DM’s standard tech – The Fowler case

I’ve been kept abreast of a curious murder case being investigated in Denver. I had no intent of doing anything with it particularly. Until I’d received a number of emails and calls from  friends complaining of the lies they have been told about me – both verbally by DM-bots, and on any one of the number of sites OSA has set up about me. DM-bots have recently taken to forging comments on my blog in the names of my friends (Dan Koon and Tom Felts) attempting to paste up the tripe they post on their own unread blogs.  The lies are so legion – and NONE by any named SOURCE –  it would be tantamount to entering an unproductive quagmire trying to disprove all of the negatives.  But, I’ve chosen one that ought to  be addressed because it doesn’t limit the attack to me, but seeks to degrade my pc’s and friends.

DM-bots have put in writing that three of my pcs have since auditing with me broken up with their long-term 2Ds.  In fact, the story of the only person whom I have audited that subsequently broke up with her 2D  sheds some light on just how depraved DM’s lies can be.  The woman came to me because her husband expressed his intention to join the ranks of Scientology haters.  On the one hand, she had already decided she’d never support DM’s horror story, and on the other she was not about to go after Scientology and LRH. Thus she came to me.  If you ask her I think you will find that she considers I lended a hand in her valient struggle to walk the LRH Code of Honor walk despite every invitation to do otherwise.  I am proud of every person who has ever had the strength and courage to hold the cans across the table from me after eschewing DM’s increasingly fascist regime.  Incidentally, I have probably saved the C of M a half dozen lawsuits from people who have sought help from me in walking on rather than walking in to DM’s GPM nightmare. In any event, I don’t use security bonds nor suggest, let alone threaten, anyone to not talk freely about their experience with me. If I commit a real overt, there is nothing preventing the victim to yell  about it from the highest hill.

I make it no secret that I audit, or help through other means, anybody who reaches. Anyone. I don’t sec check them to find out whether they are worthy of help, or may one day become a liability to me. I’ve audited  at least four extensive previous psycho-therapy/psychologist cases, at least one suicidal individual, and even some walking in with  fears in their minds whether it was safe to pick up the cans in any circumstances so deep was their anguish about their previous extensive intensives with the C of M.  I never had anyone sign a waiver, disclaimer, nor pay a single red cent  for the privilege of going in session. I’ve handled every one exactly per the statement of how I operate on the Welcome page of this blog.

It is also no secret by now that I have gotten a number of people ont0 the OT levels whom DM’s RTC has harrassed off of them through endless sec checking, security handlings, ethics handlings, and outright blackmail and extortion for never ending “donations.”  For the most part I have found they were people who just would not buckle to the machine’s bent on making people pledge allegiance to the little tyrant before being “invited” to the levels or being allowed to continue.

So, back to the curious case in Denver. Take a look at this recent article in the Denver Post detailing what is known so far about one of those people DM’s RTC has not only embraced for the levels, but who was actively auditing  OT VII under DM-bot C/Ses,

 When I have stated in the past that DM’s Reverse Scientology machine is dedicated to making not only staff, but even public, in his image, I was not exaggerating or using hyperbole. Note the parallel between Mr. Fowler’s handling of his ex-employee and the way Tommy and DM handled Larry Anderson.  The guy needs to sign a gag order to get what is rightfully his?  And when he apparently objects, he is literally terminated?  Believe me, Mr. Fowler is not the only “OT” C of M public who has adopted DM’s ways in a big way.

Bottom line: My public are those who resist the DM implant. They are the ones who cannot get eligibility or who are constantly harrassed and stopped on their ways to OT. They are the ones DM’s RTC – who are  the ultimately adjudicators of who passses “go” and who goes to jail – find reprehensible. They are the rebels and artists.  Two of the three categories of beings LRH said were put on this beautiful prison planet.  The third category DM, you don’t have to worry about losing them.  They tend to steer clear of people like me,  I tend not to ask them to participate. Though, at the end of the day, if they did show up, I’d do everything in my power to help them. 

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  1. friend of ron


    Here is the reference that explains why you have the results you do and the other side does not:


    Your friend

  2. Marty, how to you think they’ll like this:

    Marty, I apologize for the out of valence untrue things I’ve said about you on my blog. Fortunately, I don’t think anyone has read any of it, but I could no longer live with myself in the hateful, spiteful, mean-spirited valence I have to adopt to write these lies. I am hereby knocking it off and hope you will forgive me.

    Much love,


  3. Marty – I don’t always see eye to eye with your view of the world but I like very much what you actually do. And I definitely agree 100% with this post of yours.

    The Fowler case shocked me to the core – this was a guy that a few friends of mine knew and they couldn’t believe what had allegedly occurred. But it’s exactly what someone locked into a “make-it-go-right-for-the-Church” mindset would do. To my bitter regret, I too have been in that place and done things that were absolutely stupid but at the time were “the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics,” except they weren’t MY dynamics I was looking at at the time.

    I truly hope Rex Fowler gets a fair trial and the over-the-top pressure that is put onto OTs by the Co$ gets a very special mention at his trail.

  4. Marty, did something give you the idea that Ciancio objected to signing? There was no mention of that in any of the materials I read–newspaper articles, Affidavit for Arrest Warrant–and the placement of the bullets would seem to indicate he was taken completely by surprise while reading the papers. Do you have any other info?
    Thanks, M6

  5. Truthfully, it’s right out of KSW 1. And so are DM’s problems. No results or bad results? Trouble areas? What are these the result of? Everyone here already knows it, so no need to spell it out, but the irony runs deep.

  6. Marty,

    You have absolutely nothing to worry about. It is DM who is constantly scared of you and those PCs you are delivering 100% standard LRh and are winning PCs.
    You said it right “My public are those who resist the DM implant.”

    Yes, we come to one of the best auditor “YOU” because we resisted the DM implant.

    Thank you for caring for us and helping your group with love, understanding and great communication. This is something that is missing big time in C of M.

  7. War and Peace

    No lessons were learned from GO dirty tricks. The Dirty Tricks are modus operandi (your latest hacking) and so on ~~ BUT we now have the Internet, we have transparency as never before.
    Remember Al Capone?
    He had personally or through his henchmen slaughtered 78 human beings.
    He never got one single charge filed against him for homicide
    How did they get him ? How did they get him jail for years ?
    Income Tax evasion ~!!!!
    Financial Irregularities !
    And so it is with the current monster DM.
    I am guessing the 4000 hits a day on this site include Law enforcement, Lawyers and others.
    Follow the money !!! Follow the money trails !!

