Latest OSA cyber terrorism backfires again

Thanks for the heads up to the dozens of people who forwarded me the email from an address ““.  Your information in terms of routing confirmed my initial suspicions that the entire communication (the indychicago comm along with the attachment which seeks to position me with David Mayo and Bill Robertson and thus dismiss me as someone LRH would abhor) is a sloppy and glutz OSA intelligence op.  Based on a survey of a number of the addresses people received the communication at, OSA blew its cover.  Again, our lightening fast communication lines – and propensity for communicating whenever we perceive a doubt – unearthed yet another exhibit in the case of the people vs. David Miscavige. 

Several of you have asked whether I knew about the blog spot OSA constructed purportedly all about me that was linked in the indychicago message. Yes, I’ve seen it. It is fabulous advertisement for our forum. It is one of five active web sites the Church has put up about me or even purportedly by me. Since June many people have originated to me that the church has directed them to me; though not apparently intentionally.  An example, one gentleman who recently came down for auditing and brotherhood told me how he was pulled in to FSO based on a report that he had looked at “some enetheta” on the internet. After receiving a number of accusatory sec check questions about whether he’d looked at Marty Rathbun’s blog, the first thing he did  – once he was out of the clutches of the FSO  – was to search and peruse my blog. They did the same thing with the obnoxious Freedom magazine. Many people reported going to the St Pete Times site and then my blog in order to find out who Kingpin, Fact Checker, et al. were. Already today I reunited with a long lost friend who found me through the OSA Op email informing him of what a boar I am.

I think today’s lesson is, don’t be so anxious about spreading the word. DM’s minions are doing it for us. Let’s just carry on having fun.

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  1. That is amazing. This is a case where bad PR on you or your blog is only going to spread the word. With the speed of online updates, etc. there’s not much they can do anymore. Seems like their days are numbered. And it’s only a matter of time. They’re shooting themselves in the foot. Again and again. Sooner or later, what goes around comes around and payback is a bitch. It’s inevitable.

    • Their desperation is kinda pathetic. The lengths that they will go to only helps the just cause. And it proves that they’re guilty and scared. If you have nothing to hide and you’re the good guys, then why so scared. I was randomly called recently under the guise of doing an address update….then pitched the basics dvd’s, then I was asked “Have you read or heard anything negative about the church recently?” That’s pretty desperate. Especially considering I’ve been “off lines” for 20 years or so. They must have alot of free time on their hands.

  2. Interesting indeed. Last week someone directed me to a site and while I had already seen the site in question I was surprised that my friend found his way to it. I asked how he happened upon the blog site and he said he looked it up when another told him he should take the person off his Facebook friends. He was curious, looked it up and found merit in what he read.

    All of these people sending messages to disconnect from Facebook friends are in fact directing people to learn about what is going on.

    Some will obviously disconnect just because someone said to do so but I suspect many will not.

    • Is it wrong of me to want to see OSA’s blog? I’m curious…..

      • Why would it be wrong to look for yourself.

        I always had trouble with the saying “Curiousity killed the Cat”

        If this is so cats have 9 lives.

        You are free to look at anything you want unless it is illegal.

        LOOK and than tell what you SEE and than you KNOW

        Keep what works, Get rid of what holds you back.

      • 🙂 tHX Daddy. SO what’s the site? Does anyone dare say? How would I find it? And so on and so forth….


        It seems that they let Dan Koon post there…wonder how brave they really are?

        And who is the mysterious Minerva?

        Maybe we should all go over there and post and see what level of confront they have!

        (its mostly ad hom though, attacking the character of the poster rather than addressing the points made)

      • The “mysterious” Minerva and that pathetic blithering blog — complete with decadent smoky ancient Roman columns and tacky name-calling — reads like someone supporting a Juilus Caesar implant and blowing delusional slogans out their Patronius Gluteus Maximus.

        If these people weren’t in charge of delivering LRH tech it would possibly be hilarious.

        It’s pathetic and moronic. These are sane adults? Running a spiritual counseling organization? a “church”?

        BTW, Minerva, if you’re reading this — you got your Julius Caesar mixed up with Popeye. Brutus is Popeye’s nemesis. The “traitor” analogy you failed to draw would be “E tu, Brute’?” (When Brute’ stabbed Julius Caesar and Julius asks him, “You too betray me?”

        That has to be hysterical. Minerva keeps referring to Marty Brutus?! LOL!! Well blow me down. I yam what I yam.

      • Just post here. They’re reading here anyway. This is the hottest blog in town. They have all of like 4 comments. So tacky.

        Meanwhile, THANK YOU Marty and all Independents for keeping the tech about the tech. More on that soon.

        You are stellar. THETA RULES!!!

      • I was really shocked at the entheta low toned site…It was so hateful and spiteful and childish. The name calling, the way they copied your layout style. I mean….wow. And pure entheta. When I read this site, it’s so uptone and theta! That site was totally negative. And there’s no real discussion going on over there like here. It’s just sad. I won’t be going there again. But I am glad to have seen it. Soooo whack! Unreal. They’re calling all of the independents squirrells. What-EVVVVER…..Call me whatever label u want. At least you independents have alot more respect and are much more eloquent and well versed.

      • Hey Veritas, while I agree Minerva is a hoot, you’ve muddied the facts about Caesar. Marcus Brutus was indeed among the assassins, and the line “Et tu Brute” is from Shakespeare’s, er, much later telling of the tale, and that line refers to him. Since you are all about truth I thought you’d want to know.

    • The disconnections are not happening as fast or often as they were a few months ago. OSA seems to have taken over the justice line trying to handle the PR flaps. They have started dead-filing people instead of declaring them.

      For anybody who truly wants to fall in line and return to the church, this is a vicious move as it completely cuts their line to the orgs and offers no hope that the door is left open- even a crack.

      For anyone newly enlightened, this is a better oportunity to keep their comm lines inside and do what they want outside the church. The MAA stated recently that they are not allowed on lines or at events but public can still be in comm.

      There is a whole family in Cali that just got dead filed recently and seem rather satisfied at the moment.

      • Wow, BC Boy, that sounds completely off-policy;
        anything that closes the door entirely, no justice
        action, based on what? Someone feels a person is making trouble? Doesn’t have the right attitude? Didn’t clean his room?

        I mean, I could conceivably imagine that someone (thought I don’t know who) could want to go back to the church (though I don’t know why)…

        Is there an actual policy about this?

      • Hi Lunamoth,

        No there isn’t currently a policy that covers it, but wait for the sure to come ‘Lost Policy’ that has yet to be found.

        This family tried to help their daughter, Tammy Wikoff, who is OSA staff and mid a sec check and on decks for a year now. She looked really sick at the time and said she had kidney problems.

        They knew OSA wouldn’t like it but they tried anyway. Tammy was taken away and hasn’t been seen since.

        I would urge the Family to start getting really noisy

      • lunamoth,
        Yes, there is policy on ‘deadfiled’ letters. It is in Vol One of the OEC volumes. The main issue is 7 June 65, Issue II, Entheta Letters and the Deadfile. Other relevant issues are 22 Aug 66, Deadfile, Restoration to Good Standing and 5 Feb 70, Issue II, Scientology Refunds, Writ of Expulsion and Waiver, all of which are in the original OEC Vol One.

        The above 7 June 65 Issue II policy falls under the general fact that later policy adds to it, to wit, the policy of 23 Dec 65 on SP Acts and the administration of A-E. In addition, the later tech developments add to the handling. To wit, OT III and NOTs on the subject of the SP case.

        On the subject of deadfiled letters, one should read the above references fully. There is a clearly stated handling if you find yourself deadfiled. There are clearly delineated categories of letters that are NOT to be deadfiled as well as those that are.

        The difficulty with the modern use of this system is that it isn’t applied exactly as the policies state. For instance, the handling of the person who finds themselves deadfiled is not done. There is no recourse to justice. That is what happened in my own case. I followed the policy and after I’d completed the steps needed to be restored to good standing, including a full cleaning of my ethics file I was refused restoration and any line to handle it cut, completely and with NO recourse.

        As well, there is a paragraph in the above policy covering those on lines training or auditing that states: “Notes from students or pcs now on course or in the HGC containing entheta are routed to Ethics for a Court of Ethics action.

        “Only if they result in SP are they routed to CF, Address and DEAD FILE.”

        It is my observation that only parts of the above policies are used under DM. That makes it very difficult to resolve the situation if not impossible. I think the latter is more the case in terms of intention, so in effect, yes DM has closed the door contrary to the above and other LRH policy.

      • Thanks, BC Boy and Jim Logan,

        To BC Boy: I would hope the family DOES become quite noisy- the church seems a little sensitive to that sort of thing right now. To be thus separated from a child who is not doing well is hell. It’s evil and criminal. My postulates are with them.

        To JL: You are a veritable library of LRH references. I have to ack you for the tremendous
        service you provide the rest of us on this site. It’s hard not to lose faith in policy when you see what’s been perpetrated on scientologists by an unscrupulous tyrant (that’s you, dave).

        Your mastery of this subject and willingness to keep putting the right policy/tech there, where it can be examined and where the truth of it can be viewed and duplicated is VERY valuable and very much appreciated.

