We may bend, but we can never be broken. This is no cliche as is relates to us. After weathering a month-long, intense effort to shut us down, I wondered how it was we survived stonger than ever.  It occurred to me that our resilience is inherent in our very nature. That is, we are a true group held together by an indestructible mortar called friendship. Almost a year ago I decided to post a single page website. The totality of its text is contained on the welcome page of this blog. I made the decison to do so based upon my experience of reconnecting with friends (first Mat Pesh and Amy Scobee, then Jason Beghe, then Mike Rinder and Tom Devocht, and then others). When the St Pete Times contacted me, my primary motivation for talking to them was to help friends whom I learned had suffered escalating abuses at the hands of Miscavige after my departure, Mike and Tom, and those who clearly were at the time still similarly situated. When the Times asked that I contact Mike and Tom to corroborate certain facts, I told them that for me to do so would violate our pure friendship relations – that I wasn’t so sure as a friend it would be pro-survival for them to speak to the Times – and suffer the consequences – at that time in their lives. A week later I received a call from Tom Devocht. He told me that the Times contacted him and wanted to corroborate my story. Tom told me he did so. I asked, “off the record?”  He replied, “are you kidding me Marty, ON the record.”  Mike Rinder was also located by the Times. He too cooperated to corroborate without even consulting me. Because of his particular circumstances, he initially did so off the record. But, when he learned of how unprincipled, false, and vicious DM’s response to the story was, Mike – on his own determinism – said, “I am now going ON the record.”   It has been those types of self-originated acts of care for others that have created this group. And so it has gone from the outset to the present, the entire movement has organically grown as bonds of friendship have been re-established and nurtured.

Each day we hear of selfless acts of kindness one of us does for another. Just last week when Chrissie Pearlman announced her intention to overcome suppression, instantaneously help was offered from friends in several countries.  Each step of the way it has been about theta re-uniting with theta. Remember, the components of theta are A, R and C.  ARC is love in its highest sense. What is friendship but love?  The objectives have been simple. To re-unite, rehabilitate one another, re-affirm common goals and purposes, lend a hand to re-discovered comrades, all to better accomplish the disenturbulation of theta into pure healing theta. Every time one friend does something, no matter how subtle and seemingly inconsequential, we grow and become stronger.

Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point contains a very interesting section on the power of horizontal organization. That is, the superior strength of bonds created amongst people who consider themselves equals as opposed to imposed, verticle bonds of hierarchcal organization structure enforcing the superiority of not necessarily superior beings.  

I think the laws of affinity explain that strength. There is a tendancy in the MEST universe for bodies to want to occupy the same space; but ultimately it is impossible for MEST to do so. Not so in the theta universe; only theta or life force can occupy the same space. It is much like  Lao Tzu’s and Sun Tzu’s descriptions of the power of water.  Much like water, theta can begin as a single body up high, effortlessly venture downward, splitting boulders, eroding land masses, dividing and conquering as it goes, then ultimately rejoining and once again settling or flowing together as in unity. One can try to divert it, capture it, alloy it and thus divide it. But, ultimately it evaporates, rises and begins the cycle anew.

 Don’t worry about disclosing a “secret.” An SP cannot even conceive of such phenomena being possible, let alone do anything effective to stop it.

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  1. Theo Sismanides

    Hahahaha, Marty, I am line charging, blowing charge left and right!!!

    Thank you for your simplicity in putting back the basics of Scientology. A-R-C !!

    The paragraph before the last one is really philosophical.

    You are a spiritual leader in its truest sense. Thank you for being HERE NOW, NOW, NOW!!

    What a blow down!!!

    Thanks Friend
    ML, Theo

  2. Silvia Kusada

    Marty, you have helped so many of us!! THANK YOU!!

  3. Love (affinity) wins, the cult loses or courts DISASTER when it seeks to alloy ones affinity for another. Good post Marty, I could not agree more.
    Love the horizontal/vertical analogy!

  4. Thank you for this heartfelt post Marty, which left me with chills. It is so very true. This is a group of people who are selflessly helping eachother for the purpose of friendship alone. I have never had better friends than you and my fellow Independents. Love you guys. 🙂

  5. Marty, this is beautiful. When I read the reference to Malcom Gladwell’s concept of horizontal vs. vertical, it immediately brought to mind how limiting, straight down, narrowly focused, inflexible, straight-jacketed all “Organizations” (vertically integrated) devolve into over time. Contrasted with the open, borderless, unlimited, joining and unifying, infinite concept all “Communities” (horizontally integrated) evolve into over time. It cannot help but be this way.

    An organization juxtaposed to a community… Vertical vs. horizontal…
    The current state of the Scn. orgs vs. the Independent community…
    The hardships of organization vs. the friendships of community…

    I think in all the above, the latter is and is becoming a natural outgrowth of the former.

  6. Beautiful Marty. Sniff sniff.

  7. Marty. Right on as usual. This group is based ono two things: 1) a desire to help people and 2)personal integrity. What is so sad is that this is the very essence of real Scientology and the antithesis of what the Church of Mestology has become. You are a true champion of freedom and a great friend to me and everyone else who has the good fortune to know you.

  8. Thank you for being there and communicating.

  9. Friendship and help to improve conditions is what this is all about IMHO.

    Heal our friends with the most powerful tool: the communication cycle.

    I havn´t seen here any ranks or levels.

    For me has been a friend to friend communication with people that for me were high, high above like Marty, Dan and others I have heard of since my begginings in Scn.

    The ranks don´t really exist; so this kind of communication is achieving an as-is to the lie.

    Thanks for the friendship to all that are in communication with me. Each one of you are on my prayers each day.

  10. Marty, this is beautiful. I too have found that the amazing friendships made, reconnection with similar spirited beings in the course of my time in Scientology, the relationship with my kids and the incredible expansion of ARC in my life has all stemmed from walking tall out into the sun of independence, fearless and knowing I am not alone.
    I am experiencing more freedom now than ever.
    Thank you for being there and for your friendship.

  11. martyrathbun09

    Thank you Mary Jo. You are an incredible friend.

  12. martyrathbun09

    Thank you Roberto for being such an inspiration.

  13. martyrathbun09

    Thank you Old Auditor for your insightful communication and your having helped me with tools needed to help others. You are an admirable thetan.

  14. martyrathbun09

    You da man KP East!

  15. martyrathbun09

    Ok Sam – now back to the ramparts!

  16. martyrathbun09

    I couldn’t agree more. Wondefully put.

  17. martyrathbun09

    You ought to know. The way you have conducted yourself has served as inspiration for many; including me and Mosey.

  18. martyrathbun09

    Thanks Riptide.

  19. martyrathbun09

    So have YOU, so THANK YOU!

  20. martyrathbun09

    Thank you for your energetic contributions. And thank you for introducing your wonderful Greek friends to me.

  21. “The ranks don´t really exist;” Roberto

    AND, if hierarchical mindsets and hierarchies are kept out of this Community, it cannot fail, in my humble opinion. 🙂

  22. Thank you Marty!

    There is nothing more valuable to me than exchanging ARC and flowing power to those we call our friends

    You are a true example of Affinity, Reality and Communication. Thank you for your daily dose of theta.

    You are a true friend for us and we appreciate you very much.

  23. Creating Life as we want it to be, moving it all up a little higher:

    1. Before the beginning was a Cause and the entire purpose of the cause was the creation of effect.

    2. In the beginning and forever is the decision and the decision is TO BE.

    3. The first action of beingness is to assume a viewpoint.

    4. The second action of beingness is to extend from the viewpoint, points to view, which are dimension points.

    5. Thus there is space created, for the definition of space is: viewpoint of dimension. And the purpose of a dimension point is space and a point of view.

    6. The action of a dimension point is reaching and withdrawing.

    7. And from the viewpoint to the dimension points there are connection and interchange.

    Thus new dimension points are made. Thus there is communication.

    8. And thus there is light.

    9. And thus there is energy.

    10. And thus there is life.

    We are here, and we are communicating.
    Thank you all for deciding TO BE.

  24. Marty, this is a great post. There is no greater wealth than friendship….none.

    One of the most puzzling things ab0ut my time inside the pretended “church” was how quickly staff could turn on another staff member through being told 3rd party or misapplied harsh ethics. I myself was influenced about others this way, and others were influenced about me.

