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After two days in the edit bay Miscavige had the OSA baby blue shock squad post a version of his take of the incident at my home on Monday.   I commented on the link to it someone posted on this blog, words to the effect that I would go to court with his version – but I’ll also get all the footage from all four of his cameras before trial.  Within minutes the “church” took their video edit down.  But not before some members of Anonymous mirrored it and spread it far and wide. 

Editor in Chief of the Village Voice Tony Ortega reported on the entire affair today, http://blogs.villagevoice.com/runninscared/2011/04/when_scientolog.php#comments

UPDATE: Since been picked up by the Dail Mail in London: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1379274/Scientologist-Squirrel-busters-stalk-church-defector.html

While I suggest you read the entire story at the the link provided, and yes, please see the church’s edited version of affairs while you are at it, here is Mr. Ortega’s take on the church’s edit (that they broadcast and tried to squeeze back into the tube too late):

Three observations…

1. The Scientologists preface their video with a scene of Rathbun jawboning with employees at the Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater, Florida, a Scientology headquarters. The point here is to suggest that if Rathbun can show up and demand information at the doorstep of a major Scientology installation, then Scientology is in its rights to do the same to him. But that hardly explains why a church would send a goon squad to intimidate a former member at his home as a way to disrupt his private religious practices.

2. The video is consistent with what Rathbun had told me earlier. When Allender gives his name, you can see a look of recognition wash over Rathbun’s face. It dawns on him that Allender has traveled all the way from California to disrupt Rathbun’s auditing of Lori Hodgson, who had told him that Allender, while still in San Jose, had intimidated her about leaving Scientology. Enraged, Rathbun then pulls the microphone from Allender’s hand.

3. To me, the creepiest part of this video comes near the beginning, and is not seen or heard on Rathbun’s version. You hear Allender telling Rathbun that the reason the group is there is to check his equipment. It’s a taunt, meant to rattle Rathbun about the fact that he is not allowed by official Scientology rules to deliver Scientology auditing using Scientology equipment (an e-meter) outside of the purview of the “church.”

To understand how chilling that is, let me give you an analogy. Imagine that Rathbun had been a high-level member of a Baptist organization who has left over a doctrinal dispute. And say that individual Baptists who share his views also shun the organization and instead join him at his house to hold Bible study or prayer.

Can you imagine the spurned Baptist organization sending a goon squad of four camera-wielding men taunting Rathbun that he shouldn’t be holding Bible study without first making sure his “equipment” — his Bible, say — had been checked out and approved by the goons?

The mind boggles, doesn’t it?
Tony Ortega is the editor-in-chief of The Village Voice.

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  1. Tory Christman

    Tony Ortega is the best! He’s spoken out about the abuses of C of $ for many years prior to most. I congratulated him some years ago at a party, giving him an award for courage in Journalism. He has continued to make all of us proud, and I thank him for being such an excellent writer, and now Editor in Chief for the Village Voice. Last paragraph is the best! My love, Tory/Magoo

  2. While I have enjoyed the ridiculous antics of the CofS as run by DM trying to intimidate Marty Rathbun and Lori, I would like to return to the excellent discussion and articles on the King of Squirrels. I realize this may be an unpopular viewpoint but I feel that the CofS as run by Dm has been somewhat successful in distracting attention from the real issues, the ravaging of the technology of Scientology. The last few articles written by Marty have been some of the best ever and no wonder Dm is out of his mind. But let’s get back to it! That will drive him more crazy than ever. Who really cares about goons with strange hats?

  3. Barney Rubble

    I showed this video today to longtime partner I work with- a Muslim. She is very familar with Scn theories of LRH and actually agrees with many. She saw the video and was shocked and embarrassed for the “Church” by it all. Goes to show how a pretty normal person views this on the outside.

  4. Awesome, thank you to Tony Ortega. It is time the truth get out there. An Editor in chief showing what really happened vs. k of s version of what they want people to think. Well this is just another foot bullet. John you and your goons need a reality adjustment.

  5. Long after the Church has ZERO authority over one, the CULT seeks to dominate as if they still have some kind of LEGAL jurisdiction. It defies reality.

    ++++++Witness the gang of 7 sent to ambush Mike Rinder in that Parking lot.
    +++++Witness John Allendar and gang demanding pc folders and to “check his equipment.”
    ++++++Witness the kidnapping back of a Sea Org member in BLOW DRILL.
    +++++Witness the arrogance of pretending they are FEDERAL MARSHALLS with authority to take CUSTODY of a fleeing Sea Org member which they have done over and over for 2 decades and more, though more recently, Lawyers have advised the CULT to not lay hands or get physical with an attempted blow.

    Some 18 months ago, I had copied a confidential issue from the web. This is available across the boards with a simple Google search. It has populated here there and everywhere on the web. Sadly, by sheer accident, Alexander Jentzsch read it. Like a “good Scientologist” born in the shadows of BIG BLUE he reported me and turned me into Ethics of AOLA.
    There was was no way to explain that this issue was hardly confidential.
    The MAA at AOL Julian Schwartz went ballistic on the phone and DEMANDED full access to ALL my computers in my home.
    Yes, like the John Allander thugs, he pretended he had full rights to invade my home for search and seizure. When I asked for an LRH reference, he screamed he had the authority and threatened my Spiritual Eternity if I did not comply


  6. JohnInAustin

    Lately I’ve been thinking that Terry Gilliam’s surrealistic picture, “Brazil”, could be viewed as one man’s bizarro-land attempt to escape the clutches of the Church of Midget-ology!


