Shane and Chrissie Pearlman Weightman Prevail!

  I attended a very important event last Friday at Mary Jo Leavitt’s home in Los Angeles. It was the wedding party of Chrissie Pearlman and Shane Weightman.

 Do you all remember the level of energy Chrissie created when she announced on this blog that despite the C of M’s best efforts (and war chest to finance it) she was going to walk out with her boyfriend Shane? If not, here is the link

 Well, the party was befitting of the OT achievement Chrissie pulled off. Thirty independent souls made it a night to remember. Personally, I’ve never attended a more fun and fullfilling event. The atmosphere was like a Scientology Mission public party from the seventies – and so much more. I had the opportunity to have a meaningful conversation with just about everybody there. No cliques, no downtone j and d, just pure theta from a bunch of extraordinary folk.

a good portion of the crew

 At one point I heard loud voices on Mary Jo’s front balcony overlooking the street. When I went to investigate I found fifteen people lustily cheering Mary Jo’s son Gregory , her daugther Joanna, and Chrissie’s daughter Breyana. The three were in the street below confronting the well manned PI’s corps DM had sent. And the PI’s were speeding off like cockroaches stunned by the light.

Mary Jo not only raised two extraordinary offspring, she has created a home where everyone feels welcome and special. She is one charming, warm, and theta being. 

Host Mary Jo with the bride and groom

I was honored to be chosen to toast Chrissie and Shane.

at the original toast

 I was caught by surprise and did not really do it justice. So, I decided to write one befitting the ocassion:

 To Shane and Chrissie, and for that matter Sam

who braved the entheta, stood and said “no” to the man

 With Shane firmly in their suppressive physical grip

the C of M thought they would pry Romeo from Juliette

 But they underestimated Chrissie who arrived in the UK

over the Atlantic by jet she came to save the day

 Waves of lies and alloying of affinity did Shane withstand

because a woman on fire decided DM wasn’t strong enough to take her man

 Independent and United! Raise your glasses to Chrissie and Shane

now a legendary example of the power of the spirit of play!

Finally –  for Chrissie, Mary Jo, Mosey, and the many other strong women in our universes:

80 responses to “Shane and Chrissie Pearlman Weightman Prevail!

  1. Sooooo way cool! Very best wishes to Chrissie and Shane. And belated birthday wishes to Mosey.

    Love does prevail. It’s all that matters.

    Just Me

  2. Chrissie and Shane

    Thank you Marty for that beautiful second Toast it is very moving! Your first one was great too!

    What a beautiful group of friends we have. We agree that was the best party we have been to, no weird games, just genuine affinity and friendship.
    We really want to acknowledge Mary Jo, Joanna, Greg and Mareka for all of their hard work putting together the party! The food was delicious and the Sangria was gone way too fast!

    To my parents who after a long work day had to drive up to LA and my brother!
    To all of the rest of the guests, thank you all for creating a wonderful celebration for us!! We love you! =)

    That song was amazing and very appropriate it gave us chills!!!! =)

    Lots of Love, Chrissie and Shane

  3. Cheers to Chrissie , Shane, Marty, Mary Jo, Mosey and all the theta Independents were at the party that night!

    You are all beautiful souls and I love each and every one of you guys! 🙂
    In our next party, we will have a bigger group picture . United, strong and untouchable we (Independents) are!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  4. Chrissie and Shane

    A special acknowledgement to Sam Domingo without her love, support and butt kicking the outcome may not have been the same.

    We both love you so much!!!!

    Chrissie and Shane

  5. Chrissie and Shane

    Thanks Just Me! You are right, love does prevail and is what life is all about!

  6. Chrissie and Shane

    Awwww!!! We love you!!!!!!
    We like that idea!!!! =)

  7. martyrathbun09

    Samantha Domingo rocks the house!!!!!!

  8. Congratulations you two amazing beings! I’m so very happy for you and applaud you for your determination. I can’t wait to have the next big Independent party on the 4th of July! This is the greatest group of people ever. 🙂

  9. Chrissie and Shane. Congratulations to both of you, not just for your marriage, but for your strength in the face of adversity and staying true to your personal integrity. A lot of people dont know what you had to go through to make it to that party. Many would not have made it go right. You guys did. I wish you all the happiness in the world together. Mike

  10. Very well done. Triumphant love!

  11. Congratulations to you both. Love and theta triumphs. I wish you many years of adventures together. xoxo

  12. Wow!

    Waaaay cool.

