Listen, Don’t Look – latest in Reverse Scientology

  I reckon that most everybody who ever held a post for long in the church remembers the LRH adage, “Look, Don’t Listen.” It served a lot of people well. Now the C of M is doing everything in its power to get Scientologists to listen to DM’s claptrap in lieu of looking at the chaos and destruction he has sown.

 Rebel recently posted a little something about OT VIIIs being hounded not to read the internet, Well, he wasn’t joking and now we have some evidence of just how desperate the controlled thought process is becoming within the C of M.

 Back story: For a decade and a half Scientologists were urged to contribute to their local orgs so as to make them the size of Old St Hill as LRH postulated. DM dangled the promise of the release of OT IX and X as the prize when the target was met. DM did this knowing he hasn’t a clue how to compile OT IX and X and couldn’t deliver on the promise if he ever intended to. When his imprisonment and torture of International Management resulted in orgs contracting rather than expanding, he announced a brave new plan: forget the St Hill Size Orgs, and build empty cathedrals.

 Since more and more O.T.s have started opening their eyes and seeing through DM’s smoke and mirrors, it seems C of M has reached a new level of desperation in attempting to suppress free speech and thought. He has gone from using a false promise to try to garner cooperation in building orgs, to now threatening to withhold that false promise if people do not shut their eyes and ears to what is REALLY going on.

 About three weeks ago Public Officer FSO ordered LA area OT VIIs and VIIIs to attend a mandatory briefing. The word in the Scientology street was that it was another in a series of FSO and FSSO tour actions demanding Scientologists stay off the internet and inform on their friends and family members who were exposing themselves to information about Scientology not authorized by C of M. Accordingly, precious few showed for the “briefing.”

 Several days later the Public Officer came back for another go at it, with the demand stepped up along the lines of “you had better show up.” Again, turn out was dismal.

 Yesterday round three was kicked off. Only this time it is an Flag “Ethics” tour. Get a load of the email that was sent from the Flag MAA to the 800 (FSO’s calculation) OT VIIs and OT VIIIs in the LA area:

  TO:    OT VIIs and OT VIIIs (LA area)

FROM:    Flag MAA @ LA (Project)

    Dear All,

    I am quite shocked as to how few OT VIIs and OT VIIIs came to
the Mandatory meeting a couple of weeks ago. I am also shocked as
to how few who were absent actually have come into the FSC WUS
office to fill out the interrog. There are roughly 800 OT VIIs and
OT VIIIs in the LA area and I have only seen a fraction.

    This must change at once.

    For those who showed up to the last meeting and to those who
have since come into the FSC WUS Office, that is better than the
rest. HCO PL KNOWELDGE REPORTS applies, and you must handle your
fellow OT VIIs and VIIIs.

     The Public Officer FSO and I have quite a bit to go over and
exciting things are on the horizon. Every OT VII and VIII is to be
at the meeting tomorrow night at 7pm at the ASHO Chapel. This is
not an option.

    The future of our religion depends on it, as well as the future
release of OT IX and X. You are at the top of the Bridge and are
expected to make this happen. Those who are carrying their weight
will be noted.

     Austin Voss
    Flag MAA @ LA (Project)

 The interrog referred to reportedly asks for the names of all people the OT VIIs and OT VIIIs know who have read anything about Scientology on the internet.

 As you can see DM has apparently decided to threaten their immortal futures by making their becoming willing, compliant informants to suppress knowledge a precedent to OT IX and X coming out.

 The Flag MAA’s email states emphatically, “This must change at once.”

 Let me assure you Austin, and DM for that matter, in the words of the immortal Sam Cooke, “it’s been a long, long time coming, but I know a change gonna come…oh, yes it will.”

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  1. “I know no man who has any monopoly upon the wisdom of this universe.

    “It belongs to those who can use it and help themselves and others.”

    LRH, Article: “My Philosophy”

  2. What naughty people these OT8s are. They obviously don’t understand that demonstrating self determinism in the face of command intention is a high crime.
    The upper OT levels were released in the 50s.

  3. OMG that is funny! yeah like let’s all just run right over. Desperate man desperate. This sort of stuff has been going on for a long time but now it is even more desperate. It never ceases to amaze me how anyone gets talked into delivering messages such as this one . I noticed Clive’s name was not on it but then he would get another to put his name on it. I can only say for the ones I know this would have absolutely NO Impingement.

  4. This kind of witch hunting only leads to weird KRs that then get used as bullbait buttons such as the weird claims that I’d been married and had a falling out with my husband years before I’d ever even been engaged….

    Face it, they just want to know who won’t want to have their name plastered all over the internet. I’m flat on that particular button.

  5. Isn’t there policy with which can be used to legally thwart such suppression? One of the purposes of Scientology is to overcome aberration by standard technology, rather than a declared war fighting suppression with suppression and/or HE&R. The one thing SPs cannot handle is workable truth, and so they are las Tse Tse flys with “hardons” floating down the river on a lilly pad yelling “open the drawbridge” when the drawbridge is owned by the followers of LRH

  6. Sorry.
    I’m busy that night.

    (Too much stick and not enough carrot.)

  7. I wish I could be laughing at this, but dammit, this pisses me off.

    To “Lost ‘n Lost”…oh, I mean Austin Voss:

    Dude, let me make it easier for you. Just assign that criminal, the Internet a condition of Treason and then we’ll all not be able to talk to it.

  8. OK … now this post is the funniest one yet! My face hurts.

    “This is not an option.” That’s just fucking hilarious!

    Thank you, Marty, thank you.

  9. Well, there is one thing for sure….a large number of the 800 that haven’t been looking will now poke around to see what is up. After all it must be a pretty big deal to warrant this type of action.

  10. All this type of action does is spread the flap

  11. Ahh yes, cut comm lines. That will make you more aware. It says quite a lot that the OTs are not showing up. Some of CofM’s desperation may be the realization they do not have as may robots as they thought they did. Yahhh

  12. What is all this Q&A about OTs “showing up?!!” Since they’re OTs they should be in the process of taking back the church so that LRHes intentions can be carried out!!!! Fuck the SPs. They aren’t shit and have no power so quit giving them any and stop acknowledging them as having any power!!!! John Boice

  13. Martin Padfield

    “I am quite shocked as to how few OT VIIs and OT VIIIs came to the Mandatory meeting a couple of weeks ago”.

    Austin mate, one man’s shock is another man’s gales of laughter. I love it that Mandatory has a capital M there too. Priceless. In the spirit of help, this could be your next mail:

    Dear All,

    I am Breathless with Apoplectic Rage that none of you came to the latest Mandatory briefing about the critical Danger of going on the Internet. I’ve got OT IX and X in this Briefcase and was going to release it – I really was, honest – but now you are all required to apply Command Intention by attending tomorrow’s Mandatory briefing. This is not an option. (Anyone who upgrades their IAS status to Pompous Patron Diamondus Maximus Exquisite is exempt and will be awarded the title of Legendary OT With Utmost Allegiance To Honour).

  14. The Flag MAA says, “The future of our religion depends on it, as well as the future
    release of OT IX and X.” Yea dangle that carrot…after 23-24 yrs, now that you are desparate. How standard would it even be with all the changes DofM decides to make to things?

  15. gosh! Is he for real talking to people like that??
    He sounds like a school teacher telling off a pack of school kids. Must really think OTs are idiots.

    Is this Voss’s idea of applying a “danger” condition to lack of ‘stats” two weeks ago? Hmmm…Good luck!!

  16. Freedom Fighter

    Before World War II began, Germans were allowed to listen to foreign radio broadcasts. This was banned once the war began, and by the end of the war people were executed for listing to enemy radio stations.

  17. Well now you’ve certainly grabbed my attention. I have for some time suspected that OTlX and X do not exist except as maybe parts of what was really intended to be the complete OTVlll or of the “old” OT lV-Vll. Like Superpower, the inability to compile the processes of the upper OT levels is what makes real sense as to why they have not been released. And now DM has the perfect justification to hide this fact.- it’s because of all the out ethics OTVlls and Vllls. Perfect..just perfect.

    But Marty, you can’t just spit out a statement as powerful as you did about those levels…and not give any more details. I want to spread this information far and across to every OTVll and Vlll I know..but to make it truly impinge, there needs to be more specific information. Please provide! OTs are waiting anxiously! What is it you know? Witnessed?

  18. That’s funny and so true. The DM bots are afraid of the truth and hope to somehow make it up the bridge but avoid looking. I had a person basically tell me that they’d rather move on up the bridge than to look.

    The road to freedom includes knowing the truth.

  19. “HCO PL KNOWELDGE REPORTS applies, and you must handle your
    fellow OT VIIs and VIIIs.”

    Writing KR’s doesn’t apply, KR’s are for policy violations.

  20. martyrathbun09

    Sherry, Hi. Again, this is a chapter if not two. It is a number of things that I experienced and witnessed over an extended period of time. It is an ineluctable conclusion – just need a bit of time to give the context to show how I arrived at it; and I am working on it. But, I don’t think one needs that entire background to see the light. You certainly didn’t need me to tell you. Your “perfect justification” note is spot on. It is vintage, ain’t it?

  21. The problem with the current “Church” is that they are out of touch with REALITY.
    Their actions may have worked pre-INTERNET but actions demanding what you read in the privacy of your own home is quite unreal to enforce. ~~~ They can go on HOPING for compliance ~~ while they act with Medieval orders out of DINOSAUR times.
    The INTERNET is here to stay and only becomes part of everyone’s life on a progressive scale ~~ one can graph hours spent on INTERNET ~~ like straight up affluence on a graph.

    There is no putting the toothpaste back in the TUBE
    There is no UN-RINGING of the bell.

    TRUTH will OUT.

