45 Days In The Hole – final purges part 4


The level of sadism DM had sunk to since my departure after four days into the Hole in Feb 2004 are enough to boggle any civilized mind. Not only did all of International Management (CMO INT and Exec Strata), and then CO FSO, but also the by-then holed CO FCB (Kirsti Wilhere), and President CSI (Heber Jenzscth – yes, the 75 year old plus several decade face of Scientology) were subjected to these inhumanities.

In the middle of summer 2007, when local temperature regularly rises well above 110 degrees, DM ordered the electricity in the Hole to be cut off for many days at a time.  DM also ordered that the penniless Hole prisoners pay for their own food. What they paid for was, as one survivor described it,  “slop” or like “gruel” Oliver Twist style.  For breakfast it was only oatmeal, and all other meals were slop. Everybody had to wait in line and pay before eating. There were more than one hundred people there.

The same Korean brainwashing technique of physically forcing Holers to give confessions to the group were still going on daily; a practice DM instituted in 1998, and intensified in late 2003. Remember again, this is mid 2007.

In order to add insult to injury, DM had U Haul trucks pull up outside, and U Haul boxes brought in to let all participants know he was serious with his threats, “I’m going offload all of you.” I am sure most would gladly have been offloaded, but after several years of mind torture they no doubt understood there was no way out.

On many occasions the Holee’s were ordered to run a few hundred yards to the Cine Conference room where DM held court during event preparations.  He would interrupt whatever he was doing to go out to the front lawn where the Holees had to stand for high volume toastings and severe degradation adjustments. They had to stand at attention for receipt of long, profanity laced dress downs of some or all of them depending on his mood.

One day DM announced to the assembled in the Hole that Marc Yager (one time CO CMO INT/WDC Chairman) and Guillaume Lesevre (one time ED INT) were homosexual and were engaged in a gay relationship. To those who have read my full blog and Scientology-cult.com you’d know that by that time, DM had been alleging this to the entire crew for ten years.  But, for Debbie, Kristie (exCO FCB) and Heber, it was news.

Debbie was there when DM announced that Tom Cruise would come the next day to “punch you guys out” if the one hundred Holee’s failed to get a confession out of Guillaume and Marc.

When DM left Jenny Linsen Devocht, Angie Blankenship, and Lisa Schroer (who were DM’s pets at the time, sort of in charge of the Hole while being Holed themselves) decided that the Holees collectively will “give some people some black eyes before Tom has to.”  Russ Bellin (once CO CST) lead the charge of the bigger and stronger men in the hole who began the beat downs of Yager, Guillaume and Ray Mithoff (once Snr CS INT). The crew battered Marc, Guillaume and Ray. In the psychotic frenzy even Norman Starkey and Heber sustained some collateral damage.  Debbie  managed not to participate in the carnage. 

When DM returned for a report, Lisa Schroer (who remained a DM pet throughout given her position as CO of  Gold, that handles the only product he gives a damn about, Events)  in her inimitable fashion, started embellishing the forced confessions allegedly gotten from Guillaume and Yager while under legally recognized conditions of torture. Lisa dutifully reported that Guillaume and Yager had in fact confessed to having a homosexual relationship. 

Debbie tried to correct the report, interjecting that they never really confessed as Lisa was reporting. DM shut her up in a heartbeat. Once DM left, Lisa Schroer , who was a little more in charge of the Hole at the time than Jenny and Angie, briefed the Holees what a treasonous “bitch”  Debbie was for “defending” Marc and Guillaume. She was accused of being “mutual out ruds” for having sided with the victims of torture.  That included loud accusations from Lisa, Angie and Jenny that Debbie “must be a lesbo.”

For the next twelve hours Debbie was made to stand in a large garbage can and face one hundred people screaming at her demanding a confession as to her “homosexual tendancies”.  While this was going on water was poured over her head.  Signs were put around Debbie’s neck, one marked in magic marker “LESBO” while this torture proceeded.  Debbie was repeatedly slapped across the face by other women in the room during the interrogation. Debbie never did break.  And fittingly she was rewarded with what turned out to be a break in another sense of the word.

When I confirmed all of these facts with multiple sources, I knew without a doubt there was no turning back for me. 

I well remember the purpose of the Sea Org.

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  1. Marty, If this is able to be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, I don’t see how it would not be the subject of criminal proceedings. This one literally stopped me cold- I am still groping for adequate words.

  2. Fellow Traveller

    Wow. This is an incredible display. I have no idea why I respond. Only to attempt to convey some sense of compassion.

    I am reminded of something from “The Basics of Ethics”

    Fair use quote begins:
    “All too often, however, the bank is triggered
    by an out-ethics situation and, if the individual has no tech with which to handle it analytically, his “handling” is to mock-up motivators.”

    “I have found that Man cannot be trusted with justice. The truth is, Man cannot be trusted with “punishment”. With it he does not really seek
    discipline, he wreaks injustice.” He dramatizes his inability to get his own ethics in by trying to get others to get their ethics in;…”
    End of fair use quote.

    That only says LRH saw this dramatization. It in no way excuses what is happening.

    What is greatness? My first answer right now is I’d like to contemplate that over the barrel of smoking gun.

  3. By the end of 2003 I’d had my personal realization that, as LRH says, a stuck flow never flows weaker, it only flows harder. This post confirms what LRH had observed. Holy moley. My fingers are speechless.

  4. This account of life in the hole just makes me weep. My god.

    At first it struck me how much this matches accounts of prisoner of war camps, then it
    it was obviously more similar to a mental
    ward, being run by the insane.

    Can’t we help these people? They need to be
    gotten out of there. They’re lost to themselves – they’ve forgotten what sanity is. They are in hell.

    Somebody call the police!

  5. There is a time to be on the internet and tapping on a keyboard. And there is a time to do something else. Appears its time to do something else.

  6. Marty,

    As you know, this is unfortunately merely a brief glimpse of the insanity and only touches on the mental and physical torture that was rained down on the “Holees”.

    Right now, you are the loudest voice raised in protest over the barbarisms of DM — but soon there will be such a roar, coming from so many sources, it will be deafening.

    The media may be worried about the threats they get over reporting these atrocities (because the “Holees”, just like Korean prisoners of war write affidavits that say it “never happened”), but soon that too will fall by the wayside as they cannot ignore the number of people confirming these hideous facts.

    Of one thing we can all be absolutely certain — the truth WILL prevail, no matter how long it takes. It’s just a matter of persisting and you set the finest example there can be of carrying on in the face of incredible odds.

    Thanks again for all you do.


  7. There are no words.

  8. This makes my blood boil. I witnessed a lot of this kind of sick sadism while I was there, up to 2005, and I can see it has gotten even worse. Unfortunately, there are people there – Lisa Allen (Schroer), Jenny Linson (deVocht) and Angie Blankenship – who will engage in any sick, twisted, sadistic behavior in order to curry favor with Miscavige and become his favored pets. Henning Bendirff was another one – used to regularly slam my head into my computer keyboard to maintain his position as one of DM’s pets. It is these sick people who make DM’s destructive regime possible – his “enforcers.” The good news is that their cruel, perverse, insane, psychotic, inhuman and (insert any other adjectives here) behavior is being exposed bit by disgusting bit for all the world to see – including their families on the outside.

  9. So…..that is what our donations bought.

    Still shocked


  10. What an incredibly gruesome account – like something out of Auschwitz, and going on for years! The contagion on the subject of 2D is quite bizarre!

    I would bet that going on the redeye to Tampa and parroting those lies from DM at the St Pete Times for the inmates was a pleasure cruise equivalent and Guantanamo a summer camp.

    I’m very glad Debbie is out and free.

    I wish OSHA would do inspections like they threatened.

  11. Can someone please verify if Jenny Linson is Lil Linson (scientologist) and Art Linson’s (famous movie director – non scientologist) daughter.

    Once verified that she is — I am going to get in touch with a friend who is a very highly placed screenwriter in Hollywood.

    He’ll get in touch with Art. OR he’ll write the screenplay.

    This is beyond appalling. I am amazed that Debbie has come out of this in one piece.

    And my heart is breaking for Heber. I can still hear him singing– My Dog Blue — (yes, Heber was quite the actor and singer).


  12. martyrathbun09

    WH, indeed, it is the Jenny Linson (Art’s daughter). Yes, Heber could sing. And he could light up a room – without a script. Until DM extinguished the flame. One of my sub targets, it freeing Heber in particular and rekindling the fire. He is a very good friend.

  13. martyrathbun09

    Mike, as you know, I’m with you. Unfortunately, DM has paid and intimidated some outlets into silence (a future series of posts will appear on that too – the idiot doesn’t think we’ve witnessed the entire thing). Hopefully, before they have the blood of another Jonestown on their hands. Still, truth and justice will prevail. Thank for all you do. Folks don’t know what all that is; but soon will.

  14. Yes Jenny Linson is Art and Lil’s daughter.

  15. OMFG. Beyond that, momentarily speechless…

  16. This is just beyond words to contemplate.

    My first thought was of Heber … even from afar, one could tell that he was such an extraordinary being. He knew Scientology to his core, and back in the day, he could handle the press like no one else. When he got up on stage in Portland, he was just an incredibly natural and gifted speaker, and clearly very intelligent and aware.

    I really do hope he can be freed. If so, I think that would truly be a turning point for the Independents.

  17. This is such bizzare behavior, not only by DM but by the Sea Org Members in the “Hole”. Lord of the Flies stuff.

    When I was there, I could walk out through the gates or snuck out behind a vehicle and onto Hwy 79 and could have waved down a passing car to get me the hell out of there. I ended up getting out another way, but is it really impossible at this point for these people to not stage a sit down protest or force their way through the gates and out onto the Highway for help?

    What got reaction from people in Security from me was when I threatened to go to the local police if they didn’t give me my stuff, once I was outside the confines of the fences. They become very cooperative when the Police are involved.

    God help them if DM ever gets his way and the public highway is closed down.

  18. I am beyond words. I cannot believe this atrocity actually happened.

    My God how can those people support this monster. This is truly shattering. Surely justice has to happen soon.

  19. Thank you Marty and Mark for the confirmation.

    I will be composing a letter to my friend — it will be delivered to him personally by another friend.

    I’ve already spoken to him at length about the abuses in scn — first time 2 years ago — last time recently at a conference — he had seen the NightLine show and commented to his wife how I had told him all of this 2 years before.

    ANYWAY — enough.

    This can perhaps get something rolling on one front —
    there are others for sure — all of us should “THINK BIG” and do whatever we can.

    I concur — Heber is a wonderful person. As you know, Yvonne always has my heart. There’s a picture of her (and me) in my office as I type.


  20. Joe,
    I just read:

    “I have been doing some research on drug cases and takers which has shed some
    interesting light on this and also insanity.
    The basic equation is apparently:
    Actually the datum is a small bit from OT VIII data, being part of energy creation.
    It applies too well at lower levels, however, to leave it in such a stratosphere.
    It explains for instance why a pc, challenged by an “auditor” who is breaking the
    Auditor’s Code, gets such a solid reaction in the reactive bank.” Bulletin 2 Jan 69.

    Those in the Hole are being threatened at every opportunity with being unmocked.

    This is the action of a Suppressive, from the S&D materials.

    This description of the Hole is a test of the confront of evil. Evil. I’m taking a break from the keyboard to do just that.

  21. martyrathbun09

    Thanks WH. You are a Saint.

  22. How many reports of these happenings have been filed with the police?

  23. martyrathbun09


  24. Martin Padfield

    Amen Mike, and THANK YOU Marty.

  25. Barney Rubble

    I have some work in Hemet this month I believe, If I can, I am going to drive by there and see what I see.

    I wish Mark Ingber someone I respect a lot, can be saved. And of course Guilluame…. actually all of them.

    It was referenced earlier that the holee’s were sent to the RTC bldg after the St. Pete Times article. Is this still the case?

  26. You are 100% right, P, Henry. Something needs to be done. I can’t stop weeping after reading this. It’s horrific, abusive and downright criminal!
    What’s been done to Heber Jenzscth is elderly abuse.

  27. Who knew that something so light-weight as DM walking into Qual practical, bypassing the sup, to slap Ray on the back of his head to wake him up as he was doping off on TRs — “Wake up Ray!”; Who knew such would escalate into nightmares like the ones described above? You kinda wish you never saw it, which could very explain how someone could swear to an affidavit that it “never happened”.

  28. Marty,

    As far as I’m concerned this whole operation is not accidental or conducted by Miscavige exclusively.