    John in Austin

  7. Born in the USA

    Tony Ortega sees WHAT IS WRONG with that picture!

    The Corporation calling itself Scientology is abusing the US Constitution and Scientology itself. Those thugs who visited Marty Rathbun seem hypnotized. The fact that they would then — after this egregious travesty of peaceful American life — edit together that video, like they were PROUD of what they did, as though it didn’t completely demonstrate their questionable state of mind, is further pause to look into…WHAT is David Miscavige conditioning people to do in the name of a spiritual practice?

    Allender talks like a ROBOT.

  8. Thank you Tony Ortega. (are you the guy famous for saying “say hello to my little fren”?
    Seriously, nice article.
    Marty, I meant to mention when you posted the first video on Monday that I was impressed at your skills at getting that up on the Interwb so quickly. That was very well done and props on your expanding skills.

    After seeing the Church’s edit on the event, my initial eval of Allender was re-confirmed. i.e. He’s the poster-boy for douchebaggery.
    But I have to expand that out to include the whole rotten bunch behind this caper.

  9. Lucky Dilettante

    Well, I started in Scientology in 1973 and I remember some very strange stuff but this takes strange to a higher level. The technology has advanced to such a high level that we get these pictures over the internet so quickly. In addition, the intensity of the emotions coming out of the Church of Scientology borders on the insane. This agression is a new development. We had struggles in the old days for power or tech, but now we have high tech schock tactics with bitter vile from David Miscavige. The wealth of Scientology is also so obvious in the high quality camera which costs mega-bucks. This is like David versus Goliath and David is winning!
    The average American should be shocked and deeply question the tax exemption of the Church of Scientology at this point. Full investigation of Church practices under Miscavige and public scrutiny are also in order.
    In the 1970’s Scientology was a nice self help group with an easy going style and grace. Today it is a monolith like Goliath armed to the teeth and very stupid.
    In the end, David won the battle because of superior mobility and skill. What Marty has established in the Independent movement is here permanently. David Miscavige better get used to the fact that with the internet, the Independent movement is not going to die. The Church of Scientology was founded at a time when secrecy and withholding information were possible. Miscavige has taken the early writing of L Ron Hubbard and twisted them into his own ideas and technology leaving the old Church of helping people to one now of greed and personal recognition to one person – Miscavige himself. In addition, he has now placed the Church into an extremely vulnerable position as public sentiment has turned against organized “Miscavigeology”.
    Americans work things out with communication and reasoning.
    Obviously, Miscavige is not connected with America as such because a normal American would communicate with Marty and attempt to work things out. Thus Corporate Scientology needs to be examined to its deepest roots to see really where the loyalty is. Resources are now too scarce in America to be wasted on Miscavige.

    Thanks to the Village Voice for great and unbiased reporting. Good luck to Marty in his trial.

  10. Boy, Tony Ortega certainly got that analogy right!

    Hey, you dudes with the cap-cams, what are your own thoughts about freedom of religious expression? You not for it? You think it doesn’t matter much anymore? Think it’s not still worth a revolution to win one’s own religious independence?

    Still thinking? Good. Keep thinking about it. Then when you find out what you really believe about those issues, please come back.

    Just Me

  11. Clearwater Lawyer

    Exactly!! Ortega is not afraid to say it like it is!! He makes a great analogy in that last paragraph. That is what freedom of religion is all about. The church screams about protecting their religious freedom, yet they go to outrageous (and illegal) lengths to prevent Marty and others from exercising the same rights. I just commented about my similar shocked reaction at the end of the previous post.

  12. Pascal Dorion

    Great work. DM is closer to total unmock. VWD, even the wog world is helping us now. Ron is smiling.

  13. martyrathbun09

    Don’t worry RD, we always get back to the point; he’s just a) prolonging the discussion, and b) increasing the audience. Additionaly, I am not going to shy away when they strike. What Ortega is focusing on is as relevant to the purpose of what is going on here as can be. I’ve said it all along; and I’ll repeat it again – the struggle Ortega chronicle is the solution to all that the KoS is engaged in. To the degree we shy away from that – and become a clubby KoS critique club, he wins and we all lose.

  14. Tony Ortega pretty well sums it up there, doesn’t he.

    To parlay on it from one of Ron’s last works, The Way to Happiness, perhaps mankind-wise, his greatest work:

    18. Respect the religious beliefs of others.
    The way to happiness can be contentious when one fails to respect the religious beliefs of others.

    Ain’t that a lesson the little anti-social tyrant will never respect because he actually, truly hates L. Ron Hubbard and everything he represents. This is it in a nutshell (pun intended).

  15. The speed with which the Cult took down its batshit crazy attack video on Marty’s house was stunning. The speed of the Cult removing embarrassing material from the internet is in direct proportion to the size of the footbullet. Notable examples of other high speed Cult removal of its own material from the internet include:

    1999: Arnie Lerma posted his famous expose of the Cult photoshopping headless people into a PR photo of an event: http://www.lermanet.com/PhotoLIES2.htm – – According to Marc Headley, this was Karen Hollander’s attempt to pad stats by showing more people at an event than were actually there. The Cult backpedaled on this fraud and denied that its photoshopping headless people into a PR photo was anything deliberate.

    2006: CoS had a s webpage that praised Congressman Mark Foley and had a photo of him attending a party at Flag. Within minutes of the media exposing Mark Foley for inappropriate behavior with Congressional pages, CoS’ webpage on the now disgraced Congressman was removed.

