The final purges – Part One in a series

DM took out Cruise by making him in his own image

Miscavige pulled off three purges in the past couple years that included the annihilations of three critical Commanding Officers in the Scientology network: Captain Flag Service Organization Debbie Cook, President IAS Janet Light, and Commanding Officer Church of Spiritual Technology Russ Bellin. The depowering of those three terminals cleared the way for the entire Church of Scientology network to finally be converted into one, huge crush regging operation. This series begins with a little handi-work that DM performed to clear the way for his carnage. By 2004 Tom Cruise was on fire, in great case shape, and gung-ho about expanding Scientology’s reach. As such, he constituted a real threat to DM.

During mid-decade, Miscavige spent increasing amounts of time at ASI in Los Angeles. Ostensibly, it facilitated his paling around with Tom Cruise which indeed he did plenty of.  Unbeknownst to Tom, DM was very effectively taking TC out of the running too. Whether it was a warm up for the final purges or a separate objective undertaken to satisfy some other sick purpose, the fact is the techniques he used to nullify Cruise were  similar to those he used on executives internally (including Debbie Cook, Russ Bellin, and Janet Light).

Miscavige pandered to Cruise to the point of collapsing the latter’s bank by converting his Church (auditor) into his pc. Miscavige slavishly changed the Church’s entire direction on a whim in response to mere comments by Tom. Tom was concerned for having Churches around the world that were upstat enough he’d feel ok sending VIP friends to them. DM, in his inimitable Ralph Kramden evaluator-who-calls-the-first-outpoint-the situation style, abandoned the LRH St Hill size orgs strategy and diverted hundreds of millions to his new “Idle Orgs” strategy. If some remarkable event does not intervene this strategy alone will likely destroy the entire Church of Scientology network.

DM's Ralph Kramden style of evaluation sank the church

DM’s pandering turned into pimping during 04-05, literally. Miscavige directly ran missions to find a 2D for Cruise, again based on a mere comment from Tom that he’d like to have a 2D who was OT or at least a dedicated Scientologist. DM directed his missionaires Greg Wilhere and Tommy Davis to perform a series of Scientology High Crimes during those missions, acts that not only violate the most fundamental ethics principles of Scientology, but would be considered aborhent to the society at large. Those missions will be covered in a later series on this blog.  

What Miscavige did to Tom Cruise and his career was a well practiced pattern. It is an operating basis described by LRH in Science of Survival:

“From 2.0 down to 1.2, efforts to change people or dominate them are recognizable as such. From 1.2 down, all forthrightness vanishes and the most devious and insidious and complex methods are employed to nullify. The individual in this area of the Tone Scale very often has a complete belief in his or her superiority, which is a justification for using the methods he uses. Such people commonly fasten themselves on strong personalities well up the Tone Scale and then continue to assert their superiority (without ever giving, of course, any demonstration that the superiority exists) until the higher level becomes nullified. The individual in this area seeks death not only for himself and his own projects, but also for his entire environment. At this level we have murder, by slow erosion of individuals and the culture, and the actions are masked with voluminous “reasoning.” 

Miscavige nattered incessantly and viciously to Cruise about the then-leading figures in Scientology, including – but not limited to – Mike Rinder, Marc Yager, Guillaume Lesevre, Ray Mithoff, and Greg Wilhere. Miscavige did not limit his rantings to staff, he included such noteworthy public Scientologists as John Travolta and Paul Haggis (and a host of other celebrities). Miscavige inculcated Cruise with the bunker mentality that it was two big beings (DM and TC) against a world of degraded beings. While servicing every personal demand of Tom’s, DM implanted Tom with the idea that it was a matter of scientific fact that DBs automatically and reactively conspire to bring down big beings. Cruise snapped terminals with DM and became his mini-me. He began to treat his own staff much the same way Miscavige treated his.  

Cruise became power drunk, losing sight of his own goals and purposes. He explained to associates emphatically: “You don’t get it. First, there’s LRH. Then there’s COB. Then there’s me.”

His public antics were obvious dramatizations of DM’s valence.

Much like DM, he began directing manic actions with his own staff and professionals that severely undermined his credibility and power base. For example, he ordered his long-time personal assistant Michael Doven to assemble all the big shot agents at Creative Artists Agency (CAA). They were told they had to listen to a special briefing from Mike Rinder and do everything in their power (use every line they had) to help. Doven was shuddering on the way to CAA, receiving regular micro-managing calls from Cruise. Rinder briefed the CAA assembled on the South Park episode coming up and how important it was to spike it. I asked Rinder, “now let me guess Mike, all present looked at you as if you had just landed from another planet.”  Mike replied, “Mars, Marty, they looked at me like I was from freaking Mars.” 

The results of DM’s influence on Tom’s career and professional power were predictable and are now history. Once the most influential and on Source public Scientologist had been compromised and enervated, pulling off his last three purges were like child’s play for Davey.

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  1. Makes a lot of sense and fills in some gaps in what I went through starting in 2004. The purges you mention are very important and I hope you mention others that were done at “Continental” level, such as in UK. Thank you very much for starting this series on such a traumatic time period.

  2. Marty,

    So spot on. I remember my lingering doubts about DM-ology turned to full on nightmares when Tom started to joust with Matt Lauer and jump on Oprah’s couch. There is a time and place for that. Not on national TV. (sigh). Tom, I love you man, you are one of my fav’s. However, get away from that diminutive LRH wanna-be. Better yet, do it publicly. Wow, now there’s a m-o-v-i-e. That would just about finish DM-ology for good. Imagine the stats if Tom bailed. Can’t wait for the next installment.

  3. martyrathbun09

    Exvet. I’ve receive a tremenous amout of evidence of what has gone down at Int since I left right on up to the present. But, I am not so well informed about the continental purges. We’re all ears for anything you have to share.

  4. This is fascinating. I’ve continually given this guy (dm) way too much credit. I mean, he’s obviously very very smart, but at the same time he is too stupid to survive. Literally. He’s circling the drain. And it seems he’s got a death grip on TC’s collar.

    I hope Tom is a strong swimmer. That would be a real shame.

  5. Wow!

    This is a scary friday night!

    This is turning into a massive third dinamic de-aberration campaign using communication to dissolve misteries and hidden facts.

    It´s going to be good to know about the final fate and current condition of Debbie, Janet and Russ.

    I meet Debbie once in FSO when she was the CO and she seem to be a good person.

    The cleaning team is entering Church of Mestology-Miscavology and it´s going to take out some dirt!

    I guess we are by now more SP for them than ever before!

    It´s a shame they can´t get rid of us.
    It seems that they can´t put his disconection policy in use.

  6. This is a great take on what is going on in Scientology. I remember when DM said that TC was the most dedicated Scientologist he knew!

    I was just a public but I cringed when he said that. I feel that there are plenty of Sea Org members that put TC to shame as far as dedication. I could see how DM saying that publicly could act as a huge wrong indication and invalidation of the Sea Org and quickly and sweepingly move his agenda forward.

  7. Roberto
    I was at Flag in 2000 when Debbie was Captain and then again in 2008 when Harvey Jaques was in command. There is a night and day difference. In 2000 the focus was on delivery and moving up the Bridge rapidly, It wasn’t perfect but it was working. When I returned in 2008 Flag had turned into a reg-fest under Harvey’s command. Everyone was double hatted as a reg and the OTs were called in for a big lock-down type event and told that everyone in the room HAD to give a donation. This also happened at the OTC meetings where it was demanded that every member buy a bracelet to raise money for Orlando Idea Org. I saw a large number of Liability conditions completed by public buying book packages or making donations to the IAS to get out of their condition. My auditor would ask to ‘talk’ to me after session and then would ask me to donate to a library campaign or buy a book package. I received a report from a friend shortly after I left that Flag public were locked in at 10pm after course one night and ordered to write down the names of any OT who had not attended the Maiden Voyage Events. This type of insanity wasn’t happening on Debbie’s watch nor were staff members falling asleep on post (literally in front of me) or bragging about not having any time off anymore. Like I said – night and day.

  8. Between this presentation and the declaration by Sarge and the forthcoming info, a lot of de-pts’ing will likely occur. A true Dead-Agent pack with first hand observations; so looking forward to it!
    When DM described Cruise as the most dedicated Scientologist he knew when presenting his IAS award, it was the ultimate slap in the face to other Scientologists who had been around the bend. It was an insane statement as it had no basis in reality. This website has brought a lot of clarity to this and other moments where you just wanted to say, “WTF?!!!”.
    Thanks for the courage for making it possible for others of us to stand up to what has gone on for far too long.

  9. War and Peace

    You have idea how your site blows charge for those who read it who have been through Hell at the INT Base.
    Those hostile sites on you actually Create charge or rather By pass Charge. Your site blows charge as you put the truth on the line…

    The attack sites on Rinder, you and Dan are written for COB as an audience and are totally off-survey to those who have been brutalized by DM ~~~ they actually cause a boomerang towards more support for you.
    The attack sites reek of hatred, belittling, attack and give off an odor of the worst of the COS. I know, I am in comm with those who have read then.
    You are one brave thetan to take on the monster that is DM.
    Continuing to expose his conduct is what is needed and wanted by the 25,000 Ex -SO.
    I think I will put myself on a project to send a link to your site to the thousands and thousands of declared “SPs” (the lists continuously get posted on the web). A quick Google or Facebook can find them.
    More support will grow for you by the day, the hour, the minute.
    Blue Skies,

  10. This is the Miscavige pattern to a tee. Fatten ’em up. Take ’em under your wing. Win ’em over by nattering to them about people way above them. Make ’em think they’re special: “just you and me, brother, against the world!” Then suck all the blood out of ’em, so there’s nothing left.

    It IS a scary Friday night like winsmexico said. The pattern Miscavige used to take out Tom Cruise is a well-practiced drill. Miscavige has done it probably a thousand times. He is the most suppressive being I’ve ever known.

  11. Absolutely fascinating. Thanks for bringing the facts to light and thereby helping to put a stop to these abuses.

  12. Well this just confirms what I thought at the time. Seeing Tom act like that it wasn’t the Tom that I knew at all.
    He and JT were always so nice and then he seemed to go off the deep end. Like WAY off. I really hopes he pulls his head out before it is too late. Katie is a nice girl and I think she does love him. I think she would definitely be by his side if he left. In fact I think she would be beyond happy. Then they could just be a real family.
    I hope you are reading this Tom Cruise. I adore your movies and I know under all that macho muck going on is you, a caring man who just wants to help.
    What you are doing now is NOT helping. I promise. It is hurting a lot of people. Please for the love of all that is sane and for your children I beg you to really look around. SEE what is going on.
    Then you could really help.

  13. Wow, WINSMEXICO is right, “This is a scary Friday night”.
    DM has been making his way, calculatingly — pockata, pockata, pockata and three more power terminals blown away.
    All I can say for Tom is that I, too, admire his products as a movie star. And that if he has even a portion of the balls he shows on the Hollywood screen, in real life, he needs to show them and show them now… as otherwise I can only conclude it has just been a prop all along…

  14. Marty,

    Thanks a lot for those enlightening words. It makes a lot of sense. Continue, continue telling the TRUTH !
    My God, how crazy people can become.

  15. Thanks , for filling in some of the blanks Marty.

    I’m looking forward to the next installment.

  16. Thats amazing Marty, thanks,

    During an International event featuring TC , Tom was very adament of the importance of keeping KSW 1 in. Next thing you know an Order came from up lines for every staff member to *rate KSW 1 3 times each.