    It was the greatest loss and puzzlement when I assigned the organization liability (it should have been treason) that people whom I considered friends, true comrades were no longer in my life.

    With my own allegiances, I finally simply refused to alloy them and stated so. I realized the ensuing chaos on lives and peace of mind were actions perpetrated by little dictators throughout history as a means of trying to preserve pockets of power, i.e., breaking up allegiances or depowering someone who was getting too liked or big.

    The relief has been huge, thanks to Marty and all who have spoken up and who are here … not just for comparing notes and realizing it wasn’t “just evil me” — but also for the triumph of true friendship. For the reunion of being who truly do recognize one another.

    Yes, it is possible to know another person! That air of toxic distrust and constant distrust within the orgs is not only a travesty on the very tech (of human perception and behavior) but of human decency.

    It’s a travesty not only from the standpoint of utter waste of some of the finest people I’ve ever had the privilege and honor of knowing, but also form the standpoint of suffering from tampering with the very thing that makes it all worthwhile…friendships!!!

    Marty, thank you! YOU ARE AWESOME!

  25. I want to say “thank you,” too, Marty.

    I don’t have the honor of a personal friendship with you. I don’t have the years of working alongside any of you on this blog. I have never been in the s.o. or on staff at an org. But I have a purpose to expose the rot at the core of the church, to free what I consider to be some of the best beings in the universe.

    I was a Scientologist for over 30 years. I am trained. I have done a significant amount of bridge and had great gains from it early on and some disappointments more recently. But I would still be confused, lied to and duped at this point if not, at least in part, for you and your courage to speak up. I would still be supporting a suppressive organization. I would have no peace of mind, no experience of real freedom, no future as a being, and no awareness of any of that.

    It was the taped interview with you, Marty, that make me KNOW something was really, really rotten. It was watching your face, sensing your honesty and completely lack of guile as you were straightforwardly answering the interviewer’s questions, that completely dead-agented the party line and david miscavige’s lies, after all those years. No newpaper article or internet site could have done it as effectively. It was you, the truth you were telling, and your obvious integrity, and that of Steve Hall, Amy Scobee, Jeff Hawkins and the others.

    And now there are so many more kindred spirits to thank – those of you who post regularly on this blog, I learn so much from you daily, and am inspired by your guts, your humor and your toughness.


  26. “…only theta or life force can occupy the same space.”


    What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies.

  27. Martin Padfield

    Thank you Marty, for putting ourself out there and letting this wonderful community develop and grow. I too have forged wonderful friendships through this community, and if I may, count you as one of my best friends. You never failed to offer support or advice when I asked for it, and helped through that difficult and confusing period between “in” and “out”.
    When I left the SO in 87 I was a bit lost and spent some time in India. I was priveleged to meet Mother Theresa whle in Calcutta. I will never forget that – this frail old lady working all hours helping those who couldn’t help themselves, for no reward, and with a huge smile on her face. It was very humbling. I am reminded of possibly her most famous quote: “I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love”.

  28. Marty,

    As with your earlier blog on the concept of community, your words on friendship ring so true, so true.

    By taking the lead, by setting the example AND by being the focal point for friendship you have done and continue to do an incredible service to us all.

    I now measure my worth by counting up those who have graced me with their theta and friendship. And with you and Mosey planted firmly at the base of that blossoming number I consider myself rich indeed.

  29. Still under the radar, a lot of us are recovering the true meaning of ARC and team spirit. Thanks you, Marty & friends! Soon we will fully stand up!

  30. Marty we all have a common bond, which makes us all friends for eternity in my view. We even forgive any past transgressions no matter what they were because of that common bond and we all hope for happiness for each other now and in the future. Thanks for sharing this.

  31. Coming up soon

    Dear Marty,

    Thanks for leading the way. I have followed your blog for quite some weeks now. You and all other brave independents are a great inspiration for me. Just want you to know that the message gets through even up here in Sweden. Me and my closest friends are already on your side.

  32. Amen Marty!
    I am reminded by your post of two great songs
    Peace and love to all here who know me and to those that don’t! As Spock would say, ” Live long and prosper.”
    One Love by Bob Marley-
    “One Love, One Heart. Let’s get together and feel alright.”

    And One Tribe by the Black Eyed Peas-
    One Tribe, one time, one planet, one race
    It’s all one blood, don’t care about your face
    The color of your eye or the tone of your skin
    Don’t care where ya are
    Don’t care where ya been
    Cause where we gonna go
    Is where we wanna be
    The place where the little language is unity
    And the continent is called Pangaea
    And the main ideas are connected like a spear
    No propaganda, They tried to upper hand us
    Cause man I’m loving this peace
    Man, man, I’m loving this peace
    Man, man, I’m loving this peace
    I don’t need no leader
    That’s gonna force feed a
    Concept that make me think I need to
    Fear my brother and fear my sister
    And shoot my neighbor or my big missile
    If I had an enemy, then my enemy is gonna try to come and kill me
    Cause I’m his enemy
    There’s one tribe ya’ll
    We are one people
    Let’s catch amnesia, forget about all that evil
    Forget about all that evil, that evil that they feed ya
    Let’s catch amnesia, forget about all that evil
    That evil that they feed ya
    Remember that we’re one people
    We are one people
    One people, one people
    One tribe, one time, one planet, one Race, one love, one people, one Too many things that’s causing one
    To forget about the main cause
    Connecting, uniting
    But the evil is seen and alive in us
    So our hopes are colliding
    And our peace is sinking like Poseidon
    But, we know that the one The evil one is threatened by the sum So he’ll come and try and separate the sum
    But he dumb, he didn’t know we had a way to overcome
    Rejuvenated by the beating of the drum
    Come together by the cycle of the hum
    Freedom when all become one Forever
    One love, one blood, one people
    One heart, one beat, we equal
    Connected like the internet
    United that’s how we do
    Let’s break walls, so we see through
    Let love and peace lead you
    We could overcome the complication cause we need to
    Help each other, make these changes
    Brother, sister, rearrange this
    The way I’m thinking that we can change this bad condition
    Wait, use you mind and not your greed
    Let’s connect and then proceed
    This is something I believe
    We are one, we’re all just people
    One tribe ya’ll
    We are one people
    Let’s catch amnesia
    Lord help me out
    Trying to figure out what it’s all about {what it’s all about}
    Cause we’re one in the same {one in the same}
    Same joy, same pain
    And I hope that you’re there when I need ya
    Cause maybe we need amnesia
    And I don’t wanna sound like a preacher
    But we need to be one
    One world, one love, one passion
    One tribe, one understanding
    Cause you and me can become one

  33. Theo Sismanides

    I don’t want to create any dissonance here. This is a fine tune already!!

    However, I would like to add that in vertical, if leaders do not have an inkling of how to be true leaders, and true powers, havock can occur. They are not leaders but just slave masters, (mis)using authority.

    However I can play Horizontal,too, no problem… since…

    Function is more important than Structure (DMSMH).

    So I stick to Function and, my god, do we have Function here, hehehe.

    However, if you ask me, I would go for Vertical with True Leaders and True Power Terminals. We are working on it. We are more and more trusting each other.

    LRH did it by himself, just because he was the humble and powerful authority he was. He knew what he was doing. Today, we are working on being authors and authorities of our own and others’ destinies and so far we are doing a great and a just job. I trust people here could be good leaders.

    But I vote for Vertical…. hahahha,and still line charging in the new year.

    So let’s play ball, HORIZONTALLY for now. I am with you as in any case I am “Upside Down”, hahaha and Tone 45. Complete Insouciance “Jim Logan” style, hahaha.

  34. Great post Marty. Thank you very much.

    The subject really pulls on my ole thetan heart strings.

    It is no co-inky-dink that the beings that are meeting here on your blog are doing so. Like particles attract like particles.

  35. This is really where true friendship occurs without com lag and any money to pay for it.

  36. Concerned Citizen

    For me love, goes beyond the man and women concept,to me it is the affinity all beings are capable of and which is felt for all things and people. As LRH described it in “The Hym of Asia”
    “There can be love…” so with this in mind, I think the below sonnet ( one of my favorites) isquite applicable:

    “Let me not to the marriage of true minds
    Admit impediments. Love is not love
    Which alters when it alteration finds,
    Or bends with the remover to remove:
    O no! it is an ever-fixed mark
    That looks on tempests and is never shaken;
    It is the star to every wandering bark,
    Whose worth’s unknown, although his height be taken.
    Love’s not Time’s fool, though rosy lips and cheeks
    Within his bending sickle’s compass come:
    Love alters not with his brief hours and weeks,
    But bears it out even to the edge of doom.
    If this be error and upon me proved,
    I never writ, nor no man ever loved.”

