US Government Pulls Out of Scientology “Rights” Event



And if you missed today’s post alerting the world to the matter see:

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  1. Yes, VIrginia, there is a Santa Claus!!!



  2. Maybe a Justice Department official is thinking more than one step ahead.

  3. Tom Gallagher

    Back by popular demand is Daffy Duck doing his best imitation of POB’s reaction to the breaking news:

  4. Such good news on the cancellations.
    Senators are generally sensitive to adverse images to their names.
    Washington State Scientologists should call and FAX these state Senators and let them know how they were being “set up” by a criminal entity covering up their horrific abuses.

    Senator Marlyn Chase
    (D) 32nd Legislative District
    District Office Number is (206) 366-2604
    Fax (206) 366-2604
    Capital Office Building Number is (360) 786-7662
    Fax (360) 786-7662

    Senator Jeanne Kohl-Welles
    (D) 36th Legistaltive District
    District Office (206) 281-6854
    Fax (206) 281-6854
    Capital Office Building Number is (360) 786-7670
    Fax: (360) 786-1999

    The senators really only care about their constituents. So Washington residents only, or if you are a Washington resident currently out of state on travel use a blocked line because they only want Washington (voter) phone calls.

    This one can be called from all over the United States. Let’s give her a reality adjustment of the “CHURCH”

    For Kareem W. Shora, JD
    Office of Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
    US Department of Homeland Security\
    (866) 644-8360
    (202) 401-1474
    Fax (202) 401-4708

  5. So you see good things come to those who wait! πŸ™‚

  6. You’ve heard of Coitus Interruptus. Well now Uncle Sam just did a Cultus Interruptus and pulled out of an event with the most despised religious Cult in the world. Who can blame Uncle Sam? No one wants to get an STPRD (Scientology Transmitted PR Disaster) from the Cult.

    An STPRD is impossible to cure and can lead to long term career harm — as STPRD victims Tom Cruise and Jeff Stone can attest. The DHS was smart to immediately and publicly pull out from this looming STPRD.

    IMO, this is OSA’s attempt to out create the White House Petition — and now it has backfired big time.

    This is a giant pie shoved right into DM’s face by the DHS!

    The Cult of Scientology’s attitude is a straight up “Fuck You” to anyone who opposes it. Cult Spokesman and Chief Lunatic Tom Cruise said this exact thing: “Some people, well, if they don’t like Scientology, well, then, fuck you. Really. Fuck you. Period.” — quoted by Neil Strauss, “The Passion of the Cruise”, Rolling Stone (August 2004)

    Now the Little Failing Cult can’t get the time of day from the DHS. The Cult’s only hope is if Cult Pimp and LA County Sheriff Leroy Baca – who sits on the same DHS committee as Kareem Shora — will show up in Seattle to speak. Given that Baca is being pillaged in Los Angeles for the staggering mistreatment of inmates in the jails run by the Sheriff’s Department it is unlikely that Baca would show up to speak out against human rights abuses.

    Sheriff Baca recently had to deal with a STPRD:


  7. Very good. A major win.

  8. Whoops! Schedule conflict!
    Darn the bad luck!

    Definition of OT: Effective Cause, Well Demonstrated.

    Take another win, Marty! Mike! Karen! Sam! Theo! Everyone!

    Good stuff.

  9. Good things come to those who PERSIST! πŸ˜‰

  10. This is great news! Much of the world knows what Co$ is about and really would prefer not to dip a toe in that cesspool.

  11. And to those who are RIGHT and acting in a JUST CAUSE.

  12. Another Layer

    Does anyone know how to reach Sheriff Baca’s public relations department/people?

  13. I remember what we used to say in High School, “BBBUUUUSSSTTTEEEDD!!!”

  14. top of the vale

    Cesspool! More like ‘A Vat of Sulfuric Acid’

  15. That’s fast flow. Speed of light handling. The Power of communication through the Internet is unbelievable.
    We should start to think about how to use that power to inject the wisdom of Lrh’s discoveries into Society at large. We have the best tool at our dispositon, that we ever had, and we could catch up the lost years in a very short frame of time.
    It could take 2-3 years for the world to catch up on LRH’s discoveries and we would have done our Job and live a peaceful life and enjoy our wins.

    “You may say that I’m a dreamer
    But I’m not the only one
    I hope someday you’ll join us
    And the world will live as one”

    Any bright ideas ??????????????????????????

  16. OMG The Church scammed a member of Homeland Security!

    This is too funny! The staffer got the invite from a front organization.

  17. Y’all, in all seriousness… this is HUGE.
    This is big. BIG Big. For the “church” to be putting on an event, scheduling big names, promoting the hell out of “human rights” and such… only to turn around and get CANCELLED??? Wow. Wow wow.

    I was not exagerating over the definiton of OT above. Here’s another: Executive. Look that up in your Green on White vols. Marty & Co. have truly executed effective cause, over distance and time, through all the dev-t and conflict and entheta thrown their way.

