Independent: Definition Of

From Merriam Webster’s dictionary:

1 : not dependent: as

(1) : not subject to control by others : self-governing (2) :not affiliated with a larger controlling unit <an independentbookstore>

(1) : not requiring or relying on something else : not contingent <an independent conclusion> (2) : not looking to others for one’s opinions or for guidance in conduct (3) : not bound by or committed to a political party

(1) : not requiring or relying on others (as for care or livelihood) <independent of her parents> (2) : being enough to free one from the necessity of working for a living <a person of independent means>

d : showing a desire for freedom <an independent manner>

I post this as  food for thought for anyone clinging to remnants of Scientology cult think.   I have observed a lot of  noise  stemming from what I consider remnant cult, group think perhaps instilled by the Radical Corporate church of Scientology.  Noise such as, “hey, I relied on the guy because he’s an Indie, and he screwed me; just what kind of group is this?”   Or, “the guy was a total squirrel, evaluated me back to the stone ages, and I thought he was an Indie.”  Or, worse still, “he’s your friend on Facebook, so I trusted him with boatloads of incriminating information about myself.”  Note: I don’t have a clue who 3/4 of my friends on Facebook are, I’ve accepted them on face value – as do the majority of Facebook users – in order to increase the channels of communication for my own messages.

I find such grousing to be sad.  Sad, because it is the same kind of think prevalent in corporate Scientology that makes it a cult.  “Hey, flow power to Richie cause he’s a patron diamontorious with fairy dust wings”; and many did and lost their retirement funds.  “Of course I hired her, she’s on course every night”; and the 1.1 winds up going to bed with her husband.  “COB said an F/N must have three swings and each swing has to have a little flourish at the end in order to qualify”; and the case is overrun below the ground.

I’ve got some heartbreaking news for those who want to leave one cult to join another, this here is the Independent movement.  There are only two things you can be mildly sure that you hold in common with anybody calling him or herself an Independent Scientologists upon first encounter: a)  the idea that the “church” of Scientology practices reverse Scientology, and b) notwithstanding the recognition of “a” the idea that he or she hasn’t foresaken his or her wins and continues to practice Scientology as he or she sees fit.

Now, those are not insignificant common denominators, but they are the only ones you can be reasonably sure exist upon introduction to someone calling him or herself an Independent Scientologist.  Beyond that the friendships you make are your responsibility. The partnerships you develop are based on your own due diligence. The practices you engage in are your own responsibility.

Here is an analogy.  You might consider yourself a Republican by political affiliation.  Does that mean you unconditionally trust the other 100 million people in America who also consider themselves Republicans?   No, it means you know only that you have one thing in common when you meet another person who considers him or herself a Republican; and only one thing.   After communicating and socializing you may find that you have a great deal of other interests, opinions, and activities in common.  You may go on to create great things together, maybe even something that forwards Republican notions.  But if you find you are diametrically opposed on a number of issues, whether it is your views of what it means to be a Republican or how the gay neighbor down the street ought to be treated or how business ought to be conducted in the free enterprise system, you aren’t likely to partner up on anything significant. And if you do partner up in whatever endeavor, and you are disappointed, you aren’t going to go bitching to the Republican National Chairman to “handle” your new friend.

Back to Independent Scientologist reality.   The matter is complicated by people who are adept at capitalizing on the group think card.  Some people are really good at appealing to one’s own third dynamic sense of responsibility with the “you really strengthen the group by helping me get ahead” play.  They have gotten by over the years on the sweat of others by blending into the “group”;  they can actually make you feel responsible for their survival for they promote what they do for the “group”, while examination of their products finds few at best.  Such people use the “group” as a crutch and a maze with which to mask their own lack of personal responsibility.

It is further complicated by OSA’s ongoing programs to infiltrate the Independent field with trolls and agents provocateur.   Their mission orders are to use the alleged cred of  agreements “a” and “b” above to embed themselves, then spread as much third party, rumor, and personal scandal as possible, and then ruthlesslessly exploit resultant dramas as “Independent Scientologist” group practice.  Their overriding program running for two years calls for creating as much enturbulance as possible in the Independent field so that I, by name, am reduced to labeling who is good, trustworthy, and reliable and declaring who is not. The idea is to position me with their own cult leader Miscavige.

OSA is expert at creating an us vs them mentality in the minds of the not-quite-bright.  They actually study Hubbard technical references on how the reactive mind is constructed and drill how to use that knowledge to instill and capitalize on reactive, group think.  They understand that pack mentality can lead to mob insanity.  Next thing you know you’ve got yourself a reactive, destructive cult.  And thus most of OSA’s propaganda takes grains of truth OSA itself has nurtured and constructs elaborate, restimulative labels that characterize its perceived enemies as the type of destructive cult itself has become.

The remedy is simple.  Learn and use Scientology to improve your ability to differentiate between people who can be relied upon and those who cannot. Learn and use your Science of Survival and PTS/SP tech.  Sans some elected authority who labels people for the good of “everyone” (who can be and historically have been corrupted by motivations other than the good of “everyone”) the technology is nothing less than brilliant.  (More on how society’s “experts” on the mind are beginning, fifty years after the fact, to recognize its wisdom in later posts).  It is vital technology for optimum survival whether you are engaged in or affiliated with Scientology, Independent or otherwise, or not.  Hubbard said of that technology and the ability to differentiate between the social personality and the anti-social personality:

Of all our technical skills, such differentiation ranks the highest since, failing, no other skill can continue, as the base on which it operates – civilization – will not be here to continue it…

Unless we realize and apply the true characteristics of the two types of personality, we will continue to live in a quandary of who our enemies are and, in doing so, victimize our friends

All men have committed acts of violence or omission for which they could be censured.  In all mankind there is not one single perfect human being.

But there are those who try to do right and those who specialize in wrong and upon these facts and characteristics you can know them.

— 27 Sept 1966

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  1. Perfect summation.

    It’s an oxymoron to call yourself an independent Scientologist and hold onto the RCS command “don’t think for yourself” and thereby live your life based on others’ determinism (ie things are accepted/good or rejected/bad based on labels affixed to them by someone else — whether it be “SP”, “OT”, “Class VIII” or “Independent”). That by definition is NOT independent, nor is it Scientologist.

  2. PersonalJudas

    I love the smell of sanity in the morning.
    This post is a great cult-think inoculation.

    Thank you.

  3. Perfect summation.

  4. Excellent article!

    In the Independent field, we succeed or fail based on the quality of our products, not on who we know or who trained us or where we studied.

    Those who produce superior products will still be here for years to come.

    If you want to know whether someone is right for you, ask the people who this practitioner has helped.

  5. Right on, Marty.
    The other day, I had a cognition about “the Bridge” and what it is, isn’t, and our relationship with the Bridge. Begin Cut/Paste

    Bozz | October 4, 2011 at 8:30 pm | Reply

    “Hubbard wasn’t joking when he urged we get busy and start building a better bridge.” ~ last sentence in Marty’s blog above. (Oct.4th post)

    Here’s an interesting thought…
    Up until now, there has only been “one” Bridge and it came from the “church.”

    Try this one on for size:
    Each one of us has our own Bridge! For every one of us out there, climbing, reaching and taking the journey “out,” there is a Bridge for that individual! Now, your Bridge may be slightly different from mine, but the components are still the same. Each Bridge is made with the bricks and mortar that Ron left for us to build with. But WE have to build it. NOT the “church.”

    So now… instead of just 1 way out, and it is through the “Co$,” we have thousands and thousands of ways “out.” We each have our own ! All based on the Tech. All based on the work (bricks and mortar) Ron created and we need to build out own way out!

    [b]By this principle… we are each responsible for “the Bridge.”[/b] And if we don’t build it, guess what?

    There you are. Right where you are at.

    Hmm… now I wanna here that movie/lecture again. This is a very interesting and liberating concept!!!

    I have very selfishly been hung up on this concept for the last couple of days, becuase I truly believe it is DEEPLY profound. Now, more than ever, as an Independent Scientologist, YOU ALONE are the deterining factor on how, when, where and the speed with which you get up the Bridge… or not. The “chuch” is no longer a factor. RTC can’t stop you. You don’t need to go to FLAG for anything.

    THERE IS NOT ONE SINGLE BRIDGE. The Bridge is a charted course, pathway, trail… that has been blazed for all of us to see what to do and not do. But it is up to each and every individual to accept personal reponsibilty to not nessecarily “follow” Ron, but to DO as he DID.

    I think that may be where christianity gets things confused to. They are trying to literally “follow” Christ, like a lost sheep or puppy. When in reality they need to live by the example, do as has been done. Accept KRC and ARC and “do it yo’ own damn self” as opposed to being led around like a child.

    If you have to have someone hold your hand the whole way along, you’re not getting it. You’re doing something wrong. Go back, find your word, get trained!!!! and then carry on.

    This is bigger and deeper than most will give it credit for. Not what I’m saying here only…. but what Marty is saying above. Clear the word. Put it in clay. Be Cause. For God’s sake… for your own sake… BE CAUSE. Not because.

  6. moneca ryane

    Brilliant! We all choose. The no victim mentality is the sane mentality. If you are independent and truly holding your own counsel, unbiased by overt SP behavior – you can’t help but reach for freedom!

  7. Marty — THIS is my favorite of all your articles/blog entries.

    It so clearly defines what independent means. It’s not easy. It takes some effort and time to be confident to step INTO your own skin, intelligence and responsibility but it REALLY is what it takes to make a sane, confident world.

    Steve Jobs (RIP) is a great example of someone who was an independent thinker and look how he set the world afire.

    You, Marty are another of those truly independent thinkers!

    And time will tell how afire you’ve helped to set the world 🙂


  8. Such a succinct statement of the truthful ideal scene. The bridge was for us to be who we really are and act upon data, instead of react. Being an Independent is as high as you could go on this concept. You rise up to where you are and it is YOU and not someone else who makes decisions and acts. Thank you for posting this.

  9. Here’s a definition you left out:
    e: Coming to the conclusion that DM is a DB. (DM = use your imagination, DB = degraded being or douche bag).

  10. Marty, Excellent post because I was looking at this issue.

    “a) the idea that the “church” of Scientology practices reverse Scientology.”
    The suicide of OT 8 Biggi Reichert was 100% conclusive proof to me that Mr. Miscavige reversed Scientology and the tech of OT 7&8. Having completed the levels myself in 1988 before he changed them , I feel compassion for Biggi. She did not get the original LRH procedure. NO WAY! Many see weaknesses in the narrative aspects of the levels and this is a matter of independence from views. However, the e-meter procedure developed by Mr. Hubbard was sound until it was reversed by Mr. Miscavige. I knew Mr. Miscavige was headed in the wrong direction when I read his 38 page Bulletin in 1996. It took 15 years for the damage to truly manifest itself.

    “b) notwithstanding the recognition of “a” the idea that he or she hasn’t foresaken his or her wins and continues to practice Scientology as he or she sees fit.”
    I have not forsaken my wins. In fact , I appreciate them more every day.
    As I now see it, Mr. Miscavige destroyed the “cherry”, or the heart of Scientology when he changed the auditing procedures. I see fit to preserve those original techniques because they have value. I also respect those independent auditors who truly get results as posted on this blog.

    May all beings be well and happy!
    May all trees be protected from Davis Miscavige!


  11. Martin Gibsom

    INTEGRITY. By the way I am now doing a fix on incomplete objectives. Relief. Independant will win. (objs, 13 years later).

  12. Ciao Marty, thankyou for your Help,thankyou for your words.
    From Italian Friend , to you , friend of the world !
    Francesco Minelli

  13. Yvonne Schick

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. A perfect expression of a vital concept. Many of us are still peeling away layers of group think and you just provided the viewpoint needed to peel away a biggie.

  14. Yvonne Schick


  15. In fact, as an independent, (someone who can stand on their own two feet and see, think and know for oneself), one can confidently be a truly valuable group member that is completely trustworthy. Sycophants are not reliable because they cannot think for themselves and only find identity in the group or the leader of the movement(as a robot). One who is independent, self reliant and able to hold a position, is one who can be the best playmate on this crazy planet because, although they may bend with the direction the wind blows, they never are uprooted. And if the wind is wrong, they may spring back, standing tall once again. Every day, another layer of RCS “think” is shed from my “thetan skin” and I reclaim what was mine to start with. It reminds me of the TS Eliot Poem:
    We shall not cease from exploration
    And the end of all our exploring
    Will be to arrive where we started
    And know the place for the first time.

    To me, that palce is arriving at the ARC/KRC of my native state.
    Thank you Marty for reminding us. We must first stand tall independently if we want to make a difference in any group.

  16. Brilliant piece of writing, Marty. I think it aligns nicely with LRH’s intention regarding the use of the tech.

    Excerpted from the lecture Getting Up Speed, Part II delivered on 17 November 1953.
    “I tell you the only unethical thing I have ever been able to discover is for an individual to deny himself. And if an individual thoroughly enough denies himself, believe me, he’s unethical because he’ll wind up by denying himself and everybody else and everything across the eight dynamics, pang! So that’s real unethical—also immoral.
    “And you’ll find out the downgrade of everybody was when he denied his own strength, truth and power. And so you have to solve that. But it’s a solution that comes rather easily.”
    — L. Ron Hubbard

  17. Marty, You hit the nail right on the head again. That is what freedom is all about. Being willing and able to make decisions for yourself and not being afraid of the opinions of others.

