Idle orgs or implant stations?

Jonathan Burke spotted this gem from the 20th ACC lecture 16 – 23 July, 1958:

“Now, where aesthetics have turned against the preclear or he has become dependent on something else for his aesthetic quality and then it betrayed him, you have the neatest Rock you’ll ever have. Now, that’s a wonderful Rock. That’s thud!

This individual walked into the door of the most beautiful building he had ever seen, and they grabbed him and put him in the clink and held the body in duress and transported the soul elsewhere, you know. Fabulous situation. But he was attracted there by an aesthetic.

Well, this is the entrapment by aesthetics. And you’ll find aesthetics are a usual trap. That’s why you find, by the way, Dianetics and Scientology are not all trapped up with a whole bunch of horse-aesthetics. Get the idea? You’ll find a few of them around because they’re unavoidable. But it’s not that anybody’s against aesthetics, but we don’t want starry-eyed people wandering in the front door dramatizing for the hundred-thousandth time the lock where they see a beautiful building and walk in. Or the lock of where they hear beautiful music and walk in, where they hear a beautiful organ playing and a choir singing and they walk in the front door. See? Because all you do is collect a lot of nuts.”

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  1. Watching Eyes

    Great reference. You just know seeing as it’s LRH we can depend on the Dwarf to do just the opposite. And he has!

    The glitzed out zillion dollar buildings, 5 star this and gold plated that. Yup, leave it to the Dwarf to do the opposite.

  2. War and Peace

    Even with the new Glamor LA Day “Ideal Org”

    CLO WUS stats have crashed to the LOWEST EVER for Western United States (WUS) in the last 6 years.

    The opening of LA Day with granite floors and the Purif area looking like a Spa in a a private Miami Club…

    Stats are down down down.

  3. LOL! That is exactly right. That is why rock bands farm the groupies out to the roadies….terminals of comparable magnitude.

    Great reference. Thanks!

  4. New Era Memo from David Miscavige

    Having to have before I can do:

    Buy me a yacht and I can deliver OT8.

    Buy me a building and I can put power processing back on the bridge (did you notice I took it off the menu?)

    Buy this new meter and I can train you.

    Donate 100,000.00 and I can get you super power at Int.

    Give me more staff and then I can deliver Super Power.

    The new era mantra is: I have to have before I can do.

    And that just ties in my cross purposes to implant people that I can’t seem to put behind me…………not that I would pick up the cans!

  5. Theo Sismanides

    Amazing! I knew aesthetics can be used for entrapment but never seen that very reference about buildings! Bull’s eye, Jonathan!

    My God, the SPs on this planet are on a Can’t Hide now. Almost all of them and certainly DM.

    Thanks Jonathan.

  6. By the way, can you all stop making fun of little people? Dwarfs are very magical and have a theta magical beingness about them. All carnival people do. We have all sorts of little people in magic and in stories like Peter Pan that are really friendly. It is not a crime to be slight or thin or little. These slurs are uncalled for. It wouldn’t matter if Tinker Belle was running the Church if she was doing a good job. There is no crime in being little. Let’s stop using it as a degrade please.

  7. Wow, Wow!!!! LRH says it all.
    Thank you for posting this, Marty!

  8. Well, that’s pointing out the delicate and easy part. Luring a thetan with pretty mest.

    I don’t see why you guys would fault DM for this… Ron says himself that this process attracts a lot of nuts.

    We know DM is paranoid and insecure; and being the most 100% SQUIRREL from tip to toe that he is, he needs more nuts that anyone, ever… I tell you!!

    CofM ran yet another altered version of “the public judges you by your mest.”

    I’d be curious to know what all that “Over the rainbow”stuff was about too. Is that where squirrels go to imprison and torture those he can’t eat?

    If all the non-nuts would just come on out here, and all the nuts stayed in, that would work out fine for the moment I imagine

    eVeR, it only

  9. theystolemychurch

    Great Post and so true!

  10. Virgil Samms



  11. Bingo!!!!!

  12. WOW. Good Catch!!! I mean, EXCELLENT catch! That’s It!!! Exactly!

    (Pardon the line-charge, but really, this one should be posted everywhere).

    Idle Orgs are Implant Stations all the way!

  13. PS – and Squirrels collect nuts…… 🙂

  14. Wow! What an idea for DM! He could copy the interior of Catholic churches, changing the names of the saints, of course, and of the Virgin Mary and the rest of the idols. The auditing rooms can be setup as confessional booths. Of course, there would be a machine to swipe your credit card prior to entering.


  15. Amazing. That’s how I described the orgs look like, implant stations.

    Ooooo, what’s that twinkly sparkly …so pretty…oooo….. WHAM!


  16. Good catch, Johathan!

    LRH is indeed brilliant. It’s almost as if he knew what was coming and hatted us up to handle it!


  17. Thank you very much! I always thought there was something peculiar with this focus on aestetic details. Thanks!

  18. A close friend of mine pointed out that if you believe in whole track planning it would be obvious that a plant would be put into the line up so that he could get control of this dangerous subject. He would of course take key points of the subject that were warned against by the Founder of it and systematically and on a gradient implement each with the purpose of destroying that subject. First do away with Qual. Operate and run things at below 2.0. Block the beneficial technology with roadblocks. Introduce major actions in the middle of major actions to screw up any benefit that might still be gotten such as OT7 and 6 month sec check programs. Introduce a way to get the funds needed to operate without giving the precious technology and at the same time make it impossible for those that would have used it to purchase the technology to have any money to do so. Add to this the getting rid of anyone already within the organization that is bright enough and able enough to figure it out so they would not be able to prevent it. On and on. Then to top it all off to create the exact implant stations that LRH warned about! This Demon Magnifico is a hero of the dark side. His chest will be covered with medals. The next innovation will be the Brazier with smoke blessing one and all.

  19. Life repair at Marty’s Place.

    For the weary and dissapointed I can only add this.

    Life repair by my interpretation, is when your freedom of choice was violated, you clean that up.

    It is hard to see as a Scientologist, where you once surrendered your freedom of choice while “going clear” or “going OT”.

    I NEVER did. But I watched it on another flow.

    And it was never our choice to see things going this way!

    But it happened and for those of us that stepped aside and refused to agree to surrender our freedom of choice again, well, welcome to life repair as a Scientologist!

  20. And by the way, Intelligence is the abiltity to make progess in spite of suppression against your freedom of will.

    We can and will make progress.

    The bridge is still here.

    The Scientology is till here.

    The auditors are still here.

    We can still attain all of of goals for ourselves and for others.

    EVERYTHING is still possible.

