How the FSO was lost – the final purges part 2

To corrupt the Mecca DM had to take out its leader

By mid this decade, Miscavige had destroyed nearly every executive at Int, FLO, and CMO units. Meanwhile, Captain FSO Debbie Cook had gotten on DM’s good side. He had pulled her (and a number of other FSO execs and regges, including Harvey Jaques “to whip” the regges and FSMs) off of FSO production twice in order to organize two mass regging affairs (one at Maiden Voyage at Flag and another at the the main IAS event in UK) where her efforts netted over thirty million dollars in donations for IAS.

In late 05/early 06 Debbie was pulled to ASI by Miscavige. Miscavige briefed Debbie on what a bunch of incompetents and saboteurs all International base execs and staff allegedly were. Miscavige openly nattered viciously about Jenny Devocht, Angie Blankenship, Russ Bellin (those first three had pretty much been his most ‘trusted’ troika for a couple years running at that point) Guillaume Lesevre, Marc Yager, Mike Rinder and other Int and Gold execs. DM installed the Cruise everybody-is-a-db-and-out-to-get-me implant.

DM took Debbie to the Int base for the Maiden Voyage event preparations. Debbie was being touted as the new savoir of Int, shadowing him all day long on his event preparation rounds. This was an age-old Miscavige ploy for destroying people. He’d bring in outside people who were “untainted” and use their “products” to denigrate Int execs, then after a short meteoric rise, Miscavige would inevitably shoot them down in flames.

With event preps done, Miscavige then took Debbie to the ship with him and used her for a couple of his OT summit seminars. Mark Ginga Nelson was the CO CMO CW at the time and up to this point he accompanied Debbie on her DM mascot tours. But, then “he bit it” with DM; not giving him acceptable answers during his marathon hypothetical questions sessions. Poor Mark apparently did not agree with COB on a couple of things; and that was the end of him.

Debbie was sent back to the FLB to handle all building plans that Ginga Nelson allegedly sabotaged, Super Power building, Oak Cove, FH renos, etc. Before she went, for weeks DM expressed approval of everything Debbie proposed on the buildings, but not once did he officially approve anything, he never put his initials on a single csw. He ordered Debbie to become the Capt FLB. Miscavige put a tremendous amount of pressure on Debbie to find a replacement and get her Capt FSO hat turned over. Debbie started forming up an FLB org, sort of a “little satellite FOLO” is what Miscavige ordered.  Miscavige wanted Debbie on nothing but MEST upgrade; to the exclusion of FSO delivery.

Debbie became the terminal to handle the high-powered outside design firm, Gensler. Debbie chose the designer. Debbie’s plans were liked by DM. Instead of putting pedal to the metal to get them done; he did what he always does. He had a CGI special effects fly through done to show at an event to convince his public that he was really doing something.  Since Debbie was ‘doing well’ on DM’s lines, he started shoving more and more Int landlord problems (along with the ever present natter that Int staff were incapable of handling it) at her. 

DM nattered himself so far into the corner (running out of SO staff to natter about) that he set up for an outside corporation to act as project manager for the Idle Orgs program. That would be Roger Staubach’s (former Dallas Cowboy quarterback) company.  The arrangement was for Gensler to design each org and for Staubach to execute the construction and renovations.

The honeymoon started going south (as did every previous one DM ever had with a competent executive on Landlord lines – Sarah Blythe, Bitty Blythe Miscavige, Tom Devocht, et al, ad nauseum) when Debbie ran into the achilles heel of his micro-management. That is nobody could ever get any approvals from the one guy who had to approve anything. Angie Blankenship (who rose to COB project Ops early this decade) was powerless to get anything back to Debbie. She also ran into the “vaporization” problem on DM’s lines. Angie wound up vaporized, as did several Int Landlord staff during Debbie’s stint.

In early 07, Debbie went back to Int to give a tour of the Int HQ base to the Gensler people.  Debbie was just about to leave the base after having done her duty, when DM (who by then was hanging out in LA at ASI; the 70 million dollar palace on the base apparently was not good enough for him) told Debbie “wait, not so fast.”  Mr Musical Chairs issued yet a new cross order to Debbie – handle all the promo for “the basics” release.  Of course, Central Marketing had been working on it for nearly a decade and had never gotten a single approval.

When Debbie headed to CMU (Central Marketing Unit)  to pick up the pieces and save the day, she was horrified to find out DM had literally dismantled it. The promo unit she had at the FSO was a well oiled machine by comparison to what was left at Int. DM demanded images, posters, info packs, extension course packs, for every single book and lecture. The CMU, which a few short years earlier had over sixty well trained, creative and competent staff had been decimated by a series of DM purges, leaving a skeleton crew barely able to produce a single flier.

All the while Debbie was pulled into the patented DM push-pull implant. On the one hand she was being denigrated for not getting her CO FSO hat turned over, and then when she’d make any mention of progress on same, she would get blistered by DM scolding her that he never ordered her to turn her hat over. Finally, she was forced to adopt the only solution acceptable to DM; appoint thirty-year crim reg veteran Harvey Jaques to take over as CO FSO.

The die was cast. Progressively, more and more FSO staff were converted into Reges.  Executives reged. Ethics Officers reged. OSA staff reged. Ultimately, in a macabre version of reverse Scientology, Examiners reged pcs after sessions and the FSO was finally lost when Auditors, yes Auditors, began regularly reging their own pc’s.  Not for auditing, mind you, but reging their pcs for book packages for libraries and IAS slush fund donations.

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  1. Many of us have heard that DM tune and know it by heart. Debbie is now out of the SO and putting her thetan back together. You can find her on Facebook. She’s a great person and devoted her life to the FSO. For sure DM is engineering his own “death by 1,000 cuts” and it will come in the form of former staff speaking out. At some point one has to wonder whether or not he even likes people.

  2. As far as I know — Debbie was Captain of the FSO longer than any other in the FSO history.

    I’m happy to hear she is out of that madhouse with DM at the helm. By his actions, we shall know them and I would say he definitely does not like people

    There are over 500 Debbie Cooks on FB – any tips on what page she can be found? Also, I’m going to take a wild leap that she is not in good standing and therefore has connected to other former SO members of the same status.

    Or did she leave “properly” and therefore is only in touch with other who have done the same?

    If any of this is too personal — don’t worry — don’t answer. I’ll understand. I never knew Debbie personally, just as public in the FSO but IF I could find other friends of mine who are gone gone gone — wow that would be wonderful.


  3. “Auditors, began regularly reging their own pc’s.” Yes, this happened to me in 2005 at Saint Hill. At a D of P interview I was told what my TIP was plus the auditor, who happened to be the D of P Ib Nygaard, informed me that buying the new CD lectures would greatly speed-up my journey up the bridge. I haven’t been back since and do not plan to. My verbal response to Ib is not publishable.

  4. “At some point one has to wonder whether or not he even likes people.”
    Yeah lol.

    Debbie was a great exec. Her briefings at staff meeting were riveting and FSO wasn’t the problem it was the class v org sector. But FSO relies on class V orgs being big so it’s bound to fall down. DM’s solution apparently – magnify something disrelated to that to ensure she’s outta there. Today they’re putting basics in the academy and taking grades pc’s from orgs but that isn’t the way to clear the planet. LRH would have put max effort into recovering her and figuring out what happened. DM – “YEAH!!!! another crim off my lines!”

  5. What is a ‘group engram’?
    “Here then is the cycle of a group receiving an engram: the group ideas and
    rationale in handling or attacking MEST receive a shock from the MEST which it is
    attacking, making an emergency situation exist. There is a turbulent area created
    between the ideals and rationale of the group and the MEST. The emergency status of
    the situation has to do with the compressed time—something obviously is happening so
    swiftly that a full use of communication is not possible and must be supplanted by
    arbitrary rules or commands. As soon as the emergency is over, it can be seen that an
    engram has been implanted in the group.
    The clearing of this engram consists of an examination by the whole group of
    the arbitraries, which is to say the orders and commands which were issued without
    explanation and which demanded instantaneous action on the part of other individuals
    in the group. The person issuing these orders, or persons issuing them, should
    demonstrate how the situation existed and the why and wherefore of these orders. In
    this way the engram is cleared out of the group. Rational discussion of this situation
    and communication of the situation restores the ideals and ethics of the group.” Dianetic Auditor’s Bulletin, Vol 1, #7, Jan 51, in the Tech Vols. Dianetic Auditor’s Bulletin, Vol 1, #7, Jan 51, in the Tech Vols

    In a lecture given on 1 Dec 50, Groups, it says relative to group engrams:
    “One has to clear those. This is done by merely letting some light into the idea and clarifying the
    thought line. Any group that starts up has immediately three strikes on it, you might say, by
    being thoroughly connected to all the engrams of the past. Therefore a group would have to be
    pretty learned about what had been going on to really keep up. What is needed is lots of
    knowledge, lots of information, no secrets, no communication interruptions and nothing
    hidden. If it went on along that level it would succeed, providing it had a specific goal.”

