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On DM’s Behavior

by Mike Rinder 

There has been some discussion concerning why people continue to listen to Miscavige when his actions are so contrary to those of a real Scientologist.

Even those who have left wonder why it took them so long to come to their senses. And then when they have seen the light, they ponder how it is that so many others continue – in the face of overwhelming evidence – to act like lemmings.

There are many reasons why people don’t just walk away – Sea Org members make an eternal commitment to forwarding the Aims of Scientology and to leave the Sea Org appears to be a betrayal of LRH; many have family members who would disconnect if they left; others have no experience in the outside world and don’t know how they will make a living; and the biggest threat of all looms large to those on the inside – the apparent loss of their eternity.

But still, it is puzzling how people can witness the most brutal and demeaning actions carried out by DM and not come to their senses.

LRH gives an answer in PAB 13 ON HUMAN BEHAVIOR, written in 1953.

It is a briefing to auditors on the importance of knowing the most aberrated and most aberrative types of personality.

In this PAB, LRH says:

What we will call the aberrative personality does the following things:

1. Everything bad that happened to the preclear was (a) ridiculous, (b)

unimportant, (c) deserved.

2. Everything the preclear and others did to the aberrative person was (a)

very important, (b) very bad, (c) irremediable.

3. Those things which the preclear could do (a) were without real value,

(b) were done better by the aberrative personality or by others.

4. Sexual restraint or perversion.

5. Inhibition of eating.

Anyone who has had the misfortune of dealing directly with David Miscavige will instantly recognize these characteristics. The constant negation of anyone around him, with vehement accusations that “everyone” is incompetent, and he is the “only one” that can do anything. His repeated refrain that people are “pretending” to be tired (after endless nights of little or no sleep trying to get his unreal orders done while he sleeps a full night every night – unless he chooses to stay up and then uses this to loudly proclaim how little sleep he is getting while “everyone else” is in bed asleep). He is often heard loudly proclaiming that the “incompetence” of all those around him is “literally killing him, by forcing him to work himself to death”. Should anyone protest or react to the indignities and suffering he doles out he accuses them of “dramatizing”. He repeatedly regales those around him with highly degraded and pornographic descriptions of their supposed sexual perversions, while claiming to be completely virtuous himself and sleeping in a separate bed from his wife to prove it (though others have noted his attraction to his Communicator Lou). He routinely orders others onto rice and beans for weeks or months on end, or even having them fed scraps in the Hole (which had to be paid for), while he eats a special diet and has a full time chef to cater to his desires.

This of course, is only a brief summation. One only need look at the many accounts in the media or on the internet for personal experiences of numerous individuals that cover each of the points 1 through 5 above in far more detail. And while the Church tries to claim that every one of them is a bald-faced liar and “nothing really happened to them” (though they never seem able to come up with a motivation for so many people lying – other than the bizarre allegation that Marty Rathbun and I are being paid by the pharmaceutical companies), there are numerous people who have observed the facts. And there is no doubt that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of others who would tell the same stories of their experiences if they weren’t being coerced into silence either by threat of disconnection from their families, loss of job or legal action being brought against them.

While there is much more in this PAB that describes Miscavige to a “T”, there are a few select passages that seem especially appropriate:

They speak very sternly of honesty or ethics and put on a formidable front of complete legality. They are impartial, which is to say they are incapable of decision but ride continually a maybe. They close terminals easily with courts, for courts are, sad to say, more or less of this disposition themselves. They feel called upon at no pretext to become adjudicative on subjects where their opinion has not been invited.

Anyone who has ever done the work on a project and had to get it approved by Miscavige recounts a familiar tale. And don’t doubt that he insisted on approving everything – anyone who attempted to take any action of significance in Scientology without his approval was accused of trying to “take over” and declared a Treasonous SP. Submissions he demands instantly one day then sit with him for days or weeks or even months (while rather than reviewing them, he spends hours berating people that he is too busy to be able to get all the work done that everyone forces on him). And when he does finally review the submission it is returned with a scathing reject informing the person that they are stupid, incompetent, suppressive and trying to destroy him by sending him a suppressive proposal. This can go on for months. It is one (though perhaps not the most important) of the reasons why the Super Power building has never been completed. Over 20 years there have been literally thousands of hours of staff and professional time (let alone money) putting together submissions to go to Miscavige that he didn’t approve.

Again, read the numerous accounts in the media and on the internet. It is a hallmark of Miscavige to demand that he approve everything, but refuse to accept any proposal that is made.

LRH goes on to say:

It will often be discovered by the auditor that the preclear has “swapped terminals” with these aberrative persons. The weight of aberration is such that the preclear has been swung into the valence of such people, for they have obviously won.

Virtually everyone around him eventually goes into his valence to one degree or another. And then having committed similar overts of their own, are far less likely to criticize what Miscavige does. This point doesn’t require much explication – just look at Tom Cruise.

