Declaration of Independence from a true friend of LRH

Anybody who has known Sarge for a while understands why I consider him a special friend.  He is the kind of person whom one just enjoys occupying the same space with. It is no wonder LRH considered him a true friend.

My name is Steve Pfauth. I’m known by many other names: Sarge, Rodney, Richard, Alan and Joe, and others. There were times when I wasn’t sure who I was. I did a lot of security/comm stuff for LRH. I am from Michigan. I was as you a seeker of truth and freedom. I went from Michigan to FCDC, where my life as a Scientologist began. I left FCDC for the SO in Nov. 75. I went to Clearwater and was a security guard for LRH at Duneden. When LRH went to California I followed and went to “W’ (winter head quarters). When that went south I went to ‘S’ (summer headquarters) Int. I then went to ‘X’ when Mike and Kima Douglas blew. LRH didn’t just like me, he trusted me. After ‘X’ closed I came back to ‘S’. It was difficult because I had to stay in comm with Pat Broeker for comm relay between Int and LRH. I suggested I leave and go anywhere that I could operate without any hassles. I then became a ‘Rover’.

I was controlled by LRH via Pat. I just had fun! Being directly on LRH’s lines was very hard but I always had fun. After lots of adventures Pat took me to the ranch at Creston. I got there in May of ’83’ to help set things up. I was those “other Scientologists” that Vaughn Young talked about. That was a way to protect me. I was at Creston when LRH dropped the bod. I signed the death cert and the last will. If you don’t believe it look it up on the web. I blew the RPF in Jan of 89. I blow good! Still blown after all these years.

My only problem was leaving my friends behind. I have never met so many wonderful people as the dedicated Scientologists I had the privilege to know. Well, here I am comming to old and new. I would like to support my friends in a mission of truth and freedom. I am not a crusader. I do have to support truth and freedom. Hell, Thats why I joined the church in the first place. I do not like all the LRH bashing. LRH was not perfect. Forget all the PR. The Tech was real and the Tech works. LRH was a genius. How did LRH audit every day without an auditor or CS? Could you do that? Please understand we need to save the Tech. Please discard all the black PR. I got so much case gain, there is no way I can bash source.

Marty and I go way back together. He is going to allow me to post stories on his site. I consider it a privilege. I am going to try to keep my ego out of it and just tell the truth, as difficult as it may be. I need to tell the truth about the last days. I am no longer connected in any way with the current Church of Scientology but I cannot abandon all of LRH’s efforts to help people and clear this planet. Till his death he lived Scientology.

Love, Sarge

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  1. Dear Steve,

    Welcome. I can’t await to read what you have to tell.
    Right, LRH was a genius but not God. He discovered the rective mind and we should respect him for that and don’t care about if he lived right lifr.

  2. Sarge,

    It’s a pleasure to meet you!

    I’m floored by the wealth of information you must have. I’m SO looking forward to hearing all you have to say and I hope you communicate here often and abundantly!


  3. Wow.

    Thanks for publicly join this group!

    I´m happy to have such great company here. Also thanks for the things that you would be sharing with us.

    Roberto Sánchez Núñez

  4. Sarge! Great to see your mug on the Internet! Looking forward to your stories. I hope you include one about how LRH said you LEC guys could wear crash helmets on the courier runs because the traffic in SoCal was so crazy! All the best, my friend. Dan

  5. Great to see you here!

    I am looking forward to hearing the truth about what went on around LRH before he departed. There is so much hogwash about it on the net.

    Welcome again!


  6. Dear Sarge, THANK YOU for stepping out and sharing your experiences with us! Welcome!

  7. Wow!!!!!!!!! I love this A to B mood! And the simple word “Admiration” is appropriate

  8. Martin Padfield

    Wow! We are truly in hallowed company. Welcome and thanks for joining what is turning into a hell of a party!

  9. Steve,
    Correct me if I’m wrong, but didn’t you and I bunk at the old Campbell house at HV while on the RPF?

  10. Welcome.

    There is indeed a lot conflicting PR out there — on all subjects related to CoS, LRH and Scientology. The “truth” seems to be as varied as the viewpoints uttering them. I look forward to hearing what you have to say.

  11. Glad to see you out as an Independent Sarge, old buddy! Can’t wait to hear your stories!

  12. Sarge,

    Thank you greatly for returning and speaking up.

    I totally applaud and support you in your viewpoint on LRH.

    Please don’t make it too long before your next posting, I’m really not sure I can now wait all that long.

  13. Dear Steve,

    Thank you for joining Independents publicly.

    Can’t wait to read your future posts and your truth regarding LRH and his last few years!

    What an honor to have you with us! 🙂

  14. Welcome to our family Sarge. I have heard so much about you already.
    Love Mosey

  15. Steve,
    ’89 was a very good year – I blew that year as well. Don’t know that we ever met, but welcome, a pleasure to be in the same group. I look forward to more of what you have to say to concerning LRH! Since leaving the church, the contrary facts (Church PR vs. internet stories) about LRH have been disconcerting to say the least. All that aside, yes, the gains from application of LRH tech have been phenominal.

  16. Sarge, Welcome Aboard! This is what is needed the truth to come out about the final years of LRHs life from your viewpoint. All of us are waiting with baited breath to hear your stories.