    This is from ‘Freedom Magazine’ when it actually did investigative journalism before it was perverted into the self aggrandizing house organ and agitprop for Miscavige:


    Further info:


  29. Freedom Fighter

    Being ex-military this stirs up all kinds of emotions in me, however, let’s say a posse was put together to spring these guys from the hole. What are the chances that it would work? Who would the posse need to consist of? SO members on the ground who see what’s going on and just don’t know what can be done about it (assuming they exist)? Ex-SO members who have escaped this hell and are now out? Some combination of both? Neither? Let’s say local law enforcement or OSHA were involved. Would those in the hole welcome them or would they simply be too PTS? What is the handling?

    Posting this here is a good thing as it raises the awareness of those who haven’t experienced it first hand (HFS – holy f-ing sh-t!!), but what else can be done? Do we really have time to wait around for enough people to find/confront reading this blog and wake up before something can be done?

    This is truly a case of “Never desert a comrade in need, in danger or in trouble”.

    One thing is for sure: to those of you monitoring this blog who are in a position to do something about this (for example, OSA), if you didn’t have the knowledge before, you have it now. Don’t believe it? Look for yourself. If you think not doing anything will keep you safe or make the situation go away, just remember one thing: you get the condition you fail to assign.

  30. This is so sick. Wow. I am reeady to storm the gates of that place.

  31. I have read posts daily on your blog and never said a word — but this one post brought back horrid memories of the power play and group bank that I witnessed building out of control from 1997 through to late 2003.
    So many ‘pets’ of DM, all trying to gain his attention and admiration, and each trying to kick other staff in the teeth in an effort to prove their loyalty. The group “confessionals” where you are forced to confess ‘crimes’ until the group is satisifed they are bad enough to sound good when they parrot them back to DM — who then gets the entire crew or base briefed on your sordid behaviour, belittling you, introverting you and keeping you powerless to try and stop the lies and slander.
    In so many cases the information gained in these group torture sessions is altered or twisted and then this is reported and broadcast to everyone — a system that works to keep even the most dedicated staff member quiet and subserviant.
    I am so glad Debbie is out and safe.
    My heart also goes out to so many of the people in the Hole — who are generally all very good and dedicated staff, but are under the thumb of an insane despot.
    The campaign to reduce Marc, Ray and Guillaume from dedicated, long-serving Sea Org members to despised and hated individuals has been going for years and years. I was on a post at one time where I was ordered by DM daily to ‘dig up the dirt’ on these three and I did everything I could to do so, including combing through their personal documents, their financial records, shadowing them and so on. I simply never found the crimes that DM insisted were there (and when this was communicated, I was removed from post). I have watched for years as he has used them as punching bags (adminsitratively and also literally). I hope someone gets them out of that hell hole one day. No human being deserves what they have been subjected to.

  32. Marty, Can’t a class-action suit for assault and battery or even “torture” be brought? It seems that there are enough people out now, and blowing the whistle, that something could be done about this? Has anyone with eye-witness involvement talked to a lawyer or lawyers?

  33. The utter insanity of the ‘Hole’ and ‘SP Hall’ has as part of it this fact: any SP can be handled in session with standard processes. Even if all of these people were SP, then rather than torture them, the sane thing to do is to handle the SP case. LRH broke this in the 60’s with Power and S&Ds among others.

    These people are PTS. They are behaving in a crippled, incapacitated manner. Subject to the condition by out-rudiments (ARCX, problems, overts, withholds) and in that frame of mind, affected by suppression.

    There is a way out. Us, with our confront in, not going out-ruds, or handling them as they occur, and facing up to this SP, David Miscavige and those he has coaxed to slay playing on unhandled case in themselves. As difficult as this is to face up to with no resistence or effort to stop, but facing without flinching or avoiding, it is the way out.

    We can confront and help those who aren’t to do the same.

    Still, Jesus wept.

  34. Freedom Fighter

    I had the privaledge of working with Heber for a very short period of time years ago and am still, to this day, profoundly affected by the compassion he showed during that time for his fellow man. Talk about harming a person of goodwill!!

  35. And remember that when your finger falters on the trigger

  36. Marty,

    I haven’t even finished reading this yet, but I feel compelled to say something. I can’t say I’m astounded, because I knew a lot of this. The reasons you’ve given in the past for not taking legal action notwithstanding, what this lunatic did, and does, is so baldly criminal (not to mention anti-Scientology) that I don’t see why legal action has not been taken. When I read stuff like this, all the reasons not to put this SP in jail fall away. Surely if anyone in our society should be locked up to protect the good hats, this monster is at the top of the list.

  37. War and Peace

    Thank you Marty. Thank you for taking the heat to continue exposing.

    At the INT Base, there are 2 lakes some 12 feet deep These are as big as football fields. The entire property has its own sewage system. It is supposed to air out and evaporate. These are dubbed “the aeration ponds”.

    Underground pumps move the INT BASE excreta and feces to these ponds. They also have dangerous levels of bacteria, dead birds, mosquitos breeding, larvae growing and so on.

    There is large fountain the middle of the adjacent pond that is supposed to aerate the sewage all this takes weeks, months, some of aerates, but the remainder settles back.
    OSHA apparently does no inspections even though this is a property has its own autonomous sewage system and and the law and most municipal codes require old feces and sewage be removed in a timely manner. The solid waste should be fully emptied before the cycle repeats itself and new sewage is pumped in.

    Miscavige, the monster invented a new level of humilation and cruelty. The punishment is sewage cleaning. Something that should be done by dump trucks and automated metal scoopers. As many as 100 of more INT Base crew can work on this when they have incurred the wrath of DM. They create a human chain to scoop out the sewage by hand Because of the burning Hemet sun, (over 100 degrees all though summer) the top layers dry off and become dust. Without any HAZMET suits and with no breathing apparatus, the punished crew breath in the sewage dust from Sunrise til midnight. The crew would pick it up and put in 5 gallon tubs that were passed along down a human chain. Huge dust clouds would gust up because as SO members grabbed at the solid waste it would fragment and escape and belllow up into a fog of dust-excreta.

    Mark Yager has been through it, Heber Jentzsch has been through it, Guillame LeSevre, Ray Mithoff, Mark Ingber and so on have been through it~~and most INT execs and crew the monster DM wanted to dominate and humilate.

    This was the punishment until many INT base SO members got sick really sick. This was from breathing this hazardous waste in week after week.

    In my darkest hour, in my point of complete overwhelm up there, with the thought there was NO WAY OUT, I made a postulate, I made a postulate in solid atomic brand iron, that one day I would expose the horror and madness and insanity. Tthe United States has their own the Guantánamo Bay in California ~~ Only the inmates up there are not terrorists or Enemy Combatants, but overwhelmed spiritually broken SO members.

  38. Marty – Many?
    I must be naive.

    The police seem happy to help escort escapees when they are finally able to leave – don’t they investigate these allegations? Is there really no protection from this kind of treatment? Or do
    the prisoners deny mistreatment when confronted by law-enforcement?

  39. War and Peace,
    Thank you for persisting to see your postulate through.

  40. martyrathbun09

    In progress.

  41. martyrathbun09

    lunamoth – I am sharing what I can right now without compromising the effectiveness with ongoing investigations.

  42. Wow, Marty. How cool that Heber is your close friend. What a wonderful, theta goal it is to free him. What a powerhouse he would (will) be with his flame rekindled. What can we do to help?

  43. martyrathbun09

    Tone 41, stand up and be counted and encourage others to. People are besides themselves that nobody has gone to jail for this. Yet, they are writing from anonymity. Now, intensify the need to keep your allegiances and feelings quiet about 5,000 times. That is where the witnesses and even victims to all this are at. If they show a hint of indignation they are put in gulags for potentially decades and may never see another family member or friend for their entire lifetimes. Hence, my advice is that the more who stand and be counted, the ripple effects move up the org board – and only then will you see fresh victims and witnesses walk and walk into the homes of the majority who have said, “enough.” A safe environment where they can decompress rapidly, meet up with some of our experienced folk and seek remedies for the wrongs perpetrated on them.

  44. I wonder who in the hole is going to cognite that they can say or do whatever they want because DM can’t afford another big name speaking out from the outside.

    Also I think these weak OT 8 success stories are partly from people who pervade the space and know there’s huge problems but decide not to do anything and so can’t get the big case gains. I actually had my biggest case gain at Flag a couple months after I’d realized DM was messing things up. I had this new type of stubbornness which felt good, and that was amplified after auditing and I had a floating TA on a correction list. I got a picture of birth so I’m not saying it was related to Miscavige, but my confront in general was way up. This is totally not related to the first paragraph.

  45. To have the love and dedication of so many people through all those years of work come to this horror and the people I love harmed so badly… tears stream down my face.

  46. Thank you for the data Marty. This reminds me of the circumstances on the Freewinds below decks that are all too similar. Do you have any information on that and if it is still going on???

  47. I don’t get it. This stuff is not just as illegal as hell, it’s prisoner-of-war camp stuff, human rights violations of magnitude. How could many reports have been filed with police and then nothing done?

  48. My God, I guess I didn’t actually realise it was this brutal. I’m sort of beyond shocked right now.

    This is just so disturbing and terribly sad.

  49. I agree. How about a few go public tonight right now and your profile can go up later if you want. Do it!

    There’s no time for a long slow uprising and there’s no doubt we’re on the right side of history. You’ve got nothing to lose but your future regrets dogging you for infinity.

  50. Whew! We await more news with baited breath . . .

  51. martyrathbun09

    Tone 41, see my other reply to your earlier comment. Requisite victims and witnesses are stifled – very systematically and diabolicly so. The rat will not be cornered until enough people stand up to his minions and they start pushing it back up the org board; then more will get the message.

  52. martyrathbun09

    Boyd, You are very perceptive.

  53. War and Peace,

    If OSHA won’t investigate this, and all the other allegations of abject abuse at Int, then what *does* OSHA investigate? People not being given gourmet lunches in lovely corporate towers?

    As far as Guantanamo Bay goes, I think Gitmo is probably Club Med compared to this scene.

    I’d love to hear more, War and Peace, about how you plan to expose the insanity. What, beyond posting here, do you have in mind?

  54. Sharon, Your point is well taken re Heber. This whole insanity has to be communicated in a fashion that will result in action being taken, and the point of elder abuse is one of those. I never thought I would want to provide data to the “authorities” re C of S, but that would seem to be the needed action. But carries the concern of “being careful what you wish for”, as the powers that be may not deal with this in a fashion that leaves with much to work with. Any bright ideas on how we relay this info from multiple sources to the correct terminals? I would imagine this will be going viral anyway, but as you and p. Henry notes, it is time to do something else.

  55. martyrathbun09

    Tone 41 – not that posting here isn’t a move in the right direction. W and P I believe has a certain comfort level that we take things serious here – and follow up.

  56. Got it, Marty. Thanks.

  57. It’s hard to believe the men and women whom I looked up to years ago can be so ill treated. I even have a harder time understanding how they allowed themselves to be caught in this trap.

    I’ve always considered people like Heber Jentzsch to the be cream of the crop of OT’s.
    From what has been described here I get the image of North Korea and yet here it is in California.

    Thanks for your posting’s Marty.

  58. Marty,

    I’m chomping at the bit to go public, but if I do so and it destroys our business then it will actually reduce my power to be effective. A catch 22! So for now I have to remain undercover.

    What continues to amaze me is that only one of my friends in Clearwater (as far as I know) has seen the light. Everyone else is happily on lines, doing their 100+ hours of Objectives, singing DM’s praises, holding their blindesrs on with both hands lest anyone try to display any truth before their eyes. If I start seeing any of these good people wake up, I will know that the future for true Scn is bright.

  59. RJ, Freedom Magazine always had an agenda, IMHO. In this case, the Jonestown flap was creating “bad PR” for “new religious groups” so the Church of course had to prove there was a conspiracy and “the psychs” or “the government” (both enemies du jour) were really behind it, and the People’s Temple was an innocent victim. I recently read Raven by Tim Reiterman (one of the reporters who was there) and recommend it as a very thorough and documented account of Jones and how it all happened. As to what is happening at the Int Base – it’s Miscavige, not “shadow handlers.”

  60. martyrathbun09

    Fishdaddy, I concur.

  61. War and Peace

    Tone 41

    Much is in progress behind the scenes.
    Not even the tip of the iceberg is on display
    Broadcasting strategy, plans and actions on websites is pure folly.
    Did you ever read the LRH recommended book “The Art of War?”

  62. Freedom Fighter

    O.k., theta break:

    Although primarily about nature, still applicable, IMO.

  63. Marty,

    Of course posting here is a move in the right direction. This is truth central in this war, and in the effort to move on up a little higher! I was just wondering if he or she had some other motion in mind that we all might want to contribute to, or at least be aware of. Not that posting here isn’t quite enough.

  64. Why do these people stand for this may be partially answered by the fact that a ‘PTS person generally is withholding himself from a Suppressive Person or group or thing.” Bulletin 10 May 72, Robotism.

