The Real Third Party by Mike Rinder

Guest columnist Mike Rinder with friends in Oxford

There has been some discussion of late concerning the 3P that exists between “Scientology” and “Independents”. 

LRH states:

The law would seem to be:






It is very easy to see that two in conflict are fighting. They are very visible. What is harder to see or suspect is that a third party existed and actively promoted the quarrel. The usually unsuspected and “reasonable” third party, the bystander who denies any part of it is the one that brought the conflict into existence in the first place.

One sees two fellows shouting bad names at each other, sees them come to blows. No  one else is around. So they, of course, “caused the fight”. But there was a third party. Tracing these down, one comes upon incredible data. That is the trouble. The incredible is too easily rejected. One way to hide things is to make them incredible.

This theory might be thought to assert also that there are no bad conditions that cause conflict. There are. But these are usually REMEDIAL BY CONFERENCE  UNLESS  A THIRD PARTY  IS  PROMOTING  CONFLICT.

If you look at the conflicts that Scientology is involved in, they range from “the Church” versus “Independents” to “the Church” versus “the media”, versus “the government”, “the French”, “the pharmaceutical companies”, “the psychs”, “the SPs”, “the squirrels”, “the out ethics public”, and on and on.  Even the staff versus the public.

There is an old principle of investigation: trace back who benefits.  What purpose is there for all this conflict to be fomented.  There is an easy answer for that – one that every Scientologist is aware of, and it is increasingly apparent to one and all that it has become more important than the orgs and delivering LRH tech. The IAS.  Every conflict, every disaster affords a new reason that money needs to be donated to the IAS.

But, LRH also says, you have to locate the hidden BEING behind the conflict.

That’s also easy. Look to see who benefits.

Who benefits from the IAS money?  The Machiavellian Midget himself.  It is this money that he uses to prop up his own PR and keep himself in power. It is this money that is used to buy empty buildings (as everyone just saw at the last IAS event) and generate PR about the “massive inroads” Scientology is making into the world with programs that are shown in PR videos at Miscavige’s events.

Remember, The incredible is too easily rejected. One way to hide things is to make them incredible.  That is the reason Scientologists cannot spot the real 3P. It is too incredible. How could the “Dear Leader” who has been responsible for the incredible expansion of Scientology, be a bad hat 3P?  Well, he has conducted a campaign of PR by redefinition of words.

The big lie he is perpetrating is that Scientology is expanding like never before.  The evidence to “prove” this is the purchase/renovation and opening of “new” Ideal Orgs.  In truth, MEST has been substituted for real expansion in a sleight of hand that has been so deft that most Scientologists don’t see it. Of course, every person who calls  himself or herself a Scientologist naturally wants to see Scientology expanding.  Who, other than a real SP, would not want others to achieve the gains they have achieved? Who, other than a real SP, would not want to destimulate the planet by getting as many people as possible to be able to erase their reactive minds?  Who, other than an SP, would not want everyone to be able to read and understand what they are reading with Study Technology.  And after all, we all want a Cleared Planet as our ultimate goal. 

The expansion of Scientology and the destimulation of the peoples of earth IS the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.  And even a new Scientologist knows that this is the formula that when applied enhances survival. So, how do you persuade otherwise intelligent, well-meaning people (that is, the Scientologists of the world) to ignore obvious outnesses?  You make the outnesses seem small when compared to the greater good.  The LRH example comes to mind – if a vaccine saved thousands of lives, but killed a few, is it a pro-survival solution? Of course.  So if under Miscavige’s leadership the Church has expanded at “explosive” rates does it really matter if he has been beating people up, spending money like a Saudi prince, knocking hats off those junior to him, destroying the management infrastructure  etc. etc. etc.? Of course not.

But, what if that explosive expansion actually DIDN’T exist? What if those things that are said about Miscavige were not only true, they had in fact destroyed the very structure of organizations and management that LRH put in place, turning the executive echelon of Scientology into a mob of broken, mindless individuals, thus guaranteeing that no expansion would occur. What then?

Then Miscavige would have to come up with a way of demonstrating “expansion” without really having any, using whatever resources were available.  Miscavige doesn’t have competent management at his disposal.  But, he does have MONEY.  Hundreds of millions of dollars.  And though money won’t buy you love, nor happiness, it will buy MEST.  So, here is Miscavige the Magician’s trick.  Scrap the LRH plan of building orgs to St Hill Size (too hard to do anyway – and then there are those damned staff that have to be gotten to OT in the orgs and there’s no management to organize that) and replace it with “Ideal Orgs”.  Oh how clever.  There IS an LRH policy called Ideal Orgs, so it sounds legitimate.  And you just keep talking about Ideal Orgs and make it the “thing to do” and pretty soon everyone will forget about the St Hill size orgs.  And slowly, but surely, you redefine even the concept of an Ideal Org to being “ideal BUILDING”.  And then you tell everyone that this is THEIR problem and make them “part of the game”.  So, the OT Ambassadors and the local OT Committees and all local Scientologists now buy into the laudable objective of having a nice building for their org.  But building the org itself – the people and the theta – they drift quietly into the background (until it comes to “Grand Opening” when a lot of people are going to see the “Ideal Org” on video and the broken down, discarded staff from Int and staff from other orgs are shipped in to make it appear temporarily the place is something more than merely a building).

So, Miscavige tells one and all that he is spearheading this massive expansion, proven by the “new” Ideal Orgs that are being opened.  You hear it at the International events and you read about it in Freedom – pages and pages about Miscavige opening orgs (and not a mention of L. Ron Hubbard).  And obviously anyone who says Miscavige is anything other than perfect is just an SP trying to destroy Scientology, because look at what he is doing and that IS the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics. 

Or is he really just the Wizard of Oz behind the curtain?

Or is he really the hidden Third Party that is too incredible for most Scientologists to spot?

It’s easy enough to know.  Walk into any one of these “Ideal Orgs” and see whether there is massive expansion occurring?  Do they have more or less staff than was shown on the video for their “Grand Opening”?  How many students are in the course room?  How many Clears have they made since they “opened”?  Funny that you aren’t hearing about the massive expansion in these individual orgs.  All you see about them is Miscavige cutting the ribbon and spouting flowery doublespeak written by the LRH Biographer and some shots of empty buildings.  

Why you may ask don’t the people in the orgs say anything about this?  It’s the old Roman strategy of “divide and conquer.” The few remaining staff huddled in the cold in the Buffalo “Ideal Org” think they are the only ones who have an empty org and that they are really out of step with the rest of the Scientology world. They don’t even want to ask the few remaining staff in Madrid what things are like over there.  They’d probably be shot if they tried. And no public person wants to look like a fool after donating time and money to creating the “Ideal Org” and being good followers of the great COB and his “Command Intention” by questioning whether the org is doing well. They see it, but they quietly hope someone else is going to deal with it.

But there is another beauty to this plan too.  It keeps everyone quiet.  Because anyone who points out the obvious is labeled an SP. “Obviously” if someone is saying the orgs aren’t full and expanding they are CI – or worse yet, they are gloating about it and want it that way.  And who would gloat at the poor staff who are there working their asses off day in and day out?  Only a pure SP.   Again, propaganda by redefinition of terms.  Pointing out the obvious is redefined as gloating.   The staff of those orgs are in the unenviable position of having no management to guide them.  No programs.  No marketing.  Those things have all been forsaken for the “Ideal Org Strategy” because of course, once the “Ideal Org” has been shown on a video, it has no importance to Miscavige any longer.  You can’t show a building opening twice.  People might get suspicious.

It’s the big lie. It is clever. But when you analyse the FACTS, it is what it is. And until the real Third Party is spotted, the conflicts will continue. 

And one last thing. The proof of this pudding is this: as soon as someone DOES spot the real source of the conflict, THE SP, charge blows, the clouds  part and a whole lot of shaking starts going on.

Abilities return, sometimes chronic somatics even disappear, and things start going right again in one’s life. Hell, if you listen real close you might even hear scores of gentle “clicks” in the air, the sound of spines straightening up across the world.

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  1. martyrathbun09

    Words of wisdom, Lloyd…words of wisdom.

  2. crashingupwards

    Wow. Thanks, Mike. Sadly this is all true. And hopefully this is the beginning of the handling.

  3. Boooooom goes the dynamite. Way to lay the wood, Mike. So great to see you. Let’s take bets on how many comments on this post in the next 24 hours. My guess is 400, highest ever for a post here.

  4. This post is so true. My parents were listening to me about the outnesses, and it was starting to make sense to my Dad. Then they were blinded by the “massive expansion” story which was shoved down their throats and everything changed. This is EXACTLY what the big lie is, because this is the justification that pubic Scientologists are buying into to explain away the outnesses. Very, very true points.

  5. Really spot on Mike, Also hear some ticking along with the clicking, the days are numbered!

  6. Hi Mike,
    Long time no see. Must be 30 years. Its good to see you are out 🙂
    The first comm-ev and SP declare of DM was 25 years ago in East Grinstead.
    Would you like to connect up with the Independent Field? You can email me at

  7. How does one stamp out squirrels and offenders of KSW and standard tech?

  8. Very well done!

    Amazing how the pieces fit together and expose the motivation for David Miscavige’s actions.

    The old story is still true. Follow the money.

  9. Looooooooooooooooooooong Fall Blowdown!

  10. His strategy is almost perfect.

    He can ride the collapse of the church right down to the ground, as every crime exposed is another crisis for the IAS to use to rally the remaining faithful to contribute more support.

    He will continue as long as there is a parishioner who can be pressured to donate money to save the church.

  11. martyrathbun09

    Ralph, surely you jest.

  12. WOW, MR, what a sergical strike!
    This is one of the best evals I’ve read on the current scene. It has answered alot for me. BD F/N goosebumps, waterey eyes and a sigh of relief, a restoration of person power and finally clarity.
    This post should make history, the truth that causes a turning point.

  13. Wow very well written and so true. Confirms my knowingness and I am sure many others. Well done! LFBD……….It is awesome to see how many wins are restored from spotting the true SP.

  14. “There is an old principle of investigation: trace back who benefits. What purpose is there for all this conflict to be fomented.
    That is the reason Scientologists cannot spot the real 3P. It is too incredible.
    The expansion of Scientology and the destimulation of the peoples of earth IS the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics.
    And slowly, but surely, you redefine even the concept of an Ideal Org to being “ideal BUILDING”.
    And who would gloat at the poor staff who are there working their asses off day in and day out? Only a pure SP.”

    Amen Mr. Rinder.
    I have just as-is this subject.

    I bet for H.E. also Dan!

    My comment:
    Here in LATAM they have an empty building for the AO for almost two years and a property in the center of the capital for ITD ideal org for almost 3 years.
    None of them in use.
    ITD achieve St. Hill size some years ago and the universe corps arrives many months later and vanished of the face of the earth some more months after.
    No OT levels delivered to staff.
    Who is responsible for this?
    None of them finished in renovations or in staff.
    The people that have donated for the ITD building have done tremendous efforts to achieve it and with the true and sincere intention to help fellow man.
    Nevertheless the amount of auditors produced is year after year is going down, down, down. So regarding expansion: is NOT occurring here in LATAM.
    The mission and Org of León have almost the same public they have since my departure from staff; despite sincere and good efforts from his current dedicated staff.
    The staff and public are not bad.
    The strategy is not the correct; and that comes from the very top.
    Simple as that.

  15. Great, great post! My guess is Highest ever too. Wonderful text to use in enlighting one’s fellows scientologists. Good medicine to use everyday without moderation 🙂
    Great point with “you are out of step with the rest of the Scientology world”, this sentence being systematically used in the 339r programs for cl5 orgs: “If you don’t have an fsm i/c, a janitor, an “hey you director” (whatever the f… post), then you are out of step with the rest of the Scientology world”! I think this one statement did introvert a lot of staff members on the planet 🙂
    So, thanks sir, for this sharp analysis and this usefull tool.

  16. Marty, I jest not. We had the liitle shit spotted back in 1984 and had goldenrod out on him. It was quite widely distributed in the Independent Field at the time.

  17. martyrathbun09

    Ralphie boy, I wasn’t referring to that. I referring to the question to Mike whether he wanted to connect up to the Independent field. You sound like Rip Van Winkle.

  18. Here is the tech that DM applies:
    1. Create an environment in which there are so many possible overts a person can commit that it is possible to nail anyone in the organization at any time with overts of magnitude.
    2. Alter the relative importance of overts in such a way that introverts people into the organization by making overts against non-members of the group acceptable and “overts” against leaders of the organization of great significance. This causes members to individuate from the broader 4th dynamic and to collapse terminals within the group.
    3. The target per the issue “Pain and Sex”, of implanters was the 2nd dynamic. Thus a full application of Black Scientology must involve collapsing the individuals of the group on the 2nd dynamic causing them to compulsively act only for the good of the group by inverting on the 3rd.
    The first dynamic is introverted by providing poor food, living conditions and denial of adequate enhancement through pressure of work to meet impossible targets.
    The second dynamic is then introverted by a) inventing a moral code which is impossible to keep and stressing the degree of importance of minor violations of it b) Enforcing the commission of actual overts such as abortions, unwanted divorces and long term separation of partners.
    Having achieved the collapse of a being into the inverted third dynamic one perpetuates the states by repeated confessionals on insignificant overts related to the 3rd dynamic while ignoring overts against the fourth dynamic The result is a being confused and overwhelmed on the first second and fourth dynamics who can thus more easily be controlled on the third.
    There are a set of tools used in Black Scientology to maintain control which can be extrapolated by reverse application of the Introspection Rundown:
    1. The Severe Reality Adjustment.

    “The purpose of the Introspection RD is to locate and correct those things which cause a person to fixate his attention inwardly, on himself or his bank. This RD extroverts the person so that he can see his environment and therefore handle and control it.”

    By corollary The purpose of the Severe Reality Adjustment is to cause a person to fixate his attention inwardly, on himself or his bank. This introverts the person so that he cannot see his environment and therefore can neither handle nor control it. The SRA puts a person into a state of Robotism where they refrain from action due to fear of causing harm and follow the orders of the oppressor without question.
    2. Enforce wrong indications and wrong whys.
    3. ARC breaks. These are caused by putting generalizations into the environment such as unnamed government plants, unlocated SPs and unidentfied squirrels. Justice actions are used containing generalizations to make actions incomprehensible to members.
    4. Withholds. The number of crimes that a person can commit even includes bad thoughts. This ensures that no-one can possibly exist in the environment without having withholds and justifies the incessant enforcing of confessionals.
    5. False incidents. People are questioned excessively on subjects such as PDH until they wonder if they might have forgotten the implant which makes them commit “overts” against their oppressor.
    6. False interrogation.
    7. False invalidation.
    8. False validation. Validate the person for things which are not actually worthy of praise such as following “Command Intention”.
    9. Hit for no reason. Just smack them occasionally for no reason at all.
    10. Invalidated beingness. Are you really a member of the group or a downstat or plant or … .
    11. Invalidate intentions.

    The final step of the Introspection Rundown is Objective Havingness. One of the first steps of Black Scientology is the denial of Objective Havingness.

    The keys to maintaining an individual in a state of robotic PTSness are the denial of Beingness, Doingness and Havingness while enforcing unwanted Beingness, Doingness and Havingness.

    Above are listed the main tools which David Miscavage has used to maintain control of Scientology.

  19. Mike Rinder is back !!!

    The one who can use LRH Admin Tech and investigation procedures… Show and demonstrate that it works… Go Mike… Speak your mind using what you know…

    Give some LRH’s datum and compare them with the current situation… “The end result of Scientology studies and drills is a renewed awareness of self as a spiritual and immortal being” Scientology TFOT.

    LRH state the following:

    “Command of attention is necessary to creating an effect. Therefore, when one conceives he cannot easily get attention, he (DM) seeks to create stronger effects. He creates effects to get attention. He gets attention to create effects.”

  20. I feel like him to the time I’m been waiting for you guys to wake up and get the f out here 😉

  21. martyrathbun09

    ralph, touche


    But then being carried out outside the organization of the church, it had less teeth than it needed. OT’s can not do it alone. There is a need for organizations.

  23. Freedom Fighter

    Wahoo!!! LFBD for sure! Very glad to see you here, Mr. Rinder. One of the best posts to date. I remember meeting you once when I was on staff. At that time, as is the case now, your viewpoint was one of the sanest I’d ever encountered.

    The big question I have is: how do we go about detoxing these Kool-Aid drinkers? I can’t even get them to obnose what’s happening around them or to look at LRH policy (amazing!), so not sure how I’d go about dead agenting the Vertically Challenged One.

  24. Follow up on the 3P strategy. In the last thread, ‘my2cents’ appeared. All sorts of back and forth followed. Finally, spotted as an ‘intruder’. Now, we don’t need the razor wire fence for an intruder. No need to keep him locked inside. Rather, deftly put outside. OK, as soon as Marty did put him outside what goes on behind the scene. Well, he wrote to me complaining and forwarding the agenda. This time he’s ‘Christopher Felix’ and even that’s not his name he admits.

    OK, over the past 24 hours I’ve had a flurry of interchanges with Felix. I narrowed it down to the subject of ‘FNs’ Floating Needles and what he says is a confusion among ‘all auditors’. Hmmmm.

