On DM’s Behavior

by Mike Rinder 

There has been some discussion concerning why people continue to listen to Miscavige when his actions are so contrary to those of a real Scientologist.

Even those who have left wonder why it took them so long to come to their senses. And then when they have seen the light, they ponder how it is that so many others continue – in the face of overwhelming evidence – to act like lemmings.

There are many reasons why people don’t just walk away – Sea Org members make an eternal commitment to forwarding the Aims of Scientology and to leave the Sea Org appears to be a betrayal of LRH; many have family members who would disconnect if they left; others have no experience in the outside world and don’t know how they will make a living; and the biggest threat of all looms large to those on the inside – the apparent loss of their eternity.

But still, it is puzzling how people can witness the most brutal and demeaning actions carried out by DM and not come to their senses.

LRH gives an answer in PAB 13 ON HUMAN BEHAVIOR, written in 1953.

It is a briefing to auditors on the importance of knowing the most aberrated and most aberrative types of personality.

In this PAB, LRH says:

What we will call the aberrative personality does the following things:

1. Everything bad that happened to the preclear was (a) ridiculous, (b)

unimportant, (c) deserved.

2. Everything the preclear and others did to the aberrative person was (a)

very important, (b) very bad, (c) irremediable.

3. Those things which the preclear could do (a) were without real value,

(b) were done better by the aberrative personality or by others.

4. Sexual restraint or perversion.

5. Inhibition of eating.

Anyone who has had the misfortune of dealing directly with David Miscavige will instantly recognize these characteristics. The constant negation of anyone around him, with vehement accusations that “everyone” is incompetent, and he is the “only one” that can do anything. His repeated refrain that people are “pretending” to be tired (after endless nights of little or no sleep trying to get his unreal orders done while he sleeps a full night every night – unless he chooses to stay up and then uses this to loudly proclaim how little sleep he is getting while “everyone else” is in bed asleep). He is often heard loudly proclaiming that the “incompetence” of all those around him is “literally killing him, by forcing him to work himself to death”. Should anyone protest or react to the indignities and suffering he doles out he accuses them of “dramatizing”. He repeatedly regales those around him with highly degraded and pornographic descriptions of their supposed sexual perversions, while claiming to be completely virtuous himself and sleeping in a separate bed from his wife to prove it (though others have noted his attraction to his Communicator Lou). He routinely orders others onto rice and beans for weeks or months on end, or even having them fed scraps in the Hole (which had to be paid for), while he eats a special diet and has a full time chef to cater to his desires.

This of course, is only a brief summation. One only need look at the many accounts in the media or on the internet for personal experiences of numerous individuals that cover each of the points 1 through 5 above in far more detail. And while the Church tries to claim that every one of them is a bald-faced liar and “nothing really happened to them” (though they never seem able to come up with a motivation for so many people lying – other than the bizarre allegation that Marty Rathbun and I are being paid by the pharmaceutical companies), there are numerous people who have observed the facts. And there is no doubt that there are dozens, if not hundreds, of others who would tell the same stories of their experiences if they weren’t being coerced into silence either by threat of disconnection from their families, loss of job or legal action being brought against them.

While there is much more in this PAB that describes Miscavige to a “T”, there are a few select passages that seem especially appropriate:

They speak very sternly of honesty or ethics and put on a formidable front of complete legality. They are impartial, which is to say they are incapable of decision but ride continually a maybe. They close terminals easily with courts, for courts are, sad to say, more or less of this disposition themselves. They feel called upon at no pretext to become adjudicative on subjects where their opinion has not been invited.

Anyone who has ever done the work on a project and had to get it approved by Miscavige recounts a familiar tale. And don’t doubt that he insisted on approving everything – anyone who attempted to take any action of significance in Scientology without his approval was accused of trying to “take over” and declared a Treasonous SP. Submissions he demands instantly one day then sit with him for days or weeks or even months (while rather than reviewing them, he spends hours berating people that he is too busy to be able to get all the work done that everyone forces on him). And when he does finally review the submission it is returned with a scathing reject informing the person that they are stupid, incompetent, suppressive and trying to destroy him by sending him a suppressive proposal. This can go on for months. It is one (though perhaps not the most important) of the reasons why the Super Power building has never been completed. Over 20 years there have been literally thousands of hours of staff and professional time (let alone money) putting together submissions to go to Miscavige that he didn’t approve.

Again, read the numerous accounts in the media and on the internet. It is a hallmark of Miscavige to demand that he approve everything, but refuse to accept any proposal that is made.

LRH goes on to say:

It will often be discovered by the auditor that the preclear has “swapped terminals” with these aberrative persons. The weight of aberration is such that the preclear has been swung into the valence of such people, for they have obviously won.

Virtually everyone around him eventually goes into his valence to one degree or another. And then having committed similar overts of their own, are far less likely to criticize what Miscavige does. This point doesn’t require much explication – just look at Tom Cruise.

It should be understood that anyone going down tone scale in moments of anger is apt to use the above-numbered steps one way or another. But this is a momentary thing; the above steps belong, of course, on the tone scale and are significant of a level on the tone scale. Thus, one going down tone scale into anger or into apathy, is inclined to use these operations momentarily. This is quite different from the aberrative personality. The aberrative personality is at work with this operation 24 hours a day.

Ceaselessly, relentlessly, calculatingly, with full knowingness, the aberrative personality continues this onslaught against those around him.

This is exactly what life around the Machiavellian Midget is like. It is all day long, ceaseless and relentless. And it doesn’t even stop after he goes to bed. Nobody secures until he retires to his private quarters, but many have experienced the nightmare of finally getting into bed, only to be woken up again for more harassment if Dear Leader was unable to sleep. Or he remembered something you had failed to comply with that he hadn’t berated you enough for during the day.

But, there is more. Ever wondered about his fixation on Idle Org buildings? Or his insistence that audio/visual replace real Scientologists in every Div 6 in the world? Or his need for dozens of expensive suits, luxury cars, exotic motorcycles, lavish living quarters?

These people, being well downscale, are very close to MEST and have a very solid agreement with MEST.

Or, how about his bizarre fascination and compulsion to be with Tom Cruise? It goes beyond the MEST – his private jet and home in Telluride for skiing getaways etc etc. There is something more to it than that, as LRH describes:

Men in the field of the arts are very often victimized by these aberrative personalities. The “merchant of fear” closes terminals rapidly with any area which contains a great deal of admiration. … There is hardly a man of art or letters who does not bear on him the scar of having associated with a “merchant of fear,” for these are vampire personalities. They are themselves so starved of admiration and of sensation that they drink out of others around them any possible drop of admiration in any form. Where a woman becomes a “merchant of fear,” sexual starvation is continually attempting satiation and all the while the “merchant of fear” will protest and, to all visible signs, follow a life of complete celibacy.

But, in spite of all that, can you REALLY be sure that he is in fact an aberrative personality? LRH gives one sure fire way of telling:

Now in case you err and try to apply this classification too widely, there is one definite characteristic you must not overlook. This characteristic makes the difference between the aberrative personality and run-of-the-mill human beings. The secrecy computation is the clue. The best index to a secrecy computation is a refusal to be audited. Because of this factor of the secrecy computation, and for no other factor, it chances to follow that the aberrative personality can be known by his refusal to have any auditing of any kind, or, if he has any auditing, accepts it very covertly and will not permit it to have any effect upon him. He will not have a second session. He has all manner of excuses for this such as “altitude,” but in any way, shape or form he escapes auditing. If your preclear’s unwilling to be audited, he himself may fall into this classification.

One definite characteristic? Those who have been around DM know he refuses to be audited by ANYONE. He claims that everyone is out tech. Ray Mithoff, who LRH trusted as his auditor and senior technical terminal on the planet is unqualified and “criminally out tech” according to DM. What about all those people in RTC who decide who is or who isn’t an in-tech auditor and sit in judgment on the TRs and metering of every auditor on the planet. Surely they are qualified to audit Dear Leader? When Marty Rathbun was the highest official in RTC and was entrusted by DM to exclusively audit the top celebrities and VIPs, Marty had the temerity to suggest to Shelly Miscavige that maybe Dave might need a session since he was sick as a dog and that he would be happy to provide it. Shelly looked like a doe stuck in the headlights. From that point forward Marty, who up to that point could do no wrong in DM’s eyes – after bailing him out of a heap of trouble on numerous occasions – was a marked man. And, of course, there never was a session!

But, the point of this essay was to explain why people listen to this little monster. And LRH describes why this happens.

The society at large is so accustomed to association with MEST and the “merchant of fear” so closely approximates some of the characteristics of MEST—the maybe, for instance—that the public quite commonly misassigns strength to such aberrative personalities and thinks of them as strong people or as wise people. They are neither strong nor wise, and before an even indifferently forceful attack quickly capitulate. They live their whole lives in terror of attack.

And with all that said, there is one last, vitally important sentence that explains the phenomenon of DM:

Because justice in this society prides itself upon impartiality, these impartial people—the aberrative personalities—are quite often listened to by those around them.

Look at all the fawning lemmings who worship the private jet he flies in and the ground he drives his BMW on. They believe what he tells them, though it may be demonstrably untrue. They believe his stories of “massive”, “straight up and vertical” expansion. They believe he is “saving the tech” (from what it is always unclear – some “SPs” somewhere) and “carrying on LRH’s legacy.”

But, this too will come to pass. Every person who sees the truth and steps out of the shadow of this aberrative personality tips the scales a little more towards the end of the insanity and a return to a true Golden Age of Scientology where freedom of thought, action and belief once again reigns.

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  1. martyrathbun09

    Words of wisdom, Lloyd, words of wisdom.

  2. Nicely written Mr. Rinder, very nicely written, not to mention spot on!

  3. lol…lloyd and marty get a paycheque from BigPharma the same as anonymous does 😉

    the going rate for anon seems to be about $50/protest..do you guys get paid by the blog entry? maybe we should all lobby for a raise

    (keep up the good work..srsly)

  4. That was a great LRH reference and really does describe the little runt. Great post Mike.

  5. Mike, there’s no straining at all required to match these two data sets — LRH’s description of the attributes of the most fucked up of all personalities and your description of DM’s correlating behaviors.

    I left the church in the late 1980s, was never on staff, and saw him only on a stage that strange night in 1986. But the consistency in dozens of reports I’ve read and heard that have been put forth over many years by ex-SO who saw DM’s truest self makes their reports totally believable and irrefutable. I’m especially persuaded by the fact that these reports come from Independents, Freezoners, ex-Scientologists, and people who don’t know what they are anymore.

    However, one thought strikes me hardest after reading your post: It’s as though this PAB were prescient, written as a prediction of DM’s emergence. It’s very weird.

  6. I would hazard a guess that 95% of us in our lives have never encountered the “aberrative personality” of which LRH speaks in PAB 13.

    That is, UNTIL we started either witnessing, hearing or reading about the horrors of dm.

    dm has provided me with a deep, never to be forgotten understanding of exactly what LRH is talking about in PAB 13.

    Having read it years ago, and reading it again this evening — I am able to compare those I thought were “kinda” like this PAB to someone, as pointed out by Mike R., who fits this PAB perfectly.

    It’s almost as if, dm has read the PAB and set about to BE IT.

    Mind friggin’ boggling. Evil really knows know bounds.

    Thank you very much for this, Mike


  7. Excellent! It just doesn’t get any better than this! Bravo Mike!

    The only thing I don’t like (and never liked) was the Golden Age of Tech or knowledge – why don’t we call this new upcoming era the “Renaissance of Scientology”

  8. This is a great post, Lloyd. Thanks for taking the time to describe “It” and even to itsa “It.” You’ve described “It” right down to every last nasty molecule.

  9. Mike,

    The impressions you continue to convey are so palpable, so vivid and so visceral that I can almost personally sense what it was like for you and the other execs to work with Mestsavage.

    Thank you again for sharing. Please don’t stop.


  10. Fellow Traveller

    Frickin’ awesome!

    “Of all our technical skills, such differentiation ranks the highest, since failing no other skill can continue, as the base on which it operates — civilization — will not be here to continue it.” HCOPL 27 Sep 66

  11. Thought provoking


    “…to be a betrayal of LRH”

    This really hits home for me and is why I stayed as long as I did. I kept trying to work it out and make it go right because I owed it to LRH. Leaving staff was definately a loss for me because it meant that I had failed LRH. As I watched myself slide down into the minus scale I knew that it had to stop – I needed to extrovert from the situation. Even though I knew that doing so would make my return to Scientology much more difficult it was the right thing to do.

    I know that the dedication of an SO member makes this computation even more difficult.

    I am familiar with the reference, great breakdown and analysis of how it relates to DM, thanks!


  12. Mike,

    It did my heart good to see you and Marty in a photo together on this blog months ago. Something had changed. You both looked so human… albeit spirit on a human journey… versus the “authoritative” and uniformed versions in church publications.

    Glad to see you stand up much more in valence… if you don’t mind the eval.

    When you get around to it I’d love to hear your personal journey of coming out the other side.


  13. Excellent analysis!

    Perhaps the most effective way of bringing this sorry episode to a close is to starve the church of income by bringing social pressure to bear on those who are enabling DM though their contribution$.

    DM is relatively impervious to criticism from the field, but big donors and Power FSMs are vulnerable to being linked to human rights abuses.

