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Why Cold Steel and Scientology Don’t Mix

Over the past three decades Scientology Inc head David Miscavige has proudly and increasingly implemented what he calls the ‘ruthless, cold, chrome steel’ personality ‘necessary’ to manage Scientology.   It started with Religious Technology Center (RTC, the top of Scientology Inc’s chain of command).  Cold, chrome steel has made its way all the way down to local churches of Scientology.  More and more cops to prevent more and more potential ‘crime.’  More and more cops policing more and more dynamics. Public Scientologists taking on the valence of cops, confronting and informing upon friends and family members for creating an independent thought, for example. Look at the end product.

L. Ron Hubbard tells us why this has had such disastrous effects, and why the independent Scientologists movement has thrived and can be counted upon to continue to do so.  Fittingly, from the 4th of July, 1958 in a lecture titled The Fact of Clearing:

Man definitely has a right to certain happiness.  He isn’t going to experience that right under the circumstances of his own past. He can’t.  He’s too wound up in this and that. It’s not the mores of the society that prevent him .  It’s all of these delusions about how bad the other fellow is. 

You have police because other people are so bad. I investigated police one time. I became a cop. That’s the best way to investigate something — become it for a while, you know?  You can go too far with that sort of thing. But where do we have, in essence here, a cave-in of the society?  What could cave the society in?

Well, all you’d have to do is have a police force and a society would start caving in.  Why? The police force constitutes a constant reminder that men are evil, which is a constant reminder that we must agree with these evil men.  Do you see how this would work?  Neat little trick.

Now, that doesn’t say that we are so starry-eyed as to believe that at this time we could dispense with all police. Or could we?

Now, you have to make up your mind which way you’re going to go with a society if you’re thinking about a new society of one kind or the another. And if you say, “Well, this society would be totally unregulated,” then we would be proposing an anarchy.  And all the anarchists tell us that the only way a society would work as a total freedom without government would be if everyone in it were perfect.

Well, I don’t know whether we propose — when we talk about a cleared society — whether we propose or not to have an anarchy.  That’s beside the point.  That’s up to the people who get cleared.  But I don’t think you’d wind up with an anarchy. I think you’d wind up with a much finer level of agreement and cooperation because I think you’d then be able to realize the rest of the dynamics. 

The cops are there only because the rest of the dynamics aren’t there! So, if you put those back into society, then you’d get a society. 

What Is Wrong With Corporate Scientology?

For starters, from L Ron Hubbard 6 July 1958:

We have found that staff requires this prerequisite: a good Scientologist.

A long time ago they used to tell us what we needed was a good businessman. We’ve had good businessmen, and we fired them.  What they used to tell us was, what we needed was a good publicity man that was really trained in publicity.  And we’ve had them and they laid an egg, and we fired them.

And every once in a while we have had to fill a post with somebody who was not quite up to handling that post, and we missed.  And we finally found what the common denominator was of an individual who could handle the post in an organization or any post in the organization.  And that person was – the common denominator is – a good auditor.  If a person is not a good auditor, there will be something wrong with his organizational activities.  

Boy, that is something to remember…

There are people around that believe that a Scientologist – a Scientologist is somebody exclusively who audits people professionally.  There are a lot of Scientologists who do this.  But that is not everything one does.  Let me tell you that on staff, as sharp as we are about this sort of thing, we find that a person who is not a good auditor (that’s not a good Scientologist) — a good auditor, who can sit down there and turn out an excellent session, who can get good results on a preclear, is the only person we really like to have on staff because they always do a good job.  They always have the ability to understand the problems of those around them, and they have the ability of handling a situation.

Eliana Alaimo is Independent and Strong

My name is Eliana Alaimo and I have been in Scientology since 1987.

I did my Bridge both sides, Auditing and Training. In January 2003 I started OT VII as public and my training Level was Class IV.  In September 2004 I joined the Sea Organization on the Freewinds.  I blew the first time while I was doing my Class IX Internship because I refused to squirrel as  a pc and as auditor as well.

As interned on the Class IX Course we were forced to do a lot of videos and receive our passes from RTC on the various Class IX procedures so as to demonstrate we were able to audit paying Pre-Ots in the HGC. However, instead of running the procedures and so really getting trained and becoming competent on them we were just flying each other’s Rudiments in co-auditing and also were doing TRs; and those hours were considered “practical” training hours anyhow.

The order was directly from RTC to do the Ruds instead of the actual training and this was confirmed by the Internship Course Supervisor. I twinned with a Spanish girl that knew enough Italian and so we “co-audited” for several days on rudiments, the same that are used for interviews in Cramming. We were doing up to 6 sessions each a day as pc.

I was also assigned the SandCastle Vice President. But I could not really audit her because my ability to understand spoken English was not up to the level required. Nonetheless, the Supervisor told me that I had to train and I could have used a Sea Org Member for that purpose even if my level of English was not sufficient.

I still feel ashamed that I agreed to do that and she did not F/N in session and Red Tagged at exam.

But I got my RTC Video Pass and so went to the HGC to start as an Auditor there. When I refused to audit English speaking Pre-OTs a very tall girl , an RTC Trainee, started threatening me and told me that if I kept refusing she would have me thrown me in the kitchen to wash pans and dishes till I would change my mind on it.

In 8 months I did my training from Flag Metering to Class IX (including  Senior Sec Checker – FPRD – PTS/SP Specialist –AO Review Auditor –CCRD Auditor). I did everything on checksheet time and I did not want to end up in ethics because I could not speak English! So I started auditing 2 English speaking Pre-OTs.

