The Fall of Debbie Cook – the final purges part 3

Debbie Cook was cross ordered into oblivion by Miscavige

 By early 07 Debbie was being ferociously cross ordered by DM with “hey you” orders. Already saddled with setting up the “FLB Folo satellite offices”, directly handling the outside architect design firm for FSO and Oak Cove renos and Super Power construction, IAS crush evolutions here and there, and all marketing for the “Basics” release, DM would regularly order her into other random areas. “Comps is flapping”, he’d scream into the phone; Debbie would have to drop all she’d already been assigned and rush into unfamiliar turf. On other occasions she was ordered into video editing because event videos were “flapping.”

To top it off, DM was interspersing all this with orders to Debbie to solve the “man up of Int.”  That is right, the same “man up of Int” I spoke of in my June 21 St Pete Times interviews that led to the infamous Musical Chairs in Feb 2004. 3 ½ years later, still not done, or I should say “not allowed to be done by DM.” It was this very “man up of Int” failure that DM used as an excuse to bust his own wife and assign her to purgatory (subject of yet another upcoming series).

Throughout Debbie’s Int experience, she heard endless natter from DM about his “berthing” and how all of Int was conspiring to sabotage the construction of a seperate house for him. Debbie was shown the plans that were bouncing between DM and the Int Landlord office for the DM berthing house. The price tag: One Million Dollars. 

Debbie was subjected to DM phone calls from ASI that would regularly go on for an hour or two. One of those calls required she run around the base to handle some other flap, and invariably before a handle could be gotten on it, she’d get yanked into another “COB call” for another hour on some totally disrelated cycle.

What seemed to rattle Debbie worst was, intersperesed between all this, being forced to engage in DM’s sick tortures.  She seemed visibly upset when, for example, she had to lead dozens of former Int Execs (Holees) to the lake and conduct dunking exercises.

 At this time, the entirety of International Management was in the Hole. There was NO Int to work with or through. The entire RTC building (the 70 million dollar palace) was throughout this time – and through June 21 2009, thoroughly empty but for COB’s wing; perhaps 1/15th the total floor space of the cavernous monster.  To make things worse – DM was spending more time frolicking in LA than in his palace himself.

Ok, for those DM apologists who live in the fantasy world insisting he is not stark staring mad, please consider this. Debbie’s promo was the only thing that made it for the originally planned release of the basics at the May 9th event. Because she was the only one, and there was no actual product to show, the release had to be postponed. Ultimately, DM “busted” Debbie because he said he didn’t like the Basics promo she directed production on. Yet, the very promo Debbie got busted for producing is the same promo the little lunatic used to promote his Basics.

On DM’s orders, Debbie was carted off to the Hole. That is International Management HQ offices of CMO INT and Exec Strata Int, specifically in the WDC conference room of the two double wide trailers that constituted Int HQ offices.  By the time Debbie got there, all the windows and all the doors were barred shut. It was a literal prison.

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  1. One Million Dollars?! It all makes sense now…DM IS DR. EVIL! 🙂

  2. I want to stress that this description by Marty of Int is utterly, utterly, utterly 100% accurate and not one molecule of it is an exaggeration. The little “rundown” Devious Miscavige ran on Debbie Cook is the same little rundown (reverse Scientology) that he ran on numerous executives that he decided to take out.

    Debbie, it was NEVER about having you help him do all those things. DM was, with malice aforethought, applying the very definition of insanity (must reach, can’t reach) in an effort to break you… ordering you to do 5 things at once, ordering you to both do and not do the same thing, issuing contrary and conflicting cross orders, validating you for crazy things and ripping you apart for good things, giving wrong reasons for upsets… these are what this sociopath does, day in and day out. The rundown is about breaking you. From the start, from the point he first started buttering you up, he was only preparing you for the oven.

    If you haven’t already done so, you’d better disconnect. Because he is one raging black hole, personified. Only the strongest beings escape. The rest either die, or stick to him.

    Marty, you’ve done it again. This article is excellent.

  3. martyrathbun09

    THoughtful, Thanks for the authority tag. I was going to type into that very post “If you find this difficult to believe you can confirm this operating basis with Mike Rinder, Steve Hall, Amy Scobee, Dan Koon, Tom Devocht, Marc Headley….” One way DM escapes scrutiny is the 1950’s psych trick (so well portrayed in the movie Changeling) of committing atrocities so bizarre with confidence that it is such a wild scenario nobody will believe the witnesses to it.

  4. I rarely go for religious metaphors, but this time I might indulge: If there ever was one, David Miscavige IS the angle of death. I think that’s who he is. He’s historic.

    Like dry ice, the thought is chilling, but he’s definitely got the resume for someone ancient and someone unimaginably wicked.

    That’s just my two cents after reading about Debbie. I think he’s way beyond what any of us ever realized.

    What has been missing was the correct estimation of effort necessary to displace him.

    Step one is to spot him.

    ~ Archer

  5. I had a cognition that DM does anything he wants to as long as he can get his legal team to sign off on it.

    He doesn’t care what Scientologists say about him , what they may think or ARC or anything.

    How could any rational person get rid of so many great Sea org members?

    This guy is a nut job, and all the Kool aide drinkers and non-confronters are empowering this pscho!

  6. David Miscavige is stark, staring mad.

  7. You mean that DM’s personal Lounge which had been renovated countless times along with his suite were not good enough?

    I guess it makes sense as his moving on up would be in terms of fancy and glitzy Mestology. He needs more walls in order to hang his pictures, “awards” and event photos.

    Manning up Int at this stage of the game seems like that definition of a problem that is unsolvable as most of the able guys were already gone or gotten rid of.

    Thanks for the unbelievable story.

  8. Marty’s description of what Debbie went through is not something I witnessed . . . with her. Thankfully I was done by then. But I did witness the same op with other execs. Many of them. The strongest can cope with it for a while but eventually everyone goes down in flames. Wendell Reynolds, Greg Hughes, Jono Epstein, Marcus Swanson (the most successful CO Gold ever), Sue Koon, Bill Dendiu, just to name a few in addition to those mentioned in Marty’s reply above. The list goes on and on and on. The place is alternately a madhouse and a morgue. Buried somewhere in the insanity is a computation on the order of “If anyone succeeded I would die.” Something utterly loopy.

  9. Like Ron says, the incredibility will be their safeguard. This type of “mobious looping” happened in Class V Orgs too unfortunately.

    Thank you for the isness on Debbie’s plight Marty, she was a great Intern Sup in the late 80’s and gave great advice.

  10. One does not need to watch a movie for validation of your viewpoint. Look at history. Hitler and Napoleon did a pretty bang up job. Mohammed’s (of Islamic fame) effects are being felt daily. ~

  11. You know, I’m just going to say it.
    If DM wasn’t so insane, the next stage in Scientology’s true future would NOT be as bright. It’s a heavy price, and a hard lesson. But Scientology can and will recover from this malevolency.

    I understand, with the Musical Chairs incident, DM had the whole thing filmed. If that isn’t a Criminal leaving clues, I don’t know what it is. Why would he do that?

    Furthermore, if he shot himself tomorrow, it would probably devastate the Independent Movement. So he won’t. In other words, he has a game. Without us, no game. Without any CI, no game. Unconscionable. Add Freedom for all, unstoppable. … Apathy. Eat muzzle.

    I think he maybe also controlled by a someone or a “something” else. (Obviously the Being isn’t there.) Did he Compromise LRH; did he “cut a deal with the Devil” long long ago?
    Who knows? I don’t think all his “secrets” will make it out.

    I know this with certainty;
    -He is one sick little man.
    -This planet is very much still a trap or “Prison”.
    -And that we mustn’t stop doing what we are doing.

    What else can I say?
    Is there anything to fear?

    Thank you Marty.

  12. War and Peace

    Quoting Marty above
    >>>>DM and the Int Landlord office for the DM berthing house. The price tag: One Million Dollars. >>>

    One Million dollar home for David Miscavige to live like a king…..

    Where does this $1 million come from ? Is it the money from lower Orgs that pay their percentage up lines while the staff members live in poverty ? Is it IAS donations gotten from savagely brutal reg cycles ? Can the monster help himself willy nilly, helter skelter, to whatever money he wants from whatever source ? Can a 501C3 tax exempt religion carry on like this ?

    How about the monster’s GMC van called “DFWM”. SO members sign a contract to work for a religion. But GOLD crew SO members worked on Church time, month after month after month re-modifying this GMC van to please David Miscavige at a cost of $250,000. (not the labor, $250,000 in additional cash)

    Where does the $250,000 come from ? Is it the money from lower Orgs that is sent up lines to “Support INT Management?”. Or is it siphoned off IAS funds donated by the duped thinking they are supporting the Greater Good ?

    This van was gutted and re-enforced with Lead and Steel plates. The windows are bullet proof and can withstand military grade piercing ammunition. It contains video-conferencing. Satellite TV, FAX, Internet, INCOMM INTRA network computers, FAX machine, gourmet kitchen, luxury bed and high tech video playback with home movie theatre type screen. Only a head of state in fear of crosshairs of an assassin would protect himself in this extreme with this kind supreme security and luxury.

    BUT BUT BUT. It is a disaster. It is so heavy that it cannot move on the road !!! It is not roadworthy !!! It could crush a car on the freeway because it cannot stop with the brakes in a timely manner due to overweight. It has been re-modified with Supershocks multiple times.

    So where did the $250,000 come from to make a pet toy killing machine unusable GMC super van ? And is the $250,000 whimsically a waste of SO labor and SO funds ?

    Follow the Money !!! Follow the Finanical Irregularities !!! Follow the money Trails !!
    Marty ~~~ please post why Janet Light got SP holed when she protested IAS monies being used recklessly for David Miscavige’s private benefit.

  13. Hcopl 29 july 1969:
    “To completely wreck an area all one has to do is interrupt all cycles begun.
    It’s a dangerous practice.”
    Again a important instance of Reverse Scientology!

  14. Barney Rubble

    Debbie Cook was a huge OL of my sister, and I hope with her courage her Knowledge Report(s) on this blog helps her see what is the real scene.

    I can see from, this is whole blog is a real and critical situation. I hope it finds peace and finality.

  15. Kathy Braceland

    My god…this is horrible. Marty, I have to ask. How’s Debbie now? Does she need any help with anything?

    What you’ve written reminds me of a passage in Chapter Y of SOS — (my 1968 copy from PUBS WW pg. 159) on 1.1 :

    “Every conceivable mechanism is used in this area of the tone scale to make nullifications of others seem valid, to make them stick. Here we have raillery aginst people who refuse to accept criticism ‘for their own good.’ Here we have painstaking efforts to ‘better people’ by showing them their faults. Here we have attempts to ‘educate’ people into adjusting themselves to their environment — in other words, to stop being vital and active and go somewhere and lie down, where they will be no menace. Here we have confusions introduced into any situation which are given the most adequate ‘reasons’ and which are yet only nullifications.” LRH

  16. Wow. Thank you for the explanation. I’ve had a hard time comprehending quite frankly how the hell this guy has been able to get away with this kind of shit unchecked for so long. It truly is unfathomable that one (little) man could be capable of such supression, control and manipulation. I think that is partially the WHY in that so many find these “claims” and “accounts” so hard to believe. It’s too “out-reality” for them; so much easier NOT to confront. He’s definitely a mastermind and extremely cunning to be able to pull it off….or is he? With so many strong and brave beings willing to confront an evil so great, there will always be hope. I believe the tide is turning quite fast and karma and consequences are coming back around to the # 1 SP in town. It’s about time. I think the future of Scientology is at a major turning point and I can’t wait to see where this is going. Thank you for the excellent posts and comments. Knowledge is power! I have to say that I have blown a great deal of charge just reading these excellent posts and comments here on Marty’s blog. Thanks Jim Logan and all the others who make this site so fun and inspiring to read.

    p.s. Jim, I am less and less ARCBROKEN every day (thanks in part to you), thought you might like to hear that.