    Yes, help and support one another where needed, but don’t rely on that alone for your survival and happiness.

  18. Marty,

    I do love this post! It is exactly what the doctor ordered!

  19. GetTheConcept

    In light of what Marty said, which I agree with:

    In my opinion there is a potential MU to beware of in the term “Independent Scientologist”.

    When I first heard the term it appealed to me because it meant (and still does, to me) that as an Independent Scientologist, I can understand the philosophy on my own, and I can use the tech correctly without answering to anyone else in how, when and with whom I choose to do it.

    Then, after becoming involved in some Independent Scientologist blogs, I saw that there is also this GROUP of Independent Scientologists. There’s nothing wrong with grouping together with others of similar interests and obviously it can be very fulfilling.

    But I think it’s important to still remember that even though there is a group, or groups, of Independent Scientologists, to not forget what the word “Independent” means.

    I think the word “Independent” in the term “Independent Scientologist” can be interpreted by some to mean “independent of the church”. This is fine and is obviously a part of it, but it is an incomplete definition.

    I think that a group of Independent Scientologists still is really a group of individuals who not only do not answer to the church anymore but they study and use Scientology in the way they want to (without violating the proven workable methods of course), with whom they want to and to the degree that they want to, without answering to anyone else in any official way, including others in the group of Independent Scientologists.

    You are free to use Scientology as you see fit regardless of what anyone else thinks of your individual preferences. And it is not up to anyone else to determine that for you, it is your responsibility to determine that for yourself.

    That, to me, is the definition of an Independent Scientologist, rather than just “a member of a group of Scientologists who are independent of the C of S”.

    Dave Fagen

  20. Caesar Alarcon

    Hey, Marty that me all the way.

  21. Alex castillo

    Just about everyone on this planet wants to be a better person for themselves and their families.

    David Miscavige is attempting to thwart people’s Goal of BECOMING A BETTER HUMAN BEING.



    And you don’t have to be a member of the “Church” of Scientology to grasp that idea.

  22. Caesar Alarcon

    Right on!

  23. Alex castillo

    I wish you wouldn’t call people who you have helped “products” g..dmm..t. It makes you sound like you are are factory producing MEST PARTICLES! They are people whom you helped effectively with LRH’s tech. People, people, they are NOT product! Excuse my intensity.

  24. Yes, BRAVO Marty. We all need to remember this. It is easy to slip into the warm water of agreement even when we don’t realize the stove is being turned up little by little until we are cooked.
    With the passing of a Steve Jobs yesterday – a TRUE “OT”- if I may, (although I’d personally prefer to just call him a visionary genius and humanitarian) I am forced to reflect on the basic idealogy which he so eloquently communicated in his commencement speech to Stanford University”s Graduationg class of 2005.
    The entire speech was beyond magnificent but particularly these words (at 12:39 mins) spoke to me:
    “…Don’t be trapped by dogma – which is living with results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important – have the courage to follow your inner heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become.”

    Please give yourself the great gift and privelege of listening to the whole address. It will be worth your time.

    MUCH love,

  25. Beautiful!

  26. martyrathbun09

    And you don’t need to be a member of a cult, least of all “church” of Scientology, to consider Scientology your religion.

  27. Alex castillo

    Mark Fisher:
    I challenge you to a fight of pictures of our doggies! My Jack Russell against your pooches! This just to lighten up things. I am here, old friend, supporting the effort to bring down El Diablo Maldito (The Cursed Devil) to help protect those innocent people who may fall into his Hell Hole.
    Talk to me old friend:

  28. P.S. I don’t have the reference (if someone else does please share) but according to Hubbard (and me) anything or anyone you are dependent upon you are the effect of. I noticed and pointed out a long time ago on the Freezone forum it was not healthy to depend on drop offs from the Church for P.C.’s and Scientologists. Make them yourself. Time to invite your mailman in for a pinch test! I’ve made plenty of new Scientologists since I’ve left the Church. Name, want and get just one this year and it will become a very easy matter to manage.

  29. Good post Marty.
    I mentioned in agreement to another post recently, The Legacy of the Tech, make it yours = your Tech, your Bridge, your Freedom. It is probably the realest concept you could ever have, for as soon as you grant source to someone else you are to that degree off source.
    LRH knew exactly what he was saying in KSW 1 that he is the source of Scientology and his parting gift was that we make it our own. The not quite bright have a real problem with that.
    I guess when you look at it, this defintion of “Independent” being formulated by the present environment is defining the last of the free thinking people of Scientology.
    To those who object to that , have a close look – just what are you really objecting to?

  30. martyrathbun09

    George, thank you. I understand your understandings through your many great contributions of thought to this blog.

  31. martyrathbun09

    WH, I don’t purport to be no Steve Jobs. In fact,late last night I read that little quote of his that you posted and it was the last connecting dot that inspired me to put this post in written words.

  32. Thanks Marty!

    I have blown so much charge reading this blog. It is so wonderful that someone is saying what needs to be said. That wasn’t much done in the church of POB, and if you tried it you risked trouble of one sort or another.

  33. I never liked it either. It places the emphasis on the organizational statistics, not on the CLIENT / BEING and actually the individual’s name and personality is (or as-is). The only place a being’s personal gains are a “product” is a note in the auditor’s personal business management. A client is a constantly changing and evolving being. As one auditor said: “Haha, YOU’RE the one doing all the work! I’m just sitting here asking questions!”

  34. Alex, it sure seems like you missed David’s point. His final sentence says, “ask the people … helped.” What is wrong with talking about the quality of products if the products are WDAH or maybe sessions providing relief from suppressive ‘church’ practices, or maybe “well and happy human being.” None of that seems dehumanizing to me, and I don’t think DSL meant anything of the sort.

  35. sorry, reader, please make that WDAHs and please put a question mark at the end of that sentence. Thanks.

  36. Alex castillo

    And Marty is absolutelu right. During my Superlit at Flag, I searched the word “religion” in an old Webster dictionary and this is what I found:
    Religioncomes from the Latin word Religare.
    RELIGARE: is the latin word for “to reconnect, to bind together” which gave origin to the word religion. Attempts to define religion are manifold and various, but for the time being we will just say that religion is at the heart of an ancient human longing for meaning and oneness, inspiring both the civil and spiritual life. This is indeed an ambitious project, to explore human spiritual quest from the point of view of such different traditions as the path of the Goddess, the voice of Angels, the way of Yoga, the rigor of Zazen, the chants of the Sufi and so many others. We will try to “re-connect” to a wide diversity of traditions and explore the spiritual path by the approach of different disciplines: history, art, linguistics, anthropology, archaeology, theology, sociology, etc… but, more than anything, by the medium of our passion
    “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery
    Goethe once said “we are shaped and fashioned by what we love”. Learning when embedded in the heart, as well as the head, converts into wisdom… and we could add that a pinch of [good] humor makes part of this journey; we sincerely hope that this can indeed be a joyful one!

    This is why the idea of Scientology becoming a religion never bothered me, folks.
    But I couldn’t have found this piece of truth without the help of LRH.

    So let’s differentiate between the “church” of Scientology and LRH’s hard work.
    Yes indeed, many of us who attempting to get together with a common goal are members of a RELIGION.

    I can’t believe i have spewed all this. But I felt like doing it, from the bottom of my old heart.


  37. Alex castillo

    I have lost the intenet site where I found my old Webster definition but you can just google the word RELIGARE.

  38. martyrathbun09

    Thanks much for sharing this wisdom Alex.

  39. martyrathbun09

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall to hear what these two veteran evaluators come up with while breaking bread

  40. Marty,

    This is the best post ever written !!!!!!!!!!
    In the last months I was thinking exactly along the same line.
    I had so many cognitions about that I’m an INDIVIDUAL and very different to other people and what counts are my thinking and my creations along the dynamics and this is the most important, I don’t have to be in agreement with anybody about anything.
    That’s freedom of thought, That is POWER.
    For the indies that still don’t get it and want to enforce their wins, knowledge emotions or whatever on others read following of LRH:
    – S.O.S the charateristics of tone 4.0 (the best definition of an Indie)
    – F.O.T pandeterminism and self determinism.
    Thetans are very different, but can be in ARC together with lots of different opinions !

  41. Your humble servant


    Thank you for yet another very important and very insightful post. Important points for anyone to remember are that just because someone calls himself something or other, such as a Scientologist, or an Independent Scientologist, is completely meaningless as a basis for trust–only repute and results count–, and yes, there are OSA operatives who are working hard to destroy any and all Scientologists who exist outside the now formally authorized “Church.” Thus, destructive rumors will circulate that can and should be ignored.

    Also, I believe the last part of your post in italics is profound. Societies have foundered for lo these many centuries because no one could effectively differentiate between the social and the anti-social type of personality or do anything to defang the anti-social types. Recent popular books on the topic of the psychopathic personality highlight this shortcoming but offer no solution. Hence we have war, criminality, and insanity continuing to flourish.

    Ron’s attempted solution to the problem within Scientology organizations in the form of ethics codes, committees of evidence, declares, and so on, was evidently not up to task for whatever reason as evidenced by the fact that the Church of Scientology itself has now accepted and enshrined a thoroughly anti-social personality as its leader and manifests suppressive behavior throughout the organization from top to bottom, in its dealings within and without the organization. What a shame!

    Persons within the organization have the tech potentially available to them but cannot utilize it or even realize that they cannot utiliize it because they are denied the right to think and act independently. They suffer from the “held down 7” that the organizational structure is always right and must be right and whatever one is told by superiors or upper management should not be questioned.

    At least on an individual basis, as you said, “The remedy is simple. Learn and use Scientology to improve your ability to differentiate between people who can be relied upon and those who cannot. Learn and use your Science of Survival and PTS/SP tech.”

    How it can ultimately be applied for the benefit of society as a whole is another question.

  42. Alex castillo

    Bob Dobbs,
    I’m sure David didn’t mean to sound de-humanizing. I guess it was just me, slightly bothered by the word “product” when refering to his PCs or students. While I was in the SO I heard always and used that word along with “particles” when refering to people and it just keyed me in into that time. My apologies to David and all who felt offended. Cool?


  43. Well said Alex. Funny how that passion stays with us…. You have (re)emerged here with comments and insight that are both informed and intelligent. It is nice to see you back.

  44. Very well put. I want to increase my independence from a lot of things, reactive charge and body included, but that really means I want more true associations and more ARC = understanding, in order to assume more independent KRC. The way out is the way through. Those still in the Co$ are the ones who are disconnected from their purposes, and themselves, and lacking understanding. As Ron Reagan, Jr. might say: there is a profound difference between disconnection as an abnegation of responsibilities, and independence as an assumption of responsibilities.

  45. Alex castillo

    I think we never met although I believe we were around at the same time but not in the same place, but know that after reading your thoughts for the last few years, I am right at your side, ready to back you. That too is from the bottom of my heart.

  46. Another Layer

    Thank you for this beautiful post! I am deeply moved.

  47. +1 . It’s all about full responsibility.

  48. We are. I still am. Every day I get a piece of myself back.

  49. Alex castillo

    Mike Rinder,
    You can never kill a Mexican True Sea Org member of our vintage, HA!

  50. Thanks Marty.
    I think that the fact we have a group of Independent Scientologists is testament to the fact that we finally got what Ron was trying to tell us all along.
    Walking the walk 🙂
    Each and every baby step to OT.

  51. The organization is there to serve the individual not the individual to serve the organization.
    When these things are reversed the organization ceases to be survival anymore.

  52. It’s a given CO$ will infiltrate the Independent Movement or anyone else who practices Scientology not under their umbrella. Listen to RJ38 again where LRH makes it crystal-clear he wants squirrel groups taken out of the game. If one is looking for acceptance from the Church of an Independent Movement, it ain’t ever gonna happen. Like a pit bull who won’t let go, RTC will be every bit as tenacious, limited by resources only.

    That’ll always a way of life for the Freezone/Independents. And it’s not limited to CO$, as some other groups/individuals hate “anything about Scientology” and will also troll, infiltrate and destroy.

    “Independent” is just a name and merely indicates a subscription and position in respect to the Church and other Groups. Some Indies I have come across are pure 100% squirrel material, others LRH by the book, and in terms of standardness is not even a group.

    All the Soap Opera on blogs or Web social mediums is neither here nor there. Do they want to move up the bridge, and are they taking the Steps to do so? Such are very easy to filter out.

    Are you delivering standard tech?

    And if you set yourself up properly (something I have in part helped bring about), neither CO$, nor anyone else can touch you.

  53. Alex castillo

    If you could be a fly on the wall, you would find us in some Las Vegas joint discussing how to beat the odds (of bringing the Devil down) while having a beer, in the company of a few beautiful girls who would be all hugging Mark and staying away from me because I’m too bloody old!. I think I speak for Mark here, since he hasn’t responded to my challenge.

