Bennetta Slaughter

A number of comments about Bennetta have been made in response to the Final Purges Part 3 post.  There are a couple of truths and near truths touched on that I can shed some light on:

a)  Lisa McPherson did wind up on DM’s lines  because of the political clout Bennetta exercised on FSO lines. Precisely how she executed that I do not know.  Tom Devocht, Don Jason, and Debbie Cook might be able to fill those details in.  But, the result was that the Mother of all Squirrels put into motion the spin Lisa never recovered from  and was prevented from recovering from (covered in posts on this blog and St Pete Times interview videos at

b)  Bennetta resisted having Lisa stay at her home for her Introspection RD. However, she did not have to fight it ultimately because the decision to bring Lisa to the FH was made by FLB RTC Reps Rikki Jensen and Angie Trent.  One factor that lead to that decision was that they were concerned Lisa was PTS to Bennetta. Another factor was that Angie wanted to closely control the cycle. Since she had been reporting on Lisa’s auditing directly to DM for several months, she knew that if she did not handle and then report DM would have had her head upon news Lisa had gone type 3.

c)  Someone noted Bennetta is probably reporting to DM on Debbie Cook and her husband by virtue of being engaged in business dealings with them. I would say that is a virtual certainty since I am privy to strong evidence that Bennetta was attempting to befriend and spy on an even higher level former SO exec than Debbie just a few short months ago.

This is all further evidence of  the frailty of DM’s crumbling kingdom. For some time it has been largely held together by mutual out ruds covering for his continuous overts.

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  1. What a tangled web we weave…
    And for what? To hide the truth behind the lies.

  2. Just a couple of thoughts on this FSO related series.

    I´m still amazed about how easily a long time on-purpose SO member can be discarded when no longer “useful”.

    Scientologist on lines of CofS keep on telling us that “all outpoints inside CofS must be handled from inside”.
    I don´t see how this can be done.
    The “sistem” of hierarchy of missions, orgs, and SO prevents an individual to put pressure to change things at the top.
    Is a dream to think one can change the things from inside. No accountability. No free and real information.

    About Lisa McPerson case; the few of us who know what really happen inside that room those days do know the kind of nightmare that ocurred.

    The war chest is still there.
    How many years it will last?
    When the war chest finishes; then CofS sistem will collapse and then, THEN we will have a reform.
    Our actions are the catalyzer that will accelerate the process.

  3. I don’t know how long Bennetta was on Applied Scholastics lines, but I can tell you that many of the ApS schools in my area (of which I have knowledge) had several, consecutive years of just the worst messes; squirrel programs, alteration or abandonment of study tech, staff scandals, gross financial irregularities, ruinous debt, and outright failure.

    This despite the support, financial and moral, of their public and the dedication and hard work of many underpaid and overworked staff.

    It didn’t help that some of these schools (though not all) were run by OT’s who were themselves overt products of dm’s squirreled upper OT levels. But even that is not enough to explain why so many of these schools were, to borrow a phrase from Thoughtful, such a stinking mess.

    Knowing who was running the show, it now makes sense.

  4. Quite possibly she could be doing a lower condition to DM by “shadowing” Debbie. Stranger conditions have been done in the past. A twisted making up the Damages sort of thing vis a vis Debbie.

  5. I was at the event in Clearwater when it was announced that Bennetta was leaving CL to go run a school. Kay Champagne announced it. I was on the FOTC and for the life of me I can not remember if it was one of our events. I’m thinking it may have been as Kay was the FOTC head at that time. I also knew a guy who dated Lisa. He told me that she seemed to be a little “off”. I never knew her, so I don’t know how true that statement is. I do recall that the whole movement of Bennetta seemed odd. She even looked strange when it was announced that she would be leaving CL. ~

  6. Benneta was also heavily involved in the Reed Slatkin cover up, acting as damage control and trying to squelch any efforts by various investors who had attempted to take any legal action when they discovered they’d been burned.

    I’m sure if you connect the dots you’ll find many shady and dark connections to AMC, Digital Light Wave, ATG and other lesser known WISE members to the IC.

  7. OK, did a little research and found Bennetta
    was at Applied Scholastics from 2001-2007.
    How do these years correspond to my observations, above? They match exactly.

    I have wondered for years what the hell was the deal with those schools during those years, and now I know!

  8. I just posted this comment on the scientology- cult website relating to Archers first blog posting and I wanted to post it here as well with this being the lastest applicable blog entry. I believe it applies to ALL the chaos and entheta that DM is spinning. I would love to hear everyones viewpoints on this and yours Marty if your up for a response on this particular comment of mine, it would be much appreciated.

    DM is horrendous and needs to be stopped ASAP no doubt. The way Mary Sue Hubbard was treated and kicked to the curb equally disgusting. Here’s what I propose back to you (“Archer”) and the theory you have presented, is this: As far as we know Ron had MADE IT to OT 15 and over the last 24 yrs it would probably be beyond. Who if anyone has a DIRECT commline with LRH and how could a being so powerful let a little runt in this lifetime, wreak the havok that he has? Even if Ron was at target 2 he would not let target 1 (Earth) beings and products get wrecked like they have. I personally have benefited quite a bit over the last 20 yrs by using the tech that LRH has created and disseminated. I don’t think though that LRH FULLY made it. That’s my opinion. What’s yours and anyone elses? Jason Beghe gave it all he had and said what he said. David Mayo is off the radar. Pat Broeker is off the radar. They got to see ALOT maybe more than anyone else including Marty and where are they? This is an important matter to investigate and confront and FULLY discuss. I wish us all well to get to the bottom of all of this together.
    All The best- Jefretheta.

  9. Her very name has given me the creeps for years. Met her once and my creeps were confirmed.

    One of the most self absorbed people I had ever met.

    A dm spy? Perfectly fitting.


  10. Just Some Guy

    Stop talking about Lisa. You are directly, personally responsible for covering up the truth behind her death.

    You should really stop mentioning her name to cover up you guilt. You are a monster.

  11. Interestingly — to continue with the “name” identification I mentioned re: Slaughter …

    In Tibetan Buddhism — the definition of wrathful takes on an interesting meaning (rath):

    “The wrathful deities, symbolize the tremendous effort it takes to vanquish evil …

    In Buddhism, wrathful deities are enlightened beings that take on wrathful forms in order to lead sentient beings to enlightenment. …

    Just Some Guy — perhaps name calling isn’t the exactly smartest thing to do. Just sayin’

    Those wrathful deities don’t take kindly to derision —


  12. DF,
    What is FOTC? Fundamentals of Thought Course maybe? Cheers.

  13. Met her once and stayed away. Trouble, that is what she is and very self absorbed. Had the FSO staff absorbed with her at the time. Makes sense that she would be a spy for DM. This just gets more and more sick. I would think you could only play this game for so long before going completely crazy yourself! As long as she kept the monies flowing she was not to be messed with. As for the Slatkin debacle yes she was very involved.She worked hard to keep this off church lines.