        RE: dm’s twisting of policy that was designed to protect scientology into something hideous and harmfu, to protect his own criminal acts across the dynamics: Figures.


      • Please note that the policy on Staff Member Reports and Knowledge Reports, as well as such policies as Orders, Illegal and Cross; Orders, Query of and various others, all are valid and applicable. Deadfile policy deals with specific items and has a context and that context includes the rest of applicable policies.

        What seems to be the case under DM and applied now by IJC and OSA is that any ‘entheta’ is deadfiled. That includes valid KRs, Staff Member Reports, queries of illegal, off-policy, out-tech and squirrel actions, and the run of legitimate reporting whether sent by ‘letter’ or otherwise.

        “Entheta” is construed as anything opposing DM or questioning his edicts or ‘command intention’ or indeed, any of the various wide departures from actual LRH materials that are being reported to the church.

        It is also interesting to note a category of communication expressly NOT to be deadfiled; “Dead file does not cover…dangerous…situations.”

        I’d say that sticking your head in the sand right now is not a good idea on OSA’s part. The situations being reported are indeed dangerous.

      • BC Boy,

        “Tammy was taken away and hasn’t been seen since.”

        When you wrote this, my mind went to some awareness of a new legal issue being brought to light in the current regime’s treatment of other human beings. That of human trafficking.

        Don’t know if this family is aware of this aspect of their daughter’s plight, but you might want to pass along the below website to them. It is loaded with links or them to check into.

  3. Marty,
    Well, OK, I’m having a blast! I got the mail that Terril referred to in the last thread this morning. I read it, followed its link to the site I was already aware of as an OSA op. Looked over the new postings, and then went back to the mail. It sure seemed like OSA to me. Now, here I find out it WAS OSA!!

    In reference to the site that OSA’s put up I must say it sure is an anachronism. GAT drills in OSA. Don’t work there either.

    Yous guys just gotta gain more fluid KRC with the valid LRH tech. First thing I’d do is check out PR Series 18, How to Handle Black Propaganda. You are not handling it, you are creating it, for yourselves.

    Meantime, as Marty has pointed up, thanks for the comm lines!!

  4. Yes, you see Marty, this is one of the attractions of the Anon movement to Corporate Scientology…they can always be counted upon to do something inanely laughable and funny (‘lulzy’ in AnonSpeak) as they are bound to do under the their polices for handling “critics”.

    I got one this morning…had a great laugh.
    And that was BEFORE I checked your blog. 🙂

    There are a number of legal eagles that watch this, waiting for the threshold to be tripped re: defamation and false light torts. (
    “Alienation of Affection” is another one they routinely attempt, what with their disconnection that doesn’t exist type actions.
    Those chickens will come home to roost one day.

    Perhaps the decay of to the C of Mestology could be explained by the observation from LRH: ‘When you diverge from a constructive purpose to ‘stop attacks’, the purpose has been
    abandoned. You get a stop.’
    (from OT ORGS HCO PL 14 Jan 1969)

    Yep. I can see that.

    Also from the same PL:

    “The real way to stop attacks is to widen one’s zone of responsibility. And pour the coal on the purpose. Thus all attacks one makes should be in THE DIRECTION OF ENLARGING ONE’S SCOPE AND AUGMENTING BASIC PURPOSE.”

    I guess DM didn’t get that memo….

    That just seems to come naturally to those who are free……

    • Tom,
      Excellent reference. Not only did DM not get that memo, he won’t get it even though it’s being sent here again. That’s ‘admin’, that body of tech has long ceased to be applied. I would hope though that those in OSA who aren’t ‘ossified’ by the constant pounding of the l’il guy, would sneak a peek at some LRH policy once in a while and they could sure use the one you’ve brought up.

      I mean, look at how well we’re doing with it!

  5. Thought provoking

    I’m not surprised by the increase in interest. Some of the greatest number of reaches for Scientology have occurred immediately following a release of entheta in the news…the stats always went up.

    I have noticed that there are a number of new posters. All the theta emanating from here is simply irresistable!

  6. Marty,

    You are absolutely right! DM and his minions are truly helping our Independent group to grow even bigger and stronger.

    More power to you and all the Independents! 🙂

  7. Theo Sismanides

    Message from OSA:


    “Dear Independent, we see Marty Rathbun’s blog is not your default site?

    Would you like to make it your default site? ”
    Keep Up the Good Work!

    HAHAHAHAH !!!!

  8. I just want to say that the picture of the ski mask “hacker” is hilarious. How can you hack in that thing? Almost like trying to type with boxing gloves on…hmmm…

  9. Albert Einstein:

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

  10. OMG
    Earlier, I was trying to find this blog. Sometimes it comes right up, sometimes it doesn’t. Some screen came up that said “Moving on Down a Little Lower”. It said “to access this blog u have to log in w/ a username and a password”…….
    There’s definitely something fishy going on. I smell a rat.

      I had a question for you earlier. You said you were trying to handle someone and they made good points. I want to now go over these good points so you can obliterate the lies. I need details lets start in this article. You want to help your friend right?

      • i responded to ur inquiry! check it out! XOXO

      • ARCBROKEN,
        The first thing you should do is grant this person beingness by telling them it’s wrong to not take responsibility for a squirrel at the top of the org board crashing the stats. Otherwise the message is that they’re not needed to handle an urgent urgent situation.

        “People can find it if they want on the internet” is pretty low responsibility. That’s the same as saying “Lets all commit suicide”. If DM came out and said “I’m going to destroy the church, try and stop me”. And then your friend said, “whatever I don’t care, screw Scientology and LRH”, would you be like

        “That’s cool, nice to see your being rational, you made an excellent point. Who cares anyways. Ml, ARCBROKEN”.

        Yet the effect is the same. He’s destroying Scientology whether he tells you he is or not per the stats, so he is in fact doing so. Right?

  11. I was just going to write to you to let you know I received that email in my personal email account. I basically know everyone that would have that address, so it’s a bit telling as to the choices on who sent it. You are obviously having a powerful effect on church Scientologists! Go Marty!

  12. This is getting nuttier every day. I’ve just got some news that at AOSH EU are using some sort of local policy that charges any public looking on the internet a fine of 30000$!!!!!

    • Hmmm. Wonder if you could query whether this is per incidence or a one time fee? LOL

    • Either that’s a joke, or the next thing they’ll do is demand that all of us replace our thetans (ourselves, that is) with a computer program they’ve written, and we’ll be fined $30,000 and declared if we refuse.

  13. Who they think they are these OSA guys? Next to God? Every High Priest better be a humble priest otherwise he is not a servant to God but a servant to other powers.

    They should answer or better should have answered our questions, the public’s questions. Before declaring us we were the public.

    So, they didn’t. Some who couldn’t answer the questions had the guts to become the humble priests of thuth. And here they are. They are answering our questions, now.

    So, we are the HEADQUARTERS now, because to command is to SERVE.

    YOU (OSA take note) in the HIGH POSTS of SCN you and your public are just OUR Div 6 now. Step down from your thrones and start serving your public again.

    You messed it up. The MORE YOU ATTACK, the STRONGER WE GET.

  14. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi issued this statement today regarding Google’s decision to stop censoring their search engine in China:

    “Google is to be commended for taking action in response to cyber attacks originating from China targeting Chinese human rights advocates, and the intellectual property and corporate data of Google and more than 30 other companies. The announcement that Google will fully review its business operations in China and will no longer tolerate censorship of its search engine should serve as an example to businesses and governments.
    The Chinese government operates one of the most sophisticated operations in the world to control the Internet. It is essential that technology companies not assist in efforts that violate human rights or prohibit the free exchange of ideas.”

    Interesting that totalitarian governments don’t want their citizens free and open access to information.

    Anyone see any similarities between this and censorship by the Church of Scn?

  15. Sometimes I think the behavior is intended to be stupid. i.e. how do you direct people somewhere without being seen to be directing them somewhere? If I were running an OSA op I would poison the well without drawing ANY attention to those I was trying to warn against. So maybe these are “mistakes” made on purpose? That wouldn’t really surprise me. OSA staff can read too and all DM loyalty aside encountering this blog has to raised doubts BIG TIME even in the most fanatical fanatic.

    • Maria, you are so darned wise. Thought so ever since I read your ‘through the door’ interview.

    • Theo Sismanides

      Maria, I agree. I remember when we were “inside” we were looking on the Internet back in the years 1998-1999 and it was not as it is now. But had we met some allies and had we had a post related to communications with the outside world, we would have done it as you say.

      It’s a brilliant comment, I hope those thetans in there do do what you are saying.

    • Maria you are correct I’m sure, OSA isn’t all just a bunch of tools.

  16. NOTSaware // January 13, 2010 at 10:27 pm | Reply

    “This is getting nuttier every day. I’ve just got some news that at AOSH EU are using some sort of local policy that charges any public looking on the internet a fine of 30000$!!!!!”

