How Diamond Dave Eludes Justice

In the early-mid eighties David Miscavige and Pat Broeker were reveling in the absolute power they had wrested by forcing LRH to remain off the lines. As the only gatekeepers to the Old Man they could and did filter everything LRH was to learn of the church over the last five years of his life. And they made awful sure that filtering, first and foremost, made their positions more secure. During those glory days, at a comm drop in a remote desert location, Pat gave DM a congratulatory gift that summed up his impression of the latter’s character and beingness. It was a butane lighter with a nifty diamond embedded into its case. Around the precious stone the following words were engraved,  “Diamond Dave.” 

It validated  DM’s self-projected  image of himself as a rock star, after then popular Diamond David Lee Roth of Van Halen. Broeker would later rue the day he went out of his way to stroke DM’s ego.

Next time you view the Palladium event where these two announced the passing of LRH, pay careful attention to DM’s eyes as he welcomes Broeker to the podium.  They had “I’m taking you out” written all over them.  And so he did.

How did he get away with it?  The same way he gets away with running an Abu Ghraib like torture chamber on American soil; MONEY.

1)He authorized the checks for the lawyers who were retained to represent LRH’s interests during the eighties, and they dutifully advised LRH as DM told them to.
2)He authorized the expenditure of more than 100 million dollars between 81-86 to turn civil suits that could have been settled for 1.6 million at the outset into a horrendous war that kept LRH off the lines. And shortly after LRH died, and there was no more need for an All Clear for LRH, why, DM bought himself one for 2.6 million dollars.
3)He paid the attorneys who advised Broeker that if he didn’t kow-tow to DM, and continued to attempt to exert control in the church, he would wind up behind iron bars because of his financial irregularities.
4)He authorized the 100s of millions of dollars spent on the six to eight off-policy extravagant yearly events over the next two decades that were carefully orchastrated to position him – slowly but surely – as senior to Source.
5)He ordered the expenditure of whatever monies necessary to get in the face of the media and law enforcement for the next two decades so as to create an environment that encouraged the media and law enforcement to decide “life’s too short” to wrestle with the Church of Scientology.  He spares no expense in covertly influencing media and law enforcement to remain at bay.
6)He set up a two punch system to deal with any potential witness to his criminal behavior: a) intimidate and harrass to the point where the terminal is amenable to b) a buy out in exchange for silence.

Despite this seemingly impenetrable wall that I helped to build, do you know how I know with certainty that Diamond Dave will inevitably face justice?  Because for the first time ever, the one-trick pony’s two-punch system cannot deal with what he is facing. For the first time ever he is faced with a growing number of folks who cannot be intimidated and are not for sale at any price.

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  1. “For the first time ever he is faced with a growing number of folks who cannot be intimidated and are not for sale at any price.” You speak sooth Marty. You are the first of that growing number and the one he fears the most. I laugh when I think about how Diamond Dave is at total effect. Not a position he is used to being in….

  2. EXACTLY. Not for sale at any price. These guys have guts and serious integrity, and I’m so thankful to be a part of this group.

  3. Booo Ya Marty……. Booo Ya!

  4. Complexity and Confronting PL (Vol. Zero) for those who need a little positive impetus to speak out.

    Is there a smell to critical mass? If so, It smells great!!

    Great article Marty 🙂 !

  5. A source told me today that the FH now has the zeitgeist I movie playing repeatedly in the lobby.

    It’s quite good, but why would they do it, who benefits??

  6. Helle-fricken-lujah!!!!!!!

  7. Marty, you can count me in when it comes to standing up to him.

    DM has a rude awakening coming his way. He forgot one thing in his master plan. There are way too many of us out here in the real world who know the truth and what he has done.

    And as we know, the truth will set you free.

  8. And in the end you can ask yourself this question: “Did you help?”

  9. Mike, I can imagine the sleepless nights DM is having over the past 12 months and they are about to multiply. He better order up a large amount of Scotch. He is going to need it.

  10. Marty, some clarification if you you don’t mind.

    1. What does this mean?

    And shortly after LRH died, and there was no more need for an All Clear for LRH, why, DM bought himself one for 2.6 million dollars.

    2. Space, time, form, event – please? (Bet I got the order wrong, but that’s how I remember it. 🙂 )

    5)… He spares no expense in covertly influencing media and law enforcement to remain at bay.

    Your final comment about the growing number of people who can’t be intimidated and can’t be bought (the “untouchables”, in Elliot Ness terminology) caused me to reflect on what courage it took for those who stood up to the machine in years past when the number of the untouchables was low. Whether or not you agree with them, the Hana Eltringham Whitfields and the Arnie Lermas of this world really are impressive in that regard.

  11. Alex, we tangled in the past on wwp. I just want you to know that I’m loving your contributions in recent times.

    Great question for all of us: “Did I help?”

  12. Marty wrote: “For the first time ever he is faced with a growing number of folks who cannot be intimidated and are not for sale at any price.”

    God, those are holy words. AMEN!

  13. I have a question Marty, you said here in your article-
    “He authorized the 100s of millions of dollars spent on the six to eight off-policy extravagant yearly events over the next two decades that were carefully orchastrated to position him – slowly but surely – as senior to Source.”
    Does INT pay money as well for the events? Because all I recall is going WEEKS with no or little pay so that CCI could basically front 50-75% of the cost of the event. Then while on the RPF I of course made the columns and podiums and set up and broke down the whole event and that was pretty much for free so I really never understood why these events cost so much to put on. Slave labor did it all and its not like we got paid or anything.

  14. martyrathbun09

    1. 81-86 the church was geared toward attaining an “all clear” for LRH, which meant all legal threats were to be handled so that his wishes to spend his last years with staff at Int base could be realized. Instead, DM created so many enemies who fueled the suits we spent 100 million dollars litigating them. They could have been settled for 1.6 million in June 81. Shortly after LRH died, and now DM wanted an all clear for himself, he ordered the suits be settled: immediately done for 2.6 million.

  15. It was a black DuPont lighter, I can verify it for anyone who wants to know as I bought it and got the diamond set and engraving done for Pat’s caper along with special refills cartridges.

    Always wondered about the “Diamond Dave” inside joke.

  16. Every individual who stands up for what is right encourages other who are currently afraid of losing their “eternity” by criticizing DM.

    Many of us who remain anonymous have direct knowledge of off-policy or criminal activities inspired by DM’s sadistic leadership.

    Communicating this knowledge to undecided or oblivious friends and staff is essential. The communication must not be a one-shot thing, but must continue at a tone level that will be real to the recipients.

    When the decision is made to go public as an Independent Scientologist, you will already have paved the way with an audience which will expand your area of influence.

    Going public is not a one-shot activity. It launches you as an opinion leader for whatever worthwhile purpose you wish to pursue.

    Solidarity with others is essential and you can develop that while you are preparing to go public. Every comment you leave and every article you post helps create the reality of truly independent field.

    We develop credibility through our words and actions. If we can’t confront going public at this time, we need to support those that have gone public with money, supplies, meters, and active support on every forum we frequent.

    We increase our credibility further as we go public. I believe it is a process, not an event.

  17. “Hey Baby, there ain’t no easy way out.
    I will stand my ground. And I won’t back down. You can stand me up at the gates of hell, and I won’t back down.”

  18. martyrathbun09

    Ex RPFer – Jeez, forgot about that. FPs were thrown out of whack for months every single year at CC, Flag, the Ship, AOSHUK, and Pac Orgs to cover some of the costs.

  19. Oh yeah, or as Jackson said Booo…YA! By the short and curlies. ( Short is used advisedly).

  20. Truth is the one thing that neither DM nor any SP can plan for. Eventually it seeps out of the cracks or it explodes out. It’s doing both now, and it will take DM down. Truth is the one thing he can’t defend against, no matter how much money he commandeers from the public, no matter how many of his earstwhile lieutenants he torments.

  21. martyrathbun09

    Old Auditor, you are spot on. And you also have walked the walk.

  22. This is the one.

    *I won’t back down*

    “Hey Baby, there ain’t no easy way out.
    I will stand my ground. And I won’t back down. You can stand me up at the gates of hell, and I won’t back down.”

  23. martyrathbun09

    Sinar, thanks. we need to powow and compare notes someday.

  24. Did You Help?

    “If we win, you will win. The kids in school will grow up. And we will have a world without criminality, without war.