    From lecture 9 Nov 50, Group Dianetics:
    “The running of group engrams depends upon establishing the fact that there was another side
    to the picture—in other words, that there is more data.
    It is only the existence of this hidden data, suppressed—the other man’s viewpoint—that
    creates any kind of an engram at all. ”

    “It is very easy to run a group engram. It doesn’t have to be attacked, it just has to be brought
    to light.” Same lecture.

    “…the group could now discuss it with
    both sides of the picture known, and when this happened the group would get better. That is
    the way you run a group engram. ” Same lecture.

  6. And the beat goes on. Competence and integrity = DB. Who doesn’t know that?

    What’s really amazing is how people like Debbie just disappear one day and are never again spoken of. I didn’t even know she was no longer in the SO. Just assumed like many others, she’d moved to another post somewhere.

    This is the real value of what you are doing, Marty: uncovering the actual scene so it can be evaluated without hidden data.

    btw, when I read your various write-ups posted on RFW – I take them with a grain of salt because I know the context in which they were written: get the assholes off your back – I line-charged that the greatest crime you admit to is to have made COB’s life more difficult. That speaks volumes about how aberrated INT mgmt has become.

    Keep peeling the onion.

  7. Poor DM doesn’t even SEE people, much less like them; all these shapes moving threateningly about him are enemies out to crush, maim, and kill him, each and every unfortunate one.

    The saving grace is that demons of his ilk are incapable of completing a cycle of action, so he will in fact come up short in his Scio-destruction task.

  8. I can reiterate, Debbie was the most competent FSO captain I’ve known and very dedicated to her post.

  9. I have come to a viewpoint. DMs Condition is called Narcisim.

    This one you cannot blow away with either Auditing or Psychology nor Psychiatry.

    My question is was he always vain from young age ? And did he had real friends or always superficial aquintences. Has anybody ever had a real connection with him ? Has he ever tortured a small animal in his childhood ? Did he ever talk about his family and in what way ? What did set him of as a young lad ?

  10. Catherine Morland

    She’s on Facebook as Debbie Cook Baumgarten. It looks like she is still in good standing because she has several Scn friends.

  11. What I want to know is if Debbie has gone to the independant side???

    I sure hope so!

  12. Huck,
    Yes, this exposure of the data, all the suppressed info, the ‘other side’ and bringing up and to the light the hidden arbitraries all are part of running out the 3D engrams laid in over the past decades. Marty is doing a superb job of it, as are all who post here and get flowing again the open comm lines needed to raise the affinity and in particular the reality of the True Group. It sure is getting Tone Arm action and rejuvenation.

    Like Sam said in her declaration, it’s tough sometimes to get into the incident, but it will run and Tone 4 is just a few passes away.

  13. Friend-of-Ron

    DM’s BIRTHDAY PRESENT – July 1984

    When the stripper walked in and performed a lap dance on one of the most respected, admired and trusted S.O. execs, I knew there was something very wrong.

    Norman Starkey looked embarrassed, but tried to be a good sport. After all the grinding lasted just a minute and – hey – what are Bullbait TRs for.

    Our lead attorney had fun fondling the ladies naked breast, as she made her way out of the conference room to go and collect her check for a job well performed.

    Marion Meisler, now Marion Pow, was clearly proud of herself for having pulled it off, able to report another “Done Sir” to The Little One.

    He of course was in stitches – bending over laughing, proud of his own genius to always come up with stunts that no one would expect.

    And yes we, the other S.O. staff in the room, were stunned to say the least. With our jaws dropping we sat red faced. Squirming and hoping we would wake up any moment now realizing it was all a bad wet dream — one that could be reviewed in confidence with one’s auditor in the next session.

    But it was reality, reality in a new “brave” world being created by The Little One. And it took many of us, like myself, years to wake up to what we all had become party to.

    It was July 1984 — LRH was under heavy attack by the Department of Justice, which was conspiring with private attorneys in order to destroy LRH through the court system. The IRS was gaining ground on their eternal war to wipe us out, since they were still feeding off the crimes committed by the Guardian Office execs, so well documented in their G.O. files, which were all taken during the raids in 76. Mayo was on a roll trying to create schism. The Mission Holder Network was in shambles and the Finance Police had managed to destroy the financial reserves of most orgs and missions.

    So yes, we were stunned. We had the defense of the tech, the protection of LRH on our minds, when we were sitting there in the conference room on Sunset Boulevard where Special Project and ASI were housed then. We all had given up so much in our calling to protect what we all knew was the true knowledge of man’s spiritual nature; the end of the search mankind had been engaged in for so long; the path that would make the creation of real peace on earth and true freedom possible.

    So yes, The Little One had us surprised. We did not expect a Stripper (or was it a Hooker?) at our high level legal meeting.

    Sometimes pressure builds for years. We all put up with it at first , knowing we are dealing with whole track issues, so who knows what else is sitting there waiting to be uncovered that will then as-is the pressure. But truth is a funny thing. It really is the “Exact, time, place, form, and event” that creates the as-isness. When a problem does not resolve – and in my case that continuing build up of the pressure did become a growing problem – then there is a lie. So first you search every corner of your mind for every sign of an overt and false purpose. And, as in my case, you do this some times for 15 years and more. Then, since the pressure is still there, you decide to go your own way, grant beingness and decide that “we just have to agree to disagree”. But then the pressure keeps coming back. It starts building again. It forces you to keep looking and searching for the real source of the problem, the real lie one is holding onto.

    And one day you are looking at that first crack, that first seed of doubt, that first alarm bell which went off in your head and which you did not listen to.

    Well — now looking back — that unheeded alarm bell for me was that Stripper walking into my Church and giving a veteran Church leader a lap dance.

    It was watching this little guy, who was meant to be our spiritual leader and the embodiment of KSW, bent over laughing as our attorney fondled the Stripper’s breasts, engaging in one of man’s oldest degrades of women.

    Truth and theta really are timeless. Eventually it all comes out and with the as-isness comes the relief of the pressure.

    A bright new day for me

    The pressure is gone

    Thanks for listening to

    A Friend of Ron

  14. Friend of Ron, I wish I could be more shocked. I’m appalled, but not shocked.

    I would’ve been even a few months ago but too much water’s passed under this bridge. All I can say is that if you recognize it, it will as-is. The penny’s now dropping for all of us. Surely his days are numbered.

  15. If you just say that Debbie was originally a messanger at CMO CW and did invests when LRH was on the line, and that she later became a top Flag Auditor in the Case Cracking HGC, and then also audited NOTs as a Class IX, and that she was also a Flag Course Supervisor, and was the Flag Intern Supervisor, and that she was OEC,FEBC, DSEC in addition to her tech training and OT 7 case level, and that she was the Captain of the FSO for 17 consecutive years, and then you added that within a year of working directly under COB she was suddenly no longer in the SO, then you would have said everything there is to say. Is there even one other org exec, past or present, with that many certs and a production record backing up each one?

  16. Thanks for doing more than your share of the heavy lifting, too, JLo.

    I can’t imagine even DM could handle the wattage of the return of all the good people he has banished.

    They will find him playing Super Mario in his bunker as Rome burns around him.

  17. Megawatt.88008

    Just checked over her Facebook along with her husbands, they have tons of Scientology connections. She lives in San Antonio TX and is working a wog career. It notes that she ‘had a medical condition and is getting better’. Unless Marty has something up his sleeve she seems to be towing the line.

  18. Friend-of-Ron

    Thank you for the reply, Huckleberry.

    It used to be a firm policy of mine — and it certainly is again now — to not just listen to the talk but watch the actual “walk”, when deciding whether I should support a group or not.

  19. Friend of Ron,

    Thank you, sincerely, from the center of my being, for what you have said in this post. For the courage to persist and face the truths for yourself and now for all of us.