    EXPECTING Senior Scientologists will not read the WEB based on the honor code or a verbal OK to an MAA is HALLUCINATION and DELUSION

  22. Desperation begets desperation.

    It looks like Miscavige’s last ditch bail out team, the OTs, the people he hoped to all hell would extricate him from the disaster he made of Scientology and deserately enable him to keep a lid on things, are not cooperating. Instead they are following the lead of the brave Indepedent OT Scientologists who took a stand and spoke out.

    He has nobody else to go to. This is the end starting to unravel.

    T Paine

  23. FLAG MAA wrote:

    “This must change at once.”

    “I’m shocked, shocked…”

    How dare you not obey? Ur, er, um…

  24. What’s interesting is that FSO terminals don’t agree on how many VIIs and VIIIs there are in the LA Area.

    From an email posted at WWP:
    Subject: Update on the 10,000 on Solo NOTs Target from Clive Rabey
    Date: Sunday, February 7, 2010

    …”And Los Angeles now has 1070 Solo NOTs auditors and OT VIIIs in that city! ” …

    While Austin Voss says:
    …”There are roughly 800 OT VIIs and
    OT VIIIs in the LA area “…

    I guess they’ve handled the 270 already.

  25. Auston Voss, Flag MAA wrote:
    “I am also shocked as
    to how few who were absent actually have come into the FSC WUS
    office to fill out the interrog. There are roughly 800 OT VIIs and
    OT VIIIs in the LA area and I have only seen a fraction.”

    WHY FINDING: Toto pulled back the curtain.

  26. Austin’s threatening, low-tone comm is a good example of DM’s desperation.

    He is not even referring to any LRH policy to show why it is important for these OTs to show up for their “Mandatory” meeting.
    You know what? Because there is no LRH on having these meetings.

    So why should these OTs even give a damn about those meetings, unless they are heavily PTS to DM and blindly following his orders.

    Well done to those OTs who have integrity and are not showing up to those meeting!!!

  27. That is nothing new. Why I wanted to die when I was dead-filed.

    They been doing this for many years. It is just worse now.

  28. Marty that was hysterical!


    Probably Austin Powers!

    Yeah Baby!!!!!

    I’m sure that’s going to make all those VIIIs and VII flock in for further shagging.


    I don’t think so!!!

  29. martyrathbun09

    Veritas, Comment of the day! You are too much.

  30. I agree. The desperation is showing in the stats and the stats show that the public is catching on all too fast, hooray!
    Just think if they knew that the original OT VIII was shredded in the seventies and what they did and paid for was literally dreamed up by someone other than LRH save possibly a few lines of text. In more than one iteration of it.

    Brings new meaning to “the blind leading the blind” for sure. Well, the blind are getting their site back at the top of the bridge it would seem…..

  31. And the “site” is right here on Marty’s blog as well as other Independent sites. 😉

  32. Somewhere in this posting could be a classic textbook course in how not to handle customer service.

    Public Scn, who contribute the money, time and effort to their Church, should expect their Church to treat them with respect, and to be working for them, not against them.

    Current Church Mgt apparently operates on the basis that Public work for them, and therefore can demand, enforce, and oppress the Public to attempt to get them to do Management’s bidding.

    It is certainly no wonder that Orgs are empty and the Church is not expanding.

  33. JB,
    Now that you mention it, tse-tse flies that is, there’s an old saw; quinine may taste bad but it cures the malaria. So, since it appears you are at the fever induced delirium stage, you’d better start a chompin right on the cinchona. Otay?

  34. Hitler rants about the Hitler parodies:

  35. John Doe,
    Better yet, declare it an SP. Then you can ‘enforce’ disconnection a la Scientology Policy Directive 28. Simple. That’s how DM likes it. He’s right, everybody else is wrong.

  36. El Fuhrer loses control of his peeps.

  37. Dagny,
    For Cheessusss sake, ssssshhhhhhhh!

  38. JB,
    Wow, that was fast.

  39. Old Auditor,

    Good one! Just enough boredom to drive them nuts!!


  40. RJ,
    What’s the Ron’s J that mentions these levels? I just read it yesterday. Come on there, I know you know it 🙂

  41. EXILO,
    You are spot on. Scn Axiom 35; THE ULTIMATE TRUTH IS A STATIC and from 38; thus we see that failure to discover Truth brings about stupidity.

    Failure to discover the truth means NOT moving on the Bridge. So, we can put the above warning from DM into its proper light.

  42. Martin, why did images of Benny Hill start rolling through my mind as I read your letter? Freaking hilarious!

  43. J. Burke — not sure where you are getting this data — other than from other websites and blogs.

    While what you are saying _might_ be true – your statement about OTVIII being shredded in the 70s is news to me.

    Can you provide more details WITHOUT mentioning anything confidential, please.


  44. Sherry, just for the record, Super Power was compiled and piloted in 1991-92. About 20 pcs were put through the pilot issues, including Joe and Matt Feshback (in exchange for $1M donations to the SP Building). The wins were awfully damn blow out. The pilot issues have been sitting there just waiting for the rebirth of the Sea Org as an ethical group that people actually want to be part of and devote their lives to, at which point they might be able to make the auditors needed to deliver it. In other words, the first step is basically done. The second part, don’t hold your breath.

  45. I bet this is the “friendly fire” version, on the threat level. I hope the VII and VIII realize that the next “orders” are going to get nastier and nastier. Truth brings up a valid point – where are the LRH quotes in this out of ARC, low toned order?

    VII and VIII’s- how much more of this control are you willing to take? This is about your own integrity, your first dynamic and your self-determinism. And finally the Code of Honor.

  46. RJ,
    Here’s a bit from LRH ED 298 INT, 19 Sept 78: “Although OT VIII has been researched earlier, I knew there was something that had to be handled before I could release OT VIII. “NED for OTs” does just that…”

  47. Marty,

    I had an interesting realization. What I call the Macbeth Syndrome.

    DM’s overts are being laid bare for all to see, the current generation, and the next and the next, on and on. He can not wipe these overts off his hands no matter how desperate he tries. He is overwhelmed by his dark deeds.

    And I wonder if he sees daggers floating in mid air, terrible apparitions, and black spots on his hands that he can not rub out no matter how hard he tries — as Shakespeare described in his tragedy entitled Macbeth.

  48. And what’s *this* about, huh? Austin barked: “Those who are carrying their weight
    will be noted.”
    Austin Voss
    Flag MAA @ LA (Project)

    Noted? For what? Special favors? Ethics commendations that are later withdrawn and meaningless on a whimsy?

    And “carrying their WEIGHT”? Reverse Scientology indeed. Since when was heavy mass and effort more desirable than theta competence?

  49. In other words, Austin:

    Dear All,

    In case you were thinking you might be a “loner” non-cooperator….Nope, there’s nearly 800 of you in this city.

    Just wanted to let you all know, as well as the rest of the movement and the world, that you are not alone and things are going well out there.

    Shit storm just around the corner. This is not an option.

  50. Oh man, I am line charging… in netspeak I guess you’d call it ROFLMAO.
    This is hilarious.

  51. Ok Marty. But I’m going to hold off disseminating this information until you can give the “context showing how you arrived at it”. I know, as well as you do, that you just can’t spew out information like this and have the key individuals you are trying to reach really listen to you unless you state how you know it or arrived at that conclusion. Maximum impact is key. I have one shot to get thru to these guys and I’ll not take it till I’ve got that info. And believe me, I know personally over 800 OTVllls. If you want to accomplish what I believe is your goal of discrediting entirely David Miscavage, get me the data. I’ll make sure it arrives where it should. This is right where I “sit”.

  52. Yep, I am starting to think someone on the “inside” is setting up promo for this blog and others.

    No way in hell I wouldn’t be looking now, even if I had resisted before… and I am not that unique.

    There ought to be a site called
    “Every OT VII and VIII must not look at this.”

    OT’s just love a good must not… DM can you say “Insouciant? ”

    Another beautiful day in the neighbourhood, hahaha.

  53. Lotus Miyamoto

    Very good points Flourish. I wouldnt get auditing at the C of M even if I was offered 20 million to do so. This is sooooo over. The truth has dissolved the veil of lies and DM is standing there naked as a Jay Bird.

    If stats tell the tale Austin is advertising what the true tale really is. Oopsie!

  54. W & P, “The INTERNET is here to stay…”

    While it may be here to stay it may not being staying as we know it. DM isn’t the only one who would love to see the INTERNET go away or, if not go away, come under their complete control.

  55. Freedom Figher

    “I had a person basically tell me that they’d rather move on up the bridge than to look.”

    Their unwillingness to look prevents them from seeing that the bridge they’re walking on isn’t even LRH’s Bridge. This lack of responsibility will bite them in the backside if it isn’t already.

  56. After DM see whats coming this weekend this will be the least of his worries.

  57. For those of us who have already experienced DM’s “curve” it’s fairly clear what is to come: the Almighty in his infinite wisdom is a jealous god and has only one response against any kind of non-compliance: jettison. Just as he did with Sea Org members at the Int base (replacing them with hired non-Scientology contractors for E-meter manufacturing, cathedrals renovation, etc.) so DM may do with OTs. He’ll jettison (verbally declare) them en mass as a “broken line” then proclaim he’s found the right people to “get the job done”: hiring non-Scientologists to go up the Bridge to Clear or at least to Flag for Quad Grades!

    Just follow out the logic: BFF Tom Cruise pays the IAS to hire people to go into new orgs for services which IAS will pay for, so people can be videoed for events to reg more IAS donations from Tom Cruise. Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!

