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Shane and Chrissie Pearlman Weightman Prevail!

  I attended a very important event last Friday at Mary Jo Leavitt’s home in Los Angeles. It was the wedding party of Chrissie Pearlman and Shane Weightman.

 Do you all remember the level of energy Chrissie created when she announced on this blog that despite the C of M’s best efforts (and war chest to finance it) she was going to walk out with her boyfriend Shane? If not, here is the link https://markrathbun.wordpress.com/2010/01/08/

 Well, the party was befitting of the OT achievement Chrissie pulled off. Thirty independent souls made it a night to remember. Personally, I’ve never attended a more fun and fullfilling event. The atmosphere was like a Scientology Mission public party from the seventies – and so much more. I had the opportunity to have a meaningful conversation with just about everybody there. No cliques, no downtone j and d, just pure theta from a bunch of extraordinary folk.

a good portion of the crew

 At one point I heard loud voices on Mary Jo’s front balcony overlooking the street. When I went to investigate I found fifteen people lustily cheering Mary Jo’s son Gregory , her daugther Joanna, and Chrissie’s daughter Breyana. The three were in the street below confronting the well manned PI’s corps DM had sent. And the PI’s were speeding off like cockroaches stunned by the light.

Mary Jo not only raised two extraordinary offspring, she has created a home where everyone feels welcome and special. She is one charming, warm, and theta being. 

Host Mary Jo with the bride and groom

I was honored to be chosen to toast Chrissie and Shane.

at the original toast

 I was caught by surprise and did not really do it justice. So, I decided to write one befitting the ocassion:

 To Shane and Chrissie, and for that matter Sam

who braved the entheta, stood and said “no” to the man

 With Shane firmly in their suppressive physical grip

the C of M thought they would pry Romeo from Juliette

 But they underestimated Chrissie who arrived in the UK

over the Atlantic by jet she came to save the day

 Waves of lies and alloying of affinity did Shane withstand

because a woman on fire decided DM wasn’t strong enough to take her man

 Independent and United! Raise your glasses to Chrissie and Shane

now a legendary example of the power of the spirit of play!

Finally –  for Chrissie, Mary Jo, Mosey, and the many other strong women in our universes: