Whatever It Takes


As we approach a tipping point of sorts inspired in part by recent societal events,  Tony Ortega at the Village Voice provides us with graphic reminders of  the wisdom of what we are doing.


The 2 1/2 % who have seized control of the church of Scientology have sold out to the 1 % who are destroying the world’s economy by turning Wall Street into their personal casino.

Meanwhile, corporate Scientology continues to make its bid as the perfect medieval candidate for the religion of the 1%:


Don’t let him tie her to the stake:


Whatever it takes:


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  1. Gern Gaschoen

    What a despicable scumbag! No mercy for the usurpers!

  2. Jethro Bodine

    Only 600 signatures left to go. We’re almost there. Livin’ on a prayer!

  3. Update on petitions signed as of Thursday AM, October 20th,
    as of signature #4,324

    The top ten states:
    1. 643 California
    2. 249 Florida
    3. 207 Texas
    4. 193 New York
    5. 133 Washington
    6. 104 Illinois
    7. 87 Ohio
    8. 84 Oregon
    9. 74 Pennsylvania
    10. 73 Arizona, Massachusetts

    Next in line:
    11. 67 New Jersey
    12. 66 Georgia
    13. 58 Virginia
    14. 57 Minnesota
    15. 54 Michigan
    16. 53 Missouri
    17. 51 Tennessee
    18. 49 North Carolina
    19. 46 Colorado, Maryland
    20. 43 Nevada

    Next in line:
    21. 41 Indiana
    22. 39 Louisiana
    23. 35 Kansas
    24. 33 Connecticut, Utah
    25. 31 Kentucky,
    26. 28 New Mexico
    27. 27 Iowa
    28. 25 Wisconsin
    29. 24 Alabama
    30. 22 Alaska, Hawaii

    signing with no location indicated.

    1,158 no location indicated (still takes the overall lead in numbers)

    for those not in the U.S.

    92 from outside the U.S. or didn’t recognize city, no state indicated

    (I’m off a few, but close enough for practical purposes)
    Sunday PM petition posted September 25th
    Monday, did not get a count
    very early Tues had 1,004 signatures (Sunday and Monday)
    very early Wed had 357 additional signatures
    very early Thurs had 245 additional signatures
    very early Friday had 130 additional signatures
    very early Saturday had 97 additional signatures
    very early Sunday had 85 additional signatures
    very early Wednesday had 248 additional signatures (for 3 days, Sun, Mon, Tues)
    mid morning Thursday had 68 additional signatures
    very early Friday had 67 additional signatures
    very early Saturday had 100 additional signatures
    very early Sunday had 95 additional signatures
    very early Monday had 85 additional signatures
    very early Tuesday had 71 additional signatures
    very early Wednesday had 72 additional signatures
    very early Thursday had 66 additional signatures
    very early Friday had 70 additional signatures
    very early Saturday had 75 additional signatures
    Saturday afternoon had 55 additional signatures (130 by mid Saturday)
    Very early Sunday had 52 additional signatures
    Very early Monday had 103 additional signatures
    Very early Tuesday had 230 additional signatures
    Very early Wednesday had 309 additional signatures
    Mid morning Wednesday had 91 additional signatures
    Late afternoon Wednesday had 245 additional signatures
    Very early Thursday had 304 additional signatures

  4. Martin Padfield

    Watching Grant’s little pitch at first I thought he was experimenting with irony – I actually had a good chuckle; this was as good as Ricky Gervais:

    But no, apparently this guy is as serious as he himself is SERIOUSLY IMPORTANT.

    Guys like this and the CofS deserve each other. He probably hasn’t got the intelligence or character to understand what Occupy Wall Street is really all about. He is as deluded as the Ideal Org regges who try and sell MEST as the answer to a cleared planet. I wonder how long he would manage a schedule such as my children’s nurse wife: go to work (1 hour drive) around 7pm for 8pm start. Work through the night making life-or-death decisions for babies and infants all the while; attend to many sick children including, factually, several accident-prone children of Kool Aid drinking local Scns. (I could name names but I won’t). Return home 7am in time to take daughter to school. Sleep a few hours before either picking up daughter or doing housework etc. Repeat 4 – 5 times a week while 6 months pregnant, while husband does full-time job also. Her take home pay? Around £1500 after tax. Do we complain? No. Moan? No. Do we support the Occupy movement and Petition? Hell yes! Get off your self-important high horse Grant and smell the coffee.

  5. My bright idea. Posted on Craigslist Los Angeles, Washing DC and San Francisco under politics. On craiglist, each post must be a little different, or it will not let you post and will tell you, “this is already posted” thus, slight alterations will get the post through. Hope it helps.


  6. Martin Padfield

    Grant getting ready to give one his Yee Ha motivational speeches:

  7. Alex castillo

    MEST seeks to conquer more MEST. THETA CONQUERS MEST. THETA CONQUERS MEST. We are THETA. We are conquering David Miscavige’s MEST CULT and we will continue to do do, whatever it takes!

  8. Once Miscavige sees the Cardone “inspirational videos” he’ll probably order the staff to watch them 3 times until they get the message – “GRAB UP AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE!!!!!!”

    I can just imagine Cardone going to his mothers wake and pulling the fire alarm to empty the funeral home so he has the opportunity to pluck the gold fillings out. I can see him walking away all proud and feeling contempt for the other stupid whiners who didn’t seize the moment.

    Radical Scientology has an ever growing sickness called GREED. 99% of those people who joined Scientology did so in an effort to improve themselves and others. They are eventually forced to disconnect from Scientology or get sucked dry of everything they have of value – their wealth, health, family and friends. Sad but true……

  9. Alex castillo

    correction: we will continue to do so.

  10. Marty,
    And the planet is reaching 7 billion in population shortly –
    the last billion arrived quickly. The next billion will take less time.

    Corporations with computers have basically been able to create slim money machines and Wall Street has it both ways. Hedge Funds can profit in either an up or a down market. Personally, I have followed Henry George, Progress and Poverty. He predicted all of this in 1879.
    Albert Einstein followed Henry George. Despite all of the criticism of George as a “socialist”, he really had only one message – land owners and capitalists have a inherent advantage over labour.
    Capitalism is eating itself and this was predicted by Joseph Schumpeter in the 1930’s as the final phase in its evolution.
    Schumpeter was right in that he said that by its very nature, which is seeking the lowest cost, that even the middle class would be eliminated. This is what is happening today.
    Great predictions by these scholars but it doesn’t solve the problems of today. I am working with a monk in Thailand on the subject of
    Buddhist Economics. It sounds ancient and it is. The main point that Eastern economists make against the West is that Western economics is basically quantitative. So in the West you sell 1,000,000 cases of intoxicants and that is multiplied by the ‘price’ to get a GDP figure. In Buddhist economics, the cost of the lost work from those who overindulged would be considered a ‘cost’. The West is in decline because of its purely quantitative basis to problems. In Sri-Lanka and other countries we are seeing a great ‘revival’ of Buddhist ways. In addition, China has developed a mixture of capitalism and socialism which is quite successful. Bhutan is the happiest place on the planet.
    The Buddha traced poverty in his day to selfish motives, greed and hoarding by the wealthy of the society. His remedy was to help the ones at the bottom who had been eliminated from the general prosperity.

    Much loving-kindness,

  11. Very clever Penny.

  12. People who are truly money motivated, and believe that narcissistic greed is the only valid beingness, are quite repulsive. Groups of beings who gather with this type of beingness have, throughout history, come to an ugly end.

