Wake Up Time for the White House

Just when we all thought it was time to take a collective breath of relief, what do you know?   At the very time we were shoulder to the wheel on the final stretch of the White House Petition to investigate the corruption between the highest levels of the US Department of Justice and David Miscavige’s Corporate Scientology,  the highest levels of the US Department of Justice were scheming with Miscavige to use the credibility of the United States government to wipe out any lingering truth in the public’s mind about Corporate Scientology’s rampant Human Rights violations.   Here is the incredible, blatant evidence in the form of an email flier being sent out en masse by the Seattle Corporate Scientology organization:

Know Your Human Rights!

You are invited to an evening discussion

on human rights featuring:

Kareem W. Shora, Senior Policy Advisor

Office for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties,

U.S. Department of Homeland Security;

Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles

speaking on the impact of human trafficking

Senator Maralyn Chase

on the importance of educating

our children on civil rights.



Scientology’s Human Rights Campaign!

This event is sponsored by the Church of Scientology on

Wednesday, October 26th at 300 W. Harrison St.

Reception starts at 6 pm. Program starts at 7 pm.

For more information, contact Ann at 206-284-0604.

© 2011 CSWS. SCIENTOLOGY is a trademark and service mark owned by Religious Technology Center and is used with its permission. Programmed in U.S.A.

You read it right, the Department of Justice is lending the name and presence of its “SENIOR POLICY ADVISOR” on Civil Rights, Civil Liberties, and Homeland Security to overtly pimp and pander for David Miscavige by promoting Corporate “Scientology’s Human Rights Campaign!” (note, while a technical argument can be made Homeland Security is different than the Department of Justice – see footnote below, Homeland Security ultimately answers to the head of the Department, the Attorney General)fn

If this does not immediately shock your sense of right and wrong, then I implore you to re-read the following post:


If you do not have the background on the tomes of evidence that have been provided to the Department of Justice that serve as the foundation for the original FBI Human Trafficking investigation, then please read the entire Truth Rundown series in the St Petersburg Times:


In a way Miscavige has just strenghtened, as is his wont these days, the next move I was working on. Knowing the White House is shackled by its own devotion to politics and the money that requires, I knew the White House petition was only the next step in the struggle.

This latest event provides the evidence required for phase II.

Certain Independents have already began paving the way to the Congressional Oversight committees that exist to police corruption within US government agencies.  Now, armed with evidence of how overt and unabashed the collusion between Corporate Scientology and the Department of Justice has become, it is time in my view to communicate loud and clear to the members of the appropriate Congressional committees to start preparing, because chances appear great that the White House is about to deliver a White Wash for the benefit of the biggest perpetrator of slavery on American soil since the Jim Crow era.

My suggested course of action is as follows:

a. Review the members of the House Oversight Committee and the Senate Oversight Committee.  Determine which ones that you are a constituent of.

House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform members:


Senate Committee On The Judiciary members:


b. Write to appropriate members of the House and Senate Committees asking them to take note of what appears to be every indication that the “church” of Scientology has not only bought the Department of Justice to back off a two-year, momemtum gaining investigation but to go the extra yard and promote the suspects as defenders of the very rights they were being investigated for destroying wholesale on American soil.

As far as evidence is concerned, I would print off and utilize the flier and the two links that I have provided above – in addition to whatever else you believe is relevant to the specific communication you would like to deliver.   In anticipation of corporate Scientology attempts to attack the credibility of my linked post above, you might want to note that this little blog that could, on its little unfunded lonesome is visited by far more readers than all multi-million dollar Corporate Scientology sites combined – by a very long shot.  The specifics as of today, according to Alexa (the Web Information Company) are as follows:

Moving On Up A Little Higher  traffic rank in the US:  23, 383

Scientology.org (with all front groups linking back   :  52,548

c.  Ask for a meeting so that the member may be briefed by witnesses who observed first-hand the buy out of the United States Department of Justice at the highest levels.  As of Nov 15 I am willing to travel to visit with any US Representative or Senator on the above committees, provided someone covers the travel cost.

d.  March on the Seattle church of Scientology to arrive at 6 p.m. on Wednesday October 26th.  If  I were not committed to a pc visiting from across the country, I would be there myself, demanding entrance to confront Mr Shora with the evidence of the atrocities he is helping to cover up and promote.  I may still find a way to get there. If an industrious Seattle Indie has some time to devote to organizing, you’ve got a bee line to me between now and then.

