Miscavige’s Death Throes

Anyone who has followed the news and/or this blog for very long knows David Miscavige, head of Corporate Scientology, has spent millions of dollars attempting to spread the sickness of his cult compound to the world at large.   Miscavige has given his go-to private investigator Dave Lubow unlimited funds to buy phone records, stalk through illegal electronic surveillance through phone gps devices,harass and annoy, spread rumor and innuendo, and organize KKK-like gangs to stalk and attempt to intimidate.  Now Miscavige has sunk to even further depths.  His agents have set up phony internet links to targets’ names that go back to child porn sex chat sites.

Read all about it at the Village Voice:


Miscavige’s sickness is known as sociopathy in society at large.  His tactics are known as terrorism in law enforcement circles.   One of our primary aims is to de-fang the monster Miscavige’s operates to make lives miserable.  As you can see the monster is becoming more desperate and vile as we progress in disarming it.   Do not be alarmed that these tactic of his can or will reach out to readers and supporters and independents at large.   My prediction of two years ago – that when enough people stand up, Miscavige’s monster will not have the resources to keep up and will begin to lose its grip – still holds, and has been verified as correct in many ways.

The Robert Almblad attacks to the unbriefed may seem like evidence to the contrary.  So, let me brief you on a little known and as yet unreported fact.  Robert isn’t being attacked with this intensity just to lose Mike Rinder his job.   David Miscavige has convinced the Office of Special Affairs (Corporate Scientology’s harassment and terror department) that Robert’s latest invention must fail, at all costs, for one important reason. David Miscavige is convinced that Robert Almblad is going to make a billion dollars and use it to fund our efforts to put a stake in the heart of the beast so that Scientology can be freely practiced independent of the Radical Corporate Scientology racket.

Lose a good man a job, destroy the lives of Robert and his partner, deny bacteria free ice to the millions, ruin the reputation of the “church” of Scientology by running operations reminiscent of Cold War KGB – it is all just kicking the cat to fix the broken light switch to Miscavige.  Collateral damage to the riff raff.

Don’t forget, this tyrant’s universe is caving in:


That Miscavige can be particularly vicious during its death throes should come as no surprise.

On the Independent side of things, everything is going according to plan; matters are under beautiful control.

Whatever you have been doing in the Independent field, please do not change a thing.  The process is working, the tone arm is moving.

97 responses to “Miscavige’s Death Throes

  1. I hope they DO become billionaires. It’s a brilliant invention, desperately needed by the population.

  2. top of the vale

    Gotta tell ya Marty Man, you da Man! You’re rolling off these articles ’bout every two days digging deeper and deeper into the Trolls Lair.

    I can just hear hear the screaming and yelling as the little squirmer rants to high heaven about OSA’s failures in shutting all of us up.

    I admit I am a ‘coffee shop Independent’ as Plain Old Thetan describes me but my tongue is still where it was when I was born and alto somewhat invisible, still able to lash out venom where necessary for the good of all.

    We all revel in the wake of your eloquence like a dogs or cats that roll in the grass.

  3. Utterly despicable behavior on the part of DM and his goons. This proves that he will stop at nothing. To kool-aid drinkers, this shows toughness. To any half sane person it demonstrates lunacy. And I don’t think it would do Robert’s company any good if Mike were to find another job. A stuck flow only flows harder, it never flows weaker. And “stuck flow” is DM’s middle name.

  4. OK, Miscavige is a dick but he’ll stay in power. Don’t see the Indies or anyone else successfully removing the guy from his pope position.

  5. Ya, can’t have billionaires opposing Davie. No, no. That would be a real threat to him. “They have to be stopped at all costs!!” I am sure are the OODs this week from the bunker.

    We had our local article come out yesterday and already OSA is working over our neighbors, telling them evil things about Linda and I. What a bunch of weenies.

    ML Tom

  6. I am appalled at what has been done to this couple and their business. I’m one of those who thought Richard Hirst and the others were simply making asses of themselves. Now I see that’s only the tip of the “assberg.”