  17. Thank you, Marty. The cosmos loves you.

    And Thoughtful’s synopsis of insanity is the chilling reality, a roadmap to the modus operandi of the WHO behind *any* downfall and degradation of people, hopes, projects and ideals:
    ” DM was, with malice aforethought, applying the very definition of insanity (must reach, can’t reach) in an effort to break you… ordering you to do 5 things at once, ordering you to both do and not do the same thing, issuing contrary and conflicting cross orders, validating you for crazy things and ripping you apart for good things, giving wrong reasons for upsets… these are what this sociopath does, day in and day out.”

    What a travesty. It’s infuriating, story after story, account after account coming forward …the brutal havoc wreaked on loyal hearts and souls is not mere words or news.

    The DM hijack of Scientology is an era of sabotage that includes the loss of human life and the most recent murder arrest of Fowler, DM’s approved OT VII public while stellar, devoted, sterling people are minced daily.

    “The public knows us by our MEST” (Matter Energy Space Time) …I’m all for beauty but this is TACKY WASTEFUL POMPOUS SELF-SERVING DELUSIONAL EXTRAVAGANCE on the backs of good, trusting people.

  18. Marty,

    I’m not so sure that David Miscavige is completely mad.

    Is it not possible that he knows EXACTLY what he is doing? He has systematically destroyed anyone who had power and credibility and might have been a threat to him. SOP for anyone who wants to assume total; control of an organization. He has changed fundamental aspects of training and auditing so as to reduce their effectiveness and he has moved the emphasis away from spiritual freedom to investing in MEST. All these things are bound to cause the CoS to fail.

    But the real question in my mind, is: why have so many Scientologists (most of them Clears or OTs) allowed him to destroy their church that they profess to believe is so important?

    I mean, if they can see the destructive actions and see the stats crashing across the board, why do they persist in supporting this tyranny?

    Could it be a fundamental problem with Scientology that it encourages a cult-like mentality that demands total obedience to whoever is ‘in charge’?

    OK, so that’s 3 questions, but I think it is important to ask these if we really want to know how it all went so horribly wrong and stop it happening again.

    You allude to the concept of the ‘Big Lie’, and while researching it, I found this:

    “His primary rules were: never allow the public to cool off; never admit a fault or wrong; never concede that there may be some good in your enemy; never leave room for alternatives; never accept blame; concentrate on one enemy at a time and blame him for everything that goes wrong; people will believe a big lie sooner than a little one; and if you repeat it frequently enough people will sooner or later believe it.”

    [Psychological profile of Hitler, produced by the OSS (forerunner to the CIA)]

    At the risk of invoking ‘Godwin’s Law (, this description of a well-known ‘anti social personality’ seems pretty close to someone we know.


  19. Marty wrote: “She seemed visibly upset when, for example, she had to lead dozens of former Int Execs (Holees) to the lake and conduct dunking exercises.”

    Dunking exercises?!! Dunking exercises. Are you listening, World?

    (Correct me if I’m wrong, that is dunking executives in the water as part of their DM ordered “rehabilitation” right?)

  20. anonymousinformer


  21. What I don’t get is this:

    if the tech works, how come those still “in” cannot see insanity when it exists right before their very eyes?

  22. martyrathbun09

    Axiom 142, perhaps this from LRH’s An Essay on Management might shed some light on your question:
    “There is an intriguing factor involved, however: ARC lines. When they are slightly interrupted they deliver power to the individual that interrupts them. True it is authoritarian power – death power. But a very faint tampering with a line gives authority to the tamperer since he is obscuring to some slight degree a section of Theta. His group is trying to see the Theta and reach it and if they can do so only through the tamperer and if they are convinced that the tamperer or tampering is necessary (which it NEVER is), then the group tolerates the tamperer in the hopes of seeing more Theta. Mistaking this regard for him as something he is receiving personally, the tamperer cannot resist, if he is a narrow and stupid man, tampering a little more with the ARC line. He can live and is tolerated only so long as the Theta he is partially obscuring is not entirely obscured. But he, by that first tampering, starts on the dwindling spiral. Eventually he is so “reactive” (and he would have to be pretty much reactive mind to start such an operation) that he obscures the Theta or discredits it. At that moment he dies. He has put so much tension on the line that it explodes. If it is not a very theta ARC in the first place, he is relatively safe for a longer period. The pomp and glory he assumes are not his. He makes them enMEST and entheta and eventually corrupts them utterly and corrupts himself and all around him and dies as management.”

  23. martyrathbun09

    BLip, this might help clarify what you don’t get, from LRH’s An Essay On Management:
    “There is an intriguing factor involved, however: ARC lines. When they are slightly interrupted they deliver power to the individual that interrupts them. True it is authoritarian power – death power. But a very faint tampering with a line gives authority to the tamperer since he is obscuring to some slight degree a section of Theta. His group is trying to see the Theta and reach it and if they can do so only through the tamperer and if they are convinced that the tamperer or tampering is necessary (which it NEVER is), then the group tolerates the tamperer in the hopes of seeing more Theta. Mistaking this regard for him as something he is receiving personally, the tamperer cannot resist, if he is a narrow and stupid man, tampering a little more with the ARC line. He can live and is tolerated only so long as the Theta he is partially obscuring is not entirely obscured. But he, by that first tampering, starts on the dwindling spiral. Eventually he is so “reactive” (and he would have to be pretty much reactive mind to start such an operation) that he obscures the Theta or discredits it. At that moment he dies. He has put so much tension on the line that it explodes. If it is not a very theta ARC in the first place, he is relatively safe for a longer period. The pomp and glory he assumes are not his. He makes them enMEST and entheta and eventually corrupts them utterly and corrupts himself and all around him and dies as management.”

  24. martyrathbun09

    Veritas, Stay tuned on Fowler. I may have been off a tad implying it was the “approval” of peope of such character that was the point. Reports are coming in from those who knew him; and it appears more like a decent made was driven to desperate states and measures by C of M.

  25. martyrathbun09

    Kathy, stay tuned: she survives. Thanks for the very appropriate quotation.

  26. martyrathbun09

    LI PO, may even be weapon number one in the DM brand of Reverse Scientology arsenal.

  27. martyrathbun09

    War and Peace, I don’t think it was that black and white with Janet – but stay tuned with her holing story.

  28. Debbie Cook is one of the most known, most trusted and most liked Scientologist of all time.
    If she were to publicly speak out regarding DM it would quickly reach the ears of Scientologists around the world and they would listen. I think the stage is set, the timing is right and Debbie holds the plug to DMs drain. The Scientology public sense things are off the rails, they just need the right indication from a reliable source.
    DMs suppression can not stand up to the light of truth.
    I wish Debbie the best.
    Mat Pesch

  29. I’ve seen the dunkin g with my own eyes. Execs get told by DM to jump in the lake and then spend the rest of their day with wet clothes on. It is just stupid.

  30. ARC, (formerly ARCBROKEN),
    Yep, I’m very happy to see you getting back on top of all this. It IS fun! It’s life, you bump into it, get a li’l riled up, even a lot riled up sometimes, (ARC gets ‘broken’) you take a break, sort out what just happened, with that done, back at it. Keep going, it’s pretty cool when you can approach life with as much knowledge as is available now by getting thoroughly trained and audited.

  31. Dragonfly,
    Read two things. The Way to Happiness, and the Koran. The root of Islam is ‘peace’. That peace is an ideal. Existing Scenes can be brought up closer to the Ideal, that’s what we’re all about, right?

  32. W&P,
    Follow the money indeed. DM has a fiduciary position, responsibilities, and personal culpability. ‘Corporations’ have ‘corporate officers’. When the officers violate the corporation’s policies, by-laws, charters and fail in their fiduciary positions, they are culpable.

    ‘Murder’ will, and is ‘outing’. The ‘murderer’ is becoming plainer and plainer.

  33. Marty,
    In the film ‘Murder One’ Alcatraz was put on trial. MESTOLOGY is comparable to Alcatraz.

  34. That should be Murder in the First, as a film title. Kevin Bacon, Gary Oldham.

  35. Sounds close enough to waterboarding to give me the heebie jeebies.

  36. Blip,
    The tech does work. When I was ‘in’ I saw the insanity. Many, many others do, which is clear from this blog. Ethics is primary. If you’d study and learn how beings got into the mess they are in, you’d learn what it takes to get out. Ethics is primary.

  37. DM keeps people so misdirected that they just keep running around the pole to please him. To me all self respect and integrity is gone. This is just nuts. I know Debbie and have always liked her and for this insane lunatic to have used her and others the way he did and does is insane. I wish Debbie the best a long with all who have bore witness to this insane treatment of people. My God.

  38. The quote from LRH’s An Essay on Management certainly shows the mechanism DM has used.

    I don’t think DM would recognize his self as “mad” or less than sane, nor do I think he is so deliberately creating the chaos around him.

    I think that he has faults and non confront in his perceptions, and wonky circuits in his analyzer.

    He is acting in accordance with his abilities and programing.

    And since he seems to have big doubts on the clear state……well one wonders at his position on the bridge.

    The point of my apparent apologies for DM is that the more horrific stories I hear about him the more I imagine others building him up to be some powerful evil genius.

    He is just a preclear who needs ethics and justice actions.

    At this point mainly justice. He has completely cut the ARC lines he had usurped, and will soon fall.

  39. Debbie Cook for COB? What a reversal that would be!

    Show of hands anyone…?

  40. Barney Rubble

    Because DM is actually quite smart (devilish way), the only hope for him to go down is

    A) He gets finally the motivator he long deserved= cancer or
    B) He is convicted of a crime that is within the statue of limitations.

    Please continue your actions. Guess it’s a long process.

  41. what about all the ABLE guys and former SOCO people? Laurie Zurn, Rena Weinberg? The last time I asked around at an event (2006) in LA because they had not been seen for 2+ years, it was reported that they were doing surveys at GOLD. I wouldn’t think Rena would take any of this sitting down without a fight.

  42. Unity Mitford

    Seems to me DM is comparable to a stupid, somewhat insane, Joesph Goebbel’s. (Not Hitler, imho)

    If you’ve ever read Goebbel’s principals of propaganda you will find many similarities between it and DM’s style of PR, but Goebbel’s had brains and DM only has malice.

    Just be very thankful DM lacks the skill and broad power of Goebbel’s even if he does most certainly share his evil nature and capacity for unlimited cruelty.

  43. Keep the hits coming, Marty. Truth obscured has been revealed. No tyrant has ever survived at this point in the evolution.

    Given that Mussolini’s ropey end would contravene laws of the land, I foresee a negotiated termination agreement. He will sit in a castle on a mountain somewhere muttering about how “they” destroyed Scientology, as if he even knows what Scientology is.

    Again, I implore you to release a list of execs who were gotten rid of in one way or another. Time, place, form and event.

    It’s also now very, very clear to me why it was Mayo who had to be the King SP in DM’s little shell game. It was Mayo who held the keys to the Tech and that made him very, very dangerous.

  44. Yeah, “dunking exercises.” Great.

    “Dunking” was a practice inflicted on suspected witches in the 17th century. Not to put too fine a point on it, but this is not the only way dm is dramatizing “witch hunts.”

    BTW, when the suspected witch was dunked she was often held underwater for a long enough period of time to drown her. If she didn’t drown, she was a witch. If she did drown, she was innocent.

    Oh, well.

    Good to know where dm gets his management ideas.

  45. Marty -Brilliant. What a gem!

    You see the same cycle on a much lower harmonic with parasites.

    Just sayin’.