    Make use of their basic humanity and help them confront what their money and support is causing.

    Put it in terms that can be made real to them.

    “You are supporting the man who is keeping Heber Jentzsch and Guillaume Leserve in brutal confinement. Wake up and start asking questions!”

    “You are a Patron of the Church. Are you able to ask where Heber and Guillaume are today?”

    “Do you know where your donations are going? Are you willing to learn the truth?”

    The power FSMs must not-is what is happening to their selectees or they would cave themselves in. The approach for them should deal with the altered tech and bad results their selectees are getting. They are also concealing the existence of squirrel admin and the invalidation of preclear certainty that is being practiced constantly.

    There must be public exposure that these people are making money by exploiting the trust of their selectees. Instead of case gain, their selectees are being subjected to invalidation and abuse.

  14. That was a very strong and well composed statement Mr Rinder.

    I hope Miscavige reads is.

    Not that I expect him to come to present time, but perhaps maybe move in a way that shortens his tenure.

    With the press conference today, the pressure in Australia, the rock bottom statistics for the church overall, one wonders how he remains in place.

    His support can only come from the uninformed, and that is a rapidly dwindling group.

  15. Another Leather Bound edition for Mike, saved for posterity on the WEB. Thank you.

    Miscavige put out a Puff piece in FREEDOM magazine in response to St. Pete Times revelations.

    “David Miscavige: at the Helm of Scientology’s Explosive Growth” Yeah, right.

    Does a leader at the Helm of a Religion use vulgar language ? Beatings ?

    This is the exact sentence used about WDC Chairman Mark Yager, one of the original Watch Messengers on the Flag Ship Apollo and ED Int Guillame Lesevre, 35 year veterans.

    “The only expansion either of them has caused – was with their dicks in each other’s asshole!”

    This is an actual direct quote from Miscavige. They have been routinely questioned by DM as to whether they are FUCKING each other.

    In the COB meetings his foul language would make a sailor blush.
    Direct quote from someone who attended 50-60 COB meetings ~~


    You cannot make this stuff up. It is beyond Hollywood. Head of a religion carrying on like this ?

  16. Mike thank you for this posting. I do believe many will now see the entire picture. One of the orgs I had been on lines with had/has an ED that is just like DM in fact, the org had no growth then and has no growth.The existing field was regged into debt with auditors and CSes in on it. It was always a hill ten.When this was written up the Ed would in fact start an invest on you for writing things up. Staff did not get paid. Many staff were considered db’s because they were ill and many staff have died due to untreated conditions. I just thank God I recognized this 13 years ago and decided to get out. I could not imagine back then knowing what I knew to have stayed in this time. I got the tech and knew no matter how many times I would write things up that went unanswered and went up and up the org board to no avail that it would not change. Then when I saw TC and he looked and acted like DM I thought to myself wow. I know I have truth and I continued to use what I had gotten. I truly hope that those still there get their lives back. Every one of us have a story and for me it all appeared in KSW “the Ogre is within”.

  17. The 1953 PAB “On Human Behavior” that Mike quoted here is now posted in the Knowledge Center on Scientology-cult. Read the full article here: http://www.scientology-cult.com/knowledge-center/254-why-is-dm-so-destructive-to-scientology.html

  18. OMFG! I see it now! He has convinced Scientologists he’s a Kha-Khan and therefore can “get away with murder”. Look it up in “Ethics Protection” in the ethics book.

  19. Hey M&M!

    Can you guys hook me up to some of that money from “big pharma”……


    Sorry couldn’t keep a straight post!!!

    Dave if your reading this I suggest you cut back on the recreational drug use 🙂

    Mike another well written post.

  20. Good to hear from you Mike (who is Lloyd??) Excellent article. The LRH quotes could not more concisely match the examples you gave of DM’s demented behavior. A perfect fit.

    I’m happy to see that you are sorting through the morass of crap and coming out the better for it.


  21. W&P: Thanks for your additional input. Take it from someone who attended more than 500 “COB Meetings”, the language you quote only touches the surface of the iceberg of profanity that spews forth from the Machiavellian Midget. And it’s not just verbal — he wrote despatches to his juniors using incredibly vulgar language. I wish his vulgarity was his major out ethics, but that would be like saying the pus that comes out of sores is the major problem associated with the plague. It’s disgusting but its only a symptom of the real evil that is destroying everything it touches. Mike

  22. Old Auditor,

    You hit the nail on the head as to how to take him down. If enough of these rich donors stop sending in large sums of money and start asking questions, the house of cards will eventually come tumbling down.

    Articles such as this one by Mike should be widely disseminated to everyone on lines who is funding this smoke and mirrors operation.

  23. Very well done, Mike. Excellent analysis and how ironic that LRH has nailed him, too.

    The first time I met DM I knew I saw madness in those eyes, the way they dart around and widen, but I denied it.

    I got from that first instinct that he’s just trying not to be found out and that everyone’s a potential threat. That’s why he’ll befriend new/important people, then get them to compromise themselves after which he knows he’s “safe”.

    It’s hard living in a world full of Indians when you’re the only Cowboy!

    Not surprising he won’t get in session.

    I can (unfortunately) confirm that Cruise is totally in the little Napoleon valence, too, barking orders and demeaning everyone around him while he rants about being the only one with the courage to fight the SPs and how we’re all either incompetent or INTENTIONALLY subverting him.

  24. Great analysis Mike!

    I can confirm the behavior you lay out as can many of us who have left and used to work closely with DM for years.

    If you look up SP in the Tech Dictionary, there should be a large photo of DM and your analysis.

    His ego has gone completely out of control and with absolutely no checks and balances in place, we have the mess that he has created.

    I think LRH would be proud of the work the Independents are doing to rescue his technology before it is too late. In fact, I think he would be cheering for everyone to do more.

  25. QuietDisobedience

    I believe it’s a quote from The Shining with Jack Nicholson.

  26. Thought provoking

    why don’t we call this new upcoming era the “Renaissance of Scientology”

    I was thinking those exact words just the other day. It has a nice ring to it.

  27. Freedom Fighter

    Yet another piercing blow to the 16-inch armor plate illusion that is the C of M. It’s one thing to read, word clear, and demo that issue; it’s quite another thing to have a real-life example of it in full view.

    It’s hard to believe that somewhere in that seething morass of blackness is a tiny spark that’s basically good. Definitely the biggest test of What is Greatness that we’re likely to encounter this lifetime. Not sure I’m up to it and I’ve not experienced near what some of you have. At any rate, it will be one heck of a liability formula if DM ever makes it to that point.

    Mr. Rinder, thank you for yet another great post and thank you for being here.

  28. WH, Sad to say I’ve run into a few of these types. One of them was a politician whose out-ethics was eventually his undoing. So that’s my stable datum: these guys will do themselves in eventually. Unfortunately, they tend to leave a lot of collateral damage in their wake.

  29. martyrathbun09

    QD, you got it! It’s an inside joke between us…goes back twenty years.

  30. W&P, Sexual perversions are the woof and warp of a being in the 1.1 to 2.0 tone band.

  31. I was thinking Lloyd and Harry … sorry couldn’t resist :_)

  32. Brilliant Mike!!

    I think it would be great to send this article to everyone’s friends still stuck with the false picture of DMand get them some rapid de-PTSing from the abberative personality.

    I loved this article, for me it tied everything together in a real nice package with a nice red ribbon.


  33. Cutting off the money supply will help but let’s not forget that he’s sitting on a billion dollars.

    It will be exposure of his crimes that brings him down.

  34. Yes Mike, I know.
    I am one of those who truly duplicated your loyalty to LRH and the legacy of the tech which made Marty and you stay on those many years and to endure 500 “COB meetings”.

    This is a very tender, very private subject.
    But we are on the subject of DM character.
    When you lost your new born baby that Cathy had, I was around and in proximity.

    I almost wept at COB brutality ordering you back to post and not allowing you even a day off to mourn or get through the loss of your newborn.
    I saw what went down.

    I have seen the EVIL

  35. I have a question for Mike or anyone else who would be privy to data that would provide an answer.

    Last summer when I was “exiting stage left” from the church, the HAS of the local org was arguing with me that DM couldn’t possibly be SP because he always looked so tan, healthy, fit ,etc., as the HAS had been up close and personal with DM at one of these Idle Org openings.

    In reading the PAB 13 Mike has referenced, LRH states:

    “One often finds these characteristics in company with paresis or hears the aberrative personality has actually contracted a dreadful disease to add to his repulsiveness.

    The auditor should not err in thinking that these people always present a repulsive appearance; repulsive conduct precedes a repulsive appearance. At first they operate only mentally in trying to make everyone afraid. Then this begins to show up more and more in their own MEST and finally will demonstrate itself in their personal appearance. Thus one can mark the state of decay of these aberrative personalities.”

    I’m certain the HAS had the above quote in mind when stating his argument. The last time I saw DM in person was over 20 years ago and he looked “fit, tan and healthy”. 20 years has passed and at various yearly events and Idle Org openings, he still looks “fit, tan and healthy”.

    I am completely serious about this: Is what we are seeing the truth or is DM in private, actually an ill repulsive slob and the product of a good tailor and the Cine Make Up Artist?

  36. Hmm…. I was told by OSA “helpers” that Marty and Mike were funded/helping the BIG MEDIA SP’s. When I asked who these “Media SP’s” were the person became bright red and flustered and told me he did not know “who” the SP was but that there are MEDIA SP’s and by going to the media “they” are supporting these SP’s… uhhh generality much…. hmmm

  37. Great post Mike. Clearly and precisely laid out. — well documented.

  38. Old-Auditor,

    I was one of those Power FSMs. Trust me, when I noticed that all my reports on those out-tech and off- policies and unsatisfied selectees were falling on deaf ears, not only I got out but I also made sure my selectees are completely out too.
    I managed to pull most of them away from C of M, except only a very few.

  39. Thank you Mike for another great post!

    TC definitely operates in the same valance as his master (DM). They are 2 peas in a pod right now.

    I can clearly see an end to DM & his power pretty soon.

  40. This is addressed to the many Scientologists still on-lines who are now lurking on the Internet looking for answers.

    I spent nearly 27 years at the Int bases in La Quinta and Hemet, when LRH himself worked there (and David Miscavige was the video cameraman on the first Cine shoot crew), and when LRH was off the lines, when he passed away and throughout the rise and reign of DOB RTC (Dictator of the Board). I saw these bases morph from incredibly alive, all-over-the-Tone Scale, mostly positive but always hopeful operations to the present state of affairs that is chronically below 2.0 and where Boredom let alone Mild Interest are unobtainable dreams.

    I can attest to the fact that after DM consolidated his power in late 1987, with no potential rival and, as it turned out, no fetters on his exercise of that power, by mid-1990, the statistics of International Scientology reversed their decade long uptrend and began a decade long downtrend until at least 2000 and, as far as I know, have continued downward with the possible exception of Gross Booksales.

    I can personally attest to the observations that Mike has reported in this blog post. Many of you reading it may be in disbelief. If you could see the stats of Int Scientology and know that David Miscavige sits squarely atop the entire Scientology movement and is, thus, where the buck must ultimately stop, maybe your disbelief would at last be forced aside. Because we all know that the stats are the bottom line: auditors made and preclears well audited.

    When was the last time you saw real, factual statistics such as these? Not a fancy graphic at an event blowing by like a leaf in a hurricane.

    The hardest thing to spot is an omitted, something that should be there but isn’t. The cognitive dissonance you are experiencing now with respect the state of the church would disappear if you were able to see the actual, factual stats of Scientology today, the auditors made, the preclears completed, the Clears and OTs made, the value of services delivered. You know the ones that mean something.

    But you don’t see them and you’re not going to see them. If you have to ask why, open the tech vols and read PAB 13 in its entirety. Such a personality, if the head of an organization, might be able to work disaster on that one church but another church across the continent. Where would such a one have to be placed to drive down the statistics of the entire Scientology movement?

    I wasn’t in your org area. I only know what happened in my own orgs, CMO International and Golden Era Productions.

    It wasn’t pretty.

    I urge you to keep reading, keep finding out what is going on and reach your own conclusion.

  41. Concerned Citizen

    Dear Mike,

    I keep blowing charge with your posts, please keep on writing. I understand this very well, since I fortunately did not work with him directly, but had the misfortune of working directly under another person totally immersed in his valence. I dared try to audit this person and boy was that cause for an all out attack!!!
    I agree with your observation, and Thought provoking observation:
    “…to be a betrayal of LRH”
    “This really hits home for me and is why I stayed as long as I did. I kept trying to work it out and make it go right because I owed it to LRH. Leaving staff was definitely a loss for me because it meant that I had failed LRH. As I watched myself slide down into the minus scale I knew that it had to stop – I needed to extrovert from the situation. Even though I knew that doing so would make my return to Scientology much more difficult it was the right thing to do”
    That definitely was me, not to mention the fear of losing my eternity. But eternity was not going to happen in my position had I stayed, I understood this and carefully weighed all my options, and so I resorted to underhanded means to get myself out of the place while avoiding an SP declare. It is interesting that being in such an environment drives one down the scale and get’s them to do things one would never do otherwise, as I did. Thus old auditor’s observation:
    The power FSMs must not-is what is happening to their selectees or they would cave themselves in
    This is true of most people in as well, it is a big combo of many of this things and a weakened certainty (Stuck in doubt? Never knowing if one is fully right or wrong due to group pressure- constant inval, eval. ” you are not duplicating this policy” etc.) That sticks people, they have now committed overts too hard to confront in an effort to either conform or survive, either way, they must be right or painfully come clean to themselves, not for the fainthearted.
    But truth is very freeing; the kind of truth you guys dole out is great hope for those of us who fully understand what you are saying. I hope for the sake of those very decent people trapped in and blind, that they do wake up to the tragic course the church is being driven through despite their best efforts.
    If they don’t they’ll be blaming themselves, which will only cave them in for it is the wrong why, though to a degree they are responsible too. No freedom, no eternity, but the agony of knowing just how close they came to it, I don’t wish that on anyone, not even Machiavellian midget.
    Thanks again, I know what kind of courage it takes to speak up like this. Thanks too, to you Marty for posting these.