I did not understand a word they were saying in session, I was writing the “sounds” of the words on the worksheets, but even the Director of Processing did not understood what happened in session.

So I got sick the moment I realized I had betrayed Ron and Standard Tech because I followed an order from RTC.

I did not trust Management any longer, and being declared SP made me feel better, because in actual fact were the Squirrels declaring me!

That very same day, in my mind,  I “wrote” my Declaration of Independence and I did not even know that Independence was a possibility!

For 2 years I was not allowed to audit on my OT VII because I had given back my confidential material – I was given the following:

– A Sec Check to see if I qualified for the Freewinds

– NED for the second time

– Did a part of OT V that I already handled

– NED for the third time

– Another Sec Check

– One FPRD

– Plus in the meantime I co-audited on ruds to be able to do the cramming I was assigned since I had to receive my RTC Video Pass

I did each and every step of the above program because the C/S at every step was promising me that I would be allowed back on VII if I did that each particular step first.

Each step was at first the LAST STEP, but when done it was replaced with a new step!

So I blew from all that squirreling and I was happy to see and to stress the difference between me and Ron to the squirreling that RTC was ordering me to do.

The irony was that the last session I did as Pre-OT before becoming sick and blowing received RTC Video Pass, so my Auditor got a Pass and I was actually on the run.

The reason for the PASS was that my auditor had to complete the Sec Checker Internship and fly back to Milano to be in the Universe Corp, and in order to go RTC demanded a Video Pass on his ability to do Confessionals.

But my blow did not last and I was convinced to come back and route out properly, so I went to Milano first and then to Copenhagen  then back to the Freewinds and received an FPRD and a new Sec Check. I was left for five month with no Passport and so could not leave the ship, so I was looking at the various islands from the ship while doing hard MEST work.

I even cleaned the fuel tank and I was inhaling the fumes since my mask was old and faulty and … I experienced the strangest chemical release I ever had in my life. The MAA saw I was so happy when I got out of the fuel tank  that  he wanted me to write a Success Story!!!!!!

Squirrel and ignorant!

I went many times to the infirmary and got heavy dosages of antihistamine because I had a very strange allergy and my face was completely deformed. And all of this was happening inside that very ship!

After 5 months I understood how I could end the torture and I was  released from my “prison”.

I was sent on mission for the Congresses Promotional Tour as a registrar and I had to sell sets of Basics and also cruises aboard the Freewinds. But I was not good at all as a registrar and one night I was in Brescia  Italy and the CO Sharon Webber threatened me and told me I would never be allowed back on OTVII unless I was getting my products (money) in volume. So it was there in Brescia, that very same night in 2007 that I decided to blow, but blow for good this time – and I did it so to never come back on the Freewinds again.

So after I did blow, they told me that I would not be declared a Suppressive Person if I would “behave”. This R-Factor was given to me on the phone by Paolo Cocoda (HAS – head of personnel and ethics) even though I told him that I if I ever come back on the Freewinds it would only be done to put my hands on three terminals: CO CMO, RTC REP, CO FSSO.

Even with this threat of mine they did not declare me SP. But I had to behave and I was supposed not to say a bad word about the Freewinds.

So I devoted my attention to my new family and behaved.

I even wanted to pay my freeloader, but after strange offered deals, lies, false promises, you name it… I was not able to get a clear cut statement of what was required.

At the same time I read on the internet the story of Valeska, she was a friend and I knew her from the ship.  When I found out she also blew and that now she Declared herself as Independent I started to understand and began evaluating what was true for me.

And so here I am wishing that David Miscavige and the people that follow him will leave Scientology so that it can be again of use for this planet instead of buying palaces and squirreling the tech as I experienced doing my Class IX Internship.

I was not like that before, and I am not like that now and so I do not want to have anything to do with whoever is supporting a church that is so far from what Ron said needs to be done to clear the planet.

BE DO HAVE and not HAVE HAVE HAVE. DO nothing, is the destiny of those palaces all of them empty because they were born out of an implant.

Starting today I declare myself to be a member of the Independents, of those who will use, accept and apply only Standard Tech and nothing else than Standard Tech.

I do not want to have anything to do with people who are not 100% Standard and I do not care if they pretend or call themselves Independent. I will not be reasonable on this point.

Eliana Alaimo

This same post may be read in its original Italian language at the Italian Independents site, L’Indipendologo.

Village Voice Interviews Valeska Paris Guider

Learn more about the Corporate Scientology “OT VIII” ship:

The Village Voice Interview: Valeska Paris Guider.

Valeska Paris Guider – More on Human Trafficking

Valeska Paris Guider has added her testimony to the growing body of evidence that David Miscavige runs an elaborate, worldwide Human Trafficking operation in violation of International law.

Valeska Paris Guider on ABC Lateline.

Thank you Valeska for having the courage to speak out, in spite of the reported legal threat.  Corporate Scientology’s response that Valeska breached an alleged contract to remain silent about Miscavige’s serial violations of law is an effective admission to the facts she shares.   Virtually everyone who has witnessed corporate Scientology’s criminality and spoken out have signed their worthless, unenforceable, against-public-policy muzzle contracts.  Dozens in the past two years have been heard.  Corporate Scientology’s response has been to slime the witness with character assassination with no reference to the muzzle agreements.  Now, apparently out of desperation, Miscavige directs the response: “well, they are legally barred from disclosing my crimes.”   Brilliant.  A regular Edward Bernays (nephew of Sigmund Freud and father of the subject of Public Relations).

