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Miscavige’s War on the Media

DM’s henchmen Mike Sutter and Hansuili are criss crossing the world telling Scientology public that “everybody knows” the SP Times just “has it in for Scientology.”  They’ve argued that the fact that hardly any national media have run the Times’ stories on Scientology that is  proof that the St Pete Times made up the facts for their several series on Scientology published since last  June.

Now the Washington Post has reported that DM has hired “award winning” journalists to investigate the SP Times.


To understand how devious and unethical Tommy and DM have become, I highly recommend you listen to this radio show on the matter. Listen through to the end. While these “journalists” signed contracts that required the Church to release the entire report or none of it, Tommy  has already breached the contract, leaking to the media his characterization of it, saying it is unfavorable to the Times.


Why do I refer to the church’s hired “journalists” in quotation marks?  Because the whores never did an investigation. How do I know?  Because they never bothered to interview Mike Rinder and I who were central participants from the outset in the Times’ series.  I have worked on PR lines and with 60 Minutes, 20/20, NY Times, LA Times, and a host of others for 22 years – and never, NEVER, have I witnessed a media outlet more thoroughly investigate (down to multiple cross-corroboration, anad dotting i’s and crossing t’s) as the St Pete Times has done over the past year. NEVER.

Now, to fully appreciate what a depraved rat Miscavige is I am going to repeat some background. I have said much of this before, but sometimes the rudiments bear repetition.

In 1998, I spent several months lobbying the SP Times, and preparing them for an interview they had requested of Miscavige.  Mike Rinder and I spent many days plying Joe Childs and Tom Tobin with documents and tours of facilities, and many stage-managed and rehearsed interviews with pre-selected staff and celebrities for this all-imporant profile on Miscavige.   I probably had on the order of several dozen meetings and phone calls with Childs, Tobin, and the Time’s Publisher trying to spin and control the matter.

Of course, anyone who has read the June 2009 St Pete Times series knows that Mike and I both lied for Miscavige during that 98 profile.

Ok, so the profile of DM runs on the front page of St Pete Times in late 98.  DM is infatuated with it. He thinks it has capture what a bad ass, tough guy, no nonsense executive he is.  DM ordered hundreds of copies be distributed all throughout the FSO/FLB orgs.  DM had dozens of copies shipped on the first flight from Clearwater. He had the fr0nt cover, with his tough guy mug shot, pinned to bulletin boards, and easels throughout Internationa headquarters. DM made a special trip to the St Pete Times to profusely thank Mr. Childs and Mr. Tobin for their jounalistic prowess.

Now, Mike Rinder can confirm all that and the following.  Once the “product” was gotten, DM – as is his habit – wrote Mike and I out of the history of the evolution. DM ranted to a full WDC/CMOI/Exec strata conference room on numerous occasions how he, DM, was the ONLY guy who could handle a PR cycle – he was the ONLY guy with such a product: the St Pete Times profile on him. He explained that he worked for years to win over Tobin and Childs to understanding just what a powerful guy DM is.

Now, in May 2009 when the Times asked for DM’s interview to answer to what I had disclosed, DM went on the lam. That is right, he has been hiding from the Times and me like a fugutive facing a murder rap. I was just at the Int Base last week for an hour and a half.  DM has built himself a NEW 2 million dollar compound withinm the compound, with new towering , thick walls then surrounded by his existing electronic metal perimeter fence.  In one and one half hours there, not ONE, NOT ONE, staff member showed his/her face. Even the guard booth was shuttered.  If you watched the video interviews of me on the SP Times website, you’ll know I spent nearly a year of my life awaiting the promised confrontation with DM on the subject of Black Dianetics. The punk remains a fugutive from me, going on six years now.

Now, DM has bought off and intimidated Time Warner and its branch CNN, shuddering them into silence. I am investigating his buying off Associated Press and CBS. You WILL DEFINITELY be hearing particulars about these matters. I don’t have the slightest back off; I spent three years in indy media investigating the buying off of the US media over the past two decades. It was one of the reasons I chose only to talk to the Times initially. They are one of only a handful of large media outlets not owned by for profit corporations dedicated to suppressing news that might reveal their own greed and crimes.

Now, for this punk (and I am sorry if that type of language offends anyone, but after a walk by the boat canal to cool off, I still can’t come up with a more appropriate term for this guy) to have the moxie to hire “award winning journalists” to investigate and black PR  the ONLY media outlet (but for ABC Nightline) that wasn’t for sale, and went ahead and investigated his serial, habitual FELONIES and HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS – I am sorry, even though I am a busy individual, I am going to see to it  – one way of the other – that justice prevails.

Rinder and I have said from the beginning that this story is like Watergate. The evil and corruption involved in the cover up will far overshadow the underlying crimes (as unconscionable as they are).