  21. Bob Johnson

    Speaking of “Idle Orgs” there’s a YouTube video that was posted about a year ago that shows an actual reg event. These events are very much modeled after the IAS crush regging marathon reg events (notice how no one can exit the event except through the front). The whole idea is to wear them down over several hours of high pressure them, and then try to “pump them up” into a a frenetic frenzy at which time they’ll do all kinds of crazy things, like give away all their money for something for which they get nothing in return. This reminds me of how the evangelical preachers used to work.

    What really disturbs about this event is how a little old lady who looks like she’s in her 70s is not allowed to leave the event. You first see her at about 2:04 into the video. She’s probably broke, tired, needs her blood pressure medication, and just wants to go home. At about 2:30 into the video she’s being given an “r-factor” by some lady in black shirt, probably about how she has to stay until the end of event so that they can keep regging people. I know what happens; I’ve been to these kind of events. The peer pressure to stay until everyone else leaves is intense, as you don’t want to seem like you’re not a “team player”. It’s fine if the younger people want to stay there until late in the night pushing their arms up into the air, but it makes me sick this elderly lady is being coerced to stay even though she obviously wants to leave. And to think this whole event is based on one of DM’s scam is even more sickening.

    Here’s the video:

  22. Marvelous reference!

    All the Idle Orgs need to complete the picture is to have a pair of pillars somewhere in the lobby and a recorded voice murmuring “Report in for Services”

    When you no longer can deliver the goods in terms of spiritual freedom, I guess you have to fall back on the tried and true implant technology.

    The church has fallen from a sanctuary for spiritual healing to a carnival of destruction luring rubes in with implant station tricks.

  23. froghopper

    I could not agree more with the comments from Watching Eyes
    It all looks very good as a front but behind the
    buildings is a complete different operation all together.

    Wonder when Guilliaume Leserve ED INT will go, He use to be my Boss /
    I have a question who has left since this explosion of the real scene behind the iron curtains. Any one know a reliable email address for Rathburn


  24. Good reference. I wouldn’t consider DM’s idea of beautiful to be very nice, however. His idea of beauty is quite gaudy – sort of like Albert Speer. But I do get your point.

  25. What an absolutely perfect find! Go, John…this was great on all flows. That LRH was a smart cookie! DM’s trap is exposed…and that’s LRH, in case anyone wants the reference.

  26. I just think DM is a very greedy greedy boy. that never got corrected.

  27. Hahaha. I knew it. I could never get the importance on all the mest. I remember Rich Cohen the Action Chief having to describe a newly purchased idle org building’s features at staff meeting and he was like “whatever, who cares, it’s a building” but he was slowly conditioned to get with the program and soon was able to describe various architectural features in their exact terms.

  28. This IS a great find John.

    And clearly Miscavige continues the implant process on remaining Scientologists by shoving at them images of these building traps through a continuous stream of events, glossy magazines and a barrage of emails.

    If you look at the buildings and ships LRH bought – the Apollo, old hotel (Fort Harrison), old hospital (Cedars of Lebanon), old London Org (Tottenham Court road) and a host of others, none were bought for aesthetic image, far from it; all were bought for use, for a cheap price and with a minimum of renovations at the outset. They were all functional and incredibly successful ventures.

  29. Watching Eyes

    That’s the craziest video I’ve ever seen. They’re in glee and don’t have a clue.

    What on earth were they cheering? I kept waiting for someone to start speaking in tongues.

  30. Marvelous find. DM is Copieng Casino’s

  31. Watching Eyes

    Nobody is making fun of little people. That would be a generality and not the case here.

    Anyone and I include myself in this, referring to DM as the dwarf, or shorty, or whatever, is just pushing his buttons. You can be certain he’s got a HUGE button on his teeny weeny size.

  32. Frank Oliver

    You’ve hit the proverbial “nail on the head”

    Frank Oliver

  33. Another fine example of the nearly perfect dichotomy that CoS has become. I still shake my head at the arrogance ? Audacity ? Stupidity ? Practiced versus what is ‘preached’. As illegitimate as they come.

  34. Thanks, Jonathan and Marty, for this nugget. I’d never seen it before.

    Theta, mest, theta, mest … . The trap is so seductive, yet (when you see it) so obvious.

    Just Me

  35. Dear War and Peace,

    Without violating any security measures you have in place, can you describe how you know that the CLO WUS stats are down. Are you talking about the “wall of stats” that a HAS would have to report to CLO after Thursday at two every week? And, are these still collected and reported as they were in the “90’s. As my local org was in that group, I am very interested in this. Also, being training in the Data Series Evaluator’s Course, it is a bit of a generality for me when someone says stats are crashed or down or lowest ever. I was curious which stats. Because most of us on this blog are under the radar, or having to protect confidential sources of info, it is very difficult to be specific, I know, but please enlighten me further, if you are able. Thanks so much for this data.

    ML, Lady Minn

  36. Theoracle,

    First thing I thought of when reading this: Having to have before you can do.

    Just think of the spread of great religions: none of it through expensive ad campaigns. All began “in the streets” rather than in palaces or senates. And spread through word of mouth, through individuals going out to friends, neighbors and strangers to share a new way of looking at life.

    The belief that “the elite” are somehow more able than your “average Joe” is preposterous. A dishonest and unethical person has no qualms about stepping on others to get what he or she wants. Intelligence, wisdom, fairness, ability don’t even come into play for the most part. Look at how many CEOs have run their companies into the ground through incompetence. And the Company Boards justify the exorbitant salaries as necessary “to attract the talent required to run the company.” Excuse me?

    Naked agression and acquisitiveness might fill one’s pockets, but having a large bank account is too often a measure of how much you’ve raped society rather than contributed.

    What is the true measure of an individual? What determines our value?

    To me, a poor man sitting on a park bench who takes the time to make me smile and enjoy life is far more valuable than an executive who lays off a thousand workers so he can earn another fifty million in stock options.

    What do we contribute?

    What do we give?

    Ideas do not wear five thousand dollar suits and drive BMWs. Ideas do not walk on marble floors. Ideas do not solicit donations to make themselves more viable or valuable.

    An idea is only as valuable as it gives. When a person receives an idea and uses it to make his or her life better, at that moment the idea becomes valuable. Not before. Before that moment, the idea had only potential.

    In many ways, we are in the business of spreading an idea. Or many ideas. But basically the idea that we can change a life and the world for the better. Without that basic idea, the rest would be irrelevant.

    Changing the world for the better depends on having a “means” of causing those changes. And that is the next idea. We have a means to do this. Maybe not a perfect means. Just a practical means. Something an individual can personally use, and use to benefit others.

    And from that comes the rest.

    Marty said we would have to get into tone 20.0, action. Do. And doing is fine.