    If you have solid evidence this would be a good news story. Could go global. 🙂

  17. I got the mail today from and a couple thoughts crossed my mind after I’d deleted it.

    1) It’s disappointing, nay sad, that OSA will only communicate in this rather covertly hostile way. When I had very legitimate concerns and questions about the current regime OSA UK had depressingly little to say to me. Graeme Wilson in particular was “too busy” to address my concerns before going independent, and said it would be pointless talking after going independent. Yet when I went to the Org to buy a charger for my Quantum – after going Independent – the DSA was quick to appear from nowhere (with a printout of my declaration from this blog). Where was the communication up to that point?

    2) What a pitiful and thankless existence it must be being an apologist for DM and his possie. Think about it. You spend your days denying your own knowingness and trying to defend the indefensible. Graeme is a good guy, he was my senior for a while in Snr HCO. These guys are being duped and deep down they know it. The DSA told me he had seen the SP Times videos. They know the delivery stats are downtrending over a long period. They know there has been a culture of abuse and intimidation at the Int base. They know Disconnection is alive and flourishing despite Screechy Davis’ denials, that forced abortions and human trafficking have been endemic under DM’s reign, that the PR machine has become a hideous gargoyle vomiting lie after lie and that out tech is rife with no solution in sight. However in the spirit of yesterday’s Friendship posting: “Minerva” and friends, we’ll look after you when you come to your senses.

    But now the tide has turned, truth really is blowing the lies away and sunlight is disinfecting. I’ve never been happier to be associated with any group than this one. “Let us go forward together” (Winston Churchill).

    • “Freedom is for honest people. No man who is not himself honest can be free – he is his own trap.”

      L. Ron Hubbard

      Abraham Lincoln:
      Truth is generally the best vindication against slander.

  18. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing with this post. This is just getting funnier and funnier. It sure is looking a lot like keystone cops to me….

  19. There is in the army or navy a condition called
    ” Dumb Insolence”. Its my guess that those responsible for OSA ” public relations” on the net have descended to something like that, out
    of dispair. The companion website to RFW is
    ” Freezone Survivors”. It has some of the most comically inept attempts to dead agent the Independant /Freezone community. For example a little quote:-

    “There was selling of books, materials, courses without any documents or receipts – the money was just put in the pockets. This also means that there no taxes were paid on this money. Just imagine the condition of the person who bit by bit collects money from his “student salary” and, as a result, he has no confirmation at all that he gave the money and nobody is responsible for this. In other words, because of this money these people destroyed his human rights. “

  20. I also received the email today and immediately knew it was OSA, doing their usual clumsy, asinine impersonation of anonymous. (The attached letter is SO unreal, it could only be written by someone with NO REALITY on the “outside world” — also known as “the 4th Dynamic”). Anyway, I didn’t realize they sent the email not only to me but to others. That makes it not only “abuse” but “spam.” Amazing.

    Well, it so happens that Hushmail prohibits the misuse of their service for abusive/spam/fraud purposes. They have a report line for abuse and spam which I used immediately, informing Hushmail that it was surely someone working for the Church of Scientology. Perhaps others who received this email should report it to Hushmail at this link:

    • Such E-mails contain information about the state of OSA. Personnaly I would like to recieve these ridiculous things. It gives you insight in the minds of the people behind it.

      With Regards CD

    • Why oh why oh why won’t one of you recipients just cut and paste the silly email and attachment you’ve received into this thread so we can all have a laugh? It’s not much fun to hear all the giggles while no one will share the joke.

  21. Clumsy tricks by OSA that are just comical!: )

    Just a comment on Bill Robertson. How is it that he is someone that LRH would abhor? Where is there any real evidence that he has done something bad re Scientology?

  22. I get more and more inspired each time I log onto your site Marty.

    I heard here in ANZO that OSA are just about begging people to not go public and I can confirm that 100% because that is what they tried with me but no way.

    I told them that as part of my doubt formula it said “announce the fact publicly to both sides” and that is exactly what I was going to do and as my new group was through the Net then it was going on the net.

    • Theo Sismanides


      Go ANZO!!!!! Go, go, go ANZO!

      Yes, all over the planet!!

      We are rolling!! From the U.S. to Europe to Australia. Russia has a lot of Independents/Freezoners, guys already. Wait till we connect there!!! Max Hauri and others have been doing a big job there for years now!

      Australia, thank you, a big hug from Europe, Greece.

  23. Well, this is all just such a hoot! Thank you one and all, you’ve made my day yet again.

  24. Can anyone list the websites that are covertly ran by the church. It would be nice to know which sites to avoid. Thx

    • You don’t need to see them on a list to avoid them. If you happen to come across something that creates this response

      1. disgust
      2. pity
      3. overwhelming boredom

      -you’re probably on one of these sites, or something else you’ll have no interest in revisiting.

      It seems to me that naming them on this, Marty Rathbun’s very popular blogsite, which is visited by SO many people both in and out of the church every single day, would be giving them free and undeserved publicity. I personally have no interest in directing any traffic their way.

      I mean, THEY may be stupid enough to do that for this site, but …

    • I am sure you can handle these sites. A list would be nice though. Avoiding them is your own choicher. Personnaly I would like to know what kind of footbullets they are commiting. View them as part of a dark comedy and an inside in the state of the Church of David.

      With regards CD.

    • I wouldn’t worry too much about keeping tabs on these sites Dmarie.

      When you run into a site constantly complaining about what Marty or anybody in the Independence movement or the FZ is doing or “exposing a litany of non existent ‘crimes'” they supposedly committed that seems to written by a bunch of “exceptional children” who are frequent riders on “the special bus”. You can pretty much figure it’s an OSA false flag op.

  25. Marty,

    First they try to crash your blog, which doubles your traffic!

    Now this effort at Black Propaganda and Character Assassination, is about as effective as the Bay of Pigs.

    You should keep a record of these stunts and call ’em “OSA follies” or CIA (Caught In the Act).

    Ever since Mike left the who network has declined into asininity.

    It seems the only thing they are good at now is getting laughs 🙂

  26. jessicaheartsart

    Well Marty it looks like you’re having an effect! I don’t think Mr Padfield is a bad father! That’s a sad assertion to make, considering his smiling daughter is right in the picture! It even looks like they are in a playground for heaven’s sake! Obviously an attentive Dad. Point being, I’m not a Scientologist, I don’t know all the terms, but it doesn’t take much to see through the BS. I lol’d, can I call you the “Zen Master”? hahaha (Hey, can anyone tell me where jealousy is on the tone scale?)

  27. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” -Mohandas Gandhi

  28. “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.” -

  29. I just saw that site and, wow, is this amateur hour or what?

    The author’s British (uses the term “motorway”) so I’d minimally expect a little better writing. Also, who is going to wade through those 2000 word posts, Minerva? Keep it short and snappy!

    The strange thing is that Scientologists are threatened with all kinds of ethics actions if they “look at the Internet”, so who’s posting on that site, other than the hapless OSA terminal sitting next to our British friend?

    What a sad little dog and pony show. Is this even a stat? I see the Running Program in their future. Have you guys not yet experienced the wrath of DM?

    One last observation: History has taught us that Marcus Junius Brutus – for whom our Marty was clearly named (the father of John Wilkes Booth, by the way, was named Junius Brutus Booth) – was a traitor.

    There is some evidence that suggests, though, that Caesar – who had an affair with Brutus’ mother – may have been his father.

    Caesar was certainly always good to him, when he didn’t need to be and, once, when Brutus was on the other side of a fight, Caesar ordered he not be harmed.

    Anyway, Brutus joined the Senatorial conspiracy to kill Caesar only after Caesar declared himself “dictator for life”.

    It could be said he did what he did not for 30 pieces of silver, but for the good of Rome.

  30. Independent Spirit

    These OSA guys, they are quite humorous. Their biggest problem is the truth. They are up against the truth. Not an easy task.

    Just take a look at their Ideal Orgs. Where do we have an Ideal Org? Wouldn’t David Miscavige run an Ideal Org? Wouldn’t every scientologist agree on that?
    And certainly, David Miscavige is running an Ideal Org. He is running INT/GOLD base. 100%.
    And we have seen his idealism. We went into INT/GOLD base. And what did we find?
    Gross human rights violations, genocide-like atrocities and torture. We found the Ideal Org:
    The concentration camp near Hemet.
    But we found found more than that. We found David Miscavige’s Ideal Planet: the Gulag.
    The enslavement of Mankind. Would you like to live on a planet operated like INT/GOLD base?

    One could ask, where does it come from?
    Why don’t we go inside David Miscavige, the entity running the Ideal Org? What do we find there? We find purposes and maybe even pictures and implants of concentrations camps and Gulags. We find David Miscavige’s case. At INT/GOLD base, RTC, OSA and his local organizations we find his DRAMATIZATIONS. We are looking at and experiencing David Miscavige’s CASE. No wonder he is declaring everybody in his vicinity. They are SP’s in his eyes. Just as the rest of the population on this planet are SP’s in his world. And that is why he comes up with his “solution”: the Gulag, the enslavement of mankind, his solution to all these “SP’s”. We all know per LRH tech that people who have that many SP’s in their lives are PTS Type 3. They are insane. And this is the current conditionof David Miscavige: Insanity.

