Is Tom Cruise the Johnny Fontane of David Miscavige?

When the New Yorker announced David Miscavige is the primary target of a massive Federal probe into his decades long human trafficking and serial, institutionalized aggravated assaults, DM suffered a serious set back in his quest to rule Hollywood. I mean, how could he hob nob at Tom’s and John’s premiere parties with all the stars looking at him suspiciously as if they were sneaking a peak at Al Capone?

So, the audacious one figured he’d show them.  If he couldn’t be accepted, he’d just keep buying his way in. Starting with KCET studios in Hollywood:

Watch closely for his Hollywood cult friends frequenting his new digs, particularly Tom Cruise.

All but a very few people in this world, those very few being members of the vanishing cult, know that Miscavige has destroyed Tom Cruise’s career.

First Tom was unceremoniously kicked off the Paramount Studios lot.  Then he went to United Artists, and while desperately denying his who and his why and continuing to embrace him and it, he’s brought UA nothing but bad luck.  From Wikipedia on United Artists:

The Tom Cruise era

On November 2, 2006, MGM announced that actor Tom Cruise and his long-time production partner Paula Wagner were resurrecting UA[7][8] (this announcement came after the duo were released from a fourteen-year production relationship at Viacom-owned Paramount Pictures earlier that year). Cruise, Wagner and MGM Studios created United Artists Entertainment LLC and, today, the producer/actor and his partner own a small stake in the studio, with the approval by MGM’s consortium of owners.

The deal gave them control over production and development of films. Wagner was named CEO of United Artists, which was allotted an annual slate of four films with different budget ranges, while Cruise serves as a producer for the revamped studio as well as serving as the occasional star…

…On August 14, 2008, MGM announced Paula Wagner will leave United Artists to produce films independently.[1] Her output as head of UA was two films, both starring Cruise, Lions for Lambs[10] and Valkyrie, which despite mixed reviews was successful at the box office.[11] Wagner’s departure led to speculation that an overhaul at United Artists was imminent.[1]

Since then, United Artists has merely served as a co-producer with MGM for two releases: the 2009 remake of Fame and Hot Tub Time Machine. Throughout the past year, continued debt and credit issues forMGM Holdings, Inc., United Artists’ parent company has left UA’s future, as well as MGM itself, in doubt.

Could it be that Dave figures he’ll do for Tom what he did for jazz great Chick Corea?   Now, please do not confuse these two: Cruise and Correa.  Chick is an artist for the ages and a decent human being .

However, around the turn of of the millenium Chick’s disdain for the business end of things wound him up very close to bankruptcy.   Dave decided to be his savior and get his foot into the recording industry to boot.

Miscavige bought Chick’s old, dilapidated Mat Hatter Studio for about a million dollars more than its appraised value – nicely lining Chick’s pockets and subsidizing a good opinion leader to stay loyal to him.  Part of the deal was DM would gut the studio, upgrade it to beyond-the-beyond, state of the art standards, use it for the “religious” purpose of doing Golden Era Productions stuff, while giving Chick cart blanche to use the new joint as if it were his own; complete with wall to wall, slave labor wage Sea Org staff to cater to his every domestic and technical wish.

If you think I’m joking about Mad Hatter, let me give you Miscavige’s words to corroborate at least some of it.  They were spoken aboard the Freewinds in June 2003 to, you guessed it, his OT Ambassadors:

Alright, now let’s add to that.  We want to get dissemination items out for these people, too.  So to flank this we have a – Golden Era Productions has a huge movie-shooting studio, tons of recording areas where they do translated lectures, for the films, the mixing area – it’s pretty elaborate and it’s really big, and it’s also about a 24-hour operation.  

They’ve proven that at two hours sleep a night you actually can survive… 

…It’s five minutes from LRH Way.  And it’s all in addition to any other Gold areas.  Okay, and again for radio shows, news releases, radio ads, book-on-tape.  Okay.  There’s the first of the two studios at Mad Hatter, where we record those dissemination products.  Some of the things you’ve heard here actually were done there.  

And they’re fully compatible with Gold’s studios so they can do anything.  Of course it’s all based on Alice In Wonderland.  We can even do a TRs course in there.  Studio set up for any type of audio recording.  

Including CC’s there: new up-and-coming artists – another thing we can do to disseminate Scientology there.  A little serious about getting on the A/V lines of the world and keeping it expanding…  

…So that’s for— that’s sort of PR type dissemination, as opposed to just disseminating the Tech, the flanking PR. 

One has to ask himself on the KCET studio purchase, why, when Miscavige has spent upwards of one hundred million dollars on his studios at Golden Era Productions near Hemet,California?  And another many millions on Mad Hatter Studio?   The question becomes more significant when one considers that Miscavige has spent the last ten years effectively welding shut the doors to all local churches of Scientology prohibiting the delivery of the L Ron Hubbard Bridge to Total Freedom.  He has a need to promote what to whom?  Him to Hollywood?  Or is this Mad Hatter redux?

Has Tom Cruise become the Johnny Fontane of David Miscavige?

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  1. Watching Eyes

    Great clip. Pretty funny that you picked that one.

    definition of “finocchio” from the movie clip: Italian slang for a gay man.

    So yep, Cruise is Johnny Fontane and I guess DM can now be the cult’s Jimmy Swaggart / Jim Bakker. Both were brought down by scandals and Jim Bakker even spent time in the pokey for ……….fraud. I think I like this path the dwarf is on.

  2. Marty,
    This line really makes my makes my blood boil!
    ” They’ve proven that at two hours sleep a night you actually can survive…”
    These are real people we’re talking about here!

  3. becomingAware

    DM’s quote from above –
    “They’ve proven that at two hours sleep a night you actually can survive… ”

    $%^ing Ahole. He is proud of his screaming PTS slaves and the abuse they’ll take. Any person that heard that quote and thought DM was on policy is an idiot. I’ll bet no one had the balls to write a KR. Who would it go to?

    Many many times we were worked into the ground all day and all night to make something pretty because TC was coming to visit. Now it seems he is buying another facility for Gold – Yah right. He doesn’t have the staff left to run it. He bought it for his buddy TC.

    Never heard about Chick. That must have happened after I left.

    This is disgusting.

    DM think – I’m an asshole but my great voice and force make people obey and I like to beat people up and down into the ground . . .. Hmm How am I going to get friends. Oh wait. I’ll spend the Church’s money for outrageous gifts, Yah. That’ll work. Hmm. Maybe I should re-look at the preps needed for super power delivery. Yah I can probably raise another couple of hundred million there. I can milk some more out of Flag before all of them catch on.


    David Lingenfelter

  4. As for the studio the KofM purchased, This will end his reign!
    He will begin broadcasting from the pulpit, with a donnation button across the bottom of the screen with a phone number to call, telling all they will be free.

  5. WE, the take down of Swaggart and Bakker was not pretty.

  6. martyrathbun09

    Mike and others can confirm this: He violently defends Gold as HIS org. Anybody caught ordering into, or even trying to put a little touch of policy into it, is shot and shot dead by him. So, yes he is bragging about his own Slave Mastership.

  7. Yeah, that jumped out at me too.

  8. Yes, I thought, “Now we’re going into TV evangelism! OMG!”

  9. Vomit!! burp!!

  10. Kathy Braceland

    “However, around the turn of of the millenium Chick’s disdain for the business end of things wound him up very close to bankruptcy. Dave decided to be his savior and get his foot into the recording industry to boot.

    “Miscavige bought Chick’s old, dilapidated Mat Hatter Studio for about a million dollars more than its appraised value – nicely lining Chick’s pockets and subsidizing a good opinion leader to stay loyal to him.”

    Guess who made Chick have disdain for the business end of things? Miscavige of course. Chick was very happy with creating music and letting his employees do their jobs running his company’s, which they did. But when Miscavige started whispering in Chick’s ear about how Chick should be wealthy beyond his wildest dreams and it’s his staff that are stopping him from doing so, Chick suddenly had to be the E.D. of his organizations and learn everything about how to do everything and all the hats in it. It is true that Chick’s business deteriorated rapidly…it’s not hard to figure out why. Miscavige ruins Chick’s business (and points the finger elsewhere) then buys Mad Hatter Studios and appears to save the day.

    Miscavige didn’t pay a million dollars more than Mad Hatter’s appraised value. The land and building was worth x amount of dollars, the recording equipment was worth another x number of dollars (2 Neve boards, an impressive mic collection and a 7 foot Steinway signed by Paul McCartney will tell you something) and the good name of Chick Corea as Mad Hatter Studios was worth x number of dollars. Actually, Miscavige paid a substantial amount less than what Chick wanted.

    Most of the staff (both Scientologists and non Scientologists) were let go with very little notice, no severance pay, no bonuses for years of dedication and hard work and no thanks. We did get sec checked for months though. A few years after all that, Chick’s personal assistant that had been with him for approx. 35 years was finally let go because he wasn’t on Solo NOTS. This is a man who was loyal to Chick through thick and thin …who uprooted his family and life to service Chick when he moved to Florida. He’s gone now. A lot of lives were messed up because of Miscavige.

    And just so you all know, Mad Hatter Studios does not have a good reputation since Miscavige took over. The music industry is a small and very close knit world. Word gets around fast….

  11. I know very good decent people who have mortgaged their homes and work around the clock to put a lot of money into the IAS to “save” the planet. His betrayal is staggering.

  12. Scott Campbell


    Sounds like a bad case of “Art Goals” to me.

    Do you know the LRH ref? I don’t have it to hand, but I hope someone comes up with it.

    L, Scott

  13. Theo Sismanides

    DM can be broadcasting planet-wide all he wants, but he ain’t broadcasting Scientology guys!!

    Marty it’s obvious Dave is getting help on those deals. Scientology is promoted as the good builders religion by all those guys while its teeth have been pulled out. Good Builders Religion. LOL!! Oh, reminds me of the Free Masons when they started. That’s where it’s heading Marty. A Universal New Religion to keep the people into line.

    Cut the crap Dave, PR, PR, PR!!! What are your deals under the table with all those guys? You have turned Scientology into a PR building mental asylum!! You are just an Implanter or work for them. If not, go now and sit down and show you can audit one real person! Start!

  14. “They’ve proven that at two hours sleep a night you actually can survive… ”

    I actually looked twice at that line to see if there was any laughter recorded in the transcript after DM said that. There was no laughter. I always wondered who started that BS false data I’ve run into in orgs about not sleeping. Now I know. U-Dog

  15. Absolutely Marty. I think it was Sinar that commented yesterday that WDC Gold was a death sentence, and it was for that exact reason.

    But when he is at Gold, he constantly tells them they are a suppressive organization working 24/7 to do him in (everyone except his few pets like Henning Benndorf and Lisa Lirones). It’s amazing to watch.