    I direct him to the Tech Vols, and to search and study every refererence with ‘idle needle’, ‘free needle’ and ‘floating needle’ and to use Word Clearing and False Data Stripping. He balks. Says he’ll do it ‘later’. Hmmmm.

    I point out that ‘later’ is a violation of KSW and by then he’ll have ‘other messes stuck to him’. I ask him how this personal confusion on FN’s sitting there, according to him unresolved and the ‘fault’ of the Tech Film, which he says LRH messed up, is something that will hang up further study and application of the materials. I ask for him to explain how this is OK.

    He writes back: “Don’t take this the wrong way but it’s a liitle akward having a KSW
    conversation with someone who is not in good standing or disaffected.”

    Well, that’s both pennies dropped with me. I may be a Qual terminal, and pull the strings using my tools, but in the end, when the tech won’t go in, well it’s over to HCO. In this case, the 3P is confirmed and Felix, and his 2 cents lead straight back to the Money Midget. Ahhh, so nice when it all works together.

    Marty and Mike and those with the KRC on this, you are damn good at this stuff. Wow!

  25. Thanks Mike for the insights. On the redefiniton of words, I read on Marty’s or some other page that expansion had been redefined as the number of square feet. Your data lays out the diabolical scheme behind it, perhaps soon to become presented as the Golden Age of Square Feet. It does have a certain ring to it.
    I appreciate you, Marty, Jim, etc. giving your first hand data to help sort out what has gone down. And it adds to the sanity, as it becomes easier to differentiate the factors, personalities, etc. Thanks.

  26. Nicely delineated analysis of concepts from scientology used for the opposite of their intended purpose.

  27. martyrathbun09

    Jim, Christopher Felix is the author of A Short Course In The Secret War, a GO/OSA LRH recommended intelligence text book. He inadvertently allowed the name he used to set up the hushmail account show. When I caught the slip, he only then admitted he was Br One Bu One GO. For the rest of you all OSA Ops are currently being directly run by Former B1 GO staff – Linda Hammil, Neil O’Reilly, Ben Shaw, and Charlie Earle. When too many ops were being exposed by Mike, Steve, Haydn and I, DM sprung Ben from the RPF for the explicit purpose of covering his ass.

  28. Ralph,
    An aside. I read how you got ‘banned from the OT levels’ way back when. Believe me, I understand what that means. I was too, sentenced to ‘oblivion’. Refused return, despite following even the suppressive rendition of A-E.

    I understand completely.

  29. Marty,
    As Action Jackson would say ‘BOOO…YA!`

    That`s some right nice`splainin.

  30. I am pounding the table laughing so hard at this!

  31. Marty, Mike – I’m not an exec type guy – I’m good at auditing but have a real back off on things like SRAs. Steve Marlowe taught me how to do it and I pretty much caved myself in the first time I tried it in a horrible compromise of my integrity. I reduced a veteran Class 12 to tears in 20 secs flat and hated myself. So I didn’t last long after that.
    You guys have something that has been missing in the field which is horsepower. Bill Robertson had a lot of horsepower and really messed up the Independent Field with his weird ideas about Markabians being the source of the suppression. A huge section of the Independent Field followed him and got over-restimulated when he threw out a lot of data from levels way above 8 into the field laced with his delusions.
    There were times when LRH talked about the higher levels to those close to him as Bill was for a while.

    I don’t see an edit button around here. I typed my last post too fast. Perhaps you’d be kind enough to edit it to make it grammatically correct 🙂

  32. Ralph,
    That analysis is brilliant! Just brilliant.

  33. Fantastically accurate analysis Mike.

    It’s absolutely true as we speak but I have no doubt whatsoever that the passage of time will prove that you have a crystal ball to go along with the two made of brass.

  34. Jim – thanks – I felt like I had it real light compared to some of you guys – I saw the danger lights flashing and got the f out. I suppose one reason that I coulod let go was that I’d studied the Class 8 tape where LRH said all the tech was already known. The tech is in the basics and the upper levels are a matter of selecting targets for the correct application of that tech.
    DM might well have the write ups of LRH’s research notes but he does not have the intelligence to put them into useable format.
    If he had a workable OT9 then he would have released it for the revenue. I personally believe that we have all the material needed for a workable route to OT. It is in the basics primarily. Many cases have been damaged in the CofS as they were C/Sed by the regges and ethics officers.

  35. Thank you for a most valuable posting!

    For me, thru all the noise going back and forth between the ‘Church’ and the ‘Independents’, Data Series 14 ‘Working and Managing’, sets the scene. Never evaluate by Status, PR, glowing reports, etc. Only only only manage by actual verifiable stats.

    The ‘Church’ could instantly confirm the incredible expansion by releasing the long-term, meaningful stats of the Church, particularly new auditors trained and VWD auditing hours. The fact that these stats have not and apparently will never be released is proof enough for me that the incredible expansion is one big falsehood.

  36. Kathy Braceland

    Dead on Mike. I like your style — right between the eyes. Brilliant post!

  37. Ralph
    If you are in the UK I’d like to hook with you too.
    please email me if so (or at

  38. No probs Jim. We have the tech.

  39. Mike Wrote;
    ” In truth, MEST has been substituted for real expansion in a sleight of hand that has been so deft that most Scientologists don’t see it.”

    This is EXACTLY what I was mulling over when I came to check my e-mail, only to see your article Mike.
    I was still thinking about the “insouciant” thread and how fitting it was a promo for Las Vegas. Las Vegas, (no longer even a town but more of a used up destination at this point) presents a pretty good parallel to what has occurred within the church.
    Las Vegas used to be full of talent, one man shows you could see for $10.00 or even free at the casino bar. Sure, the hotels were glitzy but most of them were older buildings that had just been maintained well. NOW, what do you see? The city has become ABOUT the buildings… the architecture is garish and you can’t really distinguish one property from the next, it looks like a bad puzzle. The money is not flowing to the artists but instead you get franchise entertainment to the tune of a hundred dollars a ticket. In the tunnels under Las Vegas you have entire communities of people huddling down with what belongings they have left in life praying that it doesn’t rain.
    HEY, but never mind that, look at these F**KING amazing buildings!
    That pretty much sums up the Cof Mestology.
    Thanks for writing this Mike, you’ve put it to words perfectly.

    If I have insulted anyone by ragging on LV I didn’t mean too… I am ranting about the typical bait and switch that corporate interests pull on all of us every day.
    I am sure there are plenty of fine people in LV that love that magickal desert and wish it was all being shown the respect it has always deserved.

  40. Marty
    Thanks for going ahead and posting all the BS from Christopher Felix though. This was a GREAT drill! It won’t be so easy for someone like this to get by the rest of us next time 🙂

  41. Concerned Citizen

    Great post, by a great man. We should take a collection to get it on the first page of USA Today! Ya know, for ol’ time’s sake.

    If anyone reading this does not find it crystal clear, they’ve got a crashing MU that will annihilate their eternity.

    The MU? Miscavige=Scientology=The Church of Scientology= Source= infallible….

    Wow, it resembles an equation LRH used to describe the reactive mind


  42. Good to see you, Mike!
    Great observation. Thank you for telling.

  43. Nice Analysis Mike.

    I agree with virtually everything that you said there. I had come to pretty much the same conclusions, but it is reassuring to have them confirmed by someone who is in a position to know the true situation.

    One question that I would ask of you is: “If you were aware of what was really going on (as I assume you must have been), why did you stay ‘in’ for so long and what caused you to finally make that decision to leave?”

    Which is really two questions, I suppose. 🙂

    Anyway, I hope that we will be hearing a lot more from you soon. I’m sure you have some interesting tales to tell.


  44. Mike

    Thank you for this really wonderful article.You certainly have filled in the few remaining gaps I had.

    There was no doubt in my mind that the merry midget was the culprit. Granted, I haven’t had all the data, but after a few months hooked up to this group and a few other great sites (Thanks, Thoughtful and Rebel), I’ve had enough to apply the ethics training a have.

    One more thing: Because I stopped going to events shortly after LRH died, and because I believe most public scientologists don’t really know who their management is anyway, I had never heard of you before doing my first internet research (“internet research” being a euphemism for waking up to the truth of the sit with the church), I now understand who were in the church, but to me you will always be a freedom fighter.

    Thank you for what you’re doing, and for what you’re willing to deal with in order to do it.


  45. Thank you Mike. I am very happy you’re back and fighting.

  46. Mike,
    Nice. Clear. True.
    Susie-Cream-Cheese is on OT VII and part of the OT Committee of LV. She is actually over the moon about the tremendous expansion of LV org. There are actually students in the courseroom and the staff have uniforms and it’s so terribly exciting. She constantly refers to the Ideal Org. I pointed out that the Ideal Org is not a building, but is an ACTIVITY where people come to achieve freedom and know they’ve “found it”. They know there is a new civilization already on it’s way – they feel it and they want to be part of it. I told her St. Louis was like that in the 70s. She stopped and commented that the mission that she was part of in the 70’s was an ideal org. (note, she was staff at a BOOMING mission) She duplicated. But being a kool-aid drinker, the duplication stopped right there. Why? Because of the propaganda and redefinition of words.
    She is newly on the level and is due for her first 6 month “refresher” in 1 or 2 months, but doesn’t have the 10Gs for it. She’s in a panic and is looking at going on staff because why? Becasue in 6-8 months, the org will be Saint Hill Size; they’ll get the Universe Corps; she can do her 6 month refreshers right there in the org. Oh Woe is Susie-Cream-Cheese-and she doesn’t even know it.

  47. This is great, Ralph Hilton – you should post this as an article in its own right. I feel a lot of right indications in reading it, and spotted a few wrong ones (past), too. You have obviously been looking at this situation with some deep understanding.

    Every one of your points is strong and clearly visible in dm’s m.o. Number three, particularly, hits home with me. For some reason (maybe me, maybe not) this has been a real area of invalidation in my career as a scientologist, and one on which I believ I have NEVER been duplicated and acknowledged by a supervisor, c/s, auditor or any other similarly indoctrinated staff member. Until now.

    Thanks very much for sharing your insights. I’m looking foward to hearing more.


  48. Hi Mike,
    I have been having that resurging case gain and cognitions and blowdowns since I first heard Tommy Davis’ rebuttal to the SP Times article last summer. His statement that ANYONE was allowed to beat up others 50 times sent me scurrying for the KR HCOPL where it says this means it is an out-ethics group: and that’s at the top of the pyramid! Boy did that get me looking for truth. And I am still finding it.
    Anyway, let the wins continue!

  49. (no need to post this) ffs if u guys want to communicate then at least have someone around to approve the posts!

  50. Do not attack me before you read my well meant advice:

    I do believe that DM is a SP but you guys will not succeed if you do not:

    A. Show photos or videos of his alleged abuse

    B. Have doctors provide statements as to the injuries that he caused you

    C. Submit affidavits as the church does because people believe affidavits more than non-affidavits

    D. Sue DM and win against him.

    If you don’t do that, you will not win against him. Blog entry, press articles, Anonymous picketing, that all will NOT take him down. He’ll stay on.

    You have to PROVE your allegations.

    Don’t hate me for giving you sound advice.

  51. What transpires the most on your writing Mike, is the once again insouciant attitude. The calmness and certainty that can only be achieved by complete understanding after de-PTSsing and Keying Out of the enforced and implanted GPMs that DM continually puts people through. Public, staffs and SOs.

    This new movement glows with pure Theta. No more HE&R, no Make Wrongs, no Withholds, just pure ARC at all levels. With the result of a thorough and complete understanding of the Tech, and the ability to spot outnesses in a split second. That’s the way, a, a, a, a, a, I like it!

    I’m loving my new family 😉

  52. Excellent analysis Mike. Another example of the smoke and mirrors has it’s ribbon cutting tonight about 5:30 PM in the rain here in Las Vegas.

    I imagine DM will want to get the ceremony over quickly so he can get back to the craps tables before he blows town.

  53. Dear Mike,


    ML, Fidelio

  54. What an outline of a rundown, thanks for the compilation and destillation of the tools behind all the atrocities reported on that blog.

    For me that makes it easier, too, to recognize the real intention behind even minor outnesses I used to put aside or excuse or make seem unimportant.

    Thanks for the education.

  55. Sam, I second that one!

  56. Yes I have learned he got into gambling, booze and women from young age. And all of that not with his own money.

  57. Theo Sismanides

    Hey, Mike Rinder. A sure dynamite article!

    Now that’s a simply worded but full analysis of the “incredible is too easily rejected”. I really enjoyed reading it as it’s simplicity renders it so powerful.

    So, this is going to shake some spines for sure….

    But we are not all fools. So, we don’t buy the incredible DM anymore.

    I can attest to DM’s tactics of using LRH terms to divert people’s minds and achieve his aims.

    When I was the TU DIR EU an order came down from Int saying we had to get volunteer translators. And with it came some write up and it was either authorized or directly by DM. I am pretty sure it was the latter because I remember me going… this guy (DM) is too much (I already had seen him not apply the translations HCOBs after his “extensive research” on the LRH refs on the subject (what a nerd, he missed the Red on White, the HCOBs).

    And he was using a quote from some Auditor Bulletin where LRH says “the work was free, keep it so”. You all know this quote, I am sure.

    Now, you know what was DM’s interpretation of that quote? He literally told us that since the work was free, the volunteers had to work FOR FREE!! I was…. give me a freaking break, it can’t be, it can’t be that he wants us to buy that idiocy! I was about to scream in the middle of TU EU and say the guy is nuts! And you know what? People just bought it left and right. I was trying to explain to TU staff that FREE meant what it meant and Vico Terzi the Italian translator told me, “OK, we will come to your funeral”!!! He didn’t know HE was ALREADY dead. How pathetic.

    So, I attest to that tactic and idiotic thing that DM is doing but unfortunately sheep just love this stuff. So he moves on and now does it with IDEAL ORGs.

  58. You call it like it is Ralph!

  59. Jimbo, that’s so funny!

    Using Christopher Felix!

    For anyone who knows anything about the GO that’s like putting a sign up saying “Company Spie” (see Mission Earth)!

    Mike, it’s nice to have you posting here.

    I met you back at the HGB years ago when I was in CCHR and we were working on the “Medical Enterprises” scandal .

    Personally, I think Miscavige is part of a larger money laundering operation, but he’s a good start.

    My suspicion started with the Super Power Scam and then the “Ideal Orgs” thing pretty much confirmed it.

    Of course I made the stupid mistake of writing a report on my observations and ended up being handed my “Burn Notice” and spent most of the latter part of my career in the Church of Scientology being investigated, till I tired of continuous “fishing expedition” and left of my own accord.

    All I can say it’s so cool being part of real Scientologists again!!!!!

  60. Theo Sismanides

    As I was answering to Mike I wrote up some things and just got some more thought into this, looked a bit why is it that Mike and Marty just shot up the statistics in the Freezone/Independent field even if a decade or more has passed since I was out, and I just wanted to say the following:

    We are not fools anymore. We may all have been at a time, but we aren’t anymore. As to Ralph Hilton I know him for long time, giving a good fight in the Freezone for many, many years now. I will do some comment soon on what I see happening.

    And this article of Mike’s corroborates the fact that WE are once again regaining our strengths and that WE are fighting back NOW, stronger, in the Open and Big Time.

    Unfortunately this world takes also PR and Force not just Intelligence and making Clears being a low profile auditor. It takes a COMBINATION OF BOTH since an auditor should be heard LOUD and CLEAR. DM is just the former (PR and Force), never the latter (Results in Real Production, Auditing and Training and Expansion). We have now people here to combine both. And we start running the show big time. There have been auditors who made clears and OTs but who never had the PR factor in. Read PDC Lecture No 35, The D.E.I. Scale (DESIRE, ENFORCE, INHIBIT) and you will see why Carouso as LRH says would be respected. And the little guy down in the pub who would play the piano like mad, he wouldn’t be acknowledged. We all have to learn to USE PR and FORCE as good as DM does. This he does, I have to acknowledge that.

    So now, Mike and Marty a two barrel shot gun pouring out simple but powerful analyses of the situations we have been confronted for many years now.