  17. Sarge
    I have tears in my eyes.
    The truth has been hidden for too long.
    As Scientologists (and friends of LRH) we all have a right to know the truth.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you for stepping forward.
    This will blow so much charge for the group – I admire you in the strongest terms for doing the right thing.
    As for LRH not being perfect – none of us are. After all he did and went through though in the name of unconditional love he can do no wrong in my eyes.
    Tell your story… ummmm soon please?!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Underground For Now


    Welcome to this group of ‘INDY’S”. You are a perfect fit. I am excited about reading the stories you have to tell about LRH.

    I very much agree with your viewpoint concerning the life of L. Ron Hubbard.

    I also agree with others when they write, “What an honor to have you with us”.

  19. Sarge, Seeing you here filled me with the (ruthless) warmth so familiar and dear to me from the days I felt LRH on the line.

    Really, words are not enough to describe the comfort.

    Hello and Thank you for being here.

    Yes, compassion can be ruthless;) but *never unkind*.

  20. Sarge,

    Thanks for your declaration and I look forward to your stories about LRH. I hope they will balance out a lot of the negativity out there.

  21. Yes, I am very curious to hear this. It’s been a big mystery sandwich to so many of us, making it all the more difficult really to come to terms with Ron checking out. I’m really looking forward to your posts, man you just eminate credibility.

  22. … and profound gratitude to Marty.

    It seems to me you’re still on post despite severe, unpredicted attempts at obstruction!

    Words pale in attempts to express gratitude!

    The truly great know what to respect and follow (regarding Scientology tech, perfectly standard application of a subject) and bring all their own experience and mastery and contributions to life.

    Marty, the word ‘thank you’ seems so so small! Thank you for owning with full courage your responsibility as a phenomenal spot-on auditor.

    Thank you for creating the initiative of safe space for our community and for the true legacy of a very cool guy, human and all, that we know and love as LRH.

  23. Dear Steve, very well done and welcome in this very special group. I’m more than interested in finding out true events never told about the old Man I deeply respect!!! Ignazio.

  24. becomingAware

    Welcome Sarge !

    I hope the urge to write occurs often! The vacuum has been sucking in a lot of crap. It would be more than nice to know.

  25. Hi Sarge!

    I’m so glad you posted this, it clears up a bit of a mystery for me as yours was the only name on LRH’s will that I didn’t recognise.

    It sounds like you have some very interesting stories to tell. I hope that you will share them with us very soon. I would especially love to hear what happened with LRH in the last few years and where Broeker and Miscavige fitted in.


  26. Welcome, welcome, welcome! So glad you are here.

    Please set the truth free for us – as others have posted, the clear track of LRH’s last years needs to be out in the sunshine.

  27. Wow. Welcome aboard, Steve. Looking forward to hearing your stories and I hope that telling them brings you a fresh sense of freedom.

  28. Hey there Sargio! Great to see a new picture of you on this blog. Looking forward to more stories, buddy.

    Love, Ted

  29. Thank you for dispelling all that black PR against LRH. I appreciate that.

    I too know that the Tech works so let’s defend it! and very nice that you are here.

  30. Serge!
    I screamed of joy when I read your Independence anouncement! my sons were here with me and said what? what? and they red with me your story. We, at home, are waiting to hear many of your stories, but must of all, we want to know the truth, what happened to the man who cared so much for all of us? we can’t continue allowing rumors to be told.
    We are craving to hear your storys!!!
    Wellcome back!!!
    and Start!

    Much love, your friend too

  31. Sarge,

    We met a few times in the mid 80’s, though I don’t expect you to remember me. Verify my pedigree by asking Marty about me.

    I do have a question that I hope you will address in one of your posts.

    There is credible documentation around the internet that, within essentialy hours of Hubbards passing, DM and his gang “assaulted” the family members, Mary Sue and the kids, telling them that LRH calmly and deliberately dropped his body, but was so disgusted and embarrased by his family that he didn’t take the time to say goodbye. This was done in the most viscious way possible, to get them to sign over the heirs rights to copyrighted works … the disposition of which is a matter of law.

    I am not interested in something to degrade the memory of the man, but real context of his passing. My understanding is that he had a stroke weeks before, was highly distressed and ill until his passing, he did not perfectly organize his life and tech … it was the untimely passing of an ill human body.

    Any real context to this would probably be greatly appreciated by those who considered hubbard a friend, as well as his family. The truth is not always pretty, but it provides context and relief, allowing people to let go.

  32. Welcome Sarge!

    Thank you for your declaration, can’t wait to read your stories!


  33. Hi Alan, Good to have you here. Could you comment on the “crusader” status? Is that bad to be a crusader?

  34. This……

    There is a feeling I used to get, when I would walk in to the LRH office late at night at FCDC.
    Sometimes I would go there just to look at the titles of the books on the bookshelves.
    It wasn’t so much reverence, as much as it was that you could sense that the anchor points were clean, and there was a definate PRESENCE to them. You could feel a connection.

    Well, Sarge, I have that feeling once again. I look forward to your stories from some one who was there.

    Thank you for sharing.

    And welcome.

  35. Well Sarge, it is a pleasure and an HONOR to meet you. Thank you for your Independence and for speaking the truth! I am more than excited and anxiously await your future posts!
    So glad to have you here as part of all of us!

  36. Sarge,

    Wow you remind me of those heady days back at the complex when the Ol’man would make his surprise visits 🙂

    Anyone who thinks Ron was incapacitated or in some kinda coma in the final days doesn’t know the real story.

