By Sarge.

I’ve been thinking. Maybe poetic justice for DM would be for his ‘trusted’ friends to keep him safe and secure. Give him his own beautiful place far away from any org. Give him lots of horses, buffalo,cattle, etc. His most loyal idiot would run it for him to make him feel safe. With the impending legal suits against him ‘trusted’ friends could hide him away where only his trusted friends (such a thing?) knew where he was. His trusted friends could relay com and filter it so not to ‘upset’ him. Maybe his ‘trusted’ friends could feed him false data about his family, false stats to make him happy and impotent and explain how bad it would be if he were free again. After all his ‘trusted’ friends would provide his every need and take care of him. Maybe his ‘trusted’ friends could help him with his legal problems even if it took forever, well at least he is safe and doesn’t have to worry about work or clearing the planet etc. After all his ‘trusted’ friends are taking care of that stuff for him. Money would not be a problem. Of course his ‘trusted’ friends have expenses too. When he dies his ‘trusted’ friends would bring their best silver pie knives and ensure his legacy. They would take care of everything! Ya think? And yes, his ‘trusted’ friends would be laughing when others were crying. Only, I don’t think they’d be crying over DM.

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  1. This is to announce that as of today, November 25, 2009, David Miscavige has been sued and a summons has been issued notifying him of the complaint.

    Also sued are defendants Church of Scientology International, Religious Technology Center and does 1-20.

    A copy of the complaint can be found at:

  2. The picture is getting clearer and clearer……. thanks for giving us the REAL info!

  3. I would not do that to any horse, cattle or any critter. I love horses and kitties.

  4. Thanks Sarge,

    I remember the day after as well, at Creston. DM and Pat were happy and joking around and Annie was in grief as well as most if not all of us.

  5. Looks like the same thing dm did for LRH the only difference is that LRH had many many true friends and dm betrayed LRH.
    dm was not a true LRH’s friend
    Yes I don’t think dm has any friend.
    dm is going to prison
    But dm is already hatted to be the prison’s COB, he can run the prison with closed eyes, he is been drilling for decades!!!!!!!

  6. A velvet and gold lined prison. But a prison none the less. Fitting.

  7. I think the Mr. Miscarriage is going to go out the same way as Hitler.

  8. Personally, I would prefer he gets put on trial and sent to prison.

  9. Sarge, Nice job of describing what occurred. I reread the H COB on Jokers and Degraders yesterday and am on a little bit of a hobby horse, but see this issue in a whole new light after reading more and more of dm’s actions. Particularly on the degrade aspect; I am glad you survived to tell us about it.
    Also explains the restrained smirk when he announced LRH’s passing.
    Thanks for your perceptions.

  10. Kathy Braceland

    Thanks for saying this so succinctly Sarge. I cried. And it wasn’t for Miscavige.

  11. Doubt this will ever be posted since I’m an “OSA mole” but it simply makes no sense to me how LRH ever allowed himself to get into the position described by Sarge.

  12. Sinar, I remember the next day as well. I had held up pretty well during and after the event but the next morning I had a cramming order to do and I was sitting there in my auditing room in Qual and started to read the first HCOB on my assignment and I lost it. I hadn’t cried in maybe 30 years. Fortunately my wife happened to walk in. I told her what was going on. She pulled out an L1C and started assessing it. A few items down the list, Bam! Read. Assessed a couple of other questions and Whooosh. The tears shut off immediately. The feeling of loss left instantly. End of assist. And yet some people claim there aren’t mechanisms in the mind that can affect us. Or that one man didn’t figure them out and teach others how to come to cause over them. I know better. That’s why I was crying that morning.

  13. Well the overt motivator sequence is at play. I’d not suffer any loss when he’ll kick the bucket.

  14. Sarge, Thank you for your stories. Please tell us what happened at Creston. It’s a vital part of the story.

  15. I have always thought that people who dedicate themselves to a religious order should be treated with honor and dignity. There are other spiritual orders that allow their staff to have ample time off and to live in comfortable and clean quarters. I remember when I joined the SO. I lasted one night. The berthed me at the HI on Sunset. I counted 15 cockroaches on the walls that night. I left, and never considered it again. If that is what one has to live like to be in the SO, then there is something very, very wrong here. With 1B in the bank, those dedicating their lives to the Scientology religion should be accorded decent housing and meals. Nobody should work a 15 hour day – day after day. I cant believe Ron wanted it this way.

