Maurizio Serafini Declares Independence


I Maurizio Serafini, new OTV, Scientologist since 1983, ex SO member FSO, currently declared SP by the Church of D M (delict & mischief, degradations & misapplications) in violation of justice policies of LRH; hereby publicly declare my independence from the ‘church’.  The reason for this disconnection (the church has already disconnected me) is that finally I came to the conclusion that the church has reached the ‘point of no return’ in its departure from SOURCE.

I am now convinced that the church cannot recover on its own from the depth of degradation it has been pushed into by its ‘management’ (ie, D Misadvices and his clique of criminals) through arbitraries and alterations of tech and policy or suppressive use of them to better serve their evil purposes.

Personally I have no doubts on the technology or the philosophy as developed by L Ron Hubbard; thus I stress here that in no way whatever do I intend to disassociate from them.  On the contrary it is the very dedication to what I have studied for years and lived for years that forces me to publicly disassociate with those that have disavowed SOURCE to follow ‘the new prophet’

That their choices were due to stupidity or simply evil intentions is at this point irrelevant from my viewpoint.

In the same way I have no desire to disassociate in any way from those within the church that wish to recover their integrity and feel they have a duty towards the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.

May you all flourish and prosper

Maurizio Serafini

113 responses to “Maurizio Serafini Declares Independence

  1. Welcome Maurizio! Thank you for taking a stand!

  2. Welcome!
    May “the new prophet” soon fall and allow our friends and family still inside to once again have LRH’s Scientology.


  3. Richard Reed

    CRAZY what the ‘Church’ has become….

  4. Welcome, Maurizio!

  5. Congratulations Maurizio! Welcome to the light, welcome to true friends who will love you more for your ability to see the truth- not shun you for your perceptions. Welcome to a life where you are truly free to know what you know and be there and communicate from there.
    Your declaration was succinct, beautifully articulated and very honest. Thank you for stepping forward and making your voice heard. I believe you will help many others have the courage and integrity to do the same!

  6. Welcome Maurizio!
    Well said. Short. To the point. Crystal clear. After all is said and done, the chice is simple, isn’t it.
    Welcome to us and hurrah for the freedom you just acquired.
    ML, Linda

  7. Excellent Maurizio and welcome to the most aware group in the scientology sphere. Glad to have you aboard.

    ML Tom

  8. Ciao Maurizio!

    Congratulations on recognizing the depredations and depredations of Miscavige’s church for what they are. Glad to have a new Independent Scientologist in the world!


  9. Maurizio,
    Congratulations on your independence!

  10. Maurizio,

    What a beautiful, pan-determined announcement! Welcome to Independence! ml, Laura Ann

  11. Welcome, Maurizio! We embrace you as you have embraced “the technology and the philosophy as developed by L Ron Hubbard” as well as “those within the church that wish to recover their integrity …”. L, Rachel

  12. moneca ryane

    Very well said! Congratulations and welcome. Your statement is a true bit of fresh air on a very stinking situation. Glad you smelled the rot and expelled yourself.
    Happy Independence Day

  13. Hi Maurizio!

    Very welcome.

    You are among people with Integrity and guts here dude.

    Do well.

  14. BTW…

    Today; 2 years ago…

    October 5 2009

    I declared my independence publicly here.


  15. Tony DePhillips

    Hello Maurizio,
    Thanks for taking a stand.
    I’m not sure but your name sounds familiar. I used to be a Flag public and I seem to recall your name. Were you posted at Flag?
    Welcome to the Independents!! Have fun, it’s not real serious out here.

  16. Happy Independence Anniversary Roberto! I remember that day well. 😀

  17. Maurizio,
    Welcome to the group of thetans who do everything possible to aid the survival of others by using LRH tech without the hook or the curve or the hidden agenda.


  18. Welcome Maurizio! thank you for taking a stand. Many more will follow in your foot steps. The best to you, ML Carol

  19. Maurizio,

    Hip hip hooray!!!