    Here is how DM as Church leader has spent $$$$
    (Credit to BlownForGood Blown for Good – Behind the Iron Curtain of Scientology » Official Blown for Good site. for this list)
    Reference ~~
    Here we go. DM spending ~~.
    A Church with IRS 501C3 “religious exemption”

    Item: Value
    Acura RL – Int Base $50,000.00
    Acura TSX – Int Base $35,000.00
    Mazda Miata $25,000.00
    Range Rover $80,000.00
    Bullet proof GMC Van $150,000.00
    New RTC Building – sitting empty $15,000,000.00
    Redoing Music Studio at Gold – 3 times $5,000,000.00
    House for LRH (Built two decades after death) $10,000,000.00
    Birthday Party for Tom Cruise aboard Freewinds 2004 $250,000.00
    Birthday Party for Tom Cruise aboard Freewinds 2005 $250,000.00
    Flights for David Miscavige & staff for events only (past ten years ) $20,000,000.00
    SP Building in CW $100,000,000.00
    Fort Harrison Renovations $40,000,000.00
    David Miscavige personal berthing building purchase in Hollywood $4,600,000.00
    David Miscavige’s office sound systems throughout the world $ 10,000,000.00
    Custom hand crafted motorcycle custom made for DM $ 25,000.00
    Renovations at Hacienda Gardens for Dave Miscavige berthing $100,000.00
    Average cost of suit worn by David Miscavige $5,000.00
    BMW M6 bought for him by ASI for birthday $110,000.00
    Acura – CW one that sits around most of year $45,000.00

    Total costs of crap bought or ordered bought by David Miscavige = $ 205,725,000.00

  8. Marty,
    You scoundrel, you’re getting people unstuck and winning in life!!! (Yes, this is me, the Hymster, not Hamster, as that would be OSA. )

    I read the article on Fowler. Two things emerged from it for me. One, he took $200,000 of the company’s money for a ‘church’. Hmmm…would that be HIS church, the Church of MESTOLOGY? If so, I wonder what it was for, if it was in fact a ‘donation’ to some worthy cause, like the IAS Patrionous Maximus Gluteus Extrodinariass or something similar?

    Next, he had a gunshot wound through his chin up through his head. He’s been charged with killing the other guy. He’s innocent until proven guilty too. I don’t know what happened in that room. I do know that whatever it was, it ain’t good. Bad business. Tragic loss of life and destruction to many families and friends.

    I’m sorry to say, but this is an overt product of the CofMestology. This is David Miscavige’s responsibility as the ‘ecclesiastical leader’ of his very own Church of MESTOLOGY.

  9. Marty,

    I thought you were going in another direction with this post.

    What I think Fowler’s story shows is that Scientologists are under such enormous pressure to hand over huge sums of cash for their “Eternity” that they resort to criminality to stay on the Bridge.

    My guess is Fowler “borrowed” 200 grand from his company under crush-regging pressure. “Be O.T.”, “Make it go right” … I can just hear the sales pitches now.

    His colleagues discovered what he’d done and the chain of events which followed led to a tragic murder.

    I don’t think we know enough about Fowler to say he’s anything other than a Scientologist trying to get through VII who succumbed to the Out-Ethics of the money-grabbing, take-no-prisoners organization DM has created.

    Do you seriously believe Reed Slatkin started out thinking he’d rip his friends off? No, he began playing the Investment Game (not a very ethical game but neither is it illegal) as a way to help, made a few bad calls and tried to cover them up. Interestingly, he never stopped handing over millions to DM’s regges.

    You will note the CoS settled on a $3.5 million payback to the victims of Slatkin. Trust me when I say that’s a drop in the bucket. This guy dealt in large numbers.

    Anyway, it’s sort of beside the point, which is that insane eval/inval “make it go right or else you’re a DB” implant forces people into corners, from which their judgement can become impaired to the point of making criminals out of them.

  10. FOR, I’d say that quote was very apropos. The Church under Miscavige is continually at adverse effect. Not only that but their “cause” is the level of overts. Starting with the mass scammer Slatkin and ending here with with a possible murderer (I won’t say murderer until he’s tried).

    Now OSA has become a dramatization like Miscavige of the HCOPL’ The Anti Social Personality the Anti-Scientologist’ and the Church has become Anti-Scientology.

    Marty don’t worry about those OSA-bots man like I’ve said before I’ve got your back and this too shall pass.

  11. I can tell from first-hand observation that Scientology business owners are constantly under extreme pressure to donate large sums of money to the “terrible trio” of out-exchange activities: 1) IAS 2) the SP building 3) Idle Morgues. I think the worst culprit in “crush regging” Scientologists is the IA$. They’ll show up at the business to do “briefings” for the employees, and if the owner doesn’t permit it, they are threatened with “ethics gradients”.

  12. Huckleberry,

    Reed Slatkin did not run an Investment Game that just went bad. It was a planned Ponzi Scheme or Pyramid Scam:

    From a source who worked for him. It was premeditated, as hell!

    Slatkin, also may have had intelligence connections, as well.

    For instance the guy goes on a long hiatus after leaving CCI is noted to take up studying foreign Eastern languages and then years later shows up on the Scientology scene like a bad penny.

    Not to mention the fact that the bulk of the quarter of a billion dollars was never recovered!

    I don’t know whole story on Fowler but I’m sure what is posted in the ‘Denver Post’ is just the tip of a sordid iceberg and not merely a story of a good guy gone bad who just “succumbed to the Out-Ethics “.

  13. Martin Padfield

    Great post Marty, and in my view one of the most important you’ve done to date. I know in my heart of hearts that LRH would be mortified at what passes for good auditing and handling in C of Mestology these days. We’ve each got stories along these lines I’m sure.

    Let me say here in my own name, loud and proud, I’ve experienced your auditing – it was a beautiful and theta experience – and if anyone wants the real stuff, I would say in a second without any reservation, to go talk to you.

  14. The Independent Scientology movement has so much synchronicity that we write an article and find out that several others have used almost the same words on various websites. You write about DM implants and I wrote about “tame OTs”.

    I saw a connection between the actions of David Miscavige and the arch-villain Koopa of the Mario Brothers movie when I wrote this:

    “What Miscavige needs are tame OTs who look only at what they are allowed to look at and donate heavily and frequently on cue.”

    A tame OT is a miserable creature:

  15. Martin Padfield

    Joe, I just spotted on alexa that this blog’s stats are steadily uptrending and get almost as many visitors as the official CofS site which is promoted all over the web. Visitors also spend THREE TIMES longer here. I think “Minerva” and friends are helping a lot in this regard (so thanks).

  16. A pdf of the charging document can be found here:

    Click to access 20100123_022551_fowleraffidavit.pdf

    It lists all of the known facts of the case to law enforcement at the time. It is an interesting read, particularly if you have never seen one. Time, Place, Form and Event…..

    I too would love to see this go to trial.

    I wonder if a defense lawyer could successfully argue the Insanity defense as a mitigating circumstance?

  17. Alexis de T0cqueville

    Wow. Very troubling, this news item from Denver. To say that the Fowler case is bad press is an understatement.

    When I read things like the Fowler case I cannot help for a moment think of the rank and file staff upon whose lines this flaps — OSA, Div IV at the FSO, etc. It manifests as blame for their not having proactively handled it and is nothing akin to responsibility.