  54. Wow!
    That indicates!

  55. +100000

  56. Alex castillo


    From my experience of 70 years on this planet, the data is as true as the fact that the sun goes down in the evening and comes up again in the morning. Good stuff eh? :))

  57. Thank you for clarifying this, Marty. As for myself, I have no interest in joining another organized religion. I believe I mentioned that it seemed like most of the people commenting on this blog were either OT or former Sea Org members, or both and wondered how I fit it with this group. I was never in the Sea Org. I am not OT. However, I took my first course in 1974 and was on staff for over 17 years. Maybe its a remnant left over from being involved in such an all-consuming organization, but I have hesitated to be open with who I am and open myself to be judged by yet another “elitist” Scientology group. However, I have lived outside of Scientology for many years and have experienced what I see many going through. I have worked to create a life for myself, which included pursuing spiritual enlightenment, creating close & loving relationships with others, developing strong community ties and relevant engagement in the world. I have suffered losses and experienced successes in doing this. I am living my life. I wish the same for the “independents” who participate on this blog.

  58. Timely….I just started reviewing the Data Series recently. As far as I am concerned, it is a must read at least every 24 months or so to continue “de-ptsing” oneself from the “quantum entanglement” of Earth and it’s many and varied cultures, as well as gain new appreciation for some of it’s many and varied cultures.

    This is also intelligence.” LRH Data Series 1R

  59. martyrathbun09

    I guess we are both from the school of Emilano Zapata:
    “I would rather die on my feet than live on my knees”

  60. thanks Joy for posting the speech of all times as far as I am concerned. Steve is a man of integrity, kindness, knowledge and caring and he will be missed.

  61. martyrathbun09

    If the old man left nothing behind but the Data Series, he would have contributed more than I ever will.

  62. Alex castillo

    You are completely correcto amigo

  63. Love this post Marty, thanks for writing it. I did notice when I lived in the Bay Area, so-called scientology companies would hire based on “status” within the group. All I can say is it was not something I was interested in.
    The SOS and PTS tech is what will give one strength and stability…..know it….really know it!

  64. Tony DePhillips

    Great post Marty.

    I guess it is the nature of Man to want to blame others for their own condition.

    “All men have committed acts of violence or omission for which they could be censured. In all mankind there is not one single perfect human being.

    But there are those who try to do right and those who specialize in wrong and upon these facts and characteristics you can know them.”
    Great LRH quote Marty. I think that says it all.

  65. Hear Hear!

  66. So well written!
    Much loving-kindness,

  67. Marty and Yvonne,

    Well put Marty. It boils down to us as individuals creating our fate by our actions, and learning to work with and trust other people not based on past brands and labels, but by the work of their life, their continuity and stability as friends, associates and human beings. The arrogance of the COS culture is so often so completely antithetical to the reality.

    Yvonne, so true … it takes a lot to dig yourself out of something and a think so permeating that for me at least, I sometimes don’t know what is my think or COS programmed cultural thing …

  68. Clearly written and truth. Every word of it.

  69. Continuity and persistence of solid personal character is something I was trying to say here …

  70. Alex castillo

    I can vouch for that. Studying, understanding and practising the Data Series, and incorporating it into your mind and soul is…well, absolutely magnificent!!!


  71. Michael Fairman

    Right smack dab on the button!

  72. Thank you, Joy. That really is inspiring, and of course quite touching under the circumstances.

  73. Marty, I appreciate your kind words.
    I want to direct a communication to anyone who is reading this blog who has any slight connection to Mr. Miscavige. OT 8 Biggi Reichert was suffering and she was rejected by Mr. Miscavige’s organization after paying massive amounts of money. He did this out of fear for his own personal interests at the expense of Biggi. Any compassionate organization would have helped her in time of need. However, Mr. Miscavige’s damage was done. If he does not understand how he causes damage, how can he repair it? The reason for Biggi’s suicidal thoughts can be traced to the technical and spiritual misconceptiions of Mr. Miscavige. You could say that Mr. Miscavige is one who malpractices in the field of mental health. For the last 22 years, I have in my own way and at my own expense assisted many people who have been damaged by Miscavige. Anyone connected to Miscavige in any way who has even the slightest thought of suicide should seek the help of an independent auditor or a qualified meditation teacher. These thoughts can be directlty traced to Miscavige’s malpractice. There is no reason to allow Mr. Miscavige to block the fundamental wholesome impulses of ethical people.
    Much loving-kindness,

  74. Glad you posted this one, Marty.

    I’ve been careful to watch my own group think mechanism and every month or two I still have new cogs about becoming more and more my own man.

    I like this group because it’s not a group.

  75. Brilliantly observed and written. Thank you.


    Wonderful reading, so many good people on this blog and so much wisdom, BUT, WE STILL NEED A LOT MORE SIGNATURES ON THE WHITE HOUSE PETITION. DON’T LOSE SIGHT OF THE BALL FALKS. IF WE DON’T DO REACH THE TARGET NOW, ALL EFFORTS SO FAR WILL BE IN VAIN. I don’t mean to Prod Off anyone, just trying to the target in sight.


  77. Beautifully stated Marty. Independence is at the very heart of the subject of Scientology.

  78. 🙂

  79. Tom Gallagher

    Thanks Marty for pointing out the dynamic duo- SOS & PTS/SP tech. I sense that as these works filter through society we are witnessing confusion blowing off as order is put in.

    We, the people, don’t need any control freak tyrants, sociopaths, whether it’s POB or a Rockefeller. We just want a fair game to get on with it.

    Humbly, I would suggest one other LRH piece to the mix: The Way to Happiness, culminating his life’s work. Now there’s a trifecta.

    Thanks again to you and all the Independents for keeping the flame alive.

  80. Marty – a fantastic post. There is no substitute for living your own life. It is pleasurable beyond words. Independence is empowering. Since disconnecting from the Church of Miscavige my life is full of joy – warts and all.

  81. Right on Mike (and Marty!). It’s about growing up. And coming into your own as a Scientologist. Independence, responsibility, integrity, OT, cause, honor, judgment, rationality, honesty… all these things go hand in hand and that’s what it means to be an Independent (actual) Scientologist. The “responsibility” of an “OT” in the Church isn’t worth the ass end of a mosquito sucking the juice out of a rock.

  82. Good reminder, Alex
    I sent my first batch of letters out yesterday and six folks responded by signing the petition.
    Another batch going out today.

    This exercise is fully valid protest PR. We’re protesting David Miscavige, his criminal behavior and his illegal operations both in and out of the cult he has created.

  83. Dave, you summed up my thoughts pretty well.

    Hearing that there are people who criticize and blame others for their own failure to differentiate reminds me of a time when I was a young Scientologist. My roomate was not a Scientologist and although we got along fantastically, I chose to move in with a couple of Scientologists because they WERE Scientologists. Although we didn’t have many problems we did have different personalities and after moving in with several different Scientologists, I finally realized that Scientologists were people just like non Scientologists. The concept of living with someone who shared my same philosophy was a good one but in this particular case it was not the best one. That was my first step towards thinking for myself.

    Independent Scientologists are individuals that have a common desire to be self-determined in their study and application of Scientology. Having this reality it is natural for them to connect with other likewise individuals and in doing so groups, whether loosely woven or a tight fit, form. I think of it more in terms of a fellowship of smaller groups than a larger organized entity such as the church.

  84. redneck Janette from Detriot

    A few book recommendations for people who need a little extra knowledge on the subject of cults and how they work : 1) Combatting Cult Mind Control and 2) Realeasing the Bonds both books by Steven Hassan and 3) Youth, Brainwashing and the Extremist Cults by Ronald Enroth. Happy reading Indies 🙂

  85. I agree with y’all: Independence is earned. You had to earn it by diligent study. Years of drilling and correct application of the tech. But in the end you came out with a wonderful understanding of yourself and others. And the magnificent joy of auditing another individual towards spiritual freedom.
    I always sit in awe of Ron’s tech after giving a session.

    Like the rest of you, I endured for 30 years the slow decline of the Church. We all can probably say the exactly time and place we were when we said, ” I can’t take this anymore – I’m leaving the “church”.

    We became independent. Then it took a couple of years to sort that all out.
    To discover you were not alone and the other stories were just as bad if not worse than yours ( in most cases worst, just heartbreaking.) But eventually you came out of it and you realized you had in your possession the jewels of spiritual freedom independent of the suffocating church.

    My husband and I are highly trained auditors and we decided to put the FUN back into Scientology. I started auditing him on something he thought would be fun. We are having a ball. Here’s to more fun to all the independent Scientologists worldwide! Audit away it is FUN but it is totally up to you to understand it and apply.

    I’m having fun again. Thanks to y’all

  86. Understood by me! I think you’re cool Alex!

  87. I would like to suggest this “Independent: Defintion of” post be included in the “What We Do” section (or similar) at the top of the blog.

    It think it should not be lost sight of!

  88. Claudio Lugli

    Bravo Marty,
    this is real food for thought! When you become Independent you wish to find people that you can relate to, people that you can talk to and share the mutual experience and the wins of leaving the cult, and for some of us you want to find comfort because of the the pain connected with family members that disconnected from U. You get whatever is available in your area and sometimes there is not much to choose from, and your attention is not much on choosing but on sharing. But after that of course one has to choose the people he wants to associate to based on interest and mutual affinity and a lot of other things. But I do agree with you and I think that what is vital is the USE OF PTS SP TECH ANS SOS DATA in relation to your choices. This is the foundation. I must say from direct experience that being “soft” on that brings havoc.

  89. HCO PL “Product of Orgs.”


  90. Inscribed on the Temple of Delphi. and attributed to The Seven Wise Men of Greece (620-550 B.C.) is the following:

    “I warn thee, whosoever thou art, oh, thou
    Who wishest to probe the arcanes* of nature, if
    Thou dost not find within thyself that which
    Thou seekest, neither shalt thou be able to
    Find it without.

    If thou ignorest the
    Excellencies of thine own house, how dost
    Thou intend to find other excellencies?

    Within thee is hidden the treasure of
    Treasures. Oh, man, know thyself, thus thou
    Shalt know the universe and the gods!

    *Arcane: known or knowable only to the initiate:
    mysterious; secret; obscure; esoteric.

  91. Steve Jobs did some great things, but perhaps some of his “leadership” also resulted in not quite as good, when there are abuses, cut comm and control factors being applied which are quite suppressive, reminding me of a cult type of operating basis which is the anti thesis of Independence:

  92. Perfect summations by all!

  93. Mark

    Quote: “Yes, help and support one another where needed, but don’t rely on that alone for your survival and happiness.”

    Yes, personal integrity first, then broaden it out to encompass all 8 Dynamics. The concept that Marty has expressed here is applicable across the Dynamics. Total focus on first dynamic “independence”, like insistence upon total “self determinism” would put one at odds with the remainder of the Dynamics. “Pan-determinism” would seem to be a higher goal, and therefore, perhaps, “pan-independence” is likely also a valid concept.

    What it all boils down to might even be called “pan-responsibility”, at least somewhere up around 20 on the tone scale.

    As you say Marty, “food for thought.”

    Eric S

  94. Marty
    Quote: “And you don’t need to be a member of a cult, least of all “church” of Scientology, to consider Scientology your religion.”

    Nor do you really have to consider that you are any part of a “religion”, or that you are even a “Scientiolgist”, in order to espouse and/or use the philosophy and technologies of Scientology. ( espouse, as in…”to take up and make one’s own; adopt.” )

    Eric S

  95. Not to derail this thread, but to provide info, the video of police breaking down the doors of a Russian org (see today’s Village Voice, ) is really all about the CoS lust for, and fixation on, MONEY and their consequent exorbitant prices (about which the police have received complaints). What does that equal? “Non-delivery” and “no auditing” which is the eternal reason LRH gives for trouble in any cultural area. The reporter walking through the org is commenting on the exorbitant prices; he also comments on how outrageous it was for the police to interrupt a course room in progress and kicking out the students; later in the video staff volunteered to provide anything they wanted to stop them from breaking down more doors. Perhaps breaking down the doors is their way of sending a message: “get in your ethics.” If so, the CoS is sure to ignore it.

    The reporter also commented on the fact that various authorities have pronounced the materials as “extremist” — however, that is simply an opinion. Without the actual financial complaints and the insane prices for services which are printed on CoS promo, the police would probably not be swinging those nice axes in an “Ideal Org” and thus giving Miscavige another motivator to wrest more IAS donations donations out of the remaining 17 parishioners left through out the CoS empire.

    All of this really boils down to the CoS not doing it’s job or wearing its hat as a religion. In Russia, they do not have Social Security. Pensions are very small. The percentage of poor people is higher than here. Who takes care of the poor? Churches. But not the CoS. They don’t even know its their hat! (= Treason). They just shake people down for fantastic sums of the IAS and Ideal Orgs no exchange whatsoever, and Miscavige has set the prices out of range of what the people can afford.

    So is it a surprise the police are bashing down their doors? Or is it the inevitable consequence of out ethics which we have been warning about for 2 1/2 years now.