    I guess that is just another thing that slots into place. I am seriously loving running out this 3rd dynamic engram. I’ve never felt more personal power than in the last month.

  17. This was tough. Thank you for confronting this situation.

  18. This is very valuable information indeed. I’ve not known a better FSO Captain than Debbie and Janet Light was very on source too. I was even recalling how some materials got edited out by DM deliting any mention of Nibs from the upper indoc demo tapes and even from the clearing congress DVDs. He also said to a public meeting with OTs that Nicole Kidman was an SP! Look who’s Talking!!!

  19. You know, I hope they burn through all their cash getting all that MEST. The irony, of course, is that the properties are being bought from non-Scns (though that may be a transaction or two back), so the money’s going back out into the world.

    The individuals contributing won’t be buying services with that money, staff won’t be getting paid with that money, it’s all about MEST.

    So, a question: was TC in DM’s valence for his role in Tropic Thunder?

  20. Thank you, Thank you Marty!

    Can’t wait to read the rest of this series.

  21. Awesome article Marty. I often wondered how DM turned Cruise from a positive personality into a “mini-me” of the dictator. Your article lays it bare and that’s good because I hope to hell that Tom Cruise wakes up one day and realizes that he’s in bed with a snake (not his wife either).

  22. “Miscavige slavishly changed the Church’s entire direction on a whim in response to mere comments by Tom. Tom was concerned for having Churches around the world that were upstat enough he’d feel ok sending VIP friends to them.”

    I KNEW IT!

    And his publicist … Pat Kingsley … I’ll bet DM influenced Tom to fire her too.

    And don’t forget it was DM who edited that video of Tom (per Thoughtful I believe) that went viral on youtube, and launched Anonymous.

  23. I think one of the biggest problems regarding the Scientologists who are very faithful to the church is this too dedicated approach of “Scientology is the only solution to every problem on earth and every man, woman and child must be forced into Scientology since they don’t understand their own best.”

    Even IF that would be true that’s not the way to do it. People have to join by their own determination or it will NEVER work.

    Therefore, I believe in calm communication and concrete argumentation where you effortlessly guide people into the ideas of Scientology and let them see for themselves.

    After that, it’s their decision.

    And you listen to their arguments. I’ve talked to many Anonymous supporters and anti-scientologists and I’ve actually managed to get some kind of ARC by just listening, acknowledging and answering their questions instead of just “Fair Game” them.

    This will ease their anti-scientology efforts a little. It’s very hard to convert them into scientologists, but it will ease them up a great deal. And that is a step toward less hostility.

  24. Just an aside comment.

    Did you know that til 1994 AOSH DK was able to deliver the SHSBC in many different languages ?
    Around this time, all the translated materials and thousands of tapes were destroyed by management, even they were produced by order of LRH, with the justification of they would be of bad quality.
    Since then AOSH DK is no more delivering the SHBC in foreign language and hardly makes any new class VIes at all.
    Since 16 years now we get promised the new Briefing Course translations will come out next, next ad infinitum…..
    We are still waiting to get our paid service .
    This is about deliver what you promised.

    Have a nice day !

  25. Oh, and what do you want to bet that it was Tom that said “you should just make everyone do the Basics” … and voila … the entrance ramp to the Bridge was instantly expanded by several hundred lectures, and 18 books.

  26. Theo Sismanides

    Marty, this is brave and courageous.

    This series is going to shed quite some light into how DM uses DeMon-ology to manipulate one by one all good beings and officers as well as reknown Scientologists like TC and get them out of the game. We are all ears!

    I am amazed to see you opening up a new front, really, everyday. Never imagined that such a theta power would be there, untapped.

    You are unleasing the top of it and many, many are joining our ranks. This is so wonderful to see all that Theta Forces uniting under the banner of Truth for Scientology.

    Aletheia, the greek word for Truth, that which is never forgotten or cannot be not-ised.

    WEBSTER’S NEW WORLD COLLEGE DICTIONARY the word Lethe Gr. & Roman Mythology, the river of forgetfulness, flowing through Hades, whose water produces loss of memory in those who drink of it. n. oblivion, forgetfulness. and lethargy [Lethe + argos (=idle) < α-, not + ergon (=work)] 1. a condition of abnormal drowsiness or torpor, 2. a great lack of energy, sluggishness, dullness, apathy etc.

    So A-letheia means No Lethe! No forgetfulness Mate, you bring back the light and the truth LRH was all about. A little "higher", that "higher" man… I start to understand it… only now!

    We are over the ramparts now. Spread out a thin army of mighty warriors and poets wounded, many of us, still from the past, maimed, harassed but we never succumbed. Charging ahead on ALL fronts you are opening up.

    We are with you Marty and more and more are joining our ranks, you leading the way and all of us moving on up a little higher everyday. And I just realized "Higher" today that I feel more elevated as a being and in tone level. Moving on up a little higher in Awareness again. No more forgetfulness, A-letheia.

  27. Wow! Their tone! It looks so high! LOL

  28. Underground For Now

    I started thinking about the cause and effect of this post, “The Final Purges”, The Independent announcement of 8 OT’s in 2010 and then Sarge. This led me to ask Google how many private investigators are there in the United States.

    The best estimate provided by PI Magazine is that there are approximately 60,000 private investigators employed in the USA.

    There goes the IAS building fund.

  29. I wasn’t high enough on the totem pole to be able to provide all the details, but I can tell you a bit of what I know. At SH in late ’06 the then CO CMO and CO CLO were well-liked and capable of inspiring their staffs. Both seemed to prefer running the base in that way, i.e. through inspiration and purpose. However neither of them were very popular with the local RTC Rep, who seem to prefer “rocks and shoals” as the means of “inspiring” staffs into complying with COB orders. The purge of these two occurred in ’06 when the new London building was not quite ready for a final COB inspection when he arrived prior to the IAS event. On the surface this might seem justified – the building needed to be ready in time to announce at the event. It was not completed by the time COB arrived, so he had been “let down.” However what wasn’t considered was the fact that the construction project was held up weeks earlier because the space plans were not getting looked at by COB. He had to authorise them before the project could start. The project was a 16 week project and that was simply how long it would take to complete the renos *sanely* whether anybody liked it or not. The plans were approved 10 or 12 weeks prior to the deadline, which created a “Hill 10” of magnitude. Both the CO CMO and the CO CLO worked day and night to pull off getting the building done before COB arrived. They didn’t quite make it for the walkthrough, but by rallying both staff and public, they did make it possible for the building to be completed in time for the IAS event. That didn’t matter to DM and they were both off post. One could argue it was their responsibility to get the space plans approved on time. However those plans were with COB well, well in advance and had he not sat on them, the project could have started on time and completed on time. Neither of these execs were perfect but they were inspiring and popular with staff and public. It was their bust and subsequent humiliating treatment (cleaning toilets at SH in front of the public they had rallied to help get London done) that started to wake me up as to what was really going on at the top echelons. As you have reported in your blog elsewhere, SH appears to be a shadow of its former self and London Org is empty, so it appears that DM’s purge improved nothing at all. I do not have specifics on other conts, but I have heard that other execs have been busted in a similar fashion, i.e. didn’t get their idle org completed on time and so removed because they “let COB down.” I was hoping you had more info on what happened at SH and other conts, but I understand now that most of your info concerns Int. That’s the most important echelon to understand anyway, but it is also interesting to know a bit about the domino effect that has occurred at continental level as good people were taken out at Int level.

  30. That picture of DM and TC is beyond scary.

    And so many staff and even public such as OTs are taking on this valence and are nullifying staff and public alike. It really is Dante’s inferno for all who are in this group of Mestology.

    And the only way to end this is to pour the light of truth. Thanks Marty for all that you are doing.

  31. Horrifying, Horrifying, Horrifying! In 2006 when I was an Exec I sat next to the Celebrity Centre Programs Chief in the Flag Bureau. She told me of a recent occurrence where Tom Cruise had brought a selectee into Celebrity Centre Paris. The selectee chose not do a service. Apparently Tom Cruise made a direct call to DM complaining that the CC Paris quarters were not plush enough. The Executive Director, Alan Frank Rosenberg was ordered to Celebrity Centre International and made to clean toilets with a tooth brush in the public bathrooms and other demeaning tasks. Well, this gave me the creeps to say the least, and I thought “What has happened to my church? Tom Cruise, an actor, is now dictating what happens to executives of the C of S”.

  32. Thank you Marty.

    I just found this Canadian interview of you done 10-30-09 with Hana Gartner: Award Winning CBC Journalist on The Current…


    [audio src="" /]

  33. Thank you for this usefull piece of information. It helped me out alot.

  34. martyrathbun09

    Ex Vet. Thanks for this contribution. Yes, the CLO UK purge was ugly. Steve Hall, Dan Koon, Mike Rinder, Amy Scobee, Jeff Hawkins, et al I am sure will attest that the operating basis you laid out in this comment was SOP (standard operating procedure). Delay the submission forever, then smash executives for not getting it done in unreal emergency time (false short tm created by DM’s delay). If you had the dozens of quality executives and staff who bit the dust in similar vicious cycles assembled, you’d have an OT org that would boggle the mind.

  35. “I think one of the biggest problems regarding the Scientologists who are very faithful to the church is this too dedicated approach of “Scientology is the only solution to every problem on earth and every man, woman and child must be forced into Scientology since they don’t understand their own best.” ”

    Makes me think of this Quote I posted earlier.

    C. S. Lewis:

    Of all tyrannies, a tyranny exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It may be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end, for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.

    To the second part of your comment, you are acting on your believe that “Communication is the universal solvent” My hat’s of to you.

    – just “Fair Game” – Remember that calls for acts against life or “Livingness”if you will. So nobody should do it. And the words “Fair Game”are cancelled but the policy to handlle SP’s was never effectively keepin the practice of Fair Game in place.

    This makes me even more glad to see you using communication.

    In the end declaring people supressive persons or degraded beings is a selfdefieting policy and moraly reprehensable. Remember it all began with the Internet (Anonymous) getting angry about censorship and Freedom of speech.

    “We will dismantle the Church of Scientology in its present Form”does not mean we want to harm scientologists. This does not mean feelings are not hurt. But everybody is free to her or his believe.

    A. Powell Davies:

    True religion, like our founding principles, requires that the rights of the disbeliever be equally acknowledged with those of the believer.

  36. martyrathbun09

    Theo, Thanks. Aletheia it is.

  37. martyrathbun09

    This is all part of the “the event is all that matters” mentality within. All that matters for survival of an executive within is to get done whatever hobby horse DM is pushing for his event. If that means the byproduct is wiping out delivery across the globe, so be it.

  38. martyrathbun09

    Deirdre, Yes, a dead ringer.

  39. martyrathbun09

    NOTSaware, Nicole is no SP. She is the product of DM quickie tech, criminally applied. Pure and simple. That is the pattern, deny the person straight Scientology, and the moment the person protests or compalins, label them SP.

  40. Actually, amico, the word he uses for Kidman begins with “c” and is very offensive.

  41. Martin Gibson

    DM’s favourite actor: Tom Cruise
    Famous quote: “Show me the MONEY!”
    Need I say more…

  42. martyrathbun09

    Thoughtful, You summed it up very accurately, as per usual.

  43. Thanks for this Marty. It was not lost on me that Cruise’s “Valkyrie” was a subliminal cry for help. Perhaps his ‘dedicated glare’ is cracking a little. He appears to be trying to reposition his image for the July 2 release of Knight and Day ( but with 5 writers still working on it, it still seems to lack a cohesive plot.

