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45 Days In The Hole – final purges part 4


The level of sadism DM had sunk to since my departure after four days into the Hole in Feb 2004 are enough to boggle any civilized mind. Not only did all of International Management (CMO INT and Exec Strata), and then CO FSO, but also the by-then holed CO FCB (Kirsti Wilhere), and President CSI (Heber Jenzscth – yes, the 75 year old plus several decade face of Scientology) were subjected to these inhumanities.

In the middle of summer 2007, when local temperature regularly rises well above 110 degrees, DM ordered the electricity in the Hole to be cut off for many days at a time.  DM also ordered that the penniless Hole prisoners pay for their own food. What they paid for was, as one survivor described it,  “slop” or like “gruel” Oliver Twist style.  For breakfast it was only oatmeal, and all other meals were slop. Everybody had to wait in line and pay before eating. There were more than one hundred people there.

The same Korean brainwashing technique of physically forcing Holers to give confessions to the group were still going on daily; a practice DM instituted in 1998, and intensified in late 2003. Remember again, this is mid 2007.

In order to add insult to injury, DM had U Haul trucks pull up outside, and U Haul boxes brought in to let all participants know he was serious with his threats, “I’m going offload all of you.” I am sure most would gladly have been offloaded, but after several years of mind torture they no doubt understood there was no way out.

On many occasions the Holee’s were ordered to run a few hundred yards to the Cine Conference room where DM held court during event preparations.  He would interrupt whatever he was doing to go out to the front lawn where the Holees had to stand for high volume toastings and severe degradation adjustments. They had to stand at attention for receipt of long, profanity laced dress downs of some or all of them depending on his mood.

One day DM announced to the assembled in the Hole that Marc Yager (one time CO CMO INT/WDC Chairman) and Guillaume Lesevre (one time ED INT) were homosexual and were engaged in a gay relationship. To those who have read my full blog and Scientology-cult.com you’d know that by that time, DM had been alleging this to the entire crew for ten years.  But, for Debbie, Kristie (exCO FCB) and Heber, it was news.

Debbie was there when DM announced that Tom Cruise would come the next day to “punch you guys out” if the one hundred Holee’s failed to get a confession out of Guillaume and Marc.

When DM left Jenny Linsen Devocht, Angie Blankenship, and Lisa Schroer (who were DM’s pets at the time, sort of in charge of the Hole while being Holed themselves) decided that the Holees collectively will “give some people some black eyes before Tom has to.”  Russ Bellin (once CO CST) lead the charge of the bigger and stronger men in the hole who began the beat downs of Yager, Guillaume and Ray Mithoff (once Snr CS INT). The crew battered Marc, Guillaume and Ray. In the psychotic frenzy even Norman Starkey and Heber sustained some collateral damage.  Debbie  managed not to participate in the carnage. 

When DM returned for a report, Lisa Schroer (who remained a DM pet throughout given her position as CO of  Gold, that handles the only product he gives a damn about, Events)  in her inimitable fashion, started embellishing the forced confessions allegedly gotten from Guillaume and Yager while under legally recognized conditions of torture. Lisa dutifully reported that Guillaume and Yager had in fact confessed to having a homosexual relationship. 

Debbie tried to correct the report, interjecting that they never really confessed as Lisa was reporting. DM shut her up in a heartbeat. Once DM left, Lisa Schroer , who was a little more in charge of the Hole at the time than Jenny and Angie, briefed the Holees what a treasonous “bitch”  Debbie was for “defending” Marc and Guillaume. She was accused of being “mutual out ruds” for having sided with the victims of torture.  That included loud accusations from Lisa, Angie and Jenny that Debbie “must be a lesbo.”

For the next twelve hours Debbie was made to stand in a large garbage can and face one hundred people screaming at her demanding a confession as to her “homosexual tendancies”.  While this was going on water was poured over her head.  Signs were put around Debbie’s neck, one marked in magic marker “LESBO” while this torture proceeded.  Debbie was repeatedly slapped across the face by other women in the room during the interrogation. Debbie never did break.  And fittingly she was rewarded with what turned out to be a break in another sense of the word.

When I confirmed all of these facts with multiple sources, I knew without a doubt there was no turning back for me. 

I well remember the purpose of the Sea Org.