Miscavige’s OT IX Release

For those naive enough to continue chasing David Miscavige’s elusive, imaginary and expensive carrots I’ve got news direct from the mouth of your “Pope.”

At the 2005 Maiden Voyage aboard the Freewinds Miscavige already released his version of OT IX – Orders of Magnitude (the “name of state” for the postulated level OT IX on the current Grade Chart). Apparently, few noticed and they have been paying through the nose for it since.

David Miscavige Maiden Voyage Opening Speech June 2005:

It’s great to be back with you– aboard the Freewinds– for what will most definitely be a landmark cruise from which nothing will ever be the same again.

And yes, of that I am certain.

And since you are here, then you most certainly can “feel it.”

That torque of our engine — with a horsepower of millions.

Yes — the power has been building and it’s screaming for take-off.

So, as the first word– let’s honestly confront what we now launch with our OT Summit.

Because, since we gather to celebrate Truth Revealed — that truth is now reverberating across the planet with a Golden Age of Knowledge that will take us to eternity.

Then again — what that truth reveals is “orders of magnitude” — and it’s spelled Ideal Orgs creating effects we’ve only dreamed of.

Miscavige failed to reveal the end phenomena of his version of OT IX. The End Phenomena is bankruptcy, bad health, depression, loss of family and friends, and an unmistakable sense of betrayal.  

It doesn’t have to end that way.  All one need do is wake up (a feat attainable at any level of the Scientology grade chart).

221 responses to “Miscavige’s OT IX Release

  1. I will never put my eternity in the hands of this mad man.

  2. Ahhhhhhh, so OT IX IS the ‘Ideal Orgs Strategy’.

    Dave’s laughing.

    Well, he was. Now, not so much.

  3. Watching Eyes

    Perfect picture! My first thought was of Bozo the clown, except the only joke is the one he’s pulling on anyone blind enough to follow him.

  4. He’s playing his only card. Without the hope of higher OT levels, would people stick around?

  5. Love that look on DM. I’d like some napkins with that on them, but it would ruin my food.

  6. Fellow Traveller

    Another transcriptionist error forthcoming, no doubt.
    OT IX is not really orders of magnitude. It’s orders of miscavige.

    Uh huh.

    To quote the irrepressible and frequently loquacious Just Me: Bite Me.

    Bruce Pratt

  7. Marty,

    That’s absolutely the worst picture of DM I have ever seen. He’ll hate it!


  8. David Lingenfelter

    “So, as the first word– let’s honestly confront what we now launch with our OT Summit.”

    Hmm DM – your own words I’ve quoted above. Yes, let us HONESTLY confront what you have launched.
    Betrayal, corruption, lies, scam, broken orgs, broken people, people off the bridge, tech unavailable through the church, imprisonment, broken marriages, harrasment of people delivering LRH standard tech, etc.

    Ohh damn, I forgot. That means you think your stats are UP. Time for another fun visit to the hole. Plan your escape. I think the courts will have their day with you.


  9. Ideal Orgs are creating effects we’ve only dreamed of???

    Well, to quote my own father:

    “Is there a place to store my course materials? Is there a refrigerator to keep my lunch in? Is there a place to sit and eat? Is there a place for food-service during events? The answers were all “no”. Each person I asked had some temporary solution, but no one ever said “No, but that is something we will be correcting.” “

  10. I think DM might just create drive in orgs. Just drive up to the window and place your order…

    “Yes, I will have an order of magnitude, with a side of crushing debt, confusion, betrayal, and hold the ability to apply the tech.”

    OT hate, truth concealed.

  11. Ah, the marvelous melody of pure, unadulterated Shermanspeak(tm)….

    I dont think even POB understands what he is saying. And I am certain nobody else does. Words on top of words on top of words with quotation marks around them…. Glorious drivel delivered with absolute certainty. And the seals being clubbed into bloody blubber applaud as their wallets are stolen and their lives are ruined.


  12. David Lingenfelter


  13. Ok, so if we were playing a game of Balderdash and the question is: In this photo of David Miscavige, what is he saying? My answer is:

    “Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Gotcha! There is no OT IX, He, He, He, He (witch cackle).”

  14. I’m sold old that I remember when you were actually allowed to PLAY the grand piano in the Celebrity Centre lobby.
    And there were TWO Mason/Hamlins at Flag to play till your hearts content.

    My last trip to Flag however involved being called a dillentante because I was not doing little make busy courses in between auditing sessions.
    Orders of Magnitute indeed, sounds like something off an earthquake map.

    Screw you Miscaviche.

  15. Mike-You are absolutely poetic.

  16. Too bad, for everyone, that Miscavige didn’t realize the orders of magnitude necessary, to pull this off, before embarking on this disastrous path fueled only by other people’s life savings or good credit standing. He chose to gamble with their very survival without consulting them or letting them have a say.

    Yes, they were (and still are, many of them) stupid marks, in a way, but I’d rather leave this life naively believing in a beautiful ideal than callously taking advantage of the kind nature of others.

  17. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson


    Just as with the last post, my first and foremost instantaneous response to David MISCAVIGE is….

    “You fucking piece of shit!” ( Quote borrowed from a couple good friends o’mine!!)

    And a good day to all!

    — Jackson

  18. Quoting from: http://www.hypnosis-kids.com/non-sequitur.htm:

    “If the nonsequitur is delivered meaningfully in a manner implying it is a perfectly sensible and in fact rather important statement, the listener will typically continue to search (in vain) for the “real” meaning of the utterance.

    The longer a person tries to grasp some sense in the non-sequitur, the more uncertain he or she will become. This building response potential can often be utilized after 3 – 5 seconds by the hypnotist softly, but emphatically suggesting that the confused person drop into a trance.”

    From DM:
    “Then again — what that truth reveals is “orders of magnitude” — and it’s spelled Ideal Orgs creating effects we’ve only dreamed of.”

    Curious. What was said just after that in the speech?

  19. Stevie — how about embossed toilet paper? Wouldn’t ruin your food, but on second thought it might give you constipation. Who would want that anywhere near your ***hole?

  20. Dave sure talks a lot for someone NOT going up the Bridge himself.
    Another huge “omitted” no one wants to confront. I’m sure everryone just “knows” he’s done all the Bridge. He’s COB, right? Gotta be OT VIII, OEC/FEBC, Class XII C/S… right?


  21. Another hour of the same, incomprehensible, twisted, strained rhetoric.

    And what came after that?

    Regging. Lots of regging. And more regging.

  22. “Then again — what that truth reveals is “orders of magnitude” — and it’s spelled Ideal Orgs creating effects we’ve only dreamed of. ”

    Who writes this shit? It is incomprehensible. If you think you understand what he is saying, he can always say that you didn’t.

  23. OT 8 VFP = a being completely liberated from his/her bank account.

  24. Christie,
    I like that game. Ok, here’s my entry.

    “Ho…this Shermanspeak is hard to thay while thinking from which to say is all the more reason to however be in as much as the totality of they who ‘Ho'”

  25. I didn’t know they had such quality suits and bow ties in the young men’s section…

  26. Sue — His wondrous prose is brought to you by Dan Sherman, inventor of Shermanspeak(tm) the art of combining words into lengthy, contorted sentences that have little or no meaning but are intended to sound learned and emphatic.

    Dan Sherman, in case you didnt know, was hired in the early 90’s to write a biography of L. Ron Hubbard. Instead of that, he has become one of POB’s entourage (along with his hairdresser, chiropractor, chef, steward, make-up artist and assorted butt-kissers) as his full time “speech”writer. He also writes and edits the PR fluff that appears on Scientology websites about Miscavige and is a guest ghostwriter for Freedumb magazine.

    For 15 years he has been being paid at least $10,000/month and is heralded as the “LRH Biographer” but he is really the POB “million dollar” hagiographer.

    You will see him sitting front and center at every “speech” POB gives, smirking at all the witticisms and leading the applause for his cleverly constructed “accomplishments” and “stats” which are truly meaningless but are preceded by a huge build up of ever increasing big words and flashy adjectives.

    Excuse the sarcasm — it’s hard not to when talking about such a smarmy coward who has watched Miscavige beat and abuse people for years, yet isnt even in the Sea Org and could drive away in the sports car he was given as a gift. Instead, he sticks around for the money and the glory of being in the “in crowd.” That is worse than the SO members who have no money and no means of getting away — by a country mile.

  27. It means that the EP of OT VIII is Truth Revealed and that truth, revealed, on the ship is the revelation of Ideal Orgs and the next step is to donate money. Heck, it’s perfectly sensible.

    Perhaps some gratuitous figures of speech would help.

    Whereas it has been undertaken to signify that in so far as that which is isn’t then the truth reveals that too. (Insert randomly and you have the gist of Shermanspeak.)

  28. Mother of Grendel

    The latest crop of OT 8’s (and many still on 7) resemble nothing as much as a bunch of zombies emerging from POB’s black cauldron. Can you imagine any more “truth” – they’d end up as the Borg!

    In fact, they do rather resemble the Borg already…!

    (No offense to any OT 7s or 8s on this forum – you are NOT POB’s cauldron spawn!)

