Daily Archives: February 12, 2010

Independent and Proud

  I have told a number of friends that there will come a day when we know we have accomplished a major target in the mission to salvage the subject of Scientology from the havoc the church is playing with it. That benchmark will be achieved when the following scenario becomes common place: Someone mentions that he or she is a Scientologist to someone generally uninformed on the subject. The second person then asks the Scientologist, “are you with the church, or are you an independent?” When this becomes common then we’ll have achieved stripping the subject from the atrocities of the organization in the minds of the general public. Once people know you aren’t a bot with no imagination or confront, they will actually start inquiring about the subject and listening to what you have to say about it. That has been my experience on a one to one basis.

 An independent Scientologist sent the following email to Bill Handel a talk radio host broadcast on KFI in Los Angeles. The entire email was read on the air. While the discussion went to the j and d side with references to Xenu and the playing of Cruise’s DM directed IAS medal rambling the host seemed intrigued about the idea that there was an independent movement afoot separate and apart from the church.

Hi Bill, I listen to your show every day on my way to work. I heard your segment ridiculing Scientologists and their efforts to help with the disaster recovery in Haiti. I felt it was ill informed and filled with inflammatory rhetoric. You are attacking the wrong target here. Scientologists as individuals are among the kindest, most ethical people you could ever want to know. I can also tell you that there are serious problems with the church management that are causing trouble for the parishioners and staff members of the Church of Scientology, let alone the public at large. Many parishioners are now abandoning the formal organization of the church and declaring themselves Independent Scientologists. They have been doing so since the mid-eighties. 

 As you know, virtually all of the founders of other religious movements – Jesus Christ, Mohammed, The Buddha, Abraham, et. al. left a legacy that has seen the organizers and followers of those great religious movements go on to pervert and corrupt the revered tenets and foundational principles of their own religious organizations over time. Scientologists are no different. However, if you were to count the outpoints regarding the Church of Scientology, I think you would find that they are attributable to a very different “who” and “why” than the innocent scientology parishioners that you routinely attack and ridicule.     

 All I am saying is, if you are going to report on this subject, please do us a favor and do some real research on the goings on within the Church of Scientology. If, after you have done your research (which should include interviewing members of the church and Independent Scientologists) feel free to attack or support the right target. By the way, I am a 25 year Scientologist, 16 years as an independent.  

 Incidentally, this independent has done more to defend the VM’s than DM or Tommy combined from what I can tell.

 Finally, the independent told me that for  many years he has been embarrassed to mention he was a Scientologist. He said with the events that have unfolded in our community over the past several months, that is no longer the case. He is for the first time proud to call himself a Scientologist to his friends and business contacts and has no back off on talking about the subject.  He just makes it clear he’s an independent one.