    “We mean it. And the only slim chance this planet has rests on a few slim shoulders, overworked, underpaid, and fought – the Scientologists.

    “Later on, if we make it, what will be your answer to this questions? Did you help?”

    The Auditor No. 9 – 1965

  25. God Bless!

  26. War and Peace

    Marty ~~ great post~ thank you.

    If there is one thing DM knows how to do, it is how to rake in the bucks. MEGA BUCKS MEGA MEGA BUCKS.

    IT IS THE MONEY ~~ masses of it that form his layers of protection of the dirty deeds.
    He does know how to get the bucks flowing in to protect the criminal organization now called the COS.

    Take a look at Super Power Building monies raised , it boggles the mind. Note this is not FSO income which hit the $3 million a week mark some years back and has steadily sunk, this is just the SUPER POWER BUILDING SCAM (but no accounting of where the funds go ~~)

    Cornerstone Newsletter sent out [ November 2009]

    MASTER LEGION OF HONOR [1] [Unknown – possibly $15,000,000.00]
    Bob, Trish, Dsara, David, Daniel, Dylan, Diamond, Diana and Dante Duggan

    LEGION OF OT MERITORIOUS [1] [$10,000,000.00]
    Dr. Bryan & June Zwan

    LEGION OF OT [1] [$5,000,000.00]
    Ron & Mireille Pollack

    Super Power Donations
    The Income total in Jan 2002 was $ 67,100,000.00
    The Income total in April 2002 was $ 69,475,000.00
    The Income total in September 2002 was $72,070,000.00
    The Income total in March 2003 was $81,345,000.00
    The Income total in August 2003 was $84,500,000.00
    The Income total in February 2004 was $90,790,000.00
    The Income total in March 2004 was $92,110,000.00
    The Income total in July 2004 was $88,905,000.00
    The Income total in November 2004 was $92,915,000.00
    The Income total in July 2005 was $110,510,000.00
    The Income total in August 2007 was $ 132,760,000.00

    Credit to Pooks ~~ who researched and staticized it from COS promo (Must Read)

    I have personal comm lines with a couple on OT 7 who were regged to take out a 2nd mortgage to donate to Super Power Bldg. They now have to come up with $2387 every 30 days for this debt (2nd mortgage) which may cause them to lose their home. When they were regged, 2 Flag MAAs were in the room. According to them, at Flag, these days, the MAAs participate in the REG cycle !!! 2 MAAs are in the room at all times with the IAS regging ~~ all eyes on you to cough up or else……

  27. Pretty amazing Marty how Miscavige has turned the Church of Scientology into a criminal conspiracy, paling the GO by comparison!

    When he went on about how criminal the GO was my first critical thought about the guy was what Tweety Bird thought when he saw Sylvester playing coy:

    “Wad a hipatwit!”

  28. Sure thing… this is the closest one in the current Dupont line resembling it.

  29. And because we won’t be intimidated and can’t be bought off while merrily exposing his crimes, the more desperate DM gets. And the more desperate he gets the more he bears down on his few remaining cronies to use dirty tricks in a futile attempt to intimidate us. But the greater the number of dirty tricks (crimes) he resorts to, the greater the amount of additional grist we have for our exposure mill, which piles on even more desperation, which …

    And so it has gone.

    And so it goes.

    The house that Diamond Dave built on foundations of lies and treachery is wobbling in the breeze, swinging back and forth as it traces an ever widening arc.

    As it swings toward you give it a hefty shove back in the other direction.

  30. becomingAware

    Yes the local orgs where really pressed to cover costs but mainly with local setups, stage, renos, videos that ‘promoted’ the local org such as the intro videos, etc. These costs were not insignificant. My recollection is that they did not cover other technical costs such as space segment time, core equipment nor logistics costs which added up. Gold was pretty much stripped for the events except for the cassette production lines and HEM.
    For some Orgs I remember it really hurt them and most staff, particularly management were knocked off post for months reg’ing for event money. As the events became more extravagant (each one HAD to be more lavish than the last) it got insane. Yes looking back at it now, perhaps it was insane to begin with. At the time and heavily involved one didn’t have time to really think about it other than to pull it off somehow as we were all knocked off post also. Our normal posts were abandoned and had to be cleaned up when we returned to the base. Last minute creative decisions by DM put all under stress and for no creative reason I could see. At least it was that way for me and from what I observed. It was not a cooperative venture. The speakers were not like Talent in the normal production sense. It was always done with fear that something would go wrong or one would not anticipate the whim or desire and once the event was over there would be hell to pay. I’ve seen DM harass and publicly humiliate other exec speakers in front of others for the fun of it. I say this as I’ve been around and the critiques were not what one would see in a professional situation. It was about control and more control even in the 80’s when I was there only I didn’t have enough SO track to see it for where it was going.

  31. Hi Heather,

    There is an Alex” imposter” lurking out there, who is a bit more viral than me. Actually he is Alex original and he told me that he likes to stir up trouble.

    I am the “nice” Alex,sugar and spice and everything nice. Except when it comes to DM and his suppressive henchmen then all I want to do is see all those mother-f—–s go to jail!!

    Although I do recall a brief spat with someone (maybe you) on Geir’s site, that was before my brain dryed out a bit and I was still decompressing. I am no longer a fear-bot and am going back to my own identity. The more I de-PTS myself the better it gets.


  32. TheEmperorIsNaked

    Even the koolaid drinkers still in would go livid at the idea of LRH being manipulated like that. If it could somehow be gotten across to them that is.

    I am pissed!

  33. I don’t think he forgot that, Mark. I think he understood that there had to be roadkill as part of the master plan but what he was banking on was that the broken pawns would never band together and form a credible rebel force.

    I’ve always wondered why he fretted so much about keeping PIs on people like Janis after all these years.

    What threat could she pose?

    By herself, none, but what if she got together with other original messengers or execs DM had run out of the SO?

    He had to keep everyone apart to neutralize them; keep them introverted, OUT Int and wanting to stay the hell away from anything to do with the CoS.

    Now, thanks to Marty and others, the ghosts of kangaroo court Comm Evs past are coming back to haunt him.

  34. I just love the idea of DM standing ther like little Caesar amongst those styrafoam pillars. The whole thing is a charade and I can’t wait until that phoney world comes tumblin down.

  35. As Marty says, WnP, it’s the money that keeps him on his throne. He controls it and lawyers get rich from your friends’ second mortgage to make sure DM stays in charge. I know one of those lawyers and I can report that he’s living large.

    Those Super Power numbers are staggering, as are the BS levels of patron. Legion of OT my ass. First time I was regged for this years ago my indicators went out in a nano-second.

    As for MAAs in the room during reg cycles, I hear reg cycles are All Hands now. Can’t let a single dollar leave the Org.

    You say Diamond David Lee Roth, Marty, I picture Tony Montana from Scarface.

  36. Hey Marty. First, you are the man! Next, I’m disgusted at the arrogance of DM and Broeker in the early eighties. They were messing around with power, borrowed/stolen from LRH and abused. Obviously it goes much deeper……into insanity and evil intentions. Much like the hair bands of the time, they lived in ignorance and excess. Most of the bands are now destitute for abusing and mis-using their power. DM will pay for it ultimately in a way he couldn’t have believed. With respect, Idle Org

  37. TheEmperorIsNaked

    I love it! Alex has an evil twin! 🙂

  38. I don’t know if that was me on Geir’s site or not. It’s history, either way. 🙂

  39. TheEmperorIsNaked

    I could be wrong here because I haven’t done any real research. But I was reading some of the Robert Vaughn Young stuff lately and had some interesting thoughts about it. He has a lot of negative impressions about LRH that were hard for me to have (or consider). But as I really read what he was saying I kept noticing how the comm from LRH was actually coming on a via from DM. I started watching for it and kept seeing how something was submitted for LRHs approval, but it wasn’t direct – it was via DM. Also the generalities got pretty frequent: “everyone was nervous”, “everyone knew LRH was like _____”. But there would pop up that Miscavige name again as the person delivering the response.

    In the end I wondered how much of it all was shaped by DM and not LRH at all. I ended up feeling like RVY was suckered to a large extent and allowed DM to shape his impression of LRH.

    The controlling of comm described in this post allowed insidious control on multiple vectors.

  40. Theo Sismanides

    Ι think taking DM to court is something that can be organized. There are many cases of people. Each one of us might have a case, e.g. fraud.

