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The Real Third Party by Mike Rinder

Guest columnist Mike Rinder with friends in Oxford

There has been some discussion of late concerning the 3P that exists between “Scientology” and “Independents”. 

LRH states:

The law would seem to be:






It is very easy to see that two in conflict are fighting. They are very visible. What is harder to see or suspect is that a third party existed and actively promoted the quarrel. The usually unsuspected and “reasonable” third party, the bystander who denies any part of it is the one that brought the conflict into existence in the first place.

One sees two fellows shouting bad names at each other, sees them come to blows. No  one else is around. So they, of course, “caused the fight”. But there was a third party. Tracing these down, one comes upon incredible data. That is the trouble. The incredible is too easily rejected. One way to hide things is to make them incredible.

This theory might be thought to assert also that there are no bad conditions that cause conflict. There are. But these are usually REMEDIAL BY CONFERENCE  UNLESS  A THIRD PARTY  IS  PROMOTING  CONFLICT.

If you look at the conflicts that Scientology is involved in, they range from “the Church” versus “Independents” to “the Church” versus “the media”, versus “the government”, “the French”, “the pharmaceutical companies”, “the psychs”, “the SPs”, “the squirrels”, “the out ethics public”, and on and on.  Even the staff versus the public.

There is an old principle of investigation: trace back who benefits.  What purpose is there for all this conflict to be fomented.  There is an easy answer for that – one that every Scientologist is aware of, and it is increasingly apparent to one and all that it has become more important than the orgs and delivering LRH tech. The IAS.  Every conflict, every disaster affords a new reason that money needs to be donated to the IAS.

But, LRH also says, you have to locate the hidden BEING behind the conflict.

That’s also easy. Look to see who benefits.

Who benefits from the IAS money?  The Machiavellian Midget himself.  It is this money that he uses to prop up his own PR and keep himself in power. It is this money that is used to buy empty buildings (as everyone just saw at the last IAS event) and generate PR about the “massive inroads” Scientology is making into the world with programs that are shown in PR videos at Miscavige’s events.

Remember, The incredible is too easily rejected. One way to hide things is to make them incredible.  That is the reason Scientologists cannot spot the real 3P. It is too incredible. How could the “Dear Leader” who has been responsible for the incredible expansion of Scientology, be a bad hat 3P?  Well, he has conducted a campaign of PR by redefinition of words.

The big lie he is perpetrating is that Scientology is expanding like never before.  The evidence to “prove” this is the purchase/renovation and opening of “new” Ideal Orgs.  In truth, MEST has been substituted for real expansion in a sleight of hand that has been so deft that most Scientologists don’t see it. Of course, every person who calls  himself or herself a Scientologist naturally wants to see Scientology expanding.  Who, other than a real SP, would not want others to achieve the gains they have achieved? Who, other than a real SP, would not want to destimulate the planet by getting as many people as possible to be able to erase their reactive minds?  Who, other than an SP, would not want everyone to be able to read and understand what they are reading with Study Technology.  And after all, we all want a Cleared Planet as our ultimate goal. 

The expansion of Scientology and the destimulation of the peoples of earth IS the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.  And even a new Scientologist knows that this is the formula that when applied enhances survival. So, how do you persuade otherwise intelligent, well-meaning people (that is, the Scientologists of the world) to ignore obvious outnesses?  You make the outnesses seem small when compared to the greater good.  The LRH example comes to mind – if a vaccine saved thousands of lives, but killed a few, is it a pro-survival solution? Of course.  So if under Miscavige’s leadership the Church has expanded at “explosive” rates does it really matter if he has been beating people up, spending money like a Saudi prince, knocking hats off those junior to him, destroying the management infrastructure  etc. etc. etc.? Of course not.

But, what if that explosive expansion actually DIDN’T exist? What if those things that are said about Miscavige were not only true, they had in fact destroyed the very structure of organizations and management that LRH put in place, turning the executive echelon of Scientology into a mob of broken, mindless individuals, thus guaranteeing that no expansion would occur. What then?