  46. Axiom 142’s quotation of The Big Lie might as well have come from an Inspector Network Bulletin or from the masthead of the KSW News. Word for word, it is DM’s op basis. I can’t recall him ever deviating from it, ever, not in any significant way.
    Unbelievable the similarities here.

  47. Marty, you never cease to amaze me at being able to pull out the right LRH quote at the right time that completely describes what is going on. I haven’t seen that quote in over 20 years and frankly had forgotten about it.

    It may need some translation into non-Scientology wording for those who never were involved in Scientology, but it describes what is going on to a T.

  48. I was told by a personal friend that Debbie called her about 3 weeks ago asking her to come to work with her and the infamous Bennetta Slaughter in S. Florida as an ad salesperson for a new business she and Bennetta are starting together.

    My friend refused, having been abused and cheated by Bennetta (along with many, many of her former employees).

    If you don’t know who Bennetta Slaughter is, she is the former owner of AMC Publishing in Clearwater, and was the employer of Lisa McPherson at the time of her death. Bennetta is a buddy of DM, (who gave her the post of ED of ASI, which she turned into a huge, overt-product mess).

    Briefly, Bennetta is a female mini-DM who was very intimately involved in contributing to the psychotic break that led to the death of Lisa. (I would be happy to supply details, if anyone is interested).

    Apparently, Debbie is still pretty PTS if this is the kind of company she keeps.

  49. I agree Archer. David Miscavige is evil personified.

  50. So glad Debbie is out. Call it macabre curiosity, but how did she manage to escape from The Hole? My own escape 8 years earlier was hair-raising enough without being physically locked up or encamped within razor wire topped fences. Will this be revealed all in good time as well?

  51. This quote is just SUPERB!
    Is so real in regards to what is happening that it’s unbeleivable.
    I viewed it also as applied to another situation I am having similar in essence and MY GOD after 30 minutes the “tamperer” got out of the way and I reconnected with the theta she was obscuring!!!!!
    What a piece of tech –
    SPs stay alert – the tech works.

  52. Quoting Kathy Braceland: “Every conceivable mechanism is used in this area of the tone scale to make nullifications of others seem valid, to make them stick. Here we have raillery aginst people who refuse to accept criticism ‘for their own good.’ Here we have painstaking efforts to ‘better people’ by showing them their faults. Here we have attempts to ‘educate’ people into adjusting themselves to their environment — in other words, to stop being vital and active and go somewhere and lie down, where they will be no menace. Here we have confusions introduced into any situation which are given the most adequate ‘reasons’ and which are yet only nullifications.” LRH

    Doesn’t this also fit the mechanisms used by OSA to discredit those disaffected souls who stand up and say they won’t take it any more? Is the Church at this tone level? And where on the scale are individual members who follow orders to disconnect, if this tone level has command value over them? YUCK!

  53. What a perfect quote! Thank you for finding that one, Marty.

  54. Hello there BLiP,

    Here is a reference that might partially help explain the phenomonon of what has occured with the staff at Int.

    Phoenix Evening Lectures 9 March 1955 HEALTH AND CERTAINTY

    “The situation is this: a group of people can be threatened with such enormous force – with such enormous force – that just the contemplation of this force, because of the past experience they have had, gives them a certainty that they’re in danger. And if you were to put enough force there, they would be so certain that they were in danger that they would go into the level of apathy and do nothing about that danger whatsoever.”

    “The black panther mechanism: one simple sits down and neglects it. Everybody knows there’s a black panther sitting right there, but nobody does a thing about the black panther. Why? What can you do about a black panther? Somebody would come along and say, ‘We can shoot him, you can put him in a cage, you can do anything – he’s liable to eat you up at any minute.’ The fellow says, ‘There’s nothing you can do about a black panther.’ ”

    I believe there is more to it than this mechanism alone, having to do with honor, self doubt, eternity, the bridge, can’t have on the bridge, etc.. Others that post on this site would know more about this than I.

    I hope this helps.


  55. Kathy Braceland


    You beat me to it. Funny enough, I just watched Murder in the First again last night and was going to make a similar reference to yours. There sure are eerie similarities.

    Alcatraz — dungeons, solitary confinement, the hole, degradation, beatings, humiliation, introversion, inhumane treatment, et al. I guess Alcatraz really didn’t close after all. It just relocated.

  56. martyrathbun09

    Mark, Thanks. In fact Mike Rinder supplied this to me some time ago – and I pulled it out of a document where I saved it. But, yeah it fits don’t it?

  57. Because a friend of mine – now an ex-SO member was a Vietnam Vet and because I heard of a Zen priest who is offering a retreat at Omega for Vets and because he’s written a book about his Vietnam experience — I picked up his book: At Hell’s Gate by Claude Anshin Thomas

    In the closing paragraph of his preface he writes:

    “I hope this book will be of benefit to those who are affected by violence and yearn for something different — peace. Everyone has their Vietnam.
    Everyone has their war. May we embark together on a pilgrimage of ending these wars and truly live in peace.”

    Most of us here are bound together as we share a common war – the SO as it devolved under dm.

    And the scientologists who were not in the so — also share that bond — war stories.

    The unique spark of this blog created by Marty and differing from the exclusively war stories blogs (read anti) is that we seem to all remember the reason we came to scn in the first place:

    A world without war (criminals and insanity) …

    Step by step we continue on this pilgrimage together. I for one am very thankful and hopeful.


  58. martyrathbun09

    Huck, In 1982 I don’t think DM thought it through that thoroughly. He knew Mayo was assigned by CO CMO INT to sec check DM for psychotic and violent behavior. Mayo never got around to it because by then, DM had the Old Man informed about Mayo’s alleged embezzlement, out 2d, you name it. That is how Mayo became history.

  59. martyrathbun09

    Lucy, you were wrong about Rena. She wound up the hole too; and didn’t fight it. What happened to her afterward, who knows? But, as you note nobody has heard much of her for a while, have they?

  60. >The point of my apparent apologies for DM is that the more horrific stories
    >I hear about him the more I imagine others building him up to be
    > some powerful evil genius.
    >He is just a preclear who needs ethics and justice actions.


    “Confront of Evil is the lowest form of confront”, some wise man once said.

    David Miscavige is a person who has gleaned only one thing from Scientology Tech, and that’s a detailed blueprint of how to use Restimulation to control people.

    If you cannot see, from the very many firsthand reports in the SP Times Truth Rundown and many other sources who have told their stories over the years, that this is exactly what he does – deliberately – then may God help you, because noone else will be able to do so.

    Michael A. Hobson

  61. LRH speaks of overboarding briefly in the Welcome to the Sea Org tapes. This was probably carried out by him probably less than five times and only done when there was a true life-endangering disaster. Knowing enough about how LRH operated it was followed rapidly with quick ethics or justice – emphasis on the word quick! On the ship there were never people who were in lower conditions for more than a few days (if that!). And justice actions were fair and quick! But with the C of M it was considered smart to stay in lower conditions because should one complete the whole set of the always assigned conditions and did the outragously long ammends and went through getting signatures and all from all the crew, you were often assigned treason for “a bad comm cycle with COB” and then thrown in the lake. I was thrown in the lake several times, one time it was late at night and we had not met.a deadline. – was escorted to the lake, Ken Hoden was called, all the while I waited by the small island with MAA Jon Stumbke and Terrence Une. It was January and very cold. I had been thrown in once before and I had jumped in before the MAA had a chance to shove me – I dove in and at least felt like I had a little control over the whole situation, well the MAA present this time knew this and I was shoved in. The cold water was painful, but the loss of dignity is the truly painful part. At the end I was sent back to work. There is nothing more degrading. I had been working and pulling all nighters, we were sleep deprived and frankly in retrospect there was no flap, we had done excellent work and yet we believed we were criminals. I have had several “bad comm cycles with COB” and the truth is he has a bad comm cycle – his TRs are out and he does not allow one to talk. Many of these comm cycles didn’t have a chance at the onset! Most importantly there have been thousands of overboardings under Miscavige for the most trivial things. Ethics and justice have been preverted into punishment and forms of supression on some of the most creative and ethical people I’ve ever met. Other sick punishments were shortened mealbreaks, beans and rice (for months), restriction to base, the infamous hole, sleep deprivation and so on.

  62. For someone with DM’s survival instincts – and no matter how destructive to others, they are impressive – the mere knowledge that he was to be Sec Checked for psychotic and violent behavior would’ve been enough to have done whatever necessary to get David Mayo.

    Mayo was the perfect patsy.

    DM had the diversion he needed and everyone, including LRH, thought the Why they’d been looking for had been found.

  63. Lucy or Marty,

    Another stellar lady who made her way to a top position under DM was Karen Hollander. As anyone who knew Karen, she played a key and leading role in the Portland trial, following crusade and later after Portland, joined the SO and made her short-lived mark, I believe, heading up LRH Pro Int or some such post.

    Marty should know of what I speak from working with her on the legal front in the Christo trial in Portland which precipitated the huge support response. Boy, if you compare the willing contributions and number of people who came from all over the world to back up DM’s call-to-arms to what would happen now if he made a similar call…well, I think we all know the answer and results in comparison.

    Anyway, just was wondering if anyone might know if Karen ended up in the unholy hole as she suddenly disappeared from high visibility some years back, too.

  64. Today, 65 years ago, Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated and left the world with awe on the atrocities committed there.

    What I learn now about what was and is going on around dm exceeds any and everything bad I ever read or heard in any media. It obviously goes beyond any dirt a news reporter could whip up. Is it that why there is basically nothing anymore out there in the moment?

  65. Revenimus, Thank you so much for sharing the details of this heinous control tactic of degradation, something that has touched so many in one degree or another in their experience with the hijacked abuse of Scientology.

    Good beings tend to want to absorb all evil from the environment, and own it somehow, to keep it away from others.

    It’s why I love people, I love beings so much for that goodness, for that shining quintessence that is who most beings, in all their varying forms of uniqueness, are.

    The whole point of Scientology is liberation from past stupid solutions or transgressions, and from past abuse and crushing tactics that would have us believe we are evil. That’s the only way to control or diminish a being, the conviction he/she is evil…because the only way to harm another has to be accomplished as an inside job, to get the person to do it from the inside. Life is so good, it will hold itself back or cut its reach if it believes it has harmed or not done well.

    Recognizing that loyal earnestness, to do good work, to be true to friends, the dedication to our most sterling ideals … I ask, what kind of mind enjoys breaking that spirit? It’s impossible to “duplicate” because it is so insane, and that’s why it appears outrageous and incredible. It’s more solid than a stone.

    Thank you and everyone who has ever broken the shackles of that tactic, and been true to your shining, creative, beautiful Life no matter what.

    And here we are.

  66. Hi Dave. —> “I don’t think DM would recognize his self as “mad” or less than sane”

    I agree with you, he has absolutely no doubts whatsoever he has ever been wrong in his life ever. Characteristic of…?

  67. I can only think that a lot of staffershad to have doubted what they know for this to happen and keep happening. My God there is a point where a person breaks down and just says thats it! So much of what I read is absolutely no where in the tech. Unless there are hidden policies or tapes for Sea Org only, I just can’t imagine anyone taking this. If his “group is trying to see the theta and reach for it”…wow he has them programmed. There is so much evil here to confront that I just keeping asking myself when will it end?

  68. Rev, I felt great empathy in reading your post. Keep putting truth out there: Time, Form, Place and Event. His own actions will prove his undoing.

    Much of Tommy’s defense of DM – and the MRs before him – is to say these are apostates who have an ax to grind. That defense becomes problematic when great numbers come forward with their own versions of the same story. Any rational person would have to ask themselves whether all these people could be lying?

  69. Ax I was never much of a believer in Goodwin’s “Law”. As far is I’m concerned it’s just another internet meme designed to shut down debate.