I believe it is time to increase the volume of the alarm to wake up the White House. Even assuming this is all going on unbeknownst to the White House, it demonstrates just how smug the US Department of Justice is and just how confident it is that President Obama will cover Eric Holder’s and Robert Swan Mueller’s rear ends. I believe it is time to act.   I believe it was situations like these that L Ron Hubbard was talking about when he uttered the following words in 1960:

We are not helpless There is something we can do about it. We can tell you the wrong thing to do always.  That’s nothing. Nothing is the greatest overt act you can commit.  If you don’t believe it, run into it sometime on your case.  The times you did nothing: those were the overt acts.  Well we needn’t be guilty of it in this particular lifetime, because you’ve got just as big a share in this as I have, as anybody has.  And with your knowingness goes a certain increased responsibility. That’s a terrible thing, isn’t it?  You say, “Well, I want to know more about this.”  The second you know more about it, you’re more responsible for it. Do you realize that? – 3 January 1960 Zones of Control and Responsibility of Governments

fn: The Attorney General has lead responsibility for criminal investigations of terrorist acts or terrorist threats by individuals or groups inside the United States, or directed at United States citizens or institutions abroad, where such acts are within the Federal criminal jurisdiction of the United States, as well as for related intelligence collection activities within the United States, subject to the National Security Act of 1947 and other applicable law, Executive Order 12333, and Attorney General-approved procedures pursuant to that Executive Order. Generally acting through the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Attorney General, in cooperation with other Federal departments and agencies engaged in activities to protect our national security, shall also coordinate the activities of the other members of the law enforcement community to detect, prevent, preempt, and disrupt terrorist attacks against the United States. Following a terrorist threat or an actual incident that falls within the criminal jurisdiction of the United States, the full capabilities of the United States shall be dedicated, consistent with United States law and with activities of other Federal departments and agencies to protect our national security, to assisting the Attorney General to identify the perpetrators and bring them to justice. The Attorney General and the Secretary shall establish appropriate relationships and mechanisms for cooperation and coordination between their two departments. – From Department of Homeland Security web site 

UPDATE Friday afternoon: Homeland Security Pulls Out:  http://gawker.com/5852250/department-of-homeland-security-staffer-pulls-out-of-scientology-event

Village Voice coverage: http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2011/10/scientology_pet_1.php



59 responses to “Wake Up Time for the White House

  1. Breathe a little easier: Mr. Shora is apparently a fairly minor level bureaucrat in Homeland Security. His main job is to advise on (note: not “manage,” just “advise on”) ensuring that Homeland Security respects civil rights of Muslims. On the organization chart, he is buried deep within a small organization buried deep within the overall Homeland Security bureaucracy. It’s likely he’s so caught up in all the issues surrounding the U. S. government’s relations with the Muslim community (see recent press coverage of the CIA helping the NYPD infiltrate mosques in the NYC area) that he has no clue about Scientology.

    A campaign by readers of this blog to communicate concerns to Margo Schlanger, the head of the Civil Rights section, may be fruitful. One issue to raise is whether it’s proper to spend Federal tax dollars to send a guy across the country to speak at what is almost certain to be a private fund-raiser (I’m sure the Church of Scientology will be busy crush regging anyone that they can for money to finish the Idle Org, or whatever). I doubt that the Church of Scientology will give any of the donations to any other human rights activities.

    Also note that the two Senators mentioned are Washington state senators, not US senators. So they have probably been duped into being there without a full understanding of the abuses of the Church of Scientology. State senators often have minimal staffs, and don’t check things out as effectively as U. S. senators’ staffs do before they commit. A friend active in Washington state politics has spent time in the capitol working directly with senators, and reports that legislators there are extremely laid back.

    As a result, it would probably be easier for someone who lives in Washington and who has any sort of political skills to reach out to them with a calm, factual presentation of the cloud hovering over the Church of Scientology and thus dissuade them from coming than it would be for someone to reach a U.S. senator who has already pledged to attend an event like this.

    So the effort required to get the speakers for this event to realize that they’re taking a risk by being affiliated with the Church of Scientology could be a lot lower than if these speakers were higher up in the government. Not sure there’s enough time, but it might be worth a try, if the energy required to get the speakers to re-think their attendance at the event is relatively low.

    Clearly, the focus should remain on the obstruction of the FBI investigation, but I just wanted to raise the possibility that some highly leveraged local action could prevent this rather ugly travesty of human rights from taking place.

    –John P.

  2. I forgot: Contact info for Homeland Security’s Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties is phone: (202) 401-1474, fax (if anybody still uses those!) 202-401-4708, and the generic e-mail is crcl@dhs.gov.