    And then he will issue unreal TMs — “I expect this score/edit/speech/manuscript on my desk by the time I get up.” He goes off for his beauty sleep and the staff are up all night trying to comply. After a few days and nights they have become zombies, and he then starts berating them for “not sleeping — don’t you know what LRH says about that you off-Source squirrel?” I know people probably think this is made up or exaggerated, I assure you there are at least 20 people who post on this blog that will confirm having witnessed exactly this scenario.

  16. From the KCET article Marty linked to:

    “Given how well Scientology has maintained and restored their other historic buildings I think they will do a great job,” said Dishman, executive director of the Conservancy, a nonprofit advocacy organization that works to preserve and recognize the historic architectural and cultural resources of Los Angeles County. “I think they have a very strong preservation ethic and have demonstrated that repeatedly.”

    Yeah – That’s ALL they do. In fact, they are so good at doing that (while lying to their public about disseminating and expanding the religion and ripping them off ) they should really just change their whole purpose and title and become a building restoration construction company. That would be a good fit!

    They are now known for their nice pretty, shiny properties! Not for their amazing work with helping mankind or changing conditions, but their nice, pretty, shiny, glittery, restored, maintained MEST. Because that’s ALL they can do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It’s not a church.

  17. Howard Roark


  18. Wow. That’s nasty. Thanks for sharing the inside skinny, Kathy.

  19. Here’s what occurs with money-vulturing from Parishioners.
    More Real estate is purchased for more slaves to work on with SLEEP DEPRIVATION.

    ~~~~While the INTERNET is aghast with beatings, the violence, the held against will/Kidnap which occurs over and over and over in the “CHURCH”, the ENFORCED disconnection between family members the 8-12 year RPF cycles, the savage money reg cycles, and the hundreds under lockdown at INT Base who are not permitted free passage through the Guard gates….

    ~~~~While Scientology’s name is MUD in the general population and could not be worse as more and more flee Taliban Radical Scientology~~

    ~~~~As the highest numbers of OTVIIS hand in their folders never to return to Clearwater, and OT VIIIS reach out to Indepedents to repair their messed up Freewinds experiences ~~

    David Miscavige BUYS more and Real Estate
    Yes that solves everything, doesn’t it ?

  20. One thing I notice about all these audio transcripts by DM, they are almost incomphrensible and are a prime example of awful communication skills. He’s disjointed, stumbles, repeats, and doesn’t even make sense many times. His vocabulary is stunningly stunted, most Jr. Students have more extensive vocabularies. I guess when you have spent years secure in the knowledge your audience will be nothing more than fawning snycopaths no longer capable of entertaining critical thoughts, you don’t have any reason to try and improve your speaking skills to levels even approaching adequate by the rest of society. Crazy thing is this guy is supposedly the “pope” of a religion that intensely
    promotes communication and the ability to improve the communication of others by studying Scientology. There couldn’t be a worse example of communication or speaking skills than DM. (and he’s been studying scientology since he was a kid, right?)

  21. Marty,
    What a post this is! And a perfect analogy with the Godfather video.
    This ones gotta hurt, eh Dave? But it’s sooooo true. The whole world knows
    about you now. You can’t hide.

  22. Carol — You may be right. though based on recent experience I predict that he will turn this into a “state-of-the-art, one-of-a-kind, massive, unprecedented juggernaut that will make planetary clearing a reality by making it possible to disseminate to third world countries wth the largest VHS tape production facility on planet earth.” Dave is good with buildings, but not so good with what to use them for — when everyone he promotes on the internet he spends millions on printing presses for promo (you don’t need a lot of MEST for internet promotion so its hard to show at events — much better to have bg buildings and large machines). So. it stands to reason, when DVD’s are about to go the way of the VHS tape with everything digital he will figure out a way to go “old school” and build an impressive buggy factory for the digital age. That’s his schtick.

    Unless of course he has to have a studio closer to his enclave at ASI so he can reshoot all the films to remove Michael Fairman, Jason Beghe and Larry Anderson and its just too much for him to drive to Hemet for that.

  23. Typical.

  24. I’m sorry. I’d like to launch into a speech about how suppressive this son of a bitch is, but I can’t get over the urge to just SPIT!

    God help him if he’s ever in arms length of me again. Forget him… Help me.

  25. From



    A. NO, I DIDN’T.





    A. NO.












    No Case Gain over a long period of time.

  26. +1

  27. Interesting. Looks like Cruise never really understood any PTS/SP training he did. Otherwise he would have (or should have) cognited by now. But then, someone who is severely PTS is the last one to know it. Too bad someone close to him couldn’t gently start feeding him some indicators and get him to cog. If he ever did realize DM is an SP, he could be a useful asset in bringing DM down. Just an idea…

  28. Mike you make a great point. For all of DM’s blustering about his audio and visual standards, he always holds onto old technology spending millions of dollars which immediately becomes antiquated once he cuts the red ribbon opening the doors.

    Thereby wasting those millions of donated dollars.

  29. More pieces to the puzzle. The way I put it together is this. Chick wanted to contribute by doing an album based on an LRH book. Dave buys the Mad Hatter, fixes it all up and staffs it up with young sea org members that will do his bidding. Chick gets the original Electric Band members together to record. Of course Dave now gets to “check” all the recording and mixing going on and decides he doesn’t like Bernie Kirsch’s mixing. I think he decided at the first mention of Chick doing an LRH piece that he didn’t want Bernie mixing. Dave gets Rick Pekkonen hired who had done the mixing at Gold on the two LRH music CDs that had been done there. Rick is a well established music mixer who has done work with the Crusaders and Larry Carlton to name a couple. Dave brings Rick into the Mad Hatter under the guise of “training” the staff there and gets him to mix one of Chicks pieces. Chick is presented with the mix and of course loves it as Rick is the utmost professional. Rick is then hired to do the whole album. Now this kind of manipulation is probably par for the course in Hollywood but the whole thing always seemed sneaky and dishonest to me. I think Dave bought the Mad Hatter just so he could keep his fingers in on what Chick was doing putting music to LRH fiction books. The studio was “given” to Gold and they were given the task of figuring out how to utilize and run it without knowing the real reason it was purchased. A lot of Gold staff went through hell trying to figure that one out. What is the head of a religion doing checking music mixes anyway?

  30. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson


    your more than welcome to pick any one of the following….

    This is – Re-affirmed, doubly confirmed, confirmed, verified, truth, not a lie, exactly, hit the nail on the head, you got it Charlie, couldn’t of said it better, couldn’t of said it better my self, you know it!, ain’t that the truth!, fuckin a right!, Booo Ya!, ……

    One thing for sure Mike my dear good friend…. YOU SPEAK SOOTH!!

    Hey Christie and Shane!
    — Jackson

  31. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson


    I’ll hold the bag for ya!

    — Jackson

  32. Do we see a lot of similarity between David Miscavige and David Koresh?

    Don’t you think, David Miscavige’s life will end just like David Koresh’s did? Burn in hell, DM!

  33. “They´ve proven that at two hours sleep at night you actually can survive…”
    Seems like DM is proud of his “sleep deprivation” he has installed as a way of living in all orgs. So, what´s the purpose???

    When you google “sleep deprivation-torture methods” there are pages of references. One of the many was this one for example:

    “Sleep deprivation
    The victim is prevented from sleeping for several days. Measures used to achieve this include tying the victim up in a painful position, constant lighting, noise, and especially beatings, kicks and other types of punishment if the victim attempts to lie down.
    Sleep deprivation is regarded as torture under international law and is branded as such by the United Nations. Sleep deprivation may sound quite harmless in comparison to other methods of torture; however, ongoing sleep deprivation is an extraordinarily cruel form of torture which leads to a breakdown of the nervous system and to other serious physical and psychological damage.”

    And anyone who is reading here and still has some doubt about the (real) purpose DM has, I suggest to read the stories of the staff and SO members who have come forward till now reporting- next to other abuses and human rights violations- about sleep deprivations. And that is just a fraction of what happened.
    No wonder DM tries to put reading on the Internet there as if you would meet the devil in person and get stuck in hell- but maybe you did that already before.

  34. The Mad Hatter

    Tom Cruise is CRAZY! Anyone still under the spell of Mr Miscavage: WATCH OUT!!!

  35. Has Tom Cruise become the Johnny Fontane of David Miscavige?

    I would have to disagree. That assumption grants way more power to Miscavige than he actually has. Sure, Miscavige would love to think of himself as some kind of Uber Producer who can pull strings for his pal Cruise, but if TC actually woke up and combed the lice off, his career might revive.
    Miscavige fucked up Battlefield Earth with his meddling, and no producer is gonna listen to him.

  36. Me too. And yet it’s also a blessing. Here is an actual confession from the Pope Himself, that he effectively runs a slave labour camp. I hope this transcript can be independently verified as accurate when the time comes. Clearly he states the fact that his staff “can survive” on 2 hours sleep with some sort of gleeful enthusiasm, as if he’s telling his OTA buddies “Look what a bad boy I am!”. Disgusting.

    Having seen first-hand the effects of sleep deprivation while on the Int RPF mid-80s I can say it’s not funny. After several nights of little or no sleep one starts hallucinating; actions become confused one with another; time and space become disorientated. I watched Rick Siegal literally fall asleep on his feet while trying to support a heavy stud wall. Another severe accident narrowly averted.

    On the matter of the studio acquisition – while fitting right into the pattern of His behaviour, it is beyond bizarre. What, in the name of Wills and Kate, are the faithful expected to make of it? SURELY by now even the thirstiest of Kool Aiders will start asking pertinent questions.

    Talking of the Royal Wedding (couldn’t resist a quick plug) – the great Anderson Cooper is anchoring the CNN coverage on Friday – don’t miss it!

  37. martyrathbun09

    Confirm. Thanks for the facts Steve.

  38. MostlyLurker

    “They’ve proven that at two hours sleep a night you actually can survive… ” To push people that far, threatening them to lose their eternity if they don’t, that’s torture.

  39. martyrathbun09


  40. My feeling exactly, God help me.

  41. Eyes Wide Open

    I can confirm this is 100% accurate. I experienced it on all flows. There are staff in Gold who routinely get 2 – 4 hours of sleep a night — and not by choice. And the “all-hands” that are adopted to try and comply with DM’s crazy undoable targets result in a “hey-you” org board where staff from all over the org are pulled off post for hours, days or even weeks to handle the production needed in one specific area — resulting in chaos and backlogs in their own area.
    No matter how hard the crew work to try and please, to comply, to appease — DM just runs the same lines about how all are a bunch of SPs, all are unproductive, idle, criminal, etc. etc. It is a no-win situation.
    I get the shivers just remembering it.