  58. Okay, so one thing comes to my mind after reading todays post and comments as well as reading the posts and comments here regularly. We here are in AGREEMENT with disagreeing with the Cof$ under DM. Check!!! Those of us who see this or HAVE seen it disconnected either by choice in my case or by being invalidated and suppressed to the point of being “kicked out” for their form of protest. We can voice our protests here and create a new reality through each of us typing at a keyboard in cyberspace including myself, but what is the end game here and how can we achieve it effectively? Obviously the “apparent” goliath is going to make things hard and be vicious to some of us with DM and his “teams” current stolen resources. Fuck them I say, out-ethics lowlifes. They are in the twilight zone as far as their “Realities” are at this point. It is plain for us to see. But how to navigate this to the other side and how fast I am sure Marty you have a strategy that you are working and I give you alot of credit for that. You turned my 2cents into “makes no sense” or “zero cents” for being a potential DM troll. Not easy to spot 100% but you see things that we are not privy to. Mike’s post was spot on, but when Ralph Hilton pointed out that the independent field pegged DM 26 YEARS AGO with alot of the SAME obnosis, what the hell kept this little SP able to dominate you guys at the top and for so long. Marty you were IG RTC and he won that battle so how does he stay in power unthwarted for SO long??? I know the answer is he won’t win the war and not being in power for much longer and I am with you on that. But what comes then after he is char-broiled toast is the billion dollar question? Long story short I agree with you, we agree with you but is there an admin scale on this, goals, purposes etc. for the long term or is it one step at a time?
    Thx & Best, Jefretheta

  59. P.S. wouldn’t an OT VII or VIII have the CONFRONT to look at the internet and other viewpoints in order to as-is them??? I think of the LRH referrence on complexity and confront. Dumb squirrel bad-intentioned asses.

  60. Kathy Braceland -- OT VIII

    To Austin Voss, OSA guys…in fact, whoever reads this that doesn’t have my best intentions in mind. Please pass it on to David Miscavige and save some for yourselves.

    I’m OT VIII. I’m also a seasoned auditor, a fully hatted Qual Sec and a fully hatted Treas Sec.

    I see yet another mandatory meeting for all OT VII’s and OT VIII’s in the LA area is being held. This time the MAA Flag is presiding. This is ridiculous! The order is so full of outpoints I’m on the floor guffawing. Just the fact that it’s an order makes me laugh. Who thinks it’s a good idea to order a mandatory meeting on OT VII’s and OT VIII’s? We’re free spirits. Maybe if you ask nice, I might show up. I won’t, but I thought I would dangle a carrot like you’ve been doing with OT IX and X for the last 22 years. Oh that’s right — you’re still doing it.

    What are you going to do if I don’t attend? Take my immortality away? Sorry, I’ve got that covered.

    Man…you guys need to see the Master of Qual and clean up your tech and admin outnesses.

    You’re messing with me and a lot of wonderful people that I love dearly and I’m not taking kindly to it. I’m not just talking about OT VII’s and VIII’s either.

    Something you may have forgotten is Axiom 1: Life is basically a static. A life static has no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no location in space or time. It has the ability to postulate and perceive.

    Watch your back Miscavige…we’re everywhere. And we’re looking at you, not listening to you.

  61. Haaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! At this point I need to wear a diaper…

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  63. Maybe they should have them M9 eachother on “A Message to Garcia” LOL

  64. Such a request demanded on anyone yearning to be free, not just OTs, is akin to “hearding cats”!

  65. FWIW, I’ve done the Ethics Specialist course and nowhere in it did I see that any sort of “briefing” ever was mandatory, nor did I ever see that there were any ethics gradients to be applied if one should miss a “mandatory briefing”. It shows how off-policy the church has become, i.e. just make a briefing “mandatory”, not give any sort of LRH policy reference as to why it’s mandatory, and then just make a few veiled threats about something unsavory happening ethics-wise. This entire comm is just a pathetic, low-tone attempt at controlling a group of uptone thetans. Absolutely no respect or granting of beingness is shown to these public; they’re just assumed to be a bunch of out-ethics scum. This will will just make an already ARC-broken field even more ARC-broken. Nice going Austin. I bet the next accusative email from Austin is going to say “What are your crimes?”

  66. Theo Sismanides

    You can’t just go against basic tenets of Scientology and win. They are in desperation and Out of Touch with Reality as War and Peace stated.

    “Look, don’t Listen” is a basic tenet of Scientology.

    Then “you get what you resist” is another one.

    The Church as a body right now is re-acting. It is a Reactive Organization trying to Conserve OTs.

    This is what I meant that there is no Thetan over it. Now it shows big time. The Church as an Organism is below 2.0 on the tone scale, serious and not insouciant at all. Thus it’s just the reactive that takes place there.

    But there they operate with flows big time so “You get what you resist” will apply big time.
    Expect more OTs to join us after this.

  67. Number of OT’s having not shown is seemingly in screaming Affluence.

    This is very very very good news since it’s just another adamant proof of # 7 of the anti-social person’s characteristics:
    “The Anti-Social cannot finish a cycle of action. Such become surrounded with incomplete projects”.

    What a wonderful starter into my European day!

  68. After comm course I felt free to talk to anybody.
    Normal homo sap, nutty, crazy, criminal, old, young,
    intelligent, no restrictions.
    I did not go pts nor did I blow due to entheta.
    Now communication at ot level is forbidden.
    Like FEAR of COMMUNICATION. Minus Grade 0.
    It is quite easy to ruin someone or all. Take by random a repiar
    checklist and do exactly the errors by the book.
    Indicate wrong items.
    Forbid communication.
    Run overts that are not there.
    As the BRDGE is now run backwards on a minus scale I wonder
    how minus CCHs work.
    But we might see that too.

  69. The CoS is losing support fast and instead of attempting to fix the problem, in desperation they are using ever increasing force and threat of punishment in a vain attempt to enforce compliance. Obviously this is not compatible with the goal of Total Freedom and more and more Scientologists are seeing this.

    So, while I do not envy those still ‘in’ and trying to battle their way through the minefield, I think that this latest development is a good thing, in that it will prompt more and more to take a good hard honest look at what organization they are now a part of.

    What amazes me, is how many Scientologists are prepared to go along with this enforced ‘no communication’. I bumped into someone I have known for 20+ years the other day, and engaged in small talk without any problem. But, when I mentioned that I was no longer on lines at St Hill because I wasn’t happy with the service I had received, his whole demeanour changed as if a switch had been flicked. He almost seemed in fear and immediately snapped “Don’t talk to me about it! I don’t want to hear it!”

    I responded with “Don’t you want to hear the truth?” And he replied with “It’s not the truth!”

    Apart from the fact that this was an absurd thing to say as he couldn’t possibly know the truth about my situation, this indicates the level of coercion that has been applied to the public to stop them even HEARING anything ‘negative’.

    It seems to me that a collapse of the Mestology apparatus isn’t far away now.

  70. Poor Austin.
    I think you horrible rabble-rousers need to cut the guy some slack.
    Obviously he needs some serious PR hatting and is under a lot of pressure (the RPF is calling!)
    Having done a rapid eval on the scene I have concluded that he failed to survey the OTs properly before putting out this notice.
    Austin. There is no point dangling OT IX and X as a carrot to get the OTs to show up. The go button for OTs is… FOOD!
    Put on a nice big Sunday Brunch/briefing and those rebellious OTs may just be banging down the door to get in. Tell the OTs they can bring their kids along and throw in some free babysitting. This strategy was very successful at Flag.
    The last big OT convention at Flag was pretty packed. I personally don’t remember much about what was said but I do recall that the waffles with fresh strawberries and whipped cream were delicious. And the coffee – sublime!
    Just trying to help 😀

  71. How heartening to see those most advanced on your “Bridge To Total Freedom” practising passive resistance in the CoM. It leaves the management no option but to escalate its attempts at coercion and, by doing so, further highlights the dichotomy between freedom itself and their bleak life in the “church”.

  72. David from England

    These guys have missed their real calling – as tele-evangelists…

    “Listen you good people and OTs out there! My salvation depends on your donation! Unless you front up with the bucks, weall die a horrible SP death. Now you don’t want to let me down, do you? David desperately wants to release these higher levels – you know, good people, he really does – but he can’t while you’re still drenched in sin. As a good friend of Dave’s once said – ‘Show me the money!'”

  73. My ethics officer would simply tell to this: “There are other LRH references regarding the subject…” And he would not bother at all to take this one into consideration…

  74. I’m glad to hear that the hundreds of OT VIIs and VIIIs have moved up to the cause level of silent resistance. Hopefully more of them will quickly move up to actively doing something to end the suppression.

    Many of these people prepaid for OT IX and X almost a quarter of a century ago. They were manipulated by the hope of getting these levels
    and they don’t even exist. Per ex-staff from the Snr C/S Int Office, RTC has LRHs folders but no one can figure out what he was auditing.

    Many of these people were shown various pretty pictures and models of the future Super Power building and were gotten to prepay for it
    almost a quarter century ago. They aren’t going to get it. Goggle “Super Power Or Super PR”.

    Many of these people have done the Bridge twice including OT VII while paying for dozens of intensives of FPRD .

    Many of these people have paid for various revisions of the lectures, books and meters.

    Many of these people have paid huge sums of money to the IAS to fight all kinds of evil boggy men when in fact it was mainly to fight and silence other Scientologists speaking out against DMs abuses.

    Many of these people have been made to disconnect from their own parents, children,
    brothers, sisters and friends based on lies fed to them.

    The more these people worked to be “cause” the more their energy and trust was used to make them “effect”.

    Its good these “OTs” are waking up, NOW ITS TIME THEY STAND UP.

    If their life time goal has been to “be cause” then maybe its time they stopped paying to be victims and simply allowed themselves to be self determined and CAUSE!


  75. martyrathbun09

    Mat, man you said it brother. That could have been a stand alone post on its own.

  76. martyrathbun09

    David, you nailed it Englishman.

  77. martyrathbun09

    Heather, you gotta love this one from Mickey.