    William Shakespeare

  37. For me, Marty’s interview set the whole thing in motion. (I had simply been looking for those new “Scientology ads” … and an LA Times reporter mentioned Marty and Mike leaving the Church.) I could hardly believe it.
    The next thing I knew, I found myself at the St Pete Times article, watching Marty’s interview, and so many pieces began falling in place. When I saw that Mike was actually corroborating Marty’s allegations, I knew this must be true. And reading Jeff Hawkins’ story convinced me that I could no longer support the CoS.
    My concern was how to get the Bridge outside the CoS. Once I discovered that the standard Bridge as LRH intended it was available outside the CoS, I was once again hopeful.
    Thank you Marty, and to everyone, for being there and communicating.

  38. Thought provoking

    When I joined Scientology 30 years ago, I gained many friends built on the strength of ARC, friends that I expected to keep for a lifetime.

    When the Mayo incident occurred, LRH was alive and I believed Mayo to be an SP. I stayed with the church, all my friends left and for many many years, my only friend was my spouse.

    Over the years of working in the field and being on staff in a class V org I never quite made the same connection as I had in the 70’s. There were many people I respected and admired and vise versa but that friendship bond was never the same. The only thing that was the same (actually stronger) was my bond to LRH and the tech.

    My venturing onto this site was merely an attempt to get information about the current Scientology scene. What I observed from this and other sites was an abundance of theta and a passion for the tech. As I read and posted more frequently, the ARC grew and I began to feel that bond of true friendship again. Though we have never met, I feel no distance in our connection.

    There will always be an imense feeling of gratitude and friendship for special people who have been a major part of my life. I will never forget the person who introduced me to Scientology, the auditors who helped me through my darkest hours and helped me to see the brightness of life, the senior who cared for my well being beyond his personal gain and mostly the tremendous compassion that LRH had for me and for others.

    Marty, you and all those who have shared in these blog communications have rekindled this
    feeling of joy and safety that comes about from true friendship with theta goals and a worthwhile purpose. Thank you for inviting us all to communicate. I am truly grateful!

  39. Theo Sismanides

    lunamoth, you have a big point there about Marty. Life is definitely more powerful than anything else. Thank you for this writing, really said in such a clear and theta way.

  40. Thanks for the beautiful article Marty and all that you do.

    It is really spot on in that only Theta can overcome the Mest and Mestology mess created.

    The mark of an Independent is as you stated – strength of the bonds of friendship and not an other-determined enforced ARC.

  41. Theo Sismanides

    Thought provoking, though I was not in SCN in the 70’s and so cannot fully get the feeling, I was very happy to read on your post here and realize from your words what communication and this blog has done for you. Same for me. You covered me completely on this.

    Thought provoking wrote:
    “Though we have never met, I feel no distance in our connection. ”

    This is ARC in its fullest sense. No distance there. The Affinity, Communication and Reality corners are way up there now!!

    Thank you for this post.

  42. Scientology Tech moves people towards OT.

    The Church in its current incarnation not only doesn’t value OTs but actively discourages individual initiative. And an increase of individual initiative is the inevitable result of becoming more OT. Thus the major theme of the Miscavige regime, a nullification of the power of the members of his own group.

    The group is then less than the sum of its parts.

    On the other hand, a mutually supportive association of OTs values and appreciates the initiative of its members. Individual efforts are amplified by the expressions of appreciation from other OTs. This kind of group creates an environment for its members to grow as OTs and to expand in influence.

    Our group is not stopping itself.

    It is unstoppable.


  43. Hey Cat,
    Seems to me that you’re knowing how to know…meeoowww. Is that a Cheshire cat grin?

  44. Mark,
    Thanks for hangin’ in. It’s nice to have our lines back, in the present as you mention, and off we go. That’s jus’ the coolest.

  45. I am creating a parralel Universe where I Clear the meaning of Scientology Terminology for myself by paraphrasing it with knowledge I can relate too.

    I am counting my stripes. You know cats can be Merchants of Chaos *catsquint*

  46. I second that motion Trey.

    We are unstoppable because we are.

    Marty, thank you for being there and communicating.

  47. Eleanor Roosevelt

    Each day, I can come out to your site and get a fix, if you will, from some simple, pervasive thing posted hereon that reminds me of the spiritual nature of me and my loved ones — more times than not it is easy to forget what we are. So I am very grateful to you for this. Today’s was no exception.

    Know that though we are not with you in the PU at this time, we are of the ‘same mind’, as it is said.

    Truth will out.

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  49. Underground For Now

    About one year ago I subscribed to the Sunday edition of the St. Pete Times. My wife said, “why” and my reply was, “I’m not sure but I think I need some local news now and then”.

    This is how I meet Marty. Read some articles on COS and then watched some video’s. This led me to Google Marty Rathbun’s name and my life has been so much richer than ever before.

    No more PTS on COS….GONE. More ARC in my life being part of this group.

    This week I was able to hook up with an old auditor of mine named, Trey Lotz because he is part of this INDEPENDENT movement.

    It has been over 40 years since I first squeezed the cans at the LA Org and I am more excitied than ever about the possibilities the futrue holds.

    Marty, you have made this all possible.


    Jack Airey

  50. martyrathbun09

    Give and go to Charlie Mo, baby,

  51. Thanks for the ack, Theo.

    The ARC on this site today is making it positively shimmer!

  52. Totally!! I thought the regg at ASHO was my friend. Sure when I laid down my credit cards. But when I wouldn’t ask my dad to mortgage the farm(yes actual farm) all of a sudden not a friend & treated me like I was an enemy. Not a real friend. But it took me a long time to realize it.
    So grateful I’m out & have a chance to meet real friends:):)

  53. Trey very well said!!

  54. Thanks Marty,

    You are providing what I have needed and wanted for a long time. You have my gratitude.


  55. Others started the Freezone forums on the Net
    which have been instrumental in the propogation of scientology tech outside the COS. I have been forwarding these purposes for
    around 10 years now. Several here are part of
    this movement. I promote the Freezone constantly on various scientology related forums, and they are all critical in various degrees, and usually 25-30 people a month join our forums or ask for an auditor they can be connected with.

    Nowdays most are quite new to scientology.
    Maybe they did a personality test, bought a book, and I guess googled the subject. They ran away, and those with a stronger reach, well
    reached us.

    Many years ago most newcomers to the Freezone/Independant field were often highly trained persons who were overjoyed to find
    that something existed for Tech outside COS.

    I’m very happy that Marty’s efforts are reaching such people again, that I and other Freezoners no longer reach in such numbers.

    The Freezone/Independant field is larger than
    many here realise perhaps. 🙂

    In the english speaking world, training is a weak point. Three, possibly 4 places in the US
    train continually.

    Would be Nice to expand them. 🙂

  56. Underground For Now


    I will always be setting OT screens for you baby.

  57. yourfriendtoo


    I thought I lost some friends when I met Marty by e-mailing him asking for help, he, without knowing me, kindly helped me till I felt strong and happy and rolling again.

    Through this group I saw the truth and once you have seen the truth you can’t just shut your eyes and not see, you have seen already…

    And I found all the answers to my questions. I found why my Church went in a wrong direction. But I also found my group. And I found with this group the essence and the true spirit of my Church!

    Since august, my life has changed, my family and friends whom I feared to desconect from me, are now with us. Today my best friend who desconected from me when I spoked about this group called me, and we are friends again!

    I am having wins every day. I feel I am in communication with my theta friends, the ones I have missed for so many years.

    Marty, I want to thankyou publicly, because you were there for me.

    I am honored to have all of you as my friends, because your comments, your theta and care for the Tech is so good for me.

    Your comments, your loyality and integrity to yourselves and to LRH give me hope. I belive in the future, I belive in Standard Tech, I belive in you as you can belive in me.

    Thanks angain Marty, I hope I can meet you and Mosey in person, one of this days. You are a wonderful thetan.

    ML, M

  58. martyrathbun09

    yourfriendtoo, the feeling is mutual. We are looking forward to you visiting soon. Mi casa es su casa.