For more on Valeska and her husband Chris, see The Guiders.

Also see the Village Voice take on this, and its juxtaposition of what was going on in the “fancier part of the ship” while Valeska and others like her were slaving it in the lower decks, Tony Ortega’s take on  Valeska.

Orange County – Now, For The Rest Of The Story

The following article by Luis Garcia is a follow- up to the several part series in St Petersburg Times, Inside Scientology: The Money Machine.   We are going to be doing a bit of Paul Harvey here.  A number of articles will follow that expand upon themes covered by the Times, but with the rest of the story filled in.  In this case, here is the rest of the story on the Orange County Idle Org fraud that was touched on by the Times.

The Orange County Ideal Org Project; a tale of lies and deception.

by Luis Garcia

First, I would like to acknowledge Joe Childs, Tom Tobin and the St. Petersburg Times for their impressive and unbiased marvel of investigative journalism in the recent series The Money Machine. My hat is off to you, gentlemen.

The rabbit hole is deep and has many twists and turns. I will attempt to shed some clarity and give some additional data on the Orange County Ideal Org evolution. Rocio and I donated the first $100,000 in 2003 that kicked off the OC (Orange County) Ideal Org project. This was announced at a subsequent event with a large attendance, and an additional $340,000 were raised. The project was underway. Other events of all sorts ensued, slowly raising the amount of funds in the pot.

In February of 2006, it was announced that “OC was next.” A mission composed of 3 people arrived. Quentin Tauffer, SO fundraiser extraordinaire came to OC accompanied by 2 women, one doing Admin functions and the other doing Ethics. The first order of business was to issue Ethics interviews summons. Rocio and I were summoned, as well as many OLs and OTs in the field. The ethics interview turned out to be an en-masse rollback. Soon after, a couple of guys were “handled,” and you never heard another peep from them. Now, with all CI removed from the field, the “briefings” could start. And indeed they did! Daily briefings at the Org, where everyone was asked to give and where everyone was asked to get on the phone, go visit people at their homes, businesses, etc., and get them to give as well.

This continued for about a month and most staff in OC and about 30 public were literally working the fundraising drums all day. But it was slow going. The donations were just trickling in. Ed Dearborn confided in me, “the flows are stuck and we need a substantial donation to un-stick them.” You know this part of the story so I won’t repeat it. After we made our donation in March 2006, “because we enthusiastically support our chosen faith,” as spokeswoman Karin Pouw said, it was leveraged to get 2 other individuals to donate large sums for a total of $500,000 each or more. These individuals have since gotten divorced and their finances are in a real mess. Other people also upped their statuses and made large donations. Within 2 weeks all the funds needed to buy the building in Santa Ana, CA had been raised. The flows had been un-stuck.

There was a Victory celebration type event held, where contributors received commendations and leather jackets. The ED, Ed Dearborn, announced to an audience of over 400 that fundraising had officially ended. The renovations would be funded with the proceeds of the sale of the existing building in Tustin, CA, as at that time, there were interested buyers for it offering around $5 million.

Parishioners celebrate the end of fundraising in OC

Commendations given by Quentin Tauffer

The $250,000 leather jacket


Renovations were to start immediately! There were just a couple of little hurdles to overcome first, though.

CSI (Church of Scientology International) had retained a company by the name of Staubach on a global basis, to locate, negotiate and conduct the purchase of buildings. The building for OC had been located and negotiated by a parishioner. There had been no brokers involved, which was a plus often aired at briefings, I mean think of “all the commission money we are saving!”

Although Staubach was not involved at all in the locating or purchasing of the OC’s Ideal Org building, they sent us a bill for their commission nevertheless: $160,000. We couldn’t of course go to the seller after the transaction was finalized and tell him to pay a commission to a broker that was not even present during the transaction. So we had to pay it. And we couldn’t go to the public and tell them about this lunacy either.

So just a few short weeks after it had been declared that “all fundraising had ended,” the ED announced we needed to raise $160,000 to “pay the architect and get him started.” This money was raised in a few weeks.

Staubach’s commission was paid. Karin Pouw’s statement “all donated money is spent carefully and efficiently” is perhaps an inaccurate statement. Who ever heard of a real estate buyer paying a commission to a broker for not working the deal? Indeed, only in the COS’ world of efficient economies.

The second hurdle was that right after the purchase, the last tenant’s lease had just been renewed “by mistake” for another 5 years by the DSA Orange County, Marie Murillo. After this little oversight was recognized, Marie Murillo and the then FBO Ian Faulkner, went to meet with the tenant to see what it would take to get him to move. The tenant was no dummy and he had informed himself very well as to the nature of his new landlord; and having found that the church of Scientology was engaged in an “unprecedented period of expansion” buying prime real estate all over the world like there was no tomorrow, he said it would take a cash payment of $450,000 plus 3 months of free rent and 3 months of free utilities. Now, this is when Mr. FBO, Ian Faulkner, put his foot in his mouth, and said something along the lines of “we could do that.” You see, for Mr. Faulkner to comply with his orders and “handle the tenant and get him to move” only meant extracting a few hundred thousand dollars from back-broken parishioners. No big deal. It’s very easy to spend somebody else’s money.

When he hit a wall in trying to raise this much money, again, after only a short while of having announced “no more fundraising,” I got a call with a request to help them negotiate with the tenant.