  3. Alex castillo

    Yesterday yet another Evil Dictator met his end at his home town, his end brought about by the very people he thought would protect him, the people he had previously betrayed.

    He started as an Autocrat:
    “An autocracy is a form of rule in which one person possesses unlimited power.[1]It is derived from the Greek αὐτοκρατία: αὐτός (“self”) and κρατείν (“rule”), and may be translated as “one who rules by himself”. It is distinct from oligarchy (“rule by the few”) and democracy (“rule by the people”). Like “despot”, “tyrant”, “strongman” and “dictator”, “autocrat” is a loaded word with a negative value judgment.[2]”
    After many years of rule, during which he not only betrayed his own people but got busy destroying those who opposed his rule, he is now finished.

    Although it may not be for some a good parallel, Mister David Miscavige, AKA CoB, PoB, did the same when he declared himself the new “Leader” of the Church of Scientology 29 years ago.. He achieved his position by lying to LRH (Founder of the Church of Scientology) and false reporting to his own ends and aims of taking control, actions which were successful, and then, after the death of the Founder, he blatantly obliterated all those who had been loyal to the Founder and his principles. Autocracy at work.

    At the same time, yesterday, a very large number of those who have been oppressed, suppressed and some who’s lives have been practically destroyed at the hands of the Autocrat David Miscavige by means of lying to his own people, and then obliterating the voices of those who opposed his methods,
    have submitted a petition to the White Hose asking President Obama to help re-open an investigation into the business of the Church of Scientology USA, who’s sole leader is David Miscavige, an Autocrat who micromanages all actions taken by his various dirty “management” branches, and who personally orders the attacks on dissaffected parishioners who have paid to the tune of millions of dollars for Church of Scientology “services” and have not gotten what they paid for and rightfully complained, and also dissaffected staff who have abandoned him because of his violent (punching, slapping etc.) methods of dealing with those who question his orders or methods.

    Many people in the US and around the world are happy having President Obama in power because we consider him a man of principle, honesty and integrity and we hope our voice will be heard, regardless of religious non interference laws. The Church of Scientology achieved a tax exempt status due to the VERY expensive legal battle between the Scientology lawyers paid by David Miscavige and the IRS, but there is nothing legal about their current tax exempt status. The so-called Church of Scientology is NOT a church in the correct meaning of the word. It is not a religion. The Founder himself referred to Scientology as a Philosophy. If one looks for a definition of “church”, there is nothing that defines the “church” of Scientology as a religion. In this “church” of scientology the large amounts of money parishioners pay for services they never get is being spent on real estate in the US and around the world and a lavish life for their leader (evidence all documented and ready for presentation). And there is also plenty of evidence that David miscavige has sole control of all of the income and assets of the Church of Scientology.

    Over 5,000 people have signed a petition to look into what the “church” of Scientology, managed by David Miscavige has been doing for the last 3 decades and getting away with, including robbing people blind, Human Traffic, kidnapping and phyisical abuse. The church of scientology will use every means in their VERY RICH power to buy influence with government officials to stop any investigation. They do this because they have something to hide. Government officials, being in favor of Human Rights, should pay attention to what this petition is all about.

    We all hope that our petition will be heard.

  4. Tom Gallagher

    Occupy 300 W. Harrison St.

  5. martyrathbun09

    For someone who has been told by shocked Homeland security agents in several US airports that the church’s continued tracking of airline reservations constitutes a grotesque terrorist threat and needs to be prosecuted by the Department of Justice, your lessening of the gravity of this doesn’t wash.

  6. I am hardly advocating giving CoS a pass on this event. I was trying to point out that because the speakers in the Seattle event are “smaller fish” than it might seem on first reading the invitation, it might be possible to get them to re-think their involvement in the event precisely because they are smaller fish. It might be possible to get the speakers to re-think their attendance at the event before it happens. So my apparent “lessening the gravity” of this situation could lead to a more constructive outcome than assuming that this is part of a coordinated federal government effort to bury investigations of the Church of Scientology and thus giving up in resignation and hopelessness without doing something.

    My comment was fairly narrow in scope; I was trying to suggest that putting things in perspective could lead to more effective constructive action than assuming that this event is part of a coordinated effort to bury the investigation. I explicitly said I was not trying to whitewash other bad behavior — if my travel records were accessed illegally to harass me (as you have had countless times), I would certainly be raising hell at every opportunity and demanding the heads of those responsible. And as I said at the end of my original comment, I think the focus should remain on why the original FBI investigation has stalled.