  42. If I were an SP, I think the first thing I would set out to do is declare anyone around me that I felt might easily be able to spot me. That way I’d feel a lot safer.

    And once the few who were not declared looked up from the ruins of it all I’d make sure I had on my best dress.

    I’d keep them all in a state of confusion by loving them one day and hating them the next. Once I’d beaten them down into total submission, yep… I’d probably whine a lot about how hard my life was.

    This is more work than any normal person could ever do, imagine being that exhuasted all the time from trying to hold all that energy solid? Whew, wears me out just thinking about it.

  43. You know, I’ve read this reference before, but I had never seen before this point that when you take dm and place him over the picture LRH draws with this descripti0n, you have two perfectly congruent images.


  44. Mike/Marty,

    Thank you for taking the time to post a why as to how this little shit has been able to do what he has done for so long. I just wanted to give you a full and appreciative ack for your efforts. Till the next post. All the best, Jefretheta.

  45. Great article Mike, fits DM like his custom wet suit!

  46. Soothing Truth Mike dead on!

  47. Hi Mike!

    I have to tell you that your story reminded me of the time when I was sent to UK for a uniform mission by Action CMOI. I was sent there with Karen Schless (uniform designer). We did the misson in few weeks and submitted the proposal to DM and it sat with him for months! Karen and I was stuck in UK, waiting for approval on this submission every day so we can terminate the mission! We got to go on a sightseeing of London while waiting , but what a waste of production time and Church money it was! We felt guilty and unproductive as hell every day for just waiting around for DM’s approval and a termination OK. I should have written a KR on DM for staledating the comm. Of course if I have done that I would have been sent straight to RPF and instantly declared an SP. This is just one of hundreds of incidents that I can recall, where there are some real insanity connected with DM. If we document all the psycotic incidents of DM from all ex-SO’s from Int, it will be the size of encyclopedia Britanica!
    Thanks for posting this and it’s blowing charges!

    Hiro, Atlanta Independent

  48. Theo Sismanides

    Mike this is a very thorough analysis of the character of DM. You take us step by step through this PAB describing DM and the aberrative personality. Amazing!

    Very exactly, very thoroughly. Thank you very much for this.

  49. Great Post!! Thank you for sharing this Mike. I think its very important that people like you, that have observed everything from the inside, tell this kind of things. So that what we knew/felt about DM gets ecknowleged.

    I hope (Postulate) that all those that still allow it to be under influence of DM’s suppression will see the truth too. And stand together and use LRH TECH against him, the solution is in the teachings. Let us Agree on this Postulate- as Considerations are Senior to Mechanics.

    LRH would have fried him alive.

    Love, Rose

  50. You nailed it!!

    The best index to a secrecy computation is a refusal to be audited. Because of this factor of the secrecy computation, and for no other factor, it chances to follow that the aberrative personality can be known by his refusal to have any auditing of any kind, or, if he has any auditing, accepts it very covertly and will not permit it to have any effect upon him.

    . . . now, why do none of the OT’s or high level auditiors not know this as well? What other CEO in the world is not accountable to its organisation by established means? Even in the Church the infallible Pope has to go to confession!!

    The only logical conclusion I can reach is that DM is not the only SP running the CoM. In fact, don’t you reckon the CoM at the moment would be the perfect laundering operation for organised crime?

  51. Theo Sismanides

    Mike I was about to send another comment on the Why of staff and Scientologists following blindfolded DM and it had to with the fact that they are in a transition point from getting to know things to really KNOWING Scientology.

    However as I was writing I remembered this one thing that happened to me when in TU and since it has to do with Suppression I wanted to say it here to follow up on your comment on DM’s suppression.

    I will tell you an incredible thing now:

    When I was in TU as a translator I had written to ED Int about the Translations Series not being followed.

    ED Int answered to me one day and I was really super excited that he was acknowledging the fact that I was right about those HCOBs. Still it was a 2 paragraph letter like an acknowledgement than anything else. That was not so good, still it was an acknowledgement.

    And then… listen to this… after a week or two… I got a letter from… ED Int’s Communicator who said that… what ED Int had written to me was not true… since he had forgotten a line in his message…. (wow… listen, listen) and the line went something like “but there are other materials at Int which are confidential and which state otherwise than those HCOBs” and some bullshit like that. I was left speechless.

    So who was monitoring ED Int traffic and who got him to sign such a communication? What was his communicator doing there and what authority did she have to answer for him?

    I now understand that she must have been DM’s agent. This is the Apparatus DM has put there and this is a subject by its own.

    I am sticking to the matter of DMs Suppressiveness (not going to post that other comment of mine here, I will soon though because I think it’s very enlightening) and I wanted to say that DMs secrecy and not wanting to be Audited might have to do with other (many and much more) treasonous overts and crimes of his) that nobody knows about.

    A full investigation must be carried through, all outpoints put on the table and start looking into what he is doing that we don’t know.

    I am afraid it’s not just DM.

    Mike, this is our chance now to examine things honestly and sincerely.

    I have questions, I am sure many do. These questions have been unanswered for many years.

    Like the CST?

    I wrote to Marty about it but didn’t get a satisfactory answer.

    What is the CST? How come RTC is a licensee to CST who owns the copyrights?

    What’s all this in i-r-s-ology site and the old Veritas site about CST and Meade Emory as the founder of CST.

    I do not want a brush off and I have not dedicated my life to LRH to get that on the Internet and not be able to understand what is going on.

    I mean why didn’t you guys dead agent even that data that circulated on the Internet for so long?

    This is a straight, honest, mind boggling question for me.

    All of those 10 years of darkness I have been waking up with the thought that I can do something about Scientology. So, now is my chance to get answers, logical answers that make sense and our chance to come out even stronger, not just as “Authorities” but as peer to peer to make up the damage we have all caused since anything else said or alleged is just a dramatization.

    My Why on the situation (together with DM) is our failure to TRAIN GOOD SCIENTOLOGISTS.

    But then Scientologists are on a transition point and they are in the process of Learning. I will explain it fully on my comment/article.

    What I cognited today as I was writing my comment/answer is that we have reached a HALLMARK for Scientology:

    A missing step which I am sure LRH would have put there, had he been confronted with this situation.

    And that stage is intermediate between a Thetan and an OT.

    It’s called IT.


    Did you guys guess it?

    IT… Independent Thetans !!!

    This was the missing step that was needed to tackle the Suppression.

    We now have it. An IT is not an OT yet, necessarily. And a church OT is not EVEN an IT as proven by facts.

    They have not made the grade yet. This was the missing piece that summates why they cannot stand up. They are NOT IT. Independent Thetans.

    So, here we go. ITs. We definitely are making them here. We need more.

    I will write my full thoughts on this, but it’s not so pallatable, at least for those who are still lurking or “thinking”. Why can’t they think and are just “thinking about it”? What is the Why of that?

    But anyway, for now let’s stay focused on Suppression and let me know about that Meade Emory D/Commissioner of IRS and allegedly founder of CST. And why we didn’t know about CST who is actually the owner of the copyrights. And who is CST then? And why that symbol (the CST symbol) on that mountain in New Mexico were supposedly LRH works are put in titanium. What is all that?

    I am not convinced that there is no bigger Apparatus than just DM. I don’t want to go into science fiction but hey, what the hell, don’t we Scientologists, than anybody else, know that science fiction is more real than people want to believe. So why so much afraid to look into things and hear crazy stories which after all might have give us some clues to actual stories.

    DM is running a secret agenda and we might not know a lot of things he is doing. He looks like an alien to me. Haha.

    Yea, this is the only logical explanation guys. He acts as an alien to the group. Like a slave master. So, let’s look closer now, we are not just one IT (Independent Thetan) here, we are many!!

    The inbetween step has been found and is being right now filled in.

  52. Dave Miscarriage is in a PSYCHIATRIST valence:

    HCOPL 24 Feb.1972, INJUSTICE:

    “Most people think discipline is bad because most wog discipline is simply harsh injustice.

    Most people do not even know that “justice” means fair and equitable treatment for both the group and individual.”
    “Psychiatry, as exposed in the brilliant book Manufacture of Madness by Dr. Szasz, uses the “justice” procedures developed in the days of witch burning, unknown accusers, opinions only, punished before being tried etc. Psychiatric influence on contemporary court thinking may well be a major reason for the present disturbed condition of society.

    Lord forbid we ever fall into such barbarism ourselves.”

  53. Excellent writing, Mike! You are great!

  54. “The weight of aberration is such that the preclear has been swung into the valence of such people, for they have obviously won.”
    Sadly Mike so true. I have seen so many Sea Org Members mutate from true and honest people into Miscavige clones.
    Case in point the Commanding Officer at CCInt back in the late ’90’s:
    At a staff muster one day he berated the whole crew at muster because a number of Sea Org Members had fallen sick and were off post.
    He accused them of being ‘out ethics’ for allowing themselves to be sick and complained that the rest of us would have to carry the burden of carrying their weight.
    One of those Sea Org Members (whom he specifically named at the muster of being a complete low life) went on to die of stomach cancer a few short months later. The Sea Org Member was a very close friend of mine and had been a dedicated Sea Org Member for most of her life. She died like a dog in a cheap apartment room across the street from the Manor Hotel. She even wrote a CSW to the Commanding Officer before she died asking for a Leave of Absence from the Sea Org for 18 years to give her time to get a new body and grow to adulthood (this was approved and she was given OK to die.)
    I hope that one day he pulls out of DMs valence and becomes the decent human being I know him to be in actuality.
    Thank you so much for putting things into perspective Mike. This really is like 3rd Dynamic Auditing. When you, Marty and the other members of this group bring truth to light I am reminded of my own experiences in the Church of Miscavology and able to as-is and blow the charge.

  55. Thanks for the write-up, Mike. Nailed the cancerous little gnome right where He lives.

    I remember seeing Him at FSO when the GAT was released, leaning over the FH balcony watching His “army” of newly trained sup.s and word-clearers say farewell to each other. A sad lonely little man surrounded by young RTC flunkys.

    I never understood (until I got the hell out of His cult) why He would look so hunted and glum at a moment of “triumph” – after all, if you believed what He’d just said, He’d reversed the dwindling organizational spiral all by Himself and a Golden Age was now upon us all thanks to Him.

    And by the way, I’m owed for my protest time too – can you put in a nudge to Big Pharma from me as well? 🙂 Tell them I was back outside Melbourne org again today quoting KSW #1 at those left inside.

  56. Theo Sismanides


    I didn’t know people are sueing the church.

  57. Theo Sismanides


    more here, found it on Thoughtful’s Twitter site.

  58. Pingback: Μπράβο στον Δημήτρη Ιατρίδη, που όλα τα προλαβαίνει! « Τσουκνίδα

  59. Excellent analysis, Mike, thank you for writing it.
    To add a footnote to your article, from good old Science of Survival, p168:

    “At 1.5 we have the individual assuming responsibility much more often and more widely than he can possibly manage in order to bring about destruction along the dynamics. He will play one dynamic against another. He may talk as if he is saving something or give very preservative motives for his actions. But no matter what he does, the end result will be destruction. This is a phenomenon which has been too little understood in the past. Here is the “death talker” who is going to save something from destruction by creating great havoc. This person will not listen to a creative and constructive plan unless he can see ways and means of using it to destroy. Warmongers and dictators are markedly in this band……the individual at 1.5, however, does not add any creation or construction into his computation except as a tool to TRUMP UP FURTHER POWER (emphasis mine) to destroy.”

    L. Ron Hubbard. 1951; 2007. Science of Survival. (168)

  60. I guess sometimes we need to get mad!

    the last couple of weeks were a big eye-opening and released the doubt “of having maybe done the wrong thing to leave the church”. For
    a long time I was assuming that uplines is the only sane area and the lower you get on the org board the more “group abberation”
    comes into play. However outpoints added and added and added… – is this the world I want to live in, when it is finaly cleared?
    Pretended happiness, fear of speaking out, neverending regging, pressed into actions, which don’t come from your heart…

    There must be more then meets the eye. There is the old proverb in german (I guess you have it too): the fish starts to stink from the head. And when I come accross the SP-Times article everything fell in place.

    Well, when Hitler 2.0 had his first big key-in in 2000 he surely got another one in 2009. Marty you landed already in the Normandie
    heading towards Berlin. You do an awsume job – just keep on walking! Thanx also to all the others: Mike, Amy Scobee …

    ML, Leopold

    ” … I’ll join the movement, if there is one I could believe in …” bono

  61. Theo,
    Keep in mind, as Sam has pointed up in earlier threads, this type of personality disperses attention purposely to avoid detection. Generalized entheta is a means to that end, disperal of attention.