    Living life with the viewpoint of exchange in abundance, in the company of others who share that philosophy, brings a joy that the greedy will never experience.

    This has nothing to do with propitiation or allowing others to rip one off. It’s just the viewpoint of giving a little more of oneself than was expected and being happy to do so.

    Criminals just don’t get it.

    We sent out hundreds of emails on the petition. We’ve gotten many many responses and signups. What’s in it for us?


    That’s good enough for me.

  13. Penny,
    Already contacted connections long ago so this is a Bright Idea. Thank you.
    Just did this in San Antonio.


  14. This is an excellent post. For me, this totally sums up this “Church” and Grant Cardone has got to be it’s ultimate “Parishioner”. It’s nauseating, but a reminder for sure. Tipping point is being reached.

  15. I’m the happy #4.404 from Europe 🙂

  16. Grant Cardone is ignorant, arrogant and illiterate.

    This little video of his will never go away now. It’s in his real world ethics file as well as publicly posted for all to see.

    I watched him in a recent episode of Selling LA (a real estate show for the 1% basically), and he is so freakin’ full of himself it’s incredible.

  17. Marty,
    I love this guy’s music! I thought I’d share my music mantra. It communicates to several people I know in the Cof M.

  18. What an arrogant con man !!! He fits in very well with the Miscavige crowd. So far 16 signed the WH petition and am sure I can get at least 5 more people to sign.

  19. Please keep in mind your quote to me from Gore Vidal some months back: “politics is the last refuge of a scoundrel” (may not be exact).

    When you state that 1% are “destroying the world’s economy by turning Wall Street into their personal casino”, you are making a somewhat political statement. Many including me would disagree with you strongly on this point. As Ron Paul correctly says, the real source of the problem is the Federal Reserve and its policies over at least the last 20 years.

    I am not a supporter of the Wall Street crowd nor am I a supporter of Ron Paul. However, the politicians in Washington have managed to shift the blame for the current economy from themselves (and the Fed) to Wall Street. Which is typical of politicians – point to a wrong target and hope that enough people will fall for it rather than throw the bums out of office.

    The “casino” that emerged on Wall Street was and is a symptom, not a cause.

    Make no mistake – the Occupy Wall Street movement is not “spontaneous” just as no leftist movement ever is. I have studied leftist ideology for almost 50 years now. Their protests and demonstrations are NEVER spontaneous. They are always organized. The organizers have as their ultimate goal the collapse of the free market system and its replacement with a socialist dictatorship.

    Of course, there are many among the protesters who are out there because they are sincerely frustrated by the condition of the economy – but these are, in Lenin’s words, “useful idiots”, tools to be used by the real organizers in achieving their covert aims. Just take a look at Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals”.

    You probably won’t agree with me on this, but if the left ever manages to achieve their goals in this country, no one – whether Radical Scientology or Independents – can have any confidence that they will be able to practice their religion freely, or do anything else freely for that matter. All power of choice will be concentrated in the hands of the few. “Dictatorship of the proletariat” is what radicals ultimately want because, after all, they know what is best for the rest of us and are determined to make us “eat our peas” whether we like it or not.

    Speaking for myself, I would prefer that politics in any form be kept out of this blog. It is a distraction from our real purpose, which is to keep Scientology from being utterly destroyed by DM and his minions.

  20. From the article on Village Voice:
    “Isn’t there some poor schlub stuck on the Bridge that he can harass?”

    Well of course there is! Probably all of them are in that glorious position, including Grant Cordone, he just doesn’t realize it.
    Just as DM maligns any of the good that Scientology represents, Cordone maligns the mindset of the true and honest businessperson or entrepreneur. He is the antipathy of what it takes to make a win/win situation out of this dog’s breakfast that free enterprise and individual liberty has become.
    Purposely made or just by associated abberations, it’s obvious to me he is DM’s tool to wreck havoc upon the free enterprise system…I mean who would want to be like that?
    I believe I’ll pass on any coaching from the likes of him.

  21. Yes, bright as a newly minted copper PENNY.

  22. That was a bright idea!

  23. It just couldn’t be any clearer: it’s about the money. Quality of life be damned, get the money. Corporate Scientology in a nutshell.

    Apparently Cardone is blind to economic situations outside of his own. He appears to believes unemployment in double digits nationally is a self inflicted condition created by those protesting and not one created by our elected representatives and their collusion with special interests and bankers.

    Hey Grant; SRA-he who has the most toys at the end is not the winner.

    LRH- “A being is only as valuable as he can help others” Continuing to profit on the misery of others is NOT HELP.

  24. Tony DePhillips

    Now I am getting messges from the cult about Human Rights Forums. Now that we are putting their feet to the fire they want to get all warm and snuggly.
    People should go to their Forum and talk about the cults abuses. I would do it, but they wouldn’t let me in because they disconnected from me. LOL…

  25. Great idea!

  26. Tony DePhillips

    What a prick this guy is. I don’t think he gets it. Duh…

  27. Tom Gallagher

    Siblings and spouses will be signing the petition today.

    By the way Grant Cardone, meet Charlie Mcgrath, an Iraq army veteran and his take on the criminality that you so warmly embrace:

  28. as of 4,448 signatures
    from 6:20 AM this morning (#4,349) to 10:40 AM this morning (#4,448)
    averaging one signature every 2 2/3 minute

  29. Also – get relatives to do it. They will be glad to.

  30. martyrathbun09

    You are right – I disagree with your polemic. It has nothing to do with Left or Right. It has to do with getting people out of the slavish identification of Left and Right. Read the man you quote. Read his books. According to him we do not live in a two party system, it is a one party system with two branches to keep people like you confused. And read one of the architects of your cherished modern RIGHTISM, Kevin Phillips. The book is called Bad Money. Then I’ll have a discussion with you about the causes of the economic depression we as a people are facing.

  31. martyrathbun09

    Tony, Call me. This is no joke.

  32. martyrathbun09

    Maybe you can talk some sense into Publius while you are at it CP.

  33. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. No small reason the West continues to attempt to occupy the Middle East is because of the Islamic banking system, which prohibits the charging of interest on loans.

  34. it is interesting to see RCS’s implant wins. All who have gone through the implant come out the other end in far worse shape, some have lost their lives, some have hurt others. Then there is Grant Cardone-he lost “his” thetan and there wasn’t much to lose in the first place.

  35. Grant Cardone in the video seems to be out there, totally disconnected from the real world. Had to watch another of his YT’s. It seems he is totally blind to the actions by POB which he mentions in this one, talking about the 1%ers!

    I guess as Tommy isn’t around, this guy is now the PR for DM and his cult? He’s doing a good job for us!

  36. Tony DePhillips


  37. Please, Mike or Marty, pray tell what kind of meltdown dear leader must be having over this right now? For the first time since protests have started, I actually feel a bit bad for the little guy. After all, the public outcry and action is so at odds with his perceived reality of an adoring public.

  38. “The 2 1/2 % who have seized control of the church of Scientology have sold out to the 1 % who are destroying the world’s economy by turning Wall Street into their personal casino.”

    That is probably the most succinct modern summary every written down explaining the woes of the recent decades of the world economy. It seems to be true that the US economy is such that if the US sneezes the world catches a cold. Such responsibility or the lack of it is bringing forth a era of untold hardship and induced economic slavery.

    It gives one cold shivers to realise that a Church with all its postering about helping mankind has done a ‘Benedict Arnold’ on its very reason for existence. That petition not only needs to succeed but be honored in the highest capabilty reflecting the whole reason and purpose why the US Constitution was brought into existence in the first place.