  42. Comparing Miscavige to David Koresh is far more apt than comparing him to the Godfather. DM is permanently stuck in adolescence, and rules over his Lord of the Flies kingdom. Hollywood is for grown-ups.

  43. martyrathbun09

    Kathy, I probably used the wrong word. DM was demanding solutions from Ron Moss – while we had him imprisoned at Int – to come up with solutions to getting Chick flush with cash. Ron had put some feelers out on selling Mad Hatter. There was not a market for it – not for the historic value you note, such as the famous mix board. That is what I meant by appraisal. DM solved it by having the church’s full time realtor do up a best case scenario appraisal – giving full sentimental and historical values (inflated), assuming all equipment was operational (since DM had GOLD working on two hours sleep to make it so) – and match the number DM had already arbitrarily decided he wanted. He needed the paper work to justify the church purchase, and evade inurement charges. What he bought was the historic studio AND Chick Corea.

  44. I figured you were talking about Ron Moss when you mentioned his long time business manager was ousted.

    I guess the next place dm will buy will be network AMC that airs Mad Men.

    After all, the award winning actress Elisabeth Moss is Ron’s daughter and scientologist.

    If you work anywhere near stars – hold tight. The dmster might be on the move to buy your office building, studio lot, radio station. Hell — he’s going to buy THE WORLD!!

    That will show ’em. Can’t hide from dm.


  45. Seeking As Isness

    In response to your example above:
    “Sleep deprivation is regarded as torture under international law and is branded as such by the United Nations. Sleep deprivation may sound quite harmless in comparison to other methods of torture; however, ongoing sleep deprivation is an extraordinarily cruel form of torture which leads to a breakdown of the nervous system and to other serious physical and psychological damage.”

    Isn’t there some type of class action suit that could be started regarding the “tourture by sleep deprvation” by the SO members who have came forward? Or at least enough affidavits of their individual accounts which would prompt the authorities to take action to cease the abuse?

  46. Hank Reardon (aka Joe Pendleton)


  47. The way I see it, power originates from the ability to hold a position and generate force/energy/flow from that position.

    DM’s power originally was based in LRH’s position, which he usurped. He had the tech as a position of value from which to operate. “I’ll take away your future as a thetan if you don’t comply!”

    But two things happened almost simultaneously to undermine that position. First, the bridge became available outside the church. Second, DM began to squirrel the tech so badly as to make the upper bridge unavailable inside the church.

    He couldn’t make OTs, so he couldn’t create a base of individuals strong enough to defend him. He had no group. And his soldiers are weak.

    His position of power disintegrates.

    Like a fading sun, he still has residual energy available. He has the belief and agreement of some very rich and influential dupes that sustain him as the leader of Scientology within the church. But that’s falling apart.

    He’s got this HUGE bank account and asset base, but he’s demonstrating an uncanny ability to dissipate that wealth in grandiose or foolish projects. But what the hell, huh? OPM–other people’s money.

    For me, the more he wastes, the less power he has. He’s destroying the last position of power he has: that of a huge bank account. Without that, he’s toast.

    A parasite depends on its host. Without the host, the parasite dies.

    In this case, Scientology is the host.

    The Scientology movement does not need money. We can always generate money. Money is nothing but a symbol for other things. If you’ve got the other things, you don’t need the money. So, let him waste the whole bank account. We don’t need it.

    Our combined asset base is larger than the C of S. And our potential to generate more assets is greater exponentially. Plus, we have far fewer liabilities.

    Look on this movement as the second dynamic of Scientology, where new organisms are being breed for the future. We are giving offspring, based in our “DNA” that will move forward to bring about change. There’s an entire line of embryos, children, parents at work here. Ideas being given form.

    All organisms are based in ideas, based in imagination, based in design. The design and form moves forward to bring about change. Function monitors structure.

    DM is just a moment of enturbulation as theta collides with MEST. He is the essence of MEST resisting theta. He is the essence of unreason and illogic resisting reason and logic.

    The worst thing that he’s doing is creating so much ill will that overcoming it might be very, very difficult. But any auditor can tell you how easy it is to handle ARC breaks. Disagreements and misunderstandings can be handled–not only on the first but the second, third and fourth dynamics.

    (As for the fifth dynamic: I haven’t figured out how to make the ants understand that they need to find another place to play than my kitchen counter. Maybe that’s my bad. Maybe I have a misunderstood on the rules of that game.)

    But, I just see COB’s reckless self destruction as not such a bad thing. It’s kind of entertaining. It’s sad that he’s destroying so many others with his insanity, but that can be fixed. And it’ll eventually free up the tech so that others can take over dominant points of distribution.

    The future is for those who are able to change. It’s a funny thing about ARC; on grade three the pc gains the ability to face the future. ARC is not a fixed position. ARC is dynamic and vibrant, filled with tolerance for change.

    Affinity, reality and communication comprise theta. And theta, freed, is dynamic and vibrant and filled with a capacity for change.

    All this motion and change is merely a blip in history. So let the little fucker dramatize to his hearts content. He’s not theta. He fixated. He’s an ARC break in full dramatization. He can’t tolerate the changes we’re bringing and he’s fighting with all he’s got.

    And all he’s got isn’t nearly enough.

    We are the ones who will bring change. We are theta.


  48. Oh guys, this is such sad, sad, sad news. Chick is a musician’s musicians. He is legendary. All the real pro’s that I know in the music business highly respect and admire him, but they also have also noted his marked absence from from the music world. I tried to make contact with Ron sometime back as he and I knew each other well, as with Chick and all I got was an automated response. It was so uncharacteristically Chick. He was always so laid back and responsive and suddenly he is aloof. My thoughts of when it happened was that someone was cutting his comm lines but I had no way of determining if this was actually the case. Sure enough.

  49. becomingAware

    Can you see it? Mr. proud-of-his-blue-eyes in 3D looking huge on stage.


  50. (Deep Fax backchannel leak…)

    Personal Office of David Miscavige, Singer

    To: Gold


    All of you know that I will be embarking on my Flanking PR Singing Career this year. I’ve been right in there with Tom during his recent voice training sessions and I’m just letting you know that my own voice is almost ready.

    I’ll be starting in small clubs and working my way swiftly up to stadiums right after our purchase MTV is complete. We’ll be changing it’s name to DMTV where Tom and I will be launching our music videos.

    I want these songs learned in their entirety, along with the arrangements, in the next twenty-four hours:

    ROCK, SLAP AND BEAT (To a Pulp)
    I’M THE RULER OF THE WORLD (and You’re Not)
    IT’S MY EMPIRE (Ha!)

    I’ll be presenting myself as sort of a Bobby Darin/Marilyn Manson character. I’ll be needed lots of background soundtrack audio of flesh being punched and slapped, lots of “Yessirs” to a reggae/polka beat and for the video we need dancers who can move well on floors covered with slippery blood. I want a white tux that is Scotch-Guarded so that blood will not stick to it when buckets of blood tip from the ceiling. I guess I’ll have to be Scotch-Guarded head to toe. You figure it out.

    To give you a head start, here are the lyrics to I’M REALLY TALL INSIDE:

    Take a look at my cash
    I got a great big stash
    I kick lot’s of ass
    I’m bold and I’m brash

    (3 singer back-up chorus, must be under 5′ in height)

    He’s really tall inside
    He’s a great big man
    He’s really BIG inside
    He’s a huge, huge man


    That’s all I’ve got so far, but it’s enough to work with. Let’s get the basic music track and back-up vocals done and then I’ll come in to overdub my singing.

    You better make me look and sound good or you’ll be polishing trumpets with a cue-tip while running backwards around a bonfire in the hot desert sun.

    David Miscavige


  51. Was the Corea release “To the Stars” Jazz CD the initial project or first actual public release for Mad Hatter Gold? The timing sure seems about right. This was well promoted in conjunction with MV 2006 I think it was.

    Bruce Pratt

  52. Christie wrote: “Yeah – That’s ALL they do. … They are now known for their nice pretty, shiny properties! Not for their amazing work with helping mankind or changing conditions …”

    Isn’t that the truth?! And even there, it’s done under slave labor conditions.

    VFP (valuable final product) of the Church of DM: Buildings purchased for PR purposes by bankrupting public, and made shiny with slave labor. The object is totally enslaved beings.

  53. I think DM is more like Moe Green with some Carlo thrown in.
    JT is more like Fredo.
    Chick might want to distance himself from all this and reinvent himself as Chic or Shiek Korea.

  54. OTDT: Laughing out loud.

    LOVE the song titles.

    The visuals are astonishing and errr slightly errrr X rated 🙂


  55. Could KCET purchase mean the end of the Int/Gold base?

    ML Tom

  56. Language alert.

  57. flying squirrel

    So perfect…. “church of scientology: building restoration tech”

  58. On one (perhaps all) of the anti-Marty sites, this justification is offered for the purchase of this studio as well as the ideal org program:

    Excerpt from

    Lecture – 28-Sep-1954


    “Awfully commercial, isn’t it? Awfully sordid. How are we going to make this world brace up and stand to on such a thing, unless we have one of the things which is represented as power in this particular community, which is cash? And unless an auditor is able to change his — oh I don’t know — have three or four beards to wear and a couple of Cadillacs to drive — unless an auditor himself can put on a sufficiently commanding appearance to the society as a whole, unless the organization occasionally, when it has a couple of dollars it doesn’t know what to do with, build a marble column — build a marble-column church covering eighteen or twenty square blocks, you know, for the kiddies, unless it can do this sort of thing, you are not going to get this job done at all. Emphasis mine.

    I am guessing that DM had an MU on the word “occasionally” and skipped over the bolded part. Either that or he is saying is that the church has money it doesn’t know what to do with. Well I have a few suggestions: living wage for staff members; decent lodging for staff members; decent health care for staff members; etc.

  59. OTDT-OMG-You must compile what you’ve written and send it to COB. He really needs to see what a really bad joke he is.

  60. “They’ve proven that at two hours sleep a night you actually can survive… ”

    Akin to the good Dr Mendeleva exclaiming to a fellow NAZI experimenter how it’s amazing if you put these people in ice water for so many hours they are still able to survive!

  61. Michael,
    Beautifully said. Hear Hear!!

  62. He has not even done the OEC yet is somehow the “leader” of Scientology. What an outpoint.

  63. I had the pleasure of being on course with Chick Corea in the early 90’s when we were in the trailer’s while CC was being renovated. He and Gail were doing a course together. He would just look at you with that smile and you would want to be in his space.

    Almost anyone I have spoken to about Corea is generally positive about him, his art, and his character, his church affiliation notwithstanding. That is a real testament to his ability to just BE, and not dramatize BEING A DM VERSION SCIENTOLOGIST like Cruise does (i.e. accusing Lauer, accusing Brooke Shields, acting haughty, etc).

