Miscavige Acknowledges South Park Dark Ops

In all fairness to Corporate Scientology and its head David Miscavige,  I am linking  their response to the last two day’s world wide coverage about the operations the latter directed against South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone.  Tony Ortega at the Village Voice analyzes that response in his inimitable, laser-sharp style here and accurately concludes Miscavige has as much as admitted it, Village Voice on South Park.

Leave it to Miscavige to whip out the footnuke launcher at every slightest provocation.


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  1. Tom Gallagher

    Brief update:


    Have a nice day, POB.

  2. Martin Padfield

    Oh dear Karin, I sense the pen hovering over the RPF assignment issue as we speak. Maybe you can twin up with Screechy D and do some RIDIDI drills on how to operate without ruining COB’s case.

  3. John in Austin

    Wow, this whole series–and this blog…and the ongoing, heroic efforts by so many Independent Scientologists–is one of the most inspiring things going on in the world right now!

    You fine people are taking actions on a daily basis on two important fronts:

    1) You’re actively exposing the crimes, misconducts and sociopathic actions of the Cult of Scientology and attempting to CHANGE the fact that they get away with felonies, civil rights violations and slander on a regular (often daily!) basis!

    2) You’re actively working to do something arguably even more important…and that is to continue to CHANGE and grow and transform yourselves through the application of Independent Scientology.

    As I’ve mentioned more than once in my previous posts, the most encouraging fact should be that you have legions and legions and legions of outsiders, bystanders, well-wishers and the like on your side. Meanwhile, DM and the Cult-niks have exactly ZERO people outside the Church rooting for them who isn’t on their direct or indirect payroll!

    Keep up the good work!

    Big Love,

    John in Austin

  4. Thanks to the courage of the many “whistle blowers”, the world is getting a real understanding of “radical Scientology”. Due to the information control
    enforced on the members of the cult itself, they will be amongst the last to understand what they are supporting.

    Truth is to radical Scientology what water was to the Wicked Witch of the West in “The Wizard Of Oz”. Lots of screams and shrinking……

  5. Izhar Perlman - Lisbon

    Thank you DM for your help in actually digging your own grave

  6. Spokesperson extrodinaire Karen reminds me of Grandpappy Amos, gimping around the house in his bib overalls complaining and mumbling about those “dad-blamed disgruntled apostates” while the family dog takes cover for fear of being kicked.

  7. Well, I suspect Karin Pouw will be joining Tommy Davis soon. Must be damn near impossible to spin so many falsehoods and not have them contradict each other.
    The following link (if it works) reminds me of DM’s PR campaigns.


  8. RIDIDI = Read it Drill it Do it?

  9. Oh what a tangle web we weave…. It was difficult for Tommy Davis to keep his lies straight, and Karen Pouw inherits the condition he was in.

  10. Church PRs would be wise to simply keep their mouths shut, since everything they are accused of is 100% true. At most they should say, “No comment.” Otherwise it should strictly be radio silence. Of course, that does not play into DM’s plans for LRH, the church and the subject itself, so we will continue to hear out-PR statements from church PRs. Karin Pouw’s statement to Tony might play at a Gold staff muster but nowhere else.

  11. Tom Gallagher


    Wile E. Coyote has graciously offered up his impersonation of POB, the super genius:

  12. And while we are on the subject, here is an interesting article from Huffington Post about the similarities in speech among psychopaths:

  13. Wow, that’s a damn good article.

  14. David, that is so true…the lies have lies. No way anybody can keep them straight. This is a problem when you “disappear” your top lie teller and break out a new one – they can’t keep track of who said what when or why.