  44. martyrathbun09

    War and Peace, nothin’ but blue skies, from now on.

  45. Gossip question:
    Who was the 3rd party beetween Nicole and Tom, so they couldn’t sort out their Marriage ?

  46. Sam…

    Thanks a lot for the contribution and sharing!

    Makes total sense. We must not forget the background of each one. Debbie comes from Tecnical lines and the other guy from reg lines as far as I know.


  47. martyrathbun09

    Sam, stay tuned. It appears that this was all done by design.

  48. Yes alex.

    I remember that too.

    “The most dedicated scientologist I know”

    For each one of his long time, life dedicated, non rested, self deprived, S.O. members…

    Take your ack.

  49. Please Note; WordPress Snapshot over this link will play the audio, however, only 1/3 is given without any indication there is more…Open the link in a new tab or Window to hear the full Interview.

    Oh, one more thing. I LOVE YOU GUYS!

  50. Unfortunately, I can personally confirm that TC went off the rails in the mid-part of this decade.

    Firing Pat Kingsley, who’d been so loyal and protective of him and, by extension, Scientoogy, and replacing her with his clueless sister was career suicide.

    I never before thought of this as part of DM’s plan. What a devious genius he is. He sabotaged the world’s most famous Scientologist by turning him from one of the most liked and respected movie star into a nutjob who jumps on couches. Then make sure his competent publicist is out of the picture so the damage can’t be repaired. It really is genius.

    I didn’t know the story from the other side till this post by Marty but TC changed dramatically.

    He’d turned into a little “on source” Napoleon; an intolerable bully who thought nothing of screaming and yelling abuses at people for the smallest of infractions. Nasty stuff, too. The only stable datum was that he was never wrong.

    I blew a lot of charge reading this, Marty, because at the time I thought I was the one with the problem and incorrect viewpoint because, after all, these were Scientology’s two great leaders!

    The irony is that the terminal who was most often caught in the storm was … Tommy Davis!

    I doubt Tommy got a single restful night’s sleep for years, stuck as he was between two little dictators. It’s why I have little empathy for him now; he nows the truth but it’s too much to confront. Plus, I’m sure he’s so PTS to DM that there’s no possibility of obnosis.

    On the mechanism of the SP, it’s absolutely true that a common trick is to natter about others to make it seem like “It’s me and you, buddy, the only sane and able beings”.

    This is how trust is earned and to be effective the SP absolutely needs the trust of another being before they can become PTS.

    Then he sets about insidiously getting them to compromise their integrity. It’s a gradient scale but eventually, the end game is destruction and ultimately, death.

    Nice work, Marty. Keep peeling the onion.

  51. I wish someone could break this down in non-COS speak so I could post on Technorati. I get the general gist but the insider tech-speak leaves me with too many holes to properly report.

    Marty, if you can please email me and maybe we can set up an interview. I’d love to talk to you.

    (formerly of

  52. Hi Marty,
    This seems like as good a post as any to say you are indeed worthy of your own Freedom Medal.

    There are several others as well and I would love to be able to hang it on you all.

    Thanks Marty, et al-you are true heroes!

  53. Theo Sismanides

    25,000 Ex-SO!!!! My God, War and Peace do take that task to link this site. This is nuts, 25,000 !!

  54. John Doe Lurker

    Damn Marty. Sarge, and now this series. You have our attention, my friend. It surprises me how much relief I am getting from all this.

  55. Alex, Your reference to the “most dedicated Scientologist I know” was just such a neon-flashing outpoint when he said it-(it was funny that you and I made reference to the same point while our messages were with the moderator, and it was this presentation by Marty that led me to leave my first message outside of COS.)
    What you may not know is that Cruise made an IAS Dono on the order of $15 Million, as I recall, to achieve that status. And then we were all supposed to use Cruise as an example of dedication, at least in the LA area.
    The most amazing thing after reading all this is that it appears it was a set-up, for all concerned, including Cruise. Wow, just wow!

  56. I agree.

    I would add that in a sane society it must also be acknowledged that each person also has the right
    to reject scientology. Others have the right to NOT choose scientology, and to NOT live as scientologists. Period. Otherwise there is no true freedom of choice to be a scientologist, and you’re right back at the “enforced” point again.

    Besides, like there is no “light” without the “dark,” the usefulness and all the differences that having scientology as a tool makes in life, are only appreciable and even visible when contrasted against it’s opposing state.

    Freedom from scientology is as necessary as freedom to have scienotology.

  57. More than that-Super heroes.

    You should all have capes, but no masks. We don’t need to hide


  58. Freedom Fighter

    “Nicole is no SP. She is the product of DM quickie tech, criminally applied. Pure and simple. That is the pattern, deny the person straight Scientology, and the moment the person protests or compalins, label them SP.”

    Boy, THAT blows charge! Nicole is not alone . . . I haven’t been labeled an SP, but I have sure had my share of inval along those lines. Finally said to hell with it and stopped putting myself in the line of fire. I figured out early on that the tech worked, but couldn’t figure out why so many had such a hard time applying it standardly. Now I know.

  59. Cat D,
    I’ve written a Knowledge Report on ‘fair game’. It’s posted on the Scn-cult site. It’s long, includes a lot of legal cases and lays out the exact LRH policies and statements.

    One of the misunderstandings that are extant about the ‘policy to handle SPs’ that persists (due to omitted data more than anything else I suspect, which is why I wrote the very long KR) is what IS the policy on handling SPs that LRH is referring to in the cancellation of ‘fair game’?

    It is emphatically NOT FAIR GAME. It is thoroughly covered, policy wise, in the original OEC Vol One and the full body of materials on the SP case for technical handlings, none of which is ‘fair game’.

    Please take the bit of time needed to read the KR I wrote. Your observation that it persists, is valid. Why it persists is another issue entirely. My opinion is that it will cease when enough beings duplicate and understand the truths of the SP case and the standard handlings, none of which include ‘fair game’ at this point, since that most certainly didn’t work. With duplication and understanding and thence judgment, the lie, will finally go ‘poof’. (The mechanics of as-ising, and thus making go ‘poof’ something which persists are covered in the Scn Axioms.)

  60. LO,
    I’ll bite. Was it Helmet Hair? (Yes, this is carping, but, borne out in fact is my justifier :-))

  61. martyrathbun09

    BC Boy, Thanks. But, we don’t need no stinking medals. Remember what LRH wrote to the Crusaders after Portland was won? He noted they had earned the (paraphrase) “proud knowingness of OT. It cannot be bestowed, only acknowledged. Here is one OT acknowledging others.” Something to that effect – I haven’t seen it twenty-five years.

  62. martyrathbun09

    Have sympathy for the devil. Tommy was subjected to the same treatment. As you correctly note “I doubt Tommy got a single restful night’s sleep for years, stuck as he was between two little dictators.” You are accurate – it was like being smack dab in the middle of an GPM implant. I know it is hard to be magnaminous when the guy is trying to act like a gunslinger wildly firing shots at you, but hey, I know the gig, been there and done it. My doors will always be open for Tommy, regardless of the tough love I am required to apply in the interim.

  63. Ex Vet, was the CO CMO a guy named Craig? Just curious. I worked with him for years in RTRC. Tremendous guy. Really tremendous.

  64. Theo Sismanides

    LO, 16 years now so many languages would have been done, HAD the right tech been applied, namely, the HCOBs on Translations.

    As the TU DIR EU in 1999 I stood up to put in those HCOBs that DM left out from the “new” translations “standard” line when he supposedly had “researched” all LRH refs on the subject of translations. Hahah, what a joke and he missed the red on white, haha, maybe he is color blind.

    But I think he always was more interested in showing off as on the above picture.

    So at that moment I knew COB was not pushing for LRH and Clearing the Planet but for something else. That was the final, unquestionable proof. He did a research on translations in 1999 and hadn’t put IN the very HCOBs on translations from the Translations Series.

    I am sorry to hear that after 10 years that I was taken off post the BC has not been done yet. No wonder though, the Tech is the Tech.

    Viva LRH!! Viva the Independents!!

  65. Martin Padfield

    Marty let me tell you, my contribution to the realising of sanity in the UK has just been cranked up several notches. Yesterday during a few idle minutes I decided to post a reply to my very own hate page that has been generated by one of the OSA-sponsored “Marty is the Antichrist” sites. Not only was my communication ignored, but in the meantime “Minerva” has seen fit to post yet more slander and lies about me. However, since Minerva’s site probably gets about 10 visits a month, I thought I’d give my posting a proper audience. Sorry it’s a bit long, but here it is:

    Rip Kirby // Dec 10, 2009 at 5:17 pm

    Minerva: “Martin! What a pleasure to hear from you! ”
    I smell 1.1 a long way…

    Martin Padfield // Jan 16, 2010 at 12:33 am

    1.1 is about right Rip Kirby. Just look at the heading too “Martin Padfield – Whose Loss?” followed by the condescending tone and character assassination. Indeed the blog name marcusbrutusrathbun. Huh? Brutus was an assassin – although ironically he had the wellbeing of Rome as his priority! Presumably I wasn’t supposed to notice, I don’t know. But trying to win the argument by trashing the individual is old-hat, boring and doesn’t work.

    But imagine this for a moment if you will: My daughter goes to a CofE school. We like to help where possible, at the school fetes, or donating a bit here and there to school activities. Our contributions are greatly appreciated and we are valued. If we announced we had converted to catholism can you imagine the school hierarchy villifying us or nullifying our contributions? If we had donated in the region of £100,000 to the cause and 5 years voluntary work, plus thousands of hours of other voluntary work we would be thanked for our efforts at least. We would be rather surprised to see a school newsletter circulated headed “The Padfields – Whose Loss?”. We may possibly quietly get a cautionary chat from the vicar about the merits of Anglicism vs Catholism…

    Now lets say we start noticing not only that our little girl isn’t doing too well at school, but one day after some investigating we discover that the headmistress is abusing the kids under the guise of applying the bible standardly, all neatly justified, and keeping the teachers working in intolerable conditions, deprived of sleep and basic human rights and under constant threat of instant dismissal and public humiliation. She cleverly covers her backside by getting the staff – under incredible duress – to write “confessions” how they are not with the programme, that they have been poor teachers etc. The headmistress was supposedly personally appointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury no less, but this turns out to be untrue. She spends fortunes of hard-earned parent’s money on propoganda events and personal aggrandisement, contrary to Church policy, blatantly exaggerating the school’s performance. There’s no recourse or hope of reform; she has made herself ultimate authority on all things biblical, has control of all the school accounts and is un-sackable and can’t be questioned. I could go on but you get the idea. I think you would take your daughter out of that school pretty sharpish, and alert your friends to the situation despite personal danger.

    Here’s the thing. The Church under DM has lost the plot. It used to be about auditing and training …and that’s it. The product of orgs is, or rather SHOULD be, well trained students and thoroughly audited PCs. If the DM regime was working, there would be more of these than before, right? The stats are invisible these days, but there is good accurate data on and all the evidence points in the direction of the key stats – those that matter – auditors made, releases and Clears made, are downtrending over a long period.

    Scientology used to be FUN! It was never about bizarre titles and trophies for those who give the most money to the IAS, endless reg interviews for “new” versions of books and tapes you already have, or huge, largely empty MEST buildings, or events with stages so big they could accommodate a 747 (and all my onlines friends without exception hate these events with their attendant relentless prior call-in, it’s not just me).