    Let’s give the truth a break huh… Freedom and Liberty are based on it.

  39. Tom, things are getting real interesting. The US Government is working overtime to make more money to feed the monster, aptly named “Bank” of America:
    Saudi Arabia (Done and in the bag)
    Kuwait (Done)
    Iraq (Done)
    Libia (not quite done, but in the bag. CIA is moving resources into position)
    Iran (CIA is almost done turning the world against them and then after they “attack us” with a big device of some sort, we will invade Iran. TM = 6 months.
    Syria (CIA is just starting to build the case against them. TM = 1 year).

    But I think it is “Too little too late”. The last bailout paid off the banks but houses aren’t currently being sold in enough volume to keep them afloat. B of A is working their angle of $5.00 per month for debit card in hopes that will bolster them, but that will generate $250 million per year, but not enough for their voracious appetite. So the banks will go into a tail spin again but if the US Government tries to bail them out again with all of the protesters right at Wall Streets front door, the shit will hit the fan in a major sort of way.

    Times are getting real thrilling.

    ML Tom

  40. Dear Grant, I am so glad you are not being stopped. That may be because you are a clear? Sorry about all of the non clears annoying you. Perhaps if DM had not wiped out the mission network in New York in 1982, most of the people on Wall Street would not have anything stopping them either?

  41. Grant Cardboarde is The Human Centipede… without the two hot girls. Proof that eating your own crap can lower your IQ.

  42. Awesome video by Charlie Mcgrath. I recommend watching “The Secret of Oz” by Bill Still, winner of best documentary 2009 and 2010. Google it or go to http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swkq2E8mswI

  43. Exactly. In Islamic banking, if they give you a loan for your business they in effect become a part owner of the business and they profit if your business succeeds. By contrast, B of A, et al could care less if you make it since they will take your factory and equipment if you fail. Much like DM and his Ideal Orgs. If the org goes under, DM still owns the building that was bought with parishioners’ donations and cost him nothing.

  44. Marty, I have read every single Gore Vidal book, including “Myra Breckenridge”. Read “Burr” twice, “Lincoln” 3x. I doubt many others could make that claim. Even lugged my entire set of Vidal hardbacks to an event several years ago so he could autograph them (which he did). I think he’s a nut as far as his current opinions but without a doubt one of the most interesting people alive. One of those rare birds who is captivating even when spouting nonsense.

    As far as Kevin Phillips, he is no conservative but I’ll table my rant on him for now.

    In any case, I look forward to having that discussion with you one of these days. Maybe after driving down there, helping you hose down a few SBs (if any remain), hopefully getting a session, then enjoying a few Shiners out by the water.

  45. Jesus H. Christ, P! The Federal Reserve itself is just a symptom and not the source. That does not mean that refusing to renew its charter in 2013 would not be an excellent idea. If Congress had the balls to take that action, the Fed would cease to exist overnight. Let’s face it, the game of money itself has been turned into a scam. A bank loans me $100 and loans you $100. We both need to pay back the $100 plus $10 interest. That pits you against me to see who is going to come up with his interest payment. And the bankers don’t care who wins. Take two hours and watch “The Secret of Oz” on YouTube. It has nothing to do with politics. Money has become just another control mechanism. Ellen Brown’s excellent book The Web of Debt contains many viable alternatives. See you when we come back to L.A.

  46. Mat-unfortunately, you speak sooth-The whiners, according to him, just need to write up their Os and Ws and then buy all his CDs on how to screw people over too.

  47. Not really enough room or time to answer fully, but no one needs to convince me that free enterprise and individual liberty have indeed become a “dog’s breakfast”. I could not agree more. The question upon which there is much disagreement is, who or what is most responsible for that?

    One thing that we can probably agree on is how important it is for us as a country to identify the real Why(s) that brought about our current condition. We desperately need a thorough data eval and handling(s) based on the Correct Why(s) if we are ever going to get out of this economic mess.

  48. Grant Cardone says “Inspire me to produce, create, to never compete but to dominate.”

    “To Dominate” (circle in red). What tech is that? Oh, I get it! Freedom through Domination! Is that what we were supposed to be doing?

  49. There are a number like him in the C of POB. I won’t name names, but if you have ever run into any of them, you know who I mean. Being full of themselves is the common denominator.

  50. I have tried a number of time sto sign the petition but the Sign button is disabled, not working at all.
    Could the hackers do that?
    I do want to add my name.

  51. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. I really highly recommend starting with Kevin Phillips:
    a. American Theocracy.
    b. Bad Money.

  52. Michael Fairman

    ‘ll try. Only a right winger would call the “Occupy” movement part of the Left’s “organized” goal to create a Socialist dictatorship. To call the protesters “useful tools” is arrogant horseshit. You’ve been reading too many books written by extreme Leftists whose ideologies never really got anywhere in this country. Except maybe in the 20’s and 30’s when unfettered capitalism exploited everyone except the privileged few — Ford, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Morgan and the others who put the working classes into slave conditions. What stopped them? The Left and unionism which had to be organized to confront the corporate brutality.

    God god, there’s so much to address in Publius’ remarks. The change that has affected the vast majority of people in this country has always come from progressive movements — women’s suffrage, civil rights, voting rights, social safety nets. What have the reactionary forces given to this country? Corporate fascism, and in the last 10 years, a massive shift of wealth to the few — most of it not by product production, but by money management – Wall Street’ which has basically “enslaved” millions.

    And you believe the politicians call the shots, pointing their fingers at the money manipulators, who you say are wrong targets? Bullpucky! They’re bought and sold by the corporate elite who are making policy via the lobbyist whores — both Left and Right. Marty’s right there. The two party system is BS. It once has some validity when each viewpoint could be discussed and tempered by the other, and there was some modicum of interest in the general welfare of the people.

    You say he ultimate goal of those “organizing” the Occupy movement is a “Dictatorship of the Proletariat”? under which the freedom of religion would be in jeopardy? Are you still stuck in the Fifties? Look at the Religious Right and what the Tea Party wants! They are intruding into every part of our lives. They would like the country’s laws founded in the beliefs of the Christian Bible. Where would Scientology or any other religion be then?

    The Right’s mantra of less government is a giant hypocrisy. They advocate and are achieving a “Dictatorship of the One Percenters”. And this is true world wide. That’s why the uprisings and revolutions. That’s why the Occupy Wall Street has led to a global movement. That’s not only a political statement, it’s a social and economic statement.

  53. martyrathbun09

    Great plan – you’re on.

  54. martyrathbun09

    And thank God they don’t have the Soviet Union to blame it on. They are, as the late great Earle Cooley used to say, caught bare assed in the woods.

  55. Not sure if you registered and validated the registration from the email the White House site sent you first. The button should work after you register….

  56. Yes, and the Middle East oil money is now also being spent on large domestic projects. Finished reading a book by a Canadian author who predicted the oil surge before the big crash. He claims that depletion is underestimated and that the pressure of Arab domestic projects and Western demand for oil will eventually result in $10/gallon at the pump.
    Also, it is such a pity that David Miscavige followed the capitalistic model with Scientology. That image is something to avoid.

