Daily Archives: February 5, 2010


You all ever despair that we aren’t heard?  Take a look at the latest promo for the C of M, for the LV Idle Org where DM will  be this weekend, no less.

Cramming Order – David Miscavige

report to MOQ for cramming

Outness noted: First of all, well done on taking our cue and  at least trying to promote LRH’s definition of the attitude of a Scientologist. But flunk on the promo piece. That is more like posed cheerfulness (with more than a hint of PTSness evident).  In order to demonstrate insouciance, you’ve got to walk the walk.  Roberto Sanchez is insouciant. Chrissie Pearlman is insouciant. Sam Domingo is insouciant. Mary Jo Leavitt is insouciant.  Hell, your Cramming Officer (MOQ) is damn insouciant. The lives of the independents listed on this blog are your Art Series 8.  Good on trying to talk the talk. Flunk on not even trying to walk the walk. You can’t fake insouciance. First thing you’ve got to do is de-power the reign of terror hanging over everybody’s heads.  Now, for you, that is a real trick. But I am sure if anybody can sort you out, the MOQ can.

Recommended handling:

1. Fly all Cram ruds.

2. More intense study of the Independent movement, maybe even some participation, as that is definitely your Art Series 8.

Jimbo, you all set? By the way Jim, please also cram on routing policies and on cleaning cleans. He sent the damn promo to Dave Adams and Jamie Sorrentini.  Now Dave Adams doesn’t need any lessons in inscouciance. And we all know Jamie Sorrentini is insouciant. Tiziano Lugli is insouciant. Cathy Greenbaum is insouciant…………etc and et al…you get the point.