    What has been accomplished here, by evidence of this post here, is nothing short of STELLAR. Truly, the names mentioned, and many I do not even know, have gone above and beyond the call of duty to see to it that TECH is not only Preserved, but also Practiced, Protected, and Demonstrated.

    This is the stuff of Legend. And we have the privledge of being wtiness to it. These are the days we’ll look back on history and tell our children and grandchildren: “We were there.”

    Yes. It’s that big.

  18. Nighty night Davey.
    We’ll still be here when you awaken to remind you that it isn’t all just a bad dream.
    Time for you to crawl out of the sewer pipe and face your accusers.

  19. Oh geeze, I just can’t stop laughing. This is AS BAD AS IT GETS!

  20. Very correct observation!

    from a Guiness lover,


  21. one of those who see

    Looks like we got some mighty strong postulates!

  22. What is that pts type that is criminal? The poor cop is so pts to the Church he is committing crimes within his other organization, as this is clearly against regulation. Now he’s in trouble and what help will he get from the Church now? I bet he is getting comm eved for the PR flap!

  23. #Occupy Scientology

    Love that speed of particle flow, VVWD! πŸ˜€

  24. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  25. Ouch.

    That stung! Good one, Sam. πŸ™‚

  26. That was an amazingly quick and successful cycle. Congratulations Marty.



    12 more makes 5500

    What the heck go for 5555 Get get Get !

  28. Sherriff Lee Baca the senior head honcho over all the Los Angeles Sherriffs permitted himself to be PHOTO OP’d for the New IMPACT (IAS) magazine
    p51. I am sending Marty the images.

    He fluffed and frothed about Miscavige’s cult and actually said that Scientology has brought peace among the street gangs in Los Angeles County! Whoooopie Dooooo !

    There is also an image of him holding an awarded Scientology CERTIFICATE.

    For those Law enforcement reading this web site.
    For those in the media reading this website
    For all newbies that joined the site more recently
    For all bloggers that need to educate Government and Law enforcement officials on the sheer ABUSE and THUGGERY to the “VOLUNTEERS” in the Sea org, please, watch these. Worth a view in a new unit of time.

  29. And Tony, over at the Village Voice, is pouring on the coals!

    As just posted over at ESMB –

  30. Taking a win but it makes me vomit.
    Applied Scholastics could be a good thing.
    Narconon could be a good thing.
    The WTH campaigne could be a good thing.
    The Volunteer Minister Program could be a good thing.
    The World Literacy Crusade could be a good thing.
    Even CCHR could be a good thing.

    But every single thing that is done is so cluster f*&%ed by miscavige and his evil twist that it is only being used for his own personal self-aggrandizement and the accumulation of slaves.

    It’s great that the LA Sherriff’s deputy got some wins from auditing. That’s what should happen. So what do they do? They stick his mug on a poster that tells people to cash in their 401Ks, cancel their trips, sell their friggen condo and give all their friggen money to david f%$$$$$&^&*%$ing miscavige and his cult. Talk about a sick twist.

    Here’s LRH from a History of Man:

    “In general you will find the preclear has been subjected, as a theta being
    to enormous invalidation of all his force, power and natural attributes. The
    rise in tone potential in running the theta line is such that you can expect the
    preclear to go from low to high on the E-Meter after only one or two heavy
    electronics incidents have been run but make sure they are theta line and that they happened to the thetan who is the preclear before you.
    The intent of other beings was to make this preclear into a willing or unwilling
    but at least obedient slave or to get him out of the area and keep him
    running away thereafter or to nail him into complete useless immobility. They
    wanted him to have good reaction to police threats (and most psychotics go
    psychotic immediately after a police interview, no matter how innocent it was)
    They wanted him to leave MEST bodies alone and respect them.”

    To all you OSA bots and fence sitters and IAS regges and org regges and idle org regges and hopeful hanger’s-on…the “church” of scientology is an implant station. david miscavige is an implanter.

    WAKE UP!

  31. I forgot to mention that the only reason I have time to write this is because all three of my pcs are out with persistent F/Ns


  32. Gee Marty, that was so fast it seemed almost too easy, kinda insouciant.

  33. Very funny indeed.
    Graham using Scientology terminology (cycle).
    πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  34. I left messages for both Senators.

    I was personally involved for many years with the YHR campaign here in Seattle. Truly, I love that campaign. It still gets me excited when I see the PSAs. But I couldn’t in good conscience continue to support it once I found out about the numerous human rights violations that the Church is involved with. At first I didn’t know if the Church was really guilty or not but once we started asking questions the way we were treated & the way they attempted to silenced us, said it all for me. Most of you guys know the drill, first they don’t answer the questions, then they try the introversion drill (out-ethics, overts,…), then they attempted to have others disconnect from us, …

    I simply left voicemails at the Senators offices stating I was personally involved with the campaign here in Seattle & that although I think the campaign itself is great I have serious concerns with human rights violations that the Church of Scientology is involved with. I respectfully requested that someone calls me back so I can express my concerns to the Senators before they attend their speaking engagements.