    Thanks for speaking out and welcome!

  20. Maurizio,

    Thank you for taking your first strides toward TRUE TOTAL FREEDOM!

  21. Welcome Maurizio.
    There are no Ex Sea Org Members, just as those who leave the church are not suppressive.
    Those who decide to fight Miscavige’s treachery are far more worthy of the name Sea Org Member than those who continue to support him. What is left inside the crippled church ceased to be the Sea Organization a long time ago. They are lost souls, blind and apathetic in their own failure to keep the promises they made to Ron and the rest of their group.
    The Sea Org is here.
    Revenimus. 🙂

  22. Me too! Happy freedom anniversary Roberto!

  23. martyrathbun09

    Que Onda!

  24. thank you
    yes I was FSO and your name sounds familiar Tony. solo nots in late 80’s?

  25. thank you!

  26. Welcome Maurizio-You are truly going to enjoy your life now and any of the benefits from Scientology. Beautiful photo!

  27. thank you
    odds should be on our side, I think most new prophet ended their careers pretty gruesomely.

  28. Michael Fairman

    Welcome Maurizio, and congratulations.
    Your pointed announcement adds yet another clear view into what the “church” has become. Thank you for the courage and integrity to publicly step forward. And regarding “the new prophet”, as many have noted here ..tick..tock..tick..tock.

  29. Your humble servant

    Good to hear from you, Maurizio!

  30. Tony Dephillips

    Yes I was on Solo Nots around that time.
    What was your post? I would love to hear your story.

  31. It would be interesting to know why you were declared an SP by the CofS. Was it just because you left the Sea Org?

  32. Welcome to FREEDOM Manurizio!

  33. Thanks Ms. Rinder
    I remember it vey well also. I was almost wetting my pants. Scared to death. (joke)
    And I also barely remember I was sober that day… I guess. (joke)

    Lots of learning this two years. I can fill a book on that subject.

  34. Thanks Sam.

    It seems that I´m getting older here.

    I need a cake with two candles.

  35. ¡Qué onda compa!

    Todo chido por acá.

  36. “What is left inside the crippled church ceased to be the Sea Organization a long time ago. They are lost souls, blind and apathetic in their own failure to keep the promises they made to Ron and the rest of their group.
    The Sea Org is here.


    I´ve never see it this way.

    It´s true. The real sea org is here.

  37. Sam, that might result in rekindling some failed purposes! 🙂

    Well said.

  38. Martin Padfield

    Nice one Maurizio. The future is bright and blooming here in Indie world! Well done mate.

  39. Seeking4know

    Welcome! There are plenty of independent delivery units throughout the world! Have fun!

  40. “…..I have studied for years and lived for years that forces me to publicly disassociate with those that have disavowed SOURCE to follow ‘the new prophet’. “

    I love your line about the “new prophet”. So true.
    POB: Now the stinkin’ little dwarf can either be a “pope on a box” or a “prophet on a box”. Works for me.

    Welcome and congratulations. Now you truly are free.

  41. Congratulations Maurizio,

    The soaring of the church away from Standard Tech continues. Its failing is inevitable. IMHO, the independent field is the only hope for mankind. Welcome to it.

  42. Welcome Maurizio!! Congratulations 🙂

  43. Welcome Maurizio.
    From one FSO SO member to another, you will “flourish and prosper” especially with your allies on this side of freedom.

  44. martyrathbun09

    mi alma y mi vida:

  45. Ha ha! Welcome aboard shipmate 😉

  46. I hope so. Because through all of this I never lost sight of mine.

  47. Tony Dephillips

    Yes Sam. Well said.

  48. Welcome, you never left the correct fold and are back with beings that respect your decision. Oh by the way it is spelled “profit”

  49. Maurizio,
    Congratulations for going Independent, it’s the only way to really flourish and prosper!

  50. “…I came to the conclusion that the church has reached the ‘point of no return’…”

    Congrats with saying this out loud and movin’ on up, Marizio.