    What is he withholding? Destructive intentions, the effort to stop the SP, and since he IS good, he will introvert on the impulse to destroy the SP and withhold it and himself and so he becomes effect and PTS. Bulletin 28 Nov 70, Psychosis.

  65. Boyd, Yeah, there seems to be nothing that anyone could say to someone who walked away from this insanity that couldn’t be countered by showing them this one post.

  66. One evening in July 1989, DM usurped Source night at the Int Base. What was to have been an LRH lecture, turned into the first – and last for me – experience of DM berating a fellow Gold staff member in front of all crew from all orgs there at the Int Base. A confusing experience – who ever dreamed of the top top officer in the C of S – COB – hazing a junior staff member posted several orgs below COB in front of the entire crews of several orgs! And for what, you might ask……….this fellow had had in the prior week, the misfortune of encountering DM on the Int grounds somewhere. For whatever perverse reason, DM verbally ordered this fellow to take DM’s coffee cup to DM’s office and the fellow, probably out of fear and confusion, complied. THAT was what DM railed on about in front of the entire Base crew.

    Sitting in the audience watching and listening to this, it struck me how demeaning and off policy COB’s actions were. While hazing certainly was not uncommon, somehow coming from COB, it sounded so insane and frightening as there appeared to be no recourse. I had just seen COB bypass all terminals between himself and several orgs below him to dress down this fellow! If COB did it to this fellow, he sure as hell could/would do it to anyone, including me. Shortly thereafter, I packed a bag and walked.

  67. I beg to differ fish daddy.

    It’s not just ‘Freedom Magazine’ but other researchers who have found “shadow handlers”, as you say.

    Margeret Singer ,former alumni of both Artichoke and Mk Ultra, one of the psychologists directly involved in interviewing repatriated American POWS after the Korean War, to determine the effectiveness of “brain washing” a neologism that happened to be created by reporter working for CIA by the name Edward Hunter, see the following citations:



    Who spent most of her time like her colleague “Jolly” West , conveying the idea that Government involvement in mind control is purely a myth despite overwhelming documentary otherwise:



    Yet despite her heavy schedule of disinforming the American public, seems to have the time to write an introduction to ‘Raven’ – by San Francisco Examiner reporters Tim Reiterman and John Jacobs. See following citation:


    Interesting that Reiterman just happened to survive the assault on the air field, while others weren’t so lucky, including Congressman Leo Ryan who happened to be sponsoring a bill making CIAs activities more transparent. Only to write a book that omits any intelligence connections that Jim Jones had even though he had a 201 file back at the Agency that was purged after the massacre:


    Yeah, you can believe what you want fish daddy but I’ll stick to actual evidence as opposed to opinion.

    While we’re at.

    It seems while most people seem to be wringing their hands in disbelief about why “law enforcement” has so far hasn’t intervened.

    To me the answer is obvious.

  68. Nice tou hear from you Mike. I am always happy to see when you “engage”. I have alwasys known you were a cool warrior. Please keep up the fight. We all need you!!


  69. Thanks so are you

  70. With all respect, after something like this, how can It be that Debbie seems to be “with the program?”. It tends to invalidate the story, because she’s not trying to expose it. We all know what Debbie would be capable of. Debbie stood for everything that was right with the Church. Is she really turning a blind eye now? Marty, can you shed any light?

  71. Kathy Braceland

    Stand up and be counted. That’s EXCELLENT advice Marty. I’m standing… “1”

    Something I’ve been doing for several months is writing every single org that I get emails from (for whatever reason) telling them I won’t be doing any services until Miscavige is no longer in power over the church. I also request that I be removed from their email list. I’ve had many conversations with SO members when they ask why…let’s just say they get an earful. I figure it’s got to have some effect on the person I communicate to and my hope is that it gets repeated. I’ve even written to Miscavige asking about financial irregularities. I don’t think he ever received or read it — but someone did. My next letter to him will be a little heftier….

    Thanks again Marty for speaking so loudly of truth and justice. You’re the best!

  72. The gay/lesbian community would take these accusations very, very seriously. I will send them email about this tonight.


  73. I’m stunned.

    FYI DM is going to be in Las Vegas this weekend to grandly open the new LV Idle Org. Maybe a bunch of us can be there to let him know we know about the hole and Heber, Debbie, Kirsty, Marc. I’m going to go and maybe I can catch a glimpse…

    As far as mechanism of those holees still there: I was talking to someone who spent 7 years on grad lines in the RPF. He told me that he had 100 intensives (ul) of end ruds. I asked him why he didn’t go Rambo on the area or something like that. He told me that the R-Factor for those on the grad lines is that they are “2 weeks” away from completing at any one time on grad lines, so when they get a reject, they fix it and return it back to RTC, waiting the “2 weeks” it is supposed to take to handle the reject up at RTC.

    So it was always 2 more weeks in hell, which any one person can undergo and then out of pergatory and into the safety of the light. There was always a light at the end of the tunnel. A light that never got bigger than a glimmer.

    Unfortyunately he never finished the RPF and he is batty as hell. I am going to get his folders and audit him, probably on the Introspection RD.

    It is probably the same for the holees, knowing that the madness would “soon be over and they would return to some sort of sanity”, soon, but it never comes.
    They probably consider it “behind them” now and the Chinese Restaurant is full of “happy” customers.

  74. Jesus Lord!!! Debbie looks so much older lately, I’d not be surprised if she’s out int like mad!

  75. Marty,
    Exilda and I fondly remember Heber at parties singing in the 60s. His favorite song was “My Dog Blue”. He would sing that one all the time. In fact all at the parties would request encores on that one.

  76. How absolutely morbid.

    This explains much, if you ever missed a withhold.

    Well, Marty, your doing an awesome job!

    Not only are you pulling it, nor are we missing it, (oh no, not this time, we are all with you two feet first jumping from the proverbial nine-foot-board-fence… ’til this one is flat, flat, flat!) but thank god you also give it to us in confrontable chunks and clumps we can handle. Thank you for that.

    No wonder others can not come to grips with it. It is so incredibly retched. Far worse then I imagined.

    The way out is truly the way threw.

  77. I am curious why law inforcement does nothing…

  78. Thanks for continuing to shine the light on the crimes of DM, Marty.
    I’d really like to see Debbie do the same. I don’t know how she sleeps at night knowing things are this way and yet she remains silent. She is a big being and I am sure she will come around.

  79. Yep Marty thats why the Pearlmans declared our independence. I have heard from several old friends that read our declaration. These old timers just have one connection to many connected with the Church to come out. There are plenty as you know still standing on the sidelines, who are learning how bad it really is. As you write of these atrocities it will make it more and more difficult for people to stand on the sidelines. Even though money and relationships will be affected. It is that old saw that is a guiding principle “what would LRH do?”

  80. War and Peace

    No matter what is in progress, currently hidden from view…

    I encourage one and all to write reports to all levels of Law enforcement, from Riverside Police Department to Justice Department (DOJ) or a phone call to your Congressman’s office…

    Continue to promote Marty’s Blog ~~ send the link ~~to reporters and media. When the media blast the horror stories ~ it encourages law enforcement to move faster.

    More reports should speed up the painfully slow grinding process these things move at.

    A Guantánamo prison should not be part of the Church of Scientology and should not exist on US soil. Not a soul at INT BASE can exit the Guard Gate.

    Isn’t it wild that COS hunt for overts and crimes ALL The TIME ~~~~OT 7s pay $7500 +for 6 month 12.5 hour Sec Checks to give up a petty masterbation withold while DM the monster perpetrates despicable acts as daily routine. ?

  81. Buy, Centurio, BUY!!
    Hell, God almighty! That’s beyond….

  82. Marty, You are really brave!

  83. My wife told me that she had her most OT experience in the S.O. when she worked on some projects under Debbie. Debbie was inspiring. OT things happened, stats were high, and it was fun.

    I’ve known Heber since he was a friendly, long haired public person driving an old black Volvo in 1969. He’s someone who never let his position go to his head. He was always there for people. He made others feel important as contrasted with DM who only makes himself important.

    This breaks my heart.


  84. Fellow Traveller

    Virgil — what is (ul)? I don’t understand.

  85. Such depravity.

    “People are besides themselves that nobody has gone to jail for this.”

    If anyone reading this witnessed any part of the abuses and has yet to provide a sworn statement to law enforcement, please do so. You will not be alone.

    I am constraining great anger behind civil words. This is why we protest.

    The following is from an amazon review of Victor Frankl’s “Man’s Search for Meaning”:

    A prominent psychiatrist in pre-World War II Vienna, Doctor Frankl found himself suddenly stripped of all money, possessions, position, respect, and ultimately, his family–including his pregnant and beloved wife. After confinement in some of the smaller concentration camps, he ultimately arrived at Auschwitz–the lowest circle of the man-made Hell that was the system of concentration and extermination camps (in German, ‘Konzentrationslager’ and ‘Vernichtungslager’). There, his medical skills were not employed until nearly the end of the war. Instead, he was employed at hard labor just like the rest of the men in his prison block who were marched every day to their work site before dawn and marched back late at night.

    The most striking thing about Frankl’s account of his imprisonment (to me at least) was not the backbreaking work, the all-pervading fear, nor even the constant, maddening hunger; but the unrelenting degradation of the prisoners in order to get them to accept the Nazi’s judgment of them as sub-human. For example, when carrying heavy tanks filled with human sewage for disposal, almost inevitably some would splash prisoners full in the face. Any move to wipe one’s face, or even show instinctive grimaces of disgust would be punished by the Capos (trusted prisoners, chosen mostly for their brutality) with a prompt beating from a club or whip. Because of this, the normal reactions of prisoners to being befouled were soon suppressed. Every attempt possible was made to degrade the prisoners by the (frequently delighted) SS guards and the Capos. Subjected to this treatment, some prisoners gave up hope and committed suicide by running into the inner electric fence that encircled the camp. Others would lie motionless in their bunks in their own waste–ignoring pleas to get up from fellow prisoners, and blows from guards alike–smoking up all of the cigarettes they might have been saving for barter.

    Faced with this, Frankl combated this potential demoralization in himself and others by leading the prisoners back to their own humanity. “Every freedom may be taken away from a man but one; the freedom to choose what attitude he will take towards his conditions.” Despite every attempt to rob them of human dignity, prisoners still had a choice. Would they take an attitude of ‘I die tomorrow; you die today’ and behave as starving beasts–stealing other prisoner’s food, for example; or would they show that they were neither animals nor things, but human beings?”

    Every one of those people in the Hole is a human being, a spiritual being. So is DM. Each of them is responsible for their own actions. But only one of them is truly free to act as he chooses without immediate consequence. His consequences have been delayed, but they are imminent. Some are cooking within his cells. Others are developing in the offices of those who will call him to justice.

    There was a time when to stand up to DM meant to stand alone, or virtually alone. That is no longer the case. You are among “a great cloud of witnesses” now.

    So, please, if you witnessed abuses, stand up now and add your voice to the chorus. Contact the law. Then exert proper pressure on the law to do their job right. Consult with others who have done so already. Join the movement for justice. For every one of those trapped in the Hole. For everyone trapped by their thinking.


  86. Thank you Marty for exposing more truth.

    My heart goes to all those guys in the hole and in the SO.
    We as public can do something about it and should not ask Marty “what can be done”. Everyone of us can figure out what needs to be done and we MUST do our parts and be effective in any ways we can, to free those injured SO members ASAP.
    We have no time to waste.
    DM is now recruiting public’s young kids into the Sea org and soon those kids will become one of those holees and destroyed.

    Everyone of us MUST take ACTION now.

    Marty, Mike, Debbie, Steve Hall, Jeff Hawkins and hundreds more who have been abuses by DM and witnessed his crimes, are taking responsibilities.
    We as public need to help them and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT too.

    Lets start NOW!

  87. Marty,

    many thanks for telling the TRUTH. It starts to make more and more sense.
    D(evil)M(an) was right when he told we were blind. It makes sense that public is no more aloud to audit SO Staffs. It makes sense that SO members are so missed and nattering about the world and publics, in fact about their own products – look at those OT 8s not producing, we as SO are more OT with only objectives we did !-
    Continue telling the truth.
    Yesterday i ‘d a very spinning day. I couldn’t believe it what happened, I’m still trembling when I think about it.
    Some days ago out of the blue I indicated to an OTV that is online, that he’s pts to the C.O.S. The guy was totally vgis and went into his valence. I was surprised about the simplcity of TRUTH. I couldn’t believe it.
    Yesterday, I’d a big problem to handle. I realised that one of my staff is in a condition of confusion on his post and I knew I’d to handle him (the reason for the confusion was because of high demands from our customers). I was very worried as normally with that guy there were lots of discussions and bla..bla (he is not a Scientologist).
    So I went to him explained what confusion is and indicated him that he is in that state. I couldn’t believe it, he just smiled at me and said yes, then I told him we have to handle it, his smile was bigger, then I told him we gonna help him and he was vgis. This was a cycle of 2 minutes. I was trembling then as I couldn’t believe tech is so powerful.
    He got reach and withdraw on his area and order versus disorder and has now his mind totally back. So easy…and simple.
    The rest of the day I was in a total spin and asked myself what the hell was I doing the last years, why was I so cautious about applying tech or so unsure if it works at all !
    Thanks to you all guys, continue.

