David Miscavige Destroys Freedom

David Miscavige reached another milestone today.   He killed another once-wonderful creation of L Ron Hubbard: Freedom Magazine.

While Jim Lynch and a cameraman assaulted Mosey and I at the check in line at Phoenix International Airport this morning, with Lynch attacking Mosey’s father in bargain, in the name of “Freedom” something was going viral on the internet.

The story about Freedom Magazine’s idiotic attack on The New Yorker, first published by Tony Ortega at the Village Voice, was being picked up by the New York Times and a number of other publications.

LRH wrote numerous articles on social issues for Freedom Magazine in the sixties and seventies. He established the policy for the publication to clean up rotten spots in society.  That policy was pretty much adhered to for more than twenty years.  Hubbard essays were reprinted during those years flanked by real investigations into societal ills by Freedom staff.

Miscavige  changed all that.  And he started Freedom’s death throes two years ago with 80 pages devoted to attacking Scientologists who had attempted to clean up his own mega rotten spots .  Freedom has done nothing but since.

Its latest edition on the New Yorker is no exception.  Except now it seems everybody but David Miscavige understands that Freedom, after his hijacking, has become something worse than a laughing stock.

Just take a look at some of the articles below on Miscavige’s latest PR coup.  He has managed to take a six month old shellacking of Radical Scientology and just about the time when most people lost interest he managed to have it linked anew, through Freedom Magazine, to numerous credible publications across the US.

In the bargain, I believe he has irreversibly painted Freedom magazine in the public mind as worse than a joke – instead it is now known as an inane, juvenile reflection of Miscavige’s own psyche.

This is not a minor issue.  If anyone in the Guardian’s Office or the Office of Special Affairs had managed to pull this stunt during the life time of L Ron Hubbard, I guarantee you that person would have been  declared in a New York minute.

David Miscavige killed Freedom.

Scientology Strikes Back at

The New Yorker

New York Times (blog) – Jeremy W. Peters – ‎Aug 31, 2011‎
The Church of Scientology is certainly no shrinking violet when it comes to defending itself. Known for its aggressive litigiousness and scorched-earth public relations approach, the church’s latest target is The New Yorker , which 
Hollywood Reporter – Sofia M. Fernandez – ‎6 hours ago‎
The Church of Scientology has published a 52-page glossy magazine mocking The New Yorker. The impetus for the parody publication was “The Apostate,” a February New Yorker article detailing Crash director Paul Haggis’ disillusion and exit from the 

Scientologists Publish Fake ‘New Yorker‘ After Critical Article

Death and Taxes – Andrew Belonsky – ‎12 hours ago‎
The Church of Scientology distributed a fake ‘New Yorker‘ magazine outside magazine publisher Condé Nast’s office yesterday. Why? Because they wanted editorial revenge. ‘TheNew Yorker‘ shed a bright 

Scientologists vs. New Yorker: Parody Hits Out At Lawrence Wright (PHOTO)

Huffington Post – Jerry Barry – ‎Aug 31, 2011‎
The Church of Scientology is hitting back at the New Yorker with their own parody of the magazine, entirely devoted to criticizing Lawrence Wright’s journalism. It’s not the first time that Freedom has been used to attack a member of the media. 

Scientologists‘ angry response to New Yorker article–it’s all out war now

God Discussion – Dakota O’Leary – ‎7 hours ago‎
Turning the other cheek does not appear to be something the Church of Scientology is especially well versed at doing. The issue? An article in the New Yorker by Lawrence Wright called Paul Haggis vs. The Church of Scientology. The Church has responded 

Scientologists target magazine

Albany Times Union – Jeremy W. Peters – ‎21 hours ago‎
Known for its aggressive litigiousness and scorched-earth public relations approach, the church’s latest target is The New Yorker, which in February published a 25000-word article that painted Scientology as corrupt and cultish. 

A Peek Inside the Church of Scientology’s Fake New Yorker

The Atlantic Wire – ‎Aug 31, 2011‎
Members of the Church of Scientology handed out New Yorker-like copies of their in-house magazine Freedom in front of Condé Nast’s midtown Manhattan offices on Wednesday. The new issue consists exclusively of a “special report” on The New Yorker’s 

Scientologists Handing Out Anti-New Yorker Pamphlets Outside Conde Nast Building

New York Observer – Kat Stoeffel – ‎Aug 31, 2011‎
“But the real public for those things is [Church of Scientology leader] David Miscavige. He looks at them and chuckles. And he has spent hours and hours talking about the New Yorker and Larry Wright and Paul Haggis and Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder. 

Scientology’s Freedom Magazine Goes After The New Yorker With Gaudy Spoof

Business Insider – ‎Aug 31, 2011‎
This morning, Conde Nasties and passersby on 42nd St. were greeted by Scientologists handing out copies of the new issue of their Freedom magazine—which is a spoof of TheNew Yorker. Stick it to the man, Scientology! The Scientologists are still mad 

Church of Scientology registers protest over New Yorker story

National Post (blog) – ‎11 hours ago‎
Anyone who thought the Church of Scientology would take the high road in response to a critical New Yorker story probably didn’t read said story very closely. According to the New York Observer, a trio of church representatives spent Wednesday morning 

Scientologists Ape The New Yorker

mediabistro.com – Chris O’Shea – ‎Aug 31, 2011‎
By Chris O’Shea on August 31, 2011 3:12 PM A group of Scientologists staked out the Conde Nast building this morning and handed out an issue of the organization’s magazine Freedom, which was a parody of The New Yorker. Animal New York says that the 

Scientologists Made a Mock New Yorker Magazine

New York Magazine – ‎Aug 31, 2011‎
Members of the Church of Scientology spent the morning outside the Condé Nast building handing out free copies of the Eustace Tilley–teasing issue of their new magazine Freedom, which comes complete with a DVD and the headline: “The New Yorker: What a 

283 responses to “David Miscavige Destroys Freedom

  1. Can you say, “MELTDOWN????!!!!!!??????!!!!!!!!!!?”

  2. Looks like they are trying to imitate Mad magazine, albiet a missing picture of Alfred E. Newman.

    Nobody can do a parody like Mad, and I think they should do one on the Church of Scientology… if they haven’t already.

  3. Marty,

    This is the all-time classic “glutz PR’ right out of the Policy Letter.

    I thought this lead line from the National Post was very apt: “Anyone who thought the Church of Scientology would take the high road in response to a critical New Yorker story probably didn’t read said story very closely.”

    The fact is, the Freedumb magazine PROVES the main thrust of the article — and Paul Haggis predicted that he would be the subject of a smear campaign. They proved him right too!!

    I made a comment last night about this in reference to POB. His vindictiveness apparently knows no bounds, and overshadows even his survival impulse. He is the kind of person, who after his leg was bitten off by a Great White would chase the shark for 3 days, then jump in the water to poke it in the eye as a retaliation (of course getting his other leg bitten off for the trouble). He has become like the knight in Monty Python’s Holy Grail — as he is being dismembered (by his own stupidity) he keeps bouncing up and down announcing to the ever decreasing numbers of sheeple that still listen to him that “he is WINNING” (maybe Charlie Sheen is a more apt analogy?).

    It is really sort of sad to see this organization spin into complete insanity and self-destruction. But that’s what happens when you have a kamikaze on the joystick.

  4. “Alfred E Nuemann” can be found on the Freedom website — standing on an applebox…. There are dozens of pages devoted to his incredible humanitarian accomplishments and grand real estate empire.

  5. ExIntStaffMember

    “David Miscavige Destroys Freedom.” What a double meaning.

    It was the Freedom articles in the 70’s and early 80’s that got me interested in joining the Sea Org. Reading that magazine and listening to the firey speeches of Heber Jentzsch got me feeling like there was a real crusade going on to expose and eradicate the rotten spots of society. It was all very exciting and inspirational and it made me want to be a part of that movement.

    Sadly, the only movement Freedom Magazine now represents is that of Miscavige’s bowels.

  6. Well I must admit one thing, with the midtown skyline of New York visible to the naked eye just up the street from my house {or upstairs}, the Church of Scientology of New York, {in particular} {and about which church I in particular feel I am an expert} certainly seems to be making a raw spectacle of itself. This new “public relations campaign” is a surprising feature and outburst from an organization that steals its own parishioner’s mail from the church’s own founder as well as the parishioner’s money! I could make a long story short so I will. To the church of Scientology of New York I say as Marty would say “Baby, get a life!”

  7. Marty and Mosey and Mosey’s father,
    ~~ I am very sorry to had to endure a mad dog attack by Jim Lynch at Phoenix airport.
    Paid $$$ agent/operative of Elliott Abelson via OSA to provide “cutaway” from Miscavige.
    Mosey and Mosey’s father have never even been any part of Radical Scientology and still get fired on. Whew.
    Freedumb magazine printed
    ++++ Number of yards from The New Yorker’s offices in the Condé Nast building to the nearest Church of Scientology, which was never visited by an editor or fact checker over the 10 months Lawrence Wright worked on the article: 477 (yards)
    ++++ Number of minutes it takes to walk from The New Yorker offices to the nearest Church of Scientology: less than 5.
    ++++Total words of The New Yorker article: 24,605
    +++++Total words devoted to Church expansion: 0

    Church Expansion ?????~~ The New Yorker is expected to do a puff piece on Church “expansion”. ?

    Here’s what I say ~~
    +++++Number of INT BASE execs who have been through ABUSE, SADISTIC CRUELTY, Miscavige SADISM in SP “Hole” 200-300 (through the years)
    ++++++Number of people still in lock down at INT Base that cannot move freely through the Guard Gates 700 (approx)
    ++++++Number of Ex -So members 25,000 (good estimate)
    ++++++Number of long long long term Sea Org execs that have fled
    100X those remaining (good estimate)
    ++++++ Number of people beaten, punched, assaulted, slammed, knocked to the floor by Miscavige in the last 27 years 50 that I know of personally, many who have not reported on the WEB ~ yet !
    +++++++ Number of Countries of the world that have had to bypass Church Management to get their “Ethics in” :::: Australia, France, Germany, Belgium. Russia, Spain, Italy, and counting…..

  8. And to Tony Ortega, thank you for your daily E-Mails. They are most informative and educational and I love them.

  9. “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

    -Napoleon Bonaparte.

  10. martyrathbun09

    One thing I know for sure: he does not have a clue what he is facing over the rest of this year. There is a great confluence of forces meandering toward one monster, raging river. And I am quite certain he does not see beyond tomorrow. I see the evidence of it, physical, day in and day out. We are working in terms of months, years, and decades ahead. He is fixated on a single battle that everyone but he knows was lost some time ago.

  11. DM has quit travelling in the open for fear of reprisals and is locked in the darkened bowels of his “war-room bunker” in Hollywood with nothing to do but direct overly done foot nukes aimed at the final demise of the once proud and powerful Church of Scientology.

    His madness shows the raw nakedness of his basic personality which is that of a small little ineffective bully who has his final weapons of destruction – money and the juniors who fear his control of their destinies, and he is striking out blindly instead of using what “intelligence” he has left in his rapidly diminishing army.

    David, your juniors and your patrons are sheilded from your madness by your silly PR but the ever-growing ranks of Indie Scientologists are not and we see you for what you show us and we are telling the world what a loser and nutcase you really are. We will continue to tell the world what you are until the “bullies” once again, come get you and throw you out on the street suppressing you once again.

    ML Tom

  12. Howard,
    I don’t know that you’ve posted that before or someone else did but it’s certainly appropriate every time I’ve seen it here with regard to Miscavige.

    I mean, my Gawd, this is one ignorant, dumb SOB (Yes, it’s SOB, not COB). About all ya can do is what Marty is doing on this blog—attempting to correctly source the problem for people.

    He is the proverbial bull in the PR china shop.
    His ignorance is embarrassing. If I’d screwed up this many times, in such short intervals of time and with such rapidity, again and again for years….I’d shoot myself.
    How does this guy wake up to a new day and not have the earlier ones cave him in before coffee in the morning?


  13. One of these fools sent me an email pretending to be someone else, directing me to the Freedom mag website for these issue. I was gobsmacked by the crass, boorish and utterly self-defeating presentation – all in the slickest of formats.

    Dave, you really don’t get what’s happening. You actually sent staff to distribute this thing on the streets of New York thinking it was a masterpiece of effective PR.

    If you weren’t such an unrepentant, unrelenting, unchanging, unmitigated shit, I’d find it within myself to feel some sympathy for you as you play out your last insanities on the world stage.

    But then, that seems to be the predicted fate of all such personalities. Sympathy or no.

    Carry on Dave with your walk up the gallows for your very own, well-deserved, public hanging.

  14. mrinder wrote: “He has become like the knight in Monty Python’s Holy Grail — as he is being dismembered (by his own stupidity) …”

    Perfect analogy, Mike. I think that pretty much sums it up..

  15. Good comment K#1. As usual, you get right to the heart of things.

    But perhaps you noted the one thing their “D/A” got right. 0 words devoted to Church expansion. No big surprise there. It’s hard to write about something that doesnt exist.

    Now, if Larry Wright was doing an article for “Global Real Estate Monthly” he certainly could be criticized for failure to report on the accumulation of buildings on POB’s watch. POB seems to have a hard time understanding why everyone who doesnt attend his events isnt bowled over by his incredible “expansion” and that to fail to acknowledge him for his grand accomplishments is tantamount to spitting in the face of the Pope.

    It is a refrain you see from the church over and over “you didnt report on our incredible expansion” — but the ONLY thing they can point to is buildings. And it just doesnt seem to make much impression on anyone else that he has bought a bunch of empty buildings. The New Yorker isnt the only media within a few hundred yards of the NY Org — its the media capital of the world. The church is in TIMES square (that’s NY Times…) IF there was real expansion occurring and the church there was making an impact on society, it WOULD be noticed. They complained when Janet Reitman DID go into NY Org… (She was not accompanied).

    Miscavige keeps pitching softballs to the media — but nobody seems to want to take him up on it:

    1. Request an interview with him and document the repeated requests (it will take at least 5) and his stalling tactics and ultimate refusal (they always say “He/she didnt even interview the ecclesiastical leader of the religion.”)

    2. Send reporters into the NY Org and Buffalo and DC and Atlanta (pick any ones you want) UNANNOUNCED to see what is happening there. THEN formally request a tour without letting on that you already saw the place and document the difference (when the media are coming, the places miraculously fill up with whoever can be grabbed). That would put the lie to the “massive expansion” claims.

    Sooner or later, someone(s) in the media are going to catch on and have themselves a story that will blow the doors off POB’s PR wagon.

    Maybe they are already working on it? Who knows….

  16. The Freedumb mag will surely be a huge boost to the publicity Lawrence Wright gets when his book is released. Major footbullet.

  17. Recall that the Black Knight was guarding a bridge and saying “None Shall Pass!” to all who would cross.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  18. Well little davey is just running down his checklist of things to destroy:
    Standard Tech & the Bridge – Check
    Ethics Tech – Check
    Admin Tech – Check
    St. Hill Size Orgs/LRH Birthday Game – Check
    Sea Organization/SO Members – Check
    Int Base/Command Channels – Check
    Clearing the Planet – Check
    Scientologists & Families – Check
    oh, and yeah, Freedom Mag – Check!