  7. Lorraine Daly

    Dear Marty,
    We now have a large Network and Community to get the government to investigate the church as what is stated on the petition. I have a suggestion for those that can and want to write KR’s http://judiciary.senate.gov/about/members.cfm click on Committee Jurisdiction a very informative site. Also a post on the blog that shows different ways each individual can take their own responsibility so that we can handle all the conditions of the Church. Just a thought, we might want to go for 25,000 signatures on the petition. Thank you for considerations on these ideas.

  8. Tom Gallagher

    Contact information for Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles:
    Olympia Office: (360) 786-7670
    Seattle Office: (206) 281-6854
    Fax: (206) 216-3182
    By E-mail:


    Contact information for Sen. Maralyn Chase
    Olympia office – (360) 786-7662
    Legislative hotline – 1-800-562-6000
    By email:


  9. Like I pointed out a couple of topics down, the CofM uses DC lobbyists & campaign contributions to shut down the invests by the Fed Go.

    It will take the same actions on the opposite side to unblock the toilet …

  10. You KNOW I’ll be there!!!

  11. Youth For Human Rights is a CoS operation.

    Check out the ‘About Us’ section.


  12. This is farcical. COS has likely made political campaign contributions and called in their back-slapping legal old boy’s network. The revolving door between US government and law firms/businesses/lobbyists keeps turning. One day we’ll find Miscavige hiding in a drainage culvert like other deposed dear leaders.

  13. HH Dalia Lama was going to be a keynote speaker at an event in Albany NY 2 years ago – sponsored by some group or other – (the group was not a good group but his people didn’t know)

    Enough people were HORRIFIED that he was going to speak at this event, and contacted his people and at the very last minute — he pulled out of the event.

    If enough people contact these speakers AND also follow the steps that Marty has laid out … perhaps one or more will pull out of the event. Not to mention alerting US Senators et al again and again to what is going on.

    It’s absolutely NO surprise to me that dm is just going to work harder to have unsuspecting and other dupes circle his wagons.

    The overarching problem with circled wagons is that once the circle is breeched – the circled wagons are an easy mark.

    dm’s circle is not just breeched — it’s looking more and more like a graveyard that has been flooded, corpses rising to the surface to the horror of those watching.


  14. Chicago style politics + Chicago style religion = Bullsh*t

  15. Also, don’t become impressed with lofty titles. They are government employees just like school teachers. The abracadabra by DM has dropped to gutter level with his associates. If anything this is just about the worse P.R. ever and will drive people away in droves.

  16. Oh, and by the way, be sure to include in your emails and letters the quotes about how the POLICE cause all of the crime.

  17. I’m sure Homeland Security has a right to know it was them that caused 9/11.

  18. So typical DM brings police enforcement as guest speakers instead of the Dalia Lama right?

  19. Can someone in the know on how best to communicate with the above mentioned Senators (so that they actually read their emails) possibly let us know?

    I want to communicate to them but I don’t want to sound like an amature.

    Thanks much for any assistance!

  20. Well said. Agreed.

    Perhaps letting these senators know why they would be making a mistake going to such an event would be a nice campaign by fax and phone call and maybe a few letters from people in the North West since the event is still a week away:

    Contacting Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles***
    By Phone:
    Olympia Office: (360) 786-7670
    Seattle Office: (206) 281-6854
    Fax: (206) 216-3182
    By E-mail:
    By Postal Mail
    Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles
    PO Box 40436
    Olympia, WA 98504-0436
    Staff Contacts
    Adam Cooper, Legislative Assistant
    (206) 281-6854 or cooper.adam@leg.wa.gov
    For Communications Inquiries
    Alison Dempsey-Hall, Senate Democrats Communications Specialist
    Alison.Dempsey-Hall@leg.wa.gov or (360) 786-7887

    Contacting Senator Maralyn Chase***
    By phone:
    Olympia office – (360) 786-7662
    Legislative hotline – 1-800-562-6000
    By email:
    By postal mail:
    Sen. Maralyn Chase
    PO Box 40432
    Olympia, WA 98504-0432
    Staff contact:
    Marylyn Hawkins, legislative assistant
    Marylyn.Hawkins@leg.wa.gov or (360) 786-7662
    For communications inquiries:
    Aaron Wasser, Senate Democrats Communications Specialist
    Aaron.Wasser@leg.wa.gov or (360) 786-7333

  21. This is our Senator. Every time we write to her protesting something, we get an answer like, “Thank you for your comment. I am going to vote for the (suppressive(?) legislation) anyway as everyone knows that everyone has to be (suppressed(?), whatever). It will be interesting to see if anyone gets any more sensible response from the aides that write these letters for her.