    Have a nice day !

  88. I’m looking for Franz Schuler. He was for 35 years in the SO. He left the SO this year and somehow we can’t find him. Does anyone know about his whereabouts or what’s the maiden name of his wife that also left the SO ?

  89. “enough to boggle any civilized mind.”

    Marty, you are a master of the understatement.

    When I first heard of these events from Marc Headley a couple of years ago, I was still nominally ‘in’ the CoS and found the allegations difficult to believe. And yet, there was this nagging doubt and the horrible thought that if it WAS true, then something was terribly wrong at the top of my church.

    As more details gradually emerged, culminating in these latest revelations, of the insanities that were brought about by Miscavige and his cronies, I find myself truly sickened. The punishments suffered by those whose only ‘crime’ is to dedicate their lives to helping others and to believe in a higher purpose, are so grotesque that they can only be the product of a deranged mind.

    What went on at the Int Base are crimes against human rights. I absolutely agree with those who are calling for a police inquiry and prosecution of those involved.

    In any case, thank you for helping to expose these crimes. Everyone who supports the Church of Scientology should read this and THEN decide if they wish to continue to support such an organization while a sadist is in charge.

  90. This post should be forwarded to GLAAD (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation). This, coupled with a few other things, like Paul Haggis’ speaking out about the church’s support of Proposition Hate, should be enough to get them involved. This will bring incredible pressure on the more famous DM-bots like Cruise and Travolta, who in my opionion, are part of the problem, not the solution. The overt acts prepetrated against the victims in the “hole” can and should be considered HATE CRIMEs. Since Tommy Davis is so fond for calling any Scientology critic a religious bigot and a member of hate group, just remember that it works both ways. If anyone has direct comm lines to some of the “power gays” in Hollywood like Rosie O’Donnell or Ellen DeGeneres, then you should immediately forward this report to them. Remeber to also show them what LRH wrote about gays too (1.1 on the tone scale, perverts, etc.). Remember that the only way to bring down the current “church” of $cn is by death by a thousand cuts.

  91. Jim Logan – I have to respectfully disagree with you 100%. These people are not PTS as that implies they commited overts against DM. That just grants power to DM. That’s absolutely ridiculous. No on deserves this kind of treatment. I think I recall reading something about “cruel and unusual punishment” in the bill of rights:


    “Cruel and unusual punishment is a statement implying that governments shall not inflict suffering or humiliation on the condemned as punishment for crimes, regardless of their degree of severity. It was founded in the English Bill of Rights, which was signed in 1689 by King William III and Queen Mary II, who were then the joint rulers of England, Scotland, and Ireland following the ‘Glorious Revolution’ of 1688.”

    The people in the hole are victims, they are not “PTS”, in the same way that a wife abused by her husband is not simply PTS. There’s never a justification of doing harm to another person, except in the case of self defence.

  92. I’m starting to think that Hitler wasn’t such a bad guy after all 😦
    This makes me sick to my stomach.
    Thanks Marty – if I needed a reason to get louder and more defiant I have it now.

  93. Martin Padfield

    That’s it. Stand up and be counted. Personal danger and retribution is irrelevant at this point. Talk to anyone you know about this; put fliers on org car windscreens, tell folk on facebook and Twitter. Write to any org terminal you know. You will get disconnection from so-called “friends”, you will lose business, your family may even suffer momentarily. But you will have the personal integrity and honour that comes as a result, knowing you didn’t sit idly by wringing your hands about it. I’ll be damned if I let my fellow scientologists in the UK sleep-walk into complicity by inaction. Graeme Wilson (OSA UK), there is a rapidly gowing group here – the momentum is unstoppable. The more you trash me, Sam, Chrissie and others, the easier our job becomes. Why not come join us in the sunlight, free from the suppression – it’s GOOD here!

  94. OK shock over. Now here is what I’m going to DO about it (and every one of you can too – even if you’re flying under the radar)
    I’m going to send this link to everyone I know. Every person who has ‘disconnected’ from me and every person who has tried to ignore my comm so far.
    If you are flying under the radar, set up a fake email account – this is easy to do on Yahoo – and use that. Even use the name of a person the recipient may know.
    If you think the person may not follow the link then cut and paste the whole damned thing into the body of the email.
    Print off the article and go to the nearest org and stick it on every car in the parking lot.
    How about we flood the comm lines with this?
    Most of you have lists of people you know in the church.
    The pain of this is that ‘there is nothing we can do about it’
    I say there is ‘something’ we can do and that makes me feel a hell of a lot better.
    Who’s with me?

  95. Martin Padfield

    One time in 85 on the Int RPF we were ordered into the main water tank which had been drained for cleaning. We had to scrub the floor and walls with an intoxicating cleaning agent, maybe chlourine-based, I don’t remember exactly. We had no breathing equipment or even masks. It was clear after a few moments that the health hazard was substantial. Many of us started coughing uncontrollably and needed to get out to breathe, but we weren’t allowed out. After maybe half an hour I was hallucinating and nearly unconscious. Many were sick for days afterwards.

  96. War and Peace,

    Of course I understand the need for secrecy if you’re mocking up a strategy that requires it. No problem there.

    I was thinking that if we could work out a way to allow people to connect up on a secure comm line and share such plans, we might get a real synergy of efforts.

  97. The word coup comes to mind. There surely will be one soon.

  98. All it takes for evil to prevail is for good men to remain silent.
    DM has had the benefit and protection of silence for far too long. I’m glad that at last the silence looks to be ending.

  99. Theo Sismanides


    Why don’t we consult a couple of lawyers on the matter? This might be a way to do it.

    I have also said that there is a case here of FRAUD. You are supposed to buy Scientology and it turns out to be Mestology. Big difference.

    All we need is to form up Div 20, Existence and get a couple of lawyers and a Liaison to them and start seeing what we can do.

  100. martyrathbun09

    Don’t hold your breath.

  101. martyrathbun09

    Sam, I’m with you.

  102. martyrathbun09

    Barry, I think Jim will clarify that he intended no justification or out for DM. By definition those people in the Hole are without doubt PTS, by definition.

  103. martyrathbun09

    LO, thanks for sharing your wins. It is so effortless when you are just allowed to apply it at will.

  104. martyrathbun09

    Truth, again, the best thing public can do is stand up and be counted and demand accountability from DM’s sick excuse for an organization.

  105. martyrathbun09

    Murray, well put. That is precisely the process I went through. That is why we are brethren.

  106. martyrathbun09

    Thanks so much. You are being EFFECTIVE. I am going to post on this soon – what the effect is and why it is THE thing to do. It has impingement; but it will take many more like you. I truly appreciate you getting it and doing something about it.

  107. martyrathbun09

    First, stayed tuned. This series isn’t done yet.

  108. I’m with you Sam. Over the ramparts!

  109. I ran across this guy and it is AMAZING! Confused as to why this is all going on with Scientology? Want to know who Miscavaige is? Watch this incredible information and it will all make perfect sense. Amazing!


    Blogger’s note: Haven’t seen this so am not recommending; could be a diversion – it is over two hours long.

  110. Bahhh, you guys are such a bunch of sore losers. I don’t believe any of it. Tommy Davis knows … YOU ARE ALL A BUNCH OF ESPEE PSYCHOTICS!!! You will never get auditing or training again for at least YOUR NEXT 1000 LIFETIMES.

    I think I know what the problem is with you guys … you just don’t understand DM’s sense of humor, that’s all. He was just trying to assist you in overcoming your reactive banks. Anyways, it never happened, the church doesn’t do those sorts of things, you must have been brainwashed by those evil psychs.


  111. Thought provoking

    Great reference! A lot of things clicked in place for me, thanks.

  112. On a more serious note … If DM wasn’t somehow put in charge by/is currently being managed by some sort of intel agency like the CIA, he might as well be. The question is one of access … since Slappy took over the reigns of the organization at such a young age, how was he gotten to/turned into a monster and who did it. Are there CIA/other intel links to DM’s family?


  113. You know, airplanes can trail signs behind them while they circle an area:

    “Blow NOW! Bus by ((INSERT LANDMARK))!”

    A weekly random fly by with a bus, film and ladder crew may prove fruitful…

  114. Theo Sismanides

    I am sending this link to all the Scientologists here in Greece. This is IT! Over the ramparts!!!

  115. There is no one with a heart who could read this post and not agree that what has and does occur under DM is beyond disgusting. That this could happen anywhere, let alone in the USA, is mind boggling.

    My heart goes out to the individuals who survived and are now free of this kind of torture. More so, my heart is with those still suffering who remain within.

  116. From PAB 54:

    “That which a person can confront, he can handle.

    The first step of handling anything is gaining an ability to face it.

    It could be said that war continues as a threat to Man because Man cannot confront war. The idea of making war so terrible that no one will be able to fight it is the exact reverse of fact—if one wishes to end war. The invention of the longbow, gunpowder, heavy naval cannon, machine guns, liquid fire, and the hydrogen bomb add only more and more certainty that war will continue. As each new element which Man cannot confront is added to elements he has not been able to confront so far, Man engages himself upon a decreasing ability to handle war.

    We are looking here at the basic anatomy of all problems. Problems start with an inability to confront anything. Whether we apply this to domestic quarrels or to insects, to garbage dumps or Picasso, one can always trace the beginning of any existing problem to an unwillingness to confront.”

    Now you know why Anonymous “rages”.

    DM seeks to destroy anyone that would dare to confront him.

    What a pathetic soul.

    Truth is, he could easily be handled. But he has to stop committing continuous overts in Present Time. And make up the damage done.

    I personally think he is too much of a coward to face that truth.

    And so are his sycophants.

    I too remember the purpose of the Sea Org. Those that are currently wearing the uniform are imposters.

  117. Sam, With you. Is Yahoo particularly secure or does this apply to gmail,etc? Great idea to get this going, as a lot of people I run across have no clue.

  118. I think that if DM has not been prosecuted by now he must has the police or the goverment in his pocket. Just a thought.

  119. Barry,
    Unlike some, I don’t consider ‘PTS’ to be some sort of degrading label. It is a condition of being under the adverse effect of suppression. I’m sure you agree that those in the article are in such a condition. They are subject to and suffering under the adverse effects of suppression. Individually and as a group organism.

    Obviously their perception of the condition is impaired. They are not acting in full capacity, that is plain.

    They, like any of the vast majority of human beings, when their survival is under such suppression, would as they descended into the deplorable circumstance, make some attempt to ‘strike back’ at the suppressor. Now, being good beings, even in such a circumstance, ‘strike back’ if it is unsuccessful, and the injustice and suppression is not vanquished, rebounds back on them. Those are mechanics of interplay among the dynamics. Faced with a seemingly unresolvable suppression, their attention is absorbed with dealing with that persistent threat, that continuous present time counter intention to them.

    These are ‘out-rudiments’. As they descend the scale, they too will begin to act like that which is obviously winning in the circumstance, the suppressive element. They will begin to slide from their basic good nature, into the character that is winning over them as an effort to survive.

    THAT is PTS. They ARE in trouble.

    Victims? Yes, but of what and at whose hand. Victims suffer. When a being can turn around and become even a little bit more able to face and deal with their suppressor, they are on the way back to conquering that domination. Then, they are no longer a ‘victim’. And that rise from ‘victim’ is the first stage to finally no longer suffering.

    You get what you validate. I prefer to validate cause, not victim. That does not mean I can’t be compassionate. Compassionate, and effective and give aid so these people can themselves conquer this suppression as in the long run they themselves will have to. I can and do help because I am not an island, what power I have is from connection, and I’m not disconnecting.

  120. Jim, I never put that together, but so obvious. It fits right with the how one detects an aberative personality, as described in PAB 13 “On Human Behaviour”. I just reviewed this PAB as writing this; if anyone wants to get a real life demo of the content of this PAB, compare it to what we are learning in this site- it should clarify a few things and remove any doubts about who we are dealing with. It can be found in your PTS/SP Course pack.

  121. It’s so true Trey. When I was in my early 20’s and I’d just arrived in LA from Dallas for some upper level services I met Heber at a party. He was just so gracious and lovely, and yes he sang for us:) And told of stories about his old days in Las Vegas. It would take a guy like Heber to convince me years later to sleep on a park bench in Portland for a week, no easy task! But he elicited that kind of loyalty.
    When all the fall out began to occur in the early 80’s I stayed around for a long time waiting to see what Heber had to say but he seems to have slowly disappeared. I don’t know these other people but I am raging angry over the thought of him being treated like this.
    And yes, my first instict was to storm the gate of int… I haven’t felt that way about this mess before. The heat has just been turned WAY up, that’s obvious.