  14. martyrathbun09

    Jefretheta, My thought is that if any of us is going to make it to where we want to go, we have to take a measure of responsibility for getting there. If we hang up on judging our own progress by speculation as to who made it to where, we have lost any chance of making it to where we set out to go.

  15. Just Some Guy
    Is this ‘you’ referring to Marty or this group in general? I would like you to clarify this point.
    If this is a personal communication to Marty it does not belong on this blog.
    If it is addressed to all of us (including me) then I would in response, like to suggest you take your vitriolic gastric juices and vomit them elsewhere.

  16. Interesting. It reminds me of an observation LRH made one time that people sometimes dramatize their names.

  17. FOTC = Flag OT Committee


  18. I’m guessing Florida OT Committee, JLo. Sort of group that was a great idea until it became corrupted by the prevention of any members actually being OT and having an origination which wasn’t approved uplines.

    btw, I LOL’ed at your Hagrid response to Harry Potter’s ass observation. On a semi-serious note, I think in a suppressive environment, people do strange things.

  19. Voltaire:

    When it’s a question of money, everybody is of the same religion.

  20. Anne Morrow Lindbergh:

    If one is estranged from oneself, then one is estranged from others too. If one is out of touch with oneself, then one cannot touch others.

  21. Flag OT Committee

  22. This must be some mantra those inside are told: all outpoints inside CofS must be handled from inside.

    A friend of mine who lives in CW, did OTVIII at maiden voyage and hasn’t been in session since then, says the same thing. She very unhappy with the current scene but holds HARD to this line. Handle from the inside.

    WHICH IS ABSOLUTELY impossible as you so succinctly pointed out, winsmexico.

    Moreover, check out the FB friends of Debbie Cook — I don’t know them all of course but the vast majority are long time scientologists who were ALWAYS more interested in their own status and therefore yours, than being a good, kind and decent person. Most of them would stare right through you, if you lost your financial standing.

    And these people are NEVER EVER going to step outside the box and look at the media, listen to others …

    WHY — doing so would crumble their tightly defined world, predicated on their status!!

    Which, by the way, won’t get them any bonus points in the between lives/bardo (ie. when they die). Personally, I don’t envy any of them.

    Karma doesn’t play status games.

    It just is.


  23. Elizabeth Stone:

    Making the decision to have a child – it’s momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking outside your body.

  24. I agree with Marty, Jef.

    The future is what we make it.

    I think people get fooled into looking at the Grade Chart and thinking how cool it would be one day to get those heady unreleased OT levels in the same way a woman sits outside a doctor’s office believing the cosmetic surgery she’s about to have will be the answer to all her problems.

    I don’t know where LRH is but maybe it’s more important that I know where I am.

  25. Wow! I had forgotten the money we threw down a hole on ATG. So that’s part of how that mess occurred! Thanks for the datum.

  26. Mark Twain:

    If you tell the truth you don’t have to remember anything.

  27. Jefretheta; I personally believe LRH is watching this whole game evolve and letting us handle it. I think he is applying the datum that a group that undergoes and handles a group engram becomes a strong group.

    I think Mayo and Broeker, Yager, Leserve and the rest are too weak to handle anything like this and now the truly strong thetans of the group are evolving to TERMINATEDLY handle this situation.

    To me and to me only I believe we are having a “quickening” of poweful OTs who beat all of the implants, including DMs and now we are truly free.

    I believe OSA thinks we are little kids messing around pouring ink into the water because we are keyed in or something like that. What they have not fully confronted is that this movement is now so strong that it will continue to grow exponentially until we own the majority voice and we boycott the C of M and starve them out. And this day is not far away at all.

    And we will do it because of one factor and one factor only: Marty keeps pointing out the SP on all of our cases and we are being De-PTSed. No one can take that away – not Marion, not Hansuli, not Sutter no matter how much they talk “sense” to us.

    I have already rehabbed most of the large wins I ever had that have been invalidated into the dirt in the Sea Org.

    I believe we are on the cusp of the great revolution of the Church and we are going to see the changes real soon.

    I believe that our part in this is to follow Marty’s plan on going up the “Middle Path” and do this by DePTSing as many of our friends as possible and this means contacting as many of our Scientology friends and showing them Marty’s blog.

    This is what I believe.


  28. Flight of the Concordes ?

  29. Carl Jung:

    Where love rules, there is no will to power; and where power predominates, there love is lacking. The one is the shadow of the other.

  30. Bennetta’s last name explains her personality very well.
    Slaughter: “to kill in a brutal or violent manner.” Or “to slay in great numbers; massacre.”

    Her and DM make a great match.

  31. Keep your dreams alive JefreTheta

    Anais Nin:

    Dreams pass into the reality of action. From the actions stems the dream again; and this interdependence produces the highest form of living.

  32. John Calvin:

    The torture of a bad conscience is the hell of a living soul.

  33. Virgil

    How easy Scientologists still invalidate those who were once in their mids. That this is a given in the amporph spectre that is Anonymous I take as a given, but to see Scientologists so easily discard the ones that went before them is not as much puzzling to me as that it shows your weakness, like the way you discard other people who believe themselfs to be Scientologists as Squirrels.

    Remeber what and WHO they where up against, Who all stood beside David Miscavige once oposite to the ones you named so readilly?

    He who is without sins, cast the first stone. (bible)

    “I think Mayo and Broeker, Yager, Leserve and the rest are too weak to handle anything like this and now the truly strong thetans of the group are evolving to TERMINATEDLY handle this situation. ”

    Albert Einstein:

    Whoever undertakes to set himself up as a judge of Truth and Knowledge is shipwrecked by the laughter of the gods.

  34. I did my best to not use Wiki this thime *wink*

    Ex-Scientologist recounts his personal experience with Bennetta Slaughter


    Ex Scientologist Michael Pattinson did work on Bennetta’s 1.2 million dollar home back in 1995. In this post he says, “Later when I sent them a bill for my services their reply was to get their attorney to threaten me with a lawsuit for extortion if ever I asked for money from them again. Be forewarned.”