    As I read, again, in stunned disbelief at the real character of this very little man, the pressure built. Then, my confront rose and as distasteful as it is, the truth and my willingness to face it, opened the valve. With as-isness comes the relief.

    You’ve gone a long way to providing relief for your friends, known and unknown. I’m one of them. Again, thank you.

  20. Jean that’s a good way to put it in context

  21. Isn’t “she has a medical condition” a euphemism for “she’s PTS”? 😉

    I wonder if she has found the correct SP?

    And Friend-of-Ron: I too am no longer shocked by these revelations. I actually expect that we haven’t heard all, or the worst, by a long shot. If Shelly ever surfaces…..

    Apply what you know. Be the change you want the world to be. Maintain your integrity. This world will come around…..eventually.

  22. Without knowing her — and just seeing her in old Source mag issues (as the one above) — she always exuded such calmness, professionalism and integrity. I met her briefly at a Scientology event about 3 yrs ago, and even in person, she exuded that same beingness. Now knowing that she had so much tech and admin training, and was also OT 7, it now makes sense.
    I’m glad to hear that she’s out from under DM, and I do hope that she becomes an Independent, if not already.

  23. This chilling account of events is very much appreciated Marty. The truth is finally coming to light. What a total mind screw…

  24. Thanks Friend,

    I had heard about this mentioned briefly, but had not gotten the complete details.

    As embarrassing as it was, perhaps it was better than the birthday twenty years later spent in “the hole”.

  25. Yes, truth is shining. Truth will finally bring order to chaos. Thanks for your persistence. As an class 5 org ED, I became also sick after the release of the Golden Age of Tech and my most upstat year…It was very strange indeed 🙂


    Your story gives me answers.
    dm’s tone level is very 1.1. He apparently helps you and at the same time he is the one who is destroying you. He is the thessis and antithessis. He is the problem and the solution to your problems. Can you see that? He creates BPC, he owns the power to handle it, or not. Please when you spech about him you shouldn’t use cappital letters, just say “the little man”, he doesn;t deserves more than that, haha!

    About the IRS, I have a question, aren’t they the owners of Scientology?? Is that why all the attacks to Scn from US govermnt IRS suddenly vanished?? Did dm sold us out?? Marty, if you know about it, let us know.

    I found that the Church is sending e mails to public and e amilng an 80 pages maggazine as his answer to the Newspaper articles “Truth RD”.

    I also want to comment about Debby, she is a great person, I don’t know if she knows about this blog. I know she is in good standidng with Scn. She says she has a medical condition and that is why she is out. Is she in an LOA? I don’t know, but if she wanted to be out, that was a great excusse. Or … did she go PTS? Eather one, she is out.

    ML, your friend too

  27. Jim,
    Your words truly warm my heart. At times it gets cold out here, as I am sure you know.
    I’ll look forward to your posts. Take care of yourself.

  28. Does DM do a survey that asks, “Who do you trust? Who do you love? Who’s the most upstat exec you can think of?” and then take the results to choose his next person to degrade, destroy, and discharge? That must be how he came up with Debbie Cook as a target!

    While I was studying the levels many years ago I could see each one as taking a different sort of swoop through the bank to destimulate a whole section of it. Your posts such as this one, Marty, do that for the massive confusion which has existed on, “What the heck is wrong and how did we (the church) get this messed up?” This was a very good debrief!

  29. Thought provoking

    That info alone, speaks volumes of truth.

  30. Kathy Braceland

    Debbie Cook was after my time so I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing her personally. But I know her reputation as a competent, productive and dynamic individual. Staff and public loved her.

    Of course Miscavige would want to crush and eliminate Debbie…she sounds awesome!

    I’m sorry she went through all that but I’m glad she’s out to live life and communicate freely.

  31. Thought provoking

    “A bright new day for me

    The pressure is gone

    Thanks for listening to

    A Friend of Ron”

    Thank you for sharing – your name is very appropriate.

  32. Friend,

    Thanks for the reply.

    To answer your question re the IRS: No, the IRS does not own Scientology. No one does, those who know the tech and can and do apply it do.

    Ownership is an idea put on paper and enforced by agreements embodied in laws, which people can change.

    Scientology is the truth, put down on paper by Ron, which people can read but not change. See — the truth does not change, it is there to be discovered and Ron told us how to do it.

  33. Sinar,
    My hat is off to you. Thank you for working so hard for so long to make things go right. You still do make things go right, you know — now we just have to persist until they do. Then we will have passed the Supreme Test.

  34. Thank YOU!

  35. Tom,
    Words of wisdom! Thanks.

  36. cc
    (Mess./ Debbie Cook Baumgarten/Facebook)

    We are going to handle DM, per LRH. You’re invited to help.

    Ml, Antoine

  37. Thank you Marty for this Leather Bound edition in the Series of 3.
    Great posts by others as well.
    It is just normal common sense for a human being to have as a basic survival policy “Don’t make enemies”
    This is not to say in life and livingness, an enemy will be made ~~ disputes and opposing viewpoints do and can cause falling outs.
    But DM’s modus operandi MAKES enemies. Every year, every month, every week, every hour, every minute, the Monster DM wilfully and on purpose does something to create a lifelong enemy.
    Let’s take an example of humiliation. I was around when DM spat on John Axcel. A humble quiet Englishman who had served years and years in SO. DM used his spittel as a projectile and spat on Axcel while screaming at him. DM had previously spat on David Mayo. I believe he spat on Mark Fisher as well. Easy enough for Mark to confirm. Imagine using your own bodily fluid to eject at another human being to degrade and humiliate them.
    The leader of a religion who SPITS on his own staff members !
    I challenge FREEDOM magazine to deny DM’s habitual spitting.
    FREEDOM magazine will neither confirm or deny the issues brought up on this blog.
    I was also at the party where the stripper did the lap dance and ground and gyrated her hips into Normal Starkey. It was a restaurant in the heart of Los Angeles up the hill. 30-40 Elite SO members were there and almost all of ASI.

  38. Marty, you have totally nailed DMs destructive ploy. It is actually a CYCLE (it circles through from Start — where he puts his sights on someone who is actually doing well on their post — to Finish — where the individual has been completely unmocked/destroyed and is the biggest scum) . I have witnessed this exact psychotic cycle for years, from three different echelons. He even did it within his own org, RTC.
    He’d take favor on someone, prop them up as the saviour (as you said), then to survive, everyone has to listen and admire the new saviour (cuz you, yourself are just a dog) meanwhile he natters about and unmocks units and knocks off hats by taking their responsibilities and giving them to the saviour — while everyone else now dislikes those that had been nattered about. And this goes on until the he gets tired of the saviour and destroys them (now everyone is disgusted and looks down on them, even ever so slightly as they are now “lower” than “even you”) and goes off on the hunt for the next victim….

  39. Friend of Ron,

    Thank you’re post. It does a lot to explain what was going on at the time.

    Interesting how Miscavige began working at suborning the highest levels of Scientology and thus leaving them open to compromise and thus extortion and black mail.

    I can just imagine Miscavige saying “let’s just keep this stripper incident between us” plus an assortment of other “off the books” activities.

    Personally, my suspicions were aroused when we started getting an assortment of spooky clientele at the AO.

    Another seismic shift was when Miscavige turned over the PR account for the Church over to Hill and Knowlton. I asked myself what is this guy’s game doesn’t he know this company is practically a front for the Agency?

    I could tell someone was grooming this guy when he shows up on Nightline with Ted Koppel a year later as the “Leader of Scientology”. Thinking to myself since when did we get a “leader”?

    Any way moving away from theory to practice. Miscavige may not know a lot about actual Scientology but he certainly knows how to play and manipulate people.

    Debbie Cook is just another agent that Miscavige decided to burn.

  40. And as far as Debbie Cook — I knew her on and off over the years. And from my experiences with her and observations, she was a true example of what LRH expects from an SO member. She was well trained and up the Bridge and had admirable executive qualities. I believe Mr. Jean Paul (above) is correct in Debbie’s accolades. I’ve always respected her.

  41. martyrathbun09

    Shannon, good description of the “system.”

  42. Alexis de Tocqueville

    There are so many LRH references regarding ‘deliver, deliver, deliver’ and not reg, reg, reg. When we began having audited financials statements post Autumn of 1993 in conformation with those requirments and standards, even the wog auditors (accountants, CPAs) would stress to org Exec Committee that the amount of undelivered services on the books were an immense, inherent liabilty to the organization. Wog accountants.