  78. martyrathbun09

    When Kathy talks…people listen.

  79. martyrathbun09

    Thoughtful, you gotta point compadre.

  80. martyrathbun09

    P Henry, can you sum up the 34 minute video you posted in a few paras to save us all some time?

  81. martyrathbun09

    Sherry. Here’s what you can quote from me, I witnessed David Miscavige with my own eyes and ears twice unequivocally indicate he did not have a clue how to get OT IX and X compiled. Details will follow. I am going to follow with context. On the one hand, you are right, people should know this. Additionally, taken in context I don’t think it has come across as “bad news”; I do not think that it is, even for people like me who see in Scientology a way to transcend the endless cycle of births and deaths.

  82. martyrathbun09

    Lucy, Yes. Haydn drew that analogy for me months ago. That prompted me to read the play; and yes, there are reports that seem indicate Macbeth is his Art Series 8.

  83. Wow Marty! This is quite the statement when you say, “I do not think that it is, even for people like me who see in Scientology a way to transcend the endless cycle of births and deaths.” Can you elaborate how this might come to pass without the road “fully mapped” out as in the “official” bridge not going beyond OT VIII?

    Are you saying there is enough tech outside of the CofM, in the field being used right now to achieve this transcending in your view?

  84. I was at Flag when one of the Feshbacks gave his wins after completion Super Power.

  85. Nice Observation! Not only about this specific topic, but Miscavige in general. It doesn’t take an OT7 or 8 to see that the Superpower project in a criminally incomplete cycle of action.

    And senior policy says “deliver what you promise”, yet so many promises remain unfulfilled.

  86. WHAT! OT’s have kids!

    How did that happen?


    I LOVE WAFFLES! Melted butter in those seductive little crevices…sugary goodness dripping off the sides! Mmmmmmmm……

  87. I’m with you Sam, food always worked. 😉 I’m not a fan of the word “mandatory”.

  88. Just finished watching the first part of “The Tibetan Book of the Dead” – narrated by Leonard Cohen (rentable through Netflix)

    Inspiring, fascinating and for people like me who see in Scientology AND Buddhism “a way to transcend the endless cycle of births and deaths” (thanks Marty – great line!!) I recommend it to your viewing list.

    Whether OT IX and X exist or are EVER compilable is unimportant really. The transcendence of endless rebirth (samsara) is available to everyone.

    The whole bridge is a way to fully embrace and understand what obscures us, what confounds us BUT as

    Kathy Braceland reminded us: “Something you may have forgotten is Axiom 1: Life is basically a static. A life static has no mass, no motion, no wavelength, no location in space or time. It has the ability to postulate and perceive.”

    This is not a confidential axiom. Not an expensive axiom. Not an axiom for only “special” IRS members or those towing the party line.

    It’s an axiom which reminds us of life.


  89. My apologies. I added all three videos as urls not embed code. The 34 min video was intended as a doorway to additional perspectives on contributing factors to eventual internet control. To sum it up, Jonathan Zittrain is a Harvard law professor and is the chair in Internet Governance and Regulation at the Oxford Internet Institute. In this video he presents his argument of how internet users are unwittingly, by how they use the internet, facilitating “unsettling” new kinds of internet control.

    The subject of the first YT link, though, is the one we need to be watching. On 4 Feb the House overwelmingly (422 to 5) passed HR4061, Cyber Security Enhancement Act and now it goes to the Senate. HR4061, if passed by the Senate, is going to bring the internet under gov control. IMO, this is a subject we should all be researching and keeping a close watch on.

    The SPs of the world advancing their suppressive agendas, have been adversely affected by the internet. Just as we gather here on the internet to expose DM and his atrocities, many others around the world are doing the same i.e., exposing the SPs and their plans for world domination. Thus, shutting down the internet is imperative to the SPs being able to realize their objectives.

    The second video link above demonstrates how governments are already filtering internet content to their countries populations. US gov would like to do the same. HR4061 paves the way for that. But, to shut the internet down completely so the gov can take full control will require an event that will both prompt and justify the act and the American people, in the name of liberty, national security and safety, will overwelmingly support.

    Because the internet is such a huge threat to the SPs they are amping up their plans to take complete control of these comm lines. That said, I expect that in the near future we will be seeing another false flag operation, like 911, being carried out in the US and elsewhere. And watching Dr. Oz yesterday, I got a clue what it’s going to be.

  90. Marty, I can tell you this, and I have proof, that many LA area OT’s are now using Spam Block on their e-mails. I sent an e-mail to an OT I know and an automated reply came back requiring me to register my computer with his Spam Block service in order to authenticate my identity. Only then can the OT receive my e-mails. I registered because I have known this person for a long time. OT’s in LA are running scared, looking behind their backs. The OT’s have now become the hunted.

  91. Alexis de Tocqueville

    The character Colonel Hans Landa of the notorious Waffen SS would have handled this better, not “show up or else, macht schnell!”

    However, I must say that compassion (pity?) takes over me as I consider the miserable lives of Austin Voss, the FSC WUS staff thrown off their posts for this idiocy, and all of the other forced participants no doubt enturbulated to greater or lesser degrees by a doctrine so far removed from LRH administrative technology that none could be further.

    Man oh man, meting out heavy ethics in the field — watch out, brother. Not good. In the immortal words of “Dandy Don” Meredith, “turn out the lights, the party’s over…”

  92. Wow! “Interrog.” Just the words used are frightening. How soon before he’s using enhanced interrog and waterboarding on church members?

  93. IA, I know of what you speak. Please elaborate for others; maybe some will attend. If the press aspect is factual, it will be big in its impact.

  94. Sherry,

    You seem a very determined, able and bright thetan. Most all the VIIIs I know are, too. High ARC/KRC terminals.

    Yet DM’s asking the VIIIs to believe in a fairytale.

    From my viewpoint, it requires a hell of a leap of faith to believe that IX and X are sitting there at INT but the world’s just not ready for them.

    How much more ready does it need to be? How many more mind-controlled recruits need to strap bombs to their bodies trying to start a religious war for the world to be ready? Blown to smithereens ready?

    So if the world is ready – and in keeping the theme of this thread, Look don’t Listen, it is very ready – then it is flat out a High Crime to deny OT abilities and powers to Scientologists who want them and are responsible enough to have them.

    Except maybe he doesn’t have those levels. When DM moved the goalposts by quietly never again mentioning the Old Saint Hill size pre-reqs for the release of IX and X, it served to place their release solely in his hands. At his whim.

  95. Or maybe downgraded those 270 from OT VII or OT VIII to do the grade chart over again because “they didn’t make it”.

  96. Frightened by the prospect attending this mandatory meeting but more frightened by the consequences of not going – you go – visioning what’s to come, maybe a meter check with somone standing by watching, then the long ethics handling and being hammered for hours to come up with $7500 for the AAC’s. Next onto the IAS reg to attain a higher status. It’s just not fun anymore and in fact driven insane you jump off a bridge or shoot your partner.

  97. Corolates with sin 2 of the seven sins of Narcissism

    Magical thinking – Narcissists see themselves as perfect using distortion and illusion known as magical thinking. They also use projection to dump shame onto others.

  98. From time to time in the past 2-3 years, there have been mandatory briefings, specifically for Clears and on up in WUS orgs by the Snr C/S WUS himself. These briefings warned of dire consequences in terms of being allowed on the upper levels and thus would threaten your eternity:
    1. of having people in your life who were even faintly connected to psyches, psyche drugs, etc.
    2. Pornography was very very sternly warned against, to be avoided at all costs, as it could cost you your eternity.
    3. Don’t be going on the internet to find out about what’s being said about Scientology. All you need to know about your church you can find at your local church.


    “The Internet will be to Scientology what Vietnam was to the United States. It’s gonna be a battle that they can’t win. “

  100. Here’s a gem I heard about OT IX by the way… from someone obviously ‘in the know’:

    I was having a conversation about a year ago, with an OT VIII (who had already done his Bridge three times). I mentioned that I was seeing some serious out-ethics in the field at Flag (out-2D, criminal investment schemes, pyramid schemes, 3rd party etc.) I asked what he thought about this (did he not think it was an out-point that OTs would be behaving this way?)
    “Ah!” he tells me in a very special all-knowing OT VIII manner
    “Do you know what OT IX is?”
    Open mouthed I admit that I don’t
    “OT IX” he tells me “is ETHICS! – You want to know why the OTs here are so out-ethics? They are dramatizing the next level!”
    Of course! That totally does it for me. How about the rest of you?….

  101. Marty,
    I’m not getting this Art Series 8 reference on this one comment. Art Series 8 is A Professional and how one attains a product as a professional in the arts. Is the Macbeth play the Art Series 8 Ideal Scene or is DM’s ‘ideal scene’ woefully missing in DM’s Art Series 8? Sorry, I just am missing the context here. Cheers.

  102. It begins with being aware of being aware, Mickey.

    Read again the data LRH released – by the early 50s – and you’d have to deny many things to yourself to stay on the downward spiral.

    In other words, a lot of Alter-Is. Now I know I’ve been good at that because, well, here I am!

    But it’s like forgetting something then forgetting that you forgot it and wondering what it was you were looking at but then one day someone tells you that you know what it is you’re looking at and you say, Oh yeah, so I do but then you go right on forgetting again. I mean, you can choose to keep forgetting but you’d have to work awfully hard at it.

    Here’s some other helpful data:

    Axiom 3: Space, energy, objects, form and time are the result of considerations made and/or agreed upon by the static and are perceived solely because the static considers that it can perceive them.

    Axiom 10: The highest purpose in the universe is the creation of an effect.

