Miscavige’s War on the Media

DM’s henchmen Mike Sutter and Hansuili are criss crossing the world telling Scientology public that “everybody knows” the SP Times just “has it in for Scientology.”  They’ve argued that the fact that hardly any national media have run the Times’ stories on Scientology that is  proof that the St Pete Times made up the facts for their several series on Scientology published since last  June.

Now the Washington Post has reported that DM has hired “award winning” journalists to investigate the SP Times.


To understand how devious and unethical Tommy and DM have become, I highly recommend you listen to this radio show on the matter. Listen through to the end. While these “journalists” signed contracts that required the Church to release the entire report or none of it, Tommy  has already breached the contract, leaking to the media his characterization of it, saying it is unfavorable to the Times.


Why do I refer to the church’s hired “journalists” in quotation marks?  Because the whores never did an investigation. How do I know?  Because they never bothered to interview Mike Rinder and I who were central participants from the outset in the Times’ series.  I have worked on PR lines and with 60 Minutes, 20/20, NY Times, LA Times, and a host of others for 22 years – and never, NEVER, have I witnessed a media outlet more thoroughly investigate (down to multiple cross-corroboration, anad dotting i’s and crossing t’s) as the St Pete Times has done over the past year. NEVER.

Now, to fully appreciate what a depraved rat Miscavige is I am going to repeat some background. I have said much of this before, but sometimes the rudiments bear repetition.

In 1998, I spent several months lobbying the SP Times, and preparing them for an interview they had requested of Miscavige.  Mike Rinder and I spent many days plying Joe Childs and Tom Tobin with documents and tours of facilities, and many stage-managed and rehearsed interviews with pre-selected staff and celebrities for this all-imporant profile on Miscavige.   I probably had on the order of several dozen meetings and phone calls with Childs, Tobin, and the Time’s Publisher trying to spin and control the matter.

Of course, anyone who has read the June 2009 St Pete Times series knows that Mike and I both lied for Miscavige during that 98 profile.

Ok, so the profile of DM runs on the front page of St Pete Times in late 98.  DM is infatuated with it. He thinks it has capture what a bad ass, tough guy, no nonsense executive he is.  DM ordered hundreds of copies be distributed all throughout the FSO/FLB orgs.  DM had dozens of copies shipped on the first flight from Clearwater. He had the fr0nt cover, with his tough guy mug shot, pinned to bulletin boards, and easels throughout Internationa headquarters. DM made a special trip to the St Pete Times to profusely thank Mr. Childs and Mr. Tobin for their jounalistic prowess.

Now, Mike Rinder can confirm all that and the following.  Once the “product” was gotten, DM – as is his habit – wrote Mike and I out of the history of the evolution. DM ranted to a full WDC/CMOI/Exec strata conference room on numerous occasions how he, DM, was the ONLY guy who could handle a PR cycle – he was the ONLY guy with such a product: the St Pete Times profile on him. He explained that he worked for years to win over Tobin and Childs to understanding just what a powerful guy DM is.

Now, in May 2009 when the Times asked for DM’s interview to answer to what I had disclosed, DM went on the lam. That is right, he has been hiding from the Times and me like a fugutive facing a murder rap. I was just at the Int Base last week for an hour and a half.  DM has built himself a NEW 2 million dollar compound withinm the compound, with new towering , thick walls then surrounded by his existing electronic metal perimeter fence.  In one and one half hours there, not ONE, NOT ONE, staff member showed his/her face. Even the guard booth was shuttered.  If you watched the video interviews of me on the SP Times website, you’ll know I spent nearly a year of my life awaiting the promised confrontation with DM on the subject of Black Dianetics. The punk remains a fugutive from me, going on six years now.

Now, DM has bought off and intimidated Time Warner and its branch CNN, shuddering them into silence. I am investigating his buying off Associated Press and CBS. You WILL DEFINITELY be hearing particulars about these matters. I don’t have the slightest back off; I spent three years in indy media investigating the buying off of the US media over the past two decades. It was one of the reasons I chose only to talk to the Times initially. They are one of only a handful of large media outlets not owned by for profit corporations dedicated to suppressing news that might reveal their own greed and crimes.

Now, for this punk (and I am sorry if that type of language offends anyone, but after a walk by the boat canal to cool off, I still can’t come up with a more appropriate term for this guy) to have the moxie to hire “award winning journalists” to investigate and black PR  the ONLY media outlet (but for ABC Nightline) that wasn’t for sale, and went ahead and investigated his serial, habitual FELONIES and HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATIONS – I am sorry, even though I am a busy individual, I am going to see to it  – one way of the other – that justice prevails.

Rinder and I have said from the beginning that this story is like Watergate. The evil and corruption involved in the cover up will far overshadow the underlying crimes (as unconscionable as they are).

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  2. Thanks for continuing the fight Marty.

    It is really too bad that this has gotten so far out of control. The Scientology that I thought I was part of has turned out to be just another PR type organization. It is slowly turning into a televangelical type group.

    The more they lie, the worse it is going to become for them because they are losing all their theta.


  3. punk is all to polite. Let me know if you need any help in all this. JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL


  4. Marty did they have a clue you were coming and hide or is the base just a ghost town nowadays? That’s pretty shocking if literally no one is there. Even if they knew you were coming I wonder why they’d want to promote that it’s empty.

  5. This bought reporter idea seems incredibly stupid. It’ll get more Scientologists to this site, I don’t get it. There’s no turning back once you’ve read the websites, so what are they thinking? Trying to get Tobin and Childs fired?

  6. martyrathbun09


  7. They are digging their own graves. People are getting increasingly irritated, annoyed, bored with this 1.1 snide attack “handling” of those who dare try to get a straight answer from these criminals. Sorry guys, you sound desperate, vindictive, juvenile, and can I say, guilty. Tommy Davis is really going out of valence. I had the absolute best auditing on my track by his ex-wife Nadine. The only way I can describe her (and it doesn’t even do her justice) is absolutely angelic. She may be the kindest and most beautiful person I have ever met. When did this guy start going south? Can’t Anne Archer see? What is with these people? Is Tommy really willing to get himself hung for this guy? It is as if none of these people ever honed their perceptions one iota with the technology of Dianetics and Scientology. They are going backwards, hence: Reverse Scientology.

  8. Marty,

    Yes, strange that those “award-winning” journalists never even tried to contact me or you to determine whether the SPT had done anything to corroborate their stories. Hmm. Wonder why? They are no different than the whore “experts” that are hired for court cases. I have seen hundreds of them — they say whatever they are paid to say or their “reports” dont see the light of day.

    Even more interesting would be whether the “independent journalism experts” interviewed Miscavige? Does anyone want to take bets on that? Do you think they even had the chance to ask him whether anything was true or not (not that he wouldnt lie if they did ask him, but my money is on that being a negative).

    Funny, that radio show says the church is now “refusing” to release the report. Could this just be the PR disaster of the century where they are actually forced to release the report and dont want to because even the experts they paid didnt suck up to Dear Leader enough?

    There is a lot more to be said on this subject of Dear Leader’s handling of the media. I’ll try and put some notes together for a follow up. Perhaps Nightline wasnt so backed off because they remember Miscavige physically assaulting the Executive Producer of Nightline in the green room right before the show??? And maybe CNN will suddenly grow some cojones when some of the facts of how they have been played like marionettes by Miscavige become known.

    Marty, the Watergate analogy is becoming more prophetic every day.