    But what is the difference now? We all have been pouring our guts out over the Internet for years? What is the difference? Well Command of Space and Energy. Read the excerpt from that lecture and you will see. Actually DM is using this data. And now that I read it, in a new unit of time, I can also see what he does. Here is the excerpt:

    PDC lecture 35 The D.E.I. Scale

    Caruso was the greatest singer of all time because he could knock out the back of any
    auditorium practically. Also he had force in his voice – he could crack wine glasses, hold a
    true note. And you say, „This is truth of note.“ No, that… the upset of that was there was –
    must have been enough force in that voice to crack wine glasses. He had perhaps great beauty
    of voice, perhaps not. But boy he was sure loud.
    Want to become a great singer? The hell with shifting notes. Don’t even bother to carry
    a tune. If you were just to go out and practice so that you could take the biggest auditorium
    in the United States or the Hollywood Bowl and get to a point where you could fill that Bowl
    with sound without any electronic equipment, boy, they’d elect you. You’d get elected right
    Now, it’s a funny thing: What’s the difference then between the great singer and the
    hog caller? Both of ‘em can fill a lot of space with sound. Well, look… look them over – look
    them over. There’s a different intention behind the sound. The intention is to call a hog in one
    case, and to be loud; and the intention in the other place is to interest people and create a desire.
    Big difference. Where do you find your biggest difference then? Your biggest difference
    is up in the postulate intentional level. That’s… that’s the difference – up there. And
    then a little bit lower than that there’s an agreement that the singer is… is a singer, and an
    agreement that a hog caller is a hog caller. And we’ve agreed to laugh at hog callers and
    we’ve agreed to be very serious about singers – very simple.
    That’s right. That’s about all there is to it. You go out to be a great singer, you make
    sure that everybody knows that you’re a great singer. You wear the trappings of a great singer,
    that’s all. I’ve seen some pianists sitting in dives that could tear the keys off the piano
    with any classical music – beautiful, just beautiful playing. But they didn’t have on a tail coat,
    they did not have an air, they didn’t have the style, they didn’t have all the symbols and trademarks
    of the great pianist.
    How do you act as a great pianist? Hah-hah! We know how you act as a great pianist –
    you’re very impressive in the first place. You come in, you ignore the whole audience. You
    sit down, you sweep your coat tails out of the way in order to sit down at the seat of just one
    piano sitting on this huge stage, see? And you sit down, and then you wait very patiently until
    everybody deigns to be damn quiet. And you start in. And make sure that you have the grandness
    of gesture. That’s all it is.
    The poor guy sitting down in the jukebox playing with his derby hat over one eye,
    maybe can play rings around that guy on the concert stage, but he doesn’t know one fact –
    one fact he doesn’t know: that he has to act big and great in order to be big and great. And if
    he acts big and great and with the proper mannerisms to be big and great, he’ll be big and
    great. Because he’s what? He’s not putting on anything but the agreement.
    If he refuses to act within the frame of agreement which is assigned to bigness and
    greatness, or if he has some purpose in not acting in that frame of reference, he won’t be.
    You can really pitch it any way you want to. You can just throw it in any direction.
    But if you’re going to throw it in any direction you want to, you’ll have to be able to initially
    feel that you can command space and energy. It’s all well and good to just fake in and know
    you’re faking in. It isn’t that people read your mind, it just shows up in the manner; the manner
    isn’t there.
    Calli-Curcy never came out and looked at the audience apologetically – never. Neither
    did Caruso. Caruso came out and he’d look them over. „All right, you people are privileged
    now to hear me sing.“ He’d say, „Now you’re going to hear me sing.“ There… it wouldn’t –
    nobody would have stood a chance if they had decided not to hear him sing. Nobody
    would’ve stood a chance.
    Now there’s… there’s you… there’s your difference. What is greatness? It’s simply
    that: What a beautiful language – „Great-ness.“ Big-space.
    If a fellow fills up all the space he has, he’d better find bigger space.

    End of excerpt from PDCs.

    So now, what is happening according to my viewpoit. DM is using this data. I don’t know if he read it ever, hahaha, he would surely have, to just be able to use it. So he is the hog caller, yes, you heard me, the hog caller, not the great singer, this is LRH, but he (DM) wears the trappings of a great singer, that’s all. He has on a tail coat, he has the air of a great singer, he has the style, he has the symbols and trademarks of the great pianist. He acts as a great pianist. Hah-hah! He knows how you act as a great pianist – he is very impressive in the first place. He comes in, he ignores the whole audience (crew/public in our case). He sits down, he sweeps his coat tails out of the way in order to sit down at the seat of just one piano sitting on this huge stage, see? And he sits down, and then he waits very patiently (or impatiently whenever he can) until everybody deigns to be damn quiet. And he starts in. And make sure that you have the grandness of gesture. That’s all it is.

    And that is what he does. Except he is a hog caller and people have realized that but have been fooled by his trappings and gestures. He has no voice. He never had. He has LRH play all the time backstage.

    But I don’t want to concentrate on that hog caller, I just wanted to corroborate the fact that WE are coming back and WE definitely need to be able to use BIG SPACE.

    And indeed lately WE are.

    Thank you Mike for such an analysis and for being here with us now. We are now OVER the Globe, 3 feet behind the church’s head and we are in control. We can definitely wear the trappings of big singers and learn the gestures because we can play rings around that guy on the concert stage and we NOW know that we have to act big and great.

    Over the ramparts!! This is the TIME to go BIG, we are the big singers, we just have to assume the beingness, we’ve playing the music all along and it ain’t backstage.

  61. Ralph,
    It is amazing how fast LRH went in the early 50s when he got Q 1, just before the PDC lectures. Just amazing. I agree, on both points, the thorough grasp of the real basics, as per the VIII materials is key and, DM won’t get there in the SP valence.

    There are those of us who can remedy that lack.

  62. Heya Mike,

    Good stuff. I’m curious why you won’t accept my help in Denver. Minor issue, really. However, you are here in Denver — and Rex Fowlers case is moving foward. I intend to visit some of his court dates.

    Mike — Will you picket the Denver org with me? I can promise you we don’t approach this from the same angle, but I can also promise you that the scn that Rathbun preaches is a different beast from the scn that I’ve always had objections to.

    Mike…. Meet me. Lets protest. Lets chat. Let us, at the least, find out that we aren’t so different from one another. I know that if we can have a meeting of the minds, that we can help each other.

    Kind Regards,


  63. Martin Padfield

    The SP declare on DM is revealing. Plus ça change (plus c’est la même chose). It could have been written yesterday. Also the reference to that internal promo piece “Sea Org expansion news” took me right back to 1982 when as a new SO member I saw this piece with its photos glorifying gang sec-checking and verbal SP declares and wondered just what kind of organisation I had actually joined. If anyone has access to that promo piece it would be very enlightening reading. My Tardis is out of order else I’d go get it myself.

  64. CC,
    Sue Wilhere, RTC Authority Verification and Correction I/C in a sworn affadavit, broadly published as she gave it to the St. Pete Times:

    “Miscavige IS Scientology”.

  65. Thanks Ralph, this is really spot on.

  66. Thank you Mike !


  67. Theo Sismanides

    Ralph it’s good to see you hear. I have seen your auditing skills even around the Internet talking to people. It’s good to hear you and what you have to say about the upper levels. It’s good to start having a dialogue, and yes, these guys here have horsepower but definitely auditor’s know how is also needed. I think we have it all, as you are saying. Just wanted to say hi to you.

  68. The Comm Course Sup

    If a fella could get worse with each coming season
    Then the reverse should be true, it just stands to reason.
    Or so I was thinking while across from the table
    A man with a graph, said I was likely unstable.

    Lookin’ down at the floor at the shit on my boot,
    That I was imperfect seemed a point that was moot.
    But then with a stare and no reservation,
    He proclaimed what was next without hesitation.

    That I could be directed without my consent,
    Was taken by me that hostility was meant.
    But I curbed my tongue and went along for the ride,
    With students all week, working side by side.

    Now any good hand knows its work sometimes
    To sort through the chaff and get down to the fines.
    But talking to dolls, well it seemed quite absurd
    Was it magic I saw, could they polish a turd?

    You know I’ve dug post holes before in my life
    And know damn well the shortcomings of an angry wife.
    But nothing in this world can quite take the place
    Of staring for hours at your twin’s blurry face.

    Like stepping aboard, a young horse that can fart
    Amusing himself while he tears you apart.
    His body, like emotions, literally breaking in two
    It gets damn hard to see much benefit for you.

    Now I don’t mean to seem an ungrateful sort
    But to put up with bullbaiting without a retort?
    Seemed against my convictions, all afflictions aside,
    All fightin’ words, it was an affront to my pride.

    Certain things can be known and others you keep,
    Like what the White Rabbit said, I would not repeat.
    To my friends in the arena who quite often rope,
    They’d have thought I was crackers, on some kind of dope.

    That sup kept on flunking, trying to raise up the bar
    While myself I kept thinking of places afar.
    Sitting on that hard chair was a pain in my ass,
    Across from a stranger, awaiting a pass.

    The flunks kept on coming as my temper did rise,
    It was all I could do to not blink my eyes.
    Then the whole thing seemed silly but still no relief,
    From that wretched supervisor who was giving such grief.

    And then in flash, random thoughts it did handle
    All criticisms gone and my mind didn’t ramble.
    Clarity of vision and time seemed no more
    If I hadn’t been sitting, I’d have been on the floor.

    That night in the dark, driving home all alone,
    I considered my options, never feeling forlorn.
    For if one could feel, like this all the time
    Then I guessed indeed, the world could be mine.

    It’s been three score and six since that night in the car,
    As I look at my life trying to judge just how far
    I’ve come a man, and if I arrived
    Did I meet expectations or will I survive?

    I’ve had lots of answers and some were for not
    Some of them treasures and some I’ve forgot.
    If ever I’m confronted with things I don’t know
    I’ll gladly admit that the world can be so.

    If you run into me, don’t be mistaken
    I’m a better man for what I have taken.
    Despite all the bull, the lies and shame
    My world forever tilted, never on the same plane.

    So I humbly ask, just one thing of you
    If ever you’re feeling out of blue
    Much like the rabbit in Alice’s story
    Look up that sup, you’ll never be sorry.

  69. Brilliant analysis, Ralph. You’re a tech terminal, alright, and a damned sharp one at that. If you can identify alter-isness in this world – which is why the friggin thing won’t as-is! – it’s hard to pull the wool over your eyes.

    I”ve been rehabbing my covert intel track and it occurs to me that old Capt Bill served a very good purpose for DM and his intel henchmen. He could paint the entire Independent field with the “crazy” brush because of the Captain’s Marcabian conspiracy theories. So in that sense, he was of more value alive and kicking than gotten rid of. And the wackier, the better.

    I somehow doubt the Old Man wouldn’t have thought BR was crazy; indeed, I’d imagine he was the source of a lot of those theories.

    As for the rest of the Bridge, as I said a while back, I used to sit there and wait for the Bridge to play Dixie. Then I realized it was all there.

    There’s no hidden OT levels because, as you rightly point out, DM couldn’t stand to have passed up the easy money.

  70. Martin Padfield

    They do slip up though. In a rare moment of honesty I have it in writing from OSA Op “Minerva” that “I agree with you that… there have been abuses” and “Martin, there are things that need to change in the Church…”
    No kidding! Which raises the obvious conclusions: knowing about the abuses and defending them makes one complicit in them. Either one is in full agreement with them or is too weak to stand up and demand the abuses stop. When DM’s day of reckoning comes, which is looking like it might be sooner than anyone thought, the “Minervas” (read kool-aid drinkers) of this world will have questions to answer and must be made to answer them.

  71. Double that touche, Ralph. The cavalry’s always late.

  72. Cowboy Poet,
    In the old Highlands, we had the poet/philosophers. I’m glad now, we have you.

  73. Very astute on spotting those points Ralph, thank you.

  74. Mike,

    Thanks for answering so eloquently the question I posed in the previous thread, which Marty answered, too.

    I agree with you both that all roads lead to DM and, as JLo notes, if you go past the F/N you’ll bring in all other kinds of case and lose sight of the truth.

    I was looking more at whether DM’s controlled or whether he’s a free agent SP. Who stands to gain from Scn on a dwindling spiral? The enslavers of Man is my first guess. It’s not a make-or-break either way, because DM is the one in the cross-hairs and his removal will usher in reform.

    The thing to keep an eye on is whether he’s got other agents in it with him. They should be quickly known as they will try to royally screw the CoS up once their man’s gone. Food for thought.

    The IAS is a degraded org. Out-Ethics regging practices are not only allowed, they are encouraged and rewarded. It needs to be folded asap.

    One other thought I had on this: scrapping the goal of St Hill size also has the added benefit of putting the release of OT IX and X in the hands of DM. LRH left specific instructions on their release. Under DM those weren’t ever going to be realized because of what they call on Wall St “negative growth”.

    So now the Idle Org strategy gives the VIIIs hope that they can move onto these levels.

    I’m not sure if they really exist. As Ralph Hilton says, it stands to reason that if they did DM would’ve thrown them out there because he couldn’t resist the income flow.

  75. Four most ironic words ever spoken by the Machiavellian Midget:

    “The war is over”

  76. martyrathbun09

    Martin, beware the generality agreement, it is part of the making the operatives more sophisticated I alluded to.

  77. You know what needs to happen is those of us on the outside who are bit by bit trying to show our SCN family and friends all the data is put together a really nice letter that lists all the PR points and things that someone can really think with to look at for themselves. Interesting I came across a donation list from my files of the ……INT CF (I am not going to say which org, but pretty much the same donaters from any of the campaigns) that has about 500 names on it of those people who were top donaters – kind of like the super power list, lots of high powered weathly SCN’s. It has email addresses on it. I was trying to come up with something quick, that would just get someone thinking to go and search for more data. Like the Paul haggis letter that got me searching for the first time on the internet. I know that for me what I have seen with my own family is that they are still in disbelief over all the abuses and the human rights issues, however I have found a few buttons that they agree with and can observe for themselves. I think Mike hits it on the head, which is people are blinded by the massive expansion and soon disregard whatever bad things are happening. It is just too much to believe and confront.

    If anyone has great PR writing skills and can put together a letter that will just shock the pants off of these 500 people, let me know. It needs to be filled with points that they can observe for themselves, burning issues that just can’t deny because they see it for themselves. It needs to have a great intro to keep them reading.

  78. ✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩★Mike✩Rinder✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩Thank✩you.✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩Stellar✩✩Brilliant,✩clean,✩✩SPOT✩ON✩✩assessment✩and✩report.✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩✩
    I am honored, privileged and sooo relieved to be friends. Loving everyone here, reading comments. Thank you for being true. Thank you for all you are ☼ ★s.

  79. ✩Stellar✩✩Brilliant,✩clean,✩✩SPOT✩ON✩✩assessment✩and✩report✩

  80. Thanks Ralph!!

    Pure analytical reasoning, I love it andI am happy you are a group member and a leader as well.


  81. Hello Mike Rinder!!

    I am very happy to read your analysis and it is so true it just as-ised tons of mass for me.

    It is the easiest analyis to duplicate that I have read so far and I am sure it will help our group a lot to get this situation handled.

    I consider you a friend even though I have never met you and if you ever need any help don’t hesitate to contact me, Marty has my number.


  82. Thanks Mike for this excellent and cogent eval.

    I was wondering if you might remember the Safe Environment Fund — set up as a means to pay for the incredibly high cost of defending MSH and the GO 9 or whatever they were called.

    It started almost immediately after the FBI raid in July of ’77. Flag regges started to get public to donate their cash service completion awards to the SEF.

    To my knowledge this was the first type of straight fund-raising – no services attached to the ask for money. And who was going to say no to defending and helping to keep MSH out of prison?

    Seems to have nicely paved the way for the IAS to appear. Public had gotten used to straight donations.

    Staff got used to demanding donations without having to deliver.

    AND dm — was already plotting the end of the GO by the mission holder conference and before then as MOD as well as mission ops he was ripping the hell out of the Flag Land Base.

    The guy has been plotting a take over since his inception is my guess. The “famous” dm story often told how he could “stand up” to LRH — was when he refused to let LRH hat him as a cameraman — saying he wasn’t in danger.

    Sorry to be ranting but all of this evokes memories of nightmare times in the FB and FSO because of dm.


  83. martyrathbun09

    WH, LRH cancelled SEF with a firm yank when he heard about it. DM, and the Special Project (including myself) condemned many a GO person connected with it based on LRH’s reaction. Can you imagine what LRH’s view would be concerning the IAS?

  84. Huck,
    Ralph’s posting correctly states that DM can’t put the notes together because DM doesn’t get it. The notes are there. They require thorough understanding of the subject. But, again, as you’ve pointed out too, thorough undestanding and application by oneself, with what already is released, some of it now for over half a century and…

  85. WH,
    DM wasn’t ‘MOD’, Messenger On Duty. It’s part of the myth. If that’s what you are meaning with the acronym. The Gang of Five report on Scn Cult covers this. And yes, the famous story. DM’s mythology continues. That along with the LRH affadavit for the Ron De Wolf trial sure is a ringing endorsement for him being the ‘only one’ and ‘uniquely qualified’. I’m sure he is the only one, and all that means.

  86. The IAS is contrary to everything I know about services and exchange. So yes — heads would roll. In dms case, not that far since he is already so close to the ground 🙂

    Thanks for confirming my feelings about SEF — the GO were a nasty bunch IMHO by and large. Always set themselves up as “better” and separate from the SO. Operated on GO policy that were all confidential setting up a serious hidden data line and something you couldn’t refute SINCE you couldn’t see the policy.

    Yvonne although married to Heber (but he was PR, not intel) couldn’t STAND the GO and they HATED her. Busted her all the time. It was so sad to see this grand woman, demeaned and basically tortured …

    Thanks, Marty for sorting out that piece of missing info, re the SEF.


  87. Underground For Now

    Marty, Mike, Hayden, Jim, Thoughtful, Sam, Christie, Ralph, Dara, Theo, Kathy and all other Independents (out of the closet & about to come out)


    All of you are taking responsibility for saving this sinking ship once commanded by LRH.

    It is a true honor to be part of this awesome group.

    Much love and admiration to all of you.

    Jack Airey

  88. Every article that is posted here and with the ensuing comments, just continues to add more and more dimension, texture, color and understanding to this story of such immense multiplicity. It’s one hell of a trip!