    (Probably a problem with projection as the psyches say 😉 )

    The last time I physically saw Ron was flying by in an Austin-Healey on Fountain Ave waving and smiling at me as he was clocking 70 🙂

    Sarge I’d love to read you stories and I’m so thrilled you are among us 🙂

    I can’t stop smilin’ 🙂 🙂 🙂

  37. “I do not like all the LRH bashing” I really like that that was said. I keep coming into contacted with people who are LRH haters. I am not in the CO$ for very long. Long enough tho to get many hours of sec check & to put myself in lots of debt. But never did I think the man who could write Science of Survival could be crazy or evil. Not until now do I realize that it is was COB changing tech & lieing over & over to all public about stats & what LRH actually wrote & said.

  38. Theo Sismanides

    Hi Sarge and welcome,

    Big Hug from Greece, Athens!! We are all lined up here and staying tune to hear you. A lot of respect to a man like you who served LRH and was so trusted by the old man.

    I want to really thank you for standing up for… truth. This is one thing we can never forget or pass by, this is the meaning of truth in Greek: Aletheia, that which cannot be forgotten or not ised.

    Thanks for being here in this beautiful group!!

  39. Sarge,

    You are truly honourable. Thank you for standing up and now all of us get to hear more truths. This is wonderful

  40. Hello Sarge,

    thank you for coming forward to tell us your stories with LRH. I can’t wait to read them.


  41. Hi Sarge,

    Thanks for speaking out! I will call you Sarge even thought I don’t know you because it seems to fit you well.

    I cannot wait to hear all of your stories! I wish you knew where Pat Broeker was! That would be explosive!!


  42. Thought provoking


    I am honored that you have joined us!

    What started for me as as a simple quest for truth about a newspaper article has resulted in a complete turnabout in how I view the church, leaving some questions about LRH specifically unanswered and I didn’t think that I would ever really find out for sure. But, I was satisfied with this groups intentions and commitment to LRH and their purpose to help others in the church.

    Lo and behold, I read your declaration of independence today and I am truly thrilled.

    I wait for your communication, perched on the edge of my seat, even. I think your input may give us the needed track to fully as-is all that has happened to Scientology since LRH has been off the line.

    I wanted to give you a HUGE welcome! I am glad that you are back!

  43. martyrathbun09

    I was part of the gang. It was some time after LRH’s passing that the meeting took place. You’ve got the general gist of it right. I’ll tell the whole story some day.

  44. Kathy Braceland

    Wow Steve. I’m honoured to meet you. I LOVE your prelude! I’ll stay tuned….

  45. Dam, this is an exciting time to be a Scientologist! This is what it felt like when I started.
    Welcome aboard Steve.
    Thanks Marty, Mosey, Jim, Mike, Steve and everyone else that is making this such a fun uptone educational adventure.

  46. Hi Steve,

    Welcome to the forum.

    There are some important unanswered questions, that you could help answer.

    Did LRH take the motorhome out on road trips in the Summer?

    Were there any discussions about land purchases in 1983?

    Who carried the cash to the land sellers?

    Did LRH’s health have any sudden setbacks, particularly in mid-1984?

    Was LRH actually cremated, or was it possible that his body was taken elsewhere?

  47. “…credible documentation around the internet that, within essentialy hours of Hubbards passing…”

    Does not seem to make sense. The immediate priorities were PR and the big Event days afterwards.

  48. Concerned Citizen

    WOW!! If there is something that has peeved me over the years, is the lack of verifiable or reliable true data regarding LRH and his departure. His name has been soiled in a most vicious way and that shrimp of a man has stood by doing nothing to defend him and everything to prevent truth to clarify the million unanswered mysteries of his life. Finally someone who can shed some truth. If there is something needed and wanted it is truth. I know the man made mistakes, some serious ones, like anyone ever admired by man has made. But I know in my heart that none of his mistakes are as bad as the ugly rumors that have floated viciously soiling his reputation. Please do help clean up his name; please do help tell the truth. Thank you for being part of this group in spite of what it may cost you in terms of privacy and safety. I appreciate it.
    To us (my family)this group is vital. It is new hope and people like you are the pillars of it.

    Thanks again and welcome to freedom

  49. Yes Marty, someday I’d like you to post the story. I was obvious to me that Art and Suzette had some kind of major ARCx in relation to the whole incident, that Mary Sue became a virtual recluse and Diana just disappeared into the maw of Int Base.

    I myself, I wondered what the hell happened?

  50. Nothing is more interesting than LRH, Mark.

    Why can’t you tell the story now? The entire world would listen. All wanna know.

    His death is still a big mystery, including the constantly change of the will even one the day before his death… Smells very suspicious to many.

    Was the FBI involved? Was DM in a hurry to get him buried? Why were none of LRH’s kids with him? What were is last words? LRH was anti-drugs. What’s the deal with the Vistaril, the unkempt hair, the long fingernails? That’s not the LRH we know.

  51. Wow, how good that is.
    So, I wasn’t alone in 1986 thinking there must be something awfully wrong with LRH’s departure. It wasn’t the style of LRH .
    Why didn’t we ask questions ? Why did all those people clap their hands and shout “hurray ! hurray!”.
    We should have asked for an investigation, but there was no tool for it. It’s about time this is done.


    Marty, thank you for doing this. You got all my support. It’s about time we get rid of all those suppressed doubts, thoughts, feelings, questions and become totally free beings. Your help and this from Steve on it. will be very much appreciated. Let there be unrestricted communication about the TRUTH.