  22. That was Sen Kohl I was speaking of.

  23. Tony Ortega just blogged about the petition goal being met: http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2011/10/scientology_pet_1.php

    Michael A. Hobson
    Independent Scientologist

  24. Holy abracadabra! It is!

  25. Why go for 25,000 sigs on the petition when they’re not needed? Our petition is not less valid with 5,000 sigs and wouldn’t be more valid if it had 25,000. The White House requirements were met.

  26. Hopefully the “most ethical group on the planet” will make sure to make Kareem Shora aware that one of the primary IAS lines to get donations is to make sure that everyone is aware that the department of Homeland Security is actually run by the Rockefeller family.

    Data Series anyone?

  27. martyrathbun09


  28. #Occupy Scientology

    + 100% with you on that, Marty. The gravity of this is serious, and it is always interesting to see who and what tries to downplay when dots are connected…..

  29. martyrathbun09

    Thanks. I agree that folks ought to put the scheduled attendees on notice, though.

  30. Yes, the White House requirements are met with 5,000 signatures, so the petition drive has succeeded in delivering a valid petition. But “running up the score” might not be a bad idea.

    First, there could be some entertainment value for us. 10,000 signatures on the petition (DM probably has Int Base flunkies delivering hourly stats on the number of signers to his bunker) ought to make POB twice as paranoid as the 5,000 signature minimum. And 25,000 signatures ought to give him at least another asthma attack if not an outright heart attack. 25,000 signatures is a force as large as the reported actual number of committed Church of Scientology members in the US according to those religion polls. Anything above that and DM is “outgunned,” with more opponents than he has members.

    Second, people who are only moderately interested in opposing the evils of the current Church of Scientology but who sign the petition could become motivated to check into CoS abuses in more detail as a result of signing up, increasing the chances that they will be willing to act again in the face of future Church of Scientology misbehavior, helping to build a more powerful base of opposition to CoS evil over the long term.

    Third, I read the policies and terms of usage on the White House site. It is completely silent on the order in which petitions will be evaluated and responded to. In other words, it is possible that petitions with more signatures may be addressed first, rather than being addressed in the order received. So it is possible that the government may respond more quickly to this petition with more signatures attached, though I admit we have no way of determining whether this is actually true. But politicians are the ultimate opportunists — it’s a good bet they will go first where they think the greatest number of votes are.

    –John P.

  31. Clearwater, USA

    Pat Clouden- the completely brainwashed OT 8 is now promoting a “Know Your Rights” course on the constitution. This is one of the hypocritical and pathetic things I have ever seen.


    If you have a sec and want a good laugh- check out this website and send Pat an email. There is a “contact us” page.

  32. martyrathbun09

    Sadly, these graduates of Truth Revealed don’t have a clue that they are running interference for Miscavige’s institutionalized human trafficking. By all means, contact and give him links to demonstrate what in fact they have got him doing.

  33. The best justice money can buy.

  34. Windhorse,

    Great visual image of the corpses rising to the surface in a flooded graveyard. Edgar Allan Poe could do no better!

  35. I said this once before, the petition can take the religion and the Church out of the picture, as DM hides behind that for all of his crimes. The petition can be aimed at investigating DM as Chairman of the Board of a large corp. What will they say about that?

  36. Bryan U

    My recommendation is to “just be yourself”. You are an American. You have a say. Don’t let someone else “put words in your mouth”. If you have a viewpoint on it, express it with your own communication. Be honest and communicate clearly. You’ll do fine.

    Where I come from, when a Government official receives a written communication, (I know it applies to letters, but not sure about e-mails) that official is required to respond. They do not necessarily have to be sensible or even interested in your situation, but a “response” is required. Might just get “boiler plate” response, but at least you made contact.

    Eric S

  37. Robert Almblad

    I am putting together a report for the speakers at this Seattle event. It will include the police reports from Tampa to Seattle to Miami… all taking place in a couple week period of time as the Co$ stalks Susan Clickner from home, to office, to medical trade show to medical trade show across the country… Tampa to Seattle to Miami. There were hacked airline reservations, assault charges and eventually an arrest in Miami at a major intentional (50,000 attendee) medical trade show right after the Seattle ASHE medical trade show in late July of this year…

    All this to stop new “Safe ice” technology from seeing the light of day. Technology which will save American lives.

    Homeland security should be very wary of a cult that would try to prevent technology that would improve the microbiological safety of American citizens.. what will they do next??