  59. Beautiful….and it looks like all the beautiful people are leaving the CoM.

  60. Terril, I couldn’t agree more with your assessment.

    Hell yes!!!!

    Training is a weak point for sure.

    We can always use more trained auditors. Aside from the personal benefits for the individual receives from training is the ability to help others.

    Of course there is the problem of the Church of CIAology trying to block any major effort to train others as it is truly a 3D activity but it’s got to start somewhere.

    I think the best model for now is the one that Dan Koon proposed as a Model for doing it on the ‘net.

    Somewhere along the line we are going to have to set up an electronic course room of some kind but that will have to be left to wiser minds than mine.

    I’m sure it’ll happen at some point. Just hang in there bro.

  61. Yup, you nailed it again, Marty. Maybe we’re actually seeing the tipping point of the movement you’re having a great deal to do with creating.

    I thoroughly enjoy visiting these theta sights, watching and experiencing the resulting community building going on here.

    Thank you and Namaste.

  62. Dmarie,
    Way back when at Golden Era Productions we did a shoot on a beach where this guy built this beautiful sandcastle. It was huge and looked like a real castle, marvelous work actually. The thing was shot as the tide came in and washed it away.

    The message was of the ephemeral aspects of MEST contrasted with the immortal aspects of case gain.

    Another marketing message was that your own MEST wasn’t the valuable item, but your case gain was/is.

    I wonder how the Church of Mestology reconciles the impermanence of MEST buildings in contrast to the permanence of MEST buildings in this new philosophy. Hmmmm…

  63. Dmarie,
    Don’t get me wrong, I’m NOT saying sell the farm, literally or figuratively. In fact, everybody needs a farm, as ya gotta eat and sleep and run around with the dog and have a place for kids to play and have friends over to enjoy communication and plan your next moves and hold meetings on what to do about the environment and well, don’t sell the farm if you don’t wanna.

  64. Martin,
    How fortunate for you to have met two such incredible leaders!

    Mother Theresa was a servant leader, while Marty is a transformational leader as was LRH. These types of leaders create the best effects IMHO and truly inspire others which is the whole point of leadership. Marty will transform the perception of Scientology through this blog and the brilliant communication contained in it. I am inspired daily by all of those who post here and for this I am grateful.

    Thank you Marty for providing the leadership needed for this community and for creating the forum for this community to communicate through.

    And Cat Daddy, your paraphrasing adds so much to the communication! Thank you!

  65. A beautiful well-balanced post Marty. Thank you.

    Every day I wake up and review in my mind all the wonderful people that have come into my life of late. There is certainly a lot to give thanks for.

  66. As this game plays out, there is a definite sense of hope in the air. It cannot be seen touched or felt, but it’s THERE. And it is accompanied by a strength that is also very apparent. Isn’t is beautiful?? It’s got me smilin’!!

    Thanks Marty

  67. You have eloquently touched on why we all signed up to begin with, Marty, and rehabbed that purpose with your blog.

    It was never about self for any of us, and that truth can’t be more evident than it is now.

    The question now becomes what organizational structure comes after the apocalypse? Not to sound like an old hippie, but what if there isn’t any?

    What if Scientologists come together, create a group and offer the Tech to whomever is interested. They can charge whatever works for them and off they go.

    Great idea, the Scientology kibbutz, no?

    Until a Senior C/S or an ED decides that the Tech isn’t working and changes a few things here and there.

    After all, who will tell them they can’t?

    And with that, the Tech will be altered, then eventually butchered, and ultimately lost because it will no longer work.

    This is the dilemma we face.

    There are no easy answers.

    (Or at least one of the dilemmas. The other I see is what to do, should we succeed in deposing DM, with the $750 million he’s sitting on? Or is it up to a billion by now, Marty?)

  68. Veritas,

    What an excellent post (among many other you have writen). Your honesty and compassion shines bright.

    I had an MU. I looked up veritas this evening. Nice.

  69. Wow, Marty, that’s a beautiful post. Restoring friendship as a guiding force is one of the many things you’re doing for Scientologists. Without that we would have nothing, and with it we have so much. Your post reminded me of something . . .


    Then does caring only run so deep,
    or will it follow a soul and, infinite, reach?

    That bottomless lake of your crystal eyes–
    in their telling pool will I always shine?

    Through what unknown hells I could ever fall
    would gentle you stretch and insistently call?

    And stay then and wait while I find my way?
    and smile that smile, that fine slight smile?

    Will you still be gazing expectantly,
    when at last my answers come to me,

    And quiet, nod with embracing glow
    for you always knew what I didn’t know?

    Will your face look the same when I’ve been blind,
    so I find myself still there in your eyes?

    Could you want to help when I want no help
    and care when I couldn’t care myself?

    Can I always return to your lambent face
    and bask in the warmth of your steady rays?

    And when dawn creeps down on my chilly sills
    will you still be watching with patient grace?

    Or when skies grow dark and shut me in
    will you be laughing that laughing dance?

    And when all earthly visions and flames have dimmed,
    can I call it love and call you friend?

    C 1991

  70. Marty,

    Your blog is my “life line”.

    Thank you!

  71. Cat Daddy,

    What a wonderful and apropos quote!

    By the way, in my opinion, most cats have this theta occupying the same space thing down pretty well. I keep having to get my kitty off the keyboard. It’s his favorite place when I’m working because it’s where my attention falls.

  72. Gaia,

    To add to what you said, Marty will transform the perception of Scn through this blog, and he is doing it without suppressing communication. To me it’s a pluspoint of critical importance that dissent is tolerated here. Opinion, right or wrong, is not dangerous. Free societies everywhere have learned that, and no totalitarian regime can survive freedom of opinion. Isn’t that why all dissenting opinion is squashed in the Church of Mestology?

  73. Mark,

    What a wonderful viewpoint. Maybe that bond is not just from having been church members; maybe in the longer term we’re all freedom fighters. Friends for eternity — wow. 🙂

  74. Trey,

    How very true and profound.

  75. Thanks Jim and Tone 41. I couldn’t agree with you more.

  76. Tone 41, that is one of the most beautiful poems I’ve ever read. Who is the poet? Did you write it?

  77. Huck,

    This is s touchy point, but i’m no longer worried about allowing people to practice Scn as they see fit. In a free society, which is the context within which Scn lives, people have to be trusted. Yes, some practitioners will alter the tech. Many others will practice 100% standard tech. The public will utilize those practitioners who facilitate the most case gain. We needn’t fear freedom.

  78. Unfortunately H, that is what happened in this case and worse.

  79. Thanks for that. It’s a push on my heart. We’ll do it.

  80. Tone 41 (I don’t even know what that means to be honest,hehe), That was so very well said and rang true so loudly my ears are ringing! I have absolutely fallen in love with this blog, this movement and dare I say it…Scientology. The desire to try auditing again or read more Scn. books has come to me for the first time since I quietly walked away from Scn. I never did much more than the Comm Course, the Student Hat, Personal Integrity, lol…not much more than that. But the more I learn, the more I am realizing that it wasn’t so much the actual “tech” that I had issues with. It was the mis-application of it that was always the problem. Like one of those things where something just isn’t right. Im not sure what it is but i just know. I have always had instincts such as this. I haven’t had anything to do w/ Scn. in awhile. My parents are deeply enmeshed as well as many friends. We never really talked about it much. Because for some strange and frustrating reason, that’s just either not allowed or sometimes they see it as such an attack if you just question something, discussions are few and far between. Lately, I have become what I would call “semi-consumed” with the Scientology issue. I want to scream from the rooftops. I want to tell every Scientologist I know what is going on inside the organization! But I have learned that’s a very very dangerous and sad road. I saw a friend recently who has actually just gotten back into it rather heavily. I wanted to say something SO badly! So I TRIED! Key word: tried. Sigh….. It’s not as easy as it sounds. NO MATTER HOW gentle I tried to be….there was a huge wall, a barricade. I was shot down without a chance. I felt SO sad. I was speechless and felt so lame not being able to hold back the tears….. My friend is a wonderful person and is having major wins in Scientology at the moment. She made some really good points to me that I had a hard time dealing with but I have come to accept it. When I said that I feel compelled to share something if it is so extreme and important and of this nature. I said how can I be silent!? She feels that all these “things” (as I was never able to even get specific) are always going to go on and are “politics” and that they don’t affect the small lower level members. She also said that anyone who wants it, has all the resources to FIND OUT ON THEIR OWN if that’s what they want to do! It was hard for me. Alot of emotions have come up. I told her that I am starting to FEEL like a Scientologist and I have never felt that. Ever. But being a part of this community even mostly as a reader, sometimes poster (about how i can go about discussing the issues w/ my ppl.) has really been crazy. As hard as it is to leave it alone, I am starting to think that I should just let them find out organically? How can they not find out eventually? I guess I will just be quiet for now. But I am not happy about it. In many ways, I’ve been super emotional and distraught. I find myself spending hours on youtube checking out tons and tons of stuff on Scientology. I don’t want this to become unhealthy. I absolutely love this site. The vibe, the posters, the INDEPENDENTS. Man, you guys are absolutely positively amazing. I am a fan of you all. My friend also told me that I should be focusing on all the good and positive things in my life that I have going on and I am quite blessed with many great things! No doubt. Sometimes things I see get me upset. I also have many laughs and wins. And bypass charge! 🙂 I am still torn about it and I go back and forth in my head about what I can say or do. But the truth shall come out. The truth is loud. And simple. I have the utmost faith that things will work out as they should. We shall overcome! Someday. Peace and love!

