Daily Archives: February 14, 2010



By Sarge.

I’ve been thinking. Maybe poetic justice for DM would be for his ‘trusted’ friends to keep him safe and secure. Give him his own beautiful place far away from any org. Give him lots of horses, buffalo,cattle, etc. His most loyal idiot would run it for him to make him feel safe. With the impending legal suits against him ‘trusted’ friends could hide him away where only his trusted friends (such a thing?) knew where he was. His trusted friends could relay com and filter it so not to ‘upset’ him. Maybe his ‘trusted’ friends could feed him false data about his family, false stats to make him happy and impotent and explain how bad it would be if he were free again. After all his ‘trusted’ friends would provide his every need and take care of him. Maybe his ‘trusted’ friends could help him with his legal problems even if it took forever, well at least he is safe and doesn’t have to worry about work or clearing the planet etc. After all his ‘trusted’ friends are taking care of that stuff for him. Money would not be a problem. Of course his ‘trusted’ friends have expenses too. When he dies his ‘trusted’ friends would bring their best silver pie knives and ensure his legacy. They would take care of everything! Ya think? And yes, his ‘trusted’ friends would be laughing when others were crying. Only, I don’t think they’d be crying over DM.