    Also as you might have gathered I’m not a big fan of Wikipedia either, but that’s neither here nor there the profile posted is Walter C. Langer’s Psychological Profile which you can find here in its entirety:

    However, even Hitler didn’t operate in a vacuum. He had a more than willing inner circle and was financed by some of the biggest banking interests in America and Europe.

    Not only that but a lot of media support. Remember the ‘Times’ calling him the “miracle of Germany”.

    Also “cult” mentality can exist outside of what are commonly thought of as “cults”. Nazism was not so much a “political party” but also a cult.

    Those in Germany where not members of the Nazi party or refused to allow their children to participate in the Hitler Youth were pretty much marginalized by the general population.

    Much like many of us in Scientology who didn’t support the “COB” and made our lack of support known through various reports.

    Also I’m sure there are many SO members saying to themselves about Miscavige that “this too shall pass”.

    However, I agree, since I personally belief that Miscavige’s objective is to destroy the organization and the subject while giving the impression he is doing otherwise. He fits under the definition of insanity as covered in C/S Series 22 Psychosis.

    Whether, he is doing this on behalf of darker forces or on his own, doesn’t really matter the fact is he is doing it and getting away with it!

    At least till now.

  70. Virgil Samms, the First Lensmen ala E.E. “Doc” Smith?

    Well he was a straight-shooter, if there ever was.

  71. To Old Cuff: I completely agree with you and I had no idea. I am sorry to hear this.Your description of Bennetta is right on.

    Well once beaten to the point of not recognizing the source of the beating will lead you to more beatings, and so the bullshit continues. This comes from not recognizing your own overts done to yourself and to others. She just doesn’t get it.

  72. Bennetta Slaughter, now there’s a blast from the past. I thought Benetta was the ED of Applied Scholastics Spanish Lake in Missouri. Where, incidentally, she was exiled after not one but two huge PR flaps in Clearwater.

    The first was the infamous Lisa McPherson fiasco. Although I have no proof of this, I always believed that Bennetta used her clout to have Lisa kept at the Fort Harrison after Lisa’s psychotic break. The last place on earth to house a Type III is Flag. Numerous Type III Flag public were always housed off-base and usually in a secluded area. Why Lisa was at the Fort Harrison and who in God’s name would have approved such a thing is the central mystery of that whole debacle. But Bennetta was so intimately connected to Lisa and so entwined in Flag politics I have to think she had a hand in persuading Alain Kartuzinski (the CS) and the Captain FSO to keep Lisa in the FH.

    The second Bennetta Slaughter PR fiasco occurred after Reed Slatkin hit the fan. So many high profile Flag public were either net creditors (meaning they had lost everything when Reed’s Ponzi scheme collapsed) or net debtors (meaning they made money and had to pay it back by court-order of the Trustee) that Flag was in the cross-hairs of the Feds big-time (and ultimately had to pay the Trustee millions of dollars or face severe public and government scrutiny). Bennetta was running damage control for Flag and tried to bully the net creditors into “taking responsibility” and not joining in any class action suits in an attempt to recover a portion of their losses. Her face ended up on the SlatkinFruad website along with other publicity about her shady dealings and the next thing you know. . .poof! Bennetta leaves her five million dollar home, her husband and business in Clearwater and resurfaces in Spanish Lakes. She disappeared from the Clearwater scene so fast I had to think someone wanted to get her out of town before anymore harm was done to the C of S by her blunders.

    Now she’s starting a business in South FL with Debbie Cook? What a small and weird world.

    Incidentally, earlier in this thread Marty mentioned Rena Weinburg being in the hole. I worked closely with her for several years. She is a smart and tough woman, but she really drank the kool-aid and was a hard party-liner. I would love to see her wake up and get out, along with her children who may still be in the SO and are probably what is holding her from just leaving. Marty, if you can tell her story someday, I’d like to know what went down. She was under tremendous pressure when I knew her due to some huge (and hidden) cracks in the Narconon network.

  73. martyrathbun09

    Been There, thanks for the information and there is good chance we’ll have fully story on Rena in the not too distant future.

  74. Briefly, Bennetta is a female mini-DM who was very intimately involved in contributing to the psychotic break that led to the death of Lisa. (I would be happy to supply details, if anyone is interested).

    Details PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Wow,

    Again, ANOTHER OT is out of DuMb-ology.

    This is incredible. A bullet-proof van for DM??
    I remember in about 1996 or so I saw him driving a Mazda Miata. I caught a quick glimps of him while I was walking to course.

    I sense more OTs are on the way out. I never knew Debbie Cook, but I presume she must be one heck of an executive to rise to where she did only to have DM smash her down.

    Looking forward to hearing about the next OT to exit the Smurch of DuMb-ology.

  76. Wow Marty. Well done and thank you for continuing to audit out this engram.

    This whole thing is really starting to accelerate. DM’s house of cards seems to be in danger of coming down in a matter of months rather than (as I had thought likely) years.

    Once, as a kid, I saw someone take a cover off a golf ball. The tightly wound core starts to un-spool faster and faster, by its own tension and momentum, until it is a tangled pile laying there. You and others such as Rebel 008, all the guys at Scn-cult, all the independents, et al, are taking the tight cover of secrecy off the church of mestology. The lies are starting to unspool, faster and faster.

    Over the course of months I’ve been reading these blogs, I’ve blown enough charge that I’m now “de-lurking” my moniker. Thanks again!

  77. Don’t think that would make be a good idea if she has directly observed what is occuring to others at Int and although getting herself out from underneath the suppression she isn’t taking any actions to make a difference for the rest.

    Definitely not what is needed in a new leader.

  78. Thanks Mike, Yes David Miscavige seems skilled at using scientology in reverse. I have no argument there.

    But “evil” is a significance that when assigned, puts something on the other side of a GPM. It is a subjective evaluation that when made separates you from what you have labeled. It in effect is a movement away from pan determinism to separate more, from other terminals.

    Miscavige is not satan with great powers, and when what he does is fully seen by enough people, any power or influence he has will vanish like smoke in the wind.

    He is just a guy who is going to be looking pretty stupid shortly when he falls from his position.

    Sure he’s probably an “SP”. But there is even tech for those folk, if they ask nicely. My understanding is that the remedy is fairly simple, if the person ever comes to enough sense (present time) to see the need for it.

    I don’t want to discount the anguish people have gone through because of him, but he will be gone soon.

  79. Bennetta Slaughter inviting Debbie Cook to go into business with her!?!
    I’ll bet my shorts that Bennetta is being run by DM
    to try to scoop up Debbie and keep her watched and controlled.
    I invite skeptics to read the St. Pete Times article
    of a few weeks ago regarding the op run on the ex-Sea Org members in Vegas.

  80. Bennetta Slaughter was Lisa’s employer at AMC publishing. Part of the elite deviance of Miscavige’s little New World Order.

    She was the one who arranged for Lisa’s fatal final detention at the FH after her psychotic break that she may have in fact been a contributing factor according to various reports since published on the ‘net.

  81. No there’s nothing to fear, just go all out contacting people.

  82. Barney,

    Option C – enlighten others and dry up the energy (money) that floats his entheta boat.

  83. Miscavige is also good at unmocking working installations, though I have no direct personal experience with the malicious midget. I knew he was behind the destruction of AOLA and turning the PAC area into a virtual waste land.

  84. War and Peace

    Revenimus ~~ my heart breaks each time I read another horror story. The unconscionable act of pushing hardworking SO members into cold water to degrade ~~ this is “Psych Ops” intentionally done with malice. And then the SO member has to dry with own body heat ~~ not permitted to dry off and change into warm clothes in spite of winter temperatures in Hemet.

    Psych Ops ~~ Wikipedia defintion ~
    Psychological warfare (PSYWAR), or the basic aspects of modern psychological operations (PSYOP, PSYOPS), have been known by many other names or terms, including Psy Ops, Political Warfare, “Hearts and Minds,” and even Propaganda.[1] Various techniques are used, by any set of groups, and aimed to influence a target audience’s value systems, belief systems, emotions, motives, reasoning, or behavior.It is used to induce confessions or reinforce attitudes and behaviors favorable to the originator’s objectives, Target audiences can be governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.

    I too have my story of DM brutality. I am leaning on Marty for coaching as to when come out I tell all. (Flag family connections presents a delay)

    The reason I keep bringing up Financial Irregularites is that the monster does noyt get arrested for ordering staff dunked into icy water. Heck, he does not even get charged with assault and battery and for periods of time he struck out and punched every DAY, every 24 hours. Law enforcement have not filed charges on him on aggravated and repetitive battery.

    As Jim Logan said, COB has a fiduciary duty. Corporations with non profit status are not supposed to permit the “COB” to take huge private benefit. It’s called “innurement” and is illegal.

    The basic prohibition against inurement is found in the Code and isfurther refined in related regulations. Code §501(c)(3) grants a tax exemption only if “no part of the net earnings of [the organization]inure to the benefit of any, private shareholder or individual * * *.”While nonprofit organizations do not generally have shareholders,applicable regulations explain what the code section means. A “privateshareholder or individual” is defined to mean “persons who having apersonal and private interest in the activities of the organization.”Treas. Reg. §1.501(a) -1(e). This definition is broad enough to includeanyone who, upon later examination, appears to have not had and arms-length relationship wilt the organization [..]
    As a general caution, you should bear in mind that tax exempt status is not available to any organization if its net earnings inure to the benefit of private individuals “in whole or in part”. Treas. Reg.§1.501(c)(3)-l(c)(2).

    All Boards of Directors have the power to vote out the CEO/Leader. What is hidden and of consequence is how the COS “Board of Directors” (are they puppets?)
    cannot remove someone so far off the rails.

    David Miscavige personal berthing building purchase in Hollywood $4,600,000.00
    Renovations at Hacienda Gardens for Dave Miscavige berthing $100,000.00

    There is no FP planning. There is no Ad Council. The monster plunders the coffers while SO members have a hard time seeing a Dentist and even a Doctor on a medical condition.

    And all those up at INT base ~~ broken down spirits let him get away with it.

  85. That’s actually not right Virgil.

    Basically, you get take down to the bridge. You take off your shoes and the stuff out of your pocket and then you stand up on the ledge of the bridge, they say the “may you rise a better person” garbage and you drop about 6 or 7 ft into the water. You then swim to shore and do the walk of shame up to the estates building where you throw your clothes in the dryer while you towel off.

    The worst though is when you get tossed in in the middle of the night or before the sun comes up in the winter when it’s cold and windy. BRRRRRRRRR. Coldest walk across the grass ever.

    (Dunked many times)

  86. I’m sorry, but under the circumstance, you are literally made to think it’s you who is the damaged goods if you don’t conform and it sometimes takes years to realize. It’s 100 percent Stockholm/abused wife syndrome. Very eat or get eaten. There are a lot of people who post on here that in the day, I found to be incredible a-holes, no offense. They now seem like decent people.

    I remember when beatings started getting popular. I remember when Skeeter beat up someone in Audio and it was like, “This is an officer who is taking responsibility. More people need to start punching guys in the teeth when they are fucking it up for the group”. The point being made was, these people are literally enslaving man and stopping the planet from being cleared.

    Marty was one of the nicer guys I met. I always liked him, Jeff H. and Steve Hall. I never liked Rinder or a few other guys. Jim, I thought you were a bit of an ass, but I get you. But I don’t necessarily blame them for the circumstances they were in. If I was being beaten up, I would adapt I am sure.


  87. It’s actually funny Debbie and Wayne are in Texas building websites and doing internet marketing. You would think people would be steered clear of Texas.

  88. Kind of funny. I used to always jump before the shove too.

  89. “Bennetta is a buddy of DM, (who gave her the post of ED of ASI, which she turned into a huge, overt-product mess).”