  35. Huck,
    I know I did ‘things’. I do, so it’s no question I’ve ‘did’. I sure hope Harry writes so I can sort out what he figures I dooed. If I didded, then I’ll take responsibility for it. Then we can be done. Unless of course, he figures I’m not ever going to be a bit of an ass at sometime or other. Maybe right now, from his viewpoint 🙂

  36. Jefretheta,
    Here’s a quote from the PDC’s, SOP: Issue 5, 16 Dec 52, the context is the discussion of a particular technique:
    “I’m forced to give you this technique. I was going to
    save it. I was going to save it and uh.. at the end of track on the preparation of Scientology,
    which by the way is not my end of track, but this has got an end of track somewhere on the
    track. Uh.. you.. you can’t go on for the next 85 billion years in the MEST universe saying,
    “Yes, yes. Well, now I tell you. This is the way you do it, auditor.” It can’t be done. No
    randomity; you get the static.”

  37. catdaddy is so fucking cool

  38. (Joe Howard)

    LOL! I’ve seen that!

  39. Unity Mitford

    I’m going to give props to Marty for letting this comment through. I know many of his friends here are offended by this comment – that’s your right. You guys love Marty, and when you love someone you defend them instinctively.
    However, Marty freely admitted that he did help in the cover up of Lisa’s death and ordered the destruction of evidence relating to it. Marty has stepped up to the plate and admitted his wrong. Many of us applaud that as a very big step in the right direction, many have forgiven him for the role he played in the tragedy. However, you have to accept there are others out there who have not. Lisa’s death was a terribly tragedy and there are many people still very angry with what occurred – and they have every right to feel that way. For all you know “just some guy” could have been a close family member of Lisa’s. I don’t think anyone would begrudge a loved one of Lisa’s still holding on to anger relating to the loss and those he feels responsible for keeping the truth hidden. Marty was in the wrong when it came to dealing with Lisa’s case – he freely admits as much. When you admit a wrong you have to expect some will forgive, some will not. This person obviously has not, but they are not wrong for feeling the way they do – it is simply their reaction to Marty’s actions at the time which were wrong.
    Now lest anyone take this the wrong way let me add…
    Marty, it was when you openly admitted what you did in Lisa’s case that finally proved to me you were serious about trying to right some wrong of the past and you were a changed man, no longer in the shadow of DM. You do deserve credit for coming forward in those interviews, for this blog and I hope for with your future endeavors in regards to blowing the lid off the evils of CoS.
    Btw, I imagine you feel a thousand times better now than you did at this time 12 -13 years ago. The truth is a beautiful thing and I don’t think you ever relished having to lie or suppress truth at DM’s behest. It was against your true nature and when you do things against your nature it slowly eats away at your true self and can eventually kill it. I’m glad that’s not your fate and you are reclaiming everything that DM tried to steal & take away from you. The fact you will be saving and sparing others from that fate makes it all the better.

  40. “I personally believe LRH is watching this whole game evolve and letting us handle it.”

    I dont know if I believe LRH is watching, but I do believe he wrote up his hat and made ernest attempts to pass it.

    Our cases are made up of things we did not confront and the considerations we made in moment of shock associated.

    No one else can confront for us or change our considerations.

    We have the tools and seem to have the will…

    If we be theta the solver, and do what we need, we will have the scene we envision.

  41. Marty and Huck, IMO, Jef brings up a point that if we ignore it is to our personal and collective peril. This question that Jef asks, is the same one that I look upon every day. However, for the most part, I restrain myself from expressing it in little disconnected tib bits (as I’m doing now) because I’m working on a comprehensive approach to put this question that Jef is asking, out onto the table. That being said, I venture to make this utterance:

    Something did go WRONG. And, if we dismiss it or neglect it and do not confront the scene so as to ascertain and isolate EXACTLY what it was that did go so wrong, then we are doing ourselves and others a disservice of magnitude.

    Personally, I don’t care if LRH was OT50, something DID GO WRONG. What was it?

  42. Mayo weak Virgil? Are you aware of the hell that man was put through?

  43. One afternoon in late Jan 94′ while temporarily holding the receptionist post at RJS Concessions in CW, I take a call from Bennetta Slaughter. She’s trying to contact Rob Schwartz. I can’t help her. We talk for a bit and she tells me about recently moving her company from Dallas to CW and she’s looking for staff. Ends up offerring me a job. Tells me I have a good comm cycle. Never happened. I went to Flag Renos instead. Reading these accounts of Bennetta, I now see that renos was the lesser of two evils.

    Fast forward to Dec 99′. A good friend of mine’s daughter works for Benetta. Seems to be going very good for my friend’s daughter. My friend and I go by Winter Wonderland as he has something to do regarding his daughter. He runs into Bennetta and they have a comm. He returns to the vehicle and tells me about this comm he just had with Bennetta. While I don’t recall the content of the comm, I do very clearly recall that we both thought that it was very strange. It was a square peg for a round hole!

    It’s really enlightening to get all of these back and side stories. Lots of Ah Ha! moments.

  44. Virgil,
    Well said, well articulated and spot on.
    I don’t know about LRH just watching though –
    I don’t think he’s beyond meddling in these affairs in his own way.
    It would be convenient for DM if LRH were gone completely but my perception is the same as yours – he’s very much here (and quite possibly enjoying the show).
    The “quickening” (from Highlander) is exactly the word I was thinking of today. Be-headings are useless because we just get stronger 🙂
    And yes, the strategy to get people hooked up to this group is the best – they come out of fear and are able to find truth.
    Hmmm. Way more interesting than talking about Bennetta Slaughter 😀

  45. You know, as a comment upon the general activity of running out a group engram, I continually see the following: someone describes a situation, and then someone else steps in and says it better, and then someone else eventually encapsulates so succinctly it couldn’t get any better! I think Marty you’ve done that here when you said DM’s empire, “has been largely held together by mutual out ruds covering for his continuous overts.” That one ought to be cast in gold.

  46. “There are no conflicts which cannot be resolved unless the true promoters of them remain hidden.” A New Slant on Life

  47. On the question of whether LRH is watching or not, hopefully Sarge will shed some light on it in a future post. You out there, Sarge?

  48. Idriveshiftercars

    Carl Jung: ” … but what if I should discover that the least amongst them all, the poorest of all the beggars, the most impudent of all offenders, yay the very fiend himself, that these are within me, and I stand in need of the arms of my own kindness? That I myself am the enemy who must be loved… what then? “

  49. Fellow Traveller

    Speaking of running out group engrams.
    In my possibly really warped sense of humor, I offer the following:

    we process a group by processing it’s members.