    But, we have to be aware of just exactly what it is we are doing. What are we causing?

    Doing follows purpose.

    And purpose stems from an idea.

    And ideas originate from a being, from an individual.

    So, we’re even further removed from the glitz of buildings. We’ve backed up from have, to do, to be.

    We must “be” before we “do” before we “have.”

    We must decide that we are.

    Funny thing about the conditions of existence, they can invert. Just like the tone scale does an inversion at “body death” or 0.0. The person drops down into confusion and overwhelm and then begins to work his way through an inverted application of the conditions toward more and more destructive activities. Look at some poverty-stricken slob who joined the Nazis and worked his way into affluence or power killing Jews and other “undesirables,” amassing a fortune in stolen wealth.

    Dm can validly claim to be in power: but on an inverted scale.

    So, I think that members of the CofM might find themselves moving through and inverted scale on BE,DO, HAVE as well as the conditions of existence. They will have to move through the confusions and the false “find out who you are” and move up a scale based on personal integrity rather than being out of valence. Find out who they really are rather than who they are really expected to be.

    Just a rambling thought.

    Much love,


  37. Dear Oracle,

    Thank you so much for this comment. I also have a button on making fun of people over their size, their looks, disabilities, etc. My viewpoint is that thetans who have imperfect bodies or forms have just not climbed up into the stratosphere of OT abilities where they can postulate and create the forms or bodies that they would want to show others! To me it is sort of an Auditor’s Code break, if you believe in using it in life, to joke or degrade about others on their physical imperfections. I am no saint, to quote Marty, especially when it comes to decrying and saying vicious things about the way the technology has been altered, but I try to voice my objections to the issues at hand, as opposed to how someone looks. Thank you oracle for bringing this up, as I would wince everytime this would occur. Now that I have said my piece, I can shut up!

    ML, Lady Minn

  38. I’ve actually been to one of those money reg events (no dancing). People were giving up lots of money. I didn’t know if I was in a candid camera show or not. I was thinking about giving 20 dollars but didn’t end up doing it.

    I think people should spend their money going up the bridge first taking care of the first dynamic, then thinking about donating.

    But not now due to the current scene in CoS. The CoS must work in their public image. It’s pretty darn near bottom as of right now since David, DM-bots etc are obviously lying their asses off on National TV. Bad image. As long as that doesn’t work out great the church image will suffer.

    I gotta be completely honest. I can’t think of any group right now with such bad PR-ability. Even the catholic church and the pedophile scandal is being handled better.

  39. Theo Sismanides

    Gandiguy, I am with you on whole track plan. Wise words. This is why we are Scientologists, after all, if we can’t see beyond this life time there is no need for A Scientology to exist. I will repost some comments of mine in regards to who were present from politicians and honorary people of this world at the openings of Ideal Orgs. So that TR 3 will bring it off.

    I fully agree though with you on whole track plan. An insightful comment.

  40. Wow, Gandiguy, that was very astute and spot on! First of all, I have heard about “whole track planning”, but I had never considered it from the vantage point of the Dark Side of the Force. Very interesting…….mmnnn…

    Your indication on “introducing major actions in the middle of major actions” hit me in the stomach like a fist. A few days ago, on this blog, I told about how I was having miracle wins on OT V NOTS, and then the next trip to Flag, was put on the False Purpose Run Down, and that my life went into a shambles ever since. Then a few years after that I went back, (with no money), and was told by the D of P that I should never have been put on the FPRD, as I was doing well on NOTS. But the words, “introducing major actions in the
    middle of major actions” were never used, and your spot-on evaluation has blown charge on the out-tech on my case. That is another reason why I love this blog so much, out of the blue some one will say something that will be “THE right indication” that blows major charge! Thank you for this. It has given me new insight on the decline I experienced after the two intensives of FPRD. I was left in the middle of TWO Major Actions, the second one looking for all those ugly, nasty evil purposes that HAD to be there, because, after all, why would I be Cs’d for that if they weren’t there? But, also the other day, after making my earlier comment, I remembered that I had had extensive Expanded Dianetics, (after Clear, of course) where I did run lots of evil purposes, and had had a major win, so for me, when on the FPRD, it was like a re-run of Expanded Dianetics, where I had EP’D on my evil purposes. Right here and right now, I am cogniting that it was an “over-run” as I had already handled this subject, and that is why I had that “grinding feeling” very early on and had a very hard time finding what it was we were supposed to be looking for. All these years, (this happened 20 or so years ago,) I have been wondering, well, what would I do, go back and finish OT V or FPRD? No wondering anymore. Wow! That mystery is solved. Thank you for the free case repair! OT V, Here We Come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    My love to you for your astute eval and your willingness to communicate it. Thank you again!

  41. I’m going to guess that somewhere, sometime, someone did a survey and found that people were attracted to buildings, or that big buildings were symbols of religions that would be around for a long, long time. (And we all know how easy it is to manipulate survey questions to generate the data you want.)

    Presto, DM has on-policy reason to build the Idle Orgs.


  42. Another Jeff

    ouch…..I think we call that a BURN. Really shows that DM is a classic self-delusioned hobby-horser case, never even bothered to read what LRH had to say on the subject, he just “knows best”. What a squirrel.

  43. Well folks, there is nothing wrong with beautiful buildings as such. In fact, it would be perfectly okay to have orgs in fantastically beautiful buildings if the church was well on the road to making fantastic amounts of Clears and trained auditors each week, and already had all the money in the bank needed to buy and renovate its org building.

    It’s the intention behind owning the beautiful building. Is it to attract someone in order to implant them? Is it to try to impress your friend, a former A-list movie star? Is it to flesh out a lie that Scn is expanding “like never before”?

  44. Study of history has suited me well in explaining, clarifieng and even predicting human behaviour.

    You are all reaching for a greater Dramatization while it is just a very petty little man with a drive for money and power.

  45. Talk about an implant. Listen to the words to the song: “I’m about to lose control and I think I like it.” Etc. Tired and worn down and having this impinged on the subconscious.

    Remember the musical chairs episode where DM picked the Queen song with lyrics like…

    Hell, I started looking at the lyrics and decided nearly the entire thing was intended as an implant.