  29. FT, that would be correctly spelled Miscavige’s “Ordures of Magnitude”, or “Ordures of Miscavige”.

    1. Excrement; dung.
    2. Something regarded as vile or abhorrent.

  30. Fellow Traveller

    They don’t.
    Perhaps this is the inspiration for E*TRADE’s commercial with the infant at the Italian tailor?

  31. REFUND INQUIRY – New thread if I may…

    I want to get my money back. I have thousands on account at Flag, 5 G’s into the IAS, and a few thousand on account at my local org. I don’t know how to go about this but I’ve done my doubt formula. I want my life savings back.
    Do they have the right to keep my money? Should I go straight to the AG of my state? BBB?
    Thanks for any data.
    I can also be reached at “refundnow@hotmail.com”

  32. Why does everything that comes out of this guy’s mouth have the elocution of a bowel movement? Is this just another indicator of his “basic goodness”?

  33. “Yeeoww! Less teeth, Lou.”

  34. one of those who see

    Just a quote from Buddha to postulate the waking up and freeing of beings in “the buildings.”
    One of his students asked Buddha, “Are you the messiah?”
    “No”, answered Buddha.
    “Then are you a healer?”
    “No”, Buddha replied.
    “Then are you a teacher?” the student persisted.
    “No, I am not a teacher.”
    “Then what are you?” asked the student, exasperated.
    “I am awake”, Buddha replied.

  35. Ah yes.

    My wife and I used to joke that you needed a “secret decoder ring” in order to understand the true message of the event.

    I remember them getting more and more cryptic until they became literally incomprehensible.

    Like this one here.

    Such a flattering picture of Miscavige.

    It reminds me of one of the three stooges. Curly specifically.

    Good thing he has Sherman working for him so he looks and sounds like an idiot savant instead of just an idiot.

    As you know I’ve had very little respect for the guy and always thought he was a total moron. Probably one reason why many of us would prefer to entertain “conspiracy theories” and exclude him as a viable factor.

    Possibly never considering the possibility that there are people who take this lunatic loser seriously.

    What a joke!

    Yet I ran into a Churchie a short while back who was trying to convince me Miscavige was some kind of messiah.

    A true believer!

    Known colloquially as a “Koolaid Drinker”.

    Needless to say I was shocked.

    As someone wrote in a response to one of my comments.

    I was one of those “glass half empty” kinda guys.

    True in my time within the Organization I existed in a rather isolated group of cynics who distrusted management and thought they were idiots.

    It was pretty much accepted that these guys were morons and if the Ol’man were around today he’d be handing them their pink slip or they’d be washing dishes in some galley for turning control of the Organization to a simple simon simpleton who can’t even string a comprehensible sentence together.

    But unfortunately Ron ain’t here and it doesn’t look like he’s coming back any time soon.

    Leaving us to watch the Church of Scientology follies in abject horror at times especially those idiocies emanating from that ship of fools AKA the “Freewinds”.

    I think somewhere Ron said that the reason that a ship at sea is a good place to deliver the advance courses (aside from the fact that being in International waters precluded inference and infiltration from various Government agencies) is that it was free from the pull of land.

    However these guys are not only free from the pull of land but any concept of reality as well!

    Maybe the blue asbestos has something to do with it.

    Or maybe the CIA has put LSD in their drinking water or beverages.

    Who knows?

    I mean what sane person would listen to that *insane moronic deluded drivel* without getting the urge to leap overboard?

  36. As Bullwinkle used to say, “Nothin’ up ma sleeve… PRESTO!!!”

    Lion: “Grrrr-aaaarrrrrrraaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!”

    Bullwinkle: “Oooh, musta been OT VIII 1/2.”

  37. Effects Davey only dreamed of!

  38. Good one! And I can just picture doing TR’s by having the vias of two windshields and two steering wheels between coach and student, who are front bumper to front bumper, and communicating via CB radio. Auditing would be intersting as well. I suppose that the PC could roll down his windows to pick up the cans.


  39. Despite of what I think of L Ron Hubbard he was the genuine article. Miscavige is just a ghoul living of the passing of the founder.


  40. Lou…I’m done….bring the TP please!

  41. The Botox King!

  42. MOG,

    You said
    (No offense to any OT 7s or 8s on this forum – you are NOT POB’s cauldron spawn!)
    Thanks for differentiating.
    All kidding aside, I don’t know how someone could make it to OT8, Truth Revealed and still live lies. For me, it was actually painful to try.

  43. Mike Rinder said ~~
    it’s hard not to when talking about such a smarmy coward (Dan Sherman) who has watched Miscavige beat and abuse people for years, yet isnt even in the Sea Org and could drive away in the sports car he was given as a gift.

    There are a signifcant bunch of toadies and enablers who have read, seen or experienced or “3rd flowed” the ABUSE. The Beatings. The sadistic punishments. The sleep deprivation. The Held against will with no ability to walk through the gates.

    Many at OSA INT read all the reports and know damn well of the illegalities “The Internet Unit” as OSA INT reads all about the David Miscavge “technology”, the vulture regging, the sadism within the Sea Org and especially INT Base.

    3 May P/L
    OSA INT ~~ What out ethics situation are you involved in ?

    Enabling and supporting a brutal sadistic “Leader at the Helm” while watching the decline and destruction of Scientology, the ongoing RAPE of IAS actions, the internet bloodbath, the onslaught of media revelations and justifying their support of Miscavige by the delusion of  believing they are “Saving the Church”

  44. one of those who see

    Wow. All this time, I assumed Dan was an SO member. Thanks for the correction! So, the only SO member on stage at events is DM and Guillaume Leserve at the B Day game event.
    All the Int Execs missing was one of the first outpoints that got me looking. In my opinion, one of DM’s bigger foot bullets. Were you speaking at events up to the year you left? Trying to remember.

  45. mark mckinstry

    Maybe it should be… Overts of Magnitude

  46. Refundnow,

    For funds you have on account at Flag, contact BOB BOLGER at the Flag Service Org. Bob is one of the KOTs there. (Keeper of Tech). I assume you have a copy of your statement of your account at Flag. You will need to send a copy in with your request, although Bob should be able to track your funds down without it. Here’s his email: BOB BOLGER, KOT, flagserviceorg@flag.org

    For your local org, start by contacting the Chaplain.

    I had some money on account at Flag, but it turned out to be a “courtesy transfer” from my org so my reimbursement came from my org. I was fortunate, it was very “A to B” due to some good old-school staff at the org who had been friends.

    Try honesty and good ARC first. If that doesn’t seem to be working, then you can suggest you will bring in the media, BBB, State and Federal agencies, etc. because it is your money and by LRH policy they have no right to keep it and must return it to you. Doesn’t mean they won’t try to get out of returning it to you. You may also find some useful information here:


  47. Wait .. that doesn’t make any sense!

  48. dm is an Operating Narcissist.
    dm is a fascist (cronic 1.5)
    No friends at all.
    A complete failure.

  49. Yes, I was at the 2006 IAS event — the last one I attended (from the Hole). I think all events since then have been only POB except for Guillaume Lesevre and Dan Squirmman at the March 13th (POB doesnt want to deman himself by presenting awards to staff — he limits giving hiis blessings to IAS donors and medal winners.

  50. Refundnow. What state are you in?

  51. Why do I always think of The Effeminate Heterosexual from SNL when I see Sherman speak?

    I’m really surprised SNL did not do more spiffs on Co$. It is just rife with material!


  52. David Lingenfelter

    Heaven forbid that you would enjoy wins or live a little. I find it alarming that staff all over the world are putting up this s*#+ and are not seeing how far from LRH it has gone. I feel a revolution coming.


  53. I probably sat entranced through this event years ago, believing that I would know what he was talking about once I knew the *confidential* data. But when I read it in a new unit of time it looks like the Ideal Orgs *are* OT IX.

    The EP of OT IX is MEST. It’s a bunch of buildings. Create an illusion and make it more solid. That what OT means to miscavige.

  54. Mother of Grendel

    Overts of Miscavitude!

  55. David Lingenfelter

    Thank you.

  56. The truly sad thing is that there are “execs” at the Class V Org level who try to emulate him. Luckily, we didn’t have “the hole” at Cincinnati, but we did have our own little Decks Project Force. That’s right, in the middle of downtown Cinti – but we were only 4 blocks from the Ohio River, so I guess that counts.

    We used to have Exec Secs and Division Secretaries “UDed” off post often. UD means “Urgent Directive.” Think of Obama signing an Executive Directive versus having to go through Congress. The “UD” allowed the dictator (ED/CO) to enforce a post removal without having to go through a Comm Ev and other time consuming “constraints” laid out in the OEC Vols.

    These poor Execs and other staff would thrown onto the DPF and soon they were swabbing the basement floors side-stepping all of the rats in that God-forsaken building. They were treated so poorly and the rest of the Execs were ordered not to look at them, much less communicate with them.

    The most sickening thing I find is how so many fawn over this Miscavige dude and his stupid mispronounciations of things like “Las Gaitos” and “Message to Garza.” I’m surprised the orgs don’t have to put his picture up everywhere like common thug dictators.