    And isnt it interesting that while Watergate had Deep Throat, this story as it is unfolding has many whistleblowers — and Dear Leader doesnt have a clue how many there are or who they all are or where they are going to appear next?

    Must be tough sleeping nights when you have to worry about who is going to be telling the truth next.


  9. Marty — Just as an additional note. I walked around the downtown Clearwater a couple of days ago. Same thing. NOBODY on the streets. Shuttered windows with blinds drawn. Hired PIs standing in front of the doors. They are awfully scared of a Fact Checker wandering around the downtown area. Why is EVERYONE hiding? I guess these days when Miscavige hides, everyone follows suit!

  10. Well, I’m riveted to my seat. 🙂

  11. martyrathbun09

    Of course DM didn’t see these guys. He only meets with the heads of State, Multi-billion dollar multi national corporations, and heads of Hollywood studios. Remember? Yeah, he is sorely in need of a plumbers unit; but I’m afraid it would be too little, too late.

  12. Speaking of hiding…a friend of mine just pointed out an interesting twist in the latest promo for the Birthday Event.

    It says,



    Gotta’ love it.


    I guess the Anons will have no way of finding out about it now. Gosh.”

    So you see, now even DM’s events are in hiding.

  13. Thank you thank you thank you, Marty.

    If the “award winning” journalists hired by David Miscavige have *any* integrity whatsoever, the typical deceptive, sniveling, cowardly manipulation that sadly has become the *trademark* of “Scientology” will suddenly clang the bell of relity that they’ve been chewed up and spit out because THIS is exactly what they did. It shows it all:

    **** To understand how devious and unethical Tommy and DM have become, I highly recommend you listen to this radio show on the matter. Listen through to the end. While these “journalists” signed contracts that required the Church to release the entire report or none of it, Tommy has already breached the contract, leaking to the media his characterization of it, saying it is unfavorable to the Times.***

    “Award winning” journalists, you’ve been USED.

  14. Marty: Don’t apologize. You are free to communicate now. Let me know if I can do anything to help as well. I live in Metro DC.



  15. Well I hate to say it but this doesn’t surprise me at all. DM is desperate as hell to hide his crimes and is probably raising more donations from his already financially in-debt parishioners to cover these expenses…(…wonder where do your donations go???).
    And to hide further behind thicker walls ….(2Mill? and you wonder where your donations go????)
    Anyway, I was there for the lobbying of the SP Time at the CA venues in ’98 and can attest to that.
    In the end…truth and justice will prevail.
    Thank you Marty for dedication in this endeavor.

  16. Marty,

    In hiding is the tone level you and the Indies, Anon, critics and all concerned have reduced the punk to. It’s incredible as the only actions he has in hiding is to use the ill gotten loot which is the best resources he has to buy everything and everyone off.

    It’s actually a plus point as it keeps Tommy Davis as the front man which is a joke.

    Not releasing the paid for reports from the investigation sure makes you think that the project backfired badly and there is no salvage possible. I hope the St Pete Times get more motivation to do more investigative stories as a result.

  17. Amazing. Thanks for shedding real light on this subject Marty and Mike.

    By the way, you give Sutter and Stahli too high of standing as henchmen. They are below sewer pond scum and are complete robots who can’t think for themselves.

  18. Redneck Thetan

    The thing that really bugged me about the WaPo article (beyond the church hiring freelance writers who would possibly sell their soul to stay solvent on the current media market) is that Davis appears to think a news cycle shouldn’t apply to the CoS. Wanting to wait until DM happens to find a time he can squeeze an interview amongst all hos Ideal Org openings is preposterous. He clearly expected the SP Times to drop it without him, and that shows a lot of media savvy. Of course these are the people who followed John Sweeney around the country harassing him in front of BBC cameras, so they all need a semester in J School.

    The legal departments at the nets are very paranoid folks and probably went too safe once the CoS (presumably) threatened a lawsuit. It’s a real shame. If Anderson Cooper had been as in-depth on coverage as they were with the FLDS, it would be a gigantic flap.

  19. Quoting Mike, “Funny, that radio show says the church is now “refusing” to release the report. Could this just be the PR disaster of the century where they are actually forced to release the report and dont want to because even the experts they paid didnt suck up to Dear Leader enough?”

    Before it’s decided that the team hired by the church did a faulty job on critiquing the SPTimes it would be appropriate to read the actual report. In my opinion that will never happen because I seriously doubt the the report was as Tommy Davis declared, “highly critical” of the SP Times. Weinberg and team wisely made part of their agreement, that the whole article had to be published, if any part of it was published. It is a ridiculous ploy on the part of the C of S that most rational people can and will see through. Unfortunately, many of the rank and file will feel that DM and crew have been fully vindicated and fail to do any sort of inquiry and take their next swig of Kool-Aid . These are the folk that considered the rhetoric in Freedom Magazine on the same subject hard hitting journalism.

    One of the stupidest moves DM made was to abuse Mike Rinder and others to the point that he had no choice but to leave. Good for Rinder and Scientology, but ultimately bad for DM. JMHO

  20. Very Often cover-ups, manipulation of facts, obstruction of justice, dirty deeds and bribes behind the scenes backfire and cause more flack than the original crimes themselves.
    Watergate is a terrific analogy.
    The Guardian Office attempts to cover up were viewed as Obstruction of Justice.
    There’s the old saying~
    You can fool some of the people, some of the time
    You can fool some of the people, all of the time
    You cannot fool ALL of the people, ALL of the time.
    TRUTH will out.
    I will bet on Marty and Mike.
    They have the TRUTH on their side.
    The dupes and suckers paying in the $$$$ for the $2million compound within the compound
    on INT base for criminal Miscavige are betting on the wrong horse.

  21. Hi Mike,

    Why didn’t Nightline press charges on DM if he attacked their Executive producer??


  22. Renaissance Man

    Amigo Rathbun,
    Don’t you fret one little bit. Sit back and relax.
    I’ll get the media compasses pointed north.

    As to your tour of the base? Hell man, we’ll be blistering bovine on the grill over there in less than a year–mark my words!
    Oh and hey…when you read that bucket of blood I’m about to throw on the water, don’t get jealous. I have one or two wordsmithed for your website too.
    I don’t want ya feeling left out!

    Contrary to what you think or anyone else thinks, you have absolutely no control of the media.
    Watch this: I predict that within the next ten days the following press release will be on the first page of Google news if not the first position for the search term “Scientology” on Google news. And on a regular search for Scientology, it will be on the first page.
    As to the printed news…well, keep up the good work fellas; I’m far better at this then you are.
    Fact is, you make this job easy!
    Now, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and honestly, it is rather ballsy of me to let you in on this before it happens but I have something you don’t: CONFIDENCE.
    Here’s the stats I predict on this maneuver.
    Round Two:
    Renaissance Man— Uno Mas
    OSA— Zip, nada, zilch, zero
    You got yourselves buckled up?
    Watch this one:


    Scientology Website Draws Church’s Fire

    Los Angeles, United States—February 27, 2010: It’s no secret that the Church of Scientology has been at the receiving end of journalistic exposes involving high ranking ex-members and protests by the Internet group, Anonymous, over past years. So it would seem only natural that the Church of Scientology would do its best to promote a better image for itself but apparently, that’s not the case with the website, Friends of LRH.