  52. I can’t be sure if this site is actually Pro-Scientology. Can anyone confirm?

    Sarge – I’m drooling to hear your full story. Hope all is well.

  53. D(evil)M(an) told at the latest event he has 206 000 VM’s worldwide, the biggest help organisation, bigger than the Red Cross.
    For Haiti they recruited 20 people and are still looking for some more, while the red cross and all other organisations and the US Army are already there helping.
    Does he really believe his own nonsense ?
    Nevertheless, great respect for the VM?s going there.

  54. Sarge,

    This is such a wonderful surprise. In my heart I knew this day would come.

    Spiritually. You weld a mighty sward.

    In light of yesterdays; ‘OSA Terrorism Backfires’ the timing is impeccable. …Marty. knotty.

    It is in my words, straight up “standard” 3rd Dynamic Clearing,
    (yet the media will never understand. But they will note this, without fail.)

    For there is no “standard” in 3DC. But it’s there. Thanks to Ron. Who first spoke of it.
    Theta, and always, three-feet-behind…
    …only now lived for real. It is Glorifying Sarge.
    Absolutely wonderful! It is truly pioneering.
    We’re going straight through.

    I know my responsibilities. They are small. If not great. But nevertheless, wildly sped up, on Ron’s postulates. Impatiently held in Time and Space; for there is time and space; [for everything] for the Universe was, is, and always will be, greater then Ron. Greater then me. Blessings, greater then you.

    So we work.

    Sarge, have fun!


  55. Sarge,

    This is such a wonderful surprise. In my heart I knew this day would come.

    Spiritually. You weld a mighty sward.

    In light of yesterdays; ‘OSA Terrorism Backfires’ the timing is impeccable. …Marty. knotty.

    It is in my words, straight up “standard” 3rd Dynamic Clearing,
    (yet the media will never understand. But they will note this, without fail.)

    For there is no “standard” in 3DC. But it’s there. Thanks to Ron. Who first spoke of it.
    Theta, and always, three-feet-behind…
    …only now lived for real. It is Glorifying Sarge.
    Absolutely wonderful! It is truly pioneering.
    We’re going straight through.

    I know my responsibilities. They are small. If not great. But nevertheless, wildly sped up, on Ron’s postulates. Impatiently held in Time and Space;  for there is time and space; [for everything] for the Universe was, is, and always will be, greater then Ron. Greater then me. Blessings, greater then you.

    So we work.

    Sarge, have fun!


  56. Marty,

    I can’t post from my laptop since we talked.

    My posts are not showing up on your blog, unless I go through a via.

    However, when I repost, I get a WordPress notice “I already said that” warning. And I do get notice in email to Confirm Notification follow-up..of said “no-show” post.

    I doubt I am blocked by you.

    are you getting this one? If so email me. tm 2 days

  57. Honored to meet you.

    Damned right, forget the bashings and PR, just get the truth out.

    Marty´s is quite a plaza! Reserving a spot in front for Steve´s next appearance..

  58. Dying to hear the whole story Marty… it’s such an essential period of our history and we are left in mystery!

  59. Jeez!!! If we were to organize an international event just within the readers of this blog (OSA morons can stay out!!) to be held at the biggest stadium someplace (Italy perhaps) it’d be full of people without any need to do 2 months of call-in all hands like they do for the IAS event in October.

  60. Welcome back Sarge! I believe we met in the summer of 1984 at Int when I first went uplines as a new recruit expediting for the Office of Senior C/S Int. As I recall, you were in External Comm.

  61. martyrathbun09

    wallflower. It is a C of M propaganda spot. Your first clue is no person is associated with it. In other words it is anonymous. Take another look at the post The Great Middle Path Redux of a couple months ago.

  62. Marty wants to get paid well first, before releasing his Informations about LRH. I wouldn`t belive him, anyway. He and Sarge now could say whatever they want,and you would swallow it down cold without further questions.

  63. @NOTSaware: Why do you think need a Stadium for 20 or 30 People?

  64. I am impressed by the fact that so many people declare themselves independent scientologist. I am excited to see what happened next and when DM is blown away..

  65. Marty,

    Would love to hear the detailed and specific story.

    I think it is important on many aspects; DM has actually built a picture for the church and public that LRH fully codified everything, including the upper OT levels, and all his affairs before calmly laying down and “leaving the body”. Both visible and buried outpoints and contrary facts abound … why no release of the upper OT levels or superpower, why did LRH miss so many errors in his books, which he considered the lifeline of the church, testimony from those on the tech lines that OT levels were not complete. The only thing that makes sense was that his death was untimely and unexpected.

    Sinar; I believe the immediate actions were to consolidate power, first with the staff and the parishoners … the events were to release the information of his death in a controlled way so as to prevent chaos and confusion and clearly turn over control, if not primarily transfer loyalty to DM. I re-examined some of the reports, and they did not give a time following his death that the gang assault on his family occured, I assumed it was hours, per marty it was days, weeks or something of the sort. But it makes sense that the family had to be a priority. Apparently in the US, copyrights in a persons name go to ones heirs regardless of the will. I believe LRH always copyrighted his work in his own name, not a trust, or a corporation. The heris had to sign controll of the copyrights under DM control in order to consolidate his power base.

    SnoWhite; questioning of sources, facts and information is essential for all of us, an essential component of attaining and maintaining freedom of thought, action and direction. However your comments are just plain nasty, where you could be thoughtful and helpful. What are you trying to do?