    Old Cuff: How did she turn APSI into a huge, overt-product mess?

  90. One of the biggest outpoints to me is the way the people who got shipped off were handled. They are at low level orgs labeled for life as “Ex Int Base DBs” never to be allowed to hold the post of Dept. head or higher. Hiro at EUS. Charlie Rush eternally a dishwasher at PAC, people who were WDC members now Tech pages for life in the UK with outstanding orders that these people are not to be treated well.

    Even if these people did mess up, that goes against the very principal that man is capable of change. Branding these people who gave their lives to help others as DBs who can not change is in itself Anti-Scn.


  91. C) the Third Party is discovered and exposed, if there is one. ( I believe there is) and/or, more importantly, key Pillars holding him up get “knocked out”. (exposing the light of truth on key terminals, I recon, Debbie Cook would break the ceiling)

  92. Harry Potter,
    My email address is no secret. I invite you to write to me and address any ‘bit of an ass’ aspects that you may care to address. G’head, I dare ya’, Harry 🙂

  93. “….the St. Pete Times article of a few weeks ago regarding the op run on the ex-Sea Org members in Vegas.”

  94. Jim: I’ve been a SCN. for 26 years. Not only have I read the WTH, I’ve read just about every book Ron wrote, including green on white, and red on white. I also have a copy of the Koran on my bookshelf, given to me 17 years ago by a Persian woman when I was pregnant with my third daughter. I understand the basic principal of Islam. In fact, I was married to an Egyptian Muslim for a bit, who’s the father of the daughter. Just a little back ground data about me. I ran into a website a few years back that talked about Mohamed and his true intents regarding Islam and why he established the religion. Left some doubts in my mind about the man. I need to locate it, and once I do, I’ll post it here. ARC-~

  95. War and Peace

    Harry Potter

    Charlie Rush has advanced lung cancer and has been an eternal Pac dish washer.
    40+ years in the SO, he was part of the original Apollo band known as “the Apollo Stars” that recorded the Album “The Power of Source”.
    I will let you know when Charlie passes.

  96. Don’t know anything about Benetta Slaughter, but the name could have been straight out of Mission Earth.

  97. There are sooooo many Scn’s sitting on the sidelines right now.. not really active.. hoping that Debbie Cook will speak her mind on this matter… Rathbun, Rinder, Hall, Scobee and all the others have set the stage and have done an amazing job thus far. We are anticipating the finales to come…

  98. Coming out of Sarge’s theta (there’s that word again) story and moving into this one was a real gear shifter (grinder). In fact, I read the post but stayed away from the comments. All the comments from the diversity of POVs really work to pull me into the meat, which is a good thing but I wasn’t quite ready for the meat. So I went and blogged about gardening and citizen philanthropy for a bit before hitting the comments here.

    Yes, as a result of this inflow, I have once again managed to subject myself to more enlightenment and self-discovery. And during the process I’m reminded of a line of LRH’s (can’t recall the source) where he says something like, one cannot expect a ride on the clouds while travelling through the accumulated hell of eons. That R-fac has gotten me through more than a few tough times when case gain was not all that comfortable. And so it is now.

    I’ve ovserved that these gruesome stories tends to bring out, in one form or another, the FAQ: How could this have happened?! Well, as I read through these comments and once again asked myself that very question, the answer that appeared was one word – GRADIENTS. It happened in gradients. And I see that, due to the manner in which a person connects up with Scn and then travels the route, they become predisposed to this kind of DM situation we’re having to deal with now. And this is a situation that is very, very, very old. This occurrence that we’re immersed in right now with Miscavology is late on the chain. So, obviously, we consistently do not learn from our experiences with it. Why don’t we? I suspect it is because we, collectively, have a blind spot that we are completely blind to. Or, collectively, we have some sort of Manchurian Candidate “trigger” that, somehow or another, gets activated and we all go blind yet believe we can still see. Nothing concluded yet. Requires more exploration.

    I wonder why we never had a course pack that addressed this specific kind of situation? Especially in view of the fact that it is not an uncommon situation.

  99. W&P: Sorry to hear this. Is there some place to go visit Charlie?

  100. martyrathbun09

    P. Henry, you’ve put out some profound ideas here. Here is another datum to throw into the equation:
    “The basic thing man can’t or won’t confront is evil. – HCO PL Complexity and Confronting.

  101. martyrathbun09

    Alice, don’t hold your breath.

  102. Haha Jim. We’re good now. That’s another world. And we have emailed recently. I promise to follow up soon. I didn’t say I ever disliked you.

  103. Dave:

    I had a couple of friends that were auditors at the DC org who years ago told me that they would even audit Hitler. I was taken aback. Then one of them said, “IF he’d sit still in the chair long enough.” The other one nodded knowingly. I walked away enlightened. ~

  104. Got it. In a scenario that was one of the prompting nonnegotiable departures in ethics standards between me and the current regime: a new public was introduced to the trademarked version $cientology, and fleeced for nearly half a million dollars in a bogus business deal (by individuals promoting their services as financial advisers etc who did not disclose they were in bankruptcy, and being heavily regged, i.e. desperate for money) naturally legal action was “prohibited” and WISE was recommended … more $ outlay for a Mickey Mouse outcome.

    I was “consoled” by EOs and people saying “Don’t worry, they’ll get theirs on their way up in their next Eligibility. They’ll have to pay through the nose for it, they’ll get theirs, or they’ll pull in some horrible disease.”

    Say what? I was horrified by that thinking and rational and said so. I didn’t want them to “pull something in” — that’s the whole point of ethics and not allowing that sort of thing, to protect *everyone* involved, including the perpetrators, to break the vicious cycle.

    That was one of the saddest days of my life. Trust died. My supposed “Church”.

    Oh, and the person fleeced was further instructed by an Ethics terminal that he was “naive” to trust someone because he/she was an OT 8. Seriously.

    That was one of my first clues that something had happened and the “Org” was a living nightmare.

    As for reg pressure, I was once locked in a room during an auditing break with 3 people working on me. They went on and on about how if I maxed out my credit cards and bottomed out my reserves it would increase my abilities to immediately make more money.

    They pushed buttons. They flattered. They “used” ARC, pushing this one line, my abilities would skyrocket, I would immediately make it back. They insulted. They frightened me. I stayed on point that I did not want to violate my own ethics and my own Financial Planning. Then I had a brilliant idea… “Are you SURE I’ll immediately make it back somehow out of the blue?”

    Absolutely Yes! They went very VGIs.

    Totally sure?

    YES. Scads, you’ll pull in so much money…



    Great. Then would you lend me the money? I’ll pay you back next week. 😀

    The room went silent.

    I wasn’t trying to be coy or contrived or sarcastic. I just proposed their putting their own money where their mouths were.

    Other than that, yes…it is true, out of the blue wonderful things and support and income DO happen when one is in the pocket of Theta Grace:) That’s normal op for me.

  105. Busted back to Gold, tail between her legs, after her stint as Pres CC Int, the lowlight of which was her insistence on being photographed next to LMP during her “marriage” to Michael Jackson, who was insane on so many different levels, including sexual perversion, and quickly blew both the marriage and the CoS. I don’t know if DM put her up to it but, of course, she paid the price anyway.

  106. This is so true.

  107. Dragonfly,
    Nice to meet you, well, virtually that is. I apologize if my comment came across as patronizing. Virtually or otherwise. I think you get my main point, tolerance of the religious beliefs of others. I’ve read the Koran that sits on my shelf. I’m not Muslim. However, the respect they hold their Prophet in, suggests to me, for peace’s sake, to have tolerance for their respect.

  108. W&P,
    I’m very sorry to hear this. Charlie and I worked together for years. I’m sure we’ll do so again.

  109. Boyd, you are very very much right.

    It’s been on my mind since first meeting ARCBROKEN 7 Jan 2010 on Marty’s Temporary blog.
    Bringing up some great points in a wonderful way, I took the liberty and dragged his Comment over here. (Hope you don’t mind ARCX)

    I think we need to work on this, to create a consensus, how best to contact / communicate with high ARC everyone possible. How do we go about it exactly?

    Perhaps it can start, in its own thread first, then to an agreed Blog dedicated to this exclusively, yet always transparent and hell ya, done loudly.

    And then Fire!

    March 13th seems to me a good TM.

    I have allot of ideas… I think it has to be clean and simple. Just plain simple and clean.
    I think we have to do it…
    The wrong thing to do is nothing.


    ARCBROKEN // January 7, 2010 at 10:23 am

    I just have to say…..WOW!!!! I vote for Marty R. to be the new C.O.B. Down w/ DM in 2010…..

    my new saying: “2010, not again”….LOL
    But for real, I would like to share something with all of you amazing independents.

    I was born into $cn. and never ever dug it…..for some reason….I always kinda thought that the actual “tech” definitely made sense/worked etc. but something about it just didn’t “work” for me. It always seemed like just basic common sense in my book. Things like the Way to Happiness being pretty much like the Ten Commandments. I was sent to Scn. schools. I did a couple courses: Success Thru Communication, The Student Hat. I think I may have had a very little bit of auditing but hardly any. My issue was always that there were too many contradictions within the organization. For instance, “what is true is what is true for you”…ok, I agree! But…then you’re told “No verbal data. This is the tech and that is that! You are not free to form your own viewpoints, discuss, analyze….it was almost robotic so to speak. It was like a bunch of robots, getting in each other’s business, constantly putting other people’s ethics in etc. This is the kind of stuff that really got me feeling like Scn. just is NOT my thang! So I quietly left the church….never saw any of the insane abuses and things we’ve all read about happening, and left well enough alone….As far as my Scn. parents and family go, we just have a mutual understanding/respect for one another to believe what we believe in and leave it alone. Well that’s all fine and well but I now have a problem…or rather a PTP if u will. I hadn’t really been up to date on many of the recent events going on w/in the church until I found out about through a friend Marc Headley’s book “Blown For Good”. He was a classmate of mine at Delphi as kids. Naturally I was very facsinated/intrigued etc. Oh what a can of worms has now been opened up. One site leads to another. I read story after story after story. I t’s overwhelming how many sites, blogs, stories are out there. And it isn’t all just “entheta, suppresive” stuff. I believe that what I am reading and hearing is really happening and I AM DISGUSTED and pained! That Tommy Davis and others have blatantly LIED about the existence of “disconnection policy”, the ridiculous amount of stories and accounts of abuse and out-tech, mishandling, breaking up of families, and so much more. I don’t know how to deal with it. I’m not obsessed but I am so torn. In such a Catch 22…..HOW do I get this information to my Scn. parents and friends! They honestly have NO idea and I am so bothered by it. I don’t want to be declared an SP and my parents not be allowed to speak to me. I am so outraged that Scn. are taught to be so narrow minded they won’t even listen to the other side. Everything I have read has opened my eyes to this situation. I am even feeling like I could be “one of you”…altho I don’t have the training, it’s almost like I am feeling like if I were introduced to Scn. as you guys describe how it should be practiced, I bet I would never have left! I am actually feeling like a Scientologist myself….(an independent one of course)……Altho I never experienced anything remotely as insane as most of the stories here and on scn-cult. I did have many things occur that I SOOOOO disagreed with and caused me to declare my own independence at the age of 14. At Delphi, we would be sent to “Ethics” for really no reason. When you hadn’t done anything wrong, broken any rules at all. Just to be forced to write up o/w’s which i frequently fabricated because I didn’t agree with that. I felt and still feel that they are invading my privacy! What I do, who I speak to, where I go, etc. is nobody’s business but mine! This type of thing just took a toll on my freedom and I said that’s it, done with Delphi and done w/ Scn……it’s amazing the road that this has been and what a ride for all of us in our own ways. I am inspired by this blog so very much. I have never been good at hiding my feelings and emotions and I am having some really strong ones at this time. What can I do to get the word out? Can I do it anonymously? The other day on facebook I saw a post from a scn that I know that said to send it to all scientologists and it was a desperate plea for money. My parents are in bad financial shape, largely due to the lifelong, never ending, ridiculously priced bridge. It’s hard sitting quietly and not saying anything at this point. There’s no way that all of this stuff you read isn’t true. Soooo many top execs., highly trained auditors and OT Scientologists are speaking out against DM and the gross outpoints w/in Scn. as it exists today…….
    I read alot on friendsoflrh about having integrity. They say that to do nothing is wrong. When you are aware of something like this and you do nothing. So, therein lies my dilema. WTF do I do!!!??? Not only worried about if I can speak on this but HOW? Especially when I know what kind of reaction I will get…an unwilligness to listen. They will instantly shut me out…..and they’re very smart, educated and intelligent people. But when you’ve been drinking the Kool Aid for this long…..
    Happy 2010 to all the awesome Indies out there. You guys make me proud. I would love to see some of the Scn. I know pop up as independents someday. Let me know what advice you may have if any, and if not, thanks for letting me be a part of the movement. Big ups (props, regards) to Marty! A truly brave and amazing individual.