    “Is this the real life?
    Is this just fantasy?
    Caught in a landslide
    No escape from reality
    Open your eyes
    Look up to the skies and see
    I’m just a poor boy (Poor boy)
    I need no sympathy
    Because I’m easy come, easy go
    Little high, little low
    Any way the wind blows
    Doesn’t really matter to me, to me

    Mama just killed a man
    Put a gun against his head
    Pulled my trigger, now he’s dead
    Mama, life has just begun
    But now I’ve gone and thrown it all away
    Mama, ooh
    Didn’t mean to make you cry
    If I’m not back again this time tomorrow
    Carry on, carry on as if nothing really matters

    Too late, my time has come
    Sends shivers down my spine
    Body’s aching all the time
    Goodbye, everybody
    I’ve got to go
    Gotta leave you all behind and face the truth
    Mama, oooooooh (Anyway the wind blows)
    I don’t want to die
    Sometimes wish I’d never been born at all

    [Guitar Solo]

    I see a little silhouetto of a man
    Scaramouch, Scaramouch, will you do the Fandango
    Thunderbolt and lightning, very, very frightening me
    (Galileo) Galileo (Galileo) Galileo, Galileo Figaro
    I’m just a poor boy nobody loves me
    He’s just a poor boy from a poor family
    Spare him his life from this monstrosity

    Easy come, easy go, will you let me go?
    Bismillah! No, we will not let you go
    Let him go
    Bismillah! We will not let you go
    Let him go
    Bismillah! We will not let you go
    Let me go (Will not let you go)
    Let me go (Will not let you go) (Never, never, never, never)
    Let me go, o, o, o, o
    No, no, no, no, no, no, no
    (Oh mama mia, mama mia) Mama Mia, let me go
    Beelzebub has the devil put aside for me, for me, for me!

    So you think you can stone me and spit in my eye
    So you think you can love me and leave me to die
    Oh, baby, can’t do this to me, baby
    Just gotta get out, just gotta get right outta here

    [Guitar Solo]
    (Oooh yeah, Oooh yeah)

    Nothing really matters
    Anyone can see
    Nothing really matters
    Nothing really matters to me

    Any way the wind blows…”

    I don’t think these songs are picked by accident. and I don’t think that using songs as an aesthetic to disguise the implanted message is an accident. It’s not just the buildings DM’s using in this way.

    Much love,


    Much love,


  46. Perfect inplanting.

    Attract them in and drill in “perfection” ( GAT roboticness ) and validate their stellar achivments. They are all perfect beings now aren’t they? “They can be, do , have what we have mocked up for you.” “HeHeHeHe.”

    Take a trip down memory lane and you will see this exact method played out before many times.

    Here it is again, now in PT.

    F_ _ _!

    P.S. What about the Super Power Building does it remind anyone here of an inplant station or is it just me?

  47. Watching Eyes, My thoughts exactly!

    John, good reference.

  48. Super Power the Senior implant station of and for the implanters?

  49. In recognition of the above, Gross Divisional Statistics have been reduced to one overall statistic: Square Footage Claimed. We are truly in the Golden Age of Edifices. ( And besides, buildings don’t talk back or question “Command Intention”.)

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  51. Marty, Thank you so much for posting this and thank Jonathan Burke for finding and communicating this vital piece of information. Wow! It is especially meaningful to me because I have been in real estate my entire adult life, and and worked with BIC,the Building Investment Committee, to help my local org find the building that BIC bought back for them back at the end of the 70’s. The Building Investment Committee was the small org at Flag that helped LRH find and buy buildings. There was a very extensive checklist that a building had to be run through, in order to be purchased, that was an LRH written checklist, if I remember correctly. At the time, I was very young, and up until that time had not dealt with commercial real estate. When we first started out, it took my staff and me several weeks to run a building through the checklist. Later, we got to the point we could do it in a day or two, with some very fast OT action. The building that was purchased was probably the most strategic location that could possibly be had for that org, and to this day, that is still true! I have read some of the posts on this blog and others, about Ideal Org buildings around the world and how they violate LRH policy due to location, e.g., not being close to lots of cheap housing and inexpensive places to eat. It breaks my heart to see so many millions spent on out-LRH-real-estate-tech locations. (Yes, LRH had a tech for purchasing real estate for orgs!) Done correctly, the location isself will do lots for an org in terms of expansion, as long as the rest of the technology for spiritual freedom is in place.

    Also, I had never thought about how aesthetics, especially for real estate, could be a theta trap, used for implantation, and other evil activities. The Sirens in Greek mythology would be an example of this. Another expansion of my viewpoint and thinkingness attributed to this blog!

    By the way, I consider I received my training in commercial real estate from LRH, and to this day small office buildings are my favorite thing to sell or invest in, in the field of real estate, and I always have some transaction going regarding the purchase or sale of small office/retail buildings.

    Thank you LRH, for this training, and thank you Marty, for providing me with a public forum where I could for the first time, thank LRH for publicly, for what he did for me in commercial real estate. As always, although I thought I was contributing to him, it ended up that he contributed more, that I would never have imagined.

    All my love and thanks to LRH.

    Lady Minn

  52. Good news from Australia in the fight agains the C of $

    The Truth will stop at nothing thanks to very hard working people that do not let themselfs be discouraged by forces working against them.



    Independent Senator for South Australia Nick Xenophon has welcomed a Senate Committee Inquiry announced today into legislation on the need for charities and religious organisations to meet a Public Benefit Test before receiving tax exempt status.

    The Inquiry, to be conducted by the Senate Economics Committee, results from a Private Senator’s Bill which would require religious and charitable institutions to demonstrate public benefit through their aims and activities before being granted tax exempt status.

    The Private Senator’s Bill was sparked by allegations of serious abuses within the Church of Scientology in Australia and overseas.

    “This proposed amendment is no threat to charities or religions acting in the public good,” Nick said. “It is simply designed to ensure that people who derive benefit from the Australian taxpayer actually provide benefit to the Australian people through good works.”

    A similar public benefit test has operated in the UK since 2006, and crucially under the UK model, any identifiable benefit is balanced against any detriment or harm.

    “For more than six months we have heard devastating allegations of abuse within the Church of Scientology. We have heard allegations of coerced abortions, false imprisonment, stalking, harassment, extortion, obstruction of justice, and serious labour violations,” Nick said. “This test would ensure that these harms would have to be taken into account when deciding whether an organisation receives tax exempt status.”

    “Right now, it is effectively open slather,” Nick said. “If you call yourself a religion you can get tax exempt status. This situation should be unacceptable to all Australian taxpayers.”

    Under the Bill a Public Benefit Test would include the following principles:

    ■There must be an identifiable benefit arising from an organisations aims and activities
    ■The benefit must be balanced against any detriment or harm; and,
    ■The benefit must be to the public or a significant section of the public and not merely to individuals with a material connection to the entity.
    This approach is also supported by the finding of the Henry Review into taxation.

    “This amendment will ensure taxpayer support goes only to groups and organisations that pass this basic and fair test,” Nick said.