    Re-released after being shut down by a legal challenge mounted by the Church of Scientology’s present management, the site is dedicated to the religion’s founder, L. Ron Hubbard. And apparently that’s precisely the issue here—that the Church of Scientology considers itself autonomous from its founder, Mr. Hubbard, and his original teachings. Despite accolades for Scientology’s founder, the Church of Scientology vehemently opposes the website because it clearly documents violations of the Church’s original doctrines and thereby lays the blame for the present decline in the religion’s expansion squarely on the lap of the Church’s most highly ranked, and self appointed leader, David Miscavige.

    Experts agree that Scientology’s membership has always been debatable and there are often claims that the church’s membership numbers are grossly inflated by church management to satisfy parishioners so that exorbitant donations are justified for buying new buildings in which to service the supposed expansion. In contrast to Church officials’ claims of up to ten million members, the website shows verifiable statistics of a steep decline of some of the church’s most vital statistics since Scientology’s takeover by Mr. Miscavige in the early 1980s.

    This website is not alone in calling for reform in the Church of Scientology; one only has to perform a Google search on the subject matter. As one viewer stated, “Be careful. It’s like trying to drink water out of a fire hose—there’s a plethora of well documented sites that one can visit.”

    If assertions of having a superior management technology such as the Church claims are true, then one can only surmise that the Church of Scientology’s management has not been adhering to it, let alone practicing basic common sense and decency because it has made enemies of many of its most ardent and dedicated long-time supporters. And those people, whose grassroots ranks are swelling in what is known as the Independent Scientologist movement, have ironically put into practice a slogan used in the church’s most elite division, the Sea Organization: “We Come Back”.

    As is usual for Scientology, it will be interesting to see how this pans out. In this case though, Goliath may have met his match. It appears David may have a few extra stones in his pouch: the Internet.

    Friends of LRH is one of many independent groups of Scientology practitioners which are calling for reform of the teachings of L Ron Hubbard as presently promulgated by the official Church of Scientology. For more information visit: http://www.FriendsofLRH.org

    Beautiful thing, aint it?
    You just wait. I’m just getting warmed up.

  23. I know what would have happened had they fact checked the story I did for the Times as thoroughly as Tom Tobin and Joe Childs did with me; they’d come up with the exact same facts.

    In my short article flights were confirmed, weather checked, handwriting experts consulted, documents from the Records Office obtained and it went just shy of DNA testing on envelopes and the two quarters (which was considered).

    My R factor to them was that I knew the people and milieu of the first reports, I read every word and listened to every word of the Truth Rundown articles that preceded mine, and that it was one of the only times in all my reading of newspapers where I had personal knowledge of a situation that they got it right. In fact, I personally revoked their ‘Merchant of Chaos’ certs (I can do that as the Minister of Qual). I also told them in no uncertain terms that if they messed with my personal story, well, I told them. So, other than some body’s opinion of the story, there can be nothing in the paid for report that could possibly controvert the hard evidence I personally possess and gave to the Times. I’ve also noticed the vacuous legal threat made by DM to the story is just that.

    Listening to the radio interview linked above it is clear that the ‘report on the reporters’ is going to have to be released at some point and the words of Tommy are on a bee-line right back down his constricted throat. Der Sturmer in DM’s reich. These things are pathetic, bumble-fu#@ embarrassments. The mistakes of PTS persons just pile up day by day. Geez Tommy, if I were you, I’d go ‘bubble-boy’ with a really hard hat cause the way you’re headed, pieces of Sputnik 1 may end up landing on you.

  24. Punk is a suitable word for David Miscavige

    adjective, slang
    1. Of poor quality; worthless.
    2. Weak in spirits or health.

    Also appropriate:

    Pretender, Sham, Impostor. Deceiver.

    I’m livid. This is my country, my freedom of press, my world that’s being compromised.

    The good news is they are so mickey mouse about the terror they wreak, oh oh oh oh ….justice day is gonna soon be here.

  25. Craig, This eventually happening has always been very predictable. But… as we have all witnessed, even MAA’s ( at Little Man’s and OSA’s direction) can’t get public in for localized “events” and “briefings”, how in the hell do you think they are going to get anoyone outside of the teleprompt operator and film/sound crew to the actual event? If this is now the new tactic towards event attendance, you watch – the event schedule and whereabouts WILL BE LEAKED – as they can not introduce this “change” so quickly to ensure ALL will respond, be told the date, locations and all in time for a successful turnout. I can guarentee you that those public that do respond will minimally be asked/ordered to “Keep your security hat on and keep the event schedule confidental”. You tell me, what would your reaction be to their request of keeping the LRH Birthday Event CONFIDENTIAL. The ammount of salt they pour into their own wounds in occuring by the ship load! — Jackson

  26. I’m afraid that DM & Co. have been fleeced again.

    The “reporters” apparently asked for and got an “all or nothing” clause in their contract. Their report, despite not interviewing any of the principals at the Times nor any of the whistleblowers, was 20 pages long (and if what they mean by a page is the standard 250 word, 12 pt. Times New Roman page–my god that’s only 5,000 words! And the editor was paid $5,000 for editing this?! Where does one get work like this? But I digress.).

    If these reporters wanted the money but wanted to retain at least a shred of credibility with their peers, they would have inserted enough stuff (i.e, truth) in there that supported the Times’ series, thereby guaranteeing that the church never releases the report. We’ll know one way or the other soon.

    The report will either be released in full or it will be tucked away forever in DM’s desk. Now, if Tommy begins releasing bits of the report, the “reporters” will have grounds for making a stink, which could set themselves up for another payday courtesy of a suit.

    Hey, no biggee–by rumor line there’s upwards of a billion dollars in the IAS war chest. DM and Co. can afford to be fleeced at these rates for years and years. $50,000 or whatever it cost is truly chump change at that scale.

    Just thinking about the games within the games within the games that are part of “Int Scn Management.”

  27. Marty, We used to call punks like him- “Twerps” aka “Twirps”- Merrium Webster dictionary definition ” A silly, insignificant or contemptible person”. circa 1923. So now you can say that “Twirp” instead of punk. “That Little Twirp” sounds more correct.

  28. June 16, 2009: Church of Scientology Runs Commercials on CNN: http://industry.bnet.com/advertising/10002624/church-of-scientology-runs-commercials-on-cnn/

    It’s interesting that the Church started a major ad campaign with CNN days before the SP Times report came out.

  29. Well this certainly explains the Today show (NBC) kissing the ass of the church over the vm’s in Haiti.

    Considering all the wrong things NBC has attacked the church for in the past, their obsequious puff piece on that subject was especially out-pointy. I mean, the vm’s in Haiti were such an obvious case of media-whoring on the part of the church, and even a small amount of journalistic investigation would have revealed the fraud of the church’s claims to have sponsored any relief efforts. Yet NBC singled out the church among all of the legitimate, hard-working aid groups to do a completely out-of-character, fawning piece on.

    It was completely surreal to watch it. It was such an outpoint that I KNEW something was up. NOW it makes sense.

  30. Marty & Mike,

    DM is definitely scared of you guys, that is why he is in hiding.

    DM’s nightmare every night is :”who is going to be telling the truth next?” You are right Mike on this one! 🙂

    Tommy & DM, STAY TUNE!!!!!! HAHAHA….. 🙂

  31. We are all behind you on this one, Marty. Going after the St Pete Times like this is so stinking disgusting dirty.
    Let me know if I or my friends can be of any help.

  32. Is DM hiding in his hole like Saddam? Any predictions on when DM will come out of hiding and come face to face with Marty?

  33. exsolonotsdofp

    AXIOM 30: The general rule of auditing is that anything which is unwanted and yet persists must be thoroughly viewed, at which time it will vanish.