    However, on a more positive note and this re your reference to the three kinds of beings trammeled on this planet and specifically the third, more difficult kind thereof, your compassion and decency shines: “Though, at the end of the day, if they did show up, I’d do everything in my power to help them.”

    Keep on truckin’.

  18. Unity Mitford

    Care to enlighten us non-sceintologists as to what that one unnamed category of beings, besides artists & rebels, LRH said were put on this prison planet?
    Inquiring minds would like to know and my google-fu has failed in this dept.

  19. martyrathbun09

    Unity, “criminals.”

  20. Marty is the best auditor that I have ever had auditing from. He cares and the auditing is done to help the being, 100%. Anyone who wants to question Marty’s intentions as an auditor, should first speak to and witness his pc’s and their results. He is doing what he does because what is most important to him is to help people. This I know without a shadow of a doubt.

  21. RJ – I knew Slatkin in the early days of CC. He was a fraud then but a charmer.

    Ran a Mission for awhile with Francis Godwin. (a nice person)

    During the days of Financial Police it was effectively shut down, Slatkin grew disaffected openly and left the Scn scene. Reconnected closely with his wealthy father, someone who never liked scn.

    Slatkin gathered up the monied crowd of scn. Living in Santa Barbara, throwing parties. Having your money with Reed was a status symbol AND it meant you didn’t need to work. Only FOOLS worked. Those IN THE KNOW and those who Slatkin ACCEPTED were free as birds to paint, to write, to travel — ahhhh the good life.

    All thanks to Reed. I remember asking someone I had known who divorced his rich wife, after he was caught with his mistress – what was he doing now for work — nothing … “I have my money with Reed”

    Oh the glory of it.

    Those that lost their money with Reed were a greedy bunch by and large. It was shocking to see some of the names with Reed but frankly I wasn’t very surprised.

    As for Rex Fowler — don’t know him at all. Just what I’ve read on line. But it won’t be over with the criminal trial.

    The victim’s large and well healed family WILL file a civil suit and since the Fowler family and business was raped of funds — they will go after the deepest pockets around. Mestology. They will show the cause of Fowler’s insanity and that cause is … righto — mestology.

    And watch if they don’t win big money. More than that — it will keep this human tragedy up front and center for years. It will tie up OSA resources beyond the Wollersheim trial. That will have been like kindergarten.

    Financial scandals can be forgotten. Murder (if it turns out to be) is not. It goes to the core of every social being.


  22. RJ, I’m not saying shadowy conspiracies don’t lurk under every rock but how’d every auditor he ever had miss the rock slamming?

    Given we know nothing about Fowler, I believe he’s presumed innocent until proven guilty.

    I’m sure the haters out there will blame the VII materials for making him “psychotic” yada yada yada but more likely this whole thing was about the 200 grand that disappeared out of the company and into the CoS.

  23. On more thing — in true Ponzi fashion — most of the big Scientology hitters always made money with Reed. The HUGE loses were paper losses … they had already made back their initial investment and then some.

    ALSO — I would be ASTONISHED if I learned that Reed directly gave other than token donations to the church.

    He really hated the church at his core. Those scientologists who invested with him, THEY gave $$ to the church — for their own services and donations.


  24. If Fowler were to plead guilty (a big if), the resulting murder trial in Denver would be a media circus with huge implications for the church. The fact that it would be a criminal trial and not a civil one, as so many other cases in which Scientology has appeared and controlled with good legal counsel, will make this case interesting to watch. Anyone called to testify about Fowler’s motives as those relate to church donation pressures, whether those witnesses are current church members or non-members called as expert witnesses, would be merely that – witnesses without courtroom access to separate legal counsel. In fact, it would be quite convoluted for Fowler’s defense counsel to object to any questioning about the magnitude of Fowler’s financial pressures, since a major defense would be his mental state.

    Of course, the subsequent threats to the church’s reputation from Fowler’s murder trial would be a magnitude higher if the current Denver district attorney is ambitious (and are there any other kind?).

    Unfortunately, I don’t think the publicly discussed evidence offers Fowler much to play with in terms of putting on a strong defense. Therefore, I wouldn’t be surprised if he: (1) pled guilty, (2) didn’t recover sufficiently from his apparently self-inflicted wounds to be tried or (3) simply didn’t survive his wounds.

    The victim’s family members are respectable, visible, contributing members of their community. His sister is the superintendent of a suburban school district. I remember reading somewhere that his father or father-in-law (?) is a judge, although I’m unable to corroborate this right now.

    I’ve also seen a couple of Denver TV station news video interviews with the victim’s family members. They are the calmest, most focused, best family spokespersons I’ve ever seen, particularly considering their brother was only recently murdered. They’re attractive and well-spoken and would be media darlings. Any murder trial would be covered by national news and be rehashed on morning talk shows and prime-time news shows. Even if the trial doesn’t go to trial, it’s too good a cause célèbre to waste. Move over, St. Pete Times – here comes The New York Times.

    Then, after the murder trial (or a guilty plea) is concluded, there’s a chance the victim’s family might use information that had come to light about the church’s outrageous financial pressures on its members as the basis of a civil lawsuit against the church or some of its executives.

    With all this publicity, it would be impossible to blinker every church member. Public and execs and ex-public and ex-execs would be drawn to listen to this story – because it’s exactly where much of their own heartbreak lies. Nothing, not even Internet nanny software, could keep them from hearing it. It’s a staggering story, not of an isolated case gone wrong with stupid handling, but of institutional extortion and emotional terrorism.

    Bottom line: However the Fowler case plays out, I predict it will cook DM’s – and possibly the church’s – goose. The severe reality adjustment will be agonizing to thousands and thousands of Scientologists. At that point, the scene will be chaotic.

    As always – in chaos lies opportunity.

    Just Me

  25. War and Peace, I think the RTC building is 70 mil, not 15, unless you’re talking about another one.

  26. Marty,

    Among the many qualities that shine over the now seven months of your blog, we once again see the quality of decency.

    You are an extraordinarily decent man.

    One of the most egregious errors of judgment that OSA and their minions make is that, not being trained in the tech they claim to “defend” but are helping to destroy, they cannot see when they themselves are dramatizing it.

    Dm and OSA are violently, frantically, desperately trying to give you their own item. The entire church is acting like an abberated individual, dramatizing dm’s case.

    Destroying 2D’s? Oh my God! I have to wipe a tear from my eye, I am laughing so hard!! Does this sound familiar to anybody?

    Seriously, though, it’s not so funny is the fact that Dm’s (and the church’s) trail is littered with the corpses of destroyed marriages, aborted babies, children traumatized by the divorce of their parents, and families left mutilated by dm’s enforced disconnection policy.

    So let’s be clear, and say it out loud here:

    Destroying 2D’s is DAVID MISCAVIGE’S m.o., and that of THE CHURCH. It’s dm’s legacy. There are now years-worth of stats and scores of witnesses to show that david miscavige, through his own direct orders and through his juniors in the c of dm, have been responsible for the attempted destruction of an entire dynamic.