    Jim Logan // January 7, 2010 at 4:47 pm | Reply

    I’m truly happy to read your comment and if it has any weight coming from me, I’m truly happy to have you part of this Independent Movement.

    In the Scn Axioms, there is one, number 54 that may help you through. At least it will give you a means to carry on until you do find answers to the questions you’ve got right now. It says: A tolerance of confusion and an agreed upon stable datum on which to align the confusion are at once necessary for a reaction on the eight dynamics. This defines sanity.
    (Note: ‘at once’ is defined as ’simultaneously’ or ‘both’. Ref ‘One Look Dictionary’ site.)

    So, you’ve gotta be able to tolerate the present randomity of factors. That’s simpler if you just do that, that is, just be willing to have those factors out there, in random motion. Your ability to confront them will by itself start to simplify them. In that case, you’ve got the beginning of alignment. From there you can find a datum that makes sense to you on which to go about aligning a lot of the other factors that are whirring about.

    It seems to me, by you writing this comment, that you are well on your way to tolerance of the confusion and are facing up to it quite well. There’s another idea here at play, that’s the idea of differentiating you from the confusion. You’ll be outside it then and not caught up IN it. Again, it will be able to be viewed and by simple confront of it, it WILL start to ‘de-complexify’.

    From there, write to me and we’ll say what can be done about various things.

    Jim Logan // January 7, 2010 at 4:48 pm

    I missed a word in that Axiom, it should read ‘at once necessary for a sane reaction’. Sorry about dat.

    Antoine // January 11, 2010 at 5:23 am | Reply

    Hello ARCX.

    I noticed this and always love what Jim’s got to say.

    A reminder to visit us at Marty’s Main blog at;
    (this was/is a temporary/backup blog used during as short spell of infiltration and a Hack-attack. Which made the Holidays quite interesting, as a game. A gift, actually. Now better/stronger ever for 2010.)

    On your “ptp” above, feel free to cut/paste and re-post in Marty’s main blog, where you feel it fits. (Include Jim’s comments). You bring up a very common concern, that is very much in present time.

    I have an opinion… Of course; And that is, you should use via’s. You can engage your parents, and thus gauge their attitude, via another who are not forth coming for whom they write. After all we are all concerned generally about our fellow Scientologist. I woulds be happy to write just such a generic Letter.

    I would prefer, actually, to discuss this with others openly first. I think it would be an effective strategy. And possibly could be built as a future pattern, because essentially I am in the same boat. My closest Scientology friends are still on staff, engaging them directly would be detrimental.

    Just thinking about this now…Interesting.

  110. Careful with the pillars – they’re just styrofoam.

  111. Altho I am pretty familiar w/ most abbreviations being used, I am not sure what “OL” stands for.

  112. I agree with you Dave, You all gave David Miscavifge his power when you were in.

  113. PAB 16 or in my language Narcissicm

  114. Wow!

    Not only did you publish a critic’s question you also extended the courtesy of a considered reply. Thank you.

    With respect, the extract from Source certainly explains what is happening, but it doesn’t answer my question. Right at the very core of Scientology is the concept of “understanding”. From the neophyte’s very first encounter with the tech and then again repeatedly through each fragment, page, book, and level is the constant requirement for every single word be understood and, unless this happens, no further progress can be made. The requirement to understand is further reinforced through the repeated and audited recitation of cognitions. Thus, what you appear to be telling me is that no one near Miscavige understands nor can see with their own eyes enMEST nor entheta nor the corruption of Source. I could accept it if we were talking about pc’s, but we are talking about OTs who would be expected to recognise such phenomena outside of Scientology. I shan’t risk causing offence by cutting and pasting internet material, but can the official definition of “Clear” be sustained in the light of the failure for even them to see what is really going on in Scientology as practised in the Church of Miscavige?

    Could the answer to my own question be that the tech is too strong a substance and that the application of it is akin to using sulphuric acid to remove a coffee stain from a tabletop. Sure, the stain has gone, but so too has a part of the table. If you can entertain that idea for a moment, is it possible that the application of the tech has, in the process of peeling off the reactive mind, also taken with it an essential element of the underlying thetan? If so, it would answer my question completely and I could get my (tiny) mind around the reason why Scientologists have so little regard for their First, Second and Third dynanics. Why else would they work to the point of exhaustion living on nothing but cigarettes and coffee, why else would they have so little regard for the feelings of their own children, and why else would they fail to see that their own group is slowly dissipating if it were not that they had been damaged by the tech?

    Perhaps it is me who has not fully understood the quote you provided.

    I offer my consideration of a possible answer not to cause offence but in a genuine effort understand for myself what, to the casual observer, seems complete madness.

  115. Thank you. Yes I have a clearer understanding of what is happening and I see that I need to do some more reading on how Ethics have had a part to play.

  116. Thank you. I have responded to Marty with what I think might be the answer to my question but not mentioned that I can see the pernicious effect of group-think and irrationality exhibited with the elephant-in-the-room situation. However, as I asked Marty, can the defintion of “Clear” be sustained if such a person can be as equally effected as pc’s?

  117. Marty, thank you for this reference. It was the last thing I read last night before shutting things down and heading off for my nightly adventure in dream land. And speaking of dream land, I will pause to mention here that since my entering into this new and most exciting stage of my adventure within my journey of self-discovery, my already incredibly content rich dreams have become enrichened by many times! It’s been a trip (literally)!

    Okay, back to the reference.

    “The basic thing man can’t or won’t confront is evil.”

    This is a door. It is a door to further understanding, further enlightenment. And the way one opens this door is by asking, “Why?” Why is it that man can’t or won’t confront evil? Apparently, the question has not yet been answered for if it had been, we would not find ourselves here in this sit.

    Or, maybe it was answered but there was never a BPI (broad public issue).

    In any event Marty, I think that this reference you pulled up just might be the door that opens into the space wherein is kept the heavily occluded/guarded “blind spot.”

  118. P. Henry’s so right when he says that gradients admit insanity and that the blind spot that breeds this kind of insanity is very old.

    Every time we ask “How could this possibly have happened in Scientology?!?” someone offers evidence of this blind spot in the form of the 1971 Stanford Prison Experiment. That six-day experiment revealed how “normal people” transformed themselves into sadistic guards and submissive prisoners. (That study is summarized at, and a detailed description with photos and videos is at

    When a group of idealists who share strong spiritual goals and high loyalty to each other work under tough conditions in an organization with no financial, legal or cultural transparency and a degree of corporate complexity that would stagger a Wall Street law firm, it really should not shock us that fraud, sadism, and worse develops. Throw in some ambitious psychopaths at critical junctures in the group’s history and the seduction and shame of complicity and eventually we get the current church of Scientology.

    I never experienced or saw the horrors so many have reported here with unrebuttable consistency. But given our collective frailty for dominance / submission, what does surprise me is that, while I fully acknowledge the abuses in the Hole, bilges, and basements and the injuries and deaths from accidents, medical inattention, suicides and murder, things weren’t even worse.

    Perhaps we should consider this: Things weren’t even worse because of the group’s original goodness. Things weren’t even worse because of the intentions and deeds of many good people who resisted evil as long as they possibly could—and still are resisting. Perhaps we are having this conversation right here right now because those dark days are coming to an end.

    Just Me

  119. Mickey,
    Last I heard Karen had been busted to Gold and assisted working on event scripts.

  120. Opinion Leader, ARC. Unless this wog is mistaken. 😉

  121. Fellow commenters, please bear with me on this one (especially this one). 🙂 I have to lead into the point I want to make.

    Back in 85′ I read the much noted Lensman Series written by E.E. “Doc” Smith. I had a ton of wins in reading this series but the biggest win, by far, was the realization that what I was doing with and in Scn at that point in time, was looking and dealing with the “micro.” Through the process of reading the Lensmen Series, I was pulled out of the micro and given a view of the “macro.” And in having that experience, my understanding of Scn and “the game” magnified tremendously!

    Now for some mass on this, at least the promise of mass, I would appreciate it (for the sake of perspective) if you would watch this video:

    Okay, back to the Lensman Series. In the story there is a VERY EVIL group of villians known as the Boskonians and they have this tremendously effective organizational arrangement whereby the leadership is always hidden. What is perceived to be the leadership, when destroyed by the good guys, the Lensmen, is never the actual leadership therefore the evil Boskonians persist and wreak major sadistic havoc across the universe.

    What I want to suggest is that what we are dealing with here and now with Miscavology (I have finally got it – our church is gone!) is the “micro.” In other words, there is a much bigger situation here that we are not viewing. We know that we are in a game and we know that in this game there are seemingly infinite number of games within games within games and so on. That being said, I am of the opinion that the game cannot be won if the attention is focused only on the micro i.e., the tiny gameboard within the multitudes to the nth power of existing game boards. In order to win this game, I believe that we have to back up and get a much larger perspective. That is; look at the BIG gameboard because I’m thinking we’re dealing with the “hidden leadership” factor. And, if that is the case, getting rid of DM will not win the game.

  122. This quotation reminds of the concept of “learned helplessness”.

    ‘Learned helplessness’ refers to ‘the feeling that no amount of effort can lead to success’ (Eggen & Kauchak, 1999, p. 412).

    People may feel powerless and ineffective in certain circumstances. If this feeling is generalised to new circumstances, then people may exhibit learned helplessness (McInerney & McInerney, 1998). Learned helplessness leads to shame and self-doubt, with the eventual result that people give up without even trying. Repeated failure at a task can lead to learned helplessness. One solution is to design environments that provide people with opportunities for success. Another solution is to explicitly instruct people about the causes of success and failure. Effort and persistence, rather than natural ability, is an important determinant of success.

  123. The last time I saw Brian (rena’s husband) was last summer. He looked horrible, still no sign of Rena (still doing Surveys at gold – ya right!). It was has if he had lost his person, a completely broken man. The very sweet Brian, that we all know, has become someone else, and not for the good.

    Something else that just I have always had attention on as this applies to Rena, is why is it that SO exec members who are recruited while on their OT levels, never seem to finish and move up the bridge. Rena was one of those that was on OT 7 when she entered the sea org and never finished. I can think of dozens of upper OT SO members who just stop auditing, or never move another inch on the bridge. We can all see Dm’s motives on this, but why aren’t all the SO members who are stuck on the bridge or in the middle of a level demanding to finish their auditing cycles?

  124. Albert Einstein:

    The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.

  125. Blaise Pascal:

    I have discovered that all human evil comes from this, man’s being unable to sit still in a room.