    This particular addition by Mike came at a perfect time for me. A good friend of mine who is still very much ‘In’ sent me an email today that begged for a response. And such a response I could have not imagined until I read Mike’s article, which I promptly sent to him as my reply.

    I’ve said it before and as I’m saying it now, I will say it again….

    Damn I do love this game!! I haven’t had this much fun or this much gain in a very long time. 🙂

  89. Aw, thank you, Cowboy Poet! Your poem makes me remember it all, and with humor and honesty.

    I love artists.

  90. War and Peace

    Mike ~~~ you know me well ~~ for a very long time.
    Salutations and Greetings and congratulations on this post.

    The IAS although created before LRH died was not supposed to be a Frankenstein Monster gobbling up Bridge monies, putting Scientologists in debt. It was never intended to be the Barracuda Shark swimming with the other 2 sharks.

    $$$$$Super Power Building Regges $$$$$$$Bridge redone redone redone books

    There is not ONE green on white Policy letter on IAS. Yet IAS is a significant part of the Church of Mestology where “all hands regging” is required. Most readers here on this BLOG have the green and white policy volumes. Take a look at the index ~~There is not ONE POLICY on IAS or IAS regging.

    The building on Fountain Avenue which used to be Bridge Publications is being renovated to be a MONSTER building for IAS regging as we speak. (Bridge Publications has moved.) IAS regges need to be on the BASE ! The sharks circle the Church parking lots and pouncing on pcs, students as they emerge in attempts to suck out new debt on credit cards.

    IAS donations are demanded as part of ETHICS conditions ~~ make up the damage with significant $$$$ to IAS even on 6 month check infractions, when they are sent to ETHICS.

    I laughed Mike when you talked about David MISCAVIGE living like a Saudi Prince.

    Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous ~~
    GOOGLE “Leaving Scientology”

    I personally know of his $40,000 SOUND System. DM the monster flies only by personal jet. Not commercial flights. He is no the common lowly plebian.
    His personal hairstylist and personal Chefand entourage fly with him.
    He purchased a private dwelling in Hollywood, close to Author Services for $4,600,000.00

    In the intended Super Power Building, LRH has a mere office. But Miscavige is getting a whole WING !!!!!

    In this WING the super HI FI audio room is palatial and actually would outgun anything a Saudi Prince would have. The audio and video equipment will be THE most expensive acquisitions in all of the Super Power building Expenses. This is ONLY for DM and his staff. The wing will contain Executive Conference rooms, multiple bathrooms, showers, jacuzzis, a home private Theatre, Gourmet kitchen ETC ETC ETC humbling and dwarfing the insides of Buckingham palace and the White House.

    $1 billion is in IAS reserves.

    As I have been saying since I started posting on this blog
    Follow the money !!! Follow the Finanical Irregularities. Follow the trail of Inurement from this 5O1C3 Tax Free “Religion” of David Miscavige.

  91. Thought provoking

    WOW! Between Mike’s article and this post, I just blew a lot of charge. Together they connect a lot of the data that is reported on this and other sites.

  92. Hi Lucy,
    Sounds like a great list.
    I have been doing something similar but I think a letter might be too much.
    I send out little questions or qoutes, wait a few days and send something else. I try and tie them together and make it short so one quick glance and they have it. I thought a letter might work for some but would be easy to toss aside.

  93. Personally I think the third party law is of limited value, and is often invoked incorrectly,
    and can be destructive when used out of context.

    There is the context of op-term. Don’t need no third party. Wars are usually about resources of some sort. Don’t need no third party.

    However Mike Rinder has pinpointed some excellent examples of third party.

    Their is the whole rant against non-scientologists!!!! Disgusting!!!!

    Who’s lives are we trying to better?

    Third party is closely aligned to actions of black PR.

    Thus parishioners are taught to hate many categories of people and many categories of organisations. Mike spoke rightly there. :-

    ” If you look at the conflicts that Scientology is involved in, they range from “the Church” versus “Independents” to “the Church” versus “the media”, versus “the government”, “the French”, “the pharmaceutical companies”, “the psychs”, “the SPs”, “the squirrels”, “the out ethics public”, and on and on. Even the staff versus the public.”

    In other words “third party ” is a banner to
    violate first policy. ” Maintain friendly relations with the environment….”

    The whole world is our ” div 6 field” including

    Guess thats where I came in here. 🙂

    ARCU, granting beingness, love thy neighbour as thyself and so on is where we should be at.

  94. Lucy that’s the best idea yet. Maybe put all our names at the bottom of it to. So lets just do it and have it mailed out tomorrow.

  95. Mike,
    Excellent article, thank you.

    BTW, the fact that you and Marty were out and communicating was key to me “frontin’ up” and starting to read the blogs in the first place.

    Glad to have you. It hastens the end of DM’s reign of terror.

  96. quote –
    ” So if under Miscavige’s leadership the Church has expanded at “explosive” rates does it really matter if he has been beating people up, spending money like a Saudi prince, knocking hats off those junior to him, destroying the management infrastructure etc. etc. etc.? Of course not. ”

    So Mike , what youre saying is Miscavage could do anything he likes as long as the church was expanding – interesting point of view

    – and yes it does matter

  97. A letter laying it all out is what’s needed because we aren’t going to be reaching everyone on the internet. I’ll pay for postage and everything just contact me.

  98. Freedom Fighter

    Yes, where your donations TRULY go . . . Criminal with a capital “C”.

  99. Fellow Traveller

    Mike — VVWD! Atta boy!
    I did have the all too brief pleasure of shaking your hand in East Grinstead, oh, 2003 I think.

    This is, to me, a darn near perfect practical on the essay Personal Integrity: “If what we really observed was what we observed, That we took care to observe what we were observing, That we always observed to observe.”

    I give you a pass. Like that matters. You know.

    There is an understood factor in the dwarf magician’s plan: I can’t let anyone look, really look, because if anyone does, then I am so busted. So of course the net nanny initiative, and now the mere hint of “surfing the internet” can cost someone his bridge. MMMUUUSSSTTT CCCOONNNTTRRROOL TTTHHHEEEEIIIIRRRR CCCCOOOOMMM LLLLIIINNNEEESSS.

    In my evaluation, that not only violates KSW 33 What We Expect of a Scientologist:
    “What do we expect of you? To become the best Scientologist that can be and to get on the comm lines of the world and bring a big win where it counts.”

    Stellar example, Mike, Marty and all the rest.

    Well, Herr dwarf, you be busted. Whadda mean we can’t look over there? Just cuz you can’t doesn’t mean we won’t.

    Mike just a) showed how its done and b) made it easier. A lot easier.

  100. Barney Rubble

    Mike R,

    I’ve had contact with you since the Apollo days in 74/75 in Curacao,etc your blog posting is outstanding.

    Thank you so much for this. I think this bloody mess is thanks to you, might to turn for the better. Glad you are well.

  101. Thought provoking


    What a refreshing post and wonderful reference!

  102. I agree. Please post this as an article in it’s own right.

  103. How about disseminating the Old Saint Hill stuff that gives the facts about what growth used to really look like. This idea struck me when I read this:

    In 1982 a booklet called ‘How Big was Old Saint Hill’ was published. This gives some idea of how successfully this Org operated. The data we have in the booklet runs from the beginning of 1965 to September 1967. The start of the operation coincides with a reliable method of achieving the state of Clear. Prior to that time it had been a pretty hit and miss process and most of the people who had achieved the state had beer cleared personally by Ron Hubbard. Now a programme of steps was available which comparatively new auditors, not necessarily Clear themselves, could be taught to deliver.

    The operation started with less than six staff and during its first quarter was turning over an average of £1,490 per week (at 1965 values). Growth in turnover and staff was very rapid. Within six months turnover had reached an average of £4,521 per week and staff were approaching the 200 mark. Over the next 12 months staff numbers levelled off at 250 but turnover reached a weekly average of £9,532. By the end of the final year for which we have figures average weekly turnover had reached £19,261.

    Much more important than turnover figures were the actual products of the activity. Clears were being mass produced. At its peak Saint Hill produced 21 Clears in one week, There was a delivery staff of 50 Auditors. Twelve of these were ‘Review Auditors’ whose job it was to sort out any case that got bogged down. There were 200 people training to be auditors plus another 100 studying other things. The number of students completing courses in any one week averaged between 40 and 50. (The Sad Tale of Scientology, Eric Townsend, Chapt. 6, pg. 25)

    The difference must be striking. Would you even need to point it out?

    My wog 2 cents. 🙂

  104. I have to agree with Marty on this.

    It’s the “hidden” part of the 3P equation which is the key datum. It’s crucial to know who really is pulling the strings if you want to as-is a scene.

    Middle East peace is always focused on Israel and the Palestinians yet it’s the Syrians and Iranians who keep the war going, so the conflict persists.

    Do you think a Bavarian beer garden variety nut job like Hitler was going anywhere without the behind-the-scenes support of Germany’s captains of industry?

    The example LRH gives in the 3P essay is a good one, too. The Bolsheviks were a bickering rabble; as clueless as the Tsarist Whites were, that revolution would never have succeeded had it not been for German money, intelligence and weapons.

    I can give many other examples: read All the Shah’s Men to understand how the Iranian revolution which ushered in the despot was orchestrated by the CIA and MI6 because Anglo-Iranian Petroleum wanted its petrodollars and MI6 talked the Dulles brothers into believing that Mossadegh was about to form an alliance with the Soviets. A total fabrication but it pushed American buttons and so an entire nation was deprived of its freedoms for 40 years and, you could argue, continues to pay the price because the crazy mullahs wouldn’t have been able to seize power had Iran been a non-PTS country.

    All of which makes the 3P law very useful.

  105. mike—

    Huh?? What wall??

  106. Thank you Mike!!!!

    You never cease to amaze me with the way you handle out-points by using intelligence, calmness and the correct tech/policy for the existing situation.
    Having you and Marty side by side with all your first hand data and full knowledge of LRH’s standard tech, I have no doubt the actual 3rd Party/SP will be known to all the Scientologists inside or on the side line who are Q&Aing their knowingness very very soon.

    Thank you Mike for all you are doing.
    Thanks to all the Independents for their courage, love and support.

    I love you all.

  107. Mike you know how to put things in the right context, and you put some new ideas on the table. The article is great.

  108. “I think this bloody mess is thanks to you” Barney what does that mean? The rest of the sentence is hard to understand, just want to clarify, thanks.

  109. Terrific article Mike. Glad to you see you communicating. You do it well.

  110. lower-case mike is confused, Alex.

  111. Thought provoking

    This seems like a great piece of info in handling others on the IAS. I think the thing that makes it hard for people to confront that the IAS is totally off policy and off purpose is that it’s PR line has been to help save Scientology from threats and to create expansions (PR line) worldwide.

    Between the policy of fundraising and LRH’s response to the SEF fund that you noted here, that should make it easier to put the nails in the IAS coffin for good!

  112. Could you please define “Q1” for those of us who are acronymically challenged? : )

  113. Barney Rubble


    Sorry for the mis-dup. I got a bit too excited at times, as a colleague has told me before. when it comes to these types of posts.

    What I meant by “this bloody mess”, is exactly what is the aftermath that is now occuring with DM’s present actions.

    And thanks to Mr. Rinder he has exposed this to another level. That’s basically it.

  114. I’ve been wondering, who actually owns the Scn properties? DM controls the money, but does he also personally own any of this in a legal sense?

  115. Me, you’re wrong, there’s lots and lots of ways to go about this and it’s all going to add up.

  116. JLo, Given that every competent Tech terminal’s been declared an SP, I guess DM’s going to have to figure it all out by himself. My guess is that he’ll venture down to the Hole to see if there’s anything left to dust off of Ray Mithoff.

  117. BC Boy –

    I don’t think anything in the mail would work as we are all ready so overwhelmed with the overload of church mail. In fact I get 9 versions of the same things at two different addresses. (another day discussion but what a waste of donations!) I think if someone received an email with a great subject line of something that they would open as it would be normal to open – like disguised as a church promo piece. You have about 3-4 sentences to hook them and hopefully they will keep reading. Or even better take the email to the their nearest org to discuss what the data is. The more pressure put to bear on everyone, the quicker things will explode.

  118. LFBD, so spot on and correct! Thank you Mike for this, have been waiting to hear from you. And for others who are just becoming informed, this will help them to spot the true source of the 3P/SP. Your integrity in not being bought out says volumes about your character, very very very rare. Your heart and soul are truly in right place unlike Attorney Yingding or is it Yingling, who is is not even a Scn but is making millions off our parishioners but won’t even spend a dime for any services herself should take note on what true integrity is.

    P.S. Charlie you are surely reading this..sorry for you..wake up.

  119. Boyd-

    See my comment made to BC Boy. I also don’t think that any communication coming from known outsiders will help. It will only be cause for them to disregard as it would be coming from “sp’s” anyway. My family won’t even listen to anything that comes from this blog, even truth. I can only work on them with verifiable facts, that they can observe for themselves. They are so close to writing me up as they think I am associating with a bunch of SP’s and those that are taking me down the rabbit hole. I just laugh and say write me up and get it out in the open. Then you will be forced to deal with making a decision to disconnect from me or to stand up for what you know is right. I have several members in my family who are upper OT (new levels) and have been around since the early 70’s. Most of them are highly trained, BC graduates and auditors. I have gotten them all to agree, no more donations or money to the church until it is all sorted out. If I can at least contribute to helping in stopping the flow of money to the church, that in itself is a huge step towards really solving things.

  120. Wow! You guys blow me away! I’m away from the blog for a few days & 3 amazing new posts with nearly 600 comments!!!!! How am I suppose to keep up with that LOL.

    Thanks for posting this Mike. Great post & great picture of the 3 of you! I agree with the others Ralph that was an excellent comment that deserves a whole seperate thread.

    Here’s some 3P I’ve observed. A senior SO member briefed the OTC. “Look around you, look who is here & notice who is not. Creating Ideal Orgs is the most prosurvival thing there is. The ones that are not helping, the ones that get disgruntled at you for getting them to attend fundraising events or getting them to donate $, they have overts. Not just small overts. You think I’m joking. Let me give you some examples. One guy was getting snotty with me & acted irritated because I was trying to get him to attend an event. I noticed he was sniffing a lot so I reached in his pocket & pulled out a bag of cocaine!!! Right on the Org’s premises. Here’s another exemple. A couple, both OTs, kept saying they could not help and/or come to fundraising Events because they were too busy. Someone cared enough to pull the strings & found out they were going to Vegas every weekend blowing 12K & swaping partners with another Scientology couple. So make no mistake people that get mad at you for asking them to help have out-ethics situations.”

    This is almost word for word what he said. My jaw dropped. I suddenly understood all the weird looks I had been getting from my friends since I had been refusing to attend several fundraising events & refusing to pressure others to attend & donate. How’s that for 3P & creating dissention within the Scientology community. It’s disgusting! I see it so clearly now. The 3D engram running continues, the De-PTSing continues. Thank you!

  121. Christie,

    If you were to email him this story (or perhaps if you were to make it come from an unknown email address), would he read it? The truth is a powerful thing.

  122. Cowboy, no slight intended but in response to your poem:

    “Now I don’t mean to seem an ungrateful sort But to put up with bullbaiting without a retort? Seemed against my convictions, all afflictions aside, All fightin’ words, it was an affront to my pride.”

    In the process of guiding your PC thru incidents along the time track you are likely to hear much more horendous comments and have to be prepared to take it in stride despite your pride and get your PC thru the incident. That is the whole point of the drill.

  123. Thanks for clearing that up Marty.

  124. Mike, thank you for your post. You’ve nailed it on the head. How many times has the midget over- used the ‘expansion’ phase “like never before”? Hmmm, interesting Ralph mentions an SP Declare on DM as I was in the middle of writing one myself…

  125. Amazing that this document exists from 25 years ago. Since DM has only gotten worse from there, maybe the SP declare should be updated.

    The following (along with a lot of other stuff in the declare) is downright evil: “Later in the meeting one of the Sea Org Officers, Norman Starkey (also one of the RTC-trustees), says “He, (Brown McKee, another Mission-Holder who was declared) will never, never ever again, which I promise you, in any life, ever again receive any Auditing or ever have a chance to get out of his trap and those who are on OT III know what THAT means! It means to die and die and die and die again.! “SO ED 2104 Int.”

    Is/was Starkey PTS to DM, or was this purely his own evil idea?

  126. Brilliant eval, Ralph! Straight-forward, well articulated, and with no added inapplicables.

  127. Jim — yes MOD – messenger on duty. WOW — amazing -that myth was rampant at Flag circa 1978-80.

    Gave him the added clout he needed to tear the hell out of the place sending missionaires out — which he personally ran. It was chaos.

    No surprise there.

    Thanks for the Gang of Five reminder — that was/is fantastic.



  128. As I read this article here…it was like looking at a planetary reflection. This dramatization has been scaled down here but is still a piece in the much larger picture happening here on Earth.

  129. You must be kidding! Surely they wouldn’t be so overt about it?

  130. Jack Airey wrote:
    “TAKE A WIN.

    All of you are taking responsibility for saving this sinking ship once commanded by LRH.

    It is a true honor to be part of this awesome group.”