    As it covers in the PAB referenced here as well:
    “It will often be discovered by the auditor that the preclear has “swapped terminals” with these aberrative persons. The weight of aberration is such that the preclear has been swung into the valence of such people, for they have obviously won.”

    So, you’ve got a contagion of the personality traits in the person’s under attack by the aberrative personality.

    It’s hard not to get dispersed under this sort of thing. However, that’s a key point, don’t get dispersed.

    Meade Emory was put on the Special Board to act as insurance, being a tax lawyer, to see that CST did not go off its mandate and stayed within the 501 (c) requirements. That’s it. He isn’t a plant, he isn’t part of the Illuminati, he’s not the next chapter in the Da Vinci Code saga.

    DM specializes in dispersing attention. Those affected by suppression, do the same as they ARE dispersed and can’t spot the source.

    Occam’s Razor, when confronted by two competing explanations, the simpler one is the choice. In this potentially dispersing situation, the simplest choice is the Suppressive Person, the Aberrative Personality, David Miscavige, has managed to infect those around him with his aberration. That fact, observed, opens the door to clarity on a whole bunch of previously unclear areas.

    Don’t get dispersed buddy, that’s part of the aberrative case’s struggle. Not a ‘conspiracy’.

  62. Network – 1976 – 4 academy awards, Faye Dunaway, William Holden, Peter Finch, Robert Duvall.

    Thanks Leopold.

  63. Regarding the Power FSMs, in my area (Twin Cities) our OT Committee has sent people multiple times to the New Years event to receive a Power FSM award. Not one of these times did that individual actually get 100 people onto service as required for that status.

    Our OT Committee was told that our representative was receiving the Power FSM award on behalf of our OT Committee, who as a whole got 100 people onto service in a years time. In reality that is not what was done. It wasn’t “Twin Cities OT Committee’s” name that was called on stage, it was the person who was sent, their name was called, their name was published.

    It was a blatant stat push to pump up the number of Power FSMs. That status was meant for individual FSMs that got 100 people onto service in a year.

    If that is happening in the Twin Cities, I wonder how many Power FSMs there actually are?

  64. OA, MF and Huck,

    It’s true that cutting off his support will spell the end for dm. But’s its also true that he has a billion to play with. I believe that what will ultimately cave him in is the severing of admiration. LRH talks about it in PAB 13. Dm lives for his international events where he can soak up the applause and “standing O’s” (he high fives backstage for every standing O he gets). His vanity will be his unraveling. (Of course, hand in hand with the termination of financial support is the termination of the admiration — the former he has in vast supply the latter is a commodity you cant put in the bank — its a habit that has to be fed constantly). Mike

  65. Thankyou W&P. You are one of the kindest people I know. I also know the suffering you were subjected to. Stay well. Mike

  66. RJ. Unfortunately the flow of funds seems to have been diverted. I thought Marty was getting my share, but its turns out he thought I was getting it all and in fact it was all going to Tom Cruise as he apparently does more for them than we do! Mike

  67. Right Mark. That’s what is so unfortunate — just how many people could attest to the very same insanities THEY have witnessed. M

  68. Linda. He is not a repulsive slob appearance wise. He goes to enormous lengths to look good — spending huge amounts of parishioner’s money on his tailor made suits, shirts, shoes, personal hairdresser and chiropractor. He has his own tanning beds. He is incredibly vain. But he also knows that it keeps people thinking that he is a cut above them — nobody ever said he isnt smart and calculating. He is, in the extreme. And the extraordinary time he devotes to his appearance is part of the calculation to keep the admiration flowing his way. M

  69. Linda,
    Part of being a good audience for the movies (something more difficult if you have worked in Cine) is ‘suspension of disbelief’. You have to be an audience, not critiquing all the flubs, bad cuts, lack of continuity and poor lighting points. That’s what DM has, an audience in suspension of disbelief. Up close, personal, he looks very much like Magda in Something About Mary. He just doesn’t wear that pink shade of lipstick. (Well, not openly. Who knows what he does in the Mansions). “Nice tan”…well, I suppose if you like the leather bag face look.

  70. Theo Sismanides

    Jim thank you for taking the time to answer to me on that.

    Well, first of all, let me reassure you that I am not in anybody’s valence. I left the church in 2000 when I found out that this guy (alone or not alone) was not applying LRH.

    I didn’t stay to listen to any of his bullshit anymore.

    So, I am not in anybody’s valence.

    I hope this is cleared.

    Now, it’s the first time I am hearing that about Meade Emory. That he was put on the Special Board to act as insurance…

    So one can go spinning if no data is provided. And this is what I said. That such data should have been provided at least when all this information started appearing on the net, which was before the year 2000.

    I was looking into the net around 1999-2000 while on staff in Denmark. So, I know it never got any explanation by anyone.

    So, you can say that one might go out and spin and start witch hunting or Illuminati hunting.

    Nevertheless, the Illuminati is a real thing and group. Globalization is taking effect… this is not just my nightmare, Jim.

    Now, if this is connected to Scientology or not is something to be investigated and not brushed off.

    It’s not either to create a ridge between us. It’s to be analytically looked at, data given in a proper form, as completely as possible and people will understand if the data is adequate.

    So, thank you for the data on Meade Emory. Maybe this is a subject by its own, Jim.

    It’s not, I repeat, something to argue and start evaluating and invalidating one another or steer up big arguments. It is a subject to be cleared up by some right answers. This is all I am saying. It has been a void for a long time. We didn’t even know about CST.

    I would very much like to know more about CST and all that is talked about on that site.

    Anyway, thanks again.

  71. I’m going to post this here although it could easily be grist for another mill.

    It goes to the point of artificial stat pushes made above by Natalie and Joe Howard and others.

    This is from Minerva, our very own Tokyo Rose on the OSA anti-Marty site.

    It betrays the fundamental bait and switch game DM’s playing but also reveals where he is as a being, as described by LRH in MR’s post: the only stats that matter=MEST.

    “The squirrels claim the stats have been crashing for the last 23 years. In the last 10 years the Church has seen a massive growth in its properties with Flag having been completely renovated and expanded, huge buildings and properties acquired for Narconon, Able and other sectors, numerous Ideal Orgs created around the world, huge new publications buildings set up. Contrary Facts?”

    Not a single mention of Well Done Auditing Hours or Auditors Made, the two that really count.

  72. We are saying the same thing Huck.

    Dissemination of reports like this from Mike will help to cut the money flow, which will cripple what DM is trying to do. It costs alot of money to keep the existing organization going and the more he has to fight, the more money he is wasting.

    No one thought the Soviet Union would break apart as fast as it did and reports of a billion dollars may be greatly exagerated. It could happened faster than we think.

  73. Mr. Rinder and Mr. Rathbun, and all you Scientologists,

    I am not one of Mr. Miscavige’s people, and I don’t consider any of you Scientologists crazy.

    But I have to say this: in order to make him step back or getting arrested, blogging, books, and media articles are not enough.

    If you independent folks don’t submit affidavits, evidence of Mr. Miscavige’s abuse in form of some kind of footage, photos, videos, audios, statements of the doctors who treated your injuries, if you do not win your legal cases, if no prosecutor prosecutes, etc. he’ll stay on forever.


  74. Well said Joe!!! Look don’t listen!!! Don’t even believe what we are saying here. Just walk into these “Idle Orgs” on a Saturday and see how many people are actually in the course room and in session.

  75. If anyone is getting paid by Big Pharam it would be DM and the reasons are obvious.

  76. Alexis de Tocqueville

    It’s not necessary for one to have been a fly on the wall at the infamous Kehlsteinhaus, as the Reich was losing WWII, to easily imagine Adolf née Schicklegruber having similar diatribes about being worked to death by his incompetent minions.

    Though of little consolation and likely of less consequence, lower management-echelon personnel have been known to dramatize the exact same insanity as does DM, as stated the 5 points in the PAB and in retrospect were a horrible witnessing of the contagion of aberration at work. One could be and was nigh onto nightly ordered to stay up till all hours in order to comply with or meet some unreal, or worse yet, meaningless target or exercise and then be sent as punishment to work in the ER until well past the small hours. Or one could simply be ordered for an entire stint of nightly reporting to perform ER mest work after regular production hours until one ‘had a cognition’ one day as to how out-ethics, suppressive, bad, wrong, etc. one was — the ultimate goal being self-abnegation and auto-degradation. In perverse contrast to this handling of wayward staff, the commander would chronically rant that sleep depravation was her lot in life and the fault of her ‘CI’ staff while she nightly snuck away for a healthy eight hours of shuteye. But this was from a person whose repeated falsified stat was the fault of some hapless victim whose own integrity and honesty was already besmirched by that person’s willing collusion in that and other crimes.

    Further, with respect to denial of basic human rights and of the individual, in a service unit one must be bright and cheery when dealing with the public by day so as not to ruin the artfully crafted veil of how wonderful and ‘distraction-free’ everything is, as one is there ultimately to help LRH and this is manifest in helping that public individual standing or sitting in front of you.

  77. Thought provoking

    Great reference!

  78. “Perhaps the most effective way of bringing this sorry episode to a close is to starve the church of income by bringing social pressure to bear on those who are enabling DM though their contribution$.”

    Anonymous “Epmty Org is Emtpty” policy and result.

    “Cutting off the money supply will help but let’s not forget that he’s sitting on a billion dollars.”

    Peoples right for Justice begotten through the courts via Law Suits draining that Ill gotten Billion.

  79. Theo Sismanides

    Now we are talking. I don’t doubt this at all P. Henry plus it could be that Scientology under DM gets secretly funded by such and other Apparatus guys! No kidding!

  80. I agree with you and Occam both, Jim. The simplest explanation is usually the correct one.

    But are we considering all the facts? We know that the church under dm has repeatedly violated it’s tax-exempt status – I believe the last time it was discussed in this blog it was the subject of use the e-meter for non-religious sec checks, etc. So if that status is being violated,
    the Emery isn’t doing is job.

    I’m not a tax expert, but do I have this right?
    And if so, then Emery not “catching” dm in his violations then becomes a string.

  81. Actually the Church of Scientology owns the patents on dozens of Psychyatric drugs itsself.

  82. Thought provoking

    “Though of little consolation and likely of less consequence, lower management-echelon personnel have been known to dramatize the exact same insanity as does DM…”

    I have observed this myself but what I saw was more indicative of PTSness as there were times when the dramo was in full tilt and other times a sane rational being was present. That is why I concluded that they were not truly SP but PTS.

    A lot of good people have got caught up in the management trap. I see many people who have the genuine dedicated purpose to help others and to get people freed of their reactive mind/case then get caught up in the organizational demands. These people just haven’t seen that the two are in conflict.

    If one were to forward the purpose only, they would see the contra survival actions entering in from the organization. Remember, these actions have been proven to be arbitraries entered in by DM and are not LRH.

  83. Sam

    This person you’re speaking of has been personally known to me for 30 years. I knew him as a dedicated, intelligent, compassionate and delightfully PLAYFUL human being. What he has become is completely unrecognizable to me.

    I resisted for years the stories of forced abortions, face-rippings and SRA ‘s from this guy because I couldn’t make them fit in my
    sense of who he was. Well, they still don’t fit
    but I know they’re true, and the suppressive valance is the reason.

    The upside of that is that the being is still in there someplace, and so he can come back
    to his own valance one day and once again be that same, sparkling being.

    I have hope that once the inevitable happens and dm goes out in inglorious disgrace, the evil spell that he has cast over the kingdom will be broken, the tall briars that have grown around the castle will wither and die, and the villagesrs will start to wake up and rub their eyes, and look (really look) around them.

    Yes, that was a reference to Sleeping Beauty. But I really do believe it.


  84. Old Auditor, Yes indeed, you have hit the proverbial “nail” on its head.

    “DM is relatively impervious to criticism from the field, but big donors and Power FSMs are vulnerable to being linked to human rights abuses.”

    The way to effectively turn the national/international spotlight onto the plethora of human rights atrocities that are being enacted upon the staff members, the “volunters”, of CoM is to link these gruesome accounts to the most broadly visible Scn celebrities.

    For example: Doing so with JT and Kelly would be optimum. They are admired, respected, loved and adored by many the world over and rightly so. JT is a very good friend of Oprah’s. Oprah has been and is very active in fighting human rights abuses. Connecting JT and Kelly, two upstanding and enormously public scios, to supporting a church that is engaged so deeply with human rights violations, might just be the “straw” that breaks the camel’s back.

    Another thought, for me, learning about all the orders given to mother’s to be to abort their pregnancy, has blown me away! I’m wondering, there are so many active ‘right to life’ organizatons extant, have they been informed about all of the ordered abortions in the CoM? If not, there is another potential powerful ally to help bring external pressure on the CoM.

  85. Marty,

    Will we be seeing a post covering the press conference of yesterday? I understand this
    isn’t an “order your own article” site but
    rather your blog, but if you have any inside
    info we’d love to hear it!

  86. Mike and Marty here is me calling the kettle black – but it needs to be done I think…

    DM is supressing Scientology and Scientologists.

    He is the who!

    By spotting him we are de-PTSing Scientologists and Scientology.