    I can write a few things here, to give you an idea. Many more things can be done and certainly all this evidence has to be shown to some attorneys.

    I, for one, having practiced law for a while, have an idea of what can be maintained in court as a case. And definitely a case of fraud can be maintained where I was sold something else instead of Scientology.

    The HCOBs I put up many times are just a case in point, a stable, unshakeable, indisputable datum which shows that I was sold something else than Scientology. Instead of me going around saying how different the world would be had we used the translations series in oral societies where people read less and less (the technical aspect of the matter), I went around picking up the ethics (out)point of that, used it as just an outpoint when there are no HCOBs cancelling those and pointing out the who and the why (the ethics/admin aspect of the matter)

    But from a penal code aspect this is FRAUD in the making. I sign a billion year contract to have Scientology NOT something else.

    So I signed under the pledge on both sides that Scientology technology will be applied to the letter, let’s say.

    So, this is where all the damages come in:

    1) That I was detained by security at Corona was made possible because I agreed to it in the hope that someone(s) will understand that I was penalized for insisting on Standard Tech.

    But given the fact that nothing happened and nobody understood except my wife and another member who left with us, I can claim that this was illegal. Given the fact that that church was something else than I thought, I would never have allowed that to happen there.

    2) That I was forced to NOT have babies IN the Sea Org, and I had to have that and got my children when I was out and around 40, is a case of damages also.

    3) Fraud is surely a case as I explained above with the HCOBs for example.

    4) All of those people who have been subjected to all those tortures in the light of the fact that DM does not apply Scientology are NOW just victims of common penal law crimes of DM. The ecclesiastical protection goes away since we were not there for something else to be practiced but Scientology by the book and we agreed to undergo all those tortures and humiliations in the hope that someone(s) (including US) will understand what was going on and would help OUR church, not THAT other church.

    In any other case, in any other job we would have sued those employers.

    4) Talking about all this, as there has been a big breach of our contracts by the so called church of Scientology, we are all entitled to ask for due fees as would be paid by any other corporation since it is proven with no doubt that we were not given Scientology in its merest sense. That we got auditing and training of actual Scientology, yes, can count in favor of that church but in the merest sense and to the most basic issues of our pledges and contracts that “CHURCH” has not been the one we thought it was and had agreed to work for, for no pay and no career, abandoning everything we had. That was not THAT church that the signs of it let us believe it was: SCIENTOLOGY. By the actions of one man mostly (as can be proven as I said by individual cases), we have been deceived and led to believe we had been working for that church we wanted to and for which we would have agreed to have done and undergone all this.

    So we have been deceived to believe we had been working for the church of Scientology whereas that church was the church of David Miscavige.

    In the light of the fact that it’s proven that that man has no respect for the scriptures of our very church, we have withdrawn our allegiance and demand to be paid all of our damages as per each case.

    This is rough but it can go like that and attorneys can let us know how would that be.

    Then we just start firing… sorry, filing suits left and right!!!

    Or better there can be ONE BIG SUIT or BIGGER SUITS depending to some legislative matters, like where the crimes where committed, e.g. Europe or the U.S. something that the attorneys should let us know.

  41. Very well said Marty. Here DM’s money is worth nothing!!!

  42. I do not think Marty was the first but he will deffinately not be the last. Hear Hear !

    In 1981, the “All Clear Unit” was established within the CMO tasked with the purpose of making it “All Clear” for Hubbard to come out of hiding. One of its principal figures was David Miscavige, a 21-year-old Messenger who had worked as a cameraman for Hubbard.[59] In May 1981, he met with Mary Sue to tell her that her position as Controller of the Guardian’s Office was untenable.[56] She reacted angrily; in a 1992 trial in Canada, Miscavige told the court that she had called him “some pretty nasty names” and threatened him with a large ashtray held close to his face, but she had eventually agreed to step down.[60] She subsequently changed her mind, believing that she had been tricked, and wrote to her husband to complain but received no response. Numerous other Guardian’s Office personnel were purged as well.[61] In July 1981, all remaining GO staff were ordered to join the Sea Org, which would thus secure the CMO’s control of the Guardian’s Office, and the current Guardian, Jane Kember – who was one of those convicted on conspiracy charges – was to be removed. Mary Sue strongly opposed these changes and reappointed herself Controller, rescinding the CMO’s permission to investigate the GO. CMO staff investigating the GO were physically expelled from the Church of Scientology’s Los Angeles headquarters and the Controller’s files were guarded day and night. Mary Sue attempted to contact her husband to rescind the CMO’s takeover bid but failed, and admitted defeat when the Messengers produced an undated dispatch from Hubbard instructing the GO to be put under the CMO when its senior executives went to prison.[62] She stood down again, being replaced by a South African Scientologist named Gordon Cook,[63] and Jane Kember was replaced by David Gaiman, a British Scientologist.[64]

  43. War and Peace


    Thanks much for making me laugh.
    Legion of OT my ass indeed. LOL

    These areas are so dark and so gruesome that it is wonderful to be able to laugh.

    When it was very black and all dark up there on INT BASE with constant sleep deprivation, starvation diet and very hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel, I remember running and running from building to building and running on Int Base with a mantra chanting in my head “I WILL SURVIVE, I WILL SURVIVE
    to Arethra Franklin song lyrics… was a mantra in my head on a circuit I would add in my head
    “I will SURVIVE even this, I will SURVIVE the next brutality, I will survive the next sec check , I will survive the next DM atrocity
    (I used to be hauled out of bed at 2am to be sec checked on video asking if I am CIA, asking if I am in bed with the FBI and all the insane gang bang sec check questions done over no passing of breath test, no sleep, stuck needle at 6.0…..oh was I caved in. )
    DM wanted to be sure I knew who was boss.
    Those were dark black times.

    Thanks much for making me laugh and making me lighten up.

  44. The Income total in November 2009 was $142,225,000.00 acording to ESMB

  45. Great post Marty. Thank you!

    Maybe if little Davey is lucky enough, we would let him keep his lighter (after we remove all the diamonds) once he is behind bars (jailed) so he can warm up his rice and beans for lunch and dinner! 🙂

  46. Great call veritas!

  47. All OT VII and VIII were recently called by the MAA at the Sandcastle to come in immediately. What was so urgent? Buying the latest $7500 release of the ACC CDs. And no one protests this, at least out loud. Can you imagine if these OTs, one by one, made a stink to high heaven about the usurpation and degradation and collapse of Div I. The purpose of ethics is to . . .extort money from the public!

  48. Perhaps we could all take a deep breath and in whatever fashion we each pray — do so. (postulate, pray, positive thoughts whatever).

    I do not see dm going quietly or easily. Did Hitler? Think of any despot. They don’t go nicely. Not even Al Capone who fell thanks to taxes but not before several massacres.

    So — pray for our friends at Hemet – that this horror show is somehow dismantled without serious loss of life.

    These next 10 days within the Tibetan Buddhist tradition that come before Losar (Tibetan New Year) are ones where the negative forces converge big time — giving us an opportunity to self-reflect, to remember our own humanity … and without this self-reflection etc the “dons” (negative forces) can and often do reek complete hell. So — reflect and breathe!!

    Doing so paves the way for New Years on an auspicious day this year — Valentine’s Day — February 14th — where we welcome a New Year full of hope and creativity.

    But please — remember — the walls won’t come tumbling down easily. Prayer, well wishes, postulates are senior however to it all. (with many good solid pushes of real actions behind them at all times)


  49. “Those who have failed to work toward the truth have missed the purpose of living.”-BUDDHA

  50. What business or corporation in America is allowed to use personnel files (ethics/PC) to smear their former employees? If you worked at any other place large or small, and they released personal information obtained about their employee’s, they would be sued for everything and would have to deal with the labor dept on their business practices.

    Through the years I have worked in HR at companies and let me tell you the world is aberrated. However if the “company” ever released info, yes even on pain in the ass disgruntled employees we would not be in business. The public at large sees right through all the hates sites, the derogatory comments made about ex SO. I am just waiting for the day when COS is no longer exempt from all of the sane business practices that is expected, even the crazies of the world think it is disgusting!

  51. Hi Naked Emperor,

    I feel that some people can be so betrayed and so key’d-in that even though they have good minds, they can do an A=A=A and start to think everything LRH is bad.

    I guess when you get hounded as he was it can get to you. With people like him, who has written some very good stuff, I think you just have to filter the data and evaluate it yourself.