    Wow, yet another rant. Nevermind…


  57. Oh, Yah!

  58. Careful, Erwin, his dreams contain all the material of the sec checks he enforces on others…

  59. I’ve noticed that type of thing at events. I think I recall that one specifically.
    It has to be a conscious decision to use misleading, or I guess they might even be intended as post hypnotic suggestions considering the hypnotic nature of events these days. It’s all about re-defining words and terms and using semantics to mislead and control. Somebody must know what it is and why they are doing it. Some politicians do it to gain and keep power. I guess Miscavige uses these tools for the same reason. Maybe Miscavige and Sherman have Frank Luntz on the payroll.

  60. New York

  61. Boy of boy Davey, what a Super Power of a postulate – OTIX.
    They surely must be salivating back at the Ideal Morges.
    Don’t you just love it when a cycle completes…

  62. I think you nailed it Mark.

  63. So, RJ, I take it if you were given the choice between listening to a Miscavage speech or being “overboarded” you would take the overboarding? LOL

  64. Thank you for that. I’ll contact him asap.
    Do you know if there’s a proper terminal for my IAS refund?

  65. ΘTater/GaryLerner

    How about “Ordures of Platitudes”? His speeches (or vocal bowel movements) seem to have there own… ah hell, the title says it all.

    Gary the Villager (insert torch bearing picture)

  66. Roiger:

    I’m surprised the orgs don’t have to put his picture up everywhere like common thug dictators.

    Dont worry, its coming. Already POB has 7 full color, retouched, photo-shopped full page pix of hisself to each B&W fuzzy image of LRH in the org magazines.

    POB drinks Penta water so they stock it for the sheeple in the Flag canteen.

    They also stock the shampoo “HE” uses, and the soap.

    The Cult of Personality is beng carefully cultivated.

    Public proudly display their photos “with COB” on their walls at home (when they gave their last hundred grand to the IAS they got to shake his hand and have a photo with “HIM.”

    So, the special framed photoshopped pix will be appearing in orgs near you soon. Don’t forget, you can hardly walkm past a video screen in an org — and there are more of them than staff in most orgs — without seeing HIM on the screen…. So, maybe they will have those electronic frames with the constantly changing shots. Or maybe they will figure the video screens are good enough!

  67. Watching Eyes

    Skip the KOT; that will only delay things. Any refund/repayment request needs to go through OSA. It shouldn’t but they’re so paranoid these days that even a simple repayment request ends up going through OSA. If you’ve got money on account, you’re asking for a repayment not refund. Here’s who to write to:
    Sarah Heller
    Legal Director, OSA
    Church of Scientology
    Flag Service Organization
    210 South Fort Harrison Ave
    Clearwater, FL 33756

  68. Well thank God McSavage is keeping Dan busy with his diatribes of nonsensical horse shit.
    If this crap is anything to go by he would have made a dogs breakfast of LRH’s biography too.
    I would much rather hear about Ron’s life from his friends than traitors and enemies.
    Sarge – make it happen!

  69. Brian Culkin

    “Then again — what that truth reveals is “orders of magnitude” — and it’s spelled Ideal Orgs creating effects we’ve only dreamed of.” -DM

    Effects thus far “only dreamed of”:

    FBI investigation
    Books like Blown For Good, Counterfit Dreams, Abuse at the Top, etc.
    Unprecedented media reporting on abuses
    Marty and Mike on the loose
    Celebs leaving in droves
    Public speaking out against psychological and financial crimes
    Future large scale media reporting
    And this little blog called, “Movin on up a little higher.” You know the one that gets more hits than scientology.org?

    Scientology is an important subject for this planet. It should be saved.

  70. Carcha,
    The game is called Balderdash.

  71. Correct. The KOT N/W is in Non-E and talking nice won’t get you anywhere. Lawyer up and demand a repayment otherwise you will simply get the form letter and every delaying tactic possible to wear you down and get you to give up. They will pay up only if you make them take you seriously and Susan Heller is the person who will wind up handling it anyway.

  72. Wow!

    All ya gotta do is quote the inimitable Moron Miscavige to get requests for refunds.

    Actually what you’re requesting RefundNow is not technically called a “refund” . A refund request occurs after you’ve received a service or what they jokingly call “service” these days if it is requested within 3 months after receiving it and is approved by the “Claims Verification Board’ (funny how they cancelled every other BPL except that one for some reason. Go figure?) excluding 3 percent or more for the trouble you supposedly caused them.

    On the other hand what you are asking for is what is called a RAP a “Request of Advanced Payment” which doesn’t fall under the policies of the claims verification board and it is basically *your* money.

    Like my friend Val basically writes:

    You can nicely ask for it back.

    You don’t even have to tell ’em why you want it.

    Now they may do one of two things.

    1) Give you a free ARCX session and if you haven’t changed your mind. 2) Give you your money back.

    This is how we used to handle refunds and RAPs when I worked in Tech or Qual.

    From what I understand the procedure has changed somewhat.

    Instead they’ll try bully and threaten you with dire ethics consequences.

    Just ignore that and ask for your money back.

    If they refuse to give it to you or give you reasons why they can’t.

    Like they bought you and your friends a LT Membership or used it to distribute WTH in the Mars Colonies or something like that.

    Then would be the time to take action.

    Hope this helps.

  73. Lou! Speed up the prompter! My botox boost is wearing off!

  74. Maybe the joke is on Miscavige – the man with an 8th grade education, if that. I don’t know his training level, but I suspect it is also limited. I wonder if he has ever read a novel or even a newspaper cover to cover. So, here’s someone (Dan Sherman) tasked with making an uneducated narcissistic person feel like he’s “educated.” Throw in a bunch of big words, add some adjectives and string them together in a way that, even though it makes no sense, sounds impressive…at least to the speaker. And make $100K/year to do this. What a sweet gig.

    I wonder how many other Dan Shermans there are who are vested in keeping David Miscavige in power and will make it difficult for those who want to exact change. Lawyers, accountants, real estate professionals, contractors who have found a wonderful cash cow.

  75. That’s right Lynne 🙂

  76. Yes, so old as to listen to Isaac Hayes playing it.

  77. But why be so hard on him – he has no time to study or go in session because of all the hats he has to wear…..
    Actually he just rides around in his squirrel cage all day long demanding to be fed food and money accompanied by copper rods, leaving the Int Base to clean up the excrement.

  78. Looks like an official member of the “nerd squad”, asking his best friend if he’d like to play/perform/whatever another round of “Top Gun”.

  79. And don’t forget the watches Mike. Danny has been given three expensive watches and TWO cars in addition to his salary (my hard earned IAS donations at work!). And he gets flown to all the Ideal Morgue openings so he can clap like the trained seal he is at each event. He idolizes POB and LOVES to hobnob with the “celebrities.”

  80. Ever notice McSavage talks out of the side of his mouth? (you can see it clearly in the photo). That’s because he’s hoping you won’t catch him in his lies.

  81. Please. Monique Yinklink is not an SO member (nor Scientologist, right?).

    Miscavige is not an SO member. For God’s sake. He cancelled his own billion year contract. But he wipes his feet on SO members. The rest of the people he just buys. (or blackmails)

  82. Jim, you seriously made me laugh out loud with that!

  83. Ahhhhhhh TR-0. So simple. So sweet.

  84. Thank you, Cat Daddy. That is a concise presentation of Miscavige. In all his gory.. I mean glory.

  85. Again, I beseech you people. Will Someone please pull Marty off of David Mismanage. He is kicking him like a rented mule.

    Slavery during the 1800s called and thinks the beating Marty is giving Davey Boy is cruel!

    Someone step up and put David down, he surely can not take any more, that little Ewok D – Bag.

    You rock Rathburn!!!

    and Bed Man has your back!!!

  86. I am surprised not to hear Miscavige called messiah. Maybe it is coming.

    Already I see in 11-page letter from COS about Reitman’s book calling Miscavige over and over the “ecclesiastical leader”, which neatly avoids the Chairman of THE Board title. Where does ecclesiastical leader fit into the corporate structure? There seems to be a OSA-Yinklink trick afoot to distract attention from the very dangerous Chairman of THE Board title(aka don’t look into the corporate veils too much). Now he is entitled a nebulous sounding ecclesiastical leader, a good guy persona. Could PR and legal actually be trying to patch some things up?

    In common speech he is now the Pope of Scientology. Don’t they remember that the Catholic Church Pope is actually elected and not self appointed? Except back in the day when you could buy your way into heaven……. Hmmm. Sounds kind of familiar.

  87. 🙂

  88. Marty, this image is just right for a T shirt!
    What me worry?

  89. Gag me with a spoon 🙂

  90. I think he actually talks out of “both sides of his mount”…. Chitown slang for lying.

  91. lol … I meant “mouth”… but mount is pretty funny too.

  92. I really think that the ias should be disengourged from their ill-gotten gains… and have been asking for our money back over and over and over.

  93. VWD on the photo – meet Ultradork! At least he isn’t wearing some fake naval uniform with a bunch of self-awarded stripes and bars. I noticed one time, he even awarded himself the Diamond Star – signifying the authority to speak on behalf of LRH. Anybody got the story on that one?