    Jeezus. They can’t even see how transparent they are. They really should get trained.

  27. Those who wish to malign any auditor (including Marty) in an attempt to prevent them from giving real help with real auditing speak from very very blackened souls.
    LRH always held auditors in the highest regard as those who had the guts to do something about it.
    As for anyone still willing to pick up the cans – kudos! I can confront just about anything but after 20 years of squirrel auditing in the Church of miscavology the mere thought of going in session again makes me want to run away screaming!
    Take it from an ‘OT V’ It’s PAINFUL!

  28. You think Fowler had some BPC??

    Must have been one hell of a “refresher”!!


  29. Kathy Braceland

    Well, well. This sure is the pot calling the kettle black. You’re being accused of the very things that are being done in the church.

    My hat goes off to you once again Marty. By all the good that you’re doing and all the truth you’re revealing — you’re making these guys spew their own o/w’s. Very nice indeed….

  30. Lunamouth – dm/osa etc saying that Marty is guilty of breaking up families is covered in LRH policy.

    I don’t have the reference to hand but I’m betting Marty, Jim Logan or others could quote it in their sleep —


    My ex and I used to be able to predict how a particular former staff member of our business would attack — based on the crimes we knew he had.

    And he always did. Like clockwork.

    dm’s minions have already accused Marty of wanted control of scn, of the money and the assets. What they are obviously guilty of.

    Next they’ll accuse him of locking up people in his home when they come to visit.

    It’s predictable — the attempted hidden actions of a criminal are not difficult to detect. They stand up and shout out their crimes by pointing to others.


  31. Barney Rubble

    Just me gives a perfect anology of how this mess plays out and the ensewing scenario that might occur when it goes to a full blown circus trial.

    If OSA really wants to extend it’s long list of OW’s a step further, they may even try to terminate Fowler, so it doesn’t get to trial. Nothing suprises me anymore, nothing.

  32. Fully agree with you Lunamoth,

    The pot is calling the kettle black, the overt doth speak loudly in accusation… etc.

  33. Good points you bring up, Just Me.

    It’s a very appropriate use of the term “severe reality adjustment” or SRA which is a term invented by DM, ostensibly to make it OK to aRc break people, in the early eighties.

  34. Huck,

    Obviously Fowler is legally innocent until proven guilty, but looking at the evidence presented thus far, I’d have to say that it doesn’t look good.

    It isn’t as simple as blaming OTVII processes for his mental condition. Anyone who has ever had any Scientology training and auditing will know how this has the power to radically change your viewpoint and perception of the world. Badly done or inappropriate auditing can very easily send someone into a spin. There have been many cases of PCs having psychotic breaks while receiving services in the CoS. Why do you think they have the term ‘baby watch’? The enormous pressure that those at the top of the Bridge are under and the grotesque out ethics on money probably played a part, but it clearly isn’t the whole story.

    And, given what we have been told about the states of OT, a person on OTVII should never be in this position. If he were to get convicted, what is the Scientology public to make of a murder by and attempted suicide of someone near the pinnacle of the Bridge?


  35. RJ, I knew Reed at the Berkeley Mission in the early 70s, years before he turned criminal. He had lived in China during his youth and spoke Manadarin well or so he said. He seemed like a decent guy back then. Weren’t we all.

  36. Alexis de Tocqueville

    Leaving an additional comment — the desperation and waste of it all — the death of a man over ten grand and the ruination, albeit living, of another.

  37. Also managers and geniuses. There were five categories in all. That’s the lot of them he mentioned.

  38. Very interesting Martin, but not unexpected. Less and less people are believing the lies coming from the CoS propaganda machine now.

    And their pathetic attempts at ‘dead agenting’ are, like most of their actions, backfiring spectacularly. I almost feel that we could sit still, be quiet and do nothing and the CoS will collapse under the weight of their own footbullets.

    But of course, I have no intention of sitting still and being quiet. 😉


  39. I did know Rex and I do think it’s a “good guy gone bad” situation.

    I sold Rex DMSMH in 1975 and knew him for a couple of years then and then met again while training 30 years later. Uptone, vital, smart, involved and full of life – Rex was the last person I would imagine could do this.

    The pressures (and out tech?) he must have been subject to to go to this extreme (if in fact guilty – and the circumstancial evidence is pretty damning) must have been unbelievable.

    I hope his wife Jan, who was a wonderful, talented and caring artist when I knew her, wakes up fast and finds the relief from being independent of the C of $$$.

  40. Lunamoth,
    I agree with you 100%. While the church was busy convincing my family to disconnect from me, Marty was the only stable terminal I had, offering real support. What they are trying to say about him is unbelievably asinine.

  41. Sam, I hear you man. If it’s that bad I congratulate you on even posting here. I know I had a period of about a year where I couldn’t even think about Scn, or drive by an org without feeling I would lose it. Don’t give up. If you get the right thing it all starts to calm down. And then it starts to get better and better. It took me 15 years of persistance (most of that wasted on org auditing) and finally getting auditing outside the church, but now it is getting better.

  42. Marty,

    Don’t forget “perverts” as well.

    Now what is Miscavige?

    A criminal or a pervert?

    Choices, choices………..

  43. Just Me,

    I doubt if there’ll be a trial. Just like in the case of Reed Slatkin, Fowler will probably plead guilty on the advice of his counsel (who will a controlled agent of the Church of CIAology) and no one will be the wiser of what actually happened.

    The Church flacks will explain that like Slatkin, Fowler was just another bad apple and the actual story will be covered up.

    The “critics” on the natter boards will continue to speculate that some obscure passage from some lecture or book written by Ron was the reason for Fowler’s insane behavior , while on the other side Miscavige will rally the troops, circle the wagons and put out a “call to arms” insulating and isolating the Church even further while the “Cult-Anti-cult” false dialectic continues unabated.

    On that cheery note I’d like to pass on an interesting article by Alex Constantine:

  44. WH
    You might be interested to know that in a bizarre twist to this story I met an OT VIII while I was at Flag who had made money ‘investing’ with Reed Slatkin. The Church had happily taken this person’s money for donations and services all the while knowing where the money came from. However when Reed Slatkin went down, the OT VIII was slammed with heavy ethics at Flag and forced to sell his business to pay back (out of his own pocket) all the money he had paid to the Church out of his ‘winnings’ as part of the trial proceedings. This was done to ‘protect the Church’ as the money given was dirty. Did I say bizarre?

  45. Just Me
    If Fowler pleads guilty, there will be no trial. Trials are only for persons pleading not guilty. A guilty plea will result in a sentence hearing but not a trial

  46. There are five actually – there are geniuses also.

  47. Thanks Alex. That made me laugh – hard!

  48. Thanks beebercat
    When I’m ready.
    For now, life calls 🙂

  49. Yes WH,

    Much of the who’s who on the Patron list were at Reed’s blow out parties.