    Axiom 11: The considerations resulting in conditions of existence are fourfold:

    a. As-isness is the condition of immediate creation without persistence, and is the condition of existence which exists at the moment of creation and the moment of destruction, and is different from other considerations in that it does not contain survival.

    b. Alter-isness is the consideration which introduces change, and therefore time and persistence, into an as-isness to obtain persistency.

    c. Isness is an apparency of existence brought about by the continuous alteration of an as-iness. This is called, when agreed upon, reality.

    d. Not-isness is the effort to handle isness by reducing its condition through the use of force. It is an apparency and cannot entirely vanquish an isness

    Personally, I don’t think data gets any more OT than Ax 11.

  103. lol. The OT 9-15 materials have already been leaked into the freezone and the freezone has a far better shot at developing the processes since you can find people that still use standard tech. I wonder if the OTs still in the church realize this.

    You can get the FULL OT 8 outside the church as well as the original OT levels that never should have been dropped. Hell even Super power is ALREADY being delivered outside the church. The church needs to catch up with the freezone.

  104. jefretheta,
    Two points to consider on your comment.

    1) the field 26 years ago went off into varying degrees of WTF. With that, for the most part they went the way so to speak. What attention did LRH give these types? After much experience, beginning at the beginning, not much. They simply wither and die off. Beings want LRH tech. When it’s in, the orgs thrive. That applies to the field.

    2) the phenomena of An Essay On Management, as pointed up on this blog and others, is at play.

    The phenomena of flows, which beings who in varying degrees ‘become MEST’ are subject to (see 8-8008 under Terminals) is also at play here. DM is subject to the elasticity of the flow out of his overts having reached its limit. It is now reversing on him. That mechanical fact is being aided by by others, subject to his outflow, now ‘letting go’ so to speak. It helps that one gets one’s own ‘rudiments’ (ARCXs, PTPs, O/Ws, inval, eval) in as then, there is no place for DM’s outflow of destruction to ‘land’. It is absent a motivator. It is not returned ‘in kind’. Back it goes.

  105. First of all, the old OT sections (original OT 4, 5, 6 and 7) are there, compiled and ready to go and they are valid OT sections to be done after one achieves the EP of OT VII. So these are available.

    And OT VI is the real thing, trust me; I did it, (but not really) and if one achieves the EP of old OT VI he will be a real friggin OT, that’s for sure.

    Next, Jeff Walker told me, during the maiden voyage in ’88, that DM was releasing only the 1st half of the real OT VIII and that the 2nd half was going to be released at a later date. I asked why he would do something like that and he told me that he was going to make as much $$ as he could off of the first half of OT VIII and then release the rest of it as future OT sections (IX, X, II etc).

  106. i would like to add my two cents.
    Somewhere Lrh is talking about (don’t ask for the reference, i can’t find it by googling)that auditors are sometimes desperated when auditing their pc’s. They get a pc a to clear, the guy is doing well, but not changing alot in his life. But he is clear and it can happen that 200 years later the pc realises what all he has achieved and then will edify a temple for his auditor.
    Lrh explains it in this way that many pc’s thinks that the rust of the chains are the chains and don’t see that the chains are gone (forever). Many clears and OTs today are looking at the rust and think they have chains. They don’t know what they achieved – and in the suppressive environment they are, they propably see even more chains that don’t exist at all.
    So one of the goals of the indepedent movement will be to educate all those OTs and clears in what they really are ! They don’t know !
    I can remember the first NOTs completions. I never have seen such OTs again or heard the kind of wins.
    When charge (or engrams) has blown, then it is gone and doesn’t exist anymore, whatever a MAA or registrar or D(evil) M(an) tell you. It is gone forever. You are OT and better use your abilities.
    Isn’t it very simple ?

  107. Kathy,
    Qual will get to them. Ethics first.

  108. Yeah, we have finally to realise that we are grown up and daddy will not be around all the time to help !
    “who see in Scientology a way to transcend the endless cycle of births and deaths”
    Very good. with OT3 alone one achieves already a lot on that purpose, but today that is so heavily invalidated. Ot3 is good but you have to pay for 8 and do 9 etc.. to achieve it. Very funny, the people are being freed in the C.O.S and then are told that they are not really free. HA hahah
    The best is they believe it !
    Have you ever seen kids that had done OT-Levels in their past-Life. Its so beautiful, they are real power horses at very young age and develop amazing abilities in a unbelievable speed.
    We have a great future.

    Have a good day !

  109. Georg,
    I think we are seeing the minus CCHs as we write. It’s gone all the way back and reversed/black Scientology is the order of the day in the DM Church of Canthavige-ology. I think DM’s EP on his reversed Bridge may just be the bottom of the tone scale, and if he could, he’d invert that and go to new reaches as yet unknown.

  110. Free to think,

    LOL!! They were pushing that “message to Garcia” stuff pretty hard for a while weren’t they.

    Don’t give them any ideas…or maybe that would be a good idea! They can enforce that on people too and get some more “good” results.


  111. Sam,
    Oh my, we are indescribably lucky to have you anywhere near 🙂

  112. martyrathbun09

    Jimbo, I meant that apparently DM is using Macbeth as his Art Series 8 on how to perform King art.

  113. BLiP,
    Ok, yes, there was a blip there, I see it. I can what’s behind it too. Even as it weaves to avoid detection. Blip. There it is again.

    Hey, that’s occupying an attention unit. Hmmm…good thing they are in an endless supply. I can have one go astray. blip.

  114. martyrathbun09

    P Henry, Thanks for this. The filtering will be the beginning of the end, not the shutting down. What you note about planetary SPs being as CI to freedom of information and communication as DM is very true. Please keep us posted and if there are simple steps people can do to resist, please pass on.

  115. Linda,
    I’ve got a question, maybe a couple, on one of these points.

    IF any pictures of naked people are potentially going to cost me my eternity does that mean if I actually see a naked person live and not just a picture, like when I go to bed everynight, is it all over and what’s the use?

    Next question, I watched ‘Eyes Wide Shut’, and Tom was in it, does that mean it’s all over but the crying too? Add to that, if number one above, the real naked person is OK, but pictures aren’t then if Tom was only on the set for that film, and didn’t see any rushes/dailies, i.e., and ‘pictures’ of naked people, is he OK? What if he saw a print of the film, like saw pictures of naked people, would it count for him, since apparently he’s ‘different’ in DM’s view of the universe?

    IF pictures of naked people are the one thing that was missed by LRH as closing the door irrevocably and the one thing that is ultimate cause, never mind the Axioms and Factors and such, then how do real naked people factor in?

    I need to know, since I was going to open a Naturist Colony on this parcel of land I just bought and this one has me wondering.

    I’d better not look in the mirror after a shower, or ‘down’ for that matter and good lord, what about that naked girl in my bed!!!! I wonder if LRH and MSH knew about this!!!!!!

  116. Ralph, are you referring to Creation of Human Ability?

  117. Sam,
    I’d answer you except right now I’m occupied with checking the attic for old National Geographic magazines with boobies in them so I can get this stuff the hell away! I don’t know WHAT I’m going to do with the naked girl who plans on sleeping here again tonight. So, all this awareness of Ethics talk is just way too above my ethos right now. What’s Ethics?

  118. So let’s say for the sake of argument that the following in the original email is true: 1) OTs have been going out and looking on the internet; 2) lots fewer of them have been showing up; 3) they’ve been communicating with each other.

    So how would they happen to know who their fellow OT VIIs and VIIIs were?

    I’m guessing, and this is only a guess, that the enforced lengthening of the six-month checks is part of the genesis of this, and the OT committees a later stage.

    OT VIIs at Flag forced to stay for longer periods of time start to have more communication (and deeper communication) with more people on the level. Same with the OT committees.

    Maybe if they’d run VII like it was supposed to be run, this wouldn’t be happening now because those comm lines wouldn’t be there.

    Sometimes, enforced communication can backfire in unexpected ways.

  119. Marty,
    I get it now. Hey, that’s freakin’ hilarious!

  120. Oops, forgot to push the right Reply button. Again, I get it now on the Art Series 8, and it is really funny 🙂

  121. That button wasn’t me this time.

  122. It’s Ron’s Journal 30.

  123. That ACC comment may be part of the reason. LA Org has sold 18 sets and that is the most on the planet. It’s been a big flap and now they are regging for a new blue leather bound Dianetics.
    At least that’s only $500 and after the ACC regging probably seems like a bargain.

  124. Maybe it’s my glasses (the ones I should have but don’t), but I see parallels in this 7+ min video.

  125. Jim,
    You have me rolling in laughter :O) :O) :O) :O) :O)

  126. crashingupwards

    WH, as far as I am concerned, you have this whole subject nailed. Totally on top of it, able to see the various sides and issues. Able to percieve whats truly important.

  127. If you do choose to register with the Spam Block Service sent in the auto message, do not use any password used elsewhere.

  128. Ok…that was REALLY funny Jim!

  129. So sorry Jim but sssshhhhhh has never been one of my skill sets.

    But no worries….as you know it is from an HCO PL – and those aren’t in use right now so it’s all cool.

  130. Personally, I have never seen a reference that one dramatizes the next level, but I have seen that phrase used to justify someone not making it on the level they are on. Maybe the Master of Qual can help me out here, but I peersonally think that is false data, and I’ve seen it crash cases, as one is told they “keyed in the next level”, when actually the case was a mess, and needed repair. Is there a reference on this?

  131. Well I realized that my eternity is mine , the church does not owns my eternity.

    I am free and I don’t need the church to tell me so.
    I do not depend on the church anymore, since I left I am doing very very good.

    And I don’t really need OT9 OT10 and on to be free .
    I am Free now .
    (sorry for my english, I am not american)

  132. Partly – COHA is only a small part of the immense quantity of data he released. I have run hundreds of hours of solo on the 2nd and 3rd ACC materials and quite a bit on others. I run solo nots until it seems flat then the early OT levels which inevitably stirs up more NOTs to run.