    May all beings be well and happy,

  57. Update on petitions signed as of Thursday mid-day, October 20th,
    as of signature #4,505

    The top ten states:
    1. 670 California
    2. 264 Florida
    3. 219 Texas
    4. 202 New York
    5. 136 Washington
    6. 109 Illinois
    7. 89 Ohio
    8. 88 Oregon
    9. 79 Massachusetts
    10. 77 Arizona,

    Next in line:
    11. 74 Pennsylvania
    12. 72 New Jersey
    13. 68 Georgia
    14. 63 Virginia
    15. 58 Michigan, Minnesota
    16. 54 Missouri, North Carolina
    17. 53 Tennessee
    18. 48 Colorado
    19. 47 Maryland
    20. 46 Nevada

    Next in line:
    21. 41 Indiana, Louisiana
    22. 35 Kansas
    23. 33 Connecticut, Kentucky, Utah
    24. 28 Iowa, New Mexico
    25. 27 Wisconsin
    26. 26 Alabama
    27. 23 Hawaii
    28. 22 Alaska
    29. 20 Montana
    30. 19 New Hampshire, Oklahoma

    signing with no location indicated.

    1,208 no location indicated (still takes the overall lead in numbers)

    for those not in the U.S.

    97 from outside the U.S. or didn’t recognize city, no state indicated

  58. Your humble servant

    Very, very impressive. As of 4:40 Eastern time, only 447 signatures to go!

  59. There is something about Grant Cardone’s space that makes me feel physically ill.

  60. DK you and I are a shining example of how great minds (and friends) do not necessarily think alike!

    OK, “great minds” may be a stretch, at least in my case. But I will have to watch the video because several attempts, I still have no clue regarding your opinions on money.

    Fractional reserve banking may or may not be wise; I’ll let the Nobel economics PHDs work that one out. However, I do not see how you and me each borrowing $100 and making our interest payments, regardless of how many dollars are behind the $200 loaned, pits you against me. It might enable me to put up a hot dog stand on a corner in (say) Berkeley, and you to put one on a corner in (say) Hemet. We may both win, we may both lose, but I don’t see how the loans have a damn thing to do with it. Maybe your business plan is better than mine. But how does it set us against each other?

    More fundamentally, there has to be some agreed-upon medium of exchange. Do you not agree with that? If I’m not mistaken, while LRH certainly did not love capitalism, he had even less affinity for socialism, he nevertheless never (to my knowledge) questioned the necessity of money as a medium of exchange.

    Still – I will watch the video you reference, and you will be the first to know if I change my mind!

  61. martyrathbun09

    Brian, I am telling you straight up – it is the same wavelength as Miscavige’s.

  62. Tom Gallagher

    Steve- I highly recommend Still’s video too. By the way, Dorthy’s ruby slippers were actually Silver in the original book. Silver being the common man’s currency.

  63. top of the vale

    433 to go as of 4:51 pm EST!!!!

  64. Sinar, agreed that the youtube video of Grant C is wayyyyyyy out there. very sleazy.

  65. It’s because both of them are NOT part of the “human realm” — instead they are what Tibetan Buddhist would call part of the HUNGRY GHOST realm.

    Consumate consumers who can NEVER be satiated. They are characterized as having ENORMOUSLY long necks that are too thin to allow food to pass and huge, empty stomachs.

    According to Tibetan Buddhism the 6 realms (gods, jealous gods, humans, animals, hungry ghosts and hell realm) are actual realms however other some prefer to say these are psychological states of mind.

    Psychologically hungry ghosts are associated with addictions, compulsions and obsessions. They are people who have everything but always want more.

    Being in the presence of those humans who are ACTUALLY HUNGRY GHOSTS is extremely unpleasant and could make someone feel physically ill.


  66. Tom Gallagher

    This also is a well done video that does a good job of summarizing the scene all in just about 31 minutes.

  67. Michael, I agree with some of what you say. Such as, the importance of the labor movement – up to a point. Also many other movements, especially the one for civil rights after 100 years of Jim Crow and the centuries of slavery before that.

    I also agree that in many ways we don’t really have a 2 party system anymore. Also that politicians are bought and sold by corporate elites and their lobbyists.

    However, I am of the opinion that one must always re-evaluate one’s viewpoints on all sorts of matters. One change in viewpoint I had some time back was that often, these “movements” go too far. They do not know when they’ve gotten their Product; they keep on pushing an additional agenda which ultimately veers off into lunacy.To cite but one of hundreds of examples I could give, do we really need government passing laws that tell us we can’t buy Happy Meals with toys? Or that we can’t buy incandescent light bulbs? WHERE DOES IT STOP with the desire to control even the most minute aspects of our lives? The word “totalitarianism” means just that – total control. It doesn’t matter whether you call it socialism, communism, fascism, or the People’s Republic of Korea. The agenda seems inexorably to advance in the direction of more & more control.

    One thing I know with certainty based on experience: most jobs are created by small businesses, not these cravenly cowardly butt kissing large corporations. So it seems to me a sane government would do everything it could to make people WANT to start businesses. Today’s regulatory climate makes many people think of starting a new venture as almost a last resort. Have you ever seen all the labor notices that small businesses are required to post? They go on and on and on. You cannot fire someone who is not performing without extensive paperwork, and even then you are at serious risk of lawsuit. This is not arguable. The list goes on & on.

    The welfare/regulatory state definitely had its day, but in most respects, it has gone way too far. This economy will never recover without a resurgence of entrepreneurialism and while the “right” is nowhere near perfect, at least they have some recognition of this basic fact. The left has none.

    An economy is CREATED and you cannot MAKE people create until and unless they desire to.

  68. In the last 5 minutes it’s gone up by 18!

  69. Add another 2 in the time it took for me to write my last post!

  70. That is funny!!

  71. Sinar-His smarminess is vomitous!

  72. 400 signatures needed as of 2:30pm west coast (US) time. We’re almost there!

  73. Central Florida has also been done with a slightly modified version of Steve’s (Thoughtful’s) letter and update figures.

  74. LDW- “Living life with the viewpoint of exchange in abundance, in the company of others who share that philosophy, brings a joy that the greedy will never experience.”

  75. George:

    There is a terrific relatively new book (2008) called: The Buddha’s Teaching on Prosperity at Home, at Work in the World by Bhikkhu Basnagoda Rahula.

    You once mentioned the wonderful book “What the Buddha Taught” by Walpola Rahula — as they share the same last name, perhaps they are related.

    In any case, this book on prosperity is wonderful.


  76. Just want to publicly thank Steve for the letter he posted the other day.
    We sent it out to our lists and got a tremendous response.

    I just checked and there are 397 to go. (2:40pm Pacific time)

    There has to be a tremendous amount of work being done by a lot of folks out there and I truly hope we all keep up the heat until midnight on the 23rd so we get as far beyond 5,000 as possible.

  77. Well, after giving this much consideration, I signed. A bit difficult for some of us who marched around the FBI building in DC or handed out tons of Freedom Mags in the street, decrying the abuses of the FBI (and there were some). I was a bit loathe to get the government involved, or to make common cause with those who are not well-intended towards Man and who would love to see Dianetics controlled or buried forever, but the overriding consideration for me was whether the CoS could be reformed from the inside or not. I think the answer given the current suppressive dictatorship is no, though a silent exodus of most members might amount to the same thing eventually, with the organization crumbling from within. In any case, the suppressive behaviour that has harmed so many, and that has made dissemination of the tech nearly impossible, must change. Evidently some real ethics presence is needed to make this happen.

  78. OPEC factored the west consumption, it IS mainly China disproportionate appetite surprised them. They were not ready for the exponential economical growth in the country. China has transformed from bicycle nation to car nation. As you may know China recently lifted the registration of bike with the government as middle class are moving more towards cars.

  79. I’ve thought for YEARS that the two party system is simply a way to take a wide survey “of the people” to see what they will tolerate easily.

    One party is anti gun control for example … the other very pro gun control. The candidates line up — people vote and anti-gun control continues to win. So — we still can bear arms, kinda.