    I seems that it is much worse now than it was 10 or 15 years ago.

  43. I was sold books by my auditors while on Solo Nots, in between my sec checking. (that is a good time to sell someone by the way)

    Also the DofP would say they wanted to talk to you (you’d think about an R factor for your auditing) and you would be in an auditing room
    ( seated furthest from the door) then the DofP and another auditor would come in and sort of trap you and “hard sell” you on books. It was very awkward and to get out of it you usually had to get sort of rude otherwise the cycle would go on forever.

    I reported this and nothing ever changed.


  44. At one point in summer 2004, I went to flag, and I had all the base looking for me because I needed to be recruited for the SO, every place I went I was asked my name, and when I tell them my name they tell me wait a sec, and ran to make a phone call, then the recruiters or some execs from flag came looking after me, and after several times that happened to me, I decided not to go back, as I thought why all this movement? Then I was told by one friend SO that in a meeting, the staff were told that whenever they hear my name they should call the recruiters. I am glad I did not allow them to get me! I never inval my perceptions!

  45. RJ,
    Clearly “the little man’s” rationale is that everything can be had for a price. Not a good student of history for sure, nor anything for that matter it seems.

  46. I was in CMO IXU when Debbie Cook was picked to be the new Captain FSO. She came to ITO and did her OEC. She was very bright and went back and did well. She was chosen as she was also tech trained (I believe a Class 9). In late 2005 I apprenticed in each Dept of FSO and went to each staff meeting. Debbie was a very sane terminal with integrity. Harvey was comm eved in spring 2006 for finance irregs on regging of new releases. Oh my. I was in FB when the tlx went out for Debbie to report to LA. At the time I thought “How long will she last”. I think it is a great loss not to have such a sane terminal running the FSO.

  47. I agree Friend of Ron. The “little man” is obviously not a student of history if you read his pretentious article “Wake Up Call”, he doesn’t have a clue!

    In fact his ignorance comes shinning through like a signal flare, just like the Nightline interview when he asserted that the excerpt Koppel played from “Between Lives Implants” wasn’t from a Scientology lecture.

    God knows how such a consummate moron ever got into such a position of power!

  48. I am glad Debbie and Wayne are out. Looking at their Facebook pages, they are definitely connected to all the “kool Aid Drinkers”. I don’t see anyone from the Independent Scientology group added to their Facebook page.

    I hope they are not bought by DM! 😦

  49. martyrathbun09

    Stay tuned for the rest of the series. Debbie went through a living hell. We all have our individual circumstances. We all need our decrompression period. How she chooses to do that is her business as far as I am concerned. The more we remain about healing the safer it is for others to participate and help in the healing process.

  50. Thanks for the quotes Jim.

    It seems that at Int Mgm level we have group engrams on a daily basis and a lot of E/S´s on the chain.

    So by revealing all this info we have a de-aberrating effect on the whole group.


    Thanks again.

  51. Truth:

    Debbie Cook joined the SO one or two years after graduating from high school.

    1979 at the latest.

    She was in the SO for 28 years – almost all of those years in very senior positions.

    Her FB page is public and you can therefore see all of her FB friends. The scientologists I recognize are indeed actively involved however I certainly have no idea who she talks to privately. I doubt you do either.

    Perhaps you’ve read “The Little Prince”?

    This is one of my favorite quotes: “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; What is essential is invisible to the eye.”

    If we strive to see with our hearts, rather than our eyes we will be create an open space here, as Marty pointed out, that allows us each to heal at our pace.

    Each of us brought TO scientology their own lives and experiences and past, went through scientology their own way and left uniquely. While we share many similar “horror stories” the impact on us is all unique.

    We all heal uniquely as well.


  52. I had the pleasure of meeting Debbie many times when I lived in Clearwater and I was on the OTC between late 2000-2002. Her beingness is awesome as well as her ARC. I too went to her page on FB and one can see what she and her husband are doing currently. Checked out her “wall” and saw that Missy Davies(can’t believe she still uses her old married name) and Vickie Norton(any one know where Ron Norton is?) left comments for her. I was in the SO with them. In fact, Mick Davies was my Captain back then. I hope that you are right Marty that she is decompressing. One thing for certain, she is a true believer in KSW.

  53. I mean DM’s “system” is so diametrically opposed to LRH Policy and Tech.

    As far as I am concerned, he is the biggest squirrel that has ever lived………….nauseating.

  54. Sir Fredericks

    Marty, and all his friends, is DM the reason why Neil Gaiman left Scientology after DM declared his father?

    An excerpt from an article in the New Yorker, “Kid Goth: Neil Gaiman’s
    fantasies”, at:…


    The pivotal fact of Gaiman’s childhood is one that appears nowhere in his
    fiction and is periodically removed from his Wikipedia page by the site’s
    editors. When he was five, his family moved to East Grinstead, the center of
    English Scientology, where his parents began taking Dianetics classes. His
    father, a real-estate developer, and his mother, a pharmacist, founded a
    vitamin shop, G & G Foods, which is still operational. (According to its Web
    site, it supplies the Human Detoxification Programme, a course of vitamins,
    supplements, and other alleged purification techniques, which Scientology
    offers at disaster sites like Chernobyl and Ground Zero.) In the seventies,
    his father, who died last year, began working in Scientology’s
    public-relations wing and over time rose high in the organization. Gaiman
    has two younger sisters, both still active in Scientology; one of them works
    for the church in Los Angeles, and the other helps run the family

    At times, Scientology proved awkward for the Gaiman children. According to
    Lizzy Calcioli, the sister who stayed in England, “Most of our social
    activities were involved with Scientology or our Jewish family. It would get
    very confusing when people would ask my religion as a kid. I’d say, ‘I’m a
    Jewish Scientologist.’ ” Gaiman says that he was blocked from entering a
    boys’ school because of his father’s position and had to remain at the
    school he’d been attending, the only boy left in a classroom full of girls.
    These days, Gaiman tends to avoid questions about his faith, but says he is
    not a Scientologist. Like Judaism, Scientology is the religion of his
    family, and he feels some solidarity with them. “I will stand with groups
    when I feel like they’re being properly persecuted,” he told me.


    The article also mentions that he met his ex-wife when she was studying
    Scientology at East Grinstead and living in a home owned by his father.

  55. Having had the unique chance to run my own fingers through Scientology and SO history, I am proud to of known and to of worked with two people who played important roles in the history of both the Sea Org and Scientology respectively. These people are Debbie Cook and Yvonne Jentzch. I find myself unable to speak about one without thinking of or comparing one to the other. Both unique thetans played very important but independant roles in the history of both the Sea Org and Scientology. Three names should come to mind when one thinks of Scientology and the Sea Org – 1 LRH, 2. Yvonne Jentzch and 3. Debbie Cook. If you have never heard of their names you were never involved in scientology. Both women were powerful thetans who provided the best path possible as LRH intended for all public and celebrities to have to discover, absorb and apply scientology so they could live a better and brighter life. I know there were and are plenty of people around who themselves were and are shinning stars to the very back bone of Scientology and the Sea Org’s success and history, (Heber, Norman, Marty, Janis, Terry, Phobe, John H, Dan K, Greg W, etc..) but Yvonne and Debbie stand atop the list of those individuals who have had the most sincere, caring, love and loyalty to not only LRH but to the very people of earth who have chosen to obtain gains from Scientology. DM himself would and can never compare to these two ladies devotion, competence and deep deep love and respect they had for LRH, Scientology and it’s public. They didn’t do or accomplish what they did for their share of the lime light, they did it because they care and define what a good person is all about. Always did and always will! “On the Day in which we can fully trust each other, their will be Peace On Earth.” Yvonne and Debbie are fine examples of what Peace is all about! — Jackson

  56. I was 3 months in Scn when I was routed to Qual at Flag and handled by Debbie. She was maybe 17 years old and ask me to do o/w right ups. This was kinda new to me so she had me read the reference and helped clear up the procedure then asked me to start. I wrote up a couple and turned them in. She had me sit down next to her as she read them back to me and acknowledged me ask me to look any more I could find. I did and we repeated the cycle again. Debbie show total ARC and granting of beingness to me. So being the young man from the ghettos I complained by asking her what the hell did she want from me. She politely yet pointedly stated she wanted me to write up all my o/w on all my dynamics in this lifetime. I agreed thinking, well, she asked for it now I’m going to write it all up and she’ll be shocked and stunned. As I slowly progressed through my write up she would patiently asked if I needed helped as I struggled. And little by little as my awareness increased (I could almost see through walls) I began to see her true nature, one of the most clean, caring, certain, professional beings I had ever meet. Then came the final o/w ruds and forgiveness with a Tone 40 hand shake. I had more case gain in 3 days then ever. This 17 year old beautiful being has no comparison among her peer inside and needless outside Scn IMO. For that I’m grateful.