    DM is unwanted. Let’s tell everybody WHAT he is. For sure, he will vanish….For good!

    We are the auditors.

    Michel Puzzolante

  34. Marty,

    That scoundrel — trying to corrupt the media! And don’t worry, there’s no language that would offend me when it refers to DM. “Punk” is very mild; no words would be too harsh for him.

    Since DM, via Tommy, seems to have already violated the contract with these “journalists,” I wonder if they have the right to release the whole report. Not that they would, but it would certainly be poetic justice. And it would give the SP Times the the opportunity to respond and set the record straight.

    Another bit of poetic justice would be if this covert attack were to prompt the SP Times to step up the intensity and timing of their reporting. At least we can postulate that.

  35. Marty, thanks for keeping up the fight!

  36. Fascinating. You have just trashed that entire report. Well done and thank you very much.

    It raises wider and, as far as I am concerned, more serious implications than those just revolving around Scientology. What does it say about the standard of journalism and the implications for those of us who once saw the Fourth Estate in the role of guardian.

    The King is dead. Long live the Fifth Estate.

  37. Marty, That is awesome and I love your passion and desire to see things are correctly reported. Your descriptions are dead on that is the Miscavige I know as well.

    I wish you the best of luck! I hope they step on their own toes and screw this up. Let’s be honest dave is a bully. Yes he can be “smart” from time to time but really he is blinded by his own super charged ego!! How smart is that???

    The truth will prevail and I think he knows that and that is what scares him the most!


  38. Being back at the Int Base even as a tourist must have brought back some interesting memories. So you weren’t invited for a cup of tea then?

  39. The St. Pete Times revelations and videos have very significant impact on DM.

    Hence the hiring of these 3 to “investigate”.

    Tobins and Childs did it right on the nose and marked a huge exodus of both long term and newer Scientologists. And those that did not make an exodus loudly are harder to REG and harder to get to Flag. (see the desperate promo Emails)

    I think I read in the paper how many hits the Saint Pete times got that first weekend. It practically overloaded their servers.

    The St. Pete Times exposes propelled more OT 7s and OT8s dumping the Church and almost overnight it was viewed as a CULT not a Church.

    The St. Pete Times had IMPACT. The stories were all credible. Multiple people who had been abused in different times and different locations gave their own stories.

    St Pete Times called for some Government inspection and scrutiny.

    Ohhhhhhhhh the Missed Withold.
    Of course DM will try to pooh pooh the newspaper.

    It is the wild animal reaction we are all too familar with when DM’s missed witholds are triggered….

  40. Marty and Mike,

    Thanks for your continued courage and determination. I salute you both.

  41. Yeah, it was the cover up that sunk Nixon not the break in.

    Marty, do you think having Mike Rinder play a more active role infront of the camera would help?

    In my opinion, your goal should be to let every man woman and child know the truth about DM.


  42. Thanks very much for sharing this Marty. What you cover is very important.

    David Miscavige is a compulsive liar. In addition to that, he loves to take credit and be held in high regard for matters for which he deserves no credit.

    What you covered here Marty is a perfect example of that.

    I have written an entire ebook on the subject of Miscavige’s perjuries, lies and misdirections and even that has just touched the surface. It’s free for anyone who may wish to read it: http://tinyurl.com/LHBvol1

    Following is an example of this taken from the ebook that compared what Miscavige filed under penalty of perjury in court to what he had written about him on an RTC website (which completely conflicts with what was filed in court). It also contrasts both with the actual truth of the matter.

    “(I) From “DECLARATION OF DAVID MISCAVIGE” – Larry Wollersheim vs. Church of Scientology of California – 15 October 1999:

    “57. Upon the dismantling of the GO, church executives within the ecclesiastical hierarchy assumed responsibility for the legal affairs which the GO had mishandled. This era was marked by great concerns about the religion’s future in the aftermath of the GO, and it was against this backdrop that newly assigned personnel began to examine the legal affairs that had been the exclusive province of the GO for 15 years. Not being experienced in such matters, they retained legal counsel to review the structure of the entire religion. I know the concern was not “gutting CSC” to “avoid Wollersheim,” or anybody else for that matter. The history that Wollersheim ignores concerned events of far greater importance than his case. In fact, at the time, I had never even heard of the man. I was not involved in that restructuring, but I am aware of the events that led up to it. I shortly thereafter resigned from church staff for 5 years, as described later in this declaration”.

    While I quoted the whole section above, the main part I am referring to is the next to the last sentence:

    “I was not involved in that restructuring, but I am aware of the events that led up to it”.

    As we can see in Miscavige’s own words, he was NOT involved in the corporate restructuring.

    (II) The truth about the subject matter quoted:

    Look at the following link from one of their own web pages about David Miscavige: http://www.scientologytoday.org/corp/rtc2.htm

    the specific sentences on that page I refer you to are:

    “Mr. David Miscavige has worked tirelessly to protect the religion. He authored the early 1980’s reorganization of Church corporate and management structures which have given the religion years of sustained growth and stable leadership”.

    As we can see so far, their own documents (Miscavige’s declaration and the RTC webpage about him) totally conflict on whether or not he was involved in the corporate restructuring. One says he was not involved and the other says that not only was he involved but he actually authored it.

    The actual truth is that David Miscavige was involved but did not author it. So in fact both of the above statements are lies.

    I was on the actual corporate reorganization planning mission that worked out the new corporate structures in 1981. As well, I was on the implementation missions in late 1981 through much of 1982.

    When the planning for the new corporate restructuring was worked out I put it all together in a proposal and sent it up to my Missions Operations Officer Steve Marlowe. As Steve had no legal background he had me come to his office to explain it to the one person he had to report to and from whom he needed approval. That was David Miscavige.

    I sat with Miscavige and Marlowe for hours explaining the corporate restructuring and handled scores of questions by Miscavige about it such as how the organizations could be controlled, how international management could control the executives in the local organizations, how all possible money could be taken from the local organizations and kept in central reserve funds controlled by international management, how all this related to Hubbard and money to Hubbard, etc.

    It was made clear at that meeting that David Miscavige was the one who had to give final approval of all the planning. It took hours to explain it all to him as he had a very poor grasp of legal concepts and was already confused on this subject having been a failed Mission Operations Officer trying to work out this same “solutions” previously.

    After hours of questions by Miscavige and my giving the answers, David Miscavige approved the new corporate reorganization of organized scientology. It included the launch of the new “mother church”, Church of Scientology International, various trusts which could be used to get money out of local organizations and individuals, legal relationship with Hubbard, contracts between the organizations, the mother church, trusts and much, much more.

    While not being the author of any significant part of the corporate restructuring whatsoever, David Miscavige was most definitely involved and was the one required to give the planning final approval.

    Once Miscavige gave his approval of the corporate restructuring plan, he instructed me to go to the International Management headquarters of organized scientology in a desert location east of Los Angeles and explain it to the top Watchdog Committee members/Commodore’s Messenger executives that were located there. I did this, coordinated various aspects of the implementation of the plan and proceeded back to Los Angeles to prepare to fire off onto the first of the implementation missions the next day.

    (III) My vote: “Perjury”, “Just a Lie” or “Simply Misdirection”

    David Miscavige committed Perjury in his above statement.

    While he did not personally work out the corporate restructuring as is claimed in the website praising his “accomplishments” he did in fact have to approve the restructuring. It was only upon Miscavige’s approval that the plan for the restructuring could be implemented.