    Here is a short video of Susan Clickner encountering Jim Lynch of Freedumb magazine at the July 19th, 2011 ASHE trade show in Seattle. This is a surprise attack at the top of an escalator going into the trade show… this encounter is about the 15th time she encounters him in the same month… they jump out her like this: Lynch, cameraman and body guard. They harassed her …. you can see she’s upset. “You guys are sick”, she says… judge for yourself.

    And a few hours later when the “Lynch mob” (Susan’s name for them) were spotted hiding behind some cars in the parking lot near her car, the Seattle police were called to handle them…and they chased them off and Susan escaped. Police reports were filed.

    Lynch is now being sought by the Pinellas County Sheriff to serve restraining order papers from Susan, but he seems to be hiding. Again.

    Church indeed.

  38. Tony DePhillips

    I will be helping out with the protest.
    I would like suggestions for signs.
    Anyone who would like to participate can contact me at a.dephillips@comcast.net.
    Freedom to protest is a Constitutional right and it is the freedom to communicate. The cult hates freedom of communication and they are promoting themselves as Human Rights champions. Come to the protest and make a statement. Anyone who wants to come from out of town I can possible help with living accomodations.

  39. Tom Gallagher

    I’m left wondering if there has been a casting call in the greater Seattle metropolitan area for paid actors to fill the Idol Morgue for the benefit of the guest speakers.

    Also, I’d wager there could be more ‘occupiers’ than attendees.

    Is this another POB inspired foot nuke?

    By the way, here’s more testimony concerning the ‘kind and gentle’ side of Miscavige’s psychopathic amusement park.

  40. LOL – So the homeland security staffer has pulled out already! Less than one day of work was all it took. Or just actually making a govt. official look at the history of the cult and get them angry at the fact the cult was trying to use their official give them air of respectability. I’m sure the local state politicians will be quickly following in fed footsteps.

    Drink it in on the front page of Gawker:

    I’m sure it had DM shitting straight up his spine.

  41. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Sunny. Post updated accordingly. These comm lines do contain a little kick, don’t they?

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  43. Floating Needle

    :0) Wish I was there… I would love to see Mark Arnold again! I think deep down he knows what’s happening but is “one of those” Scientologists who believe it can “be handled from the inside.”


  44. Your problem is you are dealing with a spook.

    I told Les Warren 2 years ago that Miscavige was a spook, and I stand stronger than ever in that conviction today. Do you expect the department to go after one of their own?

    You are asking the mob to kill their top numbers running guy; and you are surprised when they stand up for the “made” bastard?

    The good guys may eventually win, but it is the feild that needs a wake up call – we had better get to understand what it is we are really dealing with here or we will get fried. Ignorance is bliss right up to the point where it gets you fried.

    He is a spook – get that and you get that much closer to as-is.

  45. I recognize the irony here. A government official speaking about human rights at an event sponsored by an organization that has a culture of violating human rights.

    But I am not so “outraged” by this – but rather annoyed. Scientologists lead a very isolated life and if this is the only way they can hear information about human rights, then I would let it happen. It would be better to have the talk at another location, but it is what it is. I wonder if there would be a question/answer session at the end where attendees could bring up questions about allegations about human trafficking, slavery and child abuse by the Church of Scientology in the context of human rights.

  46. Floating Needle

    Remember the “infamous” line of your local D of P… it takes as long as takes!

    This IS an auditing process of large scale… and things will “pop up” — put your auditor “hat” on and acknowledge it, and then move the “PC” to the desired goal of self-realization and “gentle” cause.

    Seattle Independents rock and I know they WILL set a precedence for everything that will follow.



  47. State senators are completely approachable. They usually have offices with very small staffs and maybe a few interns to help. You can send an email, but you can also call their assistants to ask for the best way to communicate. They will probably take more time to meet with their own constituents, but if you are straightforward and polite, you will do fine. As they get volumes of communication each day, it is best to keep your message to a a couple of short paragraphs that are straight to the point.

  48. Sue — your position is silly. A duped official isnt going to be educating people about abuses of human rights in the RCS, he has been fed a pile of shit PR to even think he should show up there in the first place. And as for a Q and A session — that would be about as likely as one of those sheeple not standing up to applaud Miscavige at one of his events after he has fed them another load of bullshit.

  49. martyrathbun09

    Wrong. Read John Ronson’s new book on psychopaths. The CIA immunized its inserted Haitian butcher (who terrorized the island till Aristede fled) and he was living comfortably in Queens – until enough people made enough noise, and the thug wound up in prison for life. I know exactly what I am dealing with; and if you follow this out you’ll see how each step makes perfect sense toward a laudatory goal.