    It is well worth Indies keeping a small video camera charged and ready at the front door to document OT Ambassadors and OSAbots who decide to drop by for whatever reason. Video always shows how crazy these people have become. I am frankly surprised that the Baby Blue Shock Squad were not wearing capes as do other superheroes!


  16. I got a kick out of Allender telling a former I/G Tech that he needs to have his folders checked. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!

    Can’t wait for the next move by DM, and the very FUBAR Blueman Group.

    I hope Lori got through her sessions okay.


  17. martyrathbun09

    She’s cookin’ like Betty Crocker.

  18. And the corporate Intimidators actually posted their POV video like it’s a *success*??

    Did you see that? As Marty walks past that hulky Intimidator brought for “crunch power” he casually brushes him aside with one swoop of his forearm, two feet back, like he was a dry leaf. Wow. Background sound of nasally voices babbling, “Sure, we’ll get out of here, Marty”

    And they’re sporting tee shirts with such a great picture of Marty, the most uptone thing about them! Their intent to denigrate Marty doesn’t work because his theta smile just shines! OMG.

    Most disturbing is the complete lack of awareness of what they are actually doing. It’s tragic but the relief from lies is just line charging.

  19. The squirrel cage rotisserie devise is burning its bearings. Ah!!!!!

    I love the smell of fresh-cooked, pan-fried tree rodent. Here’s to the independents:

  20. Watching Eyes

    Regarding the cult taking down the video as soon as Marty posted he’d use it in court: DM and his minions are responding exactly like all bullies do when someone smacks back. They retreat.

    Tony Ortega’s article and updates are great. OSA is working overtime posting insane comments trying to justify what the goons did. One of them even posted something about their right to “free assembly”. Mother of God! Since when does anyone have the right to “free assembly” on a private citizen’s porch? Hey, maybe that’s going to be their defense in court. If so, the judge will tear ’em up.

  21. My favorite quote:
    “Whatever the legal outcome, the visitation of Scientology’s intimidation squad is a sure sign of one thing: Rathbun must really be getting to Miscavige.”
    Yep. Rathbun, Rinder, Anonymous, Ortega, a veritable army of Indies and the many unknown enemies DM has made who are yet to surface.
    Want to know how many people are lurking in the shadows quietly DM? I could give you quite a list of names… but I won’t 😀
    Not to worry, I’m sure they will make themselves known once they realize that the main thing they have to fear is a gaggle of hillbilly nutters who look like they just walked out of a silly hat contest.
    Is anyone seriously fazed by this impotent wanna be dictator who is too cowardly to even speak up for himself?
    Come on! It’s like a rottweiler being afraid of fleas!
    DM is merely a parasite who desperately needs to suckle on the theta and lifeforce of LRH to survive and he knows it and this is why he is so desperate to hold on to his con game.
    Make no mistake, DM is very, very, very afraid… of YOU!!!

  22. Dave,
    You don’t get it, putz, this is OUR Scientology, not yours. Mr. Ortega gets it, you don’t.

    You are.

    P.S. Props to Mr. Ortega for using ‘boggles’ in the impassive. Somewhere a Ninth Grade English teacher is smiling. Dave, that’s the grade just after where you left off. It goes 7, 8, 9. You get that, right?

  23. Raindog.
    Do I get a vote? Well hell! I think we’re entitled to a little comedic relief from time to time 🙂

  24. Marty,

    Hat’s off!

    You’re playing psycho-boy for exactly what he is.

    The fish are bitin’.

  25. For any who may be new to this blog, just to clarify what Marty was doing at the front door of the Fort Harrison.

    My son, Benjamin, is a Sea Org member who works in the FH. The Church had been telling the media I had been refusing to see my son (i.e. I was so uncaring) even when he had been through a battle with cancer (I had not been informed of this until told by the media).

    Marty offered to accompany me while I went to ask to see him.

    The guard at the door of course instantly said Benjamin didnt want to see me (without even asking) and that I could not see him. Then the hired PI with spittle on his chin came out being Mr. Know-it-all.

    Not that Marty needs to explain anything about this as he did nothing wrong, but I feel obliged to make it known to those who may not have been reading the blog back then. Unlike the 4 tinfoil hat stooges he wasnt there to try to intimidate anyone. He accompanied me because he is my best friend, he knows Benjamin and he will do anything he can to assist families to be reunited.

    John Allender and Gang don’t qualify to apply to be pieces of shit on the bottom of Marty’s oldest workboots.

  26. TroubleShooter

    What WERE they THINKING! Oh yeah, they weren’t. In my decades of Scn experience I can say that I have no doubt whatsoever that no escapade like this would have ever, ever, ever, ever, EVER been executed without Cobb himself putting his rubber stamp on it if not dreaming it up and ordering it to be done.

    The goons videoed version shows the very unhealthily overweight gentleman confronting you with his stomach. And I agree with you Marty, the guy at the top of the stairs looked like he was positioning himself to provoke you into pushing him. Imagine being SOOOOO effect of a person that one would put himself in a position to be hurt quite badly just to make you look bad. Wow! Some quiet time and taking a walk or good food, vitamins and some rest would do so many of these guys so much good!

  27. Nothing concerning the “handling” of Marty, nothing, is done without the express approval of Dear Leader — in fact, virtually everything you see done is directly and specifically ordered by him.

  28. Is this the freedom Scientology promises?

    Being forced into harassing an innocent man, and the inability to not lose one’s cool in a heated argument?