    I KNOW the church of DM says you can’t evaluate data yourself but I have faith in you. Lol!!

    I think your right too when you say that if Scientologists knew that LRH was manipulated they would be pissed!! I think they are finding out. Somewhere LRH says something like: The only thing that cannot be stopped by a 3 foot thick iron wall is an idea. [or something like that]


  52. WnP, You are most welcome!

    Like all auditing, the darkness of this “Diamond” (actually, he’s so phony we should call him Cubic Zirconia Dave – come to think of it, maybe he was constructed in some Russian lab?) is being as-ised now and soon enough the incident will be erased and we can all laugh again.

    Actually, I’m laughing now at the thought of Davey and the Legionnaires of OT. They’re like the French Foreign Legion except these guys are saving the universe by erecting buildings!

    The obvious antidote to all that is wrong with a MEST planet is to throw some more bricks and mortar at it!

    When you think about it, that’s some serious whole track dramatization, ain’t it? The obsession with building edifices to the Dear Leader’s greatness?

    But here’s the kicker – Cubic Zirconia Davey can’t even get that cycle finished!

    It’s 2010, and he conceives of Super Power (his greatest talent, by the way – grand sounding names), what, in the early 90s? He regges more than $100 million for what was a $20 million project, has it redesigned a thousand times over, never giving approval so the costs blow out to $50 million and last I heard not a thing’s been done on that lemon since ’03. Wow! Way to get things done.

    What’s LRH say about people who can’t complete cycles of action?

  53. The church has no idea what that is about for if the Venus Project goes through DM will be at an end and so will money motivations.

    IF so then they are cutting their own throats but helping the rest of the Scientology field out here.

  54. I would like to address those who read this blog as well as the other very anti-LRH blogs and at least bring a different point of view.

    As someone who did OT VIII just after the Maiden Voyage, was in the SO for 8 years in the early days and studied LOTS, including the Briefing Course and left in ’93 never to re-enter a scn center and am NOW a practicing buddhist with many programs under my belt:

    There is so very much IN scientology that comes from ancient buddhist and vedic thought. AND LRH couldn’t have stolen this UNLESS he somehow knew Tibetan AND had gone into Tibet and carried out the texts himself.

    Tibetan Lamas didn’t stream out of Tibet until the mid 50’s (well after DMSMH and many ACC lectures) and those texts they did bring didn’t start getting translated for years.

    SOOOOO — attacking LRH and EVERYTHING is simply attacking much of Eastern thought. How did LRH know all this … beats me — call him a genius.

    Did he go off the rails? Not going in that direction here but I will say that much that PASSES as scientology, isn’t — it’s a CULTURE that runs parallel to the ACTUAL philosophy of LRH.

    Aint the same — just “seems” like it.

    And one last thing — so far, I haven’t read all 84,000 teachings of the Buddha (no surprise there) but I haven’t found for example:

    The Ethics Conditions. Which when used intelligently in the spirit they were written, the only way someone can re-enter his group when he has transgressed. Doesn’t mean punishment, means owning up to ones responsibilities.

    ANYWAY — just airing my thoughts as I know from reading other websites that this blog is being read and demonized by some who I’m sure are actually very well meaning.


  55. “Know your enemy, know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster….” Sun Tzu.

    We know the little clinker called DM. Every aspect of his life is deceit and betrayal. The fact that he knows this troubles him every waking moment and amidst his fitful sleep.

    We know ourselves. We can not be intimidated or bought off.

    Need I say more?

  56. WnP,
    Man, things got much worse after my tour of duty there. As to laughing, my RPF twin and I, well lots of ‘I’ used to crack each other up. We ended up, from the RPF’s RPF, running the crew on reno’s day since we knew what we were doing. Which of course is why we were in the RPF’s RPF.
    In fact, Lisa Schroer was there with us. She was our go-fer more or less as she really didn’t dig the idea of competence. Anyway, I was talking to my twin a couple of days ago about this and cracking wise that I finally got her to differentiate a saw and a hammer. Things were good.

    One time we’d been up for like 4-5 days, literally. I was sleeping standing up, just like a horse. Anyway, we finally got to sleep out at Happy Valley, and I was gone, snoring like a turbo engine and off, way, way off in the distance I heard a voice ‘Jim, Jim’. It sounded familiar, like I knew them. I kept sleeping. Then another voice, familiar ‘Jim, come on, wake up, Jim, wake up’ I opened an eye and about a foot from my face was…JACKSON!

    He had this pained, compassionate look and a ‘I’m really sorry buddy’ kind of expression. I said ‘what?’ gruffly, as is my way. He said, ‘you have to come back to the base as production has stopped’. I said ‘no’ and immediately fell back to sleep. He woke me up again. I looked pleadingly at my twin, the giant, and he said ‘come on, we gotta go’. I cried. I just couldn’t help it. As I got out of bed, still fighting off crying as best I could, it occurred to me…’OK, but I’m not wearing ANY pants, and I walked out of the dorm in my underwear, work boots, and my black socks, just to be in uniform. I was looking at these guys, seriously intending to go back, in my scivvies. Well, not seriously.

    And it all fell away. I lit up a Camel, put my pants on and smiled the rest of the day. We DID finish the project and I DID get back to my bed. AHHHH.

    If not now, eventually, you will laugh. Then, it’s over. Back over the ramparts and a whole new measure of competence and strength.

  57. Imposter! Humph. I have been on the net since 1995 reading and commenting about scientology, and a scientologist since 1975. And I still am. And still in good standing with the Church.

    Unlike you, who wish “all those mother-f—–s go to jail!!”, I wish for my church back.

    I am the alex who wrote the fake AP story saying David Miscavige sexually abused his dog…that is my style of stirring up trouble.

    I also challenged DM to go to an anon protest with me, in exchange for my identity and banishment from the church.

    I have asked you for your real ID before…perhaps now you will tell me?

  58. Hi Heather,

    It was probably me on WWP, not the nice Alex….I used to post there alot as Alex till I was domelocked….now I post there as anon and/or with socks….

  59. One’s overt doth speak loudly!

  60. Alex:
    “The only thing that cannot be stopped by a 3 foot thick iron wall is an idea”

    I like it maybe you have created your own quote/saying Alex.

    Medgar Evers:
    “You can kill a man but you can’t kill an idea.

    And than:

    “All disturbance and chaos folds up in the teeth of truth.
    Don’t ever try to stop truth. It’s the only thing that can go through 16-inch armor plate.”

    L. Ron Hubbard

    Note: I like your creation too Alex, unless I have overlooked a LRH qoute.

  61. A person that I know who is still defending DM, told me that they have change the Sea Org contract, that people is now signing a “Religious Contract”.
    Somebody knows more about this?????
    She told me that the Freewinds Maa told him.

  62. Thanks WH, that’s also my viewpoint.

  63. Marty,

    Great graphic! The diamond skull is a perfect metaphor for the MEST beings who set up the prison planet we live on.

    If the skull were dripping in human blood, it would be a more accurate representation of the “quality” of thetan we’re dealing with on this planet, and the galactic powers from whom LRH sought to create an “Egress Station” on Earth.

    We are in a fight, not only against a Napoleonic tyrant who hijacked the Church, but from the inventors and purveyors of the reactive mind itself.

    Applying LRH Tech to ourselves and each other IS Scientology — it is not the Church. Regardless of whether or not the church organization can be salvaged from the ruin of internal suppression, we are still charged with the task of applying standard LRH Tech.

    Can this be done in the field? Or, do we have to storm the walls of the Temples of DM? Strategically, I would suggest that the C of S might already be beyond salvage.

    In any case, organizing an effective attack against DM is needed. But, restoring standard application of LRH Tech, whether in the existing church, or as a new organization, is mandatory if we have any chance of sanity and freedom.

  64. Marty St Hill Foundation went insolvent due to having to assist funding the yearly IAS event.

  65. Some of you here mentioned: “We can`t be bought off”, and you`re proud of it. As if someone could be interesteted in doing that!

  66. Old Cuff,
    I have been re-studying PTS/SP policy and tech. I agree 100% on your comment that knowing and applying Scientology is the game, and that’s inside or outside any ‘Church’. I DID come across a related datum to the subject though, on a tape from 8 June 65, Handling the PTS.