    I know David Scattergood. He’s actually a really good guy. I’m convinced that if he would allow himself to look like I did a few years ago, he would be outraged. I was in his position once, when I was convinced that all the attacks on the Church were lies & were aimed at stopping the Church from doing its good works. I was so convinced & sincere that I was able to convince many government officials myself.

    Ann, if you’re reading this, be aware that I still have many comm lines in the community & I still defend Scientology as a really good & valid religious philosophy but I have no reservations in letting people know of the abuses that are being committed. I know you have tried to disparaged me to my “friends” by saying I was delusional. Although it might have worked with some members of the Church, let me assure you that it will not work with the majority of the OLs that I have comm lines with in this community. Several of them are actually outraged by how I was handled when I started asking questions (BTW, those were questions they were asking me themselves). Several have applauded my courage in resigning from the Church & stand for what I believe in. I didn’t purposely go around & brief them. I simply answered questions when I was asked. I still believe in the good works & good effects Scientology could have in our community so I have not purposely gone around to disparage it. Believe me the current management does a good job of that themselves. It’s not some “mysterious” SPs that make your job difficult in the PR department, it’s the Church own inability to look at its own outpoints & correct them.

    Ann (or whoever is reading this for you), I truly believe that we would all benefit if all the dedicated Scientologists (including you) would take a stand & say enough is enough. Scientology & all the good works it can do in society are currently being destroyed by the numerous abuses & violations of policies. The longer you, Steve, Dave & all the other good people involved, defend without even inspecting what is going on, the longer you close your eyes to the numerous outpoints that you observe, the more you participate in the destruction of what you have dedicated yourself to defend.


  35. Yes J.Swift.
    Sherrif Lee Baca continues to Pimp for the “Church”.
    Profiled in the new IAS magazine to attempt to give legitimacy to
    inside atrocities.
    Hundreds are held prisoner in his zip code, in Souther California INT base and he touts the “Church’s virtues !
    It is time we give his office the TRUTH and more 360 degree perspective of the darker more criminal side of the Church.

    The best is to e-mail him at Capitalization is not important.
    Let’s Email him a copy of the petition to the White House.

    There is the Sheriff’s general office number of (323) 526-5000. They like things in writing,

    There is also the press and questions line of (323) 267-4800. They are adept at dodging questions and avoiding any comment.

  36. Oh you flatter you I love you

  37. Yes, WAKE UP!

    DAVID MISCAVIGE is a PSYCH in LRH’s fullest sense of the word.

  38. Yes, I agree, but this is just something my oldest sister told me that, she’s not a Scientologist and I wanted to pass on. She’s very pretty.

  39. martyrathbun09

    Great post MJ. I think the problem is that Corporate Scientology at the direction of David Miscavige is using Scientologists to divert and front for his criminal activity; which has become institutionalized throughout SO installations and beyond. It is the same criminality larger corrupt corporations use. I have investigated oil companies down here violate environmental laws (causing huge spike in birth deformity rates in the area); when they get called out on it – they “mitigate” by creating a dredge island near some swank area and call it a bird sanctuary then promote the living hell out of their “environmental record”. Meanwhile, nobody effected was made whole, and they continue committing the same overts. For this reason I believe we need to examine this “Human Rights” front campaign and not allow Miscavige to hide behind it.

  40. martyrathbun09

    Me too πŸ™‚ – except I only had two. But did get my student through “instant reads” drill too.

  41. I like pretty! πŸ™‚

  42. I think it bears comment that the human resources who made the CoS strong has literally “exteriorized” out of the dead carcass that ironically calls itself a “church.” What remains of the CoS is nothing more than a facade hiding a highly criminal, vulnerable enterprise.

    The true power base of Scientology is operating outside the CoS. We have the CoS surrounded. We are communicating and they are vanishing.

    It was never money that made the CoS strong, it was intelligence (as in IQ), tenacity, intention, toughness, initiative, coordination, brilliant organization and above all, it was correct technology. All of which today we OWN.

    History is rife with criminals who think they are impregnable. And history shows they ALWAYS lose. The CoS is a tombstone.

  43. I re-read everything., It appears only Kareen Shora of Dept. Homeland Security pulled out.
    That means the 2 state senators are still booked to speak.
    That means we need to enlighten these 2 state Senators that they appearance makes then In Cahoots with a criminal entity.
    Their Email addresses and phone numbers have been posted on last blog and this one more than once.
    All should note the ο»ΏDECEPTION.
    They did not inform these dupes that it was the “Church of Scientology”
    Quote from Gawker Publication
    When we contacted DHS to confirm the engagement, and inquire as to why it would be dispatching a federal employee to address an event sponsored by an organization that’s the current target of an FBI human trafficking investigation, a spokesman told us in a statement that Shora would not, in fact, be attending. He also seemed to suggest that the invitation was misleading, claiming that it had been extended not by the Church of Scientology but by a group called Washington Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster:

    Washington Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster indeed !