    And as obvious and over stated as it is, it just now as I write this had a profound feeling of ahhhh… restfulness the awesome feeling you get when in session – and the auditor indicates the right item.

    Thank you Marty, Mike, Joe Howard, Steve and all the independents!

    Again, this IS the beggining of the Renaissance of the tech!

  87. Antone,

    On what do you base your conclusion?

  88. That’s such a hilarious image, Mike, the high 5’ing backstage after every Standing O.

    I stopped going to events in the 90s when they became covert reg-fests and, to boot, weren’t entertaining! They dragged on and on with those pointless standing Os every few minutes. I stupidly brought a non-Scio to one and she looked at me like I was insane. Talk about Enforced Affinity.

    I now look back and imagine DM planted Standing O’ers in the audience so the rest of us would follow like lemmings.

    It’s very comedic if it weren’t so tragic.

    Mark, we are pretty much saying the same thing except I think the pressure of his crimes will be too much. Every time he puts out a fire, another starts.

    Time, place, form and event is his undoing.

    Once all the execs he’d tried to destroy found each other and cognited on the real Who, the downward spiral began for him. Now he can only delay the inevitable.

    No dictator has ever turned his fortunes around at this stage in the game.

  89. Thought provoking


    I think that you have got it on the admiration point! It aligns right with Factors 29. It is what makes him the king of Scientology and loss of admiration would truly be his dethroning.

    The money is only a tool to keep up the illusion, paint a pretty face, dress the part, etc. He is the ultimate example of “interesting” and would be nothing without his audience.

  90. Mike –

    When are you going to fill us in on internal OSA capabilities to monitor critics and independents so that we can protect ourselves and even catch them committing felonies?

    I think that would be an excellent use of a post on Marty’s blog, don’t you?

    Allen Stanfield

  91. Theo,
    It was not my intent to suggest you were in anybody’s valence. Sorry about that if that’s how that came across. I was referring to a factor of dispersal that emanates from the SP, and is manifested in those near him, in or out of valence.

    Hope that clears that up.

  92. Theo Sismanides

    In RJ67 tape (September 1967) Ron says the following:

    “Our enemies on this planet are less than twelve men. They are members of the Bank of England and other higher financial circles. They own and control newspaper chains, and they are, oddly enough, in all the mental health groups which have sprung up in the world. These chaps are very interesting fellows. They have fantastically corrupt backgrounds; illegitimate children; government graft; a very unsavory lot. And they apparently, sometime in the rather distant past, had determined on a course of action. Being in control of most of the gold supplies of the planet, they entered upon a program of bringing every government to bankruptcy and under their thumb, so that no government would be able to act politically without their permission.”

    This is what Ron said in 67. And he says: “And they apparently, sometime in the rather distant past, had determined on a course of action.”

    Do I see this happening just myself?

    Actually my wife provided the reference to me, not just because we both hallucinate but just because we joined the Sea Org for one reason:

    we knew we would get the full data from Source and no one else.

    So this datum applies big time HERE and NOW, no matter what others have to say.

    Now, what is their relationship with the church of Scientology if any, is something to be examined (especially under the light of RJ 67 and other similar refs by Source) and we better not invalidate such viewpoints as it does no good to anybody. We don’t know, we are now finding out. Some people just found out that DM is suppressive. So, we don’t know yet, I don’t know, at least, what is exactly happening.


    Today 2 Scientologists per a link that I put above, sued the church. Maybe we need to have some data on that, what is happening and jump on that.

    This blog serves as a medium to express our views and pass out data. Some may be wrong, some true. We have all had our share of suppression and failures because of DM.

    So we can move on and look closer now from a safer place. Let’s keep it safe for everyone not to throw entheta or stupid, freaking things but to talk his mind.

  93. When wondering indignantly “HOW COULD SMART people stay IN scientology” — re-read or read for the first time Lord of the Flies — William Golding (or rent the movie).

    So when your non-scientology friends or acquaintances go on and on about HOW COULD this happen? — you can mention this book (movie) — it very real to people.

    Arm yourself with PAB 13 – speak with movies/books that make sense to most everyone.

    (The news conference yesterday in LA was terrific however a few went on too long and spoke too much scientologese — it’s important to speak English (Germany, French whatever — not in code) 🙂


  94. An excellent analysis Mike. Thank you

  95. Mike, I am not easily riled, but when I hear
    LRH and DM used in the same sentence….
    well, ouch! Just hit myself in the nose. You
    write well and are spot on with the analogy.
    Marty, someone mentioned ‘The Shining’
    and Jack. I still do the best “here’s Johnny’.

  96. The repulsive disease he atracted is a mental one. One of the seven deadly sins is Vanity, that corrolates with Narcissism.

  97. martyrathbun09

    Theo, fine. But look up HCO PL(B) Complexity and Confronting. I don’t care if he is being run by the 5th Invader Force, all previous “handlings” have failed. He deifined “power” himself in 1998 interview in the St Pete Times as “whether people listent you or not.” He lives by that. That is how he arose, that is how he controls. They only way he will cease to continue in that vein is when the people (Scientologists) who listen to him are fewer than those who will.

  98. martyrathbun09

    Huck, you are right about plants in the audience. I saw many a toasting of Int Execs who sitting in the front row failed to lead a standing O when DM wanted one.

  99. That makes it all make sense, P. Henry, thanks.

  100. “Ray Mithoff, who LRH trusted as his auditor and senior technical terminal on the planet is unqualified and “criminally out tech” according to DM.”

    Well, considering the role played by Ray Mithoff and certain others of DM’s associates in ousting David Mayo and subsequently authorizing the widespread adoption of “gang bang sec checks” and other forms of “thug ethics”, it must be conceded that Miscavige has a point. 😀

  101. Sarge. Me too buddy. And dm thinks he IS the new LRH and is trying to convince everyone else that is the case while “protesting” that he is the one carrying out “LRH intention.” Have you noticed you don’t see LRH photos in Scn mags any more, just dozens of shots of dm with fawning stories about him doing everything and opening Idle Orgs. Though LRH had plenty of money from his book royalties, he never lived extravagantly (as you, perhaps more authoritatively than anyone on earth can attest to). Yet Dm has used his position as “ecclesiastical leader of the religion” to set up his personal berthing and office spaces in lavish style beyond anything LRH ever had. Dm lives for events and the adoring crowds and “standing O’s”, no doubt because LRH delivered so many lectures and he wants to “be like LRH”. But LRH spoke truth and displayed immense humility in front of audiences, dm feeds PR lies and soaks in the applause and high fives the “standing O’s”. Dm buys his own bullshit and has delusions of grandeur. Its almost a necessity for a grand scale con man.

    Anyone who believes that LRH would be “proud” of dm is drinking hallucinogenic KoolAid. He would have him shoveling shit in Louisiana in the blink of an eye. DM’s PR about his great accomplishments would stand up like a sheet of wet toilet paper in the face of Mack truck.


  102. Luna,
    It may appear that the Special Board is remiss. I’ve written Mr. Lenske and informed him myself of violations of the Trust on DM’s part, some time ago. Never heard back.

  103. Linda — Forgot one thing. Dm actually has his own Hollywood makup artist who is paid thousands of dollars for each event. The Gold makup artists aren’t good enough. He had sweat on his face at one event, that resulted in the makeup artist being sent to the RPF and dm “hiring his own professional as everyone at Gold is trying to do him in.” This is not another installments of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not — this is the real Life and Times of the Machiavellian Midget.

  104. Luna,
    One other thing, on the Emery string pull, just search him out on the interweb. He’s pretty much retired it would appear. So, when pulling the strings, as per Invest Tech, if they go somewhere keep pulling, if they dead end, well, get another string.

    When the outpoints are counted up, per the Data Series, it’s where the majority sit. That’s the target area for more searching investigation. Where do the majority of the outpoints assign?

  105. Natalie. This, just like the imported “extras” to fill up orgs for their “grand opening” video shoots or staged activities for IAS “medal winners” is just part of the fakery for the “Miscavige Standing O Show” held 6 times a year at an org near you. “Step Right Up, Ladies and Gentlemen and witness the Greatest Show on Earth. It will thrill and amaze you and have you out of your seat screaming for more!” (and if you dont come you will be sent to Ethics to buy another set of books). PT Barnum would be proud.

  106. Right Sinar. Goes with his custom bicycle, custom bowling ball, custom motorcycle, custom shotgun, custom shoes, custom shirts etc etc etc. You know how hard it is to be important without having special shit — because buying in the “Youth Department” just isnt cool.

  107. Yeah Marty. I got sent to the bilges on the Freewinds for not jumping up fast enough to give Dear Leader a Standing O!

  108. Leopold thanks.

  109. Thanks for posting that Theo. I hadn’t seen the LA press conference.

    Tommy Davis responds with the same patter line “the only thing I can say is people should come in and see for themsevles.”

    As if the multitudes coming out with horror stories didn’t do that? That’s exactly what they did, saw for themselves.

    And when one does go in to “see for his or her own self” — just one tip: be sure to look beyond the glittering styrofoam golden arches of MacScientology.

    No amount of secret sauce served with MacAuditing justifies the 1) The alteration and misapplication of real Scientology and 2) human rights and law abuses (crimes) that are perpetrated.

    Sure, junk food keeps some people fat and happy. Barely keeps them alive and coming back to spend more.

  110. Thanks for the excellent post, Mike. That LRH PAB is invaluable data.

  111. Hi Lunamoth,
    Is this person still the CO at CCI?

  112. And everyone will live happily ever after 😀

  113. Where is Shelly Miscavige, by the way?

  114. crashingupwards

    Wow, KB, what a perfect complementary reference to Mike’s article. DM is most often 1.5 anger. The question is how does one deal and relate with a 1.5, if one wanted to. I would think those in his close circle are somewhere between 1.0 and 2.0, otherwise he couldnt tolerate them.

  115. Not having investigated this myself, and relying on information I’ve come across in internet searches and first-hand accounts of events related to this subject, I’m pretty sure it IS dm!

    I’m sure you’ll acknowledge the possibility (likelihood) that there is plenty of other shenanigans to be found by pulling those other strings, but I do get your point.

    There doesn’t seem to be any reason to complicate it past that point, not yet anyway.

    One crazy-ass, megalomaniacal m*f* at a time is enough.

  116. BC Boy

    As far as I know. I had a question about that
    myself recently and wasn’t able to get it answered through google.

  117. Huck,

    Seems that Minerva is merely testing your abilities in recognizing similarities, identities and differences. Or sanity if you will.

    Or perhaps spewing A=A=A=Mestology=Scientology…

  118. Veritas: I laughed out loud at this:

    Tommy Davis responds with the same patter
    line “the only thing I can say is people should
    come in and see for themselves.”

    As if the multitudes coming out with horror
    stories didn’t do that? That’s exactly what they
    did, saw for themselves.

    Maybe that should be their new marketing campaign:

    “Church of Scientology: Come in and see for yourself – ENFORCED ABORTIONS!”

    “Church of Scientology: Come in and see for yourself -HUMAN TRAFFICKING!”

    “Church of Scientology: Come in and see for yourself – CHILD ABUSE!

    “Church of Scientology: Come in and see for yourself -FINANCIAL RUIN!

    There are so many possibilities…

  119. Lunamoth ~~

    Ken Urqhuart, was LRH personal staff and LRH’s personal communicator and confidante for almost 2 decades.
    Google him
    Marty did introduce him on this blog a little ways back.
    He wrote a good Ethics formula for DM.

    AS DM has fallen WAY WAY below CONFUSION.

    Here’s the formula Ken Urquhart wrote up for DM ~~

    1. Go away.
    2. Go very, very, very far away.
    3. Go further away.
    4. Figure out how to become a member of the human race.
    5. Start coming back step-by-step on your own.
    6. Don’t ever consider lying to yourself again.
    7. Permit yourself to go through the horrors, on a very slow gradient, of actually being truly in session with an auditor.
    8. Repeat from #1 until #7 produces honest-to-goodness case gain and honest return to the human race.
    9. Re-program.

  120. Wow, that’s unreal Mike – never knew that.

    You’re in good company though. Remember that most of the Int Base was sent to clean the Freewinds bilges when it was in Ensenada as part of the “tour” of the ship in the ’90s.

    Freewinds crew weren’t sent to clean the percolation ponds when they came on their tour of the Int base. Perhaps that was just a trailer of upcoming DM productions.

  121. Fellow Traveller

    Mike — I am laughing myself to tears! This is #2 with your humor.

    To have an idea what you have been through, to come out with not only your integrity intact, and show the sense of humor, playfulness here is heart-wrenching, in a good way. Insouciance personified, and I detect a boatload of “What is Greatness” there someplace.

  122. I beg to differ Jimbo and take umbrage at your dismissive attitude about a “conspiracy” one Ron discuses in various GO Directives, conferences, other issues and lectures.

    Also are you saying that it was purely serendipity and coincidence with absolutely no synchronicity regarding Meade Emory.

    A man who just happened to be a commissioner in the IRS contemporaneously and coincidently while the Snow White program was in play.

    Are you also going to ignore thousands of since declassified documents showing CIA and the IC’s involvement with Scientology and Scientologists?

    Let’s not forget that there was never any postmortem or Board of Investigation done after the debacle that occurred with the GO, so we do not know for sure that infiltration that occurred then had been rectified as Miscavige claimed or still continues today.