    The context is the organization and the back-up and support needed to deliver the Power Processes and technical handlings for PTSes and SPs.
    “Because you can’t turn this loose in the middle of the Kansas prairie, man. Whoever tried to do anything with it, he’d just go appetite-over-tin-cup. No, an auditor running what we’re running now has to be a well backed up auditor. And he has to be well backed-up by the DofP (Director of Processing) and he has to be backed up by an Ethics Officer and he has to be backed up by Review, and if he’s backed up all the way along the line he could run this.
    ” You could get away with running the lower-level processes without such perfection of organization, but you couldn’t get by with the Power Processes.”

    These Power Processes aside from being a part of the Bridge and for persons going that route, are part of the extant tech to handle the SP case. With an organization in place, even if you set out the hats, and handle them yourself, you have the ability to handle the major stumbling block to forward progress ‘huge above all others’ the Potential Trouble source and his relationship to Suppressive Persons or Groups.

    This area, neglected, and yet with a person reaching out to handle the society, will swamp them without the organizational lines and channels in place to handle the 20% who are PTS/SP.

    If one sets up a field practice, one needs to consider the above (listen to the tape for the entire line of thought) and at the very least, have on their org board designated hats to deal with this 20%. Factually, the org board design itself and its routings, has the channels in Qual, Review and HCO, Ethics, to shunt these off the major delivery lines since they absorb the attention and action, to the neglect of the 80%.

    LRH ED 54 INT, Superior Service Image also relates to the area of field practice and the Central Org.

    It is a fact, as we bypass the broken line, (and that CAN be done, the tech and materials and people DO exist outside the DM suppression) and continue to cope and deliver, increasing it, putting in lines and such, and with a ‘lightness’ of organization, we have to confront the CofM, and get it back to the CofS. LRH’s Scientology.

    Look, it’s part of the Power condition, ‘don’t disconnect’, and since the power is with US, we are on Source, then, well…you get the idea.

    p.s. I’m talking about the power formula, not a PTS ‘handle or disconnect’. PTS tech applied to the suppression of DM’s CofM, and it’s manifestations, will cut an entheta line. Power, that’s assuming responsibility and a different look altogether.

    bluecharm aka Jim Logan

  67. Jim, it cannot be more on source! You get my lifetime support – even if you start to squirrel 🙂

  68. Hey, Sno,
    I can’t speak for anyone else, but if you send me a cheque, well, I’m not saying I won’t cash it, know what I mean, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

    bluecharm is a salmon fly, pretty good one too, and maybe I’ll take you fishing, with the check you send.

    bluecharm aka Jim Logan, the Terribly Insouciant.

  69. No comment…. dear theetie-wheetie… Go outside, open your eyes and look at a brand new world

  70. Li Po,
    Speaking of squirrels, LRH’s ‘handling’, nothing. They soon die off. LRH’s Scientology is the stuff and beings WANT LRH’s Scientology. That’s why the CoM’s Idle Orgs are just that.

  71. So back to RICO.

    Can we use RICO? WandP can definitelty testify on kidnapping and extortion (having to pay for ones own meal). Debbie can testify to sex absues (calling her a “Lesbo”). Illegal Aliens – hell I can testify to that one myself. Lots of other sexual abuses, not to mention to the angle of sexual harrassment to Yager and Leserve. Last, but not least; acting in an obscene manner is something DM does daily.


  72. In the words of the immortal Sammy Cahn, ‘Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!

  73. Jim,

    Thank you for your excellent, and appropriate reference to policy on this subject. Well done!

  74. Virgil,
    As Marty has pointed out, DM is hiding behind LRH and Scientology, trying to identify himself with these and thus use them to shield himself. The best case is one of Mail Fraud, which is one of the requisite offences for a RICO case. Here’s an example. DM alter ised HCOB 16 April 82, MORE ON PTS HANDLING. He did this after the issue was verified at least twice, and then published in the 91 Tech Vols. The latest version was ‘reissued’ on 10 Oct 96 and significantly alters the original and the LRH dispatch it is based on. In fact, it utterly changes the tech of PTS handling. OK, he sent this out, since he’s Issue Authority, in every How To Find and Shatter Suppression course checksheet and pack. He didn’t change the date, he didn’t publish a statement ‘revised and rewritten’ by somebody other than LRH and that it was impossible for LRH to have either written, seen or approved it since he was dead for 10 years before DM changed it and put it out, without mentioning of course that it is now completely different than LRH tech. However, HE SIGNED LRH’s NAME TO IT, with NO indication it had been changed. NO date change.

    THAT is Mail Fraud. That is a requisite offence for RICO. That takes away the shield. His little tiny self is very, very exposed.

    bluecharm aka Jim Logan
    Note to Barry Van S. See above.

  75. Hi!!

    This is the “nice” Alex again….

    This is for Alex number one, or I guess it is Anon now.

    Take a deep breath my man, I was just having some fun.

    Alex (the nice one )

  76. Long time listener. First time caller. 😉

    I was on the front lines of the Damage Claims scene in the early 1980s. Using 100% legally obtained intel a simple, 100% legal ops resulted in one of the two Co-Plaintiffs in the major Class Action suit dropping the case and doing an affidavit for our side. Cost next to nothing.

    A short time later I was taken off post and found myself in a gang bank sec check and painting walls.

    So there’s a little factual historical context.

  77. Yeah Snowhite, life is a bitch isn’t it? Send me a check to see how I’m going to use it to support your slavemaster. Do you suck his bird as part of your services?

  78. Hey Cat Daddy,

    That would be cool if I did.

    This is how I see it, the COS is trying to shut down the communication and they can’t do it. Even when they try to stop it they just end up spreading the word more.


  79. Marty, thank you for all of your words and actions.

  80. Huck,

    I don’t believe it was DM who came up with the names of the rundowns, but other staff.

    For example the WOOC (world out of Comm) which was the name LRH used became Key To Life as there was some kind of contest and Sue Koon came up with the idea.

    Humongous Rd was LRH’s working name from the ’70s and I’m not sure if Sue also came up with the term of Super Power. So, it might not be a DM talent though perhaps he takes credit for it. Perhaps Joe might remember….

  81. You are right, bluecharm (what a beautiful name:-)
    As we are in a playful mode and busy with COHA processes, let’s take R2-26 worked out by a very playfull film-maker: look at this, it’s all about life:


  82. Old Cuff,
    No wuckers mate. There’s a lot of answers to be found in the materials. Including the Old Cuffs 🙂

  83. Thought provoking

    “I WILL SURVIVE!” You are one KICK ASS THETAN! I like you already!

  84. Thought provoking

    “81-86 the church was geared toward attaining an “all clear” for LRH, which meant all legal threats were to be handled so that his wishes to spend his last years with staff at Int base could be realized.”

    This really pisses me off…even more than the hole!

  85. Just to be fair and balanced. Just had this sent to me:

    Despite everything we’re still doing good works.

  86. “the COS is trying to shut down the communication”

    It is going against I’s own mission than, but we allready knew that. It sees the WHOLE world as PTS because David sees it this way. Nothing extrodinary in that as he has many crimes to hide. And they are not even “crimes” but real crimes for real jailtime.

  87. Even worse. What church would publish a confessional ?

  88. Your English has improved son. I am very proud of you. You even use contractions. Have you worn the “Student Hat” lately ?

  89. Interesting that you feel the urge to communicate, Sno.

    Do you have any doubts or reservations?

    It’s okay if you do. It’s hard to confront this data with the stable datum of “COB is Source”.

    You are a thetan with immeasurable potential. Trust your knowingness.

  90. So you didn’t get the right product, 2c

  91. These are my current views.
    Taking him to court for beating people up or even embezzlement will be spun as “SP’s finally found an inroad”, because of the doublethink of his support, but it doesn’t matter.
    Also, the media reaction to that can’t be controlled too much either so don’t worry about it. Besides, it’ll be seen as a fresh start.

    It doesn’t matter if Scientologists are convinced charges were brought against him by SP’s, those sold on DM already think we’re PTS/SP’s. There’s only upside PR potential.

    Pretty much any actions we take short of legislating against Scientology and alignment with squirrels only has upside potential so just do whatever you want, file charges, bullhorn the HGB, start an auditing center through a big donor. We’d only fail by not being causative (taking actions).
    It’s one of those situations where the truth is hidden from view, yet so clear when you see the evidence. The only direction of converts is
    pro-Miscavige —> being against him.

    And worrying about his successor or what comes after at this point is reaching too far, but talking about it is fine of course. That’s too much to handle and that’s handled ultimately by the broad awareness campaign that LRH has the final say and not DM, by speading what’s covered on these websites.