    I still have hopes that Tom will cognite and leave. A long shot, yes. But given the course his career is now on, I would think a man as smart as Cruise would stop and think while alone some place, and take a good look at what is going on and why. Maybe, just maybe , he will have that “Beghe moment”, and realize….”it’s YOU PEOPLE!!”

    Tom’s kids are waking up, so let’s hope the father is not close behind.


  64. That’s Dr. Mengele – Josef Mengele –
    Michael A. Hobson

  65. The advertising and marketing guru’s of this world know exactly what’s up with the purchase of the TV station.
    See this article, from the foremost of marketing blogs:

  66. Skydog,
    Yes, apparently this is the justifier for buying a TV studio. Rather ANOTHER one, since Gold is already fully equipped, way more than the average TV studio. So the question is why buy ANOTHER one? It is superfluous.

    Another oddity, if, as the OSA sites suggest, the 54 tape is the justification for buying a TV studio and it is intimated Scn TV may originate, then how’s about the prohibition of TV for Sea Org members? I mean, how does that work?

    I can’t recall the exact issue or advice on TV from way back when and any ‘back when’ rationale for it or limiting it among the Int Base staff, but that’s not the point here. The point is that TV IS banned, now in the entire Sea Org, and there must be some rationale for it, which rationale would seem to be contradicted by buying a TV station with the intention suggested by the OSA site to use it for broadcasting. These are contrary facts. Outpoints. Illogics.

    Two biggies. The biggest one being; Dave you ALREADY HAVE a studio, why another? Why waste this money? Hmmmmm? Some other fish to fry?

    Maybe OSA will oblige and react with a new piece ‘splainin’ this.

  67. David Miscavige’s arrogance and misplaced narcissism is something right out of the history books just before the French revolution. He thinks he’s aristocracy, with the power to spend all the valuable money that people have contributed to help spread Scientology, yet, he is a travesty, a complete comic book character and a disgrace to everything that Scientology is supposed to represent. I don’t wish him ill-will. I simply know that like other narcisstic, ego-centric and power-crazed people, he cannot last forever. If only the Scientology community would pull its head out of the proverbial dark hole and see the truth about this guy and the cult HE is creating out of something that never was a cult. It falls on us, who have enough sense and guts to speak up, to keep talking until DM and his camp take off for a non-extradition country, with their millions. I’m sure he’s got that back up plan in case “someone comes after him”.

  68. In 2000-01, DM had regular meetings and get togethers with Chick at the Hibiscus restaurant at the FH for dinners. Perhaps a couple of times per week. It was unusual as he was not particularly chummy with Chick before. This was during the Lisa McPherson court case when he spent his time mostly in Clearwater between events. I wondered what that was about – and now know.

    I had heard that the Mad Hatter studios were also used for Translations recording as well, to utilize recording talent who were not qualified to come to record at the Int Base.

  69. Leather-bound and faux-signed, invoice enclosed for $25,000, with a note:

    You asked for samples of J & D about you,
    this is the best I could find.

    Counter-faux signed with my left hand: OTDT

    Special regards from Deep Fax.

  70. With all due respect, Marty and Mike, where is the evidence that DM is indeed the subject of a massive federal probe?

    Did they ever visit the INT base?

  71. Jimbo: There are 4 sound stages (where movies are shot) at Gold — all with “state-of-the-art” lighting systems. One of them is “the largest free sdtanding sound stage in California” (that’s bigger than anything at Warner, Fox, Disney, Paramount etc).

    Perhaps this is like the Ideal Orgs pitch — “We are experiencing such enormous expansion that we had to buy this 65,000 swuare foot building for our 5 staff in Denver (especially with the Rex Fowler trial coming up)”.

    “We just had to buy more studio facilities as we are cranking out so many films that are creating massive public interest in and demand for Scientology (especially with the Daniel Montalvo case moving forward….).

    It’s an old DM ploy: “Look at our incredible expansion, in fact, we are bursting at the seams so we are breaking ground on our new Mecca (with the Lisa McPherson criminal case moving forward…) [Just to note the obvious — that massive expansion obviously wasn’t too massive or rapid as the building has been empty for more than 10 years!!! But it sounded good at the time).

    Just a wild stab in the dark guess….

  72. martyrathbun09

    Dave, grab your ankles and pray.


    Singer/Songwriter: Davey Miscavige

    You think you may know
    what I think of you
    When you never never do
    What I tell you to

    Well, you suck suck suck
    You’re a bumbling fool
    You’re a moron schmuck
    A ridiculous tool

    (Chorus – this time Mini-Me size singers)

    You suck so bad
    Yeah, you suck suck suck
    You don’t know how bad
    You really suck suck suck



  74. Dave — you got me now. I have to confess, there is no massive federal probe. I made it up. Just carry on doing your thing, everything will be fine. There is nothing to worry about. Honest.

  75. Confirmed! This Hill 10, super emergency mode happens 6 times minimum per year – during Event crunch time.

    There was a whole different set of jobs people were put on. Even the MLO was up at all hours and having to give vitamin shots to key individuals so they could stay awake and work along with added mealtimes in the wee hours and tons of coffee.

    The first of such Crunchtime or Emergency mode was brought about by Dear Leader in ’82, an engram called “82 Renos” where LRH wanted to return to the base (and never did) with impossible & completely unreal Targets set. A few got injured due to operating power machinery without sleep, guys would literally fall asleep while mudding the walls.

    This was also around the time of the destruction of the Mission NW, which many did not know about due to the Renos crunch until much later.

    At the end, we all just got a special printed T shirt after enduring months of insanity, proving we were as TD says: “Tough SOBs.” This was a pilot for the insanities in the years following to come by Dear Leader, attributing the impossible targets & insanity to Rick Aznaran, who was RPFed. Dear Leader would come out of these crazy evolutions as the savior of the day, when in fact he created it with his insane demands and impossible targets.

  76. Marty, Mike, I thing you guys are right and I thought of another reason why DM would be getting that studio.

    In Clearwater in 1998, when the McPherson scandal exploded in his face after DM’s own personal C/Sing caused a psychotic break, which in turn lead to her death, what did Miscavige do? I know because he personally told me. It was my job to write the PR videos that announced the caper: with golden shovels Miscavige broke ground on the new “Scientology Mecca.” The ploy was intended to divert attention from the attacks and to show that the Church was “flourishing and prospering.” Hence the entire Fort Harrison was lit up with lights, sky trackers, music, cameras, speeches, etc. It was an emergency counter-measure to stem the attacks.

    Breaking ground on the new mecca was at least a decade premature, proven by the fact it’s 12 years later and still the place is not open. Miscavige was not ready to start building. The building was not designed, there were no staff to man the building, Super Power was not ready to go, etc. It was totally and only a PR caper and I think the same is true with his new TV studio. It’s just Adolf McJerk up to his old tricks. What say you?

  77. Steve — you read my mind. See my comment in response to Jim Logan I posted not 30 minutes ago…

  78. Totally agreed Karen,

    In your face, Real Estate is what David Miscavige does to show he is upstat! He’s probably running out of material which Dan Sherman can write scripts on for the events.

    Think of how many more videos, which no one is interested in watching can be produced? The Idle Orgs will need to buy more panels to show these things on.

  79. I wouldn´t buy anything from dm

  80. Tom,
    Probably not, he’s been buying up real estate around the Int Base where the original 500 acre purchase has increased to a total of 700 acres according to the local Riverside press.

    Don’t you get the impression that the KoS changed the organization into a Real Estate investment corp?

  81. Seeking As Isness,
    don´t know if anybody did already. Guess it wouldn´t be easy to get witnesses, exact time and place, taking up a lot of time and effort. And who would you want to sue? Some ex-senior who told not to secure before targets are done? Its like with the RPF, its done “voluntary”. I don´t know if you have been on staff or in the SO. There can be tremendous group pressure “to make it go right”, “be OT”, follow “Command Intention”, etc.. Nobody would dare to mention that may be a target is suppressive and that the staff need some sleep (there is even a reference by LRH about suppressive targets).
    But I read on the Internet some affidavits about the abuses.
    To EXPOSE the Human Rights violations on the net, that is effective. It´s like sunlight which hits a vampire.
    The communication and the truth, that is really powerful.

    Among other things I found these articles very enlightening:

  82. Oh, related to this subject, many SO members who were recruited when they were young (18 and under) will tell you how wog eduction, i.e. high school and college, is dismissed as a waste of time and pointless within the SO culture. Obviously part of this, at first, is to convince them to leave school and join the SO but even once in there is a lot of contempt for education and schooling if its not directly tied to Scientology. Not just contempt but also mistrust. This has even spilled over to their lives after leaving the SO. After they are out and need to get grounded in the real world many don’t even consider college an option because their mistrust of education and educational institutions is so ingrained, and because they still believe it’s “useless” and/or “not real knowledge.”

    I’ve wondered if this attitude has always been around or if its possible that DM has heavily promoted that pov due to him being a high school drop-out. I’m sure with DM’s ego issues the HS dropout stuff gets to him and therefore he must degrade all forms of higher education and makes sure no one in the SO avails themselves of an education level above his – if they do its just dismissed as “useless.”

    What are some of you former SO members here views on this? Did you experience the same type of contempt and mistrust of formal education in the SO? Or get repeatedly told college educations (or even high school) were a waste of time?

  83. +1 Mike!

  84. Theo Sismanides

    hahaha, OTDT, this was so good.

  85. Steve,
    The building was designed and changed several times over as per usual Dear Leader style. The plans included a wing for his facilities – offices for him and staff, conference room, AV viewing & listening room, dining room, galley, etc. with private elevator from the parking.

    Perhaps his Field of Dreams strategy (If you build it, they will come) continues:

  86. Yes, I hadn’t seen that and you are totally right. Great points too made by SkyDog and Jim. When you contrast the insane wasteful expenditures of millions with the fact that the average staff member can’t even afford shoes or decent food. Really sick and shows how far Bunkerman will go to protect his own ass at the expense of anyone and everyone, not to mention the human race.

  87. Chick is PTS as all others connected to dm.

  88. Here’s another theory.
    Too many people are finding out what’s going down at Hemut so DM’s needs a new pimp palace.

  89. Seeking As Isness


    Yeah, I do know about the group pressure. When I was on staff in a Class V org, I remember many abuses but the one night that stands out most, was when our Class 8 OT VIII ED yelled at me and the rest of the mothers saying, “I don’t care about your f..king Kids…I just want products.” That has always stuck with me. I have often wondered who had it worse Class V Staff or SO.

    At any rate, the abuse has to stop, and there must be something regarding the human trafficking and the sleep deprivation torture angle. Especially since the SO are dependent on the group for their bare necessities and if they don’t compy it just gets worse.

    Just sayin.


  90. Mike,
    The studios are perfect for Non-Scientology actors starring in the Tech film re-do project. No one has to get clearances!