  96. moneca ryane

    Another WOW from me. 26 yrs & I am still having cogs on various twisted think agreements. But lately reading Marty’s blog feels like the final layers are about gone. Lots more ARC/KRC in all areas of my life with rising personal stats on all dynamics. Feels real good!

  97. Thanks Joy, Steve Jobs really knew the score. Definitely one of the jewels in the crown of our 4th dynamic, the human race.

  98. John Fennessey

    Marty, great common sense and advice. Thanks.
    The baby is carried, then crawls, then walks. Students learn and then can teach. Dependents become Independent. Perhaps this was the way it was meant to be. Its growth.
    To stay dependent is a failure to take the opportunity to stand on ones own spiritual legs and face down their fears. Each lifetime is an opportunity to grow and perfect ourselves, chipping away at the flaws we carry along.
    All practical matters considered, those who can assimilate knowledge and stand on their own are doing very well on their journey. Because its not easy. If it was easy, we would all have become perfect a long time ago.
    I subscribe to the belief that people are drawn to the paths and challenges they need to grow. The wisdom and challenges that scientology has presented to each of us is a great example of such an opportunity.
    We are not here by accident. Our families and friends are not by accident. Nothing is by accident. Its all opportunity.

  99. I could not agree more with this post, Marty. I’m with Windhorse — it’s one of my favorite posts of yours ever.

    What you said seems obvious, but apparently it’s not to everyone. That “Now we’re all supposed to X, so jump in line and march!” baloney is baloney. Not my cuppa tea.


  100. This also, I believe, is relevant to the topic….or any other topic for that matter. I believe J Logan posted this a while back, but it bears repeating.

     Melbourne congress lecture 6 of 8 Nov 1959
    “The fate of any piece of knowledge man has ever been able to learn about himself, his society or this universe has sooner or later become subservient to some special interest with a curve on it to make more slaves. And this is one time when as long as I’ve got words in my mouth and breath in my thetan – this is one time when that curve isn’t going to happen. And that’s all I want your help in. We want to make sure that what we know never comes to serve some special interest for the subjugation of man.

    All Dianetics and Scientology attempts to do is to undo the magic spell which has made people less than they want to be. And to do that it requires that some truth be known. And that the central and principal truths of man be known, merely as truths – not as pitches and curves to serve some different reason or purpose. And that information is its own best protector.

    But, any time truth is put out, it has to be put out on a clean line. and it is itself and real truth runs itself out.
    Knowing who you are – you know who you are, knowing what you are and knowing what you’re capable of, are to that degree masters of your own destiny, not slaves of somebody else’s destiny. and don’t you ever think you have to do something because – merely because I told you the truth sometime or another. You have no obligation on this line of any kind whatsoeve. You owe me nothing. That’s the way it is. It isn’t that you should or did or anything of this sort.

    We must never let what we know get into a state whereby it itself is a tremendous number of “now-I’m-supposed-to’s.”

    We should have no automaticity and we should have no slaves. We should as individual people apply the tech and better all involved.”

  101. I love this Marty. Whenever someone would complain to me how CL?OT? was behaving or how they had been treated badly by them, or screwed over in business, etc. I would point out that CL? and OT? were just letters and numbers and nowhere did Hubbard say to put aside your SOS and observation and make decisions on letters and numbers.

    Once again it comes down to Personal Integrity.

    Great post

  102. Martin Padfield

    Thanks Alex, you read my mind. WARNING: If the rate of sigs. doesn’t speed up the target WILL NOT BE MET. Less than half the time remaining.

    Why does this matter? From the White House site: “If a petition meets the signature threshold, it will be reviewed by the Administration and an official response will be issued. And we’ll make sure that the petition is sent to the appropriate policy makers in the Administration.”

    Future petitions will require a 25,000 threshold – this is a ONE-OFF chance. Please don’t be complacent. I have just got 2 more to sign, I’m sure everybody reading can do the same. Thank you.

  103. martyrathbun09

    Perhaps our Russian and Ukranian Indie friends will provide some clarification. I am willing to bet the over-the-top Idle Org violated ethnics and played a large part in this. I have learned a bit about the Russian economy of late and can surmise for that knowledge that Miscavige’s grand event in that climate was probably taken by most as an arrogant slap in the face.

  104. martyrathbun09


  105. Hi Marty, You are right. As most of my very closest friends know, I don’t actually speak Russian. Please don’t tell anyone, but I forgot to say I got my data by calling Misha Priv and having him watch the video and tell me what they were saying… sneaky, I know. Conspiracy theories aside, I think “an arrogant slap in the face” is exactly how the Miscavige’s grand operations are being taken, to which an axe breaking down the doors is only the relevant reply.

  106. COB appeals to a minute minority of people who simply deserve to be bypassed. I feel you should not be anxious or upset by any of his tactics. Always preserve open and honest communication and trust that the “80%” will see reason from insanity. Those ‘third party’ tactics are weak and will crumble in the face of reason. You can easily laugh this off, just bring attention to it and the right people will see it.

  107. top of the vale

    Truly the most engaging of all of your previous posts! You stating this as LRH would have stated it. The Old Man is standing right beside you in this!

  108. Alex, Beautiful statement phrased for the ages.

  109. Tony DePhillips

    I couldn’t see the video clip when I clicked on the link. I went to Youtube and tried to find it. No luck. But I did find this, it looks like the Russians don’t take kindly to being messed with by a cult.

  110. Interesting point about the grandeous opening being a slap in the face. Although I don’t speak Russian it was clear from the video that the presenter was keen to point out all the expensive equipment they had.

  111. There is much truth to the fact that Independent Scientologists are much more able and responsible than the members of the former church they may have belonged to. I gave an example the other day, I don’t know if many people know, but when I first came out of hiding as an “ex-member of the church” I asked a famous Class XII auditor a question. He was a former church member and I figured if anyone would know the answer he would. I asked him because of his reputation in the community. In good faith he answered me 100% standardly, a simple answer, nothing RCS about it, and the information went straight to my web site and has been there ever since. Comparing this to if I had asked this question when I was still on lines at the church I probably would have been asked “Why do you want to know?”. From that experience alone I have learned that there is an MU in society over what is Scientology and what is the Church of Scientology. Independent Scientologists all over the place have been helping people like this on a regular basis. Why is that against “so called protocol” in RCS? This question about the church and it’s answer both amaze me. The Class XII auditor was of course Pierre Ethier and communicating with him is almost like stepping into another universe for a short while. Just communicating with him was a wonderful experience. I really respect the Independents and have not met one yet that was in the church with me and harmed me when I was there. What more can I say?:)

  112. Thank you! It was a beautiful communication and I passed it on to a few people who I knew would really appreciate hearing this.

  113. Even as a none believer I like this post Marty, though it was a Wall Of Text(wot) 🙂 and I almost tl;dr (too long; didn’t read).

    I see a general agreement which is good and what is more interesting peopple expressing their own ideas. I liked the one about each bridge being unique.

    One thing that’s always puzzled me, why when using a bridge as a metaphor are people told they need to move or climb upp it? Answer not expected; it’s like asking at the 7/11 why there are locks on the doors when the shop is open 24/7/365(6)? Try that one some time. 😀

  114. “The SOS and PTS tech is what will give one strength and stability…..know it….really know it!”

    Agree with this statement 100%. It was while reading the chapter of Affinity, Reality and Communication I started blowing HUGE quantities of charge. It gave me back my stable datum of the power of the arc triangle and certainty that I would never be able to apply this simple piece of tech inside the corrupted church. SOS was my “bible” just prior to and after leaving the church.

  115. This is relevant to a new poster on WWP. He has parents in the church of scientology but as a non-believer and someone who thinks the church of scientology to be unethical he and his parents agree to differ. They know his position and he theirs and the still love each other. Unconditional love is a beautiful thing.

    Thing is another poster “tildacity” who is openly church of scientology chimes in and berates him for betraying his parents, their friends, their community and their beliefs and demands that he show them he supports their choices and beliefs.

    He came back with a marvelous retort. Basically he and his parents get on fine. That they are frequently called on at 11pm gone and persistently pestered by the church of scientology by phone wanting them to do services they cannot afford is sad but it is their business. And what he does is his.

    That’s how it should be. Families and friends should not try to coerce each other with guilt trips and emotinonal blackmail.

  116. Cindy Pinsonnault


    Excellent … well written … vitally important for all of us to understand.

    Thank you.

  117. “SP”, “OT”, “Class VIII” or “Independent” are labels.
    The quote below has helped me often. It applies.
    “The success label assigned by life, as represented by a race or a government, is not necessarily the actually-borne label of the individual. You see, if you were asked to believe all the signs that you see around, that everybody is carrying on his chest one way or the other, you would get an entirely erroneous idea. But I tell you how you could get an erroneous idea corrected: You could get an idea about the value to life or actual position on the gradient scale of importance to life at large; you could get the understanding and ARC of the individual. And the understanding and ARC of the individual is a direct monitoring factor on how valuable that individual is to the remainder of life. And that’s the only factor there is that’s worth measuring.
    So, we don’t care if Doris Duke comes in to see you as a preclear or whether this person is Dr. Jow of the Jow Clinic or whether it’s Menninger or Mayo or the president of the United States. The label on this preclear, put there by social agreement, has nothing whatsoever to do with his value to life at large nothing; it has nothing to do with it at all.
    There is a way to measure it, and that is his understanding and his ARC potential.” (Two-Way Communication, 01. Nov 54)

  118. Words of wisdom. Brilliant essay. Thank you, Marty.

  119. Joe Pendleton

    Marty, one of your absolute best and most important postings since you started this blog.

    I have no doubt that the future of Scientology religious philosophy and LRH’s ideas rest in an Independant movement of the study and application of Scientology principles as individual beings see their usefulness to life (and discard for themselves what they don’t find useful).

    Further, I have no doubt that the institutional CHURCH of Scientology will continue to decrease in membership and will eventually be just a small sect of a larger Scientology group. (Though the eventual passing of Miscavige from the scene might result in an upsurge of ARC and membership for a while).

    Independance of thought and postulate. Certainty of one’s own beingness. Ability to confront and act, free of fear and restimulation. That is my standard of an OT (not hidden by the way).

  120. Thanks Tony,
    So what we have is org staff routing in students, convincing them to give up thier studies, quit the university, give the org all their money and work for $10 a week.
    Let’s see, I wonder if any of the retards from the org surveyed that as a socially acceptable and in ARC with the community idea????

    Methinks not. After all…they know best!

  121. Yes but the product of orgs is an HCOPL written for internal consumption, not as a guideline on how to refer to a paying client. If you want to take it all the way to source, then the PC is creating the auditor, so the auditor is now the “PC’s product”.


  122. Miscavige, how’s that PR area control working out for you? Way to go.

  123. Sue

    I definitely understand your concerns. The scenario that you seem to envision of “yet another “elitist” Scientology group” does not appeal to me either, though it may appeal to some.

    I am neither OT nor was I ever a Sea Org member. I was on staff at both a Mission and an Org, at various times, but I do not consider that to be the most important aspect of being a Scientologist, or of even being a person who has and/or is using Scientology in my life. Many of us have been bruised to a greater or lesser degree. To me, the purpose of Scientology is to supply tools to help you to achieve the kind of life you seem to already be successfully achieving.

    I think this is where Marty’s post comes in. Whether or not you “join” an “independent group”, or whether or not you even consider yourself a Scientologist, you certainly seem to be living your “independence”.

    I consider myself part of this particular “group” of beings because I have common history, common goals, common understandings and common realities, and therefor high ARC with many of those who post here. I personally welcome the aspects of this particular “Third Dynamic” being a part of one of my Dynamics, because I consider it has value in the forwarding of my own purposes and goals as a being. Were I to find that it, at some point, ceased to align with the forwarding of my Dynamics, I would have to re-evaluate my association with it, or some aspect of it.

    So, how do you fit in?
    Well, the door is open…the rest is up to you.

    Eric S

  124. Lawrence, you say there’s a question and an answer and it’s on your blog. You don’t say the question or answer or what your blog is. Are you trying to be a mystery sandwich? I don’t like that.

    I did like Marty’s post on what an Independent is.
    I say, just because someone is declared doesn’t make him a good guy.

  125. P.S. The above is posted to WWP – I had nothing to do with it, just put it up as a thank you tribute. We can still get 5,000 on this petition if we move our asses. Anyone could post to the link to OWS with a link and a link to the WH.

  126. Tom Gallagher

    As a broad statement, Independents are now at that pause (or surge) whereby they change the world. Hence, this song I hummed this afternoon and through to the evening. Thanks again to you all. Life’s richer and more flavorful.

    If you’re a lurker, none-the-less, sign the god damn petition.

    God Bless You!

  127. Seeking4know

    Well said

  128. Ralph Hilton

    I have to 100% disagree on one point.
    There is an old saying:
    “Do as I say and you’ll go to heaven the right way. Do as I do and you go to Hell and me too”
    Just because LRH dramatized occasionally and made some mistakes does not make it ok to do the same. DM picked up on LRH’s lowest tone moments and used his behaviour then as an example to follow.
    LRH got angry sometimes and did hit out at people (but not physically that I ever saw). LRH would pick up the pieces afterwards.
    Don’t do as LRH did. He wrote the policies and PL’s is in highest tone moments. Do as he said!
    Everything else you said seems great.