  7. This shit is criminal period. Robert your invention is needed all over the planet. You are doing big things that the sob and his hired guns just can’t have. The true color of this pervert is known. To those still flowing this sob any ounce of power your going down with him.

  8. Izhar Perlman - Lisbon

    Remember the days of the Soviet Union? the Berlin Wall, nobody believed this will end so soon and so easily.
    The same goes here… DM is a shadow (and a small one at that) and once the people see it is only a shadow he will just vanish.
    Very rapidly and very sudden and SOONER than we think.

  9. Tom Gallagher


    Thanks for this heartening message. POB has operated, seemingly, with impunity for decades. It’s actually been educational to observe this world-class lunatic criminal (sociopath) going into final meltdown, though I’m sorry to see innocents victimized by this runty thug.

    LRH wrote in New Slant On Life that a criminal is “one who is unable to think of the other fellow, unable to determine his own actions, unable to follow orders, unable to make things grow, unable to determine the difference between good and evil, unable to think at all on the future. Anybody has some of these; the criminal has ALL of them.”

    Yep, that’s dm in a nutshell. Pun intended.

  10. Nice expose Marty.

    The insanity intensifies. Lord knows what that little SP will try to pull off as his dramatizations continue to be exposed and prevented. I can see his head nearly exploding from the force of the prevented evil purps swirling around inside his deranged universe.

    Just a few more thousand signatures on the petition might move this drama along faster to a happy ending.

    Just a few more thousand public letters of resignation from his cult will seal his fate.

    Thanks again and again for the wide open comm line, Marty.


  11. Anon=Troll

  12. Tony DePhillips

    Why does this clip remind me of muddcabbage?

  13. I couldn’t agree more!

  14. I would be something to see the multiple court documents for the restraining orders in place. I think it would likely help in others getting the same protection and showing an indisputable pattern of illegal conduct.

    Scientology staff are in a very isolated environment. It is going to take something really big to get them to be more aware of what is going on. A slow erosion will eventually work, but it is going to take a long time.

    Sacramento and other Orgs are fund-raising for their Ideal Org. It would be better if they paid their staff better, rather than invest in David Miscavige’s real estate scheme, which will leave them in endless debt.

  15. Anon,

    People like DM never last. He will remove himself in some way, shape or form. He can occupy his self appointed office all he wants. Without growing support, he will just be bypassed and, in essense, removed.

    Sic Sempre Tyrannis

  16. Tom Gallagher


    Are you sure this isn’t POB’s double? Hmmm….perhaps his soulmate?

  17. Tony, where DO you find this stuff??? 🙂

  18. David Miscavige morphs the “Church” of Scientology into a RICO criminal entity


    New Business, New Pretenses, New Ploys.

    1. Real estate scams, Huffing and Puffing on expansion on ridiculous real estate monstrosities refitted and refurbished to look like Implant stations, that then lie around empty. Renting these properties for $$$ to local staff after the public paid for the real estate.

    2. Attacking old Sea Org veterans of decades with malicious hate websites
    2a Attacking and overnight declaring other Staff and Public that have been in the Church for a lifetimes with overnight SP declares while refusing to refund their IAS “donations” and other scammed $$$$$.

    3 Buying off departing Sea Org Members from INT BASE with mega $$$$ so that they shut up and do not report to the media and law enforcement the incredulous and dark deeds that happened within SP hole (The dungeon)

    3 Attention fixation on Marty and Mike for wicked vengefulness. Now spreading to Mike’s employer Robert Almblad, Village Voice editor Tony Ortega.

    Old Business, Same old, Same Old through the years…

    0) Promising Super Power is around the corner. Scamming more Public to contribute after ….$179 million in the coffers and more being conned….

    1) Attacking enemies by salacious and lurid accusations of a sexual nature.