    I wish you both the best.

  13. Congrats to both of you on such a wonderful outcome from such a horrid sit. May you both have an awesome life together!!



  14. I love happy endings!!
    Marty, the last couple of posts have been very theta. Thank you for sharing.


  15. Truly was a beautiful event!! The first independent wedding!! WOW I’m proud of you guys!!

  16. This is magnificent news. I’m sitting in a tub of goosebumps and they won’t go away. Congratulations to you both, Chrissie and Shane. You win!!

    I pray you will continue to enjoy each other, have fun with each other, nurture and celebrate each other, and never stop relishing the freedom you both have to make a life together.

    My very best wishes for your marriage.

  17. Speaking of theta:

  18. Boy, was that a fun party. The food was to die for and the conversation was truly theta. Exilda and I are humbled by our wonderful children and grand children. We even have any other boy (and we thought we couldn’t have any more children), Welcome Shane to our Clan. It means so much to us to have a group of true friends we can enjoy life with.

    Love Murray & Exilda

  19. Marty, thank you for your very kind words. It was an absolute treat and honor for me (us) to celebrate all these achievements, and to host in my home all the love and friendship that flows in our group! It is a varied group, made of powerful individuals and that night we celebrated all of that magic. My kudos also goes to Shane– that is one hell of a powerful being! You have to be that to recognize a powerful woman. Shane, you are strength and love and tenderness, all in one. And you are so funny and goofy too! Perfect combo! I love you and I love Chrissie —

    and Marty, I love your tenderness and bigheartedness… we all bask in it. Thank you.

    Mary Jo

  20. Wow,

    I’m so happy to hear the fairy tale end of the story. Best wishes and postulates to Chrissie and Shane for a wonderful life together!

  21. Dear Chrissie and Shane.

    We do not know each other yet, but reading that post today was like experiencing a release myself.

    If there is any truth in LRH tech, you proved it: ARC, Intention, Postulates and Valuable final product 🙂

    That gives a lot of strenght to others. Thank you for that.

    So, we wait for a dozen little Chrissie’s and Shane’s…. :):):):):):)

    You are great!!


  22. It was a wonderful party that embodied the true spirit of Scientology and of community.

    Shane and Chrissie glowed with love, and so did the entire space.

  23. I remember the original story — I’m blown away by this ultimate victory. Bravo Chrissie and Shane! Brilliant touch; Pavarotti and James Brown.

  24. Congratulations!

    Cause is so much more fun than effect…..

    I wish you both all of the joy, love, adventure and success there is to be had, as you work to create the future of us all…

  25. Marty! Chrissie! Shane!
    Shhhhhhhhhhhh! I’m trying to fly under the radar.

  26. To Shane and Marty:
    Congratulations on being huge amazing, smart beings. Only such would have the ability to recognize the awesomeness of these women and take the appropriate steps to make sure that they are YOURS.

    To Chrissie and Mosey:
    Have fun in the continued adventure taking care of your men.
    “Men are difficult and troublesome creatures, but valuable. The creative care and handling of men is an artful and beautiful task”
    – L Ron Hubbard – Science of Survival

    To DM:
    No more will you tear down and invalidate the right a being has to love another unconditionally. Not on my watch.
    We took great pleasure in helping Chrissie to tear Shane from your evil, greedy, suppressive hands.
    Every Independent contributed to the force and emotion that accomplished this. That is the power of this group.
    It gives me great pleasure to announce:
    WE WON
    This is one of many victories that will follow. Your castle is but a house of cards.
    Once one card falls the rest will follow quickly.
    Have a nice day.

  27. martyrathbun09

    Sam, what you fly doesn’t fit under the radar.

  28. I knew shakespeare was wrong.
    Happy End !
    Well done to all !

  29. …….errr yeah! Uh huh! Under the radar. That radar must be mighty big LOL!

  30. Chrissie,
    I was so moved by the pure determination in your 0riginal post!
    Love can conquer all!
    All the best to you and Shane!
    Love Mosey

  31. Congratulations on the wedding.
    PS For Marty:A friend of mine reliable source has told me that someone is monitoring your site and is leaving his signatory symbol of the hacker. On the top right corner there is a double dot and a smile
    🙂 like this one but horizontal.

  32. What a gripping, theta story! Blessed be your future. Blessed be your family and friends.

  33. Chrissie & Shane,

    When I first clicked on this site, I saw your wedding picture and I immediately teared right up – I recognized from the photo that you two had truly won!