  44. Sucks to be DM.

  45. Gawker is aligned along the “pulse”of the Internet

    You all deserve “Caek”

  46. Now that’s what we’re talking about!!!!!!

  47. Marty,

    Regarding your earlier comment today that you might need some airfare money – I am willing to contribute as I’m sure many others would. Just let us know when and how much.

  48. Mike,

    Resistance against tyranny is victory.

  49. Tom Gallagher


    I humbly submit that it’s underway.

  50. Tom Gallagher

    Oh for gawds sake, Les, I love when you go ‘sudden’.

  51. Marie-Joe
    Great post

  52. Tony DePhillips


  53. Tom Gallagher

    I’ve always considered real Scientologists to be like real cowboys, facing the elements and opposition.

    In our case, opposition to this tyranny is victory. Every dog has his day.

  54. Wins against the cult are accumulating – the wall of bs is cracking – DM, you are going DOWN! Reformation on the way…

  55. Do you know what the stats are for everyone one of the above mentioned possible good things? Kids off drugs? no. Kids that can read? no. People that moral? no. People helped? no. GROSS INCOME. Even CCHR is a Church begging unit now.

  56. Here’s another Lawerence

    The patient man (or woman) endures for a time, then joys spring unto him (or her).

    Michael F. from Joy’s computer

  57. O.K., how long until the Senator cancels because of conflicting scheduling?

  58. Marty flying normal airplanes while Miscavige treats himself on Tom cruise’s planes and high cost richman’s airtravel

  59. Tom Gallagher

    Daffy has one more bizarre imitation of the sociopathic punk, Slappy.:

  60. Scott Campbell

    I might just have to give Kareem a call! πŸ˜‰

  61. one of those who see

    You rock Les!!!

  62. one of those who see

    Great news!!!!

  63. It is humiliating enough for the DM and the Church of Scientology to have the featured guest at next week’s Seattle event cancel. For what it’s worth, I’m guessing the state senators will cancel once they find out the Homeland Security guy bailed. I think this is the classic LRH definition of a “flap.” Wonder who ends up in RPF for this one.

    But that is not the most humiliating thing to happen to highly visible Scientologists this week. John Travolta, who was at Saint Hill in East Sussex UK for the big IAS bash earlier this week had his assistant call the local KFC to ask if they would reserve a table for him. The kid behind the counter said they don’t take reservations, and that Travolta would have to wait in line like everyone else. I am not making this up. Check out the story:!

    –John P.

  64. Tom Gallagher

    Marie-Joe, Marty & Karen,

    This briefing shifted my viewpoint towards causative action in my own sphere. Thank you very much.

    I mean it.

  65. Speaking of Tom Cruise, guess who is/was a huge Democratic party man and Obama $$upporter? Guess whose political support no doubt has earned him the privilege of being warmly welcomed into Pres. Obama’s office as well as the Office of the Attorney General (Obama appointed) to have a nice chat?

    Maybe someone else pointed this out, but it seems likely that Tom Cruise had a role in getting the DOJ (Dept. of Justice) to drop the investigation.

    Once upon a time I liked Tom Cruise. He did a lot of positive for Scientology in the early days. Now, his blindness and refusal to LOOK, is harmful and dooms many, including friends who apparently have been consigned to the “hole” and who, I fear, may be discarded like trash until their death.

  66. Tom Gallagher

    Earlier today i thought i smelled burning flesh.

    Only later did I realize it was another POB foot nuke.

  67. Tom

    Yes. I believe this blog has done a tremendous service in presenting some aspects of the technologies and philosophies of Scientology and Dianetics in a sane and understandable way. We have also opened ourselves to scrutiny personally, for our ideas and our concerns, and by doing so have made those using the technologies and philosophy of Dianetics and Scientology much more real and approachable than may have ever existed in the past.

    We are simply REAL people who care about others, and we use the technologies, to a greater or lesser degree, to create positive change in the world and in our own lives.

    We advocate personal freedom.

    Eric S

  68. Tom Gallagher

    Yeah. A family emergency ‘thingy’


  69. Sam

    I’m afraid that David Miscavige is too cowardly to even face his own mind. What chance does he have of facing anyone else. He will simply put more guards on the bunker door and scream louder. He is fortifying a trap from which he is incapable of extracting himself. He will be displaying more and more “unreality” with his environment and those around him, and as it becomes more obvious they will “distance themselves” from his insanity, for their own survival.

    It may take a while yet, but some here are evidence it is already well underway.

    Eric S

  70. One other item of note that illustrates the collapse of the GPM:
    Detroit Org (and I assume others as well) are advertising the local IAS Event date as November 5th……which is Guy Fawkes Day in the UK.