    This resonates how I feel and what I perceive, and it moves me to no end. It speaks for me and to me!

    Much love & admiration squared to the power of to ∞ to all Jack mentioned and described.

  131. Mike Rinder wrote: “if you listen real close you might even hear scores of gentle “clicks” in the air, the sound of spines straightening up across the world.”

    🙂 Yes, for real and for sure! People who are not Scientologists (i.e., blind study 🙂 around me commented that my neck looks longer and my posture is up and open.

    Part of that thanks goes to everyone who has come forward with the right ethics action, no matter the personal danger. So much charge blowing off around the world!

    And simultaneously forever thanks to the amazing bestever auditing from Marty. Seamless TRS standard tech immense theta duplication owning the data through total comprehension. Marty, I salute you. And a zillion fireworks of thanks.

    As Ralph Hilton said to Jim, “No Probs. We have the Tech.”

    Standard delivery, truth and freeing life is what it’s about.

    Love is not a human emotion.

  132. Great idea, Lucy. I’m not the best one to write a first draft as I don’t have a good compilation of all the data. But as a writer I’d be very happy to take a rough draft and produce a polished, final draft. If someone wants to do a rough draft and then email it to me to revise, let me know.

  133. Bingo!!!! It also translates into a LFBD F/N Item with VVGIs. That blew charge!!

  134. Great article, Mike, and an excellent eval!

    Yes, DM needs enemies to feed his power. This reminds me of a book by Natan Sharansky (a one-time Soviet dissident and political prisoner) called “The Case for Democracy: The Power of Freedom to Overcome Tyranny and Terror.” One of his points is that suppressive dictators believe that in order to maintain their power, they have to convince their people that they have mortal enemies (which the dictator, of course, needs to protect them from). And, so, they foment conflicts with other countries and rile up their populations to believe these other countries are out to get them. This solidifies the dictator’s power base.

    Sharansky also makes the case, by the way, that the most important foundation of freedom is the right to public dissent, and that without it freedom is impossible.

    Amazing that in the twenty-first century we can have one of these suppressive dictators right here in the USA.

    I hope we’ll have the pleasure of hearing a lot more from you, Mike.

  135. I had my first inkling that something was badly amiss with the IAS when I was on the ship sometime in the 90’s. There were two IAS guys who seemed to be running everyone and everything. They would give talks in the course room whenever they wanted, and the sups would look at them with subservience and fear.

    One time my spouse and I wanted to keep studying instead of going to an event. We were told attending the event was mandatory. We tried to go to the qual library to keep studying, but the IAS guys made sure we didn’t escape the flow of bodies into the auditorium. (Later we somehow managed to escape and hide with our course packs in the library.)

    The weirdest thing about the two IAS goons was the flashing buttons they were wearing during our entire stay on the ship. Anyone remember those? They looked like itsy-bitsy ray guns sending out some sort of electronic (subliminal?) messages. I couldn’t get over the feeling that these guys were trying to implant us in some sort of weird mind-control stunt (though I didn’t think of it in those words at the time, I still had sec checks to suffer through, after all!). I’m not sure what that was all about and if the attempted-implant sensation was intentional . . .

    I remember trying to get off the ship on that trip. I mean, we almost didn’t! One of the last stops on the routing form was the IAS reg stop, and they weren’t going to let us leave without extracting a new, large donation from us. In order not to miss our plane we had to finally threaten to write KR’s.

    I never forgot those flashing, electronic implant buttons and the goons they were attached to. For me, they came to symbolize the IAS and its true intentions.

  136. Hi Huckleberry – you wrote “I somehow doubt the Old Man wouldn’t have thought BR was crazy; indeed, I’d imagine he was the source of a lot of those theories.”
    After the fiasco at AOLA where Bill had people on roof at night watching for aliens I observed that Bill was kept totally off tech lines. He was placed on senior posts in charge of portions of Estates and that was it. Bill probably got some ideas from LRH, yes. However the difference is that LRH rarely talked about such things whereas Bill rarely wrote anything that didn’t mention the telepathic conspiracies.

  137. Beautiful essay, Mike. Absolutely spot on.

  138. Excellent, Ralph.

  139. I posted in with the title “Black Scientology” on . Marty is quite welcome to post it separately as an article if he wishes.

  140. martyrathbun09

    Ralph and Huck, Bill Robertson was Type III. I saw it in its incipient stages when I arrived at WHQ in late 78.

  141. martyrathbun09

    Lasa, I agree with your astute observation.

  142. martyrathbun09

    Yes, Starkey was dramatizing the winning valence, as all of us were to one degree or another.

  143. Huckleberry

    In that light do not forget the American Industries having a stake in Germany rebuilding its military that was not in compliance whit what Germany promissed to do.

  144. He sure likes to spend it if it wer his own.

  145. Burning question I have is — does anyone know any details about the “Grand Opening Event” in LV last night? Did anyone show up???

  146. Q1 (sorry, its in caps):


  147. The tentacles of dms evil are far reaching.

    Society has been denied the energy (money, time, creative ideas etc) of thousands upon thousands of well meaning scientologists who COULD be directly contributing to mankind but are instead frantically swimming upstream in an effort to not go under financially.

    Most scientologists are deeply in debt to dm.

    The old timers, are … old. Retirement age. A time when healthy hard working members of society get the opportunity to turn their life-time of work, into some leisure and many devote their golden years to volunteer service.

    I personally have never met any harder more dedicated people than former SO members or scientologists.

    I’ve been lucky — instead of going into debt during my non-so years — we just made more money.

    THEN — when the sky fell — there was no debt. Just nothing.

    AND those of us who have lost EVERYTHING (as many on this board have) will attest — it’s better to have nothing and ones soul.,

    than to have it all and have a black piece of coal where a heart should be.

    I believe that this board offers each of us the opportunity to again contact our humanity. To pick up the mantle and reach out to others in whatever way you can.

    Volunteer at a soup kitchen. You’d be amazed at the stories and rather than turn your nose at these “down stats” —

    Remember — as I try to do all the time — there by the grace of god go I.



  148. I was ok with the whole series of Ethics Orders on Miscavige until I saw that Jon Atack signed the “SP Declare”.

    Didn’t Jon Atack end up slamming LRH and the subject of Scientology in every way possible with his “Blue Sky” book?

  149. The idea of sending a snail mail letter is a good one. If it’s put together the right way no one will throw it away. What about big letters on the envelope saying: “Suppressive Person Declare inside” Open Today! Or: “Don’t Read this Letter! It contains some dangeous truths!” Impossible not to open and read. The recepients doesn’t need to surf the net and commit overts by reading it.

    Another thing, to send e-mails to people not asking for it, is not allowed in some countries and could be considered spam which is illegal. I don’t think there are any regultaions regarding snail mail since it is the sender who is payng the shipment, not the receiver as in receiveing e-mails.

  150. Lucy, your list is a tremendous asset for planting a seed of doubt where it will impact DM in the wallet, the only stat he really cares about.

    In my opinion, the button that will work the best on these big donors is the alterations of tech that have been accumulating since the 80’s. They will be able to verify some of these from first-hand experience. It’s the only area where they expected something specific in return for their money, and they know they haven’t gotten exactly what they paid for, they just don’t know why.

    And if anyone can dredge up a copy of that old policy about no sec checks in the OTVII non-interference zone, that would be the icing on the cake.


  151. Agreed. Mad as the proverbial Hatter, which is why he served a major PR purpose for DM, who could neutralize the entire dissident movement by letting Scios get a whiff of the Transgalactic Adventures of Captain Bill.

    Now, how did CBR get Type III?

    It’s possible CBR couldn’t handle the material but let’s not forget that it’s very easy to spin an OT case with Black Scientology.

    Is it a coincidence that everyone who was personally close to LRH has been gotten rid of by whatever method: declared as SPs, bought off, gone insane, blown, in hiding or, for the one’s who wouldn’t go, languishing in the SP Hole at INT?

    DM’s ensured MSH and LRH’s remaining children were far removed from the limelight. LRH’s official biographer – where’s that product, Danny? Ever wonder why it’s always Not Approved?? – is now DM’s speechwriter.

    With everyone who knew the truth removed from the scene, DM is free to write the history of Scientology as he sees it.

    And what a work of fiction that will be …

  152. Jim, I missed this one. Do we know if LRH wrote/approved that DeWolf affidavit? Because yes, that definitely helps to bolster’s DM’s position in the eyes of many I think.

  153. TheEmperorIsNaked

    tone 41,
    Great comment. Hits home. I remember one time on the Freewinds when I came out of the courseroom at night intending to keep studying to stay on the tight tm I was on. I hit the wall of white uniforms blocking me and herding me to the event.

    I followed the herd, ducked into the bathroom, into a stall, broke out a lecture and listened to at least half of it right there in the bathroom. Then I was able to get back to my room and keep studying.


  154. martyrathbun09

    Margaret. Declaration of LRH was drafted by LRH attorneys whom he never met in person nor even talked to. DM hired, ran, and paid them. He worked on the declaration himself. It had to be worded in that fashion to get the Dewolf case dismissed. Another chapter.

  155. Margaret,
    Yes he did. Further to that, Ken Urquardt with extreme panache, pointed up the fallacies of Atack’s work.

  156. H,
    Wog 2 cents still buy gummy bears, they are just as valid currency as any.

    That description of Old St. Hill falls under a theory of ‘rehab the purpose’ and the stops on it will disappear. Thanks for posting that whole thing.

  157. Luna,
    This comes from the early 50’s materials, leading up to the Philadelphia Doctorate Course.
    “And we run into our Q in the whole problem. And it’s very interesting to know the Q in a
    problem—that is, the questionable point. Where do we take off in this theory? Theta-MEST
    is not the takeoff point now; the takeoff point is self-determinism.”

    A lecture given on
    21 September 1952

    They are referred to also as the ‘PreLogics’. Read the Logics too and work out for yourself why that name would apply.

    As you can see from the note from the Sept 52 tape, LRH was posing a premise, an ‘assumption point’ from which to evaluate other data. This one, Q1, refers to ‘self-determinism’ which is defined at that time (this is just before he got the term ‘pan-determinism and a further description of the subject of ‘determinism) as above in the Q posting Ralph has made as well as in the Tech Dictionary defs from the period. One in particular is from 8-80, which precedes the PDC. It states “the imposition of time and space on energy flows. Imposing time and space upon objects, people, self, events and individuals is causation.”

  158. Luna,
    A ‘Q’ is a ‘questionable point’ at that particular time. It’s an ‘assumption point’ for further study with the methods LRH describes he used in the research and formulation of Dianetics and Scientology. From that ‘Q’ he extrapolated and verified the extrapolations, a huge body of material. The name stuck. Sort of like the working names of some of the later tech, the ‘X’ in some lists being for ‘experimental’ and such.

  159. Ralph Logan

    Wow. That’s a hell of a beautiful little nugget to have NEVER studied in all my years in. Where is this data located?

    Thank you, Ralph.


  160. tone 41,
    I, or rather, Sue, kids us not. It’s part of the record of the Truth Rundown series in the St. Pete Times.

  161. Me,
    In an earlier blog article Marty put forth the mechanics at play here as described in An Essay On Management. The list you’ve got are fine in themselves. The senior data are in that Essay. Those data are clarified in the Technique 88 lectures and the PDC lectures on the subject of ‘flows’.

    As to winning. Well, the monopoly DM had on the materials is broken. That win is leading to others and afore you can look in the mirror and wonder who ‘me’ is, the snowball is formed up. We are getting lots of help from Dave Canthavige too as he ‘pulls it in’ so to speak.

  162. Well, as it turns out, I found out this morning that my good friend was not nearly as impressed as I was with Mike’s article. In fact, he threw quite a little fit. Don’t think we’ll be exchanging emails anymore. He’s decided to make me OSA’s particle but little does he realize that there is no leverage to be gained there. The good news is that he has been stung by the bee and the stinger remains. It is my postulate that that stinger serves to eventually wake my friend up.

  163. Huck,
    Yes, he’s declared competent tech terminals by the droves. Lucky for us, they are still around. Friends of LRH. I am absolutely certain that we will see a valid compilation of the materials LRH developed and they will be made available to all mankind, as was LRH’s express wish in his estate planning, made formal in the Charter and Bylaws of the Church of Spiritual Technology, CST.

  164. Thoughtful,
    Yes, the irony of an SP declaring the ‘war is over’. Please stop, leave me alone, please, what the hell are those, Illuminati!! Please, the war is over!! I’ll fight and destroy everything so I know the war is OVER!

  165. WH,
    As to MonD, the Gang of Five article points up that DM ‘rarely’ stood watches. I stand corrected according to the reference I gave. It is noted in that description he was a Messenger In Training and that would be under the supervision of another full status Messenger. He was a ‘trainee’.

    His contacts with LRH as such were limited and he was never more than a Junior Messenger. Senior Watch Messenger, those who worked with LRH the closest, was a status DM never attained.

    He in fact declared most of them eventually.

    If you read the affadavit, it says very clearly LRH wrote it and it has his thumbprint on the original.

    But, the operative word is ‘read’ the affadavit. It does not in any way make DM ‘COB’ as he has defined it. He wasn’t even the IG RTC, the factual head of that org. He was in ASI.

    This is the part of the affadavit referring specifically to DM:

    “10. Since there apparently have been specific allegations of wrongdoing by David Miscavige, I wish to take this opportunity to communicate my unequivocal confidence in David Miscavige, who is a long time devoted Scientologist, a trusted associate, and a good friend to me. Any activities which he may have engaged in at any time concerning my personal or business affairs have been done with my knowledge and authorization and for my benefit. The charge that he is organizing the theft of my assets are completely false and not worthy of further comment than that.”

    This is not the assignment of the title of ‘uniquely qualified’ to be the fascistic dictator of Scientology nor the ‘proof’ of such as is the PR line that DM himself puts out. In fact, it says DM wasn’t stealing from LRH. Then.

  166. Lucy,
    I think the thing to do is make it clear that KSW has been out and identify ourselves as crusaders for standard tech. I mean what appeals to scientologists;
    Stats. What’s the VSD? What are the WDAHs? Why don’t we hear the term standard tech anymore? Why are there missing sections of LRHs voice on lectures? Are you certain that you have the correct technology? I think if we just handed out KSW series 1 – 3 a whole lot of people would wake up. And told them that KSW is out! If we used LRHs own words people will wake up, demand to see stats. If we could find the references on donations and put that out there…
    Our only intention and all we want is standard tech and ethics.

  167. Of course, CD. I’m not limiting any of it, which is the whole point. Without knowing the right WHO disagreements perpetuate because you’ll always be dealing with the wrong WHY.

    I had a disagreement with a guy which just wouldn’t resolve and I was in total mystery about why and then I discovered that a person close to both of us was 3rd Partying.

    He stood to gain, of course. Once you see it, it’s easy to handle. As I say, the key is that it’s hidden so people in a vacuum start making up all kinds of reasons for why disputes don’t resolve rather than looking for the 3P.

  168. I’d like to read that chapter soon, Marty.

    Excuse the tangent, but DeWolf, to me, was PTS. In the interview he does which is on youtube he’s asked why he’s suing his father. There’s a comm lag and then he says two things: 1) to make my wife happy and 2) because I’m not getting any of the money.

    He lost me there …

  169. Jim has pointed out that the OT data is all there in notes from Ron.
    Is there any chance that DM is actually trying to put together the levels in a package that he could sell.
    This might explain the suicides, murder et al that is going on with some VII’s and VIII’s as it could be them that this stuff is being tested on.
    Just a thought.

  170. bcat,
    Go to the sc-i-r-s-ology site. Never mind the conspiracy stuff for now. Read the affadivit from Sherman Lenske which states clearly LRH’s involvement and crafting of his estate plans, read’Author’s Family Trust B’, read the Charter and Bylaws of CST.

    Until his death, LRH retained ownership of Scientology as a body of work. At death it transferred to CST on the condition, expressed in the Trust, that they be a 501 (c) 3, recognized non-profit and thus ‘tax exempt’.

    To date, CST retains the right to recover the materials, assigned as trademarks, service marks and such to RTC for a sum of $100 should RTC fail to uphold the integrity of the marks. In fact if ANY ‘Church of Scientology’ including RTC, any part of CSI or even CST for that matter, should fail to uphold the integrity of the subject as written and spoken by L. Ron Hubbard, then it is stated clearly in the Bylaws of CST, that the subject and a church are not ‘coterminal’. They are NOT the same and they can be distinguished thus legally. In other words, NO DM doesn’t ‘own’ any of the works of LRH.

    You gotta appreciate the foresight LRH had, the ability to predict what may occur and in this case, he predicted clearly what some SP may try and do, take the materials and ‘own’ them.

    By law, in place is what is termed an ‘irrevocable trust’ as represented by the Author’s Trust B, the above Charters and Bylaws being written strictly as part of the Trust and all of which has been through ‘probate’ which makes it carved in stone.

    In that trust and those docs it is clearly stated that Scientology is a legacy, a gift from the Trustor, to ‘all of mankind’. Well, that’s us. And DM has a fiduciary duty to see that we get our legacy and we get it straight LRH. He has violated that fiduciary duty in at least one undeniable instance. The rewrite of HCOB 16 Apr 82 MORE ON PTS HANDLING, resissued in 1996, ten years after LRH was gone, and impossible to have any LRH approval, ‘advice’, or any such. DM signed this issue ‘L. Ron Hubbard’ with NO indication of the changes to the actual words of LRH, written in 1973, the actual date of the data in the HCOB.