  16. martyrathbun09

    My 2 Cents wrote: “Doubt this will ever be posted since I’m an “OSA mole” but it simply makes no sense to me how LRH ever allowed himself to get into the position described by Sarge.” Posted to illustrate on how DM and his agents will use EVERY opportunity to put it on LRH, to attempt to throw the Old Man under the bus.

  17. I think it’s a valid question. Personally I’m trying to sort out how this mess happened in the first place. LRH was extremely smart as to security and sniffing out threats, so it follows that something happened that allowed the sp to take over. Maybe I just haven’t found it on the web yet.

  18. Please forgive me for the mystery sandwiches.
    I am not trying to withhold data from you.
    Sometimes mystery sandwiches can create
    permanent indigestion in ‘those’ with sour
    The Creston and other stuff is on tape and
    safe. I need to give you the whole picture
    so you don’t get lost and start dubbing in.

  19. Thought provoking


    I experienced a similar thing. From an outsider viewpoint, the person who went into that session was a completely different one that came out. I could have been a poster child for the workability of the tech. I don’t know of anyone else who developed a technology that has been able to provide that kind of relief, so quickly to ease man’s suffering.

  20. I second that. The only account I’ve found was Vaughn Young’s. I believe he titled it “Who killed L. Ron Hubbard?”

  21. Kathy Braceland

    Right on Marty. That’s what went through this guy’s mind when he read Sarge’s post? My guess is that my 2 cents cheered Miscavige when LRH died.

  22. 3 feet back, you might venture a read through this thread on Leaving Scientology:

    You won’t find any answers, but you will find others are asking the same question(s).

  23. 2c
    Whats next? Are you going to give us the other OSA line that LRH was OT 15 and infallible?
    Don’t insult our intellegence with your banal attempts to undermine truth.
    It is disgusting enough that we were all lied to about LRHs condition and the circumstances of his death – the truth would have allowed us the grief and indignation appropriate for the situation.
    Pretend to be our friend all you want.
    Your whining attempts to cast doubt and cause trouble are clear to anyone with an IQ above 20

  24. That’s very reassuring to know! Thank you for securing it (and thank you Marty for this venue).

  25. Shortly before LRH’s passing, my ex and I were being audited by the tax authorities.

    I immersed myself in the tax code – getting weekly updates from some service that provided CPAs, tax attorneys and businesses with updated tax court decisions and briefs.

    Several times I was horrified to see LRH mentioned and how the IRS was closing in.

    As HEARTBROKEN as my ex and I were at LRH’s passing — I always thought it was perfect timing. Back then, it was doubtful that LRH would have gone completely unscathed by tax authorities – possibly even faced prison time.

    Frankly – my 2¢ – LRH outfoxed the whole lot of them and has gone off to parts unknown (by me) ever the OT.

    Moreover, he’s outfoxed dm in the end. Afterall, many of us needed to become REAL: human, kind, INDEPENDENT thinkers. And without a real live sp in our farm yard, we would never have learned.

    The SP data would have always been (at least for me) “over there”

    If I were you, my 2¢- I’d be afraid, very afraid.

    Those of us who at one time or another have LOST everything ($$, friends, church, bridge, prestige etc) – are not afraid of a piss-ant like you or others you represent.

    Fear those who have nothing false to lose. And have instead regained their trust, integrity and windhorse (AKA elan vital, life force)


  26. I share your anger Sarge. Let it out. It is justifiable.
    On the mystery sandwich it really isn’t the withhold factor (for me anyway).
    I have a lot of track with LRH and until I am able to properly as-is what happened to my friend I won’t be able to blow the charge fully. Perhaps it is that way for others. We all know we were lied to.
    I think we need the truth so we can grieve, so we can be angry and finally move on through the incident and be at peace in this matter. This is what DM took away from us. The gift you bring is the gift of truth which rightfully belongs to all of us. It is a priceless gift for which I personally will be eternally grateful.
    That’s my 10c worth – I hope it is more valuable than the earlier cheap and nasty 2c contribution.