    2) Hiring David Lubow, one of the dirty PIs to hound, harass, meddle, set up targets for felonies. Lubow taking exact instructions of Miscavige malevolence for the sole purpose of revenge and dramatizing this malevolence in plain sight.

    3) Continuing to keep the Sea Org members in Gold base under lock down with no free passage. Heber Jentzsch and Shelley Miscavige still completely gone with no human eye able to see them.

    The Leopard does not change its stripes

  19. Simon Bolivar

    I think is time for the final countdown. Take this Miscabbage http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jvn8wsIrHag&feature=related

  20. Update on petitions signed as of Friday, AM October 14th,
    as of signature #2,860

    The top ten states:
    1. 427 California
    2. 171 Florida
    3. 148 Texas
    4. 120 New York
    5. 93 Washington
    6. 77 Illinois
    7. 67 Ohio
    8. 66 Oregon
    9. 60 Massachusetts
    10. 58 Pennsylvania

    Next in line:
    11. 56 Arizona
    12. 46 Michigan
    13. 45 Missouri
    14. 44 Georgia
    15. 42 Virginia
    16. 41 North Carolina, New Jersey
    17. 40 Minnesota
    18. 39 Tennessee
    19. 38 Colorado
    20. 37 Maryland

    signing with no location indicated.

    634 no location indicated (still takes the overall lead in numbers)

    for those not in the U.S.

    62 from outside the U.S. or didn’t recognize city, no state indicated

  21. Expelled 4 Life

    Perhaps Greta Van Susteren will do one of her in depth, cutting edge investigative stories on this…not!

  22. Tony, great clip!

  23. Fully agree Amy! It is a game which is good for most.

    I hope Susan recovers the losses incurred by POB actions causing his own Kool Aid follower losses, typically the POB game of losses for most.

    The standard Cult of Miscavige line is to position their enemies with Anons who is asserted as a terrorist organization or vile pedophiles, yet the actions of POB and his flying monkeys are completely terrorist tactics, totally illegal and despicable actions which are totally alien to the sane freedom loving world. Doesn’t POB realize by now that the bad things he does in desperation is leaked and quickly reported on Web media?

  24. That is my feeling on the matter and I am sure Mike and Marty would agree. That after DM has kept people in The Hole for the longest time, which he lies to the public and touts as spiritual activity “Do you mean to say that this person actually found work? How can this be”? That would instantly put DM on the top of several people’s S**T Lists at once for even asking a question like that. Hey DM, get used to the idea not everybody is an idle unemployed hoodlum bum like you these days. 🙂

  25. Karry Campbell

    Big yawn here. LFBD. Thank you Marty!

  26. Karen, TOTALLY spot on! And I think this stuff from the Village Voice needs to be gotten out to as many media outlets as possible (all the human interest type/news shows on cable channels, etc). Keep applying the pressure. And I’m suprised that the Lubow crew has remained so healthy by the way (I’m trying to be very nice and indirect here – ha. Not suggested anything, just making an observation.).

  27. Those still inside the Co$ need to make a key decision, as to how they want their lives to be remembered. The responsibility lies on them aswell. They are the ones who have control and when they realise that, hopefully they stop talking and get on with it.

  28. Whose to say there are not other billionaires out there who also don’t understand why people accept such an abusive environment, but stay silent out of hope they might do something about it.

  29. I know Robert Almblad. I think the world of him. He is a loyal, kind-hearted, generous man. Anyone would be proud to call him friend. I certainly am.

    Robert is also, in my rather informed opinion, a truly brilliant inventor. He’s also a very sophisticated businessman. I would place a big bet on him being successful at anything he touches. He certainly has been before. And that is surely why Miscavige is so hysterically wetting his pants.


  30. And there was a part 1 on Village Voice on Almblad the day before


    Get a friend to sign the White House petition. I got 5 more the past few days.