  92. WH, Sure like to meet you. I too gravitated toward vidanta and Buddhism after I left Scn.
    I had a huge void in my life. I know you are
    correct about the link between Scn and Buddhism. I read everything I could get my
    hands on after I left. I did Power and Power Plus at CW before going to Cal. WOW! I don’t know if Power is still done but should be. MLV,Sarge

  93. I also saw JT last night on Letterman and it IS good news about the whole cycle. YEAH!

  94. Snowhite, Is it true that ignorance is bliss?

  95. Sarge, I am curious if you alsoo studies the way of “warrior” monks like the Shalin priests or simular cross overs between belief and marshall arts ?

  96. The above pretty much explains why Mary Sue’s communications never reached the Ol’man.

    Interesting that in the article by St. Pete’s Times ‘The Man Behind Scientology’ that Miscavige says he never informed Ron about deposing his wife until six months later.

    He also admits lying to her in the same article by telling her that Ron had asked her to step down as well.

  97. Mary McConnell

    Well, I certainly got what you said here and do appreciate your candor.

    I recall there being less lawsuits against scientology compared to the amount of lawsuits scientology brought against others back then.

    The Christofferson, Paulette Cooper, Flynn & Burden cases….. Later on, in the 90’s….. well, that was a different story.

    In the 80’s the CoS was on the attack, suing all it’s perceived enemies and there were many of lawsuits as a result, especially the federal agencies on the FOIA while Hubbard was being pursued by the IRS and the church fought for it’s tax exempt status back. That’s where many of the millions went.

  98. Agreed. I’d prefer that the VMs do their work under the radar so it doesn’t seem like they’re only there for PR reasons but hey, they’re on the ground doing what appears to be good work so who am I to throw stones? Despite everything, good or bad, JT seems to be able to stay above the fray.

  99. Seemed like a pretty product to me but perhaps there is subtext to your comment that’s going over my head.

  100. Blu – Thanks, that’s pretty clever. We need 2 charges we can file out of the 27 or so available. Mail fraud is one, so what is the other?

    Boyd – my only goal at this point is DM off of the lines and in jail. Whatever accomplishes this is the goal.

    Whoever takes his place is not nearly as mad as he is. Or maybe he implanted any and all possible replacements? Shudder.


  101. Theo Sismanides

    Bluecharm aka Jim Logan,

    Wow, this is getting really fun, I like that name… Bluecharm… great!

    So, you wrote:

    “….It is a fact, as we bypass the broken line, (and that CAN be done, the tech and materials and people DO exist outside the DM suppression) and continue to cope and deliver, increasing it, putting in lines and such, and with a ‘lightness’ of organization, we have to confront the CofM, and get it back to the CofS. LRH’s Scientology.”

    And we did. Here in Greece, we bypassed the broken line and got auditing up the Bridge by NOTAWARE!

    It was awesome. I feel so good, so different. My house became an HGC. Ignazio slept on the couch for 2 weeks! I know that is not good promotion for our “HGC” hahahah, but he has been in the SO, he managed.. hahah. Now seriously, the only outness was the couch (Ignazio we are going to correct that next time), otherwise I think we were OK, he got good meals from my mom and mother in law, we got some specialties in greek recipies, sweets and the famous Mousaka with egg plants and special sauce on top… ! I think he is happy, he can also say himself… hahaha.

    But we bypassed the broken line BIG TIME! We moved UP a LITTLE Higher. Yes, I start getting that now.

    We had help from other people, we had fun and basically we got auditing! Pure, actual auditing, not Sec Checks for disagreements etc.

    NOTSAWARE did it. We ALL did. It started with this blog. I did a little D of P job. I called in the others… hahaha. Lightness of organization, and then we saw DVDs and ate mandarins and chestnuts which Ignazio liked a lot. I made sure everyday he got them (he didn’t go flat on them yet) and I made sure every morning we had that jam from my mom which he liked and got him a vase from mom’s jam to take home. I did a little services hat and then took him to the Acropolis and the new Acropolis Museum and a bit around the city.

    Ignazio made sure we are sessionable… He put us in bed by 10:00 p.m. That was tough! Our children and the 2 cats! Hahaha. We all managed so smoothly.

    And we got superb auditing by a Class IX that the church made sure he wouldn’t audit anymore. Not audit their whatever… We are so happy all those auditors are coming out towards us because we deserve to go up the Bridge. We do.

    So it was all cool and we did bypass them all!

  102. The way the Church operates these days under Miscavige is how the USG operates, especially intelligence agencies when confronted with a whistle blower.

    They leak salacious and derogatory information to the press in an effort to discredit that individual. Valerie Plame is a more recent example, however there are others.

    Miscavige has totally closed terminals with these people because as he said in ’93 they are his “friends”.

  103. Virg,
    I have only considered and studied up on Mail Fraud, as that is the most apparent. Any violation of LRH Scientology, and promotion or communication of it by ‘mail’ which includes email and the internet, is a Federal Offence for EACH time. I got that string from Tom Cruise’s character in The Firm by the way. I thought it was ironic I would get the requisite offences for a RICO charge against DM (NOT the CofS, or even RTC for that matter but DM) from Tommy. Sort of like the irony of him playing Hitler’s would-be assassin.

  104. Code name:

    “Religious Covenant”

    The original SO Contract was rewritten after the great “Victory” over the IRS to allow voluntary or more likely involuntary servitude to Miscavige.

    It’s why Miscavige is currently bypassing all non-SO orgs and fired the non-SO from SO Orgs.

    Basically, it’s legalized slavery. You see he prefers slaves and what is left of the SO have become his willing or unwilling slaves.

    His post should really be overseer.

  105. Mr Terribly Insouciant,

    That would be the best handling. According to HCOPL Counter Espionage.

    Ya know what I mean 😉

  106. Facetious, guilty as charged, 2c.

    It’s interesting that any cycle handled competently and to a good end product puts you in the firing line.

  107. In any earlier post either on ths thread or the 45 days in the hole thread – someone mentioned that the relatives of those still “in” could bring pressure to bear upon authorities.

    Led me thinkin’ — doesn’t Heber Jentzsch have a son who must be about 27 years more or less with Karen delaCarre (Class IX from the FSO, who he married after Yvonne died).

    She left the SO a long time ago and I assume raised their son on her own.

    Anyone know where/how to contact him? Or Karen?


  108. You said: (brilliantly)

    ” ..I will say that much that PASSES as scientology, isn’t — it’s a CULTURE that runs parallel to the ACTUAL philosophy of LRH.”

    And I think that is one reason it is in everyones interest to correct the church. If the church is not corrected, elements of the philosophy, even with out the scientology label, become discredited by association.

    And correcting the church has become something that no longer can happen from within, as those still in are to a large degree unable to see outside their culture for perspective.

  109. Sarge — I look forward to meeting you and many others on this blog – including Marty and Mosey.
    Perhaps by the end of summer we could converge in the northeast — I’m not far from the Cooks or Urq.

    Not ready to go public quite yet. Working on my kids and their safety first.

    Am working behind the scenes though to do my part to bring down the temple of doom.


  110. Wow what a lot to sort out. Words cannot even begin to describe any of this. Marty stay healthy.I can only imagine what all of this is doing to many people. I know what it is doing to me.

    What is to stop DM from just leaving the country and living on some island somewhere?
    I do think he will take himself out. Once an SP is confronted with the truth they blow .This guy just keeps slinging so much shit at people that he must have them wondering what is going on?

    The only problem with DM I don’t think he knows what the truth is so I don’t know. Is he in to drama ? Does he want a big dramatic ending?
    perhaps he will go to Tom Cruise’s bunker. Help me out here.

  111. This just goes to show how ineffectual those who were for sale–and were bought–like Dennis Erlich, were.

    No he is a miserable old man giving everybody around him all sorts of hell.

  112. He can’t help himself doing what he does. And as long he is not stopped by anybody or anything he will onley get worse by lack of an opposite force that corrects him.

  113. Huckleberry:

    Yes. It was kind of a shocker at the time. I had finally seemed to actually know what the hell I was doing and we were getting some good products. All perfectly legal too. But as the years went by I was OK with being a casuallty as the SO guys seemed to have handled the legal scene quite well but as I now come to find out at a lot of expense. Even that I can live with when you add in the IRS victory. But I must say it got (gets) old being treated as a 2nd Class Citizen as “Ex-GO”. I won’t even tell you how many Sec Checks I’ve had on being in the GO. But I had come to live with it and have been a very upstat, contributing, productive group member.