  27. Fellow Traveller

    No need for anything to forgive, at least for me, Sarge. They are your stories to tell.

    I am so grateful for that you are telling and continue to tell them.

    You do keep me hanging on the edge, I admit. Where would the game be if that were not so?

  28. Dear Sinar
    Which Annie do you think of?
    Thank you.

  29. This type of “asking questions” isn’t asking questions at all but making a statement. Can you imagine?

    “Hmm, just kind of wanted to think out loud with my fingers for a few minutes here. Hey does anybody else think LRH isn’t all that great and Scientology isn’t really all that great after all? Just wondering. Getting others to agree with me on this blog will blow charge for me so could some people agree with me about that please?”

    The attempt of this type of post, or variations of it, is to dilute the central message of getting DM. DM has people on this blog and others pushing “more ARC, less entheta” and “take a breath, I’m so over everything being so urgent” and “KSW is too harsh” because he wants as many red flags as possible. That’s his only chance to win.

  30. By the way 2c

    Since you want to play the ‘let’s look at the outpoints’ game and leave the rest of us to make assumptions based on open ended questions how about the following:

    1. LRH leaves his body (in perfect health) and yet violates all of his own policies by leaving no hat write up, no replacement (in writing) – hell not even a goodbye note.
    Pardon me for using your words to illustrate my point but….
    Hmmmm “it simply makes no sense to me”.

    2. LRH leaves no provision for all of his friends and family to say goodbye to him but instead tells his best buddy David Miscavige that he wants a private funeral and to hell with all of the rest of us…..
    Hmmmm “it simply makes no sense to me”

    3. LRH leaves everything to the church and yet Mary Sue was not consulted in the matter nor did she have any legal rights to contest this decision based on her marital status at the time of LRHs death? No probate hearing?
    Hmmmm “it simply makes no sense to me”

    Want to continue playing? I guarantee you will run out of ammunition way before I do.

  31. Sarge,
    How did you ever come up with such an outlandish idea????? LOL!!!

  32. Sam,
    The latest one I heard was that LRH’s body shouldn’t have died. That proves that Scientology doesn’t work. He lied!!

    How come he didn`t know I`d lose that 25lb Atlantic salmon on a jump when he spit the barbless hook!! Man, this is a gyp, he`s not my idea of God!

    Oh, I almost forgot, I have been told I have a `service facsimile`that needs to be handled and my computation is that Scientology works. Apparently I`m supposed to use ser fac tech to handle the ser fac that ser fac tech works.

    I`ll get on that right away.

  33. Oh Man Windhorse! You have brought up some very (IMO) valid points. I love what you said that many of us needed a real SP with which to learn about. I never thought of it that way. Perhaps LRH had given us all the tech, which when applied correctly, to handle an SP of DM’s caliber. Sink or swim…
    When it comes to SP’s, there’s more where that came from. If we don’t learn to handle this one, will we ever thrive, prosper or grow?
    Question: How many OT’s does it take to confront the devil?

  34. GO SAM!!!

  35. It was Annie Broeker at the time OD. Hadn’t seen her in 6 years and we were good friends. She was in tears when I saw her and Shelly talking and managed to smile at me.

    It was a good think I brought Gelda along, she gave us all sessions the next day.

  36. Two cents is getting more than his money’s worth. I really don’t know if you’re an OSA mole or not but the Debbie Cook positioning was very fishy. “Hey, Marty, if you can get her on your team, you can win!”. Well, what if she’s been compromised? Does that mean the Independents lose? Of course not but that’s the positioning.

    You are ex-GO, you know the game and you know there are no such things as rules which can’t be broken.

    The story DM would love to be accepted about LRH’s final years – though it’d be too dangerous for him to publicly forward – is that the Ol’ Man had been battered by the years of research and wasn’t in good shape physically or spiritually.