  66. To further an earlier point. The context of LRH’s passing means a lot to the continuity of the tech, particularily the upper levels. If DM does not have explicit and complete, piloted and developed OT levels, then the church is no more standard and has no “hidden data line” to the magic pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

    In fact, what that could indicate is that the best knowledge may be laying with those who personally worked with hubbard, most of whom have been exiled from the church and are in the independant field. It stands that collaborative efforts between them stands to produce a more standard or pure product than the church might produce.

  67. Oh wow Sarge! This must be big you brought OSA (oops sorry I mean ‘snow white’ back out of the woodwork. Do all you bloggers agree on sening this idiot to coventry? No comm. Sarge’s story is way to important to worry about little
    cur dogs yapping at our heels.

  68. Oh my, haven’t heard snowhite’s voice for a while. I guess he’s just been hangin’ back, watching (heard he likes to watch).

    Is this subject of particular interest to you, sno? It almost looks like it might be strangely important to you to quickly discredit anyone who knows the truth of LRH’s passing. Not that you have any power to do that here. God, what a funny thought that is! Hooohoooo…

    Anyway, I am very interested to know the truth of this subject, of course, but I have no doubt that Marty and Sarge have plans for the revelation of what they know, and I can wait patiently for all to be told.

    Sort of patiently.

  69. Friend,
    It has been pointed out that Snowhite, from earlier fame on this blog, is in fact posting on the OSA copy site. The address for that site is on the previous thread. Indeed, Snowhite posts there. Kind of a coinky-dink. Sno is merely forwarding the ill-conceived OSA black PR of Marty, and the rest of us.

  70. Snowhite,
    It’s not the numbers dude, it’s the competence. How many real OTs do you think it’s gonna take? I can answer that, you are looking at us.

    I think you’d best re-evaluate the efficacy of Scientology when practiced by real Scientologists. You’re here posting again, how come?

  71. Sam,
    You’re right of course, the only power l’il snowball head gets is from the theta line given them. I will try and restrain my urge to have a snowball fight. I’m living in Canada and it’s hard to resist when the white stuff falls not to roll some together and plonk one on the nose of the other fella. In this case though, it’s kinda like picking on somebody who throws like a girl. (No offence to the girls posting here as I sure don’t want a snowball fight with yous guys. You’re pretty darn scary, in a positive sense.)

  72. Well, Marty, every day a little more sunlight shines on your plan and it comes more and more into focus.

    I like it!

    The Op DM ran to wrest control of Scientology was pure genius. Everyone who was close to the Ol’ Man has been removed from the picture; bought off, run out or intimidated into silence.

    This is no coincidence because the shore story – and, thus, DM’s power -depends upon their silence.

    But most of all, it depends upon their isolation from one another. One voice can be denied but together, they represent a clear and present danger.

    You, my friend, are bringing them together, with Sarge the latest and what a coup he is.

    I, too, can’t wait to hear his story.

    Keep digging, Marty, and bringing more of LRH’s loyal officers out of the darkness and back into the light.

    Turns out there’s a bit o’ genius in you, too.

    (For the record, it’s Snowhite’s 2nd grade literacy that I find most appalling.)

  73. The world will be watching.

  74. What was the true intention given by LRH after he swapped the temporary for the eternal and how it differs from the path DM took it on that is my main intrest.

  75. I’m sorry Sarge never mind that I was having a bad day. Very glad you’re here and helping things along.

  76. “(For the record, it’s Snowhite’s 2nd grade literacy that I find most appalling.)”

    That is what you get when you are janked ouit of school to join the SO prematurely.

  77. Martin Padfield

    “Nevertheless, great respect for the VMs going there.”

    Absolutely LO. No doubt DM will try and turn any selfless acts by humanitarian scientologists into a propoganda coup and bask in the reflected glory in that odious nauseating way that has become his trademark, but lets support ANYONE that goes to that hellish scene 100% without qualification or prejudice.

  78. Huck,
    Sno be foreign language original speak. No Henglish as forst tonge this lafftim.

  79. does anyone here think Sarge may be in danger? I know it sounds extreme, but something like this data on Ron could be very big, and dead agent the idea that Miscavige was somehow appointed by Ron, thus dead agenting pretty much the rest of what followed under Miscavige. How far would Miscavige go to protect himself?

  80. Cat D,
    Not so as a generalized comment. My ex-wife was on the ship as a 12 year old. She, along with other Messengers, word cleared the dictionary and was told by LRH when she asked how he knew ‘all this stuff’, ‘READ!’

    Good advice then, good advice now. LRH’s library was full and extensive.

  81. I don’t want the thread hijacked but I doubt we are looking at OSA. I’m guessing by the sentence construction a young German disaffected Anon who sees Marty as a bad guy. (Operation) Snowhite is also a dead giveaway. I’m not sure OSA’s ironic enough to use that ID.

    On to more important matters: Marty, are you planning on peeling this onion slowly?

  82. martyrathbun09

    Pam, I initially met Sarge almost a year ago. He is safe pointed. Let them make and move. It won’t be pretty for them.

  83. Theo Sismanides

    Hi guys, hi you wonderful people,

    I missed you. I am on the other side with the crocodiles and the mad dogs (and the Snowhite hahaha, he is posting on OSA blog)! I am having fun today, I admit I didn’t follow some advice, I couldn’t help it, I am there and posting away and there it is like a morgue, very rigid, very solid citizen type of blog.