    And so the survey continues.

    Two party system at this point is meaningless as far as I can tell.

    Both are into divide and conquer. Pitting 99% against each other.

    The 1% still stands above both parties and calls the shots.

    Or so it seems from my very uninformed political brain.


  80. They belong together. Think they’re big men. Barf.

  81. Martin Padfield

    Page “undergoing maintenance” just now.

  82. martyrathbun09

    Typical Miscavige. Pin it on a people, a nation, a race. Seeds of McCarthyism being sown. And the kicker is FK thinks he’s making an inroad with me.

  83. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for doing so. I think you made the right decision.

  84. http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2011/10/grant_cardone_occupy_wall_street.php

    What a lovely little Bubble Grant lives in.

    I have no Objections with Grant Cardone’s Persistence & hard Work success Strategy, however the 1% who are only looking out for themselves is another Can of Worms altogether. The Taxpayer and the Administration is burdened with Debt to the Point of Bankruptcy, and Grant is going to “out-hustle” the Fraud of the Bankers, Federal Reserve and corrupt Politicians?

    This Boy is seriously confused.

    Absolutely Grant, one can positively hustle down an $ 8.00 an hour a Job as a Cook one has spent years in College training for, but that’s not gonna get the Family out of the Cardboard Box. And the World also doesn’t need an infinity of highly-paid mouthpieces to “mindf*ck-motivate” others when the Reality of the economic Conditions around us are in desperate need of fixing.

    Wrong Target, Grant.

    If the Neighbourhood was infested with Thieves, Grant would handle that by motivating the World to sell to, or produce something for them.

    Yes, Grant Cardone for President, right away.

  85. martyrathbun09

    Here is the forest I think you are missing for the trees. There is no “government.’ The government is an arm of the 1% and very much increasingly so since Wall Street bought the Democratic party and Clinton willingly sold it in the nineties (and where any semblance of two parties became a complete delusion). Here’s another one. The very 1%ers that have you all stirred up about the welfare state created the welfare state in the first place. They did so to keep the masses at bay, dignity-stripped and enervated.

  86. martyrathbun09

    A tremendous BBC documentary series documents how Americans and Western Europeans were turned into HUNGRY GHOSTS. It is called The Century of Self, and can be viewed free at freedocumentaries.org.

  87. Robert Almblad

    Hi Marty,

    For a different perspective on modern economic theory consider this:

    I believe that private wealth and power has grown immensely over the past 500 years, as opposed to Church and State wealth over the past 2,000 years. There is a long tradition of Kings, Czars, Popes and Cardinals owning pretty much everything while taxing the, usually poor, multitudes. State and Church passed their wealth from generation to generation by first born or by voting or by revolution or blowing smoke out the Vatican chimney. And, as that wealth was passed, so were instructions on how to deal with the poor and downtrodden.

    With private wealth it was pretty to rare to accumulate much in one lifetime, so it just accumulated bit by bit with family traditions being passed from generation to generation. This slowly began to change..starting with the Magna Carta 500 years and then fired into life with the Industrial Revolution..

    In the roaring 20’s Wallstreet flourished and everyone speculated and then it got regulated and then it got joined at the hip with government and banking into the institutions we know today.

    The big story is that in the last 75 years the wealth of the private industrial world has made a radical change from mostly hard assets, like buildings, factories, etc.. to mostly Intellectual Property (IP) like Trade Marks, Patents, Software, Copywrite, etc… 25% to 75% is now 75% to 25%

    What this means is that IP is propelling private wealth IN ONE LIFETIME beyond the wealth of many of the nations and religions of the world.

    Microsoft Inc is good example. So is Google, Paypal, Yahoo, Tom Cruise, Oprha, video games, and millions of others. Consider this, China has the second number of billionaires, second only to the US. These are one or two lifetime billionaires created in a country of oxcarts and millions of starving people not long before you and I were born.

    I think the bigger picture here is not about how governments and their insestual banking/Wallstreet relationships will evolve over the next 50 years to help anyone beyond themselves (greed), but it is how will this great tsunami of private wealth make the transition from one generation to the next and can these great storehouses of wealth ever help the poor in the Buddhist tradition that George White mentioned??

    Bill Gates is trying to donate his money in his own lifetime and so are other private storehouses of wealth. Oftentimes it is guided by the founder or by the guidelines he left behind in a trust.

    There are millions of private kingdoms here on planet earth that need to go through the transition from generation to generation and hopefully with ever increasing charitable works. And, it is these ever-growing kingdoms that are more likely to provide help in the true Buddhist tradition of help than any “reformed” government institution.

    The world, it is a changing….. Church and State handle a lot of money for sure, but they are getting less and less relevant.

  88. Yes Laura Ann it’s standard service facimile . Apparently Grant never got thru Grade IV.

  89. Martin, the sad thing is that he is from right here in New Jersey. I hope he doesn’t have his eyes on my as a prospect for any reason. I have never believed ever, the Church of Scientology was a legitimate group. I only stuck it out as long as I did so I could gather the tech I came for and because I actually admired certain people who are here right on this blog, Karen De La Carriere, Marty Rathbun, Mike Rinder the whole time I was in the church. I thought I could look up to these people and I was sad that I was “on the outs” so to speak with the org and orgs I went to. I was so shocked, especially to discover Karen De La Carriere was here. I said to my self “Oh, my god, that is that Class XII lady!” 🙂 I am glad to be here and offer my opinion and two cents to the group! 🙂

  90. Thanks, Marty.

  91. martyrathbun09

    Interesting thoughts. I think there are two flaws:
    1) false datum. “In the roaring 20′s Wallstreet flourished and everyone speculated and then it got regulated and then it got joined at the hip with government and banking into the institutions we know today.” In fact, perhaps the only populist directed government (FDR) since Andrew Jackson forced the 1% into line by legislation (the Glass-Steagal Act of 1932) prevented the kind of hocus-pocus-use-the-nation-as-a-casino table finance that create the Great Depression from recurring. That of course was reversed by Clinton and his Republican chums – all very well paid by Wall Street to do so – in the late nineties, resulting in the Roaring 00’s culminating in the 07/08 crash that has been covered up, and the fall out from which delayed, by the TARP bailouts. Your “joined at the hip” why is wrong why – the “joining at the hip” recovered the economy and created the greatest era of prosperity in the history of the planet. It as the late nineties “disjointing of the hips” that is the why for the sorry ass condition we are in.
    2) false datum. “And, it is these ever-growing kingdoms that are more likely to provide help in the true Buddhist tradition of help than any “reformed” government institution.” History has shown it has never been that way and never will be. Punks like Gates, the clowns who started Google, and every other billionaire who has spent millions painting a picture of how “socially conscious” they are – who made their wealth through the manipulating of law and the lobbying for more IP power – aren’t about to solve squat. Never have, never will.
    A government by the people and for the people will. Sorta like Thomas Jefferson and his buds postulated a couple hundred years ago. IMHO.

  92. martyrathbun09

    Very good post, thanks.

  93. Hey Publis. The actual quote is “Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel.” Samuel Johnson said it in 1775. And let me just say that Right Wing Facist BS Propoganda is the last refuge of the ignorant.


  94. Penny
    Very good

  95. Grant Cardone is permanently living in Disneyland with buddy Tom Cruise. Utterly detached. Utterly clueless. Utterly arrogant. He can be filed amongst the vacant-minded celebs we recently saw in that clip from “Knowledge Report”.

    In more important news, this petition is gonna be down into the 200’s in a matter of minutes!