  91. Dave.
    Stop fishing.
    You’re famously bad at it.
    If you want to find out what the FBI has got on you go ask them yourself.

  92. Mike,

    Make this a red letter day because I am not disputing a single word you say here.

    He’s managed to turn GOLD into some kinda of twisted vortex or black hole that swallows up and destroys good staff.

    “They’ve proven that at two hours sleep a night you actually can survive…”

    Pretty much tells you like many *criminals* he brags about his overts.

    In this case of running sleep deprivation which is considered a form of *torture* by the Geneva Convention and other international protocols.


    I don’t know what the crowd’s response was by what you’ve posted here but I bet it was a chuckle or two.

    Placing these “OT” (calling these assembled *false IIIs* “OTs” is a huge tech degrade unless it means Obliging Terrorists or some thing like that) “As” (I know Mike has found a suitable word to describe them here which I won’t bother repeating) as willing accomplices.

    That said.

    I know that one can get some kind of group agreement going based on some concept of the “greatest good” and “all for the best” etc.

    I know when I was auditing GO staff that I’d dismiss things such as breaking into Government offices as such.

    Ah yes it was “all for the best” and “the greatest good” etc, etc.

    That is until I ran my HRD which changed my viewpoint on things 😉

    So this can explain some agreement but it doesn’t justify *sadism* which seems to be the common awareness characteristic these days in the Government Approved and Tax Exempt Church these days.

    Just pure unadulterated *sadism*.

  93. I bet the point that he decided the OEC was out of sequence and needed to be re-done before anyone else would be allowed to enroll in the FEBC was while he was trying to get through it!

    “A-duuuuhhhh, I don’t get it…. A-duuuuuhhhh, it’s the books fault! It’s the transcribers fault! It’s LRH’s fault! You’re all a bunch of false-reporting SP’s! You all false-attested to the FEBC becuse if I can’t understand it no one can! Cancel these courses! LRH botched these too! A-duuuuuhhhh…”

  94. becomingAware


    Great sense of humor and obnosis. DM may hire you to finish up the songs.


  95. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson

    Sinar, let’s not forget it was also the first time Shelly Miscavige was assigned to MEST work that I knew of at the time. She, I and Janis formed, poured and finished the entire sidewalk which ran the entire back side of the ship connecting Broadway and Lower Villas road. Boy, I will never forget what balls those two had during that pour…. And all that concrete splatter all over us! We worked weeks together day/night! Whew!!

  96. becomingAware


    They purchased the old KCET facilities, which were quite nice when I was there last, but they do not have a television station license or a transmitter or tower, etc. The most ‘broadcasting’ they could do is to stream over the Internet but that brings up your point again. They are banned from the Internet. One doesn’t need the KCET facilities to do so.

    Getting a license for a station in the LA area, either high or low power, is pretty much impossible unless one has many hundreds of millions to purchase an existing license. And to make money with one takes a lot more than ‘know best’.

    So why purchase the studios if one cannot use them and one already has large understaffed facilities? My thought is that you’ll see TC using it AFTER it is rebuilt and flowers are planted. Maybe it will be leased out. Such plans may be on policy in DM’s universe.


  97. Sinar, ya, called “Daves Digs”. His motto is “We buy Real Estate especially in A HORRIBLE MARKET.”

    ML Tom

  98. DM’s got ’em basically all written. Deep Fax has only been able to sneak out a couple so far. Wait…that’s my fax machine…ok, here’s another:


    I’m stuck in a head
    I can’t get out
    Not even when I’m dead
    When I can’t even shout
    I’m stuck in a head

    Everyone cries
    “Try R2-45”
    But I’ll still be dead
    Stuck in a head
    I’m stuck in a head

    I’m stuck in a head
    Til the end of time
    When the question I dread
    Will be “What’s Your Crime?”


  99. Unfortunately, in many cases is that by the time an Ex decompresses enough to realize that legal actions could be taken, the statutes of limitations expired.

    In a recent case, the US Judge ruled Ministerial exemption protecting the CoS, despite acknowledging all the abuses that occurred. It is under appeal.

    I really applaud and admire these two brave Ex SO souls, to persist in their efforts and actually changing and improving conditions to those still in.

    As Mike says in a separate post, the ongoing abuse case which allegedly good PR is needed to show Expansion is:

    Go Daniel!

  100. Mike,
    There’s other ‘oddities’ related to the TV studio.

    I’ve noticed in the cookie-cutter declares, Mike Fairman’s for example, that the accusation of ‘pretending to be a Scientologist’ is leveled. How would that work when Dave TV is broadcast and the only ones permitted on it are him (he’s the only one that wouldn’t be potentially declared) and non-Scientologists? Is that why he hires people to pretend to be Scientologists in the films? Are they already declared, or is that a safety measure in case the pretend to pretend to be Scientologists and maybe become Scientologists who can then be declared, for pretending to be Scientologists originally?

    I’m sure Dave’s got it worked out. Dave TV, what a concept.

  101. Howard Roark

    Wow. Now that makes sense.

    At first I thought televangelist but this is it.

  102. Dave,
    Ever wonder what the probe for the coffee enema has attached to it? I’d give it a taste test every time you jam that thing in your arse, bud. Can’t be too sure about probes, ya know.

  103. I think it’s worse than we thought. It looks like Life Repair has been removed from the bridge and the first service now is sec checks:

  104. Howard Roark

    Literally every morning when I wake up I check Drudge to see if the raids have started.

    Now is a good time to head for high ground if you are still a part of Cof$.

  105. Jim —

    I know the solution. Based on duh ledah’s aversion to beings, this is all going to be computer generated, just like the F/N on the simulator. Then he’ll have computer generated audiences watching the computer generated productions. Of course the audiences will thunderously applaud. This way he can promote incredible audiences with universal overwhelming approval.
    No beings required. Well except for a few slaves.


  106. Geezes… Thanks Marty. I have woken up even further, but the bad taste is just as bitter as ever given the antics of DM.
    To be honest I’m just a backwoods swinging d… looking for a bit of sense for my efforts & $ given to the Church. I had you a little identified incorrectly but these types of exposes is putting together a jigsaw of immense betrayal. Thanks again for clarity and persistence.
    I’m just a Thetan with a long memory now. My day will come as it will for all who understand what LRH trailblazed.

  107. Marty:

    Very good point you make here:
    “..All but a very few people in this world, those very few being members of the vanishing cult, know that Miscavige has destroyed Tom Cruise’s career..”

    I would like to add that I think they destroyed each other’s careers and any chance they may have had at a career. There is no trust by the public of either Tom Cruise or David Miscavige.

  108. That’s exactly it. He can’t bring new talent up to that Hemet prison camp. Millions and millions of dollars and countless man-hours down the drain.

  109. Sinar: “I really applaud and admire these two brave Ex SO souls, to persist in their efforts and actually changing and improving conditions to those still in.” +1. Miscavige really lost big time when Marc and Claire headed for the hills of sanity.

  110. RJ 🙂

  111. Sinar ~~
    Both you and I knew Eric Knutson personally. I am guessing you already read his ESSAY from which I am quoting as it pertains to this blog.
    Eric Knutson wrote up some of his time track at GOLD BASE.
    Duress and Destruction
    In the mid-80’s during the construction of the LRH Sound Studio, Miscavige was heavily involved with the execution of this project. LRH was directly on the lines issuing his advices to Miscavige from anything to technical sound data to complex construction details to obtain a dead-sounding studio. I was part of the construction of this building along with dozens of others. Construction lasted for months.  There were many separate occasions where we were ordered to do “all nighters” working 2 to 3 days at a time without sleep to keep production on schedule. It was not uncommon during these “blitzes” to find construction staff sleeping in hidden corners on cold concrete slabs with only their clothes to keep warm in an effort to recover from the fatigue, even if only for an hour. Anything helped. I’ve seen staff sleep standing up due to sheer exhaustion.

    Yet all our actions have consequences. Thanks to Miscavige keeping everyone up around the clock, on one horrific occasion at 4 AM after already being up for approximately 68 hours, I witnessed one incoherent staff member run his hand through a table saw equipped with a dado blade (a wide blade used for making large grooves or channels in wood.) He lost 3-4 fingers just like that. He was taken to the hospital, but afterward his hand was useless. David Miscavige couldn’t have cared less.

    As a result, he was “offloaded” for being “accident prone” (a condition which is caused by suppression). Cruel “All nighters”
    also included a total lack of shower facilities and many times you couldn’t even brush your teeth for days. Of course beans, rice and water was the staple of our diet.

    David Miscavige Violence
    One point of note with respect to Miscavige; not only was he a master at personally stripping you of your dignity and integrity, thereby completely demoralizing you, I also witnessed another side of him that showed genuine evil.

    While working on a construction project as a Department Head in Gold in the late 80’s, I was summonsed to the RTC office building at the Villas to answer some kind of question Miscavige had with regard to the project I was working on. For some reason I was called to the office where Mark Fisher and Jason Bennick worked directly under David Miscavige as his execution arms. Jason and I were the only ones in the room with DM. I had answered any questions Miscavige had and when I was finished he asked Jason a question about his post (I don’t remember the subject content). Jason replied and DM came flying across the office behind Jason’s desk where he was sitting. Screaming obscenities, Miscavige started punching Jason with body shots to the chest and ribcage with closed fists as Jason used his arms to protect himself from the thudding blows. I remember Jason’s eyes as big as saucers filled with terror in his disbelief as to what was happening. It ended almost as abruptly as it started. I remember DM looking at me with an expression that stated clearly “this is what will happen to you if you fuck up.” I was excused from the room and that was the end of it. I remember asking myself what I would have done had I been physically attacked, and I don’t think I would have sat there and taken the beating….

    End of Eric Knutson quote


  112. Yeah Sinar, that’s true. But really those non-scientologist actors dont get clearances anyway…

    Just realized who was probably totally bummed about Miguelito’s declare — Tate Ruppert, Michael Roberts, Deniece Duff, Jim Meskiman and Co as they really had a career doing films for Dave. Bet they’re pissed. Pomerantz still has his FogHorn LegHorn gig for event videos and IAS shill so he is probably not so bummed. EVery time I see the Geico ad with Foghorn doing a “reading” I cant help but think of Jeff.

    On the building, I wouldn’t be shocked if Dear Leader comes up with something completely NEW. Perhaps a reel to reel tape manufacturing facility? Or a black and white TV studio? Maybe he could start up his own newspaper to give Rupert Murdoch a run for his money? Or something REALLY creative like a pet rock plant — so he can make MEST objects and send them out to “fill up” the Idle Orgs? Who knows what genius idea he has planned!