    Thanks Debbie.

  57. Ken Urquhart, LRH Pers Off for many years, and who’s name appears on countless HCO PLs, was also spat on by DM.

  58. Debbie was the FCCI PO while I was the SOLO I/C FSO. I never had single problem with her. She was always level headed and fair.

    And Shannon, I definitely agree Marty has nailed COB’s Program X for taking out all rivals. I went through that exact ringer 1997. But he doesn’t just “get tired of the savior” he intended to take them out in the first place.

    The reason I know is one of DM’s trademark accusations: anything that happens DM always says “It’s intentional!” This used to really bother me. Any mistake, including things that were definitely unintentional mistakes, had DM up on his short hind legs braying alike a donkey about the other person’s flub and always with the words “and it was INTENTIONAL!” He made that point every time.

    I used to think “That’s MWH phenomena, and per the Criminal Mind HCOB, DM must be intentionally doing something destructive.” But at the time, I didn’t have a full grasp of it.

    Chameleons are hard to spot.

  59. Friend of Ron,
    This is a great write up and should be on Why don’t you flesh this out a little more and let’s get it posted as a full article for everyone.
    ~ Steve

  60. Alexis,

    I have to say that I felt your use of the word ‘wog’ came across as very derogatory to me.

    Do you not realize, that one of the tools that the CoS is using to shield off their parishioners from reality is the use of words like ‘wogs’ as a tool of propaganda?

    Can you pleae consider for a second if the use of words like ´wog´, ´suppressive´ and ´entheta´ as part of the group engram has played a role in preventing you to realise the current state of the church in any degree?

    I hope you will, and I hope it might lead to rethink whether you really want to use thought stopping and derogatory terms like ‘wogs’.

    Posts like these, in my view, tell me that there still is a lesson to be learned by people who genuinely wish to reform the Church of Scientology.

    Thank you for you attention,
    A supposedly lowly wog (accountant even)

  61. Marty,

    I didn’t realize there is more to this series. Thanks for letting me know.

    Debbie spent 17 years of her life in the SO serving mankind and LRH. There is no doubt in my mind that she is a loving and caring individual, otherwise she wouldn’t have joined the SO.
    I completely understand the healing process and she definitely needs our support and love to get through it.

  62. Dear Marty,
    there are no words to express my deep gratitude to you and all the posters on your blog.

    As a long time public and “enabler”, I just got to see the last ripples of the madness on countless occasions resulting in endless wonders mounting up (and quite a number of KRs written to the Bermuda triangle) – and now dissolving in mounting cogs and realizations.

    I am still figuring on the lessons I am taught personally by all this – trying to find the handle I had missed and/or passed by and not having come to a final conclusion yet at all. (It has a lot of parallels to our German Nazi history and we are not done on that at all after all those 70 years!!)

    As I can see though, this here is solved with Scientology and that makes me confident, it won’t last that long!!

    So, all I can say to all of you: Thank YOU!

  63. Marty,

    just another comment:

    You are the best role model of a brilliant Group Dianetics Auditor I can think of, running an unprecedented global group DN session. And I am humbled to be able to be part of it.

    Again: thank YOU!!

  64. I have to ask an obvious question. Debbie Cook was a Class 9, OT 7 and OEC/FEBC, correct? So, what good is all that auditor tech, admin training and case level if you can’t recognize and handle a midget SP? DM is a textbook SP, with a social tone of anger and a chronic tone of 1.1. And what about all those highly trained people at the Int base like Greg Wilhere and Ray Mithoff who have not stood up to DM and let him continue to abuse people and destory the entire Scn network. You would think at least one person would have a little courage and a little honor. Where’s the Code of Honor in all this? It seems to me that Scn as a subject can’t even be used to handle what is probably the biggest outpoint in all of Scn. How paradoxical is that? This isn’t a rhetorical question as I’m really curious what people have to say. “DM is the root of all evil” is not a why; it’s a ser fac.

  65. Scarlet Pumpernickel

    I worked at Flag with Debbie from 2002 to 2007, and we were great friends, and did some great things together — up until she went to Int and then became the Captain FLB. Thank you, Marty, for confirming what I knew had to be true. I saw her change and experienced the “DM”ing of her: She went from being what I would consider a model exec to someone who dealt in constant threats and invalidation. So sad. I am so glad she’s out, and wish only the best for her.

  66. I believe Debbie’s also done the Data Series Evaluator’s Course (now there’s a suppressed piece of Tech…). She’s a brilliant woman who can really think. If she hasn’t made it over here, she will soon.

  67. martyrathbun09

    Barry Alden, Where is the Code of Honor? It is right here. The rest of the answers to your questions are in the St Pete Times interviews I did – watch all in sequence, and this blog, reach each post in sequence. If you purport to have already done that, and you are dumbfounded, the only way you could fully appreciate what is going on, and what has gone on, is with some background – and wins – with Scientology tech.

  68. martyrathbun09

    Truth, Thanks. Debbie spent a lot more than 17 years in the SO.

  69. martyrathbun09

    THoughtful, re Ken U, actually he exported “spit tech” and had one of his early 80’s thugs do it for him.

  70. martyrathbun09

    Jackson, Thanks for sharing that observation. There is quite a lot of truth in what you say.

  71. Dragon Fly –

    Do you mean Jan Norton, Ron’s wife? Ron is on FB – go about 3 pages deep and you’ll see him with Jan.


  72. Hi Barry,

    I don’t know if you consider yourself a Scientologist or not. But if you do, IMHO, you came across as a ser fac yourself. What have you done to help handle the situation?

    Just curious.

  73. Roberto,
    Yes, the point I was making in posting these quotes is that the DM ‘system’ as applied to Debbie Cook and that whole experience being revealed here is all part of running out these 3D engrams.

    It matters not whether she’s ‘independent’ or ‘on-lines’, she’s a Scientologist. By opening up the issues related to her and the destruction of the working installation of delivery at FSO, various sides of this can be viewed by members of the group and we’ll get this cleared. More and more free theta will be recovered from these suppressed tangles and our wits will be sharper.

  74. Thoughtful,
    That ‘hard to spot’ phenom, that’s why it’s called ‘covert hositility’. The whole wavelength at that tone is funky, hidden, says one thing, does another and it hides.

    Science of Survival’s description of these tones, down in this area goes over the reversals and double-twists and the machinations to hide the hostility and inversions of the dynamics.

    In Dn 55 there is a description of the difficulty in understanding these lower scale activities because at those levels there is no understanding. In order to be in ARC with it, to understand it, you are in such low-tone ARC that there is no understanding.

  75. “When you think of the long and gloomy history of man, you will find more hideous crimes have been committed in the name of obedience than have ever been committed in the name of rebellion.”
    – C. P. Snow

  76. Lowly Wog,
    I understand this term has become sensitive to some. My understanding of the term has always been somebody who isn’t even trying. Somebody at effect, that is merely dramatizing, blown by the wind, and with no awareness or attention on doing anything about it. Worse, they seem to revel in being aberrated.

    Something that’s always worked for me, when I find I’m getting my back up with a word, is to just say the word over and over until it desensitizes.

    I do acknowledge that the term has been used or interpreted as very derogatory. Even, defensively by those with service facsimiles and a need to be right and make others wrong.

    I still call itty bitty frogs, pollywogs, and it doesn’t mean they are either girlfrogs, manyfrogs or woggy wogs. They’re just pollywogs. Sometimes I step in dogwog, it’s hard to get off my togs. If I was a wog, I’d not cog that it’s dogwog and I’d go around in a fog.

  77. Barry,
    Add to that, there is the theta-MEST theory, in Science of Survival. Theta impinges on MEST and gets chaotic, it withdraws to settle out and pick out the knowledge it gained from the impingement, it goes back at it with more knowledge and the cycle repeats. Eventually, theta has gained enough knowledge to put order in to the area it’s been going for.