  122. Thought provoking

    Sent off letters to California governor and attorney general last night.

  123. Already doing that Sam. I know others are as I got one of those emails myself.

  124. crashing upwards

    This is absolutely disgusting. 30 years ago when I left the SO I knew the organization and I were not compatible. I am out with no plans to go back. I am offlines with no plans to get onlines. But this story about the hole and the conditions and mental torture is just too much. The tipping point must be near. Those of you who call yourselves scientologists need to step up. Your personal code of honor is totally on the line if you know and believe half of this shit.

  125. Sick, Sick, Sick. I knew Jennifer Linson and Lisa Allen many years ago. They were decent people dedicated to following LRH’s command.
    So not only does DM damage people directly he gets others to engage in his evil and spins the whole place in.

  126. There’s a class action afoot in relation to IAS “donations”. Coming to a court near you – soon.

  127. Lisa, Please read PAB 13 “On Human Behaviour” in a new unit of time. It will startle you as to its relation to the years since he took over. It is almost a technical rendition of the many points you see in the posts about dm’s behaviour as seen by those that were there.

  128. FT:

    ul = underlined, emphasis on 100 intensives or 1250 hours.

  129. Eerily reminiscent of Manson and the Family; women who would do anything, even kill, to curry favor with the psychotic despot.

  130. RJ, also looking at Van Susterens background is fishy too.


    From Alexes same site, it discusses Gretas family, including her sister of which it says;
    “Lise also worked as a consultant to the Central Intelligence Agency, conducting psychological assessments of world leaders”…

    I also have serious doubts that this could just be DM on his own. Whether he knows it or not.

    Guns and Butter did a huge expose’ on Jonestown, tracking Jim Jones all the way back to the beginning. What is going on in the church draws way too many parallels in my opinion. This would certainly answer the question as to why one little short guy came to wield this sort of power.

  131. I keep thinking that when all the Independents can work in a concerted effort to get the word out, that will accelerate the awareness of those with the blinders. The gay movement created a national “coming out” day; maybe the Independent movement can find a way to do something similar. One or two people can be dismissed as SP’s; 200 people are a movement. How to get that list of Independents in front of the DM followers is hard to know, but imagine if all the Independents showed up at a big event? Or better still, INSIDE one?

  132. Thank you Marty for highlighting the inhuman abuses Holees go through. And I’d like to respectively add a food4thought suggestion to this discussion regarding “what can be done to help” that comes from tactics used in the critics circle at protests held in the past 1-2years.

    You can also consider this a shout out to all who have immediate family in the SO, especially at Int or other US bases.

    Immediate family who have had no contact with the SO member for a long period of time, has the right to go the local police, express their concerns for the person’s well being and ask the cops to go to the base and perform a welfare check.

    At past protests, Maureen Bolstad had one done at Gold regarding her sister, and a British Mum did the same with her daughter in Los Angeles. There was some limited success on both accounts that atleast the family member got confirmation the person was still there and the SO member found out their family was worried.

    But of course the flap was handled in both accounts and the family member was told “they dont want to speak to you”.

    So here’s the food4thought tip – these two accounts of enlisting local cops to do a welfare check were kinda done on the fly / grasping at straws and did not involve holee victims of torture for many years.

    So perhaps a better planned inquiry with proper strategy put into it in advance could go farther — bring a stack of copies of info newly available that supports your deep concern for your family member, empower the police with knowledge so they know the right questions to ask. There is a mountain of testimonial accounts that come out in the last 2 years, print it / copy it / burn videos to dvds – whatever it takes to use it to your advantage when explaining why you are concerned about the person’s well being.

    Then ask the police officer doing the check to also relay a specific message (or letter) stating that if the SO member wishes to leave – you are there waiting for them with open arms and the cop will safely escort them off the property and into your care.

    If the depravity of the situation the person is enduring is desperate enough & the strategy applied is well thought out, the family member making the inquiry *might* get a miracle with the person leaving the base under police escort.

    But even though thats a long shot, at the very least the SO member might get a ray of hope that s/he has options other than sheer hell they are living in and has someone on outside who cares. Same might apply to others around them when they see a slow trickle of welfare checks trickle through the base and the fallout that happens afterwards.

    And if the miracle does happen – by all means, get the recovered family member to speak to authorities when their able.

    Sometimes you have to make a few preliminary surface cracks in fortress’s walls before you can make the walls come tumbling down. And imo – the family members on the outside showing up at local police station asking for a welfare check is darn good way to make a potentially deep crack.

    So for those like Marty who have dear friends rather than family members trapped in that hell – perhaps you can find family members on the outside to aid in your fight to get them out, or take a shot in the dark and try it yourself when the trapped individual has no family on the outside (maybe in tagalong effort where several inquiries by other family members are being made at same time and a friend inquiry gets done as well)

  133. Marty,

    Thank you for this blog – I think it’s most effective at calling attention to the real scene.

    However, doesn’t this post address data from 2007? Do y’all really know the current situation?


  134. I was on staff with Russ B, I can not believe that he would act in the way that you stated above. It just does not seem like him. I guess stress will do these things. I have allways held out hope that things could get better. THis blog seems like a good start. I for one am happy that there is a ray of hope in this black cloud of a cycle we now call the Sea Org.

  135. I received an email from AnonOrange, stating that OSHA was finally showing an interest in possible violations at Gold Base.

    Something CAN be done about it!
    Good news for Gold Base residents!

    The California Office of the Occupational Safety and Health has accepted to enforce several complaints about the facilities at Gold Base.

    The formal complaints were from eye-witness accounts of dangers to workers at Gold Base. A total of 10 complaints were filed, which resulted in five alleged conditions that need remedy. (Several complaints were combined into a alleged conditions.)

    The original complaints were as follows:

    1) Some buildings are locked such that peple cannot open the doors from inside. The upper left corner is an area called the “detention area” as well as the “SP Hall” or the “Hole”. Each building needs to be inspected.

    2) Horrible toxic working conditions where people are forced to shovel sewage, without protection. Note that this practice has started in 2004 as a form of punishment.

    3) The cine building, which has a dangerous system for holding up equipment.

    4) Crowded, unsanitary living conditions and too many beds in a room. Some people are forced to sleep under their desks.

    5) Some buildings have No fire exits. Any fire code violations as to locked doors, bars on windows, etc. (Buildings without escape possibility)

    6) Entire area is gated with high fences and barbs pointing inwards.

    7) Failed septic system/leach field/ open pit containment ponds, which can cause a toxic work environment. Note that they have failed water quality tests many times in the past.

    8) Vector control issues of green water- mosquito larvae in standing water

    9) Improper handling or storage of toxic materials (Paint, pesticides, cleaning materials, poisons, etc)

    10) Employees, some elderly are being thrown to a pool or lake as a form of punishment.

    Gold Base management has to respond to OSHA by February 3, 2010.

    One aspect that will be easily verifiable is the removal of the Ultra Barrier spikes and other sharp hazards that decorate the fences around the “detention area”. Please do not hesitate to drive by Gold Base after Feb 3, 2010 to see if the spike are still on the fences. This particular item should require very little corrective action time. Failure to remove the spikes after Feb. 3 needs to be reported to OSHA.

    Please report any worker safety issues and health violations to:
    Mr. Andy Morita
    District Manager
    San Bernardina DOSH
    464 West 4th Street, Suite 332
    San Bernardino, CA 92401
    Tel: (909) 383-4321
    Fax: (909) 383-6789

    You can also confirm previously submitted allegations and such complaints can be made totally anonymously. In fact, the first thing they will ask is if you want to file anonymously.

  136. This is appalling. It’s much worse than I thought. He’s a raving lunatic, which I knew but suppressed the first time I met him. There was madness in those eyes.

    Why do they do what they do in The Hole? Because the instinct is Survive! The OT case kicks in with so many out-ruds (it’s no coincidence that food and rest are deprived) and beings in such overwhelm and then it’s a Lord of the Flies free-for-all.

    Jenny’s sister is Donna Isham, married to Mark. They are big money contributors and have a lot of sway among the high rollers, especially Donna who’s a tough, no BS kind of thetan. Both are (eternally) on VII. I think she’d want to rescue her sister. If anyone has a way to get in touch with them, send them this data but do it with ARC. Let them be able to have the communication. Otherwise, you can post a message on Mark’s website, www (dot) isham (dot) com

    Also, you should all send Tommy an email telling him that the game is up and he needs to do the right thing. His personal email is tommydavis (at) earthlink (dot) net. But, please, no abusive rants or vandalism (I speak now to the Anon crew). Stay on point and make your case. He needs to know that the tide’s turning and it’s no longer Pro-Survival to be aligned to David Miscavige.

    PTSness is when you see the problem but “can’t” do anything about it.

    We have to show people that they can do something about it.

    Also, at DM’s tone lies the sexual criminal (hence his obsessive mock up that MY and GL are gay lovers) so let’s see if we can find evidence of that. It will be there somewhere. Prostitutes while away from INT base is my guess. Could be male or female and it’d involve punishment, either as an inflow or outflow.

  137. martyrathbun09

    xcststaff, I knew Russ too. He once was a very good guy. Underneath it all, I am sure he still is. Just need to somehow get the DM coat off his back.

  138. RJ, Thanks for all the links. I’m not disputing MK Ultra or the CIA’s involvement in mind control experiments. That’s pretty well documented. And I’ve read Lifton and other books on the subject of brainwashing. The assertion that Jonestown was a CIA op has never been proven. I don’t see any hard evidence here that Jones worked for the CIA, just an assertion on a conspiracy blog. I don’t mean to nitpick this subject, but IMHO this talk of “government conspiracy” and “hidden handlers” is a red herring and just obfuscates the real situation. I do not see and have never seen any evidence that the government or anyone is secretly “running” DM and I worked at the Base for many years as you know. It’s a distraction, IMHO.

  139. I want to express my Emphaty with every human being that has gone trough this reprehensable treathment. Any person that has ever been in a simular situation needs other human beings to cry out or to help heal themselves. History has a long list going from the beginning of time telling tales of what fellow human being are capable of of doing to one another. Under wich banner it is done has no weight ultimatley it is Ethicaly, Moraly and Legally wrong what has transgressed under the Tyrancy of the one named David Miscavige.

    The day and hour has past to concern ourselfs whit the soul of this being that has blackened his heart with the atrocities he has done to his fellow man. In my opinion rthe first slap or mal intended blow ever come from DM sounded of what was in store for the future. No lomnger are you blind sighted. The Object of your oppression is in full view. No longer hidden from you fis light has proven to lead into the darkl swamp of agony.

    Set free, Set free yourself. Come into the light for this year is crunch time. The Orgs will be kept empty for unsuspected wanderers this year too by the Jesters you have come to known as Anonymous. Come hither ! Now the people who you know who are still blindsighted by the one who has set himself up as the source of thruth and knowlegde.

    Free your family, free your friends, free the children! Free even those who gave you the most trouble in the past for you are free when he or she is free too. The time has come heading into this new year to hold people to account.

    The demand for “NO MORE” will be heard louder than ever now the Independants join in peacefull and legal protest in any way or form they see fit:

    Through the Courts that have been the exclusive playground of the C of $ in times past, but are being stormed by the rightious demanding Justice to be done.

    Through the Media disseminating thruth and shattering secrecy once so well cherished and protected by the C of $. Journalists I hold you to your purpose, don’t hide for the storm.

    Through the Internet by Blogs , Forums, Messageboards, Email and setting up Informative sites. Misguided young people at OSA I am looking at you. In your heart you KNOW the truth. Join the good fight, leave the realm of the oppressor!

    Through the Universal Solvent that governs the lightest but most valuable way in organizing that is called Social Networking. Bonds will be made stronger, Old friends will meat again and new alliances will be formed.

    This Abomination will not stand any longer. For all that is right in your hearts make it your purpose to not give this excuse of a man power over life any longer. He that has strayed so far of the path of human dignity, that we can barely recognize him as a human being anymore.

    David Miscavige, Your purpose was lost long ago, Your are no longer Relevant, You are obsolete.

    The Sooner you see this the Better.

    With Regards, Cat Daddy, member of Human Kind

  140. Marty, I finally have to say something. I haven’t posted anywhere yet, but it has gotten to the point that I need to openly stand in solidarity with all other independents – vocal or otherwise – who will not allow themselves and others to be subjected to this level of criminality. These are blantant crimes against humanity – subject to prosecution on an international level.

