwards.
    Namaste 😉

  105. Ingrid,

    I can just feel Ron’s frustration.
    It’s the same thing he preached in 1950: a true group is not merely an extension of one person. For Scientology (then Dianetics) to succeed would require a true group, one where individuals operated at knowing and independent cause contributing to the common goal or purpose.

  106. David,

    That is exactly why I’ve always wanted to get to the OT levels: to have the wherewithal to audit and handle not only myself, but my environment and those who “I’ll pray for” in session!!!

    Thanks for this cog.

    PS Erin, VWD and you are so very pretty!!!

    With Much Love, Midge

  107. Puts it into perspective, thanks.

    On another note, I see the neighbors have joined in with the water fun. Doesn’t the harassment team realize what ASS CLOWNS they are making of themselves, the church and what otherwise uniformed people might think of the whole subject of Scientology?

  108. Talk about compare and contrast. The calmly considered and thoughtful communication of an Independent Scientologist vs the strident noise of Radical Scientologist.

    Choices, choices, choices. Which side do I choose? I’m just not sure. Hmmmmm.

  109. BUT… aha! Gotcha! (I missed something in your comm earlier):
    Saying we did it because we were following what Ron said is also a total abandonment of responsibility and not true for me. It’s like kind of taking responsibility for your actions but it was all Ron’s fault really for bad policy! NO WAY!
    I followed alter-is of LRH against my own better judgement. I’m not letting you or anyone else pin this one on Ron. I have never found a basic LRH policy that I didn’t completely agree with both then and now. It’s the alter-is, verbal tech and Miscavige alterations that I illegally followed that I’m paying the price for now.
    I appreciate your comments too. Especially when I’m in the mood for an argument 😉

  110. ….”but hey he’s only a a sprinkler away”. :~)
    Love You, Midge

  111. LOL – might work. You never know. Doesn’t Ron say something about that somewhere too?

    I have been watching your ongoing comedy with these people for a year or so. I admire your courage and bravado, but I would go about it a bit differently. Firstly, I would never say, “You are stopping the delivery of Scientology….” That plays into their hands, “Oh you don’t deliver Scientology, you are a squirrel…” I also wouldn’t squirt them with water and all that.
    During Exodus I, back in the early 80s I invited them in and let them blow off their steam, like a verbal “rope-a-dope.” Then have my say in a calm honest manner. I would only let one in at a time, one on one. I would let them rant and rave at me for about a half an hour and then ask them politely if it was OK with them if I could talk to them. Then I would just read the bulletin or policy from Hubbard that is being violated by Miscavige. Then I would talk about my experiences. If they got nasty again I’d let them rant a bit more, ask them if I could have a turn to talk, and then pull out the policy again. And say what I had to say.
    In your case I would invite Allender in and allow him to bring in one of his videographers. Have your video set up with scrims in the entry of the house and have a person there to run the video and for secuirity. Then give them lemonade and cookies. Don’t firefight, be nice and let them have their say. It was effective and after awhile they never came back. If you really want them to leave just start reading the Bible or the Tao as you talk about. But you can actually sway them with your sincerity and honestly. All the guys who came after me left within a year or so.
    Now, I was no where near a threat as you are, but I found this more way more effective than a firefight or a “tit for tat” which is what they want.
    A blow hard can only blow for so long and they fall.
    I hope this helps.

  113. Respecting others religious beliefs is the way to peace and happiness.

    WH, has contributed so much wisdom to this blog. There are many truths, and what is true for you is true for you.

  114. Ya see? That’s why I let her sit in it! LOL
    However someone really should help her (even if it’s to get her ethics in).
    What is she? OT V? I have NO DOUBT that she’s had some serious out-tech run on her – she’s an incoherent mess!

  115. Dennis,
    Thanks for letting me know.
    Isla Pryde was a 40 year Sea Org member.
    She had a beloved cat she was attached to.
    She worked 14-16 hour days even in her old age.
    One day at “RTC Mission” arrived and told her to kick the cat out.
    Isla was heartbroken, literally heartbroken.
    After years with the cat the sadistic RTC Missionaire threw their weight around and with no compassion, no understanding threw the cat off the SO base.
    This is Sea Org life.
    Isla ~~ fly high with the angels, always a sweetheart.

  116. Another Layer

    I’ll bet that’s what they’d like people to think! It probably gives them some juice to carry on. But in truth, they more resemble the wacked-out, deranged souls who scream from corners in downtown LA. What an incredible contrast to Erin’s calm sanity!

  117. Beautiful post Windhorse.
    I knew Joe in happier times.
    Wasn’t he the one (or was it Matt) that put Los Gatos mission on the map?
    The likes of Joe Feshbach will not easily be replaced.
    We will see how Jessica (Tommy Davis’s wife) reacts or is permitted
    to react and grieve.

  118. Out of curiosity, I just clicked on Divine Diary.

    This is one interesting individual who has a lot to say that’s worth reading. A wise being.

  119. I don’t disagree with your ideas or suggested action, James.

    From my personal experience with a couple of them, they have grown significantly more psycho over the past ten years. So much so, that they seem utterly incapable of even a semblance of rational thought.
    As beings it seems they have shut down the inflow line because they are terrified that a truth might enter in, at which point they would, in their implanted opinion, be doomed.


  120. Emaho WH!
    Great to have you back xxx

  121. ERIN ~~

    Your gentle unfrazzled TRS with that background of the shrill raucous cackling showed a stark difference between the presence of an Indie and a DM whacko.

    Very Well Done

  122. I love Marty’s neighbors.

  123. Windhorse:

    TR 0 and OT TR 0 are most definitely *not* “meditation”. At least not if you are doing them exactly per HCO BULLETIN OF 16 AUGUST 1971R
    Issue II Revised 5 July 1978 – TRAINING DRILLS REMODERNIZED

    OT TR 0:

    “PURPOSE: To train student to be there comfortably. The idea is to get the student able to BE there comfortably in a position three feet in front of another person, to BE there and not do anything else but BE there.”

    TR 0:

    “PURPOSE: To train student to confront a preclear with auditing or with nothing. The whole idea is to get the student able to BE there comfortably in a position three feet in front of the preclear without being thrown off, distracted or reacting in any way to what the preclear says or does.”

    What exactly does Hubbard mean by “BE there”?

    I reckon The Factors should be consulted to make that plain:

    Factors 1-5:
    “1 Before the beginning was a Cause and the entire purpose of the Cause was the creation of effect.

    2 In the beginning and forever is the decision and the decision is TO BE.

    3 The first action of beingness is to assume a viewpoint.

    4 The second action of beingness is to extend from the viewpoint, points to view, which are dimension points.

    5 Thus there is space created, for the definition of space is: viewpoint of dimension. And the purpose of a dimension point is space and a point of view.

    If one is “meditating”, they are not doing TR 0 or OT TR 0, my friend.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  124. I’m in two minds as to whether I agree with you or not. Sure Marty could do it if he had some time to kill but meanwhile there are people who have gotten their ethics in and make it go right to pull themselves up by their bootstraps and who deserve Marty’s help far more.
    I sympathize deeply with the poor deluded souls who harass Marty every day but… they are trying to stop auditing. Pretty destructive.
    Maybe the really really heavy sprinkler ethics gradients are the way to go for now 😀

  125. Thanks Dennis.
    I heard about this a few weeks ago. Wish I could have gone to say goodbye to her with the rest of her friends.
    The last time I saw her (2 years ago) she caught my eye and demanded that I ‘cheer up!’ She could always make me smile even in those moments I felt I had nothing to smile about. I’ll miss her.
    Love you Isla.
    Thank you for your incredible dedication and service.
    Hope to see you soon.

  126. Tony DePhillips

    Ya, maybe you’re right….:-(
    One can dream.

  127. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Sam,
    That WAS quite a juxtposition.

  128. Joe Pendleton

    Points well made Sam. I didn’t mean by the way that we got ourselves into trouble because we were following what Ron said to do. I meant that we got ourselves into trouble with the postulate that we WOULD do anything Ron said to do JUST because he said to do it (with no personal inspection of the datum, because he is NEVER wrong) and that that is the road to being complete effect and a robot. Certainly if all Scientologists just followed the one LRH datum in HCO PL AKH – Theory of Scientology Organizations – that one interprets policy in tems of expansion, things would have gone VERY well. It’s a simple datum, but very powerful in its application. As is HCO PL Service. And HCO PL Senior Policy. So I definately do agree with your viewpoint on fundamental policy and my experience is similar to yours in that respect.

  129. George M. White

    I just returned from our Buddhist Vihara(temple) and the whole group of about 25 people just meditated and chanted and listened to a blow-out
    talk about the Buddha’s teaching. (By the way, we get a lot of people who have had contact with Scientology.)
    I have been meditating since 2001 and I can tell you that meditation does not “put you in a closet.” In fact, OT powers are within grasp. But the Buddha did not recommend grasping so we consider real OT powers to be secondary. Our purpose is Nibbana. As I said in an earlier post, I admire LRH’s references to Buddhism. However, the truth of the matter is that he never really encountered the original Theravada tradition. If you need specific references, I will be happy to supply them. By the way, I get calls from a lot of Scientology OT’s who clearly see the advantages of meditation over auditing.
    In the 60’s when LRH studied there were good translations from Pali but they required real study. You really had to know some Pali. Due to rapid expansion of Buddhism in the west, we now have excellent translations available and we get lots of activity from the mainstream American public.

    Much loving-kindness,

  130. George M. White

    Welcome back Sister windhorse!
    I missed you.
    Much loving-kindness,

  131. Apparently you don’t know the rule about inviting Vampires into your house.

    And even if they weren’t mindless, blood-sucking undead spawns of Satan and were actually members of the human race merely suffering from a momentary or transient upset that would resolve in due course when presented with the kind of thoughtful and considerate manner you prescribed – you have overlooked the fact they are pawns in a tactical engagement and utterly incapable of responding to human decency as you and I might know it.
    The rules are thrown out when dealing with the undead. Civil intercourse must oft be supplemented with hoses.
    One way to know the undead is by the plastic with which they cover themselves.

  132. The sprinkler is no less than they deserve. Marty, I’m making a donation for your water bill, and I encourage others to do the same to purchase plenty of “ammo”.