  31. As he unravels, Miscavige inexorably unfolds like a Shakespearean tragedy. Its the final act. There’s a Macbeth and a Lady Macbeth, driven mad by their hidden offenses. There’s a dead king and a usurped crown. There’s more than one Macduff who by their just and ethical example show Macbeth to be the fraud that he is. There’s even a few old crones supporting Macbeth, but above all there’s many a prediction and many who foretell the inevitable end, not least of which was Shakespeare all those centuries ago. Shakespeare based many of his works on actual history which, as we all know, has a habit of repeating itself, especially for those who are incapable of learning from it.

  32. There’s one other aspect of the attack on Robert Almblad that surely must drive DM to the lengths he’s going; Robert is an ‘Old School’ OT. No weird solidfication processes done every six months, mis-assigning cause. No Reverse Introspection Rundowns, falsely assigning ARC Breaks, Withholds, Overts, that don’t exist. None of the panoply of Reverse Technology that DM specializes in.

    So, Robert is free to rise to greater heights and create what he is capable of. THAT DM cannot tolerate. Too bad Dave, Robert’s got you pegged. Cleanly. He’s irrepressible. And I must say, my hang with him was one of the best times I’ve had in ages. Fast, clear, spot on. And a full space laugh that is infectious.

  33. Marty wrote above
    Dave Lubow unlimited funds to buy phone records, stalk through illegal electronic surveillance through phone GPS devices,
    Penalties for this kind of conduct in the Courts is going up up UP….this hacker got 116 Years for 3 targets he hacked
    But 116 years is a higher sentence than for homicide or serial killing !
    Here’s an article about the penalty for
    hacking into someone’s email or cell phones.


    Highly recommended is reading the indictment.  One can
    skip the preliminary, boilerplate allegations
    and go to the big paragraphs in each Count.

    That is, on Counts One through Six, read
    Para 3, and on Counts Seven & Eight, read
    para 5.


  34. Yes, every success to them.

  35. Very good points, Karen#1!

    Donation of $179M for “Superpower” since about ’97 means the donators financed for many other things than just Superpower (a rundown created specifically to help staff by LRH instead public). Among them probably are: Clearwater City fines, Oak Cove Building, FH renovations etc. It is one of Davey’s slush funds and could finance anything at his whim. This is financial irregularities, plainly out in the open by POB (labelled as Criminal Element).

    ” There is a term used in business called “fair exchange.”
    ” Let us apply this to an activity engaged in servicing the public.
    “We could isolate four conditions of exchange.
    1. First consider a group which takes in money but does not deliver anything
    in exchange. This is called rip-off. It is the “exchange” condition
    of robbers, tax men, governments and other criminal elements.”

    From: HCO PL 10 SEPTEMBER 1982, Finance Series 36

  36. Is there any doubt there is a war going on? The stakes are incredibly high. We don’t need no more stnking group engrams!

  37. Sinar,

    Yes, good point about the Super Power building.

    The arrogance of the people doing this is a sight to behold. Having promised people all sorts of things — from “the building is opening later this year” (being said every year since 2005), to guaranteeing “first priority and major discounts” on Super Power to “you get exclusive access to the Cornerstone lounge”, when anyone now calls them on their fraud they reply “we don’t give your money back as there is no law that requires it, and we have already spent the money.”

    These may be famous last words, used to so arrogantly dismiss people they think are no longer worthy of their time and attention. Those words may just haunt them as this justification for not returning monies may just be challenged and this assertion is going to give a basis for an accounting of what WAS done with the money. And as to the legality — there is nothing legal about fraud.

    The arrogance of POB has trickled down (of course) and the record these people are building, while hard to take when you are on the receiving end of it, is what is going to be their undoing.

  38. Great info, thanks Karen.

  39. What else is there to be said.

    David Miscavige is a piece of ….

  40. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  41. The actions of the Church of Scientology and their goons described here are immoral as hell. But the acts are not criminal. They are, however, good for a trip to a courtroom for a nasty civil suit.