  29. Watching Eyes


    From the Gawker article: In the end, the sheriff’s department was called. According to Rathbun, a deal was struck: He wouldn’t bring harassment charges against the SquirrelSquad, and they wouldn’t bring assault charges against him for grabbing Allender’s microphone. Is that true? I thought a deal wasn’t struck.

  30. Marty you rock!! Thank you so much for what you are doing!! Do you realized how powerful you are?
    These new OT 8s are just little robots… OMG…. How numb a being can be not to realized what is going on?…
    We love you and Mosey!!

    Silvia Kusada

  31. WE — That’s not true. I guess they went by an MU in Ortega’s article. Impassive use of “boggle” maybe?

  32. I was thinking the same thing. I really like Marty’s smile on the tee shirts. I guess big smiles are considered out-ethics by DM’s church.

    U Dog

  33. Watching Eyes

    LOL. You know, that probably was exactly what their MU was. Very funny.

  34. TroubleShooter


    It’s so pathetic. It’s just so pathetic. THAT is what the leader of the Church of Scientology does with his time of course all while he’s “saving the world single-handedly too.”

    I haven’t yet found the word to describe embarrassed by, ashamed of, betrayed by, disappointed by, enraged by, but I’m all that and so much more.

  35. DAMN!!!!

  36. Marty, I think you have a legal point on the fact that they said, “We’re here for a technical inspection,” but
    a. They have no credentials in the church as technical inspectors.
    b. They have no definition for the post of technical inspector, and
    c. They say they are there to do an inspection on your (Scientology) activities, then they tell you that you are NOT doing Scientology.
    I’d like to see them have to explain these mismatching points.

  37. Thanks for posting this Marty. Seeing this from their cameras makes them appear even more foolish. It’s another foot bullet. How can anyone watch this and not see they were there to harass and intimidate although I have to say their brand of intimidation would only work on children.

    Who is intimidated by a loud mouth and beer bellies. LOL I understand that Allender specialized in intimidating women. How Manly.

    I’m surprised they made it ALL the way up your stairs. Explains why Mr. Stoic was so solid looking, probably having a coronary or an aneurism from all the exertion.

    Should I send him a get well card?

  38. Scott Campbell

    And a lotta things can happen to dog shit…

    [audio src="http://new.wavlist.com/movies/189/si-dog.wav" /]

  39. Sam — Well, this certainly put it in perspective for me:

    ” … the main thing they have to fear is a gaggle of hillbilly nutters who look like they just walked out of a silly hat contest.”

    Thanks for the apt description. L, H

  40. 🙂

  41. Yeah, thats it man. I think thats the verbatim EP of the Grade 3 actually.

  42. Wow, he’s got game.

    Maybe next he’ll send guys in ninja suits to put a bannana in your tailpipe.

  43. Did I not say they were funny. Hell, I must of watched it 10 times. Hilarious. I love the hats. You can’t make this shit up! I also like what Ortega wrote. But I like the articles Marty was writing on the killing of auditors much more.

  44. “Should I send him a get well card?”

    Now isn’t that sweet Ann 🙂

    Yes I’d send him a get well card and also ask solicitously if he is recovering from his *foot bullet*.

    BTW Marty,

    I’m really sorry you and your PC were put through what qualifies as a *suppressive act*.

    Not only is what calls itself the “Church of Scientology” committing the overt of *no auditing* but they are trying to *prevent* auditing from occurring as well.

    I mean how suppressive is that?

  45. Inspired by Steve,
    You have an awesome wed site!

    “…we are sapposta be in color!”

  46. Lynne,
    Utter confusion. Cross state lines to another state to harass someone practicing their religion. State you are doing a “technical inspection” and accusing Marty of being a squirrel at the same time RTC pretends to be the determining body as to what is “correct tech”. So when does a public vigilante become a tech inspector. These guys are more squirrel than any thing an independent field auditor is doing.

    DM and bots still haven’t duplicated. The subject Scientology is a recognized religion. The corporation RTC, CSI, etc are just that – corporations acting as a church. Doesn’t give them the right to determine someone else can’t practice their own beliefs. In this country that is a hate crime.

    The ball-less blue bellies are about as squirrel as they get. If we look at the field auditor references by LRH there is nothing they can claim. Add to that the Independent status as SMI and bots have no standing. Now go the 2nd floor of a private residence after following an individual you are already on record for harassing – can we say stupid.

    Now stick the camera hats on and play this to a jury – no further comment is needed. It does provide some entertainment.

    So glad I am on the sane side as the insanity becomes more pronounced and more public.

    Now, lets watch how fast these guys get hung out and sacrificed now that the gig has backfired!

  47. I totally agree! These points were the things that made them look more ignorant and more fake than anything else.

  48. The Dear Leader is very upstat and very helpful! His footnukes are getting more spectacular with 4X expansion of video footage to aid Marty’s original video to prove his charges filed.

    He’s a great practitioner of Glutz PR, perhaps more of those still “in” might check out this blog.

    With more media picking up the story – how many more fence sitters will decide to go Indie?

    Cheers Dave, celebrate your upstats with another McCallans single malt!

  49. These events are fascinating. I follow this BLOG “semi-religously”! {LOL} The news here is just so exciting I can’t resist. How many places in the world can a person go {there are some mind you} where you can get the FACTS the TRUTH about what goes on behind the false facade of the Church of Scientology. Thank you Marty. Thank you Mike. Many people are reading and learning.

