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Listen, Don’t Look – latest in Reverse Scientology

  I reckon that most everybody who ever held a post for long in the church remembers the LRH adage, “Look, Don’t Listen.” It served a lot of people well. Now the C of M is doing everything in its power to get Scientologists to listen to DM’s claptrap in lieu of looking at the chaos and destruction he has sown.

 Rebel recently posted a little something about OT VIIIs being hounded not to read the internet, http://leavingscientology.wordpress.com/2010/02/02/the-last-roundup/. Well, he wasn’t joking and now we have some evidence of just how desperate the controlled thought process is becoming within the C of M.

 Back story: For a decade and a half Scientologists were urged to contribute to their local orgs so as to make them the size of Old St Hill as LRH postulated. DM dangled the promise of the release of OT IX and X as the prize when the target was met. DM did this knowing he hasn’t a clue how to compile OT IX and X and couldn’t deliver on the promise if he ever intended to. When his imprisonment and torture of International Management resulted in orgs contracting rather than expanding, he announced a brave new plan: forget the St Hill Size Orgs, and build empty cathedrals.

 Since more and more O.T.s have started opening their eyes and seeing through DM’s smoke and mirrors, it seems C of M has reached a new level of desperation in attempting to suppress free speech and thought. He has gone from using a false promise to try to garner cooperation in building orgs, to now threatening to withhold that false promise if people do not shut their eyes and ears to what is REALLY going on.

 About three weeks ago Public Officer FSO ordered LA area OT VIIs and VIIIs to attend a mandatory briefing. The word in the Scientology street was that it was another in a series of FSO and FSSO tour actions demanding Scientologists stay off the internet and inform on their friends and family members who were exposing themselves to information about Scientology not authorized by C of M. Accordingly, precious few showed for the “briefing.”

 Several days later the Public Officer came back for another go at it, with the demand stepped up along the lines of “you had better show up.” Again, turn out was dismal.

 Yesterday round three was kicked off. Only this time it is an Flag “Ethics” tour. Get a load of the email that was sent from the Flag MAA to the 800 (FSO’s calculation) OT VIIs and OT VIIIs in the LA area:

  TO:    OT VIIs and OT VIIIs (LA area)

FROM:    Flag MAA @ LA (Project)

    Dear All,

    I am quite shocked as to how few OT VIIs and OT VIIIs came to
the Mandatory meeting a couple of weeks ago. I am also shocked as
to how few who were absent actually have come into the FSC WUS
office to fill out the interrog. There are roughly 800 OT VIIs and
OT VIIIs in the LA area and I have only seen a fraction.

    This must change at once.

    For those who showed up to the last meeting and to those who
have since come into the FSC WUS Office, that is better than the
rest. HCO PL KNOWELDGE REPORTS applies, and you must handle your
fellow OT VIIs and VIIIs.

     The Public Officer FSO and I have quite a bit to go over and
exciting things are on the horizon. Every OT VII and VIII is to be
at the meeting tomorrow night at 7pm at the ASHO Chapel. This is
not an option.

    The future of our religion depends on it, as well as the future
release of OT IX and X. You are at the top of the Bridge and are
expected to make this happen. Those who are carrying their weight
will be noted.

     Austin Voss
    Flag MAA @ LA (Project)

 The interrog referred to reportedly asks for the names of all people the OT VIIs and OT VIIIs know who have read anything about Scientology on the internet.

 As you can see DM has apparently decided to threaten their immortal futures by making their becoming willing, compliant informants to suppress knowledge a precedent to OT IX and X coming out.

 The Flag MAA’s email states emphatically, “This must change at once.”

 Let me assure you Austin, and DM for that matter, in the words of the immortal Sam Cooke, “it’s been a long, long time coming, but I know a change gonna come…oh, yes it will.”