    Marty Rathbun is an incredible, brave, admirable, adorable, positive, intelligent, compassionate and honorable man, being, thetan, OT and every other awesome thing you can think of! Thanks for letting me share. Venting really helps and I know there will surely be some positive and uplifting responses to this.

  81. Terril, don’t be too humble. If anyone doesn’t know, Terril personally have been sustaining a platform for communication amongst indipendent Scientologist/ Freezoners for many years and have been marvellously successful at that!
    Many of the people who had walked out of the Co$, including me, used this platform to get oriented in the new world, where the Truth Rundown didn’t even concieve of coming into existence yet!
    Terril, you deserve much more acknowledgement than you get for holding the independent flag all those years.

  82. Beautifully written, Marty. You’re an inspiration. These last few months have definitely been the most exciting period of “Scientology on the outside” that I’ve experienced since leaving that DM place almost 12 years ago.

  83. Before discovering this blog, my reach into the scientology world was limited to a few of the non-favorable sites. I visited them because after 20 devoted years in scientology, I was unable to divorce myself from it completely.

    I missed my friends.

    I was curious to who was doing what.

    But those boards left me feeling very sad.

    And I would continue to have the nightmares that followed me after my departure circa 1994 — several years after completing OT VIII.

    After connecting to Marty via a few emails and this board — the nightmares stopped.

    Although I often feel like a definite outsider on this board being a buddhist now, not a scientologist, it’s wonderful to see the level of joy everyone is feeling.

    The tipping point has not yet happened — but it’s getting closer and the threatening walls that have divided us are going to come down.

    I appreciate what Marty has set in to play.

    A place for those who don’t want to harbor hate or blame towards their years within scientology; rather a place to celebrate what was gained.

    May we always remember that rather than a label which defines us, rather than concepts which box us in – every human being at his core is basically good.

    Thanks Marty and Mosey for being the spiritual warriors that you are!


  84. Talking about friendship, I’ve got a treathening sort of message full of entheta. I could tell miles away it was a message from the OSA morons trying to intimidate me for being your friend. They pretended to be Anonymous who don’t give a flying F..k about me being your friend. Nobody can tell me who to be friends with, last of all OSA monkeys!!!

  85. Terril,
    I’ll tip my hat to what you’ve weathered on the front lines of the boards you’ve kept up the flag on. Talk about a stiff upper lip!

    It sure is satisfying to me to see this all working out and there you are, still moving on. Thanks muchly. (Even if you do like warm beer, I’ll have a pint with you anytime. A real one, not one of these cut-rate metric thingies)


    “She made some really good points to me that I had a hard time dealing with but I have come to accept it.”

    What points? You can get answers here and bulldoze her with the truth. Be specific.

  87. Huck,
    Here’s a bit from LRH Executive Directive 54 Int, in OEC Vol 6:

    “It is no real concern of ours to try to hold the field versions Standard. They mess up pcs and students. They always will. A militant org attitude to keep the field straight is silly. Let them flub as you are trying to control something you cannot. You can only do the best you can by teaching the best you can in the org.”

    There are all sorts of beings, all sorts of activities, that go to make up our forward progress.

  88. Geir Isene recently posted an LRH excerpt from the 4th London ACC, 3 November 55′ titled, Attitude and Conduct of Scientology. IMO, what LRH is stating in this excerpt very much applies to Marty’s article.

  89. A VVVVery special friend said to me recently “You make friendship a verb”! I believe this is true of this group as well.
    Thank you for all that you do!
    I am honored to be included in this amazing group!

  90. martyrathbun09

    I second that emotion.

  91. Good reference, JLo. And whilst I agree on a practical level with all three of you, we live not in Utopia.

    Only because my recall’s good and that I’ve determined (finally, about a trillion years too late) to heed the lessons of the past, I won’t sell the evil Sith Lords among us short.

    Here is what I see happening: altering the Tech so it doesn’t work, so that it becomes “dangerous”, will lead to campaigns to have Scientology banned. There will be horror stories of spun-out PCs in the media, accompanied by mental health experts who will decry it as a dangerous fraud and that photograph of LRH with long hair in Queens looking quite insane will be plastered everywhere. And, of course, some weak government will ban Scientology.

    That’s the end game for those who oppose the spiritual growth of Man; keep him in the mud, where he’s easier to control.

    I’m not trying to be paranoid, merely thinking this through and understanding that in taking down the existing CoS, we will find ourselves where LRH found himself in the 50s.

    There are, as I said above, no easy answers.

    I suppose we now await the Return of the Jedi.

  92. Marty,

    I see you mentioned that you are friends with Jason Beghe. He has been very critical of Scientology, not just DM. I have seen several interviews with him. I recall him saying, “There is no such thing as a Clear” and “Scientology is destructive and a rip off, in my opinion.”

    How do you feel about that? Obviously you think Scientology is beneficial and I assume you believe that one does improve when reaching Clear.

  93. Marty,

    I see you mentioned that you are friends with Jason Beghe. He has been very critical of Scientology, not just DM. I have seen several interviews with him. I recall him saying, “There is no such thing as a Clear” and “Scientology is destructive and a rip off, in my opinion.”

    How do you feel about that? Obviously you think Scientology is beneficial and I assume you believe that one does improve when reaching Clear.

  94. Thought provoking


  95. Thought provoking

    Here is an analogy for you WH.

    Though my daughter chose to take a different path than I, I still love her and she will always be the one who brought me so much joy, the theta being that I said hello to and many years ago. We will have that as long as we continue to create, create, create.

    Though my 2D is not and probably never will be a Scientologist, he is my soul mate. The life and love that we have create will persist even with my renewed reach of Scientology.

    You are not an outsider.

  96. Theo. You used the words vote and True leaders. would it not be proper that you could elect your leaders instead of having one reign for more than 25 years.

    The group corrects if it sees things going astray. The elected are held acountable every Time-cycle. It is alsoo healthy for whomever who is chosen to lead.

  97. ARCXEN,
    Hey, that’s good news on many counts. You are getting Tone Arm action, case change and that’s always good.

    If your friend is on lines and winning, that’s good. The thing about getting on Source is that you recover your own innate ability to look for yourself. Sooner or later, if one really gets up the line, she’ll come up in confront and you’ll be there as a safe terminal for them.

    Meantime, you need to get on Source too! Pick up Self Analysis or Handbook for Preclears, and do the simple stuff in these two books. You’ll do better and these issues you face will get simpler and simpler and one day poof, gone.

  98. Huck,
    In the 50’s when the field was kind of goofy and the central offices were shaky and the US scene was kind of if-y, LRH set up other places of operation abroad. These got going. He came back to the US and sorted out more. He went abroad again.

    At this point, these decades later, there are countless places, living rooms, attics, cabins in the woods, bedrooms and such where the materials have a home. Those are quite in addition to the central orgs, the CofS Int and the rest of the corporate structures.

    It is a point of fact, DM is NOT Scientology. Neither is any particular CofS under him. So, when it comes to legal, who exactly is the target?
    In other words, a person who violates the church’s policy, the estate planning (CST, RTC et al) and the laws of the land is personally culpable. It’s not ‘the corporation’. See what I mean?

    The law holds DM responsible for DM’s violations.