    “Remember, remember the 5th of November….” πŸ™‚

  71. the public relations person Is Steve Whitmore,hes interviewed in the above video.
    He has been contacted and has claimed its under investigation
    Whitmore also promised a “robust” investigation to the LA press

    the man to contact Is Steve Whitmore
    time to hold him accountable for his public statements

  72. Is this the sheriff that lured Daniel back to L.A. and then arrested him and threw him in jail?

  73. Turn on the lights and the cockroaches run for cover.

  74. Good things come to those who persist! πŸ™‚ Great win.

  75. Scott Campbell

    Here’s some new theta for you guys:


  76. This is sad. I wonder how far she got up the bridge in her 18 years of labor? This is just SOOOO wrong.

  77. And John is there at the event why? Tom Cruise has not been seen anywhere near the Church since news leaked DM secretly video taped his auditing session (illegal) without his knowing.

  78. Steve-We do indeed own our lives and we own Scientology-it really is that simple-

  79. Les-You are a good thing and we out here get to have you in our midst !

  80. Me Thinks the ‘Church’ of Scientology is holding a blackmail bag over JT’s head…..

    So What!?!

    FREEDOM is the answer.

    Independence is where it’s at!

  81. Marty, this is in fact also how “corporate institutional psychiatry” operates, especially those hospitals associated with Universities and medical schools.

    They have a ready pool of idealistic, well-intentioned mostly younger people to work directly with the patients; nurses and nursing students, aides, even young, still idealistic psychology and social worker interns are the ones who have the most direct contact with patients. These are the people who really keep the patients alive, while the psychiatrists use PDH techniques on them: drugs, hypnosis, sometimes shock, and generally act as authoritarian, evaluative implanters.

    It’s a cash cow for the psychiatrist. An analogy might be the corporate psychiatrist as vampire, while all the support staff are the ones who keep the patients alive with transfusions of theta and caring, so the corporate institutional psychiatrist can keep feeding.

    Of course what the public and the patient himself mostly sees are all the nice and often truly helpful support staff. And as a result, even the patients who are discharged eventually somewhat “improved”, will testify that they were helped. It’s because of the many decent people they came in contact with who actually did try to help, and the fact that for many of the people who fall into a great confusion, the psychiatric hospital is the only stable datum available to them. There is no real institutional alternative in our society.

  82. Daffy imitates Davey pretty good!

  83. Update on petitions signed as of Saturday AM, October 21st,
    as of signature #5,535

    The top ten states:
    1. 840 California
    2. 333 Florida
    3. 275 Texas
    4. 236 New York
    5. 166 Washington
    6. 142 Illinois
    7. 105 Ohio, Oregon
    8. 104 Massachusetts
    9. 100 Pennsylvania
    10. 93 Arizona

    Next in line:
    11. 89 New Jersey
    12. 87 Georgia
    13. 86 Virginia
    14. 79 Michigan
    15. 78 North Carolina
    16. 73 Minnesota
    17. 70 Missouri
    18. 63 Tennessee
    19. 61 Colorado
    20. 59 Maryland

    Next in line:
    21. 55 Indiana
    22. 49 Nevada
    23. 46 Utah
    24. 45 Louisiana
    25. 44 Kansas
    26. 40 Connecticut
    27. 38 Kentucky
    28. 36 Wisconsin
    29. 30 Alabama, New Mexico
    30. 29 Iowa

    signing with no location indicated.

    1,407 no location indicated (still takes the overall lead in numbers)

    for those not in the U.S.

    127 from outside the U.S. or didn’t recognize city, no state indicated

  84. I think just sending it now, with a note “for future airfare needed” might be a good idea

  85. Sam right in the place that would hurt if he had any!! πŸ™‚

  86. Washington Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster indeed ! πŸ™‚

    And congratulations to you Karen, for getting back at DM with the petition signatures.

  87. martyrathbun09


  88. Conversely, it’s AS GOOD AS IT GETS too!
    Either way, it’s a gut buster.

  89. This is a very valid point you make, Eric.
    I think that through this blog and other communication channels, we are changing the public perseption of Scn. The percieved ‘kookiness’ created by the church is being leached out using nothing but free and open communication.
    What do you know? It is the universal solvent after all!

  90. Ah, the 5th of November – reminds me of how others feel about this. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it.

  91. Scott Campbell

    Sure thing Marty.

  92. “Scheduling conflicts” are such a valuable tool for politicians and government representatives. I’m glad to see that he pulled out.

    Watch. The senators will follow suit.

    Obama needs to respond to the petition. I’m contacting my representative to ask him to inquire about it.

  93. Scott Campbell

    Beyond human rights, here’s an inspirational story of love and compassion:

  94. top of the vale

    5,556 and counting…..