    Congratulations to you both!

    Few couples face the degree of interference and outright suppression you guys did at the outset of your marriage (Marty’s reference to Romeo and Juliette was pretty appropriate). But you can now start your life together with the certainty that you can and will weather anything that comes at you.

    Thanks for sharing your fairy-tale ending with us, and for the incredible inspirational story you are living. What a story to tell your grandchildren!


    p.s. Sam – You are a true force of nature. You have to make dm shake in his boots.

  34. Homer:

    “There is nothing nobler or more admirable than when two people who see eye to eye keep house as man and wife, confounding their enemies and delighting their friends.

    Chrissie and Shane
    Your love has won
    Against Evil Insane
    wich came undone


  35. Hi.

    I’ve been helping research/investigate the cult in England. I am delighted that Shane has blown (or gone ‘independent’, whatever). When Chrissie left, I figured that Shane would leaver her for sure; he’s been very much involved with Scientology since the days of Greenfields School.

    From what i have seen, Shane is extremely popular.

    Well done Shane & Chrissie

  36. Theo Sismanides

    Chrissie and Shane,

    From Greece we wish you a Happy Life! And thank you for persisting on Love.

    The Power of Love always prevails.

    Wish you a happy, happy living where you are free, starting from a FULL second dynamic and up onto every other dynamic. And thank you for being with us all!

    This is such a merry cycle!!!

  37. This is an awesome tale of love overcoming all obstacles.

  38. Thought provoking

    Chrissie and Shane,

    What incredibly wonderful news!

    As we begin a new era as Independents, you two flourish and in doing so create a win for us all.

    I am so happy for you both!


  39. @NOTSaware, that smiley is from and is used to track site statistics, not a signatory symbol of the hacker. google: g.gif

  40. stc,
    I think a good wedding gift, aside from your well wishes, would be for you to research/investigate Self-Analysis in the comfort of your own parlor.

    That’s the start of the understanding the font from which this type of love and success flows – you and that terra incognita, half an inch back of your forehead.

    Here’s to your success!

  41. Congrats to both of you on such a wonderful end result after what you went through. Best wishes for a very, very happy life together.

  42. Are you sure about that NOTSaware? That little smiley face has been on the site since last year.

  43. Chrissie and Shane,

    Wishing you all the very best. Your riveting story when Shane was still at Flag was a spell binder….
    You both made EVERYTHING go right. Congratulations and many blessings .

    What a community, what a true 3d to all who contributed….salutations and deep feelings of support.


    War and Peace

  44. This is such an epic win, the most beautiful Success Story I’ve every heard; seen; dreamed.

    Chrissie and Shane…This is one, for my infinite memory.
    I am so happy for both of you.

    And I am so proud of us!
    We are AMAZING.

    Thank you everyone! From the bottom of my heart.

    Tony Lavoie


    Scientology: The Credo of a True Group Member

    “In our bureaucratic age, members of a group are often left feeling hopeless
    and ineffective in the face of seemingly insurmountable difficulties.
    Some even come to feel they might be better off without allegiance to any
    group. But inevitably no one can survive alone, and denying oneself
    membership in a group is denying oneself that certain pride and satisfaction
    which can only come through teamwork.”

    In his research into the technology of groups, L. Ron Hubbard codified the
    principles which members of any group should follow to attain its goals.
    These are offered in the following code, written in January 1951.

    With these guidelines, a person can greatly increase his contribution
    to a group, while at the same time maintaining his own self-determinism.


    1. The successful participant of a group is that participant who
    closely approximates in his own activities the ideal, ethic and
    rationale of the overall group.

    2. The responsibility of the individual for the group as a whole
    should not be less than the responsibility of the group for the

    3. The group member has, as part of his responsibility, the smooth
    operation of the entire group.

    4. A group member must exert and insist upon his rights and
    prerogatives as a group member and insist upon the rights and
    prerogatives of the group as a group and not let these rights be
    diminished in any way or degree for any excuse or claimed

    5. The member of a true group must exert and practice his right to
    contribute to the group. And he must insist upon the right of
    the group to contribute to him. He should recognize that a
    myriad of group failures will result when either of these
    contributions is denied as a right. (A welfare state being that
    state in which the member is not permitted to contribute to the
    state but must take contribution from the state.)