    In addition, as to the apocalytic scenario you may envision, all that needs happen is the rational policies of LRH be applied, the tech be known and used standardly, and the ethics be what ethics really are -reason, and this church itself is doing what it’s supposed to and there aren’t any ogres to eat it up.

    The future is in our hands as Scientologists. Try this, exaggerate your mock up, make it much worse, turn it on its ear, throw it out the window, mock it up again, shrink it down to a pin head size, throw it out the window.

    You make your tomorrow.

  99. Huck

    I will just write the words that surely occurred to many reading your last line:

    “We have met the Jedi, and he is us.”

  100. OSA Trolls Everywhere ! NOTSaware congratulations on your Ability to distinguish between the modus operandi of Anonymous and OSA. I’ll bet they didn’t even offer you delicious caek.

  101. Thought provoking


    My own loyalty to CofS might have prevented me from finding out the truth had I been actively on lines or on staff. I am not sure whether or not I would have taken the leap into the forbidden internet. But, it was here that I discovered CofS and Scientology were different. My decision to look was fully my determinism, which was key.

    I too, looked at how do I let others know in a way that they can have it. Not unlike disseminating the tech to someone who has had black PR.

    I made up my mind that I would be the comm line, but they would have to decide for themselves. It had to be okay with me that he/she stayed with CofS, if that is what he/she chose.

    My first attempt was my father who had been in the SO. He is in his 80’s and is reading LRH, in a courseroom environment. I was a bit taken aback when I discovered his attitude was that the over use of force was part and parcel to being in the SO. He simply brushed it off as a non issue. As was his opinion of the heavy regging for IAS, staff and help on the buildings. It was clear that he had fixed ideas, was aware of the PT scene in generalities and didn’t care. His main interest is in getting as much LRH as he can, before he drops his body. He tried to study at home but realized he needed the courseroom help. I think he also needs the group dynamic, which is not available at home. Bottom line, he is on a 1st dynamic flow and will go to the church to continue helping himself.

    He did not cut his comm line after I was declared (which the orgs know about and have hinted about the conflict in connection but not directly told him he needed to disconnect) and he is not going to cut the comm line now. He is currently the only active link into the church and it allows me to keep abreast of things from the general public view.

    I have written letters to several others. I think my main concern has been the potential loss of friendship, should they chose to stay with the church. Granting them beingness has been the easiest way to handle this for me. If they don’t come around now, they will have opportunities to do so in the future, if they choose.

  102. Chapeau ! I was never one to create poems. To each its own. I enjoyed reading yours though.

  103. Thought provoking


    I like your message to ARCBroken. It created a right indication, gave some good advice and added something she could do to help herself. I agree completely!

  104. Regarding Scientology falling apart, that won’t happen. If DM leaves suddenly with then everyone is galvanized to action. If he leaves slowly that leaves plenty of time to organize up. Whole orgs will publicly ignore his orders. If he took the money it wouldn’t matter. If he took the copyrights he’d be swamped with lawsuits and orgs would continue delivering. Small buildings would be leased etc. Not an issue.

    Don’t underestimate Scientologists they aren’t dumb or just irresponsible it just seems that way right now because of the held down 7. I have certainty on what’s happening and what’s going to happen. More of the same, Scientologists finally taking responsibility for it’s course on their own shoulders, and that’s what’s always needed to happen so maybe DM is vindicated in a funny way in the end.

    The intention behind the action will prevail and result in the right end result.

  105. Thought provoking

    P. Henry,

    WOW…great reference! This should be made BPI for all who have links to social pages etc.
    If those in the church get this, they might be more willing to communicate! Thanks for posting this Geir!

  106. Wow, what an awesome post. Thank you once again Marty. Truely theta. And everyone else who contributes! The “Keep Smiling” video is awesome. Chills all around. And welcome Sweden and D.Marie!

  107. Thought provoking,

    You are an amazing poet. Thank you for your beautiful message of friendship! 🙂

  108. What a moving piece of art, tone 41.

    The sentiment is universal, and your imagery is beautiful. I hope you feel inspired to wear this
    poet hat often.

  109. Hi RJ,
    COS has not tried to do anything to the Independant/ Freezone for about two years now. They probably havn’t the OSA man power anymore. The exception of course has been Marty and his friends in recent times. In fact
    I have been recently honoured on the Marty dead agent site. I was informed by mail from alledged Anons this morning that the “brainwashed cult supporter blog” mentioned me:-

    “…. the remaining “Freezone” is
    mainly a bunch of old farts like Terril Park who have no more going for them than the hot air they blow on the Internet.”

    I may make RFW yet. 🙂

    Its my opinion that much study assistance could be done by web cam. Method 3 and possibly 7&9 could be done, checkouts done,
    clay demo check outs, and possibly some metering drill checkouts. Book 1 of course can be done even without study assistence, but could be assisted over web cam with a correspondence course type action.

    TRs and no doubt much else need a course sup.

  110. haha. Yes “I share that realiy” I have the same experience with cats and keyboards.

  111. Terril,
    I got the same email this morning. Heck, I’m not even mentioned! I wish I was more dangerous to my environment. You devils!!!

  112. Where is LRH in all of this???

  113. “I may make RFW yet.”

    That is a thing of honour indeed. Anonymous rejoices it is mentioned too under Intolerance and Hate heading . Makes you kind of a big deal. Bunker is not mentioned because of the name of his sites I think.

    Curch of David does not understand Anonymous finds this “lulzy”. Like they enjoyed being called The Internet Hate Machine and Hackers on Steroids. Like some of you laminate there SP declares.

    I often think the RFW board is DMs personal bloggy.

    Any reputation or your opponent contributes to you you turn it around in jest and wear it a badge of honour.

  114. I’ll post this down here as it’s getting crowded up there. Thanks for the responses, JLo, luna and Boyd, and let me say that I don’t for a second doubt the ability of OT Jedis to get their product.

    I am, however, pondering the future and wondering if the end game should be a continuation of the structure which exists, only with sanity (and a seriously hefty pay raise, along with paid vacation leave, for SO members).

    The Reformation of Scientology, if you will.

    JLo, I’m not paranoid but it occurred to me in session once that every time I get blown into another galaxy, well, I get a headache and bad things happen but beyond that, I’m always the last to have known it was coming.

    That’s because I don’t think like deranged beings whose implants have them doing all kinds of mayhem.

    So I figure it’s about time to change my operating procedure, as per Danger, and try to anticipate better the acts of the criminally insane.

    Getting blown to shreds gets old, my friend. And, to echo a point I made on another thread, being pummelled by forces greater than any known on this planet tends to scramble you up pretty good.

  115. bOYD, The good points she made are that I should focus on my life and what’s good in my life. AND the fact that anyone who is interested or has enough confront can easily search and find out what I have found out online. They have to reach for it. They have to be willing to accept my comm. I can’t “bulldoze” anyone about it. She was blocking me bigtime. I wouldn’t push the issue if there’s an unwillingness so extreme. It really sux bigtime not to even be willing to hear any of it. It’s like Walmart. You might not think one little consumer matters but it’s principle. If you have ever seen the documentaries about some of their practices you may think twice about supporting them. Or, you just keep your blinders on, you know you’re getting a good price there so who cares about how corrupt and greedy they are. Ya know? I was telling her that what I know is MAJOR, HUGE, widely verified as true etc. She had absolutely NO desire to hear a single thing….She even said that I definitely need a terminal with whom I can discuss these issues with and that person is NOT her…..U can’t really go too far beyond that. Of course in the event that she changes her mind of course I will be there. But until then, I learned my lesson. It definitely makes me sad and bummed out. If I can’t talk to this particular friend there’s no WAY IN HELL I can say anything to my parents…..So I am in my own little private hell in some ways. And in others I am more aware and happier largely in part to this site and this group. XOXO

  116. Gaia, you are most welcome, I always enjoy providing food for thought.

    This one is just unrelated, It just made me smile.

    Winston Churchill:
    I like pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals.