  51. Well done Maurizio!…it’s important for you to declare this both for yourself as well as for all Scientologists.

  52. Now that’s what I call great news! 🙂 Maurizio you look like a fashion model. I am glad you are out of the church! It is not a church really though, it just calls itself that. This Marty’s blog is so exciting. Every day I learn something and I see a new declaration like yours and sometimes I catch myself thinking “Hey, I remember that guy from Flag one time, he was always by the pool…” or something. Welcome. 🙂

  53. Another one bites the dust. Good for you Marizio,

    Btw on the anonymous front someone from allegedly from eBaums world (unrelated site) found out the UK Birmingham org email servers were open to the public. So they took a look around and copied the email database and gave us a copy.

    Okay some may think this unethical and I’d be inclined to agree but it has to be said there are some sad tales in amongst the mail from 2010 to July 2011. People are borrowing from each other and borrowing from there banks and credit cards in order to “help” others already in financial difficult. Two people went bankrupt already.

    Seems to me the church of scientology gradually imploding and sucking money out of the run of the mill scientologists so they get in to incredible debt. One newbie was only there a couple of months and he took out a loan to give them £20,000 then he wrote an email saying he’d had doubts but he spoke to God and then he transcribed what God said to him, that it was a good thing and he’d be rewarded etc. Basically the man sounds very vulnerable and judging by how he communicated with the scientologist in Birmingham Org that was probably obvious before they encouraged him too take the loan. I’m no expert but I’m fairly sure I read a Hubbard policy about not dealing / abusing such people. Any how, the leaked emails are both tragic and farce and scary too.

  54. Yvonne Schick

    Maurizio, congratulations! Thank you for a beautifully expressed announcement. You will enjoy the freedom your announcement brings you. Welcome to the group that will love you for the beautiful being you are without the need for enforced affinity, reality or communication.
    ML, Yvonne

  55. I can’t agree more Sam. “The Sea Org is here.”

    Like Maurizio, I was in the S0 and completed new OTV in 2005.

    I left the Church a few years ago for the same reasons Maurizio so eloquently stated..

    We are all in good company…

    Welcome Maurizio

  56. 2 years of good products Beto and more to come !!!!!!!

  57. Maurizio– VWD! Your statement is honest and it is yours. You looked, you saw, you decided and your announcement shows your agreement with your intention in the SO. To work and help to put in ethics on this planet. You now are part of the group doing just that.

    You show a pan-determined viewpoint that is currently not allowed within the RCS. And for that you will be rewarded with the group that allows you to be yourself. You will be allowed to contribute and be part of changes that are needed. I thank you for what you have done and for what you are doing now. Welcome to the free world of the Indie!!

  58. Tom Gallagher


    I find it gut wrenching how cavalierly the term ‘suppressive person’ has been bandied about.

    Should only apply to sociopaths like POB, Pol Pot, Stalin, Caligula, Adolf, etc……….

  59. Tom Gallagher

    I no longer use the the tainted term ‘suppressive person”. The correct target/item is the sociopath. POB is, without a doubt, a numero uno.

  60. Maurizio,

    Short and Pithy. Laser Precise. You said a lot in a few words.
    Salutations !

  61. Ralph Hilton

    Do you have the full list of email addresses?
    I wouldn’t consider it unethical to send them all an email linking to some prominent Independent websites.

  62. I’m really curious about why some people who leave are declared suppressive and others aren’t. Some are paid off and others are ignored. The SP declaration is too easily assigned and thus loses it’s power. I am positive that you are not an SP. Please tell your story.

  63. Yvonne Schick

    Love LLB. Texas boys. Playing here at an Austin club. Live music capital of the world. We know how to rock around here. – just sayin’.