  19. Actually I noted that Freedom was drifting into journalistic oblivion and irrelevance about the time it basically became cheer leaders for the State Department and the DOD coming out in support of Gulf War I and the Kosovo intervention.

    It was hard to imagine that the busy gremlins at OSA could discredit Freedom anymore but they managed by remaining dumb about George Bush’s torture policies.

    However I’d say the coupe disgrace were the vitriol and vehement attacks against fellow Scientologists using confidential folder data.

    I mean that is about as low and sleazy as it gets in my opinion.

    So this attack against the New Yorker is no surprise and unfortunately what I’ve come to expect from the sleaze rag that Freedom has become which is a true parody of itself.

    Its been dead for over a decade now.

    What we see is its animated corpse reeking havoc and destruction.

  20. The New York sells it’s magazines and people pay for it because it has valuable data inside of it.

    The Church is passing out it’s mags because no one would pay for it.

    The truth is, this all makes Paul Haggis RIGHT about why he said he left the Church!

    Do you know the Hare Krishna movement has been expanding well over the past four decades? It is is a worldwide confederation of more than 400 centers, including 60 farm communities, some aiming for self-sufficiency, 50 schools and 90 restaurants. In recent decades the movement’s most rapid expansions in terms of numbers of membership have been within Eastern Europe (especially since the collapse of the Soviet Union) and India.They dance, serve food, exchange ideas and make themselves a pleasure in the community. And they actually cook REALLY good food! By the way, there is a link here with all kinds of vegan recipes from one of their web sites: http://www.kurma.net/recipes/index.html

    Look at how uptone one of their web sites is:http://www.govindascenter.com/

    They are very ethical and their mission is only to improve conditions. Everyone is happy to see them. They make beautiful music!

    O.K. they are not making clears. But they have better PR and higher stats than the people making clears and that’s a F*^&%#G outpoint.

    THEY HAVE A SAFE SPACE! It’s that simple!


  21. What a bunch of gobbledygook! Who the hell’s gonna read that crap? The only thing that reads loud and clear is the bully attitude and payback attitude of David Miscavige’s so-called church.
    What a complete waste of donations! The public are paying for this crap!
    This has absolutely nothing to do with LRH (except to smear him). It’s all about DM and his cronies.
    Just disgusting.

  22. This action by the Church SCREAMS: WE ARE NOT A SAFE SPACE!

  23. And it hasn’t been for a long long time. Of all the big WHY’S this simple one is a real killer.

  24. Davie McSavage has not only gone off the deep end – he first tied cinder blocks around his ankles and took a jackhammer with him so he could make the deep end even deeper!

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  25. What I’ve seen so far is that is the constant refrain of the idiotic choir and cheerleaders over there.

    “Why didn’t they say anything about the incredible “expansion” etc, etc”

    Like the time when the Child’s and Tobin articles ran.

    So they do a vid of all the wonderful facilities at the Int Base that looks like a cruise ship having gone through the Bermuda Triangle or something.

    Swimming pools with empty deck chairs and ostentatious edifices with nary a living soul in sight.

    Much like these “ideal orgs” that are monuments to vapid and vacant emptiness.

    That’s expansion?

  26. EVERYBODY sees this!

    “The fact that Scientology’s method of choice for refuting a critical story is to criticize as unstable liars sources who were once top Scientology insiders is less impressive.”

    “Is this hit piece meant to be a religious organization’s magazine or a paranoid government’s propaganda? I’m leaning toward the latter. “

  27. Great comments Mike.
    Didn’t DM say to you or someone that he had “no time” for lowly reporters in the media such as BBC’s John Sweeney ?

    Did he not say that his time is limited only for movie/rock stars and Government Heads of State ? 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 LOL

    Please correct my errors if any !

  28. What an embarrassment!

    Every Single One of Miscavige’s Ops has resulted in foot bullet after foot bullet.

    The worst PR ever in my 40 years in Scientology.

    I am simply astounded at the sheer stupidity of the man and all who follow his insane actions & orders.

    Only a bonehead would hide from the public and put parishioners on the front lines as fodder.

    Miscavige’s Awareness Characteristic? How low can he go?

    -28 EROSION – Well, he’s long past that

    -30 DISASSOCIATION – ‘Out of touch’/no responsibility – an enormous understatement

    -31 CRIMINALITY – Bucket loads of evidence – sheer BUCKET LOADS

    -32 UNCAUSING – Look at the effects of his Ops – NO EFFECT – FAIL

    All that’s left for David is …


    Legacy? ZIP, NADA, SFA

  29. Karen — Nothing to correct here. What he actually said, repeatedly, is that John Sweeney/Anderson Cooper/Kim CHristensen etc etc “Couldnt expect to get an interview with the Pope if they asked for it. I am the leader of a worldwide religion. You don’t just get an interview with me.” Of course, he has claimed as a “D/A” that Sweeney/Anderson/SP Times/Janet Reitman and others “never bothered to ask for an interview” with him, or “he offered an interview but they went ahead anyway” (of course the omitted data is that he told them he may be available to give them 15 minutes some time in the future — many months — when he knows they work on much shorter time frames so they will not wait and then he can accuse them of not interviewing him).

    THis is a rather strange position to take as there are spokespeople for the church and they represent the church to the media. But apparenrtly interviewing them isnt enough.

    Cant wait for the day someone notices Miscavige for a deposition and he pulls out his “We have people designated to provide this information, you don’t need to depose me to find out about it” and they then stick his repeated statements about he is the ONLY ONE that can truly offer the real insight into what is going on in the RCS.

    As Marty says, he can’t even stay in present time, let alone think in futures. His lies and twisting of his and others stories will end up biting him in the ass…

  30. My favorite so far was….
    Six Months Later, Scientologists Attempt Revenge On The New Yorker, Make Pretty Magazine”

    On another note I don’t think that Freedom Magazine only went downhill in the last 2 years, it’s been far from a bastion of journalistic integrity for a long time. In fact, I don’t think journalism was ever the first priority of the publication. It was a magazine done from a decidedly Scientology perspective, so it was a cross between investigative reporting and propaganda. An example would be FOX news, it reports news but with a definite agenda and eye towards promotion of a specific pov. Nothing wrong with that, but I don’t think it comparable to professional journalism which strives (if not always achieves) for unbiased reporting. Unbiased reporting is one of the most important tenents of the journalistic code of ethics. I don’t think Freedom has ever attempted to do anything but report or investigate stories for Scientologists from a Scientology perspective, with some activism mixed in.

    I will say regardless of it’s past DM has made sure it’s become a complete joke, source of total mockery and disdain in the past few years. No one would be crazy enough to believe one word of that illiterate ranting insanity, complete with Jr. High level insults, except the truly brainwashed CoS members.

    One of the many upsides to this, besides just reviving attention on the Haggis story again, is that Freedom is so bad that more than a few CoS members will be disturbed enough by it to go read the real New Yorker expose. IIRC quite a few people here said Freedom’s coverage of Marty in the St Pete Times actually made them go out and read the real thing – which they didn’t even know existed till Freedum was kind enough to point it out – and thus they began the process of waking up and leaving. Here’s to more of that!

  31. Tony DePhillips

    I swear that I thought of Mad magazine when I saw the freedumb mag!! Boy, they have sunk to a new low!!

  32. Tony DePhillips

    This is HILLARIOUS!!!!
    muddcabbage keep up the good work. It is SO FUN watching you make a TOTAL ASSHOLE of yourself!!! LOL!!! LOL!!! You are so stupid and you don’t even know it!!! ROTFLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Yes, the amount of glossy hype for DM in that Freedom magazine helped me see that something was really wrong, made me look further, back in 2009.

  34. LOL.

    “Just a flesh wound” … (as he stands there with no legs or arms.)

  35. Has anyone noticed how much the original New Yorker magazine article, all
    24.605 words has been REVIVED and linked in all the media ?

    Oh boy. This article in New York was buried. It was 6 months old. Now Larry Wright’s article has become NEW News.

    The Streisand EFFECT

    Miscavige is obviously ignorant of it.
    Wikipedia : The Streisand effect is a primarily online phenomenon in which an attempt to hide or remove a piece of information has the unintended consequence of publicizing the information more widely. It is named after American entertainer Barbra Streisand, whose attempt in 2003 to suppress photographs of her residence inadvertently generated further publicity.

    Here’s what happened. A harmless geographical type photographer Kenneth Adelman published a collection of 12,000 aerial photographs of the California coastline, to document coastal erosion. One of the photographs, as it happened, showed Barbara Streisand’s oceanfront home with pacific ocean waves lapping her shore line.

    The image was buried in 12,000 other images. No one cared. But Barbara Streisand made it everybody’s business, she grandiosely sued the harmless photographer in a dramatic lawsuit. As a result, the photograph went viral on the internet, and soon everyone had seen it. Had she done nothing, no one would have noticed it on an obscure website. Now the image of her “private home” is on Wikipedia !
    And so it is with putting out Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder’s name in these malicious mad dog with rabies attacks.
    It ends up with more mail in Mike Rinder’s mailbox and more visits to Marty’s blog. !

    The Church will commit any overt, any crime, LIE profusely to shut up critics and prevent Bad PR.
    Anything goes to prevent FREE speech if it is critical in anyway of the Church.
    Blackmailing the disconnection of family is a tool in trade. Imagine a Church that can only keep members IN by threatening the loss of their family members as in disconnection.
    Did you observe Tommy Davis threatening Shane ~~
    Again this is to stop the flow of speech between family members.
    All the while the Church Creed says the group’s intention is to give freedom of choice and spiritual freedom and makes noble DVDs on 
    Human Rights


  36. I weep for those still inside.

  37. Tony DePhillips

    muddcabbage in action!!

  38. To quote Mike R in the Village Voice about the Freedom issue, “I’ve talked to at least ten people in Clearwater, most of whom remain under the radar who say what got them to look elsewhere on the Internet was the Freedom magazine issue about the St. Pete Times.”
    It does seem that this issue will cause a number of departures as members realize the depths of the aberration at the top..

  39. Freedom Mag – “and what happened to you poor POB?” POB “and they(the new yorker) said waa waa waa waa naa naa naa naa and called me dirty names and everything and whine whine whine whine whine cry cry cry cry and I’m going to teach them a lesson whine whine whine whine cry cry cry cry……………….and they are all just a bunch of no good liars….The New Yorker..Marty, Mike, Amy etc,etc,etc,etc,etc,etc,etc,etc et al ad infinitum “. Freedom Mag – ” oh you poor thing POB” .
    Great job Applebox how to stick your head up your ass and make it stick..

  40. DM – What a horrible existence you have. I can imagine you clutching the bars of your mental cage until your knuckles are white and rattling them while foam drips from your mouth and your glaring eyes darting around seeing nothing but imaginary enemies. Missed Withholds everywhere you look. Truth, Truth, must hide now!

    Only the truly suppressed are still granting your beingness any power at all. Trouble is DM, the suppressed persons you control have little power and you have nothing. NOTHING, NOT A $%@ing THING.

    When the IAS donations run out you will not be able to buy more mercenaries. Do you think any of them will be with you after the money runs out? OMG. Scream! Just that brief little glimpse of that is making you more insane. I’d say “See you in Hell” but you are already there all by yourself. How does it feel?


  41. I remember the Freedom Magazine when I first got into Scientology. I was on staff-the IRS was exposed and some other unsavory organizations-Certainly not “exposing” and planting lies about a bunch of well meaning and well intended Scientologists, who are actually applying KSW 1. I have a memory of running around the downtown passing out a whole bunch of them-even to people on the cable cars-there was a real message back then.

  42. I forgot to mention, I was in San Francisco-you might’ve guessed by the cable cars.

  43. I saw this rig in a fast-food restaurant parking lot along the I-5 Interstate today:


    Honestly? At first I thought it was a tour support truck for some shitty death-metal band with a really dumb name. Nope, it’s Corporate Scientology at it’s absolute pinnacle. Un-fucking-believable!

    Isn’t it just one of the most deliciously malicious rolling-billboards you’ve ever seen? Just a hair’s width away from being hate crime. Or maybe it is a hate crime, you tell me. Pretty cool to see how serious they are about having the most memorable and amusing PR failures. And more than one at a time too!

  44. Mike, please apologize to Mr. Nuemann immediately! He never looked THAT ridiculous!

  45. Yes I second Tom’s Posting Excellent wording .

  46. The real sad thing is there are people still involved in the church who:

    a) Know how disgusting this is yet will not leave because they are living in fear
    b) Think its really great and part of command intention to clear the planet. Proud of their church for combatting the evil psych infested New Yorker.

    Either way you have some seriously sick puppies.

    I am friends with a couple still very in OT 7 and 8’s on facebook I met at Flag. Their posts and pictures are truly pathetic. There is nothing OT about them. They have pins on their shirt that make them look like complete assholes. Totally arrogant and needing validation.

    In the Sermon on the Mount when Christ is speaking of spiritual practice of any kind, he specifically warns about these people.

    “Take heed that you do not do your charitable deeds before men, to be seen by them. Otherwise you have no reward from your Father in heaven. Therefore, when you do a charitable deed, do not sound a trumpet before you as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory from men. Assuredly, I say to you, they have their reward. But when you do a charitable deed, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, that your charitable deed may be in secret; and your Father who sees in secret will Himself reward you openly.

    “And when you pray, you shall not be like the hypocrites. For they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the corners of the streets, that they may be seen by men. Assuredly, I say to you, they have their reward. But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly. And when you pray, do not use vain repetitions as the heathen do. For they think that they will be heard for their many words.”

    Give me a fucking break.

    This is for you OSA. I’m sure I would have been sent to Ethics for making this video.

  47. “Freedom Magazine”.

    I’m gonna create a magazine that promotes the extinction of The Human Race and call it “Survival Magazine”.

    What?… You don’t like it?

    Are you against survival or something?

  48. Well, there seems to be such a strong consensus in the “Indie” community that DM is just a dumb ass, SP, immature bully…you name it, who makes one mistake after the other.

    Hmmm, well maybe, but I think I don’t fully buy into that.

    Nobody can be that dumb.

    What If he is just doing his job? What if he is doing exactly what he is intended to accomplish? What if his job is the destruction of Scientology or, to be more precise, of its ideas and beliefs about human nature, human rights or freedom, forever (or at least for a very long time)?

    Is there a better way to stamp out of existence all the things that are so precious to us and so damned annoying for the controlling elite, than the way he’s doing it?

  49. Did you say “deposition” Mike!

    Here’s our bushy tailed friend being depo’d back in the early ’90’s.

    Have fun reading the Wit and Wisdom of Miscavige 🙂


  50. I can attest to the meals!

    They’re damn good if you’re into vegan.

    Used to go there all the time for a free meal when I was a starving staff member back in the late 70’s 🙂

    All I had to do was chant a few Hari Ramas

    They were down the street from the Org I was at.

  51. Miscavige will reap what he sows. I guess he never understood the overt/motivator sequence since I doubt that he ever did the (old, 1974) Student Hat.

  52. Yeah they should really call it the Church of Fascistology now.

  53. I disagree SunnyV.

    RVY when he was chief editor broke the story of how the USG was testing biological weapons on the unsuspecting public long before the so called “unbiased” press picked it up.

    Was one of the front runners in exposing Mk Ultra before Marks wrote “The Search for the Manchurian Candidate”.