As you can imagine I was dealt a bad hand. The tenant, based on Mr. Faulkner’s confident response in their first meeting, was now licking his chops and very much looking forward to his big pay-day.

I met with the tenant multiple times and used all my business skills to get him to abandon the idea of $450,000. This process took me 5 months, all the while incessant queries and orders from the office of the Landlord Int kept coming down, such as “what’s the hold-up? We need to start the renos! Pay him! Get him out!” This was a top priority cycle. The tenant was holding up the Ideal Org in OC. Unthinkable!

I got the tenant to agree to a cash payment of $175,000 and a short period of free rent. He moved out in May 2007. I don’t quite remember how this money was raised, I mean what shore story was used, but the public were definitely not told that we paid $175,000 of their money to fix a little mistake on the DSA’s part. I received the following email from Mark Pisani, from the Int Landlord’s Office:

From: Mark Pisani []

Sent: Friday, March 30, 2007 10:42 AM

To: Garcia. Luis

Cc: Dearborn, Ed; Murillo, Marie

Subject: Tenant termination agreement

Luis –

I have attached an agreement form that was drafted by the church’s real estate attorneys at JMBM Law firm. It was written for another org but I changed the dates here. Correct the dates as needed to suit your needs. 

Obviously, stay in close comm with ED and Marie (as you are doing this for them).

ml, Mark

I was given commendations and I also received the following email from OC DSA, Marie Murillo. She knew I would be going to Flag soon for a refresher, and she thought this might help me with my perceived transgressions:

From: marie []

Sent: Friday, May 11, 2007 11:56 AM

To: Luis Garcia

Subject: report

 Solo Nots DoP (for Luis Garcia)                                                          May-11-07


 Re: Luis’ participation on handling the remaining tenant of our new Ideal Org.

 Dear Sir: 

 This is to clarify a bit more Luis’ help on the above cycle as the commendations that both the ED and I wrote on him only mentions the final product and not necessarily all the work involved.

 Our building had a remaining tenant that had just renewed another 5 years lease right after we bought the building. They occupy the space which is at the corner of the building. This is going to be Div 6 as it is the only area in the building that has windows to the outside and therefore the most exposure. At the beginning of this cycle they demanded $450,000 plus 3 months free rent and free utilities. We simply could not afford that and the cycle ended right there.

Needless to say there was no way that those tenants would not be handled regardless how much this would cost us, as it jeopardized the renos and the opening of our new org.

I worked with Luis on this since October 2006 or so. He helped me review the lease and found different areas where we could be asking the tenants for insurance that they did not provide and other items that were important to us and could also help them change their mind about leaving.  I was in constant communication with Luis at that time. This cycle of reviewing the lease was a many hours cycle as it involved legal aspects that Luis had to research.

Luis got them to agree to leave for $175,000 which is considerably less than the original $450,000 amount.

I want to add that at some point I had to leave for Flag as I went there to finish OT-7, since that moment Luis took over the cycle fully which allowed me to not have any attention units on this while I was getting thru the end of OT-7. He was in comm with me but took full responsibility for the cycle.

This cycle was priceless for my org as with the tenants there for another 4 years we would not be able to open the Ideal Org.

I knew that Luis had taken the last few months to dedicate himself to get thru the level, he took off work and any other activities that did not consist of getting in session and was working on getting done with OT-7, regardless of this he answered to my request for help on a cycle that was of great importance to the org and made the time to do this. I truly appreciated this.

This is true,

Marie Murillo


We were now ready to start the renovations. Were we? Nope. The real estate market had just started to falter and the $5 million buyers were no longer there. We could only get $4.5 million or so.

So at a new enthusiastic briefing, an audience of not-so-enthusiastic parishioners were told that… $500,000 more needed to be raised.

Fundraising events, raffles, barbecues, bake sales, and even poker games in the name of the Ideal Org have run ever since. And let’s not forget “events” such as “Bowling for OC’s Ideal Org” or “The Pirates of the Caribbean Fundraising party,” or “the OC’s Ideal Org golf ball drop.” Yeap, numbered golf balls were sold and dropped from a helicopter on top of a golf course hole. The ball that went into the hole first would win its proud owner a TV set! As you can see all very on-policy Scientology actions.

OC’s Orange County Executive Director, Ed Dearborn, setting the bowling example, leading his flock to a Cleared OC.

Freewinds’ Registrar Gavin Potter, double hatted as Ideal Org’s pirate, telling “enthusiastic” parishioners to “donate or else!” “Rrrrrahh!”

New FBO Kirsten Krieger (center) watches intensely as a player says “all in.” A symbolic moment indeed, as many have said the same words in the COS: “ALL IN.”

Orange County’s ED, Ed Dearborn, addresses the parishioners at “The Most Uptone Fundrasing Event Ever!” Yes, this was the actual name for it. Note how parishioners “enthusiastically” fill the first two rows of chairs.

Orange County’s ED, Ed Dearborn, explains to a group of “VIPs” that the Pro-survival thing to do is to fork over their retirement funds.

Four recent fundraising events held by OC. Same faces in all photos, half or so of the people are staff. Orange County reached ST Hill size, for real, in 1986. I know, I was there. Where is all the OC public?

OC’s Roll of Shame. This is the list of everyone that has donated to the OC’s Ideal Project. Note the name “Luis & Rocio Garcia” are missing at the top.