    That scenario makes DM the knight in shining armor who came along to rescue Scientology at its time of greatest need.

    SPs can be found like cockroaches crawling all over the comm lines of the really Big Beings, and they don’t get bigger than LRH.

    Thanks Sarge for the picture. Time, place, form and event, my friend, and let the as-ising continue …

  37. good article Sarge and thank you. Hey DM I’d be watching who cooks my food.

  38. Love you Sam!!!!!! =)

  39. ummmmm it’s 10p not 10c……. you live in the UK!! Which is actually worth more!! Breyana agress… =P

    I second that!! =)

  40. I came into Scientology after LRH died. The story around his death has always been very nebul0us. I now know why. There are a lot of reasons it is kept that way. Though there is probably still a lot of unknowns about this, I very much appreciate the data. It makes me very mad that anyone could do these horrible things, but at least I know and it makes sense now. Thank you.

  41. Sarge,

    I just appreciate these stories from someone who was there with Ron till the end of his existence on Earth.

    Sure I’d felt a loss, like I’d lost my best friend but with auditing I eventually ran out the secondary.

    In closing I’d like to leave you all with the following that was written by the Ol’man back in 1957 from ‘Scientology: Clear Procedure’:

    (begin fair use)

    Therefore, although we have no such stature as the Great Philosophies, I charge you with this-look to source writings, not to interpretations. Look to the original work, not offshoots.

    If I have fought for over a quarter of a century, most of it alone, to keep this work from serving to uphold the enslavers of Man, to keep it free from some destructive “pitch” or slant, then you certainly can carry that motif a little further.

    I’ll not always be on guard. The stars twinkle in the Milky Way and the wind sighs for songs across the empty fields of a planet a Galaxy away.

    You won’t always be here.

    But before you go, whisper this to your sons and their sons- “The work was free keep it so.”

    (end fair use)

    Thanks again Sarge for being there and communicating.

  42. Ha ha! That’s a good point — he certainly knows how to run a prison, doesn’t he?

  43. Sarge, you have an incredible heart. I’m afraid I’m with Fancy here, I’ve worked with animals. Horses and Buffalo too.
    To even conceive the idea; “Give him his own beautiful place far away from any org. Give him lots of horses, buffalo,cattle, etc.” shows your heart on your sleeve.
    Your sense of humor, is killer. What irony, I can’t even imagine it.
    And here, maybe, is another Why DM gets away with what he does today…
    The evil isn’t confrontable; conceivable; comprehensible or ever entered into the equation. Abusing innocent Sea Org Members; animals or children, is just too sick.

    He fits the psychological profile of a “pedophile”; almost to a T. I had a small glimpse into the mind of a pedophile once, interviewed by some local News Station sometime after he was Sentenced for his crimes, and jailed. (Society is far too kind to them by nature, the compassion at all levels is interesting to note, for I’ve had many rough friends, one of them comes to mined. My close friend James spent some time in Jail here in Canada. And if your considered a ‘Goof’. He says; “That means your either a pedophile or women beater. And you are not safe, even in jail.” So there is a sense of “ethics” even amongst hard-core Criminals.) Anyway, this wonderful News Group, they had the tenacity to actually air what this Known Pedophile said to them. Admitting to his life-long-secrets; molestation. He said, I quote; “If people could simple understand that children… even from a very early age do understand sex … that actually they really enjoy it…if they could only allow them to enjoy it…” I forgot the rest. Its just too sick, and he was a very close friend of the “Parent”.

    Obviously, I’m just saying, it’s very easy to abuse animals; It’s very easy to abuse Children; It’s very easy to betray Trust. When one does not know better.

    I wanted to believe, like so many thousands of us, that in the struggle of Personal Freedom, across all Dynamics, that it was indeed required and necessary to have a Stern Discipline; some Hard Ethics; endure the Tough Circumstances.
    But then we grew up.

    DM is a goof. Is there a critter that would trust him?? Or are there only victims left?

    What’s his cover now, nice buildings? Looking desperate isn’t it?

  44. What?! Do you think LRH was GOD? Omniscient?

  45. That was for my2cents…

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