    Lastly, scientology is about being applied in day-to-day life, and using it to better conditions right? If you have viewed the TamapaBay videos of Marty, Steve Hall, Amy Scobee, Jackson, Jeff Hawkins and the others, and concluded that they are all lying, that their recollections are all the result of delusion or embitterment and own overts, I got news for you. You need to re-study SOS and the Chart of Human Evaluation. For Tommy Davis and Freedom mag editors to say they are all lying doesn’t just show a callous disregard for the public and their perception, it is actually a total denigration of everything LRH stood for; truth and integrity. Aside from which I have now personally spoken to three individuals separately who have been beaten to greater or lesser degree by DM, one savagely and often. I know my tone scale and SOS and they are not lying.

    When I wrote to OSA UK formally withdrawing my support for the current regime I said I would resume support at a time when there had been a truth commission (I would say Comm Ev but that has unfortunate connotations to many), exposing and making available ALL the information surrounding the events and circumstances in the period prior to, during and since DM assigned himself the top job. Total transparency is required. Likewise when all abusive practices have been provably ended, including disconnection (which doesn’t exist according to Tommy). Judging by the increasing amount of bad press, the Church is manifestly not winning the public PR, and never will until drastic reform has taken place, openly and verifiably.

    “Your comment is awaiting moderation”. I bet it bloody is. Come out of hiding in anonymity Minerva and come and talk.

  66. I’ll give you a flower for OT power,
    I’ll give you a hug for an OT Debug,
    Or I’ll give you a bar of Zest,
    To get rid of your enmest,
    I’ll put you in a games condition,
    With a mighty midget that’s on a mission,
    I’ll take away your barriers of course,
    But then postulate them with double force,
    I’ll turn to your face and end up laughing,
    Because we’re people unplugging people,
    Like The Matrix captain.

  67. Ex-Vet’s story about DM impeding and busting the SH execs reminds me of a story from history:

    After Alexander the Great died, his Generals each took an area of the Persian/Macedonian empire (Ptolemy in Egypt, Seleucus in Babylon, etc.) and a struggle ensued for domination over the whole show.

    One General, Antigonus, mustered up money and troops, and proceeded to travel around the empire “inspecting” what each of the other guys was doing. Each one he visited was found guilty of some crime and executed. That territory was taken over, amassing more money and troops for Antigonus so he could move against the next.

    When Antigonus arrived at Babylon, Seleucus knew he couldn’t refuse to let him in because the citizens were known for giving up without a fight whenever they saw a large army at the gates; but if he let Antigonus in, he knew he’d end up being found guilty of some crime and killed. He had to open the gates and be hospitable, but when things started going sour Seleucus and his closest people fled in the middle of the night to Egypt where they allied with Ptolemy.

    Does any of this sound familiar?–suppression, extermination, fleeing to the enemy camp? LOL

    The encouraging thing is that Ptolemy and Seleucus did manage to take Antigonus down.

  68. Well, VWD it is.

  69. Dawn,
    Huh? Are you saying you haven’t taken the effort to get the actual Scn materials, easily available, and look up the very few terms herein used, so you would get an accurate picture of the situation as described?

    You should take a page from Tom Tobin’s book on reportage. UNDERSTAND what you are attempting to report by wearing your hat as a reporter and break out the source material. Just a thought. Might even take you out of the ‘glossip’ columns and into some useful writing.

  70. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for this. It is instructive. I wouldn’t pump life into their OSA op, as you can see there were next to no comments. There are next to no visitors. And even if there are – who cares? The pages are as childish and credible as what now passes for a Freedom magazine.

  71. Marty and Thoughtful,

    I have been an inactive Scn’r since the early 00’s and I have been out of the Church since ’08. I have done a lot of training and auditing, almost all of it great. I believed in the tech and the rightness of the Church. In light of that, I have a question for both of you that has puzzled me throughout the past year. You have both labeled DM an SP and have given plenty of examples to prove it. My question for both of you is, how did DM go undetected in the SO, even working next to LRH, for over 30-years? And please understand that this is an honest question from a former Church member, not an attempt at criticism. I hope you can shed some light. Thanks.

  72. Most definitely she’s not!!! She has taken off coincidentally with her split up as commanded by DM.

  73. What is Greatness?

    You are Marty!!!

  74. Martin,
    My opinion is that your communication to ‘Minerva’ is well written, cogent, and has as good a chance as any of getting to whoever it is behind that facade. There may be a really loooong comm-lag.

    I see the same sort of hate-filled, bitter, puerile comments on this Minerva site as exist on the WWP site. In fact, as is evident here, sometimes it’s hard to tell who is who when either camp is considered in the spill over of that hate filled entheta to our communications.

    I’m going with the idea that the only power these fellas get is from the theta fed to them, in response to what bilious foolishness they blurp.

    To quote Advanced Procedures and Axioms:
    ” ARC with individuals in a very aberrated state is necessarily a very low ARC. It is not that ARC is bad but that ARC with low-toned individuals is bad.”

  75. Joe, yes that was Craig Wilson. Rumours are he was RPFed and left from there, possibly medical reasons and a family situation. Plus I bet he was just plain upset with the whole thing, but I don’t know.

  76. martyrathbun09

    Thanks for the question. Please watch and listen to all segements (2 1/2 hours worth) of my taped interviews at That is the best answer I can give you.

  77. Hi Marty,
    Here’s what I don’t get…what ever happened to the stats??? Did they throw them away??? Do they not manage by statistics anymore??? Are the stats they use just made up and don’t really represent anything real??? Maybe this has been addressed somewhere else and I’ve just missed it. I just don’t understand how DM could still be on the throne when the stats are so terrible. We left COS when it became all about the $$$ but there were still statistics and the stats still had to go in the right direction. I guess us old timers know to look at the stats to see the conditions and the remainder of the parishioners aren’t looking anymore or are buying the phony PR. Really in pretty nonsensical!

  78. WWP is the Jester but OSA is the Joke and David Miscavige the Punch line.

  79. martyrathbun09

    Management by statistics was abolished in the church in the early 90’s.

  80. Gaia,
    Look at the friendsoflrh site and the articles there will tell you what DM thinks of stats and management by them.

  81. Kathy Braceland


    In your reply to Cat Daddy, you said “My opinion is that it will cease when enough beings duplicate and understand the truths of the SP case and the standard handlings…”

    I completely agree with you. I would like to add — before duplicating and understanding the truth, one has to be able to confront. We know from C/S Series 22 Psychosis — “Evil is hard to confront.”

    This HCOB tells the tale of Miscavige.

  82. ExVet, wow, if you have any further information I’d love to contact him again. Between him, Steve Cook, Russ Williams and myself, we could start up RTRC again.

  83. ExVet, I was in the FLB RPF in 2007 when Craig Wilson arrived there from the UK, so we can confirm this much. He was still there when I left in August the same year. Really great guy, liked him at once. My observation was that he was quite at loss what had happened, did not make sense to him why he was sent there.

  84. Thanks very much for the latest installment, Marty and all!

    It explains why good people like Janet and Russ ended up in “the Hole”, despite Janet’s flowing power in terms of countless junkets and trip to Scotland at IAS expense.

  85. Looking in,

    In my opinion the event wasn’t really about Tom and more about Dave.

    It was all about getting Cruise to acknowledge that Miscavige was the undisputed “Leader” of Scientology.

    This was the intended implant.

  86. I can verify the accuracy of Marty’s statement. In 2000 I wound up in the Marketing area of Gold. I was marketing auditor training. My researcher gathered up 20 years of long term Int stats, everything from income to tech delivery stats to dissemination and booksales stats, all the key stats. Throughout the whole decade of the 1980s the stats were on an uptrend. They peaked in the summer of 1990 and then downtrended for the ENTIRE decade of the 90s. The whole time. The long term 20 year graph made a perfectly symmetrical Mt. Fuji looking graph. When I saw these graphs I was shitfaced. I couldn’t believe it. I sent packages of these graphs around to CO CMO , ED Int and others and Marc Yager’s reply was, “Dan’s just stuck in the past.” At that point I knew my days in that insane asylum were numbered. It took a few more years but eventually I did the Chief Bromden Rundown and hit the road. It’s great to know that many of my best friends from the base have done the same thing. The EP of the rundown is A, R and C.

  87. Marty, thanks for the confirmation.

    Based on what I had been reading, I suspected as much. I feel sorry for TC, actually. It didn’t have to happen this way for him.

  88. This is like a long needed giant KR on DM exposing him to those who have enough courage to look. What a low life he is nattering to Cruise. Cruise was doing well at one point and I believe that is thanks to Marty for auditing him if my recall is correct from one of the blogs

  89. Alexis de Toqueville

    Amazing and wow.

    Though not the biggest Churchill fan, I cannot help but recall a quote of his about courage – an attribute with which he was endowed for sure:

    Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen. ~Winston Churchill

    Truth will out.

  90. martyrathbun09

    When you lifted and chucked the water therapy machine through the cage wall, you left a gaping hole so that others could easily follow. Thanks.

  91. martyrathbun09

    Good observation.

  92. David from England

    “I saw a large number of Liability conditions completed by public buying book packages or making donations to the IAS to get out of their condition. ”

    So you’re back to Papal Indulgences now, buying your way (or that of a loved one) into Heaven. “As soon as the coin in the coffer rings, another soul from Purgatory springs”.

    You would think that the Church leadership would have a sufficient grasp of history to know that buying one’s salvation was one of the major causes of the Protestant Reformation, till, its ignorance is the world’s gain.

  93. Good point. Blew some charge on the indication, actually. Thanks.

  94. Thought provoking

    WOW, this blog has gone into warp drive these last few days.

    These last two posts in particular are just ripping sheets of charge away. WOW!!!

    Then I read Thoughtful’s story “Delusional Power” on and just about fell on the floor laughing.

    You guys just continue to make my day.

    It must feel great Marty to finally be able to tell the whole story.

    Seems to me Joe’s gaping whole just got a LOT BIGGER!

    For those who are still sleeping out there, I hear a very loud KNOCK KNOCK at your door.

  95. sch,
    You might want to look at the HCO B The Criminal Mind for a clue to this question. It states: ‘The criminal only see others as he himself is’.

    One might say the opposite is true of social personalities, most of us, who tend to NOT see others as criminals, since we aren’t. It’s maybe a flaw, maybe not. After all, the vast majority of beings aren’t dramatizing the SP case.

    The 1.1 is also difficult to detect, by design. That, combined with a social look at people might make for a bit of a comm-lag on the part of social personalities.

    There is the matter of confront of evil as well, from CS Series 22.

    Considering the various issues on the characteristics, the indicators and such, and the above, it isn’t difficult to see that SPs go undetected. Up to a point. For those who can confront, peel off the false facades, add up the characteristics, and investigate, even then it seems, as social personalities there is compassion and a ‘give another chance’ to these types. Fortunately, with experience, it gets easier to retain one’s certainty, spot the ones that are this case, and in the end, for compassion’s sake, pull the proverbial trigger.

  96. Hi Looking In,

    I guess great minds think alike!

  97. Marty,

    I believe the LRH Commend to us all, after the Portland win in July 1984, read that we had earned the “Proud Knowingness of Accomplishment, which can not be bestowed but can only be acknowledged by other OTs………..”

    We all certainly had earned it. Never before nor after that gathering had I seen the world of Scientology so united, in my decades on staff.

    Portland was our defining moment. It was the biggest gathering of true OTs, each one doing his best and even if it was just marching for hours around the courthouse, after our meager breakfast in the park of the Masonic Temple.