  133. That’s just plain vicious and cruel 😦

  134. Joe Pendleton

    Well, of course you know, Ingrid, that I agree with you and I agree with that quote COMPLETELY. Which is why it is so ironic that in Scientology we didn’t MUCH practice that. I’m not saying we NEVER did or anything like that. There are always enlightened people around. LRH says what you quoted, and yet there are a lot (a LOT – I did a re-study of SSII a few months ago) of policies REALLY stressing “non compliance to orders” and emphasizing how executives fail mainly in not getting their juniors to comply to orders. I’m not trying to be argumentative here, as I think we are fundamentally in agreement. And as we worked together when we were very young, we have similar experiences with the same people. My only point here (and I realize I may sound somewhat obsessed on occasion about this, which is why I try not to post too often) is that there are seeds to the current situation in the Church of Scientology. There are postulates, agreements, habits, viewpoints which were not formed in 2002, 1992, or 1982 that have resulted in the third dyamic the COS is today. And I think it is important that we know what those are, because they are postulates that seem to spring up all over the whole track. I am suprised that there sometimes seems to be only “two camps.” If one questions the truth or validity of anything LRH wrote, then it is perceived by some as some sort of an attack, wherein Ron and his writings need to be defended or praised. On the other side, you have someone like Jeff Hawkins, (whose website I loved, and many of whose ideas really struck a note with me) who has decided that because of some things he no longer agrees are true, there are no great fundamental truths of LRH’s to celebrate. I have reached the point in life where I can do both. I CAN disagree and decide there are things LRH wrote that I think are wrong and unworkable, and yet I live every day having successes due the ideas of LRH which ARE great truths for me….the ARC Triangle, the Tone Scale, the Theta-Mest theory, the fundamental nature of a being, the comm cycle, the absolute brilliance of processes and auditing procedure…and I could go on and on. I never mean to minimize those great achievements.

  135. Joe Pendleton

    Margaret, I think your points are very well made. The trouble I had in the COS my last couple of years there was largely due to teenage types being in Miscavige’s valence (acting out many of the things I have read about Miscavige in various books) and no doubt also imitating many levels of execs under Miscavige who also are in that valence (the bullying, the insults, the threats, etc). At the same time, that doesn’t mean that somewhat like Heber Jentszch doesn’t bear responsibility for fronting for Miscavige for 20 years. I’ve said more than once that Heber is a greater man than I am. I’m just pointing out that no one just TAKES power and uses force without a whole lot of fucking help. Someone could always have taken out a gun and shot Stalin at his desk, but he ran the USSR for 30 years and killed maybe 30 million or more people. Mary Sue Hubbard ran an operation that committed numerous federal crimes that put the COS, herself and many Scientologists at risk. This violated the First Policy of Scientology. She was treated horrendously by Miscavige. And yes, she was VITAL to supporting LRH in the growth of Scientology. But that doesn’t mean she was a saint or that she didn’t commit her overts as I have committed mine. My point is that it is never JUST one person. I’m not talking about excusing any individual or collective responsibility. EACH participant has responsibility. OF COURSE, the prinicipal player….in this case Miscavige…bears the most. I think it is important that we realize that the “support players” bear much responsibility as well and this is not to make anyone wrong or to excuse the misdeeds of the “big guy.” This is sort of what Marty quoted in his post the other day about “doing nothing.” The FIRST “nothing done” is when one notices that something terrible is happening and at that point, keeps silent. Because THAT point becomes the first postulate/agreement that what was done was OK, and it goes downhill from there. So if indeed Heber ever saw Miscavige brutalize someone in any way and remained silent, he helped create it. I have been “guilty” of this myself. The ultimate point here isn’t to wallow in anyone’s errors of judgment in the PAST, but to at least realize our responsibility, so that the NEXT time this occurs, we act differently. I certainly hope I do. Sorry for this going on so long. Must be all the green tea I’m drinking.

  136. Karen,

    You are right about Crampon, Isla’s cat. Crampon was a fixture at St. Hill and slept on top of the file cabinet when she wasn’t greeting new arrivals to the dungeon (now the folder tank I believe).

    I was there when Isla was told to get rid of it – nasty bit of work that was. I talked with her that evening for quite a while. Big grief charge that was.

    At the same time, Chris Burton (OT 1,2&3 Sup) had a file cabinet confiscated by the same RTC mission. This file cabinet was full of reference materials for the OT courses. Needless to say, Chris was devastated.

    What Mission in their right mind would CONFISCATE LRH tech??

  137. Are you kidding or trolling?
    Back in the 80’s as you say – those you talked to did not have the pure evil intention and product to make life hell for you, on insane Mission orders POB from where perhaps some confront and comm could handle. You cannot talk to insane.

    You didn’t have PIs chasing you in different cities etc and your similarities are not similar.

  138. Yes, wish I had been there too Sam.

    Isla, Chris Burton & Ros DeLacie (C/S)… what a way to start the OT levels!

    They are all jewels.

  139. Scott Campbell

    Excellent why finding and deductive logic! Now that you pointed it out, I re-read the article and could see that “why”. Thanks.

  140. George M. White

    I respectfully wish to add some information about meditation so as to clarify
    points in this thread.
    All Buddhists follow the Buddha, but I am from a slightly different tradition which is Theravada.
    I have trained several former Scientologists in meditation and the TR-0 OT TR 0 point always arises.
    I don’t think anyone will disagree that meditation precedes Scientology by about 3,000 years since meditation was practiced well before the Buddha.
    Thus, it is realistic to conclude that the FORM and POSTURE of meditation found expression in TR-0, OT – TR-0.
    However, there is an error in Western thinking because meditation is actually a poor translation of the Pali word. In our tradition we use the word
    “cultivation” which is closer to the original meaning. Notice we do not say “mental” cultivation since this just does not translate at all.
    Concentration is a vital part of “meditation” and if to just BE there one is concentrating, then we have a link. You can judge this one because there is nothing in the Budhha’s teaching which aligns with the details or the end product of TR-0, OT-TR-0.
    The similarity ends at this point because LRH took a very different route with the development of the Factors.
    The proof is always in the doing. I can honestly tell you that the higher levels of “cultivation/meditation” in Buddhism are beyond anything I have ever experienced in any auditing or OT 8 level. This is the result of intense effort, study and concentration over a number of years.

    At any rate, I hope this helps.
    Much loving-kindness,

  141. The clowns with umbrellas believe they win support by being persistent, I think.

  142. +1 — absolutely.

  143. windhorse

    I do not know if you know Betty Lunde or not, but she was my first auditor. She was one of the very first OT VIIIs. ( number two I think)

    Unfortunately she passed away this year. She was in her nineties.

    Anyway, the reason why I am posting this is because Betty once told me that whenever she was “feeling a little low” she would read some of the “Hymn of Asia” by L Ron Hubbard. She said that she always found that it brought her “back up”.

    She was a wonderful person and an excellent auditor ( class VIII). Another being that left her theta mark on many. Looking forward to finding her again some day.

    Eric S

  144. Tory Christman

    Thanks, Sinar, for posting the link. I had sent a video to Marty about it,
    but it didn’t get posted (Prolly not the correct topic for it, but when is death?)
    Windhorse—very nicely said and your friend would be proud of all that you wrote. Re Jessica, I’m not sure where they are. She’s married to Tommy Davis and he’s be “out of the picture” now for some months.

    We all Thought he was on the RPF. However, recently I spoke with some newer people out who knew Tommy more and they said no, they were pretty sure he’s out (at least for now). Time shall tell.

    I’m sorry you heard it that way, windhorse. Such a shame…so young (55) and so talented. May he fly high.

    My love to you, and all his friends and family,


  145. I expect it is pretty hot in those ponchos.

  146. Johnny

    Look at it from David Miscavige’s viewpoint. David Miscavige is not a “scientologist” as he does not use LRH’s Scientology himself, and has made it unavailable under his domination of the “church”. LRH’s tech is not acceptable to Dm, so he alters it. From the viewpoint of this altered tech, “standard tech” is being cited as being “squirrel”, “OLD”, “obviously incorrect”, etc.
    Hence the statement “The heresy he attacks is the original doctrine of the Founder of Scientology, L Ron Hubbard”.

    Just my look at it.


  147. +1000 Sam! Very very well said 🙂

  148. Check out this Tony


  150. Great video. It appears that Marty’s PC is winning and the pscyho’s out on the street don’t like it. Marty had it right in an earlier post a few weeks ago where he said (paraphrasing) that Joanne Wheaton was on the verge of a type III psychotic break! Any day now…
    As an aside, there is something I don’t understand (pardon me if I’m being too simple). But why are the police in Corpus Christi not arresting these idiots? There are several things I could think of, such as harrassment, stalking,creating a disturbance,noise violation, public nuisance, etc. Any number of violations, even if they are misdemeanors.

  151. Joe, it might surprise you how fast things would normalize if DM were out of the picture. People would begin to decompress immediately. You could feel it on the base when he would leave for an event. The place would begin to chill immediately despite the best efforts of his henchmen (Lisa Schroer, Jenny DeVocht, Angie Blankenship) to keep things stirred up. If he were truly gone, the lawyers (Monique, et al) would scramble around for the money but the bulk of people would simply begin to go back into valence and then resume their practice of Scientology. My point is that ALL of this nonsense, every bit of it, cannot be ascribed to anyone but DM. HE is the target and he knows it and everybody working for him knows it, too. The fact that we all had a hand in enabling him means nothing because if you remove me, say, from the equation, or remove you, say, from the equation nothing would change. If you remove Kurt Wieland from the equation (assuming he is still the head of OSA) nothing would change. If you remove Monique Yingling from the equation, nothing changes. But, if you remove DM from the scene, everything changes. Therefore, it seems the best use of everyone’s energies is to get DM. His enablers, the Moniques and Craig Jensens,will disappear at once. And speaking of getting DM, there is a nice little action that just started over on the save site which people might want to take a look at and support:

  152. OK my 2 cents worth too.
    Dear OSA guys and all you guys that still go along with the official program. You are not my enemy. We both love LRH and the tech he organized. Some of you are my brothers or my children. How can we be enemies? We were twins on course. We looked into each others souls on TR0. How can we be enemies? I fell in lover with you when you were my auditor and I introduced you to the truth of the Tech. How can we be enemies? What condition are we being in to not use the the tech on ourselves? ARC, we have total reality on the validity and workability of the Tech. Comm is needed to up the difference in reality holding us apart. 3rd party Tech needs to be applied here. A wedge has been jammed in between us by some ONE. Not a whole bunch of ones…ONE. Who could it be? What is the difference in reality we are at odds over? KSW is the answer. All of us have certainty on the tech working but half the group is saying the other half is not applying the Tech Standardly. That’s the wedge. How simple it would be to just open up ones own Green and Red volumes and look at what the tow sides are saying and see what LRH said about that particular aspect of the tech. Is that Suppressive or insane to suggest? Maybe LRH actually did say you need to Have Before You Can Do. It should be right there in Green on white for both sides to see? What about the importance of having top of the line MEST. LRH had a lot to say about that and led by example which creates an interpretation situation. But what does he say about ORGS needing to be posh? That’s what the argument is not did LRH have a nice car. All of the answers lie in the volumes. All one needs to do to find the 3rd party is to discover which side is altering even a tiny bit what LRH said then to find out who in that side pushed that alliteration. We can be friends again by finding the third party. Shouldn’t be too hard.