    Revealed the Nazi origins of Dave’s friends over at InterPol.

    How South Africa under Apartied was using slave labor in thier diamond mining operations.

    Also gave details the FBIs black bag operation known as COINTELPRO.

    As well as some damn good articles written by the Ol’man that were very prescient.

    Personally I think this is a long range program to discredit any journalistic value the magazine once had.

  54. Marty, I have a great suggestion / idea for ya – why dont you start back up Freedom Magazine? You can call it something else, obviously, but your great blog can turn right into an online magazine complete with articles, videos, etc and you can publish a new edition every month, or 2 weeks, or what have you.
    That could be pretty cool. I’m sure every commenter on this blog would help produce content!

  55. “What we see is its animated corpse reeking havoc and destruction.”

    I’d like to correct you on that: What we see are its animated corpse’s feeble attempts at wreaking havoc and destruction.

  56. Another excellent post, Marty, with great comments from the guys here.

    Any churchie reading this and then comparing DM’s rantings will be able to spot the difference.

    The corner DM is painting himself into is getting smaller and smaller and smaller…

  57. They are actually slandering Paul Haggis in the Freedumb magazine, an Academy Award winner. This is just plain stupid. FWIW, Scientology’s A-List actors such as Cruise, Travolta and Alley have never won an academy award. I guess RCS have given up recruiting celebrities. Who would ever join a so-called religion when the corporation attacks anyone who leaves or criticizes the organization?

  58. Poor poor DM
    I understand exactly how you feel:

  59. This is HILARIOUS! Folks, this is Performance Art of a high level of farce – it’s like the bizarro religion for the 21st century. I know that good people have had to suffer mental, spiritual and financial distress as a result of the COS, but if we can at least laugh a little at these bozos. They’re putting attention RIGHT BACK ON the Haggis article. The New Yorker COULDN’T ASK FOR BETTER PUBLICITY! In fact, they should just re-publish the Haggis article in their next issue. Or they could get volunteers to hand out re-prints in midtown. And of course……those dastardly SP’s are only doing this because of the “unprecedented expansion” going on as everything goes IDEAL!!! It’s all IDEAL!!! The Bank of England and the small group of men who run the world just won’t give up and the COS is just fighting back!!! Seriously though, has the COS secretly hired Mel Brooks to run this op?

  60. “Okay, we’ll call it a draw”…(King Arthur walks past him in contempt and disbelief.)

  61. It isn’t just ‘Freedom’ that DM has destroyed with this insanity. He has also destroyed any shred of dignity the ‘Church of Scientology’ has left. While he hides in the shadows those left inside Radical Scientology must wear the badge of shame for being the ‘author’ of vitriolic hatred and filth.
    Thanks DM Freedom Magazine is well -named. It exposes what the ‘church’ has become under your ‘leadership’ and will help many more Koolaide drinkers to find ‘freedom’ as they continue to walk away in disgust.


    OSA: Guess who that is?

  63. Something is coming down the pike is my prediction. When you start seeing puff pieces from SCN celebs, management is trying to circle the wagons from the truth. Just a few weeks ago there was a lot of media about Kelly Preston and how scientology saved her from the Loss of her son, etc…. Watch out another firework show is soon to be airing………….

  64. George M. White

    My wife came home with a free book distributed in a supermarket parking lot by a clean-cut young man. It covered the basics of the religion and included an invitation to their center in North Tampa.
    Much loving-kindness,

  65. !!

  66. “People attack Scientology, I never forget it, always even the score. People attack auditors, or staff, or organisations, or me. I never forget until the slate is clear.”
    – L. Ron Hubbard, MANUAL OF JUSTICE, 1959

  67. George M. White


    Much loving-kindness,


  69. I was inspired in the same way, EISM.

    And later, articles I researched and wrote for Freedom were some of the work of which I’m most proud; exposes on the plight of US Atomic Veterans and US Viet Nam Veterans suffering from Dioxin exposure to mention just two.

    Just another example of the abject destruction of anything of value in the former Church of Scientology thanks to the mad midget.

  70. I love how the one “Scientologist” claimed to not know if the mag that she was handing out was published by the Co$ and was unsure why she was there until someone pointed it out to her. Both the videos (links were posted here yesterday) have the air of immaturity that occurs on the playground right before the kid takes his toys and goes home. He looks ridiculous because he is ridiculous, not to mention an immature school bully who thinks he owns the lot. This flap is going to haunt him for a long time and it should, maybe the people still in with realize that he is a bully and dispose of him as such. One can only hope this is done before he spikes the Kool Aid.

  71. I like these lines from the article, “Scientologists Ape The New Yorker” — mediabistro dot com – Chris O’Shea

    “Aside from some nice art work, it looks like Freedom has awhile to go to catch up to the quality of The New Yorker, but you have to give them credit for trying.

    No seriously, you have to. If you don’t Tom Cruise will personally come to your apartment and jump on your couch. Trust us, it’s awkward.”

    Freedom is a joke and has been received as such by the media.

  72. Prior to 2009, few people outside of scientology had ever heard of Freedom Magazine, much less read it. Beginning with the St. Petersburg issue, followed by the piece on CNN, and now the New Yorker, few people have not heard of it. As Mr. Rinder has pointed out here and elsewhere, it is clearly the product of DM as is reflected in its distinct prose. While many may have heard of this magazine, few actually take the time to read it. So DM should stand up and take a bow for turning an obscure publication into a well known symbol of the idiocy that has become the Church of Scientology.

  73. That’s exactly what got me to look elsewhere! I remember sitting at my desk in the Snr C/S-CCRD C/S office in the Cincinnati Org one morning. At that time I considered the “SP” Times part of the merchants of chaos that gets so drilled into us Staff. So, I decided to read the Freedom Mag rebuttal and it was such a lame and obvious hatchet job that I went read the SP Times. That was the beginning of the end for me…


  74. I don’t know about you guys but I have been having visions of a documentary of Gold base and other bases in Scientology, it is after DM has been dethroned. It is an eerie feeling but one of deep relief where some people on this very blog explain with more visual detail where things happened and what went on behind closed doors. It feels inevitable but I can’t see when this will happen.

    The more these ‘interesting’ stories come out, the more solid this vision will become I guess.

  75. There’s no going back “Dave” you are speeding up on the downward spiral! Enjoy your decent!

  76. I concur Jim! 100%

  77. Ken “The Pilot” Ogger passed away in 2007, an apparent suicide.

    You have no right to his nom de guerre.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  78. Good point SK. You can also add:
    Class V orgs, lines and staff – check
    Scn Dissemination lines – check
    and without question — PR and Reputation of the Church – check

  79. martyrathbun09

    DM should read this – he has a hell of a reckoning coming from the author.

  80. RJ, Don’t you ever get bored starting your posts with “…, I disagree…” and then proceed to spout all kinds of “facts” to show how much you know about all these subjects? Maybe I wouldn’t mind so much if so often your “facts” weren’t a bunch of hot air and inaccuracies. Your comments about Freedom are just more of the same. Were you there? Do you know who actually wrote those articles you attribute to RVY or who the actual editor was during that time? Perhaps dialing it back a bit on being so contentious and trying to impress with facts would be a better tack. Just my opinion.

  81. Lurr Kurr,
    It is already happening. See the link below for the first 4 issues, and more to come:

    Issues published so far are:
    1. Squirreling
    2. Destruction of Families
    3. Destruction of Orgs and the Rise of the IAS
    4. POB (Pope on a Box)
    5. Coming soon — Independent Scientologists….

    20,000 page views and 1,700 readers so far — in 18 days.

    Every issue can be shared on-line, embeded in websites, downloaded, printed and all links are hyperactive.

    You can also subscribe for free so that you get each new issue as it comes out.

  82. +10!!
    Down… down…. down… down

  83. Organized Scientology is a Frankenstein monster. Most of its parts are made up from good people but its mind is that of an insane criminal. It was once a BIG scary monster that scared the common folk. Then a couple of years ago the common folk figured out that if you could rattle its cage just a little it would use all its energy to beat its head on the bars for days. Ever since then more and more common folk have been rattling the cage.
    There are more people rattling the cage than the monster can even keep up with. The monster is going more and more out of its mind, its more and more desperate, its beating its head harder and faster believing its the only hope of surviving. Faster and faster. Harder and harder………

    Some observers are laughing at it, some feel pity….. Stand back – the monster is coming down…….

  84. Amazing how the Church of DM just keeps taking the low road.

    Amazing that a “Church” keeps pumping out so much hatred and vitriol. And then wonders why it gets bad reviews.

  85. LRH’s good name and reputation – check

  86. Thanks Theoracle: I’ve never followed up with the Hare Krisnas … I didn’t even really realize they were Hindu (dumb I know 🙂 — the links were terrific.

    Recently I bought a 2 volume set of the Bagavah Gita — I had no idea that this was a key to the Hare Krisna religion.


  87. My point is that DM is applying standard L Ron Hubbard tech and policy on handling attacks by using Freedom Magazine to attack the New Yorker.

    Never mind that Hubbard’s policy enforces dramatizing “motivators”. Never mind that Scientology is the only religion I know that teaches revenge.

    What Miscavige is doing is 100% standard Scientology from L Ron Hubbard.

    And yes, I agree. It is insane.

    Allen Stanfield
    Independent Person

  88. Actually “The Pilot” refers to a whole track incident, not just Ken Ogger’s handle.

  89. Isn’t it time for Anderson Cooper to do another segment on all that has happened since the last one?
    This is getting interesting.

  90. Tony DePhillips

    I am one of the ones laughing!! dm is a buffoon and he will get EVERYTHING HE DESERVES!!!! LOL!!
    For example when someone leaves the Sea Org and are just trying to RESTART their lives, (say after 25-30 years) for dm to go and kick them in the teeth by trying to cut their comm and have them declared (just for leaving) is pretty damn sick. I have not pitty for this freak of nature. I have more pitty for a rabid dog. Seriously.

  91. Right, Mike. Also, as newspapers and news programs report about, well, NEWS, it’s not their job to reiterate the same old same old from the PR office about how many square feet of buildings, etc, etc… It just ain’t news!

    Marty and Mosey – have a fabulous trip. I look forward to detailed reports. 😉

  92. Seems like there are two kinds of public Scientologists these days; first, (the vast majority) the former staff and long time members who are inactive but stay in good standing because of the shared camaraderie and long term friendships, and secondly, the professional pc’s who are mainly concerned about their first dynamic.
    When you browse through the Facebook pages of current scientologists, that’s the pattern I see.

  93. I never tire of hearing that, Roiger

  94. Let me get this straight…It took DM six whole months to come up with this carefully crafted drivel?
    What was he doing for six months?

    The first policy of the Church of Scientology, in the words of a guy named L Ron Hubbard, is, “Maintain friendly relations with the environment and the Public.”

    I guess miscavige spent six months carefully crafting his diatribe to ensure that he completely reversed that policy and made enemies and unfriendly relations with everyone he possibly could before he’d allow this rag to go to print.
    I can’t think of one single policy in the PR series that he didn’t violate with this humiliating, utterly narcissistic, childish rant.

    “Fact checkers?” Are you kidding me? miscavige and his minions complaining about “fact checkers?”

    I would absolutely love to see miscavige sue the New Yorker and thier fact checkers. I would love to see miscavige get deposed and try to pawn off his false PR and defend his glowing but false statistics under oath, with full penalties for perjury. I wonder if he’s so far gone that he his delusions and the little voices in his head convince him that he’ll get away with it?

  95. In Berkeley not only could you show up if you were starving and they would feed you, if you had no place to sleep you could crash at the center. They had a great exchange in with the community and were wholly non threatening. They actually made the area charming. They got George Harrison off of drugs in London and his estate became their center for decades. They took care of everything on his estate in exchange for living there and he produced some great music under their influence. They have great PR.

  96. The more footnukes the better. Looks like it’s super easy to find great amounts of auditors and pc’s in Clearwater; good place for Marty to set up business and daily show wonderful products to radars and fences. He’ll get the basics of training and delivery in volume and expansion in a New Yorks minunte. There’s daily free PR by the SQB for everyone to see. It’d be the best alternative for those souls.

  97. This may be a dumb question but;

    If David Miscavige is the leader of a religious organisation known as the Church of Scientology – is he a Minister?
    Has he been “ordained” or got his certificates to prove he can, by his own organisational standards, legally minister to people or advise them on spiritual matters?

    Has he completed his Basics and gotten his Certainity Certificate or whatever Golden Age of mumbo jumbo ministerial competency?

    Or is that a fraud too?

  98. You might have a good time taking them up on that invitation. The centers usually have a dinner party one night a week and the food is amazing. Just good company. They smell good too. Very theta, which is medicinal.

  99. It’s the standard psych and Republican attempted rebuttal of truth. Like 9/11 they can’t argue with the facts and evidence, thus the way to slam a whistle blower is by character assassination and personal attack with slime campaigns.

  100. Even when I was in the cult I told many how over the top Freedom had become–I said that it reminded me of Nazi propaganda that portrayed Jews as greedy monsters salivating over piles of gold. Obviously it has gotten even worse. These are communications that could only sway the brutally uneducated or those who are severely mentally confined. The voice of it is so obviously smarmy, vindictive and ugly that those few who are interested in the cults’ viewpoint must immediately be completely repelled. I only hope they continue with these publications. They are funding their own demise.

  101. Look at this, and, you can see how low toned this action of the Church is in contrast. These people are passing out flowers, not propaganda to unmock someone. The piece in the Freedom Mag was a tool to unmock Paul Haggis. Pure evil intention they passed onto people on the streets.
    What are the Hare Krishna passing out? Pleasure moments and good will to bring people uptone. Look at the people gravitating to them and contributing to them. If “all you need is love” these people have it going on and they are surviving by just being pleasant people.

  102. I am not suggesting anyone go off and join the Hare Krishna. I am just pointing out these people are surviving just fine being nice people and having a good exchange in with the environment. Nobody is afraid of them. Their presence is welcomed. People bring attacks upon themselves when they become THREATS to the environment and the community. The Scientology culture for the most part has a threatening feel to it and the way they use their power to unmock people and various other cultures is one reason why they do not have people wandering in the front door out of curiosity.

  103. Very true Doc.

    I stand corrected 🙂

  104. They are in better shape than DM.

    The four legs of Dharma are:
    Daya: Mercy
    Tapas: Self-Control or Austerity
    Satyam: Truthfulness
    Śaucam: Cleanliness of body and mind

    All of the things he clearly is not.

  105. Tony Dephillips

    Jim you have a way with words.

  106. The principle line is correct data. Many in the Co$ no doubt still believe they’re in the right, delivering ‘reasonably priced’ and correct tech, that there are 8,000 orgs worldwide (actual is just over 500), and that various ‘ideal orgs’ that were DOA are simply insignificant isolated events. Correct data about stats outside the Co$, rehabs of failed Co$ clients, coupled with correct data about the outpoints of the Co$, should be made available to churchies for their own analysis. DM knows this, and has done wonders to shut down comm lines and cover them with lies.

    Data, is data. The truth is hard to hide. The Co$ has twisted and wasted trust and faith in LRH, supplanting LRH with itself. That, there, is DM’s biggest crime.