  129. Tom Gallagher

    Only 2,727 needed as of 10:15 pm EST.

  130. It’s differentation vs identification.
    When I talk to people still in hthe church they uniformly see things a black and white; our group, your group; good guys, bad guys etc.
    I mean, obviously all “Independents” belong to some set group similar to the church except opposite in some way right? It’s easier to understand that way I guess. I think that stuff wears off after a while, but it can take a while with some of us, myself included.

  131. Hello Alex, my Amigo!! I was a work so just now saw this post. Glad to see you here and sharing your experience and wisdom. I will send you a private email.

    As for us two old warhorse evaluators getting together, you lay it out very well and we would have a fun time.

    DM was behind the wiping out of Evaluation and use of the Data Series from what I understand. Probably when all the evals started pointing to him as the “Who” for the declines going on but no one in Management dared to say it.

    When myself and many others saw the writing on the wall, there was no choice but to leave. And thanks to people like Marty, Mike and many others, its safe to stand up and practice what we believe and speak out.

  132. Tom Gallagher

    Metaphorically speaking, of course.

  133. Joy,

    Thank you. Yes, worth every second of the time.

  134. Tony Dephillips

    Great comment Ralph.

  135. It is sadly a real situation on the new OT VIIIS rolled out by the Church of Miscavology.

    The biggest PR embarrassment are those that walk away and want nothing more to do with the Church. They are a huge embarrassment because they will not return phone calls from MAAs, Chaplains, their auditor, and the Ethics Officer.

    Perhaps more embarrassing than those walking off are those OT VIIIs that have mental breakdowns, get cancer or declare bankruptcy like Richard Acunto Ref :

    Probably THE OT VIII that is the MOST embarrassment of all time….is
    Scientology’s lawyer, New OT VIII Gur Finkelstein hiring thugs to burn down Scientology’s own Tel Aviv center…..involving himself in assassination gangs and bomb plots.

    He had let the new Tel Aviv “ideal Org” be overbuilt by 9000 sq feet and when the city and permit planners demanding the extra 9000 sq feet be bulldozed down, he attempted to rival David Miscavige in his thuggery

    Scientology Israel Attorney Gur Finkelstein
    (to get this high profile story in Israel.)

    OT VIII indeed

  136. Tom Gallagher

    Despite much of the nay saying, anyone who knew Ron knows how much he cared about his fellow beings.

    I’m a fellow being.

    Good night.

  137. For me independence and personal integrity walk hand in hand. One doesn’t exist without the other. Read the tech and use it per your understanding. If you find you have problems understanding it. Okay, clear it up. Use it. It will work and you will find personal integrity and continue to be independent. The only time you will cease being independent is when you take someone’s word as source or in place of your experience.

    Life is your journey and experience so live it up. That we all share it together is great but it doesn’t make me less INDEPENDENT.

  138. For the love of god, he never referred to the PC as a product. He said “the quality of our products” that does not mean “the quality of our PCs” product refers to the improvement brought about in the PCs condition; the word does not refer to the PC as a person. “Happiness” is the product of good auditing. That’s not the same concept as “Meet Joe, my latest product”.

  139. John

    I am with you on all that.

    Eric S

  140. Excellent post Marty and really great comments. I very recently learned a valuable lesson about breaking away and becoming independent. Your post is great inspiration and gives huge horsepower to what and who an independent really is. Thank you. And Alex, many thanks for your posts and being here my old friend.

  141. one of those who see

    Marty! One of your best!
    “I’ve got some heartbreaking news for those who want to leave one cult to join another, this here is the Independent movement.” Yes!
    From: The Code of Honor by LRH
    #14 Be your own adviser, keep your own counsel and select your own decisions.
    We are growing up. It’s a thetan stretcher for sure. It’s good, really good.
    Cognition: And right there is the better bridge. Scientology in freedom with your #14 in.
    I think as we all practice this, even the gains we previously attained from the tech will fully bloom. And then there are the gains to come. Moving on up a little higher. Wow Marty, I feel like I had an intensive.

  142. one of those who see

    Marty posted from LRH: …Unless we realize and apply the true characteristics of the two types of personality, we will continue to live in a quandary of who our enemies are and, in doing so, victimize our friends.

    And for years friends of Scientology have been victimized. An overt of considerable magnitude.

  143. one of those who see

    Christie, I am so glad you are here and so proud of you!

  144. Great post Marty,

    I’ve always maintained that the “Independent Movement” will live and die by freemarket principles.

    There are only two things that govern the free market. One is the Conditions of Exchange. The other is a persons ability to choose. In other words, If one feels that he is getting anything less than “fair exchange” in any transaction with another, he is free to “vote with his feet” and go somewhere else for that which he seeks.

    In the RCS, one is not free to choose. Miscavige has obviously misinterpreted “win or die in the attempt” to mean “Win or we’ll kill you”.

    Fortunately for us Indies, guys like you are around. And you like seeing others win. Sage advice on looking to SOS and PTS tech as an operating basis. Thank you.

    One other stable datum I would add is this:

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex




    For the first time in the soggy stream that’s history to the human race, it’s possible that happiness exists.

    This goal, repeated many times and sought so heavily, has been ungraspable as sun motes, unattainable as a loved one’s sigh.

    What makes mankind, basically good beings all, such strangers far to happiness?

    The rich man geysers out his wealth. The poor man peers in every crack. But wealth buys nought and crevices are bare. The child hopes he will realize it when grown and, grown, wishes he were happy as a child.

    We grasp it but like gossamer, it’s nought. We marry a most perfect girl or man and then throughout our lives weep to make the other make us glad.

    Often sought, but seldom found, there are no riches, gems or palaces as valued as mere happiness.

    But listen! Here is happiness, just at our finger tips, awaiting only magic words “Start Session” to begin its quest.

    But like we walk through rain toward a banquet ball, our happiness in processing is gained by passing through the phantom shadows of our “sins”.

    What has made all man a pauper in his happiness?

    Transgressions against the mores of his race, his group, his family!

    We care but little what these mores were or are. It was transgression did the trick.

    We agree to fixed moralities and then, unthinking, we transgress, or with “good cause” offend, and there we are, the first dull bars of misery draw stealthily behind us.

    And as we wander on, transgressing more, agreeing to new mores and then transgressing those, we come into that sunless place, the prison of our tears and sighs and might-have-beens, unhappiness.


    Mutual action is the key to all our overt acts. Agreement to what ought to be and then a shattering of the troth works all the spell that’s needed for a recipe of misery.

    There must be pain. So we agreed. For pain restrains and warns, shuts off, forbids. But goodness now must then consist of bringing in no pain.

    Mutual motion is agreed. And then we disagree and part and so are tied no more—tied not save back there in our minds, with scars of broken faith. The faith we broke, and said it had to be.

    We all agree to feel the sun and then protest it burns. We all agree to kiss and love and then are startled that such pain can follow in that wake.

    Mutual motion is all right—until we act in cruelty to the rest.

    Tied by agreements and co-actions, we dare be cruel to that to which the hard steel clasps of promises have bound us.

    And so in being cruel to part of self—extended self as in a couple or a group—we then find pain in self with great surprise.

    The overt act sequence is simple now to grasp. The scope is limited. But it began when we first had a cruel impulse to others bound to us by mores or coacts.

    Why does one suffer pain in his own arm when he or she has struck another’s limb?

    Because the cruel impulse has been a break of bond with others where pledge once lived.

    The only overt act that can bring pain to self is that cruel act which then transgresses things to which we had agreed.

    Share action with a group or person in your life, agree to mutually survive by some specific code and then be cruel to them and so transgress and you’ll have pain.


    All mankind lives and each man strives by codes of conduct mutually agreed.

    Perhaps these codes are good, perhaps they’re bad, it’s only evident they’re codes. Mores bind the race.

    Coaction then occurs. Thought and motion in accord. A oneness then of purpose and survival so results.

    But now against that code there is transgression. And so because the code was held, whatever code it was, and man sought comfort in man’s company, he held back his deed and so entered then the bourne in which no being laughs or has a freedom in his heart.

    So down the curtains come across the brightness of the day and dull-faced clouds enmist all pleasant circumstance. For one has evilly transgressed and may not speak of it for fear all happiness will die.

    And so we shut ourselves from off the light and enter grey-faced gloom. And seal within our deepest vault the reasons why we dare not face our friends.

    And afterwards we go on making others guilty with the rest, when like some scrawny scarecrow of a priest whose tattered filthy robes are rough with sacrificial blood, we point the way to hell for those who kill.

    And deep within us secret gnawings ache. And then at last we cannot even cry.


    The road to hell—man’s very good at painting ugly signs that point its course and way.

    The road to heaven—man’s often sent but never yet arrived—more like he found the “other place”.

    But now a road that’s wide has opened up—in Scientology.

    The meter and the process check, when done by auditors with skill, can open up transgression’s rush and loose a cascade out until hell’s spent.

    And day will once more have a drop of dew upon the morning rose.

    L. Ron Hubbard

  145. Worsel::::::

    This is a good point.
    I would like to add to Marty’s excellent Essay above.
    One thing I hated in the SO was being treated like a “blob.”
    Example :: HGC stats were out the roof, but “ALL FSO were on rice and beans because GI was low.” The entire group was punished as a “BLOB”.
    Example : All auditors and C/Ses were denied a day off because one public in one HGC blew (fled) without doing the routing form.
    Miscavige has perfected this to the nth degree.
    Example :
    All of Gold has Libs cancelled because he got furious with Cine.
    ALL INT BASE have no more annual leave, no more Christmas day off, no more day off every 2 weeks because Miscavige is upset with
    so and so
    People have an innate character. Everyone has a UNIQUE fingerprint, UNIQUE DNA and UNIQUE personality.

    For example, if a person is happy and upbeat and a great contributor, they will import that into any group or religious group they join.

    If a person has an evil streak a dark side, and dramatizes repeatedly, they will import that into any group or religion they join.

    Hence we have a spectrum of good and evil people in all religions
    There are good and bad Ex-Scientologists, Good and Dad Catholics, Good and Bad Indies, Good and Bad Muslims. To further the point ~~ there are Good and Bad Doctors, Good and Bad Lawyers Good and Bad Navy Seals. Just being in a category (group) does not define the ethics level of the personality in question.

    Heck, there are good people in the Sea Org at this time. Sea Org does not mean all bad. Indies does not mean all good.

    I believe that It is a total generality to say “All Indies are (fill in the blanks).” “All Ex-scientologists are (fill in the blanks)

    Any and all of a certain group are not the generality Radical Scientology would like to bundle them into.

    I am of the opinion that to stereotype everyone in any group as one and the same as everyone else in that group is pure folly.

    I like that phrase, “The Good, The Bad and the Ugly !”

  146. The below transcript came care of Anonymous, posted at villagevoice:

    From WWP(Bozuri)Rough translation, the whole thingStarting from 00:31 minute:In that bus behind us we can see AMON [Russian Police special forces, or SWAT team].[The raid is seen]Reporter: Nobody is to be found in the semi -dark rooms. For now this is the only detained person – a female secretary. It’s morning, eight [and something]. It is possible that the staff of the school is yet to arrive at work. The computers are on, however the working stations are empty. In this building there is a large number of corridors and offices, different doors. But in practise…. this one is storage and this one is a utility room….are locked. The policemen will have to break all the doors.[Showing the door breaking at 1:30]At 1:51, reporter: This is the only office which does not have any doors or locks. This is the office of Ron Hubbard, the founder of Scientology. Obviously he was never here, this place is more like a museum. All his works are collected here, part of which are on the list of extremist material, forbidden in the territory of Russia.2:11 – Voice of a different reporter:The price for the collection of study materials and lectures is 169 thousand rubal; computer video-course is much more – almost 400 thousand rubals;2:25Reporter: So these books are on the list of prohibited books, right?Voice over: Nine in the morning. At the entrance, colleagues are arriving however they are still not understanding what’s happening.2:44, the girl says to the male: We would like to voluntarily surrender to you what you’re interested in.2:49, Reporter’s voice: This is Maria, who presented herself as the director. Hence we asked her the questions.Reporter: did you know that this book is on the list?Maria: this book is not on the list. If you’ll show me the list where this book is listed…..I dont’ know about it.3:03 Reporter: And here is the deputy of the head accountant. Somehow he lost the number of his supervisor and cannot find it in his note book and later he completely forgot the supervisor’s name.3:11Reporter: So have you ever seen him in person?Accountant assistant [AA]: Yes, I’ve seen him. Everyday.Reporter: And how are these [inaudible…]….here?AA: Only here.Reporter: What’s his name?3:24 – cant hear the answer, the guy mumbles.Reporter: So what’s the name of your director? Are you declining to answer?AA: I don’t know.Reporter: You don’t know the name of your director?AA: No, I don’t know.3:32, Reporter’s voice:With such prices for the books, it’s no wonder that in this center all of the equipment is the most modern and the most expensive.For example, this cinema room: all the discs [DVDs] that are being sold at the reception can be seen in here for free.In these cabins there are rooms for relaxation. You can click on any video clip and it would start playing straight away. Here is the volume….you can turn it up and down. 3:59 ReporterThis is something like a small production [advertisement] room. It appears that in this room the publication materials of the Church were printed. There are interesting posters like this. Look….here are the last names of the best and the most successful students. They have fairly expensive equipment. The printer for example is for wide-format printing allowing for the printing gigantic posters. It appears that people in this room worked here in shifts. It is possible that colleagues never even met, because they were leaving each other notes like this one, in English language [4:25]. One colleague says to the other that this disc contains what you need.4:35There are also notes like this in Russian. For example this one says “Dear Lena, posters need to be distributed throughout the entire Org. Cleaning as well”.Reporter: What is Org is not clear and the note does not clarify.Voice over 4:49In fact, to call the visitors of this school “students” is not very correct. They should be called “pre-clears” while the teachers are “auditors”. Scientology is called the most controversial [or conflicted the Russian word used] spiritual philosophy. The conflict, not hard to guess, is with the law. Many, including medical doctors consider that this literature ruins the human brain and traumatises the psyche. That is why several of the books are prohibited/illegal. To summarise in short – here, they teach people how to be happy. They even have an interesting technical equipment: e-meter. A devise for the measuring of the psychological weight.5:20 [lady is speaking]: See, here are the cans. You hold them with your hands and here the cord is connected.Reporter: And the needle should show in what mood I am, right?Lady: Technically, correct.5:31In these moments the searches on Taganka are ongoing. Police operators, without help of any devises, promised to determine the weight of responsibility of the director of the centre, the secretary and everybody else.Artyon Kolodkin, NTV.