    THAT, is a fact.

  171. Oh, it is soooooooooooooooo good to see Mike posting, and free to communicate. 🙂

  172. Thanks Mike,

    I’ve see all the pieces of the puzzel before, but you have eloquently put them all together revealing the bigger picture.

    I have questions: What is the LRH reference on the IAS? Was it an advice? LRH ED? HCOPL? Further, has the source document been authenticated as LRH? Did DM have his hands in it? What is it’s purpose and function? What was LRH’s intended purpose and function of the IAS?

    As I recall it was established in 1984/85. I appreciate anyone who has input on this.

    Thank you.

  173. Margaret,
    Another correction to my post here. The document in question from the DeWolf case doesn’t appear to have the thumbprint on the copy I have. I may have mixed that thumbprint affadavit with this one. There was one that LRH’s print was attached to to authenticate it. In any case, the doc quoted above, was a legal affadavit and says what it says. Marty has added to this at the bottom of the posts here as to how and who prepared this 83 affadavit for the De Wolf case.

  174. crashingupwards

    WH, well said. Couldnt agree more. And the old timers who could be volunteering at those soup kitchens, SHOULD be able to volunteer at a Scientology sponsored soup kitchen. So much of the Church’s social betterment programs were simply PR schemes, than and now. Charity and compassion have always been foreign to Institutional Scientology. If the Church ever reforms, I hope it practices in real acts those humane tenets it has so often hid behind.

  175. Hi Lucy,
    I appreciate your comments. I don’t have a list of email addresses or would include those as well. Great point on the subject line. Aeolus also had a point about adding in that HCO PL. There are several that could be included and a note on the exterior mentioning an ethics order or PL would surely get them opened.

  176. Thank you Mike Rinder for saying what I have been saying for years. Now maybe some people will hear you say it and know it is true.

    I guess it is like Big League Sales, Most of the people still mired in the “Chruch” are “Professional Buyers” and they need to know from a Big dog what is what. So hopefully their ears are open.

  177. Very Well Done Ralph!! Thanks you for this analysis.

  178. On one hand we have tales of vibrant, robust, flourishing Ideal Orgs and extraordinary unprecedented expansion. On the other hand, we have tales of Idle Orgs, Ideal Morgues and unprecedented contraction.

    From where I sit (reside) there is no mission, org or ideal org nearby where I could go and look for myself to witness the much touted expansion or the much touted contraction. So, the glowing reports of expansion as well as the painful stories of contraction are being received second hand. It’s a “he said” – “she said” scenario. However, I do have my own knowingness and that, not reports, is what I go by.

    Unfortunately, though, not everyone acknowledges their own knowingness and must have tangible proof in order to arrive at conclusions. That said, here’s a thought.

    How about an Org watch? If indeed CoS is in the throws of this incredible expansion, then missions, orgs and, especially, Ideal orgs should be brimming with BITS (bodies in the shop). There should be lots of motion around these buildings, steady and large flows of body traffic, lots of vehicle traffic i.e., cars, cabs and buses moving around the buildings. And the parking lots should be packed! Those who reside near a CoS mission, org or ideal org could easily produce video recordings, even still photos, of the building, parking lot, etc during a times of peak motion i.e., 8:45 am, 12:05 pm, 6:05 pm. Then these visual documentations would be posted on the web. Perhaps, even a website could be set up specifically for the purpose of Org watch.

    The ideal scene would be to have a live web cam set up out in front of every mission, org or ideal org as well as their parking lots/garages so that anyone who cared to see what was happening could tune in and do so.

  179. TheEmperorIsNaked

    Re: Atack’s book.

    Well, sometimes people dramatize their name – Slaughter, Atack…

  180. Very helpful, thank you.

    And yes, that would be a very useful chapter — I believe a lot of people still in, hang onto those “words by LRH” as a primary reason to support Miscavige.

  181. Mike, That was incisively and clearly written. An excellent overview that brings it all together. Thank you. (I hope it gets up on friendsoflrh et al soon — if its not there already.)

  182. Lucy I have some ideas. Sent you an email on this.

  183. martyrathbun09

    Andy, there is no LRH intended purpose and function. It was not his creation. And there are no LRH writings on it. As far I know, he did not even know it existed. He was squarely off the lines by late 84 when it was created.

  184. Dave Adams I read your link and all rings true.
    I was new then and saw things I did not know why they were happening. I remember at the time writing many letters to so-called RTC asking questions regarding references I had read and the opposite was being done. I remember getting back replys that just said “move to your next step on the bridge.” Many I know trusted RTC and had major respect for them God, talk about being duped. The tech in its purest form has so much right about it yet in the hands of such a monster it has no credibility.

  185. martyrathbun09

    Huck, yeah. And he was also non-sequitor.

  186. WH
    I heard that line too – when I was in the SO.
    It was supposedly when LRH cognited that DM was the only person who would be qualified to replace him…. Because DM was capable of ‘standing up to LRH’….. Wow!
    Yes folks, the legendary DM was personally appointed by LRH to lead the church because of this…. What do you mean… you don’t beleive it?

  187. Freedom Fighter

    Freetothink, I’ve been on the receiving end of those strange looks, too, and my initial reaction to them has always been that the person looking at me wiered needed to write up their O/Ws. Since I’ve refused to do any donations to the building cycle other than my initial one, there’s no telling what stories are out there about me. LOL!

    The accusations doled out by the person leading that OTC briefing make me wonder just what’s in their closet . . .

  188. And THAT is a suppressive act…. one of many of course.

  189. Would that also include the real estate, the money, investments and such? How can DM just take what he wants? Does DM somehow (secretly) personally own the real estate and/or the assets?
    Also, since there are obvious violations of the Bylaws of the Trust, by RTC, why doesn’t CST take it all back? Couldn’t we as parishoners hire an attorney and start some kind of class action lawsuit to bring this about?
    I hope I don’t sound too naive, legal stuff is definitely not my area of expertise.

  190. Well said Tiziano. Me too!

  191. Thanks for putting this so eloquently onto words Mike. Your analysis is spot on 100% and it is lovely to ‘hear’ you speak.

    I have the most tragic of all development to add to your list:

    Children and Teachers against Children.

    Would any of you OSA staff members reading this blog like to come round and explain to my 8, 11 and 12 year olds why their friends have taken them off face book?

    Would you like to explain why teachers and parents have told their friends to disconnect or they will be thrown out of the school?

    Would you like to explain why trusted teachers at their various schools have inexplicably cut them off?

    Would you like to explain why other children are telling them that their mother is an LRH hater and explain how this information ended up on their lines?

    These are by the way non-denominational schools of course….

    When the poison spreads to innocent children and their friends, can you blame us when we say ENOUGH!!!

    If your blinded and indiscriminate attacks on all of my family members and friends wasn’t bad enough – now I’m really mad.

    How the hell do you sleep at night?

    That said if you cognite and want to walk away from this nightmare, my door and sanctuary is open to any erstwhile ‘Sea Org Member’ in need of help – I’ve been there and I know what it’s like.

    The next step on your ethics handling…. FIND OUT THAT YOU ARE!!!

  192. Jim – fabulous explanation.

    So now that we can clearly see that CST would be legally in the right to reclaim all the marks from RTC and CSI — who stands to benefit when CST lets things stand as they are?

    And WHY do they do so?

    Hereis is where the conspiracy theorists I feel might jump onboard —

    There appears to not be any sort of check and balances in play anymore. Not with legal teeth at least.

    Again, it’s the “follow the money” mantra.

    Who — other than dm (and those in his valence) — continues to benefit from complicity? (not talking about his attorneys either — but those WAY behind the scenes)


  193. Thanks for waiting Ralph.

    Sorry I’m late – The bus broke down on the way here

    The dog ate my homework

    And my school reports must’ve got lost in the mail.

  194. Idea Org Fundraising is now part of the LRH birthday game, can you believe it?! What ever happened to Saint Hill Size Orgs?! See the email below. BTW, I’ve heard that a lot of these “fundraising events” are things like “bowling for dollars” and “casino night”. LRH must be rolling in his grave.

    Dear All,

    Here is your weekly update on the official Ideal Org fundraising LRH Birthday 2010 sprint!!!!! This notice brings you officially up to speed on the combined totals since 1 January 2010, encompassing weeks ending 7, 14, 21 and now 28 January! The race has begun! With Seattle and Pasadena now completed with their fundraising, new orgs are stepping up to be the next to take the number one spot!

    The top three orgs for the week are:

    1ST PLACE: The org to make the first major move towards “next completion” is the unbelievable Ideal Org team in Sacramento, California! They are determined, downright determined to be next – and not only that, they won’t settle for “third completion”, rather they are going to be the “number one fastest org” to ever round up its wherewithal! Fastest ever – that’s their goal. They got off to a smokin’ start, putting on an event this weekend that nailed $1.2 million in cash & pledges, with a healthy chunk of that coming in this week. They are have Ron’s Birthday in their sights for their completion date, the next org fully done! Hats off to Sacramento, they have begun their completion drive!

    2ND PLACE: Coming in at second place is the Ideal Org fundraising team in Las Vegas! They are 10 days away from their grand opening, and urgently putting together the last of their wherewithal. Help from Humanitarians abroad is needed. Nonetheless, the locals are pulling together for the final sprint to completion. With all they have to pull off – don’t be surprised this org dominates the standings this week and threatens the record for highest ever raised in one week by one org in history! Following their guaranteed w/ending 4 February 2010 victory, we will celebrate the opening of this new org at their Grand (UL) Opening(UL) on the 6th of February! See you there!

    3RD PLACE: Riding up into third place for the week is the Mountain View Ideal Org team! Go Mountain View! This team is big think and does best around birthday season — massive expansion, and what would be greater than a new Ideal Org in the heart of the Silicon Valley!!! So watch out competition, this team can heat up in a hurry!


    ——————- ——————-
    1. SACRAMENTO 1. SACRAMENTO $370,451
    2. LAS VEGAS 2. LAS VEGAS $140,065
    3. MOUNTAIN VIEW 3. PORTLAND $76,204
    4. PORTLAND 4. MOUNTAIN VIEW $37,835
    8. TWIN CITIES 11. TWIN CITIES $1,823

    9. DENVER 8. KANSAS CITY $4,826
    11. VALLEY 10. SAN DIEGO $3,464
    14. KANSAS CITY 12. AUSTIN $1,757
    17. AUSTIN 13. VALLEY $1,310
    18. SAN DIEGO 14. DENVER $908
    20. ST LOUIS 20. ST LOUIS $60

    10. ALBUQUERQUE 15. PHOENIX $838
    12. SANTA BARBARA 16. HAWAII $430
    13. PHOENIX 17. SANTA BARBARA $312
    15. HAWAII 18. ALBUQUERQUE $280

    6. LOS GATOS 5. SAN FRANCISCO $17,956
    16. SAN FRANCISCO 7. LOS GATOS $5,929

    ——————- ——————-
    13. PHOENIX 13. VALLEY
    15. HAWAII 15. PHOENIX
    20. ST LOUIS 20. ST LOUIS
    Let’s do it for Ron for his birthday, an unprecedented Ideal Org Expansion explosion!!!

    Yes, new Ideal Orgs opening up back to back to back!

    Good luck to you and your team!

    Much Love – The Official Scorekeeper
    CALL 619-239-2091
    OR GO TO
    San Diego Ideal Org

  195. crashingupwards — absolutely — you stated it much better than I did.

    scientologists and former so members can organize and produce circles around many people — (not saying ALL, mind you) But we do afterall have a great deal of training in production.

    Anyway — I’m just sayin’ dm has had an active part is contributing to the downfall of this planet by pulling out an enormous number of able bodied, willing people who SHOULD and COULD be the current “pillars” of any community. But are now either too broken or too broke to do much beyond taking care of themselves.

    Just heartbreaking.

    I don’t see the “Church” ever able to reform. In my opinion, it must first be taken apart — brick by brick and then could be reconfigured into something wonderful.

    Just as I believe those of us who left have had to do with ourselves. Honest hard work at confronting who we were, what part we planned, and all of that …

    A reconfiguration would have my 100% support. Start with taking the $$ in the IAS coffers and begin by systematically returning it to every Patron and beyond. Start with those that are currently drowning in debt and go from there.

    Give those who are wealthy beyond count the option without duress to not take their money and allow their donation amount to be allocating elsewhere, the area of their choice.

    (perhaps buying an assisted living facility in various areas for sea org members who are too old or too sick) …

    Anyway — then start selling the Idle orgs — and literally rebuild the whole thing —

    There are plenty of independents who have fabulous policy knowledge, tech knowledge and deep devotion to LRH. And to those who are really against the whole LRH thing — don’t leave them out. Give them back their donations as well.

    Anyway — a billion dollars could go a long way towards reform and could start by helping those currently most in need.


  196. (laughing)

    I just created a hybrid tech terminal here, sorry guys! That should be Ralph Hilton and Jim Logan!


  197. Brilliant!

  198. Thanks Marty.

    It is absolutely amazing how far out KSW is out and how I missed this in 1984 as did every other SO Member and Scientologist. Here is this “thing” – the IAS, created out of thin air that has no connection to source.

    MOQ – I’m ready for a cram.

  199. Hi Mike,

    Thank you for your views. You will be a very, very valuable asset to the IF.

    I would love to hear more stories from the inside when time permits. I know David Mestsavage would prefer you just go away, but here, you are among friends.



  200. I went to the opening last night. Everybody was nice, not pushy. There were a lot of people and the building is truly stunning. Sadly, like Mark Fisher pointed out, it is in a really bad location: no traffic!
    The MC was Tommy Davis. The first speaker, Mayor Goodman, stole the show. First he said he ordered the rain to stop; and the rain stopped. His speech and the two other politicians that followed were really inspiring, to be honest. Then came DM; and the rain resumed.

  201. Actually, I’d like to correct myself. There were Scientologists that caught the out points and correctly applied KSW back then. I acknowledge them.

  202. Thanks Barney

  203. Jim,

    If I saw that in the Truth Rundown series, I must have not-issed it. It’s another thing that’s just too incredible!

  204. Well I can explain all that!

    You see a few years ago, DM went into LRH’s attic and he found the original handwritten copy of LRH ED 339R (The Birthday Game). He discovered that the typist that day had been out on a drinking binge the night before and had grossly altered the original issue! (you’ll be happy to know that the typist has been on the RPF these past 13 years – can’t tell you any names though – that’s confidential).
    Exciting news folks! LRH ED 339R has been restored to it’s original content and here is the first paragraph (hurray!!!!!!!!!):

    “Birthday games began long ago when someone said, “What would you like from management for your next birthday?”
    Now, you’ve all heard such questions. The normal answer is “A tie,” or maybe, “A chocolate cake or “5X the stats” Well, I surprised
    them. I said, “Big beautiful shiny Idle Orgs!” And, although, if I recall, it was already December, it went out as an LRH ED. And what do
    you know, the result was one of the biggest booms to that date! Buildings soared so high, the carpeting went up the wall,
    across the ceiling and down the other side! Fact. A lot of your execs recall those carpets…”

  205. Jim,

    Do you know what tech terminals would be capable of compiling these levels from LRH’s notes? And how would they get access (I’m assuming these terminals are outside the C of M, not in)? Have any of these people, to your knowledge, seen these materials? It sounds like a proper compiltion of these levels can only happen after DM is gone, so that people capable of it can get access to LRH’s notes.

  206. Ralph first all it’s nice having you posting your insights here.


    I don’t think is easier to spin an OT in than anyone else.

    You have to realize that Bill was on the trail of possible internal suppression of some kind with in the organization and the next thing you know he is talking about a huge intergalactic conspiracy involving Marcabs!

    He then sets up the “9th Galactic Patrol” with such luminaries as Alex Sibersky, Bill Franks and others who become disillusioned with and have become disenfranchised from the current management structure.

    I suspect somewhere along the line someone got to him and started waving a red herring in front of his face and Capn’ Bill being Capn’ Bill seized the bait.

    The guy used to be quite a dynamic individual at one time who like others who weren’t Scientologists was suckered by what they call the “core story”.

    Some background here comes from a blog of a friend of mine who does research on the IC (Intelligence Community)’s interest in remote viewing and other psychic phenomena:

    Here an SIO (Senior Intelligence Officer) even suggests that the “core story” may have been promulgated by Scientologists working on the Remote Viewing program but the fact is that CIA’s interest in UFO’s and extraterrestrial influences existed long before the Remote Viewing program:

    So either this SIO is not aware of all the facts or is involved in some kind of misdirection and disinformation because even CIA’s own in house publication contradicts what he says.

    As I’ve written many times things are not always what they seem and it is doubtful in my opinion that Ron would allow someone who was type III to Captain the Apollo or trust his son Arthur to his care on various Flag tours.

    No as far as I’m concerned Bill Robertson was subjected to a hidden influence of some kind and fell victim to it as many did back then.

    Remember that the period after the FBI raids on the GO was a time of high randomity or confusion to say the least!