    It’s not necessarily an ‘outpoint’ that thetans don’t get it all in ‘one shot’. Heck, there wouldn’t even be a game then would there. This is all part of the evolution my friend. You’re part of it too unless of course you spotted and handled DM when you first noticed an outpoint, well, then how come you didn’t tell us smartypants 🙂

  78. yourfriendtoo

    thanks, you are right!

  79. Friend-of-Ron – you got a lot of sanity going on there. I remember hearing about this as well. I tought at the time “I wonder what LRH is going to do when he hears about this.”

    I knew Debbie well. She is honest and sane. Good healing Debbie.


    “Information has now come to light how this Executive Council Network put itself out of business several times.” …

    “Operating on a wrong statisitc (gross income) the Executive Council Network developed a system, originated or at least perpetuated by an Allan Furguson, then OES WW, of daily hammering org for GI and getting the GI up “by all possible means.” The Continental Executive Councila borrowed this system. It was and is an off policy action.

    “In the very early 1960’s it was already observed from the conduct of the Melborne org that one could always sell out an area, and that done without delivery or with flubby delivery resulted in a collapse of stats. It was well known then that you cannot continue to sell without full and quality delivery of what was sold.

    “Pushing only “GI” does not build an org that can deliver.” ..

    ” Well-paid delivery in high quality is the correct answer. Only then can a boom continue. Frankly, it has never occured by men that such a fact could be missed.

    “This is goodwill and also your integrity.

    “There are no shortcuts to prosperity.

    “We have the greatest possible tech when properly studied and applied. Why not deliver it?”

  80. Theo Sismanides

    From one hand I am saddened to hear Debbie Cook is out. On the other hand I am happy to hear she doesn’t for any of her reasons follow DM’s regime.

    Hopefully she will be contacted by someone and directed to this blog.

    Then she can decide what’s to be done next like we do!

  81. ROFL! Jim, all that dogwog, fog,cog, tog and more really switched on my giggle box. I just had a bit of entheta convert to theta. 🙂 Much Thanks for that.

    In my experience the word is never really the issue. It’s the actual intention that delivers it that’s the issue. I have been called a son-of-a-bitch and far worse with incredible love, respect and admiration (the actual intention). On the other hand, I have been called brilliant and capable with the actual intention being one of tremendous disdain and disgust. That being said, it seems that people in general are not all that adept in being able to discern between the symbol (the word) and the intention the word is being carried upon i.e., A=A=A. Hence, people, in general, are easily steered/manipulated with words. For example, I have observed that some people use the word ‘wog’ to intentionaly create an “Us vs Them” or “We the Elite vs Those People” scenario of conflict.

  82. Jim, speaking of covert hostility…in case you missed it:

    oh yeah, be sure to watch and listen to the reply.

  83. Virgil,

    A little off topic here, but not recognizing your avatar I clicked on your link to your site.

    Can you tell me who you are, and what is a 6th generation lensman?

  84. Today DM becomes a verb.

    “I saw her change and experienced the ‘Dm’ing of her: ”

    This is good. Thank you Scarlet P.

    How many people here have at some point in time been DMed?

    Have you ever observed DM DMing another?

    Personally, I have never been DMed but in my reading of persobnal accounts written by numerous Scientologists I’ve been astonished to learn how rampant DMing has been by DM. Indeed, still is to this day.

  85. Wog is in the UK usually regarded as an offensive slang word referring to dark skinned, non-white people from Africa or Asia. The origin of the term is uncertain. Many dictionaries say “wog” possibly derives from the Golliwogg, a blackface minstrel doll character from a children’s book published in 1895. An alternative is that “wog” originates from Pollywog, a maritime term for someone who has not crossed the equator.

  86. Independent Spirit

    Barry Alden, you are absolutely right in asking that question.

    DM is not a why, he is an out-point.

    The problem is that Class 9, OT 7 and FEBC doesn’t remove the 3rd dynamic bank in a person. Only tech addressing the 3rd dynamic bank does that.
    The current OT levels are addressing mainly the 4th dynamic engram.

    If you had had a group with no 3rd dynamic bank it would not have happened, because they would not have mocked-up the 3rd dynamic engram that we are now looking at.
    But the tech was not available at that time.


  87. Theo Sismanides

    Hi Li Po! After the release of the Golden Age of Tech? This is interesting and I would personally be interested to hear your story on this.

  88. Barry, Each of us would have our own ethics why re not confronting and handling DM, or his cohorts. But if you review the materials on False Data Stripping and “reasonableness” in Data Series 30, it may explain why some very able people may lock up in their thinking. The true data, for me, is Scn works when applied standardly; the false data is … …. This blog page by Marty allows a lot of us to dislodge the false data we have observed or inflowed over time, personally or vicariously.
    I think most of us would agree that as a group and individuals we fucked up, on the dm issue specifically. And there are a probably enough earlier similars to write many a tome.
    For me the biggest lesson to learn, is that the tech must be applied to maintain your state of beingness or accomplishment. It is a very quick ride downhill when you don’t. The most blatant False Datum is the redefintion of an FN; if that were the case of three swings needed, I really think LRH would have made it abundantly clear in HIS materials. But it has been swallowed- hook, line and sinker. So there you go. You now have some people working to rectify the scene and their contributions to it, and that should be contributed to or get out of the way.

  89. Jim, Totally off topic, but I tried to send you a PM and the address was not working. Interested in putting together a guided fishing trip in your neck of the woods, and seeing if we can make a group of it?

  90. Looking In,
    My email is on the declaration of independence I made here on this blog. It’s also at the scn-cult site.

    If you can’t get me with the address noted in the above, let me know! Hah, jus’ kiddin’. That is my address and it should work.

  91. Lunamoth,

    The Lensman series are Sci Fi books written by EE Doc Smith. LRH allegedly mentioned that they were “tracky” and a few SO old timers have read the series. I used to have a set.

  92. Barry,

    Unlike many of my colleagues I never believed in what I call the “lone Miscavige theory”. I believe there are other factors involved. Not the least of which is compromise.

    Friend of Ron gave a very good example of this, factor.

    Also not moving into any broad “conspiracy theory”. You also have suppressive reasonableness in play. That could also be a factor involved ,where those who should know better ignore Miscavige’s many out points.

    Not only that but the man is insulated and protected by various factions outside of the Sea Organization itself who flow him money and/or power.

    Another thing is that a lie tends to persist and the biggest lie being perpetrated right now is that Scientology needs a “leader”.

    Before Miscavige and his shadow backers seized the Organization never had a leader of any kind.

    The Scientology organization itself was managed by various networks. Not by one single individual!

    So you have another factor and that is that many of these individuals have accepted the lie that one man should rule with virtual dictatorial authority and that they should follow his orders without question, because they are “command intention”. Another lie!

    So aside from all the other factors involved is the above pervasive lie that acts like a “safe solution” or “idee fixe”, that no matter how much training or processing you’ve had is very difficult to surmount with any success.

    Unless you can exteriorize from the scene and see what is actually going on, which I believe Marty’s blog and many like it are designed to do.

    We are as Jim keeps reminding us running the group engram and you can actually contribute or not. Your choice.

    However, I do not think your efforts to invalidate the tech are helpful.

  93. Lowly Wog,

    I suggest you lighten up and develop a sense of humor.

    “Wog” has always meant someone who isn’t even trying.

    I dare say there are many “wogs” who call themselves “Scientologists”.

    In this case Tom Cruise comes to mind, along with all others who follow Miscavige’s dictates without question. Actually wogs pretending to be Scientologists.

  94. Barry, Regarding what good is all that training if you can’t spot and handle an SP… we did spot him and we are handing him. That’s what this is all about.

  95. Actually Danny Sherman used to be nice. But then he got DM’ed as Scarlet described. And man, he flipped like a light switch. He became insufferable, intolerant and sadistic. I was astonished. We had been friends for several years — wrote together frequently on Scientology projects. Suddenly the old Danny was gone. He had been DM’ed.

  96. WH,

    Thank you for your comm and correcting me on Debbie’s years of dedication to the SO.

    I personally had a great comm cycle with her at Flag years ago when she was still the Captain. She is a wonderful human being with high ARC. I am sure a lot of people (on-line Scientologists or Independents) would love to keep their theta comm lines with her and that is their Rights!