  53. They look like they are having a good time to me. I should have been at this party.

  54. OMG! This is Scientology-as-Pentecostalism. I grew up Pentecostal (Assemblies of God). This is a classic “Holy Ghost Power” style meeting. Add in some people being slain in the spirit and it is an old fashioned revival meeting. Throw in some rattlesnake handling and you’re there in true Ozark Pentecostalism.

    I am glad to see this video. CoS has probably hired some outside ‘church growth’ consultants, perhaps Charismatics or Pentecostals, to show DM how to get people loopy enough to open their wallets. “Dancing in the Spirit” is an old revival technique that allows people to become uninhibited. They mistake endorphins for the Holy Spirit, or Theta in this case.

    Pentecostals have all night prayer meetings that look like this. There is an ebb and a flow and no one leaves church until “the Spirit moves” and the thermometer that measures progress for the building fund, the missionary fund, or Brother Smith’s eyeball operation hits the top.

    Praise God and turn with me to the Book of Ideal Orgs, chapter 2, verse 7 where DM says, “And in the last days I will reg Scientologists blind. Yea verily, I will build monuments unto myself that I may be like unto Pharaoh, but with more golden foam columns. Now dance for me! Dance and pour out all of your money into IAS that I may be glorified! ”


  55. Brilliant! (and too gruesomely true, sadly)

    Have you ever thought about the disproportionately high percentage of artists we have on this Prison Planet? (compared to the average of the planetary populations where you’ve lived in the past.)

    Theta Traps are baited with aesthetics.

  56. Freedom Fighter

    Wow!! This whole squirrel Idle Org thing goes beyond “merely” stripping the public of the wherewithall to get up the Bridge by milking them for everything they have to enact a reverse be-do-have. Wow!! This takes the evil to a whole new level and is one of the clearest examples to date of DM doing the exact opposite — reverse — of what LRH says.

    Great find, Jonathan and thanks for posting, Marty!

  57. Wowee. This one’s a ten carat diamond, for sure.

    Here’s a big “Hallelujah!” to Mr. Burke for finding and sharing it. Talk about TA action…

    Thanks guys.

  58. Thanks guys! Thanks for posting it Marty. 🙂

    Check out the new interviews on my site and catch Nancy Many, author of My Billion Year Contract on the show tonight at 5pm PST on

    KSW Radio

  59. I’d love to hear what Snowhite will have to say about that reference.
    If she’d dare to comment on pure LRH versus the “ideal org program”.

  60. LRH said:

    “Exchange helps keep the bank off of the individual”
    “A group is composed of individuals”

    Therefore, the groups most heavily influenced by the reactive bank and group agreement are the ones which have regged the most heavily for no exchange. At the top, the IAS, followed by ideal orgs.

  61. earthmother

    I recall the first time I walked into CCInt. I had seen buildings similar to it, but they were museums. It was a bit overwhelming, and I admit, it had a strange pull for me. After all, if this church looked this good, something must be working, right? Little did I know it was like walking into the wicked witches candy house in Hansel and Gretel. Only instead of being fattened, I was slowly being starved. Starved of my freedom, my money, my time, and my friends.
    A new Christian church has been built very close to where I live. They are having their grand opening this weekend. It is a modern building, with simple and organic aesthetics. They have held services there for the past few weekends, and they are packed!! I imagine that the inside is simple, spacious, and welcoming without being overwhelming. I wonder how many Orgs and missions have a full Sunday service attendance.

    I find it interesting that the Christian churches that are full are in simple buildings, near neighborhoods (what a concept, a neighborhood church!) and not in cities near the centers of commerce, on main streets.

  62. Bingo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. I’m blowing so much charge just communicating on this blog. Imagine twenty some odd years of not being willing to talk to anyone about this because only guys like YOU would understand the big picture.

    I had no desire to smear the tech and it seemed impossible to explain the situation to someone who hadn’t been through it.

    Resisting getting people onlines but also resisting stopping them having Scn. It was a sorry assed state of affairs.

    It seems so much simpler to lay the situation out factually now so that it can be (mostly) understood.

  64. Progress quickly (quickie) up the Bridge so you can pay for your eligibility and get sec checked so you AGREE and follow COB intention.

  65. Anonymous should stand outside of the new Idle Org buildings with a huge set of speakers, blasting out the nausiating, over-the-top vocal narrations of Jeff Pomerantz.

    That way, when the aesthetics of the building (implant station), sucks a new person toward the front door, Mr Pomerantz’ voice will repulse them enough to turn around and run away.

    It used to work exactly like that with me at events.

    Just a thought.

  66. I remember the first ever of these I went to. We were locked in a room in a hotel on the south coast of England and the pressure was like nothing I had ever experienced. I was a newbie too (was on the HQS at the time, if I remember correctly). Throughout the evening, those who had donated were asked to stick their hands in the air – humiliating for those that hadn’t. Jeff Pomerantz was there, waving a sword around his head, ranting about the latest horror we needed to cough up £££ for (SPs, psychs, I forget which). I was livid. And I was too chicken-sh*t to get up off my chair and demand to be let out (the event had been “sold” to me as a massively important briefing regarding some latest piece of news, NOT a fundraiser). I donated nothing. Zip. Even when Pomerantz came glaring up at me, waving his sword directly in my face, I sat there (keeping my newly learnt TRs well and truly IN) and glared right back.

  67. Spot on, WD Jonathan!

    Unfortenately a good friend of mine has bought all this BS about Ideal Orgs, and dediced to quit a good job, move 500 miles and join staff in one of DMs new temples. Scares the hell out of me!

  68. Watching Eyes:
    DM has ‘fairgamed’ enough people that his arrogance has earned him a little bullbait.
    I get the nobility of rising above it all and being a better person but all things being equal in the ‘ethics is personal’ arena I’m not going to condemn the light hearted bullbaiting of the Mighty Midget.
    The Preposterous Pipsqueak is only too willing to publicly refer to ex-Sea Org Members as “kingpin”, “adulteress”, “squirrel” or “SP” It’s the intention that makes the difference.
    Just sayin’ 😉

  69. Another Layer

    “… and move up a scale based on personal integrity rather than being out of valence.”

    Wonderful, useful observation! I’ve been away for awhile (not yet out in the open, but looking and reaching a lot), and isn’t there also a scale about motivations, with money motivation being waaaay down there?

  70. Keep in mind that Marty’s place is near the Gulf — which is currently experiencing a disaster in the form of the BP oil volcano —

    A friend forwarded me an email from an engineering professor from Rice University (Houston) — “Life and petroleum do not mix” (she said a lot more – pretty terrifying stuff about the air quality etc)

    To keep Marty’s place happy, the fishing good, and the air clean — let’s TONE 40 (top intention with no reservation or fear of failure) (pray or wish is good too) that the disaster is handled 1) the gushing pipe line is capped 2) the oil making it’s way to shore is soaked up
    3) the Gulf is somehow brought back better than before the oil disaster …

    We don’t need monolithic marble atrocities and the general public hates them …

    We do need a clean Gulf — every likes to see Marty on his boat with Chiquita, right?