    I salute everybody, I am off the ramparts into the enemy lines and I am having fun!!!

    This is so hilarious. OSA are forced now to copy Marty’s site and are forced to talk to squirrels hahah and SP declareds hahaha, I mean this is so hilarious, poor guys. I told them why don’t you shut the site and go read books. They are just forced to communicate out of their waters. Poor fellows.

  84. ye Jim, not meat this Finns yet, can tell.

  85. Sarge,

    What an honor to have you here! I’m with all the others in looking forward to your stories, and seeing some Truth to fill in all the rumors. Maybe you can even do a video so that we can put it on youtube. That could have a huge impact for years and years to come.

  86. Jim Logan. It was a direct comment to what Huckleberry said in the end of his comment. I doubt Snowhite is old enough to have known LRH like your wife personnaly. Different Times. Times have changed. With DM at the helm a 12 year old is considred perfect for indoctrination and to work 14 hour days. I really wisch for all children to read as much as they can and if they have more intrest in craftmansghip to be thought a craft of there choosing. Your wife was 12(bless her heart) in a different Time (Unit). Now adays if the Church of Davey can pry a child out of your parents supervision they will enslave that child or if you will denie a “Thetan” experiencing the world. I know every person has a different story and I am sure your wife has had good experiences back in the day and with you as a husband. But the Church of David wants slaves and if they can get them young that is evenbettertheir opinion.

    Knowlegde is power, And knowlegde is not what David has in mind for his “flock”

  87. It is so good to hear from you Sarge. I was at Int when DM sent quite a few (if not all) Creston staff to the RPF. I didn’t understand it. Later there were whisperings. When you left it was concerning. I don’t think we ever met but I knew of you and it was always a mystery what happend to you. Many caring staff at Int were conerned. It is so good to see you are alive and kicking!

  88. Snowhite you are putting so much effort to play the oppterm. One day you will snap terminals and join us. 😀

  89. Marty,
    Funny enough, reading your comment I got the image of a bunch of our fellows in OSA, mouths agape, frozen in anticipation…HOLY SH…!

    I also imagine them running around in circles, wondering which way to go, and the last thing they`ll figure out is where Sarge is. Well, obviously my fellows, he`s right here. And he`s communicating. OH, OH!

  90. Cat D,
    Point made and taken.

  91. Silvia,
    That piece of insight is true of many other ‘goings-on’ on l’il ol’ planet earf and the subject of Scientology. Hmmm, makes you wonder if some ‘other guy’ might have known that too.

  92. *cough* can be a young disaffected german SO member as well.

  93. Sam,

    I agree wholeheartedly. Send Snowhite and her 7 dwarves to Coventry!

    She is an idiot and so obviously an OSA spy. She doesn’t even contribute anything useful. I’ve heard better arguements from Anonymous than this Snowflake.

    I vote for the cold shoulder – Snowhite, I offically send you to Coventry!

  94. And probably like the other OSA and CoM sites, it’s a site from which OSA can cull IP addresses of visitors and posters to get the geographic locations.

    The Co$ is in a never-ending game puzzle of “stop em all to catch the SP trying to bring down Julius Caesar.” It’s a big ca$h cow pushing that “you are evil” button and keeping the bovines corralled, eating Caesar salad.

    Real evil is not the public and those of us being conscientious and earnest about our slightest wrongs and faults. Real evil never questions itself. Eventually it can’t see 😦

  95. Before making any further comments do me a favor, make a huge clay demo of an OSA Moron and don’t forget to put your name on the label once that is complete. Send a picture of it in your compliance report. TM 24 Hrs!

  96. Snowhite, OMG REALLY there are only 20 or 30 of us!?!? You really scared and demoralized me. (not)

    You’ve emerged from the forest of 7 (countable) dwarfs Doc (pretended source) Sneezy (PTS), Grumpy (oooo), Bashful, Dopey, Happy, and Sleepy (misunderstood words).

    The evil queen cannot change the as-isness that Theta (Life), not her (nor you), is the fairest one of all.

    Wake up well.

  97. I don’t think the german teen person known as Snowhite is an OSA spy. I think Snowhite has parents in the Church of David because of the time abundence Snowhite must have to be on the internet. Sea Org and Staff members do not have much free time these days.

    On part of Anonymous, thank you for the compliment*wink*

  98. God, does this blog bypass “Chairman of the Board” left right and center Across The Boards! into he deepest Non-E possible. If he were not already below any any any condition I could even think of, this blog surely puts him there for a very long TT ahead.

    Sarge, Sir, I am in AWE, and Marty, Sir, I just repeat myself: Thank YOU!

  99. Marty,

    I’m in agreement with the others – I would dearly like to hear about this period and how Miscavige was able to assume control of the church.

    You told Terril and me that the CoS didn’t have OT9 and 10 and the reasons why. I think that this information should be made public – those who are still in the CoS and expecting to do these at some point in the near future might want to know this!

    I understand that the whole issue around LRH’s death is a sensitive subject to many and that you may feel reluctant to talk about this, but I think we should all have the opportunity to know what really happened.


  100. OK, somebody’s going to have to explain this “send him to coventry” thing to the uninitiated, namely

  101. WOW! I can only imagine what a difference it will make to have the truth of the death of LRH and the subsequent shift in management finally be told. I feel that a lot of the “chains around the neck of the subject of Scientology” will be released once and for all. It will be a defining moment for sure.