    Auditors Code 1968 clause 12 (however all make for an interesting point of view!)

    I promise to run every major case action to a floating needle.

    Now Gosh. Makes we wanna quote the great and inimitable Dirty Harry: “[I]t can blow your head clean off. Now, you must ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? Well do you, punk?”

    More and more lucky all the time, actually.

  50. Franklin D. Roosevelt:

    It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.

  51. Idriveshiftercars I am stunned by that Beautiful qoute.

    We often forget or some of us forget to take care of ourselfs. Help yourself so you can help others.

    I can only paraphrase and admit that Jung said it more Poetic and memorable.

    “Probably the most neglected friend you have is you. And yet every man, before he can be a true friend to the world, must first become a friend to himself.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  52. I sort of think of it as waiting for the OT levels to play Dixie, PHenry. I was somewhat guilty of it myself for a while (certainly before Clear).

    It’s not like you press the button on the elevator to OT XV and suddenly you’re this God-like magnificent creature. I mean, maybe you are, but you are still you, no?

    And we all start from different places on this journey. The track’s been long and winding to this point. We’ve all collected a few things along the way, a lot of them, sadly, aren’t very good for us. At that point, you can get rid of them but if you’ve forgotten how to get rid of them, the usual solution is to forget you’ve got them at all. And if that’s not confusing enough there are more than enough assholes willing to implant you with more confusions (and make you believe they’re yours).

    So, yeah, something is wrong but I don’t think it’s because we pressed OT VIII and the elevator doors didn’t open to Utopia.

    The other thing to say is that Ethics needs to be put in first.

  53. Miscavige is being propped up by a “desperate few” who seek status and domination, instead of spiritual freedom or enlightenment.

    The “Church of Scientology”, has become a microcosm of the “New World Order” they’d like to impose on others and Miscavige is their messiah incarnate.

    It is a world of perpetual servitude to an elite faction who are now considered “upstats” even though many of them live on the labor of others like economic and social vampires.

    Personally, I don’t know if this was planned or not, but whatever it is the way it has worked out.

    The top reaches of Scientology is dominated by the 2 1/2 % who hold the 20 % left in perpetual bondage and in their thrall.

    So the “Church” itself has become another suppressive elitist group.

  54. Thanks for the quote CD, very fitting and very true.

    Personally, I see what happened to the Church as a group engram, P. Henry. You are not going to know the whole truth unless you run it.

    I know personally that Ron’s time was spent on wrapping up the final OT Levels and getting the CCRD in use.

    He may assumed like all of us did at the time that the Organization was there and functioning without his help and that it no longer needed his efforts to survive.

    If you remember he pretty much said goodbye in RJ 39 and that it was up to management now to release the final OT Levels.

    He left the organization in our care and we pretty much goofed the floof.

    Now what’s he supposed to do?

    Come back from wherever he’s gone to and apply the GO Heavy Hussar technique and bypass our responsibility?

    Is he going to have to come back and dig us out of every scrape we become involved in?

    Look at this as a gigantic object lesson, PH.

  55. For myself when someone or something appears brighter, or more aware, or more together or however you want to put it than yourself and your apprecition of self dwindles, watch out you will not get out of the trap. As this is not about who knows more than you.This for me has been about who I am and how can I better contribute to this planet. You came in to this world alone and will go out alone. I have seen many people try to belong to the” JLo group” . There is and always has been a band of truly reminds me of clicks you would find in High Scool, or College or whereever.

  56. Joe,
    I’ve given a quote above from the PDC’s on this topic of LRH ‘watching or not’. He had a purpose to accomplish in that life. He clearly states he was not intending to hang around forever and watch and “Yes, yes. Well, now I tell you. This is the way you do it, auditor.”

    He also stated to us in a Flag Order, the ‘giddy diaper days are over’. ‘This is YOUR Scientology too, you know!’

    On this topic as well, and I’ve always considered the man has the right to change his mind and very well can and may, but, Annie told me he told her (this is therefore ‘hearsay’) that he did not intend to pick up another body, here, or anywhere else, according to what she told me.

    He did intend on getting back in communication with her and at various times she felt he had. He’d left explicit instructions that he wanted carried out and Annie had a responsibility for those instructions, according to the word she had given him. I have always considered this is why she returned to the Base after she was contacted by Marty in Boston, that is, to see that LRH’s instructions were carried out and she kept her word to him. It is my understanding the release of the full body of tape lectures was one of these instructions as well as the release of the upper level research he’d completed, to be compiled and the responsibility of Pat Broeker.

  57. Catdaddy and Sharon – I worked directly under DM, directly under Yager, Leserve and the rest.

    I helped burn down Mayo, mainly because he tried to destroy HCO & Qual of FSO. Also he wrote 2 different HCOBs on how to deliver New OT IV – One for AOLA and FSO the other for ASHO. I had to handle this.

    If he went through hell it was at his own hand.

    My point is this: They are Still PTS. We are being de-PTSed. We can see, they cannot. This is because they are PTS – I never said they were bad. All are lovely beings.


  58. Well said, Unity Mitford. I hope that if Marty knows more details about the events surrounding Lisa’s death he will tell them all. I also wonder if Marty has anything he can share about the events surrounding the tragic death of Stacy Meyer (aka Stacy Moxon).

  59. “If he went through hell it was at his own hand.”

    And OSA is a figment of my Immagination.

    Well ‘let me be inquisitive.

    “Also he wrote 2 different HCOBs on how to deliver New OT IV – One for AOLA and FSO the other for ASHO. I had to handle this. ”

    Did you find out the Why?

    “My point is this: They are Still PTS. We are being de-PTSed. We can see, they cannot. This is because they are PTS – I never said they were bad. All are lovely beings. ”

    I read: They are not to be believed because I say so. Oh but you can still pet them aren’t they cute.

  60. Haha. You didn’t didded. You’re good buddy.

  61. When we speak of people who have dropped their bodies as “Seeing” or “watching”, remember that a soul, an OT, a Life Entity doesn’t do it with eyeballs. Helping is done in a myriad of other ways besides “hands” (mechanics), and possibly even in multiple dimensions.

    There are many many things that have been set into action toward the illumination of the truth, and toward the restoration of tech delivery.

    These are good stats. We are auditing. Ethics is going in. I didn’t get a phone call from LRH telling me to Google what was going on, but it was Life Force that led me to his interviews, and here to help. It had been over a decade that I stated my observations and position to the trademarked fiasco posing as the Church of Scientology.