  50. Don’t kid yourself, America is a Fascist state now. DM is dramatizing the society he has been resisting.

  51. I am so happy that Tony Ortega reported Marty as a proponent of Scientology and that DM is the real enemy and the correct target. I know this differentiation is due to Marty. Thanks Marty.

  52. Borders on the insane?

    The border was crossed years ago!

  53. It’s “pinch me” material…

    Thanks Tommy

  54. Those guys were performing a ritual. Any idiot would see that their action was counter productive to DM, showing how moron they are. But, still they are proud of it! Their tee shirt with Marty’s face is a live demo of Glutz PR. But, and that the problem, they must imagine they are doing their duty.
    And that is scary.
    They escape simple rationality to go into fanatism. This Allender must really believe that he is helping the former PC of his CS wife in asking the folder to Marty. It’s already a “Vade retro satana” action.
    They also think it’s their juridiction as Karen 1 said on an earlier post. Like any extremist, they go global. Sure of their mission. They will give all their money and even their life, they are dedicated.
    And the word COB is sweet like honey in their mouth when they pronounce it. They have a sort of tenderness for this little man as much as german people at one point loved their führer. When Stalin died russian people cried. How to understand this phenomena?
    I spoke to some friends of mine, while they see outpoints, they mostly feel it’s blasphemy to say anything bad about COB. He is a holly man. You could actually criticise LRH and they would smile and they would propose you some word clearing. But COB is sort of the kindness itself. Even if there is something going wrong in the church, luckily “we have COB”, he’ll make it go right like he always did! One said to me he would like to be uptone as COB! They are worshipping him. When Hitler was on his bunker, some days before Germany lost the war, many Germans still thought he would win with his secrets weapons!

  55. So here is a story about what happened in the Bay Area. There was a training org, called the Sunnyvale Extension Org. This was an extension of the San Francisco Day Org. The place was awesome. Awesome staff, public training and loving it. Then one day out of nowhere Cal Cole and his partner, Curt Hahn walk in and decide “it is off policy”. Of course it was at the same time that Stevens Creek was going to become an org. Boom, the place is closed down and the public are ordered to now go to the Stevens Creek Org. Now mind you we at the training acadamy never wanted to be at Stevens Creek and a lot of resentment built up between staff and students.
    Kr’s were written and those of us who wrote up reports were told to knock it off or we would become the who’s and would be stopped from progressing up the bridge. A complete nightmere. An ARC break beyond all ARC breaks.

    This core staff at Stevens Creek has been together since they were all probably 16 or so. So coming forward in time,some 30 years later, the group agreement to lie, cover-up persisted. Any target given to them would somehow we met by hook or by crook. Anyone who saw through it became the who. This was an unusual solution to a problem that never existed in the first place. Stevens Creek should have remained a mission. The bully mentality has existed for a long time and started with John Allender. He extended it through his staff.

  56. They seem to not realize is that you can’t behave this way in the age of the internet when your intimidatory behavior will be exposed for all to see. I searched John Allender’s name (for example) and there are multiple videos of him making a fool of himself trying to handle protesters, most of whom appear to be comparatively young. When a bunch of kids have better TRs than a purported OTVIII, you know something in the “church” is going very, very wrong. I did notice that the OSA commenters in the ‘village voice’ article seem to be trying to throw Allender under the bus saying that he was acting independently and not on Miscavige’s orders.

  57. Sinar says “He’s a great practitioner of Glutz PR….” I totally agree.

    Really, the people here across the globe look at these videos and somehow DM thinks these videos will make people think well of his church? The only thing I can see that people will get from these videos is the immediate impression that (1) DM’s church is crazy, and (2) Marty has a nice smile (on the tee shirts). U Dog

  58. Yes, but you gotta chuckle the fact that DM saw fit to post the goon squad’s video. I mean even by his standards what frikkin frik was he thinking??? Did he or anyone in OSA seriously think that public, COS or otherwise were going to view it as anything but a creepy bunch of creepy culties staging a creepy stunt??? did some moron in OSA int CSW DM and say “sir, this is the video that will get the faithful fortified” beggars belief.

  59. Joe Pendleton

    Karen, one of the very last interactions I had while still in the CofS was with a 19 year old MAA who DEMANDED full information about my finances and told me that I needed to give all my money to the church (to fight the “psychs” he said, who were trying to take over the young people – ha ha, that’s funny in an ironically terrifying way). This is the entitlement ocer other peoples’ lives this young Nazi Youth type has been indoctrinated with (as has Julian Swartz and many of the young staff and SO members I’ve observed who KNOW what “you need to do.”). Sad in the sense that Julian, like Alexander, also has a legendary Scientology father: Louis Swartz – a man possessed of great amounts of theta and compassion.

    I’m sorry for your loss. I’m sorry for my own loss of a relationship with a young person I was extremely close with the first 29 years of his life,whom I loved very much, who disconnected from me on the basis of third dynamic rumor mongering and pressure from others. I have thought less of this young person’s integrity over the years (who I would have given my life for), but Karen, I don’t have to tell you, that when a “church” or any group begins to turn children against their parents, a very significant line has been crossed. I can only say “I know how you feel” by taking my own feelings and imagining them “times fifty.”

  60. Married 2 ex SO

    I have a burning question, maybe some of you can answer – Do you think Tom Cruise has been reading this blog lately, and/or knows about The Squirrel Busters? (that name is PRECIOUS, by the way…they are busters alright…lol)

    What do you presume Tom Cruise thinks of this? In a real way, if you are Tom Cruise, and find yourself reading through and watching this ‘episode’ so to speak, what do you think? What do you say? What do you do?