  126. The cog I had a while ago is that the SP, a being who’s forgotten who they are and is hiding (from himself) a case in full restimulation, works in very clever and time-honored gradient scales.

    On the 3Dynamic, it works just the same as the 1D: there’s the apparent befriending, often with flattery – “You are among the elite of this Planet!” – which is just the same as DM telling Marty/Debbie et al that they are the only competent people in the entire Exec Strata and together they’ll save the world.

    They then get you to compromise your integrity in a small way, then the beat goes on until you are totally compromised and in their control.

    It’s devious because they know they have to get you to tie yourself up; they can only provide the rope.

    Lest you think this is a DM-specific tactic, I will tell you that years ago (before rediscovering Scn) I worked for a high-profile OL – the epitome of apparent theta – and the very first day I was there he nattered to me about every one else on his staff, including my senior, and then proceeded to position me as the favorite son before setting me up to take the most almighty fall. I had to quit, feeling that I was (a) a failure and (b) had betrayed a great man. Neither, of course, was true.

  127. James MacGregor Burns:

    Divorced from ethics, leadership is reduced to management and politics to mere technique.

  128. OMG! So sorry to hear about Charlie. Such an incredible playful sweetheart thetan.

  129. Swedish proverb:

    Worry gives a small thing a big shadow.

  130. Just Me (and anyone else who cites this) –

    Re: Stanford Prison Experiment

    Often cited by Scientology critics, but did not survive the peer-review process due to lack of proper controls and the fact that the experimenter was himself a participant role-player.

    The *paid volunteers* were seen by some reviewers as having their behavior influenced by the notion they might not get paid, if they did not do as the *experimenter appeared to want them to do.

    Seldom mentioned, is the fact that despite the heavy influence by the researcher himself, half the role-playing “guards” refused to do hurtful things to the “prisoners” and/or acted in ways to reduce the discomfort of the “prisoners”.

    The Standford Prison Experiment has never been repeated under properly controlled conditions, so the results were never confirmed either.

    If one is going to cite “research findings”, it would be best to make sure you studied the peer-review findings about that research, as well.

    Michael A. Hobson

  131. Thanks guys….Is Gold a “dumping ground” for senior execs who have taken a fall from posts on high? My better half experienced the same end result of ending up there a decade or two ago and I’ve heard of others now out who went to Gold before leaving for good.

    Must be a place these former execs can be watched and further have their humanity trafficked upon. It looks like they never rise again, once fallen.

  132. Cat Daddy:

    > I agree with you Dave, You all gave David >Miscavifge [sic] his power when you were in.

    No generality is true, not even this one.

    D.M. only has power because he usurped Ron Hubbard’s power comm lines. People only back/backed him up to the degree they thought they were serving Ron Hubbard and Scientology by so doing.

    Yes, DM himself once said that all the power he had was that people listen to him. Well, the above is WHY they listen/listened to him.

    The more he makes it clear he does *not*, himself, serve Ron Hubbard or his ideals, the less people listen to him.

    Some people never *did* listen to him.

    Michael A. Hobson

  133. Concerned Citizen

    Dear Heather,

    You are NOT a “WOG”, and you are not mistaken.

  134. Mike Hobson I have a littkle something for you.

    You said:

    “No generality is true, not even this one.”

    Mark Twain:

    Every generalization is dangerous, especially this one.

  135. Albert Einstein:

    True religion is real living; living with all one’s soul, with all one’s goodness and righteousness.

  136. I agree with you PH, I read the Lensmen series myself many years ago and noted some interesting parallels myself.

  137. Veritas, you are such a poet– I love your communication, so veritas (truth)!
    Thank you for gracing us with it as often as you do!

  138. Albert Einstein:
    The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing.

  139. Gold has always been the dumping ground. That and RComps. You do your stint in estates or whatever and then a few years later your an exec int or WDC Member again.

  140. Cat Daddy- I love how you bring us all these great quotes. They are so amazingly fitting! Thank you!

  141. P. Henry:

    At such a time as you or anyone else produces hard evidence that anyone else is pulling David Miscavige’s strings, kindly post it.

    Nothing concrete has so far been produced, only far-fetched conclusions based upon faulty misinterpretation of true facts resulting in misconceptions that Larry Brennan and others have had to clear up from time to time.

    Not only that, but I say it is completely irrelevant whether D.M. is running himself or is the minion of some other power – terrestrial or otherwise. Not the slightest thing is going to change as far as what needs to be done to free all those good Scientologists still under *his* influence.

    Michael A. Hobson

  142. Mike, the investigation continues. At this point the questions seem to only generate more questions. But, like this builder I use to work for used to be so fond of saying, “If you keep hitting it it will eventually fall down.” Keep asking the questions with an intention to arrive at the truth and eventually we will have the truth.

    And Michael, I must say that I adamantly disagree with you with regards to it being completely irrelevant whether DM is running himself or is the minion of some other power. Also, I have no need or desire to convince you otherwise.

    IMO, we’re early in the game. We have a hell of a lot more to communicate about before we get to the real “meat” of the matter.

  143. Gee, Michael, sorry not to fold on you, but the SPE findings really are relevant to this discussion.

    Let me offer a few comments about the SPE from my perspective of having earned a Ph.D. in educational psychology and studied experimental design at the feet of Professors Campbell and Stanley. I’m also a Cl IV, OT IV and PDC grad. And if that ain’t proof Scientologists are a heterogeneous bunch, I don’t know what is!

    A research study’s small sample size doesn’t negate its findings if the study was designed as qualitative research, as the SPE study was. In the SPE study, no statistical analyses (as are used in quantitative research) were employed, other than reporting raw numbers or proportions and anecdotal events. As is also appropriate for qualitative studies, the SPE findings were presented as directional, not conclusive or broadly predictive.

    It should be obvious why it is both difficult and inappropriate to conduct quantitative experimental studies with large sample sizes to study severe social deviance, particularly studies that would traumatize human subjects, as the SPE did – which is why the SPE was terminated after only 6 days instead of the 14 days envisioned by the study’s design.

    The SPE received some specific criticisms based mainly on the variances between “regular prisons” and the artificial prison created in a basement on the Stanford campus, including the fact that the SPE subjects were playing assigned roles, not responding to real-life conditions and that civil and military prisons have legal checks and balances to guard against such abuses — notwithstanding the events at Abu Ghraib some 30 years later.

    However, since the human rights abuses witnessed in the S.O. don’t occur in a “regular prison” and the normal checks and balances there don’t obtain in the S.O., I maintain the SPE and its findings are indeed useful in helping us understand how otherwise “normal” people can be coached and rewarded to violate their own ethical codes and become abusers.

  144. I agree Michael, the Milgram experiment even on the surface lacked the proper controls and the results were inconclusive.

    Yet its the one continually cited by the critics as a “shocking revelation” that proves something or other about Scientology as if the premise couldn’t be expanded to society in general.

    Much like the Stockholm and the Battered wife Syndrome.

    If they actually studied history they would of found many guards and doctors in concentration camps under actual conditions refused to comply with orders that would have exterminated their charges and the SS had to continually find more willing assassins to do their dirty work.

  145. War and Peace,
    I’d like to suggest that you check out Dr. Tulio Simonici’s cancer remedy using sodium bicarbonate and pass the data on to Charlie Rush. It’s not too late for him.
    Best wishes.

  146. Marty,

    You quoted An Essay on Management … snip… “…There is an intriguing factor involved, however: ARC lines. When they are slightly interrupted they deliver power to the individual that interrupts them…. a very faint tampering with a line gives authority to the tamperer…
    His group is trying to see the Theta and reach it and if they can do so only through the tamperer and if they are convinced that the tamperer or tampering is necessary (which it NEVER is), then the group tolerates the tamperer in the hopes of seeing more Theta.”
    LRH wrote so much, ALL of the stuff in Int Mimeo Files, all the orders/advices for the Int posts, I especially think of the meager amount of traffic about and to ED Int and some exec strata membears and the traffic to WDC and CMO Int.

    That’s management. DM is NOT management.

    Like the “tech” is the guts of Scientology, well the LRH traffic to and about Int Management is the guts of WHO is supposed to be running this movement.

    Somehow whoever is going to set the movement right, will have to “rediscover” that lost admin tech which is LRH’s Int level traffic and the basic exec policy.

    And I think whoever climbs up to hold WDC and Exec Strata positions, and all the Int Coord Council people, the people who are someday, we’ll see or not, going to fix the scene, they will have to be selective and wise about applying LRH’s writings about “top management”.

    Either the whole “top management” setup isn’t worth it.

    Or whoever is gonna fix that “top management” scene has to pick and choose from LRH’s Int/top management traffic and policy to fix this scene.

    DM’s made himself beyond the pale, but the solution is a long long education process for whomever goes to take on the WDC and Exec Strata and other Int Coord Council positions.

    Int is supposed to operate on long term stat trends, giving them the time to NOT be stuck in the day to day “flaps.”

    The yearly major events, I think need to be cut back to maybe 4 events, New Years, March 13th, May 9th, Auditor’s Day. I’d hold IAS events every 5 or 10 years. I’d hold Ship events same, every 5 or 10 years.

    I’d declare and International Amnesty, and let the confusion reign for a while.

    I’d focus on TWTH, stop all the VM crap that is just NOT what the public out there wants, the average public impression of Scientology is it’s a looney rip off operation.

    TWTH letting Scientologists do what they want with it, no organized control, would be the best, and just cool it from Int Management, and let WDC, Exec Strata people get trained up, give them 5 years to do all their training and studying of their sectors or zones.

    I don’t even care about Scientology, I don’t believe we are spirits, but the movement either somehow gets some leaders who are sane, or this movement is just a totalitarian cult, and that’s the public impression, and that’s what’s on the internet.

    Only way to change that, is for some new leadership who know WHAT LRH policy and who are wise enough NOT to literally execute some of LRH’s irrate comments (“….if you see John Aczel, spit on him for me…..” example of an LRH wrathful, but when I read it in context I completely saw it as a figurative comment made by LRH in 1982, it was made to DM and Marc Yager in a advice about WDC WISE at the time, John Aczel).

    Top management has to have judgement to NOT apply LRH’s wrathful comments and policy utterances literally.

    Some of LRH’s 1967 policies, the SP policies, the Danger Condition example about using pretty damn harsh ethics, that is just NOT appropriate, and it is the totalitarian stuff that some Scientology leaders justify their behavior with, and that is just NOT the way to go, no matter what the immediate expediencies are.

    LRH’s 1982 Int Strat, that is a pretty damn harsh strat, just barebones and it was abusive as applied, the number of good intentioned people driven OUT of Scientology in the 1980s by the harsh application of the Int Strat.

    People from Int, who are trained on LRH’s goddamn Int traffic have GOT to goddamn review that traffic in their heads!

    That LRH traffic has to be applied carefully so as NOT to trash the movement followers who momentarily object to this or that Sea Org exec.

    I think the whole DM rise to power, I mean, it’s simple.

    “What would LRH do?”

    DM would have been gone long ago.

    The CMO people like Janis, and the Reisdorfs, my god, they have good cause to be bitter.

    If there is to be a more benign application of LRH’s Int Management orders/policies, then it’s gonna take time and my goodness, didn’t LRH order all that hatting, the Executive Staff Statuses, there were the Int Base Staff Statuses.

    There was a huge whole big deal at Int in the 1980s the Base Staff Statuses, and the Exec Posting evolution, to ensure “high toned” people in exec positions.

    I agree with the person above who talked about the abused spouse syndrome, and the cult control stuff.

    I would like to hear what people think is the solution to this having happened now, at the top ranks of Scientology.

    The harsh outside critics think the problem is Hubbard, and his accumulated policies on the movement.

    The outside world looks at what is going on, and that’s the conclusion.