    So don’t discount that help is here, loyalty persists, love never dies, and the confusion blowing off is the process Begun.

    That said…any way to get one sheet comparative stats (Reall Plunging Stats of DMs Regime) printed up and flyers into every org to staff? Inboxes, bathrooms, lockers, cars.

    Something a person can look at and comprehend in a 20 second look or less. That’s of the utmost importance.

    The Friends of LRH site has a great format, of column by column comparisons in the COB vs LRH section.

    Even more simplified comparisons, distributed so they can be comprehended in a GLANCE might be a cool way to get some facts around.

    Also, as for leaving bodies…the whole idea of “distance” in my opinion is a this universe thing (Space). Theta does not *go away* or go elsewhere. There is a myriad of operating states that are our native nature, and by which we benefit, know it or not 😉

    Theta is right …there, and no where. So when we talk about leaving, maybe “transforming” might be a better term. Unless one has gone to animate another body somewhere …and even then, theta is not limited by location.

    We are doing it. Thank you and Love you.

  62. RJ,
    Yes, the Heavy Hussar technique. I just restudied this idea, the extra troops on the side, ready to come in if and when needed. The Heavy Hussars. LRH at that time, and now? You and me brudder, the rest of us here. BIG horses.

  63. Earthknower (Gaiagnostic) This one is for you.

    Black Elk:

    “Hear me, four quarters of the world – a relative I am! Give me the strength to walk the soft earth, a relative to all that is! Give me the eyes to see and the strength to understand, that I may be like you. With your power only can I face the winds.”

    (1863-1950) Oglala Sioux holy man

  64. Thanks for the appropiate quotes again CD.

    Regarding ATG, M6.

    One of the Directors of the Board there was none other than former NSA Director Bill Odom.

    You can’t get any better connection to the IC than that!

    ‘Cept maybe a former DCI or two.

    Digital Light Wave was heavily into filling NSA contracts like the splitter used by AT&T to divert domestic communications to Ft. Meade.

    Hard to believe that some of our upstanding WISE members had such cozy connections!

    Not really.

    Under Miscavige’s watch anything is possible.

    Like “former” spooks doing their OT Levels just just before PsiTech went public with the still at the time highly classified, Top Secret SCI, SAP, RV tech.

    AMC Bernetta’s lil’ publishing group has some interesting clients too but when you investigate them further you end up in a “wilderness of mirrors”.

    Why is that?

    Probably Lisa asked the same questions, herself.

    Strange how she took a sudden psychotic break and then ended up dead.

  65. Unity (and Just Some Guy),
    Yes you correctly state props to Marty for posting this. If nothing else it opens the forum for discussions such as this.
    Marty did something terrible… Well his actions had repercussions on all of us – every single one of us were hurt by the out-tech and violations of our trust and faith in our church.
    However to use what Marty did and has taken ownwership and responsibility for as ammunition to attack, denigrate and hurt him is just as reprehensible as any of his actions. It is cruel and un-necessary and yes, as a friend I find this offensive.
    For those who are morally pious and feel they have never made mistakes – never seriously hurt another in the belief that they are doing the right thing at the time, then I would ask them to look at their current actions and question that those hate-driven activities are not every bit as reprehensible as those they are accusing Marty of now.
    This is not the way to move forward. It is not a case of ‘forgiving’ it is a case of understanding the pain of another and acting like a human being. Not taking the opportunity and advantage to inflict more pain.
    Self-righteous indignation does not excuse this type of behavior.
    The past cannot be undone so why hold someone hostage to it? What’s important is what is being done here and now.
    To level attacks and accusations at the one person who had enough guts to do something about it only takes strength away from the whole group and infects us all with the the very poison we are trying to clean up.

  66. “Been needen’ ta Slaughter”. Exactly! Totally Mission Earth material!

  67. Idriveshiftercars, I can honestly say that I only know of Scientology as a resolution to that Jungian dilemma. And find peace you will, you have my word on that.

  68. Maybe someone said this already but Benneta Slaughter reminds of a character that should be in Mission Earth.

  69. I don’t know where to begin on this NCT. If someone appears brighter or more aware why would your appreciation of self dwindle?

    What does one have to do with the other? Is it not enough that they hold a space and you hold a space, too? Keep your anchor points out there, no need to fold your tent because a being is bright and aware.

    In other words, they’re not making you wrong.

    And who’s the JLo group? Jim Logan’s band?

    Also, clicks and cliques aren’t the same though chicks in cliques can click.

  70. Catdaddy, it occurs to me that you give OSA too much credit, in the way the conspiratorialists believe the CIA behind every cabal imaginable when these guys are beyond incompetent.

  71. veritas,
    Boy, that was some post. Well said, well done, well described and well loved.

  72. Thanks Sam for saying that!!

    “Just some guy” sounds like a sniveling whiner.


  73. From what I know of David Mayo, the guy sounds pretty awesome.

    He fought the fight early on and was tormented beyond belief. Find his debrief floating around on the internet.

    I’m not sure many could have done what he did to try to de-PTS himself from the evil-one.

    I like to think of those who fought the fight earlier than us as on our team too. Not people to be belittled. Most of them did the best they could and we owe them gratittude.


  74. Virgil Samms,

    Why did LRH put David Mayo on post as Senior C/S International then? Why did LRH let him audit him?

    He may have made mistakes, as I am sure you did too. He must have had a lot of value to be trusted by LRH. LRH didn’t put you on the Senior C/S post, what makes you so high and mighty?

    One of the things I don’t like about current management is the willingness to scrap people that have dedicated their lives to the Sea Org. Why are we so friggin intolerant of others that we are so willing to shit can them?? I think that sucks.


  75. Thanks Jeff. LRH is very plain on the subject of motivators. Even you are responsible for your own condition – unless you are not a Scientologist – then you don’t have to be.

    I also want to clear up some earlier mis- information on Charley Rush. I was so alarmed when someone said he was dying so we talked to him today and he said his cancer is in remission and he is doing fine. So he beat it. He is the cashier in the PAC canteen if anyone wants to visit him and see that he is okay.

  76. So, now we are running PR attacks against David Mayo here ?

    Could this be aimed at preventing Mayo from ever hooking up with the new Independents ?

    Virgil Samms in “First Lensmen” was a 100% straight shooter, but I have to ask what proofs you are going to offer to back up these assertions?

    Michael A. Hobson

  77. thank you, cat daddy

  78. Huck, good reply. But, I want to clarify that when I speak of something going wrong I am not looking or thinking about OTVIII not resulting in Utopia. I am looking much earlier.