    I personally wish her and Wayne success, health and some smooth healing time.

  97. Steve, Trevor was my boyfriend back in the “Sherman was nice” days (before Manon died). I’d love to learn what happened to Trevor — I heard recently that he died. How could I reach you ?

  98. martyrathbun09

    Just me, I believe Mike Rinder worked closely with Trevor toward the end (and they were close). Email me at if you want to get in comm with him.

  99. Looking In,
    Try, That, like the salmon fly, will work. I’m a flyfishing guide.

  100. A lowly wog/dave

    Hi Marty,

    Can I ask you a question about something rather strange I observed?

    The post from Alexis that I responded to has somehow mysteriously changed.

    You see, the current version contains the sentence ‘Wog accountants.’.

    However, at the time I responded, this sentence read ‘And this came from wog accountants!’. It was this remark in particular that I found derogatory towards non-Scientologists and to which I responded. I am sure if you replace this sentence in Alexis’ comment, you can see where I was coming from.

    So it seems that you changed Alexis’ post, presumably after I made a comment about it.

    I’d really be interested why you did so, without adding any kind of disclaimer?

    I’m curious, because on one hand, this is your blog and you have every right for the content to be what you want it to be.

    However, at the moment you are manipulating the content of your blog in a way that I perceive as being dishonest.

    I hope that you will consider, going forward, to add some kind of disclaimers/mod comment in case you are changing posts made by people.

    Many thanks in advance,
    dave on lowly wog

  101. martyrathbun09

    A lowly wog/dave, I haven’t edited any comment today. Quite frankly, the tone of your comm on this blog comes across as motivator-hungry.

  102. A lowly wog/dave

    Unfortunately, I didn’t make a screenprint of Alexis’ initial post, so I cannot offer evidence. I wish I had. As it stands, it’s just he said, she said.

  103. I don’t think Barry is invalidating the tech at all. He has a valid question, one I’ve asked myself. How was this able to happen to us as a group, with all the tech we have? I can only think, how was an upsat nation full of intellectuals and God fearing honest people able to follow Hitler and thus turn into a murderous mob?
    SPs can be very devious and clever to say the least, but that really doesn’t excuse it because we know that tech.
    I don’t have an answer. I think it would be valuable to do an eval on this, to find out why we were able to be taken in for so many years. Maybe that would clear some things up, and more importantly, prevent anything like this ever happening again.

  104. LWD,

    I’ve been on Marty’s blog since he started blogging and I’ve never seen him modify a post.

  105. I agree B-cat an eval or postmortem should be done (like it should have been done on the whole GO fiasco) on the whole scene once the clown and his circus entourage head to places with no extradition treaty or better end up doing time in Leavenworth(I can dream) and firm policy should be established or reestablished such as ‘Orders Illegal and Cross’, ‘Orders Query of’ ‘Seniority of Orders’, etc, etc to prevent the situation from ever happening again.

    Also, CI and CE capabilities should be beefed up to prevent infiltration by high school drop outs with a god complex.

    Things like that 🙂

  106. martyrathbun09

    RJ, I have on a few special occasions, but not today, and when I do edit I inform the person I’ve done it, unless it is simply a typo or something.

  107. True but I never seen you edit them after they’ve been posted.

    Unless of course requested to do so by the person posting or for typos etc.

    But this guy seems to be accusing you of actually altering a post contextually after going on record which is something I’ve never seen you do.



  108. LW/D,
    Aieeee chihuaghuag, you mean it was edited to add a ‘wog’! The mind woggles…er, boggles.

  109. One thing Hitler did was turn the German economy around in the space of a couple years. The Treaty of Versailles following WW I imposed unbelievably cruel reparations on the country. Germany was saddled the entire cost of the war for all participants, which amounted to 3X the entire value of everything in the entire country. That led to the wheelbarrows full of money to buy a loaf of bread. That’s what Hitler took over. Instead of going into debt to bankers, he borrowed a page from Abraham Lincoln’s playbook and issued currency straight from the government to execute a massive nationwide infrastructure project that reduced unemployment without incurring debt. In two or three years he had the entire economy turned around without owing a penny to anyone. Then his insanity kicked in and he wrong targetted Jews as the Whos instead of Bankers and the rest is history. Lincoln financed the Union in the Civil War by issuing Greenbacks which were debt free money. The Confederacy went deeply into debt to the British banking interests (LRH once remarked that the British were the cruelest people on earth for the way they oppressed India, China, etc for centuries) and lost the war to boot.

    At any rate, this bit of history may help explain how rank and file Germans were hoodwinked by Hitler.

    Victor Barram, an Int base staff member, got out with his family about 1938 and told me that other Jews stayed because business was too good. Things had picked up so much in the economy that they were blinded to the other agenda Hitler had going on. Some never thought it was going to go the way it did. And many Germans never did either.

    Today, on a much much less horrific scale, not even comparable, really, many SO, org staff and church parishioners have likewise been hoodwinked. Being hoodwinkable is a basic right of Earthlings it seems. LRH also once remarked that the only flaw in thetans is that they are gullible.

  110. WH-No, I actually saw a Vicki Norton on Debbie’s page which reminded me of Ron, who was Cpt. FSO back when I was in FC. Thank you for telling me where I can spot him.

  111. LW/D

    “…one of the tools that the CoS is using to shield off their parishioners from reality.”

    I get that. You’re right.

    I’m proud to be a “Wog”.

    But generally I have an MU on this word, it has many slangs that impinge badly, all in the 1.1 Band. What is it’s true origin? That is what I want to know. I believe we’ll dig it up in time.

    I heard it said somewhere the original derivation was from LRH as simply a World Operating Genetically.
    As opposed to WOT. This makes demonstrably more sense to me then anything else.

    What do you think Lowly?

  112. Barry it’s much more involved than that. You have all the political capitol DM has built up over the years at events for one. You can’t just take him out so easily, that’s what’s being slowly built up to by many.

  113. Barney Rubble

    In regards to the DMing on this thread, wow that is a good conotation ref. to “De-dinging” from 1982.

    Debbie Cook was probably the best Exec in a Scn Service Org historically.

    I am hoping she is observing her validations here on this comment thread. She will figure it out this mess I am sure.

  114. I read this yesterday and was just too sad and at a loss to say anything.

  115. Thanks everybody for responding to (admittedly) what was a somewhat of an inflammatory question. And thanks to Marty for letting it through the entheta filter.

    I think today I actualy answered my own question. I was sitting at work falling asleep like I normally do after a big lunch, and it occurred how DM became “DM”. It was our own fault. It was own suppressive reasonableness. If it wasn’t DM in charge right now, then it would have been another charismatic cult leader trying to pick up where LRH left off. The books on cults and mind control explain how otherwise smart individuals become involved in a cult, including it’s abusive practices.

    Remember when you first realixed you were a spiritual being? And how if you didn’t pick up your current body, it would have been another body with another family? I had that cognition even before becoming a Scientologist.

    The only power that DM has is the power that is granted to him by his subordinates and stooges. If they were to uprise and assert their own individual beingness in spite of consequences and repercussions, then his little power would just of dissipate, in the same way that a capacitor is discharged.

    The few times I’ve been in brave in my life was when I was a loser, i.e. I felt like I had nothing to lose. So, all I can ask for is for all of us to be losers. Losers will do the right thing because they have nothing to lose. It’s only when you feel you have something to lose that you can be controlled.


  116. Also — most scientologists firmly believe that LRH himself personally appointed dm to take over the helm.

    (Just like almost everyone felt LRH himself had appointed Bill Franks as Executive Director International back in 1982 — patently untrue)

    Therefore, when things seem weird, crazy, not right etc., most will say — oh — there is something about this I don’t see because I have: overts/witholds/not trained enough/not up the bridge enough etc etc

    In other words, the majority are social beings and will default to looking at themselves as wrong — not to someone they think was appointed by LRH.

    Barry, IF they decided to take a stand – how do you think that could happen? dm has the comm lines, dm has the staff — you couldn’t stage a coup. Standing outside and pointing fingers hasn’t worked (until now) …

    I dare say: it’s all about timing:

    To everything there is a season,
    a time for every purpose under the sun.
    A time to be born and a time to die;
    a time to plant and a time to pluck up that which is planted;
    a time to kill and a time to heal …
    a time to weep and a time to laugh;
    a time to mourn and a time to dance …
    a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing;
    a time to lose and a time to seek;
    a time to rend and a time to sew;
    a time to keep silent and a time to speak;
    a time to love and a time to hate;
    a time for war and a time for peace.

    ecclesiastes 3:1-8

    A time for the barriers between independents, public, current SO, ex-SO, all of us to come together.