  50. I don’t think you’re understanding my position, Mike.
    It’s a public event…open to the general public. The Q’s would come from the audience and would be an opportunity to raise these issues. Scientologists in attendance would then hear the Q’s and then the answers. This along with protestors outside would have to make an impact on those in attendance. Maybe this is silly, but this kind of interaction happens at Universities all over the world on a daily basis. A speaker is invited and sponsored by one group and another group protests the event and raises issues that it opposes. This is were the world can peak into what is going on. A perfect example of this is Mahmoud Ahmadinejad denying the existence of homosexuals in Iran, at a speaking engagement at an American university, in response to a question about human rights abuses in Iran. This is exactly why David Miscavige does not appear in public events. Much too dangerous. I think it is wise for the government and elected officials to pull out of the event, but if making an impact on the duped members of the CofS, there has to be some sort of interaction with them. They don’t access the Internet and their contact of media is very limited.

  51. Oh yeah – it’s no suprise that copies of “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass” are sprinkled throughout every org and mission in the topsy turvy upside down world of Scientology.

    Total Freedom = Total Control by the COS

    The data is free = Give us all your money as well as go totally in hock

    When in doubt communicate = You really WILL be accused of crimes by the COS if you are there and communicate

    Ethics = Threats, punishment, informing, duress, force

    Freedom to think for yourself = mind control over what to think about every area of life

    George Orwell laid out the blueprint (some thanks to Stalin of course)

    There are many, many valuable ideas in LRH’s writings. To understand them and get value for your life out of them, READ THE BOOKS. If you want auditing (and now training to be an auditor), see an Independant Scientologist, but for the sake of your future independance as a spiritual being, STEER CLEAR OF THE OFFICAL CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY AND ITS OFFSPRING

  52. Well done all for the petition, the team spirit and the impact of so many “doing something about it”.Important project!! One comment on the wording: In the title it states correctly: CHURCH OF SCIENTOLOGY… but in the petition’s body it states: “of Scientology crimes and atrocities – human trafficking, forced abortions and civil rights violations” and more at the bottom: “EXAMINE why, with such an abundance of RICO evidence of Scientology being a corrupt and criminal entity”… The point being, not differentiating between the 2 entities: CoS and Scientology. All independents agree on that and base their work and belief on that difference. So, keeping the name scientology clean is vital. In fact in the future, the task to clear that name again in people’s minds will be real tough, after so many years of such bad PR. Imagine somebody trying to convince people that Fascism or communism are actually good, when they know deep inside otherwise. Not an easy task, but with an ethical and truthful group of people it can be done!

  53. Pingback: Department of Homeland Security Staffer Pulls Out of Scientology Event [Scientology] | My Blog

  54. I think you make a very good point, Sue.

    If the event is held at a venue open to the public and not at the org, corporate scientology would not have control over who spoke out with pointed questions.

  55. Marty, your power is due to you acting like how official Scientology SHOULD act.

    Were official Scientology to free up their internal communication, not penalize their members for voicing their disagreements and just let their members air their “disaffection”, let them natter and argue and debate things, if they were to be internal penalties enforced on Scientology members for discussing their real statistical problems and debate the major problems your site brings up, over and over, then the focus of attention would be on them, not your site.

    Official Scientology needs a Glasnost.

    Once official Scientology opens up internally, has their own version of Glasnost, lets members challenge the policies that keep the movement self-controlled, then the splinter Scientologists who ARE free to do their own Glasnost, won’t be the limelight.

    But that doesn’t seem to be human organizational bureaucratic sociology history.

    When LRH said, I paraphrase, that making the organization effective, and that it would have a life of its own, that even he didn’t anticipate the downsides. LRH so many places thinks it inconceivable that the long range success of Scientology depends on the organizational setups he’s created over the decades he oversaw it all in excruciating detail.

    Were Scientology to somehow evolve some Exec Strata and WDC members who could see this, and discuss this, and let the whole movement membership discuss the big problems of the movement, that would stem the official movement’s membership loss.

    LRH’s efforts with his decades of setting up the admin setups of the official movement, it has ended up with what we see. The whole Sea Org and the church echelons is a pretty extensive administrative setup, that has its own life it is now going through.

    I’m a realist, I think that the organization is going to chug along, since that is what LRH built underneath this Miscavige tyrant period we are living. Were it not for that whole LRH created structure under Miscavige’s feet, there’d be none of this.

    If they just did a Glasnost, let their members debate and natter and act disaffected with the genuine problems they should be disaffected with, and let people take off their blinders, then major ex domos like you wouldn’t be sharing their problems and picking up official Scientology’s self-inflicted and unadmitted losses.