  133. Thought provoking

    Okay, I came home and tried to catch up on all the posts and find this one. I have only gotten this far into reading . The comments are so hilarious and I am laughing so hard, I have to take a break.

    I’ll be back when I catch my breath! Now, where are my tissues..ha ha ha.


  134. I didn’t actually really get the full EP of Grade 0 until well after leaving the CofS.

    Just because the case is gone doesn’t mean there’s not other agreements acting as case.

  135. Yeah, for sure I remember the RJ, Jimbo.

    Here is how the original line up was supposed to go according to the RED:

    (begin fair use)

    * 6. OPERATING THETAN I. For the Dianetic Clear who has had his Solo
    Course, set-up and verification as Clear, this is the first solo auditing step. These OT
    grades have their own end phenomena but they are confidential.
    * 7. OT II.
    * 8. OT III. This is the big step and one has to allow time for it.
    ** 9. OT III EXPANDED.
    ** 10. OT VII. This is an auditing step by a professional OT auditor. It can be
    given in any sequence after OT III and before OT VIII.
    †** 11. NED FOR OTs. This is the big news of the OT world. AO auditors were specially
    trained at Flag and are just now on their way back to AOs to deliver it. I he new
    Division 4A Flag is an AO now and had its gala opening and its first avalanche of
    pre-OTs on December 16. There is very wild excitement on the results of NED for OTs
    as, of course, they’ve never been seen before on this or any other planet. NED for OTs
    can be given any time after OT III and before OT VIII and is a prerequisite for OT VIII.
    ** 12. OT IV.
    ** 13. OT V.
    ** 14. OT VI.
    ** 15. OT VIII. Although several upper OT grades have been researched, pre-OTs
    were not ready for them and so they were not released. The needed link which makes it
    possible is NED for OTs which is its prerequisite. The upper levels above VIII will
    probably be released from time to time into the future. OT VIII’s release is a real cap for
    the tech breakthroughs of ‘78.

    (end fair use)

    He also mentions the levels above OT VIII in the HCOB Scientology, Current State of the Subject and Materials:

    (begin fair use)

    The subject of Scientology is to some degree developed in reverse order. The task
    was to undercut the current level of Man and this was the general target. Therefore one
    finds the higher levels publicly spoken of most frequently in the earlier books and tapes
    (between ‘51 and ‘55). In seeking full application to others and attainment for them of
    their potentials it was necessary to codify the materials and develop processes for them.

    Any difficulties people were having with going Clear were handled in the mid ‘60s
    and OT levels as they exist in Advanced Orgs were completed by ‘68. There are perhaps
    15 levels above OT VII fully developed but existing only in unissued note form, pending
    more people’s full attainment of OT VI & VII.

    And later in the HCOB Tech Correction Round-up:

    For a number of years people have wondered when OT VIII would be released.
    Well, to tell you the honest truth, OT VIII has been in existence all those several
    years, and to it has been added a very large number of OT grades. None of them have
    been issued. Notes for all these grades are in existence.
    What I have been waiting for is 2 or 3 months of free time to go over these
    materials and write them up and make them available through Advanced Organizations.
    Now I will make a bargain with you. If you get all the tech straightened out and
    the orgs and flaps and emergencies off my lines and get your training in and your Word
    Clearing in and everything flying and this civilization even more thoroughly pointed in a
    civilized direction, you will buy me those 3 months’ worth of time so I will be able to
    afford the time to write up all these Advanced Levels I have researched. Do your job
    well and buy me these three months.
    Is it a bargain?
    LRH:act.lf.nt L. RON HUBBARD
    Copyright © 1977 Founder
    by L. Ron Hubbard

    (end fair use)

    Not to mention that in ’69 while writing the Target Series, particularly the HCOPL ‘OT Orgs’ he does allude to data above OT VIII and that same year issued a Secret or Confidential HCOB regarding OT VIII.

    In other words these data are there. In my opinion all that is needed is a competent person or group to compile them into usable form.

    Something that is beyond the capability of the current technical hierarchy.

    Whether this erosion or attrition was by accident or design is for speculation. However the fact is that it does exist, even at the level of Super Power, which they can’t even get right!

    For instance they are now claiming that the ’cause resurgence RD’ AKA ‘the Running Program’ is part of the Super Power line up which is in fact a lie.

    They also have plans to turn the ‘Perceptics RD’ into some kind of R6 implant involving special gravitational and gyroscopic chairs developed by NASA and special audio visuals which have absolutely nothing to do with the RD!

    Also they probably don’t have an auditor who is capable of safely delivering the ‘Bright Think RD’!

    We can thank Miscavige and his dark friends for this fact. Since it was them who eliminated ‘New World Corp’ and eventually destroyed R Comps.

    I’m sure Joe Howard can tell you more about this.

    Any way Jimbo.

    Hope these data help.



  136. Boyd H,
    “writing KR’s doesn’t apply, KR’s are for policy violations.”
    Re-read the policy, please. KR’s are KR’s, just as the title implies.

  137. Jim you’re a rascally scamp!

  138. P. Henry

    You don’t need glasses to see the truth in this! David Icke rocks!

    Man, you find the best videos. Thanks for sharing.


  139. Hi Veritas,

    Good point. When has any “commendation” or “status” actually carried any benefit for the recipient? It is usually just false “carrots” that turn into mud anyway.

    They specialize in penalizing upstats and rewarding downstats.

    Example: Sec check all the most upstat making Bridge progress every 6 months and put them under incredible duress. And make them pay for it as well.

    I never saw anywhere in the Solo Nots materials that a Solo Nots auditor needed to be sec checked every 6 months. It is another arbitrary that apparently was “overlooked”.


  140. Careful now. We are dealing with some pretty literal-minded people. They might take up these suggestions:

    “Coffee drinking will be MANDATORY. I am shocked, shocked you didn’t finish your petit four! Waffling over whether to eat a waffle is NOT an option!

  141. bcat,
    I’m sorry dude, but I just got finished looking at, I mean, throwing out all those National Geographic boobie mags, and while in the attic I found all these illustrated art books, so they have to go, and I STILL haven’t figured out what I’m going to do about the girl, so you are on your own on this one. And it’s Minister of Qual NOT Mastur, nothing Mastur anything, and I do not wear glasses except to read so it’s Minister, NOT Masturanything. Man, this is gonna take a while, I’ve got books to burn, movies to melt, and I haven’t even considered the words in some of these things in the library! And there’s that girl coming here later…try 8 June 65 BC lecture, there was something about this awareness level thing int there…OH MY GOD, the CAR JUST PULLED (I mean DROVE) IN TO THE DRIVEWAY…IT’S THE GIRL!!!!!!!!

  142. Does anyone have any idea on how much a “few” OTs is that turned up for the briefing

  143. Here is an analogy of how the COS would handle a customer flap:

    A customer buys a car and on the way home the motor blows up. The customer complains but only gets lip service and is told how they must have done something to cause the problem. The customer gets furious and starts to talk to their friends and complain about the company who sold them an overt product. The customer eventually goes to the Better Business Bureau or small claims court to try to rectify the situation. Only at this point does the “company” try any remedy and says to the customer ” you may have a valid point that could be looked into. BUT…since you went legal I need you to make ammends to me first before I can look into your claim that I sold you a lemon. So…if you buy another car from me first AND apologize to all of your friends and say you said all lies about me, then I will be willing to look into my possible errors with you. Sound good?”

    That is how the C.O.M-bots handle flaps and that is why they jsut generate more and more.

    Party on Garth!


  144. Marty,
    Is there somewhere on this site or elsewhere where I can get more of your story? I’ve seen the S.P. Times videos but am wondering if you’ve discussed the circumstances of how and why you left the S.O. the first time (’93?), why you came back and more about your history?

  145. I agree with you Huckleberry. If IX & X do exist there is no logical reason behind holding down the top of the Bridge until all Orgs are St. Hill size or “Ideal” for that matter. They are disrelated issues as I see it.

    I was at an MV briefing when the criteria for releasing further levels was announced (SH size at that time/auditor training, etc) and never understood the reasoning with regard to the size of the orgs.

    It would seem that having people continue to move up to higher and higher levels would be independent of the management of the expansion of the church; yet the first could certainly enhance the latter.

    However, if they don’t exist one can easily see the strategy being played out…find a way to hold these people off but keep them connected and under control.

    ANY stops on the Bridge are completely illogical and a gross outpoint; it isn’t just a suppressive act when “someone else” does it.

  146. …which IS???? Come on, P., don’t quit now!

  147. So….if you, like….dig looking at pictures of chicks with prehensile toes…that’s not, like, pornography….right??

  148. martyrathbun09

    I covered that in the SP Times interviews. It is under the Mcpherson segment.

  149. martyrathbun09

    Lise, a very reliable source told me sixty-one (61) showed.

  150. I think that we have to face it !
    After all this years we have to confront the fact that our will be the responsability for our freedom – the last step we will have to walk alone! The boots in the sky are big boots –
    Yes we have been spoiled ! Do one two three the magic formula and bang !
    It will not happen like that – It will be the glorious achievement of regaining all our power and knowing to be CAUSE.

  151. Okay beebercat,while Jim is putting something other than his ethics in….some …er..nekid gurl.

    The answer to your question is HCOB ‘Case Gain Completing Levels’.


    Seems to me that this “OT” is smokin’ something other than Kools.

    There ain’t no such thing as far as I know an OT Level called “Ethics”.

    Even if there were itwould never justify criminality!

    It’s like saying oh well the guys continually commiting overts….cause…you…know…he’s just a problems release!

    Say what, Kemosabe!!!!