    Miscavige tries to have it both ways here. On the one hand he seeks praise for saving organized scientology on his public website by falsely claiming that he “authored” the corporate restructuring. Yet on the other hand, he claims no involvement in the restructuring in an earlier legal document in an attempt to avoid any legal liability for same”.

    /end of quotes from the ebook/

    Miscavige is not only a liar but he also is a coward who forces others to lie for him to try to make him “look good” or to cover up his many horrid abuses. He destroys families and makes oppressed and beaten-down people a “human shield” behind which he can hide in an attempt to escape justice for his many abuses and other transgressions.

    Organized scientology as it currently exists under Miscavige is a product of almost slave labor and the trafficking in humanity. Its millions are raised on fraud, abuse, extortion and the attempt to sell enlightenment to those who, while misguided and deceived, are desperately hoping for same. It is built on lie upon lie and serves no substantial useful function for humanity at all. It has not made even one clear or OT it has promised for decades. Yet so many people and families have been destroyed directly and indirectly by organized scientology.

    To want to preserve this organized scientology and capitalize on its millions of dollars, even with the likes of Miscavige gone, is to condone all the abuse that built it and to try to profit from same.

    IMO what needs to be done with the financial wealth of the current organized scientology is use it all to make up as much as possible for the harms done while amassing it. That includes refunding all who want it, back pay to all taken advantage of while not applying labor laws, reimbursement to all that have been hurt in any way, reimbursement to governments or other bodies who had to help pick up the pieces of the lives shattered and I am sure many other such worthy uses of the money.

    Its accumulated wealth is blood money and IMO there is no other worthy use of the funds so accumulated than the above.

    Anyway those are my views. I applaud all that you and others are going to get out the truth in an effort to end the lies and abuses.

    Here is to justice and the reckoning that is coming.

  43. martyrathbun09

    Larry, thanks for this. You did some good work on this perjury and lies project. It is remarkable how this cat will say literally anything that forwards his personal agenda – even when it refuted by sworn statements by himself.

  44. Prediction: When. Pigs. Fly.

  45. “Here is to justice and the reckoning that is coming.”


  46. Tim I think Mike and Marty are doing their share right now, it’s up to all of us to do more. Get on facebook and tell your friends.

  47. Media companies are driven by competing forces: journalistic and legal. Most often, the lawyers win. The SP Times lawyers would have put Childs and Tobin through an unprecedented wringer because they knew CoS would have them in court if any ball was dropped.

    I heard of no lawsuit, so the next step to discrediting their series was this bogus investigation of the investigation.

    That report will never see the light of day because if there was something wrong, Miscavige would’ve had their asses in court.

    Tommy will continue to refer to it in veiled terms as if there are shocking revelations to come without ever providing any. He’s trying to plug the holes in a leaky boat.

    More to the point, what happened to promising the SP Times that DM would be made available in NOVEMBER for an interview? The world’s “biggest thetan” can’t confront two measly reporters at a mid-sized newspaper?

    The lessons of history are that revolutions, once they gain critical mass, can never be stopped because they are powered by Truth and Justice and Love.

    Elizabeth, yes, Tommy has gone off the rails and his ex-wife, Nadine, as you correctly point out was beautiful in every sense of the word. I don’t know what happened to her but I hope she’s happy. Back then he wasn’t a bad kid though always too obsessed, I thought, with moving up the chain of command and pleasing the Dear Leader, who was his hero. He is now a thoroughly PTS Miscavige mini-me. I doubt he has a single restful night’s sleep.

    Marty, you stood outside INT for 90 minutes and NOTHING? You had, I presume, a camera crew with you?

  48. DM has a liar implant and I am da man engram! Its only a matter or time before things crumble and as we speak his empire is crumbling right before his eyes (despite all the Ideal Orgs you see) and he is just freaking out, doesnt like it but will kick and scream to the very end. Its sad but true and the situation at hand is quite pathetic

  49. So stupid: DM hires 2 big time “reporters” to dig up dirt on St Pete Times to discredit the times, they come up with little, give it to the Church with “Publish all or nothing” clause, the Church can’t publish it in its totality because it probably will backfire on them and then Tommy leaks out lies about it and sets himself up for a law suit.

    In the meantime, the other big news stations see the reporters are going to dig up dirt on St Pete Times, play nice and do good roads, good weather on the Church, but when they find out that it was all a bunch of bull and nothing was found, they are going to be pissed and attack the Church.

    What a bunch of losers. No wonder I have nightmares at night.

  50. J. Burke, this looks like it might become a big deal, especially if you can stream the show after the fact.
    I’ll listen in live and call maybe if I can make time. I looked at the website, it looks like you’re going to be pushing the central messages which is encouraging. You already got over 2300 hits and this is the first time promoting it here as far as I can see, that’s a good sign.

  51. R Man, that’s well written, I hope you can get it published.

  52. Craig & Jackson, the local Birthday Event promo is generic and sent out to all Orgs without local Org details … that is likely why it is worded with no date/time. Each local Org decides when they have their tape replay of the event.

    In LA, the live event is at the Shrine and the email promo states:

    “So mark your calendars for Saturday evening March 20th. There will be a birthday reception at 5:00pm with food and an acoustic band. You must be seated by 6:30pm so we can start on time!”

    It is almost certain NOT to start on time, but I really do hope some rebels (or their own tape replay on loudspeakers) will be in the audience yelling “MISCAVIGE BEATS HIS STAFF!!”

  53. I haven’t been able to get to friendsoflrh.org for the last 24 hours. Is anyone else having this trouble? Has it been attacked again?

  54. Seems to me that the “report” is simply their way of launching a “noisy investigation” per PR policies. To hire “credible ” reporters to investigate other investigative reports is like interviewing reporters to get their take on other reporters’ reporting just so they could continue to generate or make a story where there wasn’t much of one. To “leak” info on the report just seems to me a ploy to continue playing on the “noisy invest”. Noise and distraction.
    But to use this tactic is so classic DM: using people within their own profession to turn on one another. After all. He’s had years of practice with his own lieutenants.

  55. First, I never stated that they were not. I asked whether Mike Rinder’s going infront of the camera would help the situation. That is all.

    Since 2003, I’ve put 1000’s of articles on the internet about what’s not right with the church of scientology, when Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder were still in working for DM.

    I’ve done my share and about 100 others by now. Currently, I’m working on a blog.

  56. WOW !!!!!
    Well done J. Burke

  57. And we know where that’s on the tone scale, don’t we?

  58. “I shortly thereafter resigned from church staff for 5 years”
    Did he pay his freeloader bill ?

  59. “Perhaps Nightline wasnt so backed off because they remember Miscavige physically assaulting the Executive Producer of Nightline in the green room right before the show???”

    So this is more proof of DM’s behavior to back up those that left Gold Base.

    What was the name of Executive Producer of Nightline at that time and can he tell his story to the public?

    If he did, how would Tommy Davis explain that away?

  60. Eleanor Gehrig

    Hi Guys,

    Having spent most of my adult life working in the print media for some of the bigger guns, I know that the hiring of investigative journalists to investigate the conduct/work of their peers does exist. But, it’s kinda like if you’re a cop and a few well-dressed guys from Internal Affairs saunter into the squad room: Nobody’s gonna offer these guys a doughnut. I’m nonplussed as to how Carollo and Szchenyi gathered enough real info to file their report and whom Weinberg, who “just edited” the piece, contacted for even basic fact-checking.

    DM is a dictatorial wanker, don’t get me wrong, but Carollo, Szchenyi and Weinberg agreed to this gig. Times in print media are rougher than I’ve ever seen them, and these guys took this gig for one reason: the dough. In fact, when the church-authored journalismjobs.com job posting for investigative reporters went live, Weinberg, an opinion leader in his field, counseled one reporter against even applying for the job.