    Truth brings about as-isness so it is obvious that we don’t have it – else we wouldn’t be hung up at that point.

    While I could tell you that I can wait patiently – that would definitely be a lie. I for one will own up to having absolutely no patience. :):)

    Welcome Sarge and feel free to start posting anytime…tomorrow would be great!!!!

    Can I bring coffee, answer your phone, cook (ugh)…just don’t do windows or car repairs!

  102. Snowhite, is obviously a troll. I’d seen her sig many times on those incompetent counter sites that the “Church” has set up.

    Take it from there folks 🙂

  103. Steve,
    I was thinking of another guy from Creston that was with us bunking at the Campbell house. Still good to see you back!

  104. John Doe Lurker

    Nice to see you, Sarge! Tho I hardly knew you, you always seemed to be sincere and nice.

    Looking forward to your stories!

    NB: we are big boys and girls here and I applaud and encourage you in your efforts to tell the truth as difficult as that may be.

  105. Ha ha Theo, I get the idea, you are into the spirit of play! Have fun 🙂 I guess you don’t feed the trolls, you are making them crack. Trick a troll out in the sun and it will explode.

  106. Guys, let’s not flunk the bull baiting drill that snow white is so generously providing gratis:)
    It makes for dev-t on the comments section when you are trying to catch up after a day. I realize we are ALL in the “comments” section now haha, per definitions. But SW isn’t originating and therefore is probably best mostly ignored so we can get on with discussion of the topic at hand without dev-t. This is an exciting turn of events,full of potential. It seems we have been starved for truth for a very long time. Very well could be an amazing defining moment.

  107. Luna,

    and the other uninitiated:

    Sending someone to Coventry is an English term meaning: to give someone the cold shoulder; to ignore someone.

  108. becomingAware


    I agree Marty is a smart guy but his main strength is that he is operating on a Theta line and things just seem to go right as a result.

  109. The threads and posts here just keep getting better and better!

    Welcome Sarge.

  110. Wow! I’m making popcorn !!!!

  111. I’m not saying you’re wrong, bA, nor that the Theta line isn’t important but let’s neither deny Marty’s background. He knows how to run an Op. It’s a useful skill to have in this game.

  112. Lucy, The first batch from Creston ended up in Estates after “clean ups – Sec Checking” and the rest (with exception of one person who was and still is DM’s stoolie) ended up in the RPF with Sarge & Annie.

    All because we had worked for and backed up the Loyal Officers who the old man appointed.

  113. Igotnothingagainstyou

    Wasn’t David Mayo also considered a friend of LRH. LRH still considered him a squirrel in the end.

  114. martyrathbun09

    Igotnothingagainstyou, If you’ve got a point to make, make it. 1.1 comments don’t last long here.

  115. Shortly after the announcement at the Hollywood Palladium that LRH had “discarded” his body, an issue came out broadly. Announcing that Annie and Pat Broker were Loyal Officers, I don’t remember the rest of it. Shortly after that HCOB — another HCOB was issued stating that it wasn’t true — Annie and Pat Broker were not Loyal Officers but instead horrible people, who had blown or were declared (don’t remember).

    THE INTERESTING thing is that a friend of mine was HAS LA DAY at the time. She had been ordered to find all the Loyal Officer HCOBs, gather them up and shred them.

    The 2nd HCOB was BACKDATED — making it look as if IT came out BEFORE the Loyal Officer HCOB and somehow Broker’s had sabotaged it.

    I knew then — oh boy — there’s been a coup and DM won — how I didn’t know but we are learning all about it here.

    Front row seats no less thanks to Sarge, Marty, Mike Rinder et al filling in the blanks.

    You just can’t make this stuff up.


  116. Thanks Mareka – here’s the derivation 😉

    According to William Clark in Tales of the Wars (1836), the phrase originates from a story about a regiment that was stationed in the town of Coventry, England, but was ill-received and denied services.

  117. hmmm.
    My guess?
    DM is gonna declare him for sure!…. sorry… it just comes out of my mouth sometimes before I can stop it… 😀

  118. Ouch! nice slap Marty – felt that one all the way over here!

  119. martyrathbun09

    Sam, what are you doing up so late (or early); I’m hitting the hay and I’m six hours behind you.

  120. That’s amazing WH, thanks for the info.

  121. Snowhite,

    The concept of truth and honor is lost to you.

  122. I’d just like to add to the comments on this point that the best, and truly the only, way to clar a group engram is with the complete truth. Filling in the details on the story would therefore further group sanity and arc, and, well . . . and truth.

  123. Thanks Sarge – so glad you are here.

    Many of us have been living in a vacuum devoid of information and truth regarding the Church and LRH. We anxiously await your contributions. This group gets stronger and stronger by the minute!

  124. Dear Steve,
    welcome. I am one who would like to see scientology’s tech and LRH’s ego parted. My opinion of the Tech is good but of the old man is not so good, he lied ad did a few nasty things too which I find hard to not-is. (Actually is not the fact that he had shortcomings that every human more or less has – we are all ready to forgive an be forgiven for our shortcomings – but his and Co$ attempts to hide his shortcomings and create a fake image of him as the Greatest Holiest Perfect SuperPowerful Operating Thetan of the Universe, that’s what I dislike) But I recognize the value of a first hand account and I am all ears on what you have to tell. I hope to hear the full story, not a bunch of PR to protect his fake Saint image, like Co$ has been doing so far. Don’t hide facts or details only because they would put LRH into a bad light, but be honest and truthful. I have a bullshit detector turned on, It doesn’t ring on opinions (we are all entitled to have and express them and yours are valuable) but it rings on hidden or exaggerated or falsely represented facts. Don’t let it ring, and you will do a great service to many, LRH included. Thanks for stepping out.