  95. Great! You make several very truthful statements. I’ve nothing against Ann per se, her problem though is that she never got up the Bridge. She’s been on the DSA post since the early 1980’s (taken over from Chris Finn) and she has never moved. So take nearly 30 years of being a DSA in an org that had a moderate boom in the 1980’s and has failed since then. (Remember the Ref: It Can Be Done?) Take being completely overwhelmed, not just from without but from within by the lack of terminals in her own office, bad news, constant org flaps over GI, and on. Add to it the compounding Case of the years, being severely overweight which probably just pulls in more case, at least is a distraction of the body and you get where she’s at. She’s turned into the ridge, the “stop” of her post. It’s quite sad. If her seniors really cared, really, they’d get her replaced and moving on the Bridge or at least moving on the Bridge. For real.

    And unfortunately, her seniors have covered her as$ enough times when she came under attack by other staff members for her propensity to sometimes take on the valence of “stop” that she will take every thing she is spoon fed and not think twice – doesn’t matter if we are talking about Anonymous, Marty or anyone else. With all this, we want her to turn around and start looking and being self-determined? That would make her 30 year career seem almost worthless and certainly the last 20 years since the early 1990’s bust in Seattle. The odds are definitely not in her favor but truth can sometimes have a compelling effect.

    And you couldn’t have said this better: “Most of you guys know the drill, first they don’t answer the questions, then they try the introversion drill (out-ethics, overts,…), then they attempted to have others disconnect from us, …”

    That is the EXACT cycle.

  96. Yes, good observation. Aligns somewhat with the saying, “the road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

  97. Valkov-
    The perfect set-up to control others.

  98. Even then, POB needed a box.
    He was our little COB = Cameraman On a Box.

  99. White House petition to investigate the Corporate abuse of Sceintology
    ☼ 5570 ☼ and rising

  100. The particular model of how imitation $cientology used a front organization to manipulate Homeland Security, and sought “positioning” with an actually noble endeavor (Human RIghts) is, unfortunately, classic Corporate (imitation brand) $cientology: i.e., manipulation, scheming, insincerity, duplicity.

    They do it with the Hollywood Chirstmas Parade. local and national law enforcement agencies, but when MacScientology starts the duplicity with Human Rights with this stunt (while actively violatating universal precepts) (and their own purported values) …well, it’s jaw-dropping hypocrisy

    Life beings aren’t the disposable evil scum dupes they so arrogantly believe behind their facade of help. I’m so glad the world is waking up.

  101. Ahhhh…the power of play, joy and exhilaration … (not to be confused with inability to confront force).

    Maybe taking Action in the Play band is the ephemeral that moves mountains, dissolve all ignorance and evil…. and makes beautiful things

  102. Thoughtful.
    The Greatest movers and shakers, the highest contributors, the very backbone of die hard Sea org Members that gave their all to keep the flame alive are almost ALL out of the Church.
    You are right on.
    Left behind are beaten down whimping submissives to Miscavige.
    It is a criminal enterprise.
    And we are not talking about forcing execs to clean the feces pond 12 hours without hazmat equipment 5 years ago til they were sick and went down with illnesses.
    We are talking about the 120+ days of seige on Marty and Mosey denying them their Civil rights with unconscionable conduct.
    We are talking about stalking, harrassing, threatening and more to Robert Alblad and Susan almost right to present time.
    We are talking about endless stalking of Mike Rinder, accessing phone records through dirty PIs of both M and M, accessing travel flights ~~ this is all PRESENT TIME criminality from a 501C3 that produces no accounting whatsoever to anyone of the raped funds$$$$ they extract out of the duped public.
    One account alone, the IAS account sits with $1.5 billion.
    The priniciple is never touched.
    Imagine the interest on 1.5 billion even at 2.9%.
    All this *PLAY* money to destroy enemies…..

  103. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hey Sam

    Nice reminder. How about following this with a ” nice” auditing question: ” Adolf, in your past life, can you recall your thoughts just BEFORE you crawled into the sewer pipe err, pardon me ” bunker “, for the very last time ?

    revenemus ?

    much luv,

    Li’ll bit of stuff

  104. Bob the Builder

    Tom was there also at the event with Katie in tow

  105. That’s right Scott.

    The cash-cow aspect of it works like this: There has been a lot of publicity about the dangers of antidepressants and other psych drugs. This has led to regulations being passed that patients taking these drugs must be monitored, usually monthly. Sometimes weekly. The monitoring must be done by a psychiatrist. These are usually 15 minute appointments. The psychiatrist is paid usually anywhere from $80. to $100. or more for each of these cursory appointments. He asks how the patient is doing, asks for possible symptoms, adjusts dosage or changes the prescription, and that’s it. He makes a note in that patient’s file, and sees the next patient.
    If he “monitors” 5 or 6 patients a day, 5 days a week, that’s an “extra” $2,000-$3,000 A WEEK “residual” income for him. If he monitors just 2 a day, that’s still an extra $800. to $1,000 a week for him.

    This is aside from any appointments for “therapy”.