As time passed, two things occurred: 1) the price they could get for the existing building in Tustin has been steadily declining. All they can get now is $3 million, IF they can find a buyer. And 2) the price for the renovations has been steadily increasing. When I asked the ED, Ed Dearborn, about this he said “all that stuff from Gold was very expensive.” The target to be raised became a moving target. First it was $500,000, then $800,000. Then $1.2 million, then $1.6 million, then…

In January of this year, I received the following letter from the Orange County OT Committee:


“It IS happening!”

This is a brief accounting summary of the project as I understand it:

1. Building purchase price: $6.2 million. April 2006.

2. Commission paid to Staubach: $160,000.

3. $175,000 paid to tenants to get them to move.

Add to this the lost of rental income for the last 4 years: $8,000 per month, 48 months = $384,000. Moreover, the lease would have been up by now, so the $175,000 tenant pay-off could have been saved. But hey! The renos had to start yesterday! “Pay him! Get him out!”

4. Now, the letter above says $1.3 million was raised in the last 6 months (more like in the last 5 years, since 2006).

5. “Management made an award of $1.2 million.”

6. So that leaves a mere $2.7 million more to be raised by LRH’s birthday (March 2011). And that is if the damned target stays put for a while! I’m telling you, this target has had legs for the last 5 years!
7. But let’s not forget the $3 million they will hopefully get from the sale of the existing building. Back in 2006 they had multiple offers for around $5 million and they turned them down.

Do the math, and this 100 year old, asbestos-ridden, 42,000 sq. foot building is going to cost a total of $14.7 million ($350/sq. ft.).


Also note that New OT VIIIs Marty Prince (Cramming officer), Yvonne Prince (Senior C/S) and Marie Murillo, (DSA) have recently “come on board and are now in charge of the fundraising.” What about their posts?
But wait! There is more. The building does not have it’s own parking lot. The lot across the street is used by government employees during the day and it’s pretty full. That leaves the 2-
hour coin meters on the streets… if you can find one available. Genius!

The building has sat empty since that last tenant left in May 2007. Events are not even held there anymore. The neighborhood it is in, is not precisely Beverly Hills. All businesses have bars and security doors in the storefronts. Some poor staff members have had to spend every single night there since 2007, to keep it secure.


Now, who shares my opinion that LRH would probably not approve of any one point above, let alone all of them combined?
I hope this finds you well, and I hope this helps shine some light on OC.




Perversion of the Arts

A society which in any way inhibits, suppresses or regiments its artists is a society not only low on the Tone Scale, but most certainly doomed.  A totalitarian state, following its usual line of perversion of truth, talks endlessly about its subsidization of the artist, but it subsidizes only those artists who are willing to work for the state exactly as the state dictates.  It regiments the artist and prescribes what he will do and what he will write and what he will think.  This is in direct controversion to the function of the artist in society.

– L. Ron Hubbard, Science of Survival

Beware, apparently in a last-ditch power drive, death merchant David Miscavige is making a desperate foray into music and film.

After single handedly crippling the beingnesses and careers of such erstwhile giants as Tom Cruise and John Travolta, Miscavige is seeking to pimp out the entire Scientology creative pool in a vain effort to make Scientology hip.

Here is the latest use to which he has put the “church’s” most sacred, “religious” retreat:

He wants his “celebs” to “blow away”, “inspire”, and “empower” as many bots as he can to populate Hollywood, I suppose, to re-grip a power base that has for years been fading fast.

To understand just how Miscavige will use any such increase in the ranks to accelerate the decline of the image of Scientology through the arts, please see the latest from Tony Ortega at Village Voice, Scientology Chillin’ With Hip Hop; A Video That Cannot Be Unseen.

I have never seen the genre so shamelessly whored out.   Not by the most brazen bling worshiping, gangster revering, drug promoting, mysogenist bad boys who nearly destroyed urban roots music and poetry.  As bad as their influence was, there is a big distinction between them and Miscavige.  The former, for the most part, were just trying to make enough cheddar to get out of the projects.  Miscavige wants ALL the dough and wants to drive everybody into the projects in order to get it.  Unfortunately for his empire, and fortunately for society at large, Miscavige’s enforced “art” is so repulsive it is probably the greatest guarantee he will never achieve his sordid aims.





More on the Vulture Culture

by Mike Rinder

In light of the ongoing St Pete Times series, here are some further thoughts on the subject.

Some Background:

David Miscavige has a long history of financial rape extending back to his days as “Chairman of the Board Author Services” in the 1980’s.  There he oversaw the Battlefield Earth and Mission Earth “special editions” and “signed artwork prints” exorbitantly priced rip-offs  sold as “investments.”  Anyone who owns these virtually worthless “properties” knows how much they are worth and how much bullshit hype accompanied their sale.

Miscavige also directed the pillaging of org book accounts, forcing orgs and missions to buy bookstocks that they did not need (many of them rotted in basements and eventually became worthless when the “new editions” came out) as the income to the Pubs Orgs resulting in increasing HIS stats at ASI (and consequently his bonuses).

And let’s not forget the International Finance Police, launched under his personal supervision, who went to orgs and missions and “fined” them for imagined transgressions and took the money from their accounts without any recourse.

But these were just warm up rounds to prepare him for the multi-million dollar scams to come – the IAS, “Basics” and “Ideal Orgs.”


In late 2006, David Miscavige ordered Janet McLaughlin (President IASA) and her executives, who were in Los Angeles at the time, rounded up and taken to the Hole.  Janet’s husband, Colm, was sent to the Freewinds under guard where he was put in lockdown.  Colm remains there to this day, separated from his wife for 5 years. He has reportedly tried to escape, but was gang tackled on the dock and dragged back to the ship (Security telling the Port Police that he was “drunk”).