    Most inside probably also believe all outside the Co$ are using altered tech, and that Co$ membership is in the millions. I wonder what those still inside think. Anyone here who wanted to post their justifications and conceptions while inside the Co$ could further understanding.

  107. “This flap is going to haunt him for a long time”

    DM actually has a pretty effective strategy to deal with this. Before this flap can come around to haunt him, he’ll being doing something else much worse that will take everyone’s attention off of it. Count on it.

  108. I’m sorry if I offended somebody by using this nickname. To be honest, I just took the 3rd term that came to my mind.

    What’s more interesting to me however is the fact that no one responded to the content of my post so far. I probably just didn’t get my point across.

    I just wanted to know if anybody else agrees, that DM is the only problem we face or if he’s just a symptom of a much deeper problem we have to face. I mean every one of us, not only Scientologists. For me, there are just too many parallels between the behavior of Miscavige and that of the global elite, which these days now pretty obviously seeks to “control” us into total slavery by war, financial crisis, etc…

    I once considered Scientology as a possible solution to that problem. Now, in my opinion, the COS became part of the problem. I frankly think that DM’s just a handyman for much more powerful people than himself and he’s not too bad at getting his job done.

    If I look at the whole scene from the outside like a “wog” would do, I can see just a pretty disgusting drama of people that behave quite hateful and childish even in public (and I mean, in AND outside the church) and I’m pretty sure my only reaction would be, to leave them alone fighting their dirty little fights.

    I just wonder if this is just a set stage, where we all should play our part in the destruction of the only thing, that could have been a real danger to the assumption of power of the global elite.

  109. Impartial English Girl

    This seems to me to be the LITERAL definition of a “paper cut”. Ouch! Nice to see others in mainstream media recognising DM for the tiny deluded tit that he is.

    Anyone heard from Tommy Davis in all this media furoré? Nope? I hope he’s OK. Perhaps he’s keeping Shelly Miscavige company…

    Keep smiling everyone – have a great weekend.

    IEG xx

  110. Yes, and Ken Ogger was an LRH trained Class XII, I believe. All the more reason for a bit more respect. I also understand he went above and beyond the call of duty to help people, by publishing and being a leader in the then budding FZ. In major league sports I believe his number would be retired (never to be worn by anyone else on the team).

  111. +1 with thank you’s!

  112. As a matter of fact I was there when Robert Vaughn Young broke the story about the US Gov testing Bio weapons in US cities back in the mid 70’s.

    It was picked up by other News Organizations.

    Also I was there when the Nazi connection to InterPol and the South African slave labor camps were revealed.

    Back then Freedom was a broad sheet that was distributed free of charge.

    It became a slick back in the ’80’s and wasn’t as good when RVY moved over to the “Special Project” AKA MAC or as I like to call it MAFU.

    They also started charging for it.

    Still it had some good investigative journalism but it mainly covered cultural issues.

    I remember an article they did on the Traveling Wilburys.

    It went down hill from there when OSA took over from the GO and got rid of its best contributors (who happened to work in B1) and investigative journalists.

    At that point it became less current with many articles on the Kennedy assassination contributed by Fletcher Prouty.

    Some of them became the inspiration for Oliver Stone’s JFK.

    I think the last article they wrote that had any social significance was one they did on the Gulf War Syndrome back in the early ’90’s.

    After that they became a State Department echo chamber supporting the war in Kosovo and repeating their lie that it was a “humanitarian intervention” to prevent “ethnic cleansing”.

    However I think the worst piece of yellow journalism was how they tried to pin 911 on psychiatry because al-Zawahiri happened to be a medical doctor.

    Like Bush’s neo-cons in their effort to start a war in Iraq they had cherry picked and slanted the evidence to try and create some war against psychiatry by blaming them for 911.

    As far as I was concerned Freedom magazine was pretty much toast when they became State Department cheerleaders for the Serbian conflict and burned and flaming toast when they tried to pin 911 on psychiatry.

    By then I surmised that whatever journalistic integrity they had like the twin towers had gone down in flames.

    What they managed to do was muddy the waters on any valid research on the events of 911.

    As if they were working for the CIA or something like that.

    And yes I have every right to disagree with SunnyV on his take regarding “journalism” here in the US or what former CIA analyst Ray McGovern correctly calls the FCM or Fawning Corporate Media.

    As far as I’m concerned there have been few exceptions except the WP’s lengthy series on the National Security Complex and the NYT’s articles on illegal surveillance

    Just because Freedom has become such a poor excuse for “journalism” if you can call it such doesn’t make main stream journalism any better.

  113. There is a price to pay when one assumes and interiorizes into a third dynamic beingness.

    Ridges created which result in:
    1. Horrendous insecurity.
    2. Loss of objectivity, weakening of the ability to accept and examine criticisms for their validity.
    3. Unwillingness to recognize and correct criticisms even when they are valid.
    4. Inability to walk the talk one preaches and is guilty of not walking
    5. Taking crlticisms against the beingness or the group personally.
    6. Seeing critics as enemies and threats and accompanying paranoia.
    7. Heavy pain when criticism is perceived.
    8. Overwhelming need to inflict the pain back regardless of consequences.


  114. More than an opinion. It’s an attack on the person and instead of disproving statements, generalities are used to discredit them. Please state what are the inaccuracies. It’s also a covert attack on the articles LRH wrote. In the good old days I loved to read the breaking news Freedom brought and look what it’s now; if not an long range program to discredit itself and Scientology, it sure has that effect.

  115. I am beginning to wonder if, we all the worldwide press he is getting from this blog and others, his enourmous and insane ego isn’t getting stronger?
    You know, in his sick mind and soul he may have come to think of himself as some kind of special Hollywood star (after all, he is best pal of one, maybe two big screen stars) who has become the center of attention because of a few “peccadilloes” that the “paparazzi” has gotten a hold of? Maybe that is his current valence “I am a big star and like other big stars, I being punished by the press because I have made one or two little mistakes” “But who gives a shit, since I am a big star and I am Fuc$ing Rich”. Maybe he is getting too much attention and he is feeding on it? What would happen if all of a sudden he and his mad cap schemes went completely un-acknowledged while at the same time all his illegal actions were quietly but consistently reported to the authorities? From what I understand, egos grow bigger when they are acknowledged. Ignore an ego maniac and the lack of acknowledgement might act as a pesticide. Which is what this filthy vermin specimen deserves. How much attention do you give a cokroach, a fly, a mosquito or a sewer rat.
    I think he thinks he’s “winning” because of all the attention he’s getting.

    But that’s just my humble opinion. What do you think guys and girls?


  116. Davey is owned and works on stimulus response only and is not smart. But he is perfect for the job and it’s a butcher job.

  117. I forgot to say I am talking about that obscure figure that has no influence on anything but the few soulless mercenaries he has on his payroll. Yeah, I won’t even give him the benefit of mentioning his name. If I do, I would be contributing to inflating his insane, bizarre ego. In fact it would good if people stop granting him any kind of beingness. You normally grant beingness to human beings. This entity (OK, I’ll reluctantly say it) called David Miscavige is not a human being as far as I’m concerned. He’s just vermin.


  118. RJ
    Thank you for making that available, that is with out a doubt some of the most telling and truth-full insights into the mind of the tyrant. I encourage everyone who has not seen this:


    PLEASE CHECK IT OUT!!! You will be astounded by the flim-flam attempted by the “Leader of a World Wide Religion”

    again thank-you RJ!!!

  119. And, would it be correct to quote LRH and say that “that, which one resists, tends to persist”? This poor little, insignificant sucker is feeling bigger with all the attention he’s getting from real big fish like Marty, Mike, Steve, Mosey and hundreds of others. I may off the wall here, but it is my personal evaluation of this bizarre scene.

  120. I’ve always found that those in a position of true power and influence are humble, kind and compassionate people placing very little value on self importance.

    Don’t know about anyone else, but am taking absolutely no pleasure in this whole scale catastrophe.

    Freedom magazine has had some truly great editors/writers in its time and fulfilled its purpose as an external facing 4th dynamic investigative magazine. I don’t recognize the content/purpose anymore.

  121. Chris, although CCHR has become a travesty of it’s original form, in it’s first few years it did a lot of good work exposing hospital insurance fraud and calling attention to psychiarty’s very real abuses of the time. To the extent psychiatry has “reformed”, has adopted informed consent and other patient rights and safety measures, we can thank the early independent CCHR staffers and volunteers who worked for the good of society, before CCHR was co-opted by Miscavige and the CoS.

    I believe CCHR was nullified by David Miscavige because it was a potential threat to him and the way he was conducting business. There was a real possibility CCHR would turn it’s spotlight on the human rights abuses Miscavige and his henchmen were committing daily, and he made sure this wouldn’t happen by turning it into the freak show it is today.

    I haven’t seen the CCHR travelling museum, but it is a fact that Western medicine has some very unsavory practices in it’s history, and psychiatry is no exception.

    Psychiatry’s bad side has been amply documented outside of scientology in many mainstream books, studies and articles. And one of the co-founders of CCHR was a psychiatrist, while Peter Breggin, a big supporter was also a psychiatrist.

    The situation in psychiatry in years past was, and stil is today, quite parallel to the scene in the world of Scientology. The main “critics”of psychiatry were and are “insiders” to the subject – patients who experienced it’s “downside” and people who have worked as staff delivering psychiatric services, whoat some point became whistleblowers. Psychiatry never was and still isn’t some kind of sweetness and light helping profession. It is a status conscious money-making industry just as the CoS has become.

    And just as the CoS still has many basically decent and well-meaning people on staff, so does psychiatry. And both endeavors “churn” staff by letting the older folks “burn out” and leave, and continually hiring new mostly young people to replace them.

    To the extent CCHR’s traveling freakshow makes people viewing it stop and think and perhaps look into the actual history of psychiatry, I think it’s not all bad.

  122. George M. White

    Thanks for the information. We go to the Buddhist Vihara in Tampa but a visit to their facility sounds great. We also have a brand new Thai Temple which is just beautiful. I am planning to film it. I might just film the Hari’s also.

    Much loving-kindness,

  123. I mean, I love this phrase from the worlds largets newspaper; New York Times

    “The Church of Scientology is certainly no shrinking violet when it comes to defending itself. Known for its aggressive litigiousness and scorched-earth public relations approach, …”.

    This is totally DM – “Rolling Thunder”, “Scorched Earth”. He loves erasing things, out of existence, sterile, free from “Dirt” (people). David Miscaviage, hates people. Show me a photo of him being nice to a child or helping someone.

    ML Tom

  124. “intelligence”

    Good thing you put that in quotes!

  125. Allen,

    I am now convinced you are a troll (my definition being someone that deliberately tries to derail the exposure of the crimes of Miscavige on this blog by interjecting insanities).

    Anyone who can with a straight face (fingers?) claim that what Miscavige is doing is 100% standard Scientology is either in need of many hours of staring at a rock, or is simply trying to start a long off topic “discussion” about whether Miscavige applies Scientology or not.

    I hope nobody feels the need to respond to you further here.

    You sir, are brain dead.

  126. Sherb.

    By my guess… NO to all your questions.

    But… as you know, there is no such position within the policies of the Church of Scientology, as written by L. Ron Hubbard. Therefore there are no “qualifications” for the post. It simply does not exist. He therefor has absolutely no power or authority whatsoever winthin the “organization”. The key fact here is that he is an IMPOSTER and USURPER at all levels.
    But since David Miscavige made up the whole damn “COB” thing up anyway, I guess he is at liberty to have any fantasies about it that he chooses.

    Also… He is not required to “follow the rules”… after all… in his own eyes, he is a “rule maker” not a “rule follower”.

    (but my guess is that you already knew all that…)

    Eric S

  127. Am right with you on that one. The DeMon’s anti-scn characteristics are almost too perfect a profile for gradually removing the workability and humanity of the technology without any awareness of it. How is it possible for anyone to do overts and suppression of that order, without going mental in short time?

    DM obviously is the correct visible Ethics Who, and whatever or whoever ‘hired’ or helped him reach the current position certainly got the right SP for the job. He could simply be a plant with instructions. The complete picture of his rise with all missing dots connected will surface at some point.

  128. Ya know, Erwin, its damned difficult to have a blog like this that quite often touches upon the subject of religion or spirituality let alone the subject of politics.
    I have refrained upon raggin on anyone despite provocations before to do so—if for nothing else than for defense of certain core values, namely individual responsibility and the pursuit of happiness, in which I believe.
    And please note I find fault with Reps and Dems however I do find more sanity and opportunity for the individual with one more the other.
    I think wise people might just leave that sort of thing alone or Marty will throw us under the “commenting bus” in the hopes that we pursue political debates elsewhere.

  129. Skydog,
    In the mid to late 70’s, when a new issue of Freedom came out, staff were given copies to pass out, and so I’d carry ten or so with me. I didn’t even have to approach people … they would see the magazine and practically demand a copy. These people did not know me; usually we were on the same bus, or walking. But they knew and respected Freedom for its investigative journalism. That’s how well respected Freedom was way back then. Cut to present time, and it is a sad rag barely fit to line the bottom of a birdcage.

  130. Never get in the way when your enemies are doing themselves in! 🙂

  131. Jason-I have total certainty you will get your wish-alot more to come.

  132. “Never mind that Scientology is the only religion I know that teaches revenge. ”

    Whether it teaches revenge or not, is not my point.
    Read the Koran if you want to envsion death, destruction and prejudice. You need to broaden your horizons before making such a statement. The lack of which negates your comment immediately.

  133. David Miscavige destroys good taste even faster/better than he does freedom.

  134. My dog is in better shape than DM.
    Last I checked he wasn’t involved in any religion; it’s not a prerequisite for that state.

  135. “In the good old days I loved to read the breaking news Freedom brought and look what it’s now; if not an long range program to discredit itself and Scientology, it sure has that effect.”

    So true.

  136. Errata: I made a mistake in a previous post. Ken Ogger was one the early promoters of tech outside the Co$, and did publish, and helped a number of people with his work. Google search turns up web pages. (I hope this replaces my previous mistake.)

  137. Hey,hey, hey, Tom. DM is not just some lacky politician kissin the top of a baby’s head here.
    We’re talking the Pope of one of the world’s major religions. You’re not seeing any of that baby kissin or kindness stuff with a guy of that import.

  138. Great work, Lana. These are fascinating and good DA documents to handle “Church PR lines” (lies).

  139. I had similar experiences, AL.

    Also, when I was meeting with members of the California Legislature as a church rep, the latest issue of Freedom was a regular topic of conversation.

    Later, I had the same types of conversations with congressional staffers, and occasionally members.

    Back in the day Freedom served a constructive purpose, helping create safe space in which auditing and training could occur.

  140. I have no doubt that PoB’s ego permits him to rationalize any amount of lunacy.

    But, I think it is worth remembering that dealing with DM is like dealing with any bully; there is no reasoning with him.

    The only thing that will stop him from inflicting more damage to people’s lives is by defeating him utterly. I don’t know if he will take to the seas to escape justice, or if he will end up behind bars.

    What I do know is that felony convictions are inevitable for him and for those who follow him. It would be one thing to be able to buy off a judge or play off reality in a bid of “He said, She said”. The fact is that there is too much publicity; too much documentation, and too much outrage for him to escape the clamor for his pound of flesh.