    I would not be surprised if an evaluation was done on the situation of Earth, to find out that David Miscavige is the THE actual SP on the planet right now. He might very well be the number one SP on planet Earth right now, running a Black Scientology operation as he is.

    I’m not so sure LRH would abhor Captain Bill Robertson. He was one of the first “big” Independents. Many people got out when the prices on services were increasing with 5 or 10% per month in 1982/83. Some people even thought that LRH had been “killed”.
    It was a much different situation then. The Free Zone was under heavy attack. Possibly also from extra-terrestrials. Robertson delivered Excalibur. The rundown which completes the NOTS case. You don’t have to audit 10, 20 or 30 years to complete NOTS as some have done or are doing.
    The problem in the Free Zone was and is a problem you also share now: Now that you have completed OTVIII and all the L’s what then?
    Are you Cleared Theta Clear? No. So people started trying to find solutions to that problem. And this is when the Free Zone could be labeled Out-tech, Off-Source, squirrel and so on. But was it? I don’t think so. The Free Zone would be delivering ordinary LRH tech just as LRH would do. But the Free Zone solutions to becoming OT were off course not LRH solutions as he was no longer there. They were solutions to prevent the enslavement of mankind. And I could just ask you people here on this site: would you just have sat back and done nothing?
    I don’t say if Robertson was crazy or not. That’s not important. He was doing as well as he could. In fact he did really well. Look at all these Ron’s Orgs in Europe/Russia.

    The enslavers, Miscavige and his power greedy henchmen don’t have any OT levels above OT VII/VIII. And Miscavige must have become very angry when he found out that LRH had left no OT levels above OT VII/VIII.
    In PDC 20 LRH said:
    “There is only one thing that could happen to Scientology, and that is to say that it would be buried. The remedy would be buried. If it ever went out of sight, this world’s done. All you’ve got to do is invalidate it and put it out of sight and hide it, and it’ll come up in the wrong place doing the wrong thing, and mankind will find itself a slave.
    So anybody that knows the remedy of this subject, anybody that knows these techniques,
    is himself actually under a certain responsi-bility – that’s to make sure that he doesn’t
    remain a sole proprietor. That’s all it takes, just don’t remain a sole proprietor. Don’t ever
    think that a monopoly of this subject is a safe thing to have. It’s not safe. It’s not safe for man;
    it’s not safe for this universe. This universe has long been looking for new ways to make slaves. Well, we’ve got some new ways to make slaves here. Let’s see that none are made.”

    And that is something totally different to David Miscavige’s “Ideal Org” at INT/GOLD base,
    an organization involved in false imprisonment and torture of scientologists.

    Marty, you and your friends here are doing very well. Let’s just expose Miscavige a little more. He can’t dead-agent any of you.


    • Spirit,
      Well written post. Many excellent points. Brilliant in fact. One not so much. LRH did leave materials on levels above OT VII and VIII.

      • Independent Spirit

        Thanks Jim. Have you studied these levels above VIII or what are their history? Can you dim the sun with them?

      • Spirit,
        I’ll venture an albeit brief description of their ‘history’. Start by taking the original S.O.S. and the list of philosophers, religionists, scientists and ‘thinkers’ from that book’s intro or the list in 8-8008. Read at least some of the material from each of these people. Read to gain understanding at least of the major categories of Science and Sanity by Alfred Korzybski (he’s on the above list). This will give you some basic material on physics, Special Relativity, quantum theory, the theories of the nervous system and ‘engrams’, differences, similarities and identities and ‘identity thought’.

        Then start with Original Thesis and go all the way up through to the end of the Tech Vols, including on the way the chrono study of the extant tapes and issues. Get auditing on the Grades, each to EP. Attain the state of Clear. Do the OT levels up to VII, including the materials from the ‘original’ OT levels. Add in sufficient practice in auditing and CSing and training others to a specific result that you yourself observe. From there, audit every day, in the Bluebird or whatever particular place the sessions were done. Make notes of what you’ve audited. Have chats about these materials with my ex-wife, your Messenger, and place the notes in your safe. Let it be known in writing that at death, Pat Broeker is to be responsible for the compilation and release of these notes into usable form for the levels above VII. Have the notes from the safe taken from under Pat’s nose by subterfuge as described in this very blog earlier by Marty. Have the fact that LRH did indeed carry on in session, daily, researching and auditing these levels corroborated by someone else, namely Steve Pfauth on the thread following this one and there you have a brief description of the ‘history’. Is that what you mean?

        The ‘dim the sun’ comment is a puzzle to me. Is this a serious question, a derisive remark, a ‘hidden standard’? What is this remark?

      • There used to be chatter in the critical newsgroups that the “old” OT IV-VIII (as found in the Fishman documents – setting aside for the moment the disputed validity of the OT VIII material included in them – the only disputed level in those docs) would nicely serve as the levels to follow their newer replacements. They ARE LRH afterall…how could one just forget about them?

    • Spirit, Thanks for posting this Hubbard quote .

      Many know the reality to which he refers when he talks about the responsibility of “anybody who knows the *remedy* of this subject” —- REMEDY. man, here add the sweetest superlatives of freedom, truth, relief possible.

      The SUBJECT (auditing, standardly applied Tech) is a REMEDY and it is no small thing to see an individual who has been plagued by sorrow or fear or misconception brighten and bloom before one’s very eyes in relatively no time with its application, and then go and consistently apply the results of that remedy, demonstrably in life.

      This is what LRH was about. This is ALL Scientology is about.

      It has been hijacked. *accept no substitutes*

      I made my decision to assign the hijacked Co$ the condition of Liability (it should have been treason) — after I observed what I did in several instances beyond any doubt whatsoever as illegal, abusive, condescending and ENtheta. Like so many other’s experiences I’ve read, I did my *best* to apply standard attempts to correct it and spotted a counter intention that can kindly be stated as “hypocrisy” — the actions did not match the purported PHILOSOPHY and codes of honor.

      All I knew was the things that were non-negotiable. Honor, loyalty, tech results received and given, tools that would seem like magic if I didn’t know how they worked (and they’re still magic)

      THAT was my stable datum as confusion blew off, and sometimes we don’t know what the road ahead will hold — well, it’s like scuba diving. When the water is churned up, the visibility may only go a few feet out. But one thing you know is….that’s an oxygen tank on your back.

      It’s accurate to assume there confusion extant for those “inside” the impostor management of the Co$.

      The thing is to start with *what one does know*

      And follow that, no matter how narrow, no matter if one can’t see past juts one more step to take.

      My story had the happiest results after years of walking alone by finding the Independents.

      This quote that you referenced, Spirit, describes *the* modus operandi and creed of the current Co$, and that is why it is a BIG FAIL.

      L Ron Hubbard: “So anybody that knows the remedy of this subject, anybody that knows these techniques, is himself actually under a certain responsibility – that’s to make sure that he doesn’t remain a sole proprietor.

      That’s all it takes, just don’t remain a sole proprietor. Don’t ever think that a monopoly of this subject is a safe thing to have. It’s not safe. It’s not safe for man;it’s not safe for this universe.

      This universe has long been looking for new ways to make slaves. Well, we’ve got some new ways to make slaves here. Let’s see that none are made.”

      * * * * * Thank you to everyone who has stepped up to the responsibility of DELIVERY, pure and simple. I love you forever. * * * * * *

      • The Co$ that has hijakced the subject of Scientology and is running heinous oppression of public, staff and the world.

        The Co$ prices for services, condoned and orchestrated extortion, abuse of ethics as a tool political control coups is how it runs a massive Must Have/Can’t Have operation.

        The golden carrot of Freedom held out always at arms length in front of the ponies.

        You can have auditing. You can have the Bridge. You can have your family, friends, respect of your community. You can have tools to help the people you love.

        The creator/author of the subject of Scientology clearly stated it not only should not be, but had better not be a Monopoly.

        Yet Co$
        1). made the subject into a Monopoly
        2). doing so for power and abusive control over humanity at the cost of persecuting its own members and preventing them from applying it!

        Ooooh, ::shudder:: at the double whammy fail.

        Deliver deliver deliver. Receive delivery receive delivery receive delivery! And let’s be happy about it. We HAVE A VERY COOL THING!

    • Spirit,

      What you say about Miscavige is very insightful.

      However, the fact is that there are indeed levels above OT VII that have existed since the late ’60’s, early ’70’s just as Ron said in note form and in fact are the basis of what are known as the Ls.

      This idea promoted by CB and the other DM that they do not exist is patently false.

      The extraterrestrial conspiracy that CB promotes is contradictory to what Ron says in the Class VIII lectures.

      The level that he calls “Excalibur” is basically an alteration of OT III material.

      What will get a person through NOTs is standard tech, not alterations of it.

      The reason that people in my technical opinion, are taking so long on NOTs is because the original OT Levels, such as OT VII are no longer used and have been dropped out of the line up for some reason which may or may not involve a conspiracy of some kind of terrestrial origin but definitely does not have anything to do with the Marcabian Confederacy.

      Also not once in all the confidential GO directives that I’ve read did Ron ever mention any intergalactic group or agency that was seeking to take us out.