    For me and my husband the St Pete Times Series has been seismic. We’re on the fence, watching. I think Debbie Cooke publicly coming out would push me over the line.

    Also anyone know what happened to CO OSA FLB Ben Shaw? Seems to have left about the same time as Debbie.

  114. Theo,

    Your email above about your recent home HGC is one of the sweetest I’ve seen here. So very sweet — just happy-making. Thank you for sharing your stories and wins with us.

  115. Actually Mary, it is more cost effective , more productive and more beneficial in general to file FOIA lawsuits than continually file vexation lawsuits against perceived enemies which is the path Miscavige exclusively chose after eliminating the GO.

  116. Okay, here I go. I’m going to say it.

    This smells funny, and it’s making my spidey senses tingle.

    I’m not suspicious that the individuals shown in this clip are doing great things; I’ve long known that scientologists are among the best people on earth. What’s suspicious to me is that all of a sudden a powerful member of the mass media, specifically The Today Show, is now giving everybody the “warm and fuzzies” about the church of scientology. WTF?

    I may be unduly suspicious, but I am compelled to write this comment because I have learned to
    squash that little voice. Come on! This “feel good report” is 180 degrees from every previous report they’ve done on the church, most of them either hostile or 1.1, that I have EVER seen! And at a time when the heinous and long-term crimes of its leader are coming to light, when the church is besieged on all sides by lawsuits, media scrutiny, and whistleblowers?

    The humanitarian acts of the individuals shown in this story are very commendable, and especially when you figure how many of them are paying their own way . But I’ve got to ask, what the hell is really going on here?

  117. correction: I have learned NOT to squash that little voice!

  118. Alex and Alex,

    Trying to keep all these Alexes straight is making me feel stoned! Can you guys maybe include your initials or something so we can differentiate one Alex from another?

  119. Jim,

    Wonderful story! Thanks for injecting humor and theta. 🙂

  120. War and Peace,

    Yikes, DM’s sadism knows no bounds. Just when we thought we had heard the worst!

  121. Great quote! This is what the world, and all who allow their integrity to be corrupted by depots, needs to know.

  122. Lucy
    I was told just during the last IAS event that it is ‘traditional’ for Saint Hill Foundation to ‘host’ the IAS event and they foot all the costs plus personal expenses for David Misquirrel. The CMO staff are also put at his disposal waiting on him hand and foot while he makes himself comfortable in LRH’s home.

  123. martyrathbun09

    Lunamoth, add to the equation NBC has been silent about Abu Ghraib US. You are getting warmer.

  124. And the joke of it is… They don’t have a bookstore officer posted!!!!!!

  125. Awwww shucks! I was counting on that money!

  126. The Palladium events, which I don’t think that Sarge or others has seen and which you might have forgotten about are on google video:

  127. Hi Sinar,

    I distinctly remember an issue, by LRH, commending David Phillips for the Key to Life name. I do know that Sue Koon did work quite a bit on KTL as well.

  128. Karen no.

    But Heber’s son I believe is PAC base crew, somewhere at least he was when I left in ’05.

  129. Freedom Fighter


  130. Not so much of a mystery luna.

    See the following:

    My theory is that Diamond Dave is covertly being protected by certain factions in the media and Government who like Dave are anti Scientology and pro “Black Dianetics”.

    They’re probably counting on the fact that the public has a short memory on the abuses covered in the St. Petersburg Times who occasionally breaks away from Wisner’s Wurlitzer aka the FCM (Fawning Corporate Media).

  131. Theo,

    This is too cool. VWD on getting Ignazio to live on your couch and audit the Independents (aka the “non PTS”) of Greece. Great implementation of “lightness of organization.” I have only one quesiton: did the two cats, who also had to be in bed by 10 PM, also get auditing? 🙂

  132. Virgil,

    Debbie still seems to be enmeshed (enmested?) in the C of M. It would be great to have her on our side, it would be great if she would testify against DM, but it doesn’t appear that she’s there, at least not yet. (Marty, is there hope?)

  133. Hi RJ,
    If you mean Alex, he runs the PAC events call in and as of a couple months ago he is still there. He is married and seems to be a bot.

  134. My 2 Cents (sorry, can’t find a “cents” character): You were too upstat. Much too upstat — you had to be reduced, minimized, stopped. Not to mention that what you were doing was actually legal — certainly that was a crime of magnitude!

    I’m wondering how much you’ve read of this blog. Did you read Marty’s prior post about the hole? If you read that and all of the comments it might move you off the fence.

  135. My 2 Cents:

    Of course the church still does some great things. If it didn’t it would have been history long ago. Scientology works, and DM still has to pay lip service to LRH’s intentions. But take all of DM’s activities in total, in context and see what they add up to. There’s a reason why the C of S is hated and ridiculed by the public.

  136. I see. Are you anti Pat, or pro?

  137. I have a hard time believing that the CoS is supporting the Venus Project. Can anyone confirm that this movie is playing in the Fort Harrison lobby?

  138. Thanks for posting this Marty. I needed this information to see just how evil DM truly is and how he usurped LRH’s power and took over the church. I see how he is a likely List 1 R/Ser and thus a true SP. The data about the litigation battles is very revelatory as to his intentions.

    Keep up the great fight. I admire how steadfast you are in achieving your goals. We are all very fortunate for your efforts.

  139. Tone 41,

    I think the original “Alex” uses a new name of “Anon” now. I think he was using his “old” name of Alex just for controversy. I haven’t seen him post much on this site, so I don’t see it as a problem. If it becomes one, I will just change my name to something else.

    You said it made you feel stoned? On what?

    I could see how it could restimulate a bad ethics handling from the church of Miscology. All the HE&R and nothing gettting resolved…LOL


  140. my2cents,

    Don’t sit on the fence too long, it can get very uncomfortable.


  141. Ya know, I think ol’ Snowhite is an anon troll. He’s pretty entertaining tho. He even got posted on one of the anti-marty sites and the post completely mocks minerva and she doesn’t even get it!

  142. Considering we were operating on fumes we got some good things done and yes it was all legal.

    I’ve read every word of this blog and keep an eye out for the occasional sane post on ESMB that contains useful data. I don’t bother with the rabid “anti” sites.

    Kids, friends & business keeps me on the fence. I’ve also had enough wins in the past 25 years and in general love staff that I have my fingers crossed the Church can set itself straight with the cancer within some how cut out.

    That’s my hope anyway.

  143. Agreed. I’m sure if I had witnessed with my own two eyes any of these abuses delineated here I’d be picketing outside Flag. I mean that. I do know Debbie so if she ever “comes out” that will likely impact me as much as the St. Pete Time series and I’ll have to take a public stand. Right know I am holding back my support from the group and feel comfortable with that. As mentioned above our kids, friends and business play a major role in flying under the radar. Good news is my spouse and I are on the same page.

  144. Hi Alex,

    Thanks for clearing that up. It made me feel stoned on disorientation, kind of like looking in a distorting mirror that kept warping someone’s face into the image of someone else! (Bad ethics handlings indeed!)

  145. Fellow Traveller

    Fishy is right. My apologies to your salmon, JL. Today Show is where that debacle, ah, er, “interesting” escapade, between TC and Matt Lauer occurred.

  146. The ground is a little unstable Dave…… Feel the moisture around your ankles?? Sinking…….. Sinking………….. What are you going to do Dave….. What to do? There is no stopping this. Soon to come – GAME OVER. Beter M9 that. GAME OVER.

  147. Not Pro Pat. Could speculate that perhaps he would have left the management structure intact that LRH set up which was expanding by stats, and not created Mestology as well as “the hole” and “Golden Ages”.

  148. My 2 cents,

    Great that you and your spouse are on the same page. Same with me. It would be very difficult, otherwise.

    I understand about not taking a public stand. Because of friends and business connections (mainly the latter) I haven’t yet either. But I’m not on the fence. Even without personally knowing anyone to whom the worst of these atrocities was done, I have no question about what’s been happening in the church. What’s important is the future of the tech, not the future of the church. I’d like to see it reform, but I doubt it can ever reform sufficiently. So supporting and strengthening the Independent movement is the best way to guarantee the future.