    Not only a group engram but a prior confusion as well!

    As far as I’m concerned Miscavige is just a fixed stable datum that was adopted after this period of confusion a living breathing embodiment of a “safe solution” or service facsimile.

    To say that Capn’ Bill just went nuts to me over simplifies the scene and becomes another false stable datum in itself.

    True we don’t want to get too complicated about the scene but driving the pendulum the other direction and over simplifying it, in my opinion is just as bad.

  207. The last few days I’ve been catching up on the last month’s posts since personal stuff has had my attention of late. Before I started writing today I thought I’d check to see if anything new was up, and boy am I glad I did. Mike brilliantly breaks down The Great Swindle.
    Courage = Integrity = Mike Rinder

  208. That’s right P Henry. It’s just a comm lag. I say now match their antagonism and let them know you’re serious. They’ll think twice about defending a downstat next time.

  209. Further to the subthread woven here in posts by Ralph, Theo and others about how long it takes some people to wake up to the fact that all is not well, below is the opening paragraph of Thomas Paine’s phenomenally successful pamphlet Common Sense, published in 1776:

    “Perhaps the sentiments contained in the following pages are not yet sufficiently fashionable to procure them general Favor; a long Habit of not thinking a Thing wrong, gives it a superficial appearance of being right, and raises at first a formidable outcry in defence of Custom. But the Tumult soon subsides. Time makes more Converts than Reason.”

    The full text of Common Sense is provided online by Google Books at page 67 at

    Just Me

  210. Sam

    You said yesterday that you sometimes wish that some of us who are not declaring ourselves would stand up and take some of the heat. I understood then, but I REALLY get it right now. Crystal clear. This just turns my stomach.

  211. This is suppresively insidious, a way of making people believe that anyone who doesn’t contribute to the Idle Orgs, and even anyone who won’t submit to the torture of these fund-raising events, is out-ethics. It’s a psych-ops to coerce donations.

  212. VWD on averting the white coats and doing what we were all supposed to be there for, Naked Emperor. Those guys weren’t there for the LRH data, that’s for sure!

  213. Thought provoking

    That is so wrong on so many levels. Any decent Scientologist knows that you don’t put adult problems on children’s lines.

    Although it is a non-denominational school, it sounds like they use LRH tech (I say that loosely because they are actually violating several key pieces of tech) and are walking a very thin line legally.

    I am quite interested in what handlings you end up doing and the school’s response.

  214. Hi Marty,
    I am new on this site. A friend sent me a link to the St. Petersberg Times article and that’s how I found your site. I am still “In” but giving all this a great deal of thought and have many questions. One of them is about the Ideal Orgs.
    I was at an Ideal Org Fundraiser for the Valley Org last year and one of the Church’s representatives said in a speech is that the reason that the Church is aksing public to pay for the buildings is because originally the Church was paying for the buildings but they were sitting empty. The think is that if public roll up their sleeves and get the fundraising done, then they will make sure the Ideal Org succeeds.
    So, here is my question. Do you happen to know if the Church paid for ANY of the Ideal Orgs and are any of the Ideal Orgs that public have paid for doing well?
    Thank you for taking the time to answer.

  215. Thought provoking

    OMG! DM’s totally corrupted the birthday game!

    Am I getting this right? All orgs are now fundraising weekly for the Ideal Orgs in other locations? Quite a few of these orgs are already Ideal Orgs but they have fundraised amounts next to them. It seems the bleeding never stops.

  216. martyrathbun09

    Sam, Comment of the Day!

  217. Not to mention that he also has an entire floor (11th) of the Hollywood Gurantee Building) on Hollywood blvd to himself that is fitted with all sorts of amenities while the crew there has to share 1 bathroom with up to 20 people.

    Also note that he hardly ever uses these spaces since he prefers the 4.6 million home close by.

  218. Hi Veritas,

    “Love is not a human emotion.”

    Great observation. That’s why we have to strive to be more than human.

  219. Didn’t the IAS replace the HASI, Hubbard Assoc. of Scientologists International, as the official card-carrying membership type entity? If so, how was the HASI dissolved and by who?

  220. Thought provoking

    Sam, you crack me up!

  221. Thanks, Dave and Ralph. I found the site and will add it to me “regulars!”

  222. I wasn’t there, RJ, so I’ll have to defer to those who were. But it does indicate that he wouldn’t have left Arthur in the care of a Type III. He was very fond of Arthur after what happened to Q.

    That said, I totally disagree on the OT case. I think it’d be very easy to spin an OT case. A simple wrong indication could send someone loopy. And what is a Type III but a spun out OT case stuck in an incident?

  223. Concerned Citizen

    Jim, and tone 41.

    Yes, I was not being sarcastic, not even a little.
    I like to think of myself as someone who questions. Yet for years my life was hell due to this very crashing MU. It is a crashing MU by definition, I actually did not even spot where it came from, but had it for decades and near dammed killed me.

    I can assure that this very same problem ails majority of blindly loyal scientologist and a crashing MU as LRH mentions, can throw someone’s ability to think so out of whack, you’d think they are lazy, insane or even, as he put it, less printable whys.
    This crashing MU only begun to be evident to me around 2000. But I was so confused it took a little longer to fully separate things. It is insidious and though for most here it is plain to see, the obvious was not so obvious to me back then. Any scientologist reading Mike’s article who can not see the truth of it is either
    Insane, evil or is ill with this one crashing MU. It will not allow clear thinking. Sadly a version of this same ill ails many ex scientologist and anti Scientologist.

  224. HEY!!! Those were me excuses – (except for the bus thing).

  225. Regarding Jon Atack – In 1983 he was very involved in building up the Independent Field and was positive about LRH and the tech. After a meeting with Gerry Armstrong he went strange, reverted to drugs and became very hostile to LRH and the tech.

  226. Lady Lancelot, Welcome to sanity and freethink!

    The Ideal Org program is 100% squirrel. Donations are not supposed to be taken for nothing. It violates many LRH finance policies!

    All of these “ideal orgs” are about as far from ideal as can be, and they sit empty and bankrupt.

    If you’re on the fence ask for the real stats. Ask for LRH policy. Old St Hill was not renovated and yet it was THE ideal org.

  227. The Qs are in Scientology 8-8008 and are discussed in the PDC quite a bit. They are very fundamental. I had them up on the wall by my desk in ITO. The Senior C/S ITO walked in and looked at them then asked me what they were! I think one of the reasons people have problems applying Scientology is that they don’t understand that its a highly structured cone of knowledge. The Qs are up near the top of the cone.

  228. Thank you, Tone 41. Yes, I agree. And that is also why we *are* more than human.

  229. p.s. I’ve always liked your name, Tone 41:-)

  230. Jesus! San Francisco is raising money for an Ideal Org? A new one? They already have an Ideal Org, albeit a fairly idle one. It is the old landmark Transamerica Building right across from the Transamerica Tower in downtown SF. Does anybody have a clue why they’d still be fundraising for an Ideal Org?

  231. mike, Mike was saying the opposite. That the MEST accumulated doesn’t matter when abuses are being committed. The sentence structure was ambiguous.

  232. By the way to me it shows that if these stories were true that some serious out tech had been applied to these OTs for them to behave like that after having done the OT Levels but more than likely these stories were total fabrication. At that same meeting we were told that the 14 Ideal Orgs are booming & produce more than the other 50 (?) other Orgs on the planet. I felt like asking what their “Bodies in the Shop” & “New Names to CF” were (which would indicate the new public being attracted to the Org & the volume of traffic). But I chickened out. I was still a koolaid drinker then but the koolaid was becoming more & more bitter every day.

  233. LOL. Sam you crack me up. I wish you’d live closer to me I would sure like to hang out with you!

  234. TP, I don’t think so. I know that many Ideal Orgs opened their doors without all the funds they needed. That’s why they are still fundraising. I’ve heard from one of my friend that Seattle is the first Org on the planet to have all their $ raised before the opening. Not sure how they pulled that off but then again Seattle is not open yet so the actual final $ for renos is not known yet. Who knows they might have to start fundraising again.

  235. I’m sorry, but this is such old news. I don’t get why you’re all acting like this is the second coming of LRH (or something). I know you don’t like Ask the Scientologist, but Just Bill has been writing about Miscavige’s destruction and corruption of the CoS for YEARS.

  236. Thanks Lunamoth
    and Thought Provoking I’m on it. Will keep you updated.

  237. Thought provoking – Yes, that’s correct. Idle Morgues are fundraising even though some of them have already had their ribbon cutting ceremony with DM. The reason is that the fundraising continues until the building is completely paid off, which makes the Int Landlord Office the full owner of the building.

  238. David from England

    Speaking of third parties, and having read various comments on the site and others, I would like to know where the legion of lawyers and private investigators fit in. If asked as a layman who the senior third party is I probably would have said Monique Yingling because she and her firm have benefitted massively from Miss Cabbage’s bullheadedness over the years. I’m not a Scientologist and don’t know the tech, so it may be abundantly obvious why lawyers aren’t the 3P in this scenario. But I’d still like to know where they fit in.

  239. Andy,
    Self correction is the best kind I think. The issue that comes to mind is Your Post and Life. If you have the tech and know-how of an area, you won’t be adverse effect in the area. GET TRAINED is my mantra.

  240. Joe,
    I’ve got a clue. It’s easier to ‘fund raise’ than it is to try and get trained in DM’s neverending runway to ‘perfection’. Since there aren’t any auditors, who is gonna get audited? Nobody. Plus, Flag now does it all, no need really for Class V orgs delivering.

    It’s simple really, just fund raise and pay for buildings that you then rent from DM. The IAS=Scientology=DM. Somewhere along the line the product of Scientology got lost, well trained students and thoroughly audited pcs takes a back seat to the IAS.

  241. David from England,
    Lawyers fit in just as Mr. Shakespeare described. He pretty much nailed it.

  242. As long as DM lis in charge, he can play real-estate mogol. Call me gloomy and thinking the worst, but Somewhere along the line and transactions DM is embezzeling money. David Miscavige I said this and no one else if you are inclined to come after someone for defamation.

  243. Sorry for the heading of the Video It is absolutely understandable you moderating it out.

    really did not want to antaganise anyone.

  244. Mike,

    This is a brilliant and precise application of KSW! Very well done!

    Now, how do we dethrone this self-anointed emperor? The answer is the question: How do you handle an SP?

  245. You know Cat Daddy I’ve been wondering for some time if these buildings weren’t ideal assets to secure mortgages and loans on. Put the money out into a piece of MEST then rake it back in by using it as capital to take money out while also charging the orgs rent (to cover a new mortgage?). It seemed to me more like the twisted criminal motive that DM would use than merely keeping the likes of his celeb buddies happy. Since when has he done anything to please someone else? I don’t think Tom Cruise is any different. How to the Ideal Orgs benefit DM personally? would love to pull the string all the way back on this. Like you I’m suspecting there is more to it.

  246. I have wondered that myself many times. It seems that so many leave the CofS and wander off into squirreldom. “Stamping out” as an activity isn’t very workable. Its actually rather low toned. 2wc and clearing up MUs is the only thing that has worked when I look it over.

  247. Lancelot

    I take to opportunity to answer your question. This theory of that the public should take the responsibility for the Org to produce well is the biggest nonsense, what are then the responsibilities of the staffs ?
    Per LRH Policy an Org prospers if it delivers good services ! That’s all !
    If you deliver good services on your job your prosper and if you do not you go broke. This is fundamentally the exchange policy.
    There is no more to say about it, study the VM’s handbook there you’ll get the full answer to your question (exchange, projects, ethics, finances).

    30 years ago when we were on staff at a class IV Org, we had 30 staffs, no one was moonlighting and we had high production and we really had a good life. The salary was about (together with my wife) 1000 $ per week. The org was solvent and had about 60’000 $ in reserve ( they were stolen by the finance police in 1983).
    The word was “deliver” and take care about the public is happy. We never had any fundraising for anything. If we didn’t have the money for something we wanted ,we solved it by producing more.
    If you tell that to a staff nowadays, he won’t believe you and thinks you are from Venus.
    Exchange is a basic in life. Study the Policy “Exchange and the dynamics”. There is written that exchange for nothing is the attitude of the criminal.

    Have a good day !

  248. You’ll not find any data about it when you study the Basics.
    Study the real basics.
    MOQ could propably make a list of the references that are the basics for to survive on all dynamics. Proppably it will be very short what the real basics of scientology are.!!!

  249. Concerned

    Yes Bill did !
    But I never found him and he never told me !
    Marty did.
    Old news …yes. I know it since 30 years, but I’ve found now lots of people with the same reality.
    Welcome !

  250. My opinion regarding Bill is that he was heavily into the space opera fantasies all along. LRH kept him in check. When he left the S.O. there was no external force to restrain his imagination. From what I was told by Cathy Cariotaki, Bill would go into some sort of trance state to “channel” LRH.
    If Bill Franks and other “luminaries” were involved with him it was brief.
    As far as spinning OT cases goes I see many OTs, mishandled on NOTs and suppressed with Black Scientology, as being extremely fragile cases.

  251. To Sam:

    Sam even in my country the big criminals invest in real estate mostley via lawyers. Those lawyers are really the true Mercants of Chaos. Remember the Epic Movie “The Devils advocate” with Al Pacino and Keano Reeves or even “The Firm”with Tom Cruise. The difference is Tom Cruise’s character wakes up and finds a way out. Wish he did in real life.

    Lawyers and Real Estate is a combination that needs the highest scrutiny, especially when almost every penny DM rakes in is Tax-Exempt. Alsoo Churches get a lessened regime of Tax-Audits. This all provides the perfect Enviroment for a Mobsterlike personality and his Lawyers.

  252. Sam,

    If you give your kids lots of reality about it, they will understand and find new friends. We had a similar situation and explained them everything (even gave them all the disconnections letters to read). They were schocked, but it made them very strong. They are now adults, free thinkers and they stick to their integrity and they know who their friends are.
    How about 1 week of skiing in Austria in february 2011 with your kids, so they can see that there are also Scientologist that are normal people (with other kids ) ?

    I do understand.

    Have a nice day.

  253. Theo Sismanides

    LO, eye opening… 1000 per week for a couple, ain’t bad at all for those years.

    Go say it to a staff… it’s sience fiction now!

  254. Sam – I mailed you but no response – please email

  255. Terril – you openly support and promote Bill Robertson’s very weird ideas. Granting beingness and loving thy neighbour is fine. It is time, I feel, for a less reasonable approach than being chummy with those who open-mindedly want to put up robot auditor websites and train entities to audit their breakfast. I mean that Terril – the group you are supporting actually does do that on its “upper levels”.
    The UK Independent scene is rife with tea leaf readers and old ladies knitting circles.
    The 3rd party law is LRH tech and very valid. You are blind to it and guilty of suppressive reasonableness. I realize that in stating that pubicly I put myself in a position of appearing rather heavy and some might identify that with the heaviness of the DM junta. But I’m just posting words not punching people nor torturing them.

  256. I’m sorry but I’m not going to buy that DeWolf was PTS. I spent 30 mins on the phone with him in 1985. He was selling for $1000 a pop an exteriorization course using drugs similar to LSD.
    There are a few really nasty suppressives out in the wild. For example there is Dart Smohen aka Neville Chamberlain posting on ESMB. When the Independent Field started back in 1983 he wrote up an 8 page synopsis of the OT levels which missed out OT2 and said OT3 was just LRH’s case. Using his status as a Class 8 he managed to sell his write up to a number of people for GBP500 and then, when they failed to get results with it he sold them “review auditing” for inflated prices.
    One “Independent Scientologist” in EG “audited” someone up through the grades while he was taking a cocktail of 4 psychiatric drugs.
    He had been told that if he didn’t take the drugs then he would be locked up again.
    If we are going to survive then we are going to really have to put LRH tech here and be unreasonable.

  257. Hi Marty,
    Navigating a wordpress blog is a nightmare. Please get a discussion board. I’ll set it up for you if you like.

  258. Huck,

    There is a very specific definition for type III as follows:

    (begin fair use)

    PTS TYPE THREE, the type three PTS is mostly in institutions or would be. On this case the type two’s apparent SP is spread all over the world and is often more than all the people there are—for the person sometimes has ghosts about him or demons and they are just more apparent SPs but imaginary as beings as well.
    (HCOB 24 Nov 65)

    (end fair use)

    OT cases aren’t all that fragile Huck. The idea that you could easily spin one in with a few wrong indications is patently false.

    As far as I’m concerned it is black propaganda.

    I know this is not intentional on your part, Huck. However, you should look at where this idea came from.

    Ralph true Bill was very much into space opera but so were a lot of people back then. Quite a few were into the “Lensmen Series” which was almost considered required reading!

    The Sea Org itself is based on the original Galactic Confederacy.

    The telepathic com line that Bill claims he had with the Ol’man could be synthesized using synthetic telepathy:

    There other possible explanations as well, other than the guy was just nuts.

    As you say the poor guy may have been reversed processed or subjected to “Black Scientology”.

    I suggest we be careful not to unintentionally invalidate the state of OT by forwarding the idea that OTs are such “fragile cases”.