    My heart aches after reading your post – to see what has happened to leaders who I respected Heber, Mitoff, and others who I regarded as friends. But I am also painfully aware that they have to have some agreement somewhere with something somehow to keep them there and allow themselves to be subjected to that level of abuse, and to be party to dramatizing it on others. As much as I ache for them, I have to say, they don’t deserve to be in command, because they have relinquished their power to – of all things – a little sick mysogenistic midget.

    In my own case, I ran as fast as I could when the abuse started with me.

    I can’t help but think about what Walter Andersen once said:

    “I am responsible. Although I may not be able to prevent the worse from happening, I am responsible for my attitude toward the inevitable misfortunes that darken life. Bad things do happen; how I respond to them defines my character and the quality of my life. I can choose to sit in perpeutal sadness,immbolized by the gravity of my loss, or I can choose to rise from the pain and treasure the most precious gift I have – life itself.”

    Many times I read this simple quote – and to give me the strength to get through the dark moments of my life. At the end, it is life itself. All the other “stuff” can be recreated and build anew.

    These once strong, charismatic and sure leaders need to find themselves again. I don’t know if they can do that – seems like its going to take a LOT of work to bring them back to themselves. Look how far they have fallen. Look at how much they have forfeited of themselves. How very, very sad.

    I never met Debbie Cook, but I applaud her, as I do you and all other independent Scientologists, for having the guts to reclaim your lives.

  141. martyrathbun09

    Fishdaddy and RJ, Whether he created himself or is the creation of another, one thing I find to be clear: Jones and Miscavige are peas in a pod. Take a look at the Soledad O’Brien CNN Jonestown documentary – view the footage of Jones. Fishdaddy, I know you will see the parallels. They are unmistakable.

  142. martyrathbun09

    Freespirit, Thanks for weighing in. I like the Andersen quote. It is very much the philosophy imparted by Viktor Frankl in Man’s Search for Meaning. That is why it is recommended reading on this blog homepage. They’ll find themselves, when and where is the question.

  143. “Never regret yesterday. Life is in you today, and you make your tomorrow.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  144. Marty, all of this sounds so much like the degrading “tech” that was used to decapitate UK management in October 2006 and replace them with little DM-bots while confirming Bob Keenan as the loutish and brutal “Enforcer” (until he got sick and disapppeared). Interestingly enough, Lisa Allen was there during that coup and was seen physically threatening to punch out the CO CLO UK (Janine Pady at the time). Even us low-on-the-totempole-types could see what was happening, but your posts are really helping to fill in gaps and provide the big picture. I wonder where else DM has exported his degrade-and-torture tech?

  145. Sharon, FREE HEBER JENZSCTH would now be a text to put on a picket sign as it WILL make public Scientoligists think. The ones that are still in.

    Lillian Hellman:

    Since when do you have to agree with people to defend them from injustice?

  146. “All disturbance and chaos folds up in the teeth of truth.
    Don’t ever try to stop truth. It’s the only thing that can go through 16-inch armor plate.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  147. Because when they do show up there the people they have come to check the welfare of, say they are fine.

    Probably in their thinking it is more important to protect scientology than themselves….

  148. Martin P. your defiance in the face of “Evil”is refreshing.

    “Single men and determined groups have been the only makers of space in which man could walk free.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  149. Fellow Traveller

    “Ideas and not battles mark the forward progress of mankind. Individuals, and not masses, form the culture of the race.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

  150. David Miscavige:

    Feels grandiose and self-important (e.g., exaggerates achievements and talents to the point of lying, demands to be recognized as superior without commensurate achievements)

    Is obsessed with fantasies of unlimited success, fame, fearsome power or omnipotence, unequalled brilliance (the cerebral narcissist), bodily beauty or sexual performance (the somatic narcissist), or ideal, everlasting, all-conquering love or passion

    Firmly convinced that he or she is unique and, being special, can only be understood by, should only be treated by, or associate with, other special or unique, or high-status people (or institutions)

    Requires excessive admiration, adulation, attention and affirmation – or, failing that, wishes to be feared and to be notorious (narcissistic supply)

    Feels entitled. Expects unreasonable or special and favorable priority treatment. Demands automatic and full compliance with his or her expectations

    Is “interpersonally exploitative”, i.e., uses others to achieve his or her own ends

    Devoid of empathy. Is unable or unwilling to identify with or acknowledge the feelings and needs of others

    Constantly envious of others or believes that they feel the same about him or her

    Arrogant, haughty behaviours or attitudes coupled with rage when frustrated, contradicted, or confronted

  151. Marty, I saw the documentary and read Raven, and the parallels are eerie.

  152. One would have expected Christians to be alarmed allready about the Coerced Abortions under DM. It is not for lack of trying on Anons that are “pooning” (harpooning) Christians sites with these revelations. The day will come .Well one just needs enough “push-through” and “follow-through” I have seen in a qoute somewhere ?

  153. Mark,

    This seems pretty far fetched. Who (by name) were the “eye witnesses” to these alleged events?

    “Multiple sources” is a generality. Per policy, no report is valid unless it states “time, place, form and event”. In this case, the names of the witnesses, and copies of their signed statements would be appropriate. After all, you are accusing people of committing crimes for which they could be charged and sentences to prison, right?

    Generalities, and unverified reports from “multiple sources” should be ignored. These reports certainly don’t add any credibility to your blog.

  154. Found on the web…

    ” [from Advance! magazine, issue 38, p. 14]

    I went to the Los Angeles Airport one evening to pick up my wife, Yvonne,
    who was returning from a lecture trip. As we started to leave the car park
    we both heard screaming.

    I exteriorized and saw a man beating up a woman. I stopped the car and
    told Yvonne to go and help the girl while I caught the mugger (he was
    already leaving the scene of the beating).

    Yvonne went to the girl’s aid and began giving her an assist. Her face had
    already greatly puffed out from the beating. I started walking at an
    intercept angle to the mugger who was not yet visible to me with the
    physical eyes. Sure enough he appeared from behind a row of cars walking
    fast. I walked faster and he began to run. I knew it was him because I had
    seen his shirt while exterior. I ran after him and called for help and the
    same time. The police came and helped me run him down and he was captured.

    We then went back to the police station and Yvonne brought the girl in
    who, after the touch assist, looked fantastically improved. We both
    realized that we had exteriorized and seen what had happened through
    several rows of cars and concrete pillars. Well, maybe someday we’ll have
    a real OT Police who’ll capture the *real* criminals of society. That
    would be a real help towards world police.

    Heber C. Jentszch, OT”

  155. martyrathbun09

    Old Cuff, Are you serious? If so, don’t waste your time here any more. It IS a waste of your time.

  156. Thought provoking

    This is fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

  157. RPF-ers are actually prisoners. Only a “bit” worse. They do not have color TV, mobile phone, gym, etc… So, there are written documents, Flag Orders or what on the RPF scene. There are witnesses…
    But either way it goes it is just not good for Scientology. This scene is very carefully created imo. And plays Scientology to the hands of real suppressives. Independent movement is great but without “Central Organizations”… no future for shure. Independent movement should be allowed to friendly co-exist with Churches who guarantee standards and take care of the materials.
    Anyway I am not on lines from a couple of years but I noticed that Int Management members are “missing”. I was asking around but nobody did care…
    Do not anybody tell to me that these guys are just disappear from one day to the other and nobody miss them? Even their “sheeps”?
    (Besides I witness the paranoid/aggressive phenomena amongst staff members especially ethics officers, and public Scientologists… Still I have the idea that there are besides mass-hypnosis of events, etc… something in Scientology materials as well which restimulates this valence in Scientologists – both the aggressor, both the victim, both the “sheep”. I am on the side of Scientology but imo seeing the folding events it can’t be other way.)
    Protecting Scientology is fine but how one can imagine there is everything OK when there are “outpoints” with the TOP leaders? These people are studying Scientology materials to a greater or lesser degree. If they do not cognite despite this fact than what is wrong with the materials or the people would be soo weak?
    I know there are OTs who see what is going on is not fine but seemingly they do not interfere at least yet.

  158. David from England

    From Martin Padfield’s earlier comment, it would appear that non-US citizens are also being exposed to such abuse while on US soil. This is something that respective ebassies and consulates should know about where data is available.

    Also, apropos the comment that we should be flagging this stuff up to lgbt groups, I’d already been in contact with one of Britain’s most respected gay rights campaigners after reading the nonsense sec checks that Tiziano Lugli had to go through to be the voice of LRH in Italian. I’ve since sent them this report. Let Tommy Davis explain to them why the Church of Miscarriage isn’t a hate group.

  159. Friends, I smelled the skunk early on. Never
    turned my back on him. The reason my stomache gets tied in knots when I write my
    stories is not because of overts of comission.
    Pooh! Had enough sec checks after LRH left.
    Its about overts of omission. The meek may
    inheret the earth but OTs own it. I think its time
    we all stop being victums and become OT again.
    Good God Marty I think you know how I feel
    about you. Lets reclaim the earth fellow OTs.
    MLV, Sarge

  160. Maybe they are PTS maybe they are not. I do not consider, that labelling (as PTS) would be the foremost important thing right now.

  161. What a bunch of non sense. Its because of articles like this that you lose credibility. You guys mock the scientologists for being “blind” and buying all the BS from Miscavige, yet I see a bunch of people here so blindly believing everything that is presented.

    The story is worse than a horror hollywood movie, none of you were there, and yet everybody is “hurting in their heart” with such an awful story.

    If you all want to remain truly independent as you claim, you need to stop buying any BS from anybody, not from the church, and not from Marty nor any body else.

  162. Cat Daddy,

    If only those in the Sea Org, especially those at Int, could hear you! If only they would read Marty’s article above! The lie would start unraveling.

  163. Theo,

    It appears from what Marty says below that there is
    currently something on-going from a legal/law enforcement standpoint. But that is not to say that you couldn’t consult a lawyer to satisfy yourself as to what can be done.

  164. Uh, David Icke of the two-hour-plus YouTube video is the reptilian humanoid conspiracy guy. Also, the two hour video is only part one of three. Not really on point to the issue at hand.

  165. Dmarie,

    It seems so incredible that DM has not been prosecuted by now that it becomes tempting to see conspiracies or collusions. I think it’s more along the lines of what Marty said: those at Int are in abject fear of speaking out, of losing their intimate connections, of losing their spiritual future. So no one who is there has attested to the authorities about the atrocitiies. So PTS are they to the little tyrant that they allow themselves to be humiliated and tormented and think they have no choice but to submit.

  166. Well the fact is fish daddy anyone who has a 201 file back at the Agency has in some capacity worked for CIA as an agent and Jim Jones has one.

    Also there’s the fact that he had two different passports issued under his name.

    Of course he isn’t going to be carrying a laminated ID card that confirms he worked for the Company!

    Miscavige himself has had direct contact with Robert Gray an Agency asset who worked for ‘Hill & Knowlton’ :


    Not only that but Miscavige’s power base outside the Sea Org have some interesting connections to intelligence, such as Bryan Zwan of Digital Light Wave, Sky Dayton of Earthlink and of course Adnan Khashoggi, through his ex wife and children, just to name a few of his patrons.


    I think not.

    As it could explain why “Law” enforcement has failed to act despite the overwhelming evidence of crimes being committed by Miscavige and why he gets away with creating a private prison similar to Camp X-ray or Abu Ghraib right here on US soil while the authorities continue to look the other way.

    So no I do not think it is a “distraction” and is a valid point to consider, instead of just wringing one’s hands or naively believing that the Government is on our side when in fact they may indeed be the perpetrators or at least covertly endorsing and protecting his activities.

    In fact it could be part of a covert operation to completely discredit the subject. Something they attempted for many years to do overtly but failed which again is well documented:



    So I think we should consider all possible angles here. Not just the “Miscavige acted alone” working theory, which I don’t think is a working theory and I have every right to say that it isn’t.

  167. Amen!

  168. Fishdadday,

    I completely agree. Assigning any cause for the situation in the church to the CIA or other government agencies is a misdirector. We have our own raving SP right there, in control of the whole Scn network. He wasn’t made by the CIA, he created himself.

  169. martyrathbun09

    Pedro, email me.

  170. I’ve noticed that those of Marty’s posts which seem to get the most t.a., such as the invalidation of clear article and now this one, also bring out the
    an interesting class of lurker.

    Good to flush them out now and then, I guess.

  171. Hey Old Cuff – YOU are the witness to the events. Everytime you go to your muster and listen to the inval rolling from the CO of your org; every time you go to an event and cheer for the expansion that you KNOW is a lie; every time you look at the int stats and feel the tightening in your stomach; every time you come within 40 feet of DM and your universe starts to spin is the time, place, form and event.