    Not only that but regs at Flag where urging those who weren’t on Reed’s gravy train to invest with him so they could pay the outrageous amounts they demanded for services such as the Ls which cost about $100,000.00 a pop.

    Not only that but much of it to that money pit the Super Power Building.

    Another interesting point is that one of Reed’s biggest supporters and later worked limited hang out and damage control was Bennetta Slaughter former employer of Lisa McPherson, owner of AMC publishers. A possible front or cover if there ever was one.


    There may not be a deep dark conspiracy under every rock, but there are some rocks that you seem averse to actually looking under, by simply dismissing many things a “human nature” or the “way of the world”. No causation just simply effect. A view I find either naive or reasonable.

    Also how do you know Slatkin never R/Sed? Do you have access to his PC folders?

    You’ll also note that in my original post I reserved posting whether Fowler was guilty or innocent until he’s properly tried and proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. However, on circumstantial evidence alone, it doesn’t look good at all.

    As I wrote we are only dealing with just the tip of the iceberg. We may never know the whole back story, as in the case of Reed Slatkin or know for sure if there was not some darker conspiracy behind the headlines.

    Another thing is that according to current news reports that the money involved goes beyond a paltry $200.000 and that Fowler may have laundered more than that through Miscavige’s Laundry Mat in total.

  50. So many of us deeply appreciate Marty, Mosey and this blog. The many former SO who contribute, the many OTs no longer connected with corporate scn, all those who have come out openly and stated their stories and the myriad of new visitors and posters everyday.

    I was reminded of this Buddhist prayer — which to me exemplifies what this cybergroup represents:

    “May I become at all times, both now and forever
    A protector for those without protection

    A guide for those who have lost their way

    A ship for those with oceans to cross

    A bridge for those with rivers to cross

    A sanctuary for those in danger

    A lamp for those without light

    A place of refuge for those who lack shelter

    And a servant to all in need.”

    Everyday – more people find their way to this safe place. Add their thoughts, their energy and their dreams.

    This propels this free independent movement forward.

    It’s absolutely too late for corporate scn to save itself. The vortex of doom is picking up momentum and nothing can save it.

    It’s called karma ripening.


  51. WH,
    HCOB 15 Sept 81, The Criminal Mind: the criminal only sees others as he sees himself.

  52. The Fowlers will be dropped like hot potatoes.
    The truly unfortunate thing will be the staff involved will be on the RPF and the family will be shunned. Absolutely NO responsibility will be taken by the COS none. It will be the old he was crazy and we the church have nothing to do with him…yada, yada, yada. No mention of how brutal the regging is will even come up.I have seen the pressure people will put themselves through and it is most disturbing. I suppose for a lot of people hearing over and over and over how much money is needed and wanted becomes a matra of sorts.

    Marty I thank you for what you are doing and have done for people. It is a true testament to your truly caring for mankind.

  53. It really could have beeen self defence. Rex Fowler happens to be a friend of a friend, and I’m told he’s a very sweet, warm person. Anyone can snap though. Along with the 200,000, he bought 5 or 6 basic books packages that he was told he could resell. Of course he couldn’t resell them and wound up donating them to the library. Obviously he was being heavily pressured. He’s not wealthy. (At least not anymore…joke.) He’s a good guy. I hope he comes out of this OK.

  54. Good article Marty, well said.

  55. “The Fowler Case”, tragic as it may be, should not be pinned on the church unless there is some other direct involvement that has not yet come to light.

    Sure the pressure he may have been under may have contributed, but murder is the action of a person. It is something that has actual time, form, place and event, and a live intelligence deciding to act.

    To broadly paint the church as the co-vilan in this may feel satisfying to us who feel the church has failed our expectations, BUT it also has the same sound of a generality that the Church would use to target its perceived enemies.

    Mocking up “enemy” in a terminal is not productive, not much of a solution. And painting the church in a dark color of murder inspiring influence, will color us in the future when we want to practice our version of scientology.

    People, living beings, do the stuff we dont like, not some less identifiable organization called a church. WE MADE THE CHURCH INTO WHAT IT IS NOW. Sure Davey helped, but we all did too, to various degrees by commision and by Omission. And some are now working to correct what WE created.

    I say don’t use Fowler to vilify the church. Use it to inspire a more optimum solution, with less “enemy”, less opposing terminal. The aikido approach, let the opponents energy be directed to the best out come for all.

    Possibly not an opinion everyone wants to hear…

  56. Boyd H ~
    You are correct. The RTC building cost $70 to $75 million.
    Not even Seinfield’s home in the Hamptons or other most expensive Real Estate in the wealthy Bridgehampton, Long Island cost that kind of megabucks.
    How about the $1 million a year to slick New York lawyer Monique Yingling~
    DM’s personal attorney for 20 + years who protects his deeds and secrets.
    Where does $1 million a year come from ?
    DM is supposedly paid $100,000 a year.

    Can we connect the dots? Crush reg cycles onto Reg Fowler types, create the slush fund for the well oiled Power Teams of Lawyers that protect the monster ~ while the slaves in the SO work 70 to 80 hour weeks for 37 cents an hour.

    Follow the money !!!! Follow the Financial Irregularities !!! One monster controls the $1 billion in reserves.
    How does he get away with it?

  57. Thought provoking

    This makes me want to picket IAS events.

    And Marty, you’d be my auditor of choice for my next session!

  58. Fowler is a Victim of the Church as well as a murderer himself.

    Organizations can act like entities too.

    Orwell 1984

  59. Narcissist, Has all the ingredients in it.

  60. Fowler is Victim of the C of $ , He did make a choiche to take down another human being with him. Every choiche has its consequence.

  61. War and Peace I think you about said it all.
    “Follow the Money”! Financial irregularities!
    he gets away with it because people let him.

  62. RJ – The “‘critics’ on the natter boards” don’t have to cite some obscure passage from Ron. More likely they will simply suggest that, just as all those OT’s who lost money couldn’t spot a Reed Slatkin, being an OT – like Rex Fowler – simply doesn’t make you a better, more capable being in the real world. It’s pretty much what they’ve always said.

    By the way, critics were also saying things like reselling the Basics was a fraud, and that DM was driving stats down, for a lot longer than anyone here! Just as it doesn’t make sense when critics say Scientology is 100% nonsense, it doesn’t make sense to believe the critics are 100% wrong.

    I think you’d all be a lot further along on your new path if you had paid at least a little, serious attention to the critics earlier.

  63. Sam, AOLA and Flag were also told to come up with huge sums from the Reed Slatkin mess.

  64. Regarding Fowler and the CofS: A guilty plea may avoid a criminal trial, but you can bet there will also be a civil trial as in OJ’s case. That may bring a lot more stuff to light.

  65. War and Peace

    From Denver
    “When Janet Fowler was interviewed by detectives, she told them she wanted the briefcase returned immediately.

    “It is important to me and my church. It is religious material and I want it now,” she said to investigators. “Even if you looked at it, and read it, you would not understand anything in it. Because it is way above a normal person and you would not know what it meant. I want it back right now.”