    Can Tom Cruise leave $cientology, inc.? Or is that never, ever going to happen? What WOULD it take?

  61. Silly people!! Don’t you realize that when you post something on YouTube, it’s going to be there forever? Think twice before you upload!

  62. martyrathbun09

    Right, they got it wrong.

  63. Agreed – I was gonna cut&paste that same line.
    You got some skilz there girl!

  64. oh please,please , be temperate , have some compassion .
    These …guys have been retrained , case reprogrammed by KoS himself !
    They might have completed His Superpower Thing as well…
    Now being, each of them ,in the middle of a special secret pilote repetitive process :
    “be dumb” (EP not so far…)

  65. 😀 loving all of it.

  66. Hi Marty;

    The Nuremberg Trials after WWII were conducted entirely of information the Nazis themselves produced. Their own information hung them all, nothing else was needed.

    No wonder DM took down the video so fast. He feels the noose tightening, and for once he is right.

    Someone is coming for you Davey! Watch your back!

  67. Yes. This is true.
    John Allender is doing lower conditions right now.

    He is of course responsible for his existence but at this moment I also feel a deep sense of compasion for the man. In some capacity I have been there too. Although I never did anything as ridiculous as that, I can remember arguing with my father one night over dinner and getting angry with him when he expressed concern about my initial involvement in $cn. I wanted to defend something I knew was right.

    Allender is own totally reactive way is doing that. Of course, his actions do not even closely resemble that of a spiritually and intelectually enlightened being. Still, he is trying to do something that he believes is right.

    I watched a couple of youtube videos where Alleneder while being interviewed by Anonymous expressed his interest in Gnostic Christianity. I was impressed by this and it does show this man has some theta available through a comment like that.

    Marty is being third partied by DM. Allender doesn’t even know Marty and would probably like him just fine.

    Marty Rathbun looks infinitely more noble than these four individuals and even more than the man who sent them.

    This whole thing has taken a turn for the worse for these guys. Their images have been placed on national news for the world to see. I am sure they are all in the middle of a huge secondary right now.

    Maybe this will be their wake up call?

    John says in the video he reads this blog.

    Interesting question: If John Allender was to apologize to Marty and announce his Independance today- what would this blog do?

    Food for thought.

    Have a great day everyone


  68. crashingupwards

    Tony Orgega is one media person who has duplicated Marty’s position and explains to his audience WHY the scene in Texas happened at all when he writes;

    “Rathbun writes repeatedly that Miscavige and his paranoia is the problem, not Scientology itself, and he encourages longtime members to ditch the organization and practice Scientology independent of the “church” itself.”

    Helping to further the difference between the “church” and the subject and practice of scientology itself in the minds of the public. Sad to say it but that has become a neccessary and good thing.

  69. MOQ — I don’t even know where to start to get a handle on “in the impassive.” (I liked my 9th grade teachers, even the English one.)

    Bruce Pratt

  70. The author and editor of that article need to consult with MOQ. “apostate Marty Rathbun” is a “kind of Scientology Martin Luther”. My friggin head hurts. It’s reminiscent of Shermanspeak — sounds good until you listen to it.


  71. All I can say has already been said and depicted much better:


    I love that poster. “Every dog has his day. And this time it’s gonna be a bitch.”

    Love this forum.

    Bruce Pratt

  72. crashingupwards — You wrote the exact comment I was trying to formulate and did a much better job than I would have. Thanks! H

  73. (I’m not very good at puns. Impassive: having or showing little sensibility. A play on ‘passive voice’. My English teacher is maybe smiling at the attempt.)

  74. (Mike, I’m taking three students through grammar currently. This comes up, the passive voice, and ‘boggles’ wells up from my past English classes. The ‘subject’ is effect of its own cause sort of deal. Impassive, having or showing no sensibility, seemed appropriate so me mixes ’em, for fpun. )

  75. The word? Boggles – of course 🙂

  76. Ahhhh. Thanks. (grin. sF/N)

  77. B —
    Your question is rhetorical, but what the heck.

    This B, well, I’d celebrate the rodent’s (Duh Leduh) loss in some fashion, congratulate him, and help him however I can suffer on up the conditions, cuz a fella like that, well, he’s got some sufferin on up to do to climb outta his mess. But that’s me.

    Another B

  78. At that level words are the real thing. Words hit as hard as an object.

  79. Andreas Hofer


    Hide your children, THE FAMILYBUSTERS are back in town.

    Mike Sutter and Marion Pow are back for another tour of duty herding Clearwater Sheep, keeping them in the pen by threatening their family bounds.

    Not what Ron would do, for sure. So can we PLEASE not refer to the goons who stole the coprights and trademarks as Scientologists.

    When you steal someone’s identity you do not become that person, no matter how hard you work at the impersonating them.

  80. 😆 LMAO – yep, you said it exactly! 😆

  81. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for the heads up.

  82. With this one a very close second:

    “Come on! It’s like a rottweiler being afraid of fleas!”

    Wonderful analogy! I’m partial to rottweilers myself – amazing dogs – absolutely fearless, very intelligent and loyal to the core.


  83. “Interesting question: If John Allender was to apologize to Marty and announce his Independance today- what would this blog do?”

    I’ll bite.

    For one thing, he wouldn’t find theetie-weetie.
    And he wouldn’t find intense make-wrong, invalidation, cussing, crushing regging and evaluation either.
    He might encounter a bit of HE&R from folks he ARC broke.