      The fact is that the enemies we have are closer to home and David Miscavige is definitely one of them. He is not only an enemy but someone who is a best in a condition of treason because as “Chairman of the Board, RTC”, his job according to their founding documents was to “maintain the purity of the technology” something he has in his position, done anything but!

      Truly a horrendous “betrayal after trust”!

      That said “Ron’s Org” has done a lot of good work, up to OT III they have held the line on Standard Tech but beyond that they diverge off onto some galactic sangreal based on a false assertion that the OT levels above VIII do not exist!

      • RJ wrote:
        “That said “Ron’s Org” has done a lot of good work, up to OT III they have held the line on Standard Tech”

        NO – CB´s OT II is NOT the same as standard LRH OT II. Severe alterisness.

      • Thanks Peter.

        I stand corrected on that point 🙂

  31. For some reason OSA had a problem with an article I wrote proposing some changes in the business model for Scientology on the site (not like LRH wouldn’t have taken advantage of the myriad of social networking tools that take nearly all of the MEST off the comm lines and make communication faster than anything since the invention of telepathy or anything like that!). So I found myself mentioned on the Marty clone anti-site. I tried to warn them (for their own good, of course) that anyone who manages to find their pathetic little hate-filled diatribe blog is going to find others, specifically this one.

    Any uniformed person who happens on that blog reads a single article there (probably unlikely since no one comments there except for my 3 posts and about a dozen more from OSA–think they’ve hooked me?) and a single article here will spot immediately that one of the blogs is the source of a vibrant dialogue and the other is merely trying to stifle live communication. OSA, can you guess which is which?

  32. Joe,

    You are attempting to reason with terminals to whom you are the enemy. I could be wrong but that strikes me as the definition of futility.

    As no Scientologists loyal to DM are allowed to “look at the Internet” so as to “keep entheta off their lines” (what a brilliantly insidious trap, btw, worthy of Orwell’s imagination) that site is engineered only for those who are seeking out Marty to find data about the current CoS scene.

    It’s a Dead Agent ploy; a really bad one, at that.

    No real communication is intended; it’s a mechanism solely to scare the sheep so they’ll go back into the corral. Baa-baa …

  33. Message to OSA: ” Where are your lousy dogs? Too overwhelmed by work or what? I’d have expected some better treatment than to use some past friend to spy on me. He got spotted pretty rapidly as he lied while pretending to help me. His name is Salvo Siracusano

  34. Theo Sismanides

    Hey guys, I posted on one of the OSA sites. Hahahha!! They hadn’t published anything and then I officially complained that on Marty’s real site everything is published and then my comment was posted. A comment by an SP there, speaking and asking about HCOBs!!! HAHAHAHAH.

    Now I am the only one writing there, my comments are awaiting moderation, hahahaha, and nobody else posted after me or replied? hahahah

    In any case that site is like a morgue! 4-5 comments! Hahahah

    So this reminds me of this joke:

    “A guy dies and goes to Heaven. On his way, he thinks: “oh, I am going to Heaven anyway, so why don’t I pass by Hell, and check it out? Haha!”

    So, he passes by Hell, the Devil let’s him in and he goes in and gets a shock. Dancing, music, orchestras, orgies, flames and colors all over the place and you name it…

    So he goes: “Gee imagine how Heaven will be!!” So, off he goes to Heaven and St. Peter opens the door. He welcomes him and he goes in and looks at the beautiful landscape, all green but… wait a minute, no music, no dancing, no flashing colors, nothing, just an old couple sitting on a bench and a couple of others. And he turns to St. Peter and asks: “Sorry St. Peter, I was just in Hell… and, my god, all that dancing, and music and lights and everything?!!! What’s happening here? Why is this so?” Really disappointed!!

    And St. Peter goes: “Come on my son, what did you expect? With 3 people to put a whole orchestra for you here?”

    So, that’s what I was reminded when I visited and posted in that morgue-blog! There is no fine tune there, there is just someones but real silence and a death feeling!!

    So, I vote for Hell!!! I vote for all of you bad guys who give meaning to life not caring if you will go to Paradise.

    Pie in the sky, the all time promise. Pfff! We Scientologists no better than that. Read the PDCs lecture called Desire, Enfore Inhibit (or something like that). Beautiful lecture in the PDCs. Mind blowing about Heaven and Hell.

    Let’s move on guys. I will keep you informed if anything imporant happens there on that morgue/blog.

  35. Theo Sismanides

    sorry, a typo, in my previous comment in the prior to last paragraph:

    We Scientologists know (instead of no) better than that.


  36. Theo Sismanides

    Hey guys, I am communicating on that other site. Who did I find there? Snowhite? Remember him/her?

    I will continue to write there since a “Minerva” replied to me with a full 4 pages reply asking me specifics how come I was declared for insisting on HCOBs.

    So, I talking with OSA, ouoououou, spooky!!! What a game for Tone 45s!!!! Hahahah!!!

    Viva la resistance!!

    Anyone who wants to visit that site write to me:

    • Oh Theo, you made me laugh!!! Snowhite is posting on their seriously silly site? It figures as he/she was pretty dopey when he/she posted here. Thank you for the giggle…

  37. You are being effective Marty. Clearly Davie is in a state of panic spending all these resources on those hateful sites. Well done!

  38. Hi Theo! I’ve checked this (osa-)site out some weeks ago and found it boring. Now I have also read your postings. It’s great that you take the fight, but don’t feed the trolls too much 🙂

    I have also read your story, it was some of the first things I read while checking out what had happened the last 20 years. I know the references you pointed to very well since I also have been involved in translations. You are absolutely right!

    • Hi Rip Kirby,

      Thanks, you are absolutely right. Feeding the trolls… hahahah

      thank you for your ack my friend, regarding translations. What can I say? Planet Earth! One day things are going to be better!

      Will be talking here!

  39. When viewed for what they truly are, when the curtain is pulled back, those OSA and fake Ethics “defamatory terror tactics” have lost their wallop. They’re not even ‘noise’ anymore. Less power than a fart.

  40. Marty, I’m sure that Fruedian analysis is probably not very popular here, but I had an observation that I thought you would find interesting.

    On the blogspot dedicated (for lack of a better word) to you, you are described as Brutus. I thought about this for a minute and asked myself, if you’re supposed to be Brutus, who’s Caeser? Then it hit me; of course, DM is supposed to be Caeser! Without coming out directly and publicly saying so, of course (I guess that would be a little much, even for him!).

    As I thought about this, I realized this was no accident; that’s really how he sees himself.

    Unfortunately, he doesn’t do any auditing, which would at least give him the excuse that he was Caeser in a past life.

    Btw, this self-aggrandizing view is supported by the anecdote related in Marc Headley’s book, where someone asked if he had meet the president and DM supposedly replied, “he met ME!”

  41. I once had a teacher who said people in Caesar’s day used to say of him: “He is the husband of many wives, and the wife of many husbands.”

  42. Independent Spirit

    Jim, in no way do I intend to harm you. I should have used the word one instead of you.

    I heard about the notes-story, but I also heard that they could not compile it into a usable form.
    And I don’t think LRH intended it to be in a usable form. He probably was very careful about releasing something that would result in more slavery.

    About the sun, I was just curious about if you had seen anyone who had attained a state of being cause over matter, energy, space and time.

    RJ, about the extraterrestrial conspiracy, do you think the confidential OT VIII bulletin,
    Student Briefing, to be valid LRH material?

    I was actually not think about CBR, do you know former BBC journalist, “crazy” David Icke? A one-man “army” exposing the New World Order, directed by a spirit team.

    About NOTs, I think we would get too far beginning to discuss the materials here, but I get your point about the old OT levels. However, there is one odd point. If NOTs handles everything with the body, why are some people who have completed it then dying of cancer?
    Even CBR died of cancer.

    About OT II. I have heard that CO$ have deleted a part of the material, so that people are getting in trouble later on.

    Anyway, CO$ don’t want any real Clears and OTs made. And thats why they are messing up
    Clears and OTs and clearing and OT technology. It is done on purpose. They are afraid of OTs. They are afraid of anyone stronger than themselves.

    Those that brought about the OT III incident, where are they now?
    They shouldn’t by coincidence be sitting right now up at INT/GOLD base?

    Thanks for your comm. Have a wonderful day.


    • Following the line of thought they would like to settle in the core indeed like a cancer destroying it from the inside out.

      • RJ, First of all my condolonces on the loss of your friends
        Cancer is a tricky Bastard, I lost family members to it.

        I do acknowledge the fact Cancer treatment has been an iffy venture. First the will power of the patïent is needed formost. Second they have to catch it in time. Third it has to be covered by your healthcare package in the states.

        As now adays the Church has you belief you do not have to spend money on medical insurance but hand it over to the Church of David to talk to your Organs as a treatment, Cancer will be detected in a very late stage.

        Alsoo I acknowledge It is not getting any better in the states with people out of work not being able to pay for health insurence.

        As I live in The Netherlands we have healthcare for everybody. Even the homeless guy gets health insureance to the standard to what I have at the moment when registering at a Homeless shelter.

        And we have Medical Maruhiana payed for for people with Cancer or Parkison or the condition that makes your eyes go left to right fast .