    The grounds for a suit would be termed “tortious interference with prospective business relations.” Translated from lawyer-speak, it means a third party can’t just jump into the middle of a deal being negotiated between two other parties and screw it up (not even if they are competitors of one of the parties trying to put a deal together). It would be hard to find a more open-and-shut case of this than a Church of Scientology moron brigade busting into a private meeting in an undisclosed location with a prospective client and sliming Mr. Almblad. The article quoted the prospective client as saying that the disruption caused them to rethink their plans to do business with him.

    One of the unique aspects of the American system of justice is that you can get a lawyer on contingency (sue now and pay a percentage of the settlement later) to pursue such an action (though, of course, this practice can of course be abused). When you have an open-and-shut case, contingency fees are a great deal for the plaintiff and his attorney — the plaintiff doesn’t have to shell out a lot of cash up front, and the attorney knows he’ll get paid. Egregious conduct kicks the punitive damages into the stratosphere, above and beyond the provable economic (actual) damages suffered. I know that the Church of Scientology has held out for a decade or more in some of the litigation they’ve lost but they’ve got enough money to be able to pay damages so they are an attractive target (and hey, if they run out of cash, Mr. Almblad could end up owning a bunch of those empty Ideal Org buildings).

    So while the Church of Scientology’s behavior is probably not criminal (unfortunately extinguishing any fantasies you might have about seeing Miscavage make new “special friends” when he drops the soap in the shower in jail), this behavior could be better than criminal… it could be expensive!

    –John P.

  42. Greebly, let us ask this question based on the definition of the word church. Since when does a church garner the reputation of being a haven of an “abusive environment”? Do people normally visit the Vatican so they can move their bowels in laundry buckets or take showers with garden hoses in front of people?

  43. one of those who see

    Listening to this particular lecture from the PDCs today! “Specific Parts of Self-Determinism, Spacation” Page 274 of transcript:
    ” …And because a dichotomy of combat can exist, you could have great and powerful and doubtlessly awesome and fearful forces facing us with all of these threats if we dared (“dared” should be in italics) make anybody sane. Yes, you could always have those forces and they’d never be able to make it stick. That’s very interesting. They would not be able to make it stick. Because they are on a track which in this universe is a self-ending track, not a self-perpetuating track. People recognize that and, although you will see a tremendous tendency on the part of the slave to assume his chains and wear them and wear more chains if possible, you always have a greater number who, in the end, will turn on the master.
    The masters of the slaves die. They have always died in this universe and they always will. And so may, too, a universe die.
    But the point we’re making is simply that force was never (“never” should be in italics) any weapon with which to combat reason. And every time force has been applied to reason in this universe, force has come the cropper-not reason…” L. Ron Hubbard

  44. Here is the direct link to the petition.

    Some people have had trouble signing it, and these are helpful instructions:

    1) Click this link to sign up for White House account to register

    You do NOT have to fill in a zip code.
    You do not have to give your real name if you prefer not to.
    People from all countries can sign.

    2) Check your email to confirm your registration

    3) Then click this link and sign the petition

    Sandy! you an me, we’re a team! – k

  45. martyrathbun09

    You’re damn right.

  46. Good going DM! Keep up the crimes! MORE! MORE! Whatever expands your already HUGE motivator flow! Keep it coming! MORE! MORE!

  47. Tony is YouTube Yoda.

  48. top of the vale

    Worthless rotting bat guano…..

  49. There is also a term called EMBEZZLEMENT. If people paid for donations to the Super Power Building project and those fund were used for anything else that is FRAUD and EMBEZZLEMENT.

  50. I COMMAND you DM! To become more dangerous, more hostile, more suppressive, more illegal, more violent, more criminal. I COMMAND YOU!

  51. Scott Campbell

    “Whatever you have been doing in the Independent field, please do not change a thing. The process is working, the tone arm is moving.”

    “Affluence attainment consists of:

    1. Hard work.
    2. In-ethics.
    3. Standard tech.
    4. Doing the things that won, not new things untried as yet.
    5. Applying the formula of the condition one is in.” –LRH

    Good work guys.