  94. The last release I signed when I was still in acknowledged L Ron Hubbard as the Spiritual Leader of Scientology.

    I know even back then if the lil’ rodent’s name had been on that release I probably would have burned the thing using my Zippo right in front of the reg.

    Who knows they may have or are in the process of changing the wording of that release.

    It’ll probably the final straw for actual Scientologists who believe that despite the alterations and blatant squirreling that it still has the potential of being Ron’s Org again and that Miscavige is just a temporary road block on the “Road to Truth”.

    At least that is way I felt until I just couldn’t take it no more.

    Maybe some have a higher level of tolerance than I had and still they feel they can change the system from within and actually *reform* the Church.

    Not all of them are “Koolaid Drinkers” nor are they “Brainwashed”.

    Many of them still feel they still owe their allegiance to this bastardization calling itself the “Church of Scientology” for whatever personal reasons they have.

    Maybe this final act might cause the curtain to fall on any association they may have with IRC 501ciii USDA Approved Animal Farm.

    I know for a fact I would have walked out if I saw anything in writing other than what was written in the press that this SP Squirrel was my “Spiritual or Ecclesiastical ‘leader'”.

  95. and didn’t he lose his wife to cancer or something like that in the middle of living at INT base and butt kissing Dave?

  96. Yes, Steve Pfauth, i liked the october 25 2010 post in Casablancatejasmyblog.

  97. Yes, that’s right.

  98. Shermanspeak(tm) reeks of the self-importance of the not-quite-bright. And, of course, delivered by same.

  99. Brian,

    The POB’s Shermanspeak can also be interpreted to mean:
    Now having forked out the donations for “Truth Revealed,”
    1. Fork out the donations for Idle Orgs.
    2. Now having done that, fork out the donations for “Orders of Magnitude” level. (requirement being that one forks out to elevate one’s IAS status)

    I think the fork shows that the carrot is pretty well done (and shriveled) and the POB goose is cooked!

  100. plainoldthetan

    More like “Ardures of Magnitude”.

  101. It’s the best photo of POB so far!

  102. I talked to a pretty, high ranking Commodores Messenger who told me that for years, after EVERY international event, Miscavige would call her into his office where he had pictures of himself spread out on his desk. He would ask her to pick out the best pictures of him. He would say things like “Don’t I look great!” “Aren’t I handsome!”
    No joke. This is how stuck up on himself this guy is. He is a legend in his own mind.
    This messenger would play along while keeping her own thoughts to herself. She left the Sea Org years ago and has never looked back.
    Dave, here’s the bad news. You look like the back end of a mule that has sunken butt cheeks. The hair weaves, hair color, tanning beds, heavy make up and lift shoes can only be expected to do so much.
    The good news is that Sherman thinks your cute.

  103. Cult of Personality is like:

    “We drive to Hitler. He is having his meal. He jumps to his feet, there he is. Shakes my hand. Like an old friend. And those big blue eyes. Like stars. He is glad to see me. I am in heaven…. I arrive. Hitler is there. Great joy. He greets me like an old friend. And looks after me. How I love him! What a fellow! And he tells stories the whole evening. I could go on listening forever. A small meeting. He asks me to speak first. Then he speaks. How small I am! He gives me his photograph. With greetings from the Rhineland. Heil Hitler! … I want Hitler to be my friend. His photograph is on my desk. I could not bear it if I had to despair of this man”. Joseph Goebbels diary

  104. I think SCN Ethics found the nearly exact technique DM uses to implant sheepole. It is explained in very simple language but it is an ancient, ancient technique…

    This is a “Wizard site” for kids, but take 1 minute to read the rest of “Wizards for kids” and you can see there is a huge amount of truth here… I am just including about 80% of the site instead of the 20% SCN Ethics quoted:

    Hypnosis For Kids – Meaningful Non-Sequitur
    Hypnosis for Kids – School for Wizards

    Hypnotic Interruption Technique –
    Meaningful Non-Sequitur

    If “non-sequitur” is a big word for you – it simply refers to something that doesn’t logically follow or doesn’t make sense – a nonsense, which in the case of “meaningful non-sequiturs” is done on purpose, for the sake of accomplishing a specific communication goal.

    In other words you can say something to another person that may sound utterly silly and nonsensical, but the other person may not know that you’re doing this on purpose, to achieve a specific outcome.

    For example, if you’d like the other person to stop doing something, you may say something silly and non-sensical for the sheer purpose of stopping them.

    A communication is always understood in terms of its context. A listener will usually understand a verbal statement in relation to those preceding it as well as the nonverbal communications accompanying it.

    (SaveTheTech…Think: DM’s bedazzling, rolling thunder, black tie, “we won the planet” events. )

    And again, a statement totally irrelevant to or not following from the established context is known as a nonsequitur. The listener will usually be taken aback and surprised by a nonsequitur, then respond to this automatic interruption of language patterns by trying to figure out what the heck the speaker meant.

    If the nonsequitur is delivered meaningfully in a manner implying it is a perfectly sensible and in fact rather important statement, the listener will typically continue to search (in vain) for the “real” meaning of the utterance.

    The longer a person tries to grasp some sense in the nonsequitur, the more uncertain he or she will become. This building response potential can often be utilized after 3 – 5 seconds by the hypnotist softly, but emphatically suggesting that the confused person drop into a trance.

    The nonsequiturs will have maximal hypnotic effect when they are delivered meaningfully by a speaker assumed and expected to speak rationally and relevantly in a context where the listener trusts the integrity of the speaker.

  105. Her name was Manon.

  106. Tom Gallagher


  107. Mat,
    Yes, that’s been going on for years, decades and Jeff Baker and his assistant, Roberta would be part of the event entourage as they took tons and tons of photos at each event.

    Not sure whether you’ve seen the inside of his personal “officer’s lounge” at the Villas at the Int base, but was completely lined with huge, expensively framed photos at events, the largest being the ’93″War is over” one. There was also a baby grand piano there which he doesn’t play and a huge cigar humidor with lots of cuban cigars (he dislikes cigars) for the BFF.
    Perhaps all this stuff was moved to his new $1M renovated Villas luxury suites as of a couple of years ago, where even his dogs of Captain rank have air conditioned kennels.

  108. Is that a real picture of David Miscavige or has it been Photo Shopped? He doesn’t look so bad in the picture but there is something surreal about it, some kind of strange aura. I can’t quite put my finger on it.

  109. Tom Gallagher

    I’ve now lost a lotta respect for Jeannie. Double confirm. UGH………

  110. Nothing is more admirable and funny and adorable as a lady saying “horse shit” ! AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. Watching Eyes

    When they send you the routing form to get your money back you’ll see the steps on it like going to the chaplain and going to the treasury sec. Just write “refused” next to those steps. This will let them know you’re NOT coming in, don’t want to see them, won’t see them and are refusing any & all handling. In other words, just send the money.

    They have no legal right to keep your unused money on account. However, that doesn’t mean they won’t drag their heels. Start with the OSA name & address I gave you and stay on it. Tell them if you don’t have your money in 10 days, and you won’t, let them know you’ll go to the press or the Florida Attorney General’s office. You can always write a letter to the editor at the SP Times. Personally, I like that idea. If you do it, send it to Tom Tobin at the paper. He’s extremely well educated on the cult and will get your letter to the right people at the paper. In other words, he’ll help you. Call him first and let him know what’s up. Take that dwarf!

    As far as the IAS refund, that scam group has dug it’s heels in and I don’t know anyone in recent years who has gotten a dime back. The thing to do with them, after they refuse, is to file a complaint with the IRS. Remember, we never know which complaint will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. At some point they’re bound to lose their tax exempt status. Go to http://www.irs.gov and pull up the complaint for for non-profit groups. It’s easy.

  112. It is kind of funny and kind of not. L. Ron Hubbard is supposed to be the hero here. What role is DM hoping to assume by “imprinting” an image of him into the minds of church members? He never looks like a Scientologists (he is seldom if ever in a Sea Org uniform) he prefers a public image instead of a church image. And sadly enough, where is this “public” he should be aligning himself with in the process? All future Scientologists? Impressive. Worth of the publicity it would seem! 🙂

  113. So in other words, DM said: “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…here, drink this Kool Aid…”

  114. I sat on a bench in front of the Fort Harrison Hotel recently and listened to a public Scientologist explain to me what was in the Super Power building across the street (I’m not a Scientologist). She told me there was equipment from NASA that was used to challenge your perceptions. All I could envision was a contraption that you strapped into that turned you into a human gyroscope. Disorienting people, either physically or by having them stare at someone for hours, is an effective way of detaching them from the mechanisms in which they determine reality. Once that is done the person is open to suggestions that bypass their conscious filter. This is the essence of hypnosis and organized Scientology is very effective in doing this (aka brainwashing). Sounds like OT IX and OT X will be (if they ever happen) further extensions of this technique.

  115. I knew Danny Sherman and his wife Manon back in the late eighties and early nineties. He was doing work for OSA at that time and was a book author. He wrote spy novels and had several published and was making a living at it.