    Tone 40/pray/wish —


  71. Lady Minn,

    Isn’t it fascinating how we just “know” this stuff?

  72. Seems like my post got lost in cyber space, so I´ll give it another try.

    An old friend of mine has unfortenately decided to join staff in one of the idel orgs 500 miles from home.

    This is a very, very nice person and it breaks my heart imagining her suffering under the pressure that will undoubtely follow when the bills for this 50 000 ft building starts adding up, electricuty, water, maintenance… And no new people coming in. Add to this having to work under a DM-inspired management. Poor, poor her!

  73. Burke that was clutch.

  74. This looks like a good comparison for the friendsoflrh site.

  75. Old school

    Take it easy on DM!

    “See? Because all you do is collect a lot of nuts.”

    Maybe, the guy is lonely. 😉

  76. Hoot!

  77. Thanks, Cat Daddy.

  78. Yes the drawings-photos of the new “Mecca” does look like an implant station to me too.
    but more of a curiosity than an aesthetic to pull people in

  79. That would be inhumaan.

  80. For some time after the pac renovations I found myself depressed about it all.

    Now I know why.

    The emphasis should have been towards top notch delivery of LRH tech. The renovations could then proceed as a benefit of delivering 100% LRH. I sensed it did not and felt the overwhelming sensation of altered importance. Tech was shoved aside, and that thought really bothered me.

    I would settle for 100% standard LRH auditing in a hovel, rather than DM’s molden cage of blechhh in a 5 star surrounding.

    Ron, if I knew that nobody would get hurt, I would dynamite those posh buildings in a heartbeat. However, I think given enough time, they will be torn apart by the current squirrel I/C himself.


  81. Wow! Thanks for sharing that great win Lady M!

  82. You jest, surely. That’s one party that’s gonna leave a hell of a financial hangover.

    The scene was eerily similar to New Labour singing along to “Things can only get better” in 1997 when they came to power

  83. Thanks for posting the video. I am alarmed by the entire thing. It gives me a “oogie”.


  84. I understand that the overkill of the ideal orgs but we worked in some degraded conditions, ie FSO and cockroaches, PAC and rats, second rate food. Sometimes we need to stand up and say “the emperor has no clothes.”

  85. War and Peace

    The info was on a via through family connections, by “stats down, ” it is meant the major Stats of GI (GI had been trending down down for weeks) WDAHs, VSD and other significant stats are lowest in 6 years.

    In the weekly staff meetings stats are reviewed for the crew to see the scene. So all CLO crew are briefed on the stats.

    What is remarkable is opening an Ideal Org did not spike the stats even with a DM “Grand Opening”.

    Marty, Mike, Haydn and others have been talking about this issue for months ….beautiful MEST is more important than making auditors.

    In a way it might be a good thing Robotic DM GAT auditors are not being made who are enforced to call an FN on 3 swings and other violations.

    I HIGHLY RECOMMEND you read this ~~ to understand how “know best” and non LRH can crash stats.

    War and Peace

  86. Lady Minn I am very intrested in that checklist.


  87. Inhumane? Well, that’s debatable…

    What’s more inhumane, scaring people away with Pomerantz or allowing them to enter the marble palace, spin and hand over their life savings?


  88. Midgets and dwarfs are usually comfortable in their bodies. And they too create the bodies they want to show others. Most midgets and dwarfs have a lot of magic track. And I have found them to be very OT. I love being around midgets and dwarfs. Very magical……… David Miscavige is not a midget or a dwarf. He is just a short man.
    There are many races, especially in Asia that are not as tall as Celtic / Viking species. Thailand Island people for instance. If you haven’t traveled much you might not know there are entire regions where men are about his size. In Nepal and that area I would reckon 95% of the men are about his size. It is not a standard of mine that everyone ought to be a Viking or a Cowboy. There are entire races that could easily take offense to those slurs.

  89. That was the creepiest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Those people are literally out of their minds, and not in the “good” way that is promoted in the church – they are in glee, making some very bad decisions for which there will be consequences they will have to pay (and pay and pay), and they are under an undue amount of influence by people who would (and did) exploit and abuse them.

    It makes my skin crawl.

  90. Another Layer,

    Yeah, with duty at the top.

    One of the things I find most useful in Ron’s work is scales.

  91. Thats what I was getting at here, but I didnt outright say it.

    DFB // May 12, 2010 at 3:38 am | Reply

    Here’s a thought I’ve had for @ 15 years or so. I’ve never told anybody or pondered it too much. It’s just something that popped up one day, but there was something about it that stuck with me.

    The only way to stop or impede Scientology after LRH left, given all the powerful OT’s that were part of the group would be to do it covertly. To keep it looking like everything was ok while slowly steering it off course.
    How does that saying go? Keep your enemies close? Well, if Scientology is your enemy why not go in from the inside, take it over and gently alter it and steer it of course.

    All that theta energy was then absorbed or redirected off target. By doing something like that you are essentially putting your enemy in a prison of their own creation. But maybe now some are figuring it out.

    I wonder what they will do now in response if the independent movement gains steam and the press and governments start attacking?

  92. I’ve been to every one of my loval org events, including fundraisers for a couple years, and probably 90% of events for ten years before that. This is a very common reg-event filmed here. Particularly IAS events. It’s very uncomfortable. The only way you can leave and not feel degraded is to donate tens of thousands of dollars. Somehow this makes you “OT” because OT’s can magically produce money (from credit cards).

    Theres so much group pressure. It’s like a psychological mind control manipulation or something. It’s not Scientology.

  93. I dont know if anyone has brought this up before, but PR tech has been used for quite some time on public to produce the events.
    Doesn’t sound bad until you think about it:

    Remember being at the event and having staff tackle you and ask you “a few questions”?
    That was a survey.

    The results were then tabulated and that was the next event. Get it?

    You said you liked it when so and so public figure said good things about scientology, so next event had ten public figures. You said you like it that so and so city got a nice new building. So next event there were more new buildings.

  94. Hayden, I respectfully disagree. The cedars and fh were dumps. I lived in rooms stacked 3 bunks high with only my suitcase to live out of until I got married and then my wife and I lived in a small old hotel room with our 2 daughters. The basement of cedars was a mess as well as the awful smells of fh. The construction was shoddy at best, until they started to hire pro’s. RPF and weekend reno work usually needed to be redone or be heavily supervised.
    My mission was a degraded building and I remember first arriving at st hill and thinking how much worse were there conditions then fh or PAC.
    I read something by lrh like the article above and I can’t believe we buy into it. Sometimes we have to tell the old man he’s nuts, take care of your people who are helping you bank millions.