  153. C. James, you don’t get it–these people are zombies being run by David Miscavige. Marty would have to invite DM in for a chat to get anywhere with the Blue Meanies outside. They are running solely on DM’s determinism and DM is running on–well, only PR PR 6 would answer that one. (That is the Power Process that LRH directed be run on an SP to snap him out of the engram he is stuck in and dramatizing in the present.)

  154. Joe

    Ahhh… An age old problem.

    I don’t know quite how we do it, but earthlings are basically a bunch or rebels and “space society detrius”, and thus we have a hard time getting together on things.

    And then on the other hand, along comes someone, anyone it seems, with “something shiny” and off we go waving flags and chanting slogans.

    Thetans seem to be a bit confused. We want to be individuals but crave being “accepted” by others. Tough nut to crack.

    Much of my training in Scientology was in the area of course supervision. I favored that because I loved getting students to look for themselves and find their own truths. As you say, it became harder and harder to promote or even “allow” this kind of approach to study, in spite of the fact that it is all over the “student Hat Course” itself. (It is perhaps the main thing I took away from that course.)

    When I look for “where Scientology went off the rails”, in that its practice was seeming to depart more and more from the earlier basic tenets, I seem to always come back to a failure of us supervisors to really get the students “thinking with” their subject. (for whatever reason)

    ANY hint that one is “not allowed” to question or challenge any idea is a small breath of death to the process of freeing beings, in my opinion.

    When my attention goes toward finding a “why” for “how did we get into this condition” as “Scientology”, I find myself looking at this area.

    Eric S

  155. +10000

    Very well said. Your writing summarizes and encapsulates the Co$/Scientology dichotomy really well.

  156. Yeah, there they are standing there in the bright sunshine with umbrellas in front of Marty’s house in the middle of the road.

    Just when you thought it couldn’t get nuttier.

  157. Isla, Chris and Rose werre also our team.
    Thanks for the news. My husband and I are also friends of Isla. We have seen her in action. Her caring was amazing.
    Her cat’s name was Crampon and he would sleep in the top basket of her desk in the AO. I was told by Isla that Crampon had had a severe accident at one point before our aquaintence, but was hanging on, and Eddie Dobbs, then Sen C/S, audited him back to full life. Thus the name Crampon. ( at the time that was also a new word learned for me)
    Isla told me that Crampon was no longer allowed on the base at one point. Then the berthing burned down one night, and while everyone got out safely Isla told me that she saw Crampon walk back into the flames turning and taking a long last look good bye to her. “It was time to go, he thought” Isla told me. And yes, she was heartbroken then too, but all suggestions for a new Kitty to fill the void were for naught.
    The only thing I could do was supply her as often as I could with a good portion of Trifle, which she loved.
    We thank her for having been there! We will remember her, and look out for her return!

  158. O Sam! What you wrote there could have come from my pen! I am SOOOOOOOO with you!
    I have always declared that if we can no longer communicate safely our points of view and the outpoints we observe within our group then we are rightfully called what we are being accused of by parts of the world at large,namely a cult.
    I am still communicatiing to friends on the inside and out, even though I am not connected anymore to any officialdom. Some of these terminals truly beleive they can salvage from the inside.
    Are they brave or blind? I bet on the latter.
    Sam, have some trifle, like Isla.

  159. Morning Karen,

    It was primarily Joe I believe but both brothers aided with Los Gatos’ boom days.


  160. YES, YES, YES.
    And nowadays the children of public, that still held out to total agreement with everything that comes through the pipeline is held hostage by forcefully recruting their children into the SO. Thus the “outsider” parents now have to tow the line in order to protect their children.
    What a trap!

  161. (it’s a long post – sorry)
    Mike: It’s doubtful you’ve ever meditated.

    However, one of the purposes of meditation is to slow the incessant thoughts rushing through our minds. Not to get rid of thoughts but slow them down and/or not get attached to daydreams, thoughts of revenge, conversations with yourself about how you should have answered this or that and the like. The list is as long as there are people on earth I imagine.

    TR 0 — train to BE there comfortably.

    Emphasis on BE is mine.

    How can you BE when daydreaming, having fantasies etc etc — you can’t. If your mind/thoughts carry you away while doing TR 0 to lunch, the irritation of the sup, the idea you have to start over etc., well — you aren’t doing TR0, are you? It’s the attachment to various thoughts that keep our minds occupied and not enabling us to BE.

    Before you make some a judgement such as the one you’ve made — I would suggest you get some meditation instruction — do it for at least a few months and then come back and let me know IF what LRH put together with TRs wasn’t some FORM of meditating.

    Yes, LRH made it very clear NOT to meditate. He made several disparaging remarks but that’s OK. I understand he didn’t want mixing of practices and that is perfectly understandable. Besides, yoga and mediation were all over the 70’s scene. He made a clear distinction and told his followers to do what he was teaching. Again, understandable.

    But until you meditate — how can you possibly tell me it’s not a “form” of meditating — different focus.

    You can’t. You are just quoting policy and therefore acting out in an truly uninformed manner.


    PS: LRH said Scientology was for the Western mind, which is different from the East. And that enlightenment through meditation/Eastern thought took endless lifetimes. Whereas Scientology could produce enlightened people faster. Fair enough – HOWEVER, LRH probably didn’t study Vajrayana Buddhism (those books weren’t translated in the 70’s — only recently), wherein it states you CAN become enlightened in one lifetime. Just takes A LOT of work. And LOTS of preparation. But doable in one lifetime.

  162. It’s not my intention to derail this wonderful article by Marty and video of Erin’s, by a discussing or arguing about meditation.

    And I am NOT advocating that practicing scientologists should meditate. Since I am no longer practicing scientology, I am free to practice other traditions and am free to make my own, perhaps incorrect, comparisons.

    I do not have an A=A between TRs and mediation. I said it was a FORM – and not a form that is traditional, I must add. (but LRH’s own creation) LRHs own spin on how to quiet the mind, but I don’t know for sure as we never discussed this. 🙂

    If anyone wants to further discuss, please contact Marty for my hushmail account.


  163. TheWidowDenk

    Actually, it’s more like a gaggle — in military slang, an unorganized group doing nothing …

  164. Boy, isn’t that the truth!

  165. Thanks for posting this, Eric.
    Betty was one of the most theta beings I’ve ever met. She was always able to be around and help when needed, but boy she maintained her independence. I stil remember her talk at our graduation when she came back from completing OTVII. Inspiring.

  166. Tom Gallagher

    Erin, Mosey & Marty-

    Thanks for another jaw-dropping glimpse into the mind of the psychotic sawed-off pope. His lunatic emissaries are resembling something akin to Lucifer’s children stirring a boiling cauldron all the while shrieking their conjuring incantations.

    Looks like Halloween came early this year……………….

  167. Has anyone ever considered that when Scientology is applied to a broad population, it works on some people, but on a lot of others it does not work at all. And on some others, it is actually harmful.

    And so when you are David Miscavige, and you look out across time at all the legal troubles Scientology has had, maybe he has made the decision, based on his own experience and viewpoint at the top, that it is a legal liability to apply Scientology too broadly.

    That’s why he re-arranged the Saint Hill Special Briefing Course to take out all the auditing actions until the end. That’s the reason for EVERYONE being taken off what they are on and being put on “The Basics”. That’s why he is emphasizing donations for buildings rather than delivering auditing and auditor training for income – especially the Class 8 course.

    Scientology does not work 100% of the time, even when correctly applied. And because so much money is involved, and because there are so many misrepresentations and hidden undue influences built into the subject, it consistently gets into costly legal difficulties.

    So DM’s answer is to become like a regular “Church” – reg donations from parishioners, and don’t deliver so much auditing.

    I think DM has decided that the more you deliver Scientology, the more trouble you get in. That’s what I think.

    Allen Stanfield

  168. What? and interrupt the enemy while they are making mistakes?

  169. …and humid. >:-)

  170. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Chris.
    That was good.

  171. martyrathbun09

    Allen, Are you now getting the idea why I think you do such great service to David Miscavige?

  172. Tony DePhillips

    Totally unreal.

  173. Not really.

    But if you’d care to lay out your argument for why I do such a great service to DM, using specifics, I would definitely read and do my very best to understand your viewpoint.

  174. The video of the imbeciles holding umbrellas and wearing blue raincoats (prior to Erin’s speaking) tells the state of the organization at this point in time. Insane, full of hatred, whatever the dichotomy of “professional” is, stupid, ridiculous, and worse, describe the scene. How can these idiots have an iota of self-respect? They make the “church” look like a farce, a scam, an embarrassment unto itself. If they had ANY sense, they would be ashamed. DM is a delusional fool for thinking it is a good idea, having those people act like they are fresh out of a looney bin. How horribly embarrassing!!!!!! It makes one be prepared, in case someone asks, “Are you in or were you in the Church of Scientology?” with the answer, “What is that?” If LRH were in a grave, he’d be turning over in it at the speed of light!

  175. There was a time when stores like Seven Eleven had a problem with gangs hanging out in their parking lots at night. They solved the problem by playing classical music over the outside speakers.

    Maybe you could put together a short tape of music that the ass clowns wouldn’t like. Have it played continuously at a volume that they could hear but that wouldn’t disturb the neighbors.

  176. Allen Stanfield: “Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah ….”

  177. Orthodox Scientologist

    I had to share this link regarding stats. This is what the Cof$ is calling expansion, it’s on their website.
    Interesting, any organization, any business, any entrepreneur and certainly any true Scientologist with basic production understanding does not, in the least, consider this as “Expansion”. Where’s the beef?

  178. Sam, 1,000,000% for all the attention we have on the sit, just think if we put that attention on applying the tech and sharing the tech? We might just achieve a cleared planet.

  179. dankoon

    I think you have the right “who” for most of the current situation “the church of Scientology” finds itself in, but I personally think we have to look a lot deeper in order to actually “handle the situation and any danger in it”. It could easily happen that, with David Miscavige out of the picture, you might simply find another “messiah” steps up and takes the reins. When power is to be had, power mongers will covet it.

    To me the real problem has an “earlier beginning”. Something was already wrong, or missing, in order for him to have been able to
    accomplish what he has.

    I do not believe that that flaw will be found within the philosophy or auditing technologies of Dianetics or Scientology, I believe that the flaw is in “policy.”

    I like this definition of “policy” in this application (from “Modern Management Technology Defined”)
    14. a method of bringing about agreement and communication along certain matters which lead to a higher level of survival. They lead to a higher level of survival if they are good policies, they lead to a lower level of survival if they are poor policies and they lead to complete disaster if they are bad policies. (SH Spec 57 6504C06)

    I think I can safely say that we are pretty much looking at “disaster” here.

    Those “poor policies” and “bad policies” need to be ferreted out and replaced with “good policies” if we expect any likelihood of “preventing the condition from recurring”. If Scientology, as a group, or maybe even as a subject, is to survive, IT MUST CHANGE ITS UNWORKABLE AND DAMAGING POLICIES. I do not think that these will be “little” policies either. They will likely be some of the major operating policies. And I think that it would be extremely unwise to only look at “recent” policies.