    It was not money that motivated us nor was it money that produced the win. It was the knowingness that LRH’s tech applied correctly works and that it was worth staking ones life on preserving that heritage for mankind and then standing up for it and doing it loudly and with our heads held tall.

    It was the beginning of a wave of true religious recongition that swept the world, culminating in the IRS win.

    These are the products produced by hard working and dedicated Scientologists, acting on their own self-determinism standing up for their religion and LRH. They created the bedrock for insurmountable defenses of the tech. The actions of OTs, not something that can be bought with money.

    Yes, we all earned the “Proud Knowingness of Accomplishment” and it is still ours.

    My hat will always be off to all those who answered the call and came to Portland, who marched and sang along with me until we were hoarse. Those who built the stages and gave living breathing testimony to the media all day long about the truth of Ron’s tech and its infinite possibilities to set man free for good. Standing up made us OT. It blew away the lies entheta and no one could resist us.

    Ron could only acknowledge it, clearly himself in awe.

    To all those who were there and read this:

    Thank you again, we all have so earned the right to stand tall!

    A friend of Ron

  98. martyrathbun09

    Friend of Ron, thanks for the correction. And thanks for the rest of your comm. Very nice.

  99. Hi Lise,

    As a public at that time I noticed the correlation between TC’s KSW stuff and it’s escallation in the COS. I guess TC and DM were in coordination on this. And from what Marty is saying I guess DM has just been fattening up TC for the kill.

    It really makes little sense unless you look at it from the view of a guy who is bent on destroying things. It is not rational!!

  100. I can verify what Dan says here – the stats went up through to 1990/91, then a long term decline, just like Mt. Fuji. The confirmation that the stats have continued to go down is the fact that they NEVER show stats at events any more. Don’t you think that if stats were going up, they’d be showing them? You bet they would.

  101. Mighty interesting Joe. Date coincident were:

    In ’90 there was a big rain which caused mudslides at the Int base, particularly the G-units which TC’s bungalow was causing a lower condition assignment to the entire group & SO basics having to be re-done by all.

    The effort seemed to shift to Celebs, particularly TC and culminated in his wedding to Nicole in Dec 90.

    Anything else anyone remembers?

  102. Hi MJ,

    Great point!

    You can see the PTSness running deep by all the people going into DM’s valence. So some people go PTS to DM on a via, by being connected to others that are in his valence and dramatizing his suppressive actions.

    Not only is this site a 3-d engram running session, it is a group de-ptsing action too.

  103. martyrathbun09

    Sinar, Thanks. And that was preceded by taking Broker out of the running; which included sending you all to the gulag. Once the final rival was out the way it became all about bigger and bigger pay offs for the cock of the walk.

  104. In 2006 I did a full review of International stats and a full study of the data files. The majority of the orgs on the planet had collapsed. There were a couple large orgs, a few medium orgs and the rest were small and failing. Having all stats to review I could see that stats started crashing mid 1990. I was so upset at what I saw.

  105. Sinar,
    I remember the day of the rain storm, being pelted by hail balls between the Rehearsal Room and the Music Studio, and its aftermath, when DM blamed all of the Gold org for the mudslide at the G’s and how we could have (yes, all of us in Gold) killed poor Tom Cruise had he been there. In stunned disbelief at this announcement and rant by DM, the Gold crew, me among them, were then assigned Lower Conditions by DM. This whole mudslide/lower condition issue is another 3D engram that I’m sure would be absolutely wonderful to run out. Maybe on another thread or site. I’m sure those that were there have lots of stuff to say about it.

    I’d not connected it as date cooincident to the stat peak and subsequent drop. That’s an interesting string to pull to verify one way or the other.

  106. Joe, I don’t have the contact info for Craig but I will put on my thinking cap and see what I can come up with. I have a couple of ideas. If I find out how to contact him, I will email Marty and I am sure he will pass on the info to you.

  107. Can someone date\locate this picture?

    I take it was taken at Int Base…anyone know when?

  108. Here’s an earlier purge you might not have factored in:

    Yvonne Gillham Jentzsch.

    One of the original SO members, Class VIII trained by LRH, OEC FEBC. Her 3 children were on the Royal Scotsman with her and her 2 daughters were original messengers.

    She started CCLA which became CC Int. It was her dream. She even located the Chateau Elysees, which was renamed The Manor and much later Celebrity Center International.

    She was adored by the celebrities. Her staff loved her.

    When she died in 1978 Diana Hubbard fired a mission into CC to brief the celebs privately and have them immediately taken into session.

    For many years afterwards, her office was kept at CC and a presence of Yvonne was there.

    I don’t know when her office was dismantled. It appears that all evidence of Yvonne has been purged. On the CC website no mention is made of Yvonne.

    I doubt that any of the newer public at CC even know her name.

    Yvonne was a perfect ambassador for LRH, she was deeply devoted to him, wouldn’t take orders from anyone but LRH, was a thorn in the side of the GO (although she and Heber were deeply devoted to each other – he would cover her back as best as possible), expanded scientology into Mexico in the early 70’s and grew a CC network.

    She was simply wonderful.

    Definitely not someone that DM would want to keep around, not even her memory.


  109. One correction: Yvonne considered Flag her senior, not the local FOLO. So, she would work with Flag, Diana and the Flag Bureau – just not FOLO or the local GO. She basically would ignore them.

    My post makes it seem as if she only took orders from LRH but she did have a direct line to him. She was very close to Diana.


  110. Can anyone put a date to this picture?
    I am guessing the location is Int Base at Hemet?

    And Lucy, I would love to hear the details of the metrics of “crashed”. From what range to what range for WDAH’s, Bodies In the Shop, GIBy, Student points, etc. And when were “The Basics” courses pushed in to the Academies?

    Sounds like “big dogs running in the tall grass” became the VFP for Scn.

    Funny…I thought Auditors were the most valuable beings on the planet. Oh wait, that was that LRH guy that said that….not the Top Dog.

  111. Lucy I asked some questions of FLO staff and found that to be the case right up to present time. There has still been no turnaround and any tales spun at events saying otherwise are outright lies. I got the data from two FLO staff.

  112. Hey Jim, I certainly remember that day!. I was freezing and soaked. Riding the rover bike down Hwy 79, responding to a fence alarm at the G’s through the hard hail and heavy rain, I found myself face to face with the mudslide. I stood at the G Units gate and was caught in the actual mud slide – yelling into the intercomm to PK that my gates and fencing were being overrun with tons and tons of Mudd. Eventually so was my rover bike and Marc Ingber’s white shoes, pant’s, shirt… More to my point, let’s not forget Dave going straight up to the Officers Lounge in the Lower Villas RIGHT AFTER the base wide “briefing” (ass ripping) assinging Gold the condition of Confusion and grabbing the controls for his Nintento Game he loved playing! That’s what he did immediately after tearing the hearts out of 300 plus very dedicated and loyal people who were there for HIM! What a guy he is!! — Jackson

  113. yourfriendtoo

    LRH’s staff is almost gone!!

    The Invader Force is here and is trying to kill all the Theta beings from this planet!!


    Let’s use THETA the UNIVERSAL solvent, to get read of those ugly and nasty people who are no longer in purpose to help CLEAR Planet EARTH.

  114. Thanks for asking this question, sch. This is one my friends and I have gone over again and again.
    We feel stupid for not having seen it earlier. We think, too, that those working closely with dm should have seen it first. (Well, I guess they did, didn’t they).


  115. The flood at Gold was when I decided for sure that DM had completely lost his marbles and that we were dealing with a psycho.

    I left the next day as did some other key Int execs who thought the same thing. We didn’t even talk to each other. We just knew.

    The exodus began.

  116. Between nintendo and his multi million dollar houses and motorcycles and 70 million dollar rtc building, how can this guy be sane? Anybody else doing this stuff would have caved in long ago. Most staff hold themselves to a high level of scrutiny, over evaluating even bad thoughts sometimes. What else hasn’t been mentioned that DM does besides play video games regularly?

  117. Puuuurfect assessment Cat Daddy 🙂

  118. And we wonder why there aren’t more columns about the abuses within Scn…. ::sigh::

    Jim, Scn is a fringe subject for most reporters. I’d expect someone writing a book to make that effort, but people writing columns have deadlines and other subjects tugging at their sleeves.

    In any case, obviously Dawn is here and expressing interest, and I don’t think that invalidating her is constructive.

    Just my $0.02.

  119. Aha, this explains why they’re now using justice actions against people who are upstat, even though they’re still keeping stats at the org level.

    So they’re still assigning conditions based on stats locally, but being upstat is no longer ethics protection.

  120. Lucy, In your review, did you note that that there was a lot more “justice” being run into the orgs in 1988-89.? For moonlighting, “other fish to fry”, etc. Being on staff became a very unpleasant activity, particularly if you were highly visible; unsafe, actually. But the heat was not local, it came down the lines. And this would have preceded the crach you made reference to. This is when I left after over 10 years as a stable terminal in my area.

  121. Jackson,
    You, from your post in Dept 3 got the brunt of it, more than just that mud dude, which I didn’t know. I saw the slide after of course, but I was over at the Music Studio area watching the water pour down that hill and running around sandbagging. Man, what a storm that was.

    Now, all these years later, after that frothing, rampage DM gave, slamming us all into one of the darkest times at that , for months too, I find the little prick was playing Nintendo!!! Jesus H freakin’ Murphy. NINTENDO!!!

    Sorry folks for the outburst. The day of that storm went on for months, literally. It makes sense the righteous hypocrite was up playing Nintendo. Nintendo, yep, this all falls into place.

  122. Yeah but I was in a t-shirt and shorts on the south side trying to dodge those hail balls behind a tree and then finally running to Greens Keepers house for cover. I then spent the weeks following under the G Units (with 1 1/2 – 2′ clearance) literally scraping out the mud laying on my back or side, filling up buckets and sending them out to be emptied while I filled the next….yes, I remember that time period precisely.

  123. My reply was to Jim Loga 17 Jan 12:51am and Jackson 17 Jan 3:25am— not sure why it jumpted to a different sequence.

  124. From what I know about Miscavige his ignorance of history is historical!

    If you want a good laugh some time you should read that turgid piece of drivel called ‘Wake Up Call’ that he issued after 9/11 where he has “suicide bombers” bombing Pearl Harbor as a historical parallel!

    Personally I wouldn’t doubt that Miscavige probably thinks that Martin Luther is one of Superman’s villains.

  125. Funny. And so sweet Ramonkhessel. Like The Matrix captain…Love it!

    I just come back from the Movies…

    We are all going to so love Avatar. In 3D.
    (take your best friend)

    Because that’s where we are going, we are going 3D!

    Avatar!? Wicked!!

  126. I think it was a gradual shift that occurred during the ’80’s. Probably Marty knows more about the scene than I do. All I know was that when Suzette took over as president and the place was booming.

    They used to have talent nights and coffee house and the celebs used to mingle with the hoi polloi.

    What is now called the “Gala” where they now charge an outrageous amount of money to be seen with Tom Cruise and the poison dwarf. Used to be a free neighborhood concert that anyone could attend.

    It all gradiently got phased out but I think the biggest change is when they renovated the CC and the Manor in the early ’90’s and wiped out it spirit entirely.

    Now its just a stuffy place that charges more than the Beverly Hilton for a room and only services the celebrity Tom Cruise.

    Whatever was left of Yvonne’s spirit there like Elvis has pretty much left the building.