    To get through medical school is a long and expensive process. This prescription monitoring system is is one of the payoffs. And it is enforced by law to “protect” patients from adverse reactions.

  106. The problem with living 50 years behind everyone else. Just as paper is fading out…..

  107. Beautiful!

  108. It seems to be a very strange story JT loves good, expensive food. His “hamburger” is freshly ground filet mignon as an example.

    Why would he make reservations at a KFC and eat junk food? Has the event and VIP food served at St Hill gone down the tubes like POB’s tech?

  109. To me he looks like a loved boy on a box.

  110. one of those who see

    Wow, SA – glad you posted this.

  111. Tom Gallagher

    Thank you so much for this clip Scott. I guess we can safely assume this young man is a victim, like his brother, of depleted uranium war-heads and their subsequent scrambling of DNA.

    I don’t know how else to say it, but we don’t need anymore sociopaths running anything. I think, collectively, mankind is waking up to this utter bullsh*t.

    Thus, I absolutely agree with LRH, that those who perpetrate, and live for and thrive by, these types of crimes against humanity, need to be isolated as spelled out in his classic work, Science of Survival.

    To bring this home Scientologically, I have no doubt POB would love to be the one pushing those buttons to unleash these weapons of mass destruction.

    In fact, he, POB, already did by slaughtering the applied spiritual philosophy laid out to prevent these kinds of atrocities.

    It’s been really hard for me to keep this ‘polite’.

    Thanks again Scott for making it real.

  112. one of those who see

    Wonderful!! Going to get tissues.

  113. one of those who see

    I also want to say that LRH wrote that man is basically good. I know when listening to the David Mayo talks in the early 80’s that he emphasized that. And I feel he was correct in doing so. It doesn’t mean you don’t watch out for that 2 1/2% dramatizing evil. But for the rest of the people of the world in and outside Scientology we can assume goodness and we can trust each other. Emmanuel’s story is another example of the goodness of people. Thanks for posting.

  114. Tom Gallagher

    I’m just trying to lay the foundation that the murder of theta is the assassination of us spiritually and even th

  115. Tom Gallagher

    the playing field upon which we play, our planet.

  116. Scott Campbell

    Yes, and the most ridiculous thing is that Depleted Uranium and all other radioactive materials can be used with over 99% efficiency in Integral Fast Reactors, thus using and cleaning up the worlds radioactive material and providing clean, safe and cheap power – enough to make the entire planet energy independent for the next 46,500 years!

    Check out this website for the solution to all of our MEST universe problems:

  117. Tom Gallagher

    one of those who see ,

    Would you not agree that those of the ilk of POB and his minions and his seniors do us harm? I know it’s only considerations, however, I sometimes feel the pain, and also of that of my like-minded associates in life.

    That wholesale, unbridled sociopaths congregate and smugly pat each other on the back makes me want to puke.

    Creeps like Rumsfeld, Cheney, Bush(es), Rockefeller, Truman, Johnson, Obama and POB and the rest of the sorry lot sold us out. For a few shares of their fraudulent ‘stock’.

    I know it goes back further. I know.

    Here video that harkens back to Shorty’s new BFF, Grant, what ever his sorry-ass-last-name-is and whence we arrive:

  118. Without missing a beat? For real? Bought to every Mission? What Missions? DM wiped them out! The Church is HALLUCINATORY on the grade chart! DM, The staff should have laptops and IPHONES and IPADS!
    Notice how many times this ads says “volunteeres” and “Human Rights” in this ad? They think they are high tech! FOR REAL!

  119. I WAS THERE. THERE, are no volunteers! Human rights are NON EXISTENT! Borders Book Store just went out of business because people are reading books on Kindle! You are going to bring Scientology to the world via paper? Spiritual Freedom via a printing house? Are you FOR REAL? Do you have any idea why others are selling out their printing houses so cheap? “hardwired into USPS?” Nobody does business via USPS anymore! Why do you think the U.S. Government offloaded it into the private sector? They promote it like a win!

  120. Tom Gallagher

    My last sentence should read: “Here is a video……………

  121. Tom Gallagher

    The corruption is so deep. And it will blow up in well deserved faces.

    Do you know that the members of the U. S. House of Representatives receive their annual salary FOR LIFE after only ONE term (2 years) in office? And, it’s adjusted for the inflation they created? Annual salaries are something like over $160,000 per year……………

    They also have something they voted for themselves, so called “campaign” contributions, that in any other circumstance are rightfully called BRIBES.

    Straight up cash.

    Yeah, let’s occupy Hemet and all of the other paid off crypts.

    I’m done with this crap.

  122. Tom Gallagher

    Maybe it’s us, those uncompromising stalwarts of freedom, who will stare this crazed beast down.

    I look forward to the response from this overtly corrupt Department of (In)justice to the petition that they, themselves, invited.

    The people have spoken.

    Lock up the criminals or you yourselves are such.