    My “departure ” from Scientology is based on my recognition that I could no longer abide by certain of its POLICIES.

    The madman in charge is running the “church” like a sociopath on meth, granted, but flaws in policy gave him the key that opened the door for him.

    That is my two cents.

    Eric S

  180. very nice…………….

  181. +100000000000000000

  182. “Scientology does not work 100% of the time, even when correctly applied.”

    How do you know that?

  183. Ros – my total favorite 😀

  184. “Allen Stanfield” is the same guy who use to post on ESMB under the name of “Alonzo”.

    Typical ESMB, suppressive, ignorant, no case gain viewpoint. Alonzo isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed.

  185. “They are nucking futs.” 🙂

    The real nut is the one who’s getting them to do it.

  186. Mat,

    Good idea. How about a little something from The Cult?

  187. Allen-Are you one of the people it didn’t work on?

  188. I’m not sure what the lyrics mean. The idea I get from the video is seeing the SP for what he is and fighting back or something along that line. I get the idea of a strong burst of energy (represented by the water) directed at the lower tone enemy. Theres a difference in wavelength (enemy solid, massy, forceful etc, music theta and more in the aesthetics/thought range) and a very powerful flow is created from this diffence. Similar to what we are seeing in the “Squirrel Busters” videos. I’m probably saying it all wrong. I’m studying my Basics, but I havent gotten to the PDC yet.

  189. “•The number of people newly introduced to Scientology and starting on training or counseling per week exceeds 26 times any previous week in history”



    Where are all these people?

  190. Eric, maybe, maybe not. The organizational structure as devised by LRH and laid out on the site might have some workability. It is also my reality that highly trained auditors never seemed to have a problem with applying policy sensibly. So, I agree with you in part that there is an earlier beginning, but it is in tech not policy.

  191. Thanks for clarifying Joe.
    I get a bit hot under the collar when it comes to any perceived criticism of LRH. Sorry if that wasn’t the intention. I personally never made the postulate that Ron’s word was gospel and I would agree with whatever he said. I just found in life that things tended to line up and agree with what he was trying to say.
    What’s true for you is true for you. Ron made that clear in all of his writing. He also consistently insisted that we think for ourselves and not play follow-the-leader like lost sheep. There’s always a danger that a leader will be put on a pedestal and worshipped as an idol by those who continually refuse to take responsibility for their own lives. I’ve seen the same phenomena played out on Marty’s lines. It isn’t something LRH wanted… But is sure as hell is something DM wants.
    We’re on the ‘same side’ Joe. That much I will acknowledge and I consider you a good friend regardless of any differences we may have. That’s a lesson that the sheep inside the church still need to learn. That there can (and SHOULD) be different realities but it doesn’t need to make us enemies.

  192. Alan

    OK let’s clear the air here. (a little “sudden” coming)


    Do you know the first thing about the technology you are attacking?

    You said…”it works on some people, but on a lot of others it does not work at all. And on some others, it is actually harmful.”

    That is like saying teaching people to swim is bad because some people, who do not know the correct technology, or misapply it, drown. It almost certainly NOT the “technology of swimming” that is at fault. It is the the person not using the correct technology correctly that brought about their demise.

    (end of “sudden”)

    Eric S

  193. Scientology works on some, not on others and the reasons are clearly written down by LRH. That’s why some people can’t get Scientology and only have one terminal; IJC.

    Broad application of Scientology has led to legal battles and the reasons for it were clearly written down by LRH. The only reason Orgs got into trouble was selling Scientology and then not delivering it. Davey’s answer of total sales and total non delivery is what has gotten him into more trouble he ever wished for.

    Total non delivery and taking everybody off auditing and training, the very reasons for Orgs in the first place, and milking everybody for more donations than he could ever hope to exchange, guarantees total out exchange and melt down of the cult he created.

    In the 60’s, 70’s and even 80’s Scientology was expanding greatly and it only collapsed after Davey build in some undue influences and alterations in the subject. So what’s now sold as Scientology doesn’t work 100% of the time, but then again, it’s not Scientology. It’s sold as Scientology but that can’t be delivered as it’s an alteration that doesn’t work, hence no exchange and more trouble for Davey and arrests for his buffoon teams.

    Davey hasn’t seen any legal trouble yet, just wait until TC, JT, Feshbacks, etc, find out. They’re social personalities and once they find out they’ll put ethics in on themselves, too bad for Davey as he can’t pay his way out; he gambles all the money left over after paying his PI’s, Lawyers, real estate, Freedumb writers, video goons and politicians.

  194. Another bizarre arbitrary. The last thing the church needs right now man.

  195. I remember we had an org staff party (Mountain View) at his home in Los Altos Hills back in 1994. It was a very nice place. Jessica was 12 I think. This is so sad.

  196. John Fennessey

    Michael, how right you are. Again.
    I just read Erin’s Diary. She knows, feels, understands, appreciates, perceives and questions pretty much everything that matters.
    I am glad I went there. Very nice, Erin.
    Marty, where do you find these folks. Myself excluded, this place is a gathering of Eagles.
    A pleasure to make your aquaintance.

  197. Think about this: Have you ever delivered a session to a pc who had a major life-changing win – huge win for the pc, he will never be the same again, he raves and raves for years – but you as the auditor know of at least 3 non-trivial mistakes you made in the session?

    And this: You deliver a picture-perfect rundown to a pc, 100% standard – no mistakes whatsoever – and the pc just goes through the motions at attest, leaves, and never comes back again?

    These things happen frequently in Scientology, and anyone who has been on staff *in a service org* sees them all the time. But in the Church, they are never allowed to question it.

    The only reason Scientologists believe the absolute that Scientology works 100% of the time, when correctly applied, is because LRH told them so, and they have never allowed themselves to question that.

    It is an absolute. It is not obtainable. It is actually an article of faith. It is not objectively true.

    So when Scientology gets in so much legal trouble, it is because of so much money being charged, so many misrepresentations, and much undue influence built into the subject. If you deleted those things from Scientology, and made it okay for it to sometimes not work on some people, then the trouble and the fanaticism and the craziness would be far far less for Scientologists.

    I believe there’s a chance for independent Scientologists to be able to create a Scientology that accomplishes this. But you have to let each other voice their doubts openly, make it safe to voice their own true opinions, and even allow open discussion of what you disagree with in Scientology, and with L Ron Hubbard.

    That environment, if held together, will bring about a better Scientology.

    Thank you for your kind consideration of my heretical remarks.

    Allen Stanfield

  198. Orthodox Scientologist

    Chris, It depends is it 26 x 1? Or 26 x 2? Actual numbers are never shown anymore so to say that some is 5x greater, 10x more, etc. is a camouflaged hole. 26x what number in that week?
    But that’s how they play. Basic data eval…missing data!

  199. Dan

    You see, now you got me thinking.

    I was going to say that perhaps the “Why” is an “ethics Why”, but as you say there also seems to be a “tech Why”, and then there is the “Admin Why”.

    It seems that “Ethics, Tech ,and Admin” are pretty inseparable. (who’d a thought eh?) All three are aspects of any survival or non survival action or intention. I am guessing that we both agree that there can not be lasting success unless all three are in alignment with the basic goals and purposes of Scientology, the philosophy. ( I do not consider that there is a “philosophical Why”, as I find very few outpoints in that area.)

    It may take some real digging and intelligent use of Data Evaluation to get to the bottom of it. I feel that until we do, Scientology will continue to “stumble over its own feet”.

    Thank you for your ideas on this.

    Eric S

  200. If you are going to ‘out’ people, you could at least get your names right. Allen posted as ‘Alanzo’ not ‘Alonzo’. A small distinction perhaps, but then I like things to be as accurate. Does the word ‘precision’ mean anything to you or is a almost instant read, an almost correct definition of a word or a nearly Floating Needle good enough?

    And after having sparred with Allen for some time now and spoken to him in person, it is clear to me that he is a sharp tool. Er, perhaps that didn’t come out right – what I meant to say was that he is certainly very intelligent and has been an outspoken critic for getting on for a decade. How long have you been raising your voice in protest, atcause?

    Are you saying that everyone on ESMB is suppressive, ignorant and has a NCG viewpoint (whatever that may be)? Sounds like a bit of a generality to me. But what do I know? You’ve already convinced yourself that my kind have nothing worth saying. Although if you were listening, I’d say that you seem to have a bit of an obsession with ESMB.


  201. Sara Finning

    “The number of people newly introduced to Scientology and starting on training or counseling per week exceeds 26 times any previous week in history”

    what does that mean?

  202. Spot on Joe!

    I’ve been trying to make the point that it CAN’T just be about DM, for a while now, but you have expressed it better. Yes, from what I’ve heard (but not seen for myself) he is a nasty piece of work. But what could he have done if no one listened to him or followed his stupid instructions?

    The culture of the CoS is one where you were presented with ‘The Truth’ and you were expected to do things a certain way or else. Kick up too much of a fuss and you were expelled so that you couldn’t infect the other members of the group with your heretical ideas.

    Yes, yes, LRH said that it was only true if it was true for you, but if you tried that excuse with the staff, you got short shrift – I know this from my own experiences. You were expected to conform. At least that’s how it was in my time.

    The whole culture and mindset within the group of people who call themselves Scientologists has to change. They need to be able to think and evaluate for themselves and not just follow orders blindly.

    And maybe being prepared to listen to another point of view even if it seems really unpalatable at first without automatically engaging in name-calling.


  203. Dan,

    First, thanks for pointing out that letter just written to the Special Directors of CST (posted at Brilliant! If it goes ignored or given the run-around, I hope the authors of the letter are prepared to take it to the next step by notifying the appropriate state and federal authorities who oversee corporate law and ethics.

    With regard to the need to re-visit certain LRH policies, I think it would be very short-sighted not to do so. “Disconnection” may have been “cancelled as a condition” in 1968, but it was never cancelled in practice. The then (and current) Suppressive Acts PL has always required Scientologists to disconnect from those individuals “declared SPs by HCO”. There may have been attempts to reform/revise this whole area of policy in the late1960s/1970s, but in actual practice because the SP Acts policy always had this requirement, enforced disconnection has always been active.

    With regard to “Fair Game”, the “declaring” of people as Fair Game may have been cancelled in 1968, but the confidential HCO PL “Targets, Defense” written for GO in 1969 (and later re-issued in 1987 for OSA) is just one example of a specific policy which bore LRH’s name, and which is part of the continuing practice of “fair gaming” the “enemy”. I’m not suggesting that Scientologists shouldn’t be smart about recognizing real suppression and confronting/handling it, but everyday groups face opposition all the time — and there are better ways of dealing with it than resorting to unethical and clandestine practices as described in policies such as “Targets, Defense” and other confidential OSA orders.

    All I’m saying is, let a real reform be done — the one that we all thought was done in the 80s with the GO, but as it turned out was only superficially done for PR and image reasons. I agree that Miscavige is the main WHO. But I think we need to recognize that certain policies and rules from the 1960s (written in completely different times and circumstances), need to be re-visited and revised or completely retired. And the internet has also changed how organizations and groups communicate and do business — LRH policies need to be re-evaluated in light of fundamental societal changes such as this imho.

  204. Reach out and touch David Miscavige

    Action Series 1: CST Independence.

  205. Sara — It means SFA.

    More Shermanspeak gibberish that cannot be understood, let alone verified.

    My bet would be its some sort of “interpretation” of Tony Muhammad telling the poeple at one of his lectures to look up words in the dictionary — this got 2,000 member of the NOI started on the “NOI Student Special Course.”

  206. WindWalker: I didn’t know Betty Lunde personally, only by name and good reputation.

    Living into her nineties is a good run, I’m sure you’ll be seeing her again!


  207. I’d play Ozzy Osbourne Live & Loud AFTER getting neighbors’ approval.

  208. This topic needs some Mel Brooks

  209. There is no beef. Miscavige is spinning his wheels with these “puff” statistics. This is all the evidence one needs to prove that no meaningful expansion (Auditors Made and PCs Processed) is happening in the CoM. Behind the scenes, the existing “in” Scientologists know that they are getting crush reg’ed ever more intensely each week for IAS, Super Power, Idle Orgs, etc. to help prop up these meaningless “statistics”.

  210. If this is even factual, then “newly introduced to Scientology” is probably counted by the number of web articles (“Press Releases”) that they publish about Scientology or Scientologists. Only problem with that is that the negative online articles far outweigh the good ones. But with a little wordsmithing, they clump it in with “starting on training or counseling” and they can accurately say that it is “26 times any previous week in history”. But the big ommitted fact is that the “introduced to Scientology” is almost entirely negative if one also includes all of the negative “online press” on Scientology.

  211. George, yours is an excellent post that could lead to an extraordinary online conversation over time.

    Esoteric phenomena, in and of itself, has no ultimate meaning in Buddhism. Contrast this with Scientology where needle phenomena indicates the next action to be taken.

    Buddhist meditation is highly focused looking.

    Scientology is also looking but with the goal in mind of OT VIII. The Bridge predetermines the outcome because there is an EP in Scientology. What do the highest unreleased OT levels result in? No one knows because the levels have never been released.

    Scientology Technology presently culminates in OT VIII.
    Buddhism culminates in Nirvana.

    There do not appear to be any Scientology Avatars or Spiritual Masters. Is this because Scientology is “Tactical spirituality” (Technology) whereas Buddhism is “Strategic Spirituality” (Transcendence)
    I would frame a discussion of Scientology and Buddhism in terms of comparing and contrasting Technology vs. Transcendence. This is not to say, however, that Buddhism is not technical. The Buddha was, and remains, one of the world’s best troubleshooters when it comes to human Consciousness. While Buddhists may protest that they are concerned only with Reality and not metaphysics, a surreptitious peek into their technical documentation reveals a treasure trove of jeweled boxes full of details about psycho-mechanics, angry ghosts, the body, FAQ’s, and troubleshooting guides for Reality.

    A quick look at a Buddhist glossary shows the following entries just for the letter S. These entries all have to do with the Buddha, meditation, and the states and parts of Consciousness:

    o samadhi
    o samatha (Skt. shamatha)
    o samsara
    o samyojana
    o Sangha
    o sati (Skt. smrti, Jap. nen)
    o samadhi.
    o Satipatthana Sutta


  212. Independent Scientologist

    Your two cents is worth a million dollars.

    Spot-on analysis!

  213. Not “outing” anyone. It’s pretty well known who he is.

  214. Yep, that’s about it. Alanzo is clueless and dim witted.

    He even stated that electric shocking people could possibly be good for them.

    He’s taken too many drugs in the past I suppose.

  215. “And this: You deliver a picture-perfect rundown to a pc, 100% standard – no mistakes whatsoever – and the pc just goes through the motions at attest, leaves, and never comes back again?

    These things happen frequently in Scientology, and anyone who has been on staff *in a service org* sees them all the time.”

    Give us a real life example of when this happened Alanzo/Allen and how you know yourself that it happened?

  216. Take note of this: Alanzo here is trying to INVALIDATE auditing. Very suppressive action on his part.

  217. “And this: You deliver a picture-perfect rundown to a pc, 100% standard – no mistakes whatsoever – and the pc just goes through the motions at attest, leaves, and never comes back again?”




    Where do you get these stories from? First hand observation or did someone tell you this that you are repeating like a duped parrot?

    Please give EXACT details on what you are saying happening.When, where and who was involved. or else it’s just made up suppressive BS.

    Details Alanzo, details.

  218. There’s the rule to follow! Who in the hell would want people in their living room that stand out in the street in front of someone’s house all day under umbrellas in rain gear in 100º F heat? Not just that they are odd, but they don’t want Marty in their church so then why come out to his house and bother him and then be offered an invitation to sit and chat about “old times”. I think the Squirrel Busters should F**K OFF! in as civil a manner as is possible, if possible for them.

  219. Not sure if I’m allowed to post here again.
    Have disagreements with Marty’s efforts to devide the FZ and independents. They are cooperating nicely.

    Despite all this I am in favour of his efforts and from time to time defend him on ESMB.

  220. Ralph Hilton

    I see several answers here. I’ll respond to all at once. I am in no way shape or form reasonable about Scientology.
    This isn’t the place to discuss meditation so I am not going to do it and have already come to my own conclusions about it which are not subject to discussion.
    I accept the rights of others to have their own beliefs however crazy they might be in my opinion and, as long as they do not cause damage to others, I will not interfere with those rights. Just please don’t expect me to spend my time discussing them.
    I personally think that anyone who meditates after being exposed to Scientology either didn’t read the material or didn’t apply it properly.
    And to answer windhorse question I have done all the released OT levels.

  221. Orthodox Scientologist

    Did you look at the web link? The entire Expansion is based on property and square footage. Not one new auditor, not one FSS, not one lecture delivered, not one VFP – all MEST acquisitions. Despicable.

  222. Ralph Hilton

    I have done that many times. My own way of applying Scientology is to treat the axioms as the senior datum.
    I was sent to cramming at Flag for technical errors and barely escaped a retrain when the PC said he’d never had a better session in his time in Scientology.
    Scientology, as applied in the current regime, really sucks.
    Good auditors know and apply the axioms as the senior data in Scientology.
    I must admit that I have had my failed cases and admit that I still have things to learn.
    My answer to those who critize Scientology is to suggest that they come up with better ways of auditing. I’m quite open to positive discussion with those who have spent thousands of hours in study of the work as I have done.

  223. Agreed. I dropped $50 in the mail today, and plan on sending a flow weekly. I’m sure every little bit helps. I too encourage everyone who feels they have an interest in Marty and Mosey accomplishing their goal, our common goal, of realizing the next chapter of Scientology minus the suppression to please send what you can.

  224. Sprinkler Tech.

    I can’t blame you, but Allender came up with it first or second. David miscavige installed some beauties endangering the traffic at hemmet.

    I know I know, gradients and the places I mentioned are not homes people live in. I would personnaly really turn the hose on them. but Stay Safe as my friend Boris Korzcak would say.

  225. Hey Chris,

    I’m just finishing up the PDCs. To borrow Marty’s words, they are magnificent. And they are very relevant to what you described, and the (cool) Foo’s video.

    Shoot me an email at mike at memphis dash handyman dot com.

  226. Michael Fairman

    Mel Brooks for sure. Mark Twain and Will Rogers, if they would bather

  227. Michael Fairman

    I mean “bother”

  228. plainoldthetan

    Sara: I did a 10-installment blog series on the vacuousness of Miscavige’s “stats” in the 2011 Maiden Voyage Events starting at

  229. Allen,

    Here’s something to consider.

    Scientology is “100% workable” the way the Scientific Method is “100% workable”. Users of both will (validly) argue the truism of both statements. They are both “applied philosophies”. Neither are perfect systems, but they both have self-correcting mechanisms built into them.

    The 100% workability of each relies on the personal ethics and honesty of the users.

  230. Ralph Hilton

    Just to add a clue – I have encountered many who think that they are avatars sent from the future, stiudied analytical gometry and think they could have done a better job than LRH if they had incarnated first, believe that they discovered Scientology first and LRH stole it despite their inability to tie their own shoelaces. I’ve had quite a few nutters turn up here as I’m sure Marty has.
    I’m here for those who want to do Scientology – people whio want to do other things can, I’m sure, find their own places to play.

  231. Rachel,

    My vote is for the theme music from POB’s “rolling thunder” presentations. More of his stuck in the 80’s crap, and these guys have already heard it a million times. It would probably drive the OT Asses to disappear right into their own asses. Nobody could take much of that for long. Problem is, I am not sure Marty and Mosey could either. That music could make a freight train take a dirt road.

  232. Sam,

    Ron? Ron who?

    I’ve read everything ABSOLUTELY about Scientology and never came across either this Ron nor anything he might have said about communication. Which makes me an expert on the subject.

    I just don’t understand why you Scientologists keep harping about communication. Nag, nag, nag. Who needs it? Nothing anyone says is worth hearing or reading anyways. So, what’s the big deal?

    Maybe, if you would bother to read Professor Fredrick Slutzenberg’s authoritarian treatise on all KNOWLEDGE, “An Abstractus Leviticus Methodologicallidist Means For Determining Neurological Density In Marginalized Segments of Populations Having Profound Intestinal Purges For Dummies.” It’s the most complete and simple explanation of Scientology I’ve ever read, covering the entire subject from the fifties to the present in nearly three beautifully written sentences on page 3,247 in a footnote on dust mite breeding. Professor Slutzenberg writes with the grammatical precision and spelling accuracy of Lewis Clark who was oddly related by having known a woman who saw a dog which ate a cat that lived to have kittens, one of which was adopted by a boy who grew to–well, I’m sure you’re familiar with the story.

  233. Guess that sums it up in a nutshell.

  234. Sam,

    If you are of “two minds” could I ask a favor? I seem to have lost mine. Life is so problematic without one. I just can’t seem to relate to anyone anymore. So…..

    Could you lend me one of yours? Please! Pretty please with sugar on it. Please, please, please.

  235. Mat, how about the PDC? Or something simpler. Just LRH speaking, not so loud as to be obtrusive.

    Maybe some of this alter-is and BPC could be blown by getting them back to the actual source. Maybe rehab a few times when they actually had cogs listening to the Old Man. Bring them up scale a bit.

    That is, if they still recognize his voice.

  236. Exactly Marty. Enough said.

  237. And I want to clarify a smidgeon on this topic “people…that stand out in the street in front of someon’s house all day under umbrellas in rain gear in 100º F heat w/clear blue skies overhead” in case there was any doubt.