  125. Flag Order 3879 said:

    I, LRH, Commodore, am hereby assuming the rank of ADMIRAL.

    The rank of COMMODORE IS RETIRED FROM ACTIVE SERVICE in the Sea Organization at this time. As we move on up the track the Commodore rank will be reinstated as will be needed.

    A new rank of LOYAL OFFICER is created directly above the rank of Captain.

    Pat Broeker is hereby promoted to the first LOYAL OFFICER rank.

    Annie Broeker is hereby promoted as the second LOYAL OFFICER.

    There are several Sea Org Officers they will want to promote.

    The SEA ORGANIZATION will always be the Sea Organization, no matter that we may leave the surface of this planet when we’re finished and operate on others (hopefully not too many devoid of seas — joke) and no matter what we will operate, in general, throughout the universe — solid, liquid, gaseous, and yes, — there are other states of matter, which are ours for the taking because nobody else seems to know about them.

    I’ll be scouting the way and doing the first port survey missions. I expect your continuing backup. You’ve got a little under a billion left on your current hitch, and it is hoped you will sign up again — veterans are valuable!

    So, there it is. You know what to do. You know how to do it. Hold the form of the S.O.! You’ve got the watch!!

    I will be in comm.

    We will meet again later.


    This was later cancelled by David Miscavige, but no replacement was issued.

    This implied that LRH has ‘dropped the body’ without bothering to leave a parting message to his followers. This didn’t make sense to me at the time, something was wrong.

    Obviously Miscavige couldn’t have anyone ranking above him in the Sea Org, so Pat Broeker was quietly removed. Now, if only he would come forward and tell his story…


  126. Theo Sismanides

    Rib Kirby, hahahah, yes, I am using an old technique called ARC. Went in there, got in comm with a Minerva, an OK person, you can say things to, but then on the rest, what can I say?

    I didn’t know Snowhite from Disney to be so vicious and obnoxious, I bet she is a troll, haahhaha, paying a bad service to Disney’s snowhite.

    I bet she is the ugly witch who gave Snowhite the apple. I bet she took her post. She is an impostor, mind you.

    In any case the bad Queen and old witch was always jealous of the authentic Snowhite, because the real Snowhite was more beautiful than her, more theta I would say in our language. Now I bet you she poisoned her and took her place and pretending to us she is the innocent and gentle Snowhite.

    Jokes aside those guys are in a tough spot. They are forced now to communicate with us! This is an Internet first: A direct confrontation… Intelligence of the Independets against the Force of the Church. We just have to add a bit more force and we took them. And it looks like the forces are lining up here to salute Sarge!

  127. Theo Sismanides

    Hey Igotnothingagainstyou, I know you from the other blog, Minerva’s and Snowhite’s. Yes, making some pro DM comments over there! Just so that everybody can follow here.

  128. You took Marty’s lesson to heart Theo and aply the tactics of the internet. You are running a winning Game.

    Marty said:
    “I think today’s lesson is, don’t be so anxious about spreading the word. DM’s minions are doing it for us. Let’s just carry on having fun.”

    Thank them for playing the Game for me Theo.

  129. martyrathbun09

    WH, that is right. Any staff member who showed the slightest hesitancy to recalling the issue was put under intense RTC investigation. T Paine touches on this in one of his articles. It lead to a huge purge of CMO units across the planet.

  130. Hey Marty
    What are you my dad?! It was Friday night!
    You and Sarge actually kept me up even later than intended. I was going to go to bed but then saw the new post and I was so buzzed I couldn’t go to sleep.
    Sleeping very overrated anyway.

  131. martyrathbun09

    Sam, Sorta I guess. Hell you are up again – the sun never sets on Sam!

  132. You have Cat like qualities Sam.

  133. Cruise became power drunk, losing sight of his own goals and purposes. He explained to associates emphatically: “You don’t get it. First, there’s LRH. Then there’s COB. Then there’s me.”

    This just makes me want to puke. Two untrained people thinking they know best. Class IV is better than nothing but neither of these guys have bothered doing the BC or VIII course. To hold themselves up to being next to LRH is gross.

    I can finally see what has happened to our tech quality in our church from reading your blog and the site.

  134. Independent Spirit

    Igotnothingagainstyou, in 1979/80 I attended an event with David Mayo. David Mayo said on the stage that he had gotten a cramming order from LRH to restudy all the red volumes.


  135. Where is Mayo now? Am I the only one that doesn’t know? Since his name cropped up a couple of times in comments I thought I’d ask.

  136. In the end DM was messing up LRH comm lines. I am sure Slappy the Squirrel had a vested intrest allaniating old friends from eachoter.

    Mister Mayo may have many a tale to tell.

  137. Hey biotch, when & if it does happen, I can assure they won’t be hiring wog extras to fill in the seats!@ to save your sorry ass.

  138. Just for the sake of clarity, I interpret “blown away”, as I’m sure you meant it, as a metaphor for being removed from post and not as the more violent sense of the expression.

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