    My wife at the time was auditing him on OT 5 and I was auditing his wife Manon at the same time. We used to go over to their house to watch videos often when we had an evening off and they were both at that time seemingly nice people.

    I never hear anything about his wife Manon and wonder if she is still alive? She wasn’t very old and was French Canadian.

    If you have any more information I would like to hear it.

  116. Michael Fairman

    Hi RJ
    There is a recurring opinion on this blog expressed by your post:

    “Maybe some have a higher level of tolerance than I had and still they feel they can change the system from within and actually *reform* the Church.”
    Not all of them are “Koolaid Drinkers” nor are they “Brainwashed”.

    If people believed they can change the system from within and bring about reform, wouldn’t something noticeable have happened by now? After all, Miscavige’s reign of suppression and alteration didn’t just start yesterday. Aren’t we aware of what happens when people look, voice criticisms, question or doubt, whether they are execs, staff or public? We know, and it’s not pretty. I don’t have to enumerate them here. People seem to reach their tolerance levels and either leave, get sick, die or remain or turn into Koolaid drinking zombies.

    Which brings me to the second point. Besides those who are under the radar looking, questioning, doubting, I believe that ALL the others are “Koolaid Drinkers” and are “brainwashed” Why on earth then, would they stay? I think ANY reason you could state for any individual, would point to the fact that he or she has been “cultified”. Each and every one of them are PTS to the madman.

    This may be a harsh view, because basically there are good people caught up in the crap that is now the church, but I believe it is a realistic one.

  117. Yeah, I went to the last LRH burthday event and noticed something different. It may be the lighting or some video enhancement.
    I commented that he appeared to be digitally enhanced to go with his enhanced DJ voice. Actually, I have a pretty good eye and I think he was digitally edited, the way they make some actors look younger in movies and ads- like a moving photoshop.

  118. Seeking4know

    Everyone can do their part. Handle your wife your husband your brother. Help the light of truth by opening the blinds. Your mother your father. One person at the time. I have gotten my wife out and now she is having incredible wins on NED.

    Recently, my wife, who only a year ago I had to help see the light, despite some unwillingness to LOOK; She, my wife, is now working at handling her two younger brothers.

    I have moved to help my father.

    One person at the time.

  119. LOL – it’s funny to read your comment, but hilarious to scroll back up and look at the picture again while thinking about it!

  120. WHAAAT? Diamond Star??

  121. Wow, thank you for that.

  122. Scott Campbell

    Over the last few weeks it has become apparent to me that this is what Miscavige’s purpose really is.

    What he is doing in reassigning the OT levels such as “Orders of Magnitude” as Third Dynamic goals (read: “Ideal Orgs”) is two-fold in purpose.

    The first purpose is to transform the Church of Scientology into a property-rich ecclesiastic entity that is entirely supported by the “generational wealth” of its adherents. By positioning the church as a “Place of Worship” and the technology of Dianetics and Scientology as “Articles of Faith” (open to interpretation) he is effectively recasting the church’s role in society from an applied religious philosophy to one supported solely by filial piety.

    By elevating these modern cathedrals (internally known as Ideal Orgs) over the subject of Scientology and elevating the subject of Scientology over its parishoners, “The Church of Scientology”, has become a culture of “True Believers” who belong to the church and support it because of generational indoctrination and inculcation, all for no better reason than “I grew up a Scientologist”.

    In Miscavige’s church, enough time has passed and enough technology has been lost since the church’s establishment that the phrase “we are Scientologists” has now lost it’s meaning. Much the same as “we’re Catholic, we’re protestant”, etc. now serves only to signify that you generally subscribe to a certain (largely undefined) Dogma. These type of adherents belong to a church mainly as members of a social and familial support group – not as a true means of spiritual betterment.

    Miscavige’s second purpose is of course to alter the technology in order to pervert it into a control and punishment mechanism. This is a SUPPRESSIVE ACT per HCOPL 23 December 1965 “Suppressive Acts Suppression of Scientology and Scientologists The Fair Game Law”, (ostensibly cancelled):

    “Outright or covert acts knowingly designed to impede or destroy Scientology or Scientologists is what is meant by Acts Suppressive of Scientology or Scientologists. The greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics requires that actions destructive of the advance of the many, by Scientology means, overtly or covertly undertaken with the direct target of destroying Scientology as a whole? or a Scientologist in particular, be summarily handled due to the character of the reactive mind and the consequent impulses of the insane or near insane to ruin every chance of Mankind via Scientology.” -LRH

    Both of these purposes are being attained in Miscavige’s Church of Scientology. These purposes are the means to the true goal of David Miscavige.

    I would suspect that his goal is something on the order of, “To kill them all so that I can live”.

    By altering the Bridge to Total Freedom in order to change it into something other than a tool to set beings free, Miscavige is creating his “Ideal Church” – where a dogmatic faithful “support the church” as opposed to “apply the tech”.

    A shameful dead end, in my opinion.

  123. Context matters when studying Scientology: This is a great example. The assumption of study tech is that the words you are studying are correctly used, and are written in a way as to be comprehensible. Ron used words very well, and very exactly (amazingly so), and was comprehensible.

    Wordclear this crap, and you get crap. The good news is you know it is craps (if you truly wordcleared it) and can throw it aside.

  124. Centurion, that is funny!

  125. He has personally embossed toilet paper? How does his bathroom look like?

  126. That photo is already 6 years old, is it?

  127. He is thinking that he is “being interesting”… when quite frankly, he is so out of valence, that he is so NOT interesting….

  128. Manon dies of cancer in the early 2000’s. Before Dan sold his soul to POB, he WAS a decent guy.

  129. Yvonne Schick

    I hate to reveal how petty I can be. My immediate reaction to that photo – What a DORK!!!

  130. one of those who see

    Wow Scott. Brilliant insight! Printing your comment out!

  131. victoria, I remember those days. When Flag was the the friendliest place on earth and it was a religious retreat where you could go and move up the bridge without enturbulation (as LRH intended it). Now it is nothing but a business.

  132. I helped a very good friend of mine WAKE UP today!!! He was willing to LOOK and it was a whole new world opening up for him. 🙂

  133. “Then again — what that truth reveals is “orders of magnitude” — and it’s spelled Ideal Orgs creating effects we’ve only dreamed of.”
    Yet, while speaking of truth, dreams and orders of magnitude, lest we forget, I would be remiss to fail to mention that most remarkable feat ever envisioned by man or beast. Of course, you realize with the very mention of orders of magnitude that we are talking about the straight up and verticle production of lamination including laminated books, laminated packs, laminated tables, laminated meters, laminated executives and laminated staff, and of course most importantly our newest technical discovery, lost these many years in hidden cellars, we are pleased to announce, for the first time in the history of this or any other universe, we are now fully geared up and ready to deliver…ta da…drum roll…LAMINATED CLEARS!!!!

    (Audience claps and cheers hysterically)

    Now THAT is orders of magnitude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  134. martyrathbun09

    Well done, Lori. LOOK is way up the know to mystery scale for those trapped.

  135. Michael- I agree with you-It’s good to be realistic.

  136. Excellent News!

  137. How medieval of him….

  138. martyrathbun09

    Taken directly from video of a recent event. No photo shop.

  139. Seeking4know

    Yes brilliant points!

  140. Scott Campbell

    one of those who see,

    Thanks. Kind of a rant. Had to say it. Typo in the HCOPL, should have a comma after the word “whole” instead of a question mark.

  141. Watching Eyes

    They call him an “ecclesiastical leader”? Nauseating. Only in a cult could you find an “ecclesiastical leader” who didn’t finish high school, isn’t admin trained in the subject he’s leading and ended off his CL 4 internship after he hit his pc. Exactly how is it that he’s “leading” anything? He’s not qualified to get a job at McDonalds.
    In truth, he’s an “ecclesiastical dictator” con man running one of the biggest modern day scams to ever hit.

  142. Reference —-


    “The one factor is called ‘order of magnitude.’ This means how large or how small something is in relation to other things.
    “When one conceives the wrong order of magnitude, all else can fail.
    “This Earth civilization is a great example of wrong orders of magnitude.
    They think small. Even microscopic about too many things. How much water does California need? Count on Earth think to underestimate it 100X! The result is deserts, lack of food, crazy worries about ‘overpopulation’ (on a grossly under populated planet).
    “Earth engineers apparently cannot conceive of the order of magnitude of the engineering works required. You’d think they were playing with mud pies.
    “This underestimation – wrong orders of magnitude – is ingrained in the present culture. Typical of losers.
    “So let’s not make the same mistake. Let’s get rid of the cultural habit.”
    – L. Ron Hubbard
    551011-1 Data of Comparable Magnitude
    551011-2 Data of Comparable Magnitude Cotinued

  143. Les- a very real and organic laugh.

  144. Dan,
    Actually the inside scoop: the ‘contraption’ is in fact an applebox. You are strapped to it, by the feet and in a 3D magnetic field (which has the faint odor of apples) you are stretched upwards.

    It is the DM MACHINE. So all can be tall. Diabolical? Yes, and worse – one never again will like apples.