    The above had to be a SOLO NOTS folder. Fowler is established to have been at OT 7 level.
    At the Mecca of Technical Perfection, the highly trained FLAG auditors accomplished the following ~~

    1 He got through Eligibility for OT 6
    2 He got through Eligibility for OT 7
    3 He got through his 6 month sec checks

    These cost almost $800 to $1000 an HOUR (see Flag Land Base pricing sheets)

    OT 7 “FLAG product” that empties a gun in the head of an employee.


    DM’s Standard Tech ~~ The Fowler Case
    Great Title Marty !

  66. That is a beautiful prayer, WH, thank you and amen.

  67. During my last “interview” with execs from CLO while I was being regged for IAS donations, I was screamed at by the CO ASHO Day for being “out-ethics” because I did not trust my “OT ability to pay back my credit card for any amount I would charge on to it that night”. I was no longer “with the program” and certainly not “keeping Scientology working”. I was the scum of the earth. So if I had not had full certainty on 1) the actual tech and 2) KSW and what it actually is about 3) my own contributions and my value as an OT (not just to Scientology but to my LIFE), I would have caved under all that pressure — a scene which also could have been defined as torture or attempt to brainwash. So here is where the responsibility of each, the grasp of the tech and what the hell Scientology is about, comes in. I just walked out. My integrity is more important than my immediate life. And that is where people still inside the system are at — their non-confront of the scene will manifest in different ways for each person, but it WILL manifest!
    What does it take to say “enough! That’s IT!” ??? And STOP feeding the monster- -it will DIE without energy from parishioners!

  68. martyrathbun09

    Mary Jo, I agree with you 100%.

  69. I feel this way often, Dave. I know how that “make-an-enemy” game goes. I also have tremendous ARC for just about all the Scientologists – SO included – I’ve come across, so I don’t even want to make them the enemy. And I’m fully aware of my responsibility in creating the current CoS scene.

    That said, crush regging is highly irresponsible. “Make it go right” is unjustifiable. What is an OT to say, “No, I can’t make it go right?”

    So the game then becomes, make it go right or you aren’t a real OT. A dangerous GPM.

    Obviously, the responsibility lies with Fowler (why does he even have a gun in his office?) but I’d like to see the CoS given its own SRA over its unethical regging practices.

    btw, SRA made me want to puke from the first day I heard it. I knew it wasn’t LRH yet it became an accepted part of the Scn nomenclature. Yet at its heart, it’s totally entheta. Somewhere around Punishing Bodies.

  70. Sadly, WnP, that’s what our Church is now all about. The money. And, as a wise old man once told me, if something doesn’t make sense, follow the money.

  71. Mary Jo, I know that inval/eval “Make it go Right” implant. It’s insane and so irresponsible it borders on criminal.

  72. Marty..I feel for you man. What it takes for you to get up every day and continue on is almost unimaginable with all the attacks and, although feeble and childish, attempts to disrupt your life. It’s a darn good thing you have so many friends. Of course, it takes a friend to have friends…

    While I don’t always agree with you, one thing I completely admire is your persistence and your ability to stand up in the face of extreme opposition to your points of view. But mostly, I think you are are just a good friend to those who want that friendship. And you open your arms to all. I admire that quality to the utmost.

  73. If Fowler is a victim of the church, he is a victim of what we have done or failed to do over the last 5, 10, 20, 30, 50 years.

    If the church is an entity, it is a composite. Something we have tech about. And that tech addresses each individual in the composite or sub groups of that whole, then individuals.

    Organizations may be seen as entities, seem to act as entities, but can be taken apart piece by piece. But to see the church as a singular monolithic entity is to have less confront of all the discreet elements, people, who make it up.

    Like an incident that needs to first be found, then moved through and back to the begining till all of it comes to view. It cant be confronted as a big a=a=a

    I wonder if David Miscavige is LRH’s test for us. Ron certainly wrote up his hat. Tech vols, Green on white, lectures, books….and turned it over. And left a checksheet end practical.


    Foster a victim? I don’t know. I kind of think people are responsible for their own actions.

    How you act in life should be based on your own perceptions, knowledge, and integrity.

    What others do to you, does not justify, how you respond.

    The more we consider what the church has done to be our guide for action, the less we ourselves create our future.

  74. brendon,

    I came to my own conclusions about how screwed up the organization was long before I ever read anything written by “critics”.

    The only thing that honest critics (ones who didn’t have an ax to grind or weren’t shilling for the Government or deprogrammers) did was confirm what I already knew.

    Even before the “critics” there were others like David Mayo and Bill Robertson that were indicators that something was wrong but I didn’t buy their line that to counter it we needed a new Church or that we had been infiltrated by an intergalactic conspiracy of Marcabs.

    Just as I don’t buy many of the “critics” jive that we should dismantle the First Amendment so they can out law Scientology.

  75. Sharon, yes, you’re right. I meant to say “If Fowler were to plead not guilty (a big if) ….” Gee, that was confusing!

  76. DearMary Jo,

    You definitely set a great example of a person with highest integrity. Not many OTs, still in the church, reached that level.

    Thank you!

  77. Dave,

    I for one agree with you. You lay out the correct path towards taking full responsibility.
    We are all responsible for our own condition (Fowler included). Many of us have experienced the pressures of the church, but have not turned to Capital crime as a result. “Look at poor me (victim)…..the church made me do it” doesn’t fly. It’s not OTVIIs fault, not LRH’s fault, it’s not the churches fault and it’s not DM’s fault. If Fowler is guilty (so far it looks likely that he is) it is he that chose to communicate with a bullet. And it is he that must take responsibility for his communication. And it’s not the fault of his mother for not breast feeding him as a child.

    We area all here in PT and this is our collective track and game. We are able to use this forum to become stronger and take responsibility for our roles in the current state of Scientology, our friends and our lives as a whole.

    I love how Marty steps up and does not turn anyone away – not even the 2 1/2%. He lives his strategic statement: BE, DO AND HAVE THE CHANGE YOU WANT TO SEE IN THE WORLD.

    You can’t get anymore responsible than that.

  78. This is an opinion I DO want to hear.

  79. martyrathbun09

    sherry, thanks. That is the way I feel about you too. Mosey and I were disappointed when we realized after the holidays passed, that you never showed up. We hope you are still planning on that South Texas trip sometime in the near future – and you get a chance to come pay us a visit.

  80. Huck, thanks. But it IS criminal. One can’t be “a little bit pregnant” either! 🙂

  81. Thank you Truth– I also did not lose my ability to be angry at the correct target…. ! This current environment manufactures charge, psychosis and antisocial behavior. It really is black/reverse Scientology and this Fowler case is quite a typical product of it. Very scary…

  82. I think the money is a key part of the insanity. Destroying yourself financially for bad auditing is not a good combo. I know the feeling well. You keep trying to do the right thing and keep your ethics in blah, blah, blah, and the ias decides your Howard Hughes and once you give them an inch it’s all over. Then maybe you get a bit of good luck and start to make a little progress getting things under control and they show up again to but this time to push you so far you have no idea how you will survive it. It’s really a 1984/USSR type head fuck game these guys are playing. I don’t know how they sleep.