    Where he is really fucking up is by bringing more publicity to his crimes for them to be ignored. Pushing Freedom Magazine to act as a smear campaign was an *incredibly* stupid move. I am amazed at just how mind bogglingly self-destructive DM is.

    And for THAT, I am grateful, Davey Boy. Keep up the good work! >:-)

  141. Now that is a funny comment! Don’t want TC at my apartment jumping on my stuff, but I will laugh anyway…just ’cause the anything DM touches sooo deserves to be a laughing stock. I mean, his whole idea of satire is warped….as evidenced by the [ahem] Squirell Busters Production Krew.

  142. Apparently Sue Wilhere has an addendum to her previous affadavit:

    David Miscavige IS Allen Stanfield.

  143. You mean sorta like Ghaddafi’s (however one is “supposed” to spell that name) palace pics?

    Both amusing and horrific at the same time.

  144. It is obvious that they were reduced to this parody of a parody (which the so-called church is) because their attorneys couldn’t come up with one dang thing! I mean think about it, if they could’ve found one single angle to take the NY’er to court, they would’ve. The loss of the Brian Mandingo (sp? / Anon Sparrow guy must’ve smarted big time.

  145. Stan,
    As hard as that is to confront, I think you are totally right.

    David Miscavige, with it all stripped away, all those who act FOR him, who prop him up, is. intellectually the recent Freedom mag. That IS the height of this man’s ability.

    He’s a study in ‘the assault on reason’. That mag is how he thinks.

    You can’t reason with this guy. There is no reason there. An almost pathetic aspect is that he thinks the recent mag is a masterpiece of effective PR and a blow to the ‘enemy’. He actually doesn’t get that this thing is an absolute farce. He really does not see this.

    Again that’s ‘almost pathetic’ as there is no pathos in this. He’s a crass little man. A cretin that has had his day running amok with power.

  146. I’d be very surprised if Conde Nast doesn’t have a cadre of lawyers pouring over that pamphlet. Could be interesting. . .

  147. Jason, you make an astute observation. It seems to me that in the old days, Scientology was not for t”he brutally uneducated or those who are severely mentally confined” — rather it appealed to those who had deep questions and misgivings about their lives in some way. However, nowadays, it is obvious that the cult is going after those who are exactly as you describe, because those are the only people who cannot possibly be aware of the joke that Scientology has become in the mainstream. I mean just check out the throw away joke it has become to people like Bill Maher, Jon Stewart and Steven Colbert. These people would not be cracking the jokes they do if the audience didn’t “get it” on some level.

  148. LOL!! Good one!

  149. Tom,

    Miss Savage ia an extreme case. 1.5 chronic. Probably lower. All-the-while descending the dwindling spiral. Shorty is a certified POS.& NCG. Nuff’ said, again.

  150. Alex,
    I get where you’re coming from on this.

    As difficult as it is to confront, exposing this ‘diabolical dumbfuck’ is important in bringing the needed attention to dispense with him.

    This latest demonstration of the real David Miscavige, in the Freedom Mag he personally directed and approved for every single bit of it and despite the fact it is as lowbrow, foul and really just, just…well stupid, well it is all part of the mechanics at play.

    Lack of admiration is the root of persistence. Admiring just how boorish and dully mean this guy actually is which he so perfectly displayed for the world to see, is necessary to speed the end of this ‘thing’.

  151. In other words, you gotta hand it to Dave, NOBODY could have described him better than he himself with this latest self-portrait in Freedumb.

  152. Cat Daddy,

    At least he has one strength.

  153. Marty,

    Aren’t the airlines concerned with how your travel records are always known? It would seem to be a security violation at the airline or the ticket agency and an illegal one at that.


  154. Dogs operate through an understanding of forces and conditions. According to Hubbard real magicians have an understanding of forces and conditions and this is real magic. Your dog would not be into religion as religion is a form of “low magic”. So, your dog is into magic and in better shape than many. 🙂

  155. The Psychotic Little Overlord was probably warned.

    But, then again, he knows best.

  156. Geeze the way you describe this, and I know it’s all true, the Church’s tone level is 1.1.. That is higher than I thought.

  157. Now that the New Yorker has been publicized as not tiptoeing around the Church, so loudly and broadly, magazine subscriptions have probably skyrocketed.
    Malcolm Gladwell is their golden boy and if he takes on the next article the Church will not recover. By the way, Malcolm’s books are GREAT!
    He has done more research on culture than anyone is mainstream society.

  158. P.S. The word “tipping point” came from Malcolm.


  159. DM has prompted me to consider that foretold in the book of Revelations.

    Is he, the Black Pope from Hemet, going to spend eternity in the Fiery Lake of Hell?

  160. What goes around, eventually, comes around.

    Karma can be a bitch…..

  161. Tony Dephillips


  162. RJ, when I was a kid or younger I used to go up to people and ask them politely “Have you ever heard of Scientology before?” or “Do you know anyone who is a Scientologist?” and I would get for a polite answer “I have heard of it yes, but I don’t know all that much about it.” or “I don’t know anyone that is, no.” Even one of my my sister’s ex husband’s, who has $250 million dollars in real estate in his portfolio expressed a true internest. But today, when these people are asked I get for answer “What, that shit?” or “What? Scientology? That garbage?” Even these people know Scientology is not truly expanding. Soon it will become a household topic as the planet is “going Clear”. Way to go DM and the C of S!

  163. You nailed it Karen!

  164. Yeah, Ingrid. I remember when Freedom exposed Agent Orange, CIA mind control programs, etc. It meant something then. Like everything else he touches, DM has the Minus Touch.

  165. Tony DePhillips

    I can do that…

  166. The New Yorker is a Rothschild/Rockefeller Bnkster cult propaganda tool.

    By attacking David Miscavige you attack Scientologists in general.

    You guys were in charge of Dept. 20 for what – 20 years?

    Deal with your failure and stop publically attacking Scientologists!

    Larry Byrnes
    ex GO
    ex CMO
    ex WDC
    and ex Matrix dwelling tool

  167. Tony DePhillips

    Good stuff Joe. 🙂

  168. Tony DePhillips


  169. Lawrence,

    I don’t think the PR has ever been this bad at any point in Scientology’s history.

    I mean first there was the Church’s efforts to suppress free speech on the Internet followed Lisa McPherson followed by Reed Slatkin followed by Tom Cruise’s antics followed by….this

    And I’m just hitting the highlights.

    Yeah sure we got a lot of bad *mainstream* establishment press because of Snow White but the alternative press and the counter culture were giving a high five for our little espionage caper against the evil empire.

    The thing with Ron De Wolfe eventually fizzled out.

    And if you look at the stats posted on Kisti’s site the “The Truth About Scientology” they really had no effect on International *delivery* stats.

    The actual stats that measure *expansion* or lack of it.

    One wonders why the coup that took over decided to change everything and set of some kind of idiotic dictatorship run by a prize IDIOT but they managed to convince all of us including Ron that they knew what they were doing and that Scientology was in peril of being taken over.

    Personally looking back on it now.

    What I think they did was create a false emergency or danger condition and we all know or should know what eventually happens to an Organization or an individual that assigns itself a false condition.

    As far as I’m concerned the Organization has gone past treason and is now in CONFUSION.

    Those of you in OSA who are monitoring this board. I suggest you twin up and start running locationals on each other and maybe find out where you are.

    After that I suggest you as a group take a good long look and find out what you are.

  170. Interesting point is that there is no mention of JB or the work he did for Tom Cruise and the blow drill to recover him. This was covered in the New Yorker Apostate article 6 months ago. Nor of the FBI investigation – those points seem impervious to Ad hom or otherwise attacks, perhaps those truths can’t be dead agented or fallout from that mess too toxic for the unmentioned BFF.

    How long can the POB cover his own nether regions about the violence and abuse using ad hom attacks on whistleblowers? I had no idea he disliked Bill Dendiu to drag him into the muck at this time – this mention shows that the Freedumb is all about the POB’s subjective likes/dislikes not anything remotely objective. He’s the best Black Propaganda artist to himself!

  171. You’re welcome Thetan-X 🙂

    I decided to add a little levity to the scene by posting Dave’s own words.

    Hey Dave if you’re reading this.

    Have you ever thought of getting a job at the Laugh Factory?

    Really you missed your calling.

    Instead of COB aka Pope aka “Dept 21” you should have been a stand up comic.

    It’s too bad that way too many people took you seriously for way too long.

  172. Thank you Jim, appreciate the comment. Spot on.

    DM make Caligula look like a member of gentleman’s club.

  173. You’re right, here’s the clip….http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQ_pKqiB5Rg

  174. Warning: the website linked to heavily pushes a conspiracy theory that the Church of Scientology was taken over by the U.S. Government via the Internal Revenue Service mostly based upon unsupported speculations and misinformation with regard to the corporate structure and how it was created.

    Larry Brennan, who was directly involved in the the Corporate Sortout Mission, has publicly debunked this notion multiple times.

    Do not be deceived!

    The only person running Scientology is David Miscavige!

    No slightest documentation has ever been produced that D.M. takes orders from anyone else or that anyone else is actually in charge.

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  175. DM equals DESTRUCTION!

  176. Michael — You are absolutely correct. I too was involved in the “Corporate Sort Out” and was also involved in the “IRS negotiations” and these conspiracy theories are nothing but spectatorism generating speculationism (a new word I just coined?) which devolves into silliness the longer it persists.

  177. Yes Eric, WE as in you & I and other independants do know all that.
    It’s the simplicity of the fact, this guy is an imposter. He doesn’t audit, he doesn’t study (especially his own directives for what others are ordered to study), and isn’t a Church authorised Minister.
    Yet he’s the one who apparently cannot apply even the simpliest of Scientology procedures.
    The Pope can give Mass and minister his religion, almost all religious leaders can practice their religion.
    What can or does Miscavige actually do apart from being a dictator. Anyone can give orders and be a know it all but it takes training, hard won expertiese and a willingness to help before one can call themselves an auditor, minister or practioner of Scientology.
    Let’s hear the wins from Miscavige’s PCs – ha, what a joke.
    Just how does one get others to wake up and see the obvious?

  178. ex-OTVIII
    – Marty on Mosey’s computer

  179. Tony DePhillips

  180. Yeah, it is like Gaddafi and Sadam Hussein et all. And it is both amusing and horrific. But I could sense relief and healing and moving on for a better world and Scientology. That’s just what I saw and felt.

  181. It sounds as though ye’ thinks that perhaps some “Group Processing” styles may appeal to various staff and or general management personnel and higher up in the church? Forget it. You must mean “Group Groping” if case gain is ever on the agenda for DM and followers. 🙂 A person that really does their confusion formula in earnst gets there without bringing on darkness for themeselves and others. Such as the church’s member’s of which we speak alleged arrival at higher levels of awareness.

  182. ceocomp wrote: “By attacking David Miscavige you attack Scientologists”

    That’s laughable. Miscavige already attacks Scientologists. Quite literally. Marty and Mike are just reporting what they saw and experienced.

    And you, supposed OT VIII, are helping Miscavige lie about it — and allowing the lie to persist.

  183. +1, great observations Luis.

  184. Larry,
    You and the wife bailed out 20 years ago and say David Miscavige = Scientology? Where does LRH fit in? David Miscavige made sure he never got back on the lines.

  185. Michael Fairman

    ceocomp Are you serious, or are you seriously on drugs?

  186. Hey Valkov,

    Yep, exactly. What you said. 🙂

    No matter what the original intention of the group, CCHR isolates itself with this type of bizarre PR stunt. It only serves to alienate rational debate, which is probably the point I suppose.

    They don’t say “Psychiatry- there are other options” which is actually a nice opener. Nope, they always must go for the sensationalist kick in the nuts. “Industry of DEATH!!!!”

    Haha- such great theater and a nice side plot to the main story line.

  187. I’m glad I provoked you to start raggin. This blog is very much about power, misuse and perversion of. It’s very much about truth, the exact place, time, form and event. If you talk about Davey and not talk about his masters, the discussion doesn’t hit the problem nor the exact consideration. You’re right that Reps nor Dems are basic to America’s problems and voting for either one won’t end the scam. However, Neocons favour and protect Davey, using the very scare tactics, blatant lies, black mail and (character) assassinations he piloted in the 90’s to start a war. Without his political protection Davey would be long since in prison for his crimes against humanity. I think wise people confront the real issue.

  188. Tried to tell you about this guy, – Alanzo – he soiled ESMB for quite some time till they woke up to him.

  189. Yeah whatever.

  190. Nah, not bad at all. Since CCHR started its expose on insurance fraud, the burden of medical bills has soared straight up and vertical. Obama admits that 60% of foreclosures are related to medical bills and as you guys throw out 2 million people a year, 1,2 million people are bankrupted yearly by the insurance scam.

    The insurance companies wanted to get rid of legislation that prevented them from defrauding citizen. So they had to have a problem, CCHR, to scare Congress into passing legislation that allowed them to legally rip off the public.

    Even though CCHR has risen public awareness, during their most active years American addiction to psych drugs has skyrocketed and is still highest in the world. They tried to export their scam all over Europe but didn’t make it as nobody here goes bankrupt because of medical bills, only due to jurisprudence over medical mistakes and that’s a very small percentage.

  191. Let me guess.

    I suppose you guys are also big fans of Gerry Posner as well.

    Of course if you can believe in the “magic bullet theory” then the idea that a moron with the IQ of around 80 effectively took out and neutralized the whole Scientology network isn’t silly at all.

  192. Larry,
    Wow — sheeple to the very end. Open your eyes — look around you. Stop listening to little Dave and actually LOOK.
    Or is the wool so far over your eyes you see nothing?
    Can you think for yourself?
    ex CMO
    ex RTC
    ex SO
    ex sheeple
    ex robot
    ex prisoner
    and ex DM worshipper and slave

  193. Allen, you’re applying 100% Reverse Tech which is indeed insane. Exactly like the DM mud brain you take the words “even the score” and “clear the slate” and pervert them 180 degrees into “retaliate”, “go into a games condition” or “compound the problem”. Now I know why your pc’s react the way they do.

  194. What reason do you have for thinking Larry actually achieved OT VIII? With the generalities he just posted above, he sounds like OT -(minus)VIII.

  195. But Mimi, if TC jumped on your couch, possibly you could sell it for a pretty penny on eBay…..

  196. Uhhhhhh, Al, try reading the Old Testament…….

    Perhaps David Miscavige was Yahweh in a previous life? Maybe that’s why he’s so stupid now….. all those overts…..

  197. What’s the link for that affadavit? Please

  198. George M. White

    I also believe that the pulicity is actuallty “feeding his ego” because DM is basically ignorant and deluded. The end of his path is lower conditions and
    he has no awareness of this.
    Much loving-kindness,

  199. Instead of hurling insults from the nullification band – ref DMSMH – why not pull some strings and LOOK yourself?

    Who was in charge of Dept. 20 in the C of S from 1982 through 2004?

    What were the stats of the 4D under their watch?

    What is the track record of the “mainstream” propaganda that your site currently validates and supports? Non-stop attacks on LRH and Scn for 60 years.

    Instead of attacking Scios in public why not go after the REAL SPs,?