        Mariuhana, Cannabis, Hashies, weed , pot can be bought legally at our “coffee shops” (Yes our Capital is Amsterdam).

        In America you can get top notch treatment when you are RICH.

        There have been Breaktrhroughs on account of DNA mapping of cancers. But it will take 20 years before it will be practice in the states. The Big Health Insurers will hold it back as they always do.

        Alsoo drugs/medicine that targets cancercells

        And other Breakthroughs

        2009 has been a very goo year in researching Cancer.

        Mapping the Human Genome and now the Genomes of the various Cancer combined with treathments that are like smartbombs instead of daisy cutters makes it possible to taylor the treatments to the patïent.

        In my country doctors are now swirtching to these taylormade treatments combined with the 3 existing practices you mentioned.

        It saddens me that this comes late and your Country has to lift itself up by the Boothstraps before money and time is freed to get these traetments in place for the Comon man.

        American dïet is poorly. Cows get growth Hormones. Dioxine from waistburning ovens get into the air.

        I will finish on a high note. I am sad that that Illigal PC thing is going on. But here is what touched me.

        I have participated in “De Nijmeegse Vierdaagse” 12 times. It is a 4 day walking event in Nijmegen in the Netherlands. 40.000 participants. It has 30K 40K and 50K distances (20, 25 and 30 miles) per day depending on age and gender, military or civilian. A man that had Cancer and not long to live anymore, walked everyday to the starting line from the local hospital to participate and when finished he walked back and got in his hospitalbed.
        He would not let cancer stop him from his beloved walking. he died weeks later.

      • I sorry to read about your loss.

        Yes Holland is far saner in its handling of drugs.

        However, you got to understand that much of CIA’s black budget comes from drug dealing and if they went and legalized drugs or decriminalized them at least, that would blow their profit margin 😉

        Speaking of “profit margins”. Cancer is a growth industry here for pharmaceutical interests and the AMA (probably bigger drug dealers than CIA and the Cartels combined) in collusion with HMOs.

        This is obvious, because despite the fact that directed radiation seems to be more effective and less debilitating than chemo. The latter seems to be the most recommended course of “treatment”.

        Go figure.

        Genetics may be a fruitful course in cancer treatment but you have to understand, that understandably since the Eugenics movement, its had rather a bad rep.

        Personally, I’d say genetics may have some answers but not all.

        For instance you will notice that higher incidences of cancer occur in areas of high levels of radiation, including EMR. In fact there are studies that suggest that the ubiquitous cell phone may be more deadly than smoking a pack of Marlboros!

        Also you have industrial pollution holding a close second to that, with various toxins being pumped into the air and water that contain dioxins ala ‘Agent Orange’, mercury and other metals.

        So there are environmental factors as well as possible genetics.

        However, regarding auditing itself. Again I was never promoting it as an overall cure. I was just writing that many of these cases who have died may have been better off if they were allowed to continue their course of auditing, if they wanted or seek medical attention if they preferred.

        Or even have done both as in the course of what we call an assist. Yet in many cases they were just tossed off of their auditing programs, which I feel is technically and ethically wrong.

        Since as you and I know cancer is not necessarily terminal, with the proper treatment and care. The latter which is woefully in the current organization.

      • What I understand is: You have Cancer now you are worth nothing to the Church, Go away and die Alone.

        They take away your aclomplishments, Your selfworth and something that feels safe namely Auditing.

        Well it is the Church of David helping the Cancer Destroy you even quicker.

    • “RJ, about the extraterrestrial conspiracy, do you think the confidential OT VIII bulletin,
      Student Briefing, to be valid LRH material?”

      The “HCOB” you mention here comes from the “Fishman Affidavit” and its provenance is questionable as one OT VIII who is a well noted critic now, said he’d never seen it on the Ad Course he did.

      Not to mention that even within the Church itself that there have been a few times when HCOBs, PLs, FOs and alleged “REDs” were issued that the Ol’man never saw till he canceled them!

      I suggest you read the HCOB ‘Tech Correction Roundup’.

      Regarding David Icke. He is the ultimate conspiracy theorist who believes that lack of evidence is proof of a conspiracy!

      Also regarding the NWO as it is called these days or as Ron called them “one worlders”. Yes they have influence to a degree but I think that influence is over exaggerated by many including Icke and various others who seem to be fixated on it.

      From what I have observed there are various divergent groups who operate in tandem because they have the same elitist philosophy and view Scientology actual Scientology that is as a threat for various reasons. Not the least being monetary. This is covered in various GO Directives and the HCOPL ‘Counter Espionage ‘.

      Spirit, you are going to have to toss aside all generalities like the “New World Order” or even the “Government” or “IC” and realize that all these groups are composed of individuals and some (I’ve met them) who are actually supportive of the goals or aims of Scientology while there are others who are not. To the latter Miscavige whether controlled or witting or not is their perfect mole since he gives them plausible deniability.

      Regarding extraterrestrial influence, sure in the HCOPL ‘Current Planning’, Ron eludes to such, just as he does in the Lecture given in 1952 ‘The Role of Earth’ but he doesn’t say that they have any actual social, political or economic control over this planet. In fact as he says in the VIII lectures this planet has been quarantined!

      Probably the most accurate description of what is actually going on is given in the “Science Fiction” series ‘Mission Earth’!

      On the subject of the OT III Incident. Ron says himself what happened to those who brought about the catastrophe in RJ 67 and also about those who are mainly responsible for the attacks against Scientology and none of them come from any where near the seven sisters constellation!

      Though their plans and objectives may seem alien to many of us. They are not aliens!

      I suggest you listen to RJ 67 again.

      The incident is an engram, nothing more, that is currently being dramatized on a fourth dynamic scale and just like any engram it responds to Standard Tech. However after running it you don’t waste your time tracking down the personal associated with it. Unless you are Bill Robertson, I guess. By the way the original Confederacy is not the same as the Marcab Confederacy, so right there dear departed Cap’n Bill had the wrong target.

      Ron also discusses why those on NOTs would end up dying of cancer. Just like any process that turns something on you have to run it till it turns off. I mean this is covered in a most basic PL entitled appropriately ‘Processing’. Nicotinic Acid or Niacin can give you the same phenomenon as well! How you handle this is covered in the book ‘All About Radiation’.

      The person who dies of cancer either didn’t flatten the process because in many cases in the Church of Suppression or C of S they were prevented from doing so or they themselves rabbited and thus failed to erase or reduce the engram associated with it.

      Why this would be such a mystery to anyone who supposedly knows basic Dianetic theory, I do not understand!

      NOTs, you remember stands for NED for OTs.

      • A note on Radiation, Niacin and Cancer. Science has evolved. We live in 2010.

        Niacin is onley Vitamine B3,

        In case of liverdamage with recovering alcoholic Vitamine B complex is needed wich B1, B2, B3, B5,B6 and B12 are required along with a few other things.

        Vitamine B1 and B3 are for example found in rice WITH the fleece or jacket still on White Rice lost its nutricual valeu. B1 is good for the nerv system. And both B1 and B3 are needed for the energysuply for the body. B1 alsoo affects your mood. It makes you feel more confident and able.

        Vitamine B2 helps you to take care of stress and helps you adapt to a changing enviroment.

        Vitamine B6 is a multiple tasker. It helps with nervussystem, skin, forming of red bloodcels, Nerv and musscle function and proccesing fats and protiens.

        Vitamine B12 helps the body with the intake of iron to form red bloodcels.

        To restore liverdamage you don’t take it in huge amounts at once but over 3 to 6 months 1 pill of Vitamine B complex a day.

        Alsoo if you do Saunas you have to get fresh clean water in the body to replace the seated out moisture. 10 % loss of bodyfluids can affect your thought process sincerely. When you do exercise like long walks eat healthy food to give the body a chance to recuperate.

        Regardless of the Vitamine B complezx for liver damage all the Vitamines and such are needed by the body. Each drug is different. Each drug will destroy different areas and or Vitamines or other suplements the bodty needs. So different treathments for different addictions are needed.

        Radiation. Science has progressed and more knowlegde on Radiation has been begotten. It is 2010

        Cancer. For heaven sakes go to the doctor.

        • Cat Daddy, Thanks for the rundown on vitamins. It parallels Clear Body, Clear Mind pretty closely.

          • ‘mens sana in corpore sano,’

            ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’

            I did not want to mention that I was thinking about that. But now you touched on that. The way the purification rundown is done and the unwillingness to stray from the stuffing of huge amounts of b3 or Niacin into the body forgetting other helpfull nutricinal supplements is troublling me. Alsoo I understand the Sauna’s but do not understand why they are alowed to loose so much body fluid in the process, while fresh clean water wich is the stuff of all life on earth can keep your fluids up and alsoo help the body get toxins out. Loss of to much bodyfluids is preventable this way. The exercise or long Walks help the body to get rid of toxins by having the “motor” running at a higher speed. Needless to say all engines need fuel and taken care of. You can even go back to the diet of our ancestors who where vegetarians. A certified medical doctor should be there always to check on all aspects of the body of the person going to the *revised* purification rundown. Its easy to have taken blood and urine samples to check if anything is wrong, gets better or goes astray.