  83. Tom, the insanity defence isn’t a mitigating factor, it is a complete defence to a charge. ie. It results in an acquittal on the grounds of insanity. Nothing to mitigate.

    I don’t know what the stats are in the US, but it’s rare for an insanity defence to go before a jury and be successful, where I live. The so-called twinkie defence wouldn’t cut it here. You need to be so insane that you aren’t aware that what you are doing is wrong.

    A fairly recent case in which the defence was successful was that of Linda Walicki, who killed her father and sister and attempted to kill her mother. Scientology was mentioned during the case. All parties agreed that the right outcome was an acquittal on the grounds of insanity. If you’re interested in the facts that were so persuasive, you can read the judgment here:

  84. thanks War and Peace, and you are correct

  85. The suspense is thrilling.

    A dark figure sitting in the corner of the Italian whispers to a man standing 10 feet from him flanked by two goons. “I know you will Tony Make it go right capice”. The man hesitates but the goons hands tighten around his arms. “Capice Don Squirllioni as you wish”

  86. Yes, you are right, MJ, it is criminal and the correct target is he who made it so. The regges are playing the game they’ve been told to play. They’re competent, so they get better and better at it, ignoring their road kill with the “Greatest Good” justification.

    Amazing how much blood can be drawn from a stone!

    I thought it was okay back when to say that if you’re an IAS member, you will get a break on pricing.

    Then somehow it became, if you are NOT an IAS member with sufficient status (and of course that little shell game meant the goal posts would keep moving upward) you were somehow not a real Scientologist, not supporting your group or maybe even the big one, “What would you say to LRH if he were standing here now asking for your help?”

  87. You’re not supposed to get mad nowadays, it’s an indicator of overts. Nevermind that you’re supposed to be able to be fluid on the tone scale. The amateur instant C/Sing has people wrongly pulling their anchor points in.

  88. Crush regging exists because it works. I think scientologists are in a bit of a games condition with each other….we all started on the comm course…we should all have the TR’s to not be bullbaited. And yet we test each other.

    Part of the church culture is bullbait. Are you tough? Are you OT enough to make it go right? No case on post.

    Sadly the response frequently is ser facs rather than optimum solutions. Funny how you can make someone wrong and yourself right by indebting yourself, and agreeing to non optimum solutions.

    So we have set ourselves up in creating the culture we did around the philosophy and tech.

    We got the leader we deserved. But we have the ability to observe the culture, and the tech to change ourselves. Solutions will naturally follow.

    This 3D session Marty has us in sure helps.

  89. RJ- I can only cite my own experience. Having more than a few Scientologist friends, it was almost inescapable that they’d go on about what they saw as the good things about Scn (the philosophy) while I would ask them to confront some of the obvious bad things the COS (the management) was up to (bungled handling of the internet, embedding the net nanny on the Scn Online software, news of what was going on at Gold, etc. etc.) and the responses ranged from “that’s all lies” to “You may be right but there is nothing I can do about it.” Many Scns saw outpoints and did nothing, because they’d been around long enough to know that the KR’s would go nowhere – or just get them in trouble. They lived in this discordant situation of loving the tech but knowing that management boneheaded at best, corrupt at worst.

    I’m happy to see more and more Scns now step up and be public with their discontent, but that groundswell is recent. My only point was that it could have happened sooner.

    Over the years I’ve come to know many of the critics. There may be a few who feel the entirety of Scn should just outright be banned, but those I’ve known support people’s right to believe whatever they want (that include famous critics like Bob Minton and Mark Bunker) but are opposed to the generally dishonest and, in their eyes, unethical behavior of the organization.

    I will also add that none I’ve met were shills for deprogrammers or worked for the government or the drug companies. This contrived need to have enemies to solidify the believers is one of the reasons people often reach for the word “cult.” There is little of a substantiated and reasoned case to make for it, and because it is so thin, most people just think followers are a bit whacky. I don’t think it helps at all.

    If the philosophy is worthwile, it can stand on it’s own.

  90. RJ….just above you said, “We may never know the whole back story, as in the case of Reed Slatkin or know for sure if there was not some darker conspiracy behind the headlines.”

    Perhaps some here may find it a surprise, the once beloved Tony Hitchman (remember that famous interview with LRH?) has some answering for his past contributions in the Reed scheme. “Behind the headlines” darkness.

    See 4th para in this doc that show’s he didn’t stick around and fled the scene:

    And this affi from Reed himself saying Tony was in from the get-go:

    Why do these long-time good guys, like Rex, Reed, Tony, go bad and seem to have done so during DM’s reign?

    Maybe this thread particularly from Marty and observations by others who are reading and contributing on this blog and very familiar with those who have sudden changes in their states, have begun to finally, finally reveal the obvious. Heavy, heavy external pressures can be tolerated for only so long.

  91. WH… also know this datum well; that the world one perceives is a reflection of his own inner thoughts and condition and wishes. The outer world each one sees, merely mirrors back our own self-made inner world.

    Just another way of saying. But more buddhistic! 🙂

  92. My main beef with IAS (which should stand for *I*m *A* *S*ucker) was that they nullified the HASI LT membership while claiming otherwise.

    Not only that but the IAS violates the reason and purpose of having a membership according to Ron, which is to show officialdom how many members you have which is why they were relatively cheap.

    Now they’ve turned it into a status seeking money grubbing game that detracts from the reason the Organization is there which is to deliver auditing and training.

    On that point alone most IAS members are off purpose in the extreme.

  93. CD

    That pretty much sums up how the Church operates these days. Instead of calling Miscavige the “leader” or “Pope” of Scientology they should simply just call him the “Godfather” or “El Capo” capice 🙂

  94. Thks for the insights into the ramifications on public of the Reverse Scientology machine, i hadnt looked at the Fowler case from this perspective.

    It be likewise interesting to read your take on the Steve Brackett OT suicide tragedy that I think hit just prior to your blog coming on the scene, covered in depth here:

  95. martyrathbun09

    Anon lover, Thanks for this. I don’t have much info on Steve Brackett, but seeing the timing vis a vis his 2D’s (Nancy C) 10 million IAS donation, and the little info available about his other financial problems, my take was similar to my take on Fowler. At the end of the day – if his case is fully investigated – I think it will out that he was under tremendous financial pressure created by DM’s special version of Reverse Scn. I’ve been contacted by a number of friends of Fowler since posting, and one for one they attest he was a very intelligent, competent, and compassionate individual; but that he was also milked hard by the Church of Regology and subjected to serious introversion techniques for views he held that DM’s minions felt they could use to milk him even more. My first post will not be my last post on the curious cases of Mr. Fowler.