  259. Tone41 – regarding Starkey…
    He was not very bright and LRH did not hold him in high esteem. One day after Norman did something he sent Jill Goodman up to the bridge to loudly say – “Norman! The Commdodore would like to know why it is ok for you to be so stupid”
    I remember soon after I got to the Apollo and Norman was Captain he talked at one staff muster about radios and how radios worked because the antenna were in ARC with each other. DM has carefully manouvered out the brighter people and has the 100 not so bright under control in his Auschwitz.

  260. LO
    Thanks – that sounds like fun 🙂
    Isn’t it amazing how these kids bloom and grow actually once they pull through the initial shock?
    Like you, I gave the girls enough information to understand (without giving them adult problems) and actually it indicated to them and they came way uptone with full understanding. I even had to hold the oldest one back from using her laser beams to take out a couple of parents when she decided to retaliate at their accusations about me.
    Another child (10 year old) became infuriated that he had been forced to disconnect from my kids and emailed me to tell me that he was disgusted by the way he sees ‘Scientologists’ behaving (and asked me please not to tell his parents he said it! LOL)
    In one of my blogs I said ‘don’t underestimate kids’ – mine have proven to be “a chip off the old block” – ahhhhh – so proud.

  261. martyrathbun09

    RJ, I second that.

  262. Cat Daddy,

    I can’t even type here what I want to say, because it’s too obscene!

    The group hypnosis and group-think in this video is staggering! What’s next? Snake handling? Speaking in tongues? An Est potty break every 12 hours? Tony Robbins autographed photographs for everyone?

    I’m going to come right out and say it: These people are getting what they deserve. They’re in dire need of the Gullibility Rundown.


  263. Hey Mike! I feel electricity when finish reading this terrific piece of truthness, this should get massively known to all Scientologist!

  264. Fucking brilliant, Mike
    Thank you.

  265. Are you Australian, RJ?

    If you are I say, maaaaaaaaaate, you are one helluva contrarian.

    Anyway, I’m not intending to invalidate OTs at all – being one myself – but I am acknowledging that you put your faith in your auditor and/or CS and if they betrayed you – not that they would, but if they should – you could easily be spun out. Not because you’re fragile but because in good faith you accept what you are told.

  266. I was being nice by saying he was PTS, Ralph. I never knew the guy but taking one look at him in that tv interview, I’d be running in the other direction. He seems like the kind of guy around whom things don’t go well.

  267. Ralph,

    Thanks for the story. From the report of Norman’s suppressive rant in the KR on DM, and from your input, it sounds like Norman’s antenna is in perfect ARC with DM’s antenna. And hey, I’d love to hear more of your stories from the early days.

  268. Great reply, Ralph. Maybe “stamping out” is necessary ocassionally (with a true 2.5%er?), but I think it usually makes everything worse rather than anything better. 2WC, TR3 and reason are usually the best approach, it seems to me.

  269. Concerned Citizen,

    I’m glad you handled the crashing MU and got out of that trap! Agreed that it’s a broadly held, very desctructive, and insidious crashing MU.

  270. Ralph,
    Thanks for the background with Ron De. Man, that’s an ‘inky black’ place to come back from. Neville C is toxic. A study in toxic. One of the relatively few real, 1/1000 ‘clinkers’ from the Continuing Overt Act HCOB.

    My first forays into the internet I found some of this really off-beat (to be generous) stuff and saw Safeguarding Technology’s admonitions with full reality.

    I think that with all we’ve seen and experienced in the past decades we are arriving at the point where we can actually DO the ten points of KSW with the Ethics Presence policy in and as tight a channel as is needed, with judgment now, in order to do what is needed to be done.

    Every time it’s been done right, it thrives. It’s so simple, just do it right. All the tools, with expert skill and that’s just the 10 points in.

    You know, LRH didn’t worry much about the squirrels. They are just off the line of truth and go right back into the mess. What he put his attention on was doing it right, then it all comes off.

    And a big shout out to the guys on ESMB that find me scary.


  271. I agree that the stories were probably fabricated for control purposes. Nice!

  272. Ms. L,
    Here is an explicit LRH policy, sensible, and valid on the subject of ‘donations’ and ‘fund raising’.

    It’s from HCO PL 24 Feb 64 Urgent-Org Programming:
    ““If the Org slumps: Don’t engage in “fund raising” or “selling postcards” or borrowing money. Just make more income with Scientology. It’s a sign of very poor management to seek extraordinary solutions for finance outside Scientology. It has always failed. For Orgs as for pcs “Solve it With Scientology”. Every time I myself have sought to solve finance or personnel in other ways than Scientology I have lost out. So I can tell you from experience that Org solvency lies in More Scientology, not patented combs or fund raising Barbecues”.—L. Ron Hubbard

  273. Thanks, Veritas. I’ve always liked your name too, close to truth as it is (and transcendent truth at that). 🙂

  274. Jim,

    I wonder what DM is going to do when the bank accounts of the big contributors are drained. Then he will have empty, beautiful buildings, still no auditors, and no more golden eggs.

  275. LO,

    Very good data. Very telling that the Finance Police stole the org’s reserves. I think the Finance Police were one of the primary tools used to destroy successful orgs and missions. Whose idea was that network, anyway?

  276. Which is the exact opposite of how it works in real life where, when someone pays their mortgage off, they own their property free and clear. In the C of M, when a group pays for their property in full, DM owns it. One among many other things that’s very twisted.

  277. Hi David,

    Great to see you here again.

    DM’s lawyers certainly are profiting and they certainly contribute to the destructive scene, but they are hired by DM and they’re doing DM’s bidding. If DM were a good guy and the lawyers piped up and fomented the war, then they would be the 3P. As it is, I think we could call the lawyers “accessories to the third party.”

  278. I second that request. On some discussion boards you can see every new post since your last visit (which makes keeping up to date much more efficient), and you can reply to every post (here the reply buttons only go so many levels deep). Marty, I hope you decide to take Ralph up on his offer.

  279. I’ve always been contrarian but I ain’t Australian mate 🙂

    True Auditors Code violations, the C/S’s violations of the Code of a C/S, gross and flagrant auditing errors are going to upset a case at lower and higher levels but they are not going to drive a case insane.

    Even in faith you accepted what you were told, even if it was off the wall f_ckin’ crazy!

    Like what passes for “processing” in the Orgs these days which is what happens when you have an “auditor” who doesn’t have a fricken’ clue, matched up with a PC or Pre OT who are totally clueless as well!

    Talk about “the blind leading the blind”!

    Sure it’s gonna mess up cases and make the tech seem “unworkable” but it’s not going to drive anyone insane.

    Especially an OT !

    In order to do that, you have to get down and dirty, drugs, hypnotism, a combination of the two as in narcosynthesis , sleep deprivation, starvation, forced confinement , physical duress and restraint, pain induction, etc.

    Stuff that’s covered in the following manual:

    Come on Huck saying that auditing no matter how badly done could drive anyone nuts is playing right into the hands of the antis and their sleaze ball politicos!

    Especially, since it isn’t true.

    No there are probably other reasons why Bill went on his search for extraterrestrials and none of them had to do with flubbed auditing and are more likely due to some form of external suppression of some kind.

  280. Mike,
    Thank you for your keen analysis and right why. While DM may not be a fool, he is a parasite who is incapable of producing exchangable products. If not for the misguided OT’s in the field doing his dirty work, this whole Ideal Org scam would collapse quickly.
    The truth you point out must terrify DM and his sychophants so keep up the good work.

  281. Mike; This was a brilliant outline of the current scene. Thanks for this.

  282. martyrathbun09

    RJ, right. Someone needs to go back to DMSMH and read about ‘the mind’s protection.’ If one doesn’t get that, I don’t know what he is doing in an auditing chair.

  283. martyrathbun09

    RJ, right. Someone needs to get cleared up on DMSMH and the ‘the mind’s protection.’ If someone doesn’t get that, I can imagine they are going to have some loses in the chair. But, spinning someone – they’d have to involved in other practices.

  284. RJ and Marty: the Ol’ Man called it “living lightning” for a reason. It should be handled with care and standardly as per NOTs Series HCOBs. This was my only point.

  285. martyrathbun09

    Huck, point taken.

  286. Exactly Marty,

    I mean the “auditor” really must be doing something else in order to get a PC spin and whatever it is has no resemblance to the tech!

    “The Auditor and the Mind’s Protection” is an excellent reference every Scientologist should read, so they get over their trepidation of auditing anyone.

  287. I think we’d need 4 or 5 guys to hold DM down in the chair to word clear him on “other practices” 🙂
    People on OT levels without a lot of hours in the chair are very vulnerable as R6 exposure bypasses the mind’s protection. Thus the need for the non-interfence zone.
    That leads me into another horrible thought. People in the CofS are often extremely quickied on OT2 and OT3 in order to reg them onto OT4 and 5. People who are quickied on OT 2 and OT3 are easy to overwhelm.

  288. David from England

    Jim – you made me laugh at that – talk about black humour in the face of adversity.

    Tone 41 – Thank you – that makes sense.

    (BTW, I’m working my way through Self Analysis, and must say that I’ve had some remarkably powerful recollections, despite thinking as I began that I’d never be able to do this….)

  289. I so like that one because you can proof so easily DM is of policy.

  290. RJ – it is a fine reference for preclears. It does NOT apply at higher levels. Before Clear you can get away with a lot and its quite hard to mess up.
    On a Clear you are dealing with a being who can postulate. They can screw themselves up in ways that a preclear cannot.
    There are 100 really messed up Clears and OTs in the hole.
    Go tell them about the mind’s protection.
    The most common mess up I see in people that come to me is invadation of Clear. It is actually quite a fragile state when first attained. OT2 and OT3 properly done stabilize it a lot but the true stabilization is the old OT4 which has disappeared. I don’t wonder why.

  291. martyrathbun09

    Ralph, watch yourself, you are invalidating the states of Clear and OT. I think you’ve granted far too much importance to case, and far too little importance to the innate abilities of a Thetan.

  292. I concur, Huck.

  293. That’s great David.

    Glad you’re enjoying the processing.

  294. I agree Ralph. I don’t think many of the cases on OT II complete a set.

    On III they are pretty much shoved onto “New” OT IV and V after a “win” of some kind.

  295. I agree that “old” OT IV and VII being dropped out of the line up is a big omitted.

    However, I concur with Marty as well.

    Besides someone who has completed OT II to it’s full EP no longer has an R6 bank to key in and at III is more aware as a thetan.

    In other words it’s all good.

    Those guys in the on the whole in the hole are messed up for other reasons than just case.

    There are also environmental factors as well just outright suppression.

  296. smooth

  297. nevermind the “smooth” one liner, I hit the wrong button.

  298. David,

    That’s great. It keeps getting better from there! If you could find an Independent to give you Life Repair, I’m sure you would have a great time. Life Repair is an amazing action, pure fun, and immensely validating to the individual.

  299. Now you two are closing in on another major DM suppressive act: Enturbulating the top end of the Bridge.

    This would make its very own post, Marty.

    I’m reluctant to go into details about this out of respect for the confidentiality of the materials which LRH mandated but quickying of OT levels is beyond suppressive.

    And what’s the purpose? Getting you to Flag where you can really max out those credit cards.

    So, yeah, same old shit: Follow the money …

  300. Thank you both.

  301. Hi Marty,
    It is not my intention to denigrate Clear nor OT. That would be a rather silly thing to do given that I spend a good portion of my time getting people there. It is difficult to state things exactly here as the issues by LRH are confidential. What I am referring to regarding the stabilty of Clears is LRH’s statements in the OT2 materials, the confidential “State of Clear” HCOB and the NOTs series. Regarding OT, LRH stated in LRH ED 342 Int “From Clear to Eternity” that the first actual OT level was OT8 and that the prior levels are Pre-OT levels.
    LRH also stated that beginning with OT8 one should be “ready for the long haul” The DM “OT8” is a short level. I can only conclude that it is not OT8 as LRH intended.
    LRH had quite a long route mapped out after OT7 which has been withheld. I do not know what the chances are of extricating the LRH notes are from DM. As far as I am concerned that is the only thing he really has of realvalue.

  302. martyrathbun09

    Ralph, I’m not.

  303. ok. There are other things too but in the long run I’d put the LRH tech in position 1. He also holds copyrights, trademarks and souls in pawn and lots of mest and money. I wonder what DM could do if most public OT8s left the CofS which is quite a possible scenario.

  304. Hi Sam,

    Wow, how low will they go??


  305. Hi Joe Howard,

    As I understand it they never paid off the first one yet. They are still funding the building that they already occupy.


  306. Ralph,

    I agree that LRH’s notes on the OT levels (I think that’s what this comment is about) are by far the most valuable thing DM has in his possession. Everything else is replaceable. Yes, he has copyrights and trademarks, but as long as we have the materials in the independent field, who cares? Yes, he has souls in pawn, but ultimately they’re held there by their own PTSness. But LRH’s notes on the OT levels are invaluable. If we could figure out a way to get a copy of those, it would lessen DM’s diabolical power and increase the power of those who truly want to promote the freedom of mankind.

  307. No one deserves being “brainewashed”This is how agressive sales work to. Get people in a room for a ridiculous long time and wear them out.

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  309. I have been with earnest trying to figure out what the greatest good is. I have spent a number of years on staff and in the SO and have given a lot of my time and energy to the Church as we all have. I haven’t, by Org standards, achieved the state of OT. Is this goal still attainable within the Orgs given their current state. Do I just get a refund from the church and look to the independent field for processing. A man with clean hands cannot be harmed, so as a whole, we as true Scientologist cannot be victims of DM, or anybody else. We, applying what we know, need to step up and just handle the situation. Tone 40!

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  312. WoW! That shifted my universe big time. Thank you.

  313. Love it!

  314. He got it and it can become a viewpoint from which to view future events.
    I was asked to help thwart a deprogramming cycle (way off post and bizarre to me) and the first time I’d ever encountered such a cycle. So now I had a bit of reality on how this came down in real life…the S.O. execs (I presume) flying from L.A. to La., chasing down a woman who’d gone home and decided not to return to the S.O. People on one side showing her videos, S.O. people trying to gain access to her, her family literally hiding her, us following them, them following us, the S.O. people calling police and acting like she was in some kind of danger – freaky BS! That planted a seed.
    Hum, interesting I thought, so let me look this up on the internet. Lo and behold, there it was, but from the deprogrammer’s point of view…and all quite factual as I saw it.
    But then I read other postings on the net where my first thought was that most of these people were raving lunatics with an axe to grind. But, just enough suspicion crept in to make me leery and to make me view things in a slightly different shade. All I needed was to continue on and as I did, I saw more and more hints that what I read just might be true, even in part. These things built up, bit by bit, until BAM the straw that broke the camel’s back (my back) landed right on top. See ya!
    I was across the country being handled-ugh. I had to sneak off to use a phone that wasn’t recorded, rearrange my flight, hire transport, pack up and get the hell out of there before anybody figured out what was happening.
    And let me just tell you what the straw was that broke my back. Well, let me not exactly tell you but summarize it to say this: I am the best and one of the only auditors you’ve got in a tri-state area (a damned good one by products), I’ve gotten people to Clear, sold people their entire lower Bridge AND delivered it to them, on and on doing what LRH intended and I intended and you’re going to intentionally call me names designed to degrade me and cave me in? I just had that moment of wait one flippin second! Are you really doing this to ME? An OT VII is trying to cave me in, knowing damned well who I am and what I can and have done?
    I don’t really give a damned who or why she dramatized that BS on me but that was not going to happen to an LRH auditor!
    That act sealed the deal in so many ways and on so many levels. But, only because I had some reality to base it on.

  315. I have to ask…one public of ours, a hairdresser, swore she could tell from watching event videos that DM had a hair transplant. She even said it looked like a very good, very expensive one! LoL Is this true? *just imagining the excesses*

  316. WH: Very good questions and I wonder who is actually living a good life in the S.O./upper management these days? Anybody other than DM?

  317. DMSMH-audit without a meter and get awesome wins! Yes you can – I can.

    Thanks for reminding me about that , Marty. So basic I almost forgot about it.

  318. None of us can do it alone, obviously. I need the “collective” theta. I need OTs and Independents.
    And I am sooooo glad your collective reached my part of the universe!

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  321. hi, It reminds me a joke i’ve heard yesterday. As the moral is closely the same! =) There was a dude which worked all of his life and stored all of his income. He was a true miser whenever it came to his dollars. He loved dollars much more than simply about anything, and just prior to he died, he explained to his wife, “Now listen, when I die, I want you to take all my funds and place it inside casket with me. I wanna take my money to the afterlife.” So he received his wife to promise him with all her heart that when he died, she would set all the dollars in the casket with him. Well, one day he died. He was stretched out inside casket, the spouse was sitting there in black next to her closest buddy. When they finished the ceremony, just before the undertakers bought ready to close the casket, the wife mentioned “Wait just a minute!” She had a shoe box with her, she came over with the box and placed it in the casket. Next the undertakers closed the casket down and thrown it away. Her pal stated, “I hope you weren’t crazy enough to set all that income inside the casket.” “Yes,” the spouse said, “I promised. I’m a very good Christian, I can not lie. I promised him that I was going to put that cash in that casket with him.” “You mean to tell me you place each and every cent of his dollars inside the casket with him?” “I sure did. I got it all together, placed it into my account and I wrote him a check.” высшее образование в англии

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