    The Rothschild/Rockefeller bankster cult including David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger, Zbigniew Brezinski, George Soros, etc. with their currently accelerating agenda:

    Endless War
    Impossible debt
    Police state

    Same genocidal parasite group who started every modern war, orchestrated the current economic meltdown and are busy harvesting American property wealth.

    Reference Data Series 9 Errors for an analysis of the planet that is still very much valid. And I suggest a restudy of HCOPL Third Party Law

    If you want REAL 4D news on highly relevant 4D issues check out infowars.net.

  200. RJ — If I knew who Gerry Posner was I guess I would consider this to be an insult. But I don’t, so I guess its just a fail. But I AM a big fan of LRH. ANd also a big fan of observing facts and not just stringing a series of conclusions together to reach one that is forgone….

  201. Actually much like Scientology the ISKCON (hare krishnas) went thru explosive growth here only to earn a reputation for being a cult. After the death of there org founder a cabal of young leaders took the helm and ISKCON became embroiled in scandal – children of members being sexually abused at the schools, cult like practices to keep members in the fold and working. (requiring member to collect so much $ every day on the streets or airports before being allowed to return to bed down, physical punishment for failure to raise money or follow orders, etc….

    ISKCON even has a break away movement trying to reform the main church and the corrupt leadership. I lived very close to one to the community they built in W.Va. Years ago and read a lot about them and all the controversies, child sex abuse and lawsuits in the paper.

    You can read all about it on the net and the reform movement has it’s own website which details all the corruption and abuse of the org ISKCON and how they want to reform it.

  202. Sherb: Well, we try to give everyone the benefit of the doubt here…. And sometimes that results in mistakes being made. You were right.

  203. Beautiful!!

  204. Larry — Nice to see you reading the blog. You blew long before things got really bad. Perhaps the smartest thing you ever did. Sorry you havent woked up to the reality of what is happening, but sooner or later you might…. But you are right. Daviud Miscavige DOES equal Scientology these days. Check out the Impact magazine. You will easily recognize that its no longer L. Ron Hubbard. And that is the reason this blog exists.
    ex-Apollo crew
    ex-Messenger for L. Ron Hubbard (not just “ex-CMO”)
    ex-LRH PPRO Int
    ex-WDC OSA
    ex-CO CMO Int
    ex-WDC Chairman

  205. Larry — your problem is that you consider David Miscavige to be a Scientologist. Obnose reality. Your cites to Policies are perfect for you to read. In fact, I did an ealier post here about the Real 3rd Party. Check it out. And it would be good for you to do an eval — start with the STATS. Auditors Made and PC Comps. Youy can do it Larry. The hardest thing you will have to accomplish is finding where these stats are made known, but there is a lot of information on the blog. Luis Garcia’s Doubt Announcement on this blog has some. There are stats for Pasadena and Orange County posted. Many observations of other “Ideal Orgs” from ex-staff. Good luck in applying the Data Series!

  206. martyrathbun09

    Larry, you are really restimulated.

  207. Erwin,
    Yer killin me… take off your sunglasses.

    Look at the control of the Justice Department right now.

    “scare tactics, blatant lies, black mail and (character) assassinations”
    These are not new tools to the Merchants of Influence; they’ve been around a long time. And used repeatedly.
    LRH codified the phenomena. Dave couldn’t teach anyone how to wipe…
    Out ethics behavior is not exclusive to a color, political view, race of people or any other G(*7dam thing.
    That’s why I always go back to the Individual and his Pursuit of Happiness.
    No more ranting about this subject anymore.

  208. Wow Marty!

    Eval and Inval – New tech?

    The SP/PTS tech is simple and works on ALL dynamics.

    So let’s get on source and destim by indicating the CORRECT SPs.


    Does the following from LRH sound like the current Rothschild/Rockefeller bankster cult’s accelerating agenda???

    “Our enemies on this planet are less than 12 men. They are members of the Bank of England and other higher financial circles. (Emphasis mine) They own and control newspaper chains and they are oddly enough directors in all the Mental Health groups in the world which have sprung up. Now these chaps are very interesting fellows. They have fantastically corrupt backgrounds, illegitimate children, government graft, a very unsavoury lot. And they apparently some time in the rather distant past had determined upon a course of action. Being in control of most of the gold supplies of the planet they entered upon a program of bringing every government to bankruptcy and under their thumb, so that no government would be able to act politically without their permission. …

    Anyway, these fellows have gotten nearly every government in the world to owe them considerable quantities of money through various chicaneries. And they control, of course, income tax, government finance…. Wilson for instance, the current Premier of England, is totally involved with these fellows and talks about nothing else actually.

    They organized these mental health groups which sprang up simultaneously all over the world and anything that has mental health in it, in its name, or mental hygiene, or other things of that character, such names as that are all part of the organization which stems from these, less than a dozen really, men.” LRH
    (from Ron’s Journal 67, recorded 20 Sept 67)

  209. Thanks for the eval Mike,

    Any other problems that I should be aware of?

    What would happen if all the energy you guys are expending was directed at the obvious planetary SPs.

    Would we all be more destim’d?

  210. Cute – Should I turn in my Cert to you?

  211. If that were true does that make us 20 years ahead of you Sinar?

    Your comment on LRH is an insult to LRH.

  212. Boo fucking hoo COB hit me – that’s the plan??

  213. No – did the Purf a few times though – awesome action.

    If I do ever want to get some drugs – do you know where I can get some?

  214. Then please can you go after the real planetary SPs who attacked LRH non-stop while he was here and are currently working over time on depopulation – an old, old dramo?


  215. Hey Larry,
    David Miscavige = Scientology/Scientologists in general?

    That’s DS 1 ‘thought identification’. Now since you’ve invokde the Data Series, and that’s a good thing, the Data Series and your awareness of it, then go to the first one and see if you’ve begun your eval that you’ve made here with an assumption of identities that are NOT identical.

    If you CAN see that ( and you just wrote it so look at what you wrote) and maybe jar that A=A a bit, then watch for the next grade of it with Assumed Similarities are NOT similar. Keep going and you’ll get to differentiation.

    I’ll help with that last with a few examples (soon to be fully laid out in an article for Steve’s site, Scn-cult?).

    1) David Miscavige CANCELLED a meter phenomenon known as a ‘clean needle’. How? He rewrote Confessional Procedure in 1997 and changed long-standing LRH tech, from the 60s on the topic of a Confessional question and how a ‘no read’ is handled.

    The original Confessional Procedure from 78, a compilation of the exact LRH tech on the subject, formerly a BTB but in 78, (yes, when LRH was very much alive and very much ‘on the lines’ for tech, you’ll recall NOTs, NED, THE year of lightening fast tech breakthroughs et al, and which HCOB of 30 Nov 78, Confessional Procedure has LRH’s clear signature upon it, NOT forged, NOT from 11 years after he died either, but when he was very much alive), stated;

    a) If a question does not read and does not F/N you can put in the buttons
    Suppress and Invalidate, asking:
    “On the question________ has anything been suppressed?”
    “On the question________ has anything been invalidated?”
    But don’t require it to be answered and don’t look up at the pc expectantly
    either. If it’s not reading, tell him so and go on.”

    Pretty simple. References for this are throughout the Tech Vols and include such titles as Unreading Questions and Items, and the exact definition of a ‘clean needle’ AND ‘cleaning a clean’ which is covered among many other places by LRH here:

    The Auditor who cleans a clean meter is asking for trouble.
    This is the same as asking a pc for something that isn’t there and develops a “withhold
    of nothing”.
    Example: Ask “Do you have a present time problem?” Get no needle reaction. Ask the pc for the PTP that hasn’t read. That is impossible for the pc to answer. That’s what’s meant by cleaning a clean.” HCOB 4 Aug 63, EMETER ERRORS, COMMUNICATION CYCLE ERROR.

    OK, so what does Dave do in 1996 (26 August 1996 to be exact, and in the latest versions of the Tech Vols, which curiously were SUPPOSED to be verified as complete by Dave in 91, but that’s a WHOLE other problem)?

    HE CHANGES THE LRH DATA! He CANCELS A CLEAN, NOT READING, NOTHING THERE, CLEAN question. It doesn’t exist anymore. There is NO such thing as a ‘clean needle’ and ‘cleaning a clean’ has NO meaning and begins to be done, relentlessly, continuously and for intensive after intensive on Pre OTs, to say nothing of any body else (which is likely just about EVERYBODY else getting any ‘auditing’ under DM, since it is almost perpetually ‘Sec Checks’) that has to undergo one of these ‘Confessionals’.

    DM’s new tech, on the same point of the original Conf Proc, which is under the heading DON’T TAKE UP UNREADING QUESTIONS, he ADDS, the panoply of buttons (NOTE: LRH has ‘suppress and invalidate’) from the tech of Prepchecking and then, then… oh sweet Jesus THEN on point 20 of Dave’s new bulletin he says this:

    “If you can’t F/N a Confessional question, there is something on it…”
    “You can put in the ruds, Suppress, Invalidate, Evaluate, Protest, Unecessary, Assert, Careful of, Failed to reveal, Not-ised and the False Button (note: these are the Prepcheck buttons JL)…any of these could be preventing an F/N.

    “But if after putting in these buttons you do not get an F/N on the question, THERE’S A WITHHOLD ON IT” (emphasis added, JL).”

    There it is. No longer can a question be ‘clean’. No longer can one have a ‘clean needle’ on a question, it isn’t reading, there is NO charge on it, there is NOTHING there, it is NULL.

    Nope. Now the unbelievable arbitrary of “NO F/N = charged question” comes from Dave.

    So, Larry, how does THAT little illogic figure in your eval of David Miscavige = Scientology/Scientologists? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?

  216. martyrathbun09

    Great find Jim. Wow.

  217. martyrathbun09

    Stay tuned. DM sold out to them long ago. We are doing something about it. Get on board stop being a carping, criticizing spectator.

  218. martyrathbun09

    You are beginning to sound like the ass clowns in front of my house with your 1.1 approach. Grow a pair buddy.

  219. martyrathbun09

    Are you serious? You blew when LRH’s influence still predominated at Int. Stop trying to act like a tough guy. Until you prove by ACTION that you are willing to do something about it – I consider you less effective than the sheep that remained at Int after the last free thinking ones left – at least they have the confront to continue to be beat down despairing that one day we might be successful out here resurrecting the technology.

  220. martyrathbun09

    No, just come down for a few days and get yourself rehabbed. There is life after OT VIII, despite your best efforts to demonstrate otherwise.

  221. martyrathbun09

    You are clueless Sinar was and is one of the best friends L Ron Hubbard ever had (has). Read up boy, you are way behind the curve on this blog.

  222. martyrathbun09

    Keep it up and you’ll qualify for stand-in-front-of-Marty’s ass clown status. Get 1.1 with Michael Fairman? You don’t qualify to shine his shoes. Read up my friend, you are way behind the curve on this blog.

  223. martyrathbun09

    Do you realize that David Miscavige has a program extant that encourages OT VIIIs and IAS status bankrupted bots to declare bankruptcy? That he is blaming the international bankers for their financial woes, after himself creating their own bankruptcies? He is mis-using quotes like you’ve used here to make them feel justified for piling on to the international financial crisis created by such irresponsible greed? Dude, you are doing the work of a died in the wool SP. Wake up, kid and smell the coffee. Scientology can help one with restoration of self-determinism.

  224. martyrathbun09

    Larry, you are not listening and thinking. Stay with us a while and we might help get you there. It takes a while, and some confront, to as-is your thought-stopping machinery. Hang in there baby.

  225. In the early 90’s Davey boasted publicly to have opened an OSA office in the IRS and since then he’s committed 1000’s of 501c violations if not outright crimes and gets away with it, mostly documented on this blog. Freedum used to expose the CIA, IRS and government fraud but since the 90’s it backs them all up. And now a site tells us Davey is working for the IRS; too many corroborated facts to ignore. Thanks for the tip!

  226. “By attacking David Miscavige you attack Scientologists in general.”

    This is A=A. There are huge differences and similarities between Scientologists. They are not all part of the same, which most people sort out on OT2.

    But it is exactly this “think” that allows DM to get away without ever having to show actual statistics, without ever answering for any of the damage he has done, And this is the power that holds him there safe. DM = Scientologists in general = Scientology.

    Marty is dealing with failure and confronting it. We all are.

    You Larry, are a blind loyalist and that is all you have to do to be “right”.

  227. Larry,
    Look at my other post to you.

    On the Correct Relative Importances datum from the Data Series and your point of the planetary issue, how about this.

    You’re ‘ex-GO’, you recognize the validity of the original String Pull that LRH did on the Right Target for the planetary Sit you’ve alluded to, BUT, how on earth can that be effectively dealt with in the LONG TERM, if the same L. Ron Hubbard’s Tech is being sabotaged FROM WITHIN!?

    THAT is THE SITUATION Marty is confronting. THAT is the PRESENT TIME RIGHT TARGET, as omitting confront and handling of that means there is no effective way to deal with larger spheres.

    Geez Larry. it’s like telling a guy to go fly somebody’s ruds but telling him they have to have 3 swings to an FN before they ‘fly’!!!!

    This is simple stuff Larry. But, the degree of simplicity is directly proportional to the degree of CONFRONT.

  228. Hey Jim,

    Here are some stats YOU should look at:

    The complete LRH knowledge library now available in many different languages and preserved against “natural” and man made disasters.

    The complete LRH basics library in millions of hands on this planet – to study, duplicate and apply in their own space and with their own integrity.

    The online FSO extension courses are a HUGE bargain and the service is awesome. Turnaround almost instant.

    Back in the day we had the materials in English and maybe a few of the works in other languages – shoddily translated.

    As you no doubt know – indicating the CORRECT SP destimulates any case.

    What is the biggest PT 4D enturblation in PT and WHO are the perps??

    Here are some ACTUAL genocidal Nazi SPs you should be indicating and confronting:

    David Rockefeller
    Jay Rockefeller
    Henry Kissinger
    Zbigniew Brzezinski
    George Soros

    By attacking David Miscavige, attempting to splinter Scientology and attempting to lend credibility to the bankster cult’s propaganda organs like the BBC, CNN, Fox, MSNBC, NYT, New Yorker, etc. that also attack David and Scios in general you are forwarding their agenda of:

    Endless war
    Impossible debt
    Police state
    The A=A is your words and not my outpoint. Your blog not only attacks David Miscavige but any Scios who don’t agree with your incessant and failing attack on the C of S leadership.

    That is Wrong Target – usually indicates PTS.

    Scientology and Scientoloists need no defense – the truth is bullet proof.

    The enemies of mankind are the same group that have railed against LRH, Scientology and Scientologists for decades.

    If you want to target some REAL enemies and must have a fight then get actual news and actual issues at http://www.infowars.net.

    And then lend your voice and actions to many millions of Americans who are waking up to the biggest current threat to mankind.

    The Rothschild/Rockefeller bankster cult.\

    I believe you would have a lot more wins doing so and perhaps start to make a real difference.


  229. At least you are consistent – personal attacks instead of intelligent arguments?

    Did I miss something?

    Have a nice day and please do add me to your spam folder?

  230. martyrathbun09

    Done. See ya up the line Larry.

  231. LARRY!!!

    Dude, LOOK at my other post. Read the bulletins. David Miscavige is sabotaging LRH tech. You are ignoring this post Larry and coming back with delusory fluff.