Then Miscavige would have to come up with a way of demonstrating “expansion” without really having any, using whatever resources were available.  Miscavige doesn’t have competent management at his disposal.  But, he does have MONEY.  Hundreds of millions of dollars.  And though money won’t buy you love, nor happiness, it will buy MEST.  So, here is Miscavige the Magician’s trick.  Scrap the LRH plan of building orgs to St Hill Size (too hard to do anyway – and then there are those damned staff that have to be gotten to OT in the orgs and there’s no management to organize that) and replace it with “Ideal Orgs”.  Oh how clever.  There IS an LRH policy called Ideal Orgs, so it sounds legitimate.  And you just keep talking about Ideal Orgs and make it the “thing to do” and pretty soon everyone will forget about the St Hill size orgs.  And slowly, but surely, you redefine even the concept of an Ideal Org to being “ideal BUILDING”.  And then you tell everyone that this is THEIR problem and make them “part of the game”.  So, the OT Ambassadors and the local OT Committees and all local Scientologists now buy into the laudable objective of having a nice building for their org.  But building the org itself – the people and the theta – they drift quietly into the background (until it comes to “Grand Opening” when a lot of people are going to see the “Ideal Org” on video and the broken down, discarded staff from Int and staff from other orgs are shipped in to make it appear temporarily the place is something more than merely a building).

So, Miscavige tells one and all that he is spearheading this massive expansion, proven by the “new” Ideal Orgs that are being opened.  You hear it at the International events and you read about it in Freedom – pages and pages about Miscavige opening orgs (and not a mention of L. Ron Hubbard).  And obviously anyone who says Miscavige is anything other than perfect is just an SP trying to destroy Scientology, because look at what he is doing and that IS the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. 

Or is he really just the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain?

Or is he really the hidden Third Party that is too incredible for most Scientologists to spot?

It’s easy enough to know.  Walk into any one of these “Ideal Orgs” and see whether there is massive expansion occurring?  Do they have more or less staff than was shown on the video for their “Grand Opening”?  How many students are in the course room?  How many Clears have they made since they “opened”?  Funny that you aren’t hearing about the massive expansion in these individual orgs.  All you see about them is Miscavige cutting the ribbon and spouting flowery doublespeak written by the LRH Biographer and some shots of empty buildings.  

Why you may ask don’t the people in the orgs say anything about this?  It’s the old Roman strategy of “divide and conquer.” The few remaining staff huddled in the cold in the Buffalo “Ideal Org” think they are the only ones who have an empty org and that they are really out of step with the rest of the Scientology world. They don’t even want to ask the few remaining staff in Madrid what things are like over there.  They’d probably be shot if they tried. And no public person wants to look like a fool after donating time and money to creating the “Ideal Org” and being good followers of the great COB and his “Command Intention” by questioning whether the org is doing well. They see it, but they quietly hope someone else is going to deal with it.

But there is another beauty to this plan too.  It keeps everyone quiet.  Because anyone who points out the obvious is labeled an SP. “Obviously” if someone is saying the orgs aren’t full and expanding they are CI – or worse yet, they are gloating about it and want it that way.  And who would gloat at the poor staff who are there working their asses off day in and day out?  Only a pure SP.   Again, propaganda by redefinition of terms.  Pointing out the obvious is redefined as gloating.   The staff of those orgs are in the unenviable position of having no management to guide them.  No programs.  No marketing.  Those things have all been forsaken for the “Ideal Org Strategy” because of course, once the “Ideal Org” has been shown on a video, it has no importance to Miscavige any longer.  You can’t show a building opening twice.  People might get suspicious.

It’s the big lie. It is clever. But when you analyse the FACTS, it is what it is. And until the real Third Party is spotted, the conflicts will continue. 

And one last thing. The proof of this pudding is this: as soon as someone DOES spot the real source of the conflict, THE SP, charge blows, the clouds  part and a whole lot of shaking starts going on.

Abilities return, sometimes chronic somatics even disappear, and things start going right again in one’s life. Hell, if you listen real close you might even hear scores of gentle “clicks” in the air, the sound of spines straightening up across the world.