  147. Thank you, Eric. I’m looking and listening. I like the sanity and the lack of desperation in the comments. I have never met Marty, but I do know people who do, people whom I love and respect. That’s likely the way this group should and will grow. Being able to judge what is true for me is important and I’m excited to find others who hold this same belief. Scientology was such a big part of my life for so long. I would love to fully discard the feeling of regret that lingers still.

  148. Great post! Thank you Marty.

  149. Excellent post, Mr. Rathbun.

  150. You know, standing in the middle of a battlefield has similar perceptions. So much is justified after the fact. Just what else is to be expect from such alterations of truth. I have ceased to recognise any product of the Cof$ as anything other than the alter-is it actually is.
    Never before has there been such a need of monitoring the ideal scene as it does now, So much depends on being self – determined, the true definition of independence.
    The Co$ is such dev-t…

  151. Just more people sucked into DM’s motivator flow. I predict that guy is going to blow within 12 months. Sooner than later.

  152. scilonschools

    Worthing Court update
    another £10 of public money and scores of police/court resource wasted again!
    despite my two requests to court to delay over the last week, after their ‘odd’ appointment of special measures (removing my right to cross examine the key prosecution witnesses), they refused, main court room booked two days starting 6 oct (yesterday),Turned up , the stage was set and then after some additional ‘discussions’ trial put back to Jan 2012:)
    Culties, couldn’t arrange a piss up in a brewery!!!!!
    True crimes are going undetected, true cases cannot get access to courts due to court case load, and this waste of resources is DISGUSTING!
    (Pleased with the red faces of all at the court though :))

  153. scilonschools

    That should have read £10K ($15,000.00)

  154. That’s a good observation Ralph,

  155. Hi Karen, more and more sanity is materialising on this site. I had similar experineces moving into a Scientology household as a young’n in the philosophy- I graduated eventually…your thinking is along similar lines, Hello.

  156. Dean: If I were designing a 7-11 I would definitely put locks on the doors. They don’t cost much and would be useful if the staff had to be evacuated because of a natural disaster or terrorist threat.

    Oh, and btw, great post, Marty.

  157. Lawrence: I don’t think you are quite tracking with Marty’s point. In my opinion it’s better to respect people because of what they are doing and because of what they’ve actually done, not because of who they say they are.

    I know a few church members who do a lot more for people than I do, even though they are blinkered and can’t yet allow themselves to see how ruinous the Miscavige regime has been. The lives wasted, the fortunes lost, the betrayal of our souls.

    I wouldn’t necessarily respect a person who said he or she was an independent Scientologist. It’s a good indicator for me, but there’s an awful lot more to it than just that.

  158. Munich Org did have in it’s history two police raids. First one in 70ies roundabout 100 cops in that relatively small building. They noted all persons IDs and their purpose being there. Took with them files.
    Such a raid is no fun for those involved. I have been in the org on both occasions. Confiscating books is as usual wrong target. Sometimes I hate this stupidity here on planet earth.

  159. J. Walter Madison

    Note: Headline, 78 point, bold, underlined.
    “Grand Opening of Ideal Org – Russian Way”

  160. Now, let’s go back and talk about organizations for a moment. Somewhere along the line there was an inadvertent overt by this organization. And that built up, and then they became more and more different, and they became more and more different, and they became more and more different. And if they’d been permitted to go on this, they would have become a sort of a lower level – which I think they actually had become – a sort of a lower level beingness. You see, they could go through a whole cycle and come back to becoming an apparency.
    Do you know that a thetan will actually run a whole cycle on Clear this way? And you pick him up on the meter, he’s sitting exactly at 2, dead thetan? Well, that’s how he got there. He’s run the whole cycle. Now, he’s obsessively being what he started out to be. See, he’s obsessively being what he once was part of. He’s relatively unprocessable. You’ll have more trouble with that character than with any other. I am intrigued by this, you see. He’s now a fake thetan!
    And so that organization would have become a fake organization. Fantastic. You come to think about it, would have been a lower level Clear – mockery.
    Now, I’ve looked over very carefully, this, and the organization plan that says that this Scientologist is a field auditor and that Scientologist is a staff member, and therefore of different breeds and areas, and that this Central Organization is Johannesburg’s or Melbourne’s or something; and I’ve picked up a very fruitful source of inadvertent withholds. If we’re planning anything broad in the way of organizations, the first thing we have to take out of is the incipient individuation. Otherwise we’re going to wind up with a fake Scientology which will enslave the multitudes.
    – Furue Org Trends – SHSBC 225


  161. My apologies. I asked Pierre for the date of a policy letter by LRH. Nothing more. Just the date this policy was issued: Flag Order 3754: Recruitment Of LSD Cases. If I had asked at the local org I would have been questioned as to why I wanted to know rather than helped. Hence, the big difference between the church and independents. What is so illegal about giving a person the date of a policy letter? Ask the church I guess! 🙂

  162. Bluebonnet, not only is the church’s response unusual BUT every Sea Org recruiter has a copy of this policy that ANY new recruit must understand BEFORE joining the Sea Org. Do they mean to say that people don’t read this anymore BEFORE they join or are allowed to join the Sea Org? Hence the importance of my question and the reason it appears on my web site.

  163. Worsel,
    Thanks for this quote. It helped me, too! L, Laura

  164. The reference of this policy can be found here:


  165. It is a web site, NOT a blog.


  166. Mary McConnell

    Protesting is a very effective tool to make a cause known and to address injustices. I wish that all independents would do so at their nearest org. It sends the message that people care & that IT’S OK TO HAVE DOUBTS. It also lets DM know that he cannot stop free speech from entering his orgs.

  167. For me the real Independent is someone that is no longer dependent upon his/her case.
    One needs to be independent from “self”.
    And this gets more and more real going up the Bridge to Solo NOTs completion.

  168. Karen#1,
    Thanks for the information. Mr. Miscavige must resign or be replaced.
    In my opinion, he is unaware and ignorant. I walked away 22 years ago after completing OTVIII. For me, the exchange in Scientology was no longer working for two reasons:
    1. Mr. Miscavige, as the heir to LRH’s legacy, had no personal substance. This was obvious when you compare the two on the attribute of quality.
    2. Get over it “Church”, I paid real money. I am free of obligations. Your narratives are not sufficient cause to make me cling to your eternity.

    Much loving-kindness,

  169. Alex castillo (A REMINDER OF WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE]

    You are a true heroine in my book.

  170. Marty,
    You started something great here! This is the best exchange of ideas and viewpoints I have ever participated in. And from some of the greatest Independent thinkers around. I love this group! Oops, I mean buch of Independents! 🙂

  171. Tony,
    Thanks for posting.
    Heavy duty. Miscavige needs to go now.

  172. Per these definitions one would be declared in “the church” were he or she to declare their Independence! What a frigin tragedy that is.
    One of these days people who are “still inside” (and I mean that in many ways) will truly “clear” the definition of the word “cult” and realize they are actually in one.

  173. Such a good point, Karen. It is the application of Infinity-valued Logic, something I have sincerely embraced since walking away from the black-and-white absolutism of my churchie days.

    Absolutes are unobtainable. Fact. 🙂

  174. Good reference, Worsel. Thanks for posting it. Good to be reminded of the simplicity of things. Another I often use is in situations like this is “By Their Actions…. (HCOB 28 May 1960):

    “By their actions you shall know them, whether bad or good, whether on another side or ours.

    And what in their actions gives us the keenest insight? Their ability to help.
    Some think that help cannot be done. Shun them. Some think that help is always an effort to betray. Process them for here you have the criminals of Earth.

    Some people cannot help. They can only injure and destroy. And if in the name of help they only injure and destroy then know them carefully for they are criminals.

    What is a criminal? One who thinks help cannot be on any dynamic or uses help on anyone to injure and destroy.

    Who are these men with covert ways who bring Earth its pain? They are the men who cannot help. Who are the women who must be helped but who can only maim?

    They say, these men and women, that they’ll help and then they make a thorough shambles of it all.

    From where did Earth conceive her traps and aspects that are grim? Earth would be a lovely place if all men helped to help, not to destroy.

    Think heavily on this point. Judge men from what they think of help. Judge
    women too and find the good ones from the bad.

    The good can help. The bad will not or if they do, they “help” only to betray.” – L. Ron Hubbard

    And Karen #1, wow, what a saga! Classic SP characteristic of something wrong with “X”, so kick the cat (“Y”). I hated it, when at Flag, seeing auditors and Tech/Qual people suffer because of GI when their stats were up. Wrong why, wrong target, wrong source (DM).

  175. Thank you, Renata! I’m so totally with you on this. L, Rachel

  176. Marty, don’t sell yourself short 🙂

    Were it not for this blog — in spite of lots of others speaking out before you about the abuses of dm (and LRH), I was never inspired to reconnect with other (former) SO members or scientologists.

    You speak about the abuses BUT with the seemingly unwavering intention to remind the world what LRH brought to it.

    Steve Jobs didn’t invent the computer – he made it accessible to the world and continued to make it fresh and user friendly.

    I think you remind us about LRH and make his work modern with the times and user friendly.

    My buddhist friends are always delighted to hear about the wisdom of LRH rather than the media hype which defiles him.

    THIS is to me a huge fea because PERHAPS LRH’s philosophy (it’s workable parts) CAN create a world without war, criminals and insanity.

    Our planet needs ALL the help it can get. And revitilizing LRH’s work and bringing it TO the world — well — that’s huge.

    Steve Jobs didn’t invent the computer – he made is accessible TO the world, and kept it fresh and exciting.

  177. Apologies for the choppy post. I’m using a computer in the hotel – my iPad doesn’t let me post a comment – and this computer is really slow.

    Anyway — I think the gist is clear.

    Steve Jobs wasn’t Jesus or Buddha 🙂 — neither are you Marty 🙂 🙂 but I think you are becoming quite a positive force and for that I just love you.

    Am heading this evening to a program with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche about “creating enlightened society” — an very familiar theme for most of us.



  178. 🙂 I’m so glad you are here too!

  179. martyrathbun09

    There is no question there is a third dynamic entity here, call it a group or not. I guess I am just making an observation about its definition so folks don’t get caught up in old, implanted notions and wind up hurting themselves and others.

  180. As we shine in our glory as Independents, we are more powerful than anything or anyone the organization has produced in over three decades.
    That power is so strong as to make the Freewinds vanish on sight into an eternity of non-existence.
    Arise and use you abilities in full strength of your beingness.(L-12).

    This moment is our moment.

  181. martyrathbun09

    Great post Karen. Thanks.

  182. Jethro Bodine

    Funny, that article sounds like it’s describing life at the Int Base:

    Leontien Aarnoudse, a Sacom official, told The People: ‘They work excessive overtime for a salary they can hardly live on and are inhumanely treated. Conditions are harsh and they don’t have a social life. Their life is just working in a factory and that is it.’

  183. You know Marty, all this “goes without saying” – but I’m sure glad you said it.

    We are all responsible for all aspects of our Dynamics.

  184. Splitting hairs.
    Not all of us have had the “pleasure” of seeing Ron at his worst, much less his best. My recall is way too limited for sure.

    How could anyone who has not met Ron, know to “not” dramatize his foibles? They wouldn’t even know what they were.