    Tommy Davis inferred that the report would shed a negative light on the diligent and impressive work Joe Childs and Tom Tobin did. Heck, if that were true, why didn’t Davis run to Kinko’s himself for mass reproduction and distribution? I know he’d never lie about something like this.

  61. Marty,

    If you bother to read the introduction to Larry Brennan’s “book”, you will note his opinion that DM is just continuing to commit the same “crimes”, and dramatize the same LRH “case” that LRH himself dramatized!

    He doesn’t understand or agree with the fundamental LRH policy that you, yourself and others commentators on this blog, claim to adhere to. (i.e. LRH policy written in the 50s, 60s and 70s on the subjects of organizational defense, PR, admin, etc.. )

    Personally, I’m not interested in furthering this kind of “anti-LRH” sentiment. The internet is already overrun by “anti-LRH”. This thoroughly undermines any legitimate action you and others may be taking to enforce Keeping Scientology Working.

    DM may be crazy. But attacking LRH is not KSW. It’s just another “know best” splinter group.

  62. Credible source has it that Nadine is out of the SO, happy and doing quite well.

  63. It’s interesting to note that one fact that hasn’t been seen anywhere is that one of the “reporters” involved has spent most of the past decade as the Director of Investigations for a law firm – not for a media entity.

  64. Richard Behar has described the hiring of journalists by COS in very scathing terms, and
    applauds the St Pete times.



    CJR makes some invaluable points and distinctions. One fact that I
    haven’t seen reported anywhere is that one of the “reporters” involved
    has spent most of the past decade as the Director of Investigations for
    a law firm — not for a media entity.

    This is Richard Behar here an investigative journalist and the author
    of two lengthy exposes on Scientology in Forbes and Time magazines
    (1986; 1991). Time, Inc. and I were sued by the church for libel — and
    spent a decade in extremely time-consuming and costly litigation until
    the US Supreme Court refused to hear the church’s appeals.

    The St. Petersburg Times should be applauded for being the only major,
    independent and professional media entity in America today that is
    willing to put resources into ongoing coverage of the church. Whatever
    the results of this strange, secret study that Steve Weinberg and the
    two writers have crafted, it’s not investigative journalism as I have
    ever learned it and understood it. I urge Steve, who I have respected
    immensely throughout my career, to rethink his actions here. And I’m
    optimistic that if he thinks long and hard about this, he may even
    conclude that he should return the money to the church — or donate it
    to a worthy charity.

    And then let’s all get on with all the investigative journalism that so
    desperately needs to be done in the country — now more than ever.

    Posted by Richard Behar on Wed 24 Feb 2010 at 08:35 PM

  65. Millon’s variations, Nacisist TYPE 5

    fanatic type – including paranoid features. A severely narcissistically wounded individual, usually with major paranoid tendencies who holds onto an illusion of omnipotence. These people are fighting the reality of their insignificance and lost value and are trying to re-establish their self-esteem through grandiose fantasies and self-reinforcement. When unable to gain recognition of support from others, they take on the role of a heroic or worshipped person with a grandiose mission.

  66. martyrathbun09

    Old Cuff, Good, go back to the church where LRH is just another flunky under your hero DM.

  67. “Miscavige is not only a liar but he also is a coward who forces others to lie for him to try to make him “look good” or to cover up his many horrid abuses. He destroys families and makes oppressed and beaten-down people a “human shield” behind which he can hide in an attempt to escape justice for his many abuses and other transgressions.”

    “Malignant narcissism

    Malignant narcissism, a term first coined in a book by Erich Fromm in 1964,[25] is a syndrome consisting of a cross breed of the narcissistic personality disorder, the antisocial personality disorder, as well as paranoid traits. The malignant narcissist differs from narcissistic personality disorder in that the malignant narcissist derives higher levels of psychological gratification from accomplishments over time (thus worsening the disorder). Because the malignant narcissist becomes more involved in this psychological gratification, they are apt to develop the antisocial, the paranoid, and the schizoid personality disorders. The term malignant is added to the term narcissist to indicate that individuals with this disorder tend to worsen in their impulse controls and desires over time.”

  68. Anons will smell the Birthday cake and you KNOW how they love to have their cake and eat it too *wink*

  69. Eleanor ~~

    Welcome ! Please visit regularly and chip in. As a journalist working in Print media for some of the bigger guns most of your adult life, you bring a unique perspective to this blog.

    I enjoyed your above posting which was right on.

    Do you think the Dictatorial Wanker could also have done it to let other media know that he will get their paper “investigated” as an operating basis. (purely sending a message without ever having an intention to publish the findings)

    $5000 sounds like peanuts for a journalist to compromise his honor.

  70. I am soooooo ready for DM to step on a rusty nail and not show up to the next event.

    He MIGHT get cleared AFTER the psychs and rats on planet earth. He doesn’t deserve any better.

  71. You know, Marty, knowing how DM and company work — the way they worked CNN — I think their plan is to hire “journalists” to do a report and then just leak out their spin within the CoS that the report was “highly negative” and other such generalities. I doubt they ever intended to release the report; just get a “report” and say, “Well, we can’t release it because of (insert a reason here), but it proved exactly what we knew already (insert Tommy Davis’s forced laughter here).” The CoS doesn’t use facts, they simply spin actions to the flock. Don’t you think?

  72. crashingupwards

    OLD CUFF, I didnt see anyone bashing LRH and not until YOU brought up Larry Brennans book and LRH was anything negative mentioned. Even Larry wasnt bashing anyone but DM. Larry understands that the vast majority of posters her hold LRH and his wiritings in the highest regard. The case you try to make isn’t borne out by the posts I have read. Your post looked to me as an attempt to “create” an issue. Maybee it was unintentional. But if you had been reading and understanding what the situation is in regards to Scientology, you would understand that the “splinter” group which actually deserves the title is the official organization misusing and misapplying LRH tech. If your point was to denigrate this blog and the Independents associated with it I think your wasting your time unless you resort to pure lies. I hope you find a more pro-survival use for your time and efforts.

  73. Seems Wisner’s Wurlitzer


    or Operation Mockingbird


    by others, is in full orchestral mode right now which will of course obviate and obfuscate the following real issues:

    First, the truth is that Miscavige is not the legitimate “leader” of Scientology. There is no legal document, directive or policy letter that gives him absolute authority over the Organization.

    This is a lie that was perpetrated by Hill & Knowlton in the beginning propagated by Time Magazine and later by ABC’s Nightline then by various media outlets since, including the St. Petersburg Times with their “expose'” ‘The Man Behind Scientology’.

    They have all created this myth that Miscavige is the leader. A lie which continues to persist, even though the SPT has made up for some of the damage with their most recent series of honest and well written exposes’.

    If you review Scientology Axiom 38. It says in its closing paragraph:

    (begin Fair use)

    Anything which persists must avoid As-is-ness. Thus anything to persist must contain a lie.

    (end Fair use)

    What Miscavige is in reality is to use Marty’s apt description is just a “punk”.

    A pretender to a false throne which indeed does not exist.

    I think giving him any more legitimacy than that is just playing into their game IMHO.

  74. “It is slowly turning into a televangelical type group.”

  75. Thought provoking

    I had wondered why no other press agency had picked up on the SP Times reports and you have explained that well. Thank you. Looking forward to hearing about your further investigations into the media’s lack of news coverage.