  64. Maurizio – welcome. I liked your strong announcement of independence.

  65. Maurizio: I remember your smiling face at Flag back in the day.

    Tonight I’m reminded what Steve Jobs said many years ago about death being his greatest advisor and these other words, which Maurizio’s declaration of independence echos:

    “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma — which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of others’ opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.” (Steve Jobs – RIP)


  66. Ralph Hilton

    POB is not numero uno – he is a sad little creature pathetically attempting to play big league.

  67. Salut, Maurizio! Karen said it all. Laser precise. All the best in your new-found freedom and I admire your integrity. Cheers!

  68. Hola Rafa, Como estas? Soy Victor Gutierrez, te acuerdas de mi, escríbeme, tengo muchas ganas de saludarte!!!!

  69. one of those who see

    Well said Tom. Totally agree!!!!

  70. one of those who see

    Hi Maurizio!! So great to have you here amongst the free people.

  71. Cindy Pinsonnault

    Yay, Maurizio!!! Great post. Welcome!

  72. thank you

  73. thank you for your kind words Joy

  74. Tony Dephillips

    Oh yeah!!!

  75. was carrying folders in and out of the c/s ivory tower, the red t shirt.
    my story isn’t that interesting really and considering all the lies it contains by association to ‘the church’ is not even easy to tell or remember. I think you had bruce glushakow as your cs at some point, do you know what happened to him?

  76. Maurizio,

    Welcome to the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!!

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientology

  77. damn! and I thought I’d finally made it out!! 😉
    you are a scary one, young lady!
    that is his trouble, he cannot get rid of us; no matter how hard he can hit we keep coming back. that alone will drive him into apathy(you know what SO lecture m I talking about?)

  78. i can ensure you it ain’t that interesting

  79. Welcome Maurizio! You are right on target.

  80. the Dastardly Minuscule loves his religious mumbo jumbo, he would love it to be positioned as Prophet, alas he will get it from me only in quotation marks and a small p, please spell pOB, that gives the right order of magnitude.
    god never felt more sarcastic…

  81. yea thanks, it was enforced ARC, you got it!
    glad to be on this side of the fence.

  82. ciao Scott!
    thank you!
    we did bump into each other a couple of times on staff if m not wrong, off course your hair was darker then, always meant to ask you if you are related to Mark Campbell the cs whom I worked with back in the 80’s, are you?

  83. Did you ever notice on these SP declares there is never a name of one single person that was suppressed? That is an outpoint. It’s a plus point that you have not been swayed from your purposes and knowingness.
    Thank you for your work in the Sea Org and your contributions to making the world a better place.

  84. was going to say thank you individually to all of you but Marty’s page here came back to me with an ‘error’, it said ‘you already said that’ and didn’t allow it. alas I have to thank you all collectively in this one, do no old it against me:)

  85. m glad you remember me, I would like to remember you, mind telling who you are if not here in private.

  86. dude! that was a speech!
    thank you bro!

  87. Happy days Maurizio! Nice to meet you.



  89. HI KAREN,

  90. “There are no Ex Sea Org Members, just as those who leave the church are not suppressive.”
    Absolutely true.
    I was never Sea Org, but I never stopped considering myself to be a staff member. The purpose never went away. It’s just that the purpose could not be forwarded when every constructive action on post was being CI’ed by an SP (or SP’s) higher up the org board.
    Well done, Maurizio.

  91. Welcome Maurizio!

  92. Ciao Maurizio! Thank you for your beautiful, short but very precise Declaration of Independence! I also appreciate very much what you said about not disassociating yourself from those still within the Church that wish to recover their integrity. That is an excellent point; that those still within the Church have integrity problems to resolve, and that we can help them do it by not disconnecting from them. I feel the same way. There are those who disagree with what is going on, but don’t know how to deal with it. I have helped a few who are in this situation; it helps them a great deal to talk to an Indie who lets them know the air outside the Church is quite fine, and life can still be lived happily, and true technology (LRH’s) is still available.
    Wishing you freedom and happiness,
    Catherine von Ach

  93. Hi there: You were staff and I was public at that time. And I doubt you’d remember me actually.

    What was your post – that might give me more of a clue. As I said — I remember your smile.