  52. Scott Campbell

    And thanks in large part to you, Jimmy – that ‘Old School’ OT is still available in the independent field!

  53. P.S. For O.S.A. staff.

    Rfac: “There never was a good war or a bad peace.” Ben Franklin TRUTH

    There is no winning moment up ahead for you in this chapter. At best, you can stop losing by supporting the whimsical, criminal, David Miscavige.

  54. “Systems are made for Man, not Man for Systems.” Ben Franklin

  55. one of those who see

    Off topic, but thought maybe some would want to know today is the old Captain’s Birthday – Ron Norton. Hope you are reading here. If you are Happy birthday.

  56. Has anyone checked out the guys from http://www.avaaz.org or contacted and explained the matter to them? I think, if they would know what is going on, they would do a petition themselves or encourage their members to sign. They are doing a great job and have just cracked the 10 million in memberships.

  57. Michael Fairman

    Probably not criminal?John please correct me if I’m wrong, but what about high speed chases breaking all kinds of traffic laws, endangering the lives of pedestrians and other drivers; negligent homicide, if not outright murder; embezzlement; extortion, misappropriation of funds, human trafficking: hacking into e-mails and airline flight data. The specific cases have been enumerated here often enough. We’ve just a BS law enforcement system – local, state and federal – which is reluctant or afraid to pursue the CRIMINALS. I’m not a lawyer and if I’m wrong and all these are civil. so be it. Then the money will sink them.

  58. My heart and admiration really goes out to Robert, Mike AND Susan! What a girl ! Tough thetan !

  59. Tony-The dog is still higher toned than dm.

  60. If Danny Sherman retired, this is what the events might just end up looking like…http://youtu.be/IUOnImguoWk

  61. Tony DePhillips

  62. Tony DePhillips

  63. Tony DePhillips

    Thanks Scott.

  64. “There never was a good war or a bad peace.” Ben Franklin

    Brilliant. Thank you.

    I hope you are reading this Thalia and others.

  65. He knows, but he lives in an delusion where he can compensate by lying on 30 sites. Reality is a luxury he can’t afford and neither is truth. He lives in a different universe but unfortunately dramatizes it in this one.

    Btw, you look young for an LRH trainee.

  66. First thing I thought of; can make more $$$ than the product itself!


    This is a Directory site with links to dozens of online Press Release submission sites.
    Anyone can submit a “press release” on many of these sites, and many of them have a free option.

    I have submitted one through a site called “PR.com”, for the White House petition. I don’t know yet if it has been accepted, but I’m hopeful. It seems to me if a lot of people make submissions that are accepted, it is likely we can get 1. more signatures, and 2. get the word out about the CoS by including a link in the release itself to a news story or an article about the abuses we are concerned about. I put a link in to Tony’s second article about the Robert Amblad story.

    Knock on wood that it gets accepted. It wouldn’t hurt for at least few people to go to these press release sites this weekend and submit something about the Petition.

  68. yes, indeed!! :o)

  69. OK, boys and girls….heads up
    here are a few ideas for procuring signatures:
    your local churches, gun clubs, soroties, local congressmen/senators (if they don’t sign, at least they’ll have a heads up on what’s coming…include links to village voice articles for background data)
    just a thought…I have done this myself.

    Update on petitions signed as of Saturday, AM October 15th,
    as of signature #2,935

    The top ten states:
    1. 440 California
    2. 180 Florida
    3. 150 Texas
    4. 121 New York
    5. 94 Washington
    6. 78 Illinois
    7. 68 Ohio
    8. 66 Oregon
    9. 60 Massachusetts, Pennsylvania
    10. 57 Arizona

    Next in line:
    11. 47 Michigan
    12. 45 Georgia, Missouri
    13. 43 New Jersey
    14. 42 North Carolina, Virginia
    15. 40 Maryland, Minnesota
    16. 39 Tennessee
    17. 38 Colorado
    18. 31 Indiana
    19. 29 Nevada
    20. 26 Louisiana, Utah

    signing with no location indicated.