    In other words are you willing to take the word of a obvious aberrative personality over what Ron says in the HCOPL Counter Espionage and the other directives, issues, conferences and lectures I’ve cited earlier?

    How do you know that Miscavige is not merely a diversion or deception operation and that the actual forces who actually control the Church of Scientology are not hiding behind his obvious front?

  123. Whether SO, staff or public this operation, for lack of a better term, is much like an insidous desease; developing so gradually as to be well established before becoming apparent.

  124. Yea, I’ve been wondering the same thing, particularly since there are photos on the internet of Miscavige having the body language of being in a 2D with his assistant.



  125. Natalie,
    It was the same for Flag OT Committee. Literally they were begging people to go to “accept” the Power FSM award on behalf of the Flag OTC because Flag had to send 10 people. Some of the people who went to ‘represent’ only had a few selectees. These same people came back and boasted that they were Flag Power FSM’s… woohooo!!! STATUS!! =P

  126. Must be how Tom paid off that last Patron level of his I believe it as called craniumupuranus or some weird latin name like that.

    Thanks Mike

    I’ll give IG Farben a call….

    They say Tom’s on the line right now and to call back later.


  127. Mike,

    You and I have worked on and off together for over 25 years. You were a friend and gave sound counsel during many trying times. Can you please email me at my hushmail address.

  128. Kathy Braceland

    Touche’ Mike.

  129. Okay. Is it me or does ‘Lloyd’ look exactly like DM’s less evil twin??

    (BTW Mike Rinder, thank your for the outstanding article. More please, more!)

  130. Mike, Thank you. I’m blowing again. This time
    its ‘Charge’. VWD, MLV

  131. This article really hit home. DM will go down in history as the most villaneous SP that ever attacked LRH and Scientology.

  132. Marty or Mike.

    A few people (from the Church and from the independent field) have tried to compare what you are doing in present time to what happened back in the 80s with David Mayo and others.

    But even though I was not in the 80s, I have the impression that this is not the same at all.

    Would you care to post an article explaining from your view point what happened with David Mayo in the 80s and what is the difference between that time and present time mass desertion?

    Thank you.

  133. I weep for you, hearing this Mike. What an incredibly cruel thing to do. The cruelty of DM never ceases to amaze me.

  134. Truth,

    Wow, what a great stat! You should write up your hat on this and send it to all the other Power FSMs. You know how to do it, and disseminating your hat could accelerate the decline of DM and the rise of the Independent movement.

  135. Thank you so much Mike for being a regular citizen, thanks to Marty for starting this blog, and allowing your viewpoints to become public.

    I think DM has some LRH writings that run in DM’s head, in church lingo, as misunderstoods.

    I think DM is running on some of the LRH’s traffic to ASI, the “million dollar look” image that ASI staff were to have, as LRH’s representatives.

    I think is running on the 1983 “Proof” Ron’s Journal, which gave DM and MY and the others the pat on the head as the tough new leaders of Scientology.

    I think DM is running also on LRH ED 339R Int, the part about the “hosannas” will someday be for “you”, meaning whichever staff execute LRH’s policies and get the expansion going.

    He’s not just a sociopath, but I think he’s so above everyone else, he thinks he’s the only one who can even grasp how “on source” he is.

    In Scientology tech terms, he’s got misunderstoods on all these LRH references that he thinks he’s the supreme example of being the most on source executor of these references.

    When I was at ASI, in 1994, he ordered that the “COB ASI” advices be removed from the ASI comptuers, and put on a seperate computer and that computer given to his “COB RTC” office, so as to have that LRH traffic which was from LRH to COB ASI, and DM was COB ASI.

    That traffic was pretty insignificant, far more important things were said to individual ASI staffers, not to the COB ASI post.

    Anyways, with more people like you speaking up sensibly and honorably, and honestly and plainly, then it will make it so more of the Paul Haggis quality Scientologists can finally step up also.

    Thankyou very much Mike for being a normal citizen and sharing your opinions.

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  137. Hi Mike,

    I didn’t know you had such a sense of humor!! I am enjoying it, thanks!


  138. OMG Mike, that’s awful! Was it Nancy Vaughn by chance, who got sent to the RPF? Well, at least the Hollywood makeup artist can count herself/himself lucky they can’t be sent to the RPF!

  139. Mike…are you actually stating here church funds were given directly to Tom Cruise, a public parishoner? What in the world for? How’d that get through FP Committee for that week? If true, any idea the amounts?

  140. Regarding Meade Emory – he was not an IRS commisioner nor a deputy. He was an assistant to a commisioner for 2 years – quite a different matter.

  141. This is another great article. I am still so amazed that this is really happening in Scientology. DM has it set that the moment anyone comes along and questions any of his actions he is going to get himself nuked in no time. The people that are left to run the SO are either robots, have deep seated family connections or are too old to start new. This is horrible.

  142. many of my true friends were auditors and CS’s who have passed on. Most for lack of care and I am pi–ed off! These were people who dedicated their lives to LRH in the SO. They through the correct application of the tech allowed me to have wins beyond my imagination. I told my Class 12 auditor on her death bed “I will see you in lights on stage in New York”! she truly wanted to Sing and Dance and had put it off for the next time. You know she giggled as only she could and then she passed. Now here was a women who had lost her husband and joined the SO with her children and what a wonderful Class XII she had become and then she ended up on the RPF because she did not agree with the Golden Age of Tech. She died of breast cancer.

    Perhaps we should all attend an event where we know that DM will be and all stand up and shout “go far away now”. He can’t have everyone removed. This has gone on to dam
    long. Thanks to you all for exposing the truth. I know many who are now looking and moving forward and what a process this has all been.

    This ones for you Claire.
    You will always be in my heart. Carol

  143. From Wikipedia:

    Nicolae Ceauşescu

    Nicolae Ceauşescu (Romanian pronunciation: [nikoˈla.e tʃa.uˈʃesku]; 26 January 1918 – 25 December 1989) Dictator of Romania from 1974 to 1989.

    By 1989, Ceauşescu was showing signs of complete denial of reality. While the country was going through extremely difficult times with long bread queues in front of empty food shops, he was often shown on state TV entering stores filled with food supplies, visiting large food and arts festivals, while praising the “high living standard” achieved under his rule.

    Special contingents of food deliveries would fill stores before his visits, and even well-fed cows would be transported across country in anticipation of his visits to farms. Staples such as flour, eggs, butter and milk were difficult to find and most people started to depend on small gardens grown either in small city alleys or out in the country. In late 1989, daily TV broadcasts showed lists of CAPs (kolkhozes) with alleged record harvests, in blatant contradiction to the shortages experienced by the average Romanian at the time.

    Some people, believing that Ceauşescu was not aware of what was going on in the country, attempted to hand him petitions and complaint letters during his many visits around the country. However, each time he got a letter, he would immediately pass it on to members of his security. Whether or not Ceauşescu ever read any of them will probably remain unknown. It was common knowledge that people attempting to hand letters directly to Ceauşescu risked adverse consequences, courtesy of the secret police Securitate. People were strongly discouraged from addressing him and there was a general sense that things had reached an overall low.

    (In 1989 he was put on trial and executed)

    End of story.

  144. Who will be the judge of what falls in or outside sexual perversion ?

  145. M & M or anyone…re: DM’s anger: I heard a story DM installed two solid copper rods driven into the ground that in fits of anger he grabs hold of in order to discharge his anger through and into the earth.

    Fact or fiction?

  146. John Doe, no it’s not just you. I thought the same!

  147. Natalie and Chrissie,

    You are absolutely correct! This stat push and fake Power FSM bodies/names is completely DM’s stage show. I have seen this happen year after year in our local OTC. Those who hardly disseminated or brought new public to the org would be taken up on the stage by Dan Brown and other DM’s poppets to show public Scientologists at the event a fake “expansion”!
    It made me sick. I confronted them several times, but no one was willing to listen.

  148. Mike ~~~~

    I am all too aware of the DM atrocities on you, from the bilges, to the beatings, to bashing your head against walls, to incurring serious bruises on you (Assault and Battery~~ felonies) to sewer cleaning (the ponds) and endless sadistic punishments.

    You went through it and SURVIVED it all ~~ You are a TRUE BLUE from the Flagship Apollo that had a line directly to LRH and from an Australian family that is Scientology Royalty.

    I salute you

    Sharon ~~

    When Cathy delivered a beautiful baby boy that did not make it, Mike Rinder was not permitted to leave INT to Clearwater to see his wife even on the death of his son.

    No parent should have to bury a child.
    The pain on losing a baby at birth is very deep.

    DM the sadist ordered Mike continue post and would not permit him to bury his own baby boy.
    These private things are tough to say on the web, but I want you to see the human side of Mike and what unspeakable torments he endured.

  149. That was Sarni Wiley Linda. There was also a separate guy who does his hair as well for the events a the various places, flown in from LA.

    We were regged to get these expensive haircuts as well to keep him busy.

  150. W&P


    I am rolling on the floor – what a piece of work that is!

    I am going to go to Ken’s site and congratulate him. Wow, is that good!

  151. True Ralph he was assistant to the commissioner on a special Taxation Task Force in the mid to late 70’s.

    My mistake.

    However, you slice it. They are still interesting creds.

  152. “Machiavellian Midget”? As long as we’re going to use metaphors, or euphemisms, how about one that is far more accurate and appropriate: i.e. “Emperor McSavage”

    On the second half of tape # 50 of the PDC tapes, LRH talks about finding some of the “more important” thetans who may have committed too many overts to pick up a body, and who are therefor, beyond the reach of auditing. He mentions Hannibal, and Napoleon, specifically.

    It seems to me that the self-anointed “Emperor” of the Church, demonstrates the exact same antisocial personality characteristics shared by Napoleon, who stole the Republic of France from the French people by force, and crowned himself the “Emperor” of the realm.

    Isn’t it possible “Emperor McSavage”, who hasn’t received enough auditing to handle his dramatizations, could be nothing more, or less, than Napoleon reincarnated?

    Regardless of the personae, the crown he wears as the “leader of Scientology” fits solidly on his head as long as one protests or challenges his right to wear it.

    It’s time that we, who aspire to apply KSW, by whatever action necessary, knock the crown off! Mad men relent to force, and force alone. Reason and righteousness have no place here.

    Remember Waterloo. Remember Waterloo.

  153. Looks like DM is trying to make Lou look like Katie, the hairdos and all… quite sick..wouldn’t doubt that DM probably has secret aspirations for Katie and fullfilling that dream via Lou, meanwhile where is his wife who stood by his side by years, disposed of like everyone else who no longer serves his purpose. I’m waiting for that blog Marty on the crimes that were committed by the 2 missionaires sent out to find TC’s 2D?

    What a nightmare.

  154. This is a famous example of critical mass.

    “The mass meeting of December 21, held in what is now Revolution Square, degenerated into chaos. The image of Ceauşescu’s uncomprehending expression as the crowd began to boo him remains one of the defining moments of the collapse of Communism in Eastern Europe. The stunned couple (the dictator and his wife), failing to control the crowds, finally took cover inside the building, where they remained until the next day. The rest of the day saw a revolt of the Bucharest population..”

    Booing DM at an event is a good next step.

  155. CD, I’ll answer your question with this statement: Scientology is the only way I know of getting rid of those characteristics and impulses about yourself that you don’t want and can’t control.

  156. Mickey. Unfortunately, this is fact. And as with a lot of the other bizarre things you read about Miscavige, I was there at the inception. There is a half inch copper wire sunk 6 feet into the ground with about 3 feet above ground on a small patch of grass in front of the Cine Conference Room in Gold. This was installed at dm’s orders so I could go outside and stand holding the copper wires so that the enturbulation and entheta I was spreading across the room and contaminating Dear Leader could be “earthed” and thereby dissipated. Of course, dm intimated to everyone that this was some secret process that he had an “inside line” on contained in the OT levels. If this sounds absolutely bonkers, it is. But I am proud of the fact that this new piece of “dm tech” was developed on my behalf for the benefit of mankind (from me?)! It goes along with some of his other major breakthroughs — church leader private jet tech (to ensure he never has to suffer the indignity of waiting in line which would ruin his serene magnificence), punch out tech (deals with even the most stubbornly defiant enngrammic commands that prevent people from bowing and scraping appropriately) and on and on, too many to be counted!

  157. Mickey, it’d be interesting to tally up how much in parishioner’s donations have been authorized by DM for the purpose of lavishing TC. The MRs would be much better placed than me to guesstimate.

  158. Hair of the dag that bit ya Lloyd.
    Hair of the dog.

  159. Sinar, Minerva was the Roman virgin goddess of poetry, medicine, wisdom, commerce, weaving, crafts, magic, and the inventor of music. She is often depicted with an owl, her sacred creature and, through this connection, a symbol of wisdom.

    So it follows that our OSA Minerva fancies herself as a very wise woman and as such she knows she’ll be RPF’ed in a heartbeat should she not mimmick precisely what the Little Emperor says.

    There’s no logic to it: just repeat what you hear him say. And that’s his answer to any question about stats being down. Waddya mean, down?? Look at all these buildings!

    The Soviets had this technique down cold. The same strange illogical statements would be repeated all the way down the chain of command. That way, no one gets hurt.

    The senior datum is SURVIVAL, as it is for our Minerva. I wish she could see that her survival lies outside of the clutches of David Miscavige.