    By “DO,” I was fairly sure the reference of “going up the Bridge” was what I was talking about. I certianly don’t expect everyone to walk around with a beret for taking pictures, captain’s hat for riding in a boat or ship, carrying a mega-phone, dictating every message to be sent out, or carrying around a manual typerwriter, either.

    Sorry, Ralph. You’ve touched on a button for me, not quite sure what it is yet. And no, you are not “the target” I know. But there is a rant I’m keeping back that needs addressing. “Is there an auditor in the house? Perferablly My house?” LOL

    Okay, gonna shut up before I say something really stupid. Or is it too late?

  185. Alex castillo

    I hate to say to say this, and not to make anyone wrong, but being declared SP for breaking away from the “church” of el Diablo Maldito is actually not a tragedy. It is a blessing! When you become an Independent Scientologist you are actually showing that you are a Human Being capable of using your own determinism. And i would go as far as saying that those who still remain loyal to that travesty called the “Church of Scientology” and their insane, money grabbing “Leader” David Miscavige are living in a world different from the majority of the Human Race. So for those of you who are “out” but still in doubt, c’mon, look around you in the real world, wake fully up and SIGN THAT PETITION which will, if we make the target,
    remove all your doubts. Take it from someone who really knows what this mess is all about.


  186. Beautifully said… me too.

  187. Alex castillo

    Summer Wind, more to the point, me, my ex wife and my current wife have been proud of having been listed as Enemies of the Church of scientology for many years. Google Scientology Enemy List and you will see how many True Scientologists and sea Org members are listed as SPs.


  188. Laura Ann,
    Feel free to refer to us as a group. We are a group of individual beings united by the common purpose to have individual freedoms. Not united by force, dogma, rules, or what we must do. No, we are united by our dreams and aspirations to rise to greater heights, be more of ourselves, help who we wish to help in our own way and live our individual lives. I would gladly be part of that group. You are, by your actions and thoughts, part of this group. You don’t have to join into or make any special agreements. Just be yourself my friend.

  189. I know you said answer not expected, but…. the “Bridge” LRH researched and developed has always represented an ascent from a lower plateau of awareness and ability across “the abyss” and up to a higher one (though perhaps ‘plateau’ isn’t the right word in that our awareness and ability should be infinite.) Also the Grade Chart describing the gradient levels of training, processing and awareness of the Bridge is arranged so one goes UP it.

  190. Martin Padfield

    This video makes for uncomfortable viewing. The police tactics seem very heavy handed and rather malicious. I don’t see much to celebrate here personally. The public, innocents caught in the crossfire, look bewildered and confused by what’s happening. Whatever the motivators of the cult the fact is that these police are under instructions because of the “extremist literature” of LRH. This is pure fodder for DM and I bet you a pound to a penny he will use it as such next week at the IAS event.

  191. Another Layer

    What a great find! I’m not familiar with which tapes go with the various levels of the BC – do you know where a BC student would run into this one?

  192. Sue, Personal Integrity is what it is all about. I too, have never met Marty but he has presented a comm line in which we can look with safety. There are several other sites as well. Friends of LRH and Scientology-cult were also very helpful.

    As-isness occurs when you get the full Time, Place, Form, and Event. Although it is quite a bit of reading, I would recommend reading this blog from the beginning. So much has been communicated that it is too much to give a general review. Between Marty’s site and the other sites mentioned I think you could get quite a bit of as-isness going. No need for regrets.

  193. Thanks, Karen.

  194. one of those who see

    OMG! Thanks for posting!! One question to ask those newly looking. “Would you want the Church to run the world?” They start quaking in their boots.
    And here is another quote where LRH warns us that Scientology handled wrong is dangerous.
    Well, he can’t say he didn’t warn us.
    Waking up Sir. Thinking for myself Sir. Confront of evil…still could use some work.

  195. Assuming identicalness when conditions of persons or areas are different is a kind of A = A = A.

  196. Karen

    Yes. Excellent post.

    One of the problems of stereotyping or “blobbing” people together, without regard to the actualities of their differences, is that when one does this they deny themselves the opportunity to accurately deal with that blob, or the components of that “blob”. It has been incorrectly assigned the “condition” or label, (identity). and thereafter cannot be confronted or handled.

    As an example… For David Miscavige, or the “church”, to blanket assign the “title” of SP to everyone who disagrees, they have made it impossible for themselves to ever handle that “group”. They have assigned a vastly varying assembly of people an IDENTITY. Since these people are not, in fact identical, then they have created an “insanity”. It will not “as-is” until it can be viewed accurately. They cannot do a correct evaluation of the “situation” because the “outpoints” and “pluspoints” are all assumed identical by this incorrect assignment of IDENTITY.

    Regarding Marty’s post. I think that is partly what is being pointed out here. This same situation tends to occur whenever anyone broadly assigns an “IDENTITY” to any assemblage of different items, or beingnesses. Until one correctly assigns the “identities, similarities, and differences,” to what he is observing, his evaluations will be flawed. He will tend to f**k up to some degree.

    Eric S

  197. I recently did my L12. Can you tell?

    Eric S

  198. Don’t worry. It’s never to late to say something stupid. (Joke.)

    Great point. There is no alternative for responsibility and initiative. I observed that outside the CofS I read materials much more intense and consulted them more often then before. When I had no one to ask I had to find the answer in the materials. When there was no one within reach that could correct me, I felt that I had to do it right in the first place.
    I think this is true inside the CofS as well. But it seems to be less visible and the appearance that someone else around would know it better can invite one to consider one’s own responsibility to be smaller.

  199. Sapere Aude

    Exactly, and within this “group” there are many “sub groups” with various purposes. This is not a homogenous assembly of like-minded people by any means, and by it’s very nature it encompasses many viewpoints and purposes..
    There are “EX SO”, ex staff, auditors, OTs of various levels, Scientology savvy Buddhist’s, Anon, various national groups, reporters, operating Scientology groups, family groups, curious bystanders etc, etc, and yes, even “trolls”, OSA, critics, and such. All are not presenting their intentions openly and honestly.

    So, How does one deal with this? Constant vigilance.. (and a willingness to “play”.)

    Eric S

  200. Hi George,
    That’s very perceptive of you –

    2. Get over it “Church”, I paid real money. I am free of obligations. Your narratives are not sufficient cause to make me cling to your eternity.

    It boils down to exchange when you think about it. Indeed those that toiled on staff, SO etc plus those that handed over hard earned $, the exchange was never flowed back. It is little wonder of volume of natter and ill feeling flowing from the Church against its conceived heretics that it has now painted itself into a corner. It is sad but they will more than likely take that to their graves as the legacy of DM & his ilk.
    The Phoenix of Scientology and the fate of the truth discovered by LRH rests on so few shoulders but it’s the only game in town.

    Theta to you GMW – I know too I don’t owe them a damn thing.

  201. Sherb,

    Interesting you bring up the subject of Exchange.

    Much was made of the “doctrine of exchange” with the IRS during the exemption proceedings. The “doctrine of exchange” was often cited as a fundamental religious principle that explained why there are fixed donations in Scientology. It was also used to explain why the church gives refunds and repayments — because it was part of the findamental beliefs of the church to return monies to dissatisfied people or those that didnt get services they had paid for.

    Seems this fundamental principle has been forgotten.

    Today, the church takes money from people for no exchange at all, or for promises that are not kept (like “we need money to implement our fourth dynamic campaigns around the world” or “we are going to open the Super Power building this/next year and YOU will be first in line as we launch THE thing that will Clear the planet”). And now they have started a new tactic of refusing to honor the promises made (and the representations to the IRS) and give refunds and even repayments for monies on account.

    So, the idea of exchange, that was touted so heavily when it was needed to gain tax exet status, is today “old tech that isnt used any more”.

    By definition, this is a criminal level of exschange from a criminal organization.

    And on yet another front, POB is wanting society to put in his ethics.

    Look out Dave, its coming….

  202. That is agreed. Just because a person is declared or says they are an independent is not a guarantee of ethical or moral conduct on the part of that person.

  203. Marty, the church reports false stats. Fake Birthday Game stats, fake Old Saint Hill Size org stats, fake many, many stats. In New Jersey 2 mission closed in one year. I have heard reasonable explanations for this out of at least one person, but there is nothing reasonable about it. I know why both of those missions IN PARTICULAR closed and did not do well. And the church has named the C of S of NY the top East US org for sometimes months in a row. And then the next week Boston? And then DC? Where are the stats? 🙂 Sadly enough, I believe the Church of Scientology boils down to these days telling the public things they will believe that might make money for them, instead of giving them tech to help others. Just my two cents.

  204. Hi Sherb,
    Yes, I got that off my chest!
    Theta to you also.

  205. Alex castillo

    Dear Wind Walker (Eric S)
    The way you deal with this is by realizing that we are all ONE on this planet and in this universe. Races, ideas and beliefs etc. are just attachments to what we really are. We are all human beings, certainly spiritual beings and many say we are all connected. There is plenty of evidence that we are all PARTS OF A WHOLE. In other words, YOU are ME and I Am YOU and WE are EVERYONE ELSE. What I do to you I will be doing to everyone else within the human race and other being within our perceivable/or not Universes. Food for thought eh?


  206. Yes indeed. the stat of ‘Service Delivered’ is a senior Org Statistic. So much non compliance, refunds, dissatified customers etc etc ad infinitum can be traced back to failure to deliver/exchange.
    Similar to a tech phenomenon in that with all the training, TRs etc it takes to create an auditor and then with that auditor all fired up and has the wonderful ability to get in comm with their PC – he better well DO SOMETHING for that PC. Even the best auditors in the world with the smoothest TRs will eventually ARC break their PCs if they don’t do something and move them up the Bridge. Endless reviews and rudiments is never a substitute for Bridge progress.
    The false Bridge presented by the Church must be playing the devil with the sanity of both PCs & auditors alike.
    Yes, criminal exchange needs no prompting when it come to reverse flows – look out Dave, it’s not us that you have to be concerned about, it’s your own method of operation that is going to do you in, only a fool or SP (same species in this context) would persist in fighting or manipulating against a natural law which has such dire consequences.

  207. Wind Walker,
    Yes, a wide array along the 3rd dynamic – groups. The true members will be Independent, as in a Free Being. Those not be honest or open, such as trolls, OSA, etc are not really part of the Independent Group. Merely pretending to be part of that group but in reality spending some more time in their lower conditions – they haven’t yet figured out that they are. They are free spiritual beings who have but to open their eyes and decide to just be themselves. That is the ticket into the wide wide world of the Independent. This is the start of travel on the road to truth.

    If one truly understands and believes that we are inherently basically good, (that the only fault is relying and acting upon un-analyzed or un-viewed data -which is really just false data and lies which lie at the root of 3rd dynamic group engrams) then nobody should resist allowing Independent beingness and thought.

    If a traveler along the bridge to knowingness did not rise up to the point of Independent thought then I would have to question what was missed. Becoming aware, becoming more of your true self – one should rise above the group agreement and stand free and independent. That would be in line with operating in a pan determined fashion on all dynamics. This implies the ability to be exterior to agreements, dogma, or the intentions and decisions of others.

  208. Another Layer

    What a lovely post! I am saving it for a discussion with a family member who did not understand why the petition (“you’re a Scientologist, so why the petition?”), to give a better concept of independence vs. rcs.

  209. Hi Bozz,
    There are plenty of auditors here 🙂
    I spent a couple of years working on the Apollo when LRH was there.
    A few others here have too.
    If you want auditing then all you have to do is contact whomever you feel you can trust the most here and set up an appointment.
    Some might consider it squirreling but I never write down overts in any detail nor do I think that most Independents do.
    I am getting old and rarely remember overts disclosed in session. Some might consider it a fault.
    Our new Independent Scientology will become what LRH wanted when he wrote the Aims of Scientology.
    I think we are walking the same road.

  210. Another Layer

    This article is so great! It presents a basis for comparison, in everyday language, of cult vs. independence, especially with the Republican example. Even more especially with a few Republican family members during the holidays as I’m always asked the sly little question, “… so, how’s Scientology these days …?” I can hear the debate already … love it!

  211. For all those Sea Org members and organization members who are imprisoned. We cry FREEDOM!

  212. Such an appropriate quote for this Thread as well as the Topic.

    And that pretty much says it all.


  213. After reading the brilliant blog post and considering all of the measured and intelligent responses, I think I’ve finally condensed what it all means to me.

    It’s not an association or an organization or an institution or any other “tion”

    It’s just a bunch of friends sharing wisdom and successful applications that will help their fellow man, “move on up a little higher.”


  214. Good point.

  215. Many, including medical doctors consider that this literature ruins the human brain and traumatises the psyche.

    Nothing could be further from the Truth.

  216. Things are really looking up since Mike Rinder left NOT. This never happened on Mike’s watch! I wonder what dog DM is kicking on this one.

  217. Tony Dephillips

    You have a heart of gold Karen.

  218. Amy — What I find most interesting about this is that Charmaine and Laurie have been sucking money out of people for a decade or more telling them the building would be “done this year” (or next year). Literally, since at least 2005. While people gave money to accomplish that objective, that money has now been used to pay the fines because they DIDNT build the buiulding — and that was NOT because of lack of money. If I had given money to the “Super Power Project” on the basis they were going to spend it to complete the building, but instead didnt do the building (so they could keep collecitng money from people???) I would feel I had been defrauded.