    662 no location indicated (still takes the overall lead in numbers)

    for those not in the U.S.

    63 from outside the U.S. or didn’t recognize city, no state indicated

  70. Just about everyone knows that there’s nothing as dangerous as a cornered beast. Except for one that’s wounded to boot. DM’s organization is both. Expect the Church to go out quite viciously and to act out with increasing violence (hopefully figurative) as it does so.

  71. Robert Almblad

    This morning I began contacting people that belonged to other Churches, asking them for some help in signing the petition at the White House. If you know people in your life that might get their Church to help, please feel free to forward my letter and any other links that might help.

    The Church of Scientology is giving a bad name to “Church”. It is so offensive and so opposite of what ANY Church is about, it should not be allowed to call itself a Church.

    Hi ……….,

    Below is a letter I just sent to my son this morning asking him and the members of his Christian Church in Illinois to consider signing the petition at the White House. If there are any members of your Church that would consider signing the petition, please forward my letter and the link to the petition at the bottom.

    Robert Almblad

    Dear Jay and Christina,

    We have 3,000 signatures and we need 2,000 more by the 24th of October.

    Can you ask your friends at Church to sign too?

    Church’s of all denominations would be appalled to know that an organization that calls itself a “Church” practices forced abortions on it’s staff members in order for them to remain on staff!

    And, when a parishioner leaves the Church, like myself, you are not just shunned, you are hunted down and clubbed to death like a baby seal.

    The organization of Scientology should not be allowed to call themselves a Church, it gives Churches of all denominations a bad name.

    Please ask the members of your Church this Sunday to sign the petition at the White House. More than 2,000 souls have lost their innocent lives before they had a chance to begin. So, please sign for them.


    Here is the direct link to the petition.

    Some people have had trouble signing it, and these are helpful instructions:

    1) Click this link to sign up for White House account to register

    You do NOT have to fill in a zip code.
    You do not have to give your real name if you prefer not to.
    People from all countries can sign.

    2) Check your email to confirm your registration

    3) Then click this link and sign the petition

  72. “There’s daggers in men’s smiles”

  73. That minister who made national headlines by calling Mormonism a cult heads up the first Baptist church in Dallas with 10,000 members and a daily radio show. Your right that these organizations, especially the baptist ones, and their blogs , would be appropriate meduims for the message on the petition.

  74. Yes, I think it is a combination of envy and fear. Envy over his success (and all that potential $$$) and fear of what he will do with it. He is in full miswithhold phenomenon and KNOWS he surely is the target in the center of the bullseye. Robert’s succes is his doom. He knows it now and it is driving him crazy.

    He tried to get Marty and Mike and has failed. He thought Robert would be an easier target…and he was wrong!

    It is when the “innocents ” get attacked that the general public gets enraged. As disgusting as this is, it needs to be know so that more people will confront the evil behind the curtain and DO something about it.

    I am so grateful that there are people (non-Scientologists) like Susan and Anon Orange who see the injustices, have been subjected to the campaigns yet have the courage to speak out because they know it is wrong.

  75. Nice catch!

  76. Thanks for the update and your fabulous persistence on this given course!

  77. Terrill Park has joined 80+ forums and posed the petition on all of them.

  78. I am with you. 2960… we can do it

  79. How low can you go – apparently for POB absolutes are unobtainable. Six more of my friends are signing the WH petition.

  80. Tony DePhillips

    Agreed. 🙂

  81. you are very welcome

  82. I have posted a press release at this location: http://www.briefingwire.com/


  84. mrinder you know, as far as “an accounting of what was done with the money ” will show whatever the pope wants shown. This guy is a master of deceit and has passed down the “words” he wants others to hear…..”we don’t give your money back as there is no law that requires it”. Think again you asses!

  85. Don’t be startled. Just continue putting in order and using the Tech correctly to improve ourselves and others.
    Just spread your anchor points out far and wide. Lets just postulate this fool DM out!