    Demo: In drawing a straight line from point “A” to point “B” the line encounters a tiny obstacle that knocks it off of its intended course by 1/10,oooth of an inch. This incredibly miniscule bobble is not perceived. As the line continues to be drawn forward it ever so gradually moves further and further away from any alignment to point “B”. Indeed, in this altered course, it hasn’t a snow ball’s chance in hell of ever reaching point “B”.

    Somewhere in its course from point “A” to point “B”, CoS and, quite possibly, LRH, encountered something that altered its/his course. And that exact point where the course was altered is the “wrong” I speak of.

    Currently, the original impetus has moved so far off course that any semblance of the CoS has vanished and now there is this mesty CoM in its place. Even if we somehow manage to move the line backover onto its original course and fully restore the good name of LRH and the CoS, there is still the matter of knowing what in the hell happened that altered the course in the first place? And, I am of the mind, that if we do not discover, identify and come to fully understand what that “wrong” was, then we will always have the risk of history repeating itself because that ‘wrong” is stuck to a lie and a lie will persist.

    RJ, as far as that gigantic object lesson, just possibly, discovering this “wrong” is part of it.

  79. RJ you used the terms IC and DCI. I don’t know what these are. Please tell. Thanks, M6

  80. War and Peace

    Quite apart from DM atrocities what I resent the most is his putting himself out as the Messiah of Scientology.
    LRH had time to write “Battlefield Earth” and “Mission Earth” but did not have time to correct or have corrected the books he wrote for 36 years ?? Yeah, right only DM could correct these bad copies.

    For years and years and years his every word has been typed and up and transcribed with a vast array of SO members “Dm secretaries” in “Office of COB” and copies are issued to *rate and M9 every word he has uttered to those who’s post it is to cover the subject.

    No CSW for approval can be submitted to DM without attestation that every word of DM has been studied and understood.

    My God. It is no longer Green on White. It is the “Not to Leave INT BASE” thousands and thousands of binders of the Monster’s verbal orders.
    It is not complying with LRH. It is understanding, duplicating and obeying DM.
    Such is the state affairs.
    This is what the current RTC network protect.

  81. brendon,

    You’ll find all the info you probably need to know on Stacy Moxon/Meyer in this post from Steve Hall’s blog:

  82. Lisa Sympathizer


    When the Scientologists showed up at the hospital to take Lisa MacPherson away (Mary DeMoss, correct???) to her death it was ostensibly to prevent the “Psychs” from killing her. Some irony. Anyway, now that you are out of corporate Scientology do you still oppose the entire profession of psychiatry? If you have re-entered society you should realize it is just a medical profession. I mean, if you worked on Obama’s campaign you must have some connection to reality now.

  83. Bennetta Slaughter’s business website; was done by Debbie Cooks company;

  84. Cat Daddy you is on a roll with the quotes!

    “Anne Morrow Lindbergh:

    If one is estranged from oneself, then one is estranged from others too. If one is out of touch with oneself, then one cannot touch others.”

    Individuation notwithstanding we all share some connection, if only in aspects of our existence we have forgotten.

  85. HP,
    Then we be chillin’.

  86. martyrathbun09

    War and Peace, good eye. I tend to agree that the of all the long list of atrocities, the one you have focused upon is perhaps the most destructive in the long term.

  87. War and Peace

    Virgil ~~~

    You have been fed some half truths. Laurie is the Canteen Cashier. Charlie has been no where near the Canteen Cashier’s desk in the last 2 years.

  88. Virgil, Next time you see Charlie please give him my best. He’s one of my all time favorites. LRH said someplace that the people you like best are the ones you never had any ARC breaks with. I’ve never had one with Charlie. I’m glad to hear he’s doing well.

  89. Mickey,

    Thanks, I hadn’t seen that. For those who haven’t read it, the allegation is that Stacy committed suicide as a result of the conditions at the base and because she was unable to see her new husband. Furthermore, it is alleged in that post that someone destroyed the suicide note so that Kendrick Moxon wouldn’t find out. If true, this is huge news and surely represents a crime of some sort. Can anyone corroborate this story???

  90. PH, I got that. My counter point would be to say that I’m not sure anyone, LRH included, knew precisely where “B” in your Demo actually was.

    It’s somewhere “over there” as far as I can tell; more an ideal but I don’t think a static. In other words, it is what we make it, just like this joint’s what we’ve made it.

    The Old Man left some pretty good maps but we still have to see where the road takes us.

    As for how it came undone, well, that’s a story as old as they come. Nothing really new there except to say that we were supposed to be smarter this time and still ended up circling the drain. Flunk!

    I’m not sure you can ever avoid this unless you become suspicious of everyone and behave like a Department of Homeland Thetan Security. There will be those whose apparent theta makes them appear one of us and they’ve got to be right just once and we can never once be wrong. Tough game to win.

    Then there’s the bigger question: do any of us ever truly make it unless the DMs do, too? If not, we’ve got scrub ’em clean and get to the soot off and find the good being buried within.

    So there’s layers and layers and layers to this.

    A good exercise would be to ask yourself: The reason I’ve not resigned myself to lounging by the pool sipping umbrella drinks in perpetuity is …

  91. Hi M6,

    IC = Intelligence Community (though some suggest it is an oxymoron):

    DCI= Director of Central Intelligence, now known as DCIA or Director of Central Intelligence Agency. (see above chart)

  92. Mayo got the Shit kicked out of him in many ways…

  93. Virg,
    Thank you for the good news on Charlie. (Great posts too.)

  94. RJ,
    I looked these ones up while reading your post. I appreciate when you jab away with the intell guys that you speak fast, and have a vocab of acronyms that makes us look like pikers here with the Scn acronyms. For me, not so much or spell them out unless they are obvious or easily looked up. CMF (cheers my friend) 🙂

  95. In response to your comment:

    “The war chest is still there.
    How many years it will last?
    When the war chest finishes; then CofS sistem will collapse and then, THEN we will have a reform.”

    I have been in Scientology for 41 years. I was a very senior exec in the C of S during the decade of the 70s and 80s, when LRH was actively on the lines of church management.

    I’d like to point out that, per LRH, when blatant violations of policy occur (e.g. Scientology being heavily attacked by the Australian government due to violations of the Refund PL) that the Church gets attacked.

    The Church is already under very heavy attack in France and Germany. The name of the Church has been almost completely discredited as a money-mongering cult of “satan worshipers” in the U.S..