  123. Michael Fairman

    Just beautiful. So simple and so meaningful. This young man’s spirit infuses John Lennon’s glorious lyrics. The theta of two artists. Wow! and awesome.
    Thanks Scott for posting this.

  124. Thank you Scott. Kindness. Understanding. Compassion. Humanity. That is the therapy we need on this planet. This video says it all. I put it on my FB.

  125. Tom Gallagher


  126. Here is what I found on the Internet dating from 9 days ago ??? may have been there for longer.

  127. Helping others makes him go beserk while destruction in the name of help is his favorite pasttime.

  128. DHS not making a human rights event with Cof$???? I guess they are too busy groping grandma at the airport, putting their goons on the highways of Tennessee of late to harrass those traveling by car, and working with the NFL to see to it that the NFL fondles the huevos of anyone wanting to attent a football game live.

    DM might be a world class asteroid orifice, but, compared to big sis Janet he is small potatos.


  129. Theo Sismanides

    Karen you are soooo close to anything that happens around! Hehehe, talking about some extended theta antennas here or i could call it permeating space, hahaha…. it would be so nice to work with you… let me know if there are things i could be doing for you…. I guess you can use some communicators! lol

  130. Theo Sismanides

    Thanks bozz, we are going to continue. The Petition was just a test and yes we CAN include people and mobilize them. That test has been passed!

  131. Theo Sismanides

    Hehehe, LO right on! The petition was just a test as I will be saying many times. Yes, the Internet a great tool. And FB. Guys get on groups on FB. It’s so interactive there we just can’t miss. We are in communication again. Now is the time for many great people here to each take their own specialty and start things. We are gonna have surprises as 2012 is closing in!

  132. Valkov,
    That was an interesting comment.
    And the whole thing is bundled all up around the subject of help. That’s what gives it the “stickiness”.

  133. Update on petitions signed as of Sunday AM, October 23rd,
    as of signature #5,593

    The top ten states:
    1. 860 California
    2. 334 Florida
    3. 279 Texas
    4. 236 New York
    5. 167 Washington
    6. 143 Illinois
    7. 108 Oregon
    8. 105 Ohio,
    9. 104 Massachusetts, Pennsylvania
    10. 94 Arizona

    Next in line:
    11. 90 New Jersey
    12. 87 Georgia, Virginia
    13. 79 Michigan
    14. 78 Minnesota, North Carolina
    15. 71 Missouri
    16. 64 Tennessee
    17. 63 Colorado
    18. 59 Maryland
    19. 56 Indiana
    20. 49 Nevada

    Next in line:
    21. 46 Louisiana, Utah
    22. 44 Kansas
    23. 41 Connecticut
    24. 39 Kentucky
    25. 36 Wisconsin
    26. 30 Alabama, New Mexico
    27. 29 Iowa
    28. 28 Hawaii
    29. 27 South Carolina
    30. 25 New Hampshire

    signing with no location indicated.

    1,419 no location indicated (still takes the overall lead in numbers)

    for those not in the U.S.

    131 from outside the U.S. or didn’t recognize city, no state indicated

  134. Great video!
    The Obama administration is like the Bush administration puppet of the banksters but it does matter in which way they fight, for or gainst them. Bush pushed the war bill into the trillion and Obama brings home the troops. Bush foreclosed a million homes a year and Obama started small homeloans. Bush send unemployment to 20% and Obama took it back to 9%. Bush invaded oil countries and Obama spends billions on clean energy.

  135. TroubleShooter

    Marty didn’t say he “needed some airfare money” as you put it. What he said is that if the airfare was covered he’d be available and willing to fly in to others’ locations to talk in person to their legislators about Scn abuses etc. Even that is a paraphrase but much closer to the actual point he made than the one you wrote. Maybe it was an oversight on your part to put it in the way you did – was it that “Simple”?

  136. Oh, my bad, false report. Thanks for the update. I thought he might have been pissed off at the treason. How accomodating..

  137. And through the ad chanting “VOLUNTEERS” and “HUMAN RIGHTS” like an implant command.

  138. He might not know. Members of c of m aren’t allowed to look on line…

  139. Awesome Awesome for you both & your PC/PreOTs even better!
    Hoodwinked no more!

  140. Beautiful that Homeland Security pulled out! Almost another victim of Scientology’s duping-tek. It’s old tek for C of S. And I love it because they will never win using their PR/OSA/Duping-tek. They “win” tiny bits dishonestly and promote it heavily to feed the cult-frenzy to create an illusion for some…for awhile…and yet the orgs stay empty and it just keeps cycling like that…and shrinking. Been going on for years. It’s perfect, really, and is a huge help to their own demise. By definition of policy they cannot change! LOL. Moar OSA, moar!!

  141. It’s the 2 1/2 % doing their thing. They survive by riding on the constructive activity of others, while they spread poison. In the case of corporate institutional psychiatry, quite literally.

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