    I hope the White House is swift and thorough in addressing this thing, Goddammmmmit!!!

  96. Thomas, a great post!

  97. Just 359 to go at 4:52 mtn time , I still have 5 “I’ll log on and sign it”‘s pending . Looks like we will make it easy if we keep going like we are.
    I did notice that the Savescientology site has a game going which we can pick up and run with . This game’s been fun but will be reaching it’s EP pretty soon. We (those such as myself) who have yet to play the Savescientology game can go over there and play that too. Can we make that a new game Marty?

  98. This may be slightly off topic, as it’s not Scientology related but I want to let any followers of this blog know that protesting against Wall Street does nothing. It’s not about businessmen, it’s about the US government financing the businessmen.

    Protest our corporatist US federal government, not the people benefiting from it. You don’t protest doctors for making money off of psychiatric drugs, you protest the psychiatric drug manufacturers.

  99. I’m not sure if anyone mentioned that per the terms of the petition, a signer needs to be 13 yrs old or older. This may open up the petition to more people. 🙂

  100. Laura Ann, good one! right on!

  101. Martin Padfield

    Now fixed and showing just over 300 signatures needed to a done!!!

  102. Tony DePhillips

    I wanted to give a shout out to Theo in Greece for all the good work he put into this petition. He has a lot of persistence! Thanks Theo!!

  103. Martin Padfield

    Couldn’t find it on freedocumentaries.org but is available to view, all 3hours 54 minutes free here: http://topdocumentaryfilms.com/the-century-of-the-self/

  104. Boy, I’m glad I got out of here and went in “Pursuit of Happiness” (to work) after posting this morning.
    Reading above and below, it looks like poor ole Publius got tied to the whippin post by one then given a homework assignment by another. Personally I’m more politically inclined in his direction than the other but I think both have their shortfalls and a history of such.
    In other words, both have a stench to them when you get too close.
    We all started out in this game to rise to higher states. And it is incumbent upon those who are now better off to provide an environment wherein others may do so if they are so inclined.
    There’s nothing political about that. It transcends politics and always will.

  105. Just lined up ten more who will sign.

  106. We are now down to the legendary 300!

  107. I’ve maintained for a long time that you are one smart cookie, Marty …

    Most people don’t realize that the welfare state – the generations on welfare were CREATED to keep them at bay, dignity-stripped and enervated.

    “The very 1%ers that have you all stirred up about the welfare state created the welfare state in the first place. They did so to keep the masses at bay, dignity-stripped and enervated.”

    The 1% stands ABOVE the two parties and calls the shots.

    Has for a long time. Andrew Jackson worked to get the Fed Reserve out but he paid dearly for it. JFK I believe tried. We know how that ended.


  108. Tried searching for it. Could there be another name?

  109. Marty-

    Adam Curtis is a genius. I love that film. You MUST watch one of his other films, “The Trap.” Actually- this blog should watch every one of his films. I have seen them all. Century of Self is EPIC. The piece about Esalen and the interview with Erhard and Murphy were just mind blowing.


  110. Robert Almblad

    Marty, I don’t disagree with what you say. I studied the subject too.

    But, whatever the future brings, the ownership of the wealth on this planet is waning for the Church and State and waxing on private wealth… This is in terms of an absolute percentage. We can see it all around us. In 1400 it was 99% Church and State and 1% private wealth. Today those percentages have changed and most dramatically in the last 75 years because of IP. The Co$ is a good example of private wealth created from IP, (I do not include Co$ in the definition of “Church and State”. Co$ is private wealth)

    DM’s private wealth from LRH is a good example of this waxing of private wealth and waning of Church and State. With a billion bucks in your pocket, you’re an important dude in Washington, DC

    The creators and the inheritors of IP can move into the billion dollar class in one or two lifetimes. And, the transition from one generation to the next is a problem for all wealth, because that wealth can be used for good or for evil.

    That is what we face today: the problem of succession. Particularly of IP wealth and how it will be used over time.

  111. wh,
    Thanks, I shall read this book. My source is from the original suttas which I read a few years ago. Also, I know a monk in Houston named Rahula who briefed me on the the life of the Buddha and his teaching in regard to material prosperity. I think it might be the same monk. He visited us in Tampa 3-4 times and I know him. A great monk! I’ll check out the book.

    Much loving-kindness,

  112. Thanks for the link Steve. Just watched it. Now, what to do about it?
    I’m busy working my fingers off thanks to corporate downsizing…cutting down those capital expenditures, you know, with them having to keep those shareholders happy and all.

  113. martyrathbun09

    I don’t disagree with your facts. But, I for one, am not compromising or acknowledging the “power” of such wealth that, “with a billion bucks in you pocket, you’re an important due in Washington, D.C.” That is what we are combatting here. I believe that is what is being demonstrated about in the streets across the world. I think where you and I might part company is that it will ever all just go away and be business as usual. The only way the U.S. can garner enough wealth to stem the tide of disaffection is to engage in more wars of conquest (which in the information age it is not very likely to get away with; when rubber meets the road Obama’s only real mandate from the electorate was to cease and desist along that front), or put the nation to work which will naturally even out the wealth between the 1% and 99%. The only way the latter happens is by penalizing Wall Street, Bankers, and corporate pigs for inverting our laws to reward exploiting slave labor in third world countries. Note, I did not state “redistribution of wealth” for any Hannity and Limbaugh bots out there. Integrate or disintigrate is my motto (and in this case of economics I am talking straight to the 1%).

  114. martyrathbun09

    Thanks – its on my list Brian.

  115. martyrathbun09

    Sadly, after the third segment it becomes pretty clear that Miscavige has sold out Scientology to do what Bernais and Anna Freud did for psychology.

  116. FK,
    The name of the book I referred to is: “Your world is about to get a whole lot smaller” by Jeff Rubin. Excellent book.
    As Scientology is shrinking, you might be interested in reading it.
    Much loving-kindness,

  117. 1. Your posts ate spot on M. It is not easy to confront the amount of manipulation & control & how we have been programmed to believe the general political party line.Whether bankers, politicals or forked tongued CEO’s. You gave to listen very carefully to ferret out the truth.

  118. Thanks … found it. Century of Self (no The) 🙂

  119. Daily numbers:
    Saturday, September 24, 2011 15 15
    Sunday, September 25, 2011 350 335
    Monday, September 26, 2011 899 549
    Tuesday, September 27, 2011 1,321 422
    Wednesday, September 28, 2011 1,573 252
    Thursday, September 29, 2011 1,717 144
    Friday, September 30, 2011 1,819 102
    Saturday, October 01, 2011 1,900 81
    Sunday, October 02, 2011 1,983 83
    Monday, October 03, 2011 2,059 76
    Tuesday, October 04, 2011 2,152 93
    Wednesday, October 05, 2011 2,218 66
    Thursday, October 06, 2011 2,282 64
    Friday, October 07, 2011 2,370 88
    Saturday, October 08, 2011 2,476 106
    Sunday, October 09, 2011 2,569 93
    Monday, October 10, 2011 2,644 75
    Tuesday, October 11, 2011 2,710 66
    Wednesday, October 12, 2011 2,777 67
    Thursday, October 13, 2011 2,846 69
    Friday, October 14, 2011 2,923 77
    Saturday, October 15, 2011 3,017 94
    Sunday, October 16, 2011 3,126 109
    Monday, October 17, 2011 3,357 231
    Tuesday, October 18, 2011 3,588 231
    Wednesday, October 19, 2011 4,205 617
    Thursday, October 20, 2011 4,745 540 (as of 8:30pm ET)
    Friday, October 21, 2011
    Saturday, October 22, 2011
    Sunday, October 23, 2011
    Monday, October 24, 2011

  120. martyrathbun09

    And it has never been solved throughout history. In the age of information, where anyone is free to engage in an uncooked education, the old remedies (war, racism, class) to keep the inequities (and the injustices) in place are no longer an option. It will be 1984 or a rennaissance of sorts. My life is devoted to creating the latter.