  95. Interestingly, the Pope actually spoke with journalists directly the other day.

    Yes, the man who leads over a billion believers spoke directly with the press.

    Now, about the man who leads some tens of thousands of Scientologists coming out of hiding, huh?

  96. TheEmperorIsNaked

    Or he did read what LRH had to say on the subject and then did what he has done purposely…

  97. martyrathbun09

    Go check the berthing now that a cool 1/2 billion has been wasted on DM’s implant stations. Report back please.

  98. Alexandar the Great

    Wow , its beautiful quote, no doubt LRH was on top of every thing, I have always avoided to participate on such blogs as “it may bring be to the club of SPs and block my progress” but when LRH has said some thing so clearly, I think this blog is doing great service to the CoS but letting thing what have forgotten long ago. Good job Marty , keep it up

  99. Theo Sismanides

    My idea of aesthetics is the IKEA furniture and aesthetic. Me ane my wife we love it. I would love to have orgs with modern and simple furniture like the IKEA! Just came to mind.

  100. CD, I used this checklist when we moved our orgs in the end of the 80’s. It was almost entirely based on Hcopl 23 sept 1970 “Quarters, policy regarding Historical”. That’s this pl which is totally violated by The Idle Ork Projekt of our Dear Leader.

  101. The truth on those “surveys”: the lesson learned by the public is that you better not tell your considerations and disagreements (“too long, too much decorum and galactic columns, no real stats, too much push, etc) or you will end up as an ethics particle. Some compassionate staffs did even falsify the answers to protect their public!

  102. I’ve found great havingness in Cajun food…just wanted to say.

  103. Chad – Of course you don’t see THAT from the street! It’s part of the degradation of the most important and truly good people. On purpose.

    Great reference. It appears to be applied intentionally.

  104. That actor guy, whose name I’m too lazy to scroll for (and who I was on KTL with when he ever bothered to show up), he was the reason you see all these babies/teenagers/young adults with large donations to their name ~ their parents HAD to donate something just to exit the building!
    (Me included, so my daughters have officially donated to CofS already and don’t even know what it is!)

  105. Oh yeah, and I have no doubt he made nice commissions on all those IAS donations.

  106. We in the independent field are finding such synchronicity that it is difficult to come up with an idea that someone else is not already sharing.

    This identical article was published by Sylvia Kusada on April 28, 2010 under the title .”The ‘beautiful’ power of a trap” -Who says that DM doesn’t know the tech… …of enslavement?.

    What’s more, she accompanied the article with two incredible images which illustrate the role of aesthetics in snaring your attention.

    You can see it at:

  107. Joe Pendleton

    Many, many years ago when I was CSing at an Org, a young ASHO staff member came into my office and opened a pc folder and told me what I needed to CS for to get the student academy auditors graduating faster – “this is the way we do it at ASHO.” I screamed at him that I didn’t care how they did it at ASHO – I wouldn’t discuss this with him, he was to show me HCO Bs!” I was hot. He slinked down in the chair and then quietly left my office. Now you understand that this was before the church started going fascist.

    I bring this up in re: to stories of the CSs oking the arbitraries on OTVII and really have to ask
    where their integrity is at, and actually if they understand LRH Tech and how to “do it” correctly.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if DM is a whole track plant, BUT……let’s get a new group going that recognizes and indeed requires group members to keep in their own integrity and that never penalizes people for having their own viewpoint, especially when that viewpoint is one that wants to keep in standard and actual Scientology. Keeping Scientology Working as a concept is only valid and workable if one ACTUALLY wants to and can keep Scientology working (as it is written by Ron).

    Some type of lawsuit has to be brought up in the name of the United States Constitution – Amendment One in regards to freedom of religious practice, that one CANNOT “copyright” the name of a religion or its scriptures. This should be done by experienced and informed Scientologists like Marty. A group of people should be able to to form a church of Scientology and in fact, promote themselves as the TRUE Cof S, because the current church has violated almost all of LRH’s most cherished principles (and I believe this point be made well in a court of law).

    We need a courages counselor of the law with integrity and especially CONFRONT.

  108. Joe Pendleton

    Oh…….and Jeff Pomerantz!!! What an embarassment the cheesy events are- bagpipes and faux Roman columns (or maybe faux Greek ones)….and the booming VOICE of Jeff (..and NOW from the Los Angeles Coliseum, where the gladiators used to DUEL ……). And all of “COB’s” characteristic “licks”. I do wish I could check out the events on the internet just for entertainment purposes. Really makes cheesewhip seem like a gourmet food. What the f—- does any of this have to do with enlightenment? I mean, Amanda Ambrose had CLASS.

    **and “chairman of the board”????? That was Sinatra, baby, Sinatra….(ok – for old Yankee fans, I guess Whitey Ford, but I’m not a Yankee fan).

  109. Both ends of the pendululum are absurd. But the buildings now are benefitting DM’s Illusions of Grandeur and still not benefitting people.

    It is time Scientology finds a way to establish mininum requirements of healthy living. It is onley the respectfull thing to no.

    I will be so bold to intruduce a new term.

    “Respecting Bodies”

  110. He is reading a script !!!!!!
    Clear in 6 weeks from arc-straightwire up !
    MOQ would like your eval.
    Is he Vgis ? Clear ?

  111. I totally agree that ideal orgs is absurd. It’s absurd as implant stations.

  112. “I’m about to lose control and I think I like it.”

    That would be “I’m so excited” by the Pointer Sisters.

  113. tintin you sound french. are you talking about bruxelles (500 miles from Paris) ?

  114. freebeing11

    OMG! That’s exactly what it is. I recall my “personal briefing” from Charmaine years ago.
    I had run no FPRD yet and had no training beyond Student Hat – yet I immediately though “holy Sh– that’s an implant station!”
    Here’s the sick part – I still coughed up $35,000 for a Cornerstone.
    I AM SOOOOOO HAPPY TO BE OUT!!!!!!! Also, I feel so sorry for my friends that are still sipping the kool-aid of DM.

  115. freebeing11

    Awesome! Thanks much for the update Cat Daddy

  116. Another Jeff

    Yep, kinda shows you what he thinks of LRH either way.

  117. Joe~this is something my mission holder and ED liked to do also. Forget about what you’ve been trained to do, just do what I say because see, I’m senior to all that tech you know and I know better than you cuz I’m higher on the Bridge and all that, see!
    Fluck you up with status.