    Your stats will be up for a long time, until Scientology proper has a Glasnost internally.

    I think the official movement has long range traction for sociological reasons, and LRH met the burden of building a group bureaucracy that unfortunately is partially messed up by the tyrant leader Mussolini like “Pope” it’s got, but that’s a frequent recurring pattern in any group in history.

    I think the official movement needs a Glasnost like change, since I’ve noticed that the “Glasnost” like inclinations of the ex official senior leaders like yourself, play out no MATTER what, so long as the official movement is still so closed off.

    Splinter Scientology groups haven’t been so widely observable and that is somewhat new, with the internet which allows ex members to participate with the Glasnost out here.

    Outside the penalty system of official Scientology (which all it needs to do is let what occurs out here happen internally, and reform itself, and deal with the Hubbard admin policies that are still causing a lot of Scientology’s major recurring problems), the informed in the know ex senior members who have lived it and know the scene, have tremendous insights.

    I wish someone could magically add some years to your and the other ex senior leaders’ lives, somehow shoehorn in a couple years of university education, or time to read some books, and you guys write about realistic change to the monster system that is official Scientology.

    Otherwise, like in Janet Reitman’s must read book, as she implies in her final chapter, it will be up to the young 2nd, 3rd generation Scientologists to somehow absorb the valid complaints against Scientology and do something about their religion.

    But I don’t think the organization, the big whole movement system, is anywhere close to “dying” as Janet states, if they don’t have their Glasnost and reform of their biggest controversial self created problems.

    The Scientology official movement structure is a big machine that has a life of its own, built in detail by LRH’s policies. I think people underestimate its power to carry on, despite this Miscavige tyrant era.

    Scientology is factually so small, it’s like a little cult island, inside of the countries Scientology is in. They get enough money from enough people, still raking in money, as we speak, from new eastern EU country rich new got-bucks clients, I’ve learned.

    The exact setup is always losing huge numbers compared to those it keeps for a spell. Staff turn into future client parishioner patients, and dribble some money into the coffers, but it’s the gotbucks newbies that official Scientology still gets over and over, even as we speak, I’ve been told, even today.

    The independent and freezone Scientologists are Scientology’s Glasnost is out here.

    I look forward to more books out of senior ex leaders!

    The more books the merrier!

    When existing members can do their own books, publish their diaries as “My Sea Org Member Life, Int Base, 2010-2015” including photos and stat graphs, programs, battleplans, video of screaming superiors, THEN the official movement will recapture the audience!

    That’s why your stats are up in terms of “hits”. It’s a sociological fault of all groups to let their members be public without fear of losing their jobs when they go public.

  56. Considering how zoomed in, how focused, how intent this group here has been and is, with regard to bringing an end to the reign of DM over the CoS including, of course, all the ramifications of his reign, it is no surprise that, while so deep in the trenches, that something has been missed. A fundamental has been missed. And the fact that it has been missed is evident as seen through the various comments posted here. You see, you are speaking of the US government as if it still existed as a republic, as a democracy and, sad to say, it doesn’t. It appears that “we the people” didn’t wear our citizen hats like was intended. many of us had other fish to fry so to speak and we pretty much just let our elected “leaders” and representatives carry on as they saw fit. Well, their carrying on as they saw fit eventually led to a very subtle and gradual coup d’etat at which point the Republic Known as the United States of America became a Corprotocracy. Sure, all the governmental props are still in place i.e., the three branches of government. There’s still a White House, a Pres and VP, a Cabinet, a congress complete with Senate and House, a Judiciary system and then there’s that very powerful unacknowledged 4th branch, all the alphabet Agencies. But, while the body still looks to be basically the same, the innards have been switched out and the new innards don’t work like the old innards. DM fits right in with the new innards (this is a good old boy group that he can thrive in). So, rather than exert so much attention, energy and effort in attempting to get a memory of what once was to act, I suggest that, in a new unit of time, you reassess and identify who and what you’re really up against.

  57. Have blank cardboard signs ready to be written on while there. “He’s a Scientology hired fake reporter/agent provacateur —————->” “This person is a Church of Scientology Office of Special Affairs volunteer agent provacateur—————->”

  58. re:
    “Moving On Up A Little Higher traffic rank in the US: 23, 383
    Scientology.org (with all front groups linking back : 52,548”

    Scientology.org has 10 times the number of sites linking in, 2072 vs. your 206, yet you rank over twice as high. You also rank higher internationally, 71.6k to 87.8k. Awesome!

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