    6. Enturbulence of the affairs of the group by sudden shifts of
    plans unjustified by circumstances, breakdown of recognized
    channels or cessation of useful operations in a group must be
    refused and blocked by the member of a group. He should take
    care not to enturbulate a manager and thus lower ARC [under-

    7. Failure in planning or failure to recognize goals must be
    corrected by the group member for the group by calling the matter
    to conference or acting upon his own initiative.

    8. A group member must coordinate his initiative with the goals and
    rationale of the entire group and with other individual members,
    well publishing his activities and intentions so that all
    conflicts may be brought forth in advance.

    9. A group member must insist upon his right to have initiative.

    10. A group member must study and understand and work with the goals,
    rationale and executions of the group.

    11. A group member must work toward becoming as expert as possible in
    his specialized technology and skill in the group and must assist
    other individuals of the group to an understanding of that
    technology and skill in its place in the organizational
    necessities of the group.

    12. A group member should have a working knowledge of all
    technologies and skills in the group in order to understand them
    and their place in the organizational necessities of the group.

    13. On the group member depends the height of the ARC [understanding]
    of the group. He must insist upon high-level communication lines
    and clarity in affinity and reality and know the consequence of
    not having such conditions. *And he must work continually and
    actively to maintain high ARC in the organization.*

    14. A group member has the right of pride in his tasks and a right of
    judgement and handling in those tasks.

    15. A group member must recognize that he is himself a manager of
    some section of the group and/or its tasks and that he himself
    must have both the knowledge and right of management in that
    sphere for which he is responsible.

    16. The group member should not permit laws to be passed which limit
    or proscribe the activities of all the members of the group
    because of the failure of some of the members of the group.

    17. The group member should insist on flexible planning and
    unerring execution of plans.

    18. The performance of duty at optimum by every member of the group
    should be understood by the group member to be the best safeguard
    of his own and the group survival. It is the pertinent business
    of any member of the group that optimum performance be achieved
    by any other member of the group whether chain of command or
    similarity of activity sphere warrants such supervision or not.

  45. This is such a beautiful love story!!!So proud of the beautiful couple and thank you for the tribute to us strong women:):)

  46. Chrissie and Shane

    LOL!! That broomstick is awfully large, I prefer the mini model!

  47. Kathy Braceland

    Chrissie and Shane,

    I love your passion for life, your strength, your determination and the love you have for each other and everybody around you.

    Your party was pure theta. That says volumes about you two!

  48. Chrissie and Shane;

    Congratulations to both of you. Great beginning for two “big” thetans very much in love.

    Your actions bring a huge smile to my face. This kind of love is rare….please keep creating this “INDEPENDENT” flare you have for life and for each other.

    Can’t wait to hear about the thetans who become your children….I will bet they will also demonstrate the same “INDEPENDENT” flare.

    Your 2D adventure is just beginning…VWD start you two.

  49. Pleasure moments don’t erase; doesn’t say everything about what survives in this universe?

    Suppression and evil intentions are subservient, so of course, as you two reminded us, Love wins!


  50. CONGRATULATIONS ♥ Shane and Chrissie Pearlman Weightman♥

    You are beautiful souls and a beautiful couple!

    I am smiling so much, my smile is OFFA MY FACE!

    With admiration and best wishes!

    Marty, that poem is one for the history archives.

    The Joy beams right out of the photos.

    Very Well Done on your courage — from the French root “coeur” which means ♥

    What are we if we are not true to our ♥????

    p.s. Chrissie and Sam, you are someone I’d like to ride with in my posse 🙂 WOOOOOHOOOO!!

  51. SCIENCE OF SURVIVAL, by L. Ron Hubbard (Chapter 18, Column P)
    “Even beyond the fathering and bearing and rearing of children, a human being does not seem to be complete without a relationship with a member of the opposite sex. This relationship is the vessel where in is nurtured the life force of both individuals, whereby they create the future of the race in body and in thought.”

  52. Oh another P.S. to they who tried to thwart this. Chrissie, this goes out to you and all the amazing beings operating female bodies … 😉

    Science of Survival, by L. Ron Hubbard (Ch. 18)

    “The arts and skills of woman, the creation and inspiration of which she is capable and which, here and there in isolated places in our culture, she still manages to effect in spite of the ruin and decay of man’s world which spreads around her, must be brought newly and fully into life. These arts and skills and creation and inspiration are her beauty, just as she is the beauty of mankind.”