  145. Speaking of “orders of magnitude”, this just in via email from Bridge Publications recruiting for staff:
    Be on the forefront of
    Dianetics® and Scientology® Expansion

    “Bridge Publications Planetary Dissemination Campaigns are reaching out into pioneer countries and opening them up with LRH® books…

    Dianetics and Scientology Expansion in Korea

    With the increasing demand for LRH tech all across the planet, it is more important than ever that we reach out through our dissemination network and supply that demand!

    All areas of Bridge Publications are being geared up and fully manned for planetary dissemination at the correct orders of magnitude. Your help is needed.”

    Here is the site referenced in the email showing all the bullshit PR.

  146. Nice one…. 🙂

  147. LMAO LDW!

  148. Richard Reed

    I could see TC calling it his mount…

  149. Well done Lori!

  150. Rafa, como estas?, soy Victor, te acuerdas que hicimos el Producto 0 juntos?? , mandame tu email, me dio mucho gusto verte en este blog!
    el mio es melivanx@hotmail.com

  151. I was present at this Maiden Voyage in 2005. There were a total of five events, one each evening, and all sorts of seminars and workshops during the day, plus course time. The Shermanspeak (TM) had me a bit dizzy, but I distinctly remember one particular utterance by POB during the “confidential” briefing to us, the OTAsses. He said that in 5 years time, “we would be opening a new class V org every day.”

    Well… so much for his ability to predict the future. Even a future he himself entirely controls.

    Looking back, I realize I was not the only one dizzy there.

  152. Scientology is about awakenings- the first big wakeup is from the implanted stupor we’ve all been in for eons-KA drinkers have chosen to continue the implanted stupor route, while deluding themselves, under the leadership of dm, into thinking they are waking up. Once they have woken up from that , then they have to wake up to all the great “wake-ups” ahead with REAL training and processing. Waking up is a decision.

  153. Hey, Mike Roiger!

    I love your ranting, we both lived these things…
    I wish you rant more, actually.

    Remember staff being assigned to other staff for 24/7 “watch”
    for various reasons (out 2-D, out 3-D, insanity, or PTS Type 3)?
    Yeah, I remember it too.

    Rant some more, brother.
    I will too.

    Andrew Organ

  154. So sorry to bring up the picture again… but it appears to me that Mr. David MIscaviage’s eyes can go two different directions at once – like a Chameleon…even his mouth reminds me of one…and his skin has changed color once again…is DM, the POB, actually going DEVO?

    So I decided to look it up Chameleon and found it to be a reptilian lizard, a freaky LIZARD! Chameleons (family Chamaeleonidae) are a distinctive and highly specialized clade of lizards. They are distinguished by their parrot-like zygodactylous feet, their separately mobile and stereoscopic eyes, their very long, highly modified, and rapidly extrudable tongues, their swaying gait, the possession by many of a prehensile tail, crests or horns on their distinctively shaped heads, and the ability of some to change color. Uniquely adapted for climbing and visual hunting, the approximately 160 species of chameleon range from Africa, Madagascar, Spain and Portugal, across south Asia, to Sri Lanka, have been introduced to Hawaii, California and Florida, and are found in warm habitats that vary from rain forest to desert conditions.

    I know DM frequents most of these places listed above…has anyone ever seen his feet exposed? I swear, by looking at this most recently posted picture of DM, the little guy is morphing into a freaky lizard!!!!

  155. Jethro Bodine

    >> the man with an 8th grade education,

    It’s not his 8th grade education which makes Miscavige such an asshole. I’m a nice guy and I only have a 6th grade education. 😉

  156. Michael,

    Maybe we can agree to disagree on this point.

    As far as I’m concerned to say that everyone in the Church is PTS to Miscavige or that he is every former member’s PTS item or to force others to accept him as an item is nothing but a generality and in many cases a violation of law 5 of ‘The Laws of Listing and Nulling’.

    Why do you think there are 3 count ’em 3 S&Ds and a whole PTS RD?

    That is a person *is* PTS which according to Ron is only about 20% of the population per the HCOPL “The Anti-Social Personality, The Anti-Scientologist”.

    There is also what is known as a False PTS condition and other factors involved.

    Those covered under the C/S Series 53 and the Expanded GF 40 which includes the individuals own e purps and continuous overts.

    Not to mention drugs, OOV possible out grades

    Then there is out personal ethics as covered in the 3 May PL.

    Then of course there are various directives, PLs and lectures where Ron discusses infiltration and subversion of the tech and policy by external influences.

    Not one of them mention David Miscavige or someone like him directly by name.

    I’m not saying that Miscavige isn’t an SP.

    I’m just saying that he isn’t “the SP” on everyone’s case.

    Do you have any technical reference to counter what I’ve just written?

  157. Jethro Bodine

    >> where even his dogs of Captain rank have air conditioned kennels.

    All the while Sea Org members at the Int Base have to run around the buildings in 110 degree heat while wearing dress shoes and uniforms. Only to go back into the “hole” and eat food less desirable than dog food and sleep under one’s desk like a dog.

  158. I agree Michael, they are “brainwashed” to the extent they have accepted false data as their stable data. They may be fine as long as nothing cuts across some datum like “Miscavige is doing a fine job”; when something does, meltdown time! They are fine as long as you don’t cut across the propaganda they have been force-fed and that they have internalized.

  159. Jethro Bodine

    I think DM’s voice at recorded events has definitely been digitally processed. It sounds like it has had bass and reverb added to it give it a “Darth Vader” kind of sound (minus the wheezing, since DM can do that himself).

  160. I would say that for your local org, it depends on who you know there and your relationships with the people there. It turned out for me, that the Chaplain was someone I had known from way back, as was the Treasurer. I did go in to see them, and I was out of there check in hand within an hour or so. It was very A to B, but I hear that’s unusual these days.

    Flag would be a different story I’m sure, as they now have a recent “Policy letter”(not written by LRH of course) or some such piece of paper that Bob Bolger sent me a copy of, that specifically states the Church is NOT obligated to return any monies if they decide not to do so.

  161. “Truth revealed” has turned out to be the corruption at RTC.

    “Orders of Magnitude” has turned out to be handling it.

    At OT8 there are mission orders. Observe, and OT9, handle.

    At least, that’s how it looks to me. What else would you be doing after you have no more case left to handle except going out to be at cause over the environment? Get it? “Orders of Magnitude”. ????

    So, take a win! We are in the middle of OT9!

  162. I think those following their „pope“ consider him to be right and us to be wrong. And we consider us to be right. But lets think a moment about us being wrong and those things going on inside CofM is right. What is the end product, the end result, the point all are trying to reach?
    First and most obvious it is fixation on physical universe and especially money and that leading to having no money at all. Having no money equals to be a slave as you have to do as others command. Only logical chance then is to go criminal one way or the other to survive or you die.
    On the „theta“ side you are under constant surveillance up to the end phenomena you are surveilling yourself all the time to think the right thoughts.
    Thinking the right thoughts, constantly surveilling yourself you think the right thoughts, having nothing you possess and thus having to follow every order. What is the proper definition for that: to be a robot. You can then be sold on the free market to be put into any type of machine. A real robot, a production machine, a spaceship or whatever. Or you being put on a shelf for later use.
    Sorry to be a bit drastic here. If that is your goal, fine.
    On Super Power level you can get the last polish. Being able to have perceptions without using flesh body perception channels. If you do not like it you then run around a pole 10 hours a day to the end result of having no intentions of your own free will.
    That’s Science Fiction? He is simply a businessman, a bounty hunter. That is all he is.

  163. With all the stories lately of Scientology, it has been painful to read them. I am disgusted by DM’s behaviour and that which has been influenced by him. I want his bubble to burst and I want it to burst now. This cancerous tumour needs to go.

  164. ‘These type of adherents belong to a church mainly as members of a social and familial support group – not as a true means of spiritual betterment.’

    Yeah I feel that happening. They know something’s wrong but they cling to the social support of the group

  165. David read GODS OF EDEN by Bramley it really explains the level of implants on this planet and the whole game as we know it. Book was banned by CO$. I now understand why people can’t rise above the suppression of the CO$ & the hideously insane actions of DM. Really worth the read …. will make you want to pick up the cans again. If we all picked up our cans again, the field Indie resurgence I feel is happening we could create a sanity clearing tipping point.

  166. scilonschools

    Mr Rinder , which was worse , The 2006IAS or ‘the hole’?
    (just curious)

  167. scilonschools

    “Maybe the blue asbestos has something to do with it”

    I think DM is counting on absorbing as much asbestos as he can, just in case he finds himself ‘thrown in alive to the burning lake of sulfer’, if you pardon my biblical reference!

  168. scilonschools

    His eyes look tired and ‘watery’, but i agree there is a bizzare glow/aura? something anyway.

  169. Fellow Traveller

    Nice, Michael.

    Yup, the first step to save the stuck water buffalo is recognizing the situation. I think the next step, in deciding to save that buffalo is recognize how bloody dangerous it can be to the savior.

    Bruce Pratt

  170. Right, both of you. It doesn’t look like “actual” video imaging it has the appearance of “original” video imagery, or enhanced. Thanks.