    You cannot have a clean needle anymore. If you are NOT F/Ning, you have withholds. DO YOU HAVE ANY ABILITY TO CONFRONT THE MAGNITUDE OF THAT ARIBTRARY, SUPPRESSIVE, OUT-TECH?

    If you are a tad BPCed over these issues, then DO take a walk. It’s pretty hard to imagine that DM did what he did, but he DID do it. He cancelled a clean needle, he enforces cleaning a clean as a matter of course. He cleans cleans on pre-OTs for months at a time, at LEAST twice a year. No wonder you fellas seem a bit ‘solid’. He won’t grant the ability to as-is, nor the power of recovered theta to blow, BY INSPECTION ( that’s part of the upcoming post to Steve’s blog.), he arbitrarily decided that No F/N = charged question.

    Good freakin’ lord Larry, and you can’t comment on THAT!!!!

    C’mon man, WTFeck is up?

  232. “So let’s get on source and destim by indicating the CORRECT SPs.”

    Good goal. The point is , GET REAL! Those “planetary” SP’s are figments of your imagination you read about in a book. You have never met them, dealt with them, or co existed with them in any capacity. They are enemies you chose inherit through reports. The people here, they have real stories of co existence and first hand knowledge of their own lives and goals and the SP that is right here right now on our lines destroying the subject of Scientology. THAT is a planetary SP if there ever was one. Who needs to destim? YOU need to destim from the “they are all over there and huge because of coins and media influence” and confront what is right here right in front of you and very real. The WORST thing a man could be suppressing right now is the only bridge out of this. Your planetary SP is the one you are A=Aing with all Scientologists. YOU “destim”!

  233. “The SP/PTS tech is simple and works on ALL dynamics.”

    If you are up to perceiving and conditions on the awareness chart. If you can’t spot the SP on YOUR LINES you can’t very well handle him. You are here right now working as an SP. Your efforts are to suppress Marty, mike, and the rest of us. That’s fine, causative at least. But the people here KNOW who their item is. You are giving wrong items:

    David Rockefeller
    Jay Rockefeller
    Henry Kissinger
    Zbigniew Brzezinski
    George Soros

    I have never met these people and they have not suppressed me.

    They are your wrong items too. Because I don’t think these guys have EVER been on your lines in this life.

    You are pushing wrong items here. We already KNOW which planetary SP is on our lines!

  234. +10000000000000000

  235. Erwin, I don’t remember anybody on staff voting – ever (myself included).

  236. True that Davey can’t teach anyone a single thing but he could sure as hell be used for a pilot in any butcher project. Two flies in one fell swoop; Scientology down and a great blue print for power usurpation and mind control. And if it went wrong, good lessons would have been learned with a single casualty; small price.

    The tools of the chaos merchants may not have changed but since the 30’s nobody had taking them to such heights as the Neocons did in 2001. Mr. IQ 80, had just before successfully conned the most able and most aware and mentally powerful management of the planet into a mental prison using the same old tools taken to new heights; exactly what happened to the Western world after 2001.

    Risky coups don’t come without a thorough rehearsal. If it wasn’t Davey, it must have been some other dictator but the West doesn’t have many and the takeover of Scientology would have been the most reliable and fruitful pilot as it was a very aware and noisy group run by a very powerful Western management.

    You can say this is all coincidence and that I have no proof but I don’t believe in coincidence nor in impossible odds that Scientology and complete Int management would ever be taken over by a savage who couldn’t study nor audit. And if it is coincidence, what happened to the vehement government attacks of the 80’s….also wiped out by IQ 80….something LRH couldn’t do his entire lifetime….

  237. To answer your question Mike,


    You say you are a big fan of LRH Mike yet you tend to ignore various GO Dirs and lectures about a Fascist conspiracy to destroy Scientology that Ron called SMERSH ( a contraction of th Smiert Spionam – Death to Spies an actual branch of the Soviet NKVD and later KGB that dealt in “wet work” and featured in Ian Fleming’s first novel Casino Royale and later From Russia With Love that Ron being a big fan of Fleming used to refer to the International Mental Health or Mental Hygiene complex that went under the banner of the WFMH or World Federation of Mental Health) and the US Government’s efforts beginning in the ’50’s to seize the subject as covered in the PL ‘Politics Freedom From’.

    Miscavige many of us believe is an integral part of this program and some of us have also *observed* indications of this.

    Like CIA’s later INSCOM and DIA’s fascination with OT Technology.

    Something you wouldn’t have been able to observe since you wouldn’t have been at AO the time that we were auditing FIOs (“Former” Intelligence Officers) on their 11 RFs.

    Yet you must have noticed that for some reason the original OT Levels are no longer part of the Grade Chart.

    Have you ever asked yourself Mike why that is?

    Why there is no actual issue written by the Ol’man canceling these levels?

    The ones that produced the first Remote Viewers and produced an impressive data set that according to Jessica Utts confirmed the existence of psychic abilities.

    Did you also know that several WISE members had connections to the Military Intelligence Industrial Complex like ATG that had Bill Odom former Director of the NSA as one of its Board of Directors and Digital Light Wave’s splitter being used to spy on Americans?

    Also I agree that Larry Brenner may know a lot but I disagree with his assertion that the Ol’man wanted “Religious Cloaking” a word that I can’t imagine Ron ever using for activities like Narconon, Criminon, ASI (which originally stood for Applied Scholastics International) or CCHR which is completely contrary to any directive I’ve seen regarding these entities.

    In fact when I worked for NN for a brief period the GO always insisted that we make NN seem as secular as possible and were always on our cases for allowing students on the Program to read the actual HCOBs in case they made any connection to the Church of Scientology.

    Why did the Ol’man all of a sudden have a change of heart about all this?

    You know quite a lot Mike but you have existed within the Ivory Tower of Int Base.

    A world where only one man supposedly ruled.

    How do you be so certain he wasn’t or isn’t currently taking orders from someone else?

    Were you with him every minute of the day?

    It took the FBI and CIA over 2 decades to find out that Ames and Hanssen were moles and that is with a CI capability that wasn’t abolished by some fiat directive.

    Also why if mere observation would suffice there are such techniques as RB, 3P investigations, Interrogatories and DSEs?

    Speaking of 3P.

    You and Michael Hobson who is always passing on some interesting tidbit about what is going on at ESMB can scream from the roof tops that none dare say there is a conspiracy of any kind but some of have our own reality on the scene.

    And it does seem to some of us me in particular that efforts to discredit our opinions on the matter is just plain and simple censorship.

  238. Thankyou Mike for being public, again. Just think, this was NOT the scene, EVER, in the first 60 years of Scientology, that so many prominent ex senior leaders in Scientology speak openly in public.

    So, again, thanks for talking, communicating.

    I’m not a Scientologist, but communication, to me, is the most religious aspect of Scientology, and you and Marty communicating, and being so prominent in exposing some of the most wished for new truths to surface, I really thankyou.

    You know Mike, when the BBC was doing the show, the one after which you chose to leave, I told BBC, their top people, to be nice to you. And that yuo would follow in the footsteps of earlier PRs, and eventually “come out.”
    (as a footnote to history, someone who I can’t recall, someone posting on one of the chat sites, is who noticed this history in Sea Org history, of the ex PR people being sort of a trend. There was Laurel Watson, Robert Vaughn Young, and that is all I told BBC, I told them to expect you, Mike, as next one to follow, due to the whole official Scientology repeating history trends). (Further footnote, I asked the lady from the BBC who I was helping for that first show Mike, I asked her, timidly, to please introduce me to Ursula Caberta, and she did, and Ursula invited me to the upcoming “cult” EU conference, and I went, and my “payback” was urging others to go and start this “new round” of ex Scientologists making sort of the trek to the “safe space” that Hamburg has made for ex members to speak up from.)

    You, Mike, and Marty too, know more than likely anyone, besides Linda Hamel, just how imaginary the threats sit their, in the minds of us ex members, who sit and ponder, “Now, am I going to speak up or not!?”

    Well, in the vein of what I consider THE most important piece of Scientology, the “ARC Triangle”, I want to say that Communication, my training on that, and having been so thoroughly run (for 100-200 hours and still not complete) on Grade 0, to which I think I could attest only to Flow 3, “others to others” the ability to wish for absolutely real, that people DO communicate freely with one another. (Later I backslided thinking this likely was something I’d learn in life had I skipped all my 123 preclear folders of auditing, but either way, I do think communication is a good thing.).

    Mike, you and Marty helping each other, due to all the others who’ve just before you set the stage, by coming out, these last 8 or so years, I consider this “new round” of ex senior leaders, and it is just sort of a decade by decade phenomenon, that will continue, that is, until official Scientology reforms and ceases the excommunication blackmail overpriced overzealous extremeist organized OSA/DSA tactics.

    So thanks for letting media quote you! You are revealing some gems of truth.

    I run the 866-XSEAORG phone line, and I told Marty he should start his own but this site is plenty good. My callers, I have them use the ARC triangle back on Scientology, the “ARC Chapter” is what I advise, in reverse, back on official Scientology. And I’m not even a Scientologist.

    Communication is a hugely powerful human activity! Glad Marty and you Mike, are communicating!

  239. +2 I’m filing this excellent advice for future media advice relay!

  240. +2 Extremely important insights! I tell media academics to READ your comments. At some point, I hope SOMEONE extracts your comments, as sort of a primer for how media might best approach Scientology in a way NOT to be hit with the inevitable fusillade of “make wrong” counter answers to deflect off and avoid answering the hard questions media and people, like academics, who’s job it might be, to find out what Scientology leaders have to say in response to the criticism that squirt inevitably out of the mouths of ex official Scientologists. Your comments should be studied by future media wishing to take official Scientology seriously. Thanks so much MIke for your advice! I’m filing it, to relay to the next round of media asking how to take on the Scientology story. You’re doing just like past exited top PR people did, and give advice how to pierce the Scientology diverting tactics. I think it’s just human nature to speak out against irrational injustices, but thankyou for your truth sharing.

  241. LRH’s hat was tech and research, then Scn organizational. I’ve long suspected that someone he trustingly delegated to look into world political and financial scenes was in fact a true suppressive personality. I still wonder who.

  242. So with that in mind what else can one expect if the dictator is working for IRS, Does the public know that and do they what their money is being used for.They have a right to know.

  243. Tom, Is DM still in that housing building right next to ASI, is that what you’re saying is his “bunker?” If so, protests can easily be arranged to walk the sidewalks across the street and easily viewable from ASI’s upper floor windows, and right next to the housing buildings where DM might be “hunkered in his bunker!”

  244. Or, Tom, has DM taken up residence in MSH’s old home in Los Feliz, just north and a little west of the Complex, the address that MSH last lived in. I heard that property was still the residence of the Potters and old Ginny Hof and Hett Saunders, doing I can’t imagine what duty for what person at this stage in history. Is the old MSH home a DM “safe house?”

  245. Not that anyone would EVER listen to me, but has anyone noticed how some of the most powerful people on this blog got sucked into lengthy and eventually fruitless arguments and persuasions with just one very abberated terminal? I’m obviously stupid and dumb and would never be smart enough to sniff out a true SP amidst a crowd, one who could enturbulate the cream of the crop, the goal of an SP. Naaah. I’m dumb.

  246. Wish they’d send me urgings to read that stuff. I’d use the X word, as the HGB security guards call it, on them, left, right and center. X word on them!

  247. Well RJ, you are of course entitled to your opinions. But I will answer one question you asked with respect to POB (your implication that because I wasn’t with him “every minute of the day” I couldnt possibly know is reminiscent of the Miscavige line — “I know every inch of his body,” so therefore he could not possibly have been hit by him):

    “Were you with him every minute of the day?” No, but I was with him a great deal more than you.

    As I see it, you are feeling the need to handle the planetary SPs. BUT, there is a primary target to handling planetary suppression, and that is having real Scientology available. And that’s what this blog is about.

    Your silly conclusion: “efforts to discredit our opinions on the matter is just plain and simple censorship,” pretty much says it all. And is disproven by the fact that your comment was posted here.

    Why don’t you start your own blog RJ and you can wail away with whatever your opinions are and see how many keep coming back. You are riding on Marty’s coattails.

  248. Great Chuck. And thanks for your other comment. Much appreciated.

  249. Tory Christman

    David Miscavige is a two bit punk who couldn’t hold up in any group,
    by himself, if he had to. Get a few bikers,or Chicago/NY guys to meet
    with him. Would he? Hell no! He wouldn’t even me with me and Mosey–two girls alone. He’s a chicken-shit, no good loser. If it weren’t for people I love still under his spell–you wouldn’t be reading this. Have a nice week-end, one and ALL 🙂 Tory/Magoo

  250. martyrathbun09

    I am not enturbulated. I knew Larry and was hoping to jog him out of his thought stopping nightmare.

  251. +1 And, I read in recent years, Hare Krishna took responsibility for the child abuse their child caregivers were responsible for, rather than fight and dodge, they accepted their guilt, paid a heck of a lot of money willingly to make up the damage to the kids, and THAT is the way to deal with one’s movement’s faults! Yea, I too noticed Hare Krishnas responding way more sanely to the valid criticism that came their way!

    If DM ever lets Exec Strata wear the “think tank” role that LRH gave them in 339R Int, things could change. Exec Strata should 1) Lower prices, 2) undo all the false SP declares (and no new SP declares), 3) disband OSA and its network (stop all PI harassment and volunteer Scientologist harassment).

  252. I am not riding on anyone’s coat tails Mike.

    I am commenting on a blog which is supposed to be an open forum about Scientology and why we are where we are today as far as I understand it.

    And I also understand that according to our creed which is no longer being practiced in the Church these days you have every right to counter any opinion that I have and I have every right to counter any of yours.

    Also censorship does not merely consist of not posting an alternative point of view but can also consist of placing so called “warnings” on any communication in an effort to degrade it as Mssr. Hobson has attempted to do.

    Also by claiming that *one* source that I question the reliability of has supposedly “debunked” (a term favored by such groups as CSICOP and other phony “skeptics) any alternative view.

    Also where have I ever been disagreement with the “primary target to handling planetary suppression, and that is having real Scientology available” though I fail to see how fixating exclusively on Miscavige achieves this objective?

    Or how doing anything else other than auditing and training people in Standard Tech would either.

    One of those objectives would be to run the 3rd Dynamic engram which would include all aspects of it as seen from other points of view other than your own wouldn’t it?

    As covered in “Notes on the Lectures” page 131.

    That would take up all arbitraries involved without introducing new arbitraries like there is only one SP and he is “the SP” and his name is David Miscavige and therefore we must only talk about him and ignore any other possibilities.

  253. martyrathbun09

    Yeah, but you run perilously close to bringing to this blog that which I gave Larry Byrnes one morning to show some ethics change on. It is called instillation of apathy by way of conspiracy theories that are counter productive to those trying to get others to help do something about that which we know as FACTS.

  254. What are the FACTs then Marty?

    Also facts can be contrary to other facts.

    Frankly I don’t know what you and Larry Byrne discussed but I disagree with the premise that there is such a thing as “instillation of apathy by way of conspiracy theories”.

    If this were true than the 911 “Truth movement” and the Kennedy assassination buffs would have found something else to do and Jim Marrs would be getting a day job.