  121. martyrathbun09

    This statement is so misleading, you have a heap of investigating to do: ” it’s about the US government financing the businessmen”. The US government is the enforcement arm of the Wall Street pigs. Wake Up.

  122. martyrathbun09


  123. wh,
    Walpola Rahula wrote in the 1970’s. As far as I know, they are not related but I will ask Bhante next time I talk to him.
    “What the Buddha Taught” is a classic.
    Much Metta(loving-kindness)

  124. Also an excellent video. These ought to be mandatory viewing for every person on Earth.

  125. Scott Campbell

    “The common denominator of a group is the reactive bank. Thetans without banks have different responses. They only have their banks in common. They agree then only on bank principles. Person to person the bank is identical. So constructive ideas are individual and seldom get broad agreement in a human group. An individual must rise above an avid craving for agreement from a humanoid group to get anything decent done. The bank-agreement has been what has made Earth a hell—and if you were looking for hell and found Earth, it would certainly serve. War, famine, agony and disease has been the lot of man. Right now the great governments of Earth have developed the means of frying every man, woman and child on the planet. That is Bank. That is the result of Collective-Thought Agreement. The decent, pleasant things on this planet come from individual actions and ideas that have somehow gotten by the Group Idea. For that matter, look how we ourselves are attacked by “public opinion” media. Yet there is no more ethical group on this planet than ourselves.

    Thus each one of us can rise above the domination of the bank and then, as a group of freed beings, achieve freedom and reason. It is only the aberrated group, the mob, that is destructive.

    When you don’t do Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten actively, you are working for the Bank dominated mob. For it will surely, surely (a) introduce incorrect technology and swear by it, (b) apply technology as incorrectly as possible, (c) open the door to any destructive idea, and (d) encourage incorrect application.

    It’s the bank that says the group is all and the individual nothing. It’s the bank that says we must fail.

    So just don’t play that game. Do Seven, Eight, Nine and Ten and you will knock out of your road all the future thorns.” –LRH

  126. Until the Fed Reserve is eliminated, as per US Constitution, the US Gov lacks the crucial tools to stop the madness. Just the facts.

  127. “The US government is the enforcement arm of the Wall Street pigs.”

    Exactly. So protest the US government. I think you’ve just unknowingly agreed with me.

  128. I think its far worse.

    You know- LRH talks about Wilhelm Reich not a whole lot. However- it becomes very clear that several of Reich’s ideas are paramount in Scn.

    His idea of Orgone, equivalent to Prana in the religions of the India is essentially Hubbard’s Theta-Mest theory.

    Also- Reich’s obsession with alien beings. His book “Contact with Space” is classic.

  129. Martin Padfield

    Seconded. Good man Theo. Hasn’t gone unnoticed for sure.

  130. Wow Tom, I didn’t even know that about JFK. Great video. Thanks.

  131. It’s funny to see the church still trying to manipulate search engines. When I google Scientology petition there is a varied response to the white house petition and others created by the church but when I search from yahoo it is hands down 2 pages of links about the petition from Village voice to You tube. God, I love the internet!

  132. martyrathbun09

    Are you serious?

  133. “punks like Bill Gates and every other billioniare” are you kidding me? What is his crime?

    I don’t need to here about the Microsoft trying to corner the market either, I know all that and that it was fiercly competive, cut throat dog fight.

    I also know that Gate’s has created 10s of thousands (maybe hundreds of thousands) of good paying jobs that have supported familys for decades!

    Greed is human condition that will span any political system-. There is corporate corruption AND IT SHOULD BE HANDLED. But this concept that every person who has aquired wealth has done so through “screwing the little guy” is total generality and bullshit.

    I worked for a National company for 8 years. It was started by one guy, them family run and ultimately built into a multi billion dollar a year company. He would tour all the major facilities once a year and talk one on one with the employees if they were interested (15,000 employees). He flew in a corporate jet, I drove a Jeep- I never resented that. I was paid a very fair wage for my skill-set and so was everyone else who worked there. It was a great company to work for and provided advancement to those who wanted it.

    This guy’s vision (David Cogden) and his industry has enable thousands of people to support their families for over 30 years. I had enormous respect for the man and always will.

    It is easy to snipe at business owners who provide jobs (and there are bad business owners) but to all those who PROVIDE NO JOBS OR GAINFULL EMPLOYMENT FOR ANY FAMILY’ – MYSELF INCLUDED – i’D SAY PUT UP OR SHUT UP.

    We all better hope that we never have to rely on the “academics” or “activists” to generate ideas or products that can provide income – OR WE WILL ALL STARVE.

    There is greed, and it is problem but there is another problem. There is an all out attack on people who strive to suceed in life. Successful people are becoming villified which is dangerous.

    45 % of the US population is on some form of government subsidy. The higher that number goes the more people are at the mercy and dependancy of the government – TOTAL EFFECT.

    Capitalism can be a harsh system; but for all it flaws; if someone works hard AND LEARNS A MARKETABLE SKILL SET they can do well. If they do not they will struggle.

    If you love being a cook (an example give above) – then cook! But do so knowing that you will have financial limitation and do not have a bunch of kids because you will not be able to support them. BE DO HAVE.

    I’m totally behind the purpose of this blog; but politically I could not disagree more. Normally I do not chime when I’m not in agreement with the thread; but politics really gets me going.

  134. Tom Gallagher


    As I study this planet and its history, albeit a prison facility, I will spend my time to insure that when I and us come back, we have something worthwhile to come back to.

    The ‘1%’ concept doesn’t quite sum up the scene for me. My issue is with the sociopaths, whether on Wall Street, in the halls of Congress or especially those whose bread and butter is perpetuating the fraud of Central Banking. All wearing those $5000 suits with their walls adorned with Ivy League Diplomas.

    (POB is just another wannabe fraudster and thug.)

    I wholeheartedly agree with the concept and actual implementation of a form of government that creates a level playing field for everybody and anybody. Where we, the people, can flourish and prosper and create many and varied ideal scenes.

    That was best represented by the founders: A government for, of and by the people. The bedrock principal behind that was interest-free sovereign
    debt, uttered by Congress (the House of Representative) for great PUBLIC works infrastructure programs. (For example, the Erie Canal and the transcontinental railroad.) The utterance of this credit was handle through Commercial Banks, NOT INVESTMENT BANKS like Goldman Sachs, etc.. This unique American system is diametrically opposed to the European oligarchical system, the one that creates debt serfs and slaves.

    Debts serve as an illusion of wealth.

    Unfortunately the American system, represented by interest-free sovereign debt, was usurped by the criminally conspired passage of the legislation creating the Federal Reserve, a private corporation, controlled by the aforementioned European oligarchs. Simultaneously they created the IRS as their strong-arm collection agency. These sociopaths are the same ones LRH referred to in RJ67.

    I could go on. But I hope that I gave a sufficient outline of my thoughts.

  135. btw, only 180 signatures left – awesome!

  136. It’s beginning to feel like the New Year’s Eve countdown! 🙂

  137. Tom Gallagher

    Steve- Thanks to the internet they are going viral. Hence the great awakening.