The IAS had appeased Miscavige with extravagant gifts and vacations over the years (and he in turn had been the chief fundraiser for the IAS – he liked to announce to anyone in his vicinity that “he could raise more money with his pinkie, and without ever uttering the word “money” than all the IAS regges put together).

Huge amounts of money were spent by the IAS to cater to POB – and it was funded through a scheme whereby the staff of the IAS were paid “bonuses” that they turned over to form a slush fund for POB/Tom Cruise jaunts/parties/food/gifts.

Despite the well-known arrogance of the IAS executives, their shopping sprees in London, Paris and Los Angeles, their bonuses and perks….  President IASA had become disenchanted with the over the top extravagances of POB and especially with respect to his best friend and “Deputy COB,”  Tom Cruise.

Being in disagreement with POB was a one way ticket to oblivion, and Janet made her disagreements known. In fact, she was in LA as she had asked to meet “COB” face to face in order to air her disagreements.  He in turn had her tailed by PI’s, her car had a tracking device installed on it, her phones were monitored.

Her “disaffection” gave Miscavige a justification for taking her out. The operation was executed in typical Miscavige total overwhelm style. 30 people descended on the IAS Offices in LA  to round up the 5 women and separate and contain Colm.

Concurrently orders were sent to the Freewinds, executed by the RTC Rep Lurie Bellotti, CO CMO Ship Sue Price and Miscavige’s favorite hitman, Captain Freewinds, Mike Napier. All IAS staff were herded into the Starlight Cabaret, their phones, beepers and computers were confiscated and they were all made to “confess” to their crimes against Miscavige (i.e. any agreement with Janet that Miscavige and Cruise were overly extravagant).  The only ones that survived the purge were those who were loyal to Miscavige. As a separate note,  Mike Napier is widely hated by the staff on the Freewinds.  He is a Miscavige pet who has been protected even though he had out 2D with a shore terminal, and also with the Bookstore Officer Freewinds, while married. He was not beached, nor sent to the RPF, or removed from post.  In fact, his indiscretions were  kept quiet and dealt with by Sue Price and Lurie Belotti . Napier is a real piece of work, hypocritically vicious “I am unreasonable about 2D out ethics”, including requiring Freewinds staff to get his permission to marry, which he would often withhold simply out of cruelty.

With Janet and anyone in agreement with her out of the way, Miscavige began running the IAS personally.  He was in daily communication with IAS Regges (though he falsely claims in legal filings that he has nothing to do with the day to day operations of the church and nothing at all to do with the IAS).

Since late 2006, with nothing but POB sycophants in the IAS , it has become his personal  “SS” (the few remaining in RTC and the CMO are his personal “Gestapo”) and as a result the IAS has taken over Scientology like a cancer taking over and destroying a body.  Today, the IAS are beyond criticism as “everyone knows” if you mess with the IAS you are “messing with COB.”

The IAS specialize in doom and gloom briefings accompanied by intense pressure to suck blood out of the stones that pass for Scientology public these days. It is ironic that the guy who is running them stands on stage at his international extravaganzas proclaiming massive expansion and worldwide acceptance of Scientology at “unprecedented, unparalleled, unreal and unbelievable” levels.

These days, everyone is fair game for the IAS – more and more SO members show up on the rolls of patron gluteus maximus as they become older and eventually inherent from their parents, along with former SO Members trying to buy their way back into good graces.

And even the RPF are now prospects for the voracious regges. If someone in the RPF has money, all the rules of the RPF are set aside.  Regges take people out of the RPF to hit them up (often at 2 in the morning when they are trying to make a quota and there are no other people around, so they happily roust RPFers out of bed to gang reg them). Some have even been convinced to pay over their inheritance to “make up the damage” for supposed offenses that caused them to be assigned to the RPF.

Under COB IAS the pressure to increase income has increased dramatically. The FSO quota  for the annual IAS event was $10 million a couple of years ago, its probably more by now.

COB IAS has morphed the IAS, which is not contemplated in any policy, into a massive parasite immune to any efforts to curtail its insatiable appetite.

The Basic on The Basics

When Miscavige originally ordered that the manuscripts be gathered together for all LRH books and compared to the published editions, Jon Horwich and myself were assigned the job of going through the books.

We had a time machine order from Miscavige to get a book done EACH DAY. It also included putting together a glossary for each book.  This of course was insane, made doubly so by the fact that Jon and I were spending almost as much time answering questions from Miscavige’s personal staff and his other sycophants demanding to know what we had done and whether we would “meet the TM” as we were working on the books.

In the end, people were assigned to stand over us to keep us awake – we were sleeping a maximum of 2 hours a nite because it was easier not going to bed than being woken up constantly by idiots demanding we get out of bed because we were “behind TM, and if COB says it can be done in this amount of time you are proving you are CI to him and LRH if you don’t meet the TMs and go to bed instead.”

Eventually, Miscavige busted us off the project as “CI” he “personally took it over” because “nobody else could do it.”

He then spent 2 years completing this job (virtually 24/7 if you believe the statements the church makes to the media) he had ordered and beaten us to get done in 2 weeks!

But then, “because COB had put so much time and effort into it” it became the MOST IMPORTANT thing in Scientology.  Every part of it, from the editing of the text to the typesetting, cover design, what words are in the glossaries, setting up the printing presses was “personally done” by “COB.” Of course, this is how everything goes in his world – nobody can be trusted to do anything right, so he has to be the only one.