            Fresh water is the stuff of life and often times a forgotten medicine of sorts.

            With regards CD

            • Cat Daddy,
              This touches on why the C of M is not for long. Hubbard said over and over in tech lectures and in many ways, “there is no substitute for understanding”. See, you’d make a great C/S. You tailor the data to the individual before you and apply it for what is right for that individual. What you are alluding to is DM trained C/Ses who are trained NOT to understand, but to robotically apply. Nice comment.

              • Thank you for the compliment Marty.

                Case Supervisor is a very responsible “hat” I see.

                “Case Supervisor. The person in charge of assigning auditing regimens to Preclears or patients; she tells the Auditor or Scientology therapist what processes to run on the mark, and reviews the written worksheets of processing sessions.”

                I notice from the info I got on it that it is usually a woman. Well male nurses exist too.

                Those poor Scientology Therapists would get the impression that I was omnipotent because given that responsibility I would wake over a persons well being like a mother hen over her chiks.

            • CD, “The way the purification rundown is done and the unwillingness to stray from the stuffing of huge amounts of b3 or Niacin into the body forgetting other helpfull nutricinal supplements is troublling me.”
              Can you explain a little what you mean here? When I did the Purif, 27 years ago, one should drink water, eat salt and pottasium, to compentsate for what you lost in the sauna, the whole spectre of vitamins, minerals, virgin oil and eat plenty of healthy food. Niacin (B3) is just one of many ingredients. Has this changed? By the way, I have never felt better in my life when I completed after 5 weeks on the program.

              • First I will acknowledge your positive Experience and outcome of your own purification rundown 27 Years ago. In 1983 things just started turning under Miscaviage. Example:

                Gottabrain on ESMB:

                The Church of Scientology stole my TELEVISION.
                “The Church of Scientology stole everyone’s televisions in PAC in 1982 or 83 and put them all in the parking structure. It was a CMO Order.
                They claimed we were watching too much television and the waves were bad for our health… as IF anyone had time to watch more than an hour or two a week!
                Actually, they didn’t want us to see all the bad press.
                The Church of Scientology owes me my TV!!”

                Many things have changed in 27 years under DM. Can you imagine that much qualified personel has been lost under his “Care”. Knowledge lost. DM uses the purification rundown as plain punishment sometimes. Niacin is seen as the main supplement quantaties given multiplied:

                “Are there any risks associated with too much vitamin B3?
                It is difficult to get too much niacin from food sources, but you can get too much niacin when supplementing. Reactions range from flushing, itching, nervousness and headaches to intestinal cramps, nausea, and diarrhea. High doses of niacin can cause liver toxicity; doses in excess of 3 grams a day should be used only under careful medical supervision (for example, in the treatment of high cholesterol). Gout, abnormal heart rhythms and worsening of stomach ulcers have also been reported with very high doses of supplemental vitamin B3.”


                And you need to watch your virgin oil:

                “At present over 50% of the olive oil produced in the Mediterranean countries has high
                acidity and poor organoleptic characteristics, and is unsuitable for human consumption
                unless refined. Extra virgin oil accounts for barely 10% of the oil produced in many of
                these countries.”


                Maybe in the places far away from Gold they have the proper medical knowledge wich I doubt. And If David gets his hands on your children they won’t be going to medical school.

                I acknowledge your gain and win with the purification rundown and I suspect that you were a healthy young person in potential.

                But without qualified people things can go horrible wrong. And you touched on a thing why I became involved with the moral part of Anonymous most visible in protests. It is not the purification rundown itself but it has to do with treatment and care in the Church. This is why I opose the Church in its present form.

                My opinion is David Miscavige does NOT care, so this is reflected in the whole Organization. He is a Narcisist onley in love with himself.

                Whit regards CD

                • CD,

                  Miscavige and his sponsors has turned much of the tech into some form of punishment or torture.

                  Aside, from the Purif. The ‘Running Program’ is a good example. In LA where we were piloting it through New World Corp, we had a Medical Officer who supervised the people who were running on the program, handling any sprains, dehydration, lack of minerals or electrolites etc.

                  The runners ran during the evening when it was the coolest. They ran on an actual track, used during the day for ‘Track and Field’ and anyone having difficulties was given a review session.

                  This I found out later was much different from the way it was conducted at the Int Base!

                  There they had the runners running around a tree for sometimes 12-15 hrs a day (maximum time is only supposed be five hours with breaks, like as on the Purif), beginning in the morning and continuing through the hottest part of the day with temperatures in many cases exceeding the 100’s!

                  No actual track to run on which increased chances of injury!

                  Under the supervision of guards, instead of a Medical Officer or Doctor, so that they couldn’t escape their torture!

                  Though I didn’t work on the purif. I did hear and read similar horror stories, much later. Of people ordered onto the rundown for months at a time!

                  Let’s not forget how confessionals have been perverted to some form of “enhanced interrogation technique”. The only thing missing is water boarding aka “surfing” the person if he or she doesn’t admit to a litany of false crimes!

                  Not to mention what has happened to auditing in general where with the “revised” definition of an “F/N” the PC or PreOT is run far beyond any release on any grade or action!

                  You get the general idea Cat Daddy.

                  Like Orwell’s 1984:

                  Auditing is punishment, in the orgs these days.

                • CD Thank you for the answer, I totally agree on your view on DM and the current scene. My time within as an active public ended with the introduction of GAT and as staff member a few years before that. At that time, no news of the atrocities going on at Int had reached my part of the world.
                  Now and then I would pick up some news which I usually considered entheta (even though I many times thought it maybe could be the truth). It wasn’t until last August I started to follow this blog and others and got confirmed what I was thinking for myself in my darkest moments 🙂
                  There is no danger that DM will get hold of my kids, actually it was one of them who directed me to this site. Some years before that he was upset when I kicked two SO recuiters out of our house when they made him sign a contract, only 15 years old. Now he is very happy I refused to let him go.

                  Now, back to the Purif RD: I have studied all the HCOBs on delivery of the RD and I still believe if followed exactly as written, will produce good results. There are some theories on therapeutic dosages of vitamins that apply here, if a high dosage of one vitamin is balanced correctly with other vitamins, it is not harmful. But of course you would have to agree on that theory. What I was wondering about was that if this was changed in the last 20 years. To use the RD as punishment is totally nuts and could best be described as a suppressive act.

                  Keep up the good work!

      • First of all CD we were discussing Cancer that may have turned on during the auditing of NOTs. Not Cancer treatment in general which really hasn’t advanced all that much in the last sixty years despite claims otherwise.

        The three options still are surgery, radiation or chemo. Not much new there. A doctor will recommend one of the three depending on malignancy, metastasis and survivability of the patient (if they figure you can’t survive the treatment your SOL and stuck in a hospice TLC)

        Also the medical profession with the exception of a few States tends to ignore the efficaciousness of marijuana in curbing nausea caused by chemo.

        In fact they’d rather have the patient die first than seek comfort from this simple natural rather innocuous (when compared to other medications) herb.

        However, CD I wasn’t even discussing the medical profession’s medieval approach to cancer which shuns any alternative treatments that may be effective in its resolution other than the three mentioned above.

        Oh by the way all those cases on NOTs who were reported to have cancer were put on routine medical lines to resolve the condition, because they were now considered “illegal PCs” when the condition was discovered, including a couple of personal friends of mine and guess what?

        They still died despite what was considered “competent” medical care.

        Yes the medical profession has its place but in the treatment of cancer it definitely falls short and they’re stats about the same as David Miscavige.

        If you haven’t noticed cancer rates per capita are increasing not declining despite the the PR and the ACS’s best efforts to extort funding and institute repressive smoking bans.

    • Spirit,
      If you are still following this thread, the best way to understand the OT materials is to experience them. Prior to that it is strongly recommended that you complete the full study and auditing experience (given and received) of the full St. Hill Special Briefing Course.

      The above is much better than all the hearsay or interweb chit chat you could read. In fact, there is no substitute for the above. Including this little chit chat.

      I’m not being facetious about this or coy. I’m sincere and particularly in relationship to the subject at hand in the to and fro between you and I, right here.

      Good luck on your road to truth.

  43. Truth be told, you would decribe me as a critic of Scientology, though my criticism has always been about the corporate behavior of the organization, not the belief system. Put another way, I’d join the protest if you were prevented from practicing it. I think you’d be surprised that many critics feel the same way. (There are those who consider the totality of the belief system to be so flawed that if the Independent movement became dominant that it would inevitably lead to the same result as what DM’s Scientology has become; an interesting question that I think needs to be openly confronted by the Independent movement as your future plans evolve.)

    Anyway, that long introduction was really to set up this point: I have posted a few times on the blogs of these new, independent boards. I’m not here to bash but I can at times raise questions that can make Scns uncomfortable. Yet I’ve been pleased to see that the moderators have let all my comments be posted (except once; see below). I have taken this as a very positive sign. I always found it ironic that, when in the past I had a discussion about Scientology with a Scientologist, these supposed great believers in communication would often stop communicating.

    So, in Minerva’s blog, he/she wrote in the comments of the “Koon’s Age of Tech” post:

    “First step, Dan, is probably to get into valence. Your name is Dan Koon. It is not Joe Howard.”

