Daily Archives: February 3, 2010

How Diamond Dave Eludes Justice

In the early-mid eighties David Miscavige and Pat Broeker were reveling in the absolute power they had wrested by forcing LRH to remain off the lines. As the only gatekeepers to the Old Man they could and did filter everything LRH was to learn of the church over the last five years of his life. And they made awful sure that filtering, first and foremost, made their positions more secure. During those glory days, at a comm drop in a remote desert location, Pat gave DM a congratulatory gift that summed up his impression of the latter’s character and beingness. It was a butane lighter with a nifty diamond embedded into its case. Around the precious stone the following words were engraved,  “Diamond Dave.” 

It validated  DM’s self-projected  image of himself as a rock star, after then popular Diamond David Lee Roth of Van Halen. Broeker would later rue the day he went out of his way to stroke DM’s ego.

Next time you view the Palladium event where these two announced the passing of LRH, pay careful attention to DM’s eyes as he welcomes Broeker to the podium.  They had “I’m taking you out” written all over them.  And so he did.

How did he get away with it?  The same way he gets away with running an Abu Ghraib like torture chamber on American soil; MONEY.

1)He authorized the checks for the lawyers who were retained to represent LRH’s interests during the eighties, and they dutifully advised LRH as DM told them to.
2)He authorized the expenditure of more than 100 million dollars between 81-86 to turn civil suits that could have been settled for 1.6 million at the outset into a horrendous war that kept LRH off the lines. And shortly after LRH died, and there was no more need for an All Clear for LRH, why, DM bought himself one for 2.6 million dollars.
3)He paid the attorneys who advised Broeker that if he didn’t kow-tow to DM, and continued to attempt to exert control in the church, he would wind up behind iron bars because of his financial irregularities.
4)He authorized the 100s of millions of dollars spent on the six to eight off-policy extravagant yearly events over the next two decades that were carefully orchastrated to position him – slowly but surely – as senior to Source.
5)He ordered the expenditure of whatever monies necessary to get in the face of the media and law enforcement for the next two decades so as to create an environment that encouraged the media and law enforcement to decide “life’s too short” to wrestle with the Church of Scientology.  He spares no expense in covertly influencing media and law enforcement to remain at bay.
6)He set up a two punch system to deal with any potential witness to his criminal behavior: a) intimidate and harrass to the point where the terminal is amenable to b) a buy out in exchange for silence.

Despite this seemingly impenetrable wall that I helped to build, do you know how I know with certainty that Diamond Dave will inevitably face justice?  Because for the first time ever, the one-trick pony’s two-punch system cannot deal with what he is facing. For the first time ever he is faced with a growing number of folks who cannot be intimidated and are not for sale at any price.