  152. I for one, truly hope none of the LA area OT’s look at the Internet for anything other than maps and recipe’s… and maybe lyrics to an old Beatles song…but that’s it. haha

    I’ve got the perfect reference to send to the Flag MAA (or any other CofM spokeshole) you can use in response to their idiotic and incoherent rantings…below. (please liberally)

  153. Do those non scn contractors get a an 8 hour day or a 18-24 day like SO members?! My guess is they are treated better than an SO member who has dedicated his life to the cause.

  154. Great analogy Alex…shockingly spot on!

  155. Fidelio,

    Not only is that very insightful, but it just plain makes me smile to visualize the graph of that particular stat! Ahhh – talk about contemplation of optimum survival!

    So I guess as part of applying the correct
    formula, we should insist that dm does not
    change anything, and that he continues to do
    the actions that created the affluence. Actually,
    I have a feeling he’s going to do that on his own.

  156. Depends on what your calling a toe, big guy.

  157. Wow Marty, Thanks for that. I think that says it all

  158. Lotus Miyamoto

    It sure is unraveling for DM right now. I just got a new Scientology news mag and he looks like he has aged 10-15 years since the last mag. You can see the new wrinkles on his face. His skin is hard and dry looking. Seriously. He looked so cocky in past mags. Now he looks terrified and defeated at the same time.

    He’s going down and I think he knows it by now. He looks like it anyway. And now with his OT army not backing him as he had planned…I dont even want to think what he might feel like right now. He’s not so cocky now eh?

  159. Lotus Miyamoto

    “Watch your back Miscavige…we’re everywhere. And we’re looking at you, not listening to you.”

    Eh Kathy, dont you think this boy is frightened enough? Laugh… you really crack me up. You so got his number. Well said!

  160. Lotus Miyamoto

    You can say that again Theo Sismanides and DM and his gang, whats left of it that is, are pushing more OTs right out the door of the C of M and into the arms of truth.

  161. Lotus Miyamoto

    Oh my God! How I pity this person. The response you describe from this person is so pathetic. Sounds to me like he is becoming more of a slave instead of more free as a being as Ron promised. The scary part is that he obviously doesnt see it.

  162. Thank you Marty. It’s neither good news nor bad news in my book. It just “is”. It’s the truth and the public have a right to know it. No one should have a monopoly on information, especially when that information is relevant to helping others out of fraud being executed upon them.

    And for the record, I have never considered OTVll, Vlll (or lX or X) or in fact, would effect my ability to “transcend the endless cycle of births and deaths”. It was at some point before OTVll that I knew I had that ability. I would say that many of the books, which I’ve read numerous times and much of my training gave me that certainty. It’s interesting to spot that, but it’s the truth, for me..

  163. Lotus Miyamoto

    Ha! Natalie, your honesty never ceases!
    Good for you:)

  164. Lunamoth, you asked… so here it is.

    Know who Dr. Oz is? Just in case not…he’s one of the world’s leading heart surgeons. Good guy, obviously as seen in his actions, cares a great deal for humanity and he’s making a difference. However, it appears to me that he’s been being covertly herded toward helping to fulfill a purpose other than his own. Anyway, he’s become this huge OL and several months ago got his own 1 hr TV show on ABC. And his primary audience is women and we all know that if you really want to get something moving, you’ve got to take it to the women. Women talk to each other. They spread the word. They make things happen.

    Okay, Dr. Oz, onTuesday’s show, opened with an unusually foreboding tone. He’s says, “What we are going to cover next will keep you awake at nights.” A third of his show is then filled with all sorts of very scary stories and scenarios about bio-terrorism. During the process of terrorizing everyone with these scenarios, a guest “expert” gives the audience an instruct on how much arsenic (a 5lb bag), scattered out into a city the size of Arlington, Tx will kill (over 200,000) and there won’t be anything anyone can do about it. The “expert” then explains exactly how easy it would be to do such a thing and shows how to do it. And on and on they went. Oh yeah, they were sure to include how easy it would be to contaminate the food system. As a side note: I encourage anyone to learn more about our food system by watching the movie, FOOD INC.

    The instant I saw that bio-terrorism was going to be the major part of Dr. Oz’s show, I knew that this was probably going to be the next false flag operation. The set up has begun. Now, start watching and listening for the bio-terrorism scenario to show up in local news stories, tv prgm scripts, etc. Bio-terrorism is way more pervasive than blowing up buildings. It is just what the Dr. ordered to initiate Internet take over. Not to mention that it dovetails so wonderfully with some other SP agendas currently being pushed e.g., major depopulation of the planet.

  165. Lotus Miyamoto

    This is hideous to say the least. How suppressive can he be?

  166. P Henry

    The omitted here is the $$$$$ Billions of the Silicon Valley and State of Washington fat cats that would never permit the Internet to fizzle.

    Google, Yahoo, Ebay, Microsoft. etc. ….do you have any idea of their power and influence and their lobbying budgets to block any interference of their flow lines for their revenues ????

    The Internet Trade Association, The National Association for Internet Commerce, Content and Connectivity have bigger budgets than most 3rd world COUNTRIES.

    Ain’t going to happen. INTERNET is here to stay. Those who stand to benefit from the Internet’s continuity have the loot and have the power.

  167. I can’t imagine any OT VII or VIII reading very much of this blog and not having a whopping cognition and joining us. Therefore, I nominate this blog to have the additional URL, per Victoria’s idea: “Every-OT-VII-and-VIII-must-not-look-at-this.”


  168. That’s a way to get us all off the seriousness of it all. This is priceless!

  169. The only thing I’ve wondered all these years, regarding Super Power, is why, if the wins were so damned blow out (and I too heard one of the Feshbacks give his wins at Flag), then why haven’t the Feshback brothers woken up? (Perhaps it’s the delivery, which, as explored in one of Marty’s earlier posts, will always be compromised inside the C of M.)

  170. Dagny,

    The rationale for withholding OT IX and X never made any sense to me at all, although I twisted my mind in order to be reasonable about it at the time. I agree — the pieces fall into place when one considers DM’s inability to release IX and X . . .

  171. is it possible when you add a link to make sure it opens in a new window? I find myself reading along and when I see something I might be interested in I leave the blog. (I manage a web dev. company) I always advise my clients that if they want to add links to their sites that takes their clients to another site the link should open in a new window. Thanks
    Isabelle (OEC(Flag 1981), ex staff from Ottawa (ED in early 80’s) but not ready to come out yet.
    thanks for caring

  172. ummm actually RJ – I’ve heard that one too! Overall I suppose it’s a good way to explain away lack of case gain (or roller-coaster).

  173. Waffling over whether to eat a waffle is in fact a high crime. 🙂

  174. Jim,

    There’s a lot of humor here, but I almost woke up my spouse laughing about this one!

  175. Jeff Walker told you this? Why would he do that? Doesn’t make sense. I assume this was before he got declared.. being declared these days would seem to indicate someone is good, but JW was an asshole. Why would he 3-p DM? Was he coming around or something and that’s why he eventually did get declared?

  176. From 8-8008

    Here is what has happened to the remaining group members and OT’s especially and how they are so “Blind” still…

    Faith — Distrust

    There is no more over-rated quality in existence than faith.
    The subject who, under the hands of a hypnotist operator, conceives an enormous
    agreement with the hypnotist, is experiencing faith as it is commonly understood. In this state
    the subject can perceive anything which the hypnotist may direct.
    In order to understand faith, one must be able to differentiate between faith-in and faith.
    The difference between these two conditions is a direction of flow which earlier we found to be
    reality itself. Faith-in is an inflow of agreement and the placing of one’s beingness and
    doingness under the control of another, and is, in other words, the sacrifice of one’s universe.
    This is the basic mechanism wherein, all along the whole track, thetans have been recruited in
    some cause or mystery, and have surrendered to this their own identity and ability. A little of
    this goes a very long distance. It is in essence the basic trick of hypnotism and by it one can
    convert and reduce the abilities of a subject for any purpose.
    Faith-in is an inflow and brings about the acceptance of reality other than one’s own.
    Faith itself would be without flow where one was in a full state of beingness and, with this
    condition, one could occasion faith itself to occur within his own universe, or could occasion
    people to have faith in him.
    The auditor will find one of the more aberrative phases of the preclear in his failure to
    obtain from others faith in himself, and his acquiescence to their demands on any dynamic that
    he have faith in them.
    Because it is entirely true that a being lacking in faith is low in tone, the fact can be
    traded upon with great ease.
    Distrust is not the lowest end of the scale, but begins to set in as a neurotic or psychotic
    condition at about 1.5. Actually faith interchanges with distrust in gradient levels all the way
    down the tone-scale and they alternate one with the other as one goes deeper and deeper into
    the MEST universe. The lowest level of this scale is not distrust but complete faith-in, which is
    the condition held by MEST which is supine to any sculptor.
    This column might also be called the column of belief — disbelief or the column of
    reality — unreality. The auditor can expect the preclear as he rises up the tone-scale to pass
    through the various shades of distrust and the various shades of faith. This is often quite
    upsetting to the preclear for he cannot conceive himself to be rising in tone.
    It is very noteworthy that a preclear, when low in tone at the beginning, will pass
    inevitably through various strata of revulsion for the MEST universe and then for his own
    universe. The revulsion he can conceive for the MEST universe objects and for being in the
    MEST universe can become unthinkably distressing to him. When this condition has occurred,
    the auditor can be reassured by the fact that the preclear is rising in scale but has hit upon one
    of the levels of this column, and that a higher level and a more comfortable one immediately
    succeeds as processing is continued. This is simply a problem of reversing directions of flow.
    If the auditor is running flows he will find that an inflow is shortly succeeded by an out-flow
    and this out-flow is shortly succeeded by another in-flow. These are in essence agreements and
    disagreements alternating one after the other and each one is slightly higher on the tone-scale
    than the last.