  117. When i discovered scientology in 1972 the piece of tech that resonated with me the most was the ARC Triangle. I loved the idea of “more communication, not less” being the answer, and the idea that it was possible to have love with no secrets and no boundries. I thought the idea that one could handle upsets by increasing one side of the triangle to achieve understanding was amazing and magical. This basic piece of Scn tech, which seems almost too simple, enables one to do the impossible: restore broken ARC, and also rise beyond that to levels of friendship and love usually only read about in books. I have experienced what it means to “occupy the same space and know”, and it is truly an incredibly beautiful state. Since the day I learned this tech, the attainment of higher levels of ARC has been a major purpose in my life on all dynamics.
    Imagine my disapointment with the very often absolute lack of ARC in orgs and in my fellow Scientologists. What is auditing about, really, except to increase ARC accross the dynamics? What is studying the tech about, really, except to be able to understand life and other beings and one’s self better, and in doing so increase one’s happiness, love and survival, and the bring about happiness, love, and survival in one’s fellows. It’s amazed me that among many Scientologists it has seemed popular and even “in tech” to use the opposite of ARC, and treat others harshly and with a total lack of understanding.
    I was once in front of an Ethics Officer who was upset with me for some fabricated thing. I said there was a misunderstanding or arc break here, and that we needed to get in comm about it. She asked me, “what tech are you applying?” and I said, “the ARC triangle.” to which she responded’ “I’ve never heard of the ARC triangle used to handle ARC Breaks!”. As absurd as this sounds, it’s been a fairly common response over the years. Applying the ARC Triangle almost a kind of lost tech.
    I know now that the reason for this strange duality, ie; we are a group that has the tech to restore and increase ARC and yet from my experience, manyScientologists are some of the most out of ARC people one could meet. The problem is that these well intentioned people were NOT getting Scientology applied to them. If they had been, they would go UP the Tone Scale, and would love their fellows, and life, for that matter. It’s a tragic betrayal. One devotes one’s life to this subject only to feel the same about life, or even worse than they did when they started. This is from non standard application. They showed up, they wanted life, love, happiness, and instead got suppression via out-tech, non standard ethics, and off policy actions.
    I see now that Scientologists have been fed the suppressive “party line” that they should be, “tough son’s of bitches” (to quote Tommy Davis) or “unreasonable” (misapplication of LRH’s intent), or “slam in ethics” ( a misapplication of ethics tech). This type of behavior all falls under the heading of suppressive characteristic number two, “such a person deals mainly in bad news critical or hostile remarks, invalidation and general suppression”. These very often good people have become PTS and as a result, their good intentions have been twisted and perverted, and horribly enough, this has happened without their knowledge. They believe they are doing the right thing!
    Let’s not fall into the same trap and become critical of the so called “cool-aid” drinkers. Let this new group be founded on ARC. Let’s set an example do our best to apply”What is Greatness”, even though at times it may seem impossible.
    “They act as they do because they are what they are- trapped beings crushed beneath an inntolerable burden”
    The ARC triangle is in the Scientology symbol for a reason.
    “And these eight parts are love and love is all”
    (from Hymn of Asia”)
    Thank you, all who lead the way.

  118. You are all right, but as an european I fully understand the concern of Huckelberry. Here in Europe we are still struggling, simply to get some tolerance on scientology. We have to prepare ourselves to all possible scenarios, and Ron went already through a lot of them. As he said, a dead man with good intentions is a dead man!
    (Sorry for my poor frenchy english)

  119. Huck,
    I understand the attention on getting caught off guard. I really do. In fact, that is precisely why I study and audit regularly and tell others to and tell others about Scientology and generally make the effort to take my share of the responsiblity for the impact of Scientology on the world per the Code of A Scientologist.

    The CofS has a Situation; it’s more the CofMestology right now. OK. So, here we are, independent Scientologists applying Scientology to ourselves, others, getting trained and audited by-passing the CofM. (If any aren’t well, get moving! There’s all sorts of people there to help train and audit).

    We are directing our postulates and live communication at the 3D engrams and they are erasing. We are directing ethics gradients at the CofS to get it to recognize the suppressive valence of the CofMestology (and of course the SP at the head of Mestology, David Miscavige).

    We are getting in ethics and acting as the auditors of this culture. That’s our hat. Included in the future is a CofS, back on track and the field continuing to be active. That’s the whole field, including all the fzers, independents and whoever else wants to pick up a goddamn book and read it and use it!

    There will continue to be a central org. It will be what it’s supposed to be (see that LRH ED 54 Int for a good Ideal). There is now a daily burgeoning field. That will continue.

    The fundamental to all of the above is what each of us does, every day, right now, right here, with and in Scientology (either an org, or your own house, it matters not which).

  120. Pam,

    I love your comment about ARC. I completely agree with you on “The problem is that these well intentioned people were NOT getting Scientology applied to them.”

    You are absolutely correct! The SP (DM) has absolutely corrupted this very simple piece of Tech, ARC triangle.
    We, Independent Scientologists, have to make sure to keep the high ARC among us. And we are doing a good job with it! 🙂

  121. “The freedom of an individual depends upon that individual’s freedom to alter his considerations of space, energy, time and life and his roles in it. If he cannot change his mind about these, he is then fixed and enslaved amidst barriers such as those of the physical universe, and barriers of his own creation. Man thus is seen to be enslaved by barriers of his own creation. He creates these barriers himself, or by agreeing with things which hold these barriers to be actual.”

    L. Ron Hubbard quote

  122. Thought provoking


    “I have experienced what it means to “occupy the same space and know”, and it is truly an incredibly beautiful state. Since the day I learned this tech, the attainment of higher levels of ARC has been a major purpose in my life on all dynamics.”

    This is SO real to me, it has been my purpose also!

    “Imagine my disapointment with the very often absolute lack of ARC in orgs and in my fellow Scientologists. ”

    And this is what broke the straw for me as a staff member as it showed me that attaining high levels of ARC across the dynamics could not be accomplished in the Org environment.

    I completely agree with your TR3 on applying What is Greatness. By applying What is Greatness and using ARC we can repair all the breaks from the misapplied comm formulas that have been rampant in the church.

  123. Dear Mark,

    like Arch Bishop Dr. Desmond Tutu put it:
    “Forgiveness granted in exchange for the truth.”

    I second tone 41: What a wonderful viewpoint!

  124. Thank you, Marty for that brilliant post – and the lively comm exchange it inspired is just proof to its relevance.

    What a wonderful go-to-bed-with ARCX healing.

    Thank you!!

  125. Pam,
    You have said some true truths. ARC is the first and most important principle in life. We know how it woks, we have dupolicated the Tech. They haven’t because the Chirch is full of un-trained staff members, or may be trained as Pavlov trined dogs. Who knows on what tech!
    Any way, we have the correct tech, is up to us to use it and expand in all our dynamics!!

  126. Theo Sismanides

    Welcome Sweden!!! Welcome Coming up soon and friends! A big hug from Greece!!

  127. Theo Sismanides

    Yes, I attest to that, too. Terril has been around and next to us for the last ten years that I know, on a day to day basis. Got many e-mails from him with wins of people outside the CofM. Hello Terril!!!!

  128. The point I’m making was perhaps best articulated 2500 years ago by a wiser man than I.

    “The Art of War teaches us to rely not on the likelihood of the enemy’s not coming, but on our own readiness to receive him.”

    Oh, and Li Po, what good Frenchy English you speak! A dead man with good intentions is still a dead man, indeed.

    All of that said, I’m looking down the track a little bit.

    For the moment, Marty has started the correct action: bringing together those who, as a group – because this is beyond an individual – will change the guard.

    The awakening of the VIIIs will be the next domino to fall. Once the top end of the Bridge sees the truth, DM’s authority will rest only in the confusions and fears of those stuck in his trap. There will not be enough theta create to sustain him; he needs the screen of theta to hide the truth.

  129. Theo Sismanides

    Huck, I agree, I am also concerned. I may sound like a solid Organizer, but I am not. I just trust the Cycle of Action i.e. Org Board.

    A cell, any cell, has 21 Departments and 7 Divs. An old friend showed me this once.

    It’s unavoidable. Even here, we do have a 7 Div Org Board believe it or not. Someone there (Div 1) with some brains, the source (Div 7) of his communications (again Div 1, dept 2 this time), trying to sell something to the rest of us and make an Understanding (Div 2), in order to get some Energy and life into this whole operation and form a body of something (Div 3) and then Produce Produce Produce more and more posts and Understandings and thoughts and concepts and news and bla bla bla and exchange of ideas (Div 4) and getting corrections by some or by self in a kind of a way (Div 5) until the message is delivered and reaching outside to new comers and new places and broadly disseminated (Div 6) and then back again on a new plane, moving up a litter higher, ha ha, literally here!