  219. Exactly Mike.

    The fundraising for the SP building has been a fraud in the purest sense of the word.

  220. Tom Gallagher


    I body routed for Charmaine at the FRO 90-91 for the ship.
    She could get blood out of the proverbial turnip. Better lines than FSO. She’d book an OT8 package before anyone else at Clearwater could get their hooks into them,

  221. Wow.
    Yeah! That’s what I meant to say…but in English…

  222. #84 of the Outpoint List:
    “Assumed Identities not identical?”
    (HCO B 28 Aug 1970RB, HC Outpoint-Pluspoint Lists RB)

  223. Alex
    Interesting “food” for sure. I can’t say that I see it quite that way myself. Here’s my take.

    You stated that “There is plenty of evidence that we are all PARTS OF A WHOLE. In other words, YOU are ME and I Am YOU and WE are EVERYONE ELSE.”

    All parts of a whole, yes, but I liken it more to the example of an engine. Though all the parts are part of the engine, the crankshaft is not a piston. Damaging either may well hinder or disable the engine, as a whole, but not necessarily any of the other parts. But of course, beings are not “engine parts”, so they are likely to do things a bit differently.

    We may well all be part of a “God Consciousness”, or communal beingness, or some such (and I personally recall having been part of a smaller version of this), but at the point where we lose our individual beingness, I consider we would no longer be a “part” of anything. There would simply be “cause”.

    I reference the first three “Factors” of Scientology, as written by L. Ron Hubbard.

    1. “Before the beginning was a Cause and the entire purpose of the Cause was the creation of effect.
    2. “In the beginning and forever is the decision and the decision is TO BE.
    3. “The first action of beingness is to assume a viewpoint.”

    Of course these statements may or may not be true, but they are a good
    starting point for discussion. The use of the word “forever” in the second Factor, suggests that there is no going back to whatever there was when there was no time (or decision “to be”), described in the first Factor.

    But, “are we all connected?” I would give a resounding YES. Everybody and everything is on your Dynamics somewhere. How you deal with those “things” has an impact on your Dynamics, good, bad, or indifferent.

    When LRH said that “nobody gets out until everybody gets out” (or various things to that effect) I do not interpret that to suggest that “we are all one”. To me it is simply that for “my” Dymamics to be “optimum” everyone on them would also have to be surviving at an optimum level of randomity. Until this has been achieved, there are still adjustments to be made.

    But what the actual truth of all this is, I cannot say for absolute certain, because I have not arrived or ventured to that level yet, so, bear with me, and I will get back to you on that one.

    Eric S

    PS, thanks for some fine dining.

  224. Sapere Aude

    I’m with you all the way down that line of reasoning.
    Nicely put.

    Eric S


    Not Christian
    or Jew
    or Muslim,
    not Hindu,
    or zen.
    Not any religion
    or cultural system.
    I am not from the East
    or the West,
    not out of the ocean
    or up from the ground,
    not natural
    or ethereal,
    not composed of elements at all.
    I do not exist,
    am not an entity in this world or the next,
    did not descend from Adam or Eve
    or any origin story.
    My place is placeless,
    a trace of the traceless.
    Neither body or soul.
    I belong to the beloved,
    have seen the two worlds as one
    and that one call to and know,
    first, last, outer, inner, only that
    breath breathing human being.

    Poem by Rumi,
    Music by Anoushka Shankar

  226. Ahhh… Les

    In a nutshell my friend!

    Eric S

  227. However, IF looking from inside the Dynamics, there is not one thing I can exclude to be, either.

  228. damn Alex you beat me to the punch, I was messing with the idea of posting about the def of religion reading all the bashing and trashing that it was getting all over the internet, I just did not know where to find the quote, many dictionaries falsely interpret it differently but you got a very good one. yes that is the def of all religions the effort of the spirit to re-connect those ties that where severed (think the Dynamics) and re-collect that was scattered. that is the original philosophical concept of religion:the act and effect of religare(re-bind) or relegere(re-connect) .fantastic job!
    maurizio serafini

  229. Tony Dephillips

    To be a successful group it has to be composed of sane responsible individuals. That would be an OT group. If individuals could retain their integrity and individuality while aiding the groups survival.
    A cult is a group composed of robotic irresponsible people that haven’t achieved the ability to be themselves.

  230. it would seem that the united states of america has its own ‘established church’ and ‘indie’ problem…
    joking aside, wouldn’t it be marvelous if the people actually woke up and realized that their power has been taken away from them and broke the enslaving chains and just declared independence all over again?
    ‘maybe m a dreamer…but m not the only one’

  231. Alex,
    Beautifully stated. I always thought that the definition of Scientology as an applied religious philosophy was particularly apt. For the same reasons you cite, I have always been comfortable regarding Scientology as a “religion.” However, for those who are squeamish about Scientology being defined as a religion because of negative connotations they may have about religions, one can and should differentiate between religion, or better religious philosophy, and an incorporated legal entity – “The Church of…” I think Marty has done a great job of hammering home this point.

    On another note, I still have my big American Heritage dictionary – well worn but treasured – from the PRD (Primary Rundown). I loved that dictionary because it had great scientific and historical references within the definitions. Long word chains, but It helped clear lingering befuddlement from college classes. What a valuable course that was! Evidently it has gone by the wayside, too? I haven’t heard mention of it in years.

  232. This is a good post Marty.
    Perhaps one way to say it is,
    “There can be a Team without a Team Leader.”
    It is group think that every team must have a fixed Leader who is superior to all the other members.

    In fact in any good effective team each person is his own leader.

  233. joy thanks for posting this, that was a great speech from a great man, a man that maybe could be still with us in the flesh if it wasn’t for the DM’s of the world. and on the positive side a spirit that the same could not enslave and corrupt.
    if it wasn’t a completely moronic thing to say I would say: ‘long live the spirit!’

  234. I’d support that!

  235. scilonschools

    Pigeon Lofts
    (Safe Roosting Places?)

    One thing i have noticed when dealing with the CoM , the provision of ‘pigeon lofts’, To keep control, gather information and influence possible critics/opponents an apparent critic or critical organisation is created or infiltrated to be a false safe place for stray ‘pigeons’ who may cause the CoM or one of their ops, problems
    This is very effective because not only do you infiltrate your enemy, gain full knowledge of them you can also ‘lead’ them away from sensetive spots etc.

    A Pigeon loft must feel safe to lure your pigeons in and so much false empathy can be thrown on the water.

    If you find someone to influential on your directions do a quick pigeon test!!!

    Marty’s Blog has passed that test with flying colurs, Independant Ideas are discussed and encouraged, this openess has been invaluable to me as a person and has Validated aspects of LRH’s works that i would have dismissed if i had allowed myself to be too influenced at otherb locations.

    My views of the CoM are so strong that LRH is still tainted by association in my mind, however i could not still stand without the knowledge of LRH’s writings and some interpretations of such by some here.

    thank You all

  236. Sapere Aude,

    Beautiful posts! Thank you. your friend, Laura

  237. Leonore,
    Ah, the PRD! What a memory. I too have my double World Books and my American Heritage from that time. Well worn and like old friends in my hands. What an amazing education that was on that course leading to thinking in concepts.

    As to religion – well, once you think in concepts it is simple. We are beings, we question the cause and effect of the universe, we seek to understand our causation in that and all of this is only covered in the field of religion. I am a trained scientist and I don’t find a conflict. Only when stuck into words of what others have said is religion and losing the concept of viewing the world from a spiritual viewpoint is there a confusion.

    Even science, getting into the areas of higher physics etc starts to touch upon the effects of thought and intention on the physical universe. If the dynamics are correct in defining all the areas of life then the physical and the spiritual are not mutually exclusive.

    As an aside – I don’t believe the PRD went by the wayside but I believe it was purposely kicked to the wayside and buried. Just as has been the Data Series and Evaluations which lead to sane conclusions. With that ability and the true materials of LRH available the Scientology field becomes a bit harder to control. Free thinking ability, free beings and uncontrollable sheeple are unwanted by the RCS in this day and age.

  238. He made things happen. But never forget that his creative process drew from many sources.

    O my I feel an Anology lurking.

  239. Personally I have my doubts about the leaders of the Russian Orthodox Church and their involvement in this incident(s) of violence to put it mildly.

    Yes I do doubt that leadersships sincertety in this particular case.

    My heart goes out to the frightened people inside. I think they would have prefered some silly Anons outside instead of this blatant sisplay of animalistic behaviour.


  240. I completely agree with you Formost. And in a bizarre twist, a sentence later it says “To summarise in short – here, they teach people how to be happy.” As though that’s bad?

    But then being “crush reg’ed” for $$$ and “crush recruited” for the sea org or staff … incessantly. That DOES traumatize people.

    Watching the video was at once sickening, and at the same time frustrating. It just reminds me how mismanaged Scientology has been in Miscavige’s hands.


    we petition the obama administration to:

  242. martyrathbun09

    I second that Niels.

  243. Insert Miscavige everytime they talk about “he” meaning the King of England.

  244. One of my favorite….. 🙂

  245. I also like this version from Placido Domingo !

  246. Watchful Navigator

    Thanks Ralph – your comments, coming from someone who was there observing LRH – have helped me a lot.
    And thanks Marty – this article is a classic – just saying what so needs to be said.
    I am an ex-staff stumbling around with a lot of my stable data decimated. Bitter at the betrayals and trying to get back on my feet.
    Both of you are totally appreciated for your guidance.

  247. Watchful Navigator

    You’re pouring hot coals on the purpose there, Alex – ouch! – the stops are blowing!

  248. S.A.,
    I am not sure that you will see this late post, but I wanted to say thanks for the response. Nice to hear from you. Are you able to state which branch of science you are trained in or involved with? You don’t have to respond to my question, but if you can – I’d be interested.

  249. halfwaypoint reached !

  250. Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence. As far as possible without surrender be on good terms with all persons.
    Speak your truth quietly and clearly :listen to others even the dull and the ignorant, they too have their story. Avoid loud and aggresive persons, they are vexations to the spirit.
    If you compare yourself to others , you may become vain and bitter;for always there will be greater and lesser persons than yourself.
    Enjoy your acheivements as well as your goals. Keep interested in you own career however humble ; it is a real possesion inthe changing fortunes of time.
    Exersise caution in your business affairs , for the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is ; many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere lifeis full of heroism.
    Be yourself . Especially do not fein affection. Neither be cynical about love ; forin the face of all aridity and disenchantment it is as perrenial as the grass. Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth.
    Nurture strength of spirit to shield you in sudden misfortune. But do not distress yourself with dark imaginings. Many fears are born of fatigue and lonliness.
    Beyond a wholesome disipline , be gentle with yourself. You are a chilsof the Universe, no less than the trees and stars; you have a right to be here. and whether it is clear to you , no doubt the Universe is unfolding as it should.
    Therefore, be at peace with God, whatever you conceive him to be, and whatever your labors and aspirations in the noisy confusion of life , keep peace in your soul. With all it’s sham drugery and abroken dreams; it isstill a beautiful world.
    be cheerful . Strive to be happy.

  251. The above poem , Desiderata, sums up what an independent Scientologist should be. Obviously the above is not my work. I only wish it was.

  252. Leonore,
    I now work in the field of Life Sciences. After my training and PRD I completed my graduate degree. Life Sciences cover the 5th dynamic and Physics, Chemistry, etc cover the 6th dynamic. What comes out is that all are interconnected. Try and find the book “The Philosophical Scientists” by David Foster. It covers a lot of well trained science majors and their comments on life.

    “In the 1930s there was a group of Cambridge scientists led by Sir Arthur Eddington who were coming to the view that ‘the stuff of the world is mind-stuff’, because in plumbing the depths of physics they came to mathematics rather than ‘things’.”

    “One of those Cambridge philosophers, Sir James Jeans, had stated: ‘If the universe is a universe of thought, then its creation must be an act of thought.’

    If we agree that the 8 dynamics covers all then we must also see that ALL of the science facts are within these dynamics. The problem with much of science today, just as the problem with the organized CofS, is that we are not allowed to think in concepts and apply the data series. Yes, we can study or think what we want, as long as there are certain assumptions thrown in.

    The fixed idea that must be included is adding time to discoveries which could help in the field of health, earth science, pollution, etc. If one attempts independent thought outside of the box this is immediately discredited and held to a higher standard of proof.

    The key to new discoveries, new concepts and new applications is allowing independent free thought. Just the subject of this blog.

  253. Damn! I missed this post somehow!
    I just have to say AMEN brother!
    Now to read the comments.

  254. Mark, that is exactly it. No more worries about the opinions of others about how I get myself and my family up the Bridge. None. I am able to evaluate for myself. I like having friends who want me to go up the Bridge too, but that’s because I like the camaraderie, not because I need their permission or approval. Nobody can ensure my spiritual freedom but me!

  255. Zenzoneo~ How totally cool!!! I love that!

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