    CCI is pretty much an empty decorative shell of what it once was.

    Truly one of Miscavige’s first “Ideal Orgs”.

  127. Deirdre,

    This is what is called “Willful misapplication” which is not listed in the current editions ISE but in the original as a High Crime and the example used is assigning penalties but not giving awards which is exactly how management currently operates now.

    No awards just penalties.

    To sum it up punishment drive.

  128. Concerned Citizen

    I can only say that someone under such duress and oppression, has personal anchor points pushed in so hard, that there are virtually no certainties, the game is to introvert, to invalidate and to divert attention.

    German people for the most part, are well educated, brave, smart ( some of the best advances in philosophy and engineering come from Germany) yet they fell for Hitler’s BS. Russians also count real geniuses and very able people in their ranks and were likewise subjected to Stalin, Latin America, Asia, etc.

    Suppression is covert, cowardly, for beings who play clean, it is unbelievable that someone would play so dirty as the SPs do. Wanting to be fair one doubts oneself before doubting the others. One really wonders “have I lost my sanity?” “Can no one else see what I see? Then I probably don’t have all the data, I probably can’t make a good decision, but those making the decision must know what they are doing, since they are good”

    It is entirely possible to fool even the smartest beings, because once you earn their trust, they let their guard down and then by the time they realize it, they are neutralized and have no safe place from where to speak, just a tenuous hold on reality and a the horrible question: Am I an SP?”

  129. Concerned Citizen

    Please provide a link, I’d love to read it and can not find it easily. Thanks

  130. Concerned Citizen

    This did not happen in DK alone, it happened around the globe, but very quietly. It was a veritable book burinig. I saw the destruction of so much material I cried, I had to hide my tears and hold back my anger. I don’t cry easily.

  131. Concerned Citizen

    Since we do have a lot of non-Scientologist visitng, I suggest we should post a link to an exisiting glossary, or have a glossary of terms here in this page. Does anyone know of one online? I can help.

  132. Jim your outburst was a special form of Anger called Rightios Indignation. The onley form of Anger that is not a sin according to the Bible.

    Rightious Indignation is right Emotion to feel when confronted with pure Hypocricy.


    Anybody can become angry, that is easy; but to be angry with the right person, and to the right degree, and at the right time, and for the right purpose, and in the right way, that is not within everybody’s power, that is not easy.

  133. martyrathbun09

    Cat Daddy and Jim – or as Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara said: “If you tremble indignation at every injustice then you are a comrade of mine.”

  134. Why hasn’t DM caved in? Do you seriously think there’s any introspection that goes on there? You think he has the slightest doubt or reservation that he – and he alone – is the savior of Scientology?

    While he was playing Nintendo as Gold flooded around him, he was shaking his head, thinking ‘What a mess these morons around me would be in if it weren’t for me”.

    To quote Jack Nicholson’s Whitey Bulger-inspired character in The Departed – one of the great cinematic psychotic criminals -“Heavy lies the crown … “

  135. Dear Looking In,
    From my recall yes, more justice and heavier ethics starts being run in and down the lines starting in 1988.

  136. Anyone link this to Sea Org Tradition ?

  137. Scientology-as-a-series-of-Events also began to pick up steam, if I recall, right around 89-90. And along with that, the obnoxious crush-regging.

    The idea of an event as a celebration – no strings attached, no ulterior motives – disappeared about then. And ARCxen public right along with it.

    I posted this and it ended up in some other comm further up this thread but I think it’s folly to think one day DM will wake up and cave himself in. You seriously think there’s any introspection that goes on with him at all?

    Read the SP tech again and you will see that far from being fearful of cave-in by overts, DM’s totally convinced he’s the church’s savior and that he – and he only – can fix the flaps created by the morons he’s forced to work with.

    Heavy lies the crown …

  138. Hi Marty
    You might be interested to see a post which I just submitted to Minerva – also awaiting moderation:
    “Dear Minerva
    An old friend from St Hill recently drew my attention to this site for the first time, and suggested it would be interesting to see if you would allow me to post. I think you need to correct a few of your opinions:
    (1) Judging by your nom-de-plume, you have some intellectual pretensions. I myself was the top classics scholar at Rugby School, where I won the Greek poetry prize and studied ancient history in the original Latin and Greek, before studying religious philosophy at Oxford University. Your analogy between Marty Rathbun and Marcus Brutus fails to serve your purpose, since Brutus was widely regarded as an honourable man, involved in the assassination because Caesar was setting himself up as a tyrant, leading to the downfall of the Roman republic. Shakespeare called Brutus ‘the noblest Roman of them all’ – which should please Marty!
    (2) I am tired of people criticising Capt Bill Robertson. The facts are that Capt Bill was LRH’s most loyal and trusted supporter, the only person apart from Mary Sue to be awarded the rank of Captain by the Commodore. The Independent movement of the early 1980s was led by many of LRH’s closest and most valued terminals, including Commander David Mayo and Commander Hana Eltringham Whitfield. Truth is, Capt Bill was a legend; and that legend awarded me a sword of honour in recognition of an especially courageous and daring action on my part. Are you suggesting that LRH was wrong to value these people? Sorry, but once again, you can’t re-write history!
    (3) I am not a suppressive person, and have not been declared as such, unless you can produce evidence to the contrary. I have not been served with an Ethics Order; and would request a Comm Ev, if I was. In my Review Comm Ev at Flag in 1978, it was specifically stated that I was not an SP because I had been willing to consider that I might be. We routed out of the Sea Org in 1981 on the correct lines exactly per policy.
    (4) As for your abusive and threatening posts, the tone of their language loses you the argument. There is nothing more down-tone than idle threats from unpleasant people hiding behind false identities. It is to your shame that you encourage such pathetic and hollow gestures. Such threats are illegal in most civilised countries, and your remarks about me are also libellous, for the record.
    (5) I would love to enter into a constructive dialogue with you guys, but I reckon that you’re too stuck in your own ser facs and your covert invalidation of other people’s viewpoints, sadly. I don’t think you want to know the truth. Your frantic efforts to justify yourselves are doomed to failure, sorry to say. History is against you, my friends. Many of us would gladly rejoin the Church, if you cleaned up your act; but I can’t see it happening, regretably. Indeed, I repeatedly refused to implicate my colleagues in false accusations – a fact which David Mayo himself generously acknowledges.
    (6) LRH was a great man, a genius, and still deserves my loyalty. But he wasn’t perfect, and made some mistakes – like the OT levels and the whole Xenu scenario, which makes Scientology a laughing stock around the world. If you really believe that crock of shit, then I feel sorry for you. That’s why I prefer the lower levels up to Clear, a fully workable technology, in my honest opinion.
    (7) I live in New Zealand, where I am well-known and well-liked, because it’s the cleanest, safest environment in the world – and the most beautiful. I’m not trying to be right about all of this; but it just so happens, unlucky for you, that I am right! The truth about Scientology is that the best left; only the assholes remain.
    Good luck!
    Rev Robin Scott MA(Oxford)”

  139. It was Super Mario to be exact. Please do not forget that Uwe Stuckenbrock was also assigned to the RPF for ‘stealing’ money from his wife Laurisse that same night. This is one thing I never really understood and scratched my head over that god forsaken night of horror. That was the start of the lower conditions for Gold.

  140. Here are 3 questions for Marty. 1. Why did you wait until the statues of limitations ran out before you reported it in the Lisa McPhearson case? That sounds a bit selfish and criminal to me. If you had reported the truth then it would have brought Miscaviage down if you told the truth. 2. Why in the hell would you show up later campaigning for a Maxist like Obama?? 3. Did you do a full Doubt Formula and post it after leaving the so-called cos?? JOSEPH

  141. martyrathbun09

    JOSEPH – 1. I didn’t. 2. I assume you meant Marxist. If so, then you are being a conditioned bot of the corporate masters. You have a world to study and learn about. 3. Where have you been for the past year?

  142. I think it is to much for them to Confront.

  143. “And don’t forget it was DM who edited that video of Tom (per Thoughtful I believe) that went viral on youtube, and launched Anonymous.”

    OMG Marg, I didn’t know that…I wouldn’t doubt that. I mean, I absolutely believe it…

    When we read again the actual Transcript of Tom’s impetuous vid; such utter insanity to be allowed, the only conclusion has to be: it was intentional.
    Another DM Suppressive act calculated to destroy his rep/threat.
    As RJ above noted;
    “…the event wasn’t really about Tom and more about Dave.

    It was all about getting Cruise to acknowledge that Miscavige was the undisputed “Leader” of Scientology.

    This was the intended implant.”

    It is so ugly. Poor Tom, another DM victim.

    But if that’s what Mr Cruise has brought to this world there still remains one more word on the man. Call it Tom Cruise on Tom Cruise, Scientologist.

    Tom Cruise:
    I think it’s a privilege to call yourself a Scientologist and it’s something that you have to earn and because a Scientologist does. He or she has the ability to create new and better realities and improve conditions. Uh, being a Scientologist you look at someone and you know absolutely that you can help them.

    So for me it really is KSW and it’s just like, it’s, it’s something that uh, I don’t mince words with that. You know with, with anything that LRH says but that policy to me has really gone ffff boy ahrahmaby. There’s a time I went through and I said, ‘You know what?’ When I read it ah you know I just went phooo this is it; is exactly it.

    Being a Scientologist . . . When you drive past an accident, it’s not like anyone else. As you drive past you know you have to do something about it because you know you’re the only one that can really help.

    But that’s . . . that’s what drives me is that I know that we have an opportunity and uh to really help for the first time eff-effectively change people’s lives and ah I am dedicated that. I’m gonna I’m absolutely uncompromisingly dedicated to that.

    Orgs are there to help. OK but we as you know as also the public it’s like we have a responsibility. It’s not just the orgs. It’s not just Dave Miscavige. You know it’s not just not just me. It’s you. It’s everyone out there kinda sss rereading KSW and looking at what needs to be done and saying OK am I gonna do it or am I not gonna do it? Period. And am I gonna look at that guy or am I too afraid because I have my own out ethics to put in someone else’s ethics? And that’s all it comes down to.

    ‘Cause I won’t hesitate to put ethics in on someone else, you know, ‘cause I put it ruthlessly in on myself. And I think that aah I respect that in in others. And uh you know I’m there to help and we’re here to help and my opinion is is that look, you’re on board or you’re not on board. OK? But just if you’re on board, you’re on board just like the rest of us. Period.

    We are the authorities on getting people off drugs. We are the authorities on the mind. We are the authorities on improving conditions. Criminon. We can rehabilitate criminals. Way to Happines; we bring peace. Uuh-an and unite cultures. Uh. That once you know these tools and you know that they work it’s, it’s not good enough that I’m just doing ok.

    Travelling the world and meeting the people that I’ve that I’ve met, you know, talking with these leaders in di various fields . . . they want help and they are depending on people who know and who can be effective and do it and that’s us. That is our responsibility to do that.

    It is the time now. Now is the time. OK? It is being a Scientologist people are turning to you so you better know it. You better know it. And if you don’t you know go and learn it. You know. But don’t pretend you know it and or foo or whatever. It’s like we’re here to help.

    I mean if you’re a Scientologist you see life the you see things the way they are in all its glory you know? All of its complexity uh and the more you know as a Scientologist you don’t become overwhelmed by it.

    And uh you know she . . . They said, “So like have you met an SP?” And I looked at them and ah you know and I thought, how what a beautiful thing because maybe one day it’ll be like that. You know what I’m saying. Maybe one day it’ll be that – Wow SPs! Like they’ll just read about those in the history books, you know?