  15. Li'll bit of stuff

    Hey John,

    Very theta, very succinct and very indicative of the convergence we now share , i.e., A great assembly is underway , a vast gathering of disaffected scientologists, have been arriving right here on Marty’s rather modest blog, inexorably with one single aim ; TO RESTORE THE ORIGINAL PURPOSES OF THE FOUNDER LRH ;WHICH DOES INCLUDE MOVING UP THE BRIDGE BY TRAINING AUDITORS, WHO CAN GET THE JOB DONE {ridding the planet’s inhabitants of insanity – by definition , this would HAVE to include the aberrant “Church of Miscavology” I am in awe and admiration of brave and unbowed Marty Rathbun and his resolute kinsman who are showing just how it’s done.in the face of extreme adversity . Marty, you are a hero to many of the above gathering. LRH would be proud of what YOU in particular, are doing in attempting to straighten out this COS*#@F’n mess.So, “THIS IS THE SESSION” And yes you Shall have ‘back up’.

    much luv, Li’ll bit

  16. Question With Boldness

    I believe this is the same Karin Pouw that commented in the Denver Post on 01/04/2011 regarding the Denver Ideal Org. She stated that there was 9,200 parishioner’s in Denver. Also, that the Denver org had outgrown it’s current space, which was a blatant LIE. There is at BEST 200 public and most of those are not active.And may read this “minor” blog.

    By the way, that new Ideal Org that was purchased for those “9200 parishioner’s has not been opened. The Denver public are still being hammered on to donate for the renovations. I guess the 9, 200 parishioners do not care if their current building is tooo small and cramped.

    And the BS keeps coming if not from Tommy then Karin.

  17. There must have been at least a hundred Bad PR news and blog mentions totally generated by POB, royal Footnuker and his OSA flying monkeys in the past few days.

    Other than ad hom attacks on the usual M&M, POB “good PR” is just Mest and smoke & mirror apparancies such as the Idle Orgs! Perhaps he has to toss in a bone every now and then to the KA drinkers and POBF (F for faithful) consisting of 82,000 square feet, $10 Million donos cost, 150 temp staff etc. Promoting “stress” test is a big joke in this local TV news:

    That is a lot of space to keep warm in Minnesota for the upcoming winter!

  18. I’ve never heard the term “footnuke” before but it’s a dead on description of what is happening at Co$, all that can be said now is that DM may legitimately clinically insane. He could use a good psychiatrist.

  19. Todays online-issue of Der Spiegel reports about the Southpark-issue and links straight to the article on this blog.

  20. Martin Padfield

    Yes, sorry.

  21. Sinar, Thanks for the post.

    I could easily fill that space with meditation students.
    May all beings be well and happy!

  22. Dears Friends

    Sorry if I don’t post on the Subject.
    But there’s on thing I have to say :

    ……………………..LIFE IS SO BEAUTIFUL AS AN INDIE………………………………

    I can apply Scientology Tech without any reservations and stops to my LIFE and in very short time I’ll have catched up all the losses of 30 years and more and will be there where I always wanted to be and even more, Things I never dared to dream of.
    Moving up on higher towards OT with every new day. My god where will it stop ? If it ever will !
    I only had some few hours of Auditing by Marty, but my case was handled then and since then surprise after surprise in my LIFE !
    All of you are of great help for my recovering, your constant confronting of the EVIL is of great help for me to be able to confront it too. Sometimes very hard but at the end with a win.
    Continue in expanding and soon we’ll have catched up 30 years of frustrations and losses. We can do it very fast.
    Remember the pol. OT ORGS, just poor the coal onto the purpose !
    Thanks to Marty and Mike and all of you !
    Yeah, what was the subject we were discussing ? Ooh, in some days or weeks i’ll probably have some good news re. our discussions 🙂 🙂 🙂

  23. Matt and Trey, PLEASE, PLEASE write an episode where the boys find SCN PI’s are going through John Stamos’ trash!!!!

  24. Li'll bit of stuff


    Any guess as to how long it will be before Tommy Davis throws in the towel and winds up at Marty’s door, imploring him to help with with DE-COMPRESSION ?? much luv, Li’ll bit

  25. Impartial English Girl

    Oh dear, Karin. Do you think she realised that if she sent that guff to the press they’d print it?! If anyone sent out a press statement like that from the company I worked for, they’d be out the door so fast that their feet wouldn’t touch the ground. Anyone care to wager how long it’ll be before she’s rattling chains in the bunker with Tommy Davies?