  177. WP, I’m sure by now , anyone who actually looking, realizes that governments are the means by which the corporations manage the affairs of the world. The omitted is, who controls the corporations?

    Back in 86′ (probably much earlier) the CoS was presumed to be under the theta control of a most incredible OT known as LRH. Then, seemingly overnight, LRH was gone and this guy David Miscavige is suddenly at the head of CoS. And while CoS remained CoS in name, it became something much different. And so it may go with the INTERNET.

    WP, I do agree with you. The INTERNET is here to stay. But that said, the INTERNET we have today may not be the INTERNET we have tomorrow. Yeah, the name remains the same but the actions are quite different.

    Shifts of major magnitude are afoot. We must stay alert. Most things are not what they appear to be.

    Speaking of Google:

  178. Fellow Traveller

    Is this an example of executive C/Sing perhaps, just perhaps, from one’s own case?

  179. Yes Sherry!

    Certainty, not data, is knowledge.

    An interesting question:
    “if you were a drop of water and you landed into the ocean could you pull yourself out?”

    Know thyself.

  180. As far as OT9 and OT10 release go I have some speculations.I won’t get into what I think goes on those levels.
    LRH stated that they could be released dependent upon a number of orgs being of a certain size and enough OTs being made.
    I think that he did that because the material on those levels is too powerful to audit without a strong group creating a very safe environment.
    In the early days of OT level tech development LRH worked with a group of people in an ACC. The group supported each other. I talked to 2 people who were on the original PDC many years ago. Both talked of observing very high level OT phenomena.
    What I see is that aswell as having low toned group agreements that pull people down there can be high toned group agreements that can cause a mutual enhancement. If it seems too difficult to extricate the LRH notes from DM I have some confidence that a group of OT8s using early ACC materials could put together workable upper levels.
    DM is far too individuated to be able to do it.

  181. At the higher levels I think that one is dealing not with personal case. The real upper levels depend upon having the support of a strong group. We are auditing charge across the dynamics.
    Individual power and OT states are an ego trip which only extremely individuated beings such as DM would seek.
    What has occured in the CofS in a progressive individuation involving inducing people to write KRs on each other and commit overts on each other inevitably causing breaks in ARC.
    What is needed to reach the upper OT levels is the forging of a real 3rd dynamic wherein we can all trust one another.
    DM has done his utmost to individuate Scientologists in order to make them less powerful. Against a true group individuated beings such as DM have no possible chance.

  182. Screaming Affluence on OT8s having not shown?

    Hell no, Luna, straight up vertical!!

  183. “My dear brothers, never forget, when you hear the progress of enlightenment vaunted, that the devil’s best trick is to persuade you that he doesn’t exist!”

    Charles Baudelaire, Le Joueur généreux, February 7, 1864

  184. P.Henry

    I “fear” you’re right. Oprah Winfrey did a show a year or so ago about the inevitability ( in the near future) of a pandemic- a virus that would decimate the earth’s population. She had experts talking about everything from getting vaccinated to sealing your doors and windows with duct tape and living off stored food for weeks. I was aware while watching it that the apparent purpose of the show was to warn people to prepare, but the actual product was likely to fear and a feeling of helplessness.
    Mentioned more than once was the likelihood that the origins of this”super-bug” could be a terrorist attack.

    Now Dr. Oz.

    Whether or not a super-bug/biological weapon ever does pose a threat is not as important as our fear of such a thing happening. We know that fear is a control mechanism. Under the Bush administration Americans were persuaded to give up more of their freedom than at anytime in recent history in return for being “protected” from what turned out to be a boogeyman.

    I see a “pilot” for this kind of program in the campaign that was just recently run by our government concerning the swine flu. Horrible predictions of babies, children and healthy young adults dropping dead. What did people do? Out of fear, some got vaccinated, some stayed home (and kept their kids home) from work and school. Some did nothing and waited to see some stats.

    Nothing remotely approaching an epidemic materialized. In fact, the dreaded swine flu turned out be a big nothing. I’m sure somebody, somewhere, is studying his notes and making recommendations to another someone on how to “better handle” such a “threat” in the future so as to gain public compliance with pressure to get vaccinated and to be appropriately terrified.

  185. Regarding the internet:

    Yes, the c of s is a great example of how a truly beneficial entity becomes co-opted by vested
    interests and turned from something of true
    value to society into a cash cow and something antithetical to its original purpose.

    There is currently a deal under consideration, between Google and the NSA, to “work out” an arrangement whereby our information and our comm lines would be fed to the govt. with even fewer restrictions than now exist, in the name of
    national security, of course.

    This is the threat: not that we will not be able to use the internet, but that we will lose the degree of control that we now have over our own comm lines. Just imagine if everything on the web had to go through HCO before it could be forwarded to it’s intended terminal.

    Yeah. That’s what we’re talking about.

  186. martyrathbun09

    Just a note: Rummie and Chenney and other neo cons have gigantic vested interests in the “cutting edge” pandemic remedy bio tech firms. Its Merchants of Chaos all over again. Sort of like DM – don’t let them get in your head.

  187. lunamoth, I have a friend who is a master electrician. He’s my age, 58. He works union jobs (industrial work) all over the country and many of these jobs are gov jobs. I hardly ever see him and we hardly ever talk. However, a little over a year and a half ago, we had an opportunity to visit. He had just finished a six month job in Washington state. He said the who’s who of the high tech corp were there e.g. Google, Microsoft, Intel and more. The job was promoted as not being a gov job but he said it was definitely a gov job. He worked underground in what was basically a concrete bunker. He told me the walls were 10′ thick and the floor was 20′ thick. I was puzzled about why the need for a 20′ thick floor but he didn’t know. Anyway, his job entailed the installing of the electrical system to service this enormous computer facility. The source of the power to the complex was furnished by two hydroplants. One on the Columbia river and the other from another river.

    The purpose of this installation is too collect data. Tons of data from credit cards, drivers licenses, any and all kinds of personal records, emails, phone calls, etc. He was told that in 10 sec this facility could have all data available on any person in the US. He also mentioned there were many occurrences of sabotage on the site.

    What has been feared will happen is now manifest. This video puts it into perspective.

  188. lunamoth, the swine flu was not just a pilot program. It was a covert depopulation program that, because of people like Dr. Leonard Horowitz (who’s been riding the horse of vaccines being tools of population control for many years) and, especially, the Camelot Project’s interview with Jane Burgermeister, rippling across the internet, got derailed. The whistel blowers came out of the woodwork and got their messages out onto the Internet. And the news went viral. That in itself was amazing. But what was even more amzing was that many, many people listened and took action.

    In the city where I live there is a local news website that, besides presenting the news, allows its members to post blogs and make comments on the articles posted. I wrote a blog wherein I expressed my concerns about the swine flu vaccine and provided links to videos that talked about these concerns. The response I got was STFU as well as a private email informing me that if I didn’t STFU someone was going to be paying me a visit. I might add that among the membership of this online community I’m one of the probably 3% that uses my actual name as well as photo. In other words, I’m very easy to find. Anyway, I didn’t STFU and no one ever paid me a visit.

    Here’s part of the interview with Jane Burgermeister (the entire interview is available on YT):

  189. I don’t doubt that at all. It’s Group Withdraw. If the sit were in affluence it would be Reach-Reach but it’s Reach-Withdraw, so what does that tell you?

  190. A natural born revolutionary, you are.

    Yes, I knew when I first saw Bladerunner the kind of future this planet was on a path toward. It instantly felt so familiar. Talk about endless cycles …

    There’s zero surprise the Merchants of Chaos want to control bio-tech. Controlling bodies.

    Know Thy DNA!

    Great reference on Faith-Distrust JBurke. Faith-In is really where our comrades still in the CoS are at.

  191. Jeff, you said:
    >The OT 9-15 materials have already been leaked
    >into the freezone

    There *aren’t* any OT XI – XV materials to leak in the first place. Only Hubbard’s PC folders and notes, which D.M. has locked up in a very secure vault.

    Michael A. Hobson

  192. “I am in blood stepped in so far that, should I wade no more, returning were as tedious as go o’er.”

    He can’t change.

  193. Oh, my word, that’s AWESOME!

    ❤ Mickey.

  194. Sorry, Jim. You’re toast.


  195. This email was not thought through.

    Now all 800 (or however many) OTVIIs and OTVIIIs in the LA area know that only a fraction of them are compliant with Command Intention.

    And there’s strength in numbers.

  196. Darla what are you saying exactly? That you can KR this? You can KR people for clearing words but it won’t fly. Is that your point?

  197. I begun to watch the film… It was told by advanced students of Buddhism that the film is a popularized version…. Besides this, Tibetan Buddhism has a long tradition…
    I believe that OT levels are truly important. I believe other things too…

  198. It’s a quite a credit to analytical attenuation when one can invalidate others with what he has justified is okay for him to do.

  199. MP: roflmfaopmp@U

  200. Me neither!

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  202. *** — The CoS is losing support fast and instead of attempting to fix the problem, in desperation they are using ever increasing force and threat of punishment in a vain attempt to enforce compliance. — ***

    I consider DM & Bots an unrelenting, un-reforming, un-deterrred disease that cannot be reasoned or bargained with. Regardless what of his out-ethics, crimes, or destruction DM is confronted with … he’ll continue on right in the face of it.

    He cannot step down … he’s got way too much to lose … money, status, power, lifestyle, etc. You won’t find him in a sea-org uniform doing 16 hours of work a day, the RPF, losing his influence with the elites, or being disconnected from by the world and further stomped into the mud by those who have been wronged, hurt and harmed at his hands.

    Its pretty much a matter of life and death.

    He’s gotta be taken down in a ruthless and merciless fashion.

    There is no other way.

  203. Hi Isabelle, contact me. Esther

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