  118. Gothic Cathedrals were built with the concept of how grand GOD was and how small in comparison we mortals are.

    You get a feeling of utter AWE for example at Notre Dame but certainly not a feeling of “my father and I (Christ) are one” —

    These enormous religious edifices were built by the surfs and locals, many of whom died during the building and paid for by the enormous unfair taxes the church placed on the landowners.

    It was all about control and idle worship.

    Not the teachings of a god – accessible to the common man but a GOD who was bigger and who some spoke FOR him (the Church hierarchy – Pope etc)

    Don’t think “the people” were ever asked.


  119. Rons Org Frankfurt is FULL of Ikea furniture

  120. Oh I used the dutch spelling of the word. If anybody knows young Martin of London Org, get him out please. He is destined for better things.

    We love his persistance but he is batting for the wrong team.

  121. I was trying to mock up something along the line of “The body is the temple of the soul”. One should not only respect ones own but alsoo the bodies of others.

  122. I held the T/FBO post for some years in a Class V org, and I was put there by a Finance Mission (they made me read every PL related to finances).

    So with that in mind, one thing always made me very uncomfortable – if an Exec Council or FBO tried to do finances the way the IAS gets the public to do their’s, I owuld be Comm Ev’ed faster than you could shake a stick.

    Just sayin’


  123. You actually are making a stereotype yourself theoracle branding them all carnival people. but that is okay. I understand where you coming from. But my aunt who is of small stature would not adhere to your viewpoint.

    DM is consious of his height so I/anons use it to get under his skin.

  124. Thank you for directing me to the relevant policy Li Po

  125. I have an IKEA family Card. Hmmm free Coffee.

  126. Joe, you sound like the kind of C/S I want to have around!

    I once had the privilege of seeing a highly trained Class V org C/S tell the CO of a cont (themselves a rather highly trained auditor) how C/S’ing would take place. And that CO didn’t argue .

    THAT’S how C/Sing should be done – by the book, in an ivory tower.

  127. I did not brand them all as carnival people. I added that, perhaps I should have used parenthesis (by the way, all carnival are…)

    Very sorry for my lack of structure with the grammar if it came off as you say.

    The midgets and dwarfs I have known were circus and carnival people. I should have added that as well. And very attractive all of them.

  128. That’s a statistic to be proud of, Jack: ZIP! I have the same statistic and I want to post it on the wall of the org.

  129. Victoria, I hear you!

    Marty has a lot of T.A. going across the PLANET!

  130. I like your rambling thoughts Michael.

  131. “The midgets and dwarfs I have known were circus and carnival people. I should have added that as well. And very attractive all of them.”

    Thank you for clearing that up for me.

  132. Marty – I wish they would lay off you on WWP and EXSCN! I’m usually a good judge of character. I don’t think you’ll let me down but if you do I’ll hunt you down with my last dying breath! 🙂

  133. Maggie,

    Call me stupid; I’m used to it, but I’m just trying to get my head around this concept of “your last dying breath.”

    Now, some would suggest that a person can travel through time; in which case, perhaps you can reach into the future, borrow your “last dying breath” and pay it off as you go. Sort of like a mortgage: you use less valuable breaths that you won’t care about so much, such as before a workout, or while sitting on the toilet–use those to pay into the future.

    Considering inflation, all of the breaths you take this year probably won’t equal the value of that one dying breath, so a monthly mortgage would make sense here.

    But, now how does one use that last dying breath in pursuit of a…well, let’s just be frank here, Marty would be a miscreant if he betrays your trust, so how in the world does one use their last dying breath to hunt down a miscreant?

    Ah! I’ve got it!

    You convert your last dying breath into an astral body. In yoga one uses breath as a means to stimulate the production of prana or life giving energy.

    But, considering the impotence of mere ghosts, might I suggest you equip that astral body with some form of spiritual weaponry. Engrams used to work, but Marty is probably engram-proof with all his auditing. Same would apply to implants and all the other esoteric items individuals audit out on the upper levels. So, to be effective, the weapon would have to function on a submicroscopic level so he wouldn’t detect it until it was too late.


    Might I further suggest a syringe? An astral syringe. One full of…mmmm…habanero juice would hurt, but that would be too easy to neutralize. How about a hybrid virus with habanero DNA. Oh man! Burning boils and blisters that multiply!!!

    But, all of that technical astral development might be expensive, so might I further, further suggest you also mortgage your “penultimate dying breath.” Hell, you might even get some type of quantity discount on those last few breaths.

    You might be able to convert enough of those final breaths into two syringes, the second filled with skunk juice or something even more foul. Then Marty would not only venture forth in life with burning boils but would also reek! Now that would wreck his Saturday nights!

    Man, the joke would be on him. Chuckle. Chuckle.

    Or, because evil shits are their own worst enemies and we can never punish them as much as they punish themselves, I’ve got another suggestion.

    Save that dying breath for saying something memorable so that others can look back and say, “Remember when Maggie said_________(fill in the blank); she sure was swell!” By the time you utter your last dying breath, the kids will have run out of slang and will be reintroducing slang from the forties and fifties as a cutting edge declaration of their emancipation. And grownups, not wanting to seem like “fuddy-duddies” will be using that same slang because they won’t want to seem outdated.

    But, whatever they say, they’ll use a lot of exclamation marks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Or, say nothing, and use that last breath to create an astral carpet by which you can tour the universe and see how beautiful it is.

    Shucks, (am I being premature with my slanguage?) I’m just sitting here on a wooden chair and there’s a tiny Northern Parula flitting about outside the window. It’s blue and yellow and white with black and white stripes. He has about 40% the mass of a sparrow. And he’s about eight inches from my nose trying to get in. What a tribute to life he is! What a special moment.

    Naw. Don’t mortgage that last dying breath. And don’t waste it on Marty if he turns out to be a miscreant. Use a less valuable breath to mutter a few choice curse words, then go out and find yourself a Northern Parula that wants to be part of your life.


  134. It’s not the forums. It’s the few people that incite witch hunts. Most of us know who the main town crier is. And that person preys on fear and anger and out ruds to generate more hate and fear and out ruds. The truth is, those people protest about Hubbard and Scientology all the day and night without acknowledging that Hubbard has them all glued to their monitor. He is still the reason they are glued to their monitor. Scientology as a subject still hogs up all their attention units just on an anti note! They are just as devoted to the man and the subject as we are! Just on an anti note! They cannot “get out”.
    Not with their attention units! The greatest show on earth keeps them glued to the internet for the next season! If they had something better to look at or talk about or actually they wouldn’t be stuck to the subject and the culture.
    They don’t.

  135. “If they had something better to look at or talk about or actually DO they wouldn’t be stuck to the subject and the culture.
    They don’t.”


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