  113. I joined the Sea Org in 1972 at the age of 19 and was told the same things – university, school etc. were a waste of time compared to the knowledge available in Scientology. I left university after 1 year and joined the Sea Org.
    However, I had come to the same viewpoint myself. Looking back I wouldn’t change things – what I learnt in the Sea Org was far more valuable.
    There is no way I would exchange those years close to LRH for a degree in anything.

  114. Another Layer

    Hi Sunnyv,
    Firsthand observation of a former non-SO staff member: Except for a few tech-trained Tech/Qual staffers, that attitude toward non-Scn education as being useless/false data, especially college, permeated my org in Los Angeles from 1975 through 1981.
    From my posts in Personnel/Communication, it was just painfully evident that the lack of a basic education impaired staff members’ ability to perform their jobs because they couldn’t get through Staff Statuses in order to get to Student Hat, let alone complete a full hat and get onto tech training. My observation only, but among the high school grads and those with some college, although there was false data to deal with, those folks did so much better! They could at least reach the playing field.
    From 1981 until several years ago when I stopped going to “church,” the educational plight of the children of friends who were staff executives or who had become SO members, became even more pronounced. These young kids were told that they didn’t need any education other than Study Tech and to distrust “wog” education. Which turned into a classic refusal to hat … LRH covers how to separate the wheat from the chaf … but this only works if the child is allowed to train in Study Tech! Since these children didn’t do well on their Staff Statuses or Product Levels, they didn’t get to Student Hat, and around and around they went. I think it must be very hard on a kid to be told that Study Tech solves all, but then be denied that solution, especially in a group that you love. Pfui. Done with rant.

  115. Sec checks are not auditing and violate the principle of quad flows.
    Lots of sec checks imbalance flows running out the overts leaving motivators in place.
    The consequence is that a being balances the flow by committing overts. The careful indoctrination by DM and Co. orients their attention toward committing overts aligned with the survival of DM.
    People really need to study Scientology as LRH wrote it.

  116. Kathy Braceland

    I see what you mean Marty.

    Where you said — “He needed the paper work to justify the church purchase, and evade inurement charges.” — that was slick…not just on Miscavige’s part but on the realtor’s end too.

    Yes, sadly, he bought Mad Hatter and Chick. It was Miscavige’s coup de grace towards Chick, who had slowly been bamboozled by Miscavige a few years prior to this event. Such a shame. Chick is really a great guy and a remarkable composer and musician. I truly hope he breaks free of the strings that bind him.

  117. martyrathbun09

    Me Too

  118. DM will end up being like Dr. Gene Scott, with his 24/7 TV show on Cable. But, the way things are going, he won’t be able to use the KCET studio. More like the San Quentin studio… 🙂

  119. The main thing is that Dr. Scott was a hell of a lot smarter than DM. Oddly fascinating to watch.

  120. In fact, now that I think of it, I recall that Heber set up an alliance with Dr. Scott back around the “Crusade” times. Anyone recall this?

  121. David,
    You’re probably right. At least I hope so, as the thought of Dave TV, as in Bruce’s scenario, computer generated, or with ‘pretendoscientologists’ acta’s, is really a lot to take. It’d end up with 12 events a year, then two a month then one a week and oh my goodness, all that face time for Dave well it’s just waaaaaay too much.

    Dave is such a git. A wannabe what. A wannawhat. A whitnitgit. (Ooops, more fodder for OSA pretending to be Jim Logan. I think I’ll declare them for it: OSA, pretending to be Jim Logan, is hereby declared ‘pretending to be Scientologists’ and forgetting they’re pretending, or something).

  122. Speaking of celebrities, I ran into this link about John Travolta being on the cover of a marijuana growing magazine.
    Being a celeb, does he get a pass?

  123. Mike,
    Good points about putting the usual Talent onto the unemployment lines.

    One facility which could be put in easily under the Talent I/C in the new Hollywood digs is the Pimping line for the BFF and other VIPs needing to be controlled.

    Can you imagine the new personal luxurious digs aside from the personal Green room Hollywood Dave is going to need at these new studios in order to be on par with the BFF eucalyptus burl standards?

  124. Hey Dave,
    Speaking of mistakes, did you ever mistakenly jam the copper rod up your arse instead of the enema nozzle and drink the coffee from the enema bag thinking it was Scotch? You’d best keep an ‘eye’ open for that sort of thing, being PTS to every one else tends to make for mistakes.

  125. Excellent point Ralph.

  126. Count

    I’m sorry for TC, but I think that his personal and business life are so entangled with David Miscavige, at this point, that he would not be of any help at all. I think the time that he may have been able to extract himself is long gone, and now he is forced to simply “go down with the ship”. The things he would have to admit would likely totally destroy his career, his business, his marriage, and perhaps even see him doing time. It will not be pretty.


  127. Very interesting and it matches up with plenty of other SO experiences. I came across very few SO members from the 90s, that lasted any amount of time, who had a complete non-CoS high school education much less any college.
    Of course, denying these kids a basic education give the cult an advantage because their limited education limits their ability to judge and evaluate what they are told by CoS, it makes their real world opportunities very limited and in turn they believe the SO is their best/ only option, they will dimiss valuable and valid knowledge
    because it doesn’t stem from CoS and mistrust anything not emanating from CoS.

    The less educated and less intelligent someone is the easier it is to fool
    them and keep them trapped.

    Ive always thought this was part of the rationale behind Int clearance standards and criteria for CMO recruits as they were by late 80s and 90s. Due to these criteria it pretty much forced the recruits to be very young and sheltered. Any adult who had been out living their life wouldn’t pass the mustard. It made sense because only young
    impressionable people with little exposure to the wider world would accept the insane conditions and workload. These kids were like clay to mold in the image DM desired. Basically unquestioning robots who devote every waking hour to following command intention, and think it is normal and even an honor to do so.
    How many SO members here, in your first yr out, had to adjust to not eating a meal in 2 min? Or find it incomphrensible to have “free time” ? Or have trouble adjust to being able to sleep more than 4 hours a night? Or stop feeling guilty if you weren’t being productive every minute? It must be next to impossible anymore to find someone over 21 years who would be willing to subject themselves to the abusive living standards in the SO and become a “good” SO member in the
    DM desired image. I think this is why there have been a increasing number of SO members recruited from less developed countries. Adults from western countries have an education, expect 8 hours sleep per night, are accustomed to a 40 hr work week and wouldn’t accept workplace abuse – so that makes them pretty awful candidates for the CMO or SO in general.

  128. Yvonne Schick

    This is what it sounds like when you put a reactive mind on loud speaker.

  129. Mike,

    I used live a few blocks from KCET studios and practically went by there every day.

    It’s the TV Studio on Sunset between Vermont and Hyperion just before it turns into Fountain Ave.

    Easy to miss if you’re not actually looking for it.

    I’d say it was probably built in the late 50’s just after the Art Deco craze. So it really isn’t that architecturally stunning save maybe for the fact that it is done in brick instead of the usual stucco.

    Anyway “state of art” is not the first thing that used to come to mind when I used to go past it.

    Personally having been a PBS fan at one time I don’t think KCET ever contributed much to overall PBS programming maybe a few docs and a live weekly production featuring Hewl Houser called California Byways or something like that which was done mostly on location.

    Otherwise I think the studio itself was mostly used for pledge drives every year.

    Maybe IAS will find a use for that 😉

    Therefore I can’t understand why anyone would want to purchase the old KCET studios.

    The only thing that immediately comes to mind is:

    White Elephant!

  130. Maybe elephant dung?

  131. Probably more apt 🙂

  132. On this grade chart, the Happiness Rundown is now listed as an introductory service, no prerequisites !

  133. Jimbo,

    Dave’s World!

    Dave’s World!

    Dave’s World!


    (with apologies to SNL and the “Not Quite Ready for Prime Time Players”)

  134. Yes I do. I remember Heber on his show singing “Dream the impossible dream”.

  135. Oracle,

    It’s pretty much been an intro service ever since it was first released in ’82 per the HCOB.

    That’s for people who’ve read WTH and want auditing.

    So let’s not hit ’em for actually doing something right.

    Even though it is an extremely rare occurrence 😉


    The altered importance of having MILLIONS to shell out on BUILDINGS while not allocating those funds to outside contractors to do the work that sleep deprived staff are forced to do ~~is an overt of magnitude.

    This link gives a staggering amount of TRAUMAS and injuries most likely not reported to OSHA.
    OSHA = Occupational Safety and Health Administration under the Department of Labor.
    This is the Government agency supposedly taking care of WORKERS under a BOSS or Management
    OSHA regulations set out uniform national standards for workplace safety and health practices throughout the country.

    2 Hours sleep a night has to be a HUMAN TRAFFICKING violation.
    It is sadism.
    This is a list of some of the accidents/injuries listed by Marc Headley.\
    Lord only knows how many more since.

  137. RJ,
    So we can tell him YSCOSB?

  138. Btw, Heber had a great voice! Didn’t know he could sing when I happened on this broadcast. Wasn’t sure why he was there so I stuck around a few nights later to check Dr. Scott out. He got his Phd from Stanford and was quite the orater and was doing quite an expert job of relating biblical teachings to other philosiphies and more current events. I couldn’t get into the overall push he was evangelizing but he was entertaining. I got the impression Heber liked is jive and appreciated Scott’s commitment and guts.

  139. Good points WindWalker

  140. Cindy Pinsonnault

    “they should really just change their whole purpose and title and become a building restoration construction company”

    Yeah, but if DM actually changed the church’s purpose to that, all the buildings would suddenly start falling apart.

  141. Cindy Pinsonnault

    An ignorant, frightened population is very easy to control.

  142. Gary Morehead a.k.a Jackson


    Sleep deprivation during the * Studio and 12 Mic?? No way!

    I was on both of these projects and WILL NEVER FORGET when I found myself dumbfounded that I actually stayed up 5 days and 5 nights and couldn’t shake the disorientation and altered mental state I was in. I remember trying as hard as I could to see straight, walk correctly and think straight. It was friggin weird to say the least. I was in my prime ( 20’s ) and couldn’t figure out simple things in my head.

    I will also will not forget the muster we had on the morning of our 6th day where we were told we would be staying up for that “last day” and go home that night. I felt trapped. I couldn’t believe someone was actually saying to stay up yet again as you believed this would just lead into yet another night because we proved it possible by staying up that day. This all coming from someone who slept each of the 5 nights I stayed up.

    I slept for 24hrs straight and was forced to wake up cuz I had to piss sooooooo bad it hurt. Seemed like I tinkled for 20 min.

    — Jackson

  143. sunnyv – sadly, this very same contempt for formal education was
    present at at least one Applied Scholastics school I know of – at a freakin’ SCHOOL! And it wasn’t until I read your post that I realized the source of that arrogant and ignorant attitude was ONE individual, not a generalized, faceless number of people. It was ONE NEW OT VIII who herself had not much formal education, but was thoroughly indoctrinated (and I think still is) as to correct importances per david miscavige.