  172. Spread the Word

    This is a great idea and I have one recommendation:

    USE GMAIL and NOT YAHOO for these messages. Unlike Hotmail, Yahoo mail, and most other web mail services, web-based Gmail does not show your IP address in the email’s hidden “header” section. If you use Yahoo your IP address is included in the email’s hidden header section. Even with your Ip address OSA couldn’t do much more than determine what city you live in and what Internet provider you use. But with Gmail you’ll really drive OSA nuts because they have no information to track you with.

    For the more tech savvy, you can read more about this here (third paragraph): http://aruljohn.com/info/howtofindipaddress/

    So use Gmail for these emails.

  173. Just a few moments ago I finally emerged from a tremendously dark and reactive place wherein I had rapidly descended after reading this account. And I am once again reminded that I am not anywhere near being ready to regain some of the abilities I used to weild. Indeed, my very misuse of those abilities is why I do not now have them available to me and why I’m attached to a meat body in a humanoid exitence within an illusion we know as the MEST Universe.

    The inherent and immense power that we all posses while sometimes being effective when attached to the frequency of hate, revenge, rage, fear, terror, etc., over the long haul, just doesn’t pan out to be constructive. But if we use our powerful abilities from a point of creation and understanding then the consequences, more often than not, even over the long haul, will be constructive overall.

    I have a proposal to make regarding something we can do individually and collectively (more power if done in concert) to do something about this overall situation we’re focused on. You will have to bear with me though for, as usual, I have some sub-points to make before I get to THE point.

    I’ll begin with a short story: On the 19th of May 85′, in the late afternoon, my friend, co-staff member and junior, Mary Perrier and I sat in the WISE Portland office eagerly and anxiously awaiting a phone call. We were waiting to get word as to what the verdict was on the Julie Christopherson case. The phone ring and I answered. Someone from the Mission had called and the comm was devestating! And it’s force was amplified immensely because the verdict, being in favor of Julie, was not expected.

    I hung up the phone and there was no need to tell Mary what was said as she could plainly see in my physical reaction what had happened. We sat briefly in silence both too stunned to speak. Then all of a sudden we simultaneously went right into create mode. And what we originated, practically in unison, is basically this: What needs to happen is for every single Scientologists in the world to drop what they’re doing and come to Portland and make a stand!

    The phone rings again. I answer and its a terminal from the Ptl Org. We’re told to get to the Org ASAP! We get there fast and as we arrive many others are also pulling up to the Org. We go to this large assembly room and the local TV stations are setting up and there’s Heber, DM and others. The room quickly fills to standing room only and Mary and I are standing agaisnt one of the walls but near the action in the front. DM is in the spotlight (literally) and he his pointing his finger and I hear him say, Julie Christopherson will not get one thin dime, not one tenth of a dollar…. recall blurrs here but picks up here…Scientologists around the world have been called to come to Portland (I think Heber said this)…at which point Mary and I turn to one another with our mouths agape and eyes as big as saucers! The very words from our mouths just minutes earlier had been spoken by the President of CoS!

    I have often wondered since, how many of us upon receiving news of the verdict that day, had the same thought and made the same decision? While that comm lag continues, my temp answer is, I suspect there were many. 🙂

    SUB-POINT: Before I begin I apologize for not having the reference available to accurately quote from so this is a paraphrase. In the Phoenix Lectures LRH says, consideration of A [affinity] is senior to A. Consideration of R [reality] is senior to R. Consideration of C [communication] is senior to C. Also from the Phoenix Lectures…prior to every condition there is a postulate.

    In the act of my considering DM to be evil, I am contributing to that R and helping to hold DM in that R.

    SUB-POINT: from Control and the Mechanics of S.C.S: “Control then even enters into creation. Create and control are next door to each other. If an individual cannot suffer control himself his ability to create is doomed. He may be frantically creating but it doesn’t mean that he is going to keep doing this for very long. He is ging t hit that stuck flow. IF HE IS CREATING WITH POSTULATES AND NOT WITH ENERGY FLOWS HE CAN GO ON FOREVER. (my emphasis)

    “The number one trick of control used in this universe on a thetan is to make the thetan postulate that he himself can be damaged. One has to make him conceive that he is energy and that energy can be damaged by which he then has it proven to him that he can be damaged. One can only damage a person thoroughly and enormously by making this indentification between a spirit and energy or mass.

    “The thetan who is convinced that he is a chair can provenly be damaged. But a thetan cannot be damaged.

    “The whole matter of ‘I am energy, energy can be damaged, I can be damaged’ is actually a necessary channel to create a good solid slave society.

    “A thetan couldn’t be damaged. His abilities couldn’t be less. We have already demonstrated that it is impossible to reduce an ability. About the only thing you can do is reduce its exercise or the willingness to exercise it.”

    SUB POINT: from Scientology 0-8: “Considerations take rank over the mechanics of space, energy and time.”

    THE point: We are eternal spiritual all knowing beings. We are not humans. We cannot be injured or killed. We can operate outside the illusion of matter, energy. space and time and we can effect deliberate change on such. We are numerous now and working in concert we can start, change and start conditions of the past, present or future. We have at our disposal a very powerful tool. It is called the POSITIVE POSTULATE (I apologize, I have no reference at hand to cite from in regards to PP).

    Sometimes I can get so caught up in the humanoid way of doing things that I neglect to make use of my abilities. For example, being late to a meeting and driving like a maniac through heavy traffic to get there on time. Then, I remember that I can control time and do not have to be a maniac driver. Or, I can just postulate that the other party I’m meeting is running behind too or postulate any number of other things that would cause the occurrence to result favorably.

    To reiterate, we are numerous and we are strong. We have the ability to by-pass the mechanics and MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

    Positive postulate, deliberate creation, expressed:


    Feel free to add or tweak as you see fit.

    Monte Smith (aka: P. Henry)

  174. Good plan, Sam. No one can read this and then simply dismiss it. You’re right — we have to get it to every Scientologist who is still on church lines. And we have to keep TR 3’ing it. They may not read it the first time or the second time, so we have to persist.

  175. Looking in
    If you’re at all worried go to a library or something and use a non-personal computer. I wouldn’t worry too much about security as I think OSA have their hands a bit full right now – the more of us do this the harder we’ll be to track. You can always just dump the email account when you’re done using it and never get back into it again.

  176. I just published an article corroborating what Marty wrote — Sadism on the Int Base. Read it. Read Marc Headley’s book. Read anything. You make a mockery of your name that you borrowed from L. Ron Hubbard. You aren’t trying to SEE anything Mr Old Crock. Your effort is to NOT OBSERVE. You, not Marty are the one with zero credibility and everyone on this website knows it.

  177. “labeling” is actually recognizing their situation, and can help to understand them and how and why they are in the situation they are.

    Understanding can lead to effective solutions. Too say they are PTS is to recognize that there is someone harmful involved in their lives, and then spotting that person.

    To label someone PTS is to take the first step in helping them spot the harmful influence of someone who is causing them harm.

    It is not assigning them an arbitrary condition or status, but the recognition of their condition in the aims of helping them.

    You say maybe they are PTS or not….I would say that most everyone is to some degree a potential source of trouble (PTS, Potential Trouble Source) due to the influence of persons who are not acting in the best interests of them….world leaders, angry bosses, David Miscavige would be good examples.

    It is a label that suggests a solution.

  178. Martin Padfield

    Well done mate!

  179. You know, there comes a time when each person asks his or herself, “What would *I* do?”

    With all due respect to LRH, and I will be presumptuous and say I think LRH might even like my attitude, we need to regard our lives as something marvelous and sacred. That is truth.

    And in each respect life, who is the hero or heroine? Yes, we have those we admire and respect and to whom we pledge loyalty. However, how stable is that if the number one hero/heroine isn’t assuming the LEAD role in his/her own life?

    A friend once shared a story with me that she was with someone who didn’t treat her respectfully. One night, after a rude antic, she found herself crying, alone, in their hotel room, thinking she had no choices. Then she sat up and asked herself, “Hey, who’s starring in this f-ing movie?” She told me she saw her life as if she were watching a movie. Would any heroine she respected in her most beloved movies sit there, weeping, and wilt? NO.

    She was the heroine. She might weep, but she got herself up. She got up. Packed the suitcase, wrote a note telling the guy exactly why, and made her way home.

    Point being,I admire a few people to the grave and beyond. LRH is one of them. And I also like myself.

    When it comes to life, and when I see things that are atrocities — and I take those done to others as personally as I do if done to me — I consult myself. What would I do?

    What’s that truthoid (LRH reference?) …the moment one can do something about it, it’s less suppressive.

    Let’s get creative. Sky writers over an event… “There are now (___thousand_ Independent Scientologists) Ask a friend at a newspaper a favor. (They aren’t all SPs) Write Editorials for your local papers, say what you want to say. Leave some flyers around the Org$.

    YOU are the hero of your life. 🙂

    And really, so many of us are here because he/she asked “What would *I* do?” It wasn’t always cut&dried answer nor obvious solution. But that one step was clear. (Like Dr. Martin Luther King said, “Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.”

    Thanks for listening.

  180. I think this blog is a good start to get people to wake up. There is so much negative stuff out ther it is good to see people taking the right approach. B4 I was Up at CST I was CMO CW under Tom Devocht. I have worked with you in the past as a CMO terminal. Thanks for all your continued hard work on trying to get things back onthe rails. If there is anything I can do you just let me know.
    Cheers Xcst.

  181. trust me if it’s Christians, the Gay Community what and whoever I think these groups would love to see the COM go away! just go away!I am also pretty sure they look at this and go what the —-! are these people that dump to stand there and take this crap if so then let them do it!

    This is so sick and perverse that anyone who is still in is in by choice. At some point you stand up and say bye bye.

    I am not saying it is an easy thing to do but my God how much more and for what I ask for what are you staying for. This is mind control man not freedom and there are many who truly feel they can overcome the mind control and they walk. Many go to the FSO to find out for themselves. look don’t listen and if they continue then so be it.

    These people will never go free and don’t think that DM doesn’t know it. I truly feel this happens with many Religions. You are promised things and you continue until you attain whatever your version of the promise is. I’ll bet all those Jonestown people and the Moonies and the others after them thought hey I have found the truth.

    Many people figured out what was true for them early on and moved on, others it took what it took and continues to take. This madman needs to be put away where he cannot hurt anyone anymore but asside from him contracting some major illness or someone sticking him in a garbage can and pouring water over his head while slapping him in the face I don’t know. I do know he is given a lot of power.

  182. I don’t ask to be removed from emails, although I do screen my phone calls….

    And I try not to get to out R with the calls and emails I do respond to….

    On thing I think is effective when called by someone with a stat to fill is to ask them about themselves….what course are you on? Having wins on auditing? See your family at the hollidays? I frequently mention using the web in my work and ask if they have seen my website?

    I recently got a comm from someone in a SO org that I had seen mentioned in a Church publication and congratulated them on it. These folk are not our enemy. The reactive mind in all its glory and permutations is.

    I try to gently compare a more ideal scene to the actual scene. I try not to ARC X them.

    Staying connected to Church terminals is an opportunity as well as an annoyance.


  183. It’s difficult to stomach this story and it has taken me a day or so to “digest” the content.

    As many have stated here, as awful as these incidents have been and as difficult as it is to confront them, the information needs to be spread to those who are still under the influence of the C of S. And as much as I simply can’t stand the idea of spreading this digusting news around, it seems that the only way to grab some churchie’s attention and wake them up is with intensely emotional material about people they know..Heber, Ray and Guilleume. Ok..so be it. I’ll do my part.

  184. RJ,

    Earlier on this thread you posted the below saying that Freedom Mag stopped doing investigative journalism and was turned into an internal mouthpiece.

    In the spirit of fair play I think it only fair that I point out to you that it was Marty Rathbun who did an eval on Freedom and changed its function, purpose and direction and made it “self serving”. It was 1990.

    How do I know. I was doing an eval on Freedom, and he didn’t like what I had come up with – which was to continue and expand on the investigative journalism front and use it as a means of increasing our acceptance and respect with the general media and politicians.

    He immediately stopped Freedom from conducting any non-Scientology investigations (at the time they were doing a fascinating series on the Nazis and the lost gold as I recall) and focused it on internal PR and only investigating and reporting Scientology matters. His decision. And as you imply, lamentable.

    ” RJ // February 2, 2010 at 2:32 am


    As far as I’m concerned this whole operation is not accidental or conducted by Miscavige exclusively.

    This is from ‘Freedom Magazine’ when it actually did investigative journalism before it was perverted into the self aggrandizing house organ and agitprop for Miscavige:


  185. Good point Pete, his father is Ronnie Miscavige Sr. who according to various rumors has a criminal history which would be exploitable by any intelligence agency under their operating principle for recruiting agents known in the trade by the acronym MICE for Money, Ideology, Compromise or Coercion (depending on source), and Ego. The latter is obviously his son’s go button for sure.