    Any I just go through that tech and it’s it’s literally, it’s not how to run from an SP. It’s PTS SP how to shatter suppression; how to confront and shatter suppression. You apply it, it’s like, boom.

    Because they don’t come up to me and do that. Uh they don’t do it to me, not to my face, you know, or anywhere in my vicinity where they feel they can be confronted yeah. They just don’t do it.

    I wish the world was a different place. I’d like to go on vacation and go and romp and play and just do that. You know what I mean? I mean that’s what I want it to be. OK? That’s how ah I you know and there’s times I’d like to do that but, but I can’t. Because I know. I know. So eeh eeh you know once you know, you just khe I have to do something about it. It’s not . . . you know you can sit here and wish it was different and then you look at it and you say OK this is it, alright OK and there’s that moment when you go, you know, I have to do something don’t I? Yeah, I really have to do it because I can’t live with myself if I don’t and it’s, and that really is it.

    I don’t care if someone thinks it’s hard or easy, it’s ei, either helping and contributing everything you can or you’re not. OK? Uuh because I’m carrying my load. Alright? And not only that as much as I’m carrying I still feel like I gotta do more. Alright? There’s still a thing of: Let’s go!

    You can just see the look in their eyes you know the ones that are doing, you know, and you know the spectators who are the ones that are going, “Well, it’s easy for you, or what am I doing” and it’s just . . . that thing is uh, I’ve cancelled that in my area – where my . . . It’s either man you’re either in or you’re out. That’s spectatorism and it’s something that, that is, we have no time for it now.

    So it’s our responsibility to educate, create the new reality. You know we have that responsibility to say, “Hey! This is the way it should be done. Because we do it this way and people are actually getting better.

    And, let’s get it done. You know, let’s really get it done and have enough love, compassion and toughness that that you’re gonna do it. Uuh and uh do it right.

    And I have to tell you something. I really i-i-it is you know it’s rough and tumble. Ah it’s wild and wooly and it’s a blast. It’s a blast. It really is fun. Because, damn it there’s nothing better . . . than to going out there and fighting the fight and suddenly you see pwoo things are better.

    I want to know that I’ve done everything I could uuh every day. And I think about those people out there who are depending on . . . us. And uh, I think about that. And it does make me feel like man yer gotta get thers you know? We got more work. I need more help. You know get those spectators – you’re in the playing field or outa the arena. You know? That’s how I really that’s how I feel about it.

    I do what I can. And I do it . . . the way I do everything. There’s nothing part of the way for me. It’s just phoo!

    A Scientologist can be defined by a single question: “Would you want others to achieve the knowledge you now have?” In answering that question, Tom Cruise has introduced LRH technology to over one billion people of Earth and that’s only the first wave he’s unleashed, which is why the story of Tom Cruise, Scientologist, has only just begun.

    Slide on screen:

  144. WH,
    Thanks for filling me in a bit more on Yvonne Gillham. I first read about this wonderful Being in passing via the time-line at;
    Starting at 1970. And seems to hint for me a proper direction for intensive research, albeit, at another-time in another Battle. For now a bit off subject to do it justice, but it is a at some point a”can-of-warms” we’re going to have to eat.
    I have no delusions of the powers-that-be we will need to confront down the road. Nor do I have any delusions of the true capabilities of Standard Tech. Nor the power we forge as Independents, inherent with the true mission that is Scientology. And it’s going to be fun, like the Tech itself and because of the Tech, it’s going to be a safe road to travel.

  145. martyrathbun09

    Antoine, I’d never seen it with the intro and extro on it. If this was actually shown at the 04 IAS event, then I rest my case as to DM’s intentions towards TC.

  146. Robin,

    That’s a hilarious communication, filled with sooth. It is true that the best and the brightest were run out of Dodge, for reasons that were not happenstance. Equally true that the weak remain. It’s an organizational evolution opt repeated in history, sadly. I suppose we all expected more of this one.

    I have the same reading of Brutus as you – as I write above, he was probably Caesar’s son given the emperor’s fondness for Brutus’ mother – but we disagree on the OT levels.

    There is stratospheric case gain to be had on the OT levels. Are they an elevator ride straight to the penthouse suite of OTness? I can’t say that in their present incarnation they are, but the journey’s incredibly rewarding nonetheless.

    As your Latin master at Rugby may have said, ad augusta per angusta.

  147. :-O Did I get this straight? The people (staff members) who were giving their time and lives, heart and soul, day in/day out to offering spiritual counseling had to clean toilets because a character actor (Tom Cruise) said the carpets weren’t plush enough for his friends in Paris?

    Talk about kicking the cat when the tire goes flat.

    Lucy wrote:
    –>> Tom Cruise had brought a selectee into Celebrity Centre Paris. The selectee chose not do a service. Apparently Tom Cruise made a direct call to DM complaining that the CC Paris quarters were not plush enough. The Executive Director, Alan Frank Rosenberg was ordered to Celebrity Centre International and made to clean toilets with a tooth brush in the public bathrooms and other demeaning tasks. Well, this gave me the creeps to say the least, and I thought “What has happened to my church? Tom Cruise, an actor, is now dictating what happens to executives of the C of S”.–

    This is revolting. Spiritual posers is an oxymoron. There is no spiritual here, only moron. ignorance and abuse 😦

  148. Thank you, Huckleberry, for your kind, enlightened and generous response to my post. Glad we see eye to eye on most things, except the OT levels! Marty and Jim don’t like it when I call them a ‘crock of shit’; apparently it scares off the waverers. So I haven’t been posting here for a while, since I appear to upset both sides!

    I went to a lot of trouble to get the NOTs materials from AODK in Copenhagen in 1983, and was well regarded for doing so. But I was disappointed with the content – nothing new, as I had hoped. I consider myself to be an extremely causative Clear OT, but my stratospheric case gains came, not from the OT levels as such, but from the discipline of working 100 hour weeks in the Sea Org for eight years, studying, training, auditing, cooking, cleaning! That’s what worked for me, and that’s why I’m grateful to LRH.

    Sorry, but I can’t take the whole Xenu trip seriously; I have intellectual standards to uphold, not to mention my personal integrity. At best, I would say that the NOTs materials are an interesting but flawed attempt to deal with multiple personality disorder. But you may prefer to contact me privately on this topic (click on my name) so we don’t offend the Moderator, who is doing such an excellent job.

    Warmest ARC to all, Robin

  149. I fully agree with you, lunamoth.

    I don’t want to live in “a new civilization where honest men have rights and freedoms abound”. I want to live in “a new civilization where all men have rights and freedoms abound.”

    If people want to disagree and reject what others consider to be their only hope, but those people will still respect each others’ rights, then the world will be an even more wonderful place.

  150. No need for to and fro on the subject, Robin, just to say that whenever you compulsively do or think something that makes you squirm even a little, well, squeeze the cans, please …

    Not wanting to give readers an MU, the Latin I quote above means, “To High Places via Narrow Roads”.

    Hope you post more often Robin; Marty has quite a tolerance for the maverick.

  151. Also, Robin, there’s nothing truer in this universe than the following from LRH about the mechanism of aberration:

    “If he knows all about it, it isn’t aberrative. It is unfortunately — to dramatize right along with the gamma ray — the hidden particle, the hidden datum, the hidden influence which is the effective one. Do you see that? It’s hidden to him.”

  152. Huckleberry

    I don’t think Marty would welcome a re-run of my views on the OT levels on this site, my friend – even though it is a central and very important topic that needs to be debated, in my opinion. It seems to be a common denominator to most major religions: that you have to be persuaded to believe in something false, as a control factor. I believe that a lot of the problems with the Scientology movement world-wide over the years are down to this factor, which started in Morocco in 1966. The origins of Incident 1 and Incident 2 are comical, to say the least, according to the first-hand stories from people who were there!

    Please address your comments to me at, preferably under your real name!

    Many thanks and kind regards, Robin

  153. Robin,

    I think the OT levels are a very personal experience. Personally, I find them astonishing and brilliant. I can’t argue with results, and facts.

    For those who wonder about them, they aren’t something one simply reads on the john or the library that produces an illuminated halo around one’s head. There is no substitute for standard auditing.

    If I may, in the same spirit you offer an opinion, offer mine … methinks you doth protest too loudly. (While posting that you are an OT).

    So if you just don’t dig it, that’s one thing. To each his/her own. But if there was something you were hoping to attain that disappointed you, I urge you to revisit the idea that maybe more awareness and relief is possible.

    Thanks for listening and, however you achieve it, I wish you all you ever hoped.

  154. Greetings Stranger. I take it that you use the Grade Chart from 1965.

    Personnaly as an outsider I had put the Shizm at 1967. When Flag Order 1 was issued. SO.

    Military entities will always strive to control all resources.
    Especially when you are told you are the most Ethic.

    Second Shizm I had put at 1980 was the Sea org landing.

    Freedoms where slowly stripped away. The TV incident.

    Gottabrain on ESMB:

    The Church of Scientology stole my TELEVISION.
    The Church of Scientology stole everyone’s televisions in PAC in 1982 or 83 and put them all in the parking structure. It was a CMO Order.
    They claimed we were watching too much television and the waves were bad for our health… as IF anyone had time to watch more than an hour or two a week!
    Actually, they didn’t want us to see all the bad press.

    The Church of Scientology owes me my TV!!

    But in 1984 they were alowed to see one thing. The Narcisist DM on TV.

    Than began the slow chocking of public Scientology by FLAG.

    Keep what works, Get rid of what holds you back.

    With Curiousity CD

  155. Water therapy. It is funny how you can paste the word therapy behind any word.

  156. Thank you Heather and Lunamoth,

    I am a Christian. I grew up in the Stevens Creek Org in San Jose, CA. I joined the SO in 1987 and routed out in 1991. I was at the Int Base for my entire tenure. I know that it’s a miracle that I did not suffer as much as many other Scientology kids did. I also know that no one short of God plucked me off the Int Base.

    I really appreciate you both acknowledging that in a free society the right to follow the dictates of one’s own conscience is truly the basis of Religious Freedom.

    All of you on this site remind me of the good folks I knew who loved me, trained me and took responsibility. I am sooo grateful to see you here communicating and blowing charge off the 3D, finally…

  157. You bring up a very valid point.

    Personally, I think the long slide to oblivion started when the SO eliminated all potential rivals that could have checked the flow such as the GO and SHWW.

    This was the beginning of the end as far as I could see with the destruction of the Franchise Network and then placing its carcass under SMI.

    Followed by the gradual destruction of Field Auditing through IHELP (an oxymoronic acronym if there ever was one!) and RTC licensing of all field auditors.

    Not to mention the elimination of HASI and the CSC and replacing it with that avarice ogre the IAS and its greedy clones, that like parasites have diverted all funding from servicing the public.

  158. The Product of Scientology has become money. It’s the only stat that counts in the DM regime. Surprised he didn’t line up for TARP money given how his inflow must’ve been hit by the Global Financial Crisis.

  159. The other thing to point out is that DM when he’s uptone is in the Anger band. Angry people always seem so in command and so very busy. There’s always flaps around them which they “handle” because of course that’s what they do, clean up the messes made by everyone else.

    Truth is they destroy. Read SOS. DM’s actually an open book.

    Why didn’t anyone notice? Because he was saving Scientology from the SPs! You get spun in bad enough, invalidated bad enough, ARCxen bad enough, you can’t see anything beyond your nose.