  171. Great posts. Very enlightening.

  172. George,
    I ran around that pole on the Cause Resurgence program. You may find some interesting co-relation in Ridge Running from way back when in the early 50s.

    The CR RD/Running Prgm, like any process, can be abused. Even still, that one cuts right through and I’ll be damned if it didn’t do exactly what it was supposed to!

    Don’t believe all you read in the papers mate. Evaluation of information is part of successful study and investigation.

  173. martyrathbun09

    I have several references for you – the Level II auditor pack and SOS, in full. You’ve got some hypercriticality going on.

  174. Hi Tom,
    Yeah, what I write is not nearly the worst of what I witnessed behind the scenes of the famous Cincinnati Org as the Snr C/S for over a decade. Hell, I remember a particular pregnant staff member forced into physical labor. Disgusting.

    I remember a time when I was “on the decks.” Apparently, I was popular with the Public since I C/Sed all of their cases, so for wacky PR reasons, I had to come to the org dressed in my usual Sunday best, then change into blue jeans and “swab the decks” far from any Public area. That only lasted a day or two before the HGC was so effed up that I had to go put order back in with C/S lines.
    By the way, when I was “on the decks,” I was in listening distance from our own “dear leader’s” office and she was just dogging me behind my back. Why I didn’t walk out that day is beyond me. I think I wanted to then prove to her that I was worthy or some garbage. Had I known then what I know now… Jeanie deserves NO RESPECT. She runs that org like a dictator and continually bypasses ALL POSTS. While she has lots of ARC and appears to be benevolent, it is saccarine, she truly is full of vile and the staff are so scared of her that they can’t or won’t write KRs on her. I did once and got a “false report report” written on me that dragged me through the mud by laying out all of my “crimes” from years before. That is SOP Jeanie. Destroy the source of who may be the least bit critical of any of her off-policy actions.

    Whoa, I guess I do have some pent-up crap. Still peeling away the layers of the cult, I guess.

  175. LOL 😀
    That’s me being ‘nice’.
    How do I really feel about the man who was entrusted with the job of telling Ron’s story and sold out instead to be DM’s bitch?’
    Well – there are some words that just shouldn’t come out of a Lady’s mouth.

  176. George M. White

    Thanks! That is refreshing!
    Much loving-kindness,

  177. Mike, since you can now honestly voice your opinions of DM’s atrocious, 3rd rate Vegas lounge act speeches I must ask – how did you (or Marty) put up with watching them all those years? I’m asking because I’m assuming with the constant threat of sec checks to find imaginary crimes that people surrounding DM may fear even letting themselves have honest opinions about his godawful circus barker routines. Did you just suppress any real thoughts about his performance? I just can’t imagine having to endure that shite for decades and pretending to think its great. How did you manage to endure these events or manage to avoid detection of your honest opinions?

  178. GetTheConcept


  179. George M. White

    Original and brilliant insights! Thanks for sharing this.
    Much loving-kindness,

  180. George M. White

    This whole subject of perceptions in Miscavigology is still a “can of worms” waiting to be released. In my opionion, the fact that the building is incomplete has very little to do with it. I don’t think the Pope really understands anything about the subject and so is just slow.
    Much loving-kindness,

  181. George M. White

    To be fair, there are many recent 7’s & 8’s who are very aware of what is going on and are concerned. One called me last evening just for advice.
    Much loving-kindness,

  182. Michael,
    Back in the 1980’s I had my first “crisis of faith” when the Finance Police were formed. Some of my friends bailed back then, and one in particular urged me to get out of the Church and do my services at one of the break-away missions. I knew the Finance Police wasn’t LRH, but I reasoned that the corporate Church was more likely to deliver Scientology in sufficient quantity to handle society and that the ‘squirrel’ missions would probably fade away, so I continued to support the Church.

    Was I a kool-aid drinker? Maybe so. The next time around we had the Internet and I had access to more data, hence a different outcome. I hhave friends who still think the Church is man’s only hope. They refuse to look at ‘entheta’ and hterefore don’t have the benefit of data that I have but they are not zombies. They are making their decisions based on the data they have.

  183. Doesn’t take much blue asbestos, Scilonschools. In fact, getting cancer from blue asbestos is *not* dose dependent. Just a speck will do the job.

    I’d be interested (horrified) to find out how many folks who have been on the Freewinds have died of lung cancer.

  184. If the present situation can be an example, I doubt any “DM machine” would be available to the public. He’d have it installed next to his personal tanning bed.

    Instead, at the Super Power building, there’d be a machine that would make people shorter than DM, so he could be the biggest bully in the room. Tear people down to make yourself feel more important-that’s DM tech.

  185. But I am certain you didn’t stop learning there. There are other forms of education, including life experience. DM’s life experience lies within an elitist, isolated world where he is protected from all consequences. But you are right. DM doesn’t appear to be anything more than a narcissistic asshole.

  186. RJ,
    I haven’t had an interchange with you for some time, not really having an ‘interest item’ in some of the conversations.

    In this one however I’m going to pipe in. Your lay out of the issue of PTS is masterful. These are the phenomena and resolutions to the condition for the most part. Good job on that.

    The final bit, the ‘challenge’ to Mr. Fairman’s comment isn’t in keeping with the rest of the post you made.

    Now, it may be just this internet medium and the lack of nuance, facial expression, smiles, nods and such that live comm has that can ease and aid the duplication factors of good communication.

    I’ll give you the benefit of that doubt – seein’ as you are a very well trained and experienced Tech terminal.

    Speaking from the pinnacle of the ability to be ‘gruff’, I’m going to suggest you save that consummate skill for those that need it, occassionally or in a wallop, and otherwise economize. For instance, in the response Michael here, it’s gratuitous – a really bad call.

    Rightness is the CORRECT estimation of effort. As you well know and can demonstrate at will. Will you?

  187. Goddam it Mike, I just got done with breakfast and now I’m cleaning it off of the computer screen. don’t write stuff like that until later in the afternoon.

    ML Tom

  188. Mr. F,
    Shhhhhhhh! You’ll ruin the whole damn thing!!!

    (Yes, of course, it is a reversal of the process, that goes without saying.)

  189. SFK,
    Well done mate.

  190. 🙂

  191. Marty, RJ in the most critcal person on this blog. He has been beating this drum since he started. “I wouldn’t put up with DM for s second” “I would have put him in his place the first time he did that with me” “What’s wrong with these people that they put up with this” and so forth, yet he won’t tell his name to anyone because he is too afraid of OSA and DM.

    ML Tom

  192. Cory,
    He is of course the leader of the Reptilian Illuminati. He apparently, as all Reptilian Illuminati, would like to meet with you to ‘discuss’ your posting.

    One thing you must do in preparation. Look to the sky and when you see a contrail, breaaaaaaath deeply.

    Over and out.

  193. Tom — So the record is straight, RJ has given his name here (Robin Adair) on a number of occasions.

  194. Tom: Please accept my most insincere apologies 🙂

  195. PS: Doesnt mean I disagree about him being critical. He could pick a fight with an angel (and came pretty close with Michael Fairman who I consider one of the kindest, most intelligent, sincere and genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing)

  196. Fellow Traveller

    Nor from the mouth of the man who sold out to be DM’s bitch.

  197. Fellow Traveller

    As one might say in Texas, you be one tough sonn beech.
    Most grateful you’s on the side of light or we’s on the same side of this fence.


  198. RJ,

    I believe the 20% PTS rule does not apply in these rather extreme circumstances. We’ve got a full-blown SP acting as the face of the “church”. I’d have to say that the PTS percentages are WAY higher here. It is a carefully constructed implant station, thanks to Dear Leader. We’re looking at about thirty years of increasing insanity, violence, oppression, suppression, massive fraud, massive introversion, massive false data being pounded and drilled into one’s head, massive corruption and ridiculous levels of force being meted out from the very top, all the way down to the Field Auditor level.

    If you went back to the Nazi regime, you’d have, in that group, a much higher PTS percentage than a mere 20%, and that’s only referring to the German public and the German military at large, not to mention the atrocities against the entire Jewish race.

    97.5% PTS, 2.5% flat-out Suppressive, and a whole lot of out-of-valence folks. These are the stats of POB, IMHO.

  199. Great book – I never bought into the whole “you can’t read this” thing. Come to think of it, getting on the cans again might be a very good thing for me.

  200. How about “You should have seen Tits’ face when I RPFed her! It was so “Raven”!

  201. I disagree Brian,

    And this is how tech goes off the rails.

    By believing there are “special circumstances” or “special cases”.

  202. That’s right Tom,

    Unlike many others when I was on lines I wrote standard reports per the HCOPL ‘Staff Member Reports’ and did my best to correct the scene.

    Ask Marty.

    He was IG RTC back then.

    By the way I’ve posted my name and my email address quite a number of times here.

    If OSA wants to rumble they know where to find me 😉

  203. martyrathbun09

    Ask me? I never heard of you till you showed up on this blog.

  204. Bring ’em on Marty.

    You know my email address.

    I’ve done the whole Briefing Course and I can’t find a single reference that says there is only one SP on everyone’s case.