  76. martyrathbun09

    Thoughtful, you are probably right. Did you notice how in the latest (ABC Australia) media Tommy has sunk from 1.5 to a thoroughly dialed in 1.1?

  77. After every product of the Int Base, after every big release there was some competent staff or exec who was nuked off post RPF’d busted or worse yet the whole GOLD crew punished so that DM could claim it was his product and that he had bypassed EVERYONE. I remember staying up late for weeks, getting vitamin shots to make deadlines, all the while under serious threats from ethics. Even though we were upstat, it was better to stay in lower conditions than to keep getting assigned lowers for the stupidest reasons… He perfected this technique of claiming every product to come from the int base and sold it to the crew and public. So unfortunately so many scientologists today think he is the shit. The thing about the little maniac is that he has sold himself to a lot of the public and like you and all the enlightened point out he has a billion dollars at his disposition. That can buy a whole lot of lies and “credible, award willing” bullshit merchants. Steve “thoughtful” had an article about who the little maniac really was. This was very interesting and I suggest everyone read it. But it suggests that this guy is one of a very few mega SPs.. That made sense to me, having seen firsthand super competent people be reduced to doing the most degraded things. I agree about him being a punk. But he reminds me of Terl, he actually carries characteristics of Soltan Gris and Lombar Hisst. Just like mission earth all of the leadership of Scientology is suppressed…

  78. Marty maybe you independents could contact Ted Turner. I believe it can give results if you use your channels that you have. I think giving a billion dollars to the UN gives a man credibility.


  79. I rather like him he to do show up and gets to talk to only 500 staff and no public. In essence he would be talking to himself.

  80. OLD CUFF,
    we are living in a free world.

    “This thoroughly undermines any legitimate action you and others may be taking to enforce Keeping Scientology Working.”

    That’s scaring. I hope the idependents won’t enforce KSW on anyone, but free the Tech from monopoly so that it can be *freely* shared and used how people sees fit and no more.

    I don’t worry about the Tech going in the wrong hands. Withheld with high prices, used to spill money and control people and to get obedience, the Tech now *is* in the wrong hands.

    About LRH, he was just a man with his successes and failures. Some are grateful to him, some are not, so what? LRH is not the Tech and is not Scientology, and Scientology should have no mission to coverup LRH mistakes and paint him as the God he was not. The mission of Scientology should be to spread its sane (basic) principles and applications far and wide and let people pick up from it what they need and want.

    If you want Scientology to be used to rule people and be enforced on people, then Co$ is your place, not the free world.

  81. Thanks Cat Daddy, that was spot on.


  82. Well Done R- Man,

    I hope you keep up the good work!

    Margaret, I just went onto the friendsof LRH site and it was fine.



  83. Marty;

    During my interview in December 2009 with Joe Childs, managing editor of the St. Pete Times, I asked Joe how many hits did their web site get from the two “Truth Rundown” articles.

    If your wondering why the “PUNK” published the 80 page puff piece in his “Freedom” magazine and is hiring investigative reporters to dig up anything negative on the St. Pete Times, I think one possible answer is way to many people read the Truth Rundown articles & watched the compelling videos on the internet.

    Joe told me over 1,000,000 hits.

    There seems to be a large audience interested in the goings on within the COS. Sad to say, a much larger audience than is actually on course or getting auditing within the walls of “PUNKVILLE”.

  84. Eleanor Gehrig

    Thanks, W&P. Longtime reader, first-time poster.

    I’d have to agree that DM/DW definitely used the paid journos to send a message. If Marty is right about DM buying off Time Warner, CBS and AP, we will be witness to more of the same. I would love to read the actual report!

    I think some people would compromise their honor for a lot less than $5K, which, by the way, is a handsome sum for the service Weinberg performed. I wish I could get coin like that! (Not for being a totally spineless pawn, though–I mean for doing legitimate editing. 🙂 )

  85. I’m thinking Behar’s buddy Steve should return the money to me as I’ve paid for it many times over in donations to the IAS slush fund undoubtedly used to bankroll this journalistic charade.

  86. More on Malignant narcissism…

  87. Let’s not fall into the trap of internal bickering. It flatters the enemy.

  88. Concerned Citizen

    Can you please put it on Blog Talk radio? I can hear it from my mobile that way live. Thank you!

  89. Cool! Had time to look at this. A radio station! Wow. Let it ring loud and clear.

    I’m so excited about people having a way to move up the Bridge, to follow their road to exploring the universe, reality, their mind, their soul… move em out, move ’em up rawhide!

  90. I love seeing a very important differentiation being made and I’m seeing it in blogs, in news, in Anon guys …in the past few days I’ve seen a clear distinction made between Scientology, the subject and Scientology managers.

    It takes one word inserted: Managers.

    It’s NOT “Scientology is dishonest.”

    It’s Scientology managers are dishonest.

    Like guns don’t get up and shoot by themselves, ideologies are not culpable. Individuals are.

    Rather than bashing Scientology or the well-meaning people who have been duped and trapped but who are earnestly interested in philosophy and the pursuit of understanding reality … there’s increasing understanding.

    Anyway, I’ve loved seeing this awareness and response.

    People get overwhelmed by the amount of confusing, conflicting banners out there. But ONE very important aspect to sorting it out is that distinction.

    It’s not Scientology. It isn’t LRH. It isn’t some Church. It isn’t the poor crusaders who’ve been duped.

    It is the WHO who has hijacked and taken over. It is a WHO implementing a toxic, off purpose, nonstandard amalgam. It is the managers.

    Marty and all here, thank you for saving the subject. St. Petersburg Times, thank you in more ways than you’ll ever know, from me personally, for your journalistic integrity and thoroughness.

  91. Thank you for posting this. It certainly points to something “rotten in the state of Denmark”…

    And like some of the mega-banks in America, the CO$ has enough $$$ to try to buy themselves cover.


  92. CD,
    You crack me up…Vicki

  93. I don’t understand why Old Cuffs comments were misduplicated by those who replied to him?

    Where’s the MU?

  94. You could ask, too, Victoria, what’s the goal? Why are we here?

    For some of us it’s the rehabbing of Scientology; for others the crimes of Miscavige are a godsend in their campaign to attack LRH and ultimately the Tech.

    Once the full scope of Miscavige’s crimes are known publicly, you will recognize them because they will be ones screaming like hyenas that Scientology is dangerous, creates despots and should be outlawed like the Nazi Party. In other words, it is Scientology which was responsible for creating the Miscavige monster, not Miscavige responsible for what the Church of Scientology had degenerated into.

    For now the enemy of my enemy is my ally. After Miscavige is handled, not so much.

  95. Well said Huck, same here.

  96. Old Cuff
    You must read more.
    Start with something more YOUR gradient though. I strongly recommend Dr Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat… Or if you feel up to it The Hardy Boys or something. It might take a while before you’re up to this gradient…
    Either that or you’re another moronic troll.
    If you’re the latter : FIND OUT WHERE YOU ARE.
    I think every SO member should do that – if done right they’d get the ship back on course!

  97. Are you blaming the press for Miscavige rising to power ?

  98. Larry, thanks for posting this. Very enlightening, except for your claim that not one Clear or OT has been made. I went Clear in 1974 and what happened with me I later corroborated with other LRH writings on Advanced Courses. See: http://www.rediscoverscientology.com/blogs/joe-howard.html.
    There are worlds of difference between DM and LRH.

  99. martyrathbun09

    Dan (Joe), I missed his reference to no clear. But I just happen to be working a post on the subject that cross references and links to your article Going Clear. Great article.