    Conspiracies exist and have existed for some time on this planet of ours.

    The FBI used the Theory of a Conspiracy to indict and convict members of the GO.

    Why is it okay for the Government to entertain conspiracy theories. Yet when Ron or anyone else does they are considered “crack pots” or more euphemistically conspiracy theorists?

    The public seems only to allowed to conceive of one lone nut like Lee Harvey Oswald, Sirhan Sirhan, Charles Manson, David Miscavige etc.

    Also what is this about “ethics change”?

    PR is what is applied to the Field.

  255. ceocomp: “Boo fucking hoo COB hit me – that’s the plan??”

    No, that’s just the warm up. Exposing the crashed stats, altered tech and overall degradation of LRH and Scientology … that’s the plan.

  256. Larry, just so you don’t miss the correct indication: DM SOLD OUT TO THEM LONG AGO.

  257. That’s the exact right attitude. Just point your energies into the right direction. You may not get a direct product but that doesn’t matter, what matters is that you point out truth and many people will read it. You even do it to the SQB’s and get some result. I never have the goal to change a specific persons viewpoint as that can’t be done; the only one who can change it is that individual himself. But pointing out illogics is what gets the job done on a greater plane, like LRH did.

  258. Nice wordings and have to agree where the illogics are obvious
    no harm in saying even thow most don’t like it.

  259. I do like what you wrote, so precise and so to the point . Hurts sometimes I can imagine.You would have thought most would have got what Marthy is trying to do god help him.So you got my vote on this .

  260. Deep inside the being likes it but he may cognite 10 years later. To speak truth is not only for others, it provides a stable basis for yourself as well. By countering outpoints, illogics become plainly visible and can be as-ised and you move on up yourself.

  261. Erwin, I think it’s far easier to take over a group who are basically honest, idealistic and well-intentioned than your post might suggest.

    Being basically good, it never occurs to many people that another may have a genuinely evil intention. It is even harder to spot when the intention is completely masked as by a patient, detail-oriented 1.1 personality.

    How else to explain the repeated failure of the majority of decent people to apprehend these types and give them the bum’s rush when they try to take over.

    I think LRH’s articles on the Social and Antisocial personalities give an excellent synopsis of the basic situation with these kind of people and why it has so often happened that they have prevailed.

    Who could believe that anyone could harbor the complex and continuous effort(intention) to harm or destroy?

  262. Lawrence,

    The last thing I’d expect is for OSA to apply the correct formula.

    Seems they are happy limping around from another *foot bullet*.

    Or maybe my advice is just too out gradient for their simple lil’ minds.

    Hey OSA.

    At least invest in some steel toed boots.


  263. Chuck,

    As I remember Mary Sue’s house is north of Los Feliz near Edgemont.

    It would be ironic if the lil’ rodent was using her former home as a “safe house”.

    Another *lie* aside from the one that Ron had personally requested that she resign as controller was the one Miscavige gave the SP Times in that puff piece of theirs entitled “The Man Behind Scientology” was they remained friends.

    “Friends” don’t friends under house arrest or under round the clock surveillance.

    Who knows if he’s hiding out there.

    Maybe Mary Sue’s ghost could put the lil’ man out of our misery.

  264. Actually their documentation is pretty good as you can see:


    It’s the leaps of logic they take with these documents.

    By the way I’ve never been a supporter of their conclusion that the Church was taken over by the IRS or that Meade founded the Church of Spiritual Technology.

    But you gotta admit they’ve done some thorough research.

    Too bad they didn’t do the HDSEC as well.

  265. Most of them are not allowed to read the Secret Closing Agreement which makes Miscavige the Chairman of the CTCC or Church Tax Compliance Committee even though its been on the Internet for years.

    I’d say it’s the next biggest secret next to the existence of CST which would place Miscavige and RTC on the second rung from the top on the corporate ladder.

  266. That’s a huge +1 on that Big T and Special K.

  267. Val and Erwin,

    I spent much of my time with CCHR like my time with the GO as a fly on the wall.

    Funny the skinny ya get when your just minding your own business auditing people.

    I’d say CCHR went into the twilight zone after Jan Eastgate took over and it never recovered from being a horror show….literally!

    When she became CCHR prez.

    It was all about Jan.

    I mean so this chick shut down Chemsford which was basically a private institution that victimized about 38 people.


    (Jeffery get outta there while you still can!!!!!)

    We shut down Charter and National Medical Enterprises that was victimizing thousands and raking in billions in insurance fraud plus got over 187 child molesting psychs put in prison.

    Maybe she didn’t like that fact you know having similar Os of her own or something.


    After she totally unmocked CCHR by getting rid of all the productive staff including the guy who was auditing them.

    Yours truly.

    The chick then gets a freakin’ “Freedom Medal”!!!!!!

    Back then it was tragic.

    Now plus time it’s comedy.

    As far as I’m concerned CCHR like Freedumb and dumber has become nothing but a frickin’ joke.

    All child molesting psychs and insurance ripping off frauds needn’t worry any more.

    Thanks to Jan.

  268. To answer your question TP.

    There are as many POVs on this point as there are people posting on this board.

    Personally I suggest you read the HCOPL Politics, Freedom from and listen to the original unedited lecture 21 of the PDC plus The Spirit of Man Congress lecture entitled “What Scientology is Doing”.

    Also I recommend two very good books that you can read on line.

    Both by Omar Garrison entitled ‘Playing Dirty’ and ‘The Hidden Story of Scientology”.



    There are sites like veritas which was mirrored by sc-irs-ology and if you can still find them the early ARSCC Librarian posting on ARS.

    Study some of the various posting on this blog and Thoughtful Steve has a good site called scientology-cult.

    Then do some of your own research.

    ‘Cause your not going to get anything more than a definite maybe on whether Dave’s part of SPECTRE or SMERSH or whether he’s just a lone nut.

    That said.

    One thing you can say with total certainty is that the organization as it is is totally f_cked and ain’t doing Scientology.

    Hope this helps.

  269. Ken Ogger was never a XII as far as I know.

    From what I understand he was an original SH graduate.

    You got anything that says he did Class XII on Flag?

    As Mike Hobson says.

    You have any documents?

    Also quite giving the new guy grief for committing a faux pas it seems he never knew he committed.

    You’re almost being as bad as the org on making others guilty of overts unintentional or otherwise.

    Fer Christ sakes.

  270. Vic K.,
    Thanks for all your good work. Your articles were of immeasurable benefit to the Vietnam veterans who suffered the after effects of Agent Orange; to the civiilans who suffered from the illicit testing of psychiatric drugs; and the list goes on. Your work has truly made a difference in our culture, and for that, you are an unsung hero.

  271. Valco, even though you didn’t answer any of my real considerations, I will answer yours.

    It’s not easy to take over or destroy a group of educated, idealistic, well trained, experienced and well intentioned warned beings. According to LRH the military, the IRS, and psychiatry with their billions had tried but failed for 30 years.

    Being basically good, they would have endured consistent attacks on operations that better beings, the more good you do the more you will have been attacked. Thus Int management must at least have suspected it and they were trained to spot a 1.1.

    The majority of good people failed repeatedly to apprehend these types because they didn’t know until it was too late. As soon as they found out the law was completely on the side of the usurpers, they couldn’t do anything else than start a massive exodus and deliver real Scientology independently, exactly like we do.

    LRH had warned them against the hidden evil intentions at least once (often more) every couple of tapes he made. If not by witty comments on government or psychiatry, he wrote consistently about 1.1’s and not only in the Social and Anti Social articles.

    Freedom and slavery happen to be the woof and warp of Scientology; all of it is geared toward self determinism and freedom, away from ownership and domination. Every scientologist worth his salt would have recognized the continuous hidden effort to destroy; it’s a wavelength, you feel it. And if too low, you can still find out analytically by the data series.

  272. I agree that in the good old days CCHR was very productive and at a certain point it started to degrade but I don’t think it’s a joke, now it’s a weapon against humanity.

  273. This just in from “The Morton Report” :

    From Scientology Apostate to Humanitarian, Oscar Winning Screenwriter Paul Haggis Helps Rebuild Haiti

    By Skip Press, Contributor

    September 6, 2011 7:40 PM 4

    When Lawrence Wright was writing his lengthy and controversial New Yorker article on the defection of Paul Haggis from Scientology, he called me for a long discussion. I had not spoken to Paul for years because as far as I knew, he was in Scientology and I hadn’t been involved for well over a decade. Extant Scientologists don’t talk to people who leave, by policy. Still, I have a very good memory and was able to tell Wright things about Paul that Wright didn’t know. Paul and I had formed a group for Scientologist writers in 1979 that continued for almost a decade.

    I explained that Paul had impressed me with his writing the first time I read anything from him. In 1978, a mutual friend named Spanky Taylor gave me a “spec” (written on speculation) script for the show Welcome Back, Kotter that Paul wanted Spanky to give to her friend John Travolta. I was already making money writing and Spanky wanted my opinion. I laughed out loud at a Vinnie Barbarino line where he postures that he could probably get a scholarship to beauty school because he was so good-looking.

    Paul impressed others with that script and soon got work writing animated shows in town via Michael Maurer and his brother Jeff (who later changed his last name to Scott), who were grandsons of Moe Howard of the Three Stooges. I told Lawrence that Paul had also gotten a boost when Peter Devaney, a strawberry farmer from Canada, had shown up at a writers meeting at Celebrity Centre wanting to spend $15,000 to develop a movie about the life of L. Ron Hubbard.

    Paul and I were running the meeting and I turned to him and said, “You take it.” Paul made a deal with Devaney and although Hubbard’s life story didn’t get done, the money bought Paul some time to write, and his career took off rapidly (and he paid Devaney back). Before I knew it he was the show runner (writer/producer) on the TV series The Facts of Life (the show that gave George Clooney his start). Paul was always gracious, encouraged me to write for the show, but I just didn’t want to do that at the time.

    I regretted that a bit one night in Santa Barbara when I was watching the Emmys and saw Paul win a statuette for a script he wrote for the show thirtysomething. I called him up the next day and congratulated him and, as usual, he was gracious, happy, and wanted to know how I was doing. I never found him to be otherwise, no matter how successful he became. I remember talking to him once after the devastating Northridge earthquake in 1994 about some Hollywood business and he said, “Did you see that house that went over the cliff on the news?”

    “Sure!” I said. “That was awful.”

    “My house,” he laughed. He actually laughed.

    I, on the other hand, felt a bit devastated, because I knew that during the Chinese uprising in Tiananmen Square in 1989, the pro-democracy movement there had been greatly aided by fax machines in America that ran constantly to China, keeping freedom fighters connected. Those fax machines were located in Paul Haggis’ hillside home.

    When Paul wrote the screenplay for Million Dollar Baby and it won the Best Motion Picture Oscar, I fully agreed with the selection. Although I’m not a fan of euthanasia, I thought the script was excruciatingly perfect. When he won three Oscars for Crash the next year, including Best Picture, I couldn’t have been happier, even though it was sad that I’d probably never speak to him again due to the fact that those who leave Scientology are completely shunned by those who remain in it.

    Next thing I knew, Paul was writing a James Bond movie. He wrote another movie for Clint Eastwood. And another James Bond movie! It was astonishing – the aspiring screenwriter I’d once been asked to help was completely at the top of the game. Meanwhile, I was writing books about how to break into Hollywood, teaching writers around the world online, and raising a family. Had I taken the wrong path entirely? Should I have gone through TV to the movies, like Paul had done? Oh well.

    Another thing that saddened me was how I knew Scientology would use his Oscar win to tout the glories of Hubbard thought. The only other person who had ever won an Oscar while in Scientology was Bert Salzman for the short Angel and Big Joe in 1975. The legendary Ernest Lehman had been involved in Scientology, but I don’t believe he was by the time he passed and though nominated six times, the only Oscar Ernie had was a well-deserved honorary statuette. Other than that, John Travolta and Karen Black had been nominated as actors. In contrast, when Hubbard’s novel Battlefield Earth was put onscreen, all it won was a bunch of Golden Raspberry (Razzie) awards for worst just about everything. Oh my, was Scientology going to make hay with Best Picture Haggis.

    Only something funny happened on the way to the hype. Paul Haggis fell out with Scientology. He sent them a letter of resignation. In Hollywood, this was big news. I wondered what the repercussions would be, waited for their attack on him, but none came. Then the New Yorker article appeared. Still no attack, no lawsuit. Hmm. This verified something I’d observed for years – Scientology wasn’t what it used to be, when they’d sue anyone at the drop of a word. The Church of Eternal Litigation, some called it.

    Finally, six months after the fact, Scientology struck back, via their Freedom magazine in one of the nastiest attempted hit pieces I ever saw Freedom do on anyone. And I’d know – I used to write for Freedom. I had encouraged Tom Whittle—Freedom’s long-time editor—to move to Los Angeles when he’d been in the Air Force in El Paso, Texas. I was Freedom’s correspondent in Portland, Oregon covering the massive Scientology protest and demonstration against Julie Christofferson Titchbourne, a young Portland woman who was awarded $39 million in damages against Scientology. I’d gone up there on a shoestring budget – no funds supplied by Freedom or Scientology – and when he found out I had no place to stay, Paul Haggis let me sleep on the couch in his hotel room.

    So when the Freedom (an ironic word sometimes) attack on Paul came, I held my nose and read it online. I would have been amazed that they tried to denigrate his Best Picture Oscar win, or his amazing track record in Hollywood, even the fact that he’s been spending a lot of time and money building a hospital in Haiti lately but then, I know Scientology all too well – they’re capable of any lunacy. What they either didn’t know or chose to ignore is the fact that Paul’s organization Artists for Peace and Justice supports a children’s hospital and built a cholera clinic where over 10,000 patients have been treated, many children, half of whom would have died within 24 hours without it.

    And while Scientology crows in its article about revamping its building in Clearwater, Florida, APJ is currently building a high school for the children of the slums grades 7-13 – amazingly, the very first free high school in the history of Haiti. When they are done they will have between 2500 and 3000 students, who also get what might be their only meal of the day. And what’s your charity, Scientology?

    As Scientology did its best to degrade Haggis’ career, citing the disappointing box office of his latest movie, they failed to note how the rest of the world views Paul Haggis. For example, he’s to receive the Golden Eye Award, a lifetime achievement honor, from the Zurich Film Festival, which will also present a retrospective of Haggis’ career as a director and screenwriter, screening several of his films.

    I won’t bother with the contents of the New Yorker article or the Freedom “rebuttal” – you can easily read those yourself online. I will simply say that Scientology “ain’t seen nothin’ yet.” While the Janet Reitman book might not have been the expose many anticipated, the forthcoming books by Lawrence Wright and others will be. When Paul Thomas Anderson’s expose movie The Master hits the screens, the dwindling numbers of Scientologists who see it are liable to hit the streets, screaming.

    It seems the Portland branch of Scientology is closed now, and “old timers” (people who were in Scientology early on like myself) report to me how empty the Scientology buildings are these days. If Scientology keeps attacking highly talented humanitarians like Paul Haggis, who simply have a difference of opinion, the religion founded by L. Ron Hubbard may soon, like a repeating line in his never produced screenplay Revolt in the Stars, face a “Future zero!”

    That won’t happen for Paul Haggis.


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