    Also I’ve studied the OEC and Management Series as well including the Data Series.

    Plus studied SOS.

    Note that I didn’t contradict the fact that Miscavige is an SP or a merchant of Chaos.

    I am merely suggesting that there may be other SPs involved.

    Ref: RJ 67

    Personally as you know I’ve never ascribed to what i call the “lone Miscavige theory”.

  205. martyrathbun09

    The problem RJ, is that you are too literal. It is a trap to think that way, you’ll never see the forest for the trees.

  206. Mike,

    You know me too well 😉

    I’ll not only pick a fight with the angels but the devil as well and have.

    How do you think I ended up on that squirrelly abomination they call the “Truth RD” at the Church?

    It’s because I basically accused RTC and RTRC of being a bunch of Squirrels for releasing the Golden Age of Tech.

  207. Then who was responsible for that “special project” that was fired to ASHO in ’01 to handle all us Field Auditors which included me who were allegedly “spreading ‘Black PR'”?

    The one that I was told was sent by RTC.

    Ask Lisa Hamilton.

    Weren’t you the one who handled the RTC’s e-KR line back then?

  208. Marty,

    I wouldn’t say I was “too literal” or literally interpreting policy or tech.

    The fact is that there are other reasons why the Church is as screwed up as it is besides Miscavige.

    Even if he was the only SP there are those who go along with his program for their own personal and selfish reasons. Others who are basically ignorant of standard tech and policy who seem to think that what he is doing is “Scientology”. And probably quite a few who think the next level will “handle” it like OT IX and they have decided to go through hell and high water hoping for its eventual release.

    Besides Miscavige is a “who-where” and not a *why*.

    In my opinion the *why* may be they (as in the coup that took over) have allowed an autocratic top down structure to supersede the standard Org Board which has replaced the horizontal fast flow system.

    I bet you that most people on this board don’t even know what an Ad Council is or what its purpose was?

    That basically has been totally eliminated.

    The exec council has basically been turned into a rubber stamp of any orders that emanate from management which has now become a single SP Squirrel.

    That said.

    There must be someone or some group who has a vested interest in holding him in place as an aberated stable datum.

    See BAS 9.


    On that note.

    How many people have asked you to take over the leadership of the Church or replace Miscavige?

    And why is Miscavige so interested in going after you or seems to have a personal vendetta?

  209. Jimbo,

    I don’t think I was being to heavy handed at all.

    As you see I gave my opinion of the scene or more likely the situation and Michael seemed to be accusing me of being too tolerant because I wasn’t interested in polarization.

    That is “us and them”.

    This as you know is contrary to the following policy:

    Saint Hill Manor, East Grinstead, Sussex
    Gen. Non Remimeo
    Post B Board
    The reason we have Justice Codes is to have justice. We don’t want or need injustice.
    When we have no codes, “justice” can be anything any authority cares to make it.
    We have had too much caprice passing for justice. It is time we had justice.
    Committees of Evidence work. I recall one Tech Director accused of tampering with a student. I was told he was about to be disciplined and sacked. I stopped that action and had a Committee of Evidence convened. Accurate testimony revealed the story false and the
    Tech Director innocent. Without that Committee he would have been mined. I know of other instances where a Committee found the facts completely contrary to rumor. Some are guilty, most are innocent. But thereby we have justice and our necks aren’t out. If a person is to keep the law, he or she must know what the law is. And must be protected
    from viciousness and caprice in the name of law. If a person doesn’t keep the law knowing well what it is he or she hurts all of us and should be handled.
    The enturbulence of the society around us is fantastic. There is no just civil law left, really. It is that lawless and disorderly condition in the society about us which makes it hard for us to work. Shortly we will be even more powerful. That power must not be lawless or we will have anarchy and dismay, enough to stop our growth.
    If we have a superior law code and legal system which gives real justice to people we will swiftly flow easily over the society and everybody will win.
    Where we fail to apply our own administration, technology and justice procedures to the society around us (let alone Scientology) we will fail.
    There is too much truth in our lives not to cause a social upheaval. Therefore, let us have justice and expand into higher order, not plunge the world into darkness because our power as a group struck innocent and guilty alike.
    A Scientologist must understand his own justice system. Without understanding again there will be no justice.
    Already the following points need correction in the uninformed person concerning our justice.
    A Committee of Evidence is not a court. It is simply a fact-finding body with legal powers, convened to get at the facts and clean up the ARC Breaks caused by rumor. When it has the truth of it, then a Convening Authority acts—but only in exact accordance with a Justice Code.
    Our justice really rehabilitates in the long run. It only disciplines those who are hurting others and gives them a way to change so they can eventually win too—but not by hurting us.
    A Scientologist who fails to use Scientology technology and its
    administrative and justice procedures on the world around him will continue to be too enturbulated to do his job.
    That sounds extreme to anyone.
    But if you look it over, you will find that the “power” of the “Society” and “State” is pretended and is made from an effort to be powerful where they actually lack power. Our situation is quite the reverse. Ours is the power of truth and we are capable of power as a group, having power as individuals due to processing and power of wisdom due to superior
    Therefore when we grant too much beingness to their “power” we are granting validity to a falsehood and so it recoils on us.

    We are in short, knocking our own heads off by failing to use our knowledge and authority when we administer or handle our fellow man or society. It’s like refusing auditing to somebody or not making it possible. It’s also investing a lie with power.
    Society is losing ground because its “power” is based on a pack of falsehoods. We will lose ground if we empower those lies.
    There’s real magic to be seen here. For instance every upset we have is traceable to our not knowns or failing to apply our technology and Admin and Justice procedures to the society around us and its individuals, firms and groups.
    This is worse than you think. A Scientology executive not handling Dev-T (Developed and unnecessary traffic) from a government in accordance with our Dev-T policies when it was off-line and off-policy recently caused an upset. A government official was off-policy (his own bureau’s) and the Scientology executive did not follow our procedure of (a) send it back to source (b) correct the policy error and (c) inform
    his superiors when results were not obtained. You say, “But that’s wild! Run a government by Scientology Admin.” Well, all I know is that it caused trouble when we didn’t.
    Evidently it’s not “them” and “us”. It’s just “us” and a false “them.”
    So all we have to do is to get their hats on and they’re us.
    Failure to take our usual justice actions on offenders against us will result in eventual chaos. What matter if they don’t appear before the Committee of Evidence we convene on them? How do we know they won’t? How could the Victoria Parliament ever come right if
    we failed to (a) Convene a Committee of Evidence (b) Follow our legal procedures?
    No, they just stay “they”.
    Has anybody informed the F.D.A. of our amnesty? Well, did you know the F.D.A. was looking for a way out of their mess for fear we’d sue for a million? They’d drop the E-Meter case if they thought we wouldn’t sue.
    How do we know if we don’t try?
    So therefore we must use Scientology tech, Admin and Justice in all our affairs. No matter how mad it sounds, we only fail when we don’t.
    And therefore every Scientologist should understand his own tech, codes and procedures.
    Some Scientologists believe when a Committee of Evidence is convened that they are at once suspended.
    Nobody can be suspended or punished by the convening of a Committee of Evidence. It’s there to find the truth. Only when its findings are submitted to its Convening Authority and where the Convening Authority acts can anyone be suspended or transferred or demoted.
    Don’t react to Scientology Justice as though it were “wog” law. In society’s “courts” one is given the works and truth has little bearing on the findings. A mean judge or clever attorney and small legal errors decide a lot of their cases. Wog courts are like throwing dice.
    There is huge cost and publicity and punishment galore even for the innocent.
    So we must preserve our Justice.
    And use it.
    That’s the main lesson. If we don’t use it in all questions where the truth of the matter is in doubt we’ll just go on being wogs.
    If we don’t exhibit our science as a group and show a good example, what can we achieve?
    So let’s grow up to our own technology and take responsibility for it. And wear our hats as Scientologists to the world.
    Copyright © 1965
    by L. Ron Hubbard

  210. By the way he above policy is posted under FAIR USE with full accreditation to L Ron Hubbard.

    Also I’d like to empathize one key point:

    “Evidently it’s not “them” and “us”. It’s just “us” and a false “them.””

  211. Typical of someone like Miscavige who is completely *Megalomanic* and stuck in some manic engram.

    I sometimes wonder if he believes his own BS or if it is just a cynical ploy.

  212. Reptiles are more honest

  213. Hi Jim,
    as I did not the running around a pole myself I may have evaluated this rundown wrong. I figured out if this is part of Super Power and a NASA device is used to do some „drill“ with it to handle perception it looked for me that Super Power is some NASA training programme.
    NASA would be very interested in persons capable of doing some robot controlling stuff without the usual electromagnetic wave commlag that is between Earth and Mars. They may have devices that could do that but normal man cannot be used for that purpose. If someone is controlling a robot remotely and then suddenly thinking about something else (which is not very uncommon) then the robot goes crash. Thus they need very trained people that can focus on a task and stay focused.
    I wanted to build a simple switch device myself to „magically“ open and close doors. But lacking money and time I could not do it. Technically it should be not too difficult with modern electronics.

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