    Overall he’d find a bunch of folks that would gladly help him observe truth and who’d provide a safe space to do it in. He’d find folks who wouldn’t buy the initial explanation straight out of the implant – “I’m just a useless schmuck and deserve all of your hatred” – but would rather see some as-isness happen instead

  84. “So can we PLEASE not refer to the goons who stole the coprights and trademarks as Scientologists.”

    We can call them “IAS members” instead?

  85. Splog — IAS then is International Association of Suckers?

  86. I like the way you roll, Alan.

    He’d find folks who wouldn’t buy the initial explanation straight out of the implant – “I’m just a useless schmuck and deserve all of your hatred”

    The opposite would also be lacking — “I’m a helpless victim betrayed by that big bad man and deserve all your sympathy.” That ain’t happenin’ either.


  87. Wow…now The Daily Mail is picking up the story…so nice to see MSM sharing the truth about the COM!!!


  88. This is America and you live in Texas. The next time they show up at your place I suggest you answer the door wearing a very large hand cannon. It should greatly reduce their comm lag when they are told to get off your property.

  89. seeking4know

    John Allender’s company

    Sterling General Construction in San Jose, CA


  90. Thanks for pointing that out Bruce, the opposite goes without saying.

    One of the things that impressed me most when I first came across Scientology was ethics (proper Ethics that is) and redemption. With responsibility properly factored in of course.

    Allender has likely forgotten how to let other people do that. All the more reason we must not.

  91. I like where this is going 🙂

    There’s so many wonderful words the S can stand for!

  92. Ditto! Thank You Tony Ortega!

    His article on you Tory, is just one of my all time favorites. When Tony was doing those weekly articles for the weekly magazines for the big cities, like LA and then Miami, that is a huge lesson, for the future.

    Because it is writers like Tony who gets it! He gets it quick, and he’s just gotten it all along.

    Those weekly mags for the big cities, the alternative mags, some of their writers are just the best, in my opinion.

    Tony’s great, all through the years!

    and Marty, when you asked me WHO did I recommend you go public with, prior to you going public with the St. Pete Times (I agree now you were right to do the St. Pete Times, but I told you that Tony would get the story right. Tony’s been on top of Scientology for a LONG time! Let’s see what Scientology (DM’s OSA minions and wordsmiths) tries to pull on Tony!

  93. Tony’s such an excellent journalist, you have to read his article on Tory Christman, it just had me rolling on the floor with laughter, the scene in LAX when the OSA lady is chasing and pleading with Tory trying to persuade Tory NOT to go to Clearwater and join the Minton “Lisa McPherson Trust” group!

    Only Scientology runs through airports after their “fleeing” (disgusted and disaffected and regaining their sanity) ex members.

    God I hope someone doing some future spoof movie, throws in the “modern” scene of Scientology OSA staff running through the airport chasing after a ‘blown’ member, and they bump into the Hare Krishna flower sellers or something like that!

  94. The article Tony did on Tory Christman, the scene in LAX is really the scene of a lifetime, it is SO indicative of OSA desperation and Keystone Cops, in a public place like LAX!!

  95. My biggest thought, was by posting this goon squad, DM points the finger at himself, as being the only one left, who is still doing the irreligious goon squad stuff. Marty and Mike have left the building, and who’s left, and who’s left doing the crazy irreligious stuff?

    David Miscavige. And that lends credibility to the “it’s DM!” “it’s really DM!” argument.

    Why’s Scientology still doing this crazy irreligious stuff, if that it’s NOT DM directed and sanctioned.

    I think we need some kind of “You’re damn right I ordered the Code Red” moment with DM. He’s the one allowing this stuff in Scientology’s name.

    Why’s the “Religious Freedom Watch” and all the amateurish character assassination sites critical of Marty still up!!!!

    DM. It really is DM!

    That’s what this points to. Marty and Mike are gone from the building, so it ain’t them that are doing this stuff!!!!

    Now if DM is gonna try to point the finger at LRH, well, let’s see him come out with the LRH references saying to do this stuff, and get the kind of backlash that this stuff gets for Scientology!

    LRH is not around to sanction this. It’s DM who is sanctioning this.

    If I were them, I’d just shift gears into TWTH, just admit the atrocious irreligious stuff, apologize, and take down the Religious Freedom Watch site, take down the crap on Marty and Mike and any other smear character assassination sites that the “volunteers” that OSA has been caught red handed, the “Beatty Handling Program” has targets about smear site setups, so the proof is in the public domain for all this crap smear character assassination organized stuff, that OSA directs via it’s “need to know” programs to “handle” the “SPs.”

    Naw, they need to act like the freezone and independents, they need to do the international amnesty, they need to get DM out, or get DM to cough up some specific and LONG detailed apologies, and just go TWTH, and maybe spend a lot MORE of their IAS money on MORE of their Volunteer Ministers stuff (which is about the only good thing they are doing worldwide, they are offering up members to go act like go-fors for the professionals at disaster sites which is at least something).

    Someone’s gotta just dissolve OSA, dissolved all these OSA/DSA “handling” programs, and take down their smear sites. Make a mea culpa, and THAT would win them a huge good positive response, if they just got OUT of this crap old Guardian’s Office crap for real!