    Just like Rome, Minerva, this empire’s about to fall. And Davey-as-Nero will be in his tanning bed as it burns wondering what that smell is …

  160. “because buying in the “Youth Department” just isnt cool.”

    Gee thanks Mike!!!!

    Now I’m going to have to clean off my $%## computer screen because of you 🙂

    You should put a warning label on some of your comments, like:

    WARNING: Should not be ingesting foods or drinking liquids while reading this comment!

  161. Thank you War and Peace.
    The absolute cruelty of refusing Mike the right to grieve the loss of his child, was inhumane and downright evil. No parent should have to bury a child and my heart broke reading your earlier post. Mike I am so very sorry for your suffering.

  162. From HCO B 5 February 1977 Jokers and Degraders ” The joker is advertising his symptoms. He is also advertising an area of the org where there is enturbulation and down statisitics as well as staff members being victimized. … …
    Humor is one thing. Destroyed orgs and human beings are quite something else.”

    I think that says it all. I believe we have the joker in the deck. Thanks for relaying this story.

  163. Well, Linda, one rather obvious flaw in DM’s appearance is he’s about 4 feet tall. His deficiency in stature parallels his deficiency in judgment… parallels his deficiency in being humane… parallels his deficiency in morality and any sense of right and wrong.

    Here in Dallas about three doors from my house is a home built by an actress who played one of the Munchkins in the Wizard of Oz. She of course died some years ago. But I was standing on her doorstep last week, just because I was attracted to her beautiful, beautiful home.

    I know of no other structure like it that I’ve ever seen in my life. It looks like something from Oz or maybe “Twenty Thousand Fathoms Under the Sea.”

    Today it is old now and past it’s prime. But there is a theta that endows that home placed there by the being who created it.

    Now here’s the secret of the home which I was shocked to discover: The entire house was built 2/3rds scale. The double doors are each only about 12 inches wide and just barely 6 feet tall.

    I’ve lived three doors down for more than two years and never knew her entire house was a full 1/3rd shorter than it was. The house is a corner house, and it stands next to no other home.

    I wish I could have met her. She is a great example of a being even who’s creations seem taller by a third.

    While to the contrary, DM is a creature who’s creations… who’s physical form… who’s words and deeds and most certainly his promises seem shorter by three thirds.

    It isn’t the size of a man that makes him small. It is the smallness of the man that makes his size.

  164. Cat Daddy I have not heard this before. Is there a link so I can read up on it.

  165. Tone 41,

    Thank you!
    I think the key in getting one’s selectees to see the light is having built a foundation of trust with them, and using a very light and gradual gradient in exposing the truth, rather than ramming it down their throats and causing a sudden break in Reality. Also, every time I reported an outpoint or injustice I would back it up with an LRH reference. As an FSM, I always fought for my selectees’ rights and never cared about getting the commission. I think if the care factor is there and one is truly an OL to his or her selectees, the job is quite simple. So, when I told them about the mismanagement and DM’s crimes/abuses as well as my personal first hand data and experience, most of my selectees knew I would never lie to them. Many had experienced their own injustices at the hands of the Church and were able to see the truth and leave the C of M.
    I never deserted a comrade in need and still help them with Scientology and if they are interested to go up the Bridge, I would route them to the correct terminal in the Indenpendent group for auditing.
    Not sure if this is really a hat write-up, per se, but I hope it helps.

  166. Mike hello, Thanks for your posts, they are great and very informative.

    I keep thinking I have already heard the worst of DM and yet here I am again shocked to the core on what this creature is capable of.

    I am glad you are out and you were so highly respected here in Australia. We always called you our own.

    Really looking forward to your next post.

  167. Cat Daddy,

    Yikes, is that true? Can you give us more info about that? What psych drugs does the C of S own the patents on? Since when?

  168. Chuck
    ‘Today, tomorrow and the proof’ tape is outpointy – it doesn’t sound like Ron at all. Some claim it’s a fake. Certainly if it really is LRH he wasn’t himself. I wouldn’t put to much veracity into that being a genuine communication.

  169. Theo Sismanides

    Thanks Marty, I did read the HCO PL. I see your point. Since you guys (you, Mike, Sinar and many others here and out of this forum) have been working close to him and know first hand some data which we (lower echelon SO staff) got from the Internet, I trust you have data which we don’t.

    I agree on what you are doing and the way you do it and that the target is DM, otherwise I wouldn’t be here. It is also true that I don’t have any concrete evidence on any 5th Invader Force running him. True.

    I just keep my eyes and ears open though and keep on with the stable data I’ve got.

    If it’s just DM our job is much easier. All we need is a bright idea for a handling as we have spotted the true Who and Why.

    So, we carry on and I don’t feel lost in the middle of the ocean. I can use “jackass navigation”, haha. (LRH commenting on this in the above HCOPL).


  170. Theo Sismanides

    Oh, and I agree with you. All previous “handlings” have failed.

  171. When you swell in numbers You all should write to the Lawfirm that is behind the CST.

    In that way you inform them and they can NEVER say they did not know(Ich habe das mich Gewusst ). In Anon Jargon it isa called “pooning”.

    In the best case thousends of letters and mail will make them do something, at worst they can not denie knowing. Jim got no response in my opinion is that they just do not want to know.

    To be fair It can be other things going on.
    1. They don’t want to know
    2. They are in on it with Miscavige
    3. They fear him.
    4. All of the Above


  172. Inside Scn’gists keep listening to DM because they can’t observe and therefore can’t evaluate. Why? Unfortunately, just not smart enough in the first place.

  173. Cat Daddy, it is very easy to define. One needs to look at the original function of sex. And one has to put a barrier somewhere near the original function, othervise we can’t even say that necrophilia is a perversion…

  174. To LEOPOLD.

    As you mentioned a German proverb I assume you are German or Austrian or Swiss. I want to get an article prepared from the thread “Independent and Proud” in the German language. Would you be willing to edit that German version once it is ready? If so please email me at: epgmbh@gmail.com

  175. Old cuff said:

    “It’s time that we, who aspire to apply KSW, by whatever action necessary, knock the crown off! Mad men relent to force, and force alone. Reason and righteousness have no place here.”

    Remember Waterloo. Remember Waterloo.

    Frederick Douglass:

    “Those who profess to favor freedom and yet depreciate agitation, are people who want crops without ploughing the ground; they want rain without thunder and lightning; they want the ocean without the roar of its many waters. The struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, or it may be both. But it must be a struggle. Power concedes nothing without a demand; it never has and it never will.”

    Note: there are infinite way to dethrone a man. Gandi-Tech has proven to eat away at his powerbase effectively. In the Realm of legal action and protest you can be very creative. Ex-Church members could however have the advantage to sway public to get “Management”removed.

  176. Mike and Marty,

    I enjoy reading your posts. I do understand what you are doing and agree whole heartedly that David is currently the driving force destroying any credibility the Church still has.

    I tend to be a bit of a stickler for justice and things being interpreted correctly. I find all of your posts accurate and honestly, without exaggeration. You can not really put into words the experience of living through his rein of terror. But yourself and Marty have done so quite well. I knew both of you while at Gold and Int and to be honest did not really care for either one of you. You were in “that” crowd. Always a little feared (more Marty than you). Since reading your posts I have regained respect for both of you and I know you have humbled yourselves as most of us had to do.

    I guess what I wanted to say being an avid reader of this site, is that despite all of the truths and accurate descriptions of the events that took place, I get annoyed by the petty insults that are some times attached to the stories. Why is this?? Because I believe it brings you down to Dave’s level. You have this great articles with LRH references where applicable (that are dead on) and you end with a little comment below the belt (which he does deserve). But I think this takes away from the message and puts this well written (by an intelligent person) report in the sandbox with the other 3 year olds.

    I am not trying to be critical both of you have done so much to put Dave on the spot, which is where he deserves to be.

    It is just my opinion take it or leave it. I will continue to read your site.


  177. He must be the mother of all squirrel !!!
    How is that he wrote the detailed steps ,whys, unused tools etc related to Solo Nots to explain why Solo Nots was not really completed ??????
    If he did not audited how does he know?????
    He studied the materiel without being ready for it??
    Who set him up for the level ????
    And most important Is he doing his refreshers regularly????
    Or……..maybe he is the only Natural OT7 on the planet!!!
    He is a joke!

  178. Anyone knows where Peggy Eastment is?

    I will be thankful to her to the end of my days (which I know will never come, thanks -not the least – to her auditing me).

    As with your words, NCT:
    Peggy, you will always be in my heart.

  179. martyrathbun09

    McGwire, Thanks. Well taken.

  180. Awkwardly, that reminds me of the death penalty still existing in the US (Shame on me!!)

    I’d rather stick to the idea of a Group Postulate, though, Idle Org wrote an article on, Jan, 9 in 2010 on scientology-cult.com (Shame again on me not knowing how to provide the link…)

  181. I should have said Trademarks, there is a huge difference legally. My apoligies.

  182. What is DM dramatizing?

    Grounded Copper wires…Div 6’s turned in to ideological implant stations, all of the confusions about the State of Clear, instant “justice” of the most despotic kind….

    Looks to me like he is trying to run his case off on everyone around him.

    So add “Case on Post” to his long list of Crimes and High Crimes. Now, howe can we bring him to justice?

  183. Mike, It is nice to know you have been “well grounded”. Too much.
    In all sincerity, it was painful to watch you in your PR handlings for the church in years back. As good as your purposes may have been, you were not a very good liar ( that is a good thing). You were given the unsolvable problem of being true to yourself and still protecting the Church. There is very interesting data on the delivery materials of Clay Table De-Pts’ing that you would probably enjoy studying regarding the above. Combine that with the above PAB and HCO B “Jokers and Degraders” and the crosshairs all seem to point in one direction.
    On the flip side, your honesty shows forth in your recent communications and I am happy that you are able to speak the truth now, for all our benefit. And yours.

  184. The Evil to Small Scale:

    Adolph Hitler – 5’6″

    Napoleon Bonaparte – 5’5″

    Joseph Stalin 5’4″

    Nikita Kruschev 5’3″

    David Miscavige 5’2″

  185. You know McGwire I don’t agree with you. I think Mike and Marty have earned the right to call David Miscavige whatever they want. Asking them for “a little less” is not what’s needed and wanted. I’ve been there too.

  186. I heard that when the CoS was battling Ely Lilly in the wake of the Time article against the Church, when their stock starting to nose dive, at the end of the Church’s campaign Marc Yager and possibly others in top management invested all their savings into Ely Lilly stock which promptly rebounded when the CoS campaign ended. Yager made a lot of money.

    I think the SEC would call that “insider trading.”

    We Indies would add to that the title of “traitor.”

  187. Mike,
    Personally, I thought you did extraordinarily well, even considering the publically-known circumstances (re Tom Cruise turning into a mini Misnutbaggage, leaked OT3, etc etc). Now that we’re hearing about the behind the scenes regarding Misnutbaggage’s behavior, it’s even more remarkable that you retained your cool as you did.
    Also, your credibility is about hundred times greater than that of Tommy Davis. Davis is proving to all the world that Scientology is a “celebrity cult”, just like the bulk of the media suspected. And the only thing saving Tommy boy’s ass is his mother’s celebrity status and Der Fuhrer’s worshipping of anything celebrity.

  188. Revenimus,

    I think you missed the point! They have unquestionably earned the right to say whatever they want as long as it is truthful. Which to date it has all been. I was there for most of it!!

    My point and Marty acknowledged this, is that I think the small insults take away from the very intelligent writing that makes a point on its own.

    The small stuff is what Dave likes to do and frankly it is because in the end he is not really that smart. And can not come up with anything better. Let him play in the sandbox. He know his gig is up and Rome will fall.


  189. Cat Daddy
    Those trademarks expired in 1971.

  190. Theo Sismanides


    EX-Scientologists speak out

    Listen to Jeff Hawkins ESPECIALLY!!!

    He was so good.

  191. I wouldn’t feel too sorry for her, she is incapable of straight line thinking. One time I wrote her and the comm I got back from her on auditor training and the rest of the stats was to paraphrase “yes auditor training is a flap and the stats have been down but now Miscavige is stepping in to save the day”.

    As if he hasn’t called all the shots and caused GAT, the basics runway, upper indoc TR’s and pro-metering being mandatory etc. But even if he was unaware of all of this, a. then he was unaware of all this b. he is aware now and won’t change.

    That’s why I encourage public to take terminals to task on this information. I assure you you will walk away with a newfound certainty that there’s nothing to counterbalance the info on these websites, just nothing at all. We are completely right. I’ve talked with SO people for hours about this. Then you’ll be full-on tone 40 about handling this situation.

  192. Mike,
    The ‘secret’ OT material DM’s ground wires are a reference to are actually an offhand comment by LRH in the PDCs.

  193. I meant to say “she ISN’T capable of straight line thinking” above.

  194. Fidelio, booing DM at an event would take someone with some balls and I’m sure DM has some plants set up to shout down any such effort, if nothing else because I’ve advocated it before.

    But it would have a huge effect and I assure you DM sees this as one of his biggest achillees heels.

    Lots of people would be woken up and maybe it’d happen again but bigger the event after that. I don’t understand why this should be a theta universe agreement event alone. Almost any action that gets people to look and think will help.

  195. Sharon can you tik them of this list ?


    Trade Mark No.