It should be understood that anyone going down tone scale in moments of anger is apt to use the above-numbered steps one way or another. But this is a momentary thing; the above steps belong, of course, on the tone scale and are significant of a level on the tone scale. Thus, one going down tone scale into anger or into apathy, is inclined to use these operations momentarily. This is quite different from the aberrative personality. The aberrative personality is at work with this operation 24 hours a day.

Ceaselessly, relentlessly, calculatingly, with full knowingness, the aberrative personality continues this onslaught against those around him.

This is exactly what life around the Machiavellian Midget is like. It is all day long, ceaseless and relentless. And it doesn’t even stop after he goes to bed. Nobody secures until he retires to his private quarters, but many have experienced the nightmare of finally getting into bed, only to be woken up again for more harassment if Dear Leader was unable to sleep. Or he remembered something you had failed to comply with that he hadn’t berated you enough for during the day.

But, there is more. Ever wondered about his fixation on Idle Org buildings? Or his insistence that audio/visual replace real Scientologists in every Div 6 in the world? Or his need for dozens of expensive suits, luxury cars, exotic motorcycles, lavish living quarters?

These people, being well downscale, are very close to MEST and have a very solid agreement with MEST.

Or, how about his bizarre fascination and compulsion to be with Tom Cruise? It goes beyond the MEST – his private jet and home in Telluride for skiing getaways etc etc. There is something more to it than that, as LRH describes:

Men in the field of the arts are very often victimized by these aberrative personalities. The “merchant of fear” closes terminals rapidly with any area which contains a great deal of admiration. … There is hardly a man of art or letters who does not bear on him the scar of having associated with a “merchant of fear,” for these are vampire personalities. They are themselves so starved of admiration and of sensation that they drink out of others around them any possible drop of admiration in any form. Where a woman becomes a “merchant of fear,” sexual starvation is continually attempting satiation and all the while the “merchant of fear” will protest and, to all visible signs, follow a life of complete celibacy.

But, in spite of all that, can you REALLY be sure that he is in fact an aberrative personality? LRH gives one sure fire way of telling:

Now in case you err and try to apply this classification too widely, there is one definite characteristic you must not overlook. This characteristic makes the difference between the aberrative personality and run-of-the-mill human beings. The secrecy computation is the clue. The best index to a secrecy computation is a refusal to be audited. Because of this factor of the secrecy computation, and for no other factor, it chances to follow that the aberrative personality can be known by his refusal to have any auditing of any kind, or, if he has any auditing, accepts it very covertly and will not permit it to have any effect upon him. He will not have a second session. He has all manner of excuses for this such as “altitude,” but in any way, shape or form he escapes auditing. If your preclear’s unwilling to be audited, he himself may fall into this classification.

One definite characteristic? Those who have been around DM know he refuses to be audited by ANYONE. He claims that everyone is out tech. Ray Mithoff, who LRH trusted as his auditor and senior technical terminal on the planet is unqualified and “criminally out tech” according to DM. What about all those people in RTC who decide who is or who isn’t an in-tech auditor and sit in judgment on the TRs and metering of every auditor on the planet. Surely they are qualified to audit Dear Leader? When Marty Rathbun was the highest official in RTC and was entrusted by DM to exclusively audit the top celebrities and VIPs, Marty had the temerity to suggest to Shelly Miscavige that maybe Dave might need a session since he was sick as a dog and that he would be happy to provide it. Shelly looked like a doe stuck in the headlights. From that point forward Marty, who up to that point could do no wrong in DM’s eyes – after bailing him out of a heap of trouble on numerous occasions – was a marked man. And, of course, there never was a session!

But, the point of this essay was to explain why people listen to this little monster. And LRH describes why this happens.

The society at large is so accustomed to association with MEST and the “merchant of fear” so closely approximates some of the characteristics of MEST—the maybe, for instance—that the public quite commonly misassigns strength to such aberrative personalities and thinks of them as strong people or as wise people. They are neither strong nor wise, and before an even indifferently forceful attack quickly capitulate. They live their whole lives in terror of attack.

And with all that said, there is one last, vitally important sentence that explains the phenomenon of DM:

Because justice in this society prides itself upon impartiality, these impartial people—the aberrative personalities—are quite often listened to by those around them.

Look at all the fawning lemmings who worship the private jet he flies in and the ground he drives his BMW on. They believe what he tells them, though it may be demonstrably untrue. They believe his stories of “massive”, “straight up and vertical” expansion. They believe he is “saving the tech” (from what it is always unclear – some “SPs” somewhere) and “carrying on LRH’s legacy.”

But, this too will come to pass. Every person who sees the truth and steps out of the shadow of this aberrative personality tips the scales a little more towards the end of the insanity and a return to a true Golden Age of Scientology where freedom of thought, action and belief once again reigns.