  238. Tony, the Squirrel Busters are out there in front of the house in bright sunshine with no clouds holding their umbrellas dressed in their Sears rain gear just like any “NORMAL CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY MEMBER” would do. I guess that makes me abnormal now doesn’t it? For not approaching a situation in that manner and for good reason no?

  239. martyrathbun09

    You mispercieve because you listen and don’t look.

  240. DM = The ultimate HERETIC from within,
    David Miscavage = the ultimate SQUIRREL from within,
    COB = the ultimate 1.1 personality poised to DESTROY truth,
    Little “big man” = scum sucking, bottom feeding, SUPPRESSIE asshole.
    In the end, LRH wins.
    In the end, WE win.
    Thank you Marty and all INDIES!!!!!

  241. Yes, I was agreeing with you.

  242. Jethro Bodine

    Jessica would have been 18 in 1994. She’s 35 now.

  243. All we have to do, Mike, is continually play Jeff Pomerantz’ voice-overs, as loud as humanly possible, several hours per day.

    Next thing you know, the Nut Suckers will be wearing ear protection devices under the hoods of their ponchos.

  244. Great tune Colwell.

  245. Mike,
    A POB fav, I Want Your Sex, by George Michael.

  246. Actually the purpose of TR 0 is to BE there comfortably and *confront* WH.

    Its actually a training drill though it does have therapeutic value its purpose is to train auditors and get them familiar with the comm cycle.

    Much has been said by the Ol’man about someone not mastering TRs not really mastering anything further in Scientology.

    And these ass clowns in front of Marty’s house are a perfect example of this.

    Their confront is so low that they can’t even confront getting a little wet. So they stand around in 100 degree weather wearing rain gear.

    That’s insane!

  247. Margaret, you have made my point for me. In my experience, tech people never though it necessary to rely on disconnection or fair game. They knew things could be handled in session with maybe a dose of ethics restraint while the processing worked its magic.

  248. Terril: I am absolutely dumbfounded at this preposterous assertion.

    Who the hell is feeding you this bullshit, man ?

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  249. Tony DePhillips

    I have noticed this about Allen.
    He starts things off with something that creates some ARC. Then he feels compelled to derail whatever else is going on and become VERY INTERESTING. It seems that he sort of wants to be the focal point and he thinks the way to do that is to go into heavy out ARC after he has created some ARC. That’s my take on it anyway. I have observed him doing this for a couple of years now.

  250. Allen,
    I think you do have the rights to openly state your doubts here and I admire your courage to do so as it opens the door to improvement. So, let’s move you up a little higher here.

    The literally letter perfect auditor was introduced by Davey and is used as a major auditor inval tool. If you make a pc as-is a lot of mass and while doing so you notice 3 major points of improvement you have done yourself a great favour by allowing your own abilities to improve as well.

    You’re not 100% perfect as that’s unobtainable but you work towards the ideal for you and your pc; that’s the most pro survival gradient you can work on.

    There’s no such thing as delivering a letter perfect rundown, especially when there’s no results. In that case there were GAE’s in C/Sing and auditing. You may think you did perfect but didn’t get the W/H and the pc F/N’s on an ARCX needle and blows. Now you’re in a mystery as you don’t know what you missed but getting the pc back in session and puling the W/H will revitalize you and your goals instantly. Even when you picked up all W/H’s but try to run the wrong rundown, the pc objects and may not return (but it’s rare and even more so that the pc never voiced it).

    These and all other common mistakes have been made ever since the subject came into existence. The game is to make as little as possible and if made, repair them as quickly as possible. There’s lots of Tech to that end.

    It’s good that you start questioning these points and don’t take it as an authoritarian truth but you’ll have to investigate a little further and find out what really happened and what the Technical reasons were and what the Tech tells you to do about it. I, for one, did so and have little mysteries left as to why a process works or doesn’t work, why a pc gains or doesn’t. And I tell you, the amounts of losses are minimum and fully explained.

    You have to maintain your integrity though, so questioning is very good as LRH tells you to; he’d be offended if you didn’t. Once you accept one little unexplained arbitrary you open yourself to accept the next one and before you know you’re looking for 3 swings or 3 can squeezes or throw overboard PTS Tech or…

    The misrepresentations, fanaticism, craziness and undue influences should indeed be deleted and that’s what we’re doing here. The exchange factor should be reinstated and that’s another goal but like the laws of gravity and electricity, the Tech is based on the agreed upon considerations of this universe. It may not be workable in another universe but here MEST rules and those rules have to be followed if you wish to reverse engineer yourself out of it.

    I wish you good luck on your sincere quest for truth.

  251. “Scientology is “100% workable” the way the Scientific Method is “100% workable”. Users of both will (validly) argue the truism of both statements. They are both “applied philosophies”. Neither are perfect systems, but they both have self-correcting mechanisms built into them.”

    Scientists should and do not make the claim that the scientific method is “100%” workable, because it really isn’t. It doesn’t matter whether the scientist is an honest man or a conman. It provides you with several tools on how to approach a problem. Some may be useful, others may lead you to a dead-end. There is no one-size-fits-all method on how to conduct research. But going about it in a scientific fashion probably still is the best way to approach the unknown.

    “The 100% workability of each relies on the personal ethics and honesty of the users.”

    Certainly the application does depend a great deal from the integrity of its users. But you’re saying it works 100% when their personal ethics are in and they are honest. Making the logical inversion of your predicate, you’re saying: if it does not work, the user was out-ethics or dishonest.

    You realize, that anyone can always use this as a killer argument to explain away why something Ron wrote did not work for this person or that person in that specific instance?
    Consequently, when investigating why something failed, one will look for an SP connected to your PC, or overts of that individual. And you will always turn up something given enough sec checking. What you leave behind as a blind spot, the stable datum that never even has a chance to be falsified, is the datum that the tech is 100% workable.
    But once a system is devised that forbids certain datums to be questioned, this datum has become faith, not science.

  252. George M. White

    Refreshing to hear such insight.
    My view is that the “narrartive” assumes the greatest importance in Scientology while the state of consciousness is more important in Buddhist meditation. Even in sec-checking, the idea is to look for the old narratives and “erase” them. LRH was an author and he wrote a lot of stories and his talent found expression in the OT levels. In contrast, the discourses of the Buddha are practical teaching instructions.
    I agree many are “trouble shooting” guides.
    You don’t find “incidents” as “records” in meditation. In contrast, meditation is centered on the “now” or the present moment.
    Many old OT’s are happy to hear that there is an end in Buddhism which is Nibbana. Also, everything you need has been released for 2,600 years.
    You don’t pay with your life savings and there are no revisions.
    The PATH in Buddhist meditation is in the words of the Buddha like an ancient city overgrown with leaves and trees. We clear it and follow it.
    It is also like a raft which is used to cross a stream which we then quickly disgard.
    Much loving-kindness,

  253. Thanks Mike. Helping them is helping me. I will send a weekly flow too.

  254. George M. White

    Much loving-kindness!

  255. Mike, the people in front of Marty’s house are in much worse condition than overt whores. They pretend they are holy, while they contribute to a very unholy purpose, to punish. Whores give pleasure. These people punish. You do the math.Hubbard marked whores at 1.1, not taking into account some women are just hungry and desperate and are not hostile they just want to get high or have a room to sleep in or eat. O.K., he grew up in the Midwest. Not Da Nang or Manhattan. (Does anyone ever take responsibility for Hubbard?) He puts prostitutes at 1.1. These people in front of Marty’s house are way lower than 1.1. Protecting bodies is -2,2. Accountable is 0.7. Why would they be there at all if they were not making amends? -1.0 is BLAME. They are into BLAME. Who with any dignity would be making such a fool of themselves on the streets is not at -6.0 Sacrifice? Don’t dignify that woman as a whore. She doesn’t have the energy to give someone a blow job.

  256. (am answering here – rather than get lost in over 250 responses)

    Ralph: Your comment “I personally think that anyone who meditates after being exposed to Scientology either didn’t read the material or didn’t apply it properly ” comes from not knowing me and is perhaps indicative of what appears to be a rigid point of view. You make a serious judgement and thus potentially close yourself off from the fruits of observation and possible growth.

    My scientology life ended in ’93 after 20 years of devotion not by me but directly by those dmbots who follow LRH policy/advises without understanding but robotically.

    At that time, there was not to my knowledge an independent field I would have even thought of availing myself. Captain Bill as sweet as he was was into some other type of philosophy full of space ships etc. I knew Alan Waters personally and while he might have changed, at that time he wasn’t someone I would go to — and the list continues.

    I therefore went to LRH for my answers and found a rather wonderful endorsement of buddhism. And thus, my journey began.

    Now, almost 20 years later we are in a NEW era. We are being challenged, each of us, to touch our OWN humanity – to find our basic goodness and from THAT place release ourselves from the two-dimentional world of this and that, my good his bad, and join hands rather than cast aspersions.

    We are not so different, you and I Ralph. At our core, we wish for personal happiness as well as the happiness and lessening of suffering of others.


  257. Nothing in the above comment by me is meant to imply that there are not differences between practices and philosophies. Of course there are.

    HOWEVER, to divide ourselves BECAUSE of what we practice and even how we practice is to continue to create a world where humanity is divided.


  258. Excellent point, Margaret. And thank you for your kindness.

    I would argue that the personal ethics and honesty of the users must be supported by a culture which allows and even cultivates that honesty. In the Church, almost every ethical and honest examination of the workability of Scientology is met with an “instant attack”, per KSW.

    This creates an environment where reliance on the personal ethics and honesty of the users is not possible – especially over time. And this creates a blindness in Scientologists where they can not, or will not, see the true results of Scientology.

    By the way, kindness is a very reliable indicator of true spiritual progress. Again, thank you.


  259. Now that is a prime example of an ESMB type communication – third partied to the ying yang. It’s not that the people are bad on that board, it’s rather that the common denomiator of communication there is all mocked up on a key board with lots & lots of think… and very little if any real world observation.

  260. Maybe Allen deeply cares about the points he makes.

    Have you ever considered that?


  261. LOL! Oh god, why do I think you’re not joking…

  262. TheWidowDenk

    Mike — Good idea about “the theme music from POB’s ‘rolling thunder’ presentations.” Tho I doubt the neighbors would approve.

    Really nice allusion you present about “that music could make a freight train take a dirt road.”

    Close to two hours of Ozzy Osbourne Live & Loud heavy metal would probably be a pleasure moment compared to that.

  263. Yvonne Schick


  264. I have to throw in my 2 cents for what it’s worth. Allen seems to love controversy. But and a big but is that the entrance into Scientology is on the ‘help’ button. If you don’t require help, well… nothing much is going to work for you, why would it, you don’t need it. And it appears that holds quite true for those like Alanzo who have all the questions and especially when his answers or responses are always with futher questions. The old cat chasing its tail trick, Q&A personality for those in the know.
    Help unfortunately is a loaded gun. It has been used a little too often to trap and betray but hey, a little humility and courage goes a long way and if you really pay close attention with Scientology data those like DM and others with life goals of unacceptable social consequences come into view. Scientology is not a toy nor a hyperthetical discussion, grow a pair and put it to use and you’ll soon see. Controversy and being a know it all are simply vias, & this universe just loves vias and has all the time in the world to get fully acquainted with you.