    The point is this: long before the “war chest” runs out, the churches could be outlawed by the governments of countries around the world. It could become illegal. This has nearly happened in the past in the US, France, Germany, and Australia that I know about personally.

    We can’t “wait and see” anymore. WE have to ACT now, to prevent the TOTAL demise of the organizations around the world. If Standard Tech is not allowed to be delivered anywhere, by anyone, what will we do then?

  96. I think I will Agree with you. This was more of a pet project of DM and his RTC.

  97. Sharon this link is for you. Keep what works get rid of what holdfs you back. Make your own judgement.

  98. Actually I think the Ol’man had a very good idea where point “B” was in the early ’50’s.

    I also agree with P. Henry, that it is important to find out what went wrong or some day we will find ourselves in the same situation again.

    This is called fully doing a danger condition.

    This was the omitted step with the GO and it looks like despite amputation the same disease that infected the Guardian’s Office has spread through out the entire organization!

    So we omit this step at our peril!

    Not because we want to get somebody but because we want the truth.

    Isn’t that what Scientology is?

    The road to truth!

    Not some pretended “truth” that happens to be more popular and endorsed by pundits who don’t happen to believe in conspiracies and think things just happen by chance or serendipity.

    So I say you have a very valid point P H and I support you 100%.

  99. WH,
    Once again you have hit the nail squarely on the head. Karma does not discriminate…but clean hands = clean karma and vice versa.

  100. Beautiful quote, CD!

  101. martyrathbun09

    RJ wrote: “Actually I think the Ol’man had a very good idea where point “B” was in the early ’50’s.” For those wringing their PTS hands over following DM’s false allusion that he holds some hidden data line clue to the road out, PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF RJ’s COMMENT AND COMPARE IT AGAINST LRH’S ADVICE THAT EVERYTYHING AFTER THE EARLY FIFTIES WAS AN “UNDERCUT.”

  102. New color flash for Int only writings: Black on Blue

    Read, understand or end up black and blue. Be forewarned…..

  103. You’re a feisty one, RJ, and I wouldn’t have you any other way. I laughed the pundit line. I don’t think everything happens by chance but my viewpoint on conspiracies is that it depends on whether they as-is. For instance, all the attention on the JFK assassination leads me to believe that the right Who or Why was never found. But I think that we’re slowly as-ising the dwindling spiral of the CoS.

    On whether Ron had an idea of where “B” was, I’m sure he did. But nothing’s static. So if we’re all stable and Cleared Theta Clears does that mean there won’t be trouble in paradise? The future is what we make of it. All of us.

  104. Damn right. Route 1 from Creation of Human Ability, written in 1954 is about as Point B as one can get. Everything from there is an undercut, starting with Dianetics 55!

  105. Thanks for the link Cat Daddy

    I’m aware of what was done to David, but reading it again makes me realize how much worse it was than I remembered.

  106. Fellow Traveller

    Huck —
    If the chicks in cliques clicking are in the JLo group, where is my application? 🙂

  107. FT, no reservation required! Start clicking but beware that chicks in cliques can cluck, too. 😉

  108. LS, You don’t have to be a Scientologist to see what a disaster psychiatry’s been. You ask Marty about having “some connection to reality now” but I wonder how much reality it’s possible to connect to when your doctor orders you to chew anti-anxiety drugs or SSRIs or anti-psychotics like they’re Skittles?

  109. Thanks MOQ,

    I’ll take that as an instruct and will endeavor to be less cryptic in the future 🙂

    Keep up the good work Jimbo.

    I think Marty made an excellent choice of appointing you Master of Qual.

    Love ya man 🙂

    By the what does CMF mean?

  110. Thought provoking

    Glad you could join our discussion. You bring up some good points. I have been thinking along the same lines albeit more for the sake of those under the heavy abuses needing relief and time is ticking away.

    The recent efforts to disclose and differentiate manangement from the tech are good but they have been ongoing for about a year and a half and we still have execs and staff in the hole. I have not thought of anything different than what Marty is doing now that could speed up the process and yet still keep the integrity of Scientology in for those who do want to continue to do services. I would be most interested in other ideas.

  111. CD.

    Miscavige’s claim that he banned or outlawed the GO was hollow a statement.

    The fact is he eliminated its counterintelligence capabilities by getting rid of Mary Sue who would of probably conducted a full and thorough investigation on what had happened and left it open to further infiltration and then gave a cosmetic change by calling it OSA.

    In fact Jane Kember who was the key instigator behind the various black bag jobs carried out against the IRS was hired back on as a consultant.

    So were many of those indicted and convicted of espionage, who operated out of WISE companies like David Morse and Associates an insurance adjustment company but in reality a cover for OSA activities that were now directly under Miscavige’s control (the GO was originally per policy autonomous).

    I was told by a OSA former GO staff member at Saint Hill formerly GOWW that the staff there is pretty much the same as it was before the FBI raid and that no major changes were made afterward.

    The lack of competence you see is due to the fact that the old guard is now cycling out and is being replaced by kids who are loyal and devoted to Miscavige and know nothing about the “Craft of Intelligence” unlike their counterparts.

    Thus you get these childish efforts like this immature effort to phish Marty’s blog and Religious Fiefdom Watch, both inane activities that act is a smoke screen to their more competent efforts conducted by outside agents and PIs run through the Church’s attorneys who act as cut outs for Miscavige and his wrecking crew and give them plausible deniability.

  112. Thought provoking

    Okay, I’ll add my two cents. LRH mapped it out but we have to travel the path. Even if we were all stable and Cleared Theta Clear, thetans like a game, they like to communicate. As soon as the randomity drops too low we will throw out barriers and create opponents.

    I agree with the idea that LRH thought we had the organization thing under control. He was too far removed and was getting false data regarding the PT scene. As far as he was concerned that whole thing was a done target and his attention wasn’t on it at all.

    I think one thing that needs to be included in the danger handling is truly cracking the glibness on applying KSW1. We have no excuse. It is part of every checksheet and some of us have clay demoed and wordcleared it many times. Yet, if KSW1 had been ruthlessly applied from the beginning, we might have prevented the situation from happening at all or at least from getting so bad. What’s happening now makes Elizabeth NJ seem like a walk in the park. We simply weren’t tiger enough on handling DM’s outright take over of Scientology.

  113. Huckleberry,

    I’m glad you got a little giggle out of my smack back 🙂

    Yes unfortunately there are some wacko conspiracy theories out there, that really muddy the waters!

    The JFK conspiracy has got to rank in the top ten.