  149. WH: Your journey has paralleled mine to such a large degree as summarized here in your very insightful and well worded post. From your early days being around CCLA, to the universal truths you also found in LRH’s works, to moving on and realizing that being “open minded” really is wonderful, enlightening and not a bad thing to be.

    Any spiritual path is a process and there are ultimately, no regrets. Everything one experiences goes to their bottom line and finds perfection in the end.

    Thanks for all you have contributed here. You are not horsing around in the winds of the ideas you impart! 😉

    (For newer readers, WH is short for the initially used name of Wind Horse…which has some tradition in Buddhism,
    Or read this,, and see how Wind Horse has significance in others paths, too.)

    WH, I hope you continue your contributions.

  150. Sam,
    What’s happened is, apparently we’ve already been paid off and having been so we’ve donated the money back to the IAS so they are upstat!!

    Cool huh. I wish I got to at least see the money though.

  151. JD,
    Yeah, we pretty much have Sno taped. I think we have more fun than minerva does though, something about tone, insouciance, winning, cause, able to take all sorts of viewpoints and well some darn right mischievious thetans out here 🙂

  152. Hey Sinar, I wasn’t meaning to give him all that credit. Though I suppose it’s some kind of talent to terrorize juniors till they come up with such impressive sounding titles.

    World Out Of Comm or Key to Life? Thetans are curious creatures so KTL was a stroke of genius on that score.

    That said, I remember thinking that if you’re promising the Key to Life, you’d better deliver BIG. And you can’t have another release at the next event which tops the Key to Life.

  153. Uccelletto in this context doesn’t translate into English, Ignazio. But it’s funny to read “his bird”.

  154. Thanks, WH.

  155. Yeah. Dictators don’t take nicely to jarred delusions.

  156. Snowhite,

    Your leader is calling you!

  157. “and alignment with squirrels”

    I still can’t believe how easy you label your allies, It makes me wonder how you will be to them when this is over.

    Whit regards CD.

  158. Kerry Sanders has done a pro scientology story before. This is a red flag to me. Here’s an excerpt:

    Meanwhile, over at NBC’s Today Show they were less, shall we say, reticent: On Tuesday, Morton visited the Today Show for a lengthy sit-down, spread across three hours and different hosts. On Wednesday, Today looked at Cruise’s religion in a report by Kerry Sanders pegged on the Scientology video. Today, Gene Shalit put a cherry on top of the cake by reviewing Mad Money…and calling it a “waste of time.”

    I say where there’s smoke there’s fire. The Church will bleed this one to death at the next event. But those good VM souls on the scene are truly there to help, I have no doubt about that.

    I say to DM. Roll up your sleeves and go and give those poor people touch assists and body comms. You are the one that’s supposed to be the shining example and if you had one iota of integrity and empathy, I wouldn’t have needed to make this suggestion.

  159. actually my stuff up. Its the same video. But I still stand by the rest of what I said

  160. COS wants to say they are not religious confessionals because it is your ethics file (which I think is there legal position on why they release data) the other side of the argument is these guys are working for the church, anything while on the job that is considered legally “personnell file” material is not legally supposed to be used or released.

    The arguments just keep stacking up against them no matter which way you look at it – confessionals or personnel files.

    Here is another question – if all of these high level execs were so bad and out ethics, why were they put back on post or remained on post at various times and allowed to stay at INT base? If they were SP’s then why were they allowed to be on post for 20+ years?

    And if what the church is saying about how bad they all are (marty, amy, tom, mike…..) – then what kind of a leader and manager is DM to allow this under his command for 20+ years! Sounds like a desperate leader who can’t complete cycles of action and needs others around him who can!

    Again either way you cut it the logic doesn’t add up in DM or COS favor.

  161. tone 41:

    I think if these DM stories are true (and I have no reason to doubt them but I’d like more verification from sources I know such as Debbie) and DM were removed the C of S would reform and survive.

    That’s my hope.

  162. Cat Daddy the comments on this site or whatever you dubbed in weren’t the target. Almost all the usual contributors including yourself know how to conduct themselves here and it’s going along just fine. My point is that in general, a big alignment with squirrels would hold us back by raising red flags for onlines public who first and foremost look for red flags. It’s a forward looking statement, it hasn’t particularly happened. You understand that right?

  163. I don’t know Pat at all and have no knowledge of the machinations of the coup but I’m reminded of the scene in Gladiator when Maximus has his loyalty to Rome and the Emperor repaid with execution after his fellow generals accept that he’s a “traitor”.

    DM’s genius is having been one step ahead in his assumption of power. He carefully isolated his rivals and left them on an island with no allies.

  164. Uwe Stückenbrock. I am looking at you David Miscavige

  165. Yeah, I wonder why DM isn’t in jail. Maybe it’s becuase certain people aren’t coming forward and being honest about what’s going on.

    Maybe then those people would be able to get help.

    People who don’t come forward are morally bankrupt and genuinely evil people. They probably don’t know it.

  166. (resubmitting this as apparently it did not make it through)

    For Windhorse,

    I believe this is Karen De La Carriere’s website

  167. Concerned Citizen

    When being part of one of the largest most massive dismissal evolutions ever in 2003, a friend of mine said his orders where to ensure the offloaded were not able to contact one another or other active Scientologist. Everyone offloaded was placed under a non enturbulation order regardless of the absence of reports of enturbulative behavior. Some of the people offloaded were shipped off the country. Many were 20-30 year Int level veterans.

  168. My 2 cents,

    I hoped that for a long, long time, so I certainly understand. But I now think DM has so grossly perverted the culture of the church as to make adequate reform in that framework unlikely.

  169. hahahahahahahahahahaa

    I have nothing to add to this but I didn’t want to laugh alone…


  170. That’s quite a leap in logic there, Logical Mind.

    In what way have you “come forward?”

  171. Tone 41:

    The culture of the Church when I first got in was no staff pay, very few OTs, FBI raids, barely audible Study Tapes, damage claim lawsuits, an interview to determine if you were Clear, later canceled and replaced by the DCSI with NED before the Grades. All pre DM as far as I know.

    So the good old days were not always so good and the current scene is not so good. I think the best hope for the Church is that a tipping point gets reached where DM must leave and the Church regroups.

    Personally I think Debbie could be that tipping point.

  172. martyrathbun09

    My 2 cents, as long as you seek a Messiah to lead the church out of the soup, I am afraid you will remain at effect.

  173. The idea of a Messiah never even occurred to me nor am I at effect. In factI’m doing quite well across my dynamics.

    I think with your efforts and other OLs who step forward a tipping point could be reached where DM would be forced out.

    I just don’t see the C of S disappearing as it is to established around the world. Besides why should I resign from my (underlined) Church? Let DM resign.

  174. 2c, Mussolini got the trains to run on time and ensured “order” in Italian society. And he and his black shirts “protected” the people from Italy’s many enemies in a very dangerous world. The only price to pay for this protection was the removal of freedoms; a small price to pay for security, no? Not so small, it turned out.

    Regarding the many advances on DM’s watch, a coffin lined with velvet is still a coffin.

  175. 2c, I’m not sure if this is your intention, but irrespective, your reasonableness regarding DM – to sit and wait for him to come to his senses and resign – has the effect of continuing with the status quo.

    The status quo’s unacceptable.

    As Cromwell told the Rump Parliament: “You have been sat too long here for any good you have been doing. Depart, I say, and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”

  176. WH, here’s one of my stories where Karen Jenzscht plays a critical and influential role.

  177. Hi Sarge. This is out of time sequence because I am going back and reading Marty’s blog which I just found in the last week or so…today being 4-20-10.
    The OTs and OTs (ehhe Old Timers) are the Opinion Leaders for me.
    Flourishing and Prospeing is what I’m supposed to be doing.
    I was around for a while then I took a hiatus and started over again. Turned out pretty good. I hooked up with RobWest er man in 1988 and stuck around as long as I could, got myself trained A LOT, audited A LOT but even way down South the stupid funky crappe’ flowed down!
    The OT OLs here are stuck on the fence and have been for 10 years I’d say!

    I have more I want to say but for now I just want to say hello. I’m very very glad to see you out here.

    The OTs drew me here and now I can do what I’m supposed to be doing! Finally!

  178. Hi. Just imagine the CofS without DM as COB. Simple really.


  180. You know I am getting weary of the constant complaining about DM. When are you guys who should have the power to do something going to act. I just want to get auditing and go up the bridge.

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