  265. (WH, am piggy-backing/slipstreaming here for the same reason.)

    Much of human argument boils down to vocabulary. Words. Symbols. But the word is not the thing.

    Religions squabble about which God is the right God, but the actual God or creator exists, independent of the conversation; and the conversation doesn’t change the nature of that creator.

    At the level of perceiving a wall, arguing about the color of a wall does not change the color. Arguing about who or what created the elements and conditions which result in the wall, the debaters and the color does not change who or what created them.

    Awareness is awareness. The things awareness becomes aware of may change, but the awareness retains its basic nature and quality. This doesn’t mean that awareness cannot grow, or gain or lose understanding or ability. It just means that no matter what you write on the “paper” the paper retains its nature. (And let’s not get complex with arguments about burning paper and tearing it and the rest. It’s just an incomplete and inadequate analogy.)

    Humans have sunk into the prison of “means” of awareness. Perception channels. Brains. Neurons. Sensory paths. Images. Thoughts. Beliefs. Considerations. Opinions.

    Feelings. Fingers, eyes, tongues, noses, ears, etc.

    These means of awareness exist on many levels. The physical is one. Emotions and minds are others. Ideas, images, thoughts are others. But there are also subtle and seemingly elusive spiritual means of awareness which can trap awareness as easily as a body or mind or “image.”

    The forms by which that-which-precedes-awareness takes to “be aware” are plentiful and diverse. Yet, that-which-precedes-awareness remains simple and without form.

    The goal of all those seeking truth is to gain awareness of the truth. Any means by which one gains truth has validity, whether through meditation, auditing, TRs, or sitting on the front porch smoking a corncob pipe.

    In the past, I’ve studied Buddhism and gained awareness of that which precedes awareness. I’ve studied Scientology and gained awareness of that which precedes awareness. I’ve studied Yoga and gained awareness of that which precedes awareness. I’ve been a Christian monk and gained awareness of that which precedes awareness.

    I’ve been involved in so many journeys which have no names now, but all lead to the same place; it is only the means of travel that differs.

    Of course, I’ve also traveled false roads that lead to fabrications which are presented as the truth. Pretensions of truth. And each of those roads leads to a seemingly different place which is really only an altered manifestation of what prevents one from finding the truth.

    In the end, the means of travel and the road traveled are irrelevant. The argument over what to take and how to travel become meaningless when you arrive. None of those arguments are of value.

    We can caution travelers on the road to see through false truths that impede progress, but we can never describe nor enumerate all of those things which might become manifest. We can only describe how they are manufactured and how they become manifest. Other than that, the manifestations are infinite in potential.

    The argument about TRs and meditation depend on the understanding of the ultimate accomplishment of each. The further one moves from the true potential of each, the more different the means seems. Each leads to pure being, pure awareness.

    Aware of what? Well, aware of that which is aware. Aware of the body being aware? Aware of the mind being aware? Aware of the “spirit” being aware? Aware of the body, mind and thetan sitting across from you being aware?

    Aware of being there? There? THERE?

    To be aware of “there” and to be aware of being aware are both ultimately accomplished by both “TRs” and “meditation.” The end becomes the same.

    The difference is the incorrect practice of either. Incorrect practice. When the incorrect practice falls away, one has arrived correctly in both.

    Times change and methods change, but over two thousand years ago, when we “meditated” there was no practical difference between that and doing OTTR0 or TR0 except no one sat in a chair in front of you. It was simply awareness reaching out, confronting that which was there, without evaluation or invalidation.

    To believe that you can only do TRO while sitting in a chair is to misunderstand the potential of the exercise. Just as to belief that one can only reach out to find answers and understanding while being audited is a misunderstanding of the potential of that exercise.

    A football player does squats in the gym, not so he can endlessly do more squats in the gym but so he can have power to accomplish physical feats outside the gym. One does TRs and meditates, not so one can do more TRs and meditation but so one can achieve awareness and confront outside the exercise.

    Value is assigned. Rightness is assigned. Arguing about the rightness and value of methodology will never change that which precedes awareness, will never change Prime Consciousness.

    If you came across someone who was completely there, completely able to confront you as a body, mind, spirit, you would not know if that person gained that ability through TRs or meditation. You would simply be swept up in the experience of another being completely aware of you.

    Done correctly, each arrives at the same thing, each produces the same result.

    It is only at lower understandings of each that the differences seem dramatic. The lower you go, the more dramatic the incorrect practice becomes. The higher you go, the more incorrect practice falls away and one becomes aware of the same thing.

    There are so many false ideas and fabrications of what these things are. We argue over words and definitions and procedures while these things are so very, very far down the scale of what is important.

    Once “to argue” meant to clarify. Now it means a heated confrontation to determine rightness. Arguing with fools is a tedious exercise in hamster heartbeats.

    But arguing sure can be amusing.

    Keep your eye on the prize.

  266. Yvonne Schick

    Love you, Windhorse. Thank you for the concepts you express so eloquently. I appreciate that you have a well thought out viewpoint. No need for any make wrongs.

  267. stephen sarocky

    A physical outflow would help, I think, to balance this inflow from Miscavige

    It would be a good idea to have someone physically on the ground in LA or in Clearwater giving this info to Scientologists who are getting services.
    Passing out flyers or photos showing where their money is going would certainly be enlightening to a lot of people already financially strained.

    A Paypal account can be set up to take a monthly contribution automatically. You might be able to fund someone in one or both locations to piss off Miscavige on his home ground. A monthly $5 or $10 contribution from hundreds of people could be a way to do this.

  268. Hi Eric,
    An excellent area to look at. Something I noticed in my last several years in the Co$ was points 7 and 10 of the Supervisor’s Code was completely out in the vast majority of courserooms. Point 7. “the supervisor will be able to correlate any part of Scientology to any other part and to livingness over the eight dynamics.” Point 10. “The supervisor must be an accomplished auditor.”
    At Tampa they had 5 supervisors and not one of them was an auditor, let alone an accomplished auditor. Only one had any real concept of how the tech applied to any aspect of “real life.”
    It’s not that they were bad people, it’s that they really had no KRC for the subject and they were being forced to bypass KRC with GAT. Robot all the way.


  269. This has me in tears. It’s not just cruelty, it’s depravity.

    God damn them all to hell!!

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  270. Erin, that is a wonderful endorsement, and I am incredibly happy for your wins. The juxtaposition of you, winning, against the coven of idiots behind you is very, very effective.

    Once again, Mosey’s sum-up is so cogent and clearly states it all:

    Marty is auditing while these guys are riding around in golf carts.

    The difference is clear.

  271. Michael Fairman

    Absolutely. To imply there is either LRH’s philosophy or there is nothing is fallacious. It brings about the idiotic and destructive elitism that serviced so much hate of the past , services the hate of the present, and if it continues to be tolerated, the future.

  272. Komra Moriko


  273. Tony DePhillips

    Hi Lawrence,
    I’m not sure whetther to say yes or no in response to this… 🙂
    My answer is, you are right.

  274. I personally think that anyone who meditates after being exposed to Scientology either didn’t read the material or didn’t apply it properly.


  275. Stephen,

    Great idea. Where do we send the money?

    Are you in Clearwater or LA? If you are taking one of the locations, perhaps someone who reads this can take the other.

  276. Rachel: I nearly used my other favorite, but it’s probably not polite. “That music would scare buzzards off a sh*twagon.”

  277. Tony, something about you spells close friend. Thanks.

  278. Wow — tough comment. Remind me not to piss you off….

  279. Are you saying that everyone on ESMB is suppressive, ignorant and has a NCG viewpoint (whatever that may be)?

    The in-house resident Trolls waiting to leap out and pounce on anyone at every opportunity something positive is mentioned about Scientology … pretty much are.

    ESMB = Ex-Scientology Message Board

    I’m not an Ex-Scientologist, but and ex-churchie.

    Thus ESMB has nothing to do with me, and is by it’s very designation indifferent and even hostile to LRH Tech.

  280. Have disagreements with Marty’s efforts to devide the FZ and independents. They are cooperating nicely.

    If you practice Standard Tech you’ll find yourself among plenty of friends.

  281. Tony DePhillips


  282. Les,

    Involuntary commitment is something we fought against for many years.

    It is a fascistic approach to mental treatment and to see you supporting it here has me flabbergasted.

    By the way diagnosing someone’s mental condition using wikipedia is about as reliable as using the DSM.

    I suggest you read Szasz’s ‘The Manufacture of Madness’ and ‘The Myth of Mental Illness’.

    Yes having the state commit them may be a expedient way to handle these annoying people until the state decides to come after *you*.

    The fact that you’d even suggest such a brutal approach indicates to me that Miscavige is merely a stalking horse.

    How can we assume the high ground in this fight with the captive Church of Scientology if we support psychiatric methods for handling our opponents?

  283. George M. White

    The Buddha was reluctant to teach and you don’t need to meditate:
    The Buddha Gotama said:
    “The teaching is here and now inviting one to come and see to be known by the wise, each for himself.”

    Much Loving-kindness,

  284. i have a question …a bit off the thread but i was wondering if those of you who have been able to leave ….still think that Scientology should be tax exempt ? ( no confrontation here …just asking )

  285. Talk about! BAM!

  286. Wow!


    Maybe you should take over for the COB!

    You probably stated here the possible Raison d’être for the Golden Age of Tech and other alterations and what makes him the perfect unwitting agent of SMERSH.

    Yes even though Miscavige is poorly educated in the subject he thinks that he is capable of “perfecting” it.

    The objective of any squirrel who can’t apply the technology.

    Instead of looking at their own faulty application. They blame the tech and think the tech must be wrong because they are always right of course.

    Actually if you look at the actual history of Scientology prior to the coup. The main trouble the Organization had was from Governments who wanted to keep their populations ignorant and unaware so they could fleece them for taxes and send their children to useless wars in the name of “democracy” against “enemies” they themselves created through bad diplomacy or elitists who thought the only use for mental technology was to control the riff raff.

    Unlike other practitioners in the mind and spirit Scientology offered a full refund if the person was dissatisfied with the services rendered.

    So if for some reason Scientology didn’t work on you. You could always get your money back.

    So what’s the problem with that Alanzo?

    As anyone who has actually applied the technology correctly knows the tech *always* works and works well.

    So what is your problem there Alanzo?

    Is is because you like David Miscavige have no familiarity with the actual technology and only think you do?

    By the way it does have 100% workability when correctly applied.

    It was 100% workable prior to the “Golden Age of Tech” however thanks to Miscavige’s “bright idea” based on an eval written by a complete *idiot* workability is now more the exception than the rule.