    I asked innocently once: “why would CIA endorse a hit on JFK since despite the fact that he said he was going to ‘break them into a thousand pieces and scatter them to the winds’. He gave them all basically what they wanted and more.”

    Only to be accused of either working for the above named agency or being a paid agent.

    This just goes to prove that to many people a conspiracy theory is more like a religion.

    Why confuse ’em with actual facts.

    Like MJ 12 , the “Moon Hoax” or the ever popular 9/11 where they spend most of their time arguing about controlled demolition and engineering theory and totally miss the forest for the trees!

    Myself I prefer what Ron called a “working theory” in several of his GO directives and the fact is many of his theories have been proven to be correct. Like the one connecting US Intelligence agencies to “former” Nazis.

    Though I’ll reject anything about Shriners secretly plotting to take over the world or that the moon landing was actually conducted on a sound stage or MJ 12 documents that are about as reliable as a $3.00 that are much like the “documents” used to malign the Ol’man.

    Just say that I am a very selective crack pot who who requires a lot of research and verification 😉

  114. Mayo hooking up here would be devastating. DM would pay him to do that probably.

  115. Fellow Traveller

    Boy. I’d like to chime in on this. This is a topic unto itself. My understanding of the tech and basic principles leads me to the conclusion that point B per Ron was both a

    known and an unknown or an approximation.

    Axioms 1 and 2, the highest truths or something like that. The remaining are consequences of the first 2.

    So the known B is essentially the as-isness of the current physical universe. Each of us do this on a gradient until we reach the unknown B — what is the next game. Kinda

    heady, even for me.

    Then the issue boils down to confront for me. DM was known and identified back in ’83, perhaps earlier, ref the Dane Tops, David Mayo, Capt Robertson documents if they are to

    be believed. There were a few who confronted the scene, truly confronted it. Most of us were not confronting it. There are probably too many reasons to list. Most will fall

    under some dramatization: PTS (both real and false), ser facs, R6 are my favorites.

    I would love to continue this on its own dedicated blog. If there is interest.

  116. There’s a bit of the selective crack pot in me, too, RJ. I’ve been trying to get to see Sirhan-Sirhan before he drops the body. A pet project of mine. His lawyer’s not very responsive and I think that’s because S-S is out of his mind, as any good drug case would be by now.

    The lawyer did tell me however that they had a hypnotist go in there and discovered the guy is as suggestive as they come. Had him climbing the prison bars like a monkey, then remembering none of it. So good Manchurian Candidate potential.

    The official story of that murder is beyond the pale. Ending the Vietnam War was going to cost too much, so you had the defense contractors as well as the right wing hawks who wanted to wipe out the commies with a vested interest.

    Ok, I’m very much hijacking the thread so end cycle on this for now.

    Thought, Thetans like to create effects; that’s really my point. Playing games is fun – no matter how mischievous – until they stop being games and become serious. You are right about KSW1, it’s no accident he makes us read it again every time we sit in the courseroom.

    And, no, not nearly tiger enough to deal with DM.

  117. Yes us selective crack pots have a higher bar 😉

    I admire your persistence about Sirhan Sirhan. His would be an interesting story if it was ever published.

    Ron mentions him in one of the advices on Rollback, though I can’t remember the exact passage.

    I know very little about the case. So if you’d like to fill me in on the details, you can contact me at

    I’m interested.



  118. Thank you RJ, You and Huck differ slightly in explanation but both I can work with. OSA after the”change”was more or less unchanged but OSA now adays is devoid of competence. In the end it has always been DM pulling the strings.

    With the Harrasement of people C of $ has always been good in fabricating lies. Hence the Camaranonymous Incident.

  119. Just got done with my email, now able to get on the web, finally. Amazing stuff!!

  120. Scientology treatment has been a disaster too often time resulting in people ending their own lives them. This of course was their own choiche. However as long as you live in a society of Laws , You better not undercut those laws. I agree Psychiatry in the States is in a dump. You would not believe how different it is from where I live(the Netherlands). I understand the lobotomy and shock treatment fear. Amnerican Society was trying to “produce”perfect Americans in a Cold War Era.

    That said. In this Case heads should have rolled. C of S has really messed up so many lives it is intollarable.

  121. CD, I try to stay away from generalizations so I no way argue that every psychiatrist and psychologist is Dr Evil.

    But if you look at the history of the occupation, you will find some very, very bad apples. Dictatorships, however, always found psychiatry useful. I’ve posted before about its role in eugenics, Nazism and apartheid South Africa but for some fun reading, investigate the Psikhushkas in the Soviet Union.

    My personal favorite diagnosis is “Sluggishly Progressing Schizophrenia”, where a sufferer believes in “the struggle for truth and justice” in, of course, a paranoid way. People diagnosed as such exhibited no other signs of mental illness, but were very ill and “treated” appropriately in the psikhushkas.

    Whatever you may believe about psychiatry’s intentions, by any measurement what can not be denied is that it has failed to help the mentally ill. Unless you count as help drugging them so they’re vegetative.

    I’m glad it’s better in Holland. So is the football.

    Doe voorzichtig!

  122. Dankjewel Huck, en ook dank je voor de “football”compliment.

    “believes in “the struggle for truth and justice””

    This is a permenant condition of the population of my country seen upon as healthy.

    Every Psychatrist I have met (here) rather not wants to medicate. Yes it is hard to get pills here LOL. I am personnaly very intrested in the current “Brain mapping” with Scans and such.

  123. I agree with you RJ – there are those that run the top 2.5 %. Dont want to sound esoteric, but they are there. They wanted the tech destroyed. They are frightened of able beings.

  124. I agree with you Old Cuff – the New World Order (and read about the UN’s “Agenda 21” – every aspect of our lives controlled). They will dictate everything in your life including your religion. A one world religion is planned. Freezoners got to keep it together.

  125. Re Bennetta and Lisa – yes, it was noted in a folder, after Lisa had originated concerns over Bennetta’s out-ethics in a session, written in red: “BS is an Upstat OT8 in good standing”. Lisa was a threat to Bennetta. This is true.

  126. I spent many years stuck on the question of why would Scn. get rid of well trained, devoted OT staff such as myself and my then husband? And worse, they are still doing that very same thing.
    I’m embarrassed to admit that I never cogged on it until recently. The simple answer is and always has been that SP’s do that. Duh…..They systematically ruin and get rid of the able ones. The ones that could keep the Orgs alive and prospering if only left to do their jobs.
    The positive side of that is that DM is sending more and more of the very best and most able to us.
    What does it say on the Statue of Liberty? “Give us your poor and huddled masses”? Something like that…..:)

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