    Thanks for getting me to look at that. Ha. ONE person.


  144. Yvonne ~ LOL!!

  145. You’re right Karen sleep deprivation is *torture* as is covered in the CIA’s Manual on Interrogation (probably a book they probably adhere to more than any Policy or Tech over there) and is commonly used to break down the prisoner’s resistance to interrogation.

    It definitely *does* cause the person to key in engrams and puts the person in a hypnotic state and therefore makes the person suggestible.

    It is also very off policy and out tech because a staff member is supposed to remain studentable per the ‘Students Guide to Acceptable Behavior ‘and sessionable for any cramming or corrective actions and especially auditing.

    Anyone who supports or assists this type of activity *never mind actually brags about it* is definitely *SUPPRESSIVE* as a person being deprived of sleep is not able to make any progress up the Grade Chart.

    Thus it *directly* prevents auditing and training.


    It also prevents the staff member from getting routine check outs on his or her post duties.

    Another HIGH CRIME.

    It also prevents a staff member from getting the Valuable Final Products of his or post.

    Therefore eventually *suppresses* stats.

    One more HIGH CRIME.

    It also opens the Organization up to legal actions placing Scientology and Scientologists at risk.

    Again a HIGH CRIME.

    Also any of you in OSA reading who are currently following the dictates of this suppressive are actually more responsible for committing these suppressive acts than the person ordering them according to the HCOPL Orders Illegal and Cross.

    In other words *you are twice as guilty*.

    Knowing this OSA I’d just like to say have a pleasant good evening and I suggest working on your speech for extenuating circumstances for the judge so you don’t get the *maximum penalty*.

    Good night.

  146. That’s a roger there Sinar 😉

  147. Jackson,

    Never had it that bad but I do remember when I was auditing at the AOLA HGC after Sandy Wilhere moved on to Int and Joyce Issacson took over having these endless “auditors conferences” that went way into the wee hours in the morning almost every fricking night.

    After a week of those I was in total stupefaction.

  148. Another reason the studio purchase was probably too sweet to resist, is the fact that the KCET studio is in walking distance of Big Blue, and maybe a 5 minute drive from the Celebrity Centre.

    I have seen the little videos that have been filmed at Gold (assuming the the 100 birthday anniversary vignettes were filmed there) and they don’t require “the largest free stand sound stage blah blah blah”. They can be done at any studio. Well…now they will have one that is closer to actors and supplies.

    The only thing Gold has going for it really, is its isolation.

  149. KCET now means:


    KCET Studios will allow Tom Cruise to do dinner theater for live broadcast on DM’s new TerrorVision cable channel. All Dave all the time. Get use to it. BTW, do not attempt to adjust the picture, etc or you will be beaten:


  150. Jackson.
    Thank you for sharing that.
    Sometime you must permit me (no charge) to give you a full clean up
    of this atrocity.
    This kind of incident is an ENGRAM.

  151. plainoldthetan

    Bruce: I cognited a day or two ago that that reason for the huge signs in Idull Orgs is so that no staff members are needed to guide a lost public to their destination. After all, huge signs are thetan-less, unlike those money-grubbing, thetan-laden staff members.

  152. plainoldthetan

    To that end, Ralph, what LRH can I read that backs up what you’re saying?

  153. I didn’t know it had been there since ’82. But I would not consider selling someone sec checks as their first service as “doing something right” under any circumstances. I doubt many, if any, person has read the way to happiness and run into an org to buy a bundle of sec checks. Especially without tr’s or grade zero under their belt. But that’s just my opinion.

  154. becomingAware

    It would be amusing to speculate on how DM convinces the cable companies that his programming adds value to their cable lineup so he can get carriage, if that is the plan.


  155. From one of dm´s loyal officers – Grant Cardone:

    “It’s natural to want to avoid criticism because it’s usually attached to something negative. However, the more criticism you get, the more attention you are receiving, because people can’t criticize something without knowing about it first.

    Don’t focus on what they’re saying. Focus on the fact that you’ve created such a success that people can’t stop talking about it. From what I can tell, criticism precedes admiration, and like it or not – goes hand-in-hand with success. Most people criticize because it’s easier to do that than to take the 10X action needed to achieve massive amounts of success.

    10X your life, keep pouring on the success, and sooner or later, the same people who were putting you down will be admiring you for what you’ve done.

    Remember, receiving criticism is a surefire sign that you’re well on your way to success. Don’t avoid it. Embrace it! “

  156. MostlyLurker

    The most fake religion of all times, LOL!

  157. Powerful points, RJ.

  158. So do I.

  159. Ahh. With the huge, immaculate, theta-trap buildings with all that space and no life(no staff members), it’s all too easy for the brave, lone soul who ventures within to become disoriented. The signs do make for good A/V, especially the computer generated variety.


  160. From HCOPL 18 Sep 67, Study Complexity and Confronting: THE BASIS OF ABERRATION IS A NON-CONFRONT.

    What an example this dm lobot provides.


  161. Joe Pendleton

    For some personal reason I guess, I found this post, Marty, more outrageous than most. Most of your “workaday” Scientologists have a very challenging task to just make ends meet financially. I’m talking about the great debt most are in. But staff and ex-staff get older, with no pensions, no IRAs, little savings, and I don’t know how life long staff will qualify for much social security when the time comes. And while the bulk of Scientologists go dead broke, the church (Miscavige & Co) take their “Monopoly Money” (which is actually all too real) and use it to prop up the finances of already well to do celebrities. Chick Corea is most definately a great and world famous artist (from his days with Miles Davis in the late 60s and still very productive and creative). I’ve never met him, but everyone I’ve ever talked to who has, all say what a high ARC guy he is. And hey, Tom Cruise is a fine actor, who in his mid 40s has already quite an impressive resume of movies made.

    But. you know, I didn’t get into Scientology so that I could stay poor as a staff member, while church money could be used in the ways outlined in the above post. I’m sorry for a great artist who has money problems. Well, you know it’s all relative, because Corea can always do his annual gig at the Village Vanguard (just as Willie Nelson can do another concert or Nick Cage can make another movie). I don’t QUITE have the money making opportunities that these cash strapped entertainers I just mentioned do. But my point is that I didn’t sacrifice getting an education or donating money for THE CORRUPT PURPOSES OUTLINED ABOVE.

    It’s all a betrayal of “What Your Fees Buy.” I’m conflicted re: all the beautiful buildings. I do understand how you have to occupy a position in space to generate power, as LRH says. And let’s face it, the Catholics have had their church divided twice (back almost a thousand years ago and then during the Reformation) and they’re still around. And I’m guessing that having the Vatican, Notre Dame, St. Patrick’s, etc is part of their “staying power.” And further, if I was still in the CofS, I’ll be honest enough to tell you that I think I might feel great pride in all of the new real estate.

    But…….I’m NOT in the Cof S anymore. And just as the early Christians didn’t come to Christianity because of any cathedrals, and the earlier Jews did not come to Judaism because of any great synogogues, and the later Muslims didn’t come to Islam because of any great mosques. well I didn’t getinto Scientology because of ANY beautiful building. Yes, it was because of an org being there that someone stopped me on the street and took me up to do an OCA. But it was an old office building with no Scientology sign on it allowed and quarters with old or cheap mismatched furniture…and oh yeah, 130 staff members and a packed academy, 41 years ago. Yes, we wanted a new building then, of course we did. But the aesthetic aspects of the building had nothing to do with WHY I was in Scientology. I was in it for the data about life and the cognitions and new abilities available, and to help others get these things too.

    Hey, I think I’m starting to babble. It’s close to my bedtime where I live. I usually write posts in the mornings here. Well, you know, the religion with money and power game is an old one on Earth (remember the great movie “Becket” – a true story by the way about the church and the King of England many hundreds of years ago). So it’s a game with a lot of agreement attached to it. Well, I guess my disappointment really is that I thought Scientology was a DIFFERENT game, you know?

  162. Yes, I heard Heber sing it more than once – the ’85 Portland crusade, and during some Pac events. I tell you, I can still hear him sing it! Heber, where are you?

  163. I’ll remember that if I ever see Goldenrod on me. Thanks for posting! Sometimes you have to break the rules to get the job done. It is comforting to know that DM’s rules are not LRH’s rules.

  164. O,

    Were’d you get the idea that the HRD is a sec check?

  165. Wow!

    They’ve even gotten comedy down to an unawareness level.

  166. (Supposed transcript of surreptitiously recorded private conversation between David Miscavige and Tom Cruise, inside Cruise’s custom-built airplane hanger club-house bar, drinking Scotch with DM. Can’t vouch for its authenticity; not responsible for transcriber error)



    “…I…I…just don’t know what to do COB…first they cancel my Paramount contract and literally kicked me off the lot and said, ‘Don’t ever come back’, a studio I’ve given…blockbuster after fucking blockbuster…” Tom sobbed.

    “What about the United Artists thing, TC, I thought you were running that show, isn’t that what Warner Brothers promised you as part of your new deal?” Dave asked.

    Tom was sobbing so hard he could barely get the words out between the convulsive heaving of his chest, “…I…I…HAD the deal and…United Artists was MINE! Dammit! ..I had…a sizeable stake in…the game…Paula and I both. Jesus Christ, Dave…TWO…MAYBE THREE CRAPPY MOVIES! AND THEY FREAK THE FUCK OUT AND SCUTTLE THE DEAL!

    “Tom…” Dave tried to interject.

    Tom continued sobbing, “ALRIGHT! ALRIGHT! SO…THEY WERE CRAPPY MOVIES, OK? I ADMIT IT! Valkyrie! Christ! My German accent coach…he should be…like…BOILED IN FUCKING OIL AFTER RIPPING HIS HEAD OFF AND SHITTING DOWN HIS NECK!!! WTF!? He made me sound like a Fuller Brush salesman in a Twilight Zone episode! And that fucking Night and Day movie! BLAH! And now I’m doing this rockstar movie! That’s probably going to suck huge, too!”

    Dave swiveled around two or three times in the lambskin computerized back massage desk chair, complete with hydraulic height/intimidation capability, and hit the button that raised the chair height a foot higher than Tom’s, gaining as much body language advantage as he could muster. “Tom,” Dave said, “Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom, Tom! Listen, you’re whining! What’s with the fucking whining?”

    Dave hopped down off the chair and walked slowly around the bar to stand in front of Tom, who was sitting in one of the custom bar stools designed to make people seem shorter. He hovered over him with his hands on his hips, his fixed penetrating blue-eyed stare zeroed in Tom’s face, now soaked from streams of his own tears.