  186. martyrathbun09

    Mike Y, You must be smoking something pretty strong; or are yourself an agent of C of M. The only eval I did on Freedom put the LRH policy statements for the mag into permanent magazine policy. I directly edited Freedom – and wrote quite a bit of it between 90 and 93. It investigated deeper into IRS and the drugging of society than it ever had. What was your post and what is your name? I never even heard of a Mike Y ever having anything to do with Freedom.

  187. Marc Headley spoke about this in 2006:

    And Rinder makes two.

  188. Thought provoking

    I think the main point is IMPINGEMENT. Not only to those in the church but to us on the blog. We can’t get complacent and expect Marty to shoulder the solution. It is going to take an “all hands” effort, not unlike Portland except this time our target includes our own parishoners. This story has not only raised our confront but our neccessity level.

  189. I agree Victoria, there are too many parallels to Jonestown the real story not the official one.

    On Greta I wrote a report on the fact that according to media connections she would be considered an illegal PC (I guess Miscavige overlooks PreOTs especially if they have a lot of juice) and the next thing you know I’m being “roll backed” on my report.

    Funny how that goes.

    I also know that Lyman Spurlock’s father had State Department connections and was working in England as a Military Attache. Information I’d gotten from his sister at one time when we knew each other socially.

    Also from someone who knew Jane Kember personally. I found out that her father was very active in South African intelligence.

    Out of all the GO who were banned from joining staff ever again, she was the only one ever hired back on after completing her A-E. Also strangely enough her son is or was at least till 2003 Auditor Activation Chief for IHELP.

    In fact he was the one who issued the SOED forcing all field auditors to “avail themselves” of the “Golden Age of Tech” (more like Auditor DEactivation Chief) or their certs would be canceled.

    Funny how that goes.

  190. Pedro,

    Are you an OSA bot? What you say is false. Marty was there. Mike was there. Others who have weighed in were there. The eveidence presented, both here and in a great many elsewheres is overwhelming. Just like it was when Hitler was sending the jews to concentration camps and no one in America wanted to believe it.

  191. Monte you just went public? Good!

  192. I have lost count of the number of times I have read this blog and I continue to have a tendency to bounce out of it. It is so appalling.

    I know that Debbie was back at Flag in late June -early July 2007 for the infamous Basics MV. I saw her numerous times during that time period and I did directly observe her indicators were not good. I wrote it off as a hectic time period trying to host MV but I see it was more than that.

    I am anxiously awaiting the continued “parts” of this thread so that I can pull it all together.

  193. Exactly, Sarge.

    Overts of omission are why we are where we are right now.

    Thanks for bringing some sanity to this scene.

  194. Veritas, I like what you’ve expressed here very much. I could write more about this, but it
    would be a tangent from this important thread so
    suffice it to say that I appreciate what you’ve said, and I agree!


  195. It’s simple to Google for your federal, state and even San Bernardino County’s government representatives. A couple of well written emails requesting an investigation helps the cause.

  196. Even better get a hushmail account which will also encrypt your messages using PGP, thus they can’t read what your writing either if they intercept it, unless they have your key.

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  199. PHenry,
    Thank you sincerely for this wonderful post. Man, it was a story I just couldn’t put down. Great quotes, make life so much simpler. Cheers mate.
    bluecharm, aka Jim Logan, geez I’ve done this whole reveal thing backwards 🙂

  200. (sigh)

    Expect a cram in your hushmail account, Jimbo!

    (man I love cramming the cramming officer it’s like so…so….symmetrical 😉 )

    What’s this bluecharm handle all about?

  201. By the way, is it just a coincidence that DM is the acronym in the old D&D games for Dungeon Master?

  202. “There is only one coward on earth and that is the coward that dare not know” -W.E.B. DuBois

    “You can’t scream to calm somebody down. You can’t fight a war for peace. You can’t hate to preserve love and you cannot enslave the people if you’re trying to free beings” -Tiziano Lugli

    ‘There is only one security, and when you’ve lost that security, you’ve lost everything you’ve got. And that is the security of confidence in yourself; to be, to create, to make any position you want to make for yourself. And when you’ve lost that confidence, you’ve lost the only security you can have. Self confidence is self determinism. One’s belief in one’s ability to determine his own course. As long as one has that, he’s got the universe in his pocket. And when he hasn’t got that, not all the pearls in China nor all the grains and corn in Iowa can give him security because that’s all the security there is.” -LRH

    “For a great many years I asked this question, to communicate or not to communicate? If one got himself into such thorough trouble by communicating, then of course one should stop communicating. But this is not the case. If one gets himself into trouble by communicating, he should further communicate. More communication not less is the answer, and I consider this riddle solved after a quarter-centurey of investigation and pondering.” -LRH

    “To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards out of men.” -Abraham Lincoln

    “All men have inalienable rights to think freely, to talk freely, to write freely of their own opinions and to counter or utter or write upon the opinions of others.” -LRH

    “To be happy, one only must be able to confront, which is to say experience, those things that are. Unhappiness is only this: the inability to confront that which is.” -LRH

    “All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing.” -Edmund Burke

    “Just living is not enough” said the butterfly. “one must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower.” -Hans Christian Anderson

    “If one is estranged from oneself, then one is estranged from others too. If one is out of touch with oneself, then one cannot touch others.” -Anne Morrow Lindbergh

    “The basic thing man can’t or won’t confront is evil.”-LRH

  203. Dave, you wrote: “I would say that most everyone is to some degree a potential source of trouble (PTS, Potential Trouble Source) due to the influence of persons who are not acting in the best interests of them.”
    So if this is so wide and I think so than I think there is no need to put a label. It seems childish to me. We will get lost in details. There are thousands of SPs around of whom we are under influence as our personal life somehow interconnects with these guys on a planatary scale even if it is just air/water/food/media pollution. I did not do the PTS/SP course but I’ve studied many references and I feel, in the majority of the cases this is just too vague definition. It’s like statistics. When I was in the SO stats were going up and down seemingly randomly in the org. No one was able to apply the right condition? In my opinion Scientology is just a tool, a guideline. And the case here I guess is not about PTSness but the fact that these guys are prisoners. They probably do not read Marty’s blog and I can’t see why it can be useful information for me to know or not that they are PTS. By the way I guess that they have to be such a high case level where no PTSness should exists… At least, did not they do the PTS/SP course? So. The whole situation in which Scientology is in makes no sense for me.
    I mean knowing that we have the secrets of the Universe at our hands, knowing the promises of the tech and yet we are in such a miserable condition regarding Scientology planetwide…
    If anyone has an enlightening, comprehensive idea or view on this I would be grateful to get an answer.

  204. RJ,
    Salmon fishing, baby. And, it’s an instruct, this computer stuff…man, lots of buttons and switches. 🙂

  205. OD,
    This is getting way, way off any point I was making. ‘PTS’ isn’t a label, it’s a condition. The term conveys the condition. If one knows what the condition is then there’s a start to sorting it out. Identify the problem, then solve. Sheesh.

  206. Little Gems of wisdom.

  207. I have filed a report at https://tips.fbi.gov/
    More such reports might help.

  208. This person ( who loves DM and I think she is spying for the church)
    who told me about the new SO contracts, also told me that she is in comm with Debbie Cook via email, and also told me that Debbie Cook is sick and has cancer!! is this true??

  209. More data on the ‘Hole’ and its occupants. NOT A LABEL! Just some insight.

    “The end product when one has fully handled robotism is not a person who cannot
    follow orders or who operates solely on his own.

    “Totalitarian states fear any relief of the condition as they foolishly actively promote
    and hope for such beings. But this is only a deficiency in their own causes and their lack
    of experience with fully self-determined beings. Yet education, advertising and
    amusements have been designed only for robots. Even religions existed to suppress
    “Man’s Evil Nature”.

    “Lacking any examples or understanding many have feared to free the robot to his
    own control and think even with horror on it.

    “But you see, beings are NOT basically robots. They are miserable when they are.

    “Basically they prosper only when they are self-determined and can be
    pandetermined to help in the prosperity of all.”
    L. Ron Hubbard, Bulletin 10 May 72, Robotism.

  210. Really Ralph?

    You just called in a F_ckin Bunch of Idiots.

    Er thanks, but I’ll pass.

  211. OK. But just because a great being forced into a prison or is on RPF that does not make him a PTS at once imo. I know a few.

  212. Sadistic personality disorder is:

    A) A pervasive pattern of cruel, demeaning, and aggressive behavior, beginning by early adulthood, as indicated by the repeated occurrence of at least four of the following:
    has used physical cruelty or violence for the purpose of establishing dominance in a relationship (not merely to achieve some noninterpersonal goal, such as striking someone in order to rob him/her).
    Humiliates or demeans people in the presence of others.
    has treated or disciplined someone under his/her control unusually harshly.
    is amused by, or takes pleasure in, the psychological or physical suffering of others (including animals).
    has lied for the purpose of harming or inflicting pain on others (not merely to achieve some other goal).
    gets other people to do what he/she wants by frightening them (through intimidation or even terror).
    restricts the autonomy of people with whom he or she has a close relationship, e.g., will not let spouse leave the house unaccompanied or permit teenage daughter to attend social functions.
    is fascinated by violence, weapons, injury, or torture.

  213. Has anyone with personal knowledge of these events reported the abuses to Adult Protective Services? This agency is charged with protecting vulnerable adults from abuse. Obviously some of these “holees”are vulnerable adults who are unable to extricate themselves from intolerable and dangerous conditions.

  214. Hey, Tommy Davis! Is that you?

    Michael A. Hobson

  215. Pedro, I wish I could read a novel and disappear and pretend none of this is real. Unless you haven’t had close personal experience to these astrocities you can be easily swayed into thinking this is a bunch of mindless idiots spreading lies. But due to personal experience in the lower echelons of the hierarchy (ASHO)leaves no doubt that these events did happen although watered down at our level, bad enough as it was.

    That being said on the ground level (now being public) my brand new FSM selectees (4) all got turned off recently in a matter of weeks due to the crush regging for expensive book packages, IAS memberships , joining the SO, non stop calling to go to events, all of my selectees backed off and did not want to continue.

    One of my selectees remarked to me that she thought she had to buy the books and read them in order to continue with services,that was never required of me when I got in.

    Another complained they are too pushy. My selectees haven’t even had a life changing win yet, but were being told you had to buy these books before you can go from point A to B. These activities severly inhibited my attempts at FSMing. I could not justify trying to explain to them why they must buy the Basics to move on. My selectees live out here in the real world and expect to be delivered to and handle their real life problems, not sold thousands of dollars worth of books to get their ruins handled.

    So Pedro, you may live in a bubble, but try getting out here in the real world and select raw public on lines and try keeping them on lines in this new world of how its suppose to be done.

    Maybe after they have had a realization, they can on their own determinism spend thousands and thousands of dollars worth of materials that they may never read/listen to. Gradients need to be applied.

    This has affected my comm line to these people and has cut my reach to FSM’ing, these are my personal friends that I have to answer up to. This just hurts dissem.

    Take an alternative religion that you might be interested in, being told that in order to benefit from any of it you have to buy $5000 worth of books/tapes and read/listen before you can get anything out of it. Talk about a stop, how many people have that luxury of time or even the IQ to duplicate. My selectees wanted results and were not given them and the gradients have been thrown out the window. The one size fits all all isn’t getting the product as I have so abrubtly discovered. So Pedro, try living out here in the real world and see how it is.

  216. He is Swiss and went probably back to Switzerland. His brother was until a few years ago still a dedicated Churchie and refused a letter from me. Unfortunately there are too many “Franz Schuler’s” to identify him easily, but you can make a try and call his brother:

    Kathy und Pius Schuler
    Kirchweg 16
    6048 Horw, Switzerland
    0041 41 340 46 18


  217. Dave's not here


    Does Tom Cruise have any idea how David Miscavige uses his good name to threaten and annoy people? One would think that Tom Cruise would value and protect such a valuable commodity. Further, I think even his wife’s lawyer’s would have actionable recourse if it were found that, in fact, David Miscavige besmirched or blemished the name “Tom Cruise” to the end that it would directly affect possible future earnings.

    Oh, BTW – I, for one, think David Miscavige & Tom Cruise are closeted homosexual lovers AND; I have held this belief for some time now…Personally, I have no qualms about homosexuality but the thought of these two pretty boy midgets wrestling around on the floor of their private gym – in matching black monogrammed thongs – repulses me, and I’m pretty sure it would repulse Katy too.


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  219. Wakingupin2012

    I still have a lot of catching up to do, following this blog and filling in the missing gaps. I have to say, however, that I JUST read this post, and I thought it was current. I am shocked to see the date is over a year ago and it seems things haven’t changed at Gold. Unless I am mistaken? Why haven’t there been convictions? This is very upsetting. I need to get my parents out of this cult 😦

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