  100. Love the video. Poor Tommy.

  101. If these church of scientology hired journalists make false reports against the St. Petersburg Times, wouldn’t that be grounds for the St. Petersburg Times to sue them for slander?

  102. No I am not blaming the press.

    Though they are *partly* to blame.

    I am saying that the press can be manipulated to misinform and disinform. It can also be use as a means of propaganda, black, gray and white which is how it is being used and has been used in helping Miscavige gain false and undeserved legitimacy.

    Anyone who thinks that the press merely exists to inform is being naive.

    Maybe at one time this was true until various corporate and Government interest seized control of the “fourth estate” which is why there are independent journals.

    However, even these can be and have been slanted on behalf of certain interests.

    For instance if you study the Church Committee reports you will find various efforts by CIA under MH/CHAOS to gain control of various underground and alternative newspapers during the ’60’s.

    This is covered in the following book:


    My contention and theory is that someone other than Miscavige himself wants others to think that he is the legitimate “leader” of Scientology when in fact this is a lie.

    A lie that has been propagated so many times by him and others that it becomes an apparent “truth”.

    If you look at a Scientology Org Board or study any of the Organizational Policies you will find that there is no such post as”COB”, someone acting as “Department 21″,”Spiritual Leader”, “Pope” or overall “Guru”.

    In other words it is a myth that has been created internally by those who have seized control of the organization (who Miscavige calls his “friends”) and externally by the media which despite all other controversies convey the constant theme that he legitimately “leads” the organization when in fact he and others who support him have illegitimately seized control by a carefully orchestrated coup that has become a fait accompli.

    Therefore, my suggestion is and was that we, as independent Scientologists do not have to agree with this lie, this false computation or datum that Miscavige is the “leader” of Scientology.

    In fact we should look at where that idea came from and one of those places has been the media.

    After this we should examine the actual or true data which is contained in the Organizational Volumes, particularly in Volume VII. Where you will find that Miscavige and his post title of “COB” is not mentioned in there anywhere.

    Thus in the Scientology universe Miscavige does not exist. Thus he is in some kind of false beingness and anyone who has studied actual ethics policy knows what condition this is an indicator of.

    To spell it out:


    Anyway I hope this answered your question CD.

  103. Marty,

    Have you got a backup blog?

    In case we get nuked by the bad guys again.

    Seems this subject of clear stirs up that “Government Approved” Squirrel Group over there and their assorted nuts.

  104. Marty, when you make the analogy to Watergate, do you mean that Miscavige is the Nixon figure, that his widespread corruption will be revealed, or do you (also) mean to suggest that the web of criminality and corruption in CodS is actually a small part of a larger web including bigger fish than Miscavige–politicians, corporate honchos, etc.?

  105. martyrathbun09

    BT, definitely and more so the former, but yes, on a collateral basis, on the latter.

  106. I’m still confused. From what I read old cuff was pointing out that Brennans book just wasn’t very respectful of LRH. Some of the quotes did say that many of the atrocities that happened in the church were under LRH orders.

    So, I am just not getting that DM is some kind of hero to old cuff.

    Man, am I this dense? I re-read the posts and I am still seeing it the same way. This just isn’t making sense.

    And yes, RJ I think there is lots we can blame on the press. The fact that this is not understood, begs the very question.

    Chairman of the Board… I wonder how many people could clay demo that? And if not have they asked why they can’t?

    Then again maybe there is some new org board I don’t know about.

    And Revenimus, I see no place for your ad homonym attacks in this conversation, if that is indeed what the “goal” is as Huck said.
    One thing is certain, if we can’t have a chat then none of this is going to go very far.

  107. J Burke,

    You have created a powerful source point for communicating the current degraded state of the Church of Scientology to a wider audience.

    Your site offers a professional presentation of the highest quality that will communicate to non-scientologists as well as ex-scientologists.

    It is an amazing effort!

    Thanks for providing links to Indie web sites.

  108. crashing upwards

    Hi Victoria. I wanted to respond to you since I was critical of Old Cuff. If you re-read his post, he does an a=a=a from Larry Brennan’s book to KSW to this blog. My inference from what he wrote was that this blog is becomming just another splinter group because it allows posters who have stated critical views of LRH to post, such as Larry Brennan. So despite Larry Brennans years of being on staff, his vast knowledge of the history of the organization, etc, we have to not allow the likes of him to post. And if we do we are just another “know best” splinter group . To me that is a stretch and an argument that is weak. What would even be the point of trying to make that case? Should we take his advice anyway as Old Cuff “knows best”? Should we now bar “old Cuff” from posting because of his last post.
    Of course not. Perhaps he just hates Larry Brennans book and doesnt want the blog giving him any space. Thats a valid emotion and probably what the core of this episode is all about. But there is freedom of speech here and many of us are still trying to put the pieces of the Scientology Organizational puzzle together. And Larry had some of those pieces. He needs to be heard for many reasons, even though we do not have to accept all of his views and feelings. If I was hard on Old Cuff I am sorry. I think I understood him. And I think he went too far in denigrating the blog because he didnt like one poster.

  109. Okay, now that does clarify it. I see what you’re saying. Thanks for that!

  110. Yes RJ, DM actively created his roll as the “Pope” of Scientology. I red it somewhere on this blog he told his aids to position himself that way. Hence the 1984 Interview. The only piece of TV that the SO was alowed to see after DM had their TV’s taken away in 1982 or 1983 at flag (I think it was at flag correct me if I am wrong)

    Classic case of controlling the lines of comunication or “com-lines”if you will.

  111. I can’t find an MP3 file for this. Or any file that I can record and convert.

    Am I just missing it somehow?

  112. Oh boy…wait until you hear this 34 min, much extended, interview WUSF: NPR did. Much more complete than the link in Marty’s article which is only 3 mins, which is taken from this longer one.

    First is Tommy…and please note the amount of stammering, stuttering, hem and hawing. Whew!!!

    Second is the editor of the St. Pete Times, answering quite eloquently and directly as contrasted to Tommy.

    Third person interviewed is the editor of the study.

    Make note of the fact this longer interview resides on a Russian website…. beyond legal jurisdiction and the ability to ply pressure to have it removed.

  113. martyrathbun09

    Mickey, We need a link my man.

  114. Old Cuff,
    Sorry I’ve been off line for a few days so you may not get this, but when I read your comment I understood what you were saying. I don’t care for the ‘LRH bashing’ from various quarters myself so I got that part and I’m with you 100%.

    Just wanted to let you know.

  115. Hi Marty,

    You missed the point of my post, which is simply this:

    Per LRH policy, there is only one SOURCE of the technology that enables a thetan to recover their native abilities. LRH is the one and only Source of that technology. As he points out in numerous writings, and as demonstrated by the early Dianetic Foundations, no one else has every developed a workable Bridge.

    That’s all I’m saying. I don’t give a shit who agrees with Scn or LRH or not. However, if we say that our purpose is to apply LRH tech standardly, and create Free Beings, then we must acknowledge that there IS NO OTHER workable technology, as stated in KSW.

    Larry Brennan has some interesting observations, and he certainly paid his dues during his days on staff, as many of us have. This is all the more reason we need to ensure that “anti-LRH” opinions do not influence the APPLICATION of standard Tech and Admin, as written by LRH.

    DM, and all the other squirrels who cower under him, have already abnegated LRH tech and themselves.

    I think your intentions are honest and your efforts are heroic. Keep up the good work.

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