    A result all SPs should be quite happy with.

  287. Another layer-I’ve commented before that you can see such people carrying huge billboards and babbling incoherently around Bourbon Street just like this.

  288. Windhorse~Took me more than 10 years and this blog to realize such a powerful thing as what you wrote. A to B – we’ve all gotta get there and it’s not a race against one another. We all have to get to the finish line in this universe. ALL.

  289. Joe,

    I see you failed to make the distinction between “non compliance” to a legal order based on policy and one that is illegal and destructive.

    I don’t know about anyone else but the latter were orders I always queried even if they ostensibly came from the Ol’man himself.

    I also applied the HCOPLs Hidden Data line, Policy, Source of, Seniority of Orders, Orders Illegal and Cross, How to Defeat Verbal Tech and of course as alluded to earlier Orders Query of.

    These PLs should be part of SSII as well since they are a contained in Vol 0 and if they weren’t then that course has simply been *sabotaged*.

    Again I don’t know about anyone else but the reason the Organization and I parted company had nothing to do with their strict adherence to Tech and Policy but their lack of it and their proclivity to follow the ravings of a simple simon psychotic lunatic because he happened to be the Chairman of some Board which supposedly made him a tin star dictator.

    As I have written before.

    The man is incapable of leading a conga line.

    Also in my opinion it is very “wog” to place one’s faith in a leader of any kind anyway.

    Also you say that Ron said the Mark V never F/Ned properly. There is nothing anywhere were he ever said such a thing!

    Meter reading has always been considered important. In fact there are at least 100 Briefing Course Lectures where he talks about the importance of good metering.

    It is not something he suddenly thunk up in the early ’70’s nor does the C/S series cancel any earlier material on C/Sing cases. It only complements it.

    I suggest you read C/S Series 2 and 13R.

    In the issues you seem to be complaining about a non issues and this one about Ron invalidating the V meter is false.

    Even up to the point I left the Organization it was still called the “work horse meter”.

    In conclusion Joe you talk a good game but you never back up your critique of the policy or tech with any actual references like many “critics” of the subject.

  290. Margaret and Dan,

  291. To answer your question Kim,


    The fact that the Organization has been seized by a conspiracy as some us believe or by a lunatic as many others believe does not change the fact that Scientology is a religion.

    Would you ask the same thing of the Roman Catholic Church after their pedophile scandal?

    The constitution protects us from those who think they are God and who believe they can determine what is a religion and what is not.

    In this country you have the right to practice any religion you chose just as long as you obey the law of the land.

  292. The PL 16 May 80 does not recommend diasconnection at all. It only has handle. For the PC that includes the technical handling for the condition (the PTS RDN exsist at this time as does the Suppressed Person RDN. It also includes “Identification of a Suppressive person is not done lightly because of suspicion or rumor or opinion An understanding of HCOB 27 Sept 66 THE ANTI-SOCIAL PERSONALITY : THE ANTI-SCIENTOLOGIST is a requisite. It is the actions of an individual or group which are the criteria, the positive and the negative.”

  293. Another portion of this PL is “There is no practice of “disconnection” allowed in the Church of Scientology. The first step of handling anything is gaining the ability to face it. Perhaps it will seem too much to handle but the Scientologist who continues to confront and handle the situation will gain more than the increased understanding of the other person. He will know that he handled , despite all invitations to do otherwise.” “The materials of the PTS and SP Detection, Routing and Handling Course , which are mandatory for the individual with a PTS situation, provide the technology for handling.” “Communication is the iniversal solvent. Understanding a situation permits one to handle it.” Also in this PL it states “The Scientologist is at all times expected to follow the Code of a Scientologist and the Creed of the Church . This applies fully to dealings with Suppressive Persons or Groups. The fact that a person or group has been declared a suppresive does not justify mistreatment of that person of group.. There isw no other policy which takes precedence in the handling of Suppresive persons or Groups than this Policy Letter.”
    All of the above text is in fact in the 16 May PL 80 which cancelled all prior issues . ONLY THANKS TO DM WAS THE LATER REISSUE OF THIS PL REINSTATING DISCONNECTION ETC. So yes Dan the handling was in the tech issues as you said. And also the mistreatment of thoase declared is also covered in full. And the signatory on this mimeo issue is L RON HUBBARD-for the BOARDS OF DIRECTORS of the CHURCHES OF SCIENTOLOGY. BDCS:LRH:bk

  294. martyrathbun09

    I wish the RCS would stop practicing disconnection on innocent people and start practicing it on me.

  295. Sam, that is a great statement. It is the most ridiculous thing, but the reason you are out of the church is BECAUSE the Church of Scientology is composed of ignorant moron criminal types. Short sweet and to the point. In all my years reading books, buying books, being on staff, paying for auditing, getting some auditing, buying tapes, donating to this cause and donating to that cause, I have never, ever, ever become friends or even casual acquaintance to one of the people in the church that were so determined to “get me up the Bridge”. Because it is a lie that this is the business they are in, and it is an MU of anyone {no fault of their own} reading something by LRH and then cogniting that the “Church of Scientology must be for them”. That person is cogniting right into the hands of depraved lunatics. And they are depraved lunatics no matter how much auditing and training they boast of having done. It is an organization that defies reform, denies the truth, supports lies and causes problems for itself that “innocent cogniters” are supposed to sit down and figure out how to finance. It sure wasn’t my idea. And it sure was not what I expected when I got involved. I thought *I* would be the one that might not “make the grade”. They are not people {the church} anyone should be able to mistake for decent human beings never mind invalidate themselves to the point of ever wanting to seek peace with them. If the church started the trouble then let them finish it. It is sad Sam, but look at the bright side, you are OT forever, and you can come back and never have to have something like that ever happen to you once or even again. That is the joy of knowing the true tech. It is good for not only this life, but many more to come.

  296. Thanks Erwin, for recognizing my rights to state my doubts, certainties, and uncertainties about Scientology and my courage to do so here.

    I will take your thoughts into consideration, and I thank you for treating me with kindness, like a fellow human being.

    Allen Stanfield

  297. I also want to thank Marty for publishing my posts here.

    I see it every time you do.


  298. CD,

    How is that ol’spook Boris doing?

    By the way he does put out some interesting vids with some good pointers on the craft.

    Almost as much fun to watch as “Burn Notice” 🙂

    Yeah I impressed how Marty has kept his cool in on all of this.

    Courage under fire.

    Still I think he should invest in a water balloon launcher and a supersoaker 🙂

    This whole thing reminds of the movie Straw Dogs starring Dustin Hoffman.

  299. Yeah Marty, ain’t that the truth.

    I wouldn’t mind some disconnection either! Amazing how selective it is. When they think disconnection will be beneficial to them, its enforced with an atomic branding iron. But if its suits POB/RCS they want to be so connected its not funny. They can’t stand for you to be out of their sight for a minute! And want to be constantly communicating…

    A bit of a contrary fact how the OTAsses are not required to disconnect from what they claim is the biggest SP in this or any other universe, but meanwhile they are enforcing parents to disconnect from their children because the family members have friends on Facebook who are unacceptable to the church because they don’t pay their extortion.

    The height of hypocrisy.

  300. Tony DePhillips

    Maybe Allen should learn how to communicate better so he can get answers without appearing like a rude asshole.

  301. martyrathbun09

    The Comm Course can help with that.

  302. 1.1

    Sorry Allen. I don’t know you and I’m not judging you, but your comments here are strange. I don’t know what you want.

  303. RJ .~ thank you for your response.and i support your right to practice and believe whatever you wish – however…I honestly do not think that the catholic church – or any religious organization should be tax exempt . (and since i have nuns and priests in the family is kind of a sensitive subject at family dinners ) i am not a follower of any religion but i understand that it can bring people comfort and help them to understand their place in the world and i support that . but my $$$ should not . My aunt is a mother superior with the catholic church and we have had some heated talks about this subject -( catholic charities refusing to adopt out a child to a same sex couple – they would rather that the kid stay in an orphanage- ) and i have seen post after post here – from scientologists …who say that it is all a money “regging” scam to line the pockets of DM – i have seen post after post calling it a criminal organization , human rights violator ( ya know …NOT obeying the law of the land – just like the child rapists with the grand old catholics ) so i just thought that i would ask .

  304. Dr. Faust wrote: “Scientists should and do not make the claim that the scientific method is ‘100%’ workable, because it really isn’t. …”

    Me thinks you’re getting “works 100% of the time” confused with “100% workable, but imperfect” — which is what Scientology is. It’s an “applied philosophy” Dr. Faust, as is the Scientific Method. Scientists do indeed consider their “applied philosophy” to be “100% workable, but imperfect”, and that’s why they use it “standardly”.

    But you’re saying it works 100% when their personal ethics are in and they are honest.

    Just as a scientist needs to maintain his honesty and integrity for the Scientific Method to remain workable, so too do users of Scientology. There are lots of reasons that both systems can break down — not just lack of ethics/honesty — but both systems have iterative self-correcting mechanisms which (hopefully) discover and correct the break downs.

    But once a system is devised that forbids certain datums to be questioned…

    I question the workability of scientology (the applied philosophy) to discover truth in the subjective realm, as much as I question the workability of the scientific method (the applied philosophy) to discover the truth in the objective realm. Both hang together logically as self-contained “applied philosophies” and I’ve never felt forbidden to question certain datums in either — on the contrary, questioning them has only made it more obvious that both systems can do exactly what they claim they can: help to discover truth in their respective realms.

  305. Allen wrote: “I would argue that the personal ethics and honesty of the users must be supported by a culture which allows and even cultivates that honesty.”

    Totally agreed.

  306. Try actual Scientology and a qualified cram off.

  307. Kim,

    I fail to see how an organization being tax exempt means that you are financially supporting it in any way.

    Also tax exemption is a double edged sword.

    Under 501ciii the organization is restricted from any political activity though this is violated continually by the “religious right”.

    Here in the US there have been several Churches that have spoken out against the war in the Middle East or the current Government who have had their tax exemption “reviewed”.

    In that sense tax exemption can be used to force the Church or organization to go along with whatever Government that happens to be in power political agenda and not speak out against it.

    Not only that but itself become an arm of Government policy.

    For instance the Roman Catholic Church here in the US supported the war in Vietnam.

    Not only that.

    But since it was naturally anti communist.

    Allowed itself to be used as cover by CIA for its various covert actions and operations.

    One of the most despicable was to provide a means of escape for former SS through the “rat lines”.

    Though there is a specific law banning CIA and other intelligence agencies from using the Peace Corp as cover for black operations there is nothing that prevents them from using religious organizations and other NGOs.

    Aside from that.

    Religions and charitable organizations under 501ciii here in the US save the Government billions in Social Welfare programs.

    So while they are caring for the needy. The Government can take whatever money it extorts through taxation and give it to the MIC.

    Really if you are concerned where your Tax dollars are going.

    I suggest you ask the Government first.


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