  96. DM who’s never lived outside of his “power” position in Scientology in the real world of US life, has no clue. DM thinks he’s getting ethics in on Marty and the world by this type of tactic. Scientology (Guardian’s Office) intimidation operations (“noisy investigations”) are so fundamentally OUT ARC and thus truly out of step. Only if the word of mouth in the public is on their side could they do this type of stuff, but DM is blind that the public is against this type of crap, so it won’t work.

    All of official Scientology’s repertoire of tools (legal, covert ops, overt “noisy” intimidation stuff) is just NOT something US nor any western country is on Scientology’s side.

    Freezoners and independents get it! Why can’t official Scientology get it!

    This crap just doesn’t get one public support!

    DM’s just not had a normal life prior to rising to power, which has corrupted him, in official Scientology, and he’s been blind to the old GO stuff being effective, and even if much of the old GO stuff was sanctioned by LRH, DM fails to see that LRH likely would not likely make the mistake of sending people out to break up Marty’s therapy/auditing practice. And if LRH was even guilty of sanctioning things like DM’s doing to Marty, that doesn’t make it right either.

    This OSA “handling” program phase has gotta cease. It’s a huge blemish for Scientology, and the sooner the whole Scientology subject gets rid of the Guardian’s Office/Office of Special Affairs covert and overt operations crap, they’ll at least look to be changing and becoming more tolerant!

  97. I usually only get maybe 2-3 calls a month on the 866-XSEAORG phone line, but I got 3 quiting staff members in the last week!

    My stats on 866-XSEAORG quitting staff asking for advice, are up!

  98. one of those who see

    “but Karen, I don’t have to tell you, that when a “church” or any group begins to turn children against their parents, a very significant line has been crossed.”
    An extremely important comment Joe. And may I add, that minors should not be recruited without a parent or guardian present.

  99. one of those who see

    I showed the video to another Scientologist who is off lines but not reading the blogs at this point. He thought this must be the Indies mocking the church. I said no!!! They are actually from The Church. Lead guy is an OT 8. OMG
    DM, by his brilliant acts of PR is day by day helping the independent movement tremendously.

  100. Chuck, this is excellent news! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  101. Interiorized Anal Smoochers came to mind, first.
    Michael A. Hobson

  102. Helmuth, speaking for Boskone

    Here he is in another video attempting to handle protesters.

  103. I agree Chuck,

    The GO was originally envisioned by Ron as covered in HCOPL 1 March 66 became an entirely different beast under Jane Kember who turned it into an Intel Agency within the Church much like CIA or MI6.

    In fact many of their operatives were former agents and officers of the above agencies.

    It seems that OSA attempts to carry on the traditions somewhat less skillfully that got the original GO into big trouble.

    But I guess that’s what happens when you run a *not-is* and refuse to look at one’s mistakes.

    Seems whoever decided to abolish the GO didn’t know this simple basic datum.

  104. Straight up and vertical dude!

    Chuck you rock 🙂

  105. Chuck,

    That’s why I used to call OSA “GO Lite” back in the days when I was posting on ARS and Beliefnet.

    “Half the intellect but with the same great vindictiveness”


  106. “God I hope someone doing some future spoof movie, throws in the “modern” scene of Scientology OSA staff running through the airport chasing after a ‘blown’ member, and they bump into the Hare Krishna flower sellers or something like that!”

    Man I love it!!!!


    It’d make a awesome flick.

    If ya need someone to pitch it here in Hollyweird let Tory or me know.



  107. Tory Christman

    Thanks, Chuck! I agree—-Tony was THE first to interview me (officially).
    It was in The New Times LA, and scared me to death, back in 2000. I kept calling him, saying “No no—don’t post it”. Then OSA would do crap to me that would piss me off, and I’d call: “Post it Tony~!” He even mentions this, at the end of that article.

    A friend and I got that story to a BIG Celebrity they were trying to recruit “in”, and as a result, they called me, we talked for hours…and they realized their *real* game, vs. the hype they’d been hearing. This person thanked me later as they were trying to milk them for *tons* of $$$.

    Also, I later used Tony’s article with a bunch of ministers, here in LA, along with my SP Declare, which was the *real* nail in their coffin of lies. They (the 3 OT’s representing C of $–including Moxon’s partner: what “church” brings an Attorney to a discussion?) had no where to go, once I brought out my SP Declare, after they’d read all about “freedom to speak, freedom of thought”. Oh yeah…sure!

    Yes, Tony is a true courageous person, and Shall always remain close to my heart as one who was willing to “make the leap” when SO many were not. Those days are ~~~so~~~different than now, I actually think that story still needs to be told. Happily, OSA totally lost their game of shutting down any and all they didn’t want seen on the Net. (Magoo waives to Gavino and gang =) Freedom IS a wonderful thing.
    I thank ALL who have helped expose this insidious CULT of $cientology.

    Happy Easter/Passover/Week-end to ALL 🙂

  108. Chuck Beatty | April 21, 2011 at 10:40 pm | Reply

    “I usually only get maybe 2-3 calls a month on the 866-XSEAORG phone line, but I got 3 quiting staff members in the last week!

    My stats on 866-XSEAORG quitting staff asking for advice, are up!”

    Being the UK no. on that website I get far less, maybe one every 2 months. In all cases they’d all already left the SO.

  109. Very well said. What’s TWTH? Lip service??

  110. I know a bit about Law..I know how Judges Think.. The biggest crime in a Judges eyes is Dis-Honor. You can take it to the Bank 😉
    (whole-track on that)

  111. Heart Broken… Heart Brake’n…
    …Heart melting for you! Keep up the good work!!

  112. Chuck, thanks for the info. Three in one week is sensational news.

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