The real tragedy came when the books (and lectures) were released.

Now it was a personal affront to “COB” if the sales were not “highest ever” each week as this was “the MOST IMPORTANT THING in the history of Scientology.”  He set his usual unreal quotas – it goes like this.  “There are 8 million Scientologists in the world, every one of them needs at least one set, so we need to sell 8 million and if that doesn’t happen I will find who is CI and blow them away.”  And thus the insanity ratcheted up to a level never seen before.

Staff everywhere became “book consultants” with quotas that had to be met each day or they could not go to bed. This included ALL OF MANAGEMENT, including WISE, SMI, ABLE and OSA.  RTC became the booksales quota police, enforcing that nobody could go to bed without meeting their quota.

In this era the criminality on book lines reached new lows.  Huge numbers of people had books debited from their accounts without their knowledge. People were regged to buy sets for others – and they subsequently showed up on the doorstep of unsuspecting public who had separately bought their own copies. It even descended to “loaning debits” – people would be convinced to “borrow” others APs to get sets of books and then “repay” the persons’ account at a later date.  SMI and ABLE began taking reserves accounts from the few remaining missions and groups. Mission Starter packages that had been donated in previous stat push campaigns were “converted” into Basics packages.

Of course, the criminality was applauded when the “stats” were reported by the RTC Rep (the RTC Rep ILO, Tracye Danilovich is one of the most incompetent people ever to rise to a position of authority in the church – her ONLY talent is telling POB what he wants to hear and screaming at others that they are “CI”) and then subsequently when the criminality was exposed that same RTC Rep would be indignant that anyone would sink to such levels of out ethics.

The DM Birthday Game

See earlier posts on the subject of Ideal Orgs:

This is the third prong of the master propagandist who sucks the lifeblood out of anyone in his vicinity.

The LRH Birthday Game, as covered in LRH ED 339R and 339R-1 is to make all orgs the size of Old St Hill – and in so doing, make being on staff viable and move all staff up the Bridge to OT.

But POB had a better idea as that was just too damned hard.

Convince Scientologists that what they should do instead is buy fancy (often out of the way) buildings, and call these “Ideal Orgs.”  This of course required NO management structure, no Universe Corps of auditors and C/Ses to move the staff to OT and the PUBLIC could be made responsible for getting it done through the “OT Ambassadors.”  But even more amazing – they would raise the money and buy the building and it would then be turned over to Int Reserves.

And the side benefit – keep showing the Kool Aid drinkers buildings and keep pounding in that this equates to “expansion.”

Today, all that is required to “demonstrate” expansion under POB’s watch is to buy more buildings (or sell more Basics).  No delivery needed.  No new people in. No raw public booksales.

The crown jewel of this strategy is been the “Super Power” building. They have convinced people to turn over enough money to build the “cathedral” 3 times over, telling them that the “last money is needed to complete the building this year” for at least 5 years.

This, all by itself, is a massive moneymaker. And without the need to deliver a single hour of auditing or course – in fact, it probably makes more money empty than full!  Though POB promotes that this is the tech that will “make planetary clearing a reality” (KTL which was the earlier touted solution isn’t mentioned any more and isn’t even sold or delivered, and there isn’t much talk about 10,000 on Solo NOTs handling the planet either ) he will not complete the building as to do so will result in 2 things:

  1. A drop in income
  2. Exposing that the place is a cavernous morgue as he cannot fill it up and it will be apparent to ANYONE.

The DM Birthday Game is about MEST and money.  Auditing and training is long forgotten in the world of the RCS.  If Miscavige is the Pope, Money is the King.
What Your Fees Buy:

This is what LRH said about money given to the Church. It is something that used to be broadly distributed in the Church but is now hard to come by (for obvious reasons). These are excerpts that make clear just what you were buying when you paid for auditing and training, when there was no separate IAS regging, no Ideal Org regging, no CCHR regging or “donations to libraries” regging. EVERYTHING was paid for through the sale and delivery of Scientology SERVICES.



By L. Ron Hubbard

So the fees you pay for service do not go to me.

A Sea Org member draws only about four pounds a week and his room and board. We run our ships and stations at a cost that would make a cost accountant disbelieve it. So not much of your fee goes to them even though they bear a full burden of management of pure services.

Org staff members over the world work for so little that Execs occasionally get letters from their landladies demanding orgs increase their pay level so staff members can pay their rent.

So not much of your fees goes to them.

Occasionally some org or franchise goes on a big kick of high pay. We very soon pull the rug out from under that. So if your fee went that way for a brief period we corrected the outness fast as we frown on money-motivation like a thundercloud.

Some fringe fellows know that if you had a complete monopoly on the only workable mental technology on the planet you could make billions. That’s why they’re on the “fringe”. So we prevent your fee from going in that direction.

Then where does your fee go?


Since 1950. So-called  “mental health” groups have fought to discredit and decrease the power of Dianetics and Scientology.

So a portion of your fee is spent on patching up the damage done, keeping going in spite of attacks and nullifying the actions against the West of a very choice lot of bad hats. If we didn’t have the documentary evidence I wouldn’t dare mention it.

It costs money to bring cases up to US Supreme Court level as we have. The legal defense expenses we have in a dozen countries is not small.

So a portion of your fees goes to keeping the subject available to you and to the world.