  53. Sorry, I don’t like to gloat…but I LOVE IT WHEN LOVE WINS!!!!!

  54. And oh, James Brown and Luciano Pavarotti!!! That’s AMORE!! 🙂

  55. Chrissie and Shane

    Thank you Christie!! We think you are pretty amazing too! Can’t wait for the next party, gonna be a lot of fun in the sun!!

  56. Chrissie and Shane

    Thank you Mike for everything you have done for us! You have been a major help throughout this fight!!

    Lv, Chrissie and Shane

  57. Chrissie and Shane

    Awww thanks Jim!!

  58. Chrissie and Shane

    Thanks Natalie for being an email buddy to cry on during all the drama!! You are awesome!! xoxo

  59. Chrissie and Shane

    That is a great video and beautiful song!

  60. Chrissie and Shane

    Thanks dad! Happy I chose the right family =) Chrissie

    Thank you very much. the party was very fun, im glad you came and are as happy as i am to be part of this familly. Shane

  61. Chrissie and Shane

    Thank you so much from both of us! We had an amazing time at the party and had a lot of fun!!!!

    You yourself are a special being, i love your space and i love coming to your very very heartwarming house and im sure I speak for all of us!

    The food was amazing, the party was amazing, the people were amazing and you, Mary Jo, are very very amazing. You are very powerful too and we both love you very much 😀

    Shane and Chrissie

  62. Chrissie and Shane

    It was great to have you and Nicki at the party! Watching my mom sit and chat with Nicki reminded me of the days when my parents used to have Scientology friends, before they all became only interested in money and bridge.

    Thank you for the very kind gift and card!

  63. Chrissie and Shane

    Dear the.believer

    We look forward to the day we meet you! The world outside the Church is not scary and bad like the fairy tales we have been told. The group outside is warm and inviting and we have found true friendship and loyalty….

    We are happy we could give strength to others. Our fight was not an easy one but one we will cherish and remind ourselves of when life gets rough!

    Will keep you posted on the mini Shane and Chrissies =)

    Shane and Chrissie

  64. Chrissie and Shane

    perfect pixie post!!! =)

  65. Chrissie and Shane

    Awww thank you Mosey!!
    A big thanks to you and Marty for the wedding present!! We enjoyed a lovely evening out on you two!! =)

  66. Chrissie and Shane

    Beautiful words lunamoth! =)

    And yes if I were DM I would be afraid of Sam and her broomstick!! haha

  67. Chrissie and Shane

    The quote and poem are awesome!! We love it!!

  68. Chrissie and Shane

    ok…..kinda creepy you know my life but i’ve seen my face on your website so i figured as much……..

    thanks for your well wishes, if you knew chrissie you’d fight for her too.


  69. Chrissie and Shane

    War and Peace perfect! The group has been amazing! Without the help and power and fun games of the group behind me my battle may not have been won. It is truly important to know who one’s friends are and after my ordeal I know EXACTLY who they are! Lots of Love to all of you!!

  70. Chrissie and Shane

    Epic win indeed for us and for all!!! =)

  71. Chrissie and Shane

    We love your carrot cake and apple pie!!!! It’s not too late to pursue your calling – Betty Crocker! We will be your test subjects in less than a heartbeat!

    So happy you and Gary could join us! xoxxo

  72. Chrissie and Shane

    Awwww that was cool Jack!!! The Independent flare can never be dampened!!

    hahaha no doubt our children will be little spitfires! =)

  73. And if you try to hold me down
    I’m gonna spit in your eye and say
    That you cant stop the beat!

    You can’t stop a river
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    And if they try to stop us, Seaweed,
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    Cause the world keeps spinning
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    And my heart’s keeping time
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    Cause you can’t stop the beat

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    ‘Cause you cant stop
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    ‘Cause the world keeps spinning

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    You can’t stop the beat!!
    You can’t stop the beat!!
    You can’t stop the beat!!
    You can’t stop the beat!!

    “You Can’t Stop the Beat” (Hairspray)

  74. What an inspiration in many different ways. You guys are a beautiful couple! You can tell ARC is abound. Beautiful group photo! So glad you guys were able to experience this all together. Congratulations! Thanks for sharing.

  75. Chrissie and Shane

    Thank you Veritas!!!

    Welcome to our posse!!! =)

  76. Chrissie and Shane

    One of my favorite quotes ever!!! =)


  77. Chrissie and Shane

    Beautiful!!!! =)

  78. For Chrissie and Shane, but for Marty and Mosey as well:


  79. Nice thought. I like it. Appreciate your posting

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