    Thuricide: 28 May 1959. 63965
    Brinaldix: 11 July 1962. 71284
    Sandoz (1): 25 Nov 1963. 74704
    Sandoz (2): 25 Nov 1963. 74705
    Sandoz (3): 25 Nov 1963. 74706
    Serentil: 09 Aug 1968. 87645
    Sangesic: 16 Oct 1968. 88348
    Visken: 26 March 1969. 89792
    Zaditen: 10 July 1969. 90767
    Sandomigran: 13 Nov 1969. 92020
    Litec: 17 Sep 1970. 94891
    Beregat: 04 Oct 1971. 98374
    Sibumir: 04 Oct 1971. 98382
    Tilges: 04 Oct 1971. 98384
    Sylvirex: 18 Oct 1971. 98537
    Por 8 Sandoz: 02 Nov 1971. 98715
    Atamir: 02 Nov 1971. 98718
    Batrevac: 02 Nov 1971. 98711
    Gillazym: 02 Nov 1971. 98721
    Rhinergal: 02 Nov 1971. 98720
    Sanorex: 02 Nov 1971. 98726
    Sandoz Symbol: 13 July 1970. 94257
    Teronac: 08 Aug 1973. 105293
    Gyretun: 17 April 1974. 107935
    Sandoflor: 10 June 1974. 108551
    Viskaldix: 09 Nov 1976. 117505
    Caterpillar Symbol: 08 Oct 1976. 117201
    Miacalcic: 08 Oct 1976. 117202
    Tiotilin: 06 Dec 1977. 121924
    Noveril: 06 April 1978. 123101
    Blowex: 30 Jan 1979. 126729
    Safrotin: 30 Jan 1979. 126730
    Sandoz-Vac: 29 June 1979. 128620
    Sirdalud: 09 March 1981. 136289

  196. martyrathbun09

    Cat Daddy, no more comments with your links included will be accepted. Too many complaints. No advertising on this blog.

  197. Boyd,
    my post was not a reply to yours but to that one of Exilo. And the Group Postulate was what I’d rather prefer than death penalty. (WordPress does that mix between European and American times/posts, at least that is my explanation of the wrong sequence these posts appear.)

    I second you, booing dm would be a very bold move, and yes almost any action that gets people to look and think will help. In my environment booing would be too unreal a gradient to be effective. It would rather kill my clout as someone respected for some knowledge of tech and admin tech.

    I get people to think by asking about
    – Clears and auditors made? None locally.
    – Tech/Admin ratio in? 1/6-10 locally instead of 1/max.2
    – Fundraising on each and everything instead of delivering training and auditing?
    – empty “Ideal Org”?
    – beautiful building = ideal org = CRASHING MU! Ideal Org being an ideal set-up of lines and terminals.
    – no one made it to Clear before “GAT”?
    – 6months check in the non-interference zone? and so forth…
    So far that worked almost always to make at least think for a moment.
    Those who suffered personally from the suppression (ruined marriage, strained or destroyed families) have enough mass to not relapse. But those “only” heavily indebted and/or fallen off the level think for a moment and relapse (don’t know yet why that is)

  198. Good article. It’s been a while since I read that PAB, and didn’t realize how closely DM fits the description of an “aberrative personality”.

    DM is as close to MEST as you can get. This evidenced by his new “bright idea” on how to handle anonymous protesters: SHIT TECH!

    This has to be seen to be believed:

  199. Luna,

    I rolled on the floor for days on Ken’s condition assignment for dm..incredible..a whale of a creation.

  200. Thanks Fidelio. Yes probably a chant would be better than booing because it gets some info out there.

  201. Try harder Mystified.

  202. Oh whoops nevermind I had it right the first time

  203. McGwire
    You do have a point.
    However (IMHO) sometimes a good scrap in the sandbox is valid therapy 😀

  204. Here is an awesome “We Are the World” video directed by Paul Haggis, a major SP. (I am assuming DM Declared him.) It is a very anti-social video. LOL

  205. Cat Daddy
    That’s a whole lot more than I was aware of. I’ll do some digging for more information.

  206. There was definitely some stuff that Ray Mithoff told me in RTRC one day about research using mechanical mechanical devices to bleed off “charge.” I got the impression it was in need of serious R & D. But DM’s installation of those copper rods stems from that and it is a complete perversion and make wrong of what LRH initially came up with.

  207. Sam, No, that was definitely LRH. I had been the director in Cine (easily the worst in Cine’s history, I admit it) and I directed the “Operator” who is also on the taped version of the RED. Ron Clifford was a professional voice talent in his days before the SO and played the Operator. LRH had a fabulous sound studio at WHQ called the 12 Mic. It was literally 12 separate microphones arranged to make his voice sound a certain way and it was a much better set up than when he did any of the thousands of lectures he recorded up through the SHSBC or in taped briefings aboard the Apollo. That’s why his voice sounded different. I also noted that his voice changed dramatically after he did OT III in 1967. Definitely in a lower register.

  208. FreeAndClearNow

    Great essay Mike. I think you are our modern day Thomas Paine. Keep writing.

  209. Thoughtful. While I have no love for Yager annd am not trying to be his PR, the rumors about this are not true. What happened is that he inherited a stock portfolio. He had no idea what was in it. Someone checking his mail saw it contained Lilly stock. It was a big flap and he was accused of all sorts of things. When he found out, he sold it. And it had nothing to do with the stock being high. And it was part of his grandfather’s portfolio and had been for decades. Mike

  210. I’m a good evaluator, Myst, and you are wrong on this. While there are some beings who stumble into Scientology in search of a group and are happy to just be in the group, I’d estimate their number to be around 10 per cent. The rest are among the most able I’ve met. And I’ve been around the traps a bit.

    It takes a lot of confront to get into Scientology in the first place. Having done that, having made all those sacrifices, imagine having to confront that the guy running the show isn’t a good guy. That’s a lot of confront.

  211. No surprises there. Guys like DM know better than to leave anything to chance. He reminds me of Commodus in Gladiator, who challenges Maximus to a battle but, of course, poisons him first.

  212. Thought provoking


    Thanks for the correction on Yager. In all of the information that is being disseminated about manangemen it is bound to have some errors once in awhile. Correcting or clarifying these when we see them adds greatly to our credibility. Joe Howard and RJ often clarify info that posters bring up and it is appreciated.

  213. So it’s black PR. Interesting! Thanks for clearing this up. However, the funny thing is, in tracing back who started the black PR…

    I don’t know, but I bet I can guess who started it.

    The same person who stated that MY and GL were homosexuals, stated Eric Otman killed his dog intentionally, etc.

    Knowing the scene at the Int base, and having seen so many gigantic “flaps” of the same kind being brewed up out of innocent nothings, I would be surprised if it was wasn’t David Miscavige who started the black PR on Yager, telling other staff “Did you hear what Yager did?…”

    Do you know if it was Miscavige telling people Yager “bought the stock on purpose”?

  214. Mike,

    You forgot about Miscavige’s greatest “Technical Achievement “. The “Severe Reality Adjustment” which is the key tech used in his version of the “Introspection Rundown”. “EP” being of course that the person is either introverted or driven insane.

    In fact I’m sure he’s provided some valuable technical assistance to those responsible for Abu Ghraib and other forms of “enhanced interrogation”.

    Not only that but he’s managed to out do “water boarding” by throwing people in the cesspool at Int Base!

    Though its taken a while for the Agency to catch on.

    Anyway Mike, the “secret tech” on “grounding” is actually covered in 8-80 on running “black and white”.

    However, it would be difficult for Miscavige to actually ground since all he can run is “black”.

  215. Concerned Citizen

    I’d appreciate a link and more data. I have a very hard time believing the Church owns these trademarks, if they do there has to be an explanation.

    The Nut I think capable of anything, but the people in side, however brainwashed or blind, could never sanction something like this. So if this is just a rumor, please don’t post it. Rumors are not helpful, time place form and event are.

  216. RJ,
    Yes, Black and White 8-80 version was the context of the PDC comment as I recall.

  217. Concerned Citizen

    Dear Mickey,

    If you read the thread again, Mike an d RJ are just playing around. The rumor the church has put out that they are financed by Pharma is false and they joked about this. Mike took the opportunity to point out that Tom Cruise’s little PR Series violations, attacking an OL for relating her experience with Psych drugs did a LOT more good to the Pharma industry than anything any of one here could ever do.
    Incidentally, I have heard from a person who is not a Scientologist, who does work on this lines and does not know I’m one either, that Big Pharma was elated at Tom’s actions and that it in fact did boost their sales to unprecedented levels.
    Now that is a hearsay thing, I have no hard facts or numbers, but I think it is no stretch to see that could well be. May be some of the industrious people participating here could actually dig up some numbers and see what exactly did Cruise get the “Freedom medal of Valor “for. After all DM said it was the “highest recognition ever bestowed on any Scientologist”

  218. CatDaddy, the C of S owns the trademarks on a lot of drugs, not the patents. Big difference.

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  220. I wonder when a book length biography on David Miscavige will be written and published. David Miscavige has been the leader of the CoS for over twenty years now. This blog has revealed more about his person and behind-the-scenes activities than all the half dozen or so books that have been published exposing the CoS. It’s amazing he has been hidden from public scrutiny for so long!

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  224. I remember that. That was Sarni. She was just probably too afraid to touch him “in a wrong way” to correctly apply his make-up. Samantha never made it with him, although I think she is a fantastic make-up artist.

  225. Right on!

  226. Dear Mike,
    I often pondered in my last few years there at the Base what would happen if LRH were to come back. I think shoveling shit for many consecutive lifetimes would be about right. In Louisiana of course.

  227. She is at Gold

  228. Pingback: O chování Davida Miscavige — část 2 | independent beings

  229. Former OSAI CSI Staff

    THANK YOU, MR. RINDER! I highly appreciate you writing LRH data into your blog. I love LRH and his technology. I have studied it more than anyone I knew in my SO career. What I learned in the courseroom was increasingly contrary to what I was getting directly from the environment in the SO. Especially when I did the PTS/ SP course (that we all did numerous times). My eyes were opened that there was an SP coming straight from the top, and Who You Know did pop right into my mind. I could tell no one, of course, because I would have been shot from guns, and what proof did I have? And who would believe it anyway? I convinced myself that I was just having a confused thought about the ultimate charismatic leader, but his beingness kept popping into my mind. Heber was a friend of mine. My heart goes out to him, and I wish he could surface unharmed, but as the self appointed Pope of Scientology is still ruling with his abusive iron fist, I fear we won’t ever see him or many lost to the hole or worse. I was a fan of Jenny Linson, but as you say, she is sadly in the kill or be killed position, and I have confirmation of that. Many people have left and confirmed repeatedly that I was right about DM, and I sure wish I was wrong! I am sorry you suffered so much abuse along with all the Execs who were my friends. I had no clue what you were going through as the CO OSAI, but the horror of what you and many went through was revealed and confirmed to me. Many are afraid to speak out. I applaud you and Mr. Rathbun for getting out alive and no longer being PTS to the SP and for speaking your truth just as LRH would have wanted. Ignore the fake posters on your blogs, as we both know firsthand, that some of them are working for the church, dedicated as we were to smashing, discrediting, and trying to bury any negative press. They are just doing their jobs like we did back then. I am much happier being able to speak my truth, thanks to my SO family like yourselves that are dedicated to Personal Integrity and justice for ALL. Much Love Always

  230. Former OSAI CSI Staff

    THANK YOU, MR. RINDER! I highly appreciate you writing LRH data into your blog. I love LRH and his technology. I have studied it more than anyone I knew in my SO career. What I learned in the courseroom was increasingly contrary to what I was getting directly from the environment in the SO. Especially when I did the PTS/ SP course (that we all did numerous times). My eyes were opened that there was an SP coming straight from the top, and Who You Know did pop right into my mind. I could tell no one, of course, because I would have been shot from guns, and what proof did I have? And who would believe it anyway? I convinced myself that I was just having a confused thought about the ultimate charismatic leader, but his beingness kept popping into my mind. Heber was a friend of mine. My heart goes out to him, and I wish he could surface unharmed, but as the self appointed Pope of Scientology is still ruling with his abusive iron fist, I fear we won’t ever see him or many lost to the hole or worse. I was a fan of Jenny Linson, but as you say, she is sadly in the kill or be killed position, and I have confirmation of that. Many people have left and confirmed repeatedly that I was right about DM, and I sure wish I was wrong! I am sorry you suffered so much abuse along with all the Execs who were my friends. I had no clue what you were going through as the CO OSAI, but the horror of what you and many went through was revealed and confirmed to me. Many are afraid to speak out. I applaud you and Mr. Rathbun for getting out alive and no longer being PTS to the SP and for speaking your truth just as LRH would have wanted. Ignore the fake posters on your blogs, as we both know firsthand, that some of them are working for the church, dedicated as we were to smashing, discrediting, and trying to bury any negative press. They are just doing their jobs like we did back then. LRH said we would be taken down from the inside, and that is what the Squirrel of Scn is actively doing, but I just hope he doesn’t continue to bring it down with him. I had to leave because of being surrounded by blatant policy being used to stop policy being pushed around and shoved down our throats from him all the way down to the poor orgs! I am much happier being able to speak my truth, thanks to my SO family like yourselves that are dedicated to Personal Integrity and justice for ALL. Much Love Always

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