    “Tom!” commanded Dave, “Look at me…you…you…DB! What are you, becoming an SP?! You’re dramatizing some fucking thing, Tom! Waaaa! Waaaa! Waaaa! Look at you!” he barked with a sneer out of the side of his mouth.

    Tom instantly stopped crying as Dave suddenly reached over and yanked Tom to his feet and shook him, back and forth, back and forth like a ragdoll, stunning Tom into an unfamiliar helplessness, too surprised and shocked to offer any resistance. Without any warning, Dave slapped him hard across his face without once breaking his laser-precision lock he had with Tom’s dazed eyes.

    “JUST HOW MUCH OF AN ETHICS ADJUSTMENT DO YOU NEED, MR. HOLLYWOOD BOY?” Dave screamed at Tom, their noses practically touching, spittle flying from his lips in bursts, his mouth twisting off to the side while punching the syllables out like bullets, as would the MC of a militarized game show.

    Tom’s face wore a wounded puppy look, caught peeing on the rug. Without any warning, Dave delivered three hammer-like blows in rapid succession to Tom’s mid-section, causing him to fall to his knees and crashing over forward into the carpet, groaning in pain.

    Dave leaned over and helped Tom to his feet. “Tom, Tommy, I’m sorry man, I had to get your attention. Look, we don’t need fucking Paramount or UA or Paula or any of those fuckers, we’ve got our own goddamn studios. We’ll make our own shit, TC, you and me. Fuck everyone else. We can take over this pansy two-bit town, make our own fucking movies. Hell, TC, with the voice coaching that we’ve been doing we can launch hellacious singing careers, I’ve got the recording studios, the friggin’ CD stamping equipment, state-of-the-fucking-art goddamn set-up, Tom, you’ve seen the operation” he said while helping his best buddy lay on the sofa, prying Tom’s hands away from his face, only to see that he was still crying uncontrollably.

    “It’ll be ok, Tom, really,” Dave practically whispered, “you can do it, WE can do it. Here,” his eyes widening as he handed Tom his copper rod, “take my rod, hold it tight, no…TIGHT! There! Discharge that energy, Tom, let it dissipate into the ground, man, let it out. BLOW THAT CHARGE!”

    Tom squeezed the rod hard, his face grimacing and turning dark red, veins and muscles standing out from his neck, his body shuddering as though he was being fed a high voltage current out of nowhere.

    (To be continued in Part Two)

  167. PART TWO: (Supposed transcript of surreptitiously recorded private conversation between David Miscavige and Tom Cruise, inside Cruise’s custom-built airplane hanger club-house bar, drinking Scotch with DM. Can’t vouch for its authenticity; not responsible for transcriber error)

    PART 2

    “HARDER! SQUEEZE HARDER!” yelled Dave in his best screaming COB Command Intention Voice. “I want to see nothing but white fucking knuckles on that bitch!” he said, this time less harshly.

    Tom’s sprung to his feet and maniacally jumped up and down on the sofa, bouncing high up into the air, his face lit up like a neon Christmas tree, still grasping the copper rod, “Heh heh heh, ha ha ha ha HA HA HA HA HA! WHOOOOOOOO! YEAH! MAN! HA HA HA! WHEW!!”

    Dave’s face beamed from ear to ear like he was posing for his Nobel Peace Price photo, a coveted image he’d nursing towards reality with great passion and obsession over the last several years. “That’s the way, Tom, that’s the fucking WAY!”

    Tom bounced off the sofa, did a gymnastics triple-somersault through the air and landed like a cat at Dave’s feet and without missing a beat, hauled off and pile-drove his fist into Dave’s solar plexus, dropping him to floor. Gasping for breath, Dave managed to get out the words, “TC…you KSW-Ass-Kicking fucker…you…got…it, man…you got it! FIGHTING BACK! YOU’RE A WINNER, TOM, A FUCKING WINNER!”

    “Look, bring ME in, man, bring me in as a producer and we’ll produce some fucking movies that’ll make the rest of these Hollywood fuck-heads look like they’re putting on a Girl Scout play in grammar school. Look what the fuck you’ve done, man…Born on the Fourth of Fucking July, Jerry Friggin’ McGuire! Vanilla Motherfucking Sky! Risky Hooker Business! Magnolia! Last Samurai! Interview with the goddamned friggin’ Vampire?!!Far and Away! What a soundtrack mixing job we did on that ClearSound shit, huh? Rainman! Color of Money! Top Friggin’ Gun! MISSION GODDAMN IMFUCKINGPOSSIBLE FOR CHRISSAKES!


    “We can take those stats straight up and vertical, Tom, straight up and vertical, no more of this boring Power Range, we’re going for a brand new Power Range al-to-fucking-gether! We can out-box-office every single goddamn one of these out-ethics studios with their perverted drug-soaked coke-snorting executives! Let’s fucking disconnect from those cocksuckers! The Take-Away man, the Take-Away, the most powerful sales tool there is! They’ll be begging to get you back, shit, they’ll end up fucking GIVING you Hollywood! Let’s win every single Oscar in every single category for every goddamn genre! Documentary! Drama! Comedy! Soundtrack! Writing! Cinematography! Screenplay! Directing! Acting! Animation! CGI! Those fucks! Let’s annihilate ’em, Tom!!!!”

    Tom was hyperventilating by now, his eyes bulging, his face a mask of serious determination, his fists clenched as he raised his arms into the air over his head and strutted around the office in circles, like Rocky Balboa after making it to the top of the steps.

    Dave hit the pre-programmed button on his stereo. Queen’s ‘We Are the Champions’ came on full blast as first Tom and then Dave broke into an impromptu Freewinds birthday-style dance tantrum, their enthusiasm peaking as they embraced in the middle of the office, a man’s man embrace, hard, back-pounding, each squeezing the other until it hurt, their cheeks mashed unashamedly up against each other’s, both now sobbing with joyous rapture about Tom’s re-energized viewpoint and their combined visions and postulates of what the future was sure to be like.

    “FUCK ‘EM, DAVE! FUCK ‘EM!” he shouted up towards the ceiling, “Let’s take that friggin’ script you wrote, that kick-ass fucker about the boy wonder who takes over the world and creates a utopian planet and fights the DBs and wins! THAT’S the movie we need to be making! I’ll be the super-hero that flies around and helps you save the planet. You’re the Nice Guy mastermind buried underneath the mountain with all your futuristic computer-controlled satellite, banking and military networks humming for you like a juggernaut of finely-tuned Swiss watchmakers in Power. Man, that’s a killer script, just killer, it’ll fly. Dave, you know the financing…””

    “Don’t worry about that,” Dave smoothly interjected, “we can get it financed, even without tapping into reserves. Shit, these fundraisers I’ve been pushing for everything from status memberships to photo ops to buildings to office supplies, it just ain’t going to be a problem. We’ll raise the fifty-mill no sweat. Wait until you see what the IAS guys and the OTA’s can do with THIS fundraising campaign. Man, blindfolded these guys can put money in the cash register with a teaspoon faster than parishioners can haul it in through the front door in a wheelbarrow!”

    Dave continued, “Man, Tom…we could science-fiction it up and even bring in some OT three slant to it, just like LRH wanted, finally. Do you know how long I spent re-working Revolt in the Stars? Fuck, hundreds…no THOUSANDS of man-hours reworking it from a piece of crap to a guaranteed Academy Award-winning fucking script, but ONLY after I finally had to step in and finish it myself! Bunch of SPs fucked it all up though, as usual. I still haven’t recovered from that!”

    “Hey, it’s YOU and it’s ME, Tom, there is no one else. No matter how much we plead and beg the whole fucking Sea Org to take their part of the responsibility, it always comes back to us. And the fucking parishioners? Yeah, right, goddamn bunch of dilettantes! Forgetaboutit!”

    No longer sobbing, now standing at attention, his chin up, his right hand poised in a salute over his brow, Tom barked in an unrivaled air of Command Intention compliance, “DAVE SIR! YES SIR! COB SIR!! WILCO!

    “Hey, hey, hey, how many times do I have to remind you about that Wilco thing?” said Dave.

    Tom slapped himself hard in the center of his forehead, “Shit, yeah, forgot again D, damn! I’m done with the Wilco, SIR!”

    They stood across from each other, their eyes locked like precision lasers, their mutual salutes held out of respect for each other for what seemed like minutes, before snapping their arms down in unison to slap against the side of their trowsers before embracing once again as the near-blood brothers sealed the new deal, one that gave them a plan and new hope for the future.

    “I’m not sleeping a wink until this fucker is turned around, Dave, you have my word on it” Tom stated with resolute finality before he broke into one of his famous dance floor twirls and splits, snatching up a glass off the bar and holding it out to Dave.

    Dave poured them each a glass of his finest Scotch, his most special bottle he kept hidden in a secret compartment underneath a hinged bust of L. Ron Hubbard behind the bar next to the ice machine. The clinking of the Baccarat crystal glasses created a pristine, almost magical bell-like sound, suspending time as they gave each other a look of triumphant ecstasy, the golden liquid slowly burning its way down their welcoming throats.

    “So…THAT’S where you keep that Scotch! AWESOME!!” Tom laughed as he held his glass out towards the miniature picture of LRH which Dave kept in a locket on his keychain.


    (End of transcript)

  168. Another Layer

    Too true! And it’s a great location for protests … on bus lines, even.

  169. Another Layer

    Amen to that. Beautifully stated.

  170. Another Layer

    “Do you know how long I spent re-working Revolt in the Stars? Fuck, hundreds…no THOUSANDS of man-hours reworking it from a piece of crap to a guaranteed Academy Award-winning fucking script, but ONLY after I finally had to step in and finish it myself!”

    Genius! Hat’s off. Cannot stop laughing! Feeling the need to DONATE (to Marty). Still laughing …

  171. That’s hilarious OTDT!!!!

    Yet scarily too close to the truth.

  172. Nothing like parishioner money for a bailout. Wonder what guys donating big bucks think about such butt patting/padding? Did you know that big dono you made went to bail out Chick Corea? Who’s gonna pat your ass?

  173. AMEN Joe Pendleton. This post makes me SICK for exactly the reasons you stated.

  174. Howard Roark

    OTDT, that is funny but I’m not laughing. Somehow it seems like that ACTUALLY could have happened.

    IF he got away with buying a recording studio for Chick, then why not buy a movie studio?

    All this kinda stuff still makes me a little ill knowing that I helped to fund it for so many years foolishly believing that I was doing something to help Mankind.

  175. Scott Campbell

    I’m pretty sure it’s in the Art Series.

  176. Johnny Fontaine! Hysterical! Yes, Tom Cruise is the midget’s Johnny Fontaine indeed! Too bad, Tom! When you had balls you didn’t use them.
    Grow some new ones! There is a small window of opportunity for you. Otherwise you’re goin’ down with the ship!

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