  160. After arriving at high places by narrow roads, I just can’t agree, Robin.

    I was never seeking superhuman status; I was just curious about life’s mysteries and wanted to know. I’m curious by nature. It’s gotten me in much trouble but as best I can see, it’s incurable (of course it is, as I ended up on this site).

    The OT levels answer many questions. I should say that more accurately: I’ve answered many questions through auditing them.

    And that’s really the key to the whole enchilada: if an item reads, it reads. Then, you handle it appropriately.

    LRH isn’t telling you a single thing about your case or your track. There’s something there or there’s nothing there. Only a bad auditor would audit what wasn’t there.

    And, remember, when applying your Oxford logic, if something’s known to you then, by definition, it isn’t aberrative.

    Call it the Law of Cognitions: the penny doesn’t drop unless you see what you hadn’t been seeing.

  161. Huckleberry, RJ, Cat Daddy & veritas

    Thanks, guys, for your courteous and thought-provoking comments, which I greatly appreciate. It’s a big subject, and not one we can really do justice to in this context, unless Marty can be persuaded to start a new thread devoted to it.

    Despite the fact that so many people have done the OT levels, the whole Scientology movement is a slo-mo train wreck. It’s pathetic; we’re a laughing stock. We’re supposed to be Clearing the Planet – and all we’re doing is squabbling with each other. Does that strike you as a causative OT operation, as LRH intended? Do you not observe some sort of outpoint here in this situation? Where is the Why and the Who? Sorry, it lies fair and square with LRH – Miscavige is late on the chain.

    DMSMH was brilliant. The OT levels, dreamt up when LRH was high on drugs in Morocco, are totally bogus, sad to say. I’m 25 years ahead of you guys – you’ll come to realise this sooner or later, my friends.

    Meanwhile, as they say, ‘good luck with that’!

    All the very best, Robin

  162. Huckleberry

    For the record, Julius Caesar was never Emperor; he was Dictator.

    After his death, his nephew Octavian later became the first Emperor, Augustus.

    Kind regards, Robin

  163. Martin Padfield

    Marty, you’re absolutely right – the exercise has been very instructive in crytallizing the debate for me. Especially in the context of the last 2 days wonderful messages of MLK. Man, that guy had guts. Totally empowering. I looked at Minerva’s peurile ad-hom nonsense against the spirit of men like MLK, and dare I say it, your good self and the other top guidons in this new movement for friendship and community. It reminded me of a moment when probably I started waking up and should have started asking more questions. It was 1983/4 and three SO members including myself had formed a very successful Book 1 campaign in the UK. We had Ads going out that paid for themselves in book sales alone, we knew and applied marketing policy and “played the piano” with it. Bookbuyers were being followed up correctly and with ARC and – surprise – public were coming in to the Orgs in droves. I can point to 2 SO members who are still on staff to this very day as a direct result. We had excellent support from uplines in the form of the Hawkins’ and their CMU. We got the funds we needed. Life was good. Until, inexplicably, almost overnight the whole thing was unmocked. The Finance Police blocked the funds; we were ordered, despite protest, to other duties, and to the best of my knowledge nothing like it has ever been done since. The expertise we all gained was wasted as we all went on to totally different functions. (Mine was to go on a mission to remove a successful ED from HAPI org and replace him with an unproven guy; either that or be assigned to the RPF). I only very recently got the full story of the how and why and “who” of all this unmocking from Steve H and Jeff’s stories. My point is that I wasn’t strong enough or have enough of the MLK spirit to demand the right thing. Having compromised once in this way, the next compromise is not too far away, and the next, and so on.

    However in the spirit of friendship, I would like to offer Minerva – as I know he is an avid follower of this blog – some marketing wisdom: HCO PL 18 Oct 1979R Marketing Ss 14R, Viewpoint. “Before successfully doing or okaying copy or materials for marketing purposes, one must learn the skill of assuming the viewpoint of the eventual reader or public who will be expected to react to it.” If your audience is simply those onlines public who have completely lost the ability to think for themselves and observe what is there, carry on as you are. But the internet is a big place, and if you want to reach people with enquiring minds, they will find the tone level and abuse-filled personal attacks utterly repugnant. Failing politicians do it and invariably lose elections that way. You won’t win friends, indeed you are effectively doing Anonymous’ work for them. Bringing my daughter into the conversation was particularly unpleasant. Maybe you thought I would be a soft target, being low on the Bridge and all. But you have done me a favour. You and your OSA buddies will wake up one day too, and there we’ll be, not with “I told you so” or with malice, but in the spirit of MLK and his ilk, to offer the hand of friendship and help. Until then…

  164. martyrathbun09

    Come on over for a couple days and I’ll put your Grade IV in for you. I guarantee you’ll be a much happier fellow.

  165. Thought provoking


    I’ll confirm that this version of the TC event was shown at my org in ’04.

  166. Thought provoking

    LFBD when I spotted the dramatization connection reading these blogs.

    It cleared up for me how someone could act like an SP but not be one and why it was always difficult to handle because you really knew that they weren’t SP.

  167. I have been away from my laptop for five days. A couple of hours ago I log on and my first stop is Moving On UP a Little Higher. Wow!! This site is one hell of a fast moving train (this horse I’m riding can barely catch up).

    As always, the articles and the comments serve to be a most incredible educational, inspiring and rejuvenating experience, which I very much appreciate. I am immensely grateful to you ALL.

  168. Thought provoking

    “You and your OSA buddies will wake up one day too, and there we’ll be, not with “I told you so” or with malice, but in the spirit of MLK and his ilk, to offer the hand of friendship and help. Until then…”

    Bravo! Well said and my thoughts exactly.

  169. Thanks, Marty, but I only go into session with auditors whom I like, trust and respect – and who don’t constantly violate the Auditor’s Code (especially that old inval/eval thing) – and who don’t commit continous PT overts on their fellow Scientologists.

    Interestingly enough, Minerva’s also accusing me of ser facs over on her sad site – so either both of you are right, or both of you are wrong! I know which one I’m betting on.

    Mate, I have a gorgeous wife of thirty years, three great kids, a beautiful farm – and I live in paradise with wonderful neighbours. Trust me, you couldn’t make me happier if you tried.

    Like I said, good luck with those ‘OT’ levels.

    Sincerely, Robin

  170. martyrathbun09

    Robin, Ok – have fun on the farm Mate.

  171. Cheers, Marty, I will have fun on the farm; we just baled our hay yesterday, which was a big win. I always did have a good reputation for my confront on MEST!

    Given our track record, I’m grateful to you for allowing my recent posts. I appreciate I’m not particularly welcome on your site with my maverick views. The reason I came back was because I was impressed by your scoop with Steve Pfauth. If you can persuade Sarge to tell ‘the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth’, that would go a long way to resolving the 3D engram we’re all currently working our way through, and you would have earned my respect, mate.

    Warmest regards, Robin

  172. Mohandas K. Gandhi:

    To forget how to dig the earth and to tend the soil is to forget ourselves.

  173. Oh please!

    Get off you’re high horse, Robin.

    The OT Levels he developed in the late ’60’s were a continuation of the work he started in the early ’50’s as anyone who was there knows. What is covered in OT III materials isn’t anymore fantastic or incredible than what was covered in ‘What to Audit’ known in the UK as ‘History of Man’ with its accompanying track maps.

    Besides it is only an incident. You don’t have to believe in it, in order to run it!

    Just like any other incident on the whole track.

    The processes given in the ‘Auditor’s Handbook’ now known by the title of ‘Creation of Human Ability’ under Route 1 are those used on the original OT Levels above IV.

    I suggest you read HCO BULLETIN OF 30 JULY 1973SCIENTOLOGY, CURRENT STATE OF THE SUBJECT AND MATERIALS again. Particularly where Ron says:
    (Begin Fair Use Quote)
    The subject of Scientology is to some degree developed in reverse order. The task
    was to undercut the current level of Man and this was the general target. Therefore one
    finds the higher levels publicly spoken of most frequently in the earlier books and tapes
    (between ‘51 and ‘55). In seeking full application to others and attainment for them of
    their potentials it was necessary to codify the materials and develop processes for them.

    Any difficulties people were having with going Clear were handled in the mid ‘60s
    and OT levels as they exist in Advanced Orgs were completed by ‘68. There are perhaps
    15 levels above OT VII fully developed but existing only in unissued note form, pending
    more people’s full attainment of OT VI & VII.
    (end fair use quote)

    Personally, I think you are completely missing the forest for the trees and your patronizing arrogance is somewhat cloying.

    You’ve already said you don’t personally agree with the OT Levels several times already. Now it seems that you are trying to make anyone who does wrong by using the same active measures that many of the most rabid critics of the subject use to invalidate them.

    You don’t happen to be working for the CIA?

  174. Right on, Cat Daddy (where did you get the name, and what’s this strange bondage site link you have?)! We have ten cats, by the way.

    Great admirer of Gandhi myself; we’re into sustainability and self-sufficiency. See our website

    Survival is the real issue, and much more important than all these petty squabbles about Scientology, which was supposed to handle the situation – and sadly seems to have failed.

    Kind regards, Robin

  175. Marty, I thought you might enjoy a recent post of mine on Minerva’s site:

    “My word, you guys are really granting Marty a fantastic amount of beingness, with all the attention units you’re focusing on him!

    “This only shows how threatened you and your slave-masters feel at the serious amount of truth Marty is putting out there, and the interest it is quite rightly stimulating among the wider field.

    “Marty and I are old enemies (and no-one criticises him more than I do) but I take my hat off to him: he’s certainly got you guys running scared!

    Laughing out loud, Robin”

    Needless to say, it’s still awaiting moderation!

  176. Looking at the photo of the “couch jumper” and his evil twin just disgusts me. Cruise needs a PTS declare and the SP needs a golden rod SP declare.

  177. Marty, for your info:

    Robin Scott OT7 Cl4 // Jan 20, 2010 at 1:37 pm


    You know that you have disgracefully quoted me out of context. Typical C of S dirty tricks. Over the years, whenever I have communicated with you guys in good faith, you’ve always had to twist things. Probably a sign that you were losing the argument. I challenge you to post my quote in full. Otherwise, you’re simply guilty of cheating when confronted by an opponent who is more intelligent, better educated and more honourable than yourself. You clearly weren’t brought up in the school of fair play; I long ago gave up playing with people who bend the rules. I certainly shan’t trust you with any further communication. I know you don’t really want me on your site – I show you up for the shabby whore you really are: snide, not a nice person at heart.

    One day your overts will catch up with you. Lucky for me, I have a real life to get on with.

    Cheerio, Robin

  178. providing there would be anybody left to say I told you so in the first place.

  179. Thanks a lot! I just now saw that you left a response. I’m glad you like it. 🙂

  180. Marty, would you mind adding the debbie-cook category to this post so it shows up under the link ?

    Thank you. 🙂

  181. Joe, With some time and luck I reached Craig. He is out with Parkinsonism which he had ON THE RPF. Disgusting. He is quite upset about how he was treated while there but did not want to go into the details at this time. I believe he might speak out later, but he is not doing so now for reasons best understood by him. However, the strong impression I got is he is tracking with Tommy Davis’ lies to the media about other Ex Int staff and is boiling over with suppressed rage – right on the edge. He was not too happy with his contact details being discovered so I will not be passing them on, but I at least wanted to follow up on your comment about him.

  182. Hi are you able to write these articles in a little less LRH speak for people on the outside who are interested in this subject but are unable to understand most of the content here? Just a thought. Thanks

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