    I don’t know if that is true or not, but I quoted that and replied:

    “Great idea Minerva! Remind me, who are you again?”

    That is my first post that didn’t make it through. It tells me pretty much everything I need to know about that blog.

    Have a great day everyone!

    • Brendon, Freaking hilarious about your question to Minerva. More Scientologists know me as Joe Howard than Dan Koon, since that was the name of a character I played in a Scientology training film that has been seen by many students in Scientology academies. That’s why I was blogging under that name. You have a great day too.

  44. Peter:-

    “NO – CB´s OT II is NOT the same as standard LRH OT II. Severe alterisness.”

    Debatable, or at least debatable if thats a problem. The difference is that CB recommended that those who didn’t go clear on
    the clearing course, look at the CC platens on OT 2.

    As it happens OT 2 was my favorite bridge level. So after doing up to OT 3 the standard way, was happy to go back to OT 2 and look at CC platens. Then did a bit more OT 2 and then a whole run again of OT 3. These actions are in fact a large part of original OT 4 where among other things one looks again at CC platens and
    then also OT 3.

    This is a slightly different scenario to doing CC platens on ones first run of OT 2. One friend did just that to tremendous results. The Ron’s
    Orgs people seem to do well on this.

    Maybe some real tech experts [ I’m not]may wish to comment.

    • Terril park , what’s your take on Ray Robles. I watched him on Youtube at a FZ conference explaining the History of the Grade Chart.

    • Well, Terril first all you don’t run the Platens or rerun R6GPMI on the original OT IV Solo section.

      You should look at it again.

      OT II and CC are two completely different levels. They occur at two different points on the track!

      Mixing them up is like running Grade 2 and 4 together, only worse if you mess up. Besides if you’ve already gone Clear running the CC series or Dianetics is pretty much a waste of time. Like running power or VA which might be fun if you haven’t run them but pointless. Not only that dangerous!!!!

      Same with running CC and OT II together. You might get away with it on the first run or set but what happens if you skip an item on one and go onto the next level not just another series?

      Man I don’t even want to think about it!!!!

      Well anyway I’m glad got away with it as we all learned on the BC “auditing is what you can get away with” and are happily here among us Terril 🙂

    • CB´s OT II is squirrel. That´s a FACT. Period.

  45. Independent Spirit

    RJ, how many versions of OT VIII have there been? More than one I think. Looks like some left the CO$ because of the statements about Jesus in that “HCOB”. And then DM cancelled it?

    About NWO or as Ron also called them “the enslavers of man”, they are not a very big group I think. They are at the top of the matrix, such as David Rockefeller and his associates. It is the same system much like CO$/Miscavige. Those below take orders, knowingly or unknowingly. They are controlling the planet with financial/tax systems and deceptive media as we all know. The top of the matrix is the controlling unit. Not all governments or organizations agree. I know that.

    I once witnessed Captain Bill Robertson having dinner with some current and not current INT staff. That is many years ago now.
    I have looked at CBR’s and LRH’s OT levels but I have chosen another route for now.

    About cancer. NOTs and Excalibur doesn’t handle cancer as we all know from I don’t know how many examples. And your local doctor doesn’t handle it either in many cases as we know from the cancer statistics. Niacin might handle something, but it also might not handle all. I doubt that you could handle mesothelioma or even glioblastoma with niacin. That is why I sent an anonymous e-mail to Marty suggesting what might be done.
    I heard from an acquaintance doing Excalibur that he was having a problem because just as he had finished a part of the NOTs case it was right back the next day. Untill he discovered that ED INT has a board with the names of people in the Free Zone and that they are sending NOTs “case material” down into peoples spaces. Some of this “material” could be cancerous. He handled his own NOTs problem. I have seen this problem mentioned on the web also. David Miscavige psycho terrorism.
    To be able to handle cancer you have to be cause over cancer. And that is not the EP of NOTs or ANY of the levels up and through CO$ OT VIII. And CBRs levels doesn’t handle it either. That is a fact. Else you could just finish the NOTs proces and the cancer would be gone. Not so. I had a friend on CBRs levels dying of cancer. And we have seen people on OT VIII dying of cancer. RJ, don’t you think these people would have erased the “engram” or gotten a correction list?

    Jim, thank you for your advice. I will be back with you later 2010 on this subject.

    Brendon, you a have point in saying “if the Independent movement became dominant that it would inevitably lead to the same result as what DM’s Scientology has become”. Did you see Marty’s comment on a horizontal organization? Associated groups of friends is a strong organization and have been so for many years.

    Cat Daddy, thanks for the data.
    Niacin/Purif. Be sure to have a medical check before starting it. Make sure to have enough sodium and potassium, and possibly magnesium and calcium in your blood. Your doctor can take an electrolyte and ECG test. There might be a problem with liver damage and niacin, but I never heard of such a problem with the old Purif.


    • I Spirit, The OT VIII “HCOB” mentioning Jesus was not written by LRH, was never authored nor issued within the church. It was created by a Scientology hater.

    • ISpirit,

      Like Marty says and as I alluded the “OT VIII” that appears in the “Fishman Affidavit” is a fabrication, so one can not consider it a valid “version”.

      All that I know about the people who have died of cancer so far within the Church itself was that they taken off the level, because as I wrote they were now considered “Illegal PCs” and moved onto medical lines.

      Whether, they would of survived if they were allowed to continue therefore is purely speculation based on the theory of auditing.

      I have read the rumors too about “Black NOTs” and some of them are pretty wild. Maybe there is some kind of psychic warfare going on behind the scenes. Any thing’s possible even if it isn’t plausible.

      It is within the realm of what is called in the deep dark black world of “Non-Lethal” technology. A program that paralleled the RV programs involving PK, Telepathy, etc.

      What is discussed in the book ‘The Men Who Stare at Goats’ and the following article:,9171,949946,00.html

      Much documentation exists to show that both the US and Soviets were doing research in this area. Much of it covered here by a friend of mine:

      However, the fact is that the situation we are dealing with regarding the Church is very easy to see and doesn’t require much research.

      Whether or not he is operating as a clandestine operative of some member of the IC makes no difference really.

      Because what he is doing isn’t Scientology!

      This is obvious without getting to the parapolitical implications of the scene or as others call it conspiracy theory.

      What the Ol’man feared would happen and what the GO sought to prevent when they were operating correctly per their policies and directives, has come to pass.

      Marty and others as far as I am concerned are doing the correct handling on the scene by creating an independent field that is free from the “Church’s” contamination.

      An actual Safe Point per the PR Series.

    • I often say my country is my religion:

      “Survival rates for patients with cancer continued to improve substantially throughout the 1990s despite expectations that they would level off, according to a Dutch study analysing cancer registration data since the 1950s.”

    • Spirit small aditionalnote: Expand Niacin wich is onley Vitamine B3 with Vitamine B Complex. You can call it Niacin Plus to apeace Scientologists. And dont give more than is healthy. Do research on safe quantaties. There are alsoo Vitamine Comlpex pills with ALL Vitamines and substaces in it even those you mentioned yourself.

      With Regards CD

  46. Independent Spirit

    Marty and RJ, thanks for your comments and links.

    A very dear friend of mine left for the Free Zone in 1983/84. Primarily because of the price increases and because he thought LRH had been “killed”. He was OT V.

    I wonder if any of you will comment on how these price increases came about in 1982/83.
    5% per month I think it was. Who ordered these price increases?

    With Pat Broeker and Miscavige having control
    of the comm line to LRH it is difficult to know what LRH ordered or not, I feel. What is LRH tech and not. But of course you can test it and see if it works. And if it works use it.


    • The price increases started in ’77 I believe per a RED called “Solution to Inflation” increasing the prices 5% in the US and 10% in the UK (the pound had sank to below par to the USD which meant that you could get training and auditing then at a quarter of what it cost in the US), because according to the RED prices hadn’t increased for over 20 years yet Orgs like everyone else were subject to double digit inflation.

      Any way, some bright spark in services, despite the fact that LRHEDs are only valid for one year continued raising prices on that formula until the early ’80’s when an eval was done that found out that we were pricing ourselves out of existence!

      At that point the prices were slashed back to about double of the original prices before the price increase which is where they stayed through out the 80’s.

      Then in the early ’90’s with the first release of “the Basics” and the new Tech and OEC Vols, they just arbitrarily jacked up the prices again!

      Get this!

      For all Orgs with the exception of Flag.

  47. Cat Daddy // January 15, 2010 at 11:20 pm | Reply

    “Terril park , what’s your take on Ray Robles. I watched him on Youtube at a FZ conference explaining the History of the Grade Chart.”

    I’ve had little interaction with Rey Robles. He has been an independant auditor for some decades, he also hosted the UK FZ conference for many years, the recent conference was
    hosted by ” Dianaclass8″

  48. “There is no danger that DM will get hold of my kids, actually it was one of them who directed me to this site. Some years before that he was upset when I kicked two SO recuiters out of our house when they made him sign a contract, only 15 years old. Now he is very happy I refused to let him go.”

    Now there is some hands on parenting ! You Sir have my Axe.

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