    The top management system is a lord of the flies, king of the mountain empty “SP Hole”.

    How to get from DM to a proper top management that LRH probably wished to have, even though when I am asked by radio interviewers do I think is there any hope, my answer is “no” to critics of Scientology.

    My answer to people who lived at the top ranks, people who worked with LRH, I think of just the dozens of LRH admin rules and the BIGGEST rule, is

    “What would Ron do?”

    Top management people can’t be literally executing LRH comments like the “…and if you see John Aczel, spit on him for me….” That’s the DM valance that has won out, at Int.

    If top management can’t restrain themselves, then maybe Joe Howard’s views about this Sea Org control aspect of Scientology being a lost cause, maybe that view is correct.

    I was an admin person/course sup, and I looked upon the “ideal scene” of the Exec Strata people really being the Scientology think tank, and WDC being these benevolent angels who put the top admin structures into being so the movement rang successfully.

    I hate to urge people to do something they don’t want to do, like go fix the scene.

    But I do appreciate all the ex Int Base staff who’ve “been there” speaking up in hindsight.

    I think you should do some surveys on your blog about what ex Int Base staff who were WDC members or Exec Strata members think if LRH’s admin top management writings have a chance of ever working or not.

    It seems the freezone Scientologists don’t have a problem policing each other and being totalitarian to one another.

    Too bad your blog is not mandatory reading for all WDC members and Exec Strata members.

    Chuck Beatty
    an old Admin Course Sup

  147. Correct spelling is DR. TULLIO SIMONCINI.

  148. Hi there BLiP,

    There is more here to observe than what you might expect.

    The state of Clear does not isolate one from suppression. The state of Clear does not prevent you from being fooled or duped. The state of Clear does not free you from making stupid and/or non-survival decisions. No need for illusions.

    Know this – suppression exists. Suppressive persons can be charming, clever, political, devious and treacherous. They can twist their evil intentions around your purpose in life, corrupting your purpose AND your life. It is a sad and horrible thing to see. It is an extremely hard thing to confront, particularly when you are stuck deep in it. The SP can hit you and you won’t even see it coming – particularly if he is an ally – your trusted leader. But it CAN be confronted – witness this blog. Once you see it clearly you are already buried in corruption – your purpose is now entwined with this other intention – this evil purpose. At that point, with the truth clearly in view, it is your integrity and ethics that are your tools to save yourself.

    You know it’s easy to make the right calls in a football game the day AFTER the game the game was played. Coulda….shoulda….woulda…. Hind sight 20/20. The fact is, we caught our own quarter back, our captain, intentionally throwing interceptions. Some of us now know the truth and others are soon to learn. Trust me, the game is not over. This game can be won.

    Don’t mistake the states of Clear or OT with the effects of a suppressive person. Look a little deeper. The suppressive 3rd Dynamic engram is being audited out right here on this blog. And the ones doing the auditing are Clears and OTs.

  149. Do we need a study to prove that some people will be sadistic when in the valence of a prison guard? That’s a whole track valence if there ever was one.

  150. I agree with every word you say, Chuck.

    Many of us including myself (even though we know better) have assumed Miscavige was part of management when in fact he isn’t!

    RTC was never supposed to be part of management structure!

    Very good point.

    Thanks I enjoyed reading your post and I hope Marty does comment on it.



  151. OMG
    All this time I have been thinking that the SP Times being mentioned was another name for the LA Times, haha. I remember many Scientologists were totally against them because they’d published many anti-Scn. articles. When my parents would take me to the movies, in the beginning when there would be an ad for LA Times, all the Scientologists in the theatre would do this “Hissssssssssssssssssss” sound like a snake. That was always embarrasing for me. Just cognited that you’re talkin’ about St. Pete Times….. Duh. 🙂

  152. One must realize. DM is a “Who”, he is not the “Why”.

  153. Hi Antoine, I’m glad you liked my post. It’s a definite situation. No doubt. I am much less ARCX as time goes on. The more I learn, the better I feel. I have 100% certainty that they (meaning all the oblivious Scientologists including my wonderful parents that I love and adore) WILL know what’s been happening. I mean, I don’t have to be the one to tell them….just yet… steps….”Hey mom, did you see Crash? That great movie by Paul Haggis?”. “He’s a really amazing dude etc.” Test the waters, you know? Itty bitty steps….slowly chipping away the bs…The wheels have been set in motion. I HAVE talked about and shared this site and a few key others http://www.rediscoverscientology,, and our course the # 1 spot right up in hurrrrrrrrr with a couple ppl….first i have to test the water w/ em….if they show some spark of interest, there you go….and they’re off! I sent these links to a friend who has long been out of scn. and she was absolutely flabbergasted. And I am sure she will spread the word, and so it goes. Nothing can stop the momentum and what will ultimately come about…whatever that may be. The fact that Scientologists are being questioned about wether or not they have been to this blog as others have stated only brings more people to the site. I think there’s a “preconceived” and possibly implanted or whatever belief that ANY and ALL news is “ENTHETA”. That is something that I know is ingrained into them. And I know that many Scientologists (from my personal experience) feel that seeing negative images or anything “bad” or “critical” of Scn. is just hateful Squirrels or critics of Religious Freedom. Also, they are worried seeing those things will restimulate or mess up potential case gains. Hello!? Take off those blinders! Religious freedom should mean being allowed to find out, and learn what the opposition is REALLY saying! It is NOT an attack on a person’s actual beliefs. It’s about so so much more. With the internet, social networking sites, cell phones, etc. the Co$ can’t keep the truth hidden away much longer. Not unless all the Scientologists left society and went to live in some commune somewhere. I think we are definitely on the brink of many big things. I can just feel it. I am also postulating for it to happen ASAP! 🙂

    p.s. I am a she not a he by the way. And when it is safe, I will reveal my tru identity. Tommy Davis will not admit that disconnection is real but that’s big BS as we ALL know. When I am not a “threat” for speaking out and up, I will jump at my chance to be heard. Until then, thanks to all those who participate and make this blog my # favorite pastime. (My friends say I’m obsessed)….can you blame me? This is better than LOST or any fiction you could make up. And I am not making light of the seriousness of the situation we are in, no disrespect meant.

  154. Very true Emill.

    He also may be one of several whos as well.

    However, there are quite a few here who have been personally brutalized and abused by Miscavige, so it is only right that we allow then to “vent their hostilities” (as the “evil psychs” would say) or to voice their BPC.

    To a certain extent it is probably cathartic to get off these critical thoughts we had about the little man without fear of repercussion from his stooges.

    In other words it’s all good 🙂

    Finding a why will come eventually.

  155. This may be a really offensive thing to ask, considering how LRH felt about psychology, but has there been any consideration about DM having narcissistic personality disorder and borderline personality disorder?

    I am not a psych-lover, but it does make you wonder if this leads into the “DM is insane” way of thinking.

  156. Jim: Great to meet you as well even though it’s virtually. Hope to one day meet in person. ~

  157. “He is just a guy who is going to be looking pretty stupid shortly when he falls from his position.”

    Is it not wonderous that he is 25 to 30 years in power than.

  158. He is just a preclear who needs ethics and justice actions.

    He is just a criminal who cleverly has avoided jailtime.

  159. “Mark, Thanks. In fact Mike Rinder supplied this to me some time ago – and I pulled it out of a document where I saved it. But, yeah it fits don’t it?”

    Yes notice how DM is destroying History by having the older materials go missing or just by invalidating them. The Freezoners are trying to collect all the Original older stuff.

  160. Veritas

    “Then I had a brilliant idea… “Are you SURE I’ll immediately make it back somehow out of the blue?”

    Absolutely Yes! They went very VGIs.

    Totally sure?

    YES. Scads, you’ll pull in so much money…



    Great. Then would you lend me the money? I’ll pay you back next week.

    The room went silent.”

    Veritas you are a Smart Cookie

  161. Psychatry LRH did not like. Psychology one has just swept onto the same pile. In the Unsquirreld Dianatic books LRH has a list of Acknowlegdements where he alsoo thanked FREUD. (and greek philosophers etc). Where els do you think he got the PAB things from.

  162. “Numerous Type III Flag public were always housed off-base and usually in a secluded area”

    This worries me beyond you ever can make yourselfs believe.

  163. Chuck you mentioned some events should be held every year. Are you not familiar with this 78′ LRH order, or is that your opinion? I wasn’t at Int so haven’t seen it but what do you know?

  164. ARCX,

    I got that. I am thinking, as a group, we have every right to the full breath of Division One, Dept. One.

    And I’m taking it.

    I’ll comment more as we go, but watch out, LRH isn’t PTS. We are.

    I am short of time right now, forgive me, but you’re right. baby steps. And we are going to win. All the way.

    We will walk-the-walk. And we will walk tall and Free. The World At Our Backs.

    (I lov your new name.)

  165. martyrathbun09

    Boyd, Chuck comes and goes. In the event he doesn’t answer you, I can tell you with a high degree of certainty – it is his opinion.

  166. I know, it’s not that I’m trying to disprove as there’s about 8 or 9 of you who’ve confirmed seeing this. More confirmation is always better for new people to this.

  167. This was a great article. More and more it validates what I knew, the day I saw DM’s face in a church mag after LRH dropped his body. I always hated the was the group think was, thinking staff and even public have this right to interfere in your life, trying to get you to cognite into their reality – that is what I always told them. I will NOT buy their reality, I was there to learn what LRH had to say, not from some ‘church member’ with a power kick. Besides it only came from their case. I began to call it group think. I truely believe, more and more I was right, DM sold out. There are people out there that dont want us to got OT. LRH mentioned it on the whole track tapes.

  168. Freedom Fighter

    I’ve listened to this song many times, but somehow, lately, it’s hitting very close to home. It’s a song by an oh-so-appropriately-named band called “Alter Bridge”.


    It’s too late the time has come
    I’ve kept this inside me for way too long
    Silence will leave me cold
    Lost on a highway that never takes me home

    I want to step aside
    I want to give it up
    Before I lose it all
    It’s tearing me inside
    The way you break me down

    Oh there will come a time
    When I will come undone
    And you will let me fall
    I’ll leave it all behind
    Before you break me down

    The weight of a thousand lies
    Promises broken haunt me all the time
    You say that you’re sure to change
    But that black heart reveals that
    You’ll always stay the same


    And I realize
    Is calling
    And it’s calling

    And i’ve denied
    The reason
    I’m falling
    I’m falling

    So let go

  169. DM is just crazy.Really…
    That’s all I can say…
    I wrote 3 letters to RTC to show how screwed up
    he is and posted them on the web.
    Here is one of them.The last one.

  170. I am sad for Debbie Cook. She IS an exceptional being. There was no doubt in my mind and that of every other staff at Flag that she REALLY DID CARE.
    I was checking a few Impact Magazines because I knew she was a Senior Honor Roll. I found one where her name still appears in the Senior Honor Roll section of the mag. This is from Issue 115 (2006) and then I looked at the Issue 123 (2010) and her name is no longer there.

  171. Thys Lourens

    Guys, there are a bunch of powerful execs that have left Scn. Why do you not get together and use standard LRH tech to expose all the alleged violations? Your web sites are good but do not reach the average Scn household. It cannot be that impossible to get a result if you are dealing in truth!

  172. Pingback: Reformation – Division Within Corporate Scientology | Moving On Up a Little Higher

  173. The staff allowed it because they were suppressive reasonable. There is a chapter on it in the ethics book. They see a pig in a parlor and explain why the outpoint should be there. It’s an inability to confront evil.

  174. Pierre Griffith

    It’s about time DM is exposed as a corrupt, sadistic megalomaniac whose only purpose in life is the accumulation of power and money at the expense of the members of the church. He is a dangerous criminal and will being the church down if nothing is done to remove him.

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