  96. Marty…I’m loving your insouciance–“Church of Regology”–in the face of such non-lighthearted situations.

  97. y/w and here’s a link to the full police affidavit on the fowler case if you havent seen this yet:

    Note: the original version first released by the press had page2 missing that was corrected by anon due diligence and has a few key details to paint a better picture of whats readily known at this time.

  98. brendon

    I was pretty much digging what you were saying till I got to your penultimate paragraph and realized that you probably lead a sheltered life.

    Personally I’d rather be considered “whacky” rather than blinkered or brain washed by the FCM.

  99. FCM? A quick web search gave me this:

    FCM Federation of Canadian Municipalities
    FCM First Trust/Four Corners Senior Floating Rate Income Fund (stock symbol)
    FCM Futures Commission Merchant
    FCM Faculdade de Ciencias Medicas (Medical Sciences Faculty, Lisbon, Portugal)
    FCM Flow Cytometry
    FCM First-Class Mail
    FCM Financial Controls Management
    FCM Fellowship of Christian Magicians
    FCM Fuzzy Cognitive Map
    FCM Federation of Christian Ministries
    FCM Florida Citrus Mutual
    FCM Family Case Manager
    FCM Faculty of Commerce and Management (University of Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania)
    FCM Fast Component Mounter (Philips)
    FCM Financial Capital Maintenance
    FCM Fracture Critical Member
    FCM Field Case Management
    FCM Food Chain Multiplier
    FCM Foreign Consequence Management
    FCM Fellowship of Christian Motorcyclists
    FCM Financial Center Manager
    FCM Funky Cold Medina (song)
    FCM Fuel Containing Mass (NPP Accident)
    FCM Funds Control Module (Army)
    FCM Football Club Midtjylland (Danish soccer team)
    FCM Field Control Module
    FCM Frame Code Mode
    FCM Fibre Channel Module
    FCM Faithful Companion Memorials (Royal Oak, MI)
    FCM Future Capability Mission
    FCM Focused Conversation Method
    FCM Full-Cost Move
    FCM Fuzzy Cluster Means
    FCM Ferrocarril Mexicano Railroad
    FCM Frequent Caller Minute
    FCM FLIR Characterization Module
    FCM Fussball Club Münchwilen (Swiss soccer club)
    FCM Fast Concept Modeller
    FCM Frank Crawford Martin (Miami, FL public school)
    FCM Frequency Controlled Motor

    …so I guess I am sheltered because I don’t see who it is that is keeping me blinkered. The Fellowship of Christian Magicians, maybe. Nah. Or maybe Freakin’ Chaos Merchants? I’m just guessing on that last one. Whoever it is, those guys must be good if they even keep their abbreviation quiet (except from the few who know the secret; just please, please tell me it has nothing to do with ‘chemtrails’!)

    I’m not going to use Marty’s blog to create any sort of flame war, there are plenty of spots on the internet to virtually ‘meet in the alley’ and I’d rather not move the focus off building the growing strength of the independent movement (which does, in my opinion, have the ability to rebuild Scientology without the negatives that have come to be associated with it — which was what I was trying to say in that penultimate paragraph).

    Kudos for getting “penultimate” right by the way; 99 out of 100 get that one wrong. Just don’t get me started on “comprise”…

  100. “Part of the church culture is bullbait. Are you tough? Are you OT enough to make it go right? No case on post”

    Now you know what the Sea Org mentality has injected into the Scientology Scene.

    This thoughness aproach has to be kept in check. Test eachother in sports or games if you will . Women having birth are tough. Men seldom are.

    Hitlerjugend had to be though, It was the onley thing required of them. Making them into mercyless beings. Today Warlords do it to with the child soldiers.

    Look at me I have beaten you down. I am though ! I have crushed you. I am though. I have destroyed you. I am though. I made ytou cry. I am though! I made you beg. I am though!

    That is NOT though that is bullying

    A woman feeding her children in Haiti at the moment SHE is though.

  101. brendon.

    It means Fawning Corporate Media.

    The following is an article by former CIA analyst Ray McGovern where the term is mentioned and no it has nothing to do with “chem trails” or UFOs:

  102. Mark A. Baker

    This is beginning to sound like “The Spanish Inquisition”. 😉

  103. As a friend of Rex I was completely surprised by this news. I never in my wildest dreams would have imagined he would do something like this.

    In the end he is totally accountable for his actions, and in my deep heart I hope there is some defense for him. I hope that his actions were just.

    We really don’t know what happened, and will likely never know the truth of it all.

    It is easy to say that ‘he is responsible for his own actions’, true as it is, but who knows what each of us would have done in his shoes. Especially, since we will never be able to wear them.

    PTSness sucks, and each of us needs to be on the ball, sniff it out and handle it in our own lives, else we be the next news article.

  104. martyrathbun09

    Saddened, oh, we will all know all the truth in time.

  105. Only saw this article today. It was truly a shock and a heartbreak to read that article about Rex Fowler. I knew the family well. Some years ago, their daughter committed suicide. Jan and
    Rex were taken off OT VII. Both of them worked really hard to get back on, but I do not have the details of that. Alex, the son, is/was staff at ASHOD. This is so sad. I am appalled by the evidence of such blatant out-tech. I do know that both Rex and Jan had been mid OT VII for at least 10+ years or so when I last had anything to do with them in 2000. DM has so much to atone for.

  106. Huck, Mary Jo is correct and so are you to a degree.

    I was a reg, not for the ias, but at the FSO and FOLO Tours. I did not use crim reg tactics, in fact some of those who did were scornful of me because I didn’t. However, my head rests peacefully at night and I have no similar overts to be restimuated in that area. That is why I can be here on this side without rancor in my heart; there is a feeling of loss and sadness for those who betray their own integrity and the trust of the post they hold. That is a horrible place to be.

    Rex Fowler is not a victim, except of his own inability to say no, enough is enough, no; and for accepting shoddy substitutes. I was their reg for a few years when they were working to get Jan back on Solo NOTs. They did not go into debt when I was their reg, that only occurred once they were regged to Resign. Then there came the time that only the Sandcastle regges were allowed to reg those on Solo NOTs and all those I had helped, some for many years, were all turned over to someone else, just like that. I protested, wrote reports, most of my public protested and wrote reports, but eventually we all gave in.

    There is the power of choice, we all have it. Some choose to reg for some other reason than getting the individual up the Bridge–like ONLY the due solvency of the org or their own stats; others (like Barbara Dews) reg because they really do believe in the power of LRH Tech and have the weird idea that one shouldn’t go into debt that has no immediate solution to pay it, you use finance policy and it works out for everyone’s benefit. Problem for some folks is that doesn’t necessarily mean it all comes in this week. I was screamed at a great many times for not making my public get loans to pay ‘this week’ when they had no possible way to pay it back. I just refused to do that. We are all presented with choices, where we end up is determined by our choices. There isn’t anything else, the Why is not God. The buck stops here.

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