  138. Tom Gallagher

    Now if we could get Radical Corporate POB out of the way of LRH’s work then we’d be well on our way to peace on earth.

  139. Robert Almblad

    Number of signatures are flying so fast… we’ll be over the top tonight. The guys in Samoa have stopped their clocks and will submit their last 2:00 PM at

    2:00 pm Thursday (WST) – Time in Samoa

  140. martyrathbun09

    The only purpose of government in my view, as you state: “I wholeheartedly agree with the concept and actual implementation of a form of government that creates a level playing field for everybody and anybody.” PERIOD.

  141. 126!

  142. Marty,
    I may have accidentally had some Jack Daniels tonight in celebration of this petition.

    You fuckin’ rock!

  143. LOL … to your reply, Marty. Needed a little levity after all the earlier stuff! Rachel

  144. So true Marty. Wall Street finances the presidential elections as well.

    This is a great web site for a lot of current news and topics of current investigation:


  145. martyrathbun09

    See other comment: The welfare you are so indignant about was created by the 1%, which has an inordinately high percentage of the 2 1/2% (which could ride as high as 4% now), to keep them at bay so that they could plunder at will. If you think I was ever alluding to the David Cogden types then you have read all manner of dub in into my words. btw, Gates cornered the market and is playing each and every one of us day in and day out with the 1% perfected tool called “built in obsolescence.” This consumptionist society is built on it. And it is catching up to those who cashed in. And that is because it has already caught up on those who were cashed in upon. Incidentally, this is not even “capitalism” I am talking about. Read the founder of Capitalism, Adam Smith. He would be the first to tell you America has become some twisted corporatocracy.

  146. top of the vale

    103, looks like it’ll be done by midnite!

  147. martyrathbun09

    I knew some hawk eye would catch that.

  148. ten seconds later……92!

  149. top of the vale

    A few seconds later – 92!

  150. ten seconds later…..88!

  151. top of the vale

    Now 87!!

  152. top of the vale

    minute later 79 – EXCITING!!!!

  153. martyrathbun09

    Don, by the way, I am not talking about any radical change of government. I am saying apply the LAW. I am saying put the pigs who own Manhatten and the Hamptons, have evaded billions of dollars per year in taxes, and made that money by clear cut fraud (recognized under existing statutes) away and refund the money to the rightful owners. And this is where all of this comes full circle to Miscavige. The topic here is Miscavige buying his way out of taking responsibility for thousands of lives he has ruined; and that same type of inequity, at bottom, is what fueled Occupy Wall Street.

  154. 75 to go. Looks like it’ll be done in about an hour.

    To Graham Berry: Brilliant idea and your timing was perfect.

  155. That’s a long bet, Amigo.But a good one. It is the man who creates the future that wins.
    The bad apples do not make responsible decesions for the future. Therefore they don’t live in the future, how could they? Look what they do–they do just as much harm to themselves as they do to others. If not more. Oh, there’s an apparency of a future with them but they only create chaos in the present and thereby cause one to believe his future is doomed.
    So in summary, I’d put my money with you!

  156. Hey — Wasn’t it Theo that did the video of himself? I’ve just scanned through virtually hundreds of comments and cannot find it again. Great video! L, Rachel

  157. Who will be # 5000??? Coming up real fast!!!!!!!

  158. caseaorg@gmail.com

    Holy smokes! Go go go! Make it 7,000 signatures.

  159. Tom Gallagher


  160. top of the vale

    40 @ 10:02 pm RACING TO THE FINISH LINE!!!!

  161. top of the vale


  162. 13!!!

  163. Count down 10, 9, 8…

  164. We’re there!!!!!
    Done, sir!!!

  165. this is like watching the new years eve ball drop!!!!! yahoooooooooooooooooooooo
    5000 signatures!!!!!

  166. 10:11pm eastern time: DONE. Kept hitting refresh. It was better than watching any New Eve Ball drop!

  167. Who has the Ball on Times Square countdown? (Everyone was just playing cool, waiting for the chance to be #5,000 – haha.)

    Let’s keep going and get another 1,000 (or even 2,000 at this rate), just for the surplus, and if by chance we have to go again, keep all your contacts close, keep all the URLs and tips and instructions.

  168. Robert Almblad

    We made it… 5,000 at 10:12 PM EST

  169. Congratulations Arjun C ! #5000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very Well Done to all who helped!!!

  170. Tom Gallagher

    5001 @10:15 pm EST.

  171. Thomas,
    I had similar considerations, well founded too, but in the end it’s the idea of the SP and his SP Group failing to get in their own ethics has escalated to where the society at large is going to be brought to bear on “it” to do so.

    We’ll be allright as long as we continue to know and use our hard won KRC.

  172. one of those who see

    Done! Past 5000 as I was listening to “Livin’ on a prayer!” How OT is this!!! Well done to all!!!

  173. Yes! We made the 5000 signature exactly at 7:11pm California time on 10/21/2011!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Thanks to everyone who made it go right.

  174. Martin Gibson

    Well done!!!! Upstat!!! Hahaha

  175. 5,009

    Affluence transitioning into Power!

  176. We got it done! 5009!

  177. top of the vale

    AT 10:17 PM A TOTAL OF 5,012 AND COUNTING!

  178. top of the vale


  179. Petition has 5,012 signatures now.

  180. Andrew Robertson

    Oh dear. The Petition reached critical mass and has now soared past the 5,000 threshold and still going straight up and vertical. Can the White House computers cope with the traffic? Could this spell the end of the world? The world, that is of POB.


  181. Okay, I’ll calm down.

    But, let’s take a win!!!

  182. martyrathbun09

    I agree, but my wife has been coaching me on how to be a better winner so I’m trying to share the education. https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2011/10/21/thank-you-5005-times/

  183. Tom Gallagher


    As my dear step-father Mel would say, “Wuuuunderful”.

  184. Yes! It’s Jack Daniels’ fault!
    Great stuff Marty!

  185. Thank you!

  186. Yes, Jim, unfortunately things have gone so far, I think this is now the correct ethics gradient, perhaps a while overdue.

  187. Yeah, that pretty much explains the mystery as to what happened to JFK.

  188. Scott Campbell

    No, but I am sincere.

    I love you brother.

  189. one of the best news for dave the miget news of the year, great great news looking forward to this new news to come to us, vvwell done everyone includeing my kids too.
    darren may

  190. @Old School, the US government is the only thing with the crucial tools to eliminate the Federal Reserve.

  191. Don I am so glad you chimed in on this discussion. I agree with you 100%. I simply have never been able to understand how so many (but by no means all) of my fellow Scientologists buy into the welfare state ideology. In my case, I was a “liberal Democrat” until I read my first Scientology book – and had the cog that the libs had it all backwards – that Life is basically Cause, not Effect as my fellow liberals believed and as was taught and promoted as Truth in every “Liberal Arts” deoartment at the once-great University of California.

    Regardless of politics though, surpassing 5000 signatures is a HUGE win.

  192. Tom Gallagher

    You’ve distilled my thoughts.

  193. I am 100% in agreement with you on all points, Tom. “Level playing field for everybody” – that is what America should be all about. But that includes NO ONE in government or elsewhere deciding, for example, what YOUR salary should be, or what your “fair share” should be. If you contract with some company for a salary of $100 million per year, whether to run a company, hit baseballs, or perform at a rock concert, who the hell is Barack Obama or anyone else to decide that is “unfair”???

  194. top of the vale


  195. Watchful Navigator

    I second that, Sherb.
    What a disgrace “Freedom” magazine has become.
    TREASON assigned.

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