    That time is now.


  117. Barbara De Angelis:

    We need to find the courage to say NO to the things and people that are not serving us if we want to rediscover ourselves and live our lives with authenticity.

  118. Theo Sismanides

    I had this cognition today about what is happening to the church since LRH left. Maybe it has already been said here, but I would like to share it with you.

    Since LRH left, I think what happened is that the organization was left without a thetan and an operating thetan that was. LRH.

    Now for many years “just a thetan” runs the organization and a forceful thetan it is. DM.

    DM has no background in many subjects and definitely does not show signs of being an Operating Thetan running a huge organization at all.

    What we have seen is that he has evil purposes, does not follow nor does make others follow Tech and Policy of the Organization as laid out by the Operating Thetan and has caused the body of the organization and its parts many engrams as witnessed here.

    A new Operating Thetan to run the Organization is needed and wanted. One who knows the Tech and Policy of the Organization, can adhere to it and make others adhere to it. Thus the Organization will not suffer many engrams anymore and is going to conduct itself in a most ethical way.

    An Operating Thetan to run the Organization is what is going to keep Scientology Working.

  119. The term originally (apparently) was used in India and meant : Worthy Oriental Gentleman.

    As opposed to a British national.

    My memory of LRH’s use was to differentiate between scientologists and others and not spoken in a derogatory way. However, amongst scios it was definitely a demeaning word.

    So lowly, I think words can be loaded and frankly I think calling people slang names that show their differences isn’t good. Sure, you can work on it and handle your own charge but we should be more mindful of offending others, with a name tag.

    Within scn it is most often the scientologists who created abbreviated names — my brother once asked me – rather than say: mental image picture — why not be consistent, and shorten it to MIP.

    It never caught on 🙂


  120. Theo Sismanides

    Or let me add, because that “One Operating Thetan” might sound too much: Maybe some more Operating Thetans knowledgeable in the Tech and Policy are needed and wanted to implement them in the troubled Organization. This is what we are looking at now.

    Thank you.

  121. Barry,
    Thanks for carrying on the conversation. On the loser thing, there are the Four Noble Truths from Bhudda. What’s to lose but some sort of something, status, MEST, or whatever, that one desires. In the PDC tapes, the subject of desire is covered, and the conviction just prior to desire that there is something TO desire.

    I know for me, when I realized that the only threat DM or any SP can muster is the loss of something, and the truth was I create whatever it is I’m having anyway, and could just re-create it, then the threat had no effect.

    It also helps that the Bridge is now out from under DM’s l’il tiny thumbs. And, it is. With that, the only ‘threat’ that he held is gone.

  122. The funding of Hitler. Not onley IBM was involved.

    “George Bush’s grandfather, the late US senator Prescott Bush, was a director and shareholder of companies that profited from their involvement with the financial backers of Nazi Germany.
    The Guardian has obtained confirmation from newly discovered files in the US National Archives that a firm of which Prescott Bush was a director was involved with the financial architects of Nazism.

    His business dealings, which continued until his company’s assets were seized in 1942 under the Trading with the Enemy Act, has led more than 60 years later to a civil action for damages being brought in Germany against the Bush family by two former slave labourers at Auschwitz and to a hum of pre-election controversy.

    The evidence has also prompted one former US Nazi war crimes prosecutor to argue that the late senator’s action should have been grounds for prosecution for giving aid and comfort to the enemy.”

    It got exposed because of the chatter on the Internet. (Reminder to all. Do not mess with the Internet.)

    Read more.

  123. Joe,

    That was a very accurate and concise description of the scene inside Germany after WWI.


    I knew about the Bush connection long before it became public knowledge when the facts were posted on Alt. Conspiracy and by various “conspiracy theorists”. It was not only IBM but various US Banking interests as well.

    Many of the connections go through IG Farben and as an interesting side note, that is where many US Intelligence operations transfered their operations to their headquarters which serendipitously was unscathed by any bombing.

    Thus began the recruitment of “former” Nazis and the annexing of Gehlen’s Organization (Armies East) fully intact under “National Interest” and “Paper Clip”.

    So it is understandable why it took so many years for this connection to be revealed since it opens a Pandora’s box of other connections.

    In fact the Church of Scientology’s ‘Freedom Magazine’ was one of the first publication to reveal these connections long before it became Miscavige’s personal glad rag.

    One wonders what other stories are hidden behind the glitz and glamor of “Ideal Orgs” and his ascension to virtual god hood over Scientology.

    My opinion is that it goes beyond the mere “gullibility” of the public or the failure to act by many of us. Because it requires a lot of force to hold such an arbitrary as Miscavige in place.

    True the man may not be as bad as Hitler but he is still a fascist.

    In fact, some ask if what is occurring currently with the Church currently is just a prelude to what they call the “New World Order”.

  124. Theo first I’d like to acknowledge your cog!

    Secondly I’d like to offer my own opinion on the matter. The fact is the Scientology already has a thetan by the name of Ron, LRH, the Commodore, the Founder, Mr. Hubbard (though Ron didn’t really care for that title according to the HCOPL “Doctor Title Abolished”) the Ol’man (which of course we never said to his face) and Hubbard.

    This is covered in HCOPL ‘LRH Relationship to Orgs’.

    As you and I know an actual OT does not require a body. An OT as a Thetan can operate exclusive of the body.

    In other words the position is already filled by an Operating Thetan, no cheap imitations or ersatz “Thetans” who are under the megalomanic self aggrandizing delusion that they are “Department 21” need apply.

  125. Interesting WH. Thanks

  126. I’m open to that. I personally like “miscavige” as a verb. A lot of people here have been viciously miscaviged. A few have shared the details of their miscaviging and how it led them to cross over into the independent field.

  127. I “word cleared” glad rag and I ROFL ! Either Davey is secretely a woman or….lol

    You Sir win 1 internet.

  128. I am curious as to the source of information for this article. At one point, it said that Debbie “was horrified.” According to whom? Anyone can spin a yarn. Debbie is bonded against commuinicating about this. WHo then, is the source of the data?

  129. martyrathbun09

    Adam, I am quite sure DM would love to know.

  130. Well, a lot of the comments here seem more nattery than objective. (Name calling just makes the one saying it look like they need to write O/Ws, those who did that may want to take a look at that.) Relaying information with no “source” is also a bit out-pointy. However, I can also understand the concept of “protecting a source.” Thus enters the question of whether the information should be believed. Just as some would reject it because they would not “want” it to be true and are blinded by that, other would accept it because they “want” it to be true because of mutual out-ruds or overts. So help me out here.

  131. Yes let’s out the source of that Data and get that person in trouble.

    Remember why the protesters wear Masks: Same reason.

    You said:

    However, I can also understand the concept of “protecting a source.”

    And than you go all Induendo.

  132. The words “failed case” do not exist? As a PUBLIC I spent seven years in the case cracking unit asserting that I was not a clear through numerous ccrd’s and case cracking actions. Finally I gave up and went on staff thinking it was the end of my bridge for whatever reasons I would never understand. After I left staff and put up an instant life, I was contacted by a member of the Freezone. It took me seven hours to get through ot preps and onto the solo course.
    I got to OT 3 materials and I said, “OOOOOOHHHHH! O.K.! That explains EVERYTHING”.

    As a clear, for seven years I sat down there at Flag complaining about my OT3 Case!

    Hey…”It ain’t over til it’s over.”

    Get an auditor and get in session!

  133. EMAN - FRANCE

    I have to say, “I am shocked”. Even at the Top !!! In PAC base, it was the same stuff. Auditors, Examiner…. had to reg. The org board was broken into pieces. Now I know why it is going nowhere and why my org – ASHO Day – was going down.
    We had 170 staff. When I left, we were under 100 = only in the space of 1 year and a half. I was the WHY lol. Of course !!! Who was the next WHY ??? well some of my friend blew too and I found some of them who thought the same as we do. Well, Scientology is great and DM needs to get the fuck out of there.

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  135. As someone who worked with Yvonne, I can honestly say she was an amazing, generous, loving and dedicated individual. It was a pleasure and an honor to have known her. When she passed, I weeped like a baby in another’s arms.

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