    Maybe not so accurately said or written but there is the Org Board, we put into application even here.

    the less brains Div 7 has, the less Understandings and Knowingness, the less abilities in the Tech(s) of the Organization, the less inspiring for the rest, the less the Organization will FLOW. The more Force they have to apply.

    Just because some, not knowing the 7 Div Org Board, made a lousy job with it, the products of which we can see now in the church, doesn’t mean that that Org Board is not even today the Cycle of Action.

    LRH says in Org Board and Livingness that if you built a monster and then you take out one or two functions it becomes something like an avalanche. You have to know your Org Board down cold. You have to be able to breath and live with it. It’s very, very, very profound stuff. Particles moving from left to right, LRH was writing about it in the FEBC, comparing it to electricity… I don’t even remember. But honest to God he was mentioning there some amazing stuff.

    As a matter of fact, now that I am thinking of it DM is just doing the irreducible minimum in KEEPING THERE A KIND OF AN ORG BOARD with irreducible minimum POSTS and FUNCTIONS serving HIS PURPOSES otherwise.

    Thus 7 Div Org Boards get a bad name.

    Scientology inevitably will have to have Admin. True Admin not just posh buildings, that’s not Admin.

    A leader will stand up, who can encompass the entire organization and its 21 departmental functions. Not necessarily knowing them all from the beginning. But one who is able to keep them there and expanding without ripping them apart.

    That leader will be the one to continue the game. He will not be elected by any people. He will take charge naturally not even by any force but by general agreement, no official democratic BS voting for the weaker guy, we know that process.

    This is my humble opinion about it.

  130. Kathy Braceland

    What a great post Marty. Beautiful, just beautiful. Ahhhhh friends, theta, ARC…the very stuff that life is made of eh? It warms the cockles of my heart….

  131. “brainwashed cult supporter blog”


    I love it 🙂

    “I may make RFW yet. :)”

    It’s hard call Terril as BB you’ve probably gotten more people involved and interested in Scientology than Lil’ Davy’s Potemkin Villages AKA “Ideal Orgs” or more accurately idle orgs.

    I’d say it would be somewhat of an embarrassment to put Scientology’s #1 disseminator on Religious Fiefdom Watch but you never know. These guy’s are good at shooting themselves in the foot 😉

    As, Cat Daddy astutely pointed out it would be more of an honor than anything else.

    In which case I’m rooting for ya, bros!!!!!

    It’ll definitely give you creds with the Flaky anon crowd.

    As far as I’m concerned you’re doing a great job without the notoriety. But hey, never hurts to add a little something to your resume 🙂

  132. Yassou file mou Theo!

    I’m sure I butchered that but I’m sure you get my drift.

    I envision a council which will appoint executive strata to run the CoS as part of a system of checks and balances. The issue is this: absolute power corrupts, we know that, so better take temptation away and have everyone understand that there are consequences for being out-ethics.

    My preference is for benevolent dictatorships but, as LRH points out, the issue has always been succession.

    And you are right about the Org Board. It’s there whether it’s acknowledged or not.


    Isn’t freedom of thought and freedom of speech a wonderful thing? When you enforce compliance with a philosophy, technology or religion you get either roboticism and out-of-valenceness, or else you get one big ridge. When you champion freedom of opinion and action, the lively interchange of ideas allows the truth to win and the best technology to win.

    It’s poetic justice that you’re getting back into ARC with Scn on this forum outside the church where nothing is enforced, where you’re permitted to think for yourself, and where the group dynamic is driven by tolerance and ARC, not by enforcement.

    Always question anything and everything you want to question. The right of critical thought is inaliable; never agree to give it up or reign it in.

    And the ability to think critically is necessary to move on up higher for an individual and for a socieety.

    Your friend is having wins in the church because the tech is powerful, even when misapplied. I would let her have her wins. Someday she’ll run into a roadblock or a whopping outpoint and then she’ll be open to what you want to tell her.

    But it sounds like you already have the answer — to let her (and everyone) find out organically. We can point things out, but people have to be ready to look.

    You’re right that we will overcome. But it sounds like you’re an Independent and a member of this group too. It’s your group as much as it’s all of our group. Enjoy the theta and the free interchange of ideas. Most of all, move on up a little higher and win!

    I agree with all your adjectives about Marty. Any hey, stop being ARC broken! There’s no need for that anymore. 🙂

  134. Huck,

    The only way the tech is dangerous is when it’s used with ill intention, which is black Scientology. That’s happening in the church, not in the field.

    It’s the current malignant actions of the church that might get Scn banned from one country or another, not its benign applicaiton in the field, even when applied badly. Have you heard the stories about sec checks used to spin people in utterly? That sort of thing has been done inside the church. Any tech application in the field, even when the tech is altered, pales in comparison.

    Jim said: “There are all sorts of beings, all sorts of activities, that go to make up our forward progress.” I think that’s exactly right.

  135. Thanks so much, Veritas, Thought Provoking lunamoth and Cat Daddy! I did write it, I admit. Now that I have a such a wonderful group of friends to share with, maybe I’ll write more poetry. 🙂

  136. WH,

    I also checked out the natter boards and I found them pretty hard to stomach. Now with Marty’s blog I have virtually no use for them.

    I hate to think of you feeling like an outsider because you’re a buddhist. Seems to me you’re a valued member of this group, whatever your persuasion.

    And anyhow, can’t you be a buddhist and still use the tech and the philosophy of Scn to the degree you find them useful?

  137. Pam,

    Isn’t it crazy that the very fundamentals of Scn, such as the ARC triangle, seem to be lost tech within the C of S? The ARC triangle and other basics should be the living, breathing fabric of our group. Well, they are — but of this group, not of the church.


    One more thing — “tone 41” is just the next step up from tone 40, the way I see it. 🙂

  139. The sick thing about it was they interrogated me to find out what relatives I had with money or property. They wanted me to have my eldely father to mortgage his retirement. In hindsight if I would have done it dad probable would have lost it because could not have repaid him. Ya don’t get a lot of case gain from sec checks. The the PR spin that case gain is mire important that MEST is BS.

  140. Li Po,
    I’m not talking about acceptance of Scientology outside scientology but how scientologists will react to the news.

  141. Martin Gibson

    I love it!!!

  142. Arcx,

    I think your ability to communicate is wonderful.

    I think of how heart-wrenched LRH must of felt when he seen how Psychiatry was hurting people when he knew better then anyone, it didn’t have to be!

    People (or patients) he had worked with, people he gotten to know, people he helped and cared about. Must of been painful.
    ..And he tried to teach these idiots Dianetics. Most certainly. I wish I could ‘snap & pop’ my references up here, cause I’d love to quote Ron. But he spoke about the whole thing, happening at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital in Washington,D.C. Finally he gave up on these nut-jobs saying if I recall; “…they (Psychs) kept asking me too many stupid questions! ”

    And he knew, one day, he would have to put a stop to them. Indeed, if we hear less of these goons today, it is because of His Tech; the good ones in OSA; And the Scientologist.

    Ron’s ability to make a postulate stick. Isn’t with him alone.

    I don’t think there is even a remote comparability with the SO and DM. But I know where your coming from…and what I am really talking about is completely different…and the stakes in fact might even be higher!

    But your not going to go about this alone.

    There isn’t any reason, at this point, to think you are alone. The sooner you feel better, you’re going to win. Your friend IS winning.

    Nothing says you can’t, technically, win right beside her. I don’t recommend it, rather covert and a waste of money, come to think of it, like sea-sickness i don’t think I have the legs for it myself, I’d likely puke all over their IAS event…

    If we are going to win, we are going to have to win as a group. Is all I am saying.

    And you’re already a part of us. Thankyouverymuch.

    Now, I’m like you right now, as for now. How’s that saying go?
    “Let sleeping dogs lie”.
    Oh, I can poke a stick at it, or kick it in the butt. Or we could simply ring the “Fire-Bell”… whichever, he’ll come barking! You know it?

    bark, bark, bark…

    But, that’s got nothing to do with me. I thinks the thing for me, right now, is to get myself up the Independent Bridge. Make sure it’s there and stays there. Smoothing it out… To be happy about it all, as it’s a much funner game this way. (a true group) And when the time comes, I hears me a “fire-bell”, we will all put-it-out as a group.

    Leaving the curd dog s in the dust.

    bark, bark, bark

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