  94. Yes I like your strong view and announcement Maurizzio, Happy Days ahead, Very Good Luck. I am not sure your from Italy , if you are . Would you know what ever happened to Ron Loving / Silvani Mori / Maurizzio Pizzicolo ,/Thomas Bucher Swiss/ but in italy long time / Martin Garzia spanish / thow in italy long time . All were intrusmental for Italy to get on the Map and be able to obtain Scientology Services in italy and beyond.

  95. costantine, I heard from a reliable souce that Bruce left years ago. He saw what was going on and left. That is all I know. It would be interesting to hear his side of things!

  96. some years ago(2004) i heard he had been declared. I always thought he was a great guy. it would be great to get back in touch.
    thanks Carol, do we know each other?

  97. Welcome Maurizzio! Good to see you here! Beautiful picture!

  98. sorry but I have no data on the people you mentioned, I am from italy but not there all the time.

  99. late 80’s paging in sand castle, 2004-2006 on ttc and supervisor in internship and div 6 for a short while.
    you were doing solonots in the 80’s possibly?

  100. whatever I can do I can see you can do even better;)
    being you, you would, I guess.
    it is a great honor to be complimented by a CLXII,
    the only one I could hope for now would be LRH himself.
    thanks immeasurably.
    PS. if I keep being a good boy will I get some auditing? 😉

  101. There are email addresses. I doubt they’d listen to emails from Anonymous though.

    Interestingly there are thousands of rejected email address messages from addresses that no longer exist; in fact they out weigh the interesting emails quite considerably. Seems a lot of people on their database have changed their email addresses. Wonder why? 🙂

  102. maurizio

    I just have to throw this in here…
    You asked Karen…”PS. if I keep being a good boy will I get some auditing? 😉 ”

    Well, in reality, if you keep being a “good Boy” you are more likely to get your case back.

    I would far prefer if you were to continue to fly your “independent observer” flag.

    Good to have you with us.

    Eric S

  103. Paaa-tuu-eee

    According to his wife, Ann, at the time, “Bruce went to China, a place he always wanted to visit”. He did get declared, I was shown the declare as he was my c/s before he left.

  104. Ciao Maurizzio, congrats on your declaration of independence! Nice to meet & have you here 🙂

  105. Give ém hell Maurizio !

  106. What is wrong with this picture…
    How in the hell do so many SP’s get this far into the OT levels??

    And just how many OT’s are SP’s and and are still in the church and we don’t see them??? or do we!!

    I figure all in the church are all SP’s.. or will soon found to be.

    You would assume being OT would at least move you to lookingness.

  107. Tory Christman

    Maurizio! Congratulations on waking up…and getting out..and most of
    all: Speaking out! I thank you *very* much 🙂

    Also, I’m happy to hear Bruce is out, too. I had not heard that. Good news…all the way around.
    Be well, and enjoy your new life!

  108. Maurizio,
    You were so very spot-on, so concise, so to the point, that I felt compelled to stand up and cheer as I read it. You nailed it that the church is beyond any point of return, due to its ‘new prophet’. 🙂

    That departure from SOURCE, and the choices to stay stupid or dramatize evil intentions are totally irrelevant to my viewpoint too.

    May they go row their boat, but, as you said, I am always there as friend when a choice to recover integrity is made.

    Beautiful expression of the concept — I love directness and you nailed it.

    Very happy to have you here in the sunshine with us. I don’t recall seeing where you live, but if you ever get to Austin Texas, there is a whole group of us that will show you around and give you a real Texan experience – just let us know.

    Love, Kay

  109. gee thanks! m over in Ittally but keep your offer in mind.

  110. Maurizio! I read your declaration, thought it was awesome and got majorly distracted and and and…
    So great to meet you here!

  111. Ok thanks for your reply.I wish you all the Very Best

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