We work very hard to keep tech being done well.  It is nothing for us to put two people on a fast plane and send them half around the world to straighten up the Case Supervision and auditing in an area so you can have confidence in the service you get.

It is routine to send the highest class people we have to handle “ARC Breaks of Long Duration” in the field or on admin lines or to see they get handled.

Your fee supports a long and complex set of communication lines by which tech and admin can be cared for rapidly.

A portion of your fee just the other day began a survey of a backward country to introduce high speed educational processes to bring their people quickly from the stone age up to present time. The “Peace Corps” was also there on cushy government funds building houses for a big construction company at a nice profit. But we, unsupported, began the effective work actually needed there to help the people.

A tiny bit of your fee neated up an area ruined for Americans by the American Navy.

Small parts of your fee heal up a lot of things over the world.

But the biggest part of your fee stays right in your area. It is used to make training and processing and data available to the next fellow first by keeping the org there and second by letting him know about it and third by making as sure as possible that the training and processing he gets is standard and effective.

Your fee keeps the nearest org alive and functioning and the environment safe.

So little by little, using the fees you give us for your service, your training and your processing, we create little by little areas of sanity.

I doubt that anyone is surprised that this is no longer available in the Church or in the OEC Volumes?

The Vulture Culture is a creation of the COB IAS/COB Pubs/COB Ideal Orgs/COB BS.




Carisa Marion Goes To Bat For You

Hello Everybody!


There’s a lot more to the story than what was in the St Pete Times. I’ll be doing a free workshop at the upcoming Freezone convention in Vegas on how to get your money back, not just the paperwork, releases and how to get those right, but the strategies as well. I also have the lines with the attorneys in Florida whether you are suing or not. (do not sign a gag order, period, call me if you need help now on a cycle) It took me 9 months and 16 days.  When you see what really went down you won’t believe it.


I am certain it was my KR on Tommy Davis and Int Execs that got him put away. It got me months of “2 on 1” meetings with OSA, being refused service for 8 months unless I would change my mind. I assigned Int Execs treason for the lies and alteration of the most basic Scientology tech exposed in that interview by the very guys claiming to be “keeping the tech pure”. That was after I was going through hell for my KR on the gross revisions of the FPRD. As soon as I figure out how to do a blog I’ll have it all online. : )

Joe (Childs) was great, we spent months on the phone and he’s heard the real story, however I will never forgive him and Moe the photographer for not allowing me to smile or see the photo beforehand. I understand they want to make us look like we are “lost and hurt” from the suppression but OMG publishing that horrible photo of me on my 50th birthday for the world to see me as a poor victim?! Do I seem lost or hurt to you? I win everytime against them, period.


Remember The Little Yellow House? 1 million dollars, how did I do that? That’s another story and that also took 9 months of daily back and forth and threats of declare in my kitchen after 12 years of keeping that property from investors. I could write a book about the story of that property. But who won? They’ve only had a taste of me. Attempting to steal all that money off my account was the smallest crime they committed against me in 33 years. I handled that easily back in December of last year.


I’m still on post and I’m still working for LRH. They know I’m not going away. Okay you guys, are we ready to take it to the next level or what?!!! Anyone can reach me at



SP Times Puts Ethics In on “church” of Scientology

Please see the latest stories in the Money Machine series in the St Petersburg Times.

Since I know most of the particulars of the stories covered, what I find most fascinating are the church’s responses.  Read the story on Roccio and Luis Garcia, Scientology Couple Who Gave $1.3: Church mission ‘has been corrupted.’

Here is the totality of the church’s response to their devastating story:

The church said it expelled Garcia and that he is an ally of high-profile church defector Marty Rathbun. Garcia insists he resigned.

What does that even mean to the public at large?

See the story of Carisa Marion, Shifty Business: Times Inquiry Finds Secret Debits, Deception After “Basics” Release.

The church is caught red-handed, with conviction-worthy evidence, of grand larceny and here is the totality of their defense:

The church characterized the unauthorized debits as a “misallocation of funds, not felony theft.” It said it considers parishioners’ pre-payments for services to be donations that become church property. So while diverting funds was not appropriate, it wasn’t theft.

“Indeed, in the United States, most parishioners claim tax deductions for their donations, indicating they have relinquished ownership of the funds,” the church said. 

I have said it before and I’ll say it again here, David Miscavige has patently been engaged in systematic criminal behavior mis-using IRS tax exemption as a shield.   Also, the title of this post was in reference specifically to this story. Notice how Carisa’s trust funds were only returned to mitigate the damage this very series of articles might cause Miscavige’s criminal operations.  You can bet a number of atrocities will be ‘remedied’ by the church in response to this entire series – but only, only where Miscavige perceives that to do otherwise will be more painful than to return funds owed.

Finally, see the lead article in Monday’s edition, Pervasive Pitch: Scientology book and lecture series, ‘The Basics’, unleashes a frenzy.

After detailing a series of hard sell horrors, including with the use of false imprisonment, the Times’ recounts Roccio Garcia’s story of being reged for basics packages in the auditing room of her auditor by her auditor.   Please secure your beverage before reading the “church’s” response here:

The church denied that any of its auditors breached their ministerial duty.

It said church policy dating back to the 1950s requires auditors, as well as course room supervisors, to help parishioners get materials to further their spiritual pursuits.

“Ministers of every religion participate in disseminating the scripture and in fundraising,” the church said. “It is utterly offensive that the Times is questioning religious practice.”

No, what is utterly offensive is the cult of extortion and greed that David Miscavige operates in the name of Scientology.