  86. winning

    Well done. We just need to keep the push on.

    Eric S

  87. Tom, they are a bunch of weenies!
    What your donations buy – a bunch of weenies doing weenie things having nothing whatsoever to do with clearing or even bettering a damned thing in this world.

  88. Strong resemblance and comm level is why! But the dog’s way cuter…

  89. I just did a big “mail out” on this…let’s see if we can get some more Louisiana folks signed.

  90. Michael,

    Of course, acts like human trafficking, negligent homicide, embezzlement, etc. are criminal as well as being disgusting and repugnant. And, I, like everyone else here, hopes the Church of Scientology and its thugs are held to account. But those serious crimes aren’t part of the sordid Robert Almblad issue.

    My comments were focused only on the issue of how Mr. Almblad might see a path to justice for the wrongs against him. The criminal behavior such as car chases, pretexting to get into phone records, etc. that happened to him are illegal and are indeed criminal acts, but getting convictions for the individuals directly responsible for those crimes are difficult, even if Mr. Almblad and other victims have high-quality evidence such as video of the crimes as they’re being committed.

    That’s because prosecutors have to weigh the resources involved to win convictions against the other demands on their offices. What’s going to benefit the entire community most? Jailing a Scientology-hired private investigator for 90 days or getting a child molester locked up for years? The two cases might take the same amount of time for a district attorney to prosecute. And even if those directly responsible for the crimes against these victims are convicted, those ordering these despicable actions are well protected through multiple layers of cutouts. Convicting them of criminal behavior, which ought to be the real goal, would be difficult.

    The other key issue in criminal versus civil suits is the “standard of proof.” In a criminal case, you have to prove your case “beyond a reasonable doubt.” In other words, you must show that almost all of the evidence shows guilt — it’s like 99% guilty, 1% innocent. The Founding Fathers of this country believed (correctly, in my view) that it is a far greater sin to jail a single innocent man in error than to let ten guilty men go free, so they set the standard for criminal convictions extremely high.

    But in a civil case, where the defendant doesn’t go to jail for his offenses, you only need a “preponderance of the evidence” to show that the defendant did the things in question. In other words, only 51% of the evidence must show guilt. The jury in the O. J. Simpson criminal trial did not believe that the evidence showed his guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt” so the court had to let him go. But the jury in a civil trial soon afterwards believed that a “preponderance of the evidence” showed he was responsible for the murders in question and quickly awarded the families of Simpson’s victims $35 million in damages. The trial only took weeks to establish that, not a year as the criminal trial did.

    So in the case of the evils perpetrated against Mr. Almblad, Ms. Clickner and their friends and families, a civil suit seems like a much more fruitful avenue to pursue than going to the cops and trying to get Church of Scientology officials jailed for ordering the actions of the idiots in their goon squad.

    So all I was trying to say in my earlier post is that it’s misplaced hope if readers hoped that top Church of Scientology officials might be jailed as a result of this case. However, based on what this blog and others point out, there seem to be plenty of other opportunities for your favorite douchebags to have to worry about who’s going to “get the lower bunk” in jail, if you know what I am referring to. So don’t give up hope for seeing them in orange coveralls, just don’t get your hopes up too high that it will happen because of this.

    –John P.

  91. martyrathbun09

    Major problem with civil is that tort reform went way to far in protecting criminal corporations – in effect, immunizing particularly well heeled ones.

  92. TroubleShooter

    This story of this suppression that has reached deep in to the lives of people who have never even done a service is so disgusting and upsetting that I haven’t calmed down yet since I read it. Now what am I supposed to think of a few friends who have yet to sign the petition…you know who you are. It’s not unsafe to do it but it IS unsafe NOT to do it. It’s an opportunity to hammer out the existence of incorrect technology without ANY risks so DO IT, just do it now.

  93. Pingback: Miscavige Hunkers in Bunker with G.O. | Moving On Up a Little Higher

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