    Actually – I feel a bit sorry for Tommy D – not sure why I think this, but I get the impression that he’s not an wholly and irredeemably bad person… Happy to be proved right or wrong either way though.

    BTW – here is a rum old state of affairs: I have been using the internet since around 1997 with NO problems and now, only a mere, few days after I signed up to the online petition, my email account has been extensively and viciously hacked. Am I being paranoid or has this sort of thing happened to anyone else.

    Fight the Good Fight with all thy might – and keep smiling!

    IEG xx

  26. Posey

    He could use some “standard Scientology”, but guess what… he has altered that to the point where it is unworkable under his close interference, and he wouldn’t trust anyone to audit him because he knows exactly what someone could do with the stuff he would come up with in session, because he has done it himself many times to others. Besides which, he undoubtedly figures that he is “above the need for auditing”, It is typical sociopath (SP) think. And then there is his David Miscavige Tech….Copper Grounding Rods.. Which you will notice he doesn’t seem to share with anybody. He wants that one all for himself. Well, he is welcome to it. Seems to be working out very well for him. (not).

    Eric S

  27. A big problem he may have with auditing, is after you finish a level of processing, one is asked, “Would you want someone to have the gains you now have?”. What are the chances of him being able to honestly say “yes”? um…. ZERO…. Ain’t gonna happen.

    Eric S

  28. Li'll bit of stuff

    Thanks for cracking me up. What a laugh. Will get this “rocket launch failure” image each time I see one of POB’s new PR campaigns.More hilarious material for South Park ?

    much luv,
    Li’ll bit

  29. Marty

    You made it into the Spiegelonline in Germany with a link to your blog:

    It’s the first German newspaper toput a link onto your blog ! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  30. Li'll bit of stuff

    Greetings WW

    Thanks for the E/O viewpoint ,including the snippet on… Copper Grounding Rods…{ LRH would crack up with this one !! } FZZZT !
    KAPOW !

    Much luv, Li’ll bit

  31. LO — This is a beautiful comment! We stand with you, hand in hand. L, Rachel

  32. IEG — I’ve had no trouble with email since signing the petition. L, Rachel #107

  33. Tommy Davis is most famous for his LYING statement “There is no disconnection.”
    Do they not see that “Church” spin and lies is transparent, disagreeably and unsavory.?
    Note how Karin Pouw calls this site “a small time blog”.
    Go to Alexa.com here

    in the blue bar below type in “Scientology.org” where it says COMPARE.
    This gives you comparison STATS.

    The “Church” cross links all their sites so as to give a higher value and all their sites combined give less visitors to their sites that Marty’s blog.
    Note that their sites are lavishly financed with special effects and Marty’s blog is out of his home with no advanced programmers, no graphics and no sound effects
    BUT has more reach and more hits than C of $.
    Once again Church spin and poor language reveals LIES and misrepresentation.
    The Church’s Keynote is ATTACK.
    The Church’s main action is EXTRACT your $$$$$ at all costs.
    The Church’s main trait in communication is LIES and SPIN.

  34. What I’m dying to hear is, “I refuse to answer on the grounds that it might incriminate me.”

  35. Hey Karin (affectionately known to my ex husband as ‘KP’)
    I’m surprised you didn’t already wind up in the hole for your failed mission to get my husband to disconnect and spy on me.
    Is this your amends project?
    Where’s Tommy? 😀

  36. Interesting that Tommy is not only MIA, Ann Archer was not present at the IAS event and diid not host the annual charity concert as has been tradition…

  37. Oh come on, the RPF is not that bad, Tommy Davis said it himself. Just a little rest and relaxation. Some stressed SO members even ask for it. Well, I can only hope it has changed into what Tommy described, considering he is probably on it. He wouldn’t lie, would he?

  38. +1 with Rachel

  39. Forces abortions
    Forces disassociation of children from their own parents
    Forces disassociation from society
    Forces labor
    Forces child labor
    Forces medieval punishments
    Forces illegal activities
    Forces personal harassment
    Forces money for zero exchange.

    Force enslaves.
    True power empowers, and thus frees.

    Philosophy, the birthplace of Scientology, is based on aesthetics and reason. Sadly, Scientology has become a religion based on force, a brutality, in short, not a church at all. A true church provides love and sanctuary, promotes families, promotes spiritual peace and well-being. The “Church of Scientology” deceives, entraps, and imprisons, promoting hostility and disassociation, all based on force and the most vile lies. “Your eternity is on the line” is the device which most holds people to the Co$. It has a copyright and trademark monopoly it seeks to impose on the philosophy and practice. (I think that Scn like medicine should be freely available to benefit mankind. No workable therapy I know of has a trademark on its practice which forces practitioners to pay royalties. To unravel what has actually happened legally, I believe it’s necessary to go back to the Mayo v. Scn legal case, and find out what happened, what was ruled.)

  40. Hmmmm…… verrrrry interesting!!!!!!!!

  41. Dear QWB,
    As far as Karin’s 9200 number goes. That would be the Denver orgs total Central files number. The total of files(one for each person who EVER bought anything from the church or bought a book and lived in the vacinity and had mailed in a more info card) this would be about the right number for those with current addresses. The total number who had ever done any course or auditing would be more like 1500.A good number of those names are people who live out of state Apparently Karin’s definition of a member of the church = anyone who ever bought something and is still on the mailing list.
    So the number of 200 or so who might attend events or occasionally stop in is probably pretty accurate. Those with current IAS memberships (required to do services) is probably not much higher. The building the church has been in since the early 90’s could handle something like five times the number of people it currently has doing services or more. So not really any good reason to get a much larger building especially since the 9200 number was at 6200 in 1976.(I know because I kept it).
    The largest event ever held by the church in Denver was held back in the mid 70’s with approx 500 attendees. Events thru the 80’s and 90’s were more in the 250 to 300 range.
    This is given to give some real nunbers on “members” as compared to the Cof M inflated “members”. I was in Denver during these times and my numbers are pretty good.

  42. Of note: The former ED Denver , Deanne McDonald,OT VIII, Grad V,HPCSC,OEC/FEBC,LRH passed hard TRs . did arrange the purchase and renovation of the current bldg so as to permit the org to grow to St Hill size. She did this with local org funds(not bldg donations) without any assistance from upper management and it was easily handled with standard financial planning without strain. She most likely would have expanded the org to St Hill size if it wasn’t for Miscavages GAT ,other RTC programs and his other alterations of tech and policy.

  43. Disaffection?


    Are mother & son finally seeing the same Caligula-like meltdown and conflagration?

    If so, it’s about time. And long overdo. DM’s praetorian guard is ready to exact its revenge.

    This is what happens to sociopaths like DM.

    It goes quick.

  44. Robert Almblad

    Forgot to mention it’s the same/similar story, but see comment by Robert…

  45. Tom Gallagher

    At the end.

  46. A striking feature of Karin Pouw was her profile picture. I have never met her but that beingness/valence is EVERYWHERE at Flag. All these middle age women that talk, act, dress, and behave nearly identical.
    No emotion. No feeling. Dead inside yet…. “spiritually enlightened”

    Looking at her profile- she looks like an accountant that is having a bad hair day and a miserable life. Its almost as if you can see the enforced valence. She is wearing it like a jacket.

    Truly sad-

    Joseph Campbell once wrote, “If you truly want to live, the question, ‘What will they think of me?’ must never be asked.”

    The SO lives and breathes and survives on that question. Both in their internal and external relationships.

    The purpose of spirituality is to set man free from men.

    The purpose of corporate Scientology is to enslave men to men. For someone that railed against communism like LRH- its interesting to note how the SO reflects some of the basic tenets of communism that Marx postulated.

    The most ethical group on the Planet. {Sigh}

  47. Being a former Denverite, I can attest to the data you are giving. The only thing I disagree with is Deanne needed to get her act together with the field in order to have really expanded.
    The size they are going for now is simply a place big enough to play football in.

  48. Gary Morehead. Aka Jackson

    Hello my dear Karen,,

    I know you know this already but the obvious and simple difference between CSI sites and Marty’s……. TRUTH!

    You read CSI sites and they are REDUNDANTLY BORING!! It is obvious the CSI webmasters.

    Sure, I have creative ability myself to create a web site promoting and glorifying all that could be about Ducati motorcycles but… Tiziano would laugh his ass off at me because HE KNOWS all about them and would be the first to bitch slap me back into reality about my “creative” attempt at generating a site meant to fulfill hungry palates in search of all there is to know about Ducati’s.

    I know nothing about them except their sexy looking, fulfill testosterone driven mid-life crisis urges and sound beautiful!

    CSI sites provide not one piece of believable truth about its own self. Besides, when trying to navigate through just one of the sites they are cross linked so badly it comes off as self centered and psychoticly compulsive. All you want to do is exit out.

    Marty’s is simple, like the Base OOD’s we used to get. Informative, to the point and you ALWAYS looked forward to seeing them in your basket.

    If important communication had to be delivered broadly, you were sure that by the use of the OOD’s you’d get your message out and there’d be a response or understanding received by all who read them. They were simple and to the point!

    Karen, before I let go of my 2 cents worth of a comment here you leave me wondering… How many keyboards have you gone through? If its just 1 then I want the brand name so I can get one! With all that you do here for us all, you’d have to be tearin one up a week!

    In fact, I think a more appropriate ID for you to post under should be ” .50 Cal Karen” !

    Love to you K and love to all who visit here daily with me!!

    – Jackson

  49. I hate to state the obvious, but the church’s public persona, as put forth by their spokespeople, their videos, their blogs and web sites, “Freedom” magazine, is carping, critical, and snarky. I seem to remember a certain phenomenon that happens when withholds are missed – why, yes! That would be carping, critical, and snarky!

    I have been involved in Scientology since I was a child of 9, earlier, really, since I tagged along with my parents to go to events and was good friends with the kids of the mission holders of our mission. I don’t know these people – Karin Pouw, Tommy Davis, Grant Cardone – and by that I mean, I don’t recognize them as Scientologists. I just don’t. What kind of idiot would say that we believe Jesus was a figment of our imagination? I don’t believe that – I understand the context. Just because some people use religious images to control people does not mean that religion or Godly people are figments of the imagination. In fact, quite the opposite.

    When you look at the intense and virtually absolute sense of lying that these people do, and then compare that against the Axioms and the other basic tenets of Scientology — exactly what do these people exactly have to do with Scientology? Nothing.

    These fakers have got to go.

  50. Tory Christman

    You all know I’ve said “Tick Tock, Tick Tock…Time is on OUR side”
    The more backed into a corner Davey gets—the worse he’s going to
    get—and that has REALLY been true lately.
    I don’t think the end is near, yet…but the Bridge to Total disaster
    (For those supporting Davey boy and his abuses) is built, and rolling.!

  51. Li'll bit of stuff

    Carcha, {Forces …}

    You’ve just gone and told it like it is. The whole world,, including its media should read this, VWD so ….SPOTLIGHTS PLEASE…….

    much luv,
    Li’ll bit

  52. “the small time blog”……. thats picked up by major media around the world


  53. Marty,
    After reading the Village Voice article, I did some research and found the following quotation by LRH.

    ” THE ONLY WAY YOU CAN CONTROL PEOPLE IS TO LIE TO THEM. You can write that down in your book in great big letters. The only way you can control anybody is to lie to them. … He’s got to tell you lies in order to continue control, because the second you start telling anybody close to the truth, you start releasing him and he gets tougher and tougher to control. So, you can’t control somebody without telling them a bunch of lies.

    -L. Ron Hubbard, Technique 88 [offsite], “On Control and Lying”

    1. How does this fit into Public Relations and the South Park issue?
    2. Where else does it apply?
    3. “close to the truth, you start releasing him”? What is this?

    May all beings be well and happy!

  54. Ouch!!! Remind me to always make SURE my hair is OK when we meet again 🙂 But you reminded me of the old days in the GO when ALL women were mini-Jane Kembers. (Guardian World Wide – who subsequently was removed after the raid).

    All GO women executives had the same hair cut and all had CLAW like long fingernails. All dressed the same. Scary Cruella types 🙂 – I was shocked when I met Jane in 1979 at Saint Hill having been sent on Mission to “handle” her for Flag. I then knew WHY all GO women looked so frightening. The long nails were amazing.

    You have such a wonderfully simply way of expressing the truth. The purpose of spirituality is to set man free from men and I would add, from himself. His egoic self.

    The sad thing in how few people are authentic, not just in and out of corporate scientology but in the world. Although, it appears that much is being torn down within and without, which is the very best beginning to freedom.


  55. Hi George – Hope you don’t mind my jumping in here.

    This is an interesting quote, and is used by LRH detractors to prove that Ron was condoning lying to control. This is of course not true – he was pointing out a mechanism certain people use to control other people. “Control” is the word here, and in this sense, this is negative control, obviously. Positive control is covered very well by Ron in 1957 – the CCH period. There is nothing wrong with controlling another positively – think of guiding or teaching a child, for example, or dancing. But there is everything wrong with negative control.

    How it relates to the South Park issue and PR? What the church did with the South Park issue is not LRH. The reaction to South Park was a rote following of some of what LRH wrote about anti-Scientology detractors. The faulty equation is “Anti-Scientology = Criminal”. That is not true, especially now that DM has given lots of people reasons to despise the church and its practices. I can argue that back in 1966, there was no reason to ban Scientology in Australia and the UK, and there were no valid reasons for the raids in 1956 and 1963. Scientology was different, but there were no forced abortions, no “Hole”, no RPF, none of the things that people have legitimate beefs about now. So to follow policy written then about what is happening now is, frankly, stupid. Policy is meant to be adaptable to changing conditions, and in all cases is meant to forward the purposes of the group. It is clear that blanket condemnation of all detractors in a snarky, condescending tone is NOT effective PR, and that blindly considering all detractors criminals is NOT effective policy, and only serves to make the church even more ridiculous.

    Where else does it apply? Well, this is negative control, a mechanism explained and not endorsed by LRH. It applies in North Korea, in dictatorships worldwide. It applied in the USSR, and in East Germany, and in Nazi Germany. Think propaganda. Think of the BS North Korea tells her people. It also applies in DM’s organization.

    “Close to truth, you start releasing him” – Look what is happening and has happened: Glasnost in Russia killed the USSR. Dictatorships are falling in the mid-East. Scientologists are becoming independent of the lying bastard.

    The way to help people get better is to have them review their lives and existences and find the truth. Auditing is about finding the truth. When you find the truth about an engram, say, you thoroughly view it, and it as-is’es. In other words, you fully duplicate it, and it vanishes, never to return. When a PC has a cognition in session, he or she discovered the truth about something, and it unties – the PC is released from it.

    That quote, which has been used to prove how rotten LRH is, rather explains what we are up against, and how to deal with it. It is ironic that the very quote used by some to prove how bad Scientology is really shows how good it is.

  56. Well is the statement true or false ?

    It is true.

    It does not judge, it is an observation.

    Do dictators lie ? obviously

  57. Perfect place. Tory I am hopping on your comment.

    Please DISSEMINATE: updated press release


    Public Calls for Official Inquiry into the Federal Government’s
    Investigation of the Church of Scientology

    This week, critics of the Church of Scientology were successful in meeting the October 24th deadline for garnering enough signatures to prompt official action by the federal government with regard to their concerns. As part of a new White House on-line initiative known as the “We the People” platform, petitions which meet certain requirements and achieve a signature goal within 30 days will be officially reviewed by White House staff and forwarded to policy experts. The Obama Administration has pledged to act upon successful petitions in a timely fashion, including the issuance of an official response.

    By the close of the deadline, the petition had exceeded its required goal of 5,000 signatures by an over 650 additional endorsements. Petitioners are calling for an official government inquiry into the failure of federal law enforcement to pursue investigations of criminal activities allegedly perpetrated by the Church of Scientology. The petition makes reference to evidence currently in the possession of the FBI and IRS with regard to civil rights violations committed by the Church and other fraudulent activities, and requests that a Special Prosecutor be appointed to examine why vigorous investigation of these alleged crimes has been halted. The types of allegations levied against the Church, if substantiated, would prohibit the classification of the Church as a non-profit organization and provide criminal and civil cause of action against its high-level executives.

    The petition was spearheaded by Graham Berry, a California-based attorney who has served as counsel for a number of former Church members who have pursued cases involving Scientology. In recent years, an ever-increasing number of serious allegations have been leveled against the Church by former members and former top executive leaders who have left the organization, including charges of human trafficking, coerced abortions and civil rights violations.

    Supporters of the current petition claim that existing evidence of criminal activities by the Church of Scientology meets federal RICO statutes, substantiating claims of racketeering and corruption at the highest levels of the Church. The petition also calls for inquiry into possible undue favor and influence exerted by lawyers of top church official, David Miscavige, in preventing these investigations from moving forward.

    Supporters of the petition continue to encourage the public to voice their support by additing their signatures to the official petition for as long as it remains open at the White House website (directly at: http://wh.gov/4Os).

    Those interested in additional information are urged to visit one of the websites provided in the accompanying information and references.

    # # #

    If you would like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with one of the drafters of the petition, anonymous recommends contacting Attorney Graham E. Berry. 310/745/3771

  58. Robert Almblad

    My Google search shows 117 separate news articles on South Park in the last couple days… it sure went viral .. timing is everything….great timing Marty. You got ’em right where you want them.

    Here’s VV new post 50 min ago:

  59. Pingback: South Park: OSA Operative’s Role Confirmed | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  60. GH — You have displayed a far greater understanding of control than the words of the LRH quote and explained it very well in this comment. In fact, the quote itself could be considered out-of-context and open to misunderstanding because there is a wealth of contextual information which helps it make sense. Thank you!! L, Rachel

  61. Impartial English Girl

    Thanks Rachel – I appreciate your reply.

    IEG xx

  62. GH,
    Thank you taking the time to explain this. I see your points.
    Actually, I agree that DM is “off his rocker”. He probably mis-interprets this and other policy.
    Much loving-kindness,

  63. Li'll bit of stuff


    The collective theta energy crackling thru’ your blog leading up to the present, MUST be palpable far and wide. To all who post here; { paraphrasing Michael Jackson } “CAN YOU FEEL IT ? CAN YOU FEEL IT ? CAN YOU FEEL IT ?” { Just too bad.YOU CAN’T ..can you Davey Boy ? …It’s way ABOVE your acceptance level ………. Never mind,nothing a Really H-E-A-V-Y MOTIVATOR won’t fix !!!

    much luv, Li’ll bit

  64. Thanks, Rachel. I had the good fortune of getting trained at some awesome places: ASHO D for my levels, and ASHO F for the BC. My initial training was at an awesome mission in New Jersey.

  65. Mayber he’s in it now. I haven’t seen him lately.

  66. “The faulty equation is “Anti-Scientology = Criminal”. That is not true, especially now that DM has given lots of people reasons to despise the church and its practices. I can argue that back in 1966, there was no reason to ban Scientology in Australia and the UK, and there were no valid reasons for the raids in 1956 and 1963. Scientology was different, but there were no forced abortions, no “Hole”, no RPF, none of the things that people have legitimate beefs about now. So to follow policy written then about what is happening now is, frankly, stupid. Policy is meant to be adaptable to changing conditions, and in all cases is meant to forward the purposes of the group. It is clear that blanket condemnation of all detractors in a snarky, condescending tone is NOT effective PR, and that blindly considering all detractors criminals is NOT effective policy, and only serves to make the church even more ridiculous.”

    This is what I call “the outpoint of